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by RedIsPoetic

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

Version: 1.30 | Updated: 12/05/2016

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
    1. Controls
    2. Mechanics Overview
  3. Main Walkthrough
    1. Preparing For Your Adventure
    2. Route 1 - Hau'oli Outskirts
    3. Route 1
    4. Iki Town
    5. Mahalo Trail
    6. Route 1 - Revisited
    7. Iki Town - Festival
    8. Route 1 - Hau'oli Outskirts Revisited
    9. Route 1 - Trainers' School
    10. Hau'oli City - Beachfront
    11. Hau'oli City - Shopping District
    12. Hau'oli City Marina
    13. Route 2
    14. Hau'oli Cemetery
    15. Berry Fields
    16. Verdant Cave
    17. Route 3
    18. Melemele Meadow
    19. Melemele Island Grand Trial
    20. Ten Carat Hill
    21. Off To Akala Island
    22. Heahea City
    23. Route 4
    24. Paniola Town
    25. Paniola Ranch
    26. Route 5
    27. Brooklet Hill
    28. Route 6
    29. Royal Avenue
    30. Route 7
    31. Wela Volcano Park
    32. Route 8
    33. Lush Jungle
    34. Route 5 - Revisited
    35. Heahea City - Revisited
    36. Diglett's Tunnel
    37. Route 9
    38. Konikoni City
    39. Memorial Hill
    40. Akala Outskirts
    41. Ruins of Life
    42. Hano Beach
    43. Aether Paradise - First Visit
    44. Malie City
    45. Malie Garden
    46. Malie City - Continued
    47. Route 10
    48. Mount Hokulani
    49. Hokulani Observatory
    50. Mount Hokulani and Malie City Continued
    51. Route 11
    52. Route 12
    53. Blush Mountain
    54. Secluded Shore
    55. Route 13
    56. Tapu Village
    57. Route 15
    58. Route 14
    59. Thrifty Megamart
    60. Route 15 Continued
    61. Route 16
    62. Ula'ula Meadow
    63. Route 17
    64. Po Town
    65. Shady House
    66. Aether Paradise - Revisited
    67. Seafolk Village
    68. Poni Wilds
    69. Ancient Poni Path
    70. Poni Breaker Coast
    71. Ruins of Hope
    72. Exeggutor Island
    73. Vast Poni Canyon
    74. Altar of the Sunne/Moone
    75. Ultra Space
    76. Mount Lanakila
    77. Pokemon League
    78. Ruins of Conflict
  4. Post-Game Walkthrough
    1. Back At Home
    2. Catching the Ultra Beasts
    3. Catching Necrozma
    4. Acquiring Cosmog
    5. Catching the Island Guardians
    6. New Areas
  5. Other Areas
    1. Tauros-Required Areas
  6. Appendices
    1. Explanation of Features
    2. Type Vs. Type Chart
    3. Item List - General
    4. Item List - Medicine
    5. Item List - Berries
    6. Item List - TMs
    7. Item List - Z Crystals
    8. Item List - Mega Stones
    9. Item List - Key Items
    10. National Pokedex
    11. Move List
    12. Ability List
    13. Ability List
  7. Version History
  8. Legal Notice
  9. Contact Me
  10. Credits
  11. Final Word
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Spoiler Warning: This guide naturally contains plot spoilers, as well as spoilers on who Grand Trial Bosses are, what other characters are present in the game etc. You've received fair warning.


Alola and welcome to my Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon FAQ/Walkthrough! The start of Generation 7 of Pokemon; such excitement! I'll keep this intro short and sweet.

Sun & Moon will feature all your classic Pokemon gameplay, and is more or less an expansion of previous ideas, building off of them both directly and indirectly. Graphically, the game is quite similar to X/Y, being on the same platform. There are a few, quite cool, new additions to the games. Probably my favourite is the addition of 'Alola forms', where we see different forms of old Pokemon, like an Ice-type Sandshrew, or a palm tree Exeggutor that's bound to give you nightmares! Woo! Other than that, things such as the Island Challenge and Z-Moves are nice little additions to the game. Oh, and Game Freak listened to us, and we can finally ride Pokemon (almost) anywhere! Double woo!

This guide will be almost entirely comprehensive. It will feature a complete walkthrough, including all post-game content. It will also provide complete lists of moves, items, shops and other helpful appendices that can be used to make the game easier. A full explanation of all mechanics, basic and more-complicated, will be explained.

Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally...), I have come off what is basically a 3 year hiatus just as the new Pokemon games released. This shall be my third Pokemon guide ('Hi!' if anyone knows me from past work!) and hopefully the best. It's gonna be a blast (off)!

- RedIsPoetic


There are various screens throughout the game. Below you can find controls for each screen within the game, including any shortcuts.

