Best Nature for Aegislash?

  1. What is a good nature for Aegislash?

    User Info: SSJ4Ace

    SSJ4Ace - 2 years ago

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  1. Serebii has a good nature list.

    Like pr0digy said, Sassy is good for a defensive type, particularly specially defensive. It raises special defense and lowers Speed, I used it on my Ferrothorn too. You'll want to lower speed in some cases for the move Gyro Ball, which does more damage on faster opponents. In that case you could breed for a 0 IV in the Speed stat too, but it's not mandatory.

    Being slow is okay for Aegislash, since it gets Shadow Sneak which has priority, as well as King's Shield which is the same priority as protect.

    Aegislash has a 150 base def and sp.def in shield form, as well as 150 attack and special attack in blade form, so there's plenty of avenues you could go with it. Mixed Attacker with both stats maxed, mixed defender, straight up special, straight up physical, etc.

    You may want to breed multiple Aegislash with several different natures and train them as you like, and then find one you particularly like.

    Adamant is a good choice when you can't decide, it's my go-to nature for all physical attackers (even if they might be better off with Jolly), just remember if you're gonna go Adamant that you'll probably only need Physical attacks.

    No matter what you go with, try to get a good handle on when to use King's Shield and when to attack. If you think your opponent will switch out, go ahead and attack the replacement or you'll waste a King's Shield. That's the key to playing Aegislash.

    User Info: SilvercrossChan

    SilvercrossChan - 2 years ago 2   0


  1. From my experience with Aegislash I run with adamant. It has kings shield/shadow sneak/sacred sword/swords dance. Very rarely do I have issues unless i come across something with flamethrower or overheat.
    Like everyone else said though there are a lot nature choices that work well. You just have to decide what role you want aegislash to play. Try and a few different set ups out and good luck

    User Info: schmogthebarren

    schmogthebarren - 2 years ago 1   0
  2. I usually use Adamant because it makes it hit harder, also it has shadow sneak if you need to out speed something.

    User Info: Twili_Mander3

    Twili_Mander3 - 2 years ago 0   0
  3. Modest is good for a set with Shadow Ball/Flash Cannon, Adamant is used if you want Swords Dance with Sacred Sword/Shadow Claw or Iron Head/Shadow Sneak, and for a more defensive approach use Specially Defensive Aegislash with a Sassy Nature and Toxic/King's Shield/Gyro Ball/filler to stall stuff out

    User Info: UnknownPr0digy

    UnknownPr0digy - 2 years ago 1   1

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