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by KeyBlade999

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FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.05 | Updated: 04/26/17

General Pokémon Info

Pokémon SpeciesTypeSkill NameSkill Cooldown (dd:hh:mm)Pokémon Location
AbomasnowGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 29-02
AbsolDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 22-02
Aegislash (Shield)SteelAuto Fix X00:01:30Stage 11-06
AerodactylRockSlash Reveal00:01:30Stage 13-02
AggronSteelAuto Fix X00:01:00Stage 16-07
AipomNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 24-01
AlakazamPsychicFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 12-05
AltariaDragonSquare Reveal00:01:00Stage 22-07
AmpharosElectricSlow Time00:01:30Stage 20-01
ArbokPoisonScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 11-07
ArceusNormalRising Reveal30:00:00Stage 30-15
ArticunoIceBlue Force24:00:00Stage 22-09
Ash-GreninjaWaterBlue Force00:01:30Stage 03-06
AudinoNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 18-07
AxewDragonSquare Reveal00:01:00Stage 05-04
AzelfPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 24-06
BagonDragonSquare Reveal00:01:00Stage 11-02
BanetteGhostFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 05-01
BeedrillPoisonScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 26-04
BidoofNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 07-02
BlastoiseWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 21-08
BlazikenFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 28-06
BlitzleElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 03-01
BreloomGrassAuto Fix00:01:30Stage 30-02
BuizelWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 07-05
BulbasaurGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 14-08
ButterfreeBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 26-07
CameruptFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 19-08
CarbinkRockSlash Reveal00:01:00Stage 30-01
CastformNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 26-10
CelebiPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 04-08
ChandelureGhostFreeze Time00:01:30Stage 29-05
ChanseyNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 13-05
CharizardFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 28-09
CharmanderFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 05-03
ChatotFlyingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 02-03
ChesnaughtGrassAuto Fix00:01:30Stage 24-11
ChespinGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 09-03
ChikoritaGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 18-04
ChimcharFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 19-02
ClamperlWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 16-05
ClefairyFairyDiamond Reveal00:00:30Stage 10-01
CobalionSteelAuto Fix X24:00:00Stage 27-11
CombuskenFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 28-03
CresseliaPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 30-14
CroagunkPoisonScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 15-04
CubchooIceBlue Force00:00:30Stage 06-02
CyndaquilFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 15-05
DarkraiDarkScatter Reveal24:00:00Stage 18-12
DedenneElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 26-01
Deerling (Spring)GrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 18-06
DelphoxFireCross Reveal00:03:00Stage 28-12
DeoxysPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 16-11
DialgaSteelAuto Fix X24:00:00Stage 17-10
DiancieRockSlash Reveal30:00:00Stage 27-12
DittoNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 08-01
DragoniteDragonSquare Reveal00:02:00Stage 10-03
DratiniDragonSquare Reveal00:01:00Stage 10-02
DrifblimGhostFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 28-05
DwebbleBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 16-02
EeveeNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Gift
EmboarFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 28-04
EmolgaElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 26-02
EmpoleonWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 22-06
EnteiFireCross Reveal30:00:00Stage 19-04
EspeonPsychicFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 10-09
EspurrPsychicFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 11-05
FennekinFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 19-01
FeraligatrWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 21-11
FlareonFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 19-07
FletchlingFlyingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 09-02
FloetteFairyDiamond Reveal00:00:30Stage 04-04
FlygonGroundSlash Reveal00:02:00Stage 27-06
FoongusGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 23-11
FroakieWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 02-04
FroslassIceBlue Force00:01:00Stage 22-01
GalladeFightingHyper Scan00:01:30Stage 24-04
GarchompDragonSquare Reveal00:01:30Stage 17-07
GardervoirFairyDiamond Reveal00:02:00Stage 25-04
GenesectBugHyper Scan24:00:00Stage 26-13
GengarGhostFreeze Time00:01:30Stage 08-06
GibleDragonSquare Reveal00:01:00Stage 15-03
Giratina (Origin)GhostFreeze Time30:00:00Stage 14-10
GlaceonIceBlue Force00:01:30Stage 06-06
GlalieIceBlue Force00:01:00Stage 06-03
GoodraDragonSquare Reveal00:01:30Stage 27-02
GoomyDragonSquare Reveal00:01:00Stage 04-03
GreninjaWaterBlue Force00:01:30Stage 03-05
GroudonGroundSlash Reveal30:00:00Stage 19-11
GrovyleGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 12-03
GulpinPoisonScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 23-06
GyaradosFlyingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 27-09
HawluchaFightingHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 25-10
HaxorusDragonSquare Reveal00:01:30Stage 30-03
HeatranFireCross Reveal30:00:00Stage 13-07
HelioliskElectricSlow Time00:01:00Stage 08-02
HeracrossBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 18-02
Ho-OhFireCross Reveal30:00:00Stage 24-12
Hoopa (Confined)PsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 08-08
Hoopa (Unbound)PsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 29-12
HoothootFlyingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 25-09
HoundoomDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 14-04
HydreigonDarkScatter Reveal00:03:00Stage 30-13
InfernapeFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 19-03
InkayDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 17-01
JigglypuffFairyDiamond Reveal00:00:30Stage 18-05
JirachiSteelAuto Fix X24:00:00Stage 07-07
JolteonElectricSlow Time00:01:00Stage 20-07
JoltikElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 20-09
KangaskhanNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 29-06
Keldeo (Resolute)WaterBlue Force24:00:00Stage 11-08
KlefkiSteelAuto Fix XNoneStage 03-04
KlinkSteelAuto Fix X00:00:30Stage 20-10
KyogreWaterBlue Force30:00:00Stage 10-10
KyuremDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 22-11
Landorus (Therian)GroundSlash Reveal30:00:00Stage 18-11
LaprasIceBlue Force00:01:00Stage 06-05
LatiasDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 25-14
LatiosDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 25-12
LeafeonGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 09-04
LilligantGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 24-07
LopunnyNormalRising Reveal00:02:00Stage 25-02
LucarioFightingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 16-03
LudicoloGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 21-02
LugiaPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 21-12
LuvdiscWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 21-07
LuxrayElectricSlow Time00:01:30Stage 27-04
MagikarpWaterBlue Force00:00:05Stage 17-03
MagnemiteElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 20-05
ManaphyWaterBlue Force24:00:00Stage 02-05
ManectricElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 09-07
MarillFairyDiamond Reveal00:00:30Stage 21-06
MarshtompWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 17-04
MawileSteelAuto Fix X00:01:00Stage 17-05
MedichamFightingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 23-04
Mega AbomasnowGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 29-03
Mega AbsolDarkScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 22-03
Mega AerodactylRockSlash Reveal00:02:00Stage 13-03
Mega AggronSteelAuto Fix X00:01:00Stage 16-08
Mega AlakzamPsychicFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 12-07
Mega AltariaDragonSquare Reveal00:01:30Stage 22-08
Mega AmpharosElectricSlow Time00:01:30Stage 20-02
Mega AudinoNormalRising Reveal00:01:30Stage 18-08
Mega BanetteGhostFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 05-02
Mega BeedrillPoisonScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 26-05
Mega BlastoiseWaterBlue Force00:01:30Stage 21-09
Mega BlazikenFireCross Reveal00:03:00Stage 28-07
