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Quirky Hero Action!!
Battle For All is the first game in the "My Hero Academia" series on Nintendo 3DS!

Based on Weekly Shonen Jump's popular serial work "My Hero Academia"!
Experience the action that makes use of the character's special ability "Quirk" on the 3DS!
The game features a novel battle system with fights controlled using the special ability "Quirk".
You can also strengthen your hero to your liking and fight with your friends in online battles!

* Hero Academia Mode
Experience the coming-of-age story of 12 heroes, including the main character, Iku! A total of more than 350 stages across all characters are recorded in the main story & curriculum!
The main story challenges the player with various battles according to the scenario! If you clear the main story and curriculum, you will get rewards such as experience points and credits!
Distribute the acquired credits and experience points to strengthen your hero as you please!

* Free battle mode
It is possible to challenge various characters to battle with characters strengthened in Hero Academia mode! Practice in free battles and play online with your friends!

* Quirk control system
On the lower screen, we have implemented a "Quirk" control function in which fights operate differently for each character.
In addition to normal battle operations, the lower screen during the battle is different for each playable character. Control your "Quirk" on the lower screen and win the battle!

* Buddy (sidekick) system
It is possible to select a partner (sidekick) before the battle and use a unique support action! Realize a more unique battle by recovering HP, stopping, and cooperating with your partner!

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