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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by darkdeity9

    Version: 1.13 | Updated: 04/18/17 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
    Guide for the Nintendo 3DS
    1. Intro
    A. Version History
    B. Map controls
    C. Battle controls
    D. Learning and strengthening skills
    E. How turns work
    F. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Main Guide	
    I. Prologue
    II. New Moon
    III. 1/8 Moon
    IV. 2/8 Moon
    V. 3/8 Moon
    VI. Half Moon
    VII. 5/8 Moon
    VIII. 6/8 Moon
    IX. 7/8 Moon
    X. Full Moon
    XI. Final Chapter
    XII. Apps
    XIII. Downloadable content
    3. Credits and Stuff
    1. Intro
    A. Version History
    1a. 3/27/2017 Started guide. Created sections A-F in Intro.
    1b. 4/02/17 Finished guide through Prologue to beginning of New Moon.
    Sorry, no directions yet.
    1c. 4/05/17 Finished through halfway point.
    1d. 4/07/17 Finished chapter 5. Getting started on chapter 6. 
    Providing maps links in near future, i.e. Camp Ichigaya,
    the Cosmic Egg, and the final dungeon, as they 
    WILL be needed, unless you're 
    very good with navigation.
    1e. 4/07/17 Wrote guide, from sections B to chapter 6.
    1f. 4/08/17 Created placeholders for rest of guide.
    1g. 4/09/17 Completed what I can at this point. 
    All Apps are listed - all DLC is listed (with prices).
    Started chapter 7. It should be ready in a few days. 
    covered both outcomes.
    1.0 4/10/17 Guide Completed.
    1.11 4/11/17 Rough draft finished.
    1.12 4/14/17 Correcting text errors.
    1.13 4/18/17 Correcting capitalization errors.
    B. Map Controls
    a button. Talk, Check, Confirm
    b button. Cancel, Remove, Focus camera behind yourself
    x button. Open Menu (becomes fully functional 
    Shortly after you begin)
    y button. Swing weapon (to break wyrmwood, 
    spectral walls, or excalibur walls,
    or to get a pre-emptive strike)
    joystick. Move
    d-pad up/down. Look up or down
    d-pad left/right. Adjust zoom between 3 settings.
    l/r triggers. Rotate camera around yourself.
    C. Battle controls (touchscreen compatible)
    Use skills
    Use items
    Negotiate (apps unlock more options)
    Summon/swap demon
    Flee (almost always 100% of the time,
    you can flee - except bosses)
    Other choices become available as
    you spend App Points.
    D. Learning/strengthening skills
    When a demon learns all of its skills, it can teach you
    as many skills as you can hold.
    If you already have it, you'll get a 
    +1 (up to +9) on said skill. Simple enough.
    E. How turns work
    If your attack is critical or hits a weak point, 
    you get an extra turn, or if your negotiation succeeds.
    If your attack is drained, repelled, or nullified,
    you lose turn icons. same goes for the enemy.
    with one exception: if you get blocked, your partner
    doesn't get to attack, either.
    Also, if certain Negotiations fail, you lose all
    or some of your turn icons.
    F. Frequently Asked Questions
    Question #1. 
    I'm lost. where do i go?
    Check your map. If you explore the whole area, 
    you'll 99% of the time find a wall you need to break. 
    If that's not it, e-mail me specifically at: 
    dark_deity9@yahoo.com or dark.deity9@gmail.com
    Question #2. 
    Do i need to play Shin Megami Tensei IV first?
    No. It has some effect on the story, 
    but it's not necessary.
    You do get free stuff for having both games. 
    See Cheats for this game on this site to know what.
    Question #3. I can't find shesha?
    Answer: Your Shesha Radar will blare more 
    alarmingly as you get closer to it.
    3. In Ikebukuro, you have to climb ladders 
    in the first section of the town.
    2. In Shibuya, it's east of Inside Mark City.
    That's towards the east.
    1. In Shinjuku, go west as far as possible 
    to the Metropolitan Government Plaza.
    Question #4. Do my decisions matter, 
    like they did in the last game?
    Answer: Not really. There is no alignment stat.
    There's 4 key choices, each independent of one another, 
    in Chapters 6 and 7 that determine the ending you get.
    2. Main Guide
    You start off in Kinshicho with a friend watching tv
    as you sleep (later named Asahi).
