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Support Transcript by Misha-Heart

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/16/2016

Fire Emblem 14 Revelation Supports
Change Log:
2/20/16- First and possibly only entry
3/16/16- Fixed a few errors
Q. What is this about?
A. This is a script that compiles dialogue with character interactions with 
one another. Usually, they converse about simple things or even reveal parts 
of their backstory to one another. In this compilation only contains the 
supports exclusive to Revelation. To find supports of neutral units like 
Azura, please look at either the Birthright or Conquest files.

Q. How many units can support with the other side?
A. Each unit gains two more lover supports, as well as an additional buddy 
support option from the opposite nation. Be wary, as making too many cross-
nation pairings without thinking it over might end with two units that are 
unable to support each other and the lost of a child unit.

Q. How do you gain these support conversations?
A. First, check on the Support option on the world map to see if the 
characters can support one another. Then, use the Pair Up command and have 
them fight alongside one another. This is an easy way to gain support values 
between characters. After gaining a significant amount, check the Support 
option again to view the support conversation.

Q. Can you get more than one S rank?
A. Once characters get married, they are bound forever by marriage(or in some 
cases, eternal friendship) and last even after death. If you wish to gain a 
new S support, a new file must be used in order to unlock the conversations.

Q. How do Partner Seals work?
A. When two units have an S support with one another, they are able to use 
this seal to reclass into their base class. For example, if Ryoma marries 
Elise, he will be able to use the seal to reclass into any class from Elise's 
Troubadour class. The same applies for Elise, as she can reclass into Samurai 
and its promotion choices. For units with special classes like Azura, they 
will give their secondary class to their partner.

Q. What are A+ supports?
A. If two units of the same genders reach a support level of A, they have the 
choice to go to A+. With the use of a Buddy Seal, they can reclass into the 
base class of their partner, similar to a Marriage Seal. A+ supports do not 
go both ways, so Takumi can have an A+ support with Leo, but Leo is still 
able to A+ another person.

Q. What happens when two units share the same base class?
A. They will be able to reclass into their secondary class. If Hinata marries 
Hana, then he can reclass into Monk, while Hana gets Oni Savage. However, if 
they share the same secondary class, they will not gain a new class.

Q. How are children's class sets determined?
A. Child units typically start off in their father's base class and have the 
option to reclass into their father's secondary and mother's base class. If 
the mother shared a base class with the father, the child will have their 
secondary to reclass into. The exception to this are Shiro(initially a Spear 
Fighter with Samurai as secondary), Percy(initially a Wyvern Rider with 
Fighter as secondary), Shigure(initially a Pegasus Warrior with Troubadour as 
a secondary) and Midori(initially a Apothecary with Ninja as a secondary).

Q. What do certain units get if they A+/marry?
A. If Takumi and Mozu get married, he will get Apothecary. If Hayato gets an 
A+ support with Kaden, he will get Apothecary. If Niles and Nyx get married, 
their child will get Diviner. If Arthur and Beruka get married, their child 
will get Sky Knight. If Azura and Jakob get married, Shigure will get Wyvern 
Rider. If Arthur gets an A+ support with Keaton, he will get Outlaw.

Q. What's with Gunter?
A. At the start of the game, Gunter will leave during Chapter 3. He will 
return in during Chapter 7, however Gunter cannot gain support levels.

Q. How do I get Fuga?
A. Upgrade the Hot Springs to Level 3 in My Castle and he will join as early 
as Chapter 19 after a battle.

Q. How do I look over the Support log?
A. Go to the Record Hall in My Castle.

Q. What determines the Avatar and child's hair color?
A. The last file that was saved will be used when looking over the support 

Q. Hey, there are a few typos in here. Aren't you going to fix them?
A. Believe it or not, they're actually in the game so they're left as such.

Q. Avatar/Kana's aren't in here at all! Where are they?
A. Those two have the hugest support conversation list in the game. They will 
be put in another guide, seperate from this one.
Table of Contents
To skip to the desired support pair, use ctrl+F and type the following.

Example: Add A1. to Elise to skip to her C support with Ryoma.
Note: Some supports may mention Avatar. The default name is Corrin.

A. Third Route First Generation Lover Supports
- Ryoma!
A1. Elise
A1. Camilla

- Takumi!
A2. Elise
A2. Camilla

- Xander!
A3. Sakura
A3. Hinoka

- Leo!
A4. Sakura
A4. Hinoka

- Subaki!
A5. Nyx
A5. Selena

- Saizo!
A6. Beruka
A6. Charlotte

- Azama!
A7. Effie
A7. Beruka

- Hayato!
A8. Effie
A8. Nyx

- Hinata!
A9. Selena
A9. Peri

- Kaden!
A10. Peri
A10. Charlotte

- Arthur!
A11. Setsuna
A11. Kagero

- Odin!
A12. Orochi
A12. Kagero

- Niles!
A13. Setsuna
A13. Oboro

- Laslow!
A14. Hana
A14. Orochi

- Benny!
A15. Rinkah
A15. Oboro

- Keaton!
A16. Rinkah
A16. Hana

B. Third Route First Generation Buddy Supports
- Ryoma*
B1. Xander

- Takumi*
B2. Leo

- Hinoka*
B3. Camilla

- Sakura*
B4. Elise

- Rinkah*
B5. Charlotte

- Hana*
B6. Effie

- Subaki*
B7. Niles

- Saizo
B8. Laslow

- Orochi*
B9. Nyx

- Azama*
B10. Arthur

- Setsuna*
B11. Selena

- Hayato*
B12. Benny
B12. Fuga

- Oboro*
B13. Beruka

- Hinata*
B14. Odin

- Kagero*
B15. Peri

- Kaden*
B16. Keaton

C. Third Route Second Generation Lover Supports!
- Shiro!
C1. Ophelia
C1. Nina

- Kiragi!
C2. Soleil
C2. Velouria

- Siegbert!
C3. Caeldori
C3. Mitama

- Forrest!
C4. Rhajat
C4. Selkie

- Asugi!
C5. Soleil
C5. Nina

- Hisame!
C6. Ophelia
C6. Velouria

- Percy!
C7. Mitama
C7. Rhajat

- Ignatius!
C8. Caeldori
C8. Selkie

D. Third Route Second Generation Buddy Supports*
- Shiro*
D1. Siegbert

- Kiragi*
D2. Forrest

- Caeldori*
D3. Nina

- Asugi*
D4. Ignatius

- Mitama*
D5. Soleil

- Rhajat*
D6. Ophelia

- Hisame*
D7. Percy

- Selkie*
D8. Velouria

E. Third Route Parent-Child Supports^
- Shiro^
E1. Elise
E1. Camilla

- Kiragi^
E2. Elise
E2. Camilla

- Siegbert^
E3. Sakura
E3. Hinoka

- Forrest^
E4. Sakura
E4. Hinoka

- Caeldori^
E5. Nyx
E5. Selena

- Asugi^
E6. Beruka
E6. Charlotte

- Mitama^
E7. Effie
E7. Beruka

- Rhajat^
E8. Effie
E8. Nyx

- Hisame^
E9. Selena
E9. Peri

- Selkie^
E10. Peri
E10. Charlotte

- Percy^
E11. Setsuna
E11. Kagero

- Ophelia^
E12. Orochi
E12. Kagero

- Nina^
E13. Setsuna
E13. Oboro

- Soleil^
E14. Hana
E14. Orochi

- Ignatius^
E15. Rinkah
E15. Oboro

- Velouria^
E16. Rinkah
E16. Hana
A. Third Route First Generation Lover Supports


A1. Elise C

Elise: C'mon... Just a little higher... URGH! Get out of that tree, you dumb 

Ryoma: May I lend you a hand, Princess Elise? 

Elise: Prince Ryoma! 

Ryoma: You're after this kite here, correct? Here you are. 

Elise: Wow! Thanks! 

Ryoma: No need to thank me. It was nothing. You know, playing around like 
that in the middle of a war... Heh, well, never mind. I suppose such an act 
is so like you, Princess. 

Elise: Hmph. What's that supposed to mean? You think I act like a kid? 

Ryoma: I must admit that I do. But you are also quite serene and cheerful. 
Watching you enjoy yourself like that is refreshing. It reminds me of simpler 
times. So it is I who ought to be thanking you, Princess Elise. 

Elise: You don't have to thank me for that, y'know. That's just me being me. 

Ryoma: Heh, you are an interesting person, young princess. I must take my 
leave of you now. Be well, Lady Elise. 

Elise: You too, Prince Ryoma.
Elise B

Ryoma: Hm. 

Elise: Is something wrong? Oh no! Do I have something on my face?! 

Ryoma: No, no. I was just thinking about something. I apologize. 

Elise: What were you thinking about? 

Ryoma: I was wondering whether someone like you really belongs on the 

Elise: Huh? 

Ryoma: I can't help but feel that we shouldn't be putting you in harm's way. 
Your personality is not that of a fighter or a soldier. You are meant for 
other things. I know you're old enough to decide for yourself whether or not 
to serve. But perhaps you should reconsider. 

Elise: ... 

Ryoma: However, I also cannot deny that we need your help in the coming 
battles. If only we-if only I-were not so powerless... I am sorry, milady. 

Elise: Prince Ryoma... I promise you, I've thought about it plenty. I'm not 
going to change my mind. I want to be here. So, please, don't worry about it. 

Ryoma: I see. You are much stronger than you appear, Princess. 

Elise: Huh? No, I'm not strong at all! I need help with stuff all the time. 
Compared to you, I'm not much of a help to anyone. 

Ryoma: That's not true. You fulfill your role quite well. 

Elise: Oh? Well, if you say so... 

Ryoma: I'm sure things will only get more difficult as we go on. If you ever 
need help, please do not hesitate to ask. After all, we are both fighting for 
the same cause, are we not? 

Elise: We are! And I will! Thank you, Prince Ryoma.
Elise A

Elise: Good! Now slip that end into the loop there. 

Ryoma: Like... this? 

Elise: No, no, not that end. The other one. Like this. 

Ryoma: Ah, I see. I'm not very experienced with handling delicate things. 
Like this? 

Elise: Yeah! You did it! It took a little while, but you did it! You made 
your first daisy crown! And it's pretty! You did a good job. 

Ryoma: Heh. I'm glad you like it. Now to present this crown of flowers to Her 
Highness, Princess Elise of Nohr. My princess, I hope you will accept my most 
humble gift of woven daisies. 

Elise: Heehee, thanks! I will accept your garlands with pleasure! 

Ryoma: Very good, milady. ... 

Elise: Is something the matter? 

Ryoma: It's just strange... how at peace I feel right now, though we are in 
the middle of a war. 

Elise: And you're even making daisy crowns with a princess from an enemy 

Ryoma: Precisely. It seems to me a miracle. To think, if this war had never 
happened, we might never have become friends. 

Elise: It's strange, isn't it? We might still be fighting each other. Maybe 
even killing each other. 

Ryoma: It's changed the way I think about things. Hoshidans... Nohrians... 
Perhaps we're not so different after all. Perhaps lasting peace truly is 

Elise: I feel the same way. 

Ryoma: I'm glad to hear it. I may need your help to convince everyone of this 

Elise: I'll do whatever I can!
Elise S

Ryoma: Princess Elise. I have an important question for you. 

Elise: Oh? What is it? 

Ryoma: Are you... betrothed to anyone? 

Elise: B-betrothed?! 

Ryoma: Yes. Is there someone that you've been promised to? 

Elise: No! Of course not! At least not that I know of... 

Ryoma: And you're certain? 

Elise: Yeah, I'm pretty certain Xander would have told me something that 
important. But even if I was, it wouldn't matter to me! 

Ryoma: What do you mean? 

Elise: There's already someone I have feelings for... 

Ryoma: Oh?! I... I see. 

Elise: Why do you look so surprised? Is it really so weird for me to love 

Ryoma: No, Princess. Not at all. 

Elise: What about you, Prince Ryoma? Is there someone you have feelings for? 

Ryoma: There is. However, it seems my hopes to be with her have vanished like 
the morning dew. 

Elise: What do you mean? 

Ryoma: ...I suppose I no longer have anything to lose by telling you. The one 
who holds my heart... is you, Princess Elise. 

Elise: Me?! 

Ryoma: However, if you already have your heart set on someone, I will respect 
that. I only wish for you to be happy. 

Elise: No, it's not like that! 

Ryoma: Princess? 

Elise: The person I like... is you! 

Ryoma: Truly? Ha! And to think, I was so upset a moment ago... 

Elise: It's true! You're the only one for me. Heehee. Now I'm all 

Ryoma: To tell you the truth, I already bought you this ring, as proof of my 
intentions. I intend to marry you, Elise. This ring represents that promise. 

Elise: Oh, Ryoma... 

Ryoma: Elise, will you take me as your husband? Together, we'll create a 
world where people of both our kingdoms can live happily. 

Elise: Yes! I will happily marry you, my prince. I love you so much, Ryoma! 
I'm so happy! 

Ryoma: And I love you, my future queen.
A1. Camilla C

Camilla: Prince Ryoma, do you have a moment? 

Ryoma: Of course, Lady Camilla. What is it? 

Camilla: Well, I was speaking with Corrin, and the topic of our relationship 
came up. 

Ryoma: Oh? 

Camilla: Yes. He/She said he/she has high hopes that we will be able to put 
aside our differences. For the good of each of our kingdoms, of course. 

Ryoma: Hmm. It would seem an admirable goal. You can count on my support. I 
also hope for fair trade between Nohr and Hoshido when all is said and done. 

Camilla: Oh, me too! Perhaps we have a great deal in common after all. 

Ryoma: Yes, perhaps. ...Ahem. 

Camilla: Or, perhaps not. This is a bit awkward. What should we talk about? 

Ryoma: How about something we are both well versed in-the art of war? There's 
nothing like a well-balanced katana in the heat of battle, don't you agree? 

Camilla: Oh, not in the least. I find most katana terribly clunky and 

Ryoma: Oh. 

Camilla: Well, perhaps you could teach me something about the women of 
Hoshido. What sort of things do they like? What's fashionable at this time of 

Ryoma: Fashionable? I'm afraid I don't know much about that. Although, I have 
been told that my summer armor is a bit "jaunty." 

Camilla: Well. It seems we don't really have anything to talk about. 

Ryoma: There must be a common thread. Something we both know a lot about... 

Camilla: Oh, I've got it! Corrin! 

Ryoma: Hmm? 

Camilla: Don't you see? Corrin is the twine that binds us together. We're 
fighting side by side because of our devotion to him/her. 

Ryoma: Indeed! I could speak about Corrin for hours. What would you like to 

Camilla: What would I like to know? I already know everything there is to 
know! But I wouldn't mind sharing MY extensive knowledge with you, of course. 

Ryoma: Excuse me?! 

Camilla: After all, I've spent more time living with him/her than you have, 

Ryoma: You are not the only one with deep feelings for Corrin, Princess 
Camilla. I would also give every ounce of strength I have for him/her. 

Camilla: Oh... 

Ryoma: Hmm... 

Camilla: Perhaps we are still at a loss. I'm sorry, Prince Ryoma. 

Ryoma: No, my apologies. It seems that forging a new relationship is easier 
said than done. But we mustn't give up. We're doing this for Corrin, after 

Camilla: Of course. And Corrin comes first. 

Ryoma: Always.
Camilla B

Camilla: How do you do, Prince Ryoma? 

Ryoma: Good day, Lady Camilla. I'm splendid. How are you? Have you come up 
with something for us to talk about? 

Camilla: I'm afraid not. But I thought I'd simply start a conversation and 
hope for the best. 

Ryoma: I see. So we're stuck arguing about who knows Corrin best, are we? 

Camilla: Perhaps we could simply include Corrin. Surely the three of us could 
converse like normal people. 

Ryoma: Isn't that missing the point of this exercise? 

Camilla: Well, I don't know. But if Corrin were here, we could ask him/her! 
And, you know, I really prefer keeping an eye on Corrin at all times anyway. 

Ryoma: At all times? What about Corrin's independence? 

Camilla: What about it? 

Ryoma: One must forge their own path in this life. Corrin won't realize 
his/her full potential with you protecting him/her all the time. 

Camilla: So? I'll always be there to protect him/her. I don't see the 

Ryoma: Believe me, your approach won't be the best for Corrin in the long 
run. Lending support and strength is one thing, but overbearing protection is 
quite another. 

Camilla: Oh, Ryoma. Let's just settle this, shall we? I'll go get Corrin and 
see what he/she thinks about all this. 

Ryoma: Why do you have to drag him/her into this? 

Camilla: Oh? Worried that he'll/she'll say I'm right? 

Ryoma: No! It's just- Forget it. Go get Corrin. I can't back down from a 
challenge like this. 

Camilla: As you wish!
Camilla A

Ryoma: Hmm... 

Camilla: *sigh* 

Ryoma: Chin up, Camilla. This isn't the end of the world. 

Camilla: Chin up? You're pouting just as much as I am. I just feel as though 
we've let Corrin down... 

Ryoma: Yes. He/She was certainly angry. We probably should have anticipated 
that response. It was childish to treat this whole thing as a competition. 
We're both dedicated to Corrin. Why did we feel the need to bicker about it? 

Camilla: Ugh, don't remind me. 

Ryoma: At least we learned one thing. 

Camilla: What's that? 

Ryoma: We both care enough about Corrin to make some extremely bad decisions. 

Camilla: Ha. Yes, that's true. 

Ryoma: I actually think that's encouraging. Perhaps it's a real starting 
point for us. 

Camilla: I suppose you're right. I do feel a new connection with you. 

Ryoma: That's good to hear. 

Camilla: So, where do we go from here? 

Ryoma: We forge ahead. It's what Corrin would want. Working together, we can 
bring peace back to this world. 

Camilla: Very well. I look forward to sharing a future like that with you, 
Prince Ryoma. 

Ryoma: As do I, Princess Camilla.
Camilla S

Ryoma: Camilla, do you have a moment? 

Camilla: Certainly, Ryoma. I must say, you've been rather diligent about 
coming to speak with me regularly. You're really making an effort for the 
good of both our kingdoms...and Corrin. 

Ryoma: Yes, well, I'm quite stubborn when I've set my mind to something. But, 
there's more to it than that... 

Camilla: Oh? Starting to enjoy our little conversations? 

Ryoma: Um... 

Camilla: Is something the matter? 

Ryoma: I've been having some feelings... 

Camilla: Oh ho! The great soldier Ryoma, having feelings? Bwahaha! Er, pardon 
me. That was rude. 

Ryoma: No matter. At first, my motives were pure. I was doing my part for 
Corrin. But I'm afraid your feminine charms have gotten the best of me, 
Princess Camilla. 

Camilla: Please. You flatter me. 

Ryoma: But... it's more than just your beauty. I have observed your kindness 
to others. I find myself wanting to fight for YOU rather than Corrin... 

Camilla: Wait, I think you're actually being serious. Ryoma, what are you- 

Ryoma: Princess Camilla... Marry me. Marry me and unite the two great 
kingdoms of the world! 

Camilla: Oh, Ryoma, I don't know... 

Ryoma: I will admit that the beginning of our relationship was... rocky. And 
I imagine that it will be difficult for people in your kingdom to accept me. 
But, whatever it takes, I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. 

Camilla: You are dead serious. You're ALWAYS serious, so I should have known. 
But... that's not a bad thing, is it? I accept your proposal. 

Ryoma: Can you believe it, Camilla? That we'd end up like this? After all the 

Camilla: Oh, I'm sure we have more awkwardness in store. But no, this is 
quite a surprise. A pleasant one, to be sure! 

Ryoma: Wonderful. Camilla, for the good of both of our kingdoms... And for 
the glory of everlasting love, and the honor of holding your hand... I vow 
complete and undying dedication, along with- 

Camilla: Oh, just remove that chin armor and kiss me, you fool!

A2. Elise C

Elise: Hey, Takumi! 

Takumi: Hm? You must be Princess Elise of Nohr. 

Elise: Bingo! Wanna play something together? 

Takumi: What? Why would I want to do that? 

Elise: Because I want to! 

Takumi: What kind of reasoning is that? 

Elise: Don't think about it too much! Here, look! I brought some game stuff 
from Nohr. Isn't it cool? 

Takumi: Hm? What is this? A board? And... ivory pieces... Ah, I see. It's a 
strategy game. You fight with these pieces on this board, right? 

Elise: Wow! Right again! It's called chess. 

Takumi: It reminds me of a game we play in Hoshido-shogi. I bet they're very 
similar. Er, I mean- Not that it matters! I don't care about your stupid 
Nohrian games! I will NEVER play with someone like you! 

Elise: What? Don't be such a baby! Let's plaaay! 

Takumi: No! Go find someone else! I'm leaving. 
(Takumi leaves) 

Elise: Takuuuuumiiiiii! ...Hmph. FINE. Be that way! Jerk.
Elise B

Elise: Takuuumiii! Takuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiii! 

Takumi: You again? Why are you following me around so much? I want nothing to 
do with you! Have you not heard a word I've said? 

Elise: Who? Anyway, I brought some stuff I think you'd really like! 

Takumi: Stuff I'd really like? Is this some kind of trick? 

Elise: Nope! See? Books from Nohr! To be honest, these are too hard for me to 
understand... But I thought you'd love 'em! 

Takumi: Let's see... Books on Nohr's history, its topography, its culture... 
An encyclopedia of famous historical figures... and a book on Nohrian 
weaponry. Y-you were right. I find these fascinating. 

Elise: I knew it! 

Takumi: I can't believe it. This is an incredible opportuni- No. No, no, no, 
NO! I swore I would not associate with you! Stop doing this! Here, you can 
keep your books! 

Elise: H-hey! Watch where you're going! 

Takumi: S-sorry- Er, but I told you to stay away! I'm leaving! Now! 
(Takumi leaves) 

Elise: Takumi...
Elise A

Takumi: Um... Elise? 

Elise: Takumi?! What are you doing here? I thought you never wanted to talk 
to me again! Did you need something? 

Takumi: Um... so... the thing is... 

Elise: Oh! I got it! You want to play a game with me! Just hang on. I'll get 
some games for us to play! Or did you want to read together? I've got a great 
fairy-tale book! It's my favorite! 

Takumi: N-no! That's not why I'm here. I came to... ah... apologize. 

Elise: What? Apologize? What for? 

Takumi: What for? Because I pushed you the last time we met. And I ran off 
without giving you a real apology. It's been eating at me. I understand if 
you're not willing to forgive me. 

Elise: Huh? Are you still upset about that? But you barely touched me! 

Takumi: Y-you mean... 

Elise: Yeah. Besides, it was an accident. You just bumped into me trying to 
escape. Don't even sweat it, kid! 

Takumi: Really? 

Elise: Yup! Anyway, while you're here, let's play a game! Ooh, and I've been 
looking for someone to share some sweets with! Have you ever had Nohrian 
sweets before? These are my favorites! They're to die for! 

Takumi: What? 

Elise: Hold on just a sec! 
(Elise leaves) 

Takumi: O-OK... Well, I guess I could stick around for a little while. It's 
the least I could do, really...
Elise S

Elise: Takumi! Guess whaaaaat! I brought the tea party to you this time! 

Takumi: Princess Elise... 

Elise: Unfortunately, Mrs. Pigglesworth will be unable to join us today. But 
fear not! That just means more cakes for us! 

Takumi: I... would rather not today. If that's all right. 

Elise: Oh, then how about chess? Or did you want to read more about Nohr? 

Takumi: No. Neither. 

Elise: What? Why not? Are you too busy? 

Takumi: No, it's not like that. I just don't feel up to it today. 

Elise: Takumi... do you not like me anymore? 

Takumi: ... 

Elise: O-OK. I just thought we'd finally started getting along. I'm sorry. 

Takumi: No, that's not it. I'M sorry. Here, just hear me out. 

Elise: OK... 

Takumi: I know I was cold to you at first, but that is the farthest thing 
from what I feel now. The more time we spent together, the more I was drawn 
to you. I do still like you, Elise, but now I find I like you as more than 
just a friend. 

Elise: Oh! 

Takumi: And... this is why I can no longer spend time with you. 

Elise: What?! Why not?! 

Takumi: Because when I am around you, my blood heats up and my heart aches 
terribly. I can't be around you anymore if we are not together. It's too 
painful. I am sorry. This is just the way it has to be. 

Elise: What? You didn't even ask me what I thought about all this! What if I 
like you too, you big dummy? We CAN be together! You just had to ask... 

Takumi: T-truly? ...Thank you, Elise. It makes me so incredibly happy to hear 
you say that. But still... we are both royalty from opposing kingdoms. We 
cannot be together. Too many would hate us-would do anything to destroy us. 
There are too many obstacles in our way. 

Elise: So? You're OK with living the rest of your life according to what 
others will think? You're OK with hurting me for the sake of some closed-
minded dummies? 

Takumi: I-I don't want to! But- 

Elise: Then you've got to at least try. Don't give up! I never will! 

Takumi: ... OK! I understand! I must do what my heart demands and take what 
follows! If I must run away with you, I will! I promise! 

Elise: Me too! We'll be together forever! I just know it!
A2. Camilla C

Takumi: Seven center targets, two off-center, one wide. Not bad, but could be 

Camilla: Prince Takumi? Are you practicing your archery here in secret? 

Takumi: P-Princess Camilla! I wasn't hiding it, if that's what you're 

Camilla: How curious. Then why come so far out into the deepest part of the 
woods to practice? 

Takumi: B-because! There's no PEOPLE here to distract me! 

Camilla: Oh my. I seem to have struck a nerve. Ahahah... 

Takumi: What do you want, anyway? 

Camilla: You always seem so flustered. It makes me want to take you under my 

Takumi: I can take care of myself, thank you! I don't need anyone looking out 
for me! A-and I am NOT flustered! 

Camilla: Did I hurt your feelings? I'm sorry, Prince Takumi. You're cute when 
you're angry, though. 

Takumi: Wh-whatever! I was ready to pack up here anyway! 

Camilla: Ahahah. Some other time, then.
Camilla B

Camilla: Good afternoon, Prince Takumi. 

Takumi: Oh, it's you. 

Camilla: I'm not interrupting, am I? 

Takumi: Not exactly... But let me make something perfectly clear. I don't 
trust you. Not entirely. 

Camilla: I... I see. And why not? 

Takumi: We're allies only by convenience. Things could have easily turned out 
differently. I still don't know if I can put my life in your hands... 

Camilla: Hmm. Are you worried that I'll- 

Takumi: I'm not worried! That's overstating it. Just exercising a healthy 
amount of caution. 

Camilla: No one would fault you for that. Though I am sorry to hear it. 

Takumi: It's not about you. I don't trust ANYONE I've just met. 

Camilla: Isn't there anything I can do to earn your trust? 

Takumi: That's... a good question. I don't know. 

Camilla: Why don't we dine some afternoon by the lake together? 

Takumi: Just the two of us? That sounds like a trap. 

Camilla: Not at all. Once we establish a rapport, your skittishness around me 
will be gone. Unless... Are you afraid to be alone with little old me? 

Takumi: I-I'm not afraid of anyone! Fine! Lunch, you and me, the lake 
tomorrow at noon! Afraid! Hah! This is just what I was hoping for all along!! 

Camilla: Ahahah. I look forward to it.
Camilla A

Camilla: Now say "aaaaaah"... 

Takumi: Stop that! I'm not an infant who needs spoon-feeding! I can cut my 
own omelet into bite-sized pieces perfectly well. 

Camilla: Oh, but I wanted to feed you ever so. 

Takumi: No! And that's final! 

Camilla: Hmhmhm... You're so precious, Prince Takumi. I feel as though I've 
acquired another little brother. 

Takumi: Is that supposed to cheer me up? Because all this "precious little 
brother" stuff sounds like you're making fun of me! 

Camilla: My sincerest apologies. That wasn't my intent at all. 

Takumi: Heh. A likely story. 

Camilla: We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot, Prince Takumi. And 
here I was so happy... but I suppose I was getting ahead of myself. 

Takumi: What were you happy about? 

Camilla: Why, it seemed that we were getting along so well. 

Takumi: Look... Princess Camilla... It's not that I don't like you or that 
I'm having a bad time here by the lake... 

Camilla: But you're still wary of me. Is that what you were going to say? 

Takumi: Mmm... not necessarily. I've been watching you like a hawk and 
haven't seen any signs you'll betray us. I'm grudgingly ready to admit that 
you may be trustworthy after all. 

Camilla: Ahahah... I'm honored, Prince Takumi. Now, do you trust me enough to 
close your eyes and take a big bite? Open wide...! 

Takumi: Enough! I'm not a child! 

Camilla: And yet you fuss so prettily. Hahaha...
Camilla S

Takumi: Princess Camilla! I need to speak with you! 

Camilla: Why hello, Prince Takumi. You seem unusually frantic today. 

Takumi: Y-yes, well. I have good reason to be nervous. 

Camilla: Hmhmhm. Whatever it is, you needn't be anxious around me. 

Takumi: Normally, no, but in this case... 

Camilla: What is it you so urgently need to discuss? If it's something I can 
help with... 

Takumi: OK... OK, I'll just come out with it. Princess Camilla...you have a 
lot of suitors, I take it. 

Camilla: Hmhm... and why would you assume that? 

Takumi: W-well, there aren't many women as warm and beautiful as you in this 

Camilla: You flatter me, Prince Takumi. 

Takumi: I mean it, though! That really is how I think of you. 

Camilla: Oh...? 

Takumi: So... with all those suitors... surely there is already one you're 
committed to, right? 

Camilla: Not at the moment. The war has precluded such things, alas. 

Takumi: OK... that's a small comfort, then. 

Camilla: Why do you ask? 

Takumi: Because of this... 

Camilla: ...Is that a ring? 

Takumi: Yes. I had it made specially for you. Princess Camilla. Will you 
marry me? 

Camilla: Hmm. 

Takumi: I know you still see me as cute, or childish, or as a fun plaything. 
But I have more to offer than that! Give me the chance to prove it to you! 

Camilla: Hmmmmmmm... That was shockingly mature, for you. I've never known 
you to be so solemn and direct. 

Takumi: Princess Camilla, I... 

Camilla: I accept your proposal. Perhaps I flatter myself, but I suspect it's 
my care which has helped you along. In which case, staying by your side for 
years to come will only improve you further. 

Takumi: N-not exactly the response I was hoping for... but I'll take it. 
Here's to our life together!

A3. Sakura C

Sakura: Excuse me, X-Xander... 

Xander: Hello, Princess Sakura. How may I be of service? 

Sakura: Oh, it's n-nothing... I just wanted to say hello... 

Xander: Ah... Hello, then. Are you sure that's all you wished to say? 

Sakura: Y-yes... Uh... no! Actually, that's not it at all... 

Xander: No? 

Sakura: Um... I'm s-sorry. This is awkward... 

Xander: It doesn't have to be. I swear it. If you have something to say, 
please- just say it! 

Sakura: M-maybe later... 
(Sakura leaves) 

Xander: What was all that about?
Sakura B

Xander: Lady Sakura, may I have a word? 

Sakura: Uh... OK. 

Xander: I'm curious. The other day, you stopped to say hello and 
then...disappeared. Now, it's a bit of a mystery. What was that about? 

Sakura: I was just p-practicing. 

Xander: Practicing what? 

Sakura: I'm training myself not to be s-so shy. I always get nervous around 
people. I thought if I could work up the nerve to talk to someone like you... 

Xander: Someone like me? 

Sakura: Well, y-you're the most intimidating person in Nohr! 

Xander: Oh. I see. 

Sakura: Ack! I'm s-sorry! I didn't mean to blurt it out like that! I'm sure 
you're actually v-very nice. It's just... you're pretty scary! 

Xander: Scary? Ha! 

Sakura: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that! 

Xander: Don't apologize. I get that a lot. I am used to it by now. Some mean 
it as a compliment; others do not. 

Sakura: Oh, that was so incredibly rude of me! I'm r-really sorry! 
(Sakura leaves) 

Xander: Gone again, just like that...
Sakura A

Xander: Princess Sakura, may I have a moment of your time? 

Sakura: Um! I! Uh... 

Xander: You wanted to practice speaking with the most intimidating person in 
Nohr, right? I'm happy to be of service. 

Sakura: I'm s-so sorry I said that... It's just... 

Xander: You don't have to explain. I understand completely. 

Sakura: You do? 

Xander: I don't tell many people this, but I was a timid child. I could 
barely make eye contact. I was also clumsy with the sword at first, which 
disappointed my father to no end. Then, one day... I decided to change. I 
tried the very tactic you are using now. I decided to talk to the most 
frightening person I could find. 

Sakura: Wh-who was that? 

Xander: My father. 

Sakura: Really?! 

Xander: Yes, and it worked. But talking to my father was not the thing that 
changed me. 

Sakura: It wasn't? 

Xander: The most important thing is that you must WANT to change. I see that 
desire in you. So, let's talk. Now. You choose the topic. 

Sakura: B-but I don't know how! 

Xander: Don't think so hard. Tell me... What's the best thing that's happened 
to you today? 

Sakura: Oh... I know! I passed by some pretty flowers this m-morning. 

Xander: Ah, gardening. That's good! We'll start with flowers... What sort 
were they?
Sakura S

Xander: Lady Sakura, shall we talk some more? 

Sakura: Yes, I would enjoy that. 

Xander: Ah, I like that fierce look in your eyes. Your training seems to be 
paying off. 

Sakura: Yeah, maybe... If it is, I have you to thank! 

Xander: Today, I think we should talk about the future. 

Sakura: Oh, that's good! I like to imagine what it'll be like in our 
countries after the war... 

Xander: As do I, but that's not what I meant. Princess Sakura... *ahem*  What 
I mean to say is... um... This is odd. You have me at a complete loss for 

Sakura: Prince Xander? Wh-what is it? 

Xander: What I'm trying to say is... I want you to have this ring. 

Sakura: Th-th-th-that's a...? 

Xander: Sakura, you look pale. Are you OK? 

Sakura: Y-yes... I just got n-nervous again. This is such a huge moment! 

Xander: Now you're laughing? Gods, this isn't going well. 

Sakura: No, I'm sorry! It's just funny... We're both making each other 

Xander: I suppose I can see the humor in that. Still, I must implore you to 
give my request your serious consideration. If you say yes, I promise I will 
always do my best for you and for our people. 

Sakura: Oh, Xander. You've already done so much for me. I first approached 
you because I found you intimidating... But now, I look forward to our every 
conversation. I won't keep you w-waiting, Xander. My answer is yes! 

Xander: I am so pleased to hear it. Come, let us go tell the others.
A3. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Prince Xander... Could I have a moment of your time? 

Xander: Hello, Princess Hinoka. What do you need? 

Hinoka: I wanted to ask your opinion about something I discovered... Ryoma is 
planning a dinner party for me. 

Xander: Oh really? That's very kind of him. 

Hinoka: I agree, but there is one small problem... 

Xander: What kind of a problem? 

Hinoka: You see, it was supposed to be a surprise dinner party. Obviously it 
won't be now, since I found out about it... How should I behave in this 

Xander: Hmm... How did you find out about the party? 

Hinoka: Well, I was walking down the hall, and the door to Ryoma's room was 
open... I heard him whispering about it to another person. 

Xander: I see. It definitely wasn't meant for your ears, then. 

Hinoka: I have no one else I can talk to about this. As a fellow royal, I 
thought you might have some insight you could share. 

Xander: Do you know what the reason for the dinner party is? 

Hinoka: No idea at all... It's not for my birthday... It could be the 
anniversary of my first victory in battle. I think that's coming up soon, and 
it's been several years since it happened. 

Xander: Well, my advice is to feign ignorance. When the party does happen, 
just behave as you normally would. Whatever you do, don't dwell on your 
knowledge of the party. Just enjoy it. 

Hinoka: Thank you, Prince Xander. I'll follow your advice.
Hinoka B

Hinoka: Prince Xander... 

Xander: What's the matter, Princess Hinoka? You look a little down... You 
aren't still worried about knowing about the dinner party, are you? 

Hinoka: I am. I wasn't before, after we talked-but I am now. You see, the 
anniversary of my first victory in battle has come and gone... The party I 
thought was being planned never happened. Maybe I misheard Ryoma after all... 

Xander: I see... 

Hinoka: I'm such a fool. I bet there never was any dinner party to begin 
with. It's so unlike me to get excited over something like that. I was so 
nervous, I was almost shaking whenever I was talking with Ryoma. On the 
anniversary itself, I couldn't focus on anything at all. I couldn't eat, I 
couldn't read. I thought that Ryoma would call on me at any time. But in the 
end, the day came and went. 

Xander: I understand why that would bother you... But try not to take it so 
hard. It's always possible that the party is planned for some other 

Hinoka: I thought of that, too, but I can't think of a single other event 
that it could be for... 

Xander: Hrm... It is a puzzle... I'd be happy to try and help you work it 
out, if you need someone to listen. 

Hinoka: Thank you, Prince Xander... You're much kinder than I thought you'd 
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Hey there, Prince Xander! 

Xander: Ah, hello, Princess Hinoka. You look to be in very good spirits 

Hinoka: Of course I am! After such a wonderful dinner party, how could I not 

Xander: I'm glad. You see now that there was no reason for you to worry. 

Hinoka: Yes. You were right. I appreciate your help. There are a few things I 
still don't understand, though... Like... What was that dinner party actually 
celebrating? I can't think of any anniversaries, it wasn't my birthday... And 
if it was a Hoshidan celebration, why were you there, Prince Xander? 

Xander: Erm... well... 

Hinoka: Hang on... Could it be that you planned the whole event yourself? 
Maybe I really did mishear Ryoma and there was no party being planned 
originally... But you felt bad when you saw how excited I became, and so 
planned one yourself? 

Xander: Who knows? I suspect that it will forever remain a mystery. The food 
was good though; that much we know! 

Hinoka: You know, Prince Xander, you act like you are unemotional... But 
you're actually pretty sensitive and considerate to others. 

Xander: Hahaha... You're welcome to interpret the party however you like. You 
may be giving me far too much credit. 

Hinoka: Just the same, thank you, Prince Xander. As a sign of my gratitude, 
would you like to take a ride on my pegasus? I know of an amazing place that 
can only be reached from the air. 

Xander: That sounds wonderful. I look forward to it.
Hinoka S

Hinoka: Hello, Prince Xander. Is something wrong? Your summons sounded 

Xander: I apologize for the rush, but I didn't realize until this morning 
what today was. 

Hinoka: What do you mean? Is there something special about today? 

Xander: There is a Nohrian belief that couples who dine together on this 
day... Well, they say the bonds that tie them are strengthened by eating 
together today. 

Hinoka: I don't quite understand... 

Xander: I'm sorry. Allow me to explain. After the last dinner party, I had 
hoped to plan more meals between the royalty. I thought that by doing so, we 
could bring our two kingdoms even closer together. But I also realized that 
you were the one I specifically wished to get to know better... 

Hinoka: Prince Xander, are you saying... Do you have feelings for me? 

Xander: Yes, Princess Hinoka. That is it exactly. Heh, it's actually a bit 
difficult to leave myself vulnerable like this. That's not a feeling I'm 
accustomed to. 

Hinoka: You may feel vulnerable, but you aren't in any danger, Prince Xander. 
I've cared for you for a while now. Even before you planned that dinner you 
won't admit to planning. That kind act made me think that maybe my feelings 
toward you were mutual. 

Xander: Oh? Was it that obvious? I'll admit that I feared how you would react 
to my confession. 

Hinoka: You have nothing to fear! Hmmm... You said that eating together today 
would strengthen our bond? 

Xander: That's the belief in Nohr, anyway... 

Hinoka: In that case, we'd better find something to eat and somewhere to eat 

Xander: Princess Hinoka, I'm so glad to hear you say that. I'd planned ahead, 
just in case you did feel for me as I feel for you... Follow me. I have a 
special meal waiting for us. 

Hinoka: I can't wait!

A4. Sakura C

Sakura: Oh, h-hello, Leo. Are you headed to today's war council meeting? 

Leo: Yes, I am. Will you be joining us? 

Sakura: No, I... I wouldn't be of any help. I hate discussing how to d-defeat 

Leo: I see. So we're all getting together to do something you hate. 

Sakura: I'm s-sorry... I didn't mean it like that. 

Leo: It's true, though, despite how you meant it. War meetings are for 
creating strategies and deciding how to best our enemies. I can see how that 
would be troubling to someone who loathes violence, as you do. Unfortunately, 
if we don't do it, then our own soldiers will end up hurt. 

Sakura: Y-yes, I understand that... but... 

Leo: Lady Sakura, you're simply not cut out for the battlefield. It's all too 
clear. You should stay out of harm's way and pray for the war to end quickly. 
A gentle person like you isn't cut out for this life. 

Sakura: ...!
Sakura B

Sakura: Leo, m-may I have a word? 

Leo: Hello, Princess Sakura. What can I do for you? 

Sakura: Are you having another meeting of the war council soon? If so...I'd 
like to j-join you. 

Leo: You? In the war council? 

Sakura: Yes... If th-that's OK. 

Leo: You yourself said that you're unable to contribute to our discussions. 
Why would I subject you to something you despise? There's no benefit to be 

Sakura: Yes... It's true. I DID say that. 

Leo: Then why would you join us? You should put it from your mind. You're 
very empathetic. You feel the pain of others more acutely than most. Even if 
you did tag along, doing so would only cause you undue suffering. 

Sakura: B-but I need to know what's going on! The more I know, the better 
I'll be able to help our soldiers when a battle's over. 

Leo: Ah, so there it is. Your aim is to help those who fall on the 

Sakura: If I know how many injuries to expect, I'll be better prepared. 

Leo: I finally understand. Your logic is most sound. In that case, your 
presence would be much appreciated. 

Sakura: Th-thank you so much, Prince Leo!
Sakura A

Leo: I must thank you for your participation in the war meeting, Princess 
Sakura. Thanks to you, efforts to help the injured in our last battle were 
greatly expedited. 

Sakura: Thank you... but it wasn't just me. It was all of us working t-

Leo: I urge you to accept my gratitude, as well as my apology. I was wrong to 
say that you weren't suited for the battlefield. You've proven yourself a 
capable soldier in your own right. 

Sakura: Well, I still don't like it. Hurting others and being hurt back and 
all that... I wish the war would just stop, but I can't just close my eyes 
and hope it passes! 

Leo: Princess Sakura... You're a strong lady. You clearly experience severe 
anxiety and fear, yet you never let it overcome you. Instead, you find 
something you can do to help and you do it with all your heart. 

Sakura: Th-thank you, Leo. 

Leo: I believe I'll be relying on you more and more in the future, Princess 
Sakura. You are a truly capable ally. 

Sakura: Oh! Th-thank you! I think I'd like that...
Sakura S

Leo: Princess Sakura... May I have a word? 

Sakura: Hi, Leo! Um, m-may I ask why you're looking at me like that? You're 
making me nervous! 

Leo: ... 

Sakura: Oh dear! Please say something before I explode! 

Leo: Princess Sakura, there's something I must tell you. I've been...truly 
impressed by your efforts in our war meetings recently. You're always 
thinking about how to help others, and never about yourself. I hope your kind 
heart never changes... In fact, I wish to protect it. 

Sakura: Don't worry about me, Leo! I promise, I won't let the war change me. 

Leo: I'm glad to hear it, but that's not exactly what I meant. 

Sakura: Oh? 

Leo: Seeing such kindness inspired something in me. Feelings I never thought 
I'd have. Feelings... of love. For you. 

Sakura: For m-m-me?! 

Leo: You have such a sweet heart, so full of understated strength. There's no 
one else like you. I need to have you by my side, Sakura. That is...if you 
feel the same. 

Sakura: Oh, Leo... I d-don't know what to say! To be honest, I feel the same 
way about you... b-but you're so brave and noble! I'm not sure I'm a good 
match for you... 

Leo: That simply isn't true. And I'm willing to spend the rest of my life 
proving it to you. 

Sakura: The rest of your life? 

Leo: Yes, Sakura. But we can start with a stroll. We could walk hand in 
hand... We could even speak of... happier things. 

Sakura: Oh? Like what? 

Leo: Things like... the peace I feel when I'm near you. See? Now, you're 

Sakura: Th-that's because... that sounds like the best idea I've ever heard. 
I want to be with you forever, Leo, and learn all about this side of you! 

Leo: As you wish, Sakura. Ever as you wish.
A4. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Hah! Hai-yah!

Leo: Now that I've seen your commitment to your training... I can understand 
how your battle prowess became so well known. 

Hinoka: Prince Leo? I'm sorry, I didn't know you were watching. 

Leo: No problem, Princess Hinoka. It's quite interesting to see how both you 
and Prince Ryoma train. It's no surprise that you were both able to turn the 
tide of a battle on your own. I used to consider you both incredibly 
dangerous as enemies... It's reassuring now to have such strong comrades to 
fight alongside. 

Hinoka: Prince Leo, I think you're exaggerating our skill just a little 

Leo: That is unlikely-the power you wield is undeniable. My only critique 
would be that your style is difficult to build a strategy around. 

Hinoka: I don't understand what you mean. 

Leo: I'm having trouble creating a plan that accounts for your aggressive 
attitude. Since you charge the enemy head-on, it'd be best to have a plan 
that supports you. But I find it hard to predict how you will behave when 
battle begins. 

Hinoka: Ahhh. Heh, I see what you're saying. A gifted strategist like 
yourself would be concerned with how things look on paper. I'm more concerned 
with how strong I am when steel meets steel. I'll leave you to your board-
game strategies. 

Leo: ...
Hinoka B

Leo: Princess Hinoka... I've been thinking more about the way you fight. I've 
concluded that it is far too reckless. 

Hinoka: Thanks for your thoughts, but I don't need any advice from you. I'll 
fight how I please. 

Leo: I must ask, though... As a princess and one of the leaders of Hoshido, 
why fight so dangerously? There must be ways to fight that don't constantly 
put you in danger. 

Hinoka: I'm sure there are, but none of those ways are how I prefer to fight. 
I won't sneak about, attempting to deceive or outflank my foe. Just give me 
my weapon and point me in the right direction. I'll meet them head-on. 

Leo: Perhaps you'd consider following a plan I've come up with, then? It 
accounts for your crazy charges by shifting troops to support and protect 
you. It has no downside, so you'd have to have a really good reason to 

Hinoka: I'll follow your strategy if the situation calls for it. But the only 
thing I put my faith in is my own power. It's just my nature. It doesn't 
matter how many troops I've got supporting me. 

Leo: Really? I'm actually a little surprised by that. 

Hinoka: How do you mean? 

Leo: From what I've seen, many of your retainers and subordinates put all 
their faith in you. But you in turn only trust in your own capabilities... 

Hinoka: ... 

Leo: You can't possibly believe that you can win this war all by yourself. 

Hinoka: I don't... 

Leo: Hrm. I apologize if I spoke out of line. Please excuse me, Princess 
(Leo leaves) 

Hinoka: I don't know what to make of you...
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Prince Leo... 

Leo: Hello, Princess Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Do you remember what you said to me the other day? 

Leo: You mean about you trying to win the war all by yourself? 

Hinoka: Yes. But... It's not my intention to fight alone. I'm aware that the 
people who fight at my side have put their faith in me. It isn't that I 
choose not to trust in those people. It's not that at all. But I can only 
know my own limits. I can't be sure of other people's. 

Leo: What are you saying, Princess Hinoka? 

Hinoka: I'm saying that I'm afraid of depending on other people too much. 
That's why I prefer to fight alone. 

Leo: But isn't part of the reason for having retainers so that you can depend 
on them? 

Hinoka: It is, and in day-to-day events, or for minor tasks, I can depend on 
them. But when I think about the idea of ordering someone into harm's way... 
I couldn't bear to do that, so instead I take on those duties myself. 

Leo: In other words, you'd sooner put yourself in danger than someone else. 

Hinoka: Yes... Is that really such a fault? 

Leo: Not in the least. On the contrary, it's a rather noble mind-set. It also 
explains why people put such trust in you-they believe you'll protect them. 

Hinoka: Having them around to protect does drive me to be stronger... Prince 
Leo, I apologize that my style makes it difficult to plan tactics. 

Leo: Now that I've thought about it, it doesn't seem like as big a problem... 
You've actually motivated and encouraged me to fight by your side as well. 

Hinoka: R-really?! Well, I'm glad to hear it, Prince Leo!
Hinoka S

Leo: Hey, Princess Hinoka. I apologize if this seems incredibly random... But 
have you given much thought to relationships? 

Hinoka: P-Prince Leo! Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?! Anyway, 
aren't we all incredibly busy? It seems there are other things to focus on... 

Leo: There is no reason that love should fall by the wayside, even in times 
of war. 

Hinoka: There is some truth to that, I'll admit... 

Leo: I'm sorry if this seems rude, but you have not answered my question... 

Hinoka: If you're going to be so persistent... W-well... I am human... Of 
course I've thought about relationships. Who hasn't? But even if there was 
someone I was in love with... I couldn't risk confessing my feelings and then 
losing him in battle. 

Leo: I understand what you're saying, but I feel a little differently... I 
don't think I can afford to risk losing the woman I love without admitting my 

Hinoka: What are you trying to say?! 

Leo: Princess Hinoka. I am in love with you. I'm telling you this because I 
want to know if you feel the same. 

Hinoka: You... you love me... Is this really true? You aren't messing with 
me, are you? This isn't some brand of Nohrian humor? 

Leo: I promise you, I'm not making any sort of joke. I adore you from the 
depths of my soul. I've felt drawn to you for a while, but when you said 
you'd risk yourself before others... Well, your courage and kindness won my 

Hinoka: Prince Leo... I love you too. But wouldn't a relationship between us 
be difficult, since we're both royalty? I'm sure there's some complicated 
process for royals to become involved... And an even more complex one for 
royals from kingdoms at war! 

Leo: That may be true, but I won't let it hold me back if you won't. What do 
you say, Hinoka? 

Hinoka: ...You know that this wouldn't change how I am, on or off the 
battlefield? I'll still drive forward into the enemy, still risk myself 
before I risk my friends... If you can accept that, then... 

Leo: If that's all you wish, then I'd gladly relent. I know what kind of 
person I fell for. Though I won't stop forming strategies that offer you 
support in battle. 

Hinoka: Heh... I wouldn't have it any other way.

A5. Nyx C

Subaki: Ah, Nyx. I've been looking all over for you.

Nyx: Oh? Did you need something? 

Subaki: During my patrols around the camp, I've often seen you all alone. So 
I was wondering if you'd like to be introduced around town. Everyone is very 

Nyx: I have no interest in striking up friendships. I'm perfectly content 
keeping my interactions to a minimum. Especially when it comes to Hoshidans. 

Subaki: Why are you so intent on staying isolated? Is it because you look so 
much younger than you truly are? 

Nyx: That's really none of your business... 

Subaki: Do you think we're just a bunch of children or something? 

Nyx: I didn't say that. But I am considerably older than all of you. I can't 
imagine what we would have to talk about anyway. 

Subaki: I didn't mean to bother you. It's just hard not to worry about 
someone who seems so lonely. 

Nyx: Please, spare me your concern. If you will excuse me, I have to be going 
(Nyx leaves) 

Subaki: Nyx?
Nyx B

Subaki: Hmm? Is that Nyx over there? She's all alone again. Maybe she'll be 
in the mood to chat.

Nyx: *sigh* 

Subaki: Hello, Nyx. I'm sorry to intrude while you're reading, but I wanted 
to talk. Wait... What are you drinking? 

Nyx: Oh, of course. I forgot that this is foreign to Hoshidans. It's called 

Subaki: Coffee, huh? I think I've heard of that. What an amazing scent... 
It's so dark. Does it taste good? 

Nyx: Of course it does. I wouldn't be sipping it otherwise. 

Subaki: Would you mind if I tried a sip? 

Nyx: Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt... 

Subaki: Wow!! I-it's so bitter. Why would anyone want to drink this? You've 
clearly got a more developed palate than I do. 

Nyx: Heehee. I guess coffee might be a bit of an acquired taste. 

Subaki: No kidding! A little went a long way. Listen, I'm sorry for treating 
you like a kid the other day. That was probably irritating in retrospect. It 
shouldn't have taken me so long to finally understand that. 

Nyx: It's fine. Don't worry about it. I should really be on my way. 

Subaki: Wait! You only drank half of your coffee! 

Nyx: Why don't you finish it? Maybe the flavor will grow on you. 
(Nyx leaves) 

Subaki: All right... I guess I'll try and drink it. *gulp gulp* So this is 
what coffee tastes like, huh? Interesting...
Nyx A

Nyx: *yawn*

Subaki: Good morning, Nyx. 

Nyx: Hello, Subaki. 

Subaki: Sorry for dropping in on you again. I was just wondering if you would 
be willing to try some of this coffee. 

