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by vinheim / Bkstunt_31

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Guide and Walkthrough by vinheim
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 05/02/2016

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Contact Rules
    2. Donations
  2. Game Basics
    1. Birthright or Conquest: Which Game is for You?
    2. Controls
    3. Character Building
    4. Boons, Banes, and Talents
    5. Weapon Triangle
    6. Map Awareness, Enemy Awareness and Dragon Veins
    7. "I Fight for my Friends!" (Support Eachother!)
    8. Attack and Defense Stances
    9. Tips & Tricks
  3. Walkthrough: Shared Destiny
    1. Prologue: Ties that Bind
    2. Chapter 1: Nohr
    3. Chapter 2: Gift of Ganglari
    4. Chapter 3: Journey Begins
    5. Chapter 4: Hoshido
    6. Chapter 5: Mother
  4. Walkthrough: Birthright
    1. Chapter 6: In the White Light
    2. Intermission
    3. Chapter 7: A Vow Upheld
    4. Chapter 8: Fierce Winds
    5. Chapter 9: Land of Gods
    6. Chapter 10: Ninja Village
    7. Chapter 11: To the Sea
    8. Chapter 12: Dark Reunion
    9. Chapter 13: Another Hope
    10. Chapter 14: Light Scatters
    11. Chapter 15: Wolfskin Peak
    12. Chapter 16: Pleasure Palace
    13. Chapter 17: Lost in the Ice
    14. Chapter 18: Leo
    15. Chapter 19: Rainbow Sage
    16. Chapter 20: Fort Dragonfall
    17. Chapter 21: Burning Falls
    18. Chapter 22: Hidden Capital
    19. Chapter 23: Camilla
    20. Chapter 24: Tears of a Dragon
    21. Chapter 25: Traitor Revealed
    22. Chapter 26: Xander
    23. Chapter 27: King Garon
    24. Endgame: Dawn Breaks
  5. Walkthrough: Conquest
    1. Chapter 6: Embrace the Dark
    2. Intermission
    3. Chapter 7: A Dragon's Decree
    4. Chapter 8: Cold Reception
    5. Intermission
    6. Chapter 9: Another Trial
    7. Chapter 10: Unhappy Reunion
    8. Chapter 11: Rainbow Sage
    9. Chapter 12: Bitter Intrigue
    10. Chapter 13: Uprising
    11. Chapter 14: Voice of Paradise
    12. Chapter 15: The Black Pillar
    13. Chapter 16: Invasion
    14. Chapter 17: Den of Betrayal
    15. Chapter 18: Black & White
    16. Chapter 19: Kitsune Lair
    17. Chapter 20: Winds of Change
    18. Chapter 21: Eternal Stairway
    19. Chapter 22: Sakura
    20. Chapter 23: Possessed
    21. Chapter 24: Hinoka
    22. Chapter 25: Ryoma
    23. Chapter 26: Treason
    24. Chapter 27: The Empty King
    25. Endgame: Night Breaks Through
  6. Walkthrough: Revelations
    1. Chapter 6: Into the Ground
    2. Chapter 7: Unspeakable World
    3. Chapter 8: Traitor's Brand
    4. Chapter 9: Wanderer
    5. Chapter 10: Voice of a God
    6. Chapter 11: Mutual Enemies
    7. Chapter 12: Frozen Sea
    8. Chapter 13: A Lost Peace
    9. Chapter 14: Orders
    10. Chapter 15: Rainbow Sage
    11. Chapter 16: White Flames
    12. Chapter 17: Black Flames
    13. Chapter 18: Veiled Kingdom
    14. Chapter 19: Hidden Strings
    15. Chapter 20: Seeds of Doubt
    16. Chapter 21: Going Forward
    17. Chapter 22: Memories
    18. Chapter 23: Arete Undone
    19. Chapter 24: Days Lost
    20. Chapter 25: Blades Drawn
    21. Chapter 26: The Vallite King
    22. Chapter 27: Hear My Cry
    23. Endgame: Anankos
  7. Paralogues
    1. Paralogue 1: Tragic Start
    2. Paralogue 2: Dragon Blood
    3. Paralogue 3: Surprise Duet
    4. Paralogue 4: Fight or Flight
    5. Paralogue 5: Bold Approach
    6. Paralogue 6: Herbal Remedy
    7. Paralogue 7: Father & Liege
    8. Paralogue 8: A Great Hunt
    9. Paralogue 9: Saizo vs. Saizo
    10. Paralogue 10: Hunter & Prey
    11. Paralogue 11: A Long Grudge
    12. Paralogue 12: Sweet Dreams
    13. Paralogue 13: Truly Talented
    14. Paralogue 14: After the End
    15. Paralogue 15: Hidden Bravery
    16. Paralogue 16: Abducted
    17. Paralogue 17: Two Defenders
    18. Paralogue 18: Nutty Family
    19. Paralogue 19: Great Heroism
    20. Paralogue 20: Ultimate Power
    21. Paralogue 21: Bright Smile
    22. Paralogue 22: Abrupt Clash
  8. Appendices
    1. Weapon Lists
    2. Item Lists
    3. Skill Lists
  9. Latest Update
  10. Closing
    1. Credits

We are in dire need of help from you guys, our readers! We are aware that we're missing items, weapons and skills down in the lists below! You can help us out by sending in any info on weapons we don't have! You will be credited and we'll be really thankful! Help us make this guide even better!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to our Fire Emblem Fates guide! Alex 'vinheim' Kleinheider and Bkstunt are back yet again for our NINTH co-op guide together. We love writing together and with this Fire Emblem game being split into two distinctive titles it felt like a natural fit!

