I've encountered at least 20 haunters trying to find a Gengar how comes I can't catch one?

  1. I need help learning more about Gengar so I can encounter a Gengar.

    User Info: JulianX

    JulianX - 1 week ago

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  1. It is possible to SOS chain for a Gengar, but you have to be in the Thrifty Megamart Abandoned Site. It is probably much easier to get a Gastly or Haunter, then ask someone to help you evolve it.

    User Info: Darth_Mom

    Darth_Mom - 1 week ago 4   0


  1. Gengar can only be encountered as an SOS Call Pokémon, so using Pokémon with Intimidate or Adrenaline Orbs might help with that to enhance the chances of Haunters calling for help, but, otherwise, keep grinding those SOS calls and it should pop up, eventually; I think it's the less common SOS call, for Haunter, but it shouldn't be too rare.

    User Info: Andrex_93

    Andrex_93 (Expert) - 1 week ago 1   0

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