Mega CameruptFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 19-09
Mega Charizard XDragonSquare Reveal00:02:00Stage 28-10
Mega Charizard YFlyingHyper Scan00:01:30Stage 28-11
Mega DiancieRockSlash Reveal30:00:00Stage 27-13
Mega GalladeFightingHyper Scan00:01:30Stage 24-05
Mega GarchompDragonSquare Reveal00:02:00Stage 17-08
Mega GardevoirFairyDiamond Reveal00:02:00Stage 25-05
Mega GengarGhostFreeze Time00:01:30Stage 08-07
Mega GlalieIceBlue Force00:01:30Stage 06-04
Mega GyaradosDarkScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 27-10
Mega HeracrossBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 18-03
Mega HoundoomDarkScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 14-05
Mega KangaskhanNormalRising Reveal00:01:30Stage 29-07
Mega LatiasDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 25-15
Mega LatiosDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 25-13
Mega LopunnyNormalRising Reveal00:02:00Stage 25-03
Mega LucarioFightingHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 16-04
Mega ManectricElectricSlow Time00:01:00Stage 09-08
Mega MawileSteelAuto Fix X00:01:30Stage 17-06
Mega MedichamFightingHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 23-05
Mega MetagrossSteelAuto Fix X00:02:00Stage 15-08
Mega Mewtwo XFightingHyper Scan24:00:00Stage 30-07
Mega Mewtwo YPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 30-08
Mega PidgeotFlyingHyper Scan00:01:30Stage 12-08
Mega PinsirBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 14-07
Mega RayquazaDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 30-06
Mega SableyeDarkScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 15-10
Mega SalamenceDragonSquare Reveal00:01:30Stage 23-09
Mega SceptileGrassAuto Fix00:01:30Stage 18-10
Mega ScizorBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 11-04
Mega SharpedoDarkScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 10-05
Mega SlowbroPsychicFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 21-04
Mega SteelixSteelAuto Fix X00:01:30Stage 15-02
Mega SwampertWaterBlue Force00:01:30Stage 27-08
Mega TyranitarRockSlash Reveal00:01:30Stage 23-03
Mega VenusaurGrassAuto Fix00:01:30Stage 26-09
MeganiumGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 24-08
Meloetta (Aria)PsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 21-13
Meowstic (Male)PsychicFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 09-05
MeowthNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 08-05
MespritPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 23-07
MetagrossSteelAuto Fix X00:01:30Stage 15-07
MewPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 04-07
MewtwoPsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 30-05
MiloticWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 07-03
Mime Jr.PsychicFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 03-03
MinccinoNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 24-02
MinunElectricSlow Time00:01:00Stage 20-08
MisdreavusGhostFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 17-02
MoltresFireCross Reveal30:00:00Stage 28-13
MudkipWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 16-06
MunnaPsychicFreeze TimeNoneStage 04-06
NidoranPoisonScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 25-08
NoivernFlyingHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 08-04
OddishGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 01-02
OshawottWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 01-03
PachirisuElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 26-03
PalkiaWaterBlue Force24:00:00Stage 17-09
PanchamFightingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 02-02
PansageGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 24-03
PichuElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 26-06
PidgeotFlyingHyper Scan00:01:30Stage 12-06
PikachuElectricSlow TimeNoneStage 04-02
PinsirBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 14-06
PiplupWaterBlue Force00:00:05Stage 06-01
PlusleElectricSlow Time00:01:00Stage 20-04
PoochyenaDarkScatter RevealNoneStage 01-01
PorygonNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 20-11
PsyduckWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 21-01
PumpkabooGhostFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 02-01
PurrloinDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 10-07
QuagsireGroundSlash Reveal00:01:00Stage 12-04
RaichuElectricSlow Time00:01:00Stage 20-03
RaikouElectricSlow Time24:00:00Stage 20-06
