Review by AlexFili

Reviewed: 04/03/17

Fantastic game, designed to keep Z fans hooked for a long time

The story mode takes place in a parallel universe and the general plotline involves you and your rival, Pinach who both want to be the strongest in the universe. You'll need the help of 4 other squad-mates in order to unleash powerful attacks and even use Ultimate Fusion to become a 5-man fusion combo which can unleash a huge amount of damage.

Your main character can fuse with any character, including fan favourites such as Trunks and Vegeta. Characters from the series can perform standard fusions as seen in the series or can fuse in unexpected ways. For example Androids 19 and 20 can fuse together, along with Cell and 17, Freeza and Ginyu etc. There are a huge amount of combinations, some fusions only unlock when certain criteria are present. Fusing makes your character's rank increase and gives you opportunities to use a variety of moves.

Story mode itself allows you to fly across the Z universe and complete main missions along with a series of side quests. You start as a low levelled character and gradually you become stronger. Your teammates will also gain experience whether they are in the battle or not. The battles are turn-based with some real-time elements such as the beam-struggles or when Ultra Fusion is activated. Depending on certain conditions, you can recruit characters with a yellow star next to their name. Using your Zenkai attack and the appropriate ranked character and special move will make your defeated opponent join your team. By the end of the game you end up with dozens of Z characters and hundreds of original characters made especially for this game. Your main character can be any of the major 5 races and their appearance can be customised to a fair degree. You can change clothes/costumes later on, by purchasing them in a shop.

Moves come in various strengths and rarities, with G rank being the highest. Moves can be either Melee or Beam type and can have a range of side effects, for example paralysing the enemy temporarily or turning them into chocolate. The music is peppy and suits the action, the sound is standard DBZ fare with authentic Japanese voice acting.

There is an online trading system for moves as well as an online battle system. The side quests vary in terms of their objectives, some missions require you using certain moves or defeating all enemies at the same time. Generally the missions are straightforward with maybe a few which may cause you to consult a guide. The graphics are nice and colourful with a range of expressions on the characters. The art is in the chibi-style and suits the screen. The 3D mode is not utilised in this game.

Overall this is a brilliant game and definitely one of my favourites on the 3DS. It's great for a quick battle or just roaming around and finding hidden characters and secrets. Well worth a buy.

Rating: 10

Product Release: Dragon Ball: Fusions (EU, 02/17/17)

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