The purpose of this guide will be to guide you through each game beginning to end while giving you insight into how the game works as well as strategic advice to each battle. We will also focus on obtaining every item you can and recruiting all possible allies! Relationships between characters is half the fun of these games, after all! You can also expect to see each side chapter and optional quest covered in detail.

Alex will be covering "Birthright" while Bkstunt is covering "Conquest" and "Revelations", so no matter which side of the fight you choose to play through we will have you covered!

That said, Alex and I still write these guides because we're not only passionate about our games and our hobby, but we also love to interact with our fellow gamers! Be sure to chat with us on Facebook if you enjoyed this guide (see the links below) and we honestly hope this FAQ/Walkthrough will help you get the most out of Fire Embelm Fates!

"I fight for my friends!"

Enjoy the guide everyone!

~ BK & Alex


As you can tell by the Table of Contents, this guide is a WORK IN PROGRESS. We are both working on it whenever we can, but big projects like these take time! Thank you for your patience!

Contact Rules

Any critics, suggestions, spelling mistakes, contributions are welcome, so please send them at the following e-mails.

Want to talk about some games!? Maybe throw out some ideas for what YOU want to see us write about next? Maybe write something together or solo? We have Facebook and Twitter accounts for this exact reason!

Twitter@vinheimTwitterHe doesn't have twitter (What's Twitter?)


If you found this guide to be at least somewhat useful, consider donating to either of the authors as a "Thank You". We write guides for games we are passionate about and to connect with fans like you (in fact, BK and Alex became life-long friends thanks to this mutual hobby of ours!), but we can't deny that these games do cost us in time and money.

So if you wish to give back, we're always grateful. Whatever your heart wants to give is fine, be it 1 dollar or 50 cents. Whatever the amount you can donate, we'd truly, TRULY appreciate it and your help is noticed (. If you do wish to donate, you can do so through our PayPal accounts: vinheim@gmail.com and gregorio31@gmail.com. You can also use the buttons at the top of our guides if you wish.

No reason to buy those expensive official guides when BK and Alex have your back!

Even if you can't donate, we would LOVE to hear from you. Trust us when we say fan feedback LITERALLY keeps us going and makes our days.

To those who support us, thanks. :)

Game Basics

This section will go over all of the game's basics so you are fully prepared for what is to come. This includes things like controls and building your character, to general battle stratagies and and game tips.

In other words, this section will do its best to set you up for victory, even before you jump into the main walkthrough itself.

Birthright or Conquest: Which Game is for You?

Well, this is a first! Fire Emblem has been split into two different versions with "Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright" and "Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest".

So... which game is for you? Each game focuses on a different country during the war between Nohr and Hoshido: Conquest has you choosing to stay with the family you grew up in and ally with the country of Nohr whereas Birthright reunites you with your birth-family and join sides with Hoshido. There is also the whole "good vs. evil" thing going on a bit here with Nohr outright declared the "Bad Guys" from the very beginning (the game's don't even hide this fact on the box art, so this is definitely not a spoiler). So... Do you want to work for the "bad guys"?

The two games are more than just two different stories though, as they are also designed quite differently. Let's go over some of the differences.

In Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, you can expect game play to be more like the previous game (Fire Emblem: Awakening). This means a world map and, if you wish, random battles. Random battles outside of the story are quite a boon as you can level up characters easier and prepare them for story battles to come.

In Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, you won't have any random battles. Instead, you are limited to the story fights (and paralogue side missions) as they come. This is more like older Fire Emblem experiences, where you had to make your way with what you were given, and will likely result in you being forced to pick and choose characters to level up.


It shouldn't be a spoiler of any sort, but let me say here that Fire Emblem Fates, much like Awakening, features CHILDREN you can not only bring into the world by mating up your units, but also recruit and fight with. These children are all recruited in "Paralogue Chapters". Given the fact that the game is split into two parts (essentially), you can only recruit roughly 60% of the children in the game for each title (there are a few kids that are shared amongst both games, like Corrin's kid(s?) for example.

I will also note that third title I bring up just below lets you recruit EVERY kid...

Both versions of the game have multiple difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, Lunatic) as well as different game modes (Casual, Classic, Phoenix) so no matter which game you choose you can honestly tailor the experience to your liking in a variety of ways. After all, playing "Conquest" while having "Phoenix Mode" turned on (where your characters revive after 1 turn whenever they die) isn't exactly the "Classic Fire Emblem" experience, but Conquest is otherwise considered to be the harder of the two titles.

There is also a third DLC GAME called "Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation" which was just released recently on March 10th, 2016 (well... recent when we wrote this anyways...). This mode will feature a third fate which deviates from the first two choices, but also is more akin to the "Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright" style of game play. It is also worth noting that if this game is ever considered "canon" by anything in the future, this DLC PATH will likely be considered the "canon ending".