RaltsFairyDiamond Reveal00:01:30Stage 23-01
RaticateNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 25-01
RayquazaDragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 30-04
RegiceIceBlue Force24:00:00Stage 22-10
RegigigasNormalRising Reveal30:00:00Stage 29-09
RegirockRockSlash Reveal30:00:00Stage 15-11
RegisteelSteelAuto Fix X30:00:00Stage 15-12
ReshiramFireCross Reveal30:00:00Stage 23-12
RioluFightingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 28-01
RotomElectricSlow Time00:00:30Stage 20-12
SableyeDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 15-09
SalamenceDragonSquare Reveal00:01:30Stage 23-08
SamurottWaterBlue Force00:01:30Stage 16-09
SandileGroundSlash Reveal00:01:00Stage 12-02
SceptileGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 18-09
ScizorBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 11-03
ScolipedeBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 29-01
ScraggyDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 12-01
SerperiorGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 26-11
SharpedoDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 10-04
Shaymin (Sky)GrassAuto Fix24:00:00Stage 09-09
ShedinjaBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 30-09
ShuckleBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 27-03
SlakothNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 10-06
SlowbroPsychicFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 21-03
SnivyGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 13-01
SnorlaxNormalRising Reveal00:01:30Stage 07-01
SphealIceBlue Force00:00:30Stage 22-05
SpinarakBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 11-01
SpiritombGhostFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 05-05
SquirtleWaterBlue ForceNoneGift
StaraptorFlyingHyper Scan00:01:30Stage 30-11
StaryuWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 10-08
SteelixSteelAuto Fix X00:01:00Stage 15-01
StunfiskGroundSlash Reveal00:01:00Stage 23-10
SudowoodoRockSlash Reveal00:01:00Stage 25-11
SuicuneWaterBlue Force24:00:00Stage 21-10
SwampertWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 27-07
SwinubIceBlue Force00:00:05Stage 22-04
SwirlixFairyDiamond Reveal00:00:30Stage 09-01
SylveonFairyDiamond Reveal00:01:30Stage 24-09
TalonflameFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 09-06
TeddiursaNormalRising Reveal00:01:00Stage 25-07
TepigFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 03-02
TerrakionRockSlash Reveal30:00:00Stage 28-08
Thundurus (Therian)ElectricSlow Time24:00:00Stage 29-10
TogekissFairyDiamond Reveal00:02:00Stage 14-09
TogepiFairyDiamond Reveal00:00:30Stage 21-05
TorchicFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 19-06
Tornadus (Therian)FlyingHyper Scan24:00:00Stage 29-11
TorterraGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 24-10
TotodileWaterBlue Force00:01:00Stage 13-06
TreeckoGrassAuto FixNoneStage 04-05
TurtwigGrassAuto Fix00:00:30Stage 18-01
TympoleWaterBlue Force00:00:30Stage 27-01
TyphlosionFireCross Reveal00:02:00Stage 19-10
TyranitarRockSlash Reveal00:01:30Stage 23-02
UmbreonDarkScatter Reveal00:02:00Stage 08-03
Unown (F)PsychicFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 27-05
UxiePsychicFreeze Time24:00:00Stage 25-06
VaporeonWaterBlue Force00:01:30Stage 07-06
VenusaurGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 26-08
VictiniPsychicFreeze Time30:00:00Stage 24-13
VirizionGrassAuto Fix24:00:00Stage 26-12
Vivillon (Meadow)BugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 29-08
VolcaronaBugHyper Scan00:01:00Stage 30-10
VulpixFireCross Reveal00:01:00Stage 28-02
WeavileDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 29-04
WhimsicottGrassAuto Fix00:01:00Stage 04-01
WingullFlyingHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 14-01
WobbuffetPsychicFreeze Time00:01:00Stage 15-06
WurmpleBugHyper Scan00:00:30Stage 13-04
XerneasFairyDiamond Reveal30:00:00Stage 16-10
YamaskGhostFreeze Time00:00:30Stage 19-05
YveltalDarkScatter Reveal30:00:00Stage 12-09
ZapdosElectricSlow Time30:00:00Stage 20-13
ZekromElectricSlow Time30:00:00Stage 20-14
ZigzagoonNormalRising Reveal00:00:30Stage 14-02
ZoroarkDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 30-12
ZoruaDarkScatter Reveal00:01:00Stage 16-01
Zygarde (10% Forme)DragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 05-07
Zygarde (50% Forme)DragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 05-06
Zygarde (Complete Forme)DragonSquare Reveal30:00:00Stage 05-08