Nyx: Hmm? You made coffee? 

Subaki: I sure did. Hopefully I brewed it properly. 

Nyx: B-but that's impossible. Nohr's food culture is totally different from 
that of Hoshido. And you just tried coffee for the very first time recently. 
There's no way that you could learn how to brew it properly without 

Subaki: Please, just try a small sip. I would really appreciate your 

Nyx: Fine, if you insist.
(Time passes)

Subaki: Here it is! The coffee is still nice and hot. I hope you enjoy the 

Nyx: Well, it certainly smells pleasant. And the color doesn't look half-bad 
either. I suppose I can give it a try. Ohh... Subaki, this is delicious! Did 
you honestly brew this? 

Subaki: I really did! Believe it or not, I picked, roasted, and ground all 
the beans myself. 

Nyx: I can't believe it... Honestly, I don't think I've ever had such a 
robust cup of coffee before. 

Subaki: Really? I'm so happy that you like it. Listen, I was wondering... Do 
you think we could get to know each other better? 

Nyx: What do you mean exactly? Wait a minute... Did you learn to make coffee 
so that you would have an excuse to talk to me? 

Subaki: Well, I like to learn about foreign cultures. I just think it's fun 
to talk with all kinds of people from different places. I thought maybe you 
would feel the same way too. 

Nyx: Oh, I see. Thank you, Subaki. Perhaps you could show me how you made 
this rich coffee. 

Subaki: O-of course! I'd be happy to walk you through my process now, if you 
Nyx S

Subaki: Good morning, Nyx!

Nyx: Oh, Subaki. Can I help you? 

Subaki: It seems like you enjoyed brewing coffee with me the other day. So I 
was wondering if you felt like trying to make something else today. 

Nyx: Oh? Like what exactly? 

Subaki: I was thinking about a beverage called matcha. It's a Hoshidan tea. 
It's bitter like coffee, with a pleasingly bold finish. I think you might 
enjoy it. 

Nyx: That's thoughtful of you to ask, but I'm going to pass. 

Subaki: What? But why? 

Nyx: You're right, it was fun to make coffee the other day. But I don't want 
you to get the wrong impression. I just can't be close to anyone right now. 
Besides, you're from Hoshido. There's no sense in spending more time 
together. Thank you for thinking of me, Subaki. I'm sorry if I hurt your 

Subaki: Listen... The truth is, I was just looking for an excuse to spend 
more time with you. 

Nyx: Huh? What do you mean? 

Subaki: I-I have... feelings for you. I was just too proud to admit it. 

Nyx: O-oh, so that's it. 

Subaki: Yeah. That's why I've been trying so hard to get your attention 
lately. I realize now that I should have just been direct and told you what I 
was thinking. 

Nyx: St-stop. You know that I'm much older than you. 

Subaki: So? Who cares? If that was a concern for me, I never would have tried 
to befriend you. The point is, I can't help the fact that I've got a crush on 

Nyx: Subaki, you don't know me. Not really. There is so much I have to atone 
for. I don't have any room in my life for romance. 

Subaki: What about friendship? It's not like I'm proposing. I just enjoy your 
company. What do you have to lose? 

Nyx: *sigh* You're very sweet. I suppose I can make time for one cup of tea. 

Subaki: R-really? We could keep chatting while we drink matcha. If you want. 
Personally, I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoon. 

Nyx: Heehee. Lead the way, Subaki.
A5. Selena C

Selena: Where could it have gone? I know that I dropped it somewhere around 
here... That ring is the only keepsake that I still have from my mother. Oh 
gods, please let me find it. 

Subaki: Hello there. Were you looking for this? 

Selena: Yes! Thank goodness! That's my ring. What a relief. 

Subaki: I'm glad that I could assist you. 

Selena: Your face looks familiar. Wait! Are you... 

Subaki: Yes? 

Selena: You're Hoshido's supposedly perfect superhuman, Subaki! I've always 
been curious to put your legendary skills to the test. 

Subaki: What are you talking about? 

Selena: Back when I lived in Nohr, I heard many tall tales about your feats. 
People said that the Hoshidan army had a pegasus knight of considerable 
skill. That his every movement was the very picture of effortless grace. Oh, 
and they said he was a first-rate gentleman and handsome to boot. A real 
prodigy in every regard. 

Subaki: Heh. Yes, I can say without hesitation that they were referring to 

Selena: Did I mention that they also said you were arrogant beyond measure? 
How could a brash man like yourself ever tame a pegasus? Generally, they only 
allow the most purehearted maidens to ride them. 

Subaki: What ever do you mean? Oh, you must be talking about the breed of 
pegasi from your country. They're considerably different from ours. 

Selena: Really? Is that true? 

Subaki: They're similar, but they are different breeds entirely. The pegasi 
of Hoshido and falicorns of Nohr don't mind men. They'll let anyone ride 
them, whether or not they're female. I'm surprised you didn't know that. It 
should be written in any basic tactical manual for new recruits. 

Selena: Well how would I know that? I just got here recently. Why are you 
acting all high and mighty over something so trivial? 

Subaki: I wasn't acting "high and mighty." I was simply stating a fact. 

Selena: Whatever. Fight me, Subaki! I know that I can take you down. 

Subaki: Fight you? Ha! Certainly, if you insist. I'm happy to tussle whenever 
you're ready. We can fight right this minute if you want. 

Selena: N-no, I don't feel like it today. But trust me; I'll settle the score 

Subaki: Fine. I'll be looking forward to our duel. 

Selena: Wait! Hold on a moment. 

Subaki: Yes? 

Selena: Wait... Umm... I just wanted to say thank you. You know, for finding 
my ring. Until next time, Subaki! 
(Selena leaves) 

Subaki: What a strange girl...
Selena B

Selena: This time I'm going to win for sure. No one can beat me at cooking. 
It's my specialty! 

Subaki: Why don't you bow out? How many times have we gone head-to-head? 
You've yet to win one of these competitions. You should just give up already. 

Selena: Sh-shut up! I'm not focusing on the past, Subaki. Today I'm going to 
win! I've already prepared a brand-new special stew. You're not gonna beat me 
this time! 

Subaki: A special stew? That's hard to believe. 

Selena: Don't be so cruel! You haven't even tried any. How would you know? 

Subaki: I think you already know the answer to that question. I'm brilliant! 

Selena: That's what you always say. 

Subaki: Selena, what's with the cuts all over your hands? How did you get 

Selena: I-I got them from fighting, obviously. 

Subaki: Wait, you don't just have cuts. It looks like you've got a number of 
burns as well. 

Selena: They're all just battle injuries. That's all! Pay them no mind. 

Subaki: A likely story... If I had to guess, I'd say that the cuts are from 
slicing vegetables. 

Selena: N-no they're not! 

Subaki: And you probably burned yourself by grabbing the pot without looking. 

Selena: Grrr... Fine! I admit it! You're right about everything! 

Subaki: Ha! I knew it. My powers of observation are second to none. 

Selena: Who cares if I made a few mistakes? Not everyone can be perfect like 

Subaki: Selena, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. 

Selena: How could you ever understand my feelings? You can't relate to anyone 
when you're trying to show everyone up! I'm leaving! 
(Selena leaves) 

Subaki: Selena, come back!
Selena A

Subaki: Hey, Selena... I've been looking all over for you. 

Selena: Oh? Subaki? Are you OK? Geez, you look exhausted. 

Subaki: Well I haven't slept much lately. I've been working on this. 

Selena: What's in that pot you're holding? 

Subaki: It's my attempt to make the stew from yesterday. I thought I would 
give your recipe a try. But the truth is... I failed completely. It tastes 
and smells like spoiled cabbage. 

Selena: But... That's impossible. I thought you never made any mistakes? 

Subaki: The truth is, I hate to let anyone see me make a mistake. Even with 
great amounts of practice, I still can't be an expert at everything. 

Selena: Subaki, you mean... 

Subaki: I'm not flawless, and I'm certainly not a genius... I just work hard 
and practice so that people will think that I'm perfect. 

Selena: Wow... Haha... Ahahahahahaha! 

Subaki: Hey, hold on! It's not very nice of you to laugh right in my face. 
I'm trying to open up. Wait... Are you crying? 

Selena: I'm s-sorry. It's just that talking to you reminds me of my mother. 
She passed away some time ago, but like you, she was extraordinarily gifted. 
Everyone in town called her brilliant. 

Subaki: I see... 

Selena: People have compared me to her, ever since I was little... She was my 
role model, so I worked as hard as I could to be just like her. But no matter 
how many hours of effort I put in... I could never compare to her. 

Subaki: Selena, don't say that. 

Selena: That's why I got so competitive with you. I felt like I had to win. I 
wanted to prove that through hard work, I could best someone like you. But 
now I realize we're both the same. 

Subaki: Precisely. 

Selena: Hahaha... It's funny, but I feel close to you right now. And a little 

Subaki: Ha, I'm right there with you! 

Selena: It's wonderful to realize we're really on the same playing field. 
Next time, I won't hold back on you, Subaki! You better be prepared. I'm 
going to beat you during our next competition! 

Subaki: Hahaha... In terms of sheer determination, I think you're already the 
Selena S

Selena: The big day is finally here! We will finally see who is the true 
accessory-crafting master! 

Subaki: I suppose we will... 

Selena: Hey, what's wrong? You seem tired again. Do you dislike what you 
made? Whatever. I'll show you my piece first! Ta-daaaaaaa! Feast your eyes on 
this! I made a gorgeous ring! Do you like the gem in it? It's pretty amazing, 
don't you think? I worked super hard on the design! 

Subaki: It's very well crafted... 

Selena: Quit acting so meek. What's wrong with you? 

Subaki: *sigh* 

Selena: Well since you're barely responding, is it fair to say that I'm the 

Subaki: I know you want to be considered some sort of supreme genius, Selena. 
But who do you actually want to recognize your hard work? 

Selena: Huh? Well now that you mention it... I'm not really sure. 

Subaki: It seems like more than anything, you want your mother to recognize 
you. But she's not here to give you that validation. I don't know if it 
matters, but I think you're remarkable. 

Selena: Huh? What do you mean? 

Subaki: You're a hard worker, and you're constantly striving to improve 
yourself. We're so similar... I think we would make an amazing couple. 

Selena: Subaki, I don't know what to say... 

Subaki: I really like you, Selena. Will you take this? 

Selena: This is nearly identical to my mother's ring, but with a few subtle 
differences. You made this? 

Subaki: I remembered it from when I found her ring out in the field. It was 
quite distinctive. I stayed up all night trying my hardest to perfect it. I 
hope it's to your liking. 

Selena: Oh my... 

Subaki: Please, will you wear it? I made it to symbolize my feelings for you. 

Selena: I'm speechless, Subaki. You went through all this effort just to 
please me. 

Subaki: What do you think? 

Selena: It's gorgeous! I'm honestly quite touched. 

Subaki: I don't suppose that you might like me too. If not, I understand... 

Selena: I-I have feelings for you too. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. 
I will wear your ring. 

Subaki: Thank you, Selena! I couldn't be happier! 

Selena: Ha, I just realized something... It's almost like I'm admitting 
defeat in our competition by taking this ring. It's a bit frustrating! Maybe 
I should try to break this competitive streak. 

Subaki: I have an idea! You could try and make a ring even more handsome than 
this one. Then you could give it to me! 

Selena: Haha. Challenge accepted!

A6. Beruka C

(No, seriously. This is actually in the game.)

Saizo: ... 

Beruka: ... 

Saizo: ... 

Beruka: ...
Beruka B

Saizo: When you were still taking contracts, did you do most of your jobs 

Beruka: Of course. I didn't need help. But after Lady Camilla took me in and 
enlisted me in the army... As head of a special strike force, I worked with 
partners more often. Yourself? 

Saizo: I do most of my work alone, in secret. 

Beruka: *nod* Covert operations are a challenge. 

Saizo: Indeed. There was one a few years ago that was especially so. My 
mission was to infiltrate Nohr and eliminate a duke. 

Beruka: ...Go on. 

Saizo: The target was a nobleman in a town in Nohr's eastern holdings. 
Everything that could go wrong with the job did. Even after the target was 
down, I had nothing but problems. One of the family saw me and screamed 
curses at me during my entire escape. Then, once I was out of the village... 

Beruka: ... 

Saizo: Am I boring you? 

Beruka: You're talking about Duke Pohl. 

Saizo: How do you know?! 

Beruka: So you killed him... 

Saizo: What do you mean? Did you know him? 

Beruka: No. But it doesn't matter now. It's too late. Forget it... 
(Beruka leaves) 

Saizo: Beruka! Wait! What was that about...?
Beruka A

Saizo: Beruka, about the other day... 

Beruka: I told you to forget it. 

Saizo: I'm sorry, but I can't. I looked deeper into the incident. 

Beruka: You... 

Saizo: Pohl's family hired you. Your contract was Lord Suruga, who gave me 
the original assignment of Duke Pohl. 

Beruka: ... 

Saizo: Lord Suruga's family, in turn, hired me for another job. I killed 
every member of Pohl's family... 

Beruka: Please... stop... 

Saizo: Why cover your ears? So you don't have to hear that your assignment 
was pointless? So you can avoid facing up to it? 

Beruka: You're no better. 

Saizo: No. I'm not. That's what's unbearable. This chain of vengeance has no 
ending. It's a vicious cycle. It's a perfect hell... 

Beruka: So you get it. 

Saizo: But our reason for fighting this war is to break that chain, isn't it? 
We need to put a stop to this foolish practice of washing blood clean with 

Beruka: That's what I'm fighting for, yes. 

Saizo: Let's snap the chain of suffering together for a more peaceful world. 
Can I count on your support for that? 

Beruka: I'll try.
Beruka S

Saizo: Beruka. Can we talk? 

Beruka: What is it? 

Saizo: We swore to fight together to bring peace to this world... But I want 
you to promise me one other thing. 

Beruka: Another vow? The first one was already a tall order. 

Saizo: I realize that. You and I have lived lives soaked in blood. Even if we 
can bring about peace... our lives in this new world will never be like those 
of our allies. 

Beruka: I know. 

Saizo: Which is why I want to find somewhere just for the two of us...to make 
our own peace. 

Beruka: Our own peace? What do you mean? 

Saizo: Let's settle down together, Beruka. Just you and me. Someplace where 
we can finally be at rest. 

Beruka: S-Saizo... 

Saizo: Though the world may turn its back on us as killers... I will never 
abandon you. I promise to stay with you forever. 

Beruka: ... I didn't know I could have feelings like this. But I want it... I 
want to know this peace you're talking about. 

Saizo: As long as we're with each other, I think it's within reach. 

Beruka: Then I'll stand by your side. 

Saizo: Good. No matter who rejects us, we will always have each other. 

Beruka: Always.
A6. Charlotte C

Saizo: Well, well. Look who we have here. The Nohrian woman... 

Charlotte: Oh, my! And who might you be? I would love to chat... so long as 
it doesn't cause trouble for you with your countrymen. Waiiiit... it's just 
you. Dammit, I should've looked before I got the act going. 

Saizo: Are these your true colors? Your pretty face belies your foul mouth. 

Charlotte: What's it to you? You know what, forget it. I'm done talking. 

Saizo: Why is that? 

Charlotte: You're just some thug for the Hoshidan royals. Look at your face. 
Look at your CLOTHES! They don't pay you much, do they? My time is wasted on 
a shabby commoner like you. 

Saizo: Hah. 

Charlotte: What's so funny? 

Saizo: I serve as personal guard to Lord Ryoma, heir to the Hoshidan throne. 
It is a mistake to think of me as one of the rank and file. 

Charlotte: Ooh, aren't we special? 

Saizo: I'm just saying that looks aren't everything. 

Charlotte: Hmm... I thank you for this pearl of wisdom you've so graciously 
dispensed! Now that I've had a close look, your regal bearing is readily 
apparent. Perhaps you save these glimpses of your true nature for those... 
special to you...? 

Saizo: It's a little late for that. 

Charlotte: Can't blame a girl for trying. 

Saizo: Heh... you amuse me. They say that everyone has multiple facets, but 
few are so blatant as yours. 

Charlotte: Say that again! I dare you! If you're so high class, you should be 
embarrassed that I couldn't even tell! 

Saizo: Hahaha... I'm doubly amused that you think I should care. 

Charlotte: Ughhhh! I've had enough of you, one-eye!
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Heheheheh... The quickest way to a man's heart is through the 
stomach! *sip* Could be spicier. I need just the right jolt to knock him off 
his feet!

Saizo: Hmm. Better than I expected, but it could use more salt. 

Charlotte: Holy cats! You scared me! Don't go around tasting people's food! 
Where did you even come from?! 

Saizo: I don't see why you're so shocked. I'm a ninja. Appearing from nowhere 
is what I do. 

Charlotte: Show-off... 

Saizo: *slurp* This soup's quite good. Shame about the cook, though. 

Charlotte: Why, thank you! It means so much to me that you enjoyed it! ...In 
a pig's eye! That soup wasn't made for you, so hands off! 

Saizo: It was made using army resources. Why shouldn't I, a soldier, have 
some? You weren't diverting provisions for personal use, were you? 

Charlotte: Ahaha! Wh-what a funny notion! I would never, of course! 

Saizo: If you say so. But getting back to what I was saying... You've got a 
sharp tongue but a discerning palate. It's an interesting contrast. 

Charlotte: Haha... ha... So what if I do?! Shut up! 

Saizo: Isn't it good to act naturally for a change? 

Charlotte: Huh? 

Saizo: It sickens me to see you put on that sweet, innocent charade to hide 
your true nature. You can drop it around me. See you later. 
(Saizo leaves) 

Charlotte: Ughhhh, that man gets on my nerves! Who the hell does that busted-
up sneak think he is?
Charlotte A

Charlotte: There we go! The cooking's done, and this is the last of the 
laundry! What's next on the agenda...

Saizo: Interesting choice of phrase. Would this be your regular agenda or the 
hidden one? 

Charlotte: You again?! I'm starting to think you keep popping up just to 
harass me. 

Saizo: You flatter yourself. I was just passing by. 

Charlotte: Argh! You drive me nuts! Where are the true gentlemen out there 
who'd recognize my ladylike splendor? When will the handsome prince, destined 
to love me at first sight, arrive? Why is it always YOU I run into?! 

Saizo: I apologize for constantly being myself. 

Charlotte: Damn it... I'm not conspicuously cooking and cleaning for THIS 
dirty sneak! It's a tragedy that I go so unrecognized for all I do around 

Saizo: Isn't it, though? Still, even if nobody else is aware of your 
contributions to this army... I notice. 

Charlotte: You... do? 

Saizo: Of course, your rotten core hasn't escaped my notice either. 

Charlotte: Aaaaand the moment is ruined. You just don't know when to shut up! 

Saizo: Hah. Whoops. 

Charlotte: Yeah, laugh it up! I'm really getting the sense you just come to 
make fun of me! 

Saizo: What would you rather I say? 

Charlotte: Try not saying anything! Try leaving me alone! 

Saizo: All right. See you around, two-face. 
(Saizo leaves) 

Charlotte: I've had it up to here with him! Then again... he did notice. M-
maybe he's not as shabby as he looks...
Charlotte S

Saizo: Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Gah! You AGAIN? What do you want now? 

Saizo: I want you to go out with me. 

Charlotte: Go out with you? To battle? Go out shopping? What are you talking 

Saizo: None of those. I want us to be... you know... an item. 

Charlotte: Wh... What?! Have you lost your mind?! Why would I settle for YOU? 

Saizo: Why not? I'm the one who sees you slaving away to keep our forces fed 
and clothed. What other man knows you have any redeeming features? It seems 
natural to me that I would be the one for you. 

Charlotte: N-now wait a minute here! Don't I get a say in this? 

Saizo: Of course. But what's the problem? It certainly shouldn't be my 
status. Do you have other suitors I'm not aware of among the high prince's 

Charlotte: Even if I don't, you've still got a lot of nerve, talking to me 
like that! This condescension is a funny way of showing a woman you love her! 

Saizo: I didn't meant to condescend. I thought you were interesting. You're 
skilled at so many things, despite your rotten core. 

Charlotte: W-was that a compliment? I can't ever tell with you! 

Saizo: Take it however you want. But I'm the only man who understands you 
this thoroughly. You could do worse than to "settle" for me. 

Charlotte: There you go again... That's exactly what I mean! 

Saizo: You hate me, then? 

Charlotte: Well... no, not really. I did get a thrill when you saw how much 
effort I put in... And I always thought it would be nice to have a foreign 

Saizo: Then it's settled. 

Charlotte: Urrrgh... but then you go and say something smug again! I don't 
know if I want to stay with you forever or never see you again! 

Saizo: That doesn't matter. 

Charlotte: What?! Why doesn't it matter? 

Saizo: Either reaction is honest. That's what I'm offering you. If you 
married a man while putting on that act, he would never know the real you. 
You would never know what he might think of you as you really are. But you 
know what I think, because I tell you. Wouldn't an honest life be better? 

Charlotte: Y-yeah... I guess so... 

Saizo: There's only one other thing. I want to hear you call me by my name. 

Charlotte: Whaaat?! 

Saizo: Up to now, it's always been "one-eye" and "dirty sneak" and so on. 
That's no way to start a relationship. 

Charlotte: What, it bothers you that much? Heehee... 

Saizo: Come on, just say it. 

Charlotte: You're cute when you blush. Sure, I'll call you by your name. Why 

Saizo: I'm still waiting... 

Charlotte: Saizo... do you promise you'll love me? Will our days together be 

Saizo: Of course. Again, though: drop the act. 

Charlotte: You... you pig! You can't leave well enough alone, huh?! You're a 
snake! A one-eyed jerk! Dirty sneeeeeak!

A7. Effie C

Effie: Ow. Heehee! 

Azama: Effie, you just sustained a significant wound. Clearly, you're in 
pain. So, why are you laughing? 

Effie: I'm just happy that we won the battle... and I was able to protect 

Azama: Fascinating. So you value the lives of others more than your own. 
Truly, you're operating on an advanced karmic level. 

Effie: I don't know. The way I see it, I'm just really good at fighting. I 
don't want to get hurt or die... But it would be even worse if a friend fell 
in battle and I survived. 

Azama: Oh. How disappointing. I thought you had no regard for your physical 
body. That would be interesting! But I guess you're just a boring old 
soldier. As such, I'm bored. See you later! 

Effie: Um...

Azama: Oh, fine. I'll say it. Thank you for protecting me. I suppose I do 
appreciate the opportunity to keep this body alive a while longer. 

Effie: Great! I'm happy you're still alive.
Effie B

Azama: Ah, just as I suspected. I got word that one of our soldiers was badly 
injured while protecting someone. And who else could it be... The amazing 
selfless Effie-who has no regard for her own life! 

Effie: Oh, Azama. Stop teasing and heal me, will you? 

Azama: I can't believe you can maintain such a calm demeanor with an injury 
like that. You're even JOKING, for crying out loud! Do you even care whether 
you live or die? 

Effie: Well, of course! I couldn't protect other people very well if I were 
dead, could I? 

Azama: Do you realize that I have peered into the abyss of creation? And I 
can tell you that there are no guarantees in the afterlife. You could be 
reincarnated as a newt! So, I would caution you to take good care of your 
body in this plane of existence. I suppose you'd even sacrifice yourself for 
an enemy, wouldn't you? 

Effie: No! No, no, no, no, no. Well... maybe. Only if the situation demanded 
it somehow. 

Azama: You know, under certain circumstances you could be punished for saying 

Effie: What?! My life's only goal is protecting Lady Elise. All I meant by 
that was that if I had to protect an enemy to save HER, somehow... I'd do it 
in a heartbeat. 

Azama: Well. It's still treason. 

Effie: Oh, please. As if Lord/Lady Corrin deals strictly in black and 
white... I'm sure he/she would understand the intent behind my statement. 

Azama: You're right. I was just testing the depths of your philosophy. It's 
unlike any I've encountered before.
Effie A

Azama: Effie! Are you in here? They said you sustained a lot of damage...

Effie: Yes. I'm here, Azama. 

Azama: You are the most foolish person I have ever known! To think... we 
spoke in jest about defending an enemy... and then you actually did it! What 
were you thinking? 

Effie: The so-called enemy in question was a child, Azama. He was abandoned 
by his comrades, and his foot was trapped under a log. Arrows were raining 
down from above. I couldn't just leave him... 

Azama: But when you risk your life like that, you risk the lives of everyone 
in our camp! 

Effie: Don't worry. I haven't met anyone or anything strong enough to kill 
me. Besides, you'll always be here to rush in and heal me, right? 

Azama: Well, I... I wasn't RUSHING. I was briskly walking. 

Effie: Heh. If you say so, Azama. In any case, thank you. 

Azama: Hmpf. 

Effie: Anyway, I seem to have lost a little blood, and it's making me... 
sleepy... ... Zzzzzz... 

Azama: Yes, rest awhile. It'll help your wounds fully heal. *sigh* That look 
on her face while she's sleeping. It's so... naive. But... endearingly naive. 
Effie S

Azama: Effie, do you have a few minutes to have a philosophical chat? 

Effie: I suppose so... but you realize I don't have any injuries at the 
moment, right? 

Azama: What does that have to do with anything? 

Effie: Well, you know... it just seems that the only time we talk is when I'm 
hurt in battle. 

Azama: Ah. Of course. Well, this does concern your habit of getting injured 
in battle, I suppose... 

Effie: How so? 

Azama: I want to... protect you. 

Effie: What do you mean? You protect me all the time... by tending to my 

Azama: I want to protect you BEFORE you get injured. Because I want to live a 
long and happy life... with you by my side. 

Effie: Are you saying what I think you're saying? 

Azama: Yes. At first, I was annoyed with your selflessness. It seemed 
impractical. But as I've come to admit to myself, it has a certain charm. I 
also admire your fearlessness in the face of unbelievable danger. 

Effie: Azama... 

Azama: Please, let me finish. I've never said this before-to anyone! I... I 
love you. 

Effie: I was hoping you'd say that. I think I love you, too. You seemed a bit 
prickly at first... But the way you always rushed in to treat me before 
anyone else after a battle... I started thinking of you as my hero. 

Azama: Well, that IS the word I'd most likely use to describe myself... 

Effie: Shh, don't spoil the moment. Anyway, I spend so much time worrying and 
caring about Elise... it feels nice to have someone who feels the same way 
about me. So, thank you! 

Azama: You're welcome. I would find this existence much less interesting if 
you were dead. 

Effie: Erm... yes. You do need to work on both receiving and giving 
A7. Beruka C

Azama: Beruka, may I have a moment of your time? 

Beruka: What do you want? 

Azama: I've heard you're renowned for your skills as an assassin in Nohr. Is 
that true? They say that no one is better. 

Beruka: You shouldn't believe everything you hear. Most of the time, people 
don't tell the truth. 

Azama: O-ho, is that so? Well nonetheless, I still have one more burning 
question for you. 

Beruka: Fine, just keep it short. 

Azama: I've heard that Nohrian people are more true to their desires than 
Hoshidans. That they follow their passions without a second thought for 
anything else. By that logic, you would appear to be a classic Nohrian 
through and through. 

Beruka: What is that supposed to mean? 

Azama: Deny it all you want, but I know it's the truth, Beruka. You chose to 
be a killer. And I don't mean on the battlefield. What kind of dedication 
does that require? I wanted to talk because I don't understand how your mind 

Beruka: *sigh* 

Azama: So is the best part for you pulling off a thrilling murder? Or is it 
the piles of gold that drive you? I have to assume that you're getting some 
satisfaction from your profession. 

Beruka: Satisfaction... I've never felt satisfied. 
(Beruka leaves) 

Azama: Oops-I think I got on her bad side! Wait, does she have a non-bad 
Beruka B

Azama: I finally found you, Beruka. 

Beruka: Azama... 

Azama: Listen, I'm sorry about what I said the other day. I was being rude 
and presumptuous. We barely even know each other. I was so curious about Nohr 
that I couldn't help myself. 

Beruka: Why is that, exactly? 

Azama: Well, it seems to me that the values in Nohr and Hoshido are quite 
different. Your lives are focused on desire. And everyone is rewarded for 
that same focus. Perhaps I'm just jealous because you were born into such a 

Beruka: I understand what you're trying to say. But trust me... You don't 
know the first thing about Nohrian culture. Stop being so nosy. 

Azama: What do you mean? 

Beruka: I had to kill in order to survive. It was the only path available to 
me. Your prodding questions show that you've been raised in comfort. This is 
just pure entertainment for you. 

Azama: So you're angry at me for not taking life and death seriously enough? 
Keep in mind that you're the cold-blooded killer here. I'm just asking you a 
few questions. 

Beruka: You're just trying to create friction. I don't understand this game. 

Azama: It's no game! I'm just trying to enjoy a nice conversation with my 
comrade-in-arms. Maybe we shouldn't dwell on this topic. I wouldn't want your 
icy gaze to freeze me.
Beruka A

Beruka: Azama. 

Azama: Oh, Beruka. What is it? You look upset. 

Beruka: I was thinking about our argument the other day. I owe you an 
apology. While I didn't appreciate your questions, you also had a point. I 
can't deny the fact that I'm a killer. Maybe you have a right to judge me. 
Your life has been dedicated to ascetic practice and the work of the gods. 
It's clear that you've brought more good into the world than I have. 

Azama: You certainly take everything seriously, don't you? 

Beruka: Well of course I do. 

Azama: Listen, I may be a monk, but no one has ever praised me like that 

Beruka: Really? 

Azama: Of course not. I love to give people a hard time, hahaha. Generally, 
that isn't the best way to go around getting praised. 

Beruka: Heh. Well, you were right about one thing. Our environments clearly 
shaped both of us in unique ways. It's strange. Even when we were fighting, I 
found it to be almost... humorous. 

Azama: I totally agree. I think it's because we're both perplexed by each 
other. But maybe if we keep getting to know each other better, that will fade 
away. We are comrades now. 

Beruka: You're right. I'm looking forward to that. 

Azama: Me too, Beruka.
Beruka S

Azama: Beruka, will you do me a favor? I need you to answer a multiple-choice 

Beruka: This is uncalled for. Why now? 

Azama: Don't worry about that. Listen, there are two options, OK? In the very 
near future, you must decide between two different paths. This choice will 
alter the course of your life in more ways than you can imagine. 

Beruka: OK... 

Azama: Option A entails that we go back to Nohr together. You can continue 
your job as an assassin if you want. 

Beruka: Azama, what is this? 

Azama: Option B is to come with me to Hoshido to help with my missionary 
work. We can spread spiritual wisdom, together. So, which do you choose? 

Beruka: But, Azama, in both of these options, I end up living with you. It 
almost sounds like you're trying to propose to me. 

Azama: I'm proposing that we stay together. To try and build a life. 

Beruka: Are you serious?! 

Azama: What's wrong? Is this too sudden? Did I catch you off guard? 

Beruka: Well of course I'm surprised. I mean, we really haven't spent all 
that much time together. And like you said, we're from totally different 
backgrounds and cultures. 

Azama: But I love that. I'm always learning new things when I spend time with 
you. I feel like being different people actually makes us complementary 
partners. Am I crazy? 

Beruka: No... You're not crazy. I feel the same way. Perhaps with you, I can 
wash the blood from my hands and begin anew. The thought makes me feel 

Azama: I'm happy to hear that. Asking you to be with me was nerve wracking. 
I'm just happy that you didn't cut me in half for asking you to be with me! 

Beruka: Yes. Your relief is evident on your face. 

Azama: If you stick with me, you'll see a lot more of this smile in the 
future. I hope you can accept me for who I am. 

Beruka: That goes for me too. By the way, can I decide on that big question 
of yours later? I think it would be best to think it over. 

Azama: Of course. Why don't we go for a walk and talk it over together. But I 
honestly think I'd be happy with you in Nohr or Hoshido. Anywhere really. It 
doesn't matter. I just want to be by your side.

A8. Effie C

Hayato: OK, steel yourself, Hayato. Here we go... HRRRGH!

Effie: Hayato! Do you need some help with that? 

Hayato: What, this trifling load? *hrrrrgh* No, of course not. *huff* *huff* 

Effie: Here, let me just help a little bit. HYAH! 

Hayato: Gods! You made that look easy! 

Effie: So, where do you want this? Over in the storehouse? 

Hayato: Well, sure. I mean, now that you're already carrying it, you might as 

Effie: Are you supposed to move all this stuff? Because I think I can get it 
in one trip... 

Hayato: One trip? All right, I'm not going to lie. It usually takes me at 
least five trips.

Effie: And there you go. All done! 

Hayato: Thanks. I owe you one. 

Effie: What's the matter? Did I put it in the wrong place? 

Hayato: No, it's just... I can't believe you're that much stronger than me. 
It's a little embarrassing, to be honest. 

Effie: Oh, Hayato. I'm stronger than everyone! It's kind of my thing. 
Besides, do you even need much strength to cast spells? 

Hayato: No, I suppose I don't NEED to be any stronger. But I'm a grown man! 
I'm tired of being treated as a child. Maybe bulking up a bit would get me 
the respect I deserve. 

Effie: Well, I respect you, Hayato. But I'd also be happy to help you with 

Hayato: Oh? That sounds good. Especially after that display of raw power... 

Effie: Ha! That was nothing. Really. REALLY. I can't wait to show you how 
strong I am. Uh, I mean... I can't wait to show you how strong YOU can be. 

Hayato: Thanks, Effie. I'm looking forward to it.
Effie B

Hayato: *huff* *huff* *huff* Whew... 

Effie: Hayato... are you OK? 

Hayato: Yes, yes, of course. I just didn't realize that your training would 
be this intense. You do this every day? 

Effie: Today's actually my easy day. But after I warm up with a couple 
hundred more squats, we'll get into it. 

Hayato: No... I can't take any more! 

Effie: But you looked so good at the start! Now you've just got to push 
through the pain. 

Hayato: Effie, if I push any harder, you will have to push ME back to camp in 
a barrow. But believe me, I will persist in the long term. I'll be back for 

Effie: That's the right attitude! You're going to be a pretty scary opponent 
when you're all beefed up. Just imagine... Raw physical power, plus your 
magical skills... I'm actually jealous. All I have to offer is my brute 

Hayato: Effie, that's hardly a trivial offering. You're almost 
incomprehensibly strong. 

Effie: Sure, but sometimes I feel...lost...in combat. I envy our tacticians. 

Hayato: But surely you realize that the mind can be trained-just like a 
muscle! And I'd be more than willing to help. It would seem a natural 

Effie: You'd do that for me? Thank you, Hayato! I'll definitely take you up 
on your offer. But I think it's about time we got back to the business at 
hand-your workout! 

Hayato: If we must.
Effie A

Hayato: Ugh... please tell me that's it for today. I can't take any more 

Effie: Yes, that's it. Stretch those quads, and we'll call it a day. You're 
making a ton of progress, you know. 

Hayato: Yes, I'm quite pleased. I have more energy, and I've been sleeping 
soundly at night. Who knows... Maybe someday I'll be known more for my 
strength than my smarts. 

Effie: Oh, Hayato. You'll be known for both. 

Hayato: Well, thank you, Effie. Speaking of smarts, we're about due for a 
lesson, aren't we? 

Effie: I suppose so. Although I didn't come away feeling very confident from 
the last one. 

Hayato: Nonsense! You were a fine pupil and showed adequate progress. And 
besides, I think I have something queued up that will pique your interest. 
War games! 

Effie: Do you think I'm ready for that? I struggled so much last time... 

Hayato: Hey, I wasn't ready to do a thousand lunges. But you made me do them 

Effie: Well played. All right, Hayato. I'm game. Let's do it! It's an excuse 
to spend more time together, if nothing else. 

Hayato: Er... 

Effie: Did I say something wrong? What is it? 

Hayato: No, no. Of course not. I enjoy spending time with you too, Effie. I 
suppose, as an adult, it's only natural to speak freely about such things. 

Effie: Right! There's nothing to be ashamed of. Now, let's get down to 
Effie S

Hayato: Behold, Effie! This morning, I was able to complete your training 
regimen with energy to spare. 

Effie: That's great, Hayato! You're looking strong. 

Hayato: Yes, much stronger than before. I finally feel like an able-bodied 
adult. And look at you! Your battle tactics have never been sharper. You're 

Effie: Well, I'm learning from the best. 

Hayato: You really think I'm the best? That means a lot to me. I suppose all 
the preparation I've been putting into our lessons has paid off. 

Effie: Preparation? I didn't know you were going to those lengths. 

Hayato: It's nothing-and I'm happy to do it. Anything to impress a lady such 

Effie: Lady? Impress? What are you getting at, Hayato? 

Hayato: Er... I didn't mean to... *sigh* No use beating around the bush at 
this point, I suppose. Effie... I like you. 

Effie: What? 

Hayato: I... uh... that was not the reaction I had hoped for. 

Effie: What reaction? 

Hayato: You... you just crushed that gauntlet you were holding! 

Effie: Oh, I'm sorry... I was just excited! 

Hayato: Does that mean you're interested? 

Effie: Yes! I... I think I'm actually in love with you, Hayato. 

Hayato: Seriously? 

Effie: Yes. I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm guessing that the 
feeling is mutual. I was wondering when you were ever going to get around to 
letting me know. But now that everything is out in the open, we can just 
relax and enjoy it! 

Hayato: You're so direct. But... I think I like it. 

Effie: This is what adults do, Hayato. And we are both adults. 

Hayato: Finally! Someone noticed!
A8. Nyx C

Hayato: Hello, Nyx. 

Nyx: Well look who it is. The infamous Hoshidan diviner, Hayato. 

Hayato: From what I've heard, you're already using a huge number of powerful 
spells. That's very unusual. Tell me, is it true? 

Nyx: You know, I'm a lot older than I look. There's no need to treat me like 
a kid. How old are you? 

Hayato: Ha, wouldn't you like to know. 

Nyx: So, Hayato, what are you doing out here? 

Hayato: Indulging in my curiosity, I suppose. 

Nyx: Curiosity about what? 

Hayato: Well, the truth is, I wanted some advice. 

Nyx: Oh? What about? 
Hayato: Listen, I don't want anyone else to hear this. Can you keep a secret? 

Nyx: Of course. My lips are sealed. 

Hayato: OK. Well then... Wait. No, something is wrong. Never mind. 

Nyx: Hmm? What could be wrong? We're all alone out here. 

Hayato: Listen, just pretend like this never happened. I have to go.
(Hayato leaves) 

Nyx: What in the... That was strange.
Nyx B

Hayato: There you are, Nyx. 

Nyx: Hello, Hayato. What are you doing all the way out here? 

Hayato: Listen, I'm sorry for the other day. I hope that I didn't upset you 
somehow. I thought maybe it would be easier to talk if you knew something 
about me. I'm unique within the Wind Tribe because of my ability as a 
spellcaster. Due to this strange talent, I've reached prominence at Reppu 
Castle. But I'll let you in on a secret of mine. A weakness really... I'm... 

Nyx: What is it? 

Hayato: It's the darkness... 

Nyx: Are you saying that you have a dark disposition? 

Hayato: No, that's not it. I'm saying that I seriously can't deal with any 
dark place. 

Nyx: Hmmmm... 

Hayato: What is that supposed to mean? I'm trying to be honest with you. In 
the past, I've attempted to control my fear. To overcome it with spells. In 
the midst of my search, I learned about you, Nyx. 

Nyx: Are you hoping that I'll make an incantation to banish your fear? 

Hayato: Yes, that's exactly what I want. 

Nyx: But, Hayato, it's perfectly natural to be frightened sometimes. Maybe 
there's nothing to fix. 

Hayato: Huh? What do you mean? 

Nyx: Aren't all boys your age afraid of one thing or another? 

Hayato: I told you, I'm not a little boy. We're probably about the same age! 
Maybe you're afraid of the dark too! 

Nyx: N-no, actually, I'm not... 

Hayato: Ugh, what's wrong with me! This isn't fair. Please, can't you just 
make the spell? 

Nyx: A spell that conquers your fear of the darkness. I've never tried 
something like that before. I'll have to do some research first. And I can't 
promise you anything... 

Hayato: Oh thank you! I really appreciate this. But, please, don't tell 
anyone, OK? 

Nyx: Your secret is safe with me.
Nyx A

Nyx: I've finished that spell you requested. You know, the one to banish your 
fear of the darkness. 

Hayato: Really?! You mean it? I'm so excited. 

Nyx: I assumed you would be. Now first things first, go stand over there. 

Hayato: OK! Whatever you say! 

Nyx: You will feel my magic washing over you, like a gentle tide. Hmm... It's 
finished. There's no need to fear the darkness from here on out. 

Hayato: B-but... I don't feel any different at all. 

Nyx: Oh, I think you will come sunset. 

Hayato: Y-yeah, I sure hope so.
(Time passes)
Hayato: Ugh... Wa-waaaaaaaaah! I'm scared! This is terrifying!! 

Nyx: Oh my, what is that shrieking voice off in the distance? 

Hayato: This spell isn't working at all! I've never been more terrified in my 
life! Why did you play this devilish trick on me? 

Nyx: Stop running your mouth. I did cast that spell on you. But a spell alone 
simply isn't enough. The rest is up to you and your heart. You have to let go 
of fear. Only then will it be banished from your heart. 

Hayato: Ohh, so that's how this works? 

Nyx: For someone so powerful, you certainly behave like a baby. You're gifted 
with incantations and beloved by the Wind Tribe, yes? They revere you within 
the village and hold you in high esteem. I would think you should understand 
this spell without too much difficulty. 

Hayato: You're right. M-maybe the darkness is nothing to be frightened by. 
I'm not scared... I'm really not scared anymore. 

Nyx: That's amazing. For a moment there, I wasn't sure what was going to 

Hayato: Listen, I'm sorry that I panicked for a minute before. I really think 
I'll be fine now. With my phobia conquered, I've finally become a flawless 

Nyx: Heh, is that right? I'll admit, you look more handsome now. Confidence 
befits you. 

Hayato: D-do you really think so? 

Nyx: I wouldn't lie. 

Hayato: This all happened because of you. I really appreciate your effort. 
You really took care of me! 

Nyx: I was happy to help.
Nyx S

Hayato: *sigh* 

Nyx: Hayato, is something wrong? It's so late. What are you still doing up at 
this hour? Is this your own strange way of bragging now that you don't fear 
the darkness? 

Hayato: I would never do something so childish. I've just heard that there is 
more ambience during the night. 

Nyx: Oh? And why are you so concerned with ambience all of a sudden? 

Hayato: When you have something important to say, it's better to speak at 
night. Or at least that's what someone told me. 

Nyx: What is this all about, Hayato? 

Hayato: Nyx... I have feelings for you. 

Nyx: What?! 

Hayato: I just know that you're the woman for me. What do you say? 

Nyx: Are you really sure about that? 

Hayato: What do you mean? 

Nyx: It's just that I'm much older than you. 

Hayato: Wh-what?! I don't care about that. If you don't like me, I'll 
understand. I can survive you breaking my heart. 

Nyx: No, you don't understand... 

Hayato: What are you trying to say? 

Nyx: A long time ago, I cast a very strange spell. Because of that mistake, 
my body stopped growing. That's why I appear so young. 

Hayato: I understand. But you're not much older than me. I also look young 
for my age. There's nothing to worry about. I am the head diviner of the Wind 
Tribe. I will shatter your curse one day. 

Nyx: Are you sure about that? It would make me look like a much older woman, 
you know. 

Hayato: Your age doesn't matter. I've come to care for you deeply. 

Nyx: That's very sweet of you to say... I like you too, Hayato. 

Hayato: R-really? You mean it? 

Nyx: Yes, I do. I'm so very happy. You've come so far since your struggle 
with the darkness. 

Hayato: So it would seem. It's all thanks to you and your amazing spell. 

Nyx: Since everything ended up just fine, I'll tell you the truth. There 
never was any spell. Not really. 

Hayato: Huh? What do you mean? 

Nyx: There is no spell to make someone unafraid of the dark. I made it up... 

Hayato: Wh-what... You mean... 

Nyx: Umm, why are you shaking all of a sudden? Get yourself together already. 

Hayato: I'm fine. I wasn't shaking at all! 

Nyx: You're going to be a real handful, aren't you? But at least you're cute.

A9. Selena C

Hinata: Ha! Hai-yah! 

Selena: Oy, Hinata! Could you keep it down? I want to take a nap, but there's 
no way I'll fall asleep with your stupid yelling. 

Hinata: If you can't sleep, you should come spar with me instead! 

Selena: What? It's because of your training that I can't sleep! Why would I 
come spar with you instead when I just want you to shut up? 

Hinata: But... it's impossible to train quietly... And anyway! You're the one 
who's trying to sleep in the middle of training! 

Selena: What's wrong with that?! Are you saying I'm the one in the wrong? 

Hinata: Jeez, you got angry fast! Better settle this in the sparring ring, 

Selena: You better believe we're gonna settle this! You'll regret 
interrupting my nap! 

Hinata: Perfect, just what I wanted! Bring it on! 

Selena: Hai-ya! Oh damn it, you wanted to get me sparring, didn't you!
Selena B

Hinata: Hey there, Selena! You look like you're not doing anything at the 

Selena: What? I'll have you know I'm actually incredibly busy! 

Hinata: Oh really? In that case, let me help you wrap up whatever you're 

Selena: I don't need any help! I'm just planning on going shopping! Why are 
you so determined to free me up, anyway? 

Hinata: I figured-if you weren't busy-we'd be able to spar some more. 

Selena: I see... There are a ton of fighters in the camp... Why me 

Hinata: Because you're a skilled fighter, of course! I can only improve by 
fighting the best. 

Selena: Heehee, you think I'm skilled? I suppose since you're saying such 
nice things, I could make some time to spar... 

Hinata: And with you as my opponent, I can go all out without worrying! 

Selena: What do you mean by that?! 

Hinata: Just... Since we're always fighting on the battlefield... a few nicks 
or cuts in training won't be that big of a deal. 

Selena: You asked to spar with me because it won't matter if you beat me up? 
What the... 

Hinata: No! That's not what I meant! 

Selena: You moron! You're awful. I don't like getting beat up any more than 
anyone else! I'll never spar with you after this. Unbelievable! 

Hinata: I-I'm sorry... I didn't realize what I was doing was so bad... 

Selena: No! It's too late to apologize! 

Hinata: I understand... Hey, how about we go shopping together? I'll even 
cover whatever you pick out! 

Selena: Hrmph... Well, you said it, not me. I may do some serious damage to 
your wallet. 

Hinata: Really? Oh no... Please go a little easy on me? 

Selena: I suppose, since you asked so nicely... OK, I'll let you off the hook 
this time. But you still have to come along with me! And don't you forget how 
generous I was! 

Hinata: *phew* I'll remember!
Selena A

Hinata: Hey there, Selena! Today we absolutely have to spar! 

Selena: I suppose I can't avoid it forever. All right, fine-today we can 

Hinata: Awww, come on! We can... Wait, really? Awesome! I need someone as 
strong as you to help me train, honestly. I'm hardly even sore after I spar 
with anyone else! 

Selena: That's to be expected. I am one of the best sword fighters there is, 
after all. 

Hinata: And then we'll cool down with some impulse shopping, yeah? You're 
number one in that, too! 

Selena: You're at fault for that, though! You're the one who got me so worked 
up last time! 

Hinata: Hahaha, that might be true... I didn't realize that you bought so 
much useless stuff, though. That was a shock. 

Selena: It's not useless stuff! And shopping just helps me relieve stress. 

Hinata: I see, I see. Anyway, let's get started! 

Selena: Hold on a second, I have something... This! Here, I wanted to give 
this to you. 

Hinata: Hmmm? What's this? Some kind of medicine? 

Selena: I realized the other day, when you bought all those things for me... 
Well, we're always sparring, and it's important to treat your injuries. I 
want to make sure you're always at your best. 

Hinata: Hahaha. Thanks, Selena. It's very nice that you're concerned for my 

Selena: What?! No, I-I mean... Never mind! I take all that back! I just mean 
that you're gonna take a beating from me when we spar! You'll be glad to have 
that when I'm done with you! 

Hinata: That still makes me happy. I'm always up for a good challenge! Now 
that I've got the medicine, let's get to sparring! 

Selena: I suppose I have the time to spar... But only because I feel like it!
Selena S

Hinata: Selena, there you are! I was curious... What do you think of me? 

Selena: Excuse me? Where is this coming from all of a sudden? 

Hinata: Nowhere. I just want to know. Please, what do you think of me? 

Selena: I-I... You're just... you. You're Hinata. You're all of this. 

Hinata: You pointed at all of me. I want to know what you think, when you 
picture me in your mind. 

Selena: Hm. I suppose I think of someone crude... a little slow... Very free 
spirited... You're quick to fight, and you fall easily for a pretty girl. 

Hinata: Hrm. 

Selena: Why are you asking me, anyway? Normally you're all "hey, let's spar!" 
and that's it. 

Hinata: I was just wondering, is all... Do you really have nothing good to 
say about me? 

Selena: I can't really think of anything... 

Hinata: I... OK. 

Selena: I guess you do have strengths, though... You've got a good sword arm, 
for one thing. You're also pretty reliable; I can count on you to do what you 
say you'll do. You think of your friends. Everyone can rely on you to be able 
to help them. 

Hinata: I knew you'd think of a few things! And nice things, too. Thanks, 

Selena: Don't misunderstand, though! I only said those things because you 
looked sad! Now answer my question-why were you asking your questions? 

Hinata: Obviously it's because I like you. I wanted to know how you felt 
about me. 

Selena: Y-you like me?! 

Hinata: Is that so weird? 

Selena: N-no... it's not weird at all, in fact! I mean, I AM an attractive 
woman. It would be strange if you didn't fall for me! It seems very normal 
for you. 

Hinata: Exactly. You really are quite an attractive woman. You're someone 
that I could see myself marrying someday. 

Selena: Y-you don't beat around the bush at all, do you?! 

Hinata: I can get confused when people aren't direct, so I try to be direct 

Selena: That makes sense... Fine! I'll marry you! 

Hinata: What?! I mean, r-really? That seems so sudden! 

Selena: Are you doubting my commitment? You just said yourself that I'm 
someone you'd want to marry! 

Hinata: N-no, I just meant... Everything you said before didn't sound like 
you like me... 

Selena: Oh, did it come across like that? Sorry! I like you. There, I said 
it! Now we can get married! Nothing at all weird about it. 

Hinata: Yeah, you're right!
A9. Peri C

Hinata: Hm? Is that Peri walking this way?

Peri: Hinata! Is that you, Hinata? Let's go do something together! You can 
come shopping with me in town. It's more fun than going alone! 

Hinata: Oh, were you going shopping? Well, I've got some time to kill. Why 
not? I can help carry your bags! 

Peri: You'd do that for me? You're the best! 

Hinata: So what are you in the market for? 

Peri: Well, first off, some cute clothes and accessories. Then I want to buy 
some candy to give to everyone as a present! 

Hinata: Sounds like we could be out there for a while. I'd better get 
limbered up! 

Peri: Hooray! I knew I could count on you! 

Hinata: Haha, stop already. You're going to make me blush. 

Peri: Hmm, I need to thank you somehow for helping me out. How about if I buy 
you something while we're shopping! 

Hinata: Oh, you don't have to get me anything. 

Peri: Nooo! I totally do! I'll buy you a cute hair ribbon. It'll look so good 
on you! 

Hinata: I really don't need a hair ribbon! 

Peri: Ahahaha. That's what you think! You'll be so cute when I'm through with 

Hinata: No, no, no. I'm putting my foot down. 

Peri: You... don't want the ribbon I'm picking out especially for you...? 
*sniffle* *sob* 

Hinata: Ahhhh! Wait! This is nothing to cry about! 

Peri: Waaaaaaaah! Stupid Hinata! I want to buy you a present! Why won't you 
take it?! 

Hinata: Look, I'm sorry. Just please stop crying! You can buy me a ribbon or 

Peri: Yaaaaaaaaay! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! 

Hinata: That was sudden... 

Peri: Come on! Let's get going! 

Hinata: ...Yes, ma'am.
Peri B

Peri: Hinata! Hellooooooo! 

Hinata: Hi there, Peri. 

Peri: Thanks again for going shopping with me. I was lucky I had you there to 
carry around all the stuff I bought! 

Hinata: Haha. Always willing to help a friend! 

Peri: One thing keeps bugging me, though. 

Hinata: What's that? 

Peri: Why aren't you wearing the hair ribbon I bought you?! 

Hinata: Ah!! Um... well... the thing is... I didn't really think it went with 
my image. 

Peri: Booooo! Sure it did! I picked it out special. Why would you say it 
doesn't fit you?! 

Hinata: It's just, if I wear something that cute, everyone will laugh at me! 
It was this bright-red, frilly fabric, with the froufrou trimming! 