    You enter your name, but she calls you "Nanashi". Whatever.
    You're Hunter cadets, and your superiors are
    sending you on a mission to collect weapons 
    and other relics.
    You'll arrive in a city, and eventually find a broken smartphone
    (now you can save, I think, but nothing else).
    Back in Kinshicho, you're given a mission
    to collect food and fight demons.
    Kill 3 katikirauwa (pigs) and you're good 
    (weak to physical, which should be 
    all you have, except for your pistol).
    Go to the fountain in Kinshi Park, and a
    powerful demon attacks, 
    killing your superiors, and then YOU....
    After finding the source of the voice in the afterlife, 
    you return a changed young man - 
    A puppet in a husk (explained better later).
    Anyways, you fight off the demon, and it runs away.
    You return to town, defeated.
    Your puppeteer has commandeered your phone,
    and now it's fully functional - map and all.
    Go collect three demons, 
    rescue some Hunters at the Sky Tower, 
    north of Kinshicho, and come back.
    Now you're officially Hunters, not just cadets anymore. 
    Time for bed, I think.
    II. New Moon
    Go to the bar and ask for Boss. He'll say to 
    check your phones if you want a job.
    Take the request and go to where it says. 
    On your way, you'll encounter a green ghost 
    (Navarre, you might remember him from
    Shin Megami Tensei IV). 
    Anyways, answer him when he speaks
    to you and he'll join your partners.
    Meet Nozomi(?), and agree to help.
    Go to the terminal and use her phone
    to warp to Fairy Forest.
    The real Nozomi awaits in Fairy Forest.
    Give her phone back and help out. 
    Along the way, Navarre will get the spirit dagger
    (use "flowers" to power it up, and its power wanes
    as you walk or swing your sword.)
    Once you handle that hot mess at the spring, 
    register the terminal you used before, 
    and go back to Kinshicho.
    There, you meet an old man with a request: 
    to sum up, go to the room in the Subway Kinshicho 
    and find a glowing wall. Touch and accept the quest.
    Go west to Kanda-no-Yashiro, and go to the only
    open path in the main chamber.
    Fight an angel, collect a stone. Use it on the
    left wall, and it opens.
    Go in, fight a demon, find another stone,
    use it on the right wall.
    go in, and get the last one. This stone is unguarded.
    You should be pretty okay for a minute.
    Deep inside, you'll find a huge room with 
    a large sphere in it.
    Touch it (you're not allowed to say no),
    and the "deity" appears...
    AKA... the main antagonist. He thanks you,
    and the guy who sent you here challenges you 
    as Odin. It doesn't matter if you win - 
    you're still not worthy of Valhalla.
    After that, go to Ginza, which is WSW
    of Kinshicho (south exit).
    go to 4th Street Crosswalk, but it's too late:
    Flynn is captured, and you fail your mission.
    Go to bed.
    III. 1/8 Moon
    Go to Kinshicho bar and collect the supplies,
    then deliver to Shinjuku bar. 
    It's almost directly west of Kanda-no-Yashiro,
    but there are poison pools on the way.
    After delivering the supplies, you'll receive
    a quest about Shesha, that huge worm thing you met earlier.
    Anyway, go to Shinjuku, and go as far west as you can in town. 
    (Metropolitan Government Plaza) Once you're where you should be, 
    he's in the back, hanging from a wall.
    Your attacks are useless, so just stay alive.
    After awhile, it'll get bored, heal, and leave. 
    Mission Complete??? Sure, why not?
    IV. 2/8 Moon
    Go to the bar in Kinshicho, and you'll be given the
    choice between two quests - Obtain Ame-no-Habakiri, 
    or Collect the Component for the Shesha Radar.
    For sake of arthritis, i will refer to Ame-no-Habakiri 
    from now on as Excalibur, as Nozomi put it. 
    Let's do that one first.
    Go to Fairy Forest, and find the Scroll of Guiding:
    It gives you simple, yet possibly enigmatic instructions...
    "towards light/towards your shadow." 
    towards your shadow is obvious -
    look down to see your shadow. 
    towards the light is the opposite way.
    halfway through, you'll enter a room, 
    then come out at the lake when you're done
    with the other half of the instructions.
    Defeat the demon and claim Excalibur. Mission Complete!