Making Mythical/Legendary Pokémon Appear

There are several Mythical and Legendary Pokémon in the game that will appear at random in certain areas at certain times. ... Or so it would seem! In reality, there is a fixed mechanic to finding these Pokémon. They will appear within a set window of time periodically every so-many hours. Manaphy appears once every 20 hours, for example. This time is counted in real-life time. For example, say you find Manaphy at 12:00 AM (00:00), get mad at the hard puzzle, and quit. It will not be until 8 PM that day (20:00) that you find it again, even if you start playing something else in the interim. Once found, you can play their stages as desired.

Note: This list is currently incomplete at the moment! If you have anything further to offer, please do so!

PokémonStageWaiting PeriodWindow of Opportunity
ArceusStage 30-1527 hours1 hour
CelebiStage 04-0820 hours1 hour
DarkraiStage 18-125 hours1 hour
DeoxysStage 16-1120 hours1 hour
DiancieStage 27-1240 hours1 hour
GenesectStage 26-1310 hours15 minutes
Hoopa (Confined)Stage 08-0812 hours1 hour
Hoopa (Unbound)Stage 21-1340 hours45 minutes
JirachiStage 07-0720 hours1 hour
Keldeo (Resolute Forme)Stage 11-0836 hours1 hour
ManaphyStage 02-0520 hours1 hour
Meloetta (Aria Forme)Stage 21-1336 hours1 hour
Shaymin (Sky Forme)Stage 09-0911 hours1 hour
VictiniStage 24-1312 hours1 hour

Pokémon Skills

Each Pokémon will have a skill of some sort that can be used in the solving of a Picross puzzle to help you in some way. There are 12 abilities in all, so many Pokémon will share the same ability. However, each Pokémon will have a different range of effectiveness and, indeed, just be able to do better than others in the same regard. It is, of course, up to you to figure that much out.

Skill NameSkill Effects
Auto FixAutomatically corrects mistakes you make.
Auto Fix XAutomatically corrects mistakes you make.
Blue ForceThere will be bolded, blue numbers on the rows/columns for which you can confirm fillable tiles or a lack thereof based on the tutorials' techniques.
Cross RevealFrom a random spot on the board, that spot and all tiles directly above, below, to the left, and to the right of it will be marked correctly.
Diamond RevealFrom a random spot on the board, a diamond pattern will emerge in correctly filling in tiles.
Freeze TimeFreezes the timer briefly. Great for meeting missions, but little else.
Hyper ScanScans the grid as it is currently filled and fixes all mistakes.
Rising RevealFrom a random spot on the board, all spots above and below it are filled correctly.
Scatter RevealA number of spots on the board are picked at random and correctly filled.
Slash RevealFrom a random spot on the board, all spots to the left and right are filled correctly.
Slow TimeSlows the timer down. Like Freeze Time, better for little more than meeting missions' needs.
Square RevealCorrectly fills in squares on the board in a square formation.


