How can I get Gladion to challenge me for a title defense match?

  1. I know that after you beat the game, you can be challenged for your title by various characters. I know it's professor Kukuri first, then Hau. Then random characters like Hapu, Plumerina and such appear, and apparently it's all random with how they appear. I keep re battling all the elite 4, and battling everyone who comes to challenge me. So far I've had Hapu (like a billion times), Plumeria, Hau, and Molayne, but is their a cheat or anything I'm missing so I can challenge Gladion?
    Like does it have to be at night, during the day? A certain day of the week? On sun? Or moon? (I have both copies so this isn't an issue) Or do I have to just keep retrying because I haven't encountered him yet?

    User Info: askingexorcists

    askingexorcists - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just keep trying it's just random I play sun and have battled him 2 or 3 times out of maybe 20 run through of the elite four

    User Info: Getschwifty93

    Getschwifty93 - 2 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. It's completely random, you just aren't getting lucky. I come across Gladion all the time, it could be different for every save file.

    User Info: Highsupershifty

    Highsupershifty - 2 years ago 0   0

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