Overworld Controls

BCancel/Hold and use Circle Pad to run
XOpens/Closes Main Menu
YOpens Poke Ride Menu
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpRide a Pokemon Registered to this button (use the Poke Ride menu to do so)
DownRide a Pokemon Registered to this button (use the Poke Ride menu to do so)
LeftRide a Pokemon Registered to this button (use the Poke Ride menu to do so)
RightRide a Pokemon Registered to this button (use the Poke Ride menu to do so)
Circle PadMove character
LNo Use
ROpen Poke Finder (where applicable)
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option

Main Menu Controls

XOpens/Closes Main Menu
YNo Use
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpMove up through options
DownMove down through options
LeftMove left through options
RightMove right through options
Circle PadActs as a substitute for the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons.
LNo Use
RNo Use
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option

Pokemon Menu Options

XEnable moving items (shortcut)
YEnable moving Pokemon (shortcut)
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpMove up through options
DownMove down through options
LeftMove left through options
RightMove right through options
Circle PadActs as a substitute for the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons.
LNo Use
RNo Use
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option/Pokemon

Bag Menu Controls

XEnable sorting of items (shortcut)
YEnable moving of item (shortcut)
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpMove up through options
DownMove down through options
LeftMove left through options
RightMove right through options
Circle PadActs as a substitute for the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons.
LNo Use
RNo Use
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option

Poke Ride Menu

ASelect Pokemon (or Unselect Pokemon if currently riding the selected Pokemon)
XProvide explanation of each Poke Ride option
YSelect Pokemon (or Unselect Pokemon if currently riding the selected Pokemon)
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpMove up through options
DownMove down through options
LeftNo Use
RightNo Use
Circle PadActs as a substitute for the Up and Down buttons.
LNo Use
RNo Use
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option/Pokemon

Poke Finder Controls

ATake photo
XNo Use
YNo Use
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpNo Use
DownNo Use
LeftNo Use
RightNo Use
Circle PadMove camera around
LNo Use
RTake photo
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option
Moving 3DSMove camera around (as per the way you move the 3DS)
  • This walkthrough features a large number of internal hyperlinks. If you see a word or phrase highlighted in blue, you can click it to quickly and easily skip to information on that place, move, Pokemon, item, shop or whatever else it may be. This allows for much easier use and means that you can refer to information on something that you may not understand as you progress through the game, instead of having to scroll through searching for it and then scroll back to the point in the walkthrough that you were at. Once you want to return to the walkthrough after clicking an internal hyperlink, simply press 'Backspace' on your keyboard.
  • In the playthrough which is used as the basis for this guide, I played the Moon version, used Rowlet as my starter, and played a male character. For this reason, some information on certain changes that occur when playing the Sun version, choosing a different starter or playing as a female, may be missing, but the vast majority of information should be there, so there's no need to worry!
  • This guide uses '$' as the currency instead of Pokemon Dollars or Yen.
  • This walkthrough assumes that you have decent knowledge of how Pokemon games work and so will assume that you know when and how to heal your Pokemon, how to catch and train Pokemon and all of the other core features found within all games in the series.
  • Because the camera is constantly moving in this game, it's very hard to keep track of if it's currently facing north or some other direction. That said, for ease of directing you throughout the game, if I direct you 'east' or 'west', it is assumed that that's relative to the camera (ie. pretend the camera is facing north whenever I give you directions like that).

Preparing For Your Adventure

As soon as you load up the game, you'll be asked to select language. As soon as you do, you're thrust into the world of Pokemon! Professor Kukui will video call you, (it's the 21st century after all), and will ask you some introductory questions before you travel to Alola to start your journey. First, choose your 'passport photo' (ie. your appearance), then enter your name. From there you'll witness an interesting cutscene. If you have no clue what's going on, that's fine. It'll all be explained in due course. Next, there's a time skip. Hurrah for time skips! Eventually, you'll gain control of your character, in the Alola region no less!

Route 1 - Hau'oli Outskirts

Get out of bed and head into the living room. Speak with your mum for a moment, and then head south towards the front door. As you get closer, creepy Professor Kukui will just let himself in. After you hear that your mum has a crush on the professor (uhhh...), he'll ask you to come to the next town, Iki Town, where you can meet Kahuna Hala. From there you need to grab the stuff out of your room. Head back in and look through the boxes at the base of your bed ('A' to interact). You'll grab out your bag and hat and automatically head back to where your mother and Kukui are chatting. You can now access your bag from the main menu. Once you finish a last little bit of dialogue, head outside! Now head down the stairs and go west. You'll reach Kukui patiently waiting for you. He'll lead you on a path north. You're now in Route 1.

Route 1

There's very little to do here at the moment. Just follow the path, talking to people if you wish, until you reach Kukui again. From here he'll give you a tour of the riveting tall grass and lead you into Iki Town.

Iki Town

Inside Iki, Professor Kukui will ask you to go and find the Kahuna while he waits by the entrance to town. Time to go exploring! In actuality there's almost nothing notable to do here. Feel free to explore the lower part of town if you wish, and once you're ready, head north from Kukui, up the stairs. At the top, you'll stop and notice the girl from the cutscene as she walks towards the ruins. Again, there's not much else to check out in Iki town yet, so you may as well follow her.