#001First StepClear the tutorial3 Picrites
#002First JourneyUnlock an area3 Picrites
#003New TravelerUnlock 5 areas3 Picrites
#004Super TravelerUnlock 10 areas3 Picrites
#005Hyper TravelerUnlock 20 areas3 Picrites
#006Master TravelerUnlock all areas3 Picrites
#007Hall of FameReach the ending3 Picrites
#008First FriendCatch a Pokémon3 Picrites
#009Novice Pokémon TrainerCatch 10 Pokémon3 Picrites
#010Intermediate Pokémon TrainerCatch 50 Pokémon3 Picrites
#011Super Pokémon TrainerCatch 100 Pokémon3 Picrites
#012Hyper Pokémon TrainerCatch 200 Pokémon3 Picrites
#013Master Pokémon TrainerCatch all Pokémon3 Picrites
#014First TrialClear a Standard Mode mission3 Picrites
#015Path of Trials: Just StartedClear 10 Standard Mode missions3 Picrites
#016Path of Trials: Finally HalfwayClear 600 Standard Mode missions3 Picrites
#017Path of Trials: Almost ThereClear 999 Standard Mode missions3 Picrites
#018Ruler of the Path of TrialsClear all Standard Mode missions3 Picrites
#019Alt-World UnlockedUnlock Alt-World Mode3 Picrites
#020First Challenge in Alt-WorldClear an Alt-World Mode mission3 Picrites
#021Alt-World: Endless RoadClear 10 Alt-World Mode missions3 Picrites
#022Alt-World: Second HalfClear 600 Alt-World Mode missions3 Picrites
#023Alt-World: Final PushClear 999 Alt-World Mode missions3 Picrites
#024Ruler of Alt-WorldClear all Alt-World Mode missions3 Picrites
#025Further Challenge: Four FriendsClear the Cresselia Puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 4 Pokémon4 Picrites
#026Further Challenge: Three FriendsClear the Kyurem Puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 3 Pokémon5 Picrites
#027Further Challenge: Two FriendsClear the Giratina Puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 2 Pokémon6 Picrites
#028Further Challenge: One FriendsClear the Mewtwo Puzzle in Alt-World Mode with just 1 Pokémon7 Picrites
#029Further Challenge: SoloClear the Arceus Puzzle in Alt-World Mode without Pokémon8 Picrites
#030New PowerObtain the Mega Pencil3 Picrites
#031First Mega EvolutionMega Evolve the first Pokémon3 Picrites
#032Novice Mega Evolution TrainerMega Evolve 10 Pokémon3 Picrites
#033Super Mega Evolution TrainerMega Evolve 20 Pokémon3 Picrites
#034Hyper Mega Evolution TrainerMega Evolve 30 Pokémon3 Picrites
#035Master Mega Evolution TrainerMega Evolve all Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolution3 Picrites
#036Code BreakerUnlock a password3 Picrites
#037Encounter of the UnknownCatch a Mythical Pokémon3 Picrites
#038Novice Mythical Pokémon TrainerCatch 3 Mythical Pokémon3 Picrites
#039Super Mythical Pokémon TrainerCatch 6 Mythical Pokémon3 Picrites
#040Hyper Mythical Pokémon TrainerCatch 9 Mythical Pokémon3 Picrites
#041Master Mythical Pokémon TrainerCatch all Mythical Pokémon3 Picrites
#042Training MasterClear Daily Training Lv. 103 Picrites
#043Above and BeyondClear Daily Training Lv. 10 within 00:01:403 Picrites
#044Blue-Force MasterUse Blue Force 50 times3 Picrites
#045Auto-Fix X MasterUse Auto Fix X 50 times3 Picrites
#046Auto-Fix MasterUse Auto Fix 50 times3 Picrites
#047Hyper-Scan MasterUse Hyper Scan 50 times3 Picrites
#048Slow-Time MasterUse Slow Time 50 times3 Picrites
#049Freeze-Time MasterUse Freeze Time 50 times3 Picrites
#050Rising-Reveal MasterUse Rising Reveal 50 times3 Picrites
#051Slash-Reveal MasterUse Slash Reveal 50 times3 Picrites
#052Cross-Reveal MasterUse Cross Reveal 50 times3 Picrites
#053Square-Reveal MasterUse Square Reveal 50 times3 Picrites
#054Diamond-Reveal MasterUse Diamond Reveal 50 times3 Picrites
#055Scatter-Reveal MasterUse Scatter Reveal 50 times3 Picrites
#056Filled-Square FanFill 100 squares3 Picrites
#057Filled-Square AceFill 1,000 squares3 Picrites
#058Filled-Square LeaderFill 5,000 squares3 Picrites
#059Filled-Square ChampionFill 10,000 squares3 Picrites
#060Filled-Square LegendFill 50,000 squares3 Picrites