In the end, it is all about having fun and hopefully this section has helped you narrow down your choice in case you weren't sure which game is for you! And if you can't decide... well, you can always just play all of them!


Circle PadNavigate.
A ButtonContinue / Next dialogue.
A+Down ButtonSpeed up dialogue display.
B ButtonBack.
StartSkip event or animation.
R ButtonPrevious dialogue.
L+R+StartReset Game and return to title screen.
A ButtonDisplay System Menu (no active unit selected).
L ButtonCycle between units on map (enemy or ally, depending on who you have selected). Find ally unit with unused turn.
Press & Hold LSkip combat animation (when in combat.
R ButtonCycle between viewpoint on battle map (Zoom in/out).
X ButtonDisplay enemy army's range of attack. Change ally weapon selection.
A ButtonConfirm selection. Display enemy/ally range of movement, spells and attack.
A ButtonDisplay System Menu (no active unit selected).
Y ButtonChange ally weapon selection.
B ButtonDeny selection. Go back in menus.
D-PadControl cursor / Move character.
Circle PadControl cursor / Move character.
C Stick"New" 3DS Button. Unused.
StartSkip dialog text. Access battle menu and options.
Select N/A

Character Building

Similar to the previous game, Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates lets you create your own protagonist with several body and hair options. This is all purely aesthetic of course, but it is a neat feature nevertheless. It also comes with the choice of "Boon, Bane, and Talents" down below.

Just in case you guys are curious, here are our picks for our Main Characters. I (vinheim) went with a look that closely resembles the Corrin shown to you in trailers and in Super Smash Bros.

vinheim's pick:

Vinheim's pickBkstunt's pick

Boons, Banes, and Talents

Your Boon, Bane and Talent pick are very important as they affect your growth rate for your created protagonist, giving you a somewhat tailored approach to your level ups. This is balanced by the bane you pick, as you won't get very good stats in that category, so choose wisely. If you are going for a strong melee character, it is hard to argue against "Strong", but "Speed" has its benefits with double hits as well. For a melee character, Magic or Luck can be sacrificed. If you want a mage character you obviously want the "Clever" skill, but I'd still take "Unlucky as a Bane (in general). Check the table below to see what stat the boons and banes coordinate to:


Your protagonist is always going to start out as a Prince/Princess, but the talent you choose will let you switch to the coordinating class later on with a Heart Seal. This isn't a 100% choice on the class you can be though, as you can also use a Partner Seal to change to your husband's or wife's class or even a Friendship Seal to change to the class of anyone you've become friends with (reached an "A" rank support level with).

Weapon Triangle

One long-time feature of Fire Emblem is the "Weapon Triangle". In past games this was VERY simple: Swords beat Axes, Axes beat Lances, and Lances beat Swords. As you can see, this is similar to paper-rock-scissors. This feature has been around in Fire Emblem for a long time, and has even been seen in "Magic Triangles" with different magic types.

HOWEVER! Fire Emblem Fates switches things up a bit, and mixes in Bows, Hidden Weapons, and Magic into the main triangle. Here is the new triangle:


The benefits to using the right weapons against your foe depend on your weapon rank, but as you rank gets higher you will gain increased hit percentage (%) and increased damage. You can only benefit by using the right weapon, so always check your enemies weapons to see who to send against them.

HOWEVER! There is such a thing as "Triangle Breaker" weapons. These weapons are special Axes, Lances and Swords that reverse the Weapon Triangle. For example, a "Swordreaver" gains bonuses against Lance-wielding enemies instead of Axe-wielding enemies, making it even more important to know what you or facing. Acquiring these weapons for yourself can also enhance your own attack options. There's even scrolls that can reverse weapon-type advantages!

Certain enemies are also more vulnerable to certain weapons. For example, Flying Enemies (and allies) are particularly weak against Bows, and can often be shot down in a single turn by bow-users. Certain weapons also have bonus effects added onto them (such as enhanced damage to monsters, armored-units or Dragons). This leads us nicely into our next basics section...

Map Awareness, Enemy Awareness and Dragon Veins

Understanding how to read the map and forsee enemy and ally movement is the KEY to winning battles. It is literally the difference between walking into certain death and strategically approaching your foe.

The first thing to note is that when you deploy into a battle, you will have to pick your fighters and then place them down on the map ("View Map"). Sometimes this means splitting them up and picking who goes where. The guide itself will make any special notes when this is the case, but as a general rule you want to use this set-up to your advantage, which can mean putting thieves closer to doors and chests or placing your flier on a better path to save a village. Even this early troop placement can be important, so be sure to survey the map, see who your enemies are and plan accordingly.

Next, each enemy and ally has a movement range (and accompanying attack range), which you can view by hovering over them in the map and pressing the "A" Button (you can see the entire enemies range with "X", if that helps!). This will show you their movement and attack range, which lets you plan out your own movements and not walk into unnecessary fire! Moving to "just out of attack range" is important to setting up future attacks. You can also use these movement ranges to, say, put a high-defense unit just in the attack range of an enemy to lure them out.