Mahalo Trail

Follow the trail up until you spot the girl in white again. She will briefly speak. After she does, continue folowing. After that, you'll enter a new area and another cutscene will play (I think the game's telling you she's important). Go up and speak with her. She'll ask you to save 'Nebby', the Pokemon stuck on the bridge. Walk on out, even if you start to stumble. Another cutscene! This time it's at least a little more badass. Continue speaking with the girl and she'll eventually hand you a Sparkling Stone. Key item, get! Speak with her some more, then head with her back into Iki Town. There you'll meet back up with Kukui who will introduce the girl as his assistant, Lillie. In addition, Kahuna Hala will conveniently return.

Speaking with him, you'll glean information a little more explicitly, if you haven't worked it out yet. Kahuna Hala is the equivalent of a Gym Leader here in Alola. You are currently on the island of Melemele and the island's guardian, the Pokemon that rescued you, is named Tapu Koko. Finally, the moment you've been waiting for... You can choose your starters! Hala will offer you one of three, giving brief explanations of each.

Starter Information

Note: All starters begin on Level 5 with no held items.


TypeUnova Pokedex No.National Dex No.AbilityMove 1Move 2Move 3


Base Stats
HPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedOverall


  • @ Lv.17 From Rowlet to Dartrix
  • @ Lv.34 From Dartrix to Decidueye


TypeUnova Pokedex No.National Dex No.AbilityMove 1Move 2Move 3


Base Stats
HPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedOverall


  • @ Lv.17 From Litten to Torracat
  • @ Lv.34 From Torracat to Incineroar


TypeUnova Pokedex No.National Dex No.AbilityMove 1Move 2Move 3
Water#007#728TorrentPoundWater GunGrowl


Base Stats
HPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedOverall


  • @ Lv.17 From Popplio to Brionne
  • @ Lv.34 From Brionne to Primarina

On a basic level, think of Rowlet as a tanky, more physical oriented starter. Think of Litten as your squishy, 'strike first and hard' type Pokemon. Finally, Popplio is the most balanced of the three, but has extremely strong Special Attack strikes.

Once you've decided which you'd like, you get to see if the Pokemon you chose actually likes you. As you lift the starter in your arms, the victory music plays, not-reading-the-mood in a glorious way. You'll then be asked to nickname your Pokemon. Feel free to do so, or not. Now, Kukui will decide to equip you with your very own Pokedex. Nice! In addition, he'll hand you your Trainer Passport. Now, it's time to head back to mum and show her that Pokemon you just received. Start heading back towards your mother's place. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, a boy will challenge you to a Pokemon battle. Your first fight. Luckily Hau, as he introduces himself as, chose the starter that's weak to yours. So if you chose Rowlet, he chose Popplio; if you chose Popplio, he chose Litten; if you chose Litten, he chose Rowlet. After a bunch of talking, it's time to fight!

Rival Battle: Pokemon Trainer Hau

[If your starter is Rowlet]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Popplio5WaterPoundWater GunGrowl

[If your starter is Litten]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3

[If your starter is Popplio]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3

Whichever Pokemon you've chosen as your starter, it's best to simply use the attack that matches the type of your Pokemon (so Leafage for Rowlet, Ember for Litten, and Water Gun for Popplio). If this is done, it's nearly impossible to lose, simply because you can put out more damage than they can per turn. If you win, your Pokemon will receive enough EXP to allow it to reach Level 6.

After the battle, there'll be a decent amount of dialogue, most importantly about the Sparkling Stone you found earlier, which Hala will take off of you. Don't worry, the payoff's worth it. Finally, you'll arrive back at your house. There your mother fawns over your new Pokemon and you rest for the night. In the morning you'll hear another knock on the door. As you attempt to go answer it, Kukui once more lets himself in. He'll invite you along to Route 1 again. Head outside and down the stairs once more. This time, head east and follow the path until you reach him again in Route 1. It's a different section though!

Route 1 - Revisited

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
PikipekNormal/Flying30%2-4Tall Grass
CaterpieBug20%2-4Tall Grass
YungoosNormal30%2-4Tall Grass
LedybaBug/Flying20%2-4Tall Grass
RattataDark/Normal30%2-4Tall Grass
SpinarakBug/Poison20%2-4Tall Grass
PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
PikipekNormal/Flying20%3-5Tall Grass
CaterpieBug10%3-5Tall Grass
GrubbinBug10%3-5Tall Grass
MetapodBug10%3-5Tall Grass
PichuElectric5%3-5Tall Grass
YungoosNormal30%3-5Tall Grass
LedybaBug/Flying15%3-5Tall Grass
RattataDark/Normal30%3-5Tall Grass
SpinarakBug/Poison15%3-5Tall Grass

Professor Kukui now demonstrates how to catch Pokemon. For the uninitiated, you basically walk through long grass and a wild Pokemon will eventually appear and attack. At this point, you use your Pokemon to weaken the enemy Pokemon by damaging it. Once it's 'in the red' (it's HP bar is red and close to empty) or close to it, you then look through your bag and use a Pokeball. You will throw it at the Pokemon and, assuming it's low enough and you're lucky enough, you'll catch the Pokemon! Exciting!