#061Button-Control SpecialistClear a puzzle using the button-control method from beginning to end3 Picrites
#062Stylus-Control SpecialistClear a puzzle using the stylus-control method from beginning to end3 Picrites
#063First Step to PrimalObtain a mural tile3 Picrites
#064Beginning and EndObtain all mural tiles3 Picrites
#065Embodiment of the LandClear Primal Groudon's mural3 Picrites
#066Embodiment of the SeaClear Primal Kyogre's mural3 Picrites
#067Apprentice PainterExpand the Energy Gauge3 Picrites
#068Diligent PainterExpand the Energy Gauge to level 23 Picrites
#069Prolific PainterExpand the Energy Gauge to level 33 Picrites
#070Master PainterMake the Energy Gauge unlimited3 Picrites
#071PhotographerTake a screenshot3 Picrites
#072New ManagerExpand the number of open slots for your party3 Picrites
#073Charismatic ExecutiveReach the max number of open party slots3 Picrites
#074Pokémon Picross MasterClear all puzzles in Standard Mode, Alt-World Mode, and Mural Mode3 Picrites
#075UnluckyTry to use a reveal skill that fails3 Picrites
#076First PartnersCatch all first partner Pokémon from each region3 Picrites
#077Eevee EnthusiastCatch all Pokémon evolved from Eevee (Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon)3 Picrites
#078Ceaseless BondsClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Latios, Latias3 Picrites
#079Modification EncountersClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Genesect, Mewtwo3 Picrites
#080Electrifying CutenessClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Dedenne, Emolga, Pachirisu, Minun, Plusle3 Picrites
#081False LoveClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Luvdisc, Sudowoodo3 Picrites
#082Clash in the AtmosphereClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Deoxys, Mega Rayquaza3 Picrites
#083Fairy BondsClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Mega Diancie, Xerneas3 Picrites
#084PowerhouseClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Talonflame, Landorus (Therian), Garchomp, Mega Kangaskhan3 Picrites
#085Time TravelerClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Dialga, Celebi3 Picrites
#086VersatilityClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Zoroark, Zorua, Ditto3 Picrites
#087Purrfect HelpersClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Meowstic (Male), Espurr, Purrloin, Weavile, Meowth3 Picrites
#088Glee ClubClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Meloetta (Aria), Altaria, Jigglypuff3 Picrites
#089Pikachu Fan ClubClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Pichu, Raichu, Pikachu3 Picrites
#090First Tall GrassClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Fletchling, Bidoof, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Hoothoot3 Picrites
#091Strange Road TripClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Slakoth, Marshtomp, Quagsire, Slowbro, Psyduck3 Picrites
#092Flower ExplosionClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Floette, Lilligant, Shaymin (Sky), Meganium, Venusaur3 Picrites
#093Monochrome PokémonClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Pancham, Zekrom, Reshiram, Blitzle, Unown (F)3 Picrites
#094Pearl and OinkClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Tepig, Clamperl3 Picrites
#095BrainiacsClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Uxie, Mewtwo, Metagross, Alakazam3 Picrites
#096Going BananasClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Pansage, Infernape, Aipom3 Picrites
#097Foxy FactionClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Delphox, Fennekin, Zoroark, Zorua, Vulpix3 Picrites
#098Wild FightClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Chimchar, Poochyena3 Picrites
#099Abnormal WeatherClear a puzzle with the following Pokémon: Abomasnow, Mega Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Tyranitar3 Picrites
#100Perfect MedalistObtain all medals3 Picrites