    Now, the Component: go to the Miner's Excavation Quarters
    in the Sky Tower (keep going up - you can't miss it)
    and search the empty room, in the desk.
    There it is, but when you leave, a demon challenges you. 
    Do NOT look directly into its eyes. 
    Anyone who's heard of Medusa knows what happens.
    Just in case, you get a GAME OVER if you do that.
    You're turned to stone.
    Use the terminal nearby to turn the Radar Component in
    to any Hunter's Association.
    Ok, now the Crusaders - meet them in Ueno bar, 
    and escort to Kasumigaseki elevator, 
    and while you're there, collect that Shesha Radar on b4.
    Gaston will follow you to Shibuya. 
    Equip Excalibur and listen for your alarm 
    to become more annoying.
    That's how you know you're getting close.
    Anyway, when he tries to heal himself, attack, 
    and then land the final blow.
    Now, for the Divine Powers...
    Go to Tsujiki Konganji (main entrance is guarded), 
    then to Harumi Way B in Ginza, 
    and the Southwest Passage,
    where you'll meet Toki.
    Then back to Tsujiki, entering the secret passage.
    You lose the final battle, and the mission is a bust. 
    You're in serious hot water. 
    YOU RELEASED THIS GUY, remember? If it weren't for you, 
    none of this would've happened. Including the whole
    Divine Powers thing and Krishna.
    Go to bed, and await judgment in the morning.
    V. 3/8 Moon
    Upon awakening, you receive an order to go to 
    Cafe Florida in Shinjuku. 
    Upon entering, go to east district main street, 
    and it's in the NE corner. 
    Nozomi will provide proof of membership.
    Long story short, they weigh your current accomplishments
    against your one tragic mistake. 
    Before they even can even reach a verdict, demons 
    attack the underground in Shinjuku.
    You get another chance to redeem yourself. 
    Eliminate the demon boss in Shinjuku, then defeat the one
    in Kinshicho Hunter's Association.
    After that long day, you get to rest.
    Asahi leaves your party.
    VI. Half Moon
    Oh, no. You awaken to find that nobody but
    you can summon demons. Not good. 
    Also, all the Terminals are useless.
    This is the power of the Tokugawa Mandala, 
    a barrier placed over Tokyo by the Divine Powers. 
    You need to dispel it. 
    First, go to Midtown and use Myoko's Disc 
    on the pile of rocks. E of Shibuya, I think.
    Look at your overworld map,
    and you'll see five red flags 
    (Toki joins your party, by the way).
    Go to each flag and seal each jar, 
    defeating each demon that guards it.
    After sealing the final jar, the Aether in Toki
    begins to manifest Dagda's grandmother(?).
    Defeat her, then the one who
    placed the barrier, and it'll dissipate. 
    All Terminals are now active again,
    and so is the Demon Summoning Program.
    Shesha has been sighted again in Ikebukuro. 
    It's NW of Kanda-no-Yashiro, across some bridges.
    When you get there, look for a ladder, then another
    which leads to Highway 5.
    There he is, but he's evolved? 
    Overlooking that for a moment, make sure Excalibur
    is equipped, and beat him as usual. 
    There'll be one opportunity where he tries to lure you
    into attacking so he can counterattack. 
    When that comes, do nothing.
    Land the final blow, and Shesha is dead... 
    Although, he claims he'll return before the full moon.
    Now, go to Tsujiki again (through the front door), 
    and navigate the maze, breaking walls and whatnot.
    If i remember right, your final destination is 
    2nd Training Hall, 2nd floor, bottom left exit, 
    which leads to a small, straight corridor.
    Go forward, and you'll get a warning. 
    SAVE, and go in.
    Inside is Flynn fighting Odin. Flynn wins, 
    but is badly injured due to the
    ferocity of the battle. 
    Krishna appears, and you fight him off. 
    The Divine Powers have been destroyed
    (that was almost TOO easy, right?)
    Escape Tsujiki Konganji, defeating everything
    that stops you. Finally, you'll reach a door, 
    saying after this, there should be
    no more monsters chasing you. You'll also get
    a warning, but there's reallly nothing to be scared of.
    A few Ring of Gaea weaklings and you're out.
    Anyway, Toki joins permanently. Right before you leave, 
    one more demon (you might recognize his voice by now) 
    will challenge you. Freeze him to death, and go back to Kinshicho.