Once the tutorial is over Kukui will be a babe and give you 10 Pokeball]s, as well as 5 Potions. With that he'll leave. Now, it's time to catch some Pokemon! Feel free to walk around the tall grass here and attempt to catch any of the Pokemon you run into. Once you're ready, continue on. Just after you pass through the second large patch of tall grass, you should spot an item behind it. If you didn't already know a Pokeball lying on the ground denotes that there's an item there, which sometimes might actually be a Pokeball, but is more likely to be something else. Walk up to it and interact with it to find a [[Potion! Now, if you continue on north-west you'll stop and spot a Pokemon trainer waiting to battle. If your Pokemon are too weak, you can always head back to your house and speak with your mother. She will heal your Pokemon right back up, including the ones you just caught! Once you're ready to, walk in front of that Pokemon trainer and he'll challenge you to a duel... err, battle! It's pretty tough to lose this one.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Jimmy

From there continue north-west up the hill and you'll run into another trainer wishing to battle.

Trainer Battle: Lass Audrey

Now head on west a little, then head north through the tall grass there to find the item hidden behind. It's a Poke Ball. Head back to the path and continue west. At the top of the hill, where there's a sign mentioning Route 1, there's a fairly well hidden item. Head west from the sign and where you see the road split into a path leading west and a path leading south, start heading down the south road a little. Now to your right, you'll see a fence and a palm tree. Walk between both and over to an item there. It's an Antidote. Not particularly exciting, but still useful. Head back to the crossroads and take the western path. Follow it, and you'll see yet another tall grass patch with an item behind it. Walk through it to get the Potion. Now go west over to where that adorable Preschooler is. Speak with him to start another battle.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Oliver

Finally continue along the path as it curls around to the stairs. Head on up and into Iki Town!

Route 1 - Tauros Required

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
PikipekNormal/Flying20%10-13Tall Grass
CaterpieBug10%10-13Tall Grass
BonslyRock15%10-13Tall Grass
MetapodBug10%10-13Tall Grass
MunchlaxNormal5%10-13Tall Grass
YungoosNormal30%10-13Tall Grass
LedybaBug/Flying10%10-13Tall Grass
RattataDark/Normal30%10-13Tall Grass
SpinarakBug/Poison10%10-13Tall Grass

Once you're able to ride Tauros, head back to here to do a little more exploring.

Enter Route 1 from Iki Town. Head east from the town exit and you'll see some boulders just below. Break through them and head west through the tall grass in the newly accessible area. After you reach the end of this path you'll discover a Nest Ball. Go back to the main area and this time take the east path through the other patch of tall grass. Drop down the ledge and grab the Nugget there. That's all there is to discover here, so just drop down the ledges until you're back in the main part of Route 1.

From here, head down to your mother's house to complete the next area on the list, Route 1 - Hau'oli Outskirts - Tauros Required.

Iki Town - Festival

You'll be approached by Hala and he'll welcome you to the festival. As you walk to the stairs you'll bump into Hau. When this happens, you'll go through a bit of dialogue, but basically be rematching Hau as part of the festival. Get ready!

Rival Battle: Pokemon Trainer Hau

[If your starter is Rowlet]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Pichu6ElectricThundershockCharmTail Whip
Popplio7WaterPoundWater GunGrowl

[If your starter is Litten]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Pichu6ElectricThundershockCharmTail Whip

[If your starter is Popplio]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Pichu6ElectricThundershockCharmTail Whip

Again, this battle is pretty simple. You wanna make sure you use your starter against his, as you have the type advantage, so if you're not confident it can take on both the Pichu and his starter alone, try using some of the Pokemon you just caught basically as meat shields to weaken the Pichu. If your starter is level 8 or higher, or even level 7, you should have no real troubles though.

After you finish the battle, Hala will give you your very own Z-Ring. OMG YES! Time to use those sweet, sweet, OP moves. He explains he used the Sparkling Stone to make it and then briefly explains Z-Moves. Short and sweet, Z-Moves are moves that can be used once per battle. To use a particular Z-Move you must have the corresponding Z-Crystal, and you must also have a Pokemon with a move of the same type as the type of the Z-Move. It might sound complicated, but it's all quite intuitive and easy. In the end though, it's gonna be a little while before you can actually use the Z-Ring.

Finally, Hala will mention that you should complete the Island Challenge. Get excited, that's gonna be your main adventure! After that, just go through a bit more dialogue and you'll wind up back at home and rest for the night. The next morning, you guessed it, there's another ring at the door. As you go to answer it, you'll notice Kukui isn't just letting himself in like he normally does. Head outside. Oh, it's Lillie this time. Speak with her and she'll tell you that Kukui wants to see you at his lab. Your mother will give you some money and you'll be on your way.

