Review by ScytheXero

Reviewed: 11/30/16

Dragon Ball Fusions Short Review (Spoiler Free)

What was supposed to be released today, I was able to secure a copy of Dragon Ball Fusions on Friday at my local gamestop. Coming out at the same time as Pokemon Sun and Moon this game has some big shoes to walk behind. Is it worth the $30.00 price tag? Let's find out.

Fusions starts off by letting you design your own avatar for your adventure. It is not really something to write home about, but for 3DS standards it is better than the original Xenoverse on consoles. Within these options you will find that it is gender friendly and lets you decide the color of your gear with only basic colors. When you are finished your greeted to a great start of an epic dragon ball game waiting for you.

Mechanics run differently in this game then what you might be used to. Zenny will not be your means for currency. Instead you will have to defeat enemies and get energy which comes in five types. This is your means for doing everything. Unlocking areas, buying clothing and gear, EVERYTHING. It's does keep things rather simple in terms of organization. What is not so much simple is the way you have to recruit party members. I found that luck has to be on your side and when your enemy has a symbol over his head you have to pull off a special move. I really wish there was a talk initiative option like in the SMT games which would of been so much better then what they added.

The meat and potatoes of Fusions is the game play and it is very good. It implements a rock paper scissors battle system and things can get drawn out or chaotically fast depending on your battle inputs. Fusing is also on the front seat seeing there is so many different fuses and some of them are down right ridicules. However, as fun these may be they lose their fun value when your stuck doing them over and over after so many times. Besides that it does play very well. Fighting can become addicting and you might find yourself yelling at your 3DS like a sports fanatic hoping your enemy doesn't pull off abilities that can get you KO'ed.

One major gripe I have (and a warning to all) is this game will punish you for switching 3DS's. I do not know why this was even a thing. Jaco will come out, and scold you for switching the time, even if the DS you switched to is on the same hour and minute. I am assuming that seconds are a big factor. Anyways, Jaco will take away some online compatibility and mini games for a whole day if you do this. Because of this I have not played online so I can not review it's functions. (Bad form Peter Pan)

In short Fusions is almost Identical to Pokemon and almost the same animation style too. It does offer up the most fan service for those into it. For those who are not it is still a good game for your 30 dollars if your wanting something new to play. What weighs it down is sloppy UI, unfair punishments for time rendering, and short campaign lasting 20-30 hours long. For a 3DS game though, I must say that content is above fair. I wish I could of gave viewers some details about online. All and All I recommend getting Dragon Ball Fusions.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Dragon Ball: Fusions (US, 11/22/16)

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