Can anybody help me with the battle tree?

  1. So i made it to battle 50 on the battle tree but got messed up all because one move missed (f'ing focus blast man). And now i cant make it back there, keep getting messed up around late 30's or early 40's. My team was

    focus sash
    shadow claw
    shadow sneak
    swords dance

    expert belt
    clanging scales
    flash cannon
    focus blast

    Ash-Greninja (legendary killer)
    life orb
    dark pulse
    hydro pump
    ice beam
    water shuriken

    So is there any tweaks i need for my team, or do you guys have any team suggestions that will help me beat super singles. Cause literally after coming so close to winning to have it all screwed up by one move miss sent me off the deep end. I will take the time to ev, iv and train the pkmn to perfection if it means beating it.

    oh my friend code is: 1504-5750-4403

    User Info: KingSonic14

    KingSonic14 - 1 year ago

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  1. I'm running an identical mimikyu except I have ghostium z for that extra damage. I personally hate kommo-o's stats. I would replace him with a tank like Snorlax or Metagross.

    Snorlax has the ability to recover with rest but Metagross can mega evolve and hit hard while being a defensive tank.

    I'm personally running mimikyu, snorlax, and metagross and have reached a 30+ win streak

    User Info: Kota97

    Kota97 - 1 year ago 1 0


  1. I immediately noticed your problem.
    There are no bulky Pokemon. All of them revolve around being speedy sweepers.
    That won't always work out in your favor, so you'll need a Pokemon to switch into to soak up damage.

    The only Pokemon that is a bit bulky is Kommo-o, but even that has Clanging Scales, and its nature (and I'm assuming its EVs) are an attempt to turn it into a sweeper when it's not meant to be one. It's Speed stat is its second lowest.

    User Info: SilentMouse

    SilentMouse (Expert) - 1 year ago 1 0

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