Route 1 - Hau'oli Outskirts Revisited

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
WingullWater/Flying50%5-7Tall Grass
SlowpokeWater/Psychic20%5-7Tall Grass
YungoosNormal30%5-7Tall Grass
RattataDark/Normal30%5-7Tall Grass

Head west from your house and when you see a path heading south, take it. After speaking with Lillie a little more, follow her east. As you do, assuming you don't just jump straight down the ledge, you'll find another trainer ready to battle.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Kevin

Now head past Kevin though the tall grass. On the other side you'll find an Awakening. Now feel free to loop around, or head through the grass to the south. There you'll find a Lass by a sign.

Trainer Battle: Lass Madison

Continue on south and you'll bump into a large building. That's the Pokemon Research Lab. Loop around to the front door where you'll find Lillie waiting. Speak with her and head on inside. There's a lot of dialogue here, but basically Kukui gives you an upgraded, special Pokedex, with a Rotom inside! Pretty neat. It gives it additional functions and the Rotom can speak with you. After that the Professor explains some of the Island Challenge. Basically, you must beat the four Kahunas to become the Island Challenge Champion. To track your progress, he gives you an Island Challenge Amulet. After that, you can head on out. This is a great point to test out the map that Rotom provides you. You'll see a little red flag marker on the map, denoting a place to go to. If you do so, you'll meet Lillie on the edge of town who will decide to give you a tour of the place.

Lillie will show you the Pokemon center first. She'll explain that you can always go to a Pokemon Center to get your Pokemon healed, as opposed to always going back home to your mum. She also points out that you can use the nearby PC to withdraw and deposit Pokemon for your party. Next, she points out the Poke Mart where you can buy items, most notably Poke Balls to catch more of those Pokemon things. Finally, Lillie explains the cafe, where you can go to buy drinks and sometimes other little miscellaneous things will happen.

If you need, here's the stuff this Poke Mart is currently selling:

Poke Mart - Hau'oli Outskirts

Poke Ball$200
Paralyze Heal$300
Burn Heal$300
Ice Heal$100
Escape Rope$1000

And the cafe's drinks:

Poke Cafe - Hau'oli Outskirts

Moomoo Milk$198
Pinap Juice$198

After you're done checking out all the Poke Center has to offer, head out and head west. You'll eventually reach Lillie, who will show you the Trainers' School. Follow her in. You'll bump into Kukui again, who will hand you the Exp. Share. 'Red?', I here you ask, 'Is the Exp. Share as broken as it was in Gen VI?' The answer is yes. It's even auto-equipped so no need to put in any effort. Only reason to turn it off is if you want a 'challenge' with no real payoff. :(

Route 1 - Hau'oli Outskirts - Tauros Required

Once you're able to ride Tauros, head back to here to do a little more exploring.

Start from your mother's house. Head west, then take the path south. Jump down the ledge and you should be by the Pokemon Research Lab. Head over to the tall grass to the west and go through it. You'll reach boulders on the other side. Break them down and move on through to reach Ten Carat Hill.

Route 1 - Trainers' School

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
MeowthDark30%6-8Tall Grass
GrimerPoison/Dark20%6-8Tall Grass
MagnemiteElectric/Steel50%6-8Tall Grass

After that, it's time to head inside to actually complete the Trainers' School. Isn't it nice that the Trainers' School actually has a real purpose for once? Unfortunately there's no official 'start' to it all, and you can't even ask the teacher for more guidance, so it's time to immediately go and wander around and fight some trainers.

Before you head inside the building, there's a few things to do. Just to the right of the main entrance is a Potion by a palm tree. Head north down the side of the building and you'll run into one of the four trainers you need to beat. Speak with her and the battle will begin.

Trainer Battle: Young Athlete Hiromi

Once she's beaten, head back to the entrance and go on in. Go and speak with the girl to your north and she'll challenge you to a battle. She's pretty sassy for a 5 year old. Accept.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Mia

From here, head west over to where an adult and a few kids are. Speak with the adult and you'll receive a Quick Claw. You can head further west and go into the green door. Here you'll find some more information on the basics of Pokemon, but if that doesn't interest you, head back towards the main door and take the stairs up. You can't go up the next set of stairs as the teacher is blocking it. Instead though, run to the second green door to the left of the stairs and go inside. Speak with the top left of the four children sitting at desks. He'll give you a Potion. That's all that's left to do of note inside, so head back downstairs and out through the side exit on the western side of the building. Back outside, go up to the gate and open it. Head through and speak with the kid there. He'll be keen for a battle.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Joey

Now, head south through the tall grass. You'll first come across an Antidote, then a Paralyze Heal further down. After that, backtrack to the gate and back to the main area. Head on south down to the courts. In the bottom left corner you'll find a Potion, although it might be a little obscured by palm fronds. Head east and speak to the loner kid there, that thinks he's all super tough and stuff. Fight time!