    Go to Kinshicho bar, and Asahi will rejoin you. 
    The Crusaders are disbanded, 
    and Gaston leaves your party.
    Go to bed.
    VII. 5/8 Moon
    You're summoned to Kasumegaseki New Hunter's 
    Association HQ for a secret mission to........
    where Gaston went, of all places. It's a secret
    reconnaissance mission. 
    So, if you die... you die. NO ONE can help you.
    Enter the Terminal, and go to Sky Terminal. 
    You're back in the Miner's Excavation Quarters.
    If you actually explored around earier, 
    you'd have noticed a ladder leading up at the N end.
    Take it. Keep going up until you get to Mikado. 
    I'm pretty sure there are no bosses on the way.
    When you get there, explore everything and talk to everyone. 
    Basically, the only real thing you HAVE to do is 
    go to the Monastery (don't worry, i don't think it's missable).
    Hallelujah finds a dysfunctional Guantlet. 
    You touch and it activates.
    One of the monks freaks out and kicks you out.
    Anyways, if it's not on the list yet, go the lake 
    and rest, then the Emergency Meeting Ground.
    After being identified as spies by Merkabah, 
    you're thrown in jail. 
    Eescape, and go the monastery to collect your equipment.
    Then go to the Terminal, which doesn't work
    with your smartphones. 
    Gaston shows up and uses his Guantlet to bail you out, 	
    sending you to Kasumigaseki, which is where 
    you were going, anyway.
    Report everything to Fujiwara and Skins, then go back
    to Kinshicho and go to bed.
    VIII. 6/8 Moon
    In this dungeon, there are doors that only open one way: 
    they are marked by a huge crack in the door, but 
    you don't know until you come from the other side.
    In front of you, you'll notice a wall of fire. 
    You need to two talismans to dispel it.
    If you go down you'll end up on B2. 
    There's a one way door at the south (from this end),
    and another door to the east and north of that one 
    (you'll come across this one first). 
    That door will lead to b3, but all doors open 
    from the other side, or contain nothing.
    so, go back to 1f. Use the elevator on the east side,
    then go back down to b3. 
    You'll find something that looks like a portal.
    Enter, and find a horde of demons block your path. 
    Defeat them, enter the portal. 
    You'll be transported to Chaos Realm, 
    Lucifer's Domain. You're in 
    Hall of Eternity B.
    Go up the stairs and you'll find 3 doors
    blocked by wraith walls, 
    and one open at the front on the right.
    Take that one.
    Go back to the stairs and you'll notice one of 
    those flowers for Navarre. 
    Use it to break down said walls
    (probably need to use it twice).
    Break the walls, and go into the NE door upstairs 
    (the room you started in, not the one with the flower). 
    WARNING. SAVE. A demon awaits. Use lightning.
    After the battle, a ray of light appears in the
    center of the room. Enter.
    You're back at Camp Ichigaya 1f. You can use the seal 
    you just got on the barrier, but you need more.
    Go around to the left to find a way up to 2f.
    There's a choice, N or S?
    if you go South first, you'll see the door is
    not blocked, and find a regular wall,
    facing the other way.
    Turn around and go into the North exit. Don't forget
    to report that dead hunter.
    Go around to the right, until "almost literally"
    across from those stairs, you'll find an elevator
    leading to b3.
    Go left until you see a confrontation, from the 
    elevator to a set of stairs going to B2.
    Then find stairs back to b3. At the end of 
    that you'll find a horde of demons, 
    then enter the portal.
    Meet Hall of Eternity A. 
    Yes, the Chaos Realm again.
    Head towards the SW door in the room
    without the healing spring on the second floor.
    There, you'll get a warning.
    SAVE and enter. Use ice.
    A portal appears. Go in it.
    Use the two seals you got to destroy the barrier, 
    and go downstairs. Go down the next set of stairs.
    Go to the north from the stairs, through both doors, 
    till you see some sort of portal.
    You're back in Chaos Realm - the Hall of Eternity.
    First things first, go south and destroy the wall. 
    This'll save you time later.
    Then go back to the start of this place, 
    and go downstairs. enter the door.
    Use the flower, and hightail it to
    that place where you could jump across. 
    Follow the stairs and enter the NW door. 
    Break the wall. Now you're in the Moon Tower.
    Defeat the demon. After SAVING, of course.
    Should be weak aganst fire and ice.
    You're transported back to the portal, and it 
    disappears, giving you access to B3.
    OK, you're looking for an enormous vault-like door.
    That's your final destination downstairs. Get there and save.
    Here, you'll fight Merkabah and Lucifer in succession, 
    with no break inbetween.
    They are weak against dark and light, respectively.
    Before you begin each battle, they'll offer a truce, 
    if you join their side.
    Do so with either battle to unlock an ending 
    and start the game over (with or without your stuff).
    Or you can kill them both and finish this chapter.
    IX. 7/8 Moon
    Go to Kasumigaseki, then outside to see the Cosmic Egg. 
    Report to Fujiwara, and go there.
    When you first enter, Odin will appear and challenge you.
    Halfway through, he comments on Gaston's crappy spear, 
    betting his own spear, Gungnir, if you win the battle.
    I think he's weak against wind. Anyway, after beating him, 
    you'll find there's no door.
    Gaston points out something sticking out of the wall.
    Take it - you need it later.
    It's a pillar of some kind, and you need 9 total. 
    Don't worry - you'll find them if you look for them.
    There are also teleporters here, between each floor. 
    Make good use of them. They work like Terminals.
    You must activate it before it can work (at least 2, 
    Obviously - if i think right, there should be 6 teleporters).
    On First, go to the NW passage and take the vortex there,
    then the next one, and the next until you reach a warning.
    This boss is weak against wind. SAVE.
    First Passage, go around and activate the teleporter.
    On Second, climb up to the flower, and climb the ladder
    to your north, breaking the two wraith walls. 
    You'll get to another warning. SAVE.
    Weak against lightning.
    Second Passage, activate the teleporter and continue.
    On Third, go into the north passage (the other two 
    are blocked for now).
    Go around clockwise, passing through each new door or
    vortex until you come upon
    two doors almost directly across from each other.
    You get a warning, SAVE and enter. Fire weakness.
    Now you have 4 pillars. 
    Go to Third Passage, activating
    the teleporter along the way.
    On Fourth, find the nearest vortex, and 
    follow a series of them
    to a door with a warning. SAVE, and enter.
    It's Inanna! Her weaknesses are explained
    every time she attacks. 
    You'll get plenty of chances to try to talk
    to Toki during this fight.
    Afterward, Toki rejoins and you get another pillar.
    Go to Fourth Passage, activating the teleporter,
    then enter the Fifth.
    You should have 5 pillars now.
    Follow the traps until you find a room 
    with an hourglass-like shape in it.
    Grab the pillar, and go to the door that
    just opened (WNW of the elevators).
    Grab the pillar there, and go to the next door that opens 
    (W of the room with moving flower things).
    You'll receive a warning. SAVE, and enter.
    Weakness: Fire. Also increases all stats when hit by weakness.
    After defeating it, the soul-sealing barrier lifts,
    but it'll takea while before it has full effect.
    Grab the pillar in the door and continue.
    You should have 8 now.
    Ok, now the fun part: side with Dagda to become a God,
    or save Tokyo and Mikado without sacrificing anyone?
    It doesn't really matter which, but each has its own unique
    twists and endings.
    X. Full Moon
    What happens here is determined by whether or not
    you sided with Dagda in the Cosmic Egg.
    If you did, you sacrifice your humanity and sit
    on your throne until the final chapter.
    If you didn't choose to resurrect Navarre,
    now YOU can use the Jade Dagger in his place -
    But only if you chose this path. The Cosmic Egg hatches,
    but there's one thing left to do 
    before you can become a Creator God...
    If you sided against Dagda, everyone throws a party, 
    now that there are no more gods, demons, or deities
    controlling Tokyo. The Cosmic Egg doesn't hatch,
    and now it's a tourist attraction. 
    Pick up any pillars you might have missed. 
    Everything is in order, but to attain true freedom, 
    there's one thing left to do...
    XI. Final Chapter
    As of this point, it doesn't matter which choice you made - 
    although the final boss is harder without your partners.
    YHVH must be destroyed for true freedom from all gods.
    That's your final objective.
    Feel free to do any remaining sidequests,
    then go to Ginza, 4th Street Crosswalk, 
    and use the nine pillars you gained in the Cosmic Egg on 
    the pile of rocks in the middle of town.
    It becomes a black slab, allowing entry into YHVH's universe.
    This is a very long and laborious dungeon, so I'll provide 
    step-by-step instructions, brane to brane, shortest route to the boss.
    1. Basically, there are four "Branes" (floors), each with a 
    set of teleporters in various places.
    2. Some doors are blue, red, or yellow. 
    There are crystal-shaped switches to deactivate
    the seals on these doors. Their colors correspond with
    the doors they open. USE THESE. it really helps. 
    They're on Branes G-I on 3rd Brane.
    3.to pass from Brane to Brane, you need to find the Anomaly
    hidden on each Brane (don't worry - as long as you're 
    activating teleporters, you can always come back quickly. 
    More than likely, you won't need them, unless you want to leave).
    you also can team up with Flynn for a
    powerful attack, but only when Smirking.
    OK, now the quick walkthrough. 
    I'll provide a map link in next copy.
    From 1st Brane A, go to G, then M to face some bosses.
    Enter the anomaly, and go to 2nd Brane. 
    There, go to Brane F, and find the flower. use it on F & A.
    It helps! Then go to C, to E, and finally M
    kill the bosses. Enter anomaly to 3rd Brane.
    For 3rd Brane, head from A to B to find a metal angel. 
    Defeat him and his hordes,
    and continue onwards, activating the teleporter.
    Go to G to find a red crystal. Deactivate it, 
    and red doors open everywhere.
    Go to H to find yellow crystal. Deactivate,
    and yellow doors open everywhere.
    Go to I, and find blue crystal. Deactivate 
    and now all doors are unsealed.
    Head to N, and find the anomaly (North of M). 
    4th and final Brane. from A, go to C, then R, 
    then S to find Satan.
    He'll test you. If you succeed, he lets you through.
    And now... 3 last doors up really long stairs.
    YHVH reasons with you to turn around, but you go on...
    until you open the 3rd door.
    YHVH has two forms, and you fight in two teams:
    You and your demons, Flynn and the samurai.
    Flynn's Godslayer Sword lowers
    weakness to random element.
    Flynn's attacks also hurt YHVH badly,
    so use them to the fullest.
    Based on your 7/8 Moon decision, 
    certain members of your group
    appeal to YHVH, calling him a
    false god, and weakenening him.
    Then comes final battle. 
    Use the same strategy.
    Enjoy the ending you unlocked.
    There are 4 total.
    XII. Apps for download on your smartphone
    NOTE: as of now, I've already purchased most of these, 
    so some of these AP prices might be wrong. 
    I will correct them in the next playthrough.
    #. App name
    a. What it does
    b. AP cost
    1. Expand stock 1-16
    a. Increases demon stock (how many you can carry)
    up to a total of 24.
    b. 5 each for first four, then 6 for next four, 7 for third four,
    and 8 for last four, or 104 AP altogether
    2. Demon Analyze
    a. Press Y in battle, and select a demon to view its
    stats, weaknesses, etc., assuming you own one.
    b. 20 AP
    3. Mapper
    a. Provides a map of your local area
    b. It's either free, or 10 points. I don't remember. 
    I'm pretty sure you start with this.
    4. HP Recovery 1 & 2
    a. Recovers HP (self) as you walk. 2 works faster.
    b. 30 and 45 AP, I think
    5. MP Recovery 1 & 2
    a. Same as HP Recovery, but MP instead.
    b. 35 and 50 AP, if I remember right.
    6. Level Recovery
    a. Recovers HP when you level up.
    b. 30 AP
    7. Level Heal
    a. Fully recovers HP when you level up.
    b. 40 AP
    8. Scout
    a. Allows you to talk to and recruit demons, provided your level 
    matches or is higher than its own.
    b. 15 AP
    9. Trade
    a. Allows you to talk to a demon and trade for its item.
    b. 20 AP
    10. Fundraise
    a. Allows you to beg demons for Macca (or money, as we call it). 