It is also important to note that there are multiple types of terrain. Some provide evasion bonuses that can help if you can get to them, but others can be even more strategic. Such as a mountain range acting as a choke-point, for example. The same can be said for buildings with multiple exits: always be aware of where the enemy may come from and if you can use the terrain to your advantage. Many maps feature Enemy Reinforcements, but we will let you know battle by battle in the walkthrough if you are facing reinforcements, so you should never be taken by surprise. Also, certain units can traverse certain terrain types while others cannot. Flying units for example are prized for how easy you can move them around.

Lastly, we need to talk about Dragon Veins. These areas on the map are points of power that can do a number of things as long as a royal family member gets to them. You can hover over them and press "A" to see what they do and what part of the map they will affect.

"I Fight for my Friends!" (Support Eachother!)

Like previous Fire Emblem games, one big feature of Fire Emblem: Fates is growing friendships (and relationships) between your army's party members. Friendship and love truly do blossom on the battlefield!

You can build character's support levels in many different ways, although it is important to note that not EVERY character is compatible with everyone (which is understandable... the support ranks would be crazy if you could befriend EVERYONE). Here's how you can get units to start talking to each other:

  • Pair them up in a Defensive Stance with each other (more on that below).
  • Fight next to each other (Attack Stance... again see below).
  • Heal each other.
  • Invite them into your house (Corrin Only)
  • Talk to two units randomly talking to each other in your castle (Very, very random).

By far the best way to get units to talk/work/bond with each other is to pair them up and fight. Thankfully for Conquest players (seriously... this is a GOD SEND) you can easily visit other players castles once your own castle is up and running (use the crystal orb and choose to "Visit Castles") and fight their team. This lets you get support ranks easily without having to worry about pairing up in battle. Pairing up is great and all, but tactically it is MUCH better to be able to do what you want in any given battle.

And that's really it! Get out there and support your friends!

Attack and Defense Stances

This section is to make a quick note about "Attack" and "Defense" stances. It sounds like something you choose per unit, but it really isn't.

An "Attack Stance" is when a unit is supported by another unit right by them on the map. For example, an Archer attacks a unit two spaces away and wounds them. After that, a Mercenary moves next to the Archer and attacks. That Archer will show up in the battle and fire an arrow after the Mercenary attacks. As you can see, this "Attack Stance" will often lead to you getting more attacks in. Nice right? You can only do this with units that aren't paired up however (also note that both party members who worked together will gain points on their support levels).

A "Defense Stance" trades that enhanced attack power for a defensive strategy. You do this by pairing two units together and then fighting like normal. As you attack (and get attacked), you'll see shields filling up in the battle scene. These shields fill up TWO at a time and once you reach 10 the next attack directed at you will be nullified.

There's ways to use this Defense Stance to your advantage of course. First of all, your PARTNER UNIT negates any enemy attack stances that may occur (guaranteeing one-on-one fights for your main unit). You can also use a filled-up defensive shield to kill an enemy you normally couldn't survive. You can also pair up a speedy unit with someone to attack twice a round to fill up SIX shields in one go (four for your units two attacks, two for the enemies attacks). You can also pair up a weak unit with a strong unit to get them SOME experience in a map (Partner Units blocking gives them some XP) and, when the time is right, you can often take out weak units with your weak unit for massive XP gains. Finally, it should be noted that if a Defense Stance unit gets taken out (dies), the unit they were partnered with will be dropped in the space they were occupying.

All in all, these stances provide more active strategy options to think about when you play. It is RARE, but at times enemy units will even show up in Defense Stance so be on the lookout for that.

Tips & Tricks

This section is full of helpful tips and tricks for the game. If something is for Birthright or Conquest only, we'll note so below. Reading this section is GUARANTEED to help you out as you play, especially if you are new to the Fire Emblem series.

  • Want to get powered-up in Birthright and Revelation? Do challenges! They are perfect for building support units and leveling up new or weaker units in your party. Also be sure to explore all the sparkles on the maps in order to find

gold (sometimes). Combined with gold dropping from enemies, any gold you spend on scouting for new challenges is easily earned back (or you may come out ahead even).

  • Conquest players have less opportunity to level up, but the "Invasion" maps and the "Paralogue" maps make for excellent training and level-up opportunities. Do them whenever you can.
  • It is mentioned up above, but it is still a fantastic tip: you can grind out support levels in My Castle battles. This doesn't advance the story and lets you get in marriages early in the game if you wish.
  • As to when you should do the Paralogue chapters, I may be biased but if you do them after Chapter 19 each kid comes with an Offspring Seal, which lets them level up to your main teams level (magic!), which means they can be instantly

useful and you don't need to grind them later if you don't continuously use them.

  • High defense units are great for acting as bait in this game, luring out enemies at a manageable flow. Pick units like Cavaliers (who turn into better DEF units when they become Paladins and Great Knights), Knights and Generals and turn them

into reliable bait units to help out your other units in almost every map.

  • Speaking of bait units, giving them weapons like the Javelin or Hand Axe can be helpful. There will be times you will be hit by 2-3 enemy units at range and equipping this item before waiting lets you counter-attack ranged units to

soften them up for killing later on.