Trainer Battle: Rising Star Joseph

Beating good ol' Joseph will make him reward you with TM01 - Work Up. Yatta! You'll then get called into the office, and get a weird scalding from Rotom... Anyway, head back inside, and up the stairs. There you'll bump back into the teacher. She'll offer to battle you herself. If your Pokemon are starting to get a bit worn out, it might be worth taking them to the Pokemon Center first. Once you're ready, accept her challenge.

Trainer Battle: Teacher Emily

Beating her, she'll reward you with 5 Great Balls. Sweet. After that you'll speak with Captain Ilima, who will introduce himself as one of the captains that conduct the Island Trials, the things you need to complete before you can challenge a Kahuna, such as Hala. After that, head on back out of the Trainers' School grounds entirely, back onto the road out the front. There you'll meet with Lillie once more who will direct mention that she wants to show you more of Hau'oli City. That Tauros that's been a giant pain in the ass all game, will finally be addressed too. Go up and pat him by interacting with him. After a little more talking, Hala will leave with the Tauros, but not after foreshadowing a little. After even more talking, you'll finally be able to head into Hau'oli City! Yes!

Hau'oli City - Beachfront

As soon as you enter the city proper, Hau will run off. A lady will talk to you for a bit of flavour dialogue. After that, walk past her and take the steps down to the beach on your left. Just to the right of the base of the steps you'll see a Poke Ball tucked in the corner. After that walk back up the stairs and continue on down the street. Speak with the next lady on the right of the road. Answer her question (it doesn't matter what you say), and she'll hand you a Potion. After that continue on down the street until you reach the next area.

Hau'oli City - Shopping District

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AbraPsychic25%5-8Tall Grass
WingullWater/Flying20%5-8Tall Grass
GrimerPoison/Dark10%5-8Tall Grass
MagnemiteElectric/Steel10%5-8Tall Grass
MeowthDark10%5-8Tall Grass
PichuElectric5%5-8Tall Grass
YungoosNormal20%5-8Tall Grass
RattataDark/Normal20%5-8Tall Grass

Keep going until Hau calls out to you. Speak with him and he'll lead you into a place known as the Alola Tourist Bureau. After he speaks with the clerk there, you'll find out that you can get a Poke Finder for free. Sick! While you're here, talk to the other clerk. She'll mention that she runs the Loto-ID Center, which was first ran allllll the way back in Gen II. Take part in it to see if you get lucky and get anything. From now on, feel free to come back here daily and give this a go to see if you win anything. Finally, speak with the scientist in the bottom left of the shop. He'll ask you to record 10 different Pokemon in your Pokedex. Once that's done (if it isn't already), speak with him and he'll give you 10 Ultra Balls. That's pretty awesome this early on! After that's done, leave the bureau.

Back outside, Hau and Lillie will chat with you before heading off further into the city. A man will come up to you and explain how to use the Poke Finder. He'll point out that the crack in the wall is a spot to take photos at, so go over and do so. When you reach the wall, either Press 'R' or click on the icon on Rotom's map to fire up the Poke Finder.

You'll find a Pikachu behind the wall. Ooh! It's also explained that you can take up to six photos of a single Pokemon. After you've taken all six photos, or exited out after taking at least one photo, you get to select the photo you want to 'upload'. You don't actually upload this photo to the internet, but imaginary people do tell you how great you are! Isn't that just dandy. You can actually save any photos you like to your SD card, which actually is cool. Depending on picture quality (check out the Poke Finder section on how that all works), you can get more 'Thumbs-Up' for a single photo, breaking your single photo 'record'. The game also tracks your total Thumbs-Up, and as you get more, you can get better versions of the Poke Finder. You start at Version 1 and work your way up from there.

Now, there is some tall grass opposite the Tourist Bureau that you're welcome to wander in, although it leads nowhere at the moment. After that, continue further down the street until you're stopped once more to speak with Lillie. She'll make an amusing malware joke and hand you a Lens Case. After that, feel free to head on into the Apparel Store and check it out. This is basically the place where all non-facial (except for lenses) character customisation happens. If you head to the back left corner you'll find the fitting room where you can change owned clothes and contacts, which is pretty neat. You do start with a bunch of contacts, but no spare clothes. The contacts are as follows:

Contact Colours

If you do want to buy some extra clothes, talk to the clerk in the back right corner. This is what she has to offer:

