Review by greatdreamhero

Reviewed: 04/28/17

This is the first portable Dragonball Game, We have been waiting for!

This game is spectacular. It does the best job that I have seen with any Dragonball Game. It has characters from all the series Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, and Dragonball Super. It does not disappoint in any of the other departments such as story, gameplay, and controls.

There are multiple control schematics all of which are easy to learn and easy to implement. It is extremely fun to play this game! There are the overworld controls that make the game feel like a sandbox adventure. In this mode you don't walk you fly. There are the town controls where you walk which makes it feel like an RPG. There are the battle controls which are either turn based strategy RPG controls or full control Action Adventure controls. All the control elements make every aspect of this game feel fresh and new and never tedious and boring. The controls work perfectly with the gameplay.

This gameplay in this game takes you to many different worlds and places. Every new mission is interesting. There are lots of minigames, which include flying through rings and quiz games. Also you can buy cool outfits for your main character. You also get customize your main character which is a great addition that has been in the new Dragonball entries such as the Xenoverse entries. It is not a rehash of other Dragonball Games particularly the Budokai Series. Which is basically the same game over and over again. Similar controls as well as similar plot. There is also many cool as aspects as teaching your character new moves and the leveling up system that allows for a real progression for your characters. There is an awesome fusion system that is true to the title of this game allows for further battle dynamics to this game.

This is the strongest suite of this game. You are the main character, which I think should have been in all the Dragonball Games. People have seen the anime so we don't need to play through the plot of the anime. In this game you have a new fresh story where your goal is to enter the tournament to become the strongest in order to do so you need to recruit a party of five to enter. What is amazing is there are many plot threads that tie together to make this story interesting. You play as a young child and instead of recruiting big muscular heavy duty characters like Broly. Instead you utilize child characters that make this adventure even more poignant. As in many Dragonball plot lines its strong muscular characters against strong muscular characters. So you really develop with the characters in this magical adventure.

This game is a must play. The cute chibi graphics are wonderful the atmosphere is wonderful the gameplay is wonderful and the simple but intriguing story is wonderful. This game is probably among the best Dragonball games I have ever played. You will have a lot of fun with quirky fun adventure.

Rating: 10

Product Release: Dragon Ball: Fusions (US, 11/22/16)

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