  • Sometimes your healers can't get to everyone, so be sure to buy everyone Vulnerary or Concoction items as you can afford them. This can literally be the difference between surviving and dying.
  • Talking about healers reminded me that sometimes giving them a Psychic staff and/or a Rescue staff will also save a live. Try not to use them (they are spendy and rare), but if they can save a life you will be glad to have them!
  • This is another thing we mentioned above, but as your weapon rank gets higher (usually around Rank C or so) you can equip a wide variety of weapons. Put various types of weapons on your favorite units. Ranged, additional affects (Armorslayer is

VERY handy) and Blessed Weapons (to heal HP) are great choices. But in general DIVERSIFY!

  • This is probably the most IMPORTANT and OVER-POWERED tip we can give you. You can visit certain castles to EASILY gain skills. Doing this as soon as you can afford it and piling powerful skills on your units can of course turn the

tide of battle easily for you. To do this, "Visit Castles" and search by name. Look for names like "Easy Skills" or "Easy Skills!" (to name a few variants) for people whose castles are BUILT ENTIRELY TO GET YOU EASY SKILLS. Very handy, right? This kind of over-powering can ruin the game's challenge though, so user beware!

  • Azure may not be strong, but her unique "Sing" skill can be very handy! Double your healing! Let a unit get two attacks in! The possibilities are so good, just keep her out of harm's way by using VERY careful positioning or even

consider bringing along someone with the Shelter skill just in case. Up to you!

  • Consider forging weapons mid to late game once you can for some stronger weapon options. Especially for Odin...
  • Picking where you units should go prior to a battle helps quite a bit, especially when your team is split up. You can also pair up units BEFORE a fight if you plan on them being in a defensive stance, so always do so before a battle!
  • Be sure to bring along Niles (or Shiro... or Kaze) for their Locktouch ability on maps with treasure chests or doors. This helps immensely. Sometimes enemy units have Chest Key items, but don't count on it (or at least count very carefully)!
  • And finally, the GOLDEN RULE of Fire Emblem Games: hold off until LEVEL 20 before you use a Master Seal to class up! This is all about getting as strong as you can with those extra few levels of stat-gains, so do yourself a favor and

hold off on pulling the trigger on moving to a better class.

Walkthrough: Shared Destiny

A couple notes by the authors...

  • This will be a Spoiler-free walkthrough. I won't be spoiling anything to you so make sure to read ahead of where you are in the game so you don't come up with "any" surprises.

With that said, pop in your Fire Emblem Fates cartridge in your Nintendo 3DS (finally) and let the magic begin!

As you start the game you have 3 options:

  • New Game: This is pretty obvious. You start the game here.
    • Difficulty: There are 3 difficulties to begin the game with.
      • Normal: For seies beginners. Note that this is actually a Normal Difficulty.
      • Hard: For experienced players. This is a bit harder than the Normal difficulty, unlike Awakening in which Hard was actually Normal.
      • Lunatic: For those seeking a challenge. Now this is where things start going crazy.
    • Game Mode: This is how you want to play your game. If you're new to the Fire Emblem series, then know that in past games if one of your characters died in battle they were gone forever! That's right. There are no Phoenix Downs in this game or Life Bottles. If they died they were DEAD. They changed this in Awakening in which dead characters would be dead for the rest of the battle but were back in camp at the end of the fight. This option here allows you to choose from those 2 plus a new mode added in this game:
      • Phoenix: Fallen units quickly return to battle. This is the new mode added to the game in which your characters will come back to life at the start of each of your turns, which makes the game even easier!
      • Casual: Fallen units return in the next chapter. This is the mode that was added in Awakening.
      • Classic: Fallen units die. Each decision counts. This is like the original games. If your characters die, is a goodbye forever.
  • Explore Fates: If you bought either the Birthright or Conquest version of the game, this option allows you to purchase the other story, as well as the third story Revelation.
  • Extras: This is a whole bunch of extras ranging from online stuff like battling someone else, SpotPass, check your DLC, you can check if you have any presents and you can even Wipe your Data for a clean start of the game.

Now for this guide we went with the Normal Difficulty and Casual Game Mode. I don't think this affects the game at all so this is just an FYI. We'll also be using his/her original name Corrin throughout the walkthrough. Choose your characters's appearance (Click here for more info) and most importantly his or her's Boon, Bane, and Talent.

Prologue: Ties that Bind

"Corrin wakes after dreaming of a strange battle-one where friend and foe both call her "sister". Was the dream a glimpse into Corrin's future?"

Watch the opening scene (which is awesome by the way) and soon enough you're thrown right into the heat of battle. You're controlling Corrin of course.

ForestRout the Enemy

Take a look at the map, either the one we gave you on top or the one on your 3DS. Familiarize yourself with the color scheme of it. RED dots are always enemies while the BLUE dots are allies that YOU control. The GREEN dots are allies that are controlled by the AI.

The battle starts with us going into battle against a Fighter. Kill this Fighter to have the fight between Xander and Ryoma continue. Nohr then uses the Dragon Vein nearby to dry up the river giving them access to cross. At this time more of the Nohr and Hoshido reinforcements arrive from both the lower left and lower right sides of the screen. We are also attacked by an enemy Lancer. Another easy enemy. Attack him while you're next to Takumi to pair up with him and defeat the Lancer. Watch the scene as the battle ends...

Chapter 1: Nohr

"After waking from the dream, Corrin trains with her brother Xander. However, the outcome of the day's training is more important than she realizes."