Hau'oli City Apparel Store - Male Clothing

Item TypeItem ColourCostItem TypeItem ColourCostItem TypeItem ColourCost
Tank TopWhite$980Capri PantsWhite$1120None
Tank TopBlack$980Capri PantsBlack$1120Bags
Tank TopGreen$980Capri PantsGreen$1120Item TypeItem ColourCost
Tank TopBlue$980Capri PantsBlue$1120None
Tank TopNavy Blue$980Capri PantsNavy Blue$1120Hats
Tank TopPurple$980Capri PantsPurple$1120Item TypeItem ColourCost
Tank TopGray$980Capri PantsGray$1120Trilby HatWhite$7900
Plain TeeWhite$980SocksTrilby HatBlack$7900
Plain TeeBlack$980Item TypeItem ColourCostEyewear
Plain TeeGreen$980Crew SocksWhite$300Item TypeItem ColourCost
Plain TeeBlue$980Crew SocksBlack$300None
Plain TeeNavy Blue$980Crew SocksGreen$300Hair Accessories
Plain TeePurple$980Crew SocksBlue$300Item TypeItem ColourCost
Plain TeeGray$980Crew SocksNavy Blue$300None
Polo ShirtWhite$1120Crew SocksPurple$300
Polo ShirtBlack$1120Crew SocksGray$300
Polo ShirtGreen$1120
Polo ShirtBlue$1120
Polo ShirtNavy Blue$1120
Polo ShirtPurple$1120
Polo ShirtGray$1120
Surfing TankN/A$980
Collegiate TankN/A$980
Alola Sea TankN/A$980
Casual Striped TeeBlack$980
Casual Striped TeeGreen$980
Casual Striped TeeBlue$980
Casual Striped TeeNavy Blue$980
Casual Striped TeePurple$980
Casual Striped TeeGray$980

Once you're done shopping, you can automatically equip the last item you purchased of each clothing category. If you need to continue changing your outfit, head over to the fitting room. Once you're ready, head back outside! Speak with the older lady by the door and she'll give you a Silk Scarf. That's great for your Normal-type Pokemon! Now head straight in the shop just to the right of the Apparel Shop. It's the salon! The lady that greets you will let you cut and/or colour your hair for a price. For just a cut, it's $4000. For just a colour, it's $2000. For both, it's $5000, so you save $1000 this way. If you don't like the hair you defaulted with, feel free to change it! Just make sure you save your game before you get your haircut. For some reason, you have to pay the money upfront and you can't physically preview the haircuts and colours beforehand. This way, if you don't like what your hair gets changed to, you won't lose your money. Whoo! The style names and colours are as follows:

Male StylesColours
Medium and layeredBlack
Medium and smoothHoney blond
Caesar cutDark brown
Modern quiffAsh brown
Braided cornrowsCaramel blond
Platinum blond
Pink brown

Once you're ready, go back outside. Continue along the road to the Pokemon Center. Speak with the guy out the front to receive a Heal Ball. Now, feel free to heal up if you need it. As well, there's a few things of note here. There is extra stock at the Poke Mart here than the other Pokemon Center. There is an old man standing by the Poke Mart that is this game's Move Deleter. Speak with him and he will be able to delete any moves for you. A lady by the cafe here wishes for you to catch a Drifloon in Hau'oli Cemetery. If you manage to, come back to her and she'll give you a casual $10000 as a reward. Jeeeeeez. As usual, you can find all the store listings below:

Poke Mart - Hau'oli City Shopping District Right Clerk

X Speed$1000
X Attack$1000
X Defense$2000
Guard Spec.$1500
Dire Hit$1000
X Accuracy$1000
X Sp. Atk$1000
X Sp. Def$2000

And the cafe's drinks:

Poke Cafe - Hau'oli City Shopping District

Moomoo Milk$198
Roserade Tea$198

When you're ready, head back on outside. Head to the gate opposite the Pokemon Center, then head down through the tall grass. You'll find a Revive at the end. Go back to the street, and continue left to the crossroads where you'll see a couple of people talking about a group known as 'Team Skull' causing trouble over at Hau'oli City Marina. It might be worth investigating. If you try and head north from here, guess what? The goddamn Tauros is being a goddamn dick again. Well we're going south! When you see a mansion surrounded by an estate to your west, head on inside. Speak to the lady in the kitchen at the far right back corner. She'll hand you a Lumiose Galette. What a champ. There's nothing else of note in the rest of the house, although you can check out Ilima's room upstairs if you want. When you're ready, strut back outside. Head north through the estate and you'll find an Ether near the pool. Once you've collected that one up, stroll back to the street. Walk along it as it heads south and continue following as it turns back east. You'll see the City Hall north of you as you're walking along. Speak with the black-haired lady inside sitting close-ish to the entrance. She'll give you a Revive. Yea! Back outside, continue east! You'll get stopped by Hau once more. After he's done saying his bit, head directly north along the grass between the Malasada Store and the City Hall. You'll see a gate that leads you to the area next to the City Hall. Go through and move through the tall grass to collect a Tiny Mushroom. Get back to the main street. Now go into that Malasada Store!

At this Malasada Store you can buy Sweet Malasada from the left clerk for $200 or Big Malasada from the right clerk for $350. If you don't want any of it, there's nothing else to really do here. Out on the street, continue east. Go through the gate to the tall grass south of the road. Follow it all the way east and you'll find a shiny yellow item here. Ooh! It's a TM in fact! TM49 - Echoed Voice. Backtrack to the road, continue east. You can head past the Police Station entirely, it's got nothing important. When the road bends south, bend with it and follow on! Probably make sure that your Pokemon are healthy beforehand. You know, just in case...