Peri: That's what makes it cute! I bought it for you so you'd wear it... 

Hinata: Aaaah! Don't cry! F-fine, I'll wear it. But just this once! 

Peri: You will? 

Hinata: Yep. I never go back on my word. But wearing it in my hair is too 
much. Can't I just attach it to my sword? 

Peri: Yes! Great idea! Your sword will be sooooooo cute! Quick, quick! Put it 
on right now! 

Hinata: OK, OK! Don't push me!
Peri A

Hinata: *cringe* 

Peri: Hey! Hinata! 

Hinata: Hi, Peri... 

Peri: Why are you so down today? 

Hinata: Everyone laughed at me when they saw the ribbon you bought me on my 

Peri: What?! Whyyyyy?! It was adorable! How dare they laugh at it?! 

Hinata: It just stood out too much from everything else I wear. Purple shirt, 
black armor, black gauntlets... then this frilly red bow. 

Peri: But that's what made it so great! 

Hinata: Sorry, Peri. Ribbons just aren't my thing. 

Waaaaaaaah...! *sob* 

Hinata: But on you, it's a different story! So I think you should have it. 

Peri: Huh? Me? 

Hinata: Yeah. If you put it on your weapon like I did... See? Doesn't that 
look good? 

Peri: Wow! It really does! Look how cute my weapon is now! 

Hinata: It looks really nice! So we'll say the ribbon is yours now. I know 
you got it as a gift for me, but it makes more sense for you to have it. 

Peri: Teeheehee. I guess that makes it a present from me to myself! 

Hinata: I guess it does. Is that a problem, though? 

Peri: Nope! I'll just have to find another super- cute gift to replace this 

Hinata: No, no! That's OK, really. I don't need one. 

Peri: You're sure? I had so much fun shopping with you... 

Hinata: Totally sure. If you need someone to carry your bags, I'm happy to be 
your pack mule! But other than that, I just think you wear the cute stuff 
much better than me. 

Peri: OK! Then I know who to call the next time I go shopping! 

Hinata: I'll be waiting!
Peri S

Hinata: Quite the haul today, huh? I could barely carry it all. 

Peri: Teeheehee! I can't help myself! I have to buy every cute thing I see! 
Thanks for coming with me again! 

Hinata: C'mon, how often have I carried your bags by now? You don't need to 
thank me every time. It's fun just spending time with you. 

Peri: Heehee! I love going shopping with you too! I always have fun! 

Hinata: Hey, Peri, you remember that ribbon you bought me? And how you ended 
up wearing it yourself? Well, this time, I bought one just for you. I'd like 
you to wear it. 

Peri: You did what? Woooow! Ooh, look how precious it is! Such a pretty shade 
of pink! Thank you so much, Hinata! 

Hinata: Sure thing! I'm glad you like it. I don't know if you know, Peri, 
but... you're a very special girl to me. When you're happy, I'm happy too. 

Peri: A special girl...? 

Hinata: Yeah. I really like you, Peri. 

Peri: Huh? 

Hinata: If I didn't, I wouldn't have lugged your bags around every time you 
went shopping. I want to be your companion... Not just on shopping trips, but 
through your life. I can't think of anyone I'd rather devote my life to. So 
will you- 

Peri: Sure, I'll be your girlfriend! 

Hinata: Whaaat? Just like that? For real? 

Peri: Yeah! You always help me out, whether it's shopping or fighting. I like 
that a lot! 

Hinata: Really? Geez. You agreed before I could even finish the question... 

Peri: Teeheehee! That makes us lovey-dovey, schmoopy-woopy sweethearts! 
Hooray for us! 

Hinata: Hey, if it makes you that happy, I'm all for it too! I'm proud to be 
your sweetheart!

A10. Peri C


Kaden: What's all that screaming about? Peri?! What's wrong?! 

Peri: KYAAAA! KADEN, HELP MEEE! There's a caterpillar on my back! 

Kaden: OK, OK! Just hold still! There we go! Got him. 

Peri: *sniffle* Thanks, Kaden. Now...end it. 

Kaden: What? You mean kill it? Why?! He's not bothering anybody... 

Peri: He's bothering ME! NOW KILL THE DASTARD. 

Kaden: But I don't wanna. What do you have against bugs, anyway? 

Peri: They're icky. They're all wriggly and they get everywhere and ruin your 
food! *shudder* I get chills just thinking about them. 

Kaden: Does that mean you hate butterflies, too? 

Peri: Huh? No, I wub widdle butterflies! They're adorable. 

Kaden: OK... and you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies, right? 

Peri: What?! No way! Though now that you mention it, I guess I remember my 
tutor saying that. But I'm not sure. I sort of stopped paying attention when 
he said "caterpillar." I always get so distracted if I'm not interested in 
something right away. 

Kaden: Then you haven't seen it happen before, have you? I gotta show you! 

Peri: Huh? Show me what? 

Kaden: Show you what it looks like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly! 

Peri: Ewww, I don't wanna see that! That sounds gross! 

Kaden: It isn't, I promise! Here, I'll just hold onto this little guy and 
tell you when he's ready. 

Peri: Didn't you hear me? I don't want to see it! 

Kaden: Heh. I'm so excited for you! This is gonna be amazing!
Peri B

Kaden: Peri, c'mere! I wanna show you something. 

Peri: I told you, I don't want to see that icky caterpillar! 

Kaden: C'mon, don't be like that! You won't even have to worry about it 
moving anymore. 

Peri: What? It can't move? Why not? 

Kaden: Here, just take a look! And to think, this guy's gonna be a beautiful 
butterfly someday soon. 

Peri: Blech! It looks even ickier than it did before! 

Kaden: Huh? But it's in a cocoon. There aren't even any wriggly bits. You 
really hate all kinds of bugs, huh? What do you do when we're on the march? 
We go through forests with tons of bugs all the time. 

Peri: I just ask the people around me to kill all of the bugs they see! 

Kaden: What? You just have them all killed? That's really not necessary. 

Peri: Whatever. It's not MY fault they fly too close to me. 

Kaden: Most of them are harmless, though. They're just doing their best to 
get by... 

Peri: What does that have to do with me? And why do you talk so much about 
bugs?! If you keep it up, I'm gonna get really mad! And you won't like that! 

Kaden: ACK! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! But I bet you'll change your mind once you 
see this guy emerge from his cocoon. Anyway, I'll see ya later, Peri! I'm 
gonna go frolic! *frolic* 
(Kaden leaves) 

Peri: You're not listening to me! I HATE ALL BUGS! ALL OF THEM!
Peri A

Kaden: Peri, Peri! Look! It finally happened! The caterpillar turned into a 
butterfly! Isn't he beautiful? 

Peri: ... 

Kaden: Hey, what's the matter? It's not like you to just stare off into space 
like that. ...Do you still think it's icky? 

Peri: ... I won't kill any more caterpillars from now on. 

Kaden: Woohoo! So you're not scared of them anymore? 

Peri: Yeah. They're not scary. They're just... disgusting. 

Kaden: Oh. Well, at least that's progress! But you know what would be even 
better? If you stop killing EVERY kind of bug that doesn't try to bite you. 
Eh? Ehhhhh? What do ya say? 

Peri: Nope. 

Kaden: What? But why? 

Peri: Do you ask spiders why they bite? Birds why they fly? Cakes why they're 
delicious? It's in my nature. I can't stop killing bugs any more than I can 
stop killing people! 

Kaden: Er, about that- 

Peri: Besides, you'll be there to take care of them, right? 

Kaden: Huh? 

Peri: Because I'll call for you each time a bug bothers me! Then you can save 
them. But if you don't come quickly enough, I'll just have someone else kill 
them for me. 

Kaden: Wh-what? OK, fine! But then you have to promise! 

Peri: Huh? 

Kaden: You have to promise you won't hurt any bugs ever again. At least so 
long as I answer your call quickly enough. 

Peri: *grumble* Fiiiine. But you'd better run each time I call! Or else-
squish! Hehehehehe. 

Kaden: I will. I promise! 

Peri: Teehee. Good. Then I'm counting on you, Kaden. 

Kaden: I won't let you down!
Peri S

Peri: Thanks for shooing another bug away for me! 

Kaden: Don't mention it. I'm just surprised at how often bugs come after you. 
You've been calling me, like, three times a day since we made our deal. 

Peri: Yeah! See? They ARE evil! *shudder* Just hearing them gives me the 

Kaden: Yeah, I know. But you seem to have gotten a lot better. 

Peri: Yeah. Seeing that caterpillar transform showed me they're not ALL evil. 
Besides, you always come running when I call, so I sort of have to keep my 

Kaden: Haha, I do my best. 

Peri: I wish I could call you when there were no bugs around, though. I love 
it when you're near me because, um... because I love you, Kaden. 

Kaden: Wh-what?! 

Peri: What do you mean, "what"?! Is that a problem? 

Kaden: N-no! Not at all! I just wasn't expecting it. 

Peri: Really? You didn't notice it at all? How oblivious can you be?! I've 
been trying to show you for so long now... 

Kaden: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't cry! 

Peri: Does this mean you don't love me back? But...I thought- Oh, no. No no 

Kaden: Now hold your horses! I didn't say that I don't love you! I just 
didn't not say I don't love you! Er, wait... 

Peri: S-so you do? Does that mean you'll marry me? Oh, I'm so glad! I thought 
I was going to have to take your heart myself! 

Kaden: Take my heart? 

Peri: Yeah! If you weren't going to give it to me, how else was I gonna get 
it? I even had my knife ready to cut it out. But I'm so glad we're getting 
married instead! 

Kaden: ... ... M-me too, my love. 

Peri: Yippee! 

Kaden: But! I do have one condition. As long as we're together, you can't 
keep taking lives so casually. OK? 

Peri: Why not? Do you... not like girls who do that? 

Kaden: Ahh, yeah, I guess you could say that. After all, I'm a kitsune. We're 
also a little misunderstood and different than humans. Bugs are the same way. 
OK? So no killing them if you don't have to. 

Peri: Hmmmmmm. OK! I'll do it for you, Kaden! But I'll need you to help teach 
me what to do instead. I'm not sure I'll know how to solve most of my 
problems without murder... 

Kaden: OK! I can do that! I bet we'll make a great team! 

Peri: Heehee! Hooray!
A10. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Oh my, Kaden. What are you doing? 

Kaden: Hey, Charlotte. It's exactly what it looks like: I'm taking a moment 
to groom. 

Charlotte: Oh, I see now. Um... Do you maybe need some help? 

Kaden: Of course! Help is always welcome! I've got some clumped hair; it'd be 
great if you could try to lightly untangle it. 

Charlotte: OK, let me see... Am I doing this right? 

Kaden: Yeah! You're actually really good at it! Thanks so much for your help. 
Of course, now that you've been so nice to me, I'll have to repay the debt. 

Charlotte: Just as I planned. 

Kaden: Hm? Did you say something just now? 

Charlotte: What? N-no! It must have been the wind! 

Kaden: How odd! Anyway, I need to figure out what to do to repay you... 

Charlotte: Oh, you shouldn't feel like you need to repay me! I'm fine, 
honest! If you absolutely have to though... I'd want something in a nice 
golden hue. 

Kaden: There's something different about you right at this moment... 

Charlotte: Hah, you must be imagining things! I'm just as I've always been. 

Kaden: Oh, OK... Anyway, I'll look and see if I've got something to repay you 

Charlotte: Anything with a sheen would be amazing! 
Charlotte B

Kaden: Hello, Charlotte. I wanted to repay you for your help the other day. 

Charlotte: Oh, really? Right now? It really wasn't a big deal, you know. But 
I've been eagerly waiting for you! 

Kaden: Wait, it's not a big deal but you've also been eagerly waiting? 

Charlotte: My, that is a bit confusing, isn't it? I even confuse myself 
sometimes. Don't worry about it! You said you had something for me? 

Kaden: You wanted something gold, right? I know it's not much, but I got some 
gold nuggets. 

Charlotte: Oooh, jackpot! 

Kaden: Ch-Charlotte?! 

Charlotte: Oh, excuse me! I'm sorry! I just got really excited at what you 
brought me. It happens sometimes. 

Kaden: I can see that. You do have some unusual outbursts... 

Charlotte: Now then... I can send half back to my mother, and maybe spoil 
myself a bit... Improving myself will only help me become even more popular. 

Kaden: Um, Charlotte? 

Charlotte: Ah, Kaden! You're still here? I thought you'd left already... Oh, 
but while you're here, do you need more help with your grooming? 

Kaden: What, right now? I don't really... 

Charlotte: Oh, don't worry! You said yourself I was pretty good at it. Come 

Kaden: O-OK. You know, you really are a pretty nice person, Charlotte. Of 
course, now I have to repay you again. 

Charlotte: Don't worry about that, Kaden! Although...now that you mention 
Charlotte A

Kaden: Hey there, Charlotte. I brought you some more gold nuggets! 

Charlotte: That's wonderful, Kaden! Your gifts make me so very happy. I just 
had a thought-where are you getting these from, anyway? 

Kaden: Oh, you don't need to worry about that... 

Charlotte: Oh, please tell me, Kaden! Pretty please! 

Kaden: Well... I guess if you're that determined to know, I can tell you. I 
was able to sell a bit of the fur from my beautiful tail. 

Charlotte: Wait, what? 

Kaden: Kitsune fur is incredibly valuable. Even the tail fur can fetch a good 
price. And my fur is especially beautiful, so I can sell it for a great 
price. Some people actually fought over my fur the last time I went to sell 

Charlotte: Oh no! It's actually dangerous for you to do this? I didn't 

Kaden: A bit, but I'm able to get away just fine if I need to. And it's worth 
it! You've been so kind to me, I had to repay you! 

Charlotte: ... No, Kaden. I can't take this from you. 

Kaden: What? You were so happy the last time I brought you gold nuggets. 
What's changed since then? 

Charlotte: I just mean... you're so innocent and trusting! 

Kaden: Isn't that a good thing? 

Charlotte: It is! And that's exactly why I'm feeling so incredibly guilty 

Kaden: Guilty? There's no reason to feel that way. You were kind to me, so 
I'm returning the favor! 

Charlotte: But... I wasn't being kind just for the sake of being kind. I 
really did hope that I would benefit from being nice to you. I'm really 

Kaden: Oh, that's why you feel bad? Hahah, don't worry about it! All I care 
about is that you were nice to me. 

Charlotte: You'll forgive me? 

Kaden: There's nothing to forgive. You're my good friend after all. 

Charlotte: Thank you, Kaden. I feel like an apology isn't enough, though. 
Next time we hang out, I'll make you a nice lunch. I'll really put my heart 
into it too! You'll never have had as good a lunch as this! 

Kaden: That sounds great, Charlotte! But, if you make me a lunch that is that 
amazing... I'm going to have to pay you back somehow... 

Charlotte: No! I mean, you don't need to. It really, really is fine this 
time. I swear.
Charlotte S

Charlotte: Oh, hello there, Kaden. Hrm. You're looking a little sad today... 

Kaden: Is it showing? I never thought I'd be so caught up in worrying as I am 

Charlotte: What could possibly worry someone as confident as you? Do you want 
to talk about it? 

Kaden: You're actually interested? I can't tell if you really are or not. 

Charlotte: Of course I am! Now tell me; is this issue really as serious as 
you're making it seem? 

Kaden: Of course it is. And you're even involved. I've felt a bit off for the 
last few days, and I finally realized why. It's because... I've been worrying 
about confessing that I've started to like you. 

Charlotte: ...What? 

Kaden: And not just like. I think I've fallen in love with you, and I don't 
know how to say it. Also, I know I'm good looking, but I don't think I could 
make you happy with just that. 

Charlotte: I... see. 

Kaden: And then I was thinking about what would happen after I admitted how I 
felt. If it turned out you actually hated me, that would hurt so much, you 
know? And if I messed up telling you how I felt... Well, you could end up 
hating me, even if you didn't before! 

Charlotte: ... 

Kaden: So... that's what I'm worried about. Does that make sense to you? 

Charlotte: Yes, I understand completely. But... 

Kaden: What do you think I should do? 

Charlotte: You're worrying about confessing, right? You can probably stop 
worrying now. 

Kaden: What? Why? 

Charlotte: You... just confessed your feelings to me. 

Kaden: I... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I misspoke! Or you misunderstood! Both! 

Charlotte: Kaden, you don't need to worry. I mean... I do like you after all. 

Kaden: What... R-really?! Does that mean we can be together? 

Charlotte: Of course! That's the whole point of this conversation! 

Kaden: That makes me really happy. Now I need to repay you for making me this 

Charlotte: You don't have to, Kaden! You've made me equally happy as it is.

A11. Setsuna C

Arthur: We've really outdone ourselves with food for the Hoshido-Nohr mixer. 
Are you OK carrying all that, Setsuna? I can hold a bit more with my right 

Setsuna: I'm fine, Arthur, don't worry... 

Arthur: I'm really looking forward to this party. It will be great to meet 
all my allies in the battle for justice! It feels good that they had 
confidence in us being able to get the food and drinks. 

Setsuna: Indeed... 

Arthur: I'm glad you came with me, too. I was a little nervous to go by 

Setsuna: Why would you have been nervous? 

Arthur: I don't want to jinx it, but... Oh no, is that... 

Setsuna: Oh, that looks like a flock of dragons... What are they doing? Are 
they... They're pooping and heading right for us! Oh no... 

Arthur: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! 

Setsuna: Oh, wow. I managed to not get hit at all. What about you, Arthur? 
Did you... Oh. Ew. 

Arthur: This is why I was nervous... This kind of stuff always seems to 

Setsuna: It's... kind of fun, actually... 

Arthur: What? It's not fun at all! I have to go back and change... And more 
importantly, look at all our food; it's completely ruined. 

Setsuna: Oh, you're right... 

Arthur: We are going to get an impressive scolding for this, I just know it.
Setsuna B

Arthur: OK, we've managed to get all the supplies we need-again-with no 

Setsuna: Indeed... Now we just need to get back... 

Arthur: I'm sorry about the other day. I can't help thinking that it was my 
fault. If I'd been more prepared, I could have saved the food from that 
despicable attack. Everyone blamed both of us for the party delay, even 
though it was my fault. 

Setsuna: It's no problem. I'm used to being scolded for doing something 
wrong... Hey, is this a different route than last time? 

Arthur: Indeed. This way we can avoid the flight path of those treacherous 
dragons. Nothing can stop us from making it back with all this food. I am 
sorry you had to come along a second time, though. 

Setsuna: It's no problem at all... I always- 

Arthur: You always... What the... Setsuna? Where are you?

Setsuna: H-help... I'm down here. 

Arthur: Ah! You fell into a pitfall! No worries, I can get you out of there 
just as soon as I set this food down. There, now I-oh no! 

Setsuna: Arthur, why did you drop all of the food you were carrying down 

Arthur: It was an accident! When I leaned over, I bumped the corner... By all 
that is good and righteous in the world... what is that smell? 

Setsuna: Oh. That's all the bodies of the Faceless. I suppose they fell in 
here too... 

Arthur: What?! You mean there are dead Faceless down there with you? And with 
all our carefully selected party foods? 

Setsuna: That is what has happened... Now the food smells like Faceless... 

Arthur: Oh no. It's all ruined, then! 

Setsuna: This is what I was going to say before... I always seem to fall into 
traps when I'm alone, so I thought I'd be safe with you. We're actually 
pretty similar... 

Arthur: Apparently we are. Well, all the food is ruined again. Best to 
prepare ourselves for another scolding. *sigh*
Setsuna A

Arthur: OK! This time we won't let anything stop us from getting this food to 
the party! 

Setsuna: I hope you're right... 

Arthur: You just have to believe, Setsuna! Also, I can't believe I never 
figured out that you were as unlucky as me. 

Setsuna: It always seems like bad luck is able to find me... 

Arthur: Well, we'll just have to work together to teach bad luck a lesson! If 
we fail again, there is no way everyone will let us stay in charge of food. I 
can't really blame them for being mad; the party has been delayed twice... 
But now is our time to shine! We'll seize this food run by the horns! I'm 
sorry I roped you into this again, though. I'd understand if you stopped. 

Setsuna: I really don't mind... 

Arthur: Excellent, then we can-Stop! Right in front of you! A pitfall! I can 
handle this!  
Setsuna: Arthur, what are you doing... Why are you lying down? 

Arthur: I do not flee before hardship; I face it head on! Come! I have 
bridged the gap with my body. Cross quickly! 

Setsuna: Thank you... That was definitely a first... 

Arthur: I'm happy to help! Now if we just keep our eyes out for more traps... 

Setsuna: What about dragon flocks? Should we watch out for them? 

Arthur: Of course! 

Setsuna: Then... Watch out, there's a dragon flock. 

Arthur: Wha-?! Curses! We can't outrun dragon poop. It's over... 

Setsuna: I have an idea...
(Bow shot)

Arthur: Impressive! Your arrows scared them away! Setsuna... thank you. 

Setsuna: It was nothing, really... If you protect me from my bad luck, I 
think I can protect you from your bad luck... If we cover each other, there's 
no way bad luck can beat us. Probably... 

Arthur: That is an admirable sentiment. I'm honored to have teamed up with 
you. Now that we've made it past our trials, let's return with all of this 
food! Everyone will be overjoyed! 

Setsuna: Sounds good...
Setsuna S

Arthur: Setsuna, the mixer was a grand success, was it not? 

Setsuna: It was. Everyone seemed to have a very good time... Are you here to 
go shopping again? 

Arthur: Oh, n-no. I think I've had my fill of shopping for now... 

Setsuna: Oh, all right then... 

Arthur: Actually, I came here for a different reason. I had a conversation 
with Lady Elise and Princess Hinoka the other day... I was telling them how 
well we worked together to handle our issues. They said we seem to make 
excellent partners. Hearing that made me happy. 

Setsuna: Partners... 

Arthur: But hearing it also made me realize something, Setsuna... I want to 
be your partner in the romantic sense, as well. 

Setsuna: Y-you do? This is a surprise... 

Arthur: I mean it, though. Truly. I imagine that we will have a lot of 
troubles, considering how unlucky we both are. But we showed that we can 
defeat whatever is thrown our way! So long as you can accept my unending 
pursuit for justice... I swear that I will devote my very being to protecting 

Setsuna: Wow... I've never had someone devote their very being to me... I 
have a question... Besides dragon poop, what other bad things have you run 

Arthur: Let's see... I was hit by a carriage-and again when they backed up to 
see what they'd hit. Last week I was struck by lightning while fleeing a 
swarm of bees... Once, an extremely isolated rainstorm followed me around for 
a full day. There's more, but those jump out right away. 

Setsuna: I see... Those are pretty serious, but I'm not intimidated by 

Arthur: Really?! 

Setsuna: Like I said before-if we protect each other, we can defeat our bad 
luck. If you're willing to support me, I'll support you just as much. 

Arthur: So you mean... 

Setsuna: Yes. Let's avoid traps, carriages, lightning, and bees together...
A11. Kagero C

Arthur: Miss Kagero, I had heard that you were in dire need of aid. 

Kagero: Hm? Oh, hello there, Arthur. I wouldn't say I'm in dire need... But I 
could use someone's help cleaning the mess in my room. 

Arthur: That sounds like something I can handle with ease! No matter how bad, 
I'm always ready to face trouble head on and prevail! Even if it's just 
lending a helping hand with a small issue. It's in my nature. 

Kagero: Well then, we can go ahead and get started right away, since you're 
so driven. 

Arthur: Of course; I wouldn't have it any other way. You weren't kidding, 
though. This is quite a mess you've got. Do you do a lot of art here? 

Kagero: I do. This is actually what passes for my studio, most of the time. 

Arthur: There are a lot of different art supplies in here, I see. 

Kagero: Indeed. I like a lot of things. Today, for example, I'm focusing on 
painting. Unfortunately, I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing that I forget 
to clean... 

Arthur: Oh, painting? How wonderful! May I take a look at what you're working 
on? Interesting... Truly interesting. I've never seen anything like this in 

Kagero: I'm attempting to express the chaos and sadness of the world with 
this. I think it'll be done after another hour or two of work. 

Arthur: I see... What the-! What did I kick? 

Kagero: Ah!! 

Arthur: Oh no! I'm so sorry, Miss Kagero! I didn't see that bucket! Was it 
for cleaning brushes? That would explain all that dirty water... 

Kagero: What have you done... That water is all over my painting! 

Arthur: I-I'm sorry! Apparently my terrible luck extends even to your studio! 

Kagero: E-everyone makes mistakes, I suppose...
Kagero B

Arthur: Miss Kagero, I want to apologize again for my mistake the other day. 
I've had trouble sleeping, knowing that I destroyed your painting with my 

Kagero: You really shouldn't worry about it, Arthur. I'm actually glad you 
came back today. We can try again at getting this place all cleaned up. 

Arthur: No problem, leave it to me. I'll pay special attention to my feet-
last thing I want to do is spill something again. What're you working on 
today, by the way? 

Kagero: I decided to work at carving a sculpture. Trimming the wood is really 

Arthur: Intriguing. This shape you've carved... It looks like a heart, but it 
looks somehow different... 

Kagero: You're right, it is a heart. I wanted it to represent a person's 

Arthur: Well done! I can't imagine the years of practice and natural talent 
you have... There is no way someone like me could hope to do such a subject 
justice. Anyway, where should I start cleaning? 

Kagero: I think it'd be a good idea to begin with gathering the things on the 

Arthur: Very well, that shall be my first step! Everything related to 
painting can go over here in this pile... Ah, here are some spare weapons; 
I'll stack these here. Hrm. This area could use a good sweep. Miss Kagero, 
could you hand me- Oh, my apologies! I didn't mean to bump when I reached 

Kagero: I... Arthur, why... 

Arthur: What is it, Miss Kagero? 

Kagero: Why did you have to bump me at exactly that moment? 

Arthur: What do you... Oh no! How did your carving knife get stabbed so 
deeply into your carving? Oh. I see. I'm so sorry for bumping into you! I 
didn't mean... 

Kagero: It... *sigh* It's fine, Arthur. Just leave. I can handle everything 
today, I think. 

Arthur: As you wish...
Kagero A

Kagero: Thank you for coming again today, Arthur. 

Arthur: I was honestly surprised to hear from you, Miss Kagero. I was certain 
you'd want to avoid my help in any future events, considering... 

Kagero: I know what you're going to say, and I wanted to tell you something. 
The other day I tried to dispose of the art that was damaged while cleaning. 
On the way to throwing it out, a Hoshidan art merchant stopped me in the 
street. He wanted to get a better look at my work. After staring for some 
time, he cried, "This is the next generation of great art!" 

Arthur: H-he did?! 

Kagero: He praised my use of splashed water to reflect the chaos of life in 
my painting. He then said that the knife buried in the heart was symbolic of 
love's dangers. He was so excited, he demanded to be allowed to display the 
works in his shop. ...Before then, no merchant had even looked at my artwork. 

Arthur: Wow... Those small accidents ended up changing things for the better? 

Kagero: Arthur, I'm sorry for getting cross with you when you were helping 
before. At the time, it felt like things just kept getting ruined for me. I 
see things differently now. I have a small request of you, if I may... 

Arthur: Anything, Miss Kagero! Though it all worked out, I still feel I owe 

Kagero: The art merchant was so excited, he asked me to create more artwork 
for him. So... I need you to come over and help me clean my room some more. 
It seems like good things happen when you're doing that. I'm sure that you'll 
lend some special quirk to whatever I am working on. 

Arthur: If you think that is a good decision, then there is no way I can say 
no! I'm happy to do anything to right my wrongs... even if they turned out 

Kagero: I appreciate it, Arthur. Let's get to work.
Kagero S

Arthur: Hello, Miss Kagero... 

Kagero: Arthur? I didn't expect to see you today... 

Arthur: I know; I came by today because I had something I felt compelled to 
tell you... I...would like to stop coming to your workshop. 

Kagero: What?! Where did this... ... If that is what you wish... I have made 
you work hard and in keeping with my own schedule. It is only natural that 
you would need a break from it. I apologize for not being as aware of how it 
was affecting you as I should have been. 

Arthur: Oh no, Miss Kagero, you misunderstand my intention. I don't mean I 
want to stop interacting. I mean that, once the fighting is over, I want for 
us to have a workshop together. 

Kagero: Excuse me? What do you mean? 

Arthur: Why don't we work together and create new art...under a roof that we 
share? I'm saying that I am in love with you. 

Kagero: You're in love with me?! I didn't think this could be possible... 

Arthur: Do you share these feelings? I suspected that you might, but with my 

Kagero: Oh I do, I promise you. I didn't expect you to say anything, 
though... And we are from different lands... I worry that our relationship 
would face resistance. 

Arthur: I'd considered that as well, but then I remembered something. 

Kagero: What was it that you remembered? 

Arthur: Despite how bad luck seems to follow me around, when I'm with you... 
It seems like even my biggest mistakes turn into something positive. With 
that in mind, there is no way a Nohrian-Hoshidan romance won't work. You turn 
my bad luck good, is what I mean. 

Kagero: Arthur... Your words are so moving... And exactly what I wanted to 

Arthur: I'm happy you think so! Together we can seize my bad luck and defeat 
it like so many enemies before. We must first inform Lord/Lady Corrin. I'm 
sure the royalty will want to know. I will let you do the talking, though. No 
reason to tempt fate, after all... 

Kagero: Heehee, I suppose that's a good point. Come then, Arthur. Let's go 
and inform him/her right now. The sooner we do, the sooner we can begin 
planning our new, shared workshop.


A12. Orochi C

Odin: Greetings, Orochi. What have you there in your dainty fingers? Cards, 
aren't they? The images on them-very odd. 

Orochi: These are my fortune-telling cards. And you think they look odd? 
Looked in the mirror lately? 

Odin: I have heard about your divinations. Let's see if I understand it... 
You stand at a crossroad between a question and possible outcomes. Then you 
strain your eyes to see the signs to point to the one true fate. 

Orochi: Yes, mage of Nohr. But do you always speak like that? Hard to find 
your kernel of meaning amid a handful of glitter. 

Odin: You have a knack for it yourself, diviner of Hoshido. It seems you and 
I are kindred spirits, Orochi. 

Orochi: Oh? Do you perform divinations? 

Odin: No, just a bit of flash and verve when expressing my magic. 

Orochi: A shame. I've long wanted a peer who can do divinations. But no 
matter, Odin. How about I show you what I do? 

Odin: A divination-to shed light on my fate, illuminate my future? What a 
grand way to anoint this meeting of ours, Orochi. Please, do! 

Orochi: Have a seat. 

Odin: I will, thank you. 

Orochi: ...... I see... No, it can't be... Is it? Could it? Must it? 

Odin: But I haven't asked anything, and still you're besieged by answers? 

Orochi: There's no need for a question. You have only one fate. At least, 
until you get rid of your problem. 

Odin: Problem? What problem? 

Orochi: You have a bad case of what's called arcanus backlashica. In layman's 
terms-your spells are incompatible with you. For now, you can cast them. But 
soon, you'll be powerless. In short, your future as a spellcaster is over. 

Odin: Impossible! Odin Dark must be free to splash his name across infinity! 
You have to help me, Orochi. You must know how. 

Orochi: I may know of a way. 

Odin: Tell me! 

Orochi: Here's a list of rare herbs I need. Get them for me. 

Odin: A list of herbs, and all I must do is fetch them? How can the fate-clog 
in Odin Dark's plumbing be so easily ungunked? But I will get these, no 
matter what the cost. 
(Odin leaves) 

Orochi: And there goes Odin... ...off to take care of my shopping list!
Orochi B

Odin: I've gathered all of those herbs you needed, Orochi. 

Orochi: That was faster than I thought possible, Odin. And some of those 
herbs are incredibly hard to find. 

Odin: It was actually very difficult for me. I've had hardships with 
everything since last we spoke. My spells, curses, mystical oaths, dire 
summonings-everything is failing! These magics are often wobbly for me, but 
now the wheels have come off! My case of arcanus backlashica must be getting 

Orochi: Heh. Well, that's how it goes. 

Odin: But now that I brought all these herbs, you can fix me, right?! 

Orochi: Of course. 

Odin: Do it-now. I'll plumb the depths of my power, and you unblock me! Come 
on, blood. Time to ache. I need to feel the power! Orochi! Do your thing! 
(Odin leaves) 

Orochi: Right now? But wh-where are you going?
(Time passes)

Odin: You failed me, Orochi! My incantation was utterly blocked! 

Orochi: Th-that can't be. I'm sure I felt your mojo get flushed out on my 

Odin: Well, you're wrong. I tried casting a spell to restrict the motion of 
my enemy. But I felt it get all clogged up. You said you could plunge my 

Orochi: Ick. Well, maybe your mojo just wasn't up to snuff today. 

Odin: You leave my mojo OUT of this. I know what happened. I've heard about 
you, Orochi. You're manipulative. I think... this whole thing was a ruse to 
mess with my flow. 

Orochi: How could you say such a thing, Odin? I'm hurt. 

Odin: Listen here, Orochi... 

Orochi: Try that spell again! I'm sure you were blocked-I mean, unblocked! 

Odin: It's meant for my enemies. 

Orochi: Just do it. Cast it on me. 

Odin: ...... I call upon the spirits of the most fell realms-heed Odin Dark's 
call! Bend to my will. Heed my command. FREEZE this vixen in time! NOW! 

Orochi: Odin! I can't move! 

Odin: Oh, puh-lease. 

Orochi: Even my lips are... starting to... murfle mrff mf. 

Odin: Cut the act, Orochi. I know when I've been played. And worst of all, 
now you actually have broken my mojo.
Orochi A

Orochi: I'm sorry for tricking you, Odin. I admit it-arcanus backlashica was 
a way to make you get me herbs. 

Odin: I'm not angry, Orochi. On the contrary... In examining my mystical 
plumbing, I did discover a problem. I was clogging my casting of spells by 
putting too many things into them. So, problem solved! 

Orochi: Really turned lemons into lemonade there, didn't you? 

Odin: Nothing stands in my way for long. But please, no more lies between us. 
I'm glad to fetch you herbs, no matter how rare. 

Orochi: You're truly a good person, Odin. And-no lie-your goodness may be 
wrecking some of your spells. 

Odin: What? Why? 

Orochi: You-unlike I-think too much of others. You need to have a heart of 
stone. If you want to curse people, Odin, you need to think less of people. 

Odin: Dear Orochi, thank you for your candor. I will try that next time. 

Orochi: Heh... ha! 

Odin: Something amusing? 

Orochi: The thought of a nice fellow such as you, trying to be as cold as 
me... I just find that TOO funny. 

Odin: What?! I am Odin Dark! I will make my heart cold as ten thousand 
gravestones in winter if I must! Eh, all right. You have the cut of my cloth, 
Orochi. My heart is too full of wibbly-wobbly flutterstuff to be a mage of 

Orochi: I knew it. Why do you even want to be a mage? Shadows are required. 

Odin: It seems stylish. 

Orochi: Stylish?! 

Odin: Long ago, I walked the way of the sword-a flashy blademaster. That life 
became dull to me. I sought a more flashy way to express myself. In truth, 
there were other reasons too. It's complicated. In short, however, if I had 
to change, then magic was the clear choice. 

Orochi: It sounds like a difficult time of your life. I'm happy you found a 
new way. 

Odin: Why did you choose to be a diviner, Orochi? 

Orochi: Not much of a choice, I'm afraid. I come from a family of diviners. 
Not a profession that's well respected. Lady Mikoto treated me very well. 
Others gave me strange looks. 

Odin: Strange looks? Oh, yes. I know those. I am daily under critical gazes. 

Orochi: Such is the fate for those who work in the mystical arts. So, friend, 
how about we always be there for each other from now on? 

Odin: My pleasure, diviner of Hoshido. 

Orochi: Mine too, mage of Nohr-and mystic warrior of darkest night.
Orochi S

Odin: A moment of your time, Orochi? 

Orochi: Of course, excellent friend. 

Odin: Hrm, yes, friend. I want to discuss a matter of eternal significance. I 
am, as you know, Odin Dark. The bringer of darkness. Yet is not the darkness 
darker when beside the lightest light? In short, I seek my other half-that 
which makes me stronger. 

Orochi: Other half? 

Odin: Er, yeah. Me, the darkest dark. You, the lightest light. 

Orochi: Oh! You want to team up in battle. Hoshidan and Nohrian magic... 

Odin: N-no. That's not what I'm saying. 

Orochi: I am so confused. 

Odin: Other. Half. I'm asking for your hand. 

Orochi: My other hand? 

Odin: No! I want to marry you! 

Orochi: Is this some sort of Odinjoke of Maximum Joshery? 

Odin: No. 

Orochi: You're serious. 

Odin: Yes. You have beguiled me with your mischief and magic. 

Orochi: I have? I... I swear that I used no enchantments on you. 

Odin: I didn't say you did. I'm only saying how I feel-plainly as I can. 

Orochi: I... I don't know what to say. I feel like I'm under some curse of 

Odin: You know better than anyone else that I'm a failure with curses. 

Orochi: I guess so, but still, your declaration has me under a strange spell. 
But the truth is, I'm pretty fond of you too, Odin. Flashy and all-there's 
just no one like you. 

Odin: Ya think? Whooooop! 

Orochi: What in all the heavens was THAT, Odin? 

Odin: I... I'm not sure. 

Orochi: I think you just cursed me, Odin. An unbreakable curse. Now I'm stuck 
at your side-until death do us part.
A12. Kagero C

Kagero: Hmm. Just a touch there... and a brush stroke there...

Odin: What are you doing there, Kagero? 

Kagero: Who?! Oh, it's nothing, Odin. Nothing at all. 

Odin: Aha! That is the sort of nothing that's something. I sense that you're 
attempting to seal up a thing of power. Lemme see! Lemme see! Huh. Or not. 
It's a little picture. 

Kagero: *sigh* Yes, Odin. A picture. That I'm painting. Happy now? If you 
must know, I'm painting a monster. Half dragon, half caterpillar. Just 
something I imagined. I'm thinking of calling it... a silkwyrm. 

Odin: This monster sprang from the depths of your imagination? 

Kagero: Yes, Odin. Go ahead. Take a closer look. You'll hate my paintings 
like everyone else. How dreary, they say. How dreadful. How apocalyptic. 
Please, go on. The sooner you do, the sooner I'll be rid of you. 

Odin: Hmm... Huh... I see... Ah... OH! 

Kagero: Er, Odin? What's wrong? 

Odin: By all the darkness there is- All the grimness ever conceived- By every 
speck of doom that has ever lodged in the white of Odin's eye- I declare this 
a work of genius! 

Kagero: What? 

Odin: Your silkwyrm painting is brilliant. And you too, BRILLIANT. I need to 
borrow this. 
(Odin leaves) 

Kagero: Hey, give that back!
Kagero B

Odin: All right now. Deep breath, Odin. You can do it this time. I summon 
thee... No, Odin. More forceful. More zingy. I... I... I SUMMON THEE, 
SILKWYRM! ...... Er, silkwyrm?

Kagero: Hello, Odin.

Odin: Ah, the brilliant artist of Hoshido! 

Kagero: I've come to get my painting there back. You ran off with it. 

Odin: Rude, I know. But I was so moved by your art, I couldn't help myself. 

Kagero: My art? 

Odin: Too lowly a word for what you do. I hope I don't offend. It is pure, 
undiluted inspiration. When I laid eyes on your painting... I came up with a 
new spell on the spot. I had to run off to test it. 

Kagero: Really? I just can't believe it. 

Odin: Why not, genius of Hoshido? 

Kagero: I've heard that you're among the very best spellcasters of Nohr. I 
expected you to spit on my work, not appreciate it. Tell me more about this 
spell that I inspired in you. 

Odin: I was just trying to make my incantation work when you walked up. I am 
trying to summon your silkwyrm into our world. 

Kagero: REALLY? 

Odin: You question reality at every turn, it seems. Odin can appreciate that. 
But I have to confess that my spell has failed utterly. Please, have your 
painting back. I'm sorry for taking it. 

Kagero: You must keep trying, Odin! 

Odin: Failing myself is one thing. But I mustn't fail you too. 

Kagero: But I've always dreamed of seeing my paintings become real. I'll do 
anything to help. You must succeed in summoning the silkwyrm! 

Odin: Er, yes. I'll keep trying, if you insist, Kagero.
Kagero A

Kagero: I've brought you some things that might help with that summoning, 

Odin: Oh, what? 

Kagero: Faceless sweat. Dragon tears. Blood of this and that. After all, I 
put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into my art. So I thought this would 
help you with your spell. 

Odin: You think so? What insight into spellcasting you have. 

Kagero: So you'll try it? I hope these feeble ingredients can help you, 
Nohr's greatest mage! 

Odin: ...... 

Kagero: Um, what's wrong? Having second thoughts? 

Odin: Me? Second thoughts?! Why, Odin Dark doesn't even have first thoughts! 
A great mage operates on instinct alone-I, more than most!
(Time passes)

Kagero: All right, Odin. I've sprinkled the blood, sweat, and tears on my 
painting. Now, I add my faith in you. Please, Odin, summon the silkwyrm. 

Odin: ...... (Do it, Odin. What are you waiting for? You are a great mage! 
You are Odin Dark!) ...... 

Kagero: What are you whispering, Odin? Is that the spell? 

Odin: No. Just a fly. Flew in my mouth. Gone now. Now, prepare to witness the 
first-ever summoning of a silkwyrm! Errwghh... Errrwwgghhh... SILKWYRM! 

Kagero: Er, are you done? 

Odin: No, Kagero. I have only just begun. 

Kagero: Oh, good. Sorry. 

Odin: ERRRWWGGHHH! I call upon the fell spirits of the everdark! The unfallen 
hosts from on high! The divine multitudes of night and day-fill me with your 
power! I reveal you, silkwyrm, with the sun! I make you manifest with the 
moon! I SUMMON THEE, SILKWYRM! ...... 

Kagero: Er, Odin? Are you- 

Odin: Done? Never! 

Kagero: Then I will wait as long as it takes. I will never again interrupt. 

Kagero S

Odin: Oh, hi. 

Kagero: What sort of welcome is that from Nohr's most splendid mage? 

Odin: I'm deflated. I failed to summon your silkwyrm. 

Kagero: But you succeeded. 

Odin: Huh? 

Kagero: I mean, just look at my painting here. My silkwyrm is gone! 

Odin: You're right! Where before stood, or squirmed, your monster... Oh. I 
see. The rain washed away your paint. I stood day and night, rain or shine, 
incanting until I was hoarse... Great. I failed AND ruined your painting. 

Kagero: Rain had occurred to me. But I had unshakable faith in you, Odin. I'm 
sure it escaped my painting. I've been searching for it everywhere. 

Odin: Such faith... in Odin Dark? Then that settles a question that has flit 
through the chambers of my heart. 

Kagero: What question? 

Odin: The question of our matrimony. To which I answer-YES. 

Kagero: Matrimony? But, Odin... 

Odin: But Odin Dark knows that marriage requires yes on both sides. Else it's 
merely a wish, a figment, a thing of pure imagination. Perhaps if you don't 
yet see it, you could paint this dream. And then I will hold it to my heart, 
day and night, rain or shine... 

Kagero: But, Odin... 

Odin: And if you painting us doesn't work its magic, then perhaps this will. 
A ring-ancient token of heart's fondest affection. 

Kagero: ...... 

Odin: I get it. I'll stop now. 

Kagero: Oh, Odin. The answer is yes. Of course, of course. 

Odin: Then why does your face flicker betwixt joy and doom? 

Kagero: I can't marry you. I am from a family that's served Hoshido's royalty 
for ages. My family would never release me to do as I will-marry who I wish. 

Odin: Then paint a painting of the reverse outcome! I will cast my spell upon 
it until that happy ending is reality! 

Kagero: Well, who could say no to the most enchanting mage of Nohr? 

Odin: And how could I-to you? 

Kagero: I have one request. 

Odin: Anything! Name it! 

Kagero: I wish to paint your family as well. I'd like to present it to those 
closest to you, in the hopes they will accept me. 

Odin: Oh. 

Kagero: Is that too great a request? 

Odin: Not at all. It's only that I'm alone in this world. No family to speak 
of. My parents died... long ago. 

Kagero: I didn't mean to cause you grief. Still, my request stands. I insist 
on painting your family if we're to be married. 

Odin: Why? 

Kagero: Marriage, to me, is more than two souls uniting. It's two families 
too. I need you to describe them to me. I want to see them. 

Odin: Ah, yes. How wonderful of you. Then we will make this painting 
together, Kagero. 

Kagero: And so, I will accept that ancient token of heart's fondest 

Odin: The ring? Oh, Kagero. You leave me speechless...

A13. Setsuna C

Setsuna: La lala... 

Niles: You look like there isn't a thing in the world that could bother you 
right now. 

Setsuna: That's not true... I do worry about some things. 

Niles: Oh? What could possibly worry you? 

Setsuna: Hmmm. That is a really good question. I suppose I worry about how I 
don't seem to have any worries... 

Niles: I see. So you're something of an idiot, then. 

Setsuna: Hmmm? Sorry, I stopped listening for a moment... Was that a 
compliment? Thank you for your kind words. 

Niles: You're completely hopeless. Though that probably makes you happier. 

Setsuna: What kind of things worry you, Niles? 

Niles: Even if I did have worries, why would I tell you about them? 

Setsuna: Hmmm. That's a good point, really. I don't think you can solve 
problems just by talking about them. 

Niles: We're in agreement there. 

Setsuna: Yay, you agreed with me. That's nice. 

Niles: You're something special, that's for sure.
Setsuna B

Setsuna: Hum de dum... 

Niles: I don't get it. 

Setsuna: What don't you get? 

Niles: I don't get why Princess Hinoka took you of all people on as a 

Setsuna: Ahhh, one of life's great mysteries... 

Niles: You don't know, either? 

Setsuna: Nah. Lady Hinoka works in strange ways, sometimes. 

Niles: I feel bad for her, with you as a retainer... How did you start 
serving the royal family, anyway? 

Setsuna: Oh, my family is an important one in Hoshido, so...it just kind of 

Niles: So, your privilege is what got you such an esteemed position? I see... 
That is perhaps the most infuriating answer you could have given. 

Setsuna: Is it? I guess I could elaborate... I used to practice my archery 
every day in the castle. One day, Lady Hinoka saw me, and then she ordered me 
to serve her. I agreed, and here I am. 

Niles: That makes a bit more sense-you are definitely a skilled archer. That 
must have heavily outweighed your... other attributes. 

Setsuna: It wasn't until I'd been her retainer awhile that Lady Hinoka 
commented about me. Something about my listening skills. I believe it was a 
compliment. She's always giving me compliments. 

Niles: Yeah, I bet she is. 

Setsuna: It makes me so happy when she praises me. I love being her 
Setsuna A

Setsuna: La de da... 

Niles: It's so strange... 

Setsuna: Oh, Niles... What's strange? 

Niles: I've never seen anyone who looked as content as you always seem to. 
Whenever I see someone looking happy, I just want to wipe that smile off 
their face. 

Setsuna: That seems like an odd thing to want. 

Niles: And yet, I don't feel that way when I see you smiling. I can't even 
picture how your face would look if you were in pain. Are you truly as happy 
as you look? 

Setsuna: Oh, who can say? I know that I don't know, at least... 

Niles: How do you not know if you're happy or not? That seems...impossible. 

Setsuna: I've never really given it a lot of thought, to be honest. I usually 
just daydream whenever I try and think about stuff like that. 

Niles: Interesting. That makes me a little bit envious of you, truth be told. 

Setsuna: You should try doing it with me. Just let all your thoughts drip out 
of your head. Let anything that was bothering you just disappear. 

Niles: I'd imagine it requires some special training or skill to become so at 

Setsuna: Training? No... It's really very easy to do. 

Niles: It comes that naturally to you? That's kind of impressive... 

Setsuna: Thank you. That's a nice thing to say. 

Niles: I actually meant it as a compliment, too. What is going on with me?
Setsuna S

Niles: Setsuna, what are your plans for your future? 

Setsuna: My future? Well... I think I'll probably just keep daydreaming. It 
works for me. Hopefully Lady Hinoka will keep taking care of me while I do. 

Niles: I see. That could prove quite difficult for you, couldn't it? 

Setsuna: Difficult? How do you mean? 

Niles: The world isn't a nice place. And things could always change with Lady 
Hinoka. It might be impossible for you to get by if you're always 

Setsuna: But I'll have Lady Hinoka to help me... 

Niles: Right now you do, but she is a princess. She won't always be able to 
help you out. 

Setsuna: If that happens, I might have to think of some other plan, then... 

Niles: I was thinking that, too. You'd be in trouble if you kept daydreaming 
like you do. 

Setsuna: Oh, wait. My family is very rich. I'd be OK. 

Niles: It's almost insulting how privileged you are. 

Setsuna: It is? I don't understand... 

Niles: Regardless, your family's money may not be enough. Money can easily 
run out. 

Setsuna: You might be right. What can I do, though? I really like 

Niles: Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I had an idea... I 
thought of a way that you could keep daydreaming, no matter what. 

Setsuna: OK... 

Niles: If you and I were together, it would solve all of your problems. It 
would make me happy to look out for you. 

Setsuna: I... I do not know what to say... No, I do. Yes, of course. I've 
actually daydreamed about this when we've talked before. 

Niles: I was hoping you'd say something like that. 

Setsuna: But... can I stay the way I am, even if we're together? I love 

Niles: Of course. Like I said, I'll take care of you. The desire to 
sacrifice... That's the problem with being in love with you. 

Setsuna: Niles, let's go lie in that field and daydream for days. 

Niles: Yeah. But... just hours, OK? We may need to eat at some point. 

Setsuna: Oh. Right.
A13. Oboro C

Oboro: It's you... 

Niles: Hey. If you're going to look like that, go stare at a wall or 

Oboro: "Look like that"? What's that supposed to mean? 

Niles: It means that nasty glare on your puss. You got some problem with me? 

Oboro: ... Yeah. Not for anything you've done yet. But I can tell you're 
thinking about it. You've got this dark streak to you. It's not like you 
don't know what I'm talking about, right? If I ever gave you an opening, 
you'd seize the chance to jab me right in it. 

Niles: Phew. Nothing gets by you, huh? 

Oboro: I try to get along with everyone here. Even the Nohrians. But if 
you're going to be like that all the time, I won't bother. 

Niles: And we wouldn't want that, right? Though now that I'm a little used to 
it... that gaze seems almost smoldering. It penetrates deep into my core, 
burning in a way that hurts so good... 

Oboro: Quit messing around! I'm only working with you because Lord Takumi 
ordered it. As odious as it is, as much as I hate doing it, I have no choice. 
So why don't you make my life a little easier and meet me halfway? 

Niles: Heh. You don't beat around the bush. I like that. Luckily for you, 
Lord Leo also wants us Nohrians to get along with Hoshido. So I'll play 
along. Excited yet? 

Oboro: Ugh... stay calm... deep breaths...
Oboro B

Niles: Feel like exploring our relationship some more, Oboro? Plenty of 
depths to plumb there. 

Oboro: Don't be gross, Niles. 

Niles: What, you'd rather stay aloof? 

Oboro: It's not an either-or thing. I do want to get to know you better. It's 

Niles: Yeah, that look on your face says it all. The fire of hatred in your 
eyes... I'm drawn to it, like a moth. 

Oboro: ... 

Niles: Guess it'll take more than a couple smooth lines to bridge the gulf 
between us, hm? 

Oboro: Those "smooth lines" of yours are the whole reason I'm giving you the 

Niles: What? All I did is offer to get closer to you. 

Oboro: Phrasing! 

Niles: OK. I read you. I'll dial it down a little around you. 

Oboro: That's all I'm asking for. 

Niles: Now that that's out of the way... I say we have some "us time" until 
there's not a single thing between us. 

Oboro: ... 

Niles: ...Was that over the line? 

Oboro: You're not even trying to make friends here, are you? 

Niles: No, wait a minute. I am, really. Never mind that last thing. We're 
square now, right? Right...? 

Oboro: Forget it. I already understand you better than I ever wanted to. 
(Oboro leaves) 

Niles: Hey, we were having a civil conversation! Why does it always end like 
Oboro A

Oboro: Afternoon, Niles. 

Niles: ... 

Oboro: Uh... are you ignoring me? 

Niles: ...*ahem*... 

Oboro: I don't speak throat-clearing. If you have something to say, come out 
and say it. It's never stopped you before. 

Niles: ... 

Oboro: OK! I see how it is! If you don't want to talk, that's fine by me! 

Niles: No... 

Oboro: I don't get it. We fight together well enough, don't we? You've saved 
me a few times. I've repaid the favor once or twice... You'd think we could 
behave like adults around each other, but no. 

Niles: Wait... listen to me. I want to be friends with you too. 

Oboro: Then why the silent treatment?! 

Niles: Because every time I open my mouth, I say something that offends you. 

Oboro: Yeah... I noticed. 

Niles: I was never trying to-it just comes out that way. I try to make normal 
conversation, and it always sounds like shameless flirting. So I'm trying 
other things to get on your good side while keeping my mouth shut. 

Oboro: So that's it... That explains why you kept totally silent that last 
time you saved me in battle. 

Niles: Yep. 

Oboro: All right, let's talk. We've already got some things in common, don't 

Niles: You're sure...? I don't want to get misunderstood again. 

Oboro: It's fine. Just as long as you keep the innuendo to a minimum, OK? 

Niles: Sure, no problem. It'd bring me all kinds of pleasure! 

Oboro: NILES. 

Niles: W-was I doing it again?! Sorry! 

Oboro: Heh heh. It's OK. I'll forgive the slipup just this once.
Oboro S

Niles: Oboro. I have a gift for you. 

Oboro: What are these? Dress robes? Wait... 

Niles: ... 

Oboro: I come from a family of clothes merchants, so I know full well what 
these robes mean. They're specifically for the bride in a Hoshidan wedding 

Niles: Yeah. 

Oboro: Why are you giving me this? Is this your idea of a joke? 

Niles: ... 

Oboro: Uh, Niles...? 

Niles: Every time I open my mouth, I say something to annoy you. So I got you 
a gift that gets my point across without having to say anything. 

Oboro: Then that IS what you meant. You really want me to marry you. 

Niles: Yeah... 

Oboro: I'm impressed that a Nohrian man would do his homework on our wedding 
customs. This is just the kind of thing I'd pick out for myself if I was 
going to marry... But it's not enough! It's clear enough what you mean by the 
gift. But dammit, Niles, can't you just be an adult and say the words?! 

Niles: ...Yeah, you got me. Here goes, then. 

Oboro: I'm listening... 

Niles: Marry me, Oboro. I couldn't have any woman but you. I love every part 
of you, from the crown of your head to your smallest fingernail. I want to be 
by your side until I breathe my last and pass on. 

Oboro: Niles... Thanks. Both for saying that, and for saying it without being 

Niles: It was hard, but I managed. But you haven't answered the question... 

Oboro: It sounds strange to say, but I've felt an attraction to you too. Not 
at first, mind you. At first you just came off as a creep. 

Niles: Oboro, come on... 

Oboro: But you really tried to change for me, and I thought that was sweet. 
So yeah, let's try this. How does it go again? "Until death do we part"? 

Niles: I'll vow it if you will.

A14. Hana C

Hana: Hai-yah! Ha! He-yah! 

Laslow: Hmmm. 

Hana: Phew... That was a real workout. 

Laslow: ...

Hana: Hey, Laslow. Do you need something? 

Laslow: Oh, you noticed me? I thought I was concealed over here... I should 
have expected as much from you! 

Hana: You're not the best at concealing your presence. I knew you were there 
right away. How did you manage to become a royal retainer, anyway? 

Laslow: Ouf, that's a bit harsh! Though I suppose your bluntness is a good 
trait, really. 

Hana: Ha, perhaps. Anyway, what do you want? 

Laslow: I had something I've been meaning to tell you, if you've got a 

Hana: What is it? 

Laslow: Hana, you're... You're a lovely young woman. More than lovely, 

Hana: ... 

Laslow: Whoa! What's with the sword?! It was a compliment! At least let me 

Hana: ...Continue. 

Laslow: I just thought that maybe this would suit you. Just...accent your 
loveliness a little. Here; it's a present from me! 

Hana: Is this... Are you giving me lipstick? 

Laslow: Yep! I got it as a show of thanks from a shopkeeper in town. It was 
very nice of her, but I can't really make use of it. So... Here you go! 

Hana: But why give it to me? I'm sure there are a lot of other women you 
could give it to. 

Laslow: I just thought... Well, I've never seen you wearing makeup, so I 
thought you'd like it. You're already very lovely, and this lipstick could 
add a nice accent... 

Hana: Hrmph. I don't need makeup. I never have. Especially not on the 

Laslow: But how can you know if you've never even tried it on? You may be 
surprised with the outcome! 

Hana: Just no, OK? Let's drop this, or I'll show you why I was made a 

Laslow: OK, OK. No need to swing your sword around like that! ... I still 
think it would suit you. 

Hana: I just said-! That's it, come here! 

Laslow: Ah! Yikes! 
(Laslow leaves) 

Hana: You'd better run!
Hana B

Laslow: Hana! Hey, Hannnnnnnaaaaa! 

Hana: Hello, Laslow... 

Laslow: Remember the lipstick I was offering you before? I brought it again 
today... OUCH! 

Hana: Consider yourself lucky that I've only got my practice sword on me. I 
told you before; I have no need for the makeup you've got. Putting it on and 
maintaining it would only get in the way of my training. 

Laslow: It's not like I'm suggesting a dramatic change to your appearance! I 
don't even see how lipstick could affect your training. 

Hana: I'm certain I would feel differently about myself if I put that on. 

Laslow: Oh. If that's the case, I think it's all the more reason to wear 
lipstick at least. 

Hana: ...What are you talking about? 

Laslow: You know all about war paint, of course. This lipstick is just like 
that! The shopkeeper who gave it to me told me that it would definitely help 
in battle. She said that it would inspire confidence and add more strength to 

Hana: ... 

Laslow: Which makes me think that you'd enjoy wearing it. How can you say no 
to something that will only make you a better fighter?! 

Hana: ...Not a single word of that was true, was it? 

Laslow: Well... The shopkeeper did say the shade of color was nice. 

Hana: I thought as much... 

Laslow: It still wouldn't hurt to try it. If nothing else, the color has the 
same name as your master. 

Hana: It's called "sakura"? 

Laslow: Yup, exactly! 

Hana: I... Fine. I'll take the lipstick off your hands. 

Laslow: What? Really? I was sure you'd refuse again. 

Hana: It being that color changes everything. I admit I'm a little curious 
now. But I'll probably only wear it once, just so you know. 

Laslow: That's fine! I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks on you!
Hana A

Laslow: What a nice day.

Hana: ...Laslow. 

Laslow: Yikes! You scared me, Hana. Why do you have to sneak up on me like 

Hana: You really couldn't tell I was there? You don't have the most well-
honed senses, do you? It's a wonder you became a royal retainer... 

Laslow: Ahaha. You're as harsh as ever. Hey, there's something different 
about you today... I can't quite place it. 

Hana: I tried putting on a bit of that lipstick you gave me the other day. 
That's probably what you're noticing. 

Laslow: Oh, you're right! You did wear it! I was right; that color does look 
wonderful on you. Let me get a closer look... 

Hana: Whoa, hey now! You're way too close!! 

Laslow: Ah! You're right! I'm so sorry! That's just embarrassing... 

Hana: I was just gonna say that. What were you thinking, leaning in that way? 

Laslow: I'm sorry! I was just so fixated on you. That lipstick really does 
make you even more lovely than before. 

Hana: O-oh... I... um. Thanks? The color ended up being a lot lighter than I 
thought it was going to be. 

Laslow: It really suits you. I think you could pull off other kinds of 
makeup, too. 

Hana: Nope! Not a chance. I told you before that this was a onetime thing. 

Laslow: I remember. I was just hoping you'd change your mind about that. Even 
so, I'm glad I got to see you looking so nice. 

Hana: You are...? Heehee... 

Laslow: At last! I got you to laugh! Hey, I know what we could do! Let's go 
show everyone how you look! 


Laslow: You went through the trouble of putting it on. You may as well show 
off a little bit! I'm sure everyone will shower you with compliments, too! 
Besides, if you're never going to wear it again, they'll all definitely want 
to see. 

Hana: Nope, no way, and not a chance! There is nothing in the world to get me 
to do that. 

Laslow: Really? I had no idea you were so shy. 

Hana: You're one to talk! 

Laslow: How about if we just show Princess Sakura? 

Hana: ... I suppose that would be OK... 

Laslow: It's settled, then! Let's go find her right away! 

Hana: OK, but if you even think of flirting with Lady Sakura... it won't be 
my practice sword that smacks your back! 

Laslow: Y-yes, ma'am!
Hana S

Laslow: Hey there, Hana. Lady Sakura seemed to like your lipstick the other 
day. I hope it wasn't too awkward for you. 

Hana: She did like it. Her kind words even made me blush a little bit. 

Laslow: I brought you another lipstick, since the first was such a success. 
Would you like to try it for me? 

Hana: Laslow, I told you I wasn't going to wear anything more after that one 
time. Continuing to offer me more will only annoy me. 

Laslow: I... I apologize. I won't say another word about it. I thought that 
since you smiled so broadly when Lady Sakura complimented you... maybe this 
would be a way to get you to like me more. 

Hana: I'm actually kind of surprised that you gave up so easily for once. 

Laslow: Of course! The last thing I want to do is make the woman I love hate 

Hana: Ah, that's a good... WHAAAT?! Wh-what did you just say?! 

Laslow: I said that I love you, Hana. 

Hana: Are you messing with me? I'm warning you, I won't forgive you if you 

Laslow: I'm not teasing you! I'm telling you the honest truth about how I 
feel. You inspire me with how hard you work for Princess Sakura. I might 
throw out compliments easily, but this isn't something I'd joke about. 

Hana: Laslow... 

Laslow: I realize now, though, that I may have been a bit annoying with the 
makeup stuff... 

Hana: Perhaps at first, but I don't think it's as annoying anymore... 

Laslow: Wh-what do you mean? 

Hana: At first I was bothered that you were disrupting my training. But now-
especially after what you said- you make me happy when you're around. I think 
that's because I...love you, too. 

Laslow: R-really?! I'm so happy to hear you say that, Hana! I'm glad that I 
brought this then, and not just that lipstick... 

Hana: What is this? Some sort of box... 

Laslow: Open it and find out! 

Hana: Is this... It's a glass cherry blossom? 

Laslow: Indeed! I know how much Lady Sakura means to you... I thought that 
you'd really like this. It's a good symbol of starting a relationship, too. 
What do you think? 

Hana: Thank you, Laslow. It means a lot that you respect my dedication to 
Lady Sakura. All right. I've made up my mind. 

Laslow: About what? 

Hana: If we're to be together, you'll have to let me help you train. We'll 
train so much that Lord Xander will be proud of your hard work! You improving 
is my only condition! 

Laslow: You mean... If I try to become a better retainer, we can be together? 

Hana: Exactly! Should we start now? I think a competition in skill is a good 
start... Or maybe just some routine drills? 

Laslow: Hana... Thank you. Your eagerness to help me is wonderful. And 
inspiring! But for now, perhaps we could just stay here and talk some more? I 
want to know all about you! 

Hana: Oh, all right... That idea actually makes me quite happy, too...
A14. Orochi C

Orochi: Hello, Laslow. Fancy meeting you here. 

Laslow: Ah, the beautiful Orochi. My day just got even lovelier. 

Orochi: So, I've heard you're one of the most accomplished swordsmen around. 
It must be true. You're one of the most valued retainers of the Nohrian 
royals. You're surely the most stylish swordsman I've ever seen. And I've 
been watching. 

Laslow: Oh, have you? But, please, no more praise. It'll go to my head. 

Orochi: And what a darling blush has come to your cheeks. Such a cutie. 

Laslow: Cutie now, am I? One might prefer to be called handsome, but- 

Orochi: Any man can be handsome, Laslow. But one in a million is a cutie. 
Now, may I ask something of you? I am thinking of creating an act. 

Laslow: An act? You mean, some little trifle of the stage? 

Orochi: Yes, though I hope my act will be unforgettable, not trivial. Which 
brings me to my question: Would you join my act? Just imagine! You and 
I...Hoshido and Nohr...enemies, now allies! And I have a feeling that you and 
I would get on like fire and oil. Quite a spectacle-our audiences couldn't 
take their eyes off of us! 

Laslow: A bit of entertainment might be nice for our army. I'll say...yes. 
What sort of act did you have in mind, Orochi? 

Orochi: I'm not sure. Anything spring to mind, Laslow? 

Laslow: Hmm. I've heard-from a woman or two-that I'm an excellent dancer. How 
about you and I show 'em Nohr and Hoshido, dancing cheek to cheek. 

Orochi: I cannot dance, Laslow. Besides, that might be too saucy for some. 

Laslow: Just a suggestion. 

Orochi: Perhaps something that will give our audiences good fortune? 

Laslow: Ah, perfect. Let's give it some thought. I'll dream my biggest dream. 

Orochi: You do that. Oooh, I can't wait to see what comes of this!
Orochi B

Orochi: Why, if it isn't my new stage partner! Think of anything for our act? 

Laslow: Many thoughts. But alas, none that will affect audiences the way you 

Orochi: To give them good fortune? Well, I'm glad you're taking it seriously. 
I really do want that for our act. But I've come up with nothing too. What 
if...I read our fortunes? 

Laslow: Will that work? Don't we need to think up our act before it's in our 

Orochi: My fortunes see all. What is. What could be. My fortune-telling cards 
are perfect for feeling out could be. Here, I'll lay them out, six in a 

Laslow: Oh, my. A flower card. And another? And...six flowers in a row? 

Orochi: Ooh! Our future is all flowers. Very fortunate. You and I have much 

Laslow: But the fortune didn't tell us what our performance should be. 
Perhaps your cards are telling us to use lots of flowers in our act? 

Orochi: We're overthinking it. Why, you people of Nohr...I bet your good 
ideas come out of nowhere. Just like that-BOOM. 

Laslow: Boom, eh? AHA! 

Orochi: Have an idea? 

Laslow: I recall seeing a show long ago that employed fires of all colors. 
Oh, I cannot quite describe it. Half inferno, half rainbow! The secret to the 
flames' vivid colors involved burning different things. 

Orochi: My cards were showing us flowers, and yet you saw flames? 

Laslow: Flames, flowers-I see a connection in my imagination, Orochi. Oh, I 
finally can envision what our show will look like! But for now, I'll have to 
leave you in the dark. I need to research this. 

Orochi: Do I sense a bit of mischief, Laslow? It's usually Orochi who does 
the toying. Still, I'm intrigued. Hmm, yes. You've got me on the edge of my 
seat. Tell me soon, will you? 

Laslow: Of course, Orochi. Go-invite everyone. I promise we'll give 'em a 
show they'll never forget.
Orochi A

Orochi: Laslow! I've got everyone coming tonight for our big act. But what 
are you doing, sitting around making dumplings? We've got a show to put on-
and I still have no idea what it is! 

Laslow: Trust me, my dear. I'm making these for our show. 

Orochi: How cute your dumplings are. You're pinching them shut so exactly. 
Oooh! In the shape of flowers. So that's how my flower cards inspired you. 
Your dumplings are in so many colors. Are they as tasty as they are pretty? 

Laslow: No, Orochi. Don't eat that! 

Orochi: But I can't resist pretty, tasty things. 

Laslow: They're not meant to be eaten. We need them for our show. 

Orochi: All right. I suppose I'll just go gather up Lord/Lady Corrin and the 

Laslow: Just one moment. Could you please cast a spell on these? A good-luck 

Orochi: Piece of cake. Stand back, Laslow.
(Weapon clang)

Laslow: Thank you, Orochi dear. I've a few more preparations. See you 

Orochi: I'll have everyone here at nightfall... 
(Time passes)
Orochi: Everyone's gathered. And STILL you haven't told me what we're doing. 

Laslow: I will now. Let's begin. 

Orochi: What? Way over here? But all of our friends are over there! 

Laslow: Now it's your turn to stand back, Orochi. I don't want you to get 

Orochi: Hmpf. A candle flame? Not a very exciting act, Laslow. You sure about 
this? I don't want our friends to boo us. 

Laslow: If I light... each of the... dumplings... Yah! Now! Stand back, I 
said! Our show is starting! 
(Fireworks go off)

Orochi: Fireworks! 

Laslow: Wheeee! Yes, fireworks! Your flower cards brought back an old memory 
of a fireworks show. Flowers, painted across the night sky! 

Orochi: The dumplings... 

Laslow: Indeed-bundles of ingredients of a most incendiary nature. I've never 
seen fireworks bloom so well though-must be your spell at work. 

Orochi: Oh, Laslow, you crafty dog. This is simply the best. 

Laslow: I never would have thought it up without you, my dear. And I have to 
admit... I like this even more than the thought of you and I, dancing cheek 
to cheek. 

Orochi: Well, perhaps we'll save that act for another day, Laslow. Let's join 
Lord/Lady Corrin and the others. I do love the sound of oohs and aahs. 

Laslow: I'll join you soon. I want to make sure the last of these go off. 
(Orochi leaves) 
Laslow: Ah, that's that. Such pretty flowers. Too many to choose a favorite. 
I guess I'll just have to ooh and aah at ALL the lovely beauties...
Orochi S

Orochi: Great news, Laslow. Lord/Lady Corrin gave rave reviews of your 
fireworks show. It was the perfect thing to celebrate the dream of Hoshidan-
Nohrian unity. 

Laslow: It was our show, my dear. 

Orochi: I added a little magic to the mix. That's all. 

Laslow: I think you underestimate how perfect we were together. And so, if I 
may ask? 

Orochi: No need to tiptoe, Laslow. Just ask! 

Laslow: Recall how you spread out your cards to tell our future? We asked to 
know about our act. But might it not mean... 

Orochi: Yes? 

Laslow: That you and I... Oh, please, my dear. Surely you have wondered the 

Orochi: I haven't a clue. 

Laslow: That we might have a future... beyond our act... Oh, enough! Here, 
Orochi. Just take this already. 

Orochi: A bouquet of flowers. Oooh, look at them. Six in a bunch. How nice. 
I'll put them in a vase. 

Laslow: Urggh. Really? You don't see IT... the thing...right THERE? 

Orochi: What a pretty bow. Who knew you could tie it so fancifully? 
But...what's that you've tied up in the knot? A ring?! 

Laslow: Marry me, Orochi. 

Orochi: Is this some new act? A skit? A comedy? Hold on. You're serious. 

Laslow: Er, yes? But if you don't find the idea of you and I... 

Orochi: Oooh, such a cutie. Just look at you squirm. 

Laslow: Please, don't mock my affections. I'm not one for permanent 

Orochi: Oh, come now, Laslow. No need for the sudden chill. I'm flattered 
that you've read so much into our fortune. 

Laslow: You don't need to let me down slowly. In fact, let me retract- 

Orochi: Now, now. Listen. My fortunes can be nebulous. It's risky to see 
marriage in a row of six flowers. Better to base a proposal of love on the 
here and now. Which is why my answer is... 

Laslow: Yes? 

Orochi: Exactly. 

Laslow: Wait-was that a yes? 

Orochi: Of course. I really felt fireworks the last time we were together, 
didn't you? 

Laslow: So I did, you clever woman, you. And I promise to give you fireworks 
for the rest of your life. 

Orochi: Didn't you say it was our fireworks show, Laslow? I think you and I 
will light up the sky every night-together!

A15. Rinkah C

Rinkah: Glad I found you, Benny. I meant to say something to you. 

Benny: OK. I'm listening. 

Rinkah: I notice you spend a lot of time alone. You hang back from group 

Benny: Yeah... I know... 

Rinkah: Then you and me are two of a kind. The Flame Tribe values solitude, 
and I've always been proud to uphold that tradition. 

Benny: I'm, um. Not. Proud of my solitude, I mean. 

Rinkah: What? You're kidding me. 

Benny: It's true... 

Rinkah: Then why do you spend so much time by yourself? 

Benny: It's not that I want to be alone... Everyone avoids me because they're 

Rinkah: Ugh! And here I thought we were two of a kind. But that's just 
pathetic. You let me down, Benny! 

Benny: S...sorry?
Rinkah B

Benny: Rinkah... 

Rinkah: If you don't need anything, don't say anything. 

Benny: I know the Flame Tribe values solitude... 

Rinkah: You're damn right. True skill is honed in the fires of single combat. 
No beast that hunts in a pack can be said to be strong. 

Benny: Oh. 

Rinkah: You're obviously strong. Anyone can tell by watching you trounce your 
enemies. So why do you reject the way of the lone wolf? What do you want 
other people for? 

Benny: I... I don't think I'm strong in the way you think I am. If I had to 
fight on my own...I'd have run away from the battlefield a long time ago. 

Rinkah: Tch... 

Benny: It's good for me that I'm not alone. Like you said, I'm part of a 
pack. I live and fight with allies. I do my best to protect them. That's 
where any strength I have comes from. 

Rinkah: Hmm. So you're saying that instead of leaning on the group for 
strength... you find your individual strength in the group? 

Benny: Yeah. I guess so. 

Rinkah: That just sounds crazy to me. 

Benny: ... 

Rinkah: But maybe it does explain how you can be so strong... It's something 
to think about. 

Benny: Glad I could help...?
Rinkah A

Benny: Rinkah... 

Rinkah: Oh, hey, Benny. 

Benny: You're not mad at me for talking to you today? 

Rinkah: Heh. Do you want me to be? 

Benny: No... I really don't... 

Rinkah: Then don't ask stupid questions. 

Benny: Heh... sorry. 

Rinkah: Benny, look... The Flame Tribe values solitude. I've always held by 
that, and I still do. 

Benny: All right. 

Rinkah: But you made me think some about being part of this army. 

Benny: Oh? 

Rinkah: Maybe I was thinking about it the wrong way. Instead of a pack of 
animals... it might be better to think of us as limbs. I'm strong because I 
have arms to hold my club, and legs to leap with. I have a heart to pump hot 
blood, and lungs and a mouth to scream my battle cry. All those, put 
together, make for one single powerful Flame Tribe warrior. Maybe our army is 
like that too. 

Benny: Hmm... 

Rinkah: When I look at it that way, it makes sense for our group to be so 

Benny: That way of justifying it seems very... 

Rinkah: Very what? 

Benny: Very Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Heh. The Flame Tribe values solitude. 

Benny: Yeah... 

Rinkah: But being part of this group hasn't been so bad at all. 

Benny: Heh. Good...
Rinkah S

Benny: So... um... solitude is important to the Flame Tribe, right? 

Rinkah: You know it is, Benny. We've been over this. 

Benny: But do Flame Tribe people never have relationships? Never fall in 

Rinkah: Don't be stupid. Of course they do. Did you think I grew on a tree? 

Benny: Oh... good point... 

Rinkah: There's a difference between preferring solitude and shunning 
society. You can be a private person even when you're in the middle of a 

Benny: That makes me feel better. 

Rinkah: Heh. Were you nervous about telling me you loved me? 

Benny: Yeah. I- Um! How did you-?! Wait! 

Rinkah: Come on, Benny. You're an open book. You were blushing and stammering 
even more than usual. 

Benny: I... I thought... I was being subtle... 

Rinkah: There's more to expressing yourself than what you say. You realize 
that Flame Tribe warriors don't accept weak mates, right? A weak man has no 
chance with a woman. 

Benny: I know... I just hoped... 

Rinkah: Good thing you don't have anything to worry about there. You're a 
terror in battle, sure. But you've also got a strong heart. I didn't figure 
that out about you for a long time. 

Benny: I... guess I do. I care a lot about people. I care a lot about you. 

Rinkah: That's what I mean. Between your strong heart and my fierce 
muscles... the two of us will make a single powerful couple. 

Benny: So... um... 

Rinkah: Yeah, I said it. Get used to it, Benny. We're going to be together a 
long time.
A15. Oboro C

Benny: Um... 

Oboro: Aaaah! Did that boulder just talk?! Wait, that's no boulder... That's 
a man! 

Benny: You're... Oboro, right? 

Oboro: Yeah. And your name was, um, Benny? 

Benny: Yes. 

Oboro: OK. I don't think we've actually met before. But I've seen you fight, 
and it's nice to have a bruiser like you on our side. 

Benny: Um. Are you sure? The look on your face says something else. 

Oboro: Oh, sorry. I just get like this whenever I catch the slightest whiff 
of Nohr. I hate Nohr and everyone in it. But don't worry-I'll get used to you 

Benny: ... 

Oboro: What? 

Benny: Nothing... So... you always look like that when you're talking to a 

Oboro: Nah. Like I said, once I know they mean no harm, I go back to normal. 
Although...it doesn't seem to be happening today... Have you got an ambush up 
your sleeve? 

Benny: N-no... I'd never do that. 

Oboro: Really? Huh. Well, we have to work together, so here's hoping this is 
fixed next time I see you. See you around. 
(Oboro leaves) 

Benny: ... That was terrifying... I've never seen anyone before who looked 
scarier than me.
Oboro B

Benny: ...

Oboro: Hello, Benny. 

Benny: Gaaah! That face again! 

Oboro: Huh? Oh, sure enough. That's weird. 

Benny: I thought you said you wouldn't do it anymore once you were used to 

Oboro: I thought I wouldn't. This is very strange. We have no problem 
fighting together, so I don't understand what's wrong. For some reason, I 
just can't...stop... Uh, Benny? 

Benny: Aaah! Wh-what? 

Oboro: Why are you pointing your weapon at me? 

Benny: B-because... I-I... 

Oboro: Are you actually afraid of me? 

Benny: D-d-d-don't be silly... 

Oboro: Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. How could a big guy like you 
be scared of a little girl like me? Which means... You were going to attack 

Benny: N-no! I swear! 

Oboro: Then why is your weapon still out?! 

Benny: Um... 

Oboro: PUT IT AWAY! 

Benny: Y-yes, ma'am! 

Oboro: Now, look at me. Keep staring until you don't find me scary anymore. 

Benny: Y-you're not scary... Not scary... 

Oboro: Deep breaths... Phew. Finally back to normal. See? I was right. You 
were scared of me. I think that's what was setting me off. I'm super 
sensitive about any negative emotions from Nohrians. 

Benny: Oh. Sorry... 

Oboro: It's natural to be scared during combat, but try to keep it together 
apart from that. If you can't... I won't be able to help myself. 

Benny: Aaaah! Gaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Oboro: Uh-oh... I'm stuck this way again. You're kind of a coward, huh, 
Oboro A

Benny: Oboro... 

Oboro: Benny? What is it? 

Benny: You don't look so scary today. 

Oboro: That's because you got over your fear of me. As long as we're just 
having a friendly chat, I'm fine! 

Benny: OK... Good thing I made lots of charms. 

Oboro: Charms? 

Benny: I always take my handmade charms into battle with me. With these in my 
pockets, I don't have to be afraid of anything. 

Oboro: Interesting. You like to make things, huh? Wait...you said you made a 
lot of charms? How many charms did you need to work up the nerve to come see 

Benny: ... Um, well... 

Oboro: Benny! 

Benny: Gyaaaaah! 

Oboro: ...Heehee. Gotcha. 

Benny: D-don't even joke. I have nightmares about that face... 

Oboro: Oh, sorry. So let's see these charms you made! 

Benny: They look like this... 

Oboro: Wow, is this made out of crystals? This one looks like a tiny doll... 
Did you use animal bones for this one? Nohrian charms are so strange. 

Benny: Are they different in Hoshido? 

Oboro: There are some that look like these. But our charms usually come in a 
little pouch, with paper seals or spirit stones. Every one is unique as far 
as what it's made out of. I've always been fascinated with them, coming from 
a line of tailors and all. Sometimes if I have fabric left over from a 
project, I'll make a charm or two. 

Benny: I see. I'd be interested in taking a look at your charms. 

Oboro: Sure! We can swap next time we see each other. I'll make a Hoshido-
style one, and you make one like they do in Nohr. 

Benny: Easy. But... you're sure you want a Nohrian charm? 

Oboro: It's not a problem. I hate Nohr and everything they stand for, but 
you-you're my friend! 

Benny: O-OK... 

Oboro: I can't wait to get started on mine. And hey, I bet carrying both 
Nohrian and Hoshidan charms will bring twice the luck! 

Benny: I hope so...
Oboro S

Benny: Oboro... 

Oboro: Hey, Benny! Thanks for that charm you made. The crystals you used were 
nice and sparkly. 

Benny: I'm glad you liked it. The charm you gave me made me braver than 

Oboro: Good! I'm glad it helped. 

Benny: ... 

Oboro: Benny? What's wrong? 

Benny: I actually made another charm today. Here... 

Oboro: A ring? Do these count as good-luck charms in Nohr too? 

Benny: Oh... um... Not exactly. If you wear that, you'll be protected. By me. 

Oboro: Huh? 

Benny: It's an engagement ring. If you were my fiancée, I'd always protect 
you... B-because I love you, Oboro. 

Oboro: Benny...? 

Benny: But you hate everything from Nohr. And I'm a Nohrian. So that's that. 
I'll understand if you want to give it back. I just had to show how I felt 
about you... 

Oboro: Oh, Benny... Look at you. You're a mess! You're shaking like a leaf. 
Are you that scared that I'll say no? 

Benny: N-no, um... 

Oboro: ...Because I won't. I'd never reject you. I love you too, Benny. 

Benny: ...Oh! 

Oboro: I'll always blame Nohr for my parents' death. That'll never change. 
But I love you. Really love you. I don't think I'll ever find anyone as kind 
as you anywhere else. 

Benny: Oboro... You don't know how happy that makes me. 

Oboro: Benny! You're too big to start blubbering. Now put the ring on me! 

Benny: OK. Whew. It's a perfect fit. 

Oboro: Now THIS is a good-luck charm! It's already making my life better, 

Benny: ... 

Oboro: I certainly feel lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with you. 

Benny: This ring represents a promise. My promise to keep you safe and happy 
to the end of your days.

A16. Rinkah C

Keaton: Hey, Rinkah! 

Rinkah: Hmph. 

Keaton: What's your problem? Are you in a bad mood or something? 

Rinkah: I have no problem. I am the daughter of the Flame Tribe's chieftain. 

Keaton: Yeah, so? 

Rinkah: The Flame Tribe values independence above all else. We speak only 
when necessary. And it is decidedly not necessary I do so now. Come back when 
you have business to discuss. Otherwise, leave me alone. 

Keaton: Oh, I see. So it's like that, huh? 

Rinkah: ... 

Keaton: I have just one question for ya. 

Rinkah: Did you not hear a word I said? 

Keaton: Hey, you said I could talk to you if I had business with you. Well, 
needing a question answered is sort of like business, right? 

Rinkah: Tsk. Fine. What did you want? 

Keaton: What does independence mean? 

Rinkah: ... From now on, don't talk to me. Even if you have business to 
Rinkah B

Keaton: Rinkah! 

Rinkah: ... 

Keaton: Come on! You gotta tell me! What did you mean by "independence"? 

Rinkah: Even were I to tell you, I doubt you would understand. 

Keaton: Won't know until you try! I'm not giving up until you tell me what it 

Rinkah: Tsk. Fine. But I'm only going to say this once. So listen well. 

Keaton: Woohoo! I'm all ears! 

Rinkah: To be independent means one does not rely too much on others. But for 
the Flame Tribe, it means much more. We are committed to walking our own 
path, despite what others say or do. We do not compromise, we do not beg for 
aid, and we do not sell our loyalty. 

Keaton: Uh-huh... 

Rinkah: It's as I thought, isn't it? You don't understand. 

Keaton: What?! Of course I do! There's nothing complicated about that! It 
just means you like being alone, right? 

Rinkah: Alone? You dare boil it down so simply? 

Keaton: Oh, did I get it wrong? 

Rinkah: You make it sound like we're sullen little children who don't want to 
share toys! It's about principles and honor and dignity! 

Keaton: OK, I get it! No need to yell! So would it be better to say that 
you're, like, a lone wolf? 

Rinkah: I guess that would do. It's about as close as you're likely able to 
get, in any case. 

Keaton: Phew. You're pretty scary when you snap like that, you know? 

Rinkah: Now, your business with me is over. Kindly remove yourself from my 

Keaton: Yeesh. Yeah, you really are a lone wolf, aren't ya? I get it, though. 
I'm a lone wolfskin too. I mean, I hate having friends! Yep. Tooootally 
understand. Totally.
Rinkah A

Keaton: ... 

Rinkah: What do you want? 

Keaton: Oh, nothing. 

Rinkah: Oh. ... 

Keaton: ... 

Rinkah: Why do you have to stand right here? Couldn't you go do nothing 

Keaton: Huh? I'm not talking to you or anything, am I? So how am I bugging 

Rinkah: Don't play dumb with me! You know exactly how you're bothering me! 
You can't just stand next to someone and stare and expect them not to get 

Keaton: I think you're really cool, you know. 

Rinkah: What the?! Where is this coming from? 

Keaton: Lone wolves... They're always the strongest ones. 

Rinkah: ... 

Keaton: They never try to join a pack. Ever. No matter how dangerous things 
get, they never look for someone else to save them. Tell you the truth, I 
don't really know what it's like to be a lone wolf. But I admire them. Which 
is why I like you! 

Rinkah: Hmm... 

Keaton: Anyway, if you aren't gonna talk to me, least you could do is let me 
hang around. Just for a little bit! I just wanna get a feel for the lone 
wolf's way of life. 

Rinkah: ...Fine. Go ahead. But don't you dare say a word! 

Keaton: OK! Deal! Thanks, buddy! 

Rinkah: ... Hmph.
Rinkah S

Keaton: Rinkah! 

Rinkah: Keaton? What do you want? 

Keaton: Nothing special. 

Rinkah: Oh. All right. 

Keaton: Huh? You're not going to snap at me? I coulda sworn you were going to 
scold me for talking to you without a reason again. 

Rinkah: OK. Don't talk to me for no reason! 

Keaton: Haha! Hey, c'mon! Don't be like that! 

Rinkah: Quiet! You don't get to make fun of me like that! 

Keaton: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! And I guess I should tell you that I lied. 
There is something I want to talk to you about. 

Rinkah: What? Then why didn't you say so to begin with?! 

Keaton: I wasn't sure how to put it... 

Rinkah: Gods, just spit it out! 

Keaton: OK, fine! 

Rinkah: Well? 

Keaton: Will you be my wife? 

Rinkah: Your WHAT?! 

Keaton: My wife! 

Rinkah: Argh! Of all the- You stupid- 

Keaton: If you don't want to, you just have to say so. 

Rinkah: I don't NOT want to! 

Keaton: Really?! So you will? 

Rinkah: I didn't say that! I'm the daughter of my tribe's chieftain. I've got 
responsibilities to consider. I can't be with someone outside the tribe... 

Keaton: Oh. Is that one of your rules? 

Rinkah: It is. 

Keaton: I see... So there's no hope, is there? 

Rinkah: I didn't say that either! That rule is more a strong guideline than 
an absolute law. There have been exceptions made in the past. 

Keaton: Exceptions? 

Rinkah: Yes. But they're strongly discouraged. You should only make one if 
it's important. So I have to know that you're serious about this. Do you 

Keaton: Yes. Of course I do. And I am serious. 

Rinkah: Good! Then... we can be together. But you'd better not let me down. 
I'm...counting on you. I don't do that very often. Understand? 

Keaton: You got it! I won't ever let you down. That's a promise!
A16. Hana C

Keaton: Got you now, Hana! 

Hana: Ha! Not a chance, Keaton!
(Damage dealt)

Keaton: Yeooooow! 

Hana: You're gonna need decades of training before you can hope to catch me 
off guard. 

Keaton: You hit me really, really hard with that wooden sword! Jeez! 

Hana: It was actually pretty easy to slip past your guard there, Keaton. 
Maybe you should put a little more work into your training. 

Keaton: Whatever! If I'd really been trying, I could have taken you in a 

Hana: Oh yeah? Then why weren't you really trying? Claiming you lost 'cause 
you were holding back doesn't change the fact that you lost. 

Keaton: Grrrrrr! I'm not sure I like how blunt you are toward me. 

Hana: Honesty is a virtue. Why don't you try to be more honest with yourself? 

Keaton: I am honest! 

Hana: Heehee, perhaps... Or are you lying to yourself right this very moment? 
Who can tell. 

Keaton: Grrrr... I can't stand you! 

Hana: For what it's worth, I don't actually dislike you, Keaton. 

Keaton: Uhhh, you don't? Maybe you're not all that bad, then... 

Hana: Jeez, you're easy to please.
Hana B

Hana: Hey, Keaton. What's all that stuff you're holding in your hands? 

Keaton: Oh, it's you... 

Hana: Uh, what do you mean by that? Did I do something to rub your fur the 
wrong way? 

Keaton: Not... necessarily. It's just, you make me uncomfortable. You're too 
straightforward, and you don't hold back when you say stuff. 

Hana: I do tend to just say what's on my mind... 

Keaton: It's all right. You don't have to worry about it. 

Hana: Oh, if I don't have to worry about it, then I won't! Anyway, what're 
you carrying there? 

Keaton: This? They're some small treasures I just found while wandering in 
the forest! 

Hana: You found treasure?! That's amazing! 

Keaton: Heh heh, right? I'm really excited! Wanna see, wanna see? I've got 
all kinds of goodies here! 

Hana: Yes! Let me see! Uh, this is... a human skull with a dried up snake 
poking out of the eye socket... 

Keaton: Right?! It's not every day you come across something like this! I was 
jumping for joy when I found it. 

Hana: It's disgusting. 

Keaton: Disgusting? How can you say that about my discovery?! 

Hana: Really easily, actually. I mean, a skull is part of someone's dead 
body! I really don't understand how you could think this is at all valuable. 

Keaton: No, no, you must be mistaken. Here, take a closer look! 

Hana: Oh, wow, no. The more I look at it, the more nauseated I end up 

Keaton: I can't believe you! This is easily the best thing I've found in the 

Hana: Wait, so this is the kind of stuff that you like to collect? I guess 
you're a wolfskin, so your tastes might be different from a human's... But 
I'm pretty sure most people won't get your fascination with things like this. 

Keaton: You really make it tough for me to like you...
Hana A

Hana: Surprise, Keaton!
(Damage dealt)

Keaton: Yeooooow! 

Hana: One-shot victory! 

Keaton: That's dirty! You attacked me out of nowhere! 

Hana: Really? This coming from the guy who launched a sneak attack first? 

Keaton: Yeah, but... I didn't attack you when you were carrying a whole bunch 
of stuff! 

Hana: Heehee, that's true. What were you doing anyway? Returning with more 

Keaton: ...It's a secret. 

Hana: Huh. Well, I think it's pretty obvious by looking at what you have in 
your hands. 

Keaton: I'm not telling! I said it was a secret! Even if I showed you what I 
have... all you'd do is tell me how disgusting another of my valued treasures 

Hana: You don't know that. Maybe whatever you've got is the most amazing 
thing ever! 

Keaton: No way! I'm never showing you my treasures ever again! 

Hana: Keaton... I'm sorry. I guess I may have gone a little too far... 

Keaton: Nah, I'm fine. Really! 

Hana: I can tell that's not true. Your tail is bristling and...are those 

Keaton: It is not! And I'm not about to cry! 

Hana: I was a little harsh in talking about your treasures. I'm not sure if 
you'll forgive me...but I'm sorry. 

Keaton: Why are you being so apologetic all of a sudden? 

Hana: I just want to let you know it was never my intention to hurt a 

Keaton: ... Sigh... All right. I forgive you, Hana. Sometimes the things you 
say cut like the blade of your sword. I suppose I should be grateful; some 
people would rather be deceptive than honest. That two-faced behavior makes 
people hard to trust, so I'm glad you're different. 

Hana: Thanks, Keaton! Anyway, what creepy, gross thing did you find this 

Keaton: Ack! Too honest! Despite forgiving you, I still won't ever show my 
treasure to you. 

Hana: What? I even tried to make my question sound nice! 

Keaton: You failed!
Hana S

Hana: Haaaaai-yah!
(Weapon clang)

Keaton: Ha! That time I was ready for you, Hana! Today will be different, 
though. I'm not gonna lose! Just watch! 
(Damage dealt)

Hana: What the-?! Darn it... 

Keaton: Yes! Somehow I've finally managed to win! 

Hana: I could sense a lot more determination in your fighting today. 

Keaton: Heh heh. There's a reason I wanted to beat you, no matter what. 

Hana: Why's that? 

Keaton: You train every morning without missing a single session, right? Why 
is it that you work so hard to become stronger? 

Hana: That's an easy question-I have someone I want to protect. 

Keaton: I thought so. People strive to be stronger when they have someone 
they want to keep safe. And I feel the same way... 

Hana: You do? 

Keaton: There's someone I want to protect as well, so I'll work hard to be 
stronger. I wanted to defeat you to prove that I was strong enough to do the 

Hana: Ahhh, that explains all the spirit in your attacks today. But why did 
you need to prove yourself against me, of all the people in camp? 

Keaton: Well... The person I want to protect... is you. 

Hana: Me?! 

Keaton: I've fallen for you! Please tell me my affection isn't misplaced! 

Hana: Keaton... 

Keaton: I'll get as strong as I can possibly get in order to protect you! 

Hana: ... Judging from how hard you fought in that last bout... I can tell 
that you mean exactly what you are saying. So... I'm all yours. 

Keaton: You mean... we can be together? 

Hana: Heehee, yes! That's exactly what I mean! It would make me really happy, 
actually. But I don't just want to be the one being protected; you'll let me 
protect you, right? You're a really important person to me as well...
B. Third Route First Generation Buddy Supports


B1. Xander C

Xander: Prince Ryoma. There is something I wish to speak with you about. 

Ryoma: What is it? 

Xander: There have been complaints from my siblings and my soldiers. Whenever 
one of us attempts to talk with Corrin, you are almost always there. And if 
you aren't, some other Hoshidan is. What is the meaning of this? I thought we 
had agreed to seek a new path to peace, to forge an alliance of trust. Or was 
that a lie? Do you still doubt our intentions? 

Ryoma: It was no lie. 

Xander: Then why are you still keeping us under surveillance? 

Ryoma: I have decided to trust you, but many in the Hoshidan army have not. 
That is why I am keeping watch over you and yours. I wish it was not 
necessary. And I am sorry if it has caused your people grief. 

Xander: Is it truly so impossible to trust Nohrians? 

Ryoma: Try to understand, Prince Xander. King Garon lured my father into a 
trap and murdered him in cold blood. As if that were not enough, he then 
stole Corrin from us. A mere child! You cannot blame my countrymen for being 

Xander: Of course. But do you not think it unfair to punish a son for his 
father's sins? 

Ryoma: I understand that it was King Garon's doing and that he is now your 
enemy too. Still... enemy or not, he remains your father. It must be 
difficult to turn your sword against him, regardless of the facts. I'm doing 
my best to sympathize... However... 

Xander: ...I see. You need not continue. I will tell my people to pay no mind 
to the matter. Your perspective, though incorrect, is perfectly 

Ryoma: Prince Xander... 

Xander: Trust can only be earned, not demanded. And earning it takes time. So 
we will wait. In the interim, we are no strangers to hostile receptions. We 
shall endure. 

Ryoma: ...
Xander B

Xander: Prince Ryoma. There is something I must speak with you about. I have 
noticed that Corrin is often without a Hoshidan escort these days. Are you 
aware of this? 

Ryoma: Of course. It is so because I ordered it so. 

Xander: Why? I told you it was all right, and if it helps appease your 
people, all the better. 

Ryoma: I appreciate your sympathy in this matter, but I have reconsidered 
things. I have lately realized...that you and yours are perhaps not our true 

Xander: Have you, now? Please, go on. 

Ryoma: Afer what happened all those years ago... I will always worry about 
Corrin. But I would be remiss to allow that concern to cloud my judgment. It 
would endanger us all to doubt our own allies, Prince Xander. I see that now. 
And so I must overcome my own prejudices, for the good of all. 

Xander: I see... 

Ryoma: Hm? Does my answer not satisfy you? 

Xander: I think it is a decent answer...but you may want to consider things 
more practically. 

Ryoma: Hm? 

Xander: You are allowing yourself to be bound by social obligation. This is a 
mistake. As leaders, all we have is our training and our instincts. We live 
by both. Teach yourself to neglect either, and it will come back to haunt you 
on the battlefield. I appreciate the thought, truly... But if it puts your 
soldiers' minds at ease, I implore you to continue your watch. Trust will 
come, eventually. In my heart, I know this to be true. In the meantime, we 
will stay patient and vigilant. 

Ryoma: ...Understood. Thank you, Prince Xander.
Xander A

Xander: Prince Ryoma, I must speak with you. Lately Corrin has been entirely 
without a Hoshidan escort. What is the meaning of this? 

Ryoma: Are you displeased, Prince Xander? 

Xander: Not displeased, simply baffled. I continue to appreciate the 
sentiment, but I thought we had settled this. Do not worry about our feelings 
or any such frivolity. You must do as you see fit for the good of your 

Agreed. But you're missing one key piece of information... I did not command 
my men to leave you and the other Nohrians alone. I simply told them to 
redouble their efforts in pursuing our enemy. Any distractions they would 
have to lay aside if we were to prevail. Just who their true enemy is, I 
allowed each of them to decide. It appears you have earned their trust. 

Xander: I see... 

Ryoma: Prince Xander, I would like to thank you for reminding me of what is 
important. We are not fighting against each other in this war. Our real enemy 
is the Vallites. We must devote all our energies to their defeat. Besides, if 
you wanted to turn coat and destroy us all, you could at any time. There is 
little we could do to prevent it, so living in fear is pointless. 

Xander: Prince Ryoma... Your words show true wisdom and leadership. We 
Nohrians place such importance on instinct and vigilance... But we can't 
forget who we're fighting against, or what we're fighting for. The fate of 
the world is bigger than us all, bigger even than a feud between kingdoms. If 
we can work together, I know we can help Corrin achieve true peace. And on 
that day, I hope to call you not just an ally...but perhaps a friend as well. 

Ryoma: Nothing would please me more. I have but one objection. 

Xander: Oh? What might that be? 

Ryoma: You say you hope we can be friends when the world knows peace... But I 
see no reason to wait that long. You are a good prince, Xander. And even more 
impressive, a good man. It has been my honor to fight alongside you. 

Xander: The honor has been all mine, Ryoma. Here's to a bright future.

B2. Leo C

Takumi: Ah. So if it isn't Prince Leo of Nohr! 

Leo: And you must be Prince Takumi of Hoshido. I'm pleased to make your 

Takumi: Ha! 

Leo: We might as well get this out of the way. You and I are not going to be 

Takumi: What a coincidence! I was just thinking the same thing. 

Leo: Of course you were. You have such an arrogant attitude and- 

Takumi: Me?! I'm not the one going around patronizing everybody! You're the 

Leo: Is that the best you can do? You sound like a whiny, little brat. Just 
as expected. Let's make a deal. You stay away from me, and I'll stay away 
from you. Think you can manage? 

Takumi: Hmph! I'm not going to let you boss me around like that! Good-bye! 
(Takumi leaves) 

Leo: Insufferable. Truly insufferable.
Leo B

Leo: I can't believe they said that to me. I have nothing in common with that 
imbecile! Just because Takumi and I are both royalty doesn't mean we're 
anything alike. Ugh! 

Takumi: Muttering to yourself, Prince Leo? What's the matter, couldn't find 
anyone else willing to talk to you? 

Leo: You! I didn't know you were there. Why were you eavesdropping? 

Takumi: Well, it all sounded a bit too familiar. It seems that we'll both be 
hearing that same joke for a while. 

Leo: They're calling us "the twins"! We can't let them treat us this way! 
They're wrong! 

Takumi: Of course they are! You and I couldn't be more different! 

Leo: Exactly! I wouldn't come near you with a ten-foot pole. 

Takumi: Twenty-foot pole! 

Leo: Thirty, even! ...Hey, since you're here, may I ask you something? What's 
your favorite food? 

Takumi: I'm sorry, but what?! 

Leo: They say that people with similar personalities like the same things. 

Takumi: I like miso soup. 

Leo: Mee-so soup? 

Takumi: Yeah. It's a Hoshidan dish. You got a problem with that? 

Leo: No. My favorite food is beef stew. It's kind of like a soup. Hmm... 

Takumi: What kind of books do you read? 

Leo: I read all kinds of things, but I have a passion for history. 

Takumi: Is it... because you love to study the strategy behind past battles? 

Leo: Gods, don't tell me... Do you like to read history books too? 

Takumi: Yes, but I'm sure our hobbies are different. 

Leo: My favorite game is chess. It's a tactical board game where- 

Takumi: In Hoshido, our version is called shogi. 

Leo: And do you like to play this "show-gee" thing? 

Takumi: I'm the best shogi player in my whole family. 

Leo: I can't believe it. Who would have guessed we have so much in common? 

Takumi: I don't know, but I'll tell you-it's hard to hate someone with such 
excellent taste! 

Leo: No kidding. I was about to say the exact same thing. Hmm... Maybe we 
should do this again sometime. 

Takumi: Ahaha! Oh? So now you want to be best friends? 

Leo: Ha! Of course not. That will never happen. 

Takumi: Never!
Leo A

Leo: Did you enjoy the book I lent you? 

Takumi: It was fascinating! I started reading it last night and stayed up way 
too late! 

Leo: That always happens to me! Thank you so much for sharing your mee-so 
soup recipe with me. It turned out great! 

Takumi: Isn't it good? I'm glad you liked it. Next time, you can show me how 
to make stew. 

Leo: Of course! ...Do you think we should finally admit what's going on here? 
We're friends. 

Takumi: Haha! If you'd told me that a while ago, I'd have sworn up and down 
it wasn't true. But you're right! Against all odds, you and I are buddies. 
Isn't that crazy?! 

Leo: It's certainly unexpected. But now we have a chance to change things for 
good. Our friendship may be the beginning of a lasting bond between Hoshido 
and Nohr. 

Takumi: I hope so! We're proof that citizens from our two countries can get 
along! You've made me realize that peace between Hoshido and Nohr may be 
possible after all. 

Leo: Perhaps. And if things go badly, we can commiserate over soup. 

Takumi: I'm not sure how that will help, but it will at least taste good. 
Haha! This won't be easy, but we're in it together, Leo! 

Leo: That's right. I've got your back, Takumi.

B3. Camilla C

Hinoka: Princess Camilla? Why do you keep stabbing that blanket with a 

Camilla: Oh, hello, Princess Hinoka. It's called sewing. I'm making a 
patchwork blanket. 

Hinoka: So... you attached all those little pieces together yourself? 
That's...actually pretty impressive. 

Camilla: Well, thank you! A project like this helps me relax during my 

Hinoka: Really? Because it looks so intricate. Don't you have to concentrate? 

Camilla: Oh, sewing is second nature to me. I hardly have to think at all! Of 
course, growing up in Nohr, every young lady is taught to sew. Is that not 
the case in Hoshido? 

Hinoka: Perhaps... but I was raised as a princess. My life was sheltered. At 
least, until I took up arms at the tender age of seven... 

Camilla: That's a shame. 

Hinoka: What? The fact that I was a child soldier or that I never learned to 

Camilla: Well, both... There's a real sense of accomplishment in crafting 
something with your own hands. Especially, say, a fine garment for Corrin! 
He/She was so pleased with the handmade cape I gave him/her the other day. 

Hinoka: I would love to be able to do something like that for Corrin... 

Camilla: Princess Hinoka, would you like for me to teach you how to sew? 

Hinoka: You'd do that for me? 

Camilla: Certainly. Consider it a gift in the spirit of cooperation between 
our kingdoms. 

Hinoka: Great! I'll take you up on that. Now, hand over those needles. I'm 
feeling stabby! 

Camilla: It's "sewing," remember? Not swordplay. I think you'll find it 
requires a gentler touch...
Camilla B

Camilla: Good day, Princess Hinoka. Are you ready for your first sewing 

Hinoka: Please, call me Hinoka. And yes, I'm ready. 

Camilla: Very well. We'll start with something quite simple. Try using this 
white thread to connect these pieces of black cloth. 

Hinoka: Seems easy enough. Here we go... Ow! That's sharp! 

Camilla: Yes... you should develop a nice callous if you keep practicing. 
Until then...there will be a little bit of blood. 

Hinoka: No matter; a little pain never stopped- OW! Blast! What got me this 

Camilla: You have to watch out for the pins that are holding the fabric 
together, dear. 

Hinoka: Ugh. I won't make that mistake again. Now...look how fast I'm sewing! 

Camilla: Er... yes. You are "sewing" rather quickly, Hinoka, but your 
stitches are all off. See how they're supposed to line up? Like this. 

Hinoka: Gah. You're right; this looks awful. 

Camilla: Just remember-it's not a competition. Take your time and- 

Hinoka: Grr! Why is this so hard? My hand is cramping up already. I can 
travel halfway across Hoshido on my mount, holding the reins the entire 
way... And my hand wouldn't hurt this much. 

Camilla: Again... If you expect to become proficient at this in only one 
day... You are in for a rude awakening. Sewing is an art-it will take time to 

Hinoka: I'm sorry. Maybe this isn't for me. 

Camilla: Please, don't apologize. I just thought this would be a good way to 
get to know each other. 

Hinoka: Is that so? Do you think we can ever become friends? 

Camilla: Well, I'm hopeful that we can. At first, I was jealous when I 
learned that you're Corrin's real sister. And I know you grew up with a 
strong resentment of Nohr. But I've been impressed with your dedication to 
Corrin... I think we actually have a lot in common. 

Hinoka: Well, in that case... I should give this sewing thing a real chance. 
Would you mind terribly continuing to instruct such an impatient pupil? 

Camilla: Of course not. Now, unclench your fist, and let's keep going...
Camilla A

Hinoka: Camilla, come take a look at this! 

Camilla: Hinoka? Did you sew this all by yourself? 

Hinoka: Yup. Look how straight the stitches are. Of course, I only know how 
to sew in a straight line... 

Camilla: That's quite all right. And besides, those are beautifully uniform. 
Excellent work, Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Well, thank you, Camilla. It's all thanks to your patient 

Camilla: No need to thank me. Your dedication to Corrin made this possible. 

Hinoka: Don't get me wrong. I love Corrin, but there's more to it than that. 

Camilla: Oh? 

Hinoka: Well, we're both protective of Corrin as a younger brother/sister. 
But I've come to think of you as a friend. A friend fighting alongside me for 
a just cause. I think that was what kept me going, even when I wanted to give 

Camilla: Well, I'm just glad to have a new sewing partner. I've got a lot 
more to offer as a teacher, you know... 

Hinoka: Oh? 

Camilla: Oh yes, indeed. Have you ever heard of embroidery? You really ought 
to come to my next tea party so we can talk all about it. 

Hinoka: Well, that sounds interesting... 

Camilla: Yes? Splendid! I look forward to our next lesson. You'll soon be as 
sharp with the needles as you are on the battlefield. 

Hinoka: Yes... I suppose I will...

B4. Elise C

Sakura: Hm? What's that sound? 

Elise: Laaa ladi-da la-dee-daaa ? la dee dee daaa

Sakura: Oh! H-hello, Elise. What kind of instrument are you playing? I've 
never seen anything like that in Hoshido. 

Elise: Oh, this? It's a violin! 

Sakura: A violin, huh? It sounds... g-gorgeous. 

Elise: Really? Thanks! I'm glad you like it. We've got all kinds of lovely 
stringed instruments in Nohr. This one's pretty small, but there are some 
huuuuge ones too. I love violins though. They're so cute! Don't you think? 

Sakura: Yes, it's adorable! I didn't know you could play an instrument, 

Elise: Heehee. Yeah, I had to take lessons when I was younger. "A lady must 
know how to delight the ear and soul with music!" It's a weird thing all 
noble girls have to do. But princesses especially. 

Sakura: I see. 

Elise: I hated it at first, but now I love it! It's so much fun! Do you play 
any instruments? 

Sakura: I do! Back h-home, I played the koto. 

Elise: The koto? 

Sakura: Yes. It's a stringed instrument too, but it's not as small as the 
violin. And you can't play it while moving around. You must be sitting. 

Elise: Oh, wow! I'd love to hear you play one sometime! Will you play for me? 
Will you?! 

Sakura: I would be delighted to, but I don't have one with me, so we'd have 
to find one. 

Elise: That's OK! Detective Princess Elise is on the case! 
(Elise leaves) 

Sakura: Teehee. She's so enthusiastic. I think we'll be g-good friends one 
Elise B

Elise: Sakura? Sakura! SA! KU! RA! 

Sakura: Elise? Is s-something wrong?! Why are you so out of breath? 

Elise: I found someone who has a koto! 

Sakura: Huh? What do you mean? 

Elise: When we talked the other day, you said you'd play the koto for me, 
right? So I went into town and asked everyone there if they knew someone who 
had one! 

Sakura: Oh! You asked all those townspeople? I thought you were just going to 
check here in camp... 

Elise: I even asked them to bring it back here so you could play for me! 
Let's go! 
(Elise leaves) 

Sakura: Wah! Elise! P-please don't pull my arm so hard!
(Time passes)

Elise: Whoa! You're amazing, Sakura!! And the koto is so pretty! I didn't 
know a stringed instrument could sound like that! I wish I had half your 

Sakura: You're much too kind. There's no need for such f-flattery, you know. 

Elise: It's not flattery! I really mean it! Oh! I just had a great idea! We 
should play together sometime! You on the koto, and me on the violin! 

Sakura: Together? You mean as a duet? 

Elise: Yeah! Doesn't that sound like fun? 

Sakura: It does, but Nohrian and Hoshidan music are so different... Do you 
really think we can find a song that will match both our instruments? 

Elise: Hm, you're right. I didn't consider that. But there's got to be at 
least one song out there that will! We'll find it. I just know it. 

Sakura: Heehee. Yes, perhaps. Come, let's get our sheet music and see what we 

Elise: YAY! We'll find the perfect song in no time!
Elise A

Elise: Yahoo! We did it! We actually played a song together! 

Sakura: It was exhilarating! I've never performed a duet with a N-Nohrian 
musician before. 

Elise: So what did you think? I don't think it was half-bad considering it 
was our first time! 

Sakura: I agree. There are parts we could surely improve upon, but overall? A 

Elise: Yup! And the contrast between the two instruments was so neat! I bet 
no one's ever played music quite like that before! We're geniuses! 

Sakura: Haha. Perhaps we should try to find some other songs as well. It 
would be lovely if we could keep p-playing together. 

Elise: Agreed! 

Sakura: I just hope we can get in the time to practice with the war going 

Elise: True. Well, maybe someday, when we finally have peace, we can still do 
this together. Then we could gather people from both kingdoms for a huge 

Sakura: I think that's a w-wonderful idea. Each song could be performed using 
instruments from each country. It would inspire our people to truly come 
together as one. 

Elise: I can see it now! I bet people will remember it for generations! 

Sakura: One can only hope. But we have a long road ahead of us before that 

Elise: That's OK. I don't mind so long as we walk that road together. 

Sakura: We will! From now on, we'll always be friends!

B5. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Hey, you! Could I borrow you for a minute? 

Rinkah: Hm? What do you want? Hang on... You seem different than usual. Don't 
you normally speak with a soothing voice while flirting with every man here? 

Charlotte: Wow, rude. And it's not flirting. I'm comforting them. And it'd be 
a waste for me not to! I'm so cute, after all. Teehee! 

Rinkah: Lay off the act, and just tell me what you need. 

Charlotte: You're all kinds of abrasive, aren't you? That's why I called you 
over. You're always acting so self-important. Maybe the honorable-warrior act 
worked where you're from, but you should stop it. Acting tough won't get you 

Rinkah: ... 

Charlotte: That's a unique look you're giving me... 

Rinkah: I understand now. You've been putting on an act all this time. This 
is your true self. 

Charlotte: What of it? Everyone pretends to be something else. 

Rinkah: There were people like you where I come from, too. They were the 
lowest of society, looked down on by everyone. I suppose it is lucky for you 
that we're here, and not there. 

Charlotte: You punk! Talking to me like that... Grrrrr... 

Rinkah: You asked to talk to me. Don't get mad if you don't like what I have 
to say. I'm off. 

Charlotte: He-hey! Wait right there! You're going to say all that and then 
just run away?!

Rinkah: I've never run from anything in my life. If you have something to 
say, speak. 

Charlotte: Let's settle this disagreement in a test of our abilities. 

Rinkah: Go on. 

Charlotte: You aren't afraid? 

Rinkah: Psh... Don't be silly. There's no chance I'd be scared of the likes 
of you. How do we decide who the winner is? 

Charlotte: When we next train, we train together until one of us is too 
exhausted to continue. The winner is the last one standing. 

Rinkah: Fine by me. I won't lose to you. I know you're all talk. 

Charlotte: Tsk... You're in for a surprise.
Charlotte B

Rinkah: *huff* *huff* 

Charlotte: Phew... Why don't you admit that I'm better? 

Rinkah: You idiot... We aren't nearly finished... I'm just... getting 

Charlotte: *huff* *huff* You say that, but you can't even...speak without 
gasping for air! 

Rinkah: Ha! You're one... to talk... 

Charlotte: Always... have to have the last word, huh? 

Rinkah: ... But really, I must admit... I did not judge you correctly. I 
truly thought you would have given up by now. You're a tough punk, I'll give 
you that. 

Charlotte: I'm not a punk. My name is Charlotte. 

Rinkah: Sorry. Charlotte, of course. I can tell you earned your skills 
through hard work and training. There's no way a slacker could have kept up 
with me. You're a solid warrior. 

Charlotte: ...Hm, hmpf.
Charlotte A

Charlotte: Ha! Hai-yah!

Rinkah: You project a lot of energy when you train. 

Charlotte: Hello, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: The skill you displayed in our competition before was the real deal. 
You've worked incredibly hard to become as strong as you are. 

Charlotte: It's that obvious? My family wasn't well off when I was young. I 
learned the value of hard work. I try my hardest because they count on the 
money I send them. 

Rinkah: You send them money? 

Charlotte: I want to help my family live an easier life. That's why I work so 

Rinkah: I see... I'm sorry; I was completely mistaken about you. I thought 
you were a selfish woman unconcerned with how you affected others. 

Charlotte: Ouch! 

Rinkah: Don't be like that! The way you act, I'm sure I'm not the first 
person to think that. Regardless, the misunderstanding is all cleared up. 
You're actually pretty great! 

Charlotte: I suppose I can forgive you for the mistake. 

Rinkah: From now on, let's be friends. We can work together to help each 
other succeed. No more secrets, OK? 

Charlotte: Ouch! No need to slap my back so hard. 

Rinkah: Hah, don't be so stuck up!

B6. Effie C

Effie: HUP! And... there we go. Whew! That's some really deep mud. How'd you 
manage to get stuck like that? 

Lancer: Thank you, Miss Effie! I... I don't know. I must have been getting 
sleepy... The carriage just drifted a little bit. Thank goodness you were 
here to lift us out. And using only one arm! Goodness! 
(Lancer leaves) 

Effie: Oh, it's nothing.

Hana: Hello, Effie! I couldn't help but notice you helping those folks. 

Effie: And you are... Hana? 

Hana: Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm Lady Sakura's retainer. And you 
serve Princess Elise, is that right? 

Effie: That's right. How can I help you? 

Hana: Well... pardon me if I'm mistaken, but I believe we have a great deal 
in common. Lady Sakura and Princess Elise are both young royalty... As such, 
we appear to play similar roles. So, I'd like to ask a special favor of you. 

Effie: And what might that be? 

Hana: Simply put: I want to be stronger. I have heard of your legendary 
strength and now witnessed it for myself. Please share the secret of your 
superstrength with me! I only ask in the interest of better serving Lady 

Effie: I'm afraid there is no secret. I simply train my body diligently. 

Hana: Oh, come on. The feat of strength I just witnessed was superhuman! I 
train as hard as anyone, and yet I have not reached a similar level. 

Effie: You train as hard as anyone, do you? Very well, I'd be happy to work 
out with you sometime. I'm always looking for someone to push me in my 
sparring sessions. 

Hana: Excellent! I think you'll find that I'm an extremely dedicated pupil. 
Starting now, I'm going to completely immerse myself in the Effie lifestyle. 
You know... I'll eat what you eat, do the same workouts... Hmm, I should even 
get on the same sleeping schedule... Let me just go grab my tent so I can set 
up next to yours. Oh, this is gonna be fun! 

Effie: Uh...
Effie B

Hana: Ugh... I can't do this. Please, take the plate away! 

Effie: Gladly! You're really not going to eat those eggs? Suit yourself. 
*nom* *nom* *nom* 

Hana: Oh... watching you eat those is making me sick... 

Effie: Oh, Hana. I'm just getting started. I've got another three bowls of 
rice on the way. I really love this new type of rice you introduced me to, by 
the way. 

Hana: Three more bowls? Where do you put it? 

Effie: Right into my muscles, of course. It's important to eat after working 

Hana: Well, I know THAT, but I never dreamed of eating this much food at 
once. All right, Hana. You can do this. Do it for Lady Sakura. Gimme a big 
scoop of that rice, Effie! I'm going for it! 

Effie: Are you sure, Hana? You've got to work your way up- 

Hana: GIMME! *OM* *NOM* *NOM* This is nothing! I am stronger than the rice! I 
am winning! I am... I am... Oh gods... 
(Hana falls)

Effie: Good effort, Hana. Shake it off.
Effie A

Hana: You... you really wear all these weights while you run? I can barely 
lift my legs! 

Effie: Well, sure! My muscles won't get any stronger unless I challenge them. 
So, I was thinking we'd do an easy 15 or so... How does that sound? 

Hana: You run 15 minutes with all this stuff on? I'm not sure I can make it 
15 seconds. 

Effie: Er, I was actually thinking 15 miles... 

Hana: That's it. I give up. You're not even human. You've outeaten me, 
outlifted me, and straight up outworked me in every way. I guess I'm just not 
in your league, Effie. 

Effie: That's not true, Hana. 

Hana: Please. I don't want your pity. 

Effie: And I would never offer it. Hana, you are simply overlooking your own 
strengths. It's admirable that you're trying to improve your physical 
fitness. But you have other skills and advantages that I could never dream of 
attaining. You move so swiftly and wield your weapon with such ferocity... 
And I wish I were half the quick thinker you are. 

Hana: Keep talking... 

Effie: Plus, it's not like you haven't been working as hard as I do. We've 
been training together. I've seen your blood, sweat, and tears. But it's 
tough for me to watch you push yourself until you truly suffer. And I'm sure 
Princess Sakura would feel the same way. 

Hana: You're probably right. I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes. 

Effie: Yes. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of the same thing. But that gives me an 
idea... We must support each other! When I'm feeling down, you can step in 
and remind me how terrific I am. And vice versa, of course. If we combine our 
strengths, we can protect Lady Sakura and Lady Elise forever! 

Hana: You're right, Effie. Thank you for helping me get some perspective. 
I'll keep doing the things I'm good at doing. And you do the same. Together, 
we'll be unstoppable! 

Effie: That's the spirit! Now, if you'll excuse me, I do still need to run 15 

B7. Niles C

Niles: Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Perfect. How are you, Subaki? 

Subaki: (Damn. He saw me.) Oh, hi, Niles. I'm splendid as ever. And dare I 
ask how you're doing? 

Niles: Oh, terrific, terrific. Your face looks eminently punchable, as 

Subaki: Ahaha! I'd like to see you try it. Actually...go right ahead. I bet 
it won't even hurt. 

Niles: Oh? Let's take that a step further. How about a duel to the death, 
tonight at midnight? 

Subaki: *yawn* Nah, I need to get my sleep. Unlike you, I have things to do 
in the morning. 

Niles: Very well. I'll just continue tormenting you in hundreds of minor 

Subaki: You sure do have a lot of free time, huh? Must be nice to be so 
useless. Don't say hi to me next time, OK? 

Niles: I certainly won't. I'll just silently stab you in the back.
Niles B

Subaki: ... I know you're there, Niles. 

Niles: Gah! 

Subaki: Heh. 

Niles: So... you sensed your imminent demise... 

Subaki: You were going to literally stab me in the back, weren't you? 

Niles: Yes. But it's not like I didn't warn you. It wouldn't have been a 
lethal blow. I just wanted to see your face distorted with pain. 

Subaki: What's wrong with you? 

Niles: Nothing at all! What's wrong with you? 

Subaki: Really? Nothing? I thought you had some terrible childhood or 

Niles: Eh. Some things happened. But that's all in the past. I should be 
asking you the same question. Did mommy and daddy not pay enough attention to 
you? Is that why you're so desperate for constant approval? 

Subaki: I don't remember. 

Niles: Oh, please. Surely you remember something. Childhood trauma is pretty 

Subaki: I'm sure my childhood was perfect. 

Niles: See? That face you made right then. I just want to destroy it. 

Subaki: That's because you're evil. 

Niles: Evil? Hardly. I have my flaws, I admit. But at least I'm up front 
about them. Unlike you. All you care about is looking good. But what happens 
if you fail? Even once? 

Subaki: That would never happen. 

Niles: You see? You will fail at something, eventually. It's best to be 

Subaki: I suppose you're right. I... I do have a hard time letting go of the 
tiniest bit of control... 

Niles: Well! The mighty Mr. Perfect reveals a crack in the facade! Strangely, 
that just makes me hate you less. 

Subaki: So you'll stop trying to sneak up on me and kill me? 

Niles: Eh. We'll see.
Niles A

Subaki: *sigh*

Niles: Oh ho! Is Mr. Perfect having a less-than- perfect day? 

Subaki: Heh. You saw that? Tell me. Was I making a perfect sad face at least? 

Niles: My, you are twisted, aren't you? Tell me what's bothering you. Maybe I 
can help somehow. 

Subaki: Now this is unheard of! Niles, showing concern for another human? 

Niles: You got me. Sometimes I care. 

Subaki: You know, I think I'm a bit jealous of you. 

Niles: Really? How so? 

Subaki: Because you just do what you want, without caring what others think. 
I wish I could live like that. But I live with the weight of perfection on my 

Niles: And you tire of carrying that weight. 

Subaki: *sigh* Yeah, I'm a bit tired at the moment. 

Niles: Here, why don't you give me some of your burden. 
Subaki: What are you talking about?! It's not just something I can hand you! 

Niles: Subaki, I'm not an idiot. Just pretend. Take a big chunk of your 
worries and place them in my hands. Right here. 

Subaki: I don't see how this could possibly help... 

Niles: But it can't hurt, can it? Give it a try. 

Subaki: Very well. Here you go. *whew* ... Wow... I actually feel lighter, 

Niles: You're welcome. 

Subaki: I just have one question. What are you going to do with my worries? 

Niles: Oh, don't worry about that. I'll put them to good use. Heh heh...

B8. Laslow C

Saizo: I don't like you. 

Laslow: I'm... sorry? Could you repeat that? 

Saizo: I don't like you. Why did Prince Xander choose a fop like you as his 

Laslow: Hmm... Probably because I'm amazing! 

Saizo: Don't be flip with me! When it comes to retainers worthy of serving a 
future king... look no further than myself, the fifth to bear the Saizo name. 

Laslow: The fifth, huh? Is that a thing with Prince Ryoma? He's big on 
lineage and all that? 

Saizo: You dare to mock my liege?! 

Laslow: That wasn't what I- 

Saizo: I cannot fathom how the likes of you became Prince Xander's retainer. 
Where did you come from, anyway? How did you find your way into the royal 

Laslow: That's... complicated. 

Saizo: ... That's not an answer. Hyah!

Laslow: Wha-! Are you mad?! 

Saizo: A man's fighting technique always reveals where he hails from. I'll 
read your origins through battle! 

Laslow: This seems dangerous! 

Saizo: Heh... you dodged that one. But what about this?!
(Damage dealt)

Laslow: Aaaaah! 

Saizo: Don't run. Or do you want me to slit your throat? 

Laslow: I get the feeling you're not kidding when you say that... 

Saizo: I'm not pulling any punches. If you don't want to die, fight back. 

Laslow: Ow! Don't grab me so hard! How am I supposed to fight you if you 
won't let go of me?! Listen, you asked for- Oh! Lord Ryoma! 

Saizo: What?! Where?! 

Laslow: Hah! Sucker! 

Saizo: Ugh... you coward! 

Laslow: You attack me out of nowhere, and I'M the coward? We're allies! This 
is insane! Why don't we just call it there? See you around! 
(Laslow leaves) 

Saizo: ...That coward. He's got some nerve, pulling such a cheap trick. I 
refuse to accept that a dog like him holds a position equal to mine...
Laslow B

Saizo: Laslow. 

Laslow: Aaaaah! 

Saizo: What a pathetic yelp. Only a weak man fears his own allies. 

Laslow: What ally?! You attacked me! So what is it this time? Are you here to 

Saizo: No. Fight me. 

Laslow: So you did come to kill me! 

Saizo: I don't want to kill you. It just galls me to know you're a retainer 
to a future king. As the fifth in a line of Saizos, I find this 
unacceptable... A coward who refuses to account for himself cannot really be 
on my level. 

Laslow: You're so full of yourself...! 

Saizo: If you have a problem with that, fight me. Show me what you can do. 

Laslow: OK, I get what you're up to, but I don't think it's a good idea for 
allies to fight. Why don't we settle this peacefully? 

Saizo: What did you have in mind? 

Laslow: Oh, I dunno... we could have a charm-off. Whoever gets the most 
compliments wins. That sort of thing. 

Saizo: You're joking, surely. How is this meant to settle anything? 

Laslow: Come on, think about it. A king's retainer should make a good 
impression on whoever he meets! If people have a problem with the retainer, 
it'll reflect badly on the king too. 

Saizo: ...I'm not entirely convinced, but you may have a point. 

Laslow: So there you go! I'll prove my worth to you with a charm offensive! 
... Should be pretty easy against a surly, badly dressed ninja... 

Saizo: What did you say? 

Laslow: Haha, what? Nothing! Come on, let's get to it!
(Time passes)

Saizo: Seventy-two, seventy-three... 

Laslow: ... 

Saizo: And the young couple at the end made it seventy-five. Seventy-five to 
what again? 

Laslow: Sixteen! I only got sixteen! You don't have to rub it in! How did I 
lose?! On what world does this make sense?! I'm me, and you're some masked 
assassin! This is crazy! Why did people respond so well to you? It certainly 
wasn't your looks or attitude! 

Saizo: It's a ninja secret. 

Laslow: What? That's- No! Come on! Wait a second. I've lost contests like 
this before to a masked man and a scary guy... So I never had a chance 
against a scary guy in a mask! 

Saizo: What are you mumbling about? 

Laslow: *sob* 

Saizo: Ugh. Don't cry. It's shameful. 

Laslow: *sob* Well, I'm just a shameful guy... 

Saizo: ... Forget it. We won't count this one. Being a king's retainer isn't 
a popularity contest anyway. We'll "scratch it," as they say in Nohr. 

Laslow: R-really? 

Saizo: We'll compete at something else. But you have to stop crying. 

Laslow: OK... it's a deal. You know, you're nicer than you look sometimes.
Laslow A

Saizo: ... 

Laslow: Haven't seen you in a while, Saizo. When are we having our rematch? 
This time, I'll show you what I can really do! You'll HAVE to accept I'm a 

Saizo: ... I accept that you're a retainer. 

Laslow: Huh? 

Saizo: I've already seen what you're capable of. So I yield. You should be 

Laslow: Thankful? But we never had our rematch! Oh! Maybe you saw how 
chivalrous I was to that woman in the teahouse? 

Saizo: I don't go to teahouses. I was talking about what happened in the last 

Laslow: Refresh my memory? 

Saizo: You saved Lord Ryoma's life. During the ambush from invisible foes, 
most of us were caught flat footed. Then you appeared from nowhere to cut 
down an enemy attacking Lord Ryoma. 

Laslow: Ah, right! I remember that now. I'm just glad Prince Ryoma wasn't 

Saizo: As Lord Ryoma's foremost retainer, I owe you for that. 

Laslow: Well, you're welcome. I'm used to fighting phantom enemies. It's 
honestly a bit old hat for me by now. 

Saizo: Indeed? 

Laslow: Yeah, you could say that. Some of the things that happened where I'm 
from... It's a long, long story. 

Saizo: Ah. And your swordsmanship comes from your homeland as well, I take 
it? I've seen many techniques from all over Nohr and Hoshido, but none like 
yours. It's like you're toying with your enemy... I hate to admit it, but 
it's a sight to see. It must have been your skill that Prince Xander 
recognized in you. 

Laslow: I-I'm not sure I can handle so much praise coming from you... 

Saizo: Your performance during the skirmish proved your worth in my mind. I 
acknowledge you as my equal in being retainer to a future king. 

Laslow: Haha! You're no less full of yourself than before, huh? 

Saizo: No. And no less suspicious of your origins, either. We should have 
another competition. You're a worthy rival... I won't give up until I've 
delved into all the secrets of your past. 

Laslow: Eh, why not? I'll take the challenge. Shall we go into town and see 
who can impress the locals more again? 

Saizo: Heh. You read my mind.

B9. Nyx C

Orochi: Nyx? Calling Nyx! Hello? Oh, Nyxie-poo? 

Nyx: Nyxie-poo?! 

Orochi: I thought that might scare you out of hiding. 

Nyx: Hmpf. I'm not in hiding. I just require extreme solitude. What do you 
want, Orochi? 

Orochi: Testy, testy! I'll be direct then. I want to challenge you. 

Nyx: You have lost my interest already. Good-bye. 

Orochi: Wait! You're my rival here at camp, whether you like it or not. We 
are both practitioners of sorcery. I am used to my people needing me. I need 
them...to need you less. 

Nyx: Your needs, and their needs, have nothing to do with me. 

Orochi: What? How can you say that so coolly? You're one of us, Nyx. 

Nyx: Also, lest you think us rival sisters in sorcery, keep this in mind... 
One of us uses Hoshidan magic. The other, Nohrian. Not that I care, but that 
gives everyone a distinct choice between us. Now, this conversation is over. 

Orochi: But they are starting to prefer you. 

Nyx: Oh, are they? 

Orochi: You're young in appearance, but the way you speak has tricked them. 
They think you're more mature than I. I overheard someone say he'd rather 
have magic done by a more... seasoned person. 

Nyx: Ah, that's what has got you so incredibly vexed. My appearance does 
belie my true age. Emotionally too, I'm also more mature. 

Orochi: Then I must challenge you! I must show everyone who to turn to. 
Prepare yourself, Nyxie-poo. We will battle soon. 
(Orochi leaves) 

Nyx: That girl is trouble.
Nyx B

Orochi: All right, Nyxie-poo. Let's commence our battle of magic. Our 
reputations are on the line. One of us will rise ascendant! The other-splat 
on her face! You may choose the nature of our battle-potions, perhaps? 

Nyx: It amuses me to see you getting so riled up over this situation. Who 
cares which of us people choose? You shouldn't. I refuse to participate in 
your battle to be the supreme sorceress here. 

Orochi: Scared you'll lose, Nyxie-poo? 

Nyx: What are we, children? I'm not going to fall prey to taunts and teasing. 
Personally, I don't need to battle to know you're a superlative diviner. 

Orochi: What did you call me?! 

Nyx: Oh, stop. You know very well I complimented you. You're devoted to your 
craft-impressive at so young an age. 

Orochi: You can't fool me with all of your tricky double-talk. Besides, you 
cannot be older than me. I'm the more mature! 

Nyx: ...... Because I respect you, Orochi, I'll confide a bit of my history. 
When I was younger, I came into my powers of sorcery. But I was too powerful. 
Too young. Too immature. One day, I attempted a spell that a sorceress should 
attempt only late in life. I won't say whether it went right or wrong. Only 
that it froze my age. 

Orochi: Froze your-? 

Nyx: My physical age, that is. I have matured inside many years since then. 
You see now? I'm not just wise beyond my years. I'm exactly as wise as a 
woman of my age...and experience. And my wisdom tells me that you're good for 
this camp. But, me? 

Orochi: Is all that true? What a heavy burden you must be carrying all the 

Nyx: Hmpf. Anyway, now I hope you see why I esteem you highly. I know what a 
woman in charge of her craft looks like. I wish I'd been like you. 

Orochi: I'm humbled, Nyx. And sorry. Now that you're with us, I hope you find 
a way to let go of that past. 

Nyx: I cannot. It made me who I am. 

Orochi: I have been known for acting...oh, well, if we are being honest, 
juvenile. So I feel your pain a little. But clearly you are helping people 
with your magic these days. At the least, I know that you joined our camp. We 
couldn't do without you! 

Nyx: You see? No battle needed. This camp is fortunate to have you. Now, 
leave me. I need my solitude. 

Orochi: Wait! Did you just say all that just to get me to leave you alone? 

Nyx: I told you the truth, though now I hope you WILL leave me alone. 

Orochi: I can tell you don't want that. Why, look at your shy little blush, 

Nyx: I would advise you to stop with the teasing. It's beneath you. Perhaps 
we'll chat again. I'll admit that I feel a sisterhood between us. And that 
lightens my burden. A little.
Nyx A

Orochi: Can I have a minute of your time, Nyx? 

Nyx: No more Nyxie-poo? I hope you don't still want to battle me. 

Orochi: Heavens, no. That's all behind us. Last we spoke, you said you felt 
some sisterhood between us. I'm hoping you might be willing to share the art 
of Nohrian magic. 

Nyx: Bold girl, asking for a battle one day, then sisterhood and secrets the 

Orochi: Heh. I'm flexible. 

Nyx: I'll admit that I've been giving it some thought too. I've felt that my 
heavy load has been a little lighter of late-thanks to you. 

Orochi: What did I do? 

Nyx: You were yourself. I sensed that I could tell a little of myself to 
someone like you. I have sins to atone for, frankly. You don't seem to judge 

Orochi: But we all have sins to- 

Nyx: Please, don't compare your burdens to mine. I won't have it. What I'm 
saying is that I dearly wish I'd met you when I was young. I may not have 
done many of the things I did. If I'd only had a friend like you then, I 
would have never... 

Orochi: Well, whatever happened then, you can count on me now. Sister 
sorceresses-never parted, no matter what. 

Nyx: Ha! I'd like that. You know, we're similar in a strange way. The way we 
look is almost the total opposite of who we are inside. 

Orochi: I know, you totally look- Wait, I look more mature. So, you're saying 

Nyx: Childish. Almost infantile! A bawling baby, crying constantly for 

Orochi: What?! How dare you?! Well then, you've got the heart of a hag. We 
are going to have that battle of magic. I will prove superior, Nyx. 

Nyx: Fine by me, Orochi-poo!

B10. Arthur C

Arthur: Greetings! You must be Azama, right? Tell me, what do you do in 

Azama: Huh? You mean my job? I'm a retainer under one of the princesses of 
Hoshido, Lady Hinoka. 

Arthur: Princess Hinoka you say? So you support this lady in some fashion or 

Azama: Hahaha. Me? Support her? Listen, I barely do anything. SHE supports 
me. You're not likely to meet a tougher customer anywhere in the world. 

Arthur: This makes no sense! Why would your mistress help you? That's all 

Azama: I suppose it is unusual, but everyone seems happy. Who do you work 

Arthur: I humbly serve Lady Elise. 

Azama: Lady Elise, huh? That must be rough. I bet she's a real handful to 
take care of. 

Arthur: What an incredibly awful thing to say! How dare you be so rude? 
Clearly the cultures of Nohr and Hoshido are quite different. As are their 
values. But I can't blame you for not understanding her excellence. 

Azama: I really don't think Nohr and Hoshido are all that different at the 
end of the day. We just invent ways to alienate each other. If our countries 
fell, it wouldn't matter. The world would go back to being simple. Quiet, 
like before the kingdoms existed. 

Arthur: Where did that bleak comment come from? Don't you care about 
protecting your home country, Azama? 

Azama: I'm just being realistic. 

Arthur: Where is your patriotism? Your pride?! 

Azama: Hahaha, why are you so bent out of shape about something totally 
hypothetical? You Nohrians are fun. Hey, if we both live, let's try and talk 
again sometime. I'm outta here. 
(Azama leaves) 

Arthur: Wait! Stop, Azama! I'm not done speaking with you yet! I said sto- 
Aiieek! Who dug a hole all the way out here? Somebody hhhheeeeellllppppp!
Arthur B

Arthur: How do we keep bumping into each other on the battlefield? Doesn't 
that seem strange? 

Azama: Indeed. I wonder why fate has brought us together once again. 

Azama: It's a mystery to me. Say, I wanted to ask about something. It might 
be apocryphal, but do people really call you the "Hero of Justice" in Nohr? 

Arthur: They certainly do! I protect the weak and strive to vanquish evil! 
For I am Arthur, Hero of Justice! 

Azama: Hahaha, you actually said it! That slogan of yours is a real hoot. 
I've also heard that you have notoriously terrible luck. Some even say that 
ill fortune follows you around like a black cloud. 

Arthur: I've got a reputation for that? Why must they discuss my cursed luck 
instead of my many heroic feats? 

Azama: Hahaha. You Nohrians are so entertaining. What a bunch of characters! 

Arthur: It's true. If only there was a way to escape my horrible luck. I 
can't stand having this tainted reputation. 

Azama: Well that's understandable. But I think it's probably impossible. 
Maybe you've been cursed by the gods. 

Arthur: C-cursed? What do you mean? 

Azama: It's pretty straightforward. They're teasing and tormenting you. For 
fun, it would seem. 

Arthur: Do you really think so? 

Azama: What else could cause a string of bizarre accidents? It seems obvious 
to me. 

Arthur: But that can't be! I live a life dedicated to truth, justice, and the 
Nohrian way. How could the gods ever be so cruel? 

Azama: Hahaha. I can see why that might be confusing. But can you think of 
another explanation? 

Arthur: I hate to admit it, but perhaps you're right. I just don't understand 
why the gods would forsake me. 

Azama: Hey, cheer up. There's no reason to be depressed about it. The good 
news is that cursed or not, we're all going to die someday. The only variable 
that matters is how you end up going out. Why not try to be more positive 
about this whole situation? The gods are obviously watching you very closely, 
right? But maybe they're doing that for a reason. What if they're jealous of 

Arthur: Jealous? Are you serious? 

Azama: Why else would you keep getting blasted by lightning or falling into 
traps? If I were you, I'd try to take it in stride and not let it bring me 
down. Cheer up already! 

Arthur: You truly are a bizarre man, Azama. Does every Hoshidan think like 

Azama: Hahaha, of course not. If that were the case, Hoshido would be much 
better. Or worse... I'm honestly not sure. 

Arthur: Why in the world did Lady Hinoka hire you?
Arthur A

Arthur: I discovered why Lady Hinoka has employed your services, Azama. 

Azama: Is that so? 

Arthur: The rumor is that you were the second son to a family that ran a 
shrine for many years. You were a troublemaker who loved to mouth off about 
everything. But after trekking through the woods, you discovered the ascetic 
lifestyle. And eventually you settled down enough to be suitable for 
monkhood. Is that all true? 

Azama: Hahaha. It's surprisingly fun to be regaled with your own history. 

Arthur: I also heard that when you were training in the mountains, you met a 
pegasus rider. She had fallen and injured herself. That rider was Lady 

Azama: Yes, it's true. I haven't thought of that day in some time. Milady had 
badly hurt her leg, so I saw to her wounds. She kept trying to thank me. Pay 
me back somehow... 

Arthur: But you left and refused her offered reward. 

Azama: I would never assist someone for a few pieces of gold. I simply wanted 
to help. 

Arthur: She was so impressed with your conduct that she searched high and low 
to find you. When she finally did, she requested that you become her 
retainer. In fact, I heard that you're the only person she named to the 
palace guard. 

Azama: Well well, aren't you quite the sleuth. I'm almost impressed. The 
truth is, milady also named Setsuna as a retainer. Though like me, she's not 
exactly a typical retainer by any means. 

Arthur: I see. My point is, you're a remarkable fellow. I'm sorry if I was 
rude to you before. 

Azama: Don't worry. I never get caught up with the things people say to me. 
That would be a total waste of time. 

Arthur: It's strange talking to you. It's almost like we're complete 
opposites. I strive to be heroic in action and deed, while you exist 
peacefully. You don't seek out anyone's favor or strive to become a legend. 

Azama: I'm obviously no great man. But I appreciate your kind words. 

Arthur: I can't help but think of Hoshido in a new light now that I know you. 
I hope that we can continue our friendship, regardless of heritage. 

Azama: I'd like that, Arthur.

B11. Selena C

Selena: Hrmph. I was really counting on having this shopping trip to 
myself... How is it that you can look so damn pitiful when you need to? 

Setsuna: I just really wanted to go to town... And I don't like going alone. 

Selena: Why not? You're a perfectly capable archer! I'm sure you can hold 
your own. If you hadn't looked like you were going to die if I left you 
behind, I would have! And don't think for a moment that this means we're 
making a habit of this...

Selena: Hm? Setsuna? Where'd you go? Did I hurt her feelings with what I was 
saying to her? She might have turned back... I did go a little far... I can't 
leave her out here; I'd better turn around.
(Bow shot)

Selena: What the- Where did that arrow come from? 

Setsuna: It came from down here... 

Selena: Setsuna?! Wh-what are you doing down in that pit? And why are you 
shooting arrows out of it? 

Setsuna: It's a pitfall... I fell into it while we were walking. 

Selena: Seriously? How did I miss it? Wait, were you just firing arrows out 
of there, hoping to get my attention? 

Setsuna: Yes. Please help me... 

Selena: Of course I'll help you. But jeez, that must be one of the most 
impressively stupid things I've ever heard! 

Setsuna: Thanks for the compliment... 

Selena: That wasn't a compliment!!
Selena B

Selena: OK, we are not speaking. 

Setsuna: Why not... 

Selena: Because you just made me pay for half that market? Maybe that's why? 
How could you even carry that many items in your arms? You've got some 
serious nerve, showing up and expecting me to cover all your bills. 

Setsuna: It's not my fault, I just tend to buy things that people suggest I 
buy... It's a condition I have. 

Selena: There is no such condition as that! Could it be... Did you come along 
with me specifically so I would pay for you? 

Setsuna: But, I paid you back. You didn't lose any money... 

Selena: No, YOU did not pay me back. You got Lady Hinoka to repay me! What 
kind of a retainer has her liege pay all of her bills for her?! I can't 
believe you. I'd never ask something like that of Lady Camilla. It's such a 
disgrace. You should consider yourself lucky that Lady Hinoka thinks you're 

Setsuna: I'm valuable... Thanks for the compliment... 

Selena: That wasn't a compliment! Are you even listening to me? Why am I 
wasting my time trying to lecture you about this-I'm going shopping. 

Setsuna: Oh, which town are we going to this time? 

Selena: I'm going to a town south of here... Wait, "we"? Oh no, you're 
staying right here. 

Setsuna: But I want to go. I have to pick up some salves for myself... Please 
take me? 

Selena: Are you planning to get me to pay for all your things again? 

Setsuna: No, but it might happen anyway... 

Selena: *sigh* You really have a lot of nerve, but at least you're honest. 
You can come. Besides, now that I know Lady Hinoka will cover your debts, 
it's not quite as bad. 

Setsuna: Yay... You're such a good person, Selena.
Selena A

Selena: Setsuna, I wanted to thank you for the other day. 

Setsuna: What do you mean? 

Selena: You... don't remember? When we were on our way into town the other 
day, and you fell into another pitfall? 

Setsuna: I fall into a lot of pitfalls... 

Selena: I was lecturing you about watching where you were going... 

Setsuna: You lecture me about that a lot... 

Selena: *sigh* While I was talking, you grabbed my leg and pulled me into the 
pit with you. At first, I was furious with you... But then I saw all the 
arrows flying over us, basically right where I was standing. 

Setsuna: Oooh, that day. I see... 

Selena: And after that, we found and beat up the bandits that attacked us, 
but... I realized that if you hadn't pulled me in, I wouldn't be alive right 
now. Even though I paid for your things in town, that doesn't nearly repay 
you for saving me. So... Thanks. 

Setsuna: You don't need to thank me... I just...didn't want you to die... 

Selena: Well, I couldn't have paid your debts if I'd been dead. 

Setsuna: You're right, but that's not the only reason. I don't have many 

Selena: I didn't realize that you considered us friends...  

Setsuna: Oh, I do. That's why I like going shopping with you. 

Selena: I guess I don't mind the idea of being friends with you... You are 
kind of a big pain, but at least I'm never bored around you... 

Setsuna: Really? That's good to hear... 

Selena: But that's not really a compliment! I don't think I'd give 
compliments to someone as inattentive as you. 

Setsuna: I'm inventive... Thank you for the compliment... 

Selena: That's not... *sigh* Really, I'm not even surprised anymore. I can't 
be mad, either. This is how our friendship started. Anyway, I was thinking of 
going shopping. Want to come along? 

Setsuna: I'd like to... Don't worry, though... Today I will bring plenty of 
money to cover myself. 

Selena: Oh, really? Well then... we can shop as much as we want! Let's go! 

Setsuna: What are you planning on buying today? 

Selena: I want to get something for Lady Camilla. Oh! You should get 
something for Lady Hinoka, to show your gratitude. She might be so surprised, 
she'll cry! 

Setsuna: That's a good idea... Please help me pick out a present, Selena.

B12. Benny C

Hayato: Benny, there you are. 

Benny: Oh, Hayato... 

Hayato: I've heard that you're incredibly powerful. Is it true that you once 
suppressed over ten thousand troops all by yourself? Seems like nothing but a 
tall tale to me, but I wanted to hear about it from you. Now that I'm looking 
at you, it's not too hard to imagine it being true. 

Benny: Looks can be deceiving, Hayato. 

Hayato: Hmm, why are you acting humble? You're not the easiest guy to talk 
to. Eventually, I'm gonna be as tough as you. Maybe even tougher! But I won't 
ever lose to you. I'm sure that I can do anything you've done before. It 
can't be that hard. I can accomplish anything I really focus on. 

Benny: Is that so... 

Hayato: Enjoy your valiant history while you can. I plan on overshadowing 
your heroic deeds. Farewell. 
(Hayato leaves) 

Benny: Hmm...
Benny B

Hayato: Thank you for coming, Benny. 

Benny: Why have you called me to this place? What is it that you want? 

Hayato: I wish to discover which of us is truly the most courageous person. 
We have to settle this here and now. 

Benny: How could we possibly settle such a question? 

Hayato: I'll show you. Do you see that large cave in the middle of the 

Benny: Yes, of course... 

Hayato: That cave is said to be a bridge directly to the land of the dead. 
You can prove your courage to me by attempting to enter the cave. If you have 
the heart to try. 

Benny: I refuse your challenge. 

Hayato: Ha! I knew it! You may look tough, but clearly you're a complete 
coward. You do realize that means you've already lost the competition, right? 

Benny: I accept the defeat... 

Hayato: Wh-what?! How can you possibly be so so stoic? Who accepts defeat so 

Benny: There's no need to enter the cave... 

Hayato: Well then victory is mine! So long as I enter the cave, of course. B-
but it looks pretty dark inside. 

Benny: It is a cave... 

Hayato: I-I'm not very fond of dark places. In retrospect, I don't know why 
in the heavens I chose a dank place like this. 

Benny: You're the one who brought me here... 

Hayato: I know that! Would it be against the rules if I brought in a light to 
guide my way? 

Benny: I don't know. This was your idea. 

Hayato: I think it's fair to call our competition a tie. But just for today! 
The challenge will continue soon! 

Benny: As you wish.
Benny A

Hayato: Hi, Benny. 

Benny: Hayato... 

Hayato: Listen, I've been thinking. You should be very happy. I respect you. 

Benny: Respect... me? 

Hayato: That's right. I wanted to say that I admire your stoicism. It was an 
admirable feat of self-restraint. Granted, you're nowhere near as brave as 
myself, but it's still impressive. 

Benny: Hmm... 

Hayato: Since you know I approve of you, I have a small request. Don't tell 
anyone that I'm scared of being in the dark. If you end up telling someone, I 
promise that you won't get away with it. 

Benny: Heh... Oh really? 

Hayato: Wh-what's so funny? 

Benny: Oh, nothing... Here, this is for you. 

Hayato: What's is it? 

Benny: It's a charm. I made it from scratch myself. 

Hayato: A charm? But why? 

Benny: I've always carried it with me. To give me courage on the battlefield. 
I thought it might do the same for you. 

Hayato: Oh... 

Benny: It could calm your nerves. Make the darkness a bit less frightening. 

Hayato: Wow, Benny... This is really thoughtful. Thank you for this. I 
apologize for being so brash and arrogant before. I wasn't thinking clearly. 

Benny: Your apology is unnecessary. People are always frightened by me. I'm 
used to it, but it gets lonely... It was a nice change of pace for someone to 
talk to me like I was normal for once. 

Hayato: I understand. 

Benny: Perhaps we could work together as friends, as opposed to rivals. I can 
help you overcome your fears. 

Hayato: Really? I would love to learn from you!
B12. Fuga C

Hayato: Chieftain Fuga! 

Fuga: Well, if it isn't Hayato. 

Hayato: I was hoping that if you had some spare time, you might feel like 

Fuga: Certainly. I don't mind. 

Hayato: Thank you! 

Fuga: You're in awfully high spirits lately. Did something good happen? 

Hayato: Not something good exactly. It's just been reassuring to have you 
fighting alongside us in the army. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic... 

Fuga: Hah, so that's why you've been smiling all the time. 

Hayato: Just know that someday, I will repay you for everything you've done 
to help me. If you're willing to spend time with me, maybe I can work off 
some of that debt. 

Fuga: Now I understand. That's why you're always trying to talk my ear off, 

Hayato: Hey, it's not like I'm constantly chasing you around the camp or 

Fuga: Ha. Really? During the war council meeting, you were by my side, no? 
Same goes for breakfast this morning. 

Hayato: Aaaaaaaaaagh! Fine! Sorry that I care! We already trained together 
yesterday, so there's no point in doing it again today! 

Fuga: Heh, is that right? Then I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer... 

Hayato: What are you talking about? 

Fuga: Oh, don't worry about it. Just thinking out loud... 

Hayato: How could I not worry? Please, explain yourself. 

Fuga: I can't tell you quite yet. But I promise eventually we will talk. 

Hayato: Hmm? 

Fuga: You may not feel like training today, but I need to get some work in. 
Until later... 
(Fuga leaves) 

Hayato: Chieftain Fuga? Don't leave!
Fuga B

Fuga: Hayato, there you are. I have something to tell you. 

Hayato: Oh? What is it, Chieftain Fuga? 

Fuga: Remember when you were so curious about what I had to say yesterday? I 
thought I would tell you about that. There is a secret technique you must 

Hayato: R-really? That's amazing! 

Fuga: I've been observing you lately. It's obvious how much your skills have 
grown since joining the army. You've become much stronger since your days in 
the village. 

Hayato: Really? You mean it? 

Fuga: Therefore, from this day forward, I won't hold back during our sparring 
sessions. Those days are over. It's the only way for you to truly perfect 
your skills. 

Hayato: O-OK! I'm honored! 

Fuga: As a surrogate parent and master, it's important to pass on this 
technique to you. Now prove that you can keep up! 

Hayato: Yes, sir! Sorry, it's just that I'm so excited. I can't stop shaking! 

Fuga: Hahaha, I see. Good then. It's healthy to have a desire to improve. It 
took some time to fully appreciate how much you've grown as a warrior. I look 
forward to sparring with you. 

Hayato: I'm going to pick up your technique faster than you can imagine, 
Chieftain Fuga! Just watch me! 

Fuga: Heheh, I look forward to it.
Fuga A

Hayato: *pant*... *wheeze*... Ha! I did it! 

Fuga: Impressive, Hayato. You gave it your all and bested me. I'm impressed. 

Hayato: Yeah! So now will you admit that I've mastered your techniques? 

Fuga: Without a doubt. There is no more knowledge that I can impart. All your 
hard work has paid off. 

Hayato: Thank you, Chieftain Fuga! 

Fuga: With this strength and skill at your disposal, no enemy will be able to 
stop you. Though we do not share the same bloodline, I'm proud to call you my 

Hayato: I couldn't have asked for a better father. 

Fuga: That means a great deal to me. 

Hayato: I already have a new goal! I'm going to get even stronger to protect 
you. That's the only way I can repay you for being such a great parent. 

Fuga: That's a very kind thought. But I don't think I'm so enfeebled as to 
need protection quite yet. 

Hayato: I... I just meant...! 

Fuga: You've just now grasped my secret fighting techniques, yes? You still 
need loads of practice to become a true master. Don't get ahead of yourself. 

Hayato: Fine... But please, don't always treat me like I'm a child! One day, 
I will become stronger than you! 

Fuga: You have an unflappable fighting spirit, I'll give you that. 

Hayato: Prepare yourself! 

Fuga: I'm always prepared. Frankly, I look forward to the day when you 
surpass me in skill. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

B13. Beruka C

Oboro: Grrr... 

Beruka: You are...? 

Oboro: Oboro. From the Hoshidan army. 

Beruka: Ah. I'm- 

Oboro: I know who you are. Beruka, of the Nohrian army. And a former 

Beruka: You seem hostile. I notice you're still making a distinction of 
Hoshidan and Nohrian forces. Does that mean even though we're allies, we're 
still divided? 

Oboro: You're overcomplicating things. I just hold a grudge against Nohrians, 
that's all. 

Beruka: Ah. It still feels like you have something personal against me. 

Oboro: Only after I found out you used to be an assassin. 

Beruka: Why's that? 

Oboro: My parents ran a clothing shop when I was young. They were out in Nohr 
making a delivery when some bandits attacked. I watched them die from the 
back of the wagon. 

Beruka: Wait. Tailors? On their way to Nohr? 

Oboro: Yeah, why? Do you know something about this? 

Beruka: ... 

Oboro: Hey! If you know anything, you had damn well better tell me! What do 
you know about the men who killed my parents?! 

Beruka: ...I shouldn't have said anything. 
(Beruka leaves) 

Oboro: H-hey! You get back here right now!
Beruka B

Oboro: At last... I've finally got you alone so we can talk privately. 

Beruka: You're wasting your efforts. I have nothing to say to you. Nothing. 

Oboro: That can't be the truth. Admit it. What was it that made you react 
that way last time? What are you hiding? 

Beruka: ... 

Oboro: What do you know about my parents?! 

Beruka: ... 

Oboro: Still keeping silent? Figures. Look, I know you were still a child 
then. I'm not accusing you of killing my parents. I just want you to tell me 
what you know. 

Beruka: If you're not accusing me, then I have nothing to say. 

Oboro: Now hold on!

Beruka: ... 

Oboro: Do you think I'm going to let you off that easy? I'll keep you here by 
force if I have to! So talk! 

Beruka: ... The man who killed your parents... He raised me as his child. 

Oboro: What...? Are you joking?! 

Beruka: Does that satisfy you? Because I'm leaving. 
(Beruka leaves) 

Oboro: W-wait... Come back! I need to know more!
Beruka A

Beruka: I want to talk. 

Oboro: Beruka! 

Beruka: Calm down. I'm ready to explain myself now. I needed to sort out my 
thoughts first. 

Oboro: Sorry... But yeah, I have time. 

Beruka: Then I'll tell you everything. The man who adopted me ran a secret 
assassins' guild. Though he took me in, he didn't exactly treat me like a 
daughter. The only thing he taught me was how to kill. 

Oboro: ... 

Beruka: One day, he said something strange after coming home from a job. He 
said the mark that day was too easy. He didn't enjoy it, because he felt more 
like a highwayman than an assassin. I only heard him talk like that two 
times. That was one of them. 

Oboro: So on that day... your foster father killed my parents? 

Beruka: Yes. He said his targets were clothes merchants en route to Nohr. 

Oboro: But why? Why kill them? 

Beruka: Your parents' business was booming. They were known to have close 
ties to Hoshidan nobility. So it's natural that powerful figures in Nohr 
would want them dead. 

Oboro: Grrr... Mother! Father! Who is this man who adopted you?! Where is he 
now?! I'll find him and avenge my parents! 

Beruka: No. You won't. 

Oboro: What?! If you're planning on protecting him, then I'm done with you. 

Beruka: You don't understand. He's dead. 

Oboro: What...? 

Beruka: I know, because I killed him. 

Oboro: A-are you serious? 

Beruka: When I got older, and moved into taking on my own assassination 
jobs... I received a contract. The target was my foster father. 

Oboro: That's why you killed him? The man who raised you as his own?! 

Beruka: Yes. I killed him using the skills he taught me. I never hesitated. 
These things are more common than you might think in the world of assassins. 

Oboro: B-but why? Why did he have to die? 

Beruka: Any assassin who works long enough becomes a liability. Veteran 
assassins are commonly silenced to bury whatever secrets they know. With his 
last breath, he said it was time to pay his dues. That was the second time I 
heard him talk like that. 

Oboro: So... I can never get my revenge! ARRRGH! 

Beruka: That's right. He's gone. 

Oboro: ... 

Beruka: You can kill me instead, though. 

Oboro: What? N-now wait a minute! Why would I kill you? On what planet does 
that make sense? 

Beruka: I killed the object of your hatred. So you should hate me instead. It 
has to come spilling out somewhere. You need someone to get revenge on. I 
don't think you can go on for long without a scapegoat. 

Oboro: ... 

Beruka: So I volunteer. 

Oboro: ...I'll pass, thanks. 

Beruka: Why? Aren't you angry? 

Oboro: You have no idea. I hate Nohr, your foster father... even you, kind 
of. But acting on that will only lead to more hate. I know that much. The 
chain of hate ends in tragedy. We're here to break that chain. Isn't that why 
we're all here fighting together? 

Beruka: Oboro... 

Oboro: Besides, you're a victim too. So I'll say it again, for the record: 
you might be from Nohr, but I'll still fight alongside you to bring peace to 
this world. 

Beruka: ... OK. I understand...

B14. Odin C

Odin: Omen of the apocalypse, I summon thee! Send that sweet gift of the 
skies to bed! Odin Dark prepares his next spell! LUNAR INVERSION!

Hinata: Uh... Odin? What are you doing? 

Odin: Oh! You startled me! From what shadowy nook did you emerge? 

Hinata: Huh?! I could ask you the same thing! (...If I understood a word 
you'd said!) Why are you screaming your head off like a big ol' weirdo? 

Odin: Ha! Odin Dark is no common banshee! You witnessed the casting of a 
great spell! I have just unleashed magic too powerful and extreme for you to 

Hinata: That sounds ominous. What does it do? 

Odin: That spell just traded darkest night for brightest day...and vice 

Hinata: Really? It still looks like daytime to me. 

Odin: I see your point, but do not lose faith so hastily! Surely you saw this 
gloomy cloud. Before you arrived, I cast my most famous spell. ...And see? 
It's already working! 

Hinata: Where?! What's happening? 

Odin: Look! The sun reveals herself through that crack in the sky! Behold the 
shaft of light! 

Hinata: Oh my gosh! You're right! 

Odin: Of course I'm right. Nothing is too difficult for Odin Dark! 

Hinata: WHOA! I owe you an apology. I can't believe it... You're the real 

Odin: Ah. Music to my tune-starved ears. Go ahead, you can say it again if 
you like. In fact, why not follow me around and repeat that a few times? 
Odin B

Hinata: Hey, Odin! 

Odin: Yes? It is I-triumphant dabbler in the mysterious arts! 

Hinata: I've been looking for you everywhere! I wanna be your apprentice! 

Odin: Wha?! 

Hinata: I wanna learn all of your weird, secret spells! Come on. It'll be 
fun! Haven't you always wanted a sidekick? 

Odin: Not really. 

Hinata: I have a great idea! Let's start with the spell for the clouds. That 
one's awesome! 

Odin: I'm afraid I'm not in the market for any adjunct spellcasters. 

Hinata: Adjuh-what?! 

Odin: Look. I'll be frank. I, Odin Dark, have been kissed by magic. It flows 
through my veins! You? Not so much. 

Hinata: Please! Pretty please! It's not like I'm asking you to do it for 
free! If you teach me some spells, I'll give you this katana! 

Odin: Let me see that! 

Hinata: Here. Look all you want! 

Odin: How marvelous and menacing! A harbinger of death! This is no ordinary 

Hinata: Of course it isn't! My family has served the Hoshidan royals for 
years! This katana is befitting a samurai. ...So, come on. Please?! 

Odin: I cannot turn away such lavish tuition, but I warn you. My hopes for 
you are meager!
Odin A

Hinata: Uh, Odin... I've been practicing that chant you taught me, and it's 
not working. No matter how many times I practice or how loud I scream, the 
sun isn't budging! 

Odin: Alas, this is as I expected. 

Hinata: You keep saying that, but I'm starting to think you just got lucky 
that time. You can admit it. You're nothing but a faker, huh? 

Odin: SHHHH! Keep your voice down! As you may recall, I never asked for an 

Hinata: Calm down! I'm not going to tell anyone! You upheld your end of the 
bargain. You taught me a few spells. You never promised me they'd work! Here. 
Take my sword. 

Odin: Odin Dark must decline. That wondrous blade is yours to wield. 

Hinata: Are you sure? We made a deal! 

Odin: The samurai live and die by the sword. I would never claim something so 

Hinata: You mean this whole time, you were never planning to accept my katana 
as payment? But that makes no sense! I saw how your eyes lit up when you held 

Odin: Indeed, but it was not the sword that lent a sparkle to my eye. As a 
practician of the magic arts, I was touched by your enthusiasm for the craft. 
You were so persistent! You'd hand over your legendary sword for a few 
lessons! I couldn't let you do it. I thwarted you by omitting crucial steps 
from the spells. 

Hinata: But why would you do that?! 

Odin: I crushed your hopes on purpose so you'd give up and keep your special 

Hinata: Whoa. Seriously?! That's amazing! 

Odin: It's not amazing! It's horrendous! 

Hinata: Nah. You were just looking out for me! I'm so relieved that your 
spells are legit. Now, come on. Teach me for real this time! I'll work really 
hard to be a good student! 

Odin: Fair enough. Odin Dark shall labor to become a teacher worthy of 

Hinata: All right! It's a deal. ...And this time, I'll keep the sword. 

Odin: Ah, what triumph! The student has learned his first lesson! Uh, 
Hinata... Does your spectacular katana have a name by chance? 

Hinata: Oh, are you curious? I'll tell you... right after you teach me that 
sweet cloud spell!

B15. Peri C

Kagero: Ahhh... Nothing is so relaxing as enjoying tea in peace and quiet...

Peri: Kagero! There you are! I've found you! 

Kagero: Oh, hello, Peri. What can I do for you? 

Peri: You can help me learn, Kagero! Specifically, how I can become more like 

Kagero: Become more... like me? I don't understand what you mean by that... 

Peri: You're pretty! And cool! I could tell from the moment I saw you that 
you were great. It feels like my heart skips a beat when I see you fight in 
battle. I look up to you! 

Kagero: You look up to me? 

Peri: Yup! So I've decided to learn from you so that I can become a better 
everything! I'll just copy what you do, and that'll make me better. Great 
idea, huh? 

Kagero: I'm sorry, I don't think I entirely understand what you mean... 

Peri: What are you drinking, there? 

Kagero: This? It's a certain kind of tea I enjoy. It's called matcha. It's a 
green tea. 

Peri: Oooh, I bet I would love green tea! Especially a green tea that you 
drink! Do you think I'd become more like you if I drank this? Lemme have a 

Kagero: Sure, I can pour you... Hey, that's my cup! Don't drink it all at 

Peri: Ooooohhhh. It's biiiiitttteeerrrrrr. Bleh-bleh-bleh! 

Kagero: I told you not to drink it all... 

Peri: This isn't delicious at all! Are you trying to prepare yourself for 
some kind of torture?! 

Kagero: Oh dear, is your makeup starting to run? Here, have a glass of water. 

Peri: *gulp* *gulp* Ugh... That was really, really bitter... 

Kagero: I know. You have to get used to the flavor. You can't just dive right 
in. Especially since I make it pretty strong... 

Peri: I won't give up! I'll try that tea again and become a better fighter, 
just like you! But not today. My mouth actually hurts from drinking that. 
I'll come by another time. Better have some tea ready when I do! 
(Peri leaves) 

Kagero: She's got a bit of energy...
Peri B

Peri: Hey there, Kagero! Are you drinking that bitter tea again? 

Kagero: You mean matcha? Yes, Peri. I just made some, in fact... 

Peri: I'll have some with you, then! I'll master the drinking of this tea, 
and then I'll grow more powerful, like you! 

Kagero: I don't think it was drinking matcha that made me grow into a 
powerful fighter... But if you think it will help you, go ahead. Here, this 
cup is for you. 

Peri: Thanks! All right then, here we go! *gulp* Oh gods, I think this is 
more bitter than last time! 

Kagero: I told you before; don't drink it all at once! You knew it was going 
to be bitter, too... 

Peri: Maybe that was just an odd glass. Let me try another cup of it... 
*gulp* *cough* So... bitter... 

Kagero: Peri, are you just messing with me? 

Peri: What? Never! I'm trying to learn! I'm really serious about improving 
myself! I just... can't handle how bitter this is... 

Kagero: If you'd stop drinking it in one gulp... I could give you this little 
sweet. You're supposed to eat this, then drink the tea. 

Peri: What? Why didn't you say so?! 

Kagero: Because you insisted on setting tea-drinking speed records. Matcha is 
meant to be enjoyed with a sweet. You eat one... And then drink from your 
cup. It removes some of the bitterness. 

Peri: Oooh, I see... 

Kagero: Since you're still getting used to it, I'll give you a few extra 

Peri: What cute little sweets! But let's see how they taste... Yummy! I like 
these a lot. So now that I've got one of those, I just take a drink from the 

Kagero: Not a gulp. 

Peri: Not a gulp! You're right! The tea doesn't taste that bitter at all! 

Kagero: Excellent. 

Peri: Thank you, Kagero! Wow, those sweets really are good. Can I have a few 

Kagero: Certainly. 

Peri: Yaaaay! I'm so happy! Thanks! 

Kagero: Hm? Hang on, Peri. Don't just eat all the sweets! Drink the tea, too. 

Peri: *munch munch* 

Kagero: Well, at least you liked the little bit of tea you tried this time...
Peri A

Peri: Hey! Hey, Kagero! Would you like to share some matcha today? 

Kagero: Certainly. You are always welcome. 

Peri: Heehee, yay! I'm getting more used to the flavor now. We've gotten 
closer too, don't you think? 

Kagero: About that... Why is it that you are so interested in becoming 
exactly like me? 

Peri: Oh, that's obvious! The first time I saw you in combat was all I needed 
to motivate me! You were covered, head to foot, in bright red, and you looked 
so strong. It was cool! 

Kagero: Bright... red? What are you talking about? 

Peri: It was in the dead of night. You were sneaking up on an enemy sentry 
line... They had no idea you were there. You got right up behind the bad guy, 
and as he turned...you flicked your blade out! It was too fast to even see, 
and the enemy seemed paralyzed by the blow! When you drew your sword back, a 
fountain of blood erupted from the man! It was amazing! 

Kagero: So then, you saw... 

Peri: I did! ...Was I not supposed to? 

Kagero: Well, that was a covert mission. I don't often like for my allies to 
see how I sometimes must fight. It is... less than honorable. If I can't 
simply sneak by, it results in pointless death. 

Peri: B-but... it was so cool! Anyway, most fighting is pointless! In the 
end, it's either you or them. And I always side with myself in that 

Kagero: Peri... 

Peri: More importantly-I want to hear more stories of your battles, Kagero! 
Maybe if I listen well, I can learn how to sneak around and defeat enemies 
quickly! The way you moved that night... it was like watching art being made. 
Art of death! 

Kagero: ...I see. I suppose if that is how you think, there is no point 
debating this. 
Peri: Now do you understand why I admire you so much? I want to become 
stronger! I know that you're the right person to learn from! You're so 
graceful and beautiful... 

Kagero: You know... It may be good for us, as fighters from two different 
countries, to teach each other. If you're dedicated to this idea, then I will 
gladly continue to share tea with you. And if it is what you wish... In time, 
I will teach you some of how I fight. 

Peri: Really? You mean it? That makes me so very, very happy! 

Kagero: Of course. I'm counting on you to teach me about Nohr, as well.

B16. Keaton C

Keaton: Hey, Kaden. What's up? 

Kaden: Not much, just grooming. Check out my tail! Talk about glossy, am I 

Keaton: Um, sure. 

Kaden: Don't sound so impressed. I guess SOME people can't appreciate good 
hygiene. What's with your tail, anyway? Shouldn't you take better care of it? 

Keaton: Why should I? It's not like I have to look at it much anyway. 
Besides, it looks more rugged when it's all messed up and filled with junk. 

Kaden: What? F-filled with junk? That's nasty! I think it's much better to be 
clean and beautiful than "rugged." 

Keaton: Yeah, and I think it's a million times better the other way around. 
Grooming's pointless. No matter how hard you try, there's always someone more 
beautiful out there. 

Kaden: Huh? How so? 

Keaton: I dunno. Like some of the creatures in the woods I saw the other day. 
They were incredible. Majestic, even. 

Kaden: More beautiful than me? I don't believe it. I've got to see this for 
myself. Could you take me to see them, Keaton? Please? 

Keaton: Huh? I guess I could, sure. 

Kaden: Really? Thank you so much, Keaton! 

Keaton: Only because I want to see them again, though. I'm not doing it for 

Kaden: Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. Just let me know when you're ready!
Keaton B

Keaton: Huh? Maybe I should have taken a left turn back at that rock. 

Kaden: But I thought we did turn left? 

Keaton: We did? Oh. This must be the wrong way. Or maybe... Huh. I just don't 

Kaden: So we're lost? *sigh* I never should have let you take me up into the 
mountains, huh? 

Keaton: H-hey! We aren't lost yet! And you're the one who suggested this! The 
only reason we're even stuck out here is because of you! 

Kaden: Yeah, but I forgot that you have no sense of direction. At this rate, 
we won't even find our way back to camp before dark. Let alone finding those 
beautiful creatures you were talking about. 

Keaton: Bleh. ...You're right. We're completely lost. 

Kaden: No, don't apologize. Like you said, it was my idea to come out here. 
Let's take a break and regroup. You've gotta be tired. 

Keaton: Yeah, I could use a break. 

Kaden: Phew. I hope we find our way back soon. I'm getting hungry. 

Keaton: You're hungry? One sec. 

Kaden: What are you rummaging around in your bag for? 

Keaton: Bone, nope. Hair ball, no. Carcass? *sniff sniff* Nope. Hmm... Ah! 
There we go! Got some bread here for ya. Here, have a bite! 

Kaden: But wasn't this packed away with all those hair balls and stuff...? 

Keaton: Hey, don't give me that look. I thought you were hungry. Besides, 
it's not like I'd keep anything rotten in there. Er. Hold that thought. 
*sniff sniff* ... OK, nothing THAT rotten. Yeesh. I'm hurt. I was just trying 
to break bread with you... 

Kaden: Yeah, you're right... I guess beggars can't be choosers. Thanks, 
Keaton. Let's split it, fifty-fifty. 

Keaton: Sounds good to me. 

Kaden: *munch munch* Hm? Keaton! That tree over there! I think I recognize 

Keaton: What? Are you serious? 

Kaden: Yeah. I think I can find the way home from here. What a relief! 

Keaton: Woohoo! Guess we'll just have to see your rivals some other day. 

Kaden: Yeah. Second time's a charm, right? Er, wait...
Keaton A

Kaden: Stop! We want to go THIS way. Not THAT way. 

Keaton: Are you sure? My gut's definitely saying we should go that way. 

Kaden: Your gut? Did you forget what happened the last time we followed your 
gut? We're following this path, and that's final. 

Keaton: Yeah, OK. Sorry about last time. 

Kaden: Oh, stop apologizing. I told you it's fine. I really enjoyed myself, 
anyway. I love going on these adventures with you! 

Keaton: R-really? You do? How do you say stuff like that? Aren't you even a 
little embarrassed? I don't get you at all. 

Kaden: Heheh. My honesty and my beauty are my two best qualities! And I see 
that you love our adventures just as much. Your tail's wagging like crazy. 

Keaton: What?! That's impossib- ...Oh. Well, whatever. Probably just an 
annoyed twitch. Huh? 

Kaden: What is it? 

Keaton: This is the place! We're here! This is where all those pretty 
creatures I saw were. Hmm. I wonder where they're all hiding... 

Kaden: I'm just glad we made it here in one piece. So, you never said what 
kind of creature these things were. What should I be looking for? 

Keaton: Ooh! Ooh! Here they are! Come look! 

Kaden: Where? Let me see! K-KEATON! THOSE ARE- 

Keaton: Aren't they the most beautiful spiders you've ever seen? They're 
black and purple and green and blue and they're so shiny! 


Keaton: Huh? I thought you liked bugs? 

Kaden: I do! Just not s-s-spiders! I mean, I want them to be happy...just as 
long as they do it away from m-me. 

Keaton: But they're so pretty. Here, boy. C'mere! That's a good boy-yes you 

Kaden: Don't touch them, you dummy! They could be poisonous! 

Keaton: Huh. That's a good point. I didn't think about that. Hey, Kaden, you 
should come here for a minute. 

Kaden: No way! I'm going home! 
(Kaden leaves) 

Keaton: Aw... some people will just never get it, will they, little spider 
buddy? Wait, he's going home without me? I'll get lost if I'm by myself! 
C. Third Route Second Generation Lover Supports


C1. Ophelia C

Ophelia: I look to the stars for our fates! I seek the future in the 
constellations! DIVULGE YOUR SECRETS! 

Shiro: Who's that making such a racket this late at night? Oh, it's 'Phelia. 
Shoulda known. Huh. There's a circle of stuff around her. Sparkly rocks. 
Weird. Yo! 'Phelia! What you doing? 

Ophelia: Who-? N-no, Shiro! Stay back! 

Shiro: Oops. Sorry. Kicked that thing. 

Ophelia: No! My Jetblood Dracocrystal! 

Shiro: You shouldn't put things on the ground if you don't want me to kick 
them. But I am sorry. 

Ophelia: Where'd it go?! 

Shiro: I'll find it. What color is it? 

Ophelia: Black by day. Bloodred by starlight. 

Shiro: I'll look over here. You look over there. We'll find it for sure.
(Time passes)
Shiro: Um, I think it's gone. 

Ophelia: We have to find it. I need the Jetblood Dracocrystal to read the 

Shiro: You've got a whole circle of fancy rocks here, 'Phelia. Aren't they 

Ophelia: Rocks?! And stop calling me that. And no! They aren't! The Jetblood 
Dracocrystal connects me to the spirits of the stars in the heavens. You have 
to help me find it. I cannot be severed from the constellations! 

Shiro: We'll have better luck in the morning. Let's search more then. 

Ophelia: But my other gems will soon lose their power without the Jetblood 

Shiro: Oh, gotcha. Didn't know that. Let's keep searching then, 'Phelia.
Ophelia B

Shiro: How many times do I need to apologize, 'Phelia? 

Ophelia: If you call me that one more time... 

Shiro: I've searched all over for your Jetblood Dracocrystal-many times! I 
know it's all my fault, but honestly there's nothing more I can do. 

Ophelia: The consequences are far worse than you know, Shiro. Without that 
gem, I've lost my connection to the flow of fatefulness around us. I cannot 
watch the flow, interfere with bad fates-evil has the upper hand! 

Shiro: It can't be as bad as that. But here. Take this rock. 

Ophelia: This is obsidian. 

Shiro: Yeah. I found it when I was searching. It looks pure enough. Sorta 
pretty too. 

Ophelia: You think this is a replacement?! 

Shiro: Sure. Just stick it in with your other rocks, and do your circle 

Ophelia: This is an insult to the Jetblood Dracocrystal itself. 

Shiro: I... I don't know what else to do. 

Ophelia: Severed from the heavens! Blinded to the constellations! I may as 
well bury my head in the sand and let evil fates have their way. 

Shiro: W-well then, how about this? 

Ophelia: Oh, lovely. Rummaging in your pockets? What could you possibly have 

Shiro: A... a... a jade circle! Look-a swirly design, fairly valuable, I 

Ophelia: It's a button. And I don't care if it's made of gold. The Jetblood 
Dracocrystal is beyond priceless. Its power is irreplaceable. 

Shiro: I've really screwed up... 

Ophelia: We must resume the search! Can't you hear my other gems crying? 
They're lonely without it. 

Shiro: Now you're just messing with me. They're crying? 

Ophelia: Yes, at least THEY know how awful this is. 

Shiro: Then let's head back to where we lost it. I'll search until my eyes 
fall out.
Ophelia A

Ophelia: I... I should just give up on my Jetblood Dracocrystal. But I'll 
take one last look where I did the incantation before Shiro blundered in. 
It's pointless to look at night. But I can't sleep anyway... What?! Who is 
that in the shadows?! Some eternal foe of Ophelia Dusk?! 
(Night falls)

Shiro: It's got to be here. It's GOT to be. Maybe if I dig a little deeper. 

Ophelia: Shiro? 

Shiro: Huh? Hey, 'Phelia.

Ophelia: You're slopped in mud from head to toe! 

Shiro: I'm trying to find your whatchamacallit crystal. 

Ophelia: But it's so late. And you're standing in a hole. That you dug! 

Shiro: I combed through the grass a million times. I thought maybe I stepped 
on it. So I started digging. And then I thought maybe I stepped on it while 
digging. So I kept digging. And I have to keep doing this at night because 
I'm so embarrassed about all this. Come back to search for it too? 

Ophelia: Yes. I heard the Jetblood Dracocrystal crying out to me in the 
midnight hour. It said to come now-or else I'd lose it forever and ever. 

Shiro: R-really? Well, I'm just about to give up. It's just not here. It's 

Ophelia: You've come here every night since it went missing? 

Shiro: Since I kicked it like a dummy, you mean. Yeah, I have. Now, short of 
uprooting those trees there to find it... Oh, what the what?! 

Ophelia: In the roots! It's my... my... 

Shiro: Your thingamajig crystal! 

Ophelia: I can't believe it. I can resume communing with the stars! All my 
gems too-can you hear them? They're pulsing in joy! 

Shiro: Tell them I'm sorry that I made them all so unhappy. This was all my 

Ophelia: No need. We all know how hard you searched for it. Thank you, Shiro. 

Shiro: No need. All my fault. I'm just glad I could make it right, 'Phelia. 

Ophelia: I give you my most sacred vow, Shiro. 'Phelia Dusk will never forget 
Ophelia S

Shiro: Hey, 'Phelia? Got a second? 

Ophelia: For the hero who found my Jetblood Dracocrystal? Always, Shiro. All 
of my gemstones have regained their power, reunited with that crystal. The 
whole of cosmic creation sings its praises for what you've done. 

Shiro: Uh, don't forget that I was the lunkhead who kicked your crystal. 

Ophelia: What can I do for you, Shiro? And are you...blushing? 

Shiro: You know that jade button? The one I fished outta my pocket? 

Ophelia: Your well-intended replacement for the Dracocrystal-yes, I remember. 

Shiro: I still want you to have it. 

Ophelia: But why? Doesn't it belong on a princely jacket of yours? Mustn't it 
be sewn back in place? The other buttons must be missing it! 

Shiro: It's actually not a button that popped off anything I wear. It was 
from something my royal grandfather, Sumeragi, used to wear. My father got 
the button from him. He thinks I look like my grandfather. So he passed it 
along to me. 

Ophelia: A royal heirloom? Then it should stay in your family, Shiro. 

Shiro: Which is... why I want you to have it. I like you a lot, 'Phelia. 

Ophelia: What? 

Shiro: You know, a LOT a lot. Maybe it's premature, but would you take this 

Ophelia: Shiro, I'm honored, but... 

Shiro: But? Please say you're not going to leave me hanging with a button in 
my hand! 

Ophelia: That button pulses with love. Is that how you truly feel? Because I 
have to admit, it resonates with the selfsame energy in my heart. 

Shiro: Y-you'll take it then? 

Ophelia: Perhaps this whole cosmic escapade, losing the Jetblood 
Dracocrystal...? It was the only way that the cosmos could put us together. 

Shiro: Ha! Sure, that sounds about right. What's that you're always saying 
about a finger? 

Ophelia: The fair finger of fate? Oh, yes. That digit of destiny poked us 
both! The finger always knows, Shiro. Even when we don't. 

Shiro: Well, our fates are intertwined now. I couldn't be happier, 'Phelia.
C1. Nina C

Nina: Eheheheheheh. I can't wait for this play! Two male leads? De-lish! Sign 
me up! I can see it now: Their hidden feelings for each other ripening, their 
eyes meeting... They realize that they're all alone... And then it happens! 
Ohohoho. Perfect! I just hope I can get some good seats... 

Shiro: Wh-wh-wh-whooooaaaa! Watch out! 

Nina: I can't wait! This is gonna be better than- YOWIE! 

Shiro: I'm so sorry! Are you all right? Oh, hey! It's you! How's it going, 

Nina: Sh-Shiro?! Man, what is wrong with you?! Watch where you're going next 

Shiro: Aw, gimme a break! I just got distracted by that shiny coin over 
there. I'm sorry. And you didn't look like you were paying that much 
attention either. 

Nina: W-well, er- 

Shiro: Come to think of it, you were walking pretty quickly, too. Headed 

Nina: AH! I almost forgot! I don't have time for this! I need to get to the 

Shiro: Huh? The play? Oh! You mean that one they're doing in the town plaza? 
That sounded pretty neat, actually. Mind if I tag along? Ah man, this is 
gonna be great! 

Nina: What? No! I'm going by myself! 

Shiro: Aww, what's it matter? C'mon, it'll be more fun to see it with someone 
else! It's a comedy about two buddies learning to grow up, right? One's tight 
laced and serious, and the other's a wacky free spirit? What a hoot! Look, it 
even says it'll be a "romp" right there on the flyer! Who doesn't love a good 
romp with a friend? 

Nina: I just told you! I don't want- 

Shiro: Perfect! Let's go! We gotta hurry if we're gonna get some seats 
though, yeah? 

Nina: H-hey! Hold your horses! But I wanted to see it alone! Shirooooooo!
Nina B

Nina: *sigh* That play the other day was fun, but I didn't get to fantasize 
much at all! That big ol' boor kept hooting and guffawing the whole time! He 
has no taste for the finer things in life. Like men. Plural men.

Shiro: Hey, Nina! Wasn't that play we went to the greatest? 

Nina: S-speak of the devil! Mr. Loud-Snorting- Hooting-Guffaw-Man himself! 

Shiro: Whuh? Was I laughing too loud for you? Huh. You're more sensitive than 
I'd thought! Haha. 

Nina: Yeesh. You could at least sound a bit more apologetic about it! 

Shiro: Hahaha. Sorry, sorry. You're right. I was just surprised you didn't 
have fun. I mean, the second they lifted the curtain, you started grinning 
and giggling. 

Nina: Wh-what? I did? 

Shiro: Yeah! Haha. You kept saying stuff like "Get closer!" and "Great line!" 
I think you kept telling them to "kith," too, but I don't really know what 
you meant... You did say "kith," right? But they were already friends... 

Nina: I-I see... Ah... I'm sorry if I was a little too loud... 

Shiro: Oh, no worries. I didn't pay it much mind at all. I had tons of fun! 
Especially when the fight scene started! I was on the edge of my seat. 

Nina: Hm. Yeah, that was pretty good. The choreography was great. But I don't 
think I'd say it was the best scene. That scene on the cliffside, where they 
have to prove their friendship, though... Woo! Wow-ee! Talk about drama! 

Shiro: Yeah, that wasn't half-bad either! 

Nina: Just thinking about it now is giving me shivers... Accused of being a 
traitor, he confesses to his friend he doesn't know what to do... He can 
betray the country that falsely accused him or he can save it... And his 
friend says he'll support him no matter what! And then there's the dance-off 
at the end to win the fifty-thousand-gold prize! So much physical 
contact...eheheh. I'm certain they were in love! 

Shiro: Uh... love? I didn't get that vibe at all. 

Nina: I know it! When they held hands on the beach...something awoke in them! 
"But how can you love one such as me?" "Let the sea wash your troubles 

Shiro: N-Nina? I don't think I remember that scene... Are you all right? 

Nina: O-oh! Sorry! I think I got carried away again. 

Shiro: That's OK... I'm just not sure what you're going on about... I thought 
it was just a pretty simple buddy play. Hmm. But maybe you're right... I'll 
just have to think about it some more! 

Nina: A-ah, no, haha, you shouldn't do that! I'm just being silly! In fact, 
it'd be best if you forgot this whole conversation! N-now, if you'll just 
excuse me... 
(Nina leaves) 

Shiro: H-hey, wait! ...Nina? Huh. Wonder what that was all about?
Nina A

Shiro: Heya, Nina. 

Nina: GAH! Shiro?! 

Shiro: Why'd you take off so suddenly the other day? I thought we were having 
a pretty good conversation about that play... 

Nina: N-no reason. Didn't I tell you to forget everything I said anyways? 

Shiro: Well, yeah, you did. But I was worried I said something to offend 

Nina: Huh? No, you didn't do anything. I was just embarrassed. 
'Cause...y'know...I started saying all that weird stuff. 

Shiro: Weird stuff? I don't remember that. 

Nina: You know, about the two leads being secretly in love...? 

Shiro: Ohhhh. That stuff. 

Nina: I'm just so dumb sometimes. I didn't mean to say all that out loud... I 
mean, it's really embarrassing, and I know the play wasn't really romantic... 
I'm sure you thought I was crazy... 

Shiro: Hm? No, I didn't mind it at all. 

Nina: Huh? 

Shiro: I mean, you had fun, right? And you felt it was pretty moving? 
Everyone who watched it was bound to get something different out of it. No 
big deal. I'm sure the actors would have loved to have heard you liked it so 

Nina: Huh. That was a way more thoughtful reply than I'd ever have expected 
from you. 

Shiro: Yeah, every now and then, right? Haha! 

Nina: Teehee. Maybe it'd be fun to go to another play sometime. 

Shiro: That'd be great! I think they're putting on another play next week. 
Something about a melancholy prince whose father was murdered and usurped. 

Nina: Huh? I don't know. That sounds a little too dark for me... 
Although...oooooh. Hehehehe. 

Shiro: Huh? 

Nina: Maybe if the prince and this "usurper" got to know each other... And 
the prince becomes tortured by his budding feelings... Unsure of the right 
course to take-duty on the one hand, love on the other! Ohohoho! Why did I 
never think of this before?! 

Shiro: Haha! So you'll come with me then? Perfect! 

Nina: Oh boy, will I ever!
Nina S

Shiro: Thanks for inviting me to that play, Nina. I haven't laughed that hard 
in a long time! 

Nina: Heehee. No problem! It's nice being able to go to things like this with 
someone else. Most of the time I'm too embarrassed because of...you know. The 
muttering stuff. 

Shiro: I'm glad you had fun! And maybe sometime you could tell me what you 
were imagining. I catch snippets of what you're saying, but I'd love to hear 
the whole thing! 

Nina: O-oh. 

Shiro: I don't think it's a bad thing. I'm sure you come up with some great 
stories. And I think it's pretty neat how engrossed you get in what you're 
watching. You've got an amazing imagination. I'm jealous! 

Nina: I don't know if it's really all that praiseworthy... Fantasizing is 
just what I really like to do! More than just about anything else. 

Shiro: Haha. Really? I didn't realize it was so important to you. 

Nina: Oh yeah! I'd die if I couldn't fantasize about...y'know...anymore! 
It's...important to me. 

Shiro: Hmm... I see. 

Nina: Shiro? You OK? 

Shiro: Say, can I ask you something? Am I important to you, Nina? 

Nina: Wh-what?! Where did that come from?! 

Shiro: I just... I realized lately that you're very important to me. I've 
come to treasure our time together more than anything else. I can't say I 
understand your hobbies, but you always seem to have so much fun. And I think 
you've got about the best smile in the world! You're charming, Nina. And... I 
like you. 

Nina: Shiro... I don't know what to say... 

Shiro: Not interested? It's OK if you aren't. I just thought it was time I 
told you. 

Nina: No, that's not it! I was just surprised, is all. I never expected it 
from you. But, now that you've come out and said it... I guess I gotta admit, 
I like you too! 

Shiro: Really? 

Nina: Mhm! You've got a big heart, and you've been so understanding with me. 
Not to mention, you're easy on the eyes. Just oozing with masculinity! 
Teehee. If you'll have me, I'll gladly be your girlfriend. 

Shiro: Woohoo! This might be the best day of my entire life! Oh, hey, maybe 
we should see another play for our first date together! There's one playing 
next week about two guys waiting a long time for someone else! I hear it's 
almost all about them and their relationship! You'd love it! 

Nina: Sounds great to me, mister boyfriend!

C2. Soleil C

Kiragi: Soleil! Hey! 

Soleil: Oh! Did you need me, Kiragi? 

Kiragi: I just had to tell you something! Ready? Here goes... You're tops, 

Soleil: I'm what? 

Kiragi: Tops! The very best! I see what good friends you are with all those 

Soleil: Heh, yeah. I like to think I am. 

Kiragi: All the guys I know are more into fighting with each other. It's all 
one big contest to see who can be the toughest man. 

Soleil: Oh yeah? Where do you stand in the pecking order? 

Kiragi: Welllll... I kinda don't. I always end up trying to make friends 
instead, heehee. 

Soleil: Haha, yeah, that sounds more like you. 

Kiragi: But you get along with all the girls, and that makes you amazing! You 
must be pretty mature and considerate to pull that off. 

Soleil: Welllll... that would be one way of doing it... But I'm just really 
dedicated to hanging out with as many girls as possible. That's all there is 
to it. Nothing amazing about that. 

Kiragi: Oh... Well, it still amazes me at how good you are at seeing how 
other people feel! 

Soleil: That's really nice of you to say. Thanks, Kiragi! 

Kiragi: Heehee. Thanks for thanking me!
Soleil B

Soleil: *sigh* I'm taking this even harder than I thought I would. But I need 
to grin and bear it-literally. If I don't keep a smile on my face, it'll just 
bring everyone else down! OK, I think I've got it together. Now to keep it up 
for the rest of the day!

Kiragi: Awww, Soleil... 

Soleil: Huh? What's got you down, Kiragi? 

Kiragi: I heard the news. One of your friends in the army decided to quit, 

Soleil: Word sure travels fast around here. 

Kiragi: How come she's leaving? 

Soleil: One of her family's sick, and they need her to help care for them. 
Nothing any of us can do about it except to wish her luck. 

Kiragi: Dang. That's a real shame. It must be hard for you, having to say 
good-bye to a close friend so suddenly. I know what that's like... I'll never 
see the friends I grew up with in my Deeprealm again, after all. 

Soleil: That's rough... 

Kiragi: But it won't be that bad for you, right? She's just going home! You 
can be pen pals. If you keep in touch, I'm sure you'll meet again someday! 

Soleil: Kiragi... 

Kiragi: I didn't mean to overhear the other stuff you said just now, but I 
kinda did... About making yourself smile so you don't make anyone worry. It's 
amazing that you have the strength to do that! 

Soleil: Gosh... Thanks, Kiragi. That actually cheered me up a lot! You're 
right. I'll see her again someday- I know it! Believing that will make it 
easier for me to see her go. 

Kiragi: That's the spirit! 

Soleil: The cloud over my head clears right up with you cheering me on. I 
feel like I could take on the world! 

Kiragi: Yeah! Hahaha! Let's see that sunny smile! 

Soleil: Of course!
Soleil A

Soleil: Thanks again for cheering me up the other day, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: Don't mention it. I'm glad to see you looking chipper again. 

Soleil: I wanted to ask you, though... You said you miss your friends from 
the Deeprealm. How did you get over that? 

Kiragi: Well, only one thing TO do. I worked as hard as I could at making new 

Soleil: New friends... 

Kiragi: I miss the old ones a lot, and I get sad when I think about them, 
but... My new friends are so great, I can't complain! 

Soleil: Not many people could be as positive as you about it. Do you think I 
could be like that, if I practiced? 

Kiragi: I know you could! Besides, don't you see what a perfect chance this 

Soleil: A chance to do what? 

Kiragi: Sure, you had to say good-bye to someone you cared about. But! 
Bonding over that helped you and me to become better friends, right? 

Soleil: Huh! That's a good way of looking at it. 

Kiragi: Heehee. I hope we'll be friends for a long, long time. 

Soleil: Yeah... same here. Thanks for being such a good buddy, Kiragi.
Soleil S

Kiragi: Soleil! Wait up! I gotta talk to you. 

Soleil: Hmm? 

Kiragi: I've been thinking about this for a while. And something finally 
clicked with me, and I gotta get it out. 

Soleil: O-OK... 

Kiragi: You know I think you're amazing, right? Gosh, I've said it a hundred 
times probably. And you know how much I love being friends with you. 

Soleil: I... I sense a "but" coming... 

Kiragi: No way! Soleil, I have to tell you-I'm crazy about you! 

Soleil: I like you a lot too! 

Kiragi: Maybe it's our friendship getting deeper. Or maybe that's why I 
wanted to be friends with you to begin with. Either way, I care about you a 
whole lot. 

Soleil: Wow, Kiragi! I care about you a lot, too. I've always thought of you 
as one of my best friends. 

Kiragi: Really?! 

Soleil: In a different way than the girls, too. You don't make my heart race 
faster like they do... But you always cheer me up and support me, and you're 
just nice to be around. I think about you a lot, trying to come up with ways 
to make you feel like that too. 

Kiragi: Haha, you don't have to think that hard. I already feel that way with 

Soleil: It's a nice feeling, isn't it? 

Kiragi: Totally! 

Soleil: I don't think that's ever going to change. As far as I'm concerned, 
you'll ALWAYS be my best buddy. 

Kiragi: Yessss! I'm SO glad to hear you say that! And I'll always be yours 
too, of course. 

Soleil: You and me, Kiragi. Friends forever!
C2. Velouria C

Kiragi: Woohoo! The hunting today was excellent. Not every day you bag two 

Velouria: Aha! That explains the wonderful smell. 

Kiragi: Hey, Velouria! What's up? 

Velouria: Kiragi. I see you've returned with some things from the woods. 
Would you share their delights with me? 

Kiragi: You mean the deer? Well, gee... I don't really know that I can. I was 
going to bring them to the cooks so everyone could have some tonight. Think 
you could wait until then? 

Velouria: The deer do not interest me, little huntsman. I was talking about 
the little treasures stuck to your clothing. 

Kiragi: Huh? Treasures? All I see are furballs, slime, and some dead old 

Velouria: Exactly. I will take them all, if you don't mind. You were not 
planning on keeping them, were you? 

Kiragi: N-no, I wasn't. Um. Sure, you can have them. But maybe I should take 
them off of me first... 

Velouria: As you like. Thank you very much! Heehee. I can't wait to play with 
them! Ooh. Is this a bone shard? It is so sharp! So pointy! And this tuft of 
fur has the most divine smell! *sniff* *sniff* A rich, complex body...with 
notes of rancid bat dung...and a nice, long finish. How did you find such 

Kiragi: Haha. Well, when you're done taking inventory, think you could do me 
a favor? It'd sure be helpful to have an extra pair of hands to butcher the 
deer here. Plus I think it'd be fun if we ate together. What do you say? 

Velouria: Thank you, but I will have to pass. My new treasures are not going 
to lick themselves. But... maybe another night. Now, if you'll excuse me. 
(Velouria leaves) 

Kiragi: Huh? But you'll miss out on dinner!
Velouria B

Kiragi: Whew, that was quite the trek! It feels great to be back home. Just 
too bad there's nobody here to welcome me back...

Velouria: Welcome back, Kiragi! 

Kiragi: Whoa! Velouria?! Where did you come from? 

Velouria: I have been here the whole time. Apparently you didn't notice me... 

Kiragi: Oh, really? Haha. Sorry about that! I just got back from a trip to 
the mountain. Guess I was too tired to notice, huh? 

Velouria: Do not trouble yourself over it. Now, did you bring back anything 

Kiragi: Sure did! Got it all right here in this bag. Thought I'd try my hand 
at mining today. Check out this little beauty! The cave was pretty dark, but 
that didn't stop it from sparkling. Look at that shine! Have you ever seen a 
rock so green? Girls like this kind of stuff, right? 

Velouria: I'm sure some do. I do not. Do you mind if I keep what is at the 
bottom of this bag? 

Kiragi: Huh? You mean the sand and the pebbles? 

Velouria: Yes. 

Kiragi: So you don't want any of the minerals I found? None at all? Agh, OK. 
Suit yourself. You can have the bag too, if you want. 

Velouria: Thank you very much. Mm. This one has a little nubbin on it. How 
adorable. And the sand is surprisingly fine. Very good find. It was well 
worth the wait. 

Kiragi: Wait? Were you... were you waiting here for me to get back? 

Velouria: I-I would not put it like that, no. 

Kiragi: Well, instead of waiting, how about you just come with me next time? 

Velouria: Pardon? 

Kiragi: Well, I don't really have an eye for the sort of things you like. So 
if you're there with me, you'll probably find way more treasures, right? 

Velouria: This is true... I shall consider your proposal. 
(Velouria leaves) 

Kiragi: ...And she's gone. Well, I think it'd be fun to explore the mountains 
with Velouria. Maybe I'll ask her again tomorrow.
Velouria A

Kiragi: Thanks for coming with me today, Velouria. I'm sure we'll have lots 
of fun! 

Velouria: Yes, this will be a most productive adventure. However, if you 
dawdle, I will not hesitate to leave you behind. 

Kiragi: Oh, that's right. I forgot that wolfskin usually spend their whole 
lives in the mountains. I'm not used to traveling with someone who can manage 
the terrain better than me! It'll be a nice change of pace. 

Velouria: I wish your pace changed to be a little bit faster. 

Kiragi: Sorry, sorry. Say, is there any place you'd like to visit in 
particular? There's lots to see up here. Clusters of wildflowers, a whole 
area covered with lichen, super-tall poplars... I think my favorite spot is 
the glacial lake near the top! The water's so refreshing. Wait. Velouria? 
Velouria! Don't tell me you left me behind already! 

Velouria: I'm over here. 

Kiragi: Oh. Uh... why are you crouching? 

Velouria: There is a pile of dead insects here. I am collecting them. Those 
and the leaves. A fine hunting ground indeed. Today is a glorious day. 

Kiragi: Uh... 

Velouria: Oh! And tufts of stray fur! Everywhere! Never have I seen such 
riches! *sniff sniff* Oh yes! Delectable! *sniff sniff sniff* This is 

Kiragi: Um...Velouria... We've barely reached the foot of the mountain. We 
still have a long way to go before we reach the summit. 

Velouria: My apologies, Kiragi. It's just... I have no desire to go anywhere 
else. This spot is too perfect. 

Kiragi: Oh? Well, all right. No need to apologize! Let's just stay here for 
the day! We can eat our lunch and take a slow stroll. The summit can wait for 
another day. 

Velouria: That sounds lovely. 

Kiragi: Great! Ooh, hey, Velouria! Look! I think someone left behind a 
cracked hand mirror!
Velouria S

Kiragi: Hey, Velouria. It's Kiragi. It's rare for you to invite anyone to 
your tent. Something wrong? 

Velouria: Oh, no. There's just something I'd like you to see. 

Kiragi: Oh, OK. Sure. Let me just step on in and... Whoa! What is this 
place?! It's... I can't even... WOW! 

Velouria: Perhaps you could express your impressions using real words? 

Kiragi: Oh. Um. Sure. I don't feel like I'm in a tent in here. It feels just 
like I'm in the great outdoors! I love the mushy dirt floor...and is that a 
tree you've got growing over there? Oh, wait, that's a dead tree. Well, all 
the same, it's great! And the stuff you've got on the shelves! I recognize 
some of that stuff! Aww, it's the moss ball I found for you the other day. It 
looks so cozy! 

Velouria: This is my collection. I am glad you like it. 

Kiragi: I knew you collected lots of things, but seeing it all in one place 
is breathtaking. 

Velouria: I know the others think I collect garbage. Trash. Refuse. Waste. 
Detritus. No one seems to understand. Even if they know my father has the 
same hobby. Even you seemed baffled at first. However... I still thought I 
should share it with you. 

Kiragi: Oh? Why's that? 

Velouria: I've... become... fond. Of you. 

Kiragi: H-huh?! 

Velouria: So fond, in fact, that I- I'd be willing to throw away all of this 
if it meant I could spend more time with you! 

Kiragi: O-oh. Well, shucks, Velouria. But...why me? 

Velouria: You never laugh at me when I talk about my hobby. You even invited 
me to go with you on your trips out to the mountains. And I found myself 
enjoying our trips more for your company than for these treasures. You are 
always so willing to go out of your way for me. It's very sweet. 

Kiragi: Velouria... 

Velouria: And, more than that, you seem to love nature almost as much as I 
do. I think you may be the only person who could ever truly understand me. 

Kiragi: Thank you, Velouria. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say 

Velouria: Truly? 

Kiragi: Yep! After we started hiking, I began to realize you were the one for 
me. You were constantly pointing out things I would normally miss. You showed 
me a whole new world that was there all along, right under my nose! And...the 
first time I saw you smile, I felt something warm inside me. Something I've 
never felt for anyone before. 

Velouria: Then... 

Kiragi: Will you be mine, Velouria? It'll be just you, me, and the great 

Velouria: Nothing would make me happier! 

Kiragi: I believe it! Your tail is wagging like crazy! You must be almost as 
happy as I am! I...I love you, Velouria! 

Velouria: And I you, Kiragi.

C3. Caeldori C

Caeldori: Hah! Hya! Take THAT!! 

Siegbert: Very impressive. You really know your way around a naginata. 

Caeldori: Siegbert! Hello there. You think so? I didn't think I was doing 
anything fancy. 

Siegbert: Not in so many words, no. But the ease with which you handle your 
weapon... It's remarkable. Truly. 

Caeldori: Ah. It probably only seems so because I've practiced with it since 
I was little. If you spend enough time doing anything, you'll grow used to 

Siegbert: Come on, don't be so humble! Your skill is apparent at first sight. 
And I hear that in addition to your skills with a lance, you are very well 

Caeldori: Oh, stop. You're going to make me blush. 

Siegbert: No, really. You're very impressive, Caeldori. I see now why 
everyone calls you genius. 

Caeldori: A genius? I'm not so sure about that. 

Siegbert: No, no. I'm sure of it. The throne should belong to someone like 

Caeldori: Pardon? I couldn't hear you. 

Siegbert: ...I'm sorry. It's nothing. Please, excuse me. I have some things 
to attend to. 
(Siegbert leaves) 

Caeldori: Siegbert looked awfully upset. I hope he's all right.
Caeldori B

Siegbert: Damn it all...

Caeldori: Siegbert? Are you all right? 

Siegbert: Hm? Oh, yes. I'm just worried about something. It's silly, really. 

Caeldori: Huh? That's not silly. Everyone has worries, you know. 

Siegbert: I suppose you're right. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself. Thank 

Caeldori: Would you like to talk about it? It might make you feel better. 

Siegbert: A good point. Very well. I'll take you up on that. 

Caeldori: Perfect! So what's wrong? 

Siegbert: Well, I've been worried about whether I'm fit to be the king of 
Nohr someday. When I think of all the things a great leader must be, and then 
look in the mirror... I find myself... wanting. 

Caeldori: In what ways? 

Siegbert: A king must be a paragon, capable of leading his people in both war 
and peace. He must excel at combat, diplomacy, administration, history, and 
law. And he should know his people intimately... In short: he must be 
perfect.  If he is not, he does not deserve the power vested in him. But I 
excel nowhere. All around me, I see my superiors in every talent and subject. 
Nor can I even claim to be well rounded... I am not fit for the throne. 

Caeldori: That was quite the speech. This must have been troubling you for a 
long time. I think that the people would, of course, be happy with a perfect 
monarch. But they do not expect or need one. Such rulers are the stuff of 
fairy tales. Even the hero-kings of old were not perfect, whatever the 
stories. I wouldn't worry so much. There's no such thing as a perfect person. 

Siegbert: I'm not so sure about that. 

Caeldori: Hm? 

Siegbert: To be frank... you appear to be one such person. Someone gifted at 
everything. You are kind, generous, and bright. You are a fierce warrior and 
brilliant thinker. Perhaps only very few are gifted with genius such as 
yours. But... some are. You are proof. And the rest of us are so unlucky as 
to be only witnesses to it. 

Caeldori: ... I see. 

Siegbert: I apologize for my outburst... 

Caeldori: Good day, Siegbert. 
(Caeldori leaves) 

Siegbert: Gods, I am such a fool...
Caeldori A

Siegbert: Caeldori? 

Caeldori: Siegbert. 

Siegbert: I would like to apologize for what I said. About you being gifted 
with perfection. It was... insensitive of me. 

Caeldori: It's fine. It's not as though you were the first to say such 

Siegbert: It is not fine. You tried to console me in a moment of weakness. 
But I was paying attention only to my own pain, so much so that I didn't 
notice yours. It was insulting to say you were simply lucky or gifted. You 
have worked extremely hard for your skills. I am so sorry. I have failed you 
as an ally and a friend. 

Caeldori: Siegbert... You haven't failed me. If anything, you understand me 
better than most. Thank you. And, for what it's worth, I think you'll be a 
great king. 

Siegbert: Haha. When you say it, I can almost believe it. 

Caeldori: You will be. I'm sure of it. You are capable of perceiving the 
needs, pains, and desires of others. This is the most important ability a 
king can have. I believe you will do incredible things. 

Siegbert: Thank you, Caeldori. That means a lot to me. 

Caeldori: Anytime, my friend.
Caeldori S

Siegbert: Caeldori! May I have a moment? 

Caeldori: Hello, Siegbert. How can I help you? 

Siegbert: I have a question for you. Do you have any admirers right now? 

Caeldori: Huh?! Why should that matter?! It's none of your business! 

Siegbert: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend! Let me try again... Heya, 
Caeldori! I was wondering...is there anyone around camp you fancy? Bah, 
that's not right either... 

Caeldori: Why are you so curious? 

Siegbert: Is it a weird thing to ask? I thought friends asked each other 
about this kind of thing all the time! Hahaha... 

Caeldori: You can't just laugh your way out of this one, Siegbert. Why do you 
want to know? 

Siegbert: *gulp* Here. 

Caeldori: Is this... a ring?! 

Siegbert: Yes. One that's been passed down in my family for generations. I 
want you to have it. 

Caeldori: Wh-what is it for? 

Siegbert: It's a gift. I... I want to be with you, Caeldori. 

Caeldori: You do? Really? 

Siegbert: I'm sorry. I know it must seem like this came from out of nowhere. 
But I couldn't hide my feelings from you any longer. Will you be with me? 

Caeldori: Oh, Siegbert... You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you 
say that... The truth is, I feel the same way. 

Siegbert: You do?! 

Caeldori: Of course I do! 

Siegbert: Haha... and to think, I almost gave up hope. Heh. You look a little 
flustered, Caeldori. 

Caeldori: Oh, hush! So do you! 

Siegbert: Maybe so... but I never expected to see YOU so red! You're always 
so calm! 

Caeldori: W-well how am I supposed to look?! I never expected...never 
dreamed... In the past, all of my feelings have gone unrequited... I assumed 
that this time would be no different... 

Siegbert: Well, you need not worry about that. I have eyes only for you, 

Caeldori: Thank you, Siegbert... You've made me so happy today. 

Siegbert: Here's to our future together! May it be a long and happy one. 

Caeldori: To our future!
C3. Mitama C

Mitama: *sigh* I am beginning to think I will never understand...

Siegbert: Hm? What is it you don't understand? 

Mitama: Oh, Siegbert. You might be just the person to answer my question! 
What meaning is there to find in risking our lives on the battlefield? 

Siegbert: What meaning? 

Mitama: Yes. For what reason do nations go to war? Why do their peoples kill 
each other? All I have seen is pain. Blood and death and sickness abound. Yet 
we talk about it as though it were some grand adventure. I cannot fathom it. 
We should all just return to our homes. 

Siegbert: Well, yes, that would be ideal. 

Mitama: If you think that it is ideal, then why have we not done it? If no 
one enjoys war, why do we bleed so much for it? 

Siegbert: I... 

Mitama: Siegbert? 

Siegbert: I don't know what to say. We simply don't have any other options. 

Mitama: If you say so...
Mitama B

Siegbert: Mitama. Do you have a moment? 

Mitama: Could we make it quick? I was hoping to begin my nap in a few 

Siegbert: Ah, yes, I suppose. It's about what we talked about the other day. 
When you asked me what the point was behind risking our lives to fight. 

Mitama: Yes, I remember. What about it? 

Siegbert: If you don't see the point in fighting, why do you still go to 
battle with us? 

Mitama: It is simply the way things went. 

Siegbert: What kind of answer is that? 

Mitama: We should follow the course cut out for us, not oppose it blindly. 
This is the course that was cut for me. If I did not go to battle, I would be 
a deserter. That is unacceptable. Nor would my father leave me be. I can't 
have that. So it is easier to go into battle than not. I simply follow the 
way of things. 

Siegbert: So you fight because it's the path of least resistance? 

Mitama: Precisely. Of course, it CAN be scary to live a life like this. If I 
could, I would spend all day, every day at home sleeping. But were I to do 
so, it would only make things worse for me. So I fight. 

Siegbert: But then you're just getting swept away by life. You are a victim 
of fate. I don't understand why you would want that. 

Mitama: Because we are all victims of fate. Some of us simply accept it. In 
any case. I'm late for my nap! I will take my leave of you now. 
(Mitama leaves) 

Siegbert: Hm...
Mitama A

Siegbert: Hello, Mitama. 

Mitama: Oh, drat. I was just about to go to bed. 

Siegbert: Yes, I know. I apologize, but I felt I had to speak to you. 

Mitama: *sigh* I don't suppose you'll leave me alone if I ask nicely? OK. 
What is it? 

Siegbert: Thank you. I wanted to say that I know my own reason for risking my 
life in battle. I do it for my friends and my kingdom. I would gladly give my 
life for them. Some fight for honor. Others for money. Others still only for 
family. There is no one cause we all fight for. And yet... we all fight and 
are united. 

Mitama: I see. That makes sense. But it doesn't change how I feel. Everyone 
would still be happier at home than at war. 

Siegbert: But they may not still have a home if not for the war. It is the 
same for you. You will not have the rest you desire without war, correct? 

Mitama: Hm. A very good point. I will have to think on this. Thank you, 
Siegbert. Now, I should get to bed, if that's all right with you. 

Siegbert: Very well. Good night, Mitama. Have a good night's sleep. When you 
wake, we go to battle again. 

Mitama: How dreadful. I hope the fighting ends soon. 

Siegbert: Then let us end it. By our own hands. 

Mitama: Yes, let's. THAT is a cause worth fighting for.
Mitama S

Siegbert: Mitama? 

Mitama: Zzzzz... 

Siegbert: Mitama? Are you asleep? MITAMA! 

Mitama: Siegbert comes again / Here to steal my maiden sleep / Good-bye, my 

Siegbert: Oh, good. You're awake. 

Mitama: Yes, because you woke me. 

Siegbert: Ah, right. Sorry. 

Mitama: I hope you have a very good reason for waking me from my slumber. 

Siegbert: I do. There is something I wanted to tell you. Something very 
important to me. 

Mitama: ...By which you mean something not important to me, correct? Good 
night. Please do not wake me up again. 

Siegbert: Hold on! It will just take a second. 

Mitama: You truly won't allow me to sleep until you've had your say, will 

Siegbert: Sorry, but... I really must tell you now. 

Mitama: Fine. You have five seconds. 

Siegbert: I only get five seconds?! 

Mitama: Four. 

Siegbert: I-I like you! Please be mine! 

Mitama: ... 

Siegbert: Mitama? 

Mitama: OK. I will. 

Siegbert: You what?! 

Mitama: I have feelings for you, too, Siegbert. Well, good night, then. 

Siegbert: Huh?! 

Mitama: Let's talk more about this when I wake up. I want to sleep now. 

Siegbert: Um, OK. Good night, Mitama. 

Mitama: From now on... 

Siegbert: Hm? 

Mitama: I think my dreams... will be about you. I cannot wait. 

Siegbert: Mitama... 

Mitama: Good night, Siegbert! 

Siegbert: Good night, Mitama.

C4. Rhajat C

Rhajat: Hmph.

Forrest: Hello, Rhajat. Is something the matter? 

Rhajat: Your clothes are adorable. 

Forrest: Well, thank you very much! 

Rhajat: I hate you. 

Forrest: What?! What did I ever do to you? 

Rhajat: I mean... I could never pull off a style like that. And it's not fair 
that you can! 

Forrest: Aw, that's just not true. First of all, I really like your style. 
It's so exotic and yet... familiar... at the same time. And secondly, you 
could totally pull this off. You're gorgeous. 

Rhajat: Pfft. Empty flattery. 

Forrest: No, I mean it! I've always admired your confident beauty. You can 
make anything look good. 

Rhajat: Whatever. I'm so tired of wearing the same thing all the time. 

Forrest: Well, why don't we go into town and shop for some new clothes for 

Rhajat: And be upstaged by your outfit? No thanks. 

Forrest: Upstaged? Please! Rhajat- 

Rhajat: ...I'm leaving now. 
(Rhajat leaves) 

Forrest: Yeesh!
Rhajat B

Forrest: Hello, Rhajat. I know we got off to a weird start the other day... 
And I wanted to try to make it up to you. So I made you this. 

Rhajat: You made an entire outfit for me? 

Forrest: Yeah, well... you mentioned the other day that you didn't have any 
clothes you liked. And that made me sad, so... here we are. 

Rhajat: Have you been spying on me? How would you know what size I wear? 

Forrest: Of course not! I've just got an excellent eye for sizing, if I do 
say so myself... 

Rhajat: OK, where were you yesterday at 7:18 in the morning? 

Forrest: I... uh... I was asleep, I guess? 

Rhajat: Asleep? A likely story. You were spying on me, weren't you? You're 
trying to figure out the secret ingredients to my spells...is that it? 

Forrest: No! I promise you, I haven't been spying on you. And I have no 
interest in spells! 

Rhajat: I don't believe you. But I will take these clothes. 

Forrest: Well, that's... something. 

Rhajat: Thank you, Forrest. 

Forrest: You're welcome... I guess...
Rhajat A

Rhajat: Hey, Forrest. Sorry for being weird the other day. And thank you for 
the clothes. 

Forrest: Oh, you're welcome. I'm relieved to hear you say that. How did the 
clothes fit? 

Rhajat: They fit perfectly. Almost as if you had been spying on me. But I 
know that you weren't. Because I caught the person who actually WAS spying on 
me. Heh. Heh. Let's just say... she won't make that mistake again... 

Forrest: Riiight. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the clothes. 

Rhajat: Oh, yes. They're just my style. But again, I have to ask-why did you 
bother making them for me? You barely knew me at the time. 

Forrest: Well, like I said... it made me sad that you didn't have any that 
you liked. And, you know... I just love making clothes. 

Rhajat: But our styles are so different. You're so bright, and I'm so dark 
and dreary. 

Forrest: I disagree! You say dark and dreary... I say bold and sassy! 

Rhajat: Hah! All right, I like you. We can be friends. IF you can handle my 

Forrest: What's that supposed to mean? 

Rhajat: Well, if we become friends and I want to see you, I will hunt you 
down, day or night. But on the plus side, if you have an enemy, I will gladly 
hex him into oblivion! 

Forrest: Well, I don't think I have any enemies...but that sounds good. And I 
think I can handle being hunted down from time to time. 

Rhajat: Very well. Let our friendship commence! You'll never escape me now. 

Forrest: Yeah? Well you won't escape me either! Heeheehee! Oh. I need to work 
on that laugh...
Rhajat S

Forrest: Rhajat... I have something important to tell you. 

Rhajat: Oh? What's wrong? 

Forrest: Brace yourself. 

Rhajat: What is this? You're freaking me out! 

Forrest: We promised to be friends forever, right? 

Rhajat: Yes... 

Forrest: Well...that's just not good enough for me anymore. 

Rhajat: Unbelievable. I really thought you were special. I never imagined you 
would betray me like this. I'll curse you! I'll- 

Forrest: Rhajat! Hear me out! 

Rhajat: This better be good... 

Forrest: I... I want to be MORE than just friends, Rhajat! That's why being 
your friend isn't good enough anymore. 

Rhajat: Well, why didn't you say that FIRST?! 

Forrest: I'm sorry! It wasn't easy to say. I was nervous that you wouldn't 
like me that way. 

Rhajat: Oh. That makes sense. But I thought I was going to die! 

Forrest: Well? 

Rhajat: Well, what? 

Forrest: Well, do you like me back or what? Now I feel like I'M going to die! 

Rhajat: Oh. Haha... Yes. I like you back. But I'm mad that you waited this 
long to tell me. As punishment, I sentence you to a life of caring for me. 

Forrest: I suppose I can live with that...
C4. Selkie C

Selkie: Forrest! What are you working on? Wanna go climb trees or something? 

Forrest: Hey, Selkie. No thanks, I'm busy sewing right now. 

Selkie: What's sewing? 

Forrest: You've never heard of sewing? Where do you think your clothes came 

Selkie: I dunno. I never thought about it. So you make clothes by sewing, eh? 
That sounds kind of fun! Can I try it? 

Forrest: Sure! I'm always happy to introduce someone to the wonderful world 
of sewing! 

Selkie: Yay! So, what do I do first? 

Forrest: Well, the basics of sewing involve cutting fabric and then- 

Selkie: Ooh, scissors? They didn't let me play with these when I was younger. 
But I'm super good with 'em. Watch this! *snip* *snip* *snip* Take that, 
fabric! *snip* *snip* *snip* 

Forrest: Oh no, what are you doing?! My fabric is ruined! 

Selkie: Whew, that was great! I can totally see why you like sewing, Forrest. 

Forrest: That wasn't sewing, Selkie. That wasn't sewing at all...
Selkie B

Selkie: Hey, Forrest! 

Forrest: Oh. Hi, Selkie. 

Selkie: What's going on? You don't seem very happy to see me. 

Forrest: Well... I can't honestly say that I am. 

Selkie: Aww, that's too bad. I'm happy to see you! I was thinking we could 
sew some more. 

Forrest: *shudder* Ugh... 

Selkie: What's wrong? C'mon, let's cut up all this pretty fabric! 

Forrest: No! Don't touch it! 

Selkie: Why not? 

Forrest: Because, Selkie... sewing isn't just cutting up pretty fabric! I 
never got a chance to tell you before, but you have to have a plan before you 

Selkie: Did I do something I shouldn't have the other day? 

Forrest: Well, to be blunt, YES. You ruined a really nice swatch of fabric 
that I was saving. 

Selkie: Oh, no! I'm so sorry, Forrest! I had no idea. I just got carried away 
when I saw those shiny scissors. 

Forrest: It's OK. I'm over it. And I should have explained more clearly up 

Selkie: No, please! It's not your fault. I know I just jumped right in-that's 
what I do! I think I can make it up to you, though. Do you still have the 
fabric I cut? 

Forrest: Well, it's in the garbage, but I haven't actually disposed of it 

Selkie: Great! Hand it over! 

Forrest: You realize that the fabric is completely shredded, right? It's 

Selkie: Yep! 

Forrest: And you still want it? 

Selkie: Yep! 

Forrest: Suit yourself...
Selkie A

Selkie: Check it out, Forrest. I'm all finished! 

Forrest: Finished with what? 

Selkie: Remember how I took all those fabric scraps the other day? 

Forrest: Yeah? Did you cut them into even smaller pieces or something? 

Selkie: No, dum-dum! I made a cushion for you! Here, take it! 

Forrest: You made this cushion? But... it looks nothing like the fabric I 
gave you. 

Selkie: Yeesh, and people think I'm slow! I stuffed all your pretty fabric 
inside another cushion. It turned out to be REALLY comfy. You've gotta try it 

Forrest: You're... you're right! It's so soft! 

Selkie: Told you! And it was so easy. Anyway, I want you to have it. It's the 
least I can do for ruining your fabric. 

Forrest: Selkie... I'm really touched. Thank you so much! 

Selkie: Aww, it's nothing. Just promise that you'll try sleeping on it 

Forrest: Of course! I can't wait...
Selkie S

Selkie: Hey, Forrest, can I ask you a question? Do you really love making 

Forrest: Of course! Isn't it obvious? Anyway, why do you ask? 

Selkie: Well, I've just been thinking... If I ever have kids, I should 
probably learn how to sew for their sake. 

Forrest: Aww, that's a cute idea. But you know that you can just BUY clothes, 

Selkie: Believe it or not, it's hard to find outfits that accommodate my 

Forrest: Oh, right. 

Selkie: Anyway, it just seems like something a mother should be able to do. 

Forrest: Selkie, I know plenty of wonderful mothers who couldn't sew a 
stitch. And besides...what if your husband could do the sewing? 

Selkie: Oh! I hadn't thought of that. 

Forrest: I mean... I hope to have kids, and I'll definitely be 
the...seamster...in the family. 

Selkie: Perfect! Then we can just get married, and it'll all work out! 

Forrest: Wait, what? Are you serious? 

Selkie: Or not, I guess, based on that reaction. 

Forrest: No, no, that's not what I meant... It's just... do you love me? 

Selkie: Hmm, I dunno... but I sure like you an awful lot. How do you feel 
about me, Forrest? 

Forrest: Well, I was really touched by your gesture with the cushion... And I 
can't stop thinking about you. I think that's what love is...isn't it? 

Selkie: Great! I think that means we can go ahead and get married. 

Forrest: Maybe we should just start out by dating. It seems everyone is in a 
rush to marry... 

Selkie: That sounds good too! Let's do it! 

Forrest: I... I like you a lot, Selkie. I'm so glad you cut up all that 
fabric the other day. This might have never happened otherwise! 

Selkie: Me too! Got any more pretty fabric you want me to destroy? Maybe 
something else good will happen! 

Forrest: Er... nah. Let's not push our luck.

C5. Soleil C

Soleil: Hmmm... 

Asugi: You want something, Soleil? 

Soleil: *sniff* *sniff* Is that candy I smell? You're hiding some in your 
pouch, aren't you? Now I see why all the girls in camp go gaga over you. 

Asugi: What's with that sour look? Are you after my sweets, too? I don't mind 
sharing. I just made a fresh batch of hard candy, in fact. 

Soleil: Whoa! Thanks a ton! I LOVE jawbreakers! Hang on... Oh no you don't! 
You're not getting off that easy! We're going to have it out, right here, 
until you admit it... You've been plying all the girls in the army with your 
irresistible sweets, huh?! 

Asugi: Huh?! That's crazy talk! 

Soleil: Oh yeah? Then explain why all I hear from my girlfriends is "Asugi" 
this and "Asugi" that! They can't get enough of your chocolates and suckers-
they say they're "divine." You've got them hooked on your candy! 

Asugi: I didn't know they were that into it. I'm honored. 

Soleil: You pig... 

Asugi: Huh? 

Soleil: All they think about are your lousy sweets, even though I'm RIGHT 
THERE! It's so frustrating... I can't believe I'm fighting for their 
attention and LOSING! I tried sweetening the tea until it makes me gag, but 
nothing works! Am I yesterday's news? Tossed out so they can rot their teeth 
with candy bars?! 

Asugi: Geez, you whine a lot. 

Soleil: Fine! I know what side my bread's buttered on! If I can't beat you, 
I'll join you! 

Asugi: Uh... 

Soleil: I'll make my OWN candy and pass it around, just like I know you do! 
Then we'll see who the girls swoon for! 

Asugi: Heh. Trying to beat me at my own game, huh? It's on now. But remember, 
making quality candy is an art. And I am an artist. You talk a good game, but 
you'll find it's not so easy to pull off. 

Soleil: Heheh. I see what you're doing, and I won't be scared off. Soon 
enough, it'll be YOU tossed aside like day-old cake. And don't come crying to 
me when it happens!
Soleil B

Soleil: Arrrrrrghhhhhh! ASUGI! 

Asugi: Is there a problem, Soleil? Urgh... what is that burning smell?! Hey, 
whoa, get away from me! 

Soleil: LOOK AT THIS! 

Asugi: What am I looking at? A black lump? Have you been mining coal? 

Soleil: No! This was SUPPOSED to be the hard candy you were making. 

Asugi: That doesn't look like any candy I've ever seen. What recipe were you 

Soleil: That's what I wanna know! I made it just the way you did when I was 
spying on you! I was careful to follow every step exactly like I saw you 
doing it. Ugh... my dream of winning over all the girls with delicious 
candy... It's turned to horrible slag, just like this gross, black un-candy. 

Asugi: Speaking of which, PLEASE throw that thing away. It's making me retch. 

Soleil: I dunno. I hate to see all my hard work go to waste. 

Asugi: I hate to break it to you, but we're long past that point. Any girl 
you offer THAT to might not ever speak to you again. Besides, you don't have 
the first idea about how to hide it. If you keep the candy under your armpit, 
not only will it break, it'll smell terrible. 

Soleil: Huh, good point. Though I think that might actually have improved 
this batch. 

Asugi: Face it, Soleil. Your candy is never going to be a hit with the 

Soleil: *sigh* You're probably right. 

Asugi: Heh... You always seemed pretty sharp on the battlefield. I wouldn't 
have expected you to flounder this hard at simple baking. 

Soleil: You think I'm a good fighter? 

Asugi: Sure. I think so, anyway. I can't count how many times you've saved me 
out there. It probably comes naturally to you. And that's how you should 
approach those girls you like, too. Don't force yourself to use my technique. 
Just do what comes naturally. 

Soleil: That's good advice. I'll remember that! 

Asugi: All that aside, do you still want to learn to make candy? 

Soleil: Hmmm...sure, why not! 

Asugi: OK. I'll teach you for real so you don't have to crib off what you 
think I'm doing. I owe you that much from battle. 

Soleil: Really?! Whoa, thanks! I take back all that stuff I said. You're a 
swell guy after all! 

Asugi: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Get your hands off me! You've still got that 
horrible gunk on you, and I don't want that stuff on my clothes! 

Soleil: Whoops! Lemme change real quick. 

Asugi: Not HERE! Ugh! I wasn't planning on using my ninjutsu today, but here 
we are. Hrah! 
(Asugi leaves) 

Soleil: Huh? Where'd Asugi go? Asugi? Hellooooooo? *sniff* Hmm, there's a 
burned smell fading behind me. That would explain it...
Soleil A

Soleil: Asugi, I did it! See for yourself! The sweets smell really, really 

Asugi: Nicely done. Now all you have to do is chill them, wrap them up, and 
hide them in your clothes. 

Soleil: It's weird. The longer I look at these, the less I can believe I made 
them. So you think the girls will like these, do you? 

Asugi: Oh yeah. They'll be falling all over themselves for your sweets. 

Soleil: And you're not saying that to flatter me? 

Asugi: On my honor. If I was one of your girls, I'd be drooling right now. 
...Sorry, that got away from me. You know what I mean. 

Soleil: Hahah, understood. You know, I think I'm going to stop copying you 
once I get your candy recipe down. 

Asugi: What? But you tried so hard. 

Soleil: Not as hard as you did. You act cold, but you're really nice. You did 
so much to help me. Those girls who I thought were only after your candy... I 
think now they were really attracted to what a good guy you are. So even if I 
somehow made better candy than you could, it wouldn't help. 

Asugi: This is great. Keep those compliments coming. You're falling for me 
too now, huh? 

Soleil: Ahaha, please! Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe if you were a 
little cuter...but sadly, you're not my type. 

Asugi: Hah... I should have known. 

Soleil: Thanks, Asugi. You taught me something more important than how to 
make candy. I'm going to win those girls over in my own way! 

Asugi: That's how it's done. You can't go through life down someone else's 
path. It wouldn't have meant anything if those girls fell for a recipe that I 
taught you. 

Soleil: All the same, I got you something as thanks for today. 

Asugi: Oh yeah? What'd you... Soleil! This is... I don't know what to say! 

Soleil: It's the weekly special pastry from the town's best bakery. 

Asugi: You got this just for me?! Soleil, you're my favorite person in the 
whole world! No joke, no flattery, I could kiss you right now. 

Soleil: Heheh, looks like waking up early to get in line paid off. That's the 
kind of effort I need to put in to win those girls' hearts, too... Not 
copying anyone else, but coming up with my own ideas! I can't wait!
Soleil S

Asugi: I've been hearing interesting things about you from the girls around 
camp. They're talking about how much fun it is to go out with Soleil. 

Soleil: No way! You're not pulling my leg, right? 

Asugi: Nope. You know all the best places in town to go for sweets. 

Soleil: Ahaha, I might have you to thank for that. I had to try a bunch of 
places when I was out shopping for those pastries for you. 

Asugi: It's not just the girls, mind you. I hear things from the guys, too. 
They're all impressed at how good you are in battle. 

Soleil: Yeah? Well, that's not as exciting. Let's go back to how into me the 
girls are. 

Asugi: I... I'm serious, Soleil. You've got a lot of people interested in 

Soleil: Hah, you say that like it's a bad thing. Wait... is it? Asugi... 

Asugi: ... 

Soleil: Are you jealous that I've stolen your thunder? 

Asugi: No! 

Soleil: Hmm, true, I did stop stealing your act. Then what's got you so 

Asugi: *sigh* All right, I'll stop beating around the bush. I'm worried 
you'll get so caught up in one of them that you won't have time for me. 

Soleil: What? 

Asugi: I dunno... I'd miss you. We'd just gotten to be friends, and I hate 
the idea of losing that. We haven't even been to a candy store together! I 
have so much to show you! I have fun hanging out with you. I know you like 
spending time with me, too. And I'm worried you'll forget about that as soon 
as the next cute girl comes along. 

Soleil: Asugi... 

Asugi: I don't care if it sounds silly. I had to get it off my chest. 

Soleil: It does sound ridiculous! For cripes' sake, Asugi... To hear you 
talk, it's impossible to have more than one friend at once. Why would hanging 
out with the girls mean I couldn't spend time with you? 

Asugi: Then... you wouldn't ditch me? Even if you found a girlfriend? 

Soleil: No way. You're too good a friend to abandon like that! 

Asugi: Whew! 

Soleil: I can't believe we're even having this conversation. 

Asugi: Heh... I do feel a little silly, now that it's all out in the open. 
But it's good we talked about it. Now I know for sure you'll stick with me. 
I'll never doubt you again-I promise. 

Soleil: You'd better not! If there's one thing you can count on, it's me 
being your friend. 

Asugi: Yeah. 

Soleil: Now then... what were you saying about a tour of the sweetshops in 
C5. Nina C

Asugi: Aha! There's the so-called "merchant" himself... hard at work. I see 
you selling your apothecary potions and secondhand weapons, sir. But are you 
also gathering information as a spy? I'll soon find out. 

Nina: Hee, hee! Mmm... what have we here? 

Asugi: What was that? Have I been spotted? No... it appears not. That looks 
like... Nina. What is she doing out here? 

Nina: "How much for the worn leather satchel? For you? I can offer a very 
special price..." Hee, hee! 

Asugi: Hmm... 

Nina: "Well, thank you kindly, sir. Say, what are your plans this evening? 
I'll pack up shop around 7. After that, anything could happen." Be still, my 
racing heart!

Asugi: Hey! 

Nina: Gah! Asugi? Why'd you creep up on me like that? 

Asugi: Heh. Sorry about that. Are you also keeping an eye on that shady-
looking merchant? 

Nina: Both eyes, actually. How did you know? 

Asugi: It's pretty obvious. Anyway, I don't need your help tailing the guy. 
I've been after him for a while now. Pretty sure he's actually a spy. 

Nina: A spy? Oh, that's good. I'll use that. 

Asugi: What are you talking about? 

Nina: None of your beeswax, Asugi. I'm just doing a little daydreaming. 

Asugi: Huh? 

Nina: Don't worry. It has nothing to do with you. Now, if you'll leave me 
alone with my mysterious merchant... 
(Nina leaves) 

Asugi: Hmm. Not sure I trust her either.
Nina B

Asugi: I have to admit... So far, this merchant appears to be on the up-and-
up. Perhaps he isn't a spy after all... Aha! What have we here? 

Nina: Hee, hee! Oh, what do you have in store for me today, Mr. Merchant...

Asugi: Hey! 

Nina: Ahhh! Asugi! I told you to stop doing that! 

Asugi: Sorry, but I didn't want you to run away. You know, like last time? 

Nina: Huh? I don't remember that. 

Asugi: Nina, the last time I caught you like this, you up and ran away. You 
really don't remember? Anyway, today I need you to tell me what's going on. 
Why are you stalking this merchant? 

Nina: Would we really call it "stalking"? 

Asugi: Yes. Yes, we would. 

Nina: Hmpf. Fine. Wait a second... Why are YOU stalking him? And ME! 

Asugi: Oh, no. I'm asking the questions here. You were staring so hard it's a 
wonder you didn't bore holes into his head. 

Nina: I just like people watching, OK? I find our little merchant VERY 

Asugi: Yeah, well I do too. Because it's been rumored that he's a spy! 

Nina: A spy? Give me a break! He'd never be a spy. 

Asugi: Why do you say that? 

Nina: Because, well, I've never seen him do anything suspicious. He wakes up 
pretty early to prep his wares, and then he's with customers all day. At 
night, he sorts his inventory and reads. He doesn't have time to be a spy. 

Asugi: Um... 

Nina: What? 

Asugi: You have a lot of free time on your hands, don't you. 

Nina: What are you implying? 

Asugi: No matter. You've provided me with useful information. I'll have to do 
some thinking... 

Nina: Yeah... you do that, Asugi. I'll just be on my way! 
(Nina leaves) 

Asugi: Hey, stop! Gah, she got away again.
Nina A

Asugi: Hey, Nina, wait up. 

Nina: Oh, hello, Asugi. Here to nag me about stalking again? 

Asugi: No... but this is related. We've cleared the merchant of any 
wrongdoing. Thanks in part to the information you provided me the other day. 

Nina: Well, of course. I told you so! 

Asugi: Well, anyway... thank you for your vigilance. 

Nina: Well, I guess if my spying helped you out and cleared him, then I'm 

Asugi: Yeah! Who'd have thought that all the time you wasted on him would 
actually pan out? 

Nina: Now, wait just a second. Who said I was wasting any time? What I do 
with my time is MY business, buster. 

Asugi: Sorry. I could have phrased that better. I'm actually pretty impressed 
with your surveillance skills. Not just anyone could pull that off. Maybe 
you've got a future in covert activities. 

Nina: Yeah, well, the way you were able to sneak up behind me was kind of 
impressive, too. I can hear most people coming a mile away. 

Asugi: Well, my dad had me doing ninja stuff before I could even walk, so... 
I guess you could say I've got a little experience being stealthy. 

Nina: It's funny, I never even thought about how useful your skills could 
be... Do you think you could teach me a few things? Because you're kind of 

Asugi: Eh, I'm not bad. But thanks for the compliment. Anyway, sure, I could 
give you a couple of tips, I suppose. 

Nina: Great! So, I'd really like to learn how to observe a conversation 
undetected. Like, say two super-cute guys are just hanging out talking... How 
can I get close enough to listen without them seeing me? 

Asugi: I'm not sure about this. Are you going to use the skills for evil? It 
sounds a bit evil. 

Nina: Oh, goodness no! Only for good! Now, make with the ninja lessons!
Nina S

Asugi: Hey, Nina. I was thinking of making a run into town for some candy. 
You in? 

Nina: Huh? Don't you normally do that with one of your guy friends? Why would 
you suddenly invite me? 

Asugi: What can I say? I find you interesting. I want to spend more time with 
you. And I feel like even though I'm giving you ninja lessons... You know a 
few techniques that I've never even heard of. 

Nina: Oh, trying to steal all my secrets! Sorry, I can't share those with 
just anyone. 

Asugi: Aw, don't be like that. Here, take one of my sweets. 

Nina: You think you can bribe me with a piece of candy? Ha! Stop following 

Asugi: Heh. And there's that razor-sharp tongue. I love how quick you are 
with a comeback. 

Nina: Ugh... you're still here? Wait, what did you say? 

Asugi: Well, I was TRYING to say that I enjoy talking to you. Sometimes I 
don't know what you're talking about, but it's always fascinating. And...I 
like your smile. 

Nina: Really? Me? You... you know I'm into some pretty weird stuff, right? 

Asugi: Honestly? The weirder the better. I think we could actually be good 

Nina: Oh, Asugi. I only wish you'd told me about this sooner. I wouldn't have 
run away from you so many times! I did always have a good feeling about you. 
Should we get married now? 

Asugi: Whoa! That's moving a little fast, don't you think? 

Nina: I don't think so-everyone else is doing it! But, I suppose we can try 
being best friends for a little while first. 

Asugi: Yes... that sounds more reasonable. I guess this means... we're a 
couple now? That could be fun... 

Nina: Yep! Hee, hee...

C6. Ophelia C

Ophelia: Is that Hisame over there? What in all the heavens is he doing?!

Hisame: Good day, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: What IS that you're doting upon?! 

Hisame: Doting? Er, would you mind taking a step back? You're...a little 

Ophelia: Infinite apologies. I was drawn to the extraordinary aura of THAT. 

Hisame: This? My bonsai tree? 

Ophelia: From what miniature pocket of existence did you pluck this tiny 
tree? Is there a whole forest of likewise infinitesimally smaller trees 

Hisame: I... I think you've gotten the wrong idea. It's a normal tree, 
trained to be miniature. It takes many years to grow a bonsai. This bonsai 
was a gift from a pickling master I buy all my pickled foods from. 

Ophelia: Amazing! And what a gift. A tree so tiny, yet greater than the most 
giant of pines! This tree is a tree that all other trees must aspire to 

Hisame: Er, yes. I suppose. I'm surprised that you like it so much. Not 
everyone likes bonsais. 

Ophelia: It has a radiance bright as the stars. How could I resist its divine 

Hisame: Divine- 

Ophelia: Power, yes! The power to win eyes! And hearts! 

Hisame: Then it's yours. 

Ophelia: Mine? This smallified wonder?! 

Hisame: I'm sure you'll take even better care of it than I would. Besides, 
you clearly look like you're more than a little interested in it. 

Ophelia: I didn't mean to let it show. But if you're sure...? 

Hisame: I'm sure. Here-all yours. 

Ophelia: Thank you, Hisame. Ah! Just touching it makes my inner power well to 
overflowing! I must return to my chamber and commune with its miniature 
(Ophelia leaves) 

Hisame: I don't understand half of what that Ophelia says... But she liked 
the bonsai. That's all that really matters.
Ophelia B

Ophelia: Hisame! 

Hisame: Why so flustered, Ophelia? 

Ophelia: That Spiral Drastique you gave me the other day is in grave danger! 

Hisame: The what now? Do you mean the bonsai tree? 

Ophelia: The Spiral Drastique, yes! Its branches spiral toward the heavens in 
the patters of death and rebirth. I gave it a more fitting name. What do you 
think of it? 

Hisame: It's a bit too colorful for my tastes. But tell me-what's happened to 
the bonsai? 

Ophelia: After I put it in my room, its branches began to grow in weird 
directions. I've never cared for a bonsai, so I didn't know what to do. That 
is, short of surrounding it with magical gemstones-but that didn't help! 

Hisame: Shall I prune the bonsai for you? Then you'll see how. 

Ophelia: Yes, please. I've brought it with me. 

Hisame: Ah, I see. It is getting unruly, isn't it? You need to consider the 
balance of the left and right branches. Prune as little as you can, with an 
eye for preserving the balance. If maintained properly, a bonsai can ward off 

Ophelia: Wow! Really? 

Hisame: The fellow who gave it to me said so. 

Ophelia: It's already looking much better, Hisame. The Spiral Drastique is 
already regaining its power! Oh! And that's that? You did so little. But it 
made such a huge difference! Thank you! Thank you! A million times over-thank 

Hisame: Please, just one thanks will do. And don't grab my hands! 

Ophelia: Ah, what? Oh, sorry! You don't like that. I forgot. If I have 
further trouble with it, can I come back for more help? 

Hisame: Uh, yes. Certainly. 

Ophelia: Then I'll be off! My eyes will patrol the balance of my bonsai like 
twin hawks of vengeance! Never again will the Spiral Drastique fall out of 
whack-not on my watch! 
(Ophelia leaves) 

Hisame: That Ophelia's heart in the right place. But standing near her... 
It's like being in an earthquake.
Ophelia A

Hisame: May I trouble you for a moment, Ophelia? 

Ophelia: You're never any trouble, Hisame. What is it? 

Hisame: I was concerned about the problems you had training your bonsai tree. 
So I got you this... 

Ophelia: But this is- 

Hisame: Yes, a book about how to care for bonsais. 

Ophelia: So basically you're saying... This is a legendary tome that divulges 
the secrets of the Spiral Drastique! 

Hisame: Er, yes? 

Ophelia: Such a precious tome, Hisame! 

Hisame: I'm glad you like it. I searched long and hard for that book. I know 
you'll put it to good use. 

Ophelia: I vow to you that I will. You've given me two gifts now. I'm twice 
as delighted! 

Hisame: It makes me happy to see you so happy, Ophelia. You're quite cute 
when you're in such high spirits. 

Ophelia: Heh. Am I? Cute? I don't know about that, but I am infinitely 
grateful for what you've done here. Thank you for introducing me to the power 
of the Spiral Drastique. 

Hisame: You're quite welcome. 

Ophelia: Though I have this tome, would you still help me care for this 
miraculous tree? I sense that the Spiral Drastique's power grows when you're 
near it. 

Hisame: Ha! Yes, of course. 

Ophelia: I'll look forward to your visits, Hisame. And now...I must consume 
this tome! 
(Ophelia leaves) 

Hisame: With that book, she'll hardly need me to come around very often. Hmm. 
I suppose I'll just have to learn even more about bonsais then. How else 
could I spend time with someone as strangely enchanting as Ophelia?
Ophelia S

Ophelia: Hisame! I've brought the Spiral Drastique. Isn't it doing 
wonderfully? I think I've achieved perfect balance among its branches. 

Hisame: Yes... yes... I see... Yes! Your bonsai is beautiful from every 
direction. Well done, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: I've also added some touches of my own. Note the starshine quartz in 
the soil! That has been absorbing power from the stars and giving it to my 

Hisame: Oh? That shiny stone. I see. Very pretty. Hmm? But what is that 
there? Is that... a miniature house? 

Ophelia: I found it at the market. It's a bit of whimsy, I know. But I 
couldn't resist. Doesn't it seem like a little scene? Like a big house under 
a HUGE tree? I'd love to live somewhere like this, sitting in that room 
there... looking out the window, gazing up at the stars. 

Hisame: ...... 

Ophelia: Why so quiet, Hisame? 

Hisame: If you ever discover such a big house, under such a huge tree...? 

Ophelia: Uh, yes? 

Hisame: Could I live with you there? 

Ophelia: What? But you're so... so... 

Hisame: I know. I'm solitary. And I get anxious when I'm too near others. But 
to be out in the woods, in a solitary house, with you... I can think of 
nothing more wonderful than to be alone... with you. 

Ophelia: Hisame... 

Hisame: No need to say anything. I know someone as vivacious as you has no 
use for me. 

Ophelia: But, Hisame, I'm so flattered that you'd think of me like that. I 
had no idea! 

Hisame: Just speaking from the heart. 

Ophelia: I'll do the same. Some say you're aloof, but they don't know you 
like I do! You thought nothing of giving me your tree and helping me with it. 
But when you gave me that legendary tome, I realized who you really were! 

Hisame: I'm... I'm just Hisame. There's no secret side to me. No special 

Ophelia: Leave the naming to me. Already I can see that you're not a Hisame. 
But your true name will take years to discover. Maybe decades! I think we 
will first need to find our house under the tree. And then we must live there 
for an eternity before I discover your magical name. 

Hisame: That... that would be lovely. 

Ophelia: Oh, I can already feel the sensitivity swirling in your soul, 
Hisame! Already I believe you're attuned to the balance of the heavens! 

Hisame: If you mean that I will live for your happiness...then yes. That I 
C6. Velouria C

Hisame: (What is Velouria doing over there?!) Hey, Velouria! Why are you 
shuffling around staring at your shoes?

Velouria: Oh... hello, Hisame. 

Hisame: (Why is she always giving me that creepy stare?!) What a weirdo! I 
mean-how's it going? 

Velouria: I lost my yellow rock somewhere over here. You haven't seen it, 
have you? 

Hisame: A yellow stone, huh? Not ringing a bell. 

Velouria: Ooooo... I'd love to find a bell. All right. I'll keep looking... 
Oh! I found it! 

Hisame: Well, that was quick. You must be so... relieved. 

Velouria: Yes... Thank you very much, Hisame. 

Hisame: Now, I have to ask... What's so special about that rock? 

Velouria: Well... you probably noticed how beautiful this translucent, yellow 
color is... 

Hisame: Uh... let's go with "yes." 

Velouria: But it's not the stone that's special... It's what's trapped 
inside! It's amazing! 

Hisame: Huh?! 

Velouria: Inside this stone is a spider about THIS big! It's so pretty. 

Hisame: EEEK! WHA?! What would a giant spider be doing in there? 

Velouria: I didn't think you'd be this excited! Would you like to pet him? 

Hisame: N-n-n-n-n-n-no thank you! (Get a grip, Hisame. I gotta stay cool.) 
*ahem* So what you're telling me is the stone you discovered is an amber 

Velouria: This stone has a name...? Of course! Any stone this beautiful 
should have a proper name. Even though you named it, I'm afraid I can't give 
it to you, Hisame... 

Hisame: N-no... Of course not! I would have to decline anyway. I prefer my 
spiders a little smaller. 

Velouria: Yes... he is rather large. I'll give it to Daddy. He'll be so 

Hisame: W-will he? Well, as long as you think so, that's probably OK. 

Velouria: Heehee...
Velouria B

Hisame: Velouria, do you have a minute? There's something I'd like to ask 

Velouria: Sure... 

Hisame: Where did you find that amber fossil-you know, the one with the... 
spider? *shiver*  

Velouria: Oh... the yellow one? Did you want one too? 

Hisame: Actually, yes-preferably without the spider! It turns out, amber is 
pretty valuable. Who knew? 

Velouria: Hmm... is it? I guess you don't see many bugs stuck in rocks like 

Hisame: Right. Except the bug isn't the valuable part, but...never mind. 
Anyway, I need to find one, so could you be a big help and tell me where to 

Velouria: Sure... as long as I can keep the ones with the bugs inside. 

Hisame: We have a deal! 

Velouria: OK, then... Follow me...
(Time passes)

Hisame: Wow. Finding amber is harder than I thought. We've looked everywhere. 

Velouria: Yeah... It's rare to find such a magnificent spider. Last time was 
pure luck. 

Hisame: Well, thanks for trying anyway. 

Velouria: Don't feel bad. I don't mind... Maybe this will cheer you up... I 
bet right now an unlucky bug is about to get trapped... Next time we look, 
we'll find him stuck inside a yellow stone! 

Hisame: Umm... you do realize-for that to happen, it would take many, MANY 
years... I don't want you to get your hopes up.
Velouria A

Velouria: Hisame, are you still depressed about the amber fossils? 

Hisame: I don't think I'll ever find one. I've searched every inch of that 

Velouria: If you get one, what are you going to do with it? 

Hisame: Well, my father broke his lucky token the other day. It kept him safe 
in battle. 

Velouria: Oh, no! It belonged to your daddy?! 

Hisame: Yeah. I wanted to find him a replacement. That amber you found was 
the perfect size. But, no luck. I haven't seen another one since. 

Velouria: Hisame, you can't stop searching now! We have to get back out there 
and look again! 

Hisame: Huh? What's with the change of heart? I've never seen you 

Velouria: Your story... It spoke to me... I love my daddy, and I would do 
anything for him. I won't stop until I've helped your daddy too... Come on! 
Hurry up! 

Hisame: Velouria! You're pulling my arm out of its socket! Hold up!
(Time passes)

Velouria: Here you go... 

Hisame: Whew! Thank you so much! I can't believe our good luck! After days of 
searching and coming up short-today, we find one immediately! 

Velouria: I could smell it-the amber, I mean. Sometimes, when I'm 
feeling...emotional, my sense of smell gets stronger. All of that love for 
Daddy...and, um, your feelings...maybe they combined. 

Hisame: Your nose is seriously amazing, Velouria. 

Velouria: Still, it's too bad... There's no bug inside this one. Are you sure 
it'll be OK? 

Hisame: I'm positive. 

Velouria: The next one I find with a giant spider in it... I'll save it for 

Hisame: W-wow. That is really not necessary. It's a sweet thought-thank you-
but... You should keep it for yourself. Really. I'm sure my father will like 
this one just fine. 

Velouria: OK... if you say so. I'm so glad that I could help.
Velouria S

Hisame: Hey, Velouria... Father loved that amber we found. He started 
carrying it immediately. 

Velouria: That makes me so happy... Speaking of happy, I've been thinking... 
I have some things I want to show you, since we're becoming such good 

Hisame: Uh, OK. What've you got? 

Velouria: Since we have the same tastes in treasures, I thought you'd like to 
see a few of mine... Here is a rusty hair clip...and this is some lint I 
found in my boot... 

Hisame: Uh... That's OK. I don't need to hold that... 

Velouria: I don't mind... really. Also, this is a poisonous scorpion... 

Hisame: AAACCCKK! That's enough! Seriously, Velouria. That's enough. 

Velouria: But we're not even halfway through... 

Hisame: I think we are. I appreciate everything you've shown me, but I stop 
at scorpions. 

Velouria: Oh, OK... 

Hisame: ...Did you know your face lights up when you talk about this stuff? 
It's pretty cute. 

Velouria: If you keep talking like that, you're going to make me blush... 

Hisame: You already are. But... it's true. Watching you search for that amber 
was kind of...adorable. 

Velouria: Hisame... Are you saying that you'd like to go treasure hunting 
with me again? Heehee! People might think we were a couple. Would you be OK 
with that? 

Hisame: Velouria, I never thought I'd say this, but... yes! I'd love to be 
your treasure-hunting boyfriend, but what about you? Would you be embarrassed 
to be my girlfriend? 

Velouria: *shrug* No, Hisame. I love you, so that would be fine with me... 

Hisame: I'm sorry. Did you just say...? 

Velouria: Yes... Together, I think we'll discover a lot of wonderful 

C7. Mitama C

Percy: Ahaha! Over here, Ace! Come on!

Mitama: ... 

Percy: Ah, Mitama! Helloooooo!! 

Mitama: Percy. You've got a great deal of energy today, it seems. 

Percy: Of course, Mitama! And not just today- I'm fit to burst any and every 

Mitama: I suppose that is true... Filled to the limit / Never too tired to 
play / Exhausting to watch. 

Percy: Ahahah, really? You're tired just from seeing me? I don't believe it. 

Mitama: I promise you, it's true... In fact, could we stop talking? It's 
tiring just speaking with you. 

Percy: What?! That's so mean! 

Mitama: It may hurt to hear / Yet I still will speak the truth / Honesty is 

Percy: But... why does it make you tired? I've never met anyone who was made 
tired by being around energized people. 

Mitama: You're tiring because you don't give me even a moment of peace. 

Percy: Fine then! I can go elsewhere and be energetic. Let's go, Ace! We can 
tell when we aren't wanted! 
(Percy leaves) 

Mitama: After all the sound / A quiet finally falls / I can rest my eyes.
Mitama B

Percy: Mitama! Mitama, wake up! 

Mitama: Wha... Ugh, what do you want? 

Percy: Good grief! You're gonna get rusty if you just keep sleeping all the 

Mitama: Skills I sometimes use / Gladly given for quiet / Yet still you wake 

Percy: Damn right I do! Get up! 

Mitama: You must have something incredibly important, to be this insistent. 
If this isn't a big deal, you'd best prepare yourself for my wrath. 

Percy: I just wanted to cheer you up! 

Mitama: That's all? You realize that sleeping makes me happy, don't you? For 
something so dumb / My wrath takes on a new form / A murderous rage. 

Percy: Look! You're already more cheerful. 

Mitama: What could possibly make you think that? 

Percy: You're much more energetic now! I can see your arms shaking with all 
the energy! Now that you're less tired, you won't feel so drained when you 
see energetic people. 

Mitama: I don't know what to say... Are you serious? 

Percy: Of course I am! 

Mitama: I... see. Were you that bothered by what I said when we last spoke? 
You're clearly trying to make up for it, just very unconventionally. I 
suppose I brought this on myself, though. 

Percy: I have other ideas to help keep your energy up, too! Like greeting 
each other loudly! HELLO, MITAMA! 

Mitama: ...Good-bye, Percy. 

Percy: No no no, it's HELLO! How could you mess that up? Let's try again! In 
a louder voice this time! Hey, where are you going? 

Mitama: Yelled at this early / I must have slighted some god / This is the 
worst fate. 

Percy: Come on, Mitama! You have to really shout! HELLO, MITAMA! 

Mitama: Why is this happening?
Mitama A

Mitama: HELLO, PERCY! 

Percy: Ahhh! Hey, did you just greet me with a super-energized hello? Woohoo! 
My plan to get you more pumped up is working perfectly! 

Mitama: I suppose you could say that. 

Percy: I knew it would work! Isn't it great to feel so active all the time, 

Mitama: Not in the slightest / I miss the quiet of sleep / The calm of my 

Percy: Really? But then why...? 

Mitama: Because I know that you will not leave me be unless I play along. 
Honestly, I hoped that you would move on once it seemed like you'd won. 

Percy: Awww, is that the only reason you acted so excited and energetic? 

Mitama: That's what you wanted, wasn't it? I was actually energized in that 

Percy: You were, but... if it won't last, then it all feels kind of 

Mitama: Don't worry; when I look at you now, I don't get tired seeing your 

Percy: Really?! That's great! 

Mitama: I've spent enough time with you lately to understand you a little 
better. While annoying, your cheerful energy can be appealing at times. Be 
energetic / I am your ally and friend / For better or worse. 

Percy: Ahaha! I'm glad to hear that! 

Mitama: And I must apologize for saying such harsh things to you before. It 
was uncalled for and rude on my part. 

Percy: Oh, don't worry about that. We can just go forward from here on out! 

Mitama: Excellent. And now that we've settled all of that... will you allow 
me to be lazy when I like? I think you can handle being a ball of energy all 
on your own. 

Percy: No problem! 

Mitama: No more sudden shouts / I can rest and be content / All is right and 


Mitama: *sigh* 

Percy: Oops. Sorry...
Mitama S

Percy: Hey there, Mitama. 

Mitama: Percy? What do you need? 

Percy: I'm curious... What kind of person do you like? 

Mitama: The kind of person I like? Do you mean romantically? 

Percy: Yes, exactly! 

Mitama: Hmmm... I suppose someone who doesn't drive me crazy. He'd have to 
not be selfish, and definitely not a chatterbox. 

Percy: Oh. And you don't care what he looks like? 

Mitama: No. I'm more concerned with compatibility over appearance. If I 
wasn't comfortable with that person most of the time, I don't think it'd 

Percy: Well, what about... me, for example? 

Mitama: Confusion abounds / Do you seek my attentions? / Is this flirtation? 

Percy: I do! It is! 

Mitama: Hmmm. I would be lying if I said I hadn't given it a little thought. 
But you and I really are quite different. You're always so lively and 
excitable, whereas I much prefer to relax. It isn't an exaggeration to say 
that-in that way at least-we are a terrible match. 

Percy: Th-that's not true! 

Mitama: You really think so? 

Percy: I think that my being super active means you can be lazy more! I'm 
being active for the both of us. 

Mitama: Heehee. I suppose that is a good point. If we were both lazy, it 
would make life incredibly difficult. 

Percy: Now you're getting it. So really we are quite compatible! 

Mitama: Wouldn't it be a lot of trouble for you to make up for my relaxed 

Percy: Not in the least! I would actually enjoy it. Especially since that 
would mean I'd be with someone I really cared about. I'd work as hard as I 
needed to, in that case! 

Mitama: He almost says it / A phrase that makes it all clear / But can he do 

Percy: What? 

Mitama: Is there something you wanted to say to me, Percy? Maybe something 
that clearly states how you feel? 

Percy: Hm? Oh! Mitama, I love you. Um... You make me so happy / I can't 
express how much / Together forever. 

Mitama: *twitch* ...Close enough. I love you too, Percy. 

Percy: Really?! YAAAAAY! 

Mitama: Heehee. Just remember-you said it first, so you can't blame me for my 

Percy: I'll never regret this moment! I'll overcome any hardship for you. 

Mitama: I like that. I'm counting on you, Percy.
C7. Rhajat C

Rhajat: Shut your blubbering lips, you fool! I curse you now-you're doomed to 
drool! Muhahaha!

Percy: Are you talking to me? 

Rhajat: No! What are you doing here? 

Percy: I just heard some weird chanting and thought I should investigate. 
So...who were you talking to? 

Rhajat: It's none of your business. But if you must know, I was cursing a 
local shopkeep. 

Percy: Why?! 

Rhajat: Because he's an old fool! He almost overcharged me! And he couldn't 
stop talking about his boring old clothes. Well, now he won't be talking 
much. I cursed him to drool for three days nonstop. Haha! 

Percy: Are you sure he wasn't just trying to help you? This doesn't sound 
right to me, Rhajat... 

Rhajat: Who cares what you think! Just leave me alone, OK? Unless you want me 
to curse you, too! 

Percy: No... I definitely don't want that...but I have to stand up for what's 

Rhajat: Hmph. Whatever. I guess I won't curse you this time. 

Percy: Whew!
Rhajat B

Percy: Aw, come on, Ace. Drink a little water. It'll help you feel better...

Rhajat: What's the matter with that dragon of yours? Human skull stuck in its 

Percy: Human skull? Ace doesn't eat people! At least, I don't think he 

Rhajat: Oh. Boring. Anyway, what's wrong with him? 

Percy: I don't know! He's been making the most awful noises, and he won't 

Rhajat: Demon dragon, hear my call! Breath of fire, breath of- 

Percy: STOP! 

Rhajat: What's wrong? 

Percy: You were gonna curse Ace, weren't you? I know he's sick, but he'll get 
better! You don't have to curse him to death! 

Rhajat: Curse him to death? I was trying to help him, you fool! 

Percy: Oh! You... you can do that? 

Rhajat: I could. But maybe I've changed my mind. Maybe I will curse him to 

Percy: No! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Please, help him! 

Rhajat: Ugh, fine. Just stop whining. 

Percy: Yay! 

Rhajat: I'll have to try a different spell now. Let me think... Ah! Cough and 
wheeze, choke and sputter... Expel what's causing you to shudder! See that? 
He coughed up some kind of fruit. It must have been stuck in his throat. 

Percy: Wow, he's back to normal. Thank you so much, Rhajat! You're the best! 

Rhajat: You... you shouldn't say that...
Rhajat A

Percy: Hey, Rhajat! I got something for you! 

Rhajat: Must you always be so excitable? Anyway...what is it? 

Percy: I got you some new clothes! Remember that shopkeep you cursed a while 
back? I knew you wouldn't want to go back there, so I went for you. What do 
you think? 

Rhajat: Ah, yes. The blubbering shopkeep. But you didn't need to do this. 

Percy: Well, I wanted to do something to thank you for healing Ace. 

Rhajat: I see. Well, thank you, I suppose. 

Percy: You're all right, you know that? 

Rhajat: What do you mean? 

Percy: I guess I used to think you were kind of a weirdo who just loved 
cursing people. But it turns out you're actually a kind person. 

Rhajat: Your first impression was actually quite accurate. But thank you. Let 
me take a closer look at those clothes you got me... 

Percy: You bet! I hope you like 'em... 

Rhajat: ...They're all dragon themed. 

Percy: Yep! Great, right? 

Rhajat: Just to clarify... You expected me to WEAR these? 

Percy: What? You don't like 'em? 

Rhajat: Well, it's not that... It's just... I appreciate the thought. 

Percy: Great! I knew it! 

Rhajat: *sigh*
Rhajat S

Percy: Whoa... it's so dark in here. What are you doing in here all alone in 
the dark? 

Rhajat: Do I need a reason? 

Percy: No, I guess not. You just seem to spend a lot of time by yourself. Are 
you lonely? 
Rhajat: I don't know. I guess I'm just a gloomy person. Most people don't 
like me. But that's OK, because I don't like them, either. 

Percy: That sounds terrible! 

Rhajat: It's not so bad. If I really need to talk to someone, I can always 
summon a Faceless. They're good listeners and surprisingly helpful with 
menial tasks. Once you bend them to your will, of course... 

Percy: Well. I like you, Rhajat. 

Rhajat: What do you mean by that? 

Percy: What do YOU mean by THAT? I like you! It's a simple statement! 

Rhajat: You better not be teasing me right now! Or I'll curse you SO hard... 

Percy: I'm serious! Like I said, at first I thought you were kind of strange. 
And then I realized that you're just unique. And that's neat! You helped heal 
Ace, and you're a fun person to talk to. 

Rhajat: OK. Let's hold hands, then. 

Percy: Um... OK... 

Rhajat: I think I like you, too, Percy. But your normal is my weird, so I 
want to take it really slowly. Let's just hold hands and go for a walk. 

Percy: Cool! Where should we walk? 

Rhajat: Somewhere desolate, of course. 

Percy: Right! Romantic yet desolate walk, coming right up! Give me your hand! 

Rhajat: How interesting. Human hands are much warmer when they're attached to 
a live human...

C8. Caeldori C

Caeldori: Say, Ignatius, what's that you're holding? Some kind of good-luck 

Ignatius: Oh, this? Yeah, that's right. 

Caeldori: Is it the one you always make a wish on before a battle? 

Ignatius: The very one. Why do you ask? 

Caeldori: I don't know. I guess I just don't understand why you'd have one. 

Ignatius: What do you mean? 

Caeldori: I guess it just seems too risky. A fighter should rely on their 
strength and allies. Once they start trusting to luck, they're doomed. And 
who knows if those trinkets even work? 

Ignatius: Oh, they don't work. But that's not the point. I don't think 
someone like you would understand, though. You're... brave. And talented. You 
don't need this stuff. I do. Anyways. Nice chatting with you. 
(Ignatius leaves) 

Caeldori: Hm.
Caeldori B

Caeldori: Hello, Ignatius. I see you're fiddling with that good-luck charm 

Ignatius: Hm? Oh, yes. It's a habit. I've done it since I was a child. 
Whenever I'm scared or worried, I play with it. It's soothing. 

Caeldori: I see. 

Ignatius: I am sorry. I'm sure you don't feel those things very often. It 
must be difficult to understand. 