    Just don't overdo it, or you lose all your turn icons
    AND all enemies attack.
    b. 20 AP
    11. Demon Charmer
    a. Makes friendly conversations with demons more likely.
    b. 20 AP
    12. ASAP
    a. Talk uses less turn icons.
    b. 15 AP
    13. Demon Fusion
    a. Installs "Mido" (Cathedral of Shadows) on your phone, 
    allowing demons to be fused.
    b. 10 AP
    14. Skill Expansion 1-4
    a. Allows you to learn one extra skill (up to 8).
    b. 20, 30, 40, 60 AP
    15. Demon Skill 1-4
    a. Allows all demons to learn extra skills (up to 8).
    b. 20, 30, 40, 55 AP
    16. Auto-Pinpoint
    a. Attacks known enemy weaknesses during auto-battle.
    b. 30 AP
    17. Party HP Recovery
    a. Works like HP Recovery, except for you AND
    your three demons in your party.
    b. 65 AP
    18. Party MP Recovery
    a. See 17, except substitute "MP" for "HP".
    b. 70 AP
    19. Pre-Emptive Smirk 1 & 2
    a. Increases likelihood of Smirk 
    during pre-emptive strikes.
    b. 35 and 50 AP
    20. Skill Smoother 1-4
    a. Decreases MP cost by 1 for each upgrade, 
    demons only.
    b. 15, 30, 45, 60 AP
    21 a-e. Demon Enhancers - 
    (a)St, (b)Dx, (c)Ma, (d)Ag, (e)Lu
    a. Demons gain an extra boost on selected
    stats when levelling up.
    b. 25 AP each
    22. Scout Recovery
    a. Recover HP with a successful scout.
    b. 30 AP
    23. Scout Gift
    a. Demons give you an item when first scouted.
    b. 35 AP
    24. Scout Bonus
    a. Demons give you some Macca when scouted.
    b. 35 AP
    25. Scout+
    a. When you successfully recruit a demon, 
    it'll invite other demons to join you. 
    Very good if you have 23 and 24 unlocked, 
    as you get more stuff.
    b. 45 AP
    26. Expert Scout
    a. Decreases demands made by demons when scouting 
    (basically, they'll ask for less stuff).
    b. 50 AP
    27. Stats Plugin
    a. When you scout a demon, its stats will increase.
    b. 25 AP
    28. Skill Plugin
    a. When you scout a demon, it will immediately 
    learn a new skill.
    b. 30 AP
    29. Trade Recovery
    a. Same as scout recovery
    b. 30 AP
    30. Trade+
    a. Receive extra items when trading
    b. 35 AP
    31. Expert Trader
    a. Decreases demon's demands when trading.
    b. 50 AP
    32. Threatening Aura
    a. Lowers difficulty of negotiations with demons. 
    They also beg for their life 20% more.
    b. 40 AP
    33. Fundraise Recovery
    a. Recover HP when you fundraise without 
    making the demon mad.
    b. 30 AP
    34. Fundraise+
    a. Receive a little extra Macca when fundraising 
    (the demon was holding back ## Macca!)
    b. 35 AP
    35. Expert Fundraiser
    a. Macca gradually increases with each 
    consecutive fundraise from each demon.
    b. 50 AP
    36. Talk EXP Boost 1-4
    a. Gain more points just for negotiating with a demon. 
    1.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 1.8x, respectively.
    b. 15, 30, 40, 50 AP
    37. Demon Fusion Lite
    a. Allows for simple, 2-demon fusion in battle.
    b. 20 AP
    38. Fusion Booster 1-X
    a. Raises level ceiling for fusions, by 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 
    and any level.
    b. 350 AP total, I think. I'll double-check on my next playthrough.
    39. Summon Discount 1-4
    a. Lowers cost of Demon Compendium summoning
    by 5, 10, 20, and 50%.
    b. 180 total, i think.
    40. Anti-Poison 1 & 2
    a. 1 lessens damage from poison pools, 
    and 2 negates it entirely.
    b. 90 points total.
    41. Enemy Matchup
    a. Demons 5+ levels below you will avoid you.
    b. 40 AP
    42. Skill Augment
    a. Makes skills mutate (it says that, 
    but I'm not really sure what it does).
    b. 60 AP
    43. Gift Augment
    a. Demons give you better gifts.
    b. 45 AP
    44. Estoma Boost
    a. When you use Estoma, enemies 8 levels
    higher than you will avoid you.
    b. 300 AP
    45. Comeback
    a. Incapacitated partners return to battle faster.
    b. 200 AP
    46. Frenzy
    a. Raises odds of enemy first strike
    (press Y to turn this off, but you'll have to purchase it again).
    b. 1000 AP
    47. Annihilation
    a. When YOU die, the game is over. 