Now that the Prologue is over, we're in the Northern Fortress, in the Kingdom of Nohr. We have a scene with a couple Maids (Flora and Felicia) and a Butler (Jakob). After the scenes we're tossed into our next battle.

Northern Fortress, NohrDefeat the Boss

This fight is somewhat of a tutorial as well. Approach Xander and attack him. He'll nearly kill you but then he uses the Dragon Vein to create a Healtile which allows you to heal the character standing on it during each phase. Now simply go back and attack Xander twice to end the battle. Pretty simple.

Watch the scene after the fight with all your brothers and sisters: Xander, Leo, Camilla and Elise. If you bought Birthright, this scene will make you care too much about the Nohr family.

Chapter 2: Gift of Ganglari

"Corrin is finally allowed to leave the Northern Fortress. Together the Nohrians siblings travel to the castle to meet with their father, King Garon."

Watch the scene with King Garon as you enter Castle Krakenburg and he'll give you the Sword of Ganglari. Now you'll start a battle against a couple of Hoshidan prisoners.

Castle Krakenburg, NohrRout the Enemy

New Party Members
O07GunterGreat Knight3241001589104Iron LanceForceful Partner, Shelter, Elbow Room
O09JakobButler121861291078Iron Dagger, HealEvasive Partner, RES +2, Gentilhomme
B03HoshidanSamurai2175068312Brass Katanan/a
A04RinkahOni Savage4207268573Brass Clubn/a
A12KazeNinja319609144410Brass ShurikenMiraculous Save
B13HoshidanSamurai2175068312Brass Katanan/a

During each battle I'll be adding a complete list of enemies and if there are any new Party Members that join (or can join) I'll put them up with their initial stats right above the enemies. Make sure to use the lists on pair with the map provided above to pick the best strategy!

In this battle you'll be shown how to use Dragon Veins, which is the green glowing thing in front of you. You also have 2 more characters that join your party.

After all the rant above, lets actually start the battle. Move onto the Dragon Vein at M08 to clear the debris and reveal a large Healtile. This is where you should stay throughout the battle. Kaze uses Shurikens, which like Daggers can be used in both close and ranged combat and he'll usually use it as a ranged weapon. I recommend having Jakob stay on J09 while Corrin stays behind him at J08 and Gunter covers the left side on J07. This will make Kaze use his weapon at long range, which is very weak but you can then attack with Corrin and defeat him. The same goes on the left side. Remember that Jakob can attack through walls and Gunter is like a wall itself so you're safe there.

Watch the couple scenes between the Nohr family and it'll be time for the next Chapter.

Chapter 3: Journey Begins

"As punishment for disobeying orders, Corrin must go to the Hoshidan border to scout an abandoned fort. For all intents, it should be a simple mission."

Watch the scene between the Nohr family and a new character makes his appearance, Iago.

Bottomless CanyonSeize the building

C12HoshidanSamurai2175068312Brass Katanan/a
D12HoshidanSamurai2175068312Brass Katanan/a
C17HoshidanArcher3185096334Iron Yumin/a
D17HoshidanSamurai4201001113443Iron KatanaDuelist's Blow
D18HoshidanArcher3185096334Brass Yumin/a
E17HoshidanArcher3185096334Iron Yumin/a
M14HoshidanArcher3185096334Brass Yumin/a
N14HoshidanSamurai3186079423Brass Katanan/a
N17OmozuNinja42380716457Brass Shurikenn/a
N20HoshidanSamurai3186079423Brass Katanan/a
Enemy Reinforcements
R08HoshidanSky Knight1154057427Brass Naginatan/a
R10HoshidanSky Knight1154057427Brass Naginatan/a

We're in the Bottomless Canyon and thanks to Hans we have to fight the Hoshidans. This map has 2 Dragon Veins as you can tell by the Orange spots in the map above. This works as shortcuts to get to the fort, which is our objective. You'll also see 2 forts on the lower left side of the map. These respawn enemies and heals whoever is standing on this spot. It also raises your defense so take that into consideration.

As the first turn ends, Gunter tells you that going through the bridge will be nearly impossible due to the enemies on the other side (and the tight area you'll be in). He instead tells you to look for a Dragon Vein (just like I told you before) so instead of going east start making your way south towards the Dragon Veins. Activate the Dragon Vein at M09 which gives you direct access to the building and kill both enemies at M14 and N14. They are very easy and shouldn't pose a problem at all. I really recommend having Gunter and Jakob pair up so Jakob can be a bit stronger and have him level up a couple levels (he was Lv. 1 when he came in battle). After a couple turns Enemy Reinforcements appear from the south. These are Sky Knights (Pegasus Knights in previous installments) and are only Lv.1. They'll be dealing 1 dmg. at most (if they're lucky) so take care of them. Once you take care of them you can focus on Omozu who is standing in front of your target.

He has Shurikens so that means that he can attack from both close and long range, but he's very weak too so he's no big concern. Also have Jakob deal the finishing blow so that he can absorb all that EXP. Once Omozu is killed you can seize the building OR you can go around and take care of the enemies to the north. The enemies at C17, D17 and E17 don't move so take advantage of this. The Samurai that's in the fort is hard because of his Lv and because he's in the fort, which raises his Defense and evasion. To make things worse he's paired up with an Archer so be careful. Have Jakob take care of both archers on this Samurai's sides. Once he's alone attack him with Jakob (when the Samurai is the main unit) and when he changes to the Archer attack him with Corrin. If you wanna make things easier have Gunter separate from Jakob and attack the Samurai.

Chapter 4: Hoshido

"The two Hoshidans Corrin spared, Rinkah and Kaze, take a captured Corrin to Hoshido. There, she learns the surprising truth about her family ties."

We meet up with Rinkah and Kaze and a lot of story happens in this Chapter.

Castle ShirasagiRout the enemyGoddess Icon

New Party Members
Q17RinkahOni Savage42082685103Brass ClubFiery Blood, Seal Resistance
Q18KazeNinja319709144510Iron Shuriken, Vulnerary x3, Vulnerary x3Miraculous Save, Locktouch
B15NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
C09NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
D17NohrianFaceless4206288045Shackled Fistn/a
F16NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
G07NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
H07NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
H08NohrianFaceless52582910066Shackled Fistn/a
K14NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
L01NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
O03NohrianFaceless4206288045Shackled Fistn/a
P08NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a
Q02NohrianFaceless3184266034Shackled Fistn/a

A snowy map looks nice! We've got many enemies and several Dragon Veins. We also have something new in this Chapter. The addition of Villages. You get Items, Advice and sometimes Allies so make sure to visit them whenever possible. Also when you move Kaze he'll tell you about Trade, which is basically trading items with adjacent allies.

Now have Kaze visit the village to obtain a Goddess Icon. Take a really good note that ALL the enemies won't go after you. Instead they'll be heading towards the Hoshido sisters in the upper left corner. Hinoka can stand her own ground and barely take any damage but since Sakura is a healer she can't attack nor heal herself. The good thing is that the Faceless move somewhat slow. The territory doesn't help you at all since it restricts your movement. This is the reason why the Dragon Veins are here.

When you stand on them and use 'em you can melt the large mountains of snow leaving a Plain Field behind. This lets you move twice as fast, giving you the chance to get to the Sisters. When you get to them though, you'll be taught about the Talking action. Talk to Hinoka to receive Concoction and talk to Sakura while you're at it. Now that that's taken care off heal yourself with the Vulnerary / Concoction you have and melt down the mountain of snow in the center of the map. This allows you to get to the last 3 Faceless enemies '(along with the boss of the map).

Two of the Faceless are the regular weak enemies like the rest of the ones here. The boss tho is level 5, which is way stronger so make sure that the character who takes is paired up with Rinkah since she raises STR and DEF. Also remember that Kaze can attack at a range so that's helpful as well. The Hoshido Siblings will stop taking moves (jerks) so the rest is up to you. Still a rather easy fight!

Continue watching the scenes and now we're introduced to the beautiful Azura.

Chapter 5: Mother

"Corrin uneasily begins life with the Hoshidan royals, who claim to be her true family. The days seem peaceful, but dark magic still threatens to creep in..."

Oh God this Chapter is depressing! It reminds me so much of a scene from Awakening!

HoshidoRout the enemy

New Party Members
A08AzuraSongstress11652881058Brass NaginataHealing Descant, LCK +4
A09SakuraShrine Maiden1163657957Bloom FestalQuiet Strength, Miracle
H02InvaderMercenary721110109574Iron Swordn/a
I02InvaderMercenary721110109574Iron Sword, HP Tonic (Drop)n/a
M09InvaderDark Mage71901085258Thundern/a
N07InvaderDark Mage71901085258Thundern/a

After the horrible events that happened in the previous scene, we are in a destroyed Hoshido. Azura warns us about the Wyrmslayer. You're also taught about Bonus Damage. This is really important because these weapon and make or break your party! Another little tutorial is about Azura's singing! She can have any single unit act twice which is an incredible thing to have! In this game she also has a Naginata so they can finally defend themselves!

Despite the fact that all enemies are Lv. 7 all of them are real pushovers! Lure the enemies on the left side first and have them attack you one by one! Note that they have 21 HP and Corrin will be able to kill them all in 1 blow! But we don't want that now do we? Lets have Kaze, Azura, Sakura, and Rinkah gain some Levels. Make sure to have Azura sing every turn, even if you don't need the extra turn. Simply end the turn if you want to. If you weaken the enemies enough also have Azura kill them. This will make her gain Levels even faster. The same goes for Sakura! Heal up your characters every turn! Remeber that when your characters level up, if their HP stat goes up, that 1 HP doesn't regenerate so heal it up! The more you can heal the better.

Wyrmslayers are a pain because they do deal a lot of damage to Corrin in her Dragon form so keep him/her out of harms way. As for the ??? character, Ryoma will take care of him so no worries there!

Watch the scenes after the battle (damn you Takumi! I hate his guts!)' and you'll receive Dragonstone.

Chapter 6: In the White Light

If you chose to side with your sibling from Nohr, please click here.

"Nohrian and Hoshidan royals clash blades on the battlefield. Corrin is torn between both kingdoms but finally makes a fateful decision..."