Hau'oli City Marina

At the bottom of the stairs you'll reach the Marina. Head down the ramp to your east to find a Super Potion at the end. Go back to the path and continue south along it. When you reach Captain Ilima, speak with him. Oh, is that Team Skull? What a coincidence. Ilima will tell you to take one out on your own. Speak with the idiot and begin the fight!

Team Skull Battle: Team Skull Grunt

Afterwards, Ilima will be a babe and heal all your Pokemon up for you. At this point, he offers to fight you! Oh crap. If you don't feel up to the challenge just yet, you can come back later. When you're ready, get that fight on!

Captain Battle: Captain Ilima

Note: Ilima possesses a Potion which he will use on his Pokemon when they are low.

After you have destroyed him, Ilima will mention that you should come and partake in the Trial of Ilima. To get there, you will need to go through Route 2. First, speak to the nearby man and woman. The man will give you a X Attack, while the woman will give you a X Defense. Although you can head inside the Ferry Terminal, there's nothing important there yet. And that's it! Hau'oli City completed!

Go and heal up your Pokemon at the center, then head to the nearby red flag on the map. Lillie will chat with you. After she's done, continue north to Hala and the Tauros. Speak with Hala then pat Tauros again. Once they head off, continue into Route 2!

Route 2

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
CrabrawlerFighting100%7-10Berry Pile
PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
YungoosNormal70%9-10Rustling Grass
MakuhitaFighting30%9-10Rustling Grass
YungoosNormal10%7-10Tall Grass
RattataDark/Normal10%7-10Tall Grass
PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AbraPsychic20%7-10Tall Grass
MeowthDark30%7-10Tall Grass
SmeargleNormal20%7-10Tall Grass
DrowzeePsychic20%7-10Tall Grass
PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
SpearowNormal/Flying40%7-10Tall Grass
CutieflyBug/Fairy20%7-10Tall Grass
GrowlitheFire20%7-10Tall Grass
SmeargleNormal10%7-10Tall Grass

Alright, let's get this show on the road. Head north. If you wish to, you can speak with the older man here, who will explain about rustling grass. After that, head to the next lady, who will challenge you.

Trainer Battle: Beauty Krystal

If you wish to, check out the rustling grass to the west. If you go near it, it'll charge at you and you'll start a wild Pokemon battle. That said though, you can often get different, more rare Pokemon from these encounters. Once you're ready, head up the ramp to the north. At the top, you can find the path east that leads to the cemetery. It's not too in-depth, so I'd recommend heading there now and getting it out of the way.

If you wish to, skip ahead to the Hau'oli Cemetery section by following the hyperlink. Then return back to here and continue on.

Once back from the cemetery, head west back to the road and continue north until you see a couple of paths leading off either side. Take the right path first. No need to worry about the house. Instead, follow the path as it loops back around south towards tall grass. Head on through, including dropping down a ledge, to find a Heal Ball at the end. Drop down the next edge and backtrack to where the paths split left and right. This time take the left one.

You'll be in a parking lot for the nearby building. Head to the north-west corner of the lot and you'll find a Super Potion. Head up the nearby stairs and along the balcony. You'll see a green door. Go in and speak with the man at the table inside. He'll unhappily give you 2 Nest Balls. Go back outside and backtrack where the paths come off the left and right. This time, go north along the main path! You'll come up against a young trainer.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Kaleb

Keep going north and you'll bump into a Delibird. How weird! He'll try and drag you into the Berry Fields.

To complete Berry Fields, jump ahead to it using the hyperlink, then come back to here and continue following on.

Once you've left the Berry Fields, head north, then north-east. You'll run into another trainer.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker Ashley

Further onwards are two patches of tall grass. You can choose which to go through. You can actually completely dodge the tall grass if you carefully make your way through the southern of the two patches. Unforunately though, you'll be missing out on a trainer battle and an item, so take the north path instead. After you've dealt with the rustling Pokemon here, go through the gap in the fence north of the tall grass. Go over to the nearby person and speak with him to partake in a Poke battle.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Jay

After beating up his Butterfree, head south-west and then loop around that little ridge and follow it north-east. At the end you'll find a Revive. Pocket it and then head back to the tall grass, and head on through. You're almost at a Pokemon Center, but you have to face this little girl first.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Malia

After Malia has been dealt with, head a little further up the path to meet up with Hau. You can speak with him for a while. He'll wind up giving you 3 Revives, which is pretty sweet. Once you're done speaking with him, you'll be in the Pokemon Center. Heal up your Pokemon. Besides the shops and all that jazz, there's two people of interest to speak with. A girl to the right of the counter wants to trade your Spearow (if you have one), for her Machop. If you do have one, feel free to make the trade if you so wish. The other person to speak with is the lady in the straw hat between the Pokemon counter and the cafe. Tell her you'll help her with her problem. If you do, she'll basically ask you to catch a Cutiefly on Route 3 and speak with her (basically the same thing as the Drifloon one). Don't forget, so you can come back later! Finally, here are the shop listings: