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Incredible and fantastic final Bosses. Effective 360o circular navigation. Intense but simple gameplay!

Join in the adventures of the pirate clan. Sail the seas in search of islands and forts with treasures.

It is a world of fantasy where you will find unusual things like piggy boats, rare sea monsters and all types of strange objects.

Keep both treasures and enemies in sight with 360o navigation; a simple, yet very effective system.

Another ability of your fantastic pirate ship is that it jumps and dives, which is very necessary to dodge or jump over obstacles and move forward in the adventure.

The touch screen controls shooting, which means you will have intuitive and absolute precision.

Get special Items, such as the 'super cannon', which will give you total destruction power, devastating everything you find along the way. Or the 'flea ship' Item, where you become as small as an elusive flea.

Challenge your friends and everyone else with the 1-on-1 online mode. You'll be the world's greatest pirate of all time!!!

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