Festival Plaza - Why are my VIPS "resetting"?

  1. This is going to be hard to explain, but I'll try my best??

    I'm VERY active in the Festival Plaza, and have 50 VIPs because I want clothing items or I just like the way they look.
    But since the release of USUM (I believe it was around that time) some of my VIP's character customizations are gone. It's not like they just changed their clothes, because some of them had tan skin before and now it's back to the default pale, and you obviously can't change your skin tone.

    I don't know if they reset their Sun/Moon game and their avatar still exists for whatever reason as my VIP?

    I doubt anyone knows the answer, but I might as well ask, haha

    User Info: Sapphire_B

    Sapphire_B - 1 year ago

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