Watch the scenes after you've chosen your path (which are quite nice)

HoshidoBorderRout the Enemy

New Party Members
M09RyomaSwordmaster4362221518201212RaijintoBushido, Vantage, Duelist's Blow
P13TakumiArcher1126130191113106Fujin YumiCompetitive, SKL +2, Quick Draw
S15HinokaSky Knight823941316121016Iron NaginataRallying Cry, Darting Blow
M08XanderPaladin5381221211182211SiegfriedChivalry, Elbow Room
Q13NohrianFighter624140109474Bronze Axen/a
T04LeoDark Knight2241281479810BrynhildrPragmatic, Malefic Aura, Heartseeker
U06EliseTroubadour51921151014411HealLily's Poise
V03CamillaMalig Knight32411915861310Fire, Iron AxeRose's Thorns

So its finally time guys! If you're reading this is because you chose to side with Hoshido. The choice was your to make so I (vinheim) will guide you through the rest of Birthright while Bkstunt guides you through Conquest. If you chose Conquest then please click here.

There's really not much for this battle to be honest. It'll be over in a couple turns. Once you defeat Xander it'll all be over and he'll attack Ryoma so make yourself a favor and attack him with Ryoma as well to end the fight!


After the scenes you'll be left in a Tutorial about how to build your Castle in the Astral Plane! You'll be told how to build your buildings which is pretty much you're little "town" so place down an armory so you can buy your weaponry! You also have 5,000G so make good use of it! When you're done leave the area and you'll be at the World Map! From here you have several places you can go:

  • Chapter x: Proceed with the story!
  • Dragon's Gate: View / Purchase DLC
    • Make sure to download the Free DLC Before Awakening.
  • Difficulty: Change the difficulty.
  • Challenge: Random and optional battle to raise Levels and Gold.
  • Scout: Spend Gold to have more Challenges pop up in different areas. Be careful and only scout for challenges you ARE going to do because once you finish the chapter they'll be gone and you would've wasted your money.

Now that we're gone with that go level up a bit if you want to and lets continue with the game.

Chapter 7: A Vow Upheld

"After siding with the Hoshidans and facing off against the Nohrian royals, Corrin and company make their way to Fort Jinya to help tend to the wounded."

We proceed to Fort Jinya to tend the wounded in the attack back in Chapter 5. Obviously Nohr attacks us so its time to defend ourselves! We get two new characters that join the party which is always nice!

Fort Jinya, HoshidoRout the EnemyArmorslayer

New Party Members
E11SubakiSky Knight52280131071011Iron NaginataPerfectionist, Darting Blow
D15HanaSamurai420901112558Iron KatanaFearsome Blow, Duelist's Blow
K07NohrianFighter62490109463Bronze Axen/a
L16NohrianKnight5238085582Iron Lance, 5000G (Drop)n/a
M06NohrianFighter62490109463Iron Axen/a
M19NohrianOutlaw41921611336Bronze Bown/a
O16NohrianFighter62490109463Iron Axen/a
P13NohrianLancer6226088484Iron Lancen/a
R25NohrianFighter62490109463Iron Axen/a
S03NohrianCavalier5216088575Iron Lance, 5000G (Drop)n/a
T01SilasCavalier62290967105Steel Sword, JavelinVow of Friendship, Elbow Room
T12NohrianOutlaw41921611336Bronze Bown/a
T24NohrianLancer6226088484Iron Lancen/a

We start at the back of the Fort and work our way to the entrance! The enemies around here are enemies you've already fought before so they're nothing new, specially with our two new party members Hana and Subaki. We do have a new class to worry about, the Outlaw. They carry bows and can open Treasure Chests and doors without the need of a key. Kaze and his Ninja class does the same so that's nice! Start by moving Kaze over to the Chest at K22 while the rest of the crew starts going left. Since the corridors are so tight you're usually fighting enemies one on one. Remember that Jakob and Kaze can attack at a range too so use that to your advantage!

The Dragon Veins here allow you to create a large Healtile! This is actually useful so make sure to use them! Take note that Reinforcements come from the south and they usually come once you've taken care of the enemy at T12. The chest in the center of the map has an Armorslayer. Like the Wyrmslayer, the Armorslayer deals Bonus Damage to heavy armored enemies! Like the Knight right before the chest! Thanks for giving us this after we defeat him hahaha. Anyway, the biggest threat is Silas, in the lower left corner. His Level might not be great but he has a Javelin, which is a Spear used for long ranged attacks. He also likes to stay close to his ally so make sure to pair up to take him down. Rinkah is specially good against his weapon so try using her to defeat him! If you think its difficult, have Sakura heal in the back while Azura Sings to give Sakura a second turn.

After the fight a scene between Corrin and Silas will play and a couple more characters make their debut. All of them also join the party :).

New Party Members
SilasCavalier622110987105Steel Sword, JavelinVow of Friendship, Elbow Room
SaizoNinja7231131413997Steel Shuriken, Brass ShurikenPyrotechnics, Locktouch
OrochiDiviner5200121296510Rat SpiritCapture, MAG +2

Go fight a couple battles if you feel the need to and make sure to build the new buildings available at your castle.

What's up everybody! Thanks for reading the guide! If you want to know where to find me and say what's up, head on over to:


I stream there MON, WED, FRI at 4 pm PST. See ya there! :)
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