Ares With New StageUS PasswordEU/AU PasswordJP Password
Area 03341114251858721180930344
Area 04756033728990738372398476
Area 05720056017432671575946452


Thanks to all these guys for helping - in various ways - with the creation of this FAQ!

  • GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and Supercheats:
    • For being the most amazing FAQ-hosting sites I know.

  • CJayC, SBAllen, & Devin Morgan:
    • General sucking up to the GameFAQs admins. =P

  • Azp2k32 (of GameFAQs):
    • Solution to Stage 02-05.

  • cdgammer (of GameFAQs):
    • Solutions to Primal Groudon row 2, column 2; row 5, column 5; row 6, column 3; row 7, column 3; and row 7, column 8,

  • _Cecilia_ (of GameFAQs):
    • Multiple notes for the Medals section.

  • chorikawa (of GameFAQs):
    • Solution to Stage 07-07.
    • Solution to Primal Groudon row 6, column 8; row 1, column 7; row 7, column 5; row 8, column 5.
    • Fixing the solution to Stage 13-05, 15-08, 23-07, 23-12, and 09-08.
    • Medals 25-29.

  • Devin Morgan (again):
    • For a layout for the Picross solutions. :)

  • Dovid Fischer (via e-mail):
    • For the solution to Primal Kyogre, row 7 column 2.

  • HylianPaladin (of GameFAQs):
    • Fixing the solution to Pancham (02-02).

  • lak_the_lak (of GameFAQs):
    • Noting an error in the stage listings for Alt World 22 and 24.

  • Lukas Kuhr (via e-mail):
    • Noting an error on the Wild Fight medal.

  • Maxwell Sherman:
    • For corrections on the Alt-World puzzle order.
    • For corrections on the Uxie, Unown-F, and Diancie puzzles.

  • Melinda Peterson (via e-mail):
    • Fixing the solution to Primal Groudon, row 3 column 3.

  • Michael Barnett (via e-mail):
    • Solution to Primal Kyogre: row 2, column 7.

  • op_guy123mahboi (of GameFAQs):
    • Fixing the solution to Primal Kyogre, row 7 column 2.
    • Fixing the solution to Primal Groudon, row 3 column 1.
    • Fixing the solution to Primal Groudon, row 4 column 5.

  • pkmnlover1 (of GameFAQs):
    • Correcting an error about the passwords.

  • Pokegirl (of GameFAQs):
    • Corrected an error about medal #95.

  • rapsbry (of GameFAQs):
    • For a wellspring of solutions to the murals!

  • Richard Hernandez (via e-mail)
    • Correction to Primal Kyogre: row 7, column 6.
    • Correction to Mega Audino.
    • Correction to Mega Metagross.

  • SciresM (of ProjectPokémon):
    • The datamined passwords.

  • Serebii:
    • For keeping me aware of this game and for much of the Medal listings.

  • Snoopy44291 Gamer (via e-mail):
    • An error on the Zygarde 10% puzzle.

  • The Teall Nonogram Solver (http://a.teall.info/nonogram/):
    • Helping me out on a number of puzzles where I got stuck.

  • Tifa Lockhart Valentine (via e-mail):
    • An error on the Primal Kyogre row 6 column 2 puzzle.

  • xXMarcy0326Xx (of GameFAQs):
    • Fixing the Stage 04-08 solution.

  • Me (KeyBlade999):
    • For making this FAQ. =P

  • You, the reader:
    • For hopefully enjoying this FAQ.

Version History

  • v0.10:
    • Completed most of the stages through Area 3 (~18) and four of the Mural Tiles. Also laid out the remainder of the formatting for the latter and added copious amounts of info on abilities, Medals, microtransactions, the basics of the game, the hacked passwords... I think that's the bulk of it.
    • Time: 1:40 AM 12/5/2015.

  • v0.20:
    • Main walkthrough complete through Area 5.
    • Time: 2:30 AM 12/7/2015.

  • v0.20b ~ v0.20d:
    • Corrections made to a few puzzles, minor solutions added, and changed some formatting. (Progress is slowed due to a more relevant project.)
    • Time: 3:32 AM 12/8/2015 ~ 11:49 AM 12/9/2015.

  • v0.50:
    • Clear through Area 14.
    • Time: 11:03 AM 12/15/2015.

  • v0.60:
    • Clear through Area 18.
    • Time: 10:30 PM 12/18/2015.

  • v0.65:
    • Clear through Area 20.
    • Time: 2:25 AM 12/22/2015.

  • v0.80:
    • Clear through Area 29.
    • Time: 4:48 AM 12/27/2015.

  • v0.90:
    • Finished up the main game, and organized a proper walkthrough for Alt World as well. The Murals are still lacking, but they will be the next major update!
    • Time: 5:56 AM 12/28/2015.

  • v1.00:
    • With the murals now implemented, and some errors and formatting changes throughout, I'm finally done!
    • Time: 2:13 AM 12/29/2015.

  • v1.01 ~ v1.04:
    • Minor errors fixed.
    • Time: 11:53 PM 1/20/2016 ~ 12:16 AM 4/26/2017.


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