    Only recommended for veteran players.
    b. 3000 AP (press Y to turn it off, but you'll have
    to purchase it again).
    XIII. Downloadable Content
    NOTE: All quests are in Challenge Quests. This includes prize pickup.
    Lores are in Inbox somewhere. You'll see an "!"
    #. What it is
    a. How to get it
    b. Cost (Actual $)
    1. Earring Set (peace and anarchy earrings)
    a. Go to quests and accept it
    b. .49 cents
    2. Fall of Tokyo Promo Video
    a. Go to quests and accept it.
    You'll be asked what you thought of it.
    b. FREE
    3. Tokyo's Past Set (Cute Glasses, Surgical Mask, 
    and Secret Eye Power Seal)
    a. Accept the gift.
    b. FREE
    4. A Godslayer Needs Levels
    a. Go to quests and accept (enemies here drop 
    level-increasing items)
    b. $2.99
    5. Ranking Program 1
    a. Exchange DDS cards online 10 times
    b. FREE
    6. A Godslayer Needs Macca
    a. Accept the quest (enemies here drop items
    that sell for high prices)
    b. $2.99
    7. A Godslayer Needs Demons
    a. Accept the quest (buy rare demons for Macca,
    must have fought it before).
    b. $1.99
    8. Chironroppu Mask
    a. Accept the gift.
    b. 0.99 cents
    9. Ranking Program 2
    a. Exchange DDS cards online 10 times
    b. FREE
    10. A Godslayer Needs Apps
    a. Accept the quest (enemies here drop items
    used to increase your AP)
    b. $2.49
    11. Asahi/Nozomi Set
    a. Accept the gift (Nozomi's Visor, 
    and Asahi's Goggles)
    b. 0.99 cents
    12. Green Pompadour
    a. Accept the gift (Navarre's head, a helmet)
    b. 0.99 cents
    13. Lore 1: Parallel Universes
    a. Inbox.
    b. FREE
    14. Lore 2: "Observation" Explained
    a. Inbox.
    b. FREE
    15. Lore 3: Tokyo and Mikado History
    a. Inbox.
    b. FREE
    16. Avatar's Hat
    a. Accept the gift
    (Krishna's hat, a helmet)
    b. 0.99 cents
    17. The Inverted Pyramid
    a. Accept the quest, then beat it 
    (level 50+ recommended).
    b. $1.99
    18. A Godslayer Needs Jewels (*NOTE)
    a. Accept the quest 
    *This is the only place to receive jewels
    (Enemies here drop jewels, which can be traded 
    to St. Germain for items [5 of each for each gift])
    b. $2.99
    19. A Trip to Hawaii
    a. Accept the quest, then beat it 
    (level 65+ recommended)
    b. $2.49
    20. Explosive Pandemic in Mikado
    a. Accept, then beat the quest
    b. $1.99
    21. Level Cap Unlock
    a. Just get to Level 99 first, then download this one. 
    You can now exceed level 99.
    b. FREE
    22. Depths of Twisted Tokyo
    a. Receive the Eternal Torus, which unlocks
    the final floors of Twisted Tokyo, near Minami Sunamachi. 
    There'll be a guy on the Overworld map waiting for you. 
    To even enter Twisted Tokyo, you must raise the difficulty
    to Conflict or higher.
    b. $1.49
    23. A Godslayer Needs Items
    a. Accept the quest (enemies here drop incenses,
    to increase your stats).
    b. $3.49
    24. Extra Difficulty Levels
    a. Unlocks Paradise and Apocalypse difficulties, 
    as easy or hard as it gets.
    b. FREE
    25. Messiahs in the Diamond Realm
    a. Accept the quest, and conquer it 
    (be at least level 150+, with stats
    as high as possible)
    b. $3.99
    3. Credits and websites permitted to use this guide
    a. Credits: Me, and whoever posted
    the map of YHVH's Realm that I found,
    Or just anyone who wants to add something...
    CONTACT ME at: dark_deity9@yahoo.com or
    If I include your suggestion(s), I'll credit you here. 
    Scouts' Honor.
    b. Websites permitted to use this guide:
    i. www.gamefaqs.com
    ii. www.gamespot.com
    iii. www.neoseeker.com
    And that's it. if anyone else wants
    to use MY guide, just ask - I'll probably say yes.

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