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Reviewed: 05/05/17

A great gift for puzzle fans!

Picross 3D Round 2 is a puzzle game where you colour the boxes according to the numbers required. If you are familiar with Picross series, it is pretty much a similar game in 3D with one extra colour and a few adjustments.

If you are a huge Picross or these kind of puzzles fans go for it, but here's the review for everyone.



Not too hard, not too easy. Repetitive process, but not boring. Not a game to be played for a long time though (mind blowing!).

You are presented with a cube that has numbers of either blue or orange on top of the cube or on the sides. When you are done with painting this cube you'll get a shape of things ranging from animals to man made technologies. Your goal is to solve all puzzles and get points.

This game has no story, but hey, it is a puzzle. You have a few main tools for the task: orange paint, blue paint, orange marker, blue marker and a hammer to smash away unused blocks. You use these tools by holding a specified button for that tool and dragging your stylus on the boxes you want. So you'll have to use two hands: one holding the stylus, the other press buttons. Keep in mind you have to use L button for a tool as well. The whole thing just means you'll have to familiarise yourselves with these buttons so you won't have to look which for which every time. It doesn't take long to remember, but I ended up making quite a few mistakes from pressing the wrong button.

There are several levels (presented as books) in this game. Definitely worth the money. Each book contains around 5-6 levels ranging from small to large cubes. Some books have their own challenges like "make mistake and you will have to start over". Each book has its own theme such as alphabets etc. This makes the game more interesting.

Once you are done with 1 level you are graded with points and jewels depending on the time you spent and the number of mistakes you made. You can set the difficulties: easy, medium or hard before you tackle the puzzles. It is essential to play "hard" to get more points and get the best jewel rating. If you are having a tough day, you might want to go on easy mode and relax. This system welcomes both beginners and expert players.

Note that this is not a "quick game". Once you advance further you will get harder puzzles that will take time to solve, especially if you play "hard" mode. It can take 30 minutes just to clear one big hard cube (or maybe that is just my skill level!). You can quick save though if you need to quit in the middle of solving a puzzle. There are sliders on the edge of the cube that you can use so you can access the middle blocks. A lot of levels require you to clear each side, go to another, then back to the first side to avoid guessing and making mistakes. If you don't like games that take a long time of concentrating, this is not for you.

Graphics and sounds


Just a plain simple cafe with collectibles really. There is not anything much to comment on. The cubes are great, the numbers are clear. Oh but sometimes when you paint the block orange it can be hard to see an orange number, but it is not a huge problem. You'll get used to it. Background music is just okay. It won't distract you from poking the cubes. "Relaxing" music I guess, but you can always turn the sound of and put yours on.


Definitely worth the money. I've been playing around an hour or two everyday for more than a month, still have not completed it. I find it satisfying to spend time on solving each puzzle and getting an achievement in the end.

Other points

You can use certain Amiibos to unlock extra puzzles.

Final Recommendation

Picross lovers? Puzzles enthusiasts? Don't mind a simple yet challenging gameplay with a revelation at the end? Buy. Hate going through the same process over and over again? Don't like long gameplay? Don't buy. My opinion? Oh I love it.

This is my first ever review. I hope this can help you make the oh-so-hard decision to purchase the game (or not!)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Picross 3D: Round 2 (EU, 12/02/16)

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