Caeldori: Why do you say that? 

Ignatius: Is it not obvious? You may be the most gifted person any of us have 
ever met. There's no reason for you to be scared of anything. 

Caeldori: That's not true. I get scared and fret about things all the time. 

Ignatius: It's all right, Caeldori. You don't have to do the whole false-
modesty thing for me. 

Caeldori: I'm not. I'm telling you the truth. I'm not strong. And I'm far 
from being gifted. When people say I am, it bothers me. It makes me feel like 
I'm alone. I have as many flaws as anyone else. If not more. 

Ignatius: Hm. 

Caeldori: Never mind. I don't need to explain myself. Forget I said anything. 
(Caeldori leaves) 

Ignatius: Caeldori...
Caeldori A

Ignatius: Caeldori. Here. I have something for you. 

Caeldori: A good-luck charm? 

Ignatius: Yes. I made it myself. 

Caeldori: Thank you! But why for me? 

Ignatius: Because you are a genius. 

Caeldori: What? Now, listen here- 

Ignatius: I'm not the only one that thinks so. All of our comrades agree. 
Which is why I think you were right when you said they keep their distance 
from you. They worry that you will embarrass them or outdo them. And they 
don't think you can relate to them because you don't share their weaknesses. 
They aren't entirely wrong, either. That may be your biggest flaw-your 

I suppose you're right... I am not the best at understanding others. Like 
when I told you that your charm was useless, even foolish... I didn't think 
about how much comfort it must give you in trying times. I'm so sorry, 
Ignatius. I wasn't thinking. 

Ignatius: It's OK. Truly. And I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by calling 
you gifted. I didn't mean to make you feel as though I was pushing you away. 

Caeldori: It's all right. I shouldn't have been so sensitive about it. 

Ignatius: Be that as it may, I thought I would give you this good-luck charm, 
to apologize. I know you don't really believe in them, but I thought you 
might like to try one out. Not for a battle, but for when you feel alone or 
sad because of how people treat you. I am sure it has caused you a lot of 
pain. I hope this charm helps to ease it. 

Caeldori: Oh! Thank you, Ignatius. I'll treasure it always. 

Ignatius: It is my pleasure. I just hope you don't get discouraged about 
connecting with others. People are complicated, but you just have to keep 
trying. I believe in you. 

Caeldori: Thank you, Ignatius. It means a lot coming from you. 

Ignatius: There's nothing to thank me for. It's just the truth. 

Caeldori: Well, all the same, I'd like to thank you. If you ever need 
anything, I've got your back. OK? 

Ignatius: Thank you. And the same to you, Caeldori.
Caeldori S

Ignatius: It's nice out here tonight. 

Caeldori: It is. The lake is beautiful... 

Ignatius: ... Someone would have to be pretty strong to stand beside you, 
wouldn't they? 

Caeldori: Hm? You mean like in battle? Strength doesn't matter much to me 
there. I will gladly take up arms beside anyone who shares my cause. 

Ignatius: That's a good answer, but it's not quite what I meant. I mean your 
partners. They must have been strong. 

Caeldori: Partners...? Wait! You mean, like, boyfriends?! 

Ignatius: Yeah. Them. 

Caeldori: Y-y-yeah! Sure have! Er, I mean, they sure were! Strong. Yup! I've 
gone out with tons of boys! 

Ignatius: I see. What were they like? If you don't mind my asking. 

Caeldori: Oh, gods, it's so hard to remember them all! Just... so many! So, 
so many! All those past boyfriends of mine! Haha! Very strong... and 
courageous! And noble! Like, the one who could crush boulders with his 
forehead! Or the one that used to bench-press elephants! Wowie! He was a 
hoot! Hahahaha! Oh, the memories! I'm tearing up just thinking about them! 

Ignatius: I see... 

Caeldori: Wh-why do you ask? 

Ignatius: They were very blessed, then. I wish I could say the same for 

Caeldori: Huh? How's that? 

Ignatius: Because if I were more like them, then maybe I could have been your 

Caeldori: You mean... 

Ignatius: Y-yes... I've fallen for you. But I'm not strong enough to be the 
man you deserve. You need someone equally as talented, equally as skilled, 
and intelligent. It is all right, though. I am more than happy to remain your 

Caeldori: Ignatius, stop! I love you too! 

Ignatius: What?! But I've never crushed a boulder before in my life! And, I 
mean, I could lift a few chickens, but an elephant is just out of the 

Caeldori: Ignatius, wait. You don't have to do any of those things. I just 
made those guys up. I'm sorry. 

Ignatius: Huh? 

Caeldori: I've never gone out with anyone before! I just wanted to sound 

Ignatius: Oh. Well that's OK. 

Caeldori: I'm sorry I lied. But I promise you, I'm telling the truth when I 
say I love you. 

Ignatius: So... then may I have the honor of being your first boyfriend? 

Caeldori: Yes! Of course you can! 

Ignatius: Oh, Caeldori. You've no idea how happy you've made me. 

Caeldori: Heehee. I could say the same to you, big guy. I'm so glad we're 
finally together. I've dreamed of this day. Just make sure you never leave my 
side, all right? 

Ignatius: Of course. I won't give that spot up for anyone.
C8. Selkie C

Selkie: Whee! *hop* *hop* *hop* 

Ignatius: What foolishness is this? 

Selkie: Huh? What do you mean? I'm just hopping around, obviously. 

Ignatius: Dare I ask why? 

Selkie: Because it's super fun! You should try it! Like this... Watch! *hop* 
*hop* *hop* Whee! 

Ignatius: Really? Well, I am bored. I suppose it couldn't hurt to try. *hop* 

Selkie: See? Wasn't that great? 

Ignatius: Great isn't the word I'd use to describe it. 

Selkie: What?! What's wrong with you? How can you not enjoy hopping? 

Ignatius: There's nothing wrong with me. I'm in top shape. 

Selkie: And you don't see the fun in hopping. Are you sure you're doing it 
right? Try again! 

Ignatius: Very well, I'll humor you. *hop* 

Selkie: Wellllllll? Am I right? 

Ignatius: Meh. 

Selkie: Oh, Ignatius... this is bad! There must be something seriously wrong 
with you! 

Ignatius: Well, I'll get right to the healer. 

Selkie: Do it! I hope you get better soon, Ignatius! 

Ignatius: Yeah... thanks.
Selkie B

Ignatius: Hey, Selkie, knock it off! Stop tugging on my arm! I told you 
already-I don't want to go anywhere right now. 

Selkie: Aww, c'mon. It's really cool, and it's not far from here! 

Ignatius: Maybe if you actually told me what it is you want to show me... 

Selkie: No, dum-dum, that would ruin the surprise! Hurry up, we're almost 

Ignatius: Selkie, I'm serious. I'm not going unless you tell me WHERE we're 

Selkie: Ugh, fine. It's a super-scary cave! Can you believe it? 

Ignatius: Why would I want to go to a super-scary cave? 

Selkie: Because it's exciting! I have no idea what's in there, but it almost 
sounds like someone's screaming inside! It's probably just the wind, but what 
if it's an amazing monster? 

Ignatius: Oh, great. Wait, I just remembered. I have to wash my hair. So I 
can't go. Obviously. 

Selkie: Wash your hair? It looks clean enough to me. Are you still not 
feeling well? Did you ever go see a healer? 

Ignatius: Selkie, I'm going to level with you. I just don't want to go. 

Selkie: But whyyyyyy? 

Ignatius: No reason... 

Selkie: Wait a second... You're not scared, are you? 

Ignatius: Me? Scared? Pfft. I told you already. It's my hair. It's not going 
to wash itself. ... OK, fine, I'm scared. Happy now? 

Selkie: No, I'm still sad that you won't come with me. By the way, what does 
it feel like to be scared? 

Ignatius: Oh, so now you're just taunting me. Great. 

Selkie: No, I honestly don't know what it's like. I'm sorry! It's just the 
way I am. 

Ignatius: Are you serious? You're not scared of ANYTHING? 

Selkie: Nothing I can think of! 

Ignatius: Well, that's pretty terrifying in and of itself. I hope you have a 
good time exploring the cave. Try not to get eaten by a monster. 

Selkie: Thanks! I'll do my best!
Selkie A

Selkie: Hey, Ignatius! Check out this crazy bug I just caught! 

Ignatius: Gah! Get that thing away from me! 

Selkie: You don't want it? But look how many legs it has! 

Ignatius: *shudder* Please, Selkie... take it away. I'm begging you! 

Selkie: Yeesh, OK. So, you're scared of bugs? 

Ignatius: Yes. Yes, I am. 

Selkie: Let's see. You're scared of bugs. Scared of caves. What else? 

Ignatius: Well, I'm scared of combat. I'm scared of my friends being hurt... 
And clowns. I'm scared of clowns. 

Selkie: Aww, it must be hard to live like that. Wait, I've got it. I can help 

Ignatius: How? 

Selkie: I'll just go everywhere with you so you don't have to be scared! If 
there's a scary bug, I'll squish it. If there's a creepy, cool cave to 
explore, I'll explore it. And if there's a clown, I'll rip his big red nose 
off with my teeth! Rawr! 

Ignatius: That's very generous of you. But can you really protect me ALL the 

Selkie: Yep! 

Ignatius: Well... OK, then! 

Selkie: Yay! Of course, I'm also going to help you get over some of your 
fears. You know, we can train and spar and do all that fun stuff, which 
should help. And once a week I'll probably throw a nasty spider in your hair 
without warning. 

Ignatius: Noooooo! 

Selkie: Haha! This is going to be fun!
Selkie S

Selkie: Hey, Ignatius... Are you scared of ghosts? 

Ignatius: Well, ghosts aren't real. But...yeah. 

Selkie: What about friendly ghosts? 

Ignatius: Friendly ghosts? They're even more nonexistent than regular ghosts. 
And...still scary. 

Selkie: Argh! OK, what about a super-cheery ghost who brings you gifts and 
things? Would you be scared of that? 

Ignatius: I'm sorry-that still sounds creepy. What's with the sudden 
obsession with ghosts, Selkie? 

Selkie: It's just... What if I die and turn into a ghost? Then you won't want 
to see me anymore. 

Ignatius: Selkie, how can you say that? I guess I wouldn't be scared of a 
Selkie ghost. But you shouldn't even think like that. I won't let you die and 
turn into a ghost! 

Selkie: Sorry, dum-dum, but nobody can stop me from dying forever. Everyone 

Ignatius: Please, stop talking about dying... I can't bear it! I... I love 
you, Selkie. 

Selkie: What?! Really? 

Ignatius: Yes. So even if you're joking about dying and becoming a ghost... 
Please knock it off. 

Selkie: Ignatius. The thing is... I love you too! Isn't that great?! Just 
promise that you're going to love me forever. Even when I'm a ghost. Because 
I'm totally going to mess with you as a ghost. Get ready for it. 

Ignatius: What have I done?
D. Third Route Second Generation Buddy Supports


D1. Siegbert C

Siegbert: Ho there, Shiro. If you're free, there's a matter I'd like to 
discuss with you. 

Shiro: Huh? Oh, sure, Siegbert. What is it? 

Siegbert: Nothing of great import. I simply want to get to know you better. 
As we are both destined to rule someday, I thought we should cement our 

Shiro: Hmmm... I don't have anything against the idea, but damn. You're not 
playing around! 

Siegbert: In what way? 

Shiro: I mean, you're way ahead of the game to think about friendly relations 
now. I just think it would be cool if we could kick back and relax, y'know? 

Siegbert: Shiro... are you aware of your responsibility as the crown prince? 

Shiro: Say what? 

Siegbert: It is our noblesse oblige to consider what's best for our kingdoms 
and act accordingly. And I have the sense when I look at you that you don't 
fully grasp this. 

Shiro: S-sorry, what? Sounds like you're saying I don't have what it takes to 
be prince. 

Siegbert: Not in so many words. But I do think it would behoove you to be 
more mindful of your actions. 

Shiro: I made my mind up about all that stuff when I left the Deeprealms. And 
nobody's gonna tell me otherwise. 

Siegbert: Er... 

Shiro: Oh, I know just how to settle this! Let's put it to the test! 

Siegbert: I don't follow... 

Shiro: Yeah, you know! When you can't agree, you gotta fight it out! Some 
kinda test of strength... hmm. Oh! We should arm-wrestle! Whaddaya say? 

Siegbert: How does that resolve anything? Wouldn't it be better to talk this 
out rationally? 

Shiro: A real king would rise to the challenge! What do you say? Are you up 
for it? 

Siegbert: You leave me little choice. Let's have this test of strength you're 
so keen on. 

Shiro: Yeah, buddy! It's on now! 

Siegbert: Urk-!
Siegbert B

Siegbert: Shiro, might I talk to you? 

Shiro: Hey, Siegbert! Come to try your luck at arm wrestling again? 

Siegbert: No, I've accepted my loss from last time, vexing though it was. 

Shiro: Ahaha! You weren't ready to take the champ, but I'm always up for a 

Siegbert: Are you suggesting that to hear me out, I must first defeat you at 
arm wrestling? 

Shiro: Aw, don't look so down about it! I had lots of fun in our little bout. 
Tests of strength show a lot about a guy's character, you know. I felt like 
we really bonded as I slammed your arm to the table! Just like you wanted! 
I'm not like you, who cares mostly about duty and royalty and all. I'm more 
the type of guy who worries about how to get people to like me the way I am. 

Siegbert: Is that a concern of yours? 

Shiro: Yeah. Most folks who're nice to me want to butter up a prince, not get 
to know a guy. That's why I work hard to be a better man. 

Siegbert: Yes, that makes sense. I can understand that impulse, I think. It's 
not my way, though. 

Shiro: Why not? 

Siegbert: Much as I'd like to earn the affection of my subjects... I don't 
think I could fill my father's shoes if I did. 

Shiro: Who, Xander? 

Siegbert: Yes. The whole kingdom adores him because of his devotion in 
protecting them. I couldn't hold a candle to such a great king. 

Shiro: ... What are you talking about, man? You've GOT this. 

Siegbert: What? 

Shiro: You're the only Siegbert there is. So why compare yourself to someone 
else? Just work on making your kingdom the awesome place you know it can be. 

Siegbert: ...Well put. Strange as it is to admit, there's wisdom in that. 
When the time comes for me to rule over Nohr, I must simply do the best I 

Shiro: Yeah, you're getting it! Just do things how you want to, and BAM! The 
rest takes care of itself! 

Siegbert: "Bam"? I'm still not sure that's any way to run a kingdom... That 
brings me to something I'd meant to mention. You might try to solve things 
less with raw enthusiasm and more with careful planning. As a prince, you 
should be more mindful of your surroundings. 

Shiro: Auuuugh, I knowwww! Believe me, I think about that all the time. Well 
I guess I should be thankful I have you to point out my flaws to me. 

Siegbert: Haha... I suppose. I wouldn't do it if we didn't know each other 
well by now. 

Shiro: That's right! My good pal Siegbert! 

Siegbert: Hah, yes... pals it is.
Siegbert A

Siegbert: Aha! Victory is mine! 

Shiro: Damn! I can't believe you beat me at arm wrestling... 

Siegbert: I thought that since we do it every time I see you, I should train 
in secret. And as you can see, it's paid off. 

Shiro: Haha! Well played. Let's go again! 

Siegbert: Gladly. It's moments like this that drive home how deep our 
friendship has become. I hope that things between us can remain so cordial 
once the war is over. 

Shiro: Yeah, same here. We've gotta stay in touch, you know? 

Siegbert: Shiro... 

Shiro: Hey! Don't go mushy on me now! You crack me up, buddy. 

Siegbert: Come now...! Can't I express my joy without making a laughingstock 
of myself? 

Shiro: Hahaha! Sorry. I'm just uncomfortable when things get too heavy. But I 
wasn't lying when I said we need to stay in touch. You said it yourself. When 
the war is over and we go our separate ways... Our friendship will still 
cross the border between our countries. 

Siegbert: I'll do my utmost to ensure that. I pray that the people of our 
respective countries will follow suit. 

Shiro: Ha! There you go, laying it on thick again! 

Siegbert: Was I? I meant every word of it. I value our friendship, and I look 
forward to maintaining relations with you. 

Shiro: You wanna shake on it? 

Siegbert: It would be a novel change to clasp hands for something besides arm 

Shiro: Heheh! Put her there, buddy! 

Siegbert: A handshake between princes... our friendship is of global import. 

Shiro: Hahaha! Yeah, when you put it that way, it's the best friendship in 
the world!

D2. Forrest C

Kiragi: Hey, Forrest. How goes it? 

Forrest: Prince Kiragi! Well met. It is a pleasure to make the acquaintance 
of a fellow prince. 

Kiragi: Same to you! But, uh, could you do me a favor and drop the "Prince" 
for me? 

Forrest: As you like. I hope you don't mind my asking, but... what is the 
reason for your appearance? 

Kiragi: Huh? My appearance? Do I look funny? 

Forrest: Well, for starters, your hair looks as though it houses several 
large rodent clans. And your clothes! They're covered in some kind of 
unnatural grime. And is that a hole I see in your trousers?! Those poor, poor 

Kiragi: Oh, is that it? Heehee. Yeah, these clothes have seen their share of 
fights and hunting trips. 

Forrest: And your hair? 

Kiragi: I got bad bedhead? Heh heh. 

Forrest: A waste, if you ask me. A fine, royal waste. If you but put some 
thought into your attire, you would be a splendid prince! Why do you neglect 
your appearance so? 

Kiragi: Oh, I don't look prince-y enough for you? Is that it? 

Forrest: It has nothing to do with your royal status. I just feel it's a 
waste to dress like this unless one is reduced to extreme poverty. 

Kiragi: Er, well, I mean... it's hard to move around in fancy clothes. 

Forrest: You mean on the battlefield? 

Kiragi: That too, I guess. But I was thinking more about hunting. 

Forrest: Ah, I see. Come to think of it, you do seem to enjoy roving the 
mountain trails. 

Kiragi: Sure do! You should come with sometime! 

Forrest: Very kind of you to offer, but I believe I'll pass. 

Kiragi: Aw, don't say that! It's always good to try new things, right? Plus 
you'll get firsthand experience of why fancy clothes might be bad for 

Forrest: I-I suppose such knowledge would be beneficial to any tailor worth 
his salt. Very well. I will go with you. But I don't have a good feeling 
about this...
Forrest B

Kiragi: Ahhhh! It's so refreshing out here. Nothing like mountain air at the 
crack of dawn! Right, Forrest? 

Forrest: *sigh* What do you mean "dawn"? The sun hasn't risen! It's 
practically still last night! When you said we'd go hunting, I never imagined 
we'd be out this abominably early. What possessed you to visit this cruelty 
upon me? Did I wrong you somehow? 

Kiragi: Nope! Hunters just have to get up early to catch the animals at the 
right time. So buck up and rub the sleep out of your eyes! Get it? Buck? 
Heehee. Hunting puns! 

Forrest: You ARE aware that sleep is a necessity, are you not? Without proper 
sleep, your hair will lose its sheen and your skin will dry out! 

Kiragi: Hey, look! It's a wild mountain hare! Guess I just found us 

Forrest: B-breakfast?! That sweet, fluffy little bunbun?! What did he ever do 
to you? You would never truly hurt such an adorable, harmless old bunny, 
would you? 

Kiragi: What? Of course I would! He's our prey! We should be grateful that 
nature has provided us with such plenty. Now, ready... aim... FIRE!
(Bow shot)

Forrest: N-no... 

Kiragi: Woohoo! I got 'im! And I bet we could get some fish in the creek 
nearby. Nothing like surf and turf, am I right? 

Forrest: I don't think I'll ever eat meat again... And what's this about 
fish? We didn't even bring any fishing gear! 

Kiragi: We don't need any! The creek's shallow. We can just catch them with 
our hands! 

Forrest: But that would mean getting our feet wet, and these boots are brand 

Kiragi: You bet it does! And new is good. Means we can really break 'em in! 
Now, c'mon! Move your feet, not your lips! 

Forrest: *sigh* Very well. 
(Time passes)
Forrest: *pant pant* 

Kiragi: Almost there! It's just on the other side of this crag! 

Forrest: *pant pant* Well, this has certainly been an interesting morning... 
I almost drowned in the river trying to catch those fish... Then I fell out 
of three different trees, each taller than the last... THEN I tore my 
favorite pair of stockings on those blasted thornbushes... And to top it all 
off, I was attacked by a horde of insane, blood-hungry chickens! Where did 
they even come from?! There aren't any farms around here! And NOW you want me 
to climb this cliff? I'm beginning to doubt whether I should have ever even 
agreed to come with you. 

Kiragi: Well, to be fair, you did hit one of those chickens first. A few 
times. And as for coming with me, well... *snicker* 

Forrest: Those were accidents! And what's so funny, Kiragi? 

Kiragi: You'll see. Everything you had to go through today will be worth it 
in a second. OK? 

Forrest: What could possibly be worth all this? I swear, I haven't felt so 
beat up since- Oh! My word! 

Kiragi: Whew! I was worried we wouldn't make it in time. Isn't the sunrise 
beautiful from here? 

Forrest: I must admit, I've never seen one quite so breathtaking. 

Kiragi: Yeah. There's truly nothing like it. Sorry I kept pushing you to go 
faster... I just didn't want you to miss this. I would have told you, but I 
didn't want to ruin the surprise, you know? 

Forrest: It's OK. You did the right thing. Thank you. I will remember this 
morning for the rest of my life. Of that I have no doubt. 

Kiragi: So... still wishing you hadn't come? 

Forrest: Of course not! Again... thank you, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: Anytime, friend-o!
Forrest A

Kiragi: Morning, Forrest. 

Forrest: Good morning, Kiragi. Thank you for taking me on that hike the other 
day. The scenery was gorgeous. 

Kiragi: Heehee. Glad you liked it! Here's to many more hikes in the future! 

Forrest: Haha. Yes, of course. I was wondering, however... Don't you think it 
would be fair if I chose what we did together next? 

Kiragi: Huh? Where's this coming from? 

Forrest: Well, I went hiking with you-against my inclinations-just as you 
requested. And now... I was wondering if you would return the favor. 

Kiragi: Y-you don't mean... 

Forrest: Oh, but I do! I've envisioned the perfect outfit for a prince like 
you, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: B-but I don't need any fancy clothes! 

Forrest: Kiragi... we did what you wanted to do. This is what I want to do. 
Please, I implore you. Surely you don't mean for this to be such a one-sided 
friendship, do you? 

Kiragi: Aw, man... Fine, fine. All right. So...what exactly are you going to 
make me wear? 

Forrest: A little something of my own devising, of course. I call it the 
Ultimate Princely Hiking Outfit, Mark II! 

Kiragi: A hiking outfit? 

Forrest: Precisely. Our hike yesterday gave me a lot of ideas for more-robust 
types of clothing. It has been a refreshing change of pace from the usual 
finery, I must admit. 

Kiragi: Oh, really? That's great, Forrest! I had no idea. 

Forrest: And rest assured, these clothes will all be appropriate for many 
mountain trips. No ruffles, ribbons, or bows. Nothing transparent or easily 
torn. No silk. What we need is good, strong fabrics. Well-tanned, high-
quality leather. Things that repel water and dirt, so you always look fresh. 
At the same time, we want to make sure that it is not too rigid. 

Kiragi: Because it'd be harder to get around with that stuff, right? 

Forrest: Yes. Climbing and swimming require one have a full range of motion. 
Your boots, for example, should be made of a slightly softer, flexible 
leather. As soft as we can get away with, without sacrificing too much 
durability. You won't be very flashy, but my outfit will serve its purpose. 
And, of course, I have taken pains to include some small stylistic choices. 
The color, for example, will flatter you but also suggest the beauty of the 
mountains. Deep, rich earth tones will do wonderfully, I believe. Does this 
sound satisfactory to you? 

Kiragi: Yes! Of course! This sounds amazing, Forrest! When you first said 
it'd be the perfect outfit for a prince like me, well... Let's just say I was 
worried. I don't go in for samite and ribbons, you know? 

Forrest: Silk and ruffles are not the only colors in my palette. What is 
important is not the elements, but rather the sum of their parts. A master 
tailor puts unity of purpose before all else! 

Kiragi: Oh, man! I can't wait to try it out! 

Forrest: I am glad you have finally come to see the light. And you are in 
luck. I must insist that we test them as soon as possible with a hike. It 
will allow me to make observations on the limits of the design. And, of 
course, I will be on the lookout for any oversights that must be fixed. 

Kiragi: Thanks, Forrest! You're the best! 

Forrest: Heehee. I'm glad everything turned out this way. It seems we have 
more in common than we ever would have thought!

D3. Nina C

Caeldori: Nina! I need your help. 

Nina: Oh? 

Caeldori: Yes. I was hoping you could teach me how to move without being 

Nina: Huh? This is sudden. What's up? 

Caeldori: I've been asked to participate in a scouting mission, but I have no 
skill in stealth. 

Nina: Oh! Is that all? I'll just go for you, then! 

Caeldori: Oh, no. I couldn't ask that of you! 

Nina: Don't worry about it. Being sneaky's in my job description! I'll take 
care of this little scouting mission in no time. Trust me! Besides, it would 
take much, much longer for me to train you. 

Caeldori: Well, when you put it like that... 

Nina: Leave it to me! Heehee. You know, this feels pretty good. 

Caeldori: Hm? 

Nina: It's nice being able to help you out. I mean, you're THE Caeldori! 
You're the most talented woman in the whole army! 

Caeldori: N-no, you're exaggerating. I'm not nearly so talented as people 

Nina: And so modest! What a gal! Whoo! It's been a while since I've gone on a 
scouting mission. I can't wait! Well, I'd better go pack my kit! See you 
later, Caeldori! 

Caeldori: Thank you so much! Be careful!
Nina B

Caeldori: There you are! I wanted to thank you for going on that scouting 
mission for me! 

Nina: No problem! It was my pleasure. 

Caeldori: The others told me you're the only reason the mission was as big a 
success as it was. 

Nina: Aw, that's not true. I just followed the standard operating procedure. 

Caeldori: Are you kidding? We only requested you find their location and 
number. You, however, got us their weak points, weapon locations, and patrol 
routes! If I'd have gone, we'd be much worse off for it. So again, I thank 

Nina: Aw, that's all normal stuff. Thanks for the compliment, though. 

Caeldori: Please, a compliment isn't enough. There must be something I can do 
for you. 

Nina: Aw. There's no need for that. We're all in this together, after all. I 
benefit just as much from good intelligence as anyone! 

Caeldori: That may be the case, but I'd still feel terrible if I didn't do 
anything for you. 

Nina: Hmmm... Oh, I know! How about you stick close during battles and fight 
by my side? I'm not the strongest fighter around, so that sort of help is 
always welcome! 

Caeldori: Are you sure? I feel like fighting side by side would be a waste of 
our respective talents. If we're going to fight together, we should come up 
with some strategies. 

Nina: Strategies? 

Caeldori: Yes. For example, I could get the enemy's attention while you 
attacked from behind. 

Nina: Oh, I gotcha! Or I could taunt some into chasing me, and you could 
ambush them! 

Caeldori: Or you could ride with me, and jump off my pegasus to attack them 
from the air. 

Nina: Heehee. Sounds like we've got a lot of options. How about we practice 
some of these maneuvers right now? 

Caeldori: I'd love to!
Nina A

Nina: I can't believe it! It worked just like we planned it! Wham bam! 
Kapowie! We sure showed them, didn't we? 

Caeldori: Yes. I was surprised myself. I'd have thought they'd have figured 
it out sooner. If they'd just split into two units, then we would have had to 
retreat. But they kept chasing after one of us, which left them open to the 
other one. And then, when they chased that one, the other could attack. I 
would have sworn we would only have gotten away with that once. 

Nina: We must have angered them so much they weren't able to think clearly. 
You could tell how panicked they were at first too. Their attacks were all 
over. Ahhh. Nothing like a job well done! 

Caeldori: Nina, ALL of your jobs are well done. 

Nina: Aw. That's kind of you to say, but I don't know if that's true... Most 
of the time I feel like I'm just getting in everyone else's way. 

Caeldori: I know what you mean. I often feel the same way. 

Nina: Really?! But you're such a natural on the battlefield! I'm a little 
shocked, to tell you the truth. 

Caeldori: It's true. I spend time every day thinking about my mistakes and 
how to rectify them. 

Nina: Huh. I guess I'm not the only one, then. That's a relief. 

Caeldori: Mm. I think we make a good pair, Nina. 

Nina: I agree! Maybe we should team up more often! 

Caeldori: Absolutely. I was going to ask you if you didn't ask me first. 

Nina: Perfect! So... how about we go and get a little extra training in, 

Caeldori: Sounds good to me!

D4. Ignatius C

Asugi: All right, now I just beat the eggs into the batter aaaaand... 

Ignatius: ... 

Asugi: Hm? I sense a presence! HEY! Show yourself, villain! 

Ignatius: GWAAH! It's just me! Ignatius! No need to get the pointy things 

Asugi: Ignatius? Oh, it's just you, Fraidycat. Don't scare me like that, 
yeah? So, ah, what can I do for ya? 

Ignatius: Nothing. 

Asugi: ... Well, then, off with you. I've got cookies to bake. 

Ignatius: Er... but... 

Asugi: Ahhh, I gotcha. The cookies are why you're here, right? Well not to 
worry! I'm always happy to share my creations. They'll be ready soon. Just, 
like, wait over there or something. 

Ignatius: I'm not here to eat cookies. 

Asugi: You're not? Then did you need some ingredients or something? 

Ignatius: No. 

Asugi: OK, then what ARE you doing here?! Is there any reason you have to 
stand there and stare at me like that? 

Ignatius: I guess not. Sorry for bothering you. 
(Ignatius leaves) 

Asugi: Hm. He definitely had his eyes on my cookies... What's his angle?
Ignatius B

Asugi: There we go! Dough's all ready. These cookies are gonna be a-mazing! 
Now where's my cookie cutter? Hm?

Ignatius: Hi. 

Asugi: Back again, huh? You know I don't appreciate being ogled while I work. 

Ignatius: Yeah. I know. ... 

Asugi: Oh, come on, not this again! If you want a cookie, just ask for one. 
I'm not going to laugh at you for wanting them. I like 'em too. In fact, I'm 
always happy to make friends with a taste for the finer things in life. 

Ignatius: No thank you. I don't want a cookie. 

Asugi: You say that, but you keep staring at them. So what's up? I can't 
concentrate with you standing there like an evil golem thing. 

Ignatius: Truthfully? I like looking at your cookies because of the way 
they're shaped. 

Asugi: The way they're shaped? 

Ignatius: Yes. You know. The little animal shapes. They're adorable. 
Especially that little moo-cow. 

Asugi: I see. Well, you're in luck, then. I was just about to make some 
rabbit cookies. 

Ignatius: Oh, gods. That bunny cutter is so damn cute. I want to hug it and 
cuddle it. 

Asugi: You like it? Here, have a closer look. Heh. If this is what you 
wanted, you should have said so ages ago. 

Ignatius: But... I thought you might tease me if I said I liked cute things. 

Asugi: Huh? Why would I do that? Nothing wrong with liking cute stuff. I 
mean, you've seen my belt, right? 

Ignatius: I thought you wore that ironically... 

Asugi: Don't be silly. I love cute stuff! Now, let's get on with these 
cookies. But first, I'll need my cutter back. 

Ignatius: Oh, sorry. Here you are. Oh boy, I can't wait!
Ignatius A

Ignatius: ... 

Asugi: Hey, ah, Fraidycat? I know I said you could watch me bake, but this is 
a little absurd. 

Ignatius: Oh. Did you want me to leave? 

Asugi: No, no, it's OK. I'm just surprised you're not bored, I guess. 

Ignatius: How could I be? You have so many different cookie cutters, and all 
of them are so cute. If anything, I can't get enough of this. 

Asugi: And you're sure you don't want to eat any? You know that's what 
they're for, right? You'll never truly know how incredible they are until you 
taste one. 

Ignatius: Really? You think so? 

Asugi: Yes! Of course! You've got to try at least one. Don't tell me you 
think they'd taste terrible. I'm a great baker! Promise! 

Ignatius: No, it's not that. 

Asugi: Huh? Then what? 

Ignatius: I just can't bring myself to eat cute things. 

Asugi: What? 

Ignatius: How am I supposed to bite the head off of a little doughy kitty? Or 
a bunny? And then there's that awful crunch. It just seems so cruel. 

Asugi: You know they're not alive, right? It's just flour and sugar. 

Ignatius: Of course I know that. But I still can't. 

Asugi: Hmph. Fine. Then I'll just have to force one down your throat myself! 

Ignatius: What?! 

Asugi: There's no point in baking cookies if people aren't going to eat them! 
Now, eat it! Eat the kitty cat! 

Ignatius: Glaaaa! Ki-kiddy's in mah mawph! 

Asugi: Now chew it! 

Ignatius: Awwnngrphlkrrnch! Hm? *munch munch* What divine sweetness... This 
is what your cookies are like? 

Asugi: Yep! So? Good, huh? 

Ignatius: It's delicious. I don't have the words to describe it. I still feel 
sorry for the kitty, though. I didn't mean to crush the life out of him... 

Asugi: Awww. I know, buddy. I know. You know something, Fraidycat? You're all 

Ignatius: Thanks. You too.

D5. Soleil C

Soleil: Hey, Mitama! Your outfit today is super cute. Where do you find 

Mitama: Ah, Soleil. Nothing pleases me more than to see you in good health. 

Soleil: Really? Awwww. I'm touched that you care so much. 

Mitama: It was an exchange of pleasantries. Nothing more. 

Soleil: Heehee! You make even rejection sound so polite. Would you like to 
have tea together sometime? I know a place. 

Mitama: Leave me here in peace / Solitude is my delight / Sweet tranquility. 

Soleil: Whoops, sorry. Just remember, though! I knew from the moment I saw 
you that we had to share a cup of tea together! 

Mitama: Hmm. I'm unused to such bold geniality. Your sweet, honeyed words / 
Are as ash upon my tongue / I care for them not. I'm not the most sociable 
person, Soleil. 

Soleil: Really? You seem pretty great to me. I can't help taking a liking to 
you, Mitama. You're like a sparkly thing. 

Mitama: A sparkly... thing? 

Soleil: Yeah! I'm no poet obviously. But I like that you are. The way you 
break into poetry-that's awesome! 

Mitama: Hmpf. Awesome. 

Soleil: Hey, what'd I say? I didn't mean it as an insult! You're even less 
sparkly. Come on-tell me another one of your poems. 

Mitama: Sorry. Not now. I don't feel that I have another "awesome" poem in me 
Soleil B

Soleil: *swoon* 

Mitama: ... 

Soleil: *wistful sigh* 

Mitama: It has not escaped my notice how closely you've clung to my side of 
late, Soleil. What, pray tell, is your motive for this? 

Soleil: And it's just like I said before. I like hearing your awesome poems! 

Mitama: Your words make my ears hurt. The ocean is vast / Many words swim 
within it / Yours flop and flounder. 

Soleil: So poetic... so cutting... I guess I should tell you the truth about 
why I want to hear your poetry. 

Mitama: Please, continue. 

Soleil: Poetry is about rhythm and stuff, right? Well, so is dancing. Which I 
stink at. Poetry will help me get the rhythm. And your poetry, Mitama, has 
such perfect rhythm... 

Mitama: You think so? Understanding you / Is a rainbow from the clouds / It's 
a rare surprise. 

Soleil: So since your poetry has such a nice rhythm... I was thinking if I 
could learn to do that, it might help me with my dancing! 

Mitama: You've been dogging my heels because... you want to learn to write 

Soleil: Exactly! 

Mitama: Hmhmhm... so that's it. Shared love of haiku / Pupil approaches 
master / A new friend is made. 

Soleil: Huh? 

Mitama: If that's what you were after, you should have made yourself clear! I 
will take you on as an apprentice. 

Soleil: Apprentice in what? 

Mitama: In poetry, of course! Anyone who desires to find their inner poet is 
welcome to study at my feet. 

Soleil: Are... you asking me to write a poem? By myself? That's a pretty tall 
order to start off with. 

Mitama: Ah, but you have me to oversee your first halting steps into the 
world of the poetic. Let the grand lesson commence! 

Soleil: Right now?! 

Mitama: But of course! Unless you are opposed to learning...? 

Soleil: Who, me? N-never... If you're willing to step up and teach me, how 
can I say no? Though, um... maybe we can start some other time? 

Mitama: No! We must strike while the iron is hot! Let us waste no time! We 
will not part until I am satisfied with your progress for today. Haiku is 
fleeting / Though one studies all her life / Still she yearns for more. 

Soleil: Ugh, this sounds really hard. I hope I don't regret this...
Soleil A

Soleil: Mitama, I came to say I'm sorry. 

Mitama: Hmm? What are you apologizing for? 

Soleil: We've been having these poetry jams for a while now, and I'm no 
better than ever. I guess there's no hope for a terminal case of rhythm loss. 

Mitama: Ah, yes... I, too, was struck dumb by your ineptitude. 

Soleil: A-aren't you supposed to tell me I can make it if I keep trying? 

Mitama: You have no sense of imagery or metaphor. And no matter how many 
times I remind you, you utterly neglect the syllable count. Meter and 
scansion / Many feelings in few words / This is poetry. 

Soleil: Wow, don't hold back or anything... Look, Mitama, I know you tried, 
but you're wasting your time with me. I can't do it. What a burden I've 
placed on your pure heart... See its gravity pull on your brow... It's a 
grave offense against art I've committed today. 

Mitama: ... Such pearls spill effortlessly from your lips, yet a pen is lead 
in your hands... You are a profound mystery to me. 

Soleil: I don't think I'm going to sprout a sense of rhythm, even studying 
with you. Sorry for following you around to hear your beautiful words. I'll 
cut that out. 

Mitama: That was the least of my concerns. 

Soleil: Wait... you don't mind? 

Mitama: You could stick closer to me than my own shadow, and I would think no 
less of you. I would forgive much in someone sincerely trying to take up 

Soleil: That's so nice of you! 

Mitama: As long as you have not abandoned the path of the poet, I will be 
your mentor. Through our time together, you may find yourself improving, inch 
by inch. Obstacles abound / But only one path's futile / The road abandoned. 

Soleil: Mitama... I knew it! That's just the encouragement I needed to keep 
at it! 

Mitama: Hmhmhm...that was my hope. 

Soleil: I thought I might learn to dance like the belle of a ball. But maybe 
I'll end up being an awesome poet! 

Mitama: That "awesome" again... 

Soleil: Sorry. Uh... Perchance I'll one day blossom into a bloom of a 
thousandfold poems. 

Mitama: Nicely done, Soleil. Shall we get back to work? 

Soleil: That might be all the poetry I have in me today. But I'll try to keep 
up with you, haiku master!

D6. Ophelia C

Ophelia: Abominable! Abominable! Abominable! 

Rhajat: Are you speaking to me? 

Ophelia: Who else? 

Rhajat: Well then... 

Ophelia: Rhajat! Come back here.

Rhajat: Yes? 

Ophelia: I was talking to you! You can't just walk away like that. 

Rhajat: You were talking. Was it to me? I couldn't tell-it was like you were 
onstage. I found your performance dull. So I left. 

Ophelia: B-but aren't you curious about what I find so abominable? 

Rhajat: Not at all. 

Ophelia: Rhajat! Please!

Rhajat: What do you want?! 

Ophelia: Finally ready to listen? 

Rhajat: I'm ready for you to finish saying your piece so I can leave. 

It's your aura. It's abominable! 

Rhajat: Understood. Farewell. 

Ophelia: I'm not done, Rhajat!

Rhajat: Please, finish. 

Ophelia: I'm just getting to the good part! I will be glad to use my magic to 
help you. It will require my most potent powers, but I vow to cleanse your 
murky glow. 

Rhajat: Cleanse my aura? 

Ophelia: Ha! A smile! Now I see that I have your full attention. 

Rhajat: I don't care to be cleansed. But I'm intrigued that you'd dare 
attempt it. 

Ophelia: That's the spirit. Then I'll go make preparations. Visit my chambers 

Rhajat: She doesn't stand a chance. There's no way her power can break mine. 
Hee hee! I'm looking forward to seeing HER spirit broken...
Ophelia B

Ophelia: Rhajat! 

Rhajat: Hello, Ophelia. Is it just me-or is your cowlick looking cowlickier 

Ophelia: So I was right! It WAS you! 

Rhajat: What was me? Hee hee! 

Ophelia: Don't play the fool with me. After I tried to cleanse your murky 
aura... I got a stiff back! And my soup that night was too salty to eat! And 
yes, as you've noticed, my cowlick IS cowlickier! You cursed me! This is what 
I get for doing the housecleaning of your soul?! 

Rhajat: What if I did? In any case, you now realize your silly magic is 
inferior to my dark curses. Now, leave me be. 

Ophelia: Not so fast. 

Rhajat: What now? 

Ophelia: Your curses inspire me to try again. Your aura must be cleansed. I 
surrounded you with obsidian last time. This time I'll try amethyst. 

Rhajat: Please, Ophelia. No more of your gemstone nonsense. 

Ophelia: I'll never give up. I'll go to make preparations. Visit me later in 
my chambers. 
(Ophelia leaves) 

Rhajat: When will that dizzy creature ever learn? Her magic can't touch my 
Ophelia A

Ophelia: Rhajat! Victory is mine! 

Rhajat: Your silly grin is making me nauseous, Ophelia. Please stop. 

Ophelia: My happy demeanor shines like the unsnuffable sun! I purified your 
aura AND have rebuffed your attempts to curse me. 

Rhajat: Yes... and? 

Ophelia: My power has triumphed over yours. I'm glad I chose the brightest of 
my diamonds for my aura ungunking. The stars smiled upon my spell. Thus, I am 
happy as a magical clam. 

Rhajat: No, you silly loon. Your power didn't overcome me or my aura. I 
simply grew bored with you. I didn't bother with curses. 

Ophelia: Now you see-my cleansing spell mopped up your desire for vengeance! 

Rhajat: Pathetic. You grasp at straws. I tire of this. 

Ophelia: No! Stay! Talk! Don't you want to chat about spellcasting and gem 

Rhajat: Not at all. I'll give you this if you leave me alone. 

Ophelia: A magic charm? Thanks! 

Rhajat: Wait. You're not going to ask if I've cursed that? 

Ophelia: I've cleansed your aura. You no longer have any interest in cursing 

Rhajat: You're so naive. 

Ophelia: Am not! See you, Rhajat. 

Rhajat: Hmpf. I can't believe I managed to craft a good-luck charm. It's 
perhaps the most perverse and challenging magic I've ever attempted. I 
wonder...? Did Ophelia actually tidy up my dark soul a little? Her spells are 
so weak though. Pffft-gem magic!

Ophelia: Hmm? Say something? 

Rhajat: No. Just muttering to myself. 

Ophelia: Well, if your dark aura truly starts taking hold of you again, just 
let me know. I'll be glad to get in there with my gems and clean out the 
doomy goo! 

Rhajat: Hmm. Thanks for the offer.

D7. Percy C

Hisame: *yawn* Night watch is over. Finally! I can go to bed where I belong.

Percy: Hey, Hisame! ...Pretty night, huh? 

Hisame: Oh... hi, Percy. *squint* Is that Ace with you? It's black as pitch 
out here! Shouldn't the two of you be in bed? 

Percy: The stars were so pretty tonight. Ace and I decided to go stargazing! 

Hisame: Ah. It is a rather dazzling display, isn't it? But dawn will be here 
before you know it! 

Percy: Y-yeah... You're right... I should go to bed, I guess... 

Hisame: Is something wrong, Percy? You're looking a little dejected. 

Percy: Well, the truth is...I had a bad dream. I was too scared to go back to 

Hisame: Oh. Well, why didn't you say so? If that's the case, I'll stay with 
you a little longer. Ace is great and all, but sometimes it's nice to have 
some human company too. 

Percy: Wow. That's really nice of you, Hisame! ...Thanks. 

Hisame: It's nothing. We've all been there. I was raised in the Deeprealms 
too, you know. 

Percy: Yeah. I bet you understand what it's like to be...alone. 

Hisame: *shrug* Loneliness? Yeah, we've got that in spades in the Deeprealms, 
don't we? 

Percy: ...Thanks, Hisame. I think I can fall back asleep now. I feel a lot 

Hisame: Good night, Percy. G'night, Ace.
Percy B

Hisame: Look at the time! *yawn* I better head to bed, or I'll pay for it in 
the morning... Wait... is that Percy again? Hey, buddy! Not having nightmares 
again, are you?

Percy: Nah! Ace and I are staying up until we see a wishing star! 

Hisame: Do you mean a shooting star? 

Percy: Yup! I'm gonna wish for everyone in the whole world to be happy! Cool, 

Hisame: It's generous of you to give away your wish. Don't you want to save 
it for yourself? 
Percy: Hmm... I dunno. If I had one wish, I'd wanna be strong like Pop! 

Hisame: See? Now there's a wish that's specific. You've got to give your star 
instructions. Wishing for "everyone in the whole world to be happy" might be 
a little vague. 

Percy: OK! I've got it. I wish for everyone to be... healthy and safe! 

Hisame: Wow! Did you see that?! A bunch of shooting stars just shot across 
the sky! 

Percy: Whoa! That was amazing! Now my wish HAS to come true. 

Hisame: Could be! I've never seen that many shooting stars all at once. That 
seems like a good sign, right? 

Percy: Wish-a wish-a wishing on a star! ? Bring my lucky wish to me!
Percy A

Hisame: Hey, Percy. Are you out stargazing again tonight? 

Percy: You betcha! Seeing all those shooting stars the other night was SO 

Hisame: It was pretty special, wasn't it? Of course, it doesn't hurt that 
your wish came true. 

Percy: Huh? 

Hisame: You haven't heard? People are reporting the most miraculous stories 

Percy: Really?! Like what? 

Hisame: I just heard about a huge battle where everyone escaped without a 
scratch. Arrows were changing direction midflight! The enemies freaked out 
and ran away! One guy was... uh... attacked by a bear, but a...bunny rescued 
him just in time! 

Percy: WOW! My wish really DID come true! 

Hisame: Well, it's about time you shared some of your good luck with the rest 
of us. Now, we'll never have to worry again! 

Percy: I hate to break it to you, Hisame, but wishing isn't an excuse to 
slack off. Pop warned me if I always rely on my luck, then I'll never acquire 
true strength. 

Hisame: Wow, Percy. That's very insightful of you... and your father. I 
should hang around you more often and see if any of that wisdom rubs off on 

Percy: Haha! That goes both ways, Hisame! You're pretty smart too. 

Hisame: Well, you and I should stick together as comrades then. 

Percy: C-comrades...? Wha? 

Hisame: Sorry, guess I got a little fancy on you there. Let's try 

Percy: Oh... you mean friends? Count me in, Hisame!

D8. Velouria C

Selkie: Velouria! Veloooouriaaaaaa! 

Velouria: Ugh... 

Selkie: Velouria? How did you not hear me calling you?! 

Velouria: I did hear you. I chose not to answer. 

Selkie: You were ignoring me?! How come? 

Velouria: Because I know what you were going to ask. All you ever want to do 
is play. 

Selkie: You don't like playing?! Playing is great! 

Velouria: Not the way you do it. You play too rough. You always want to jump 
from high cliffs or swing from vines... But I don't like those kinds of 

Selkie: But you WOULD if you'd just try them! I'll show you how fun they are! 

Velouria: You're wrong. You and I are nothing alike. 

Selkie: Says you! Look at all the things we have in common! We both have big, 
furry ears, we've got bushy tails... all kinds of stuff! 

Velouria: That makes as much sense as saying we're alike because we have eyes 
and noses. Don't lump wolves in with foxes, please. 

Selkie: Oh, good point! That's another thing! I'm a kitsune, and you're a 
wolfskin! We can both transform! 

Velouria: So? 

Selkie: We would have so much fun playing together in our animal forms, I 

Velouria: You would lose that bet. Even as a wolf, I much prefer being alone. 
Besides, Daddy is the only transforming friend I need. 

Selkie: Awww, don't say that! 

Velouria: Now if you'll excuse me... 
(Velouria leaves) 

Selkie: Booooo... This sucks! There's gotta be SOMETHING I can do to convince 
Velouria B

Selkie: Velouria! VELOOOOOOOURIAAAAA! Come out and play with me! 

Velouria: Hmph... 

Selkie: Dang! She's still giving me the silent treatment! ARRRRGHHHHH! 

Velouria: Could you please be quiet? I'm busy. 

Selkie: You are? But... you're just staring at the ground. 

Velouria: I'm looking for furballs that might have been left behind. My hope 
is to find a fluffy one, with lots of things snared in it. But there's been 
no such luck so far. 

Selkie: You know what would be more fun than poking around some moldy old 
furballs? Rolling down a hill! I just did it for the sixth time today! The 
louder you yell, the faster you go, and the dizzier you get! It's true! 

Velouria: Hmm. No. That's not as captivating as searching for furballs. The 
time slips away as I poke through all the nooks and crannies... 

Selkie: *sigh* Well, if your mind's made up, I'm not gonna force you. Guess 
I'll just go home... 

Velouria: Oh...! Selkie. Don't move. 

Selkie: Huh? 

Velouria: No, turn back around! Let me see your tail again. 

Selkie: Sure, but... What's wrong with it? 

Velouria: It's... it's... It's covered in furballs! 

Selkie: It is? Whoops. 

Velouria: Not only that, but damp twigs... decaying leaves... even pebbles 
and stones! Your tail is a treasure trove, Selkie! 

Selkie: Uhmm... really? All that junk must have got caught in it when I was 
rolling down the hill. 

Velouria: Selkie... would you mind letting me groom your tail? And I'll need 
the location of this hill you say you rolled down. 

Selkie: Sure, OK... Wait! Are you saying you wanna go hill- rolling with me?! 

Velouria: Absolutely. If there are treasures like these to be had, I'll play 
whatever game you want. 

Selkie: Yippeeee! We're gonna have so much fun! Thanks, Velouria! 

Velouria: Never mind that now. We have to hurry to that hill! Take me there 
this instant!! 

Selkie: OK! Just follow me!
Velouria A

Selkie: Wasn't rolling down the hill AMAZING, Velouria?! Let's do it again! 
And again! 

Velouria: ...It was more fun than I expected, I'll give you that. 

Selkie: Yesss! Score one for Selkie! 

Velouria: My favorite part, though, was afterward. There were so many little 
stones and dead bugs in my tail, waiting to be picked out! 

Selkie: Haha! That part was... OK. But does this mean we can keep playing 

Velouria: It's very important that we do. 

Selkie: Heehee! Hoorayyyy! 

Velouria: You're such a ball of energy that you must have lots of other 
friends, though. Why was it so important that you play with me in particular? 

Selkie: Because none of my other friends can transform like us! You and me 
are the only girls around who aren't human. No one else really GETS it, you 

Velouria: I feel like that sometimes, too. Thank you for not giving up on me, 
Selkie, and asking me to play so often. 

Selkie: Aww, it was no big deal! When you say it like that, it makes me sound 
like some kinda hero... Aaah! 

Velouria: What's wrong? 

Selkie: I just noticed something else we have in common! That streak in your 
hair! It's a different color than the rest! 

Velouria: Oh, yes. This tuft is the same color as my mommy's hair. 

Selkie: I HAVE THAT TOO! We're so alike! 

Velouria: As far as that goes, at least. What a strange coincidence. 

Selkie: Yeah, it's really cool! It proves we were destined to be friends. 

Velouria: Heehee, maybe so. Let's swear on our hair that we'll be friends 
forever, OK? 

Selkie: Totally! I swear up and down that you, Velouria, will always be my 
best friend!
E. Third Route Parent-Child Supports


E1. Elise C

Shiro: Hey, Mom! Do you feel like doing something today? 

Elise: Huh? What do you mean? Right now? 

Shiro: Well, we didn't get to spend much time together when I was growing up, 
right? Maybe now we can make up for that with some mom-son bonding time! 

Elise: Wow, what a sweet thought, Shiro! I can't really think of anything to 
do at the moment. I appreciate the thought, though! 

Shiro: Really? Nothing at all? But how can we bond if you can't think of 
anything? I mean, I can't spend time with Dad. He's always preoccupied with 
the war. Though I guess you don't see him often either. Has he ever even 
given you any gifts? 

Elise: Sh-Shiro... Your father isn't like that. 

Shiro: Well, I'm not like HIM! I want you to know how special you are. Come 
on, please! Can't you think of something you'd like to do together? 

Elise: Teehee. Oh, Shiro. 

Shiro: Wh-why are you laughing at me?! 

Elise: Because you're so cute! Please, give him a break. I know it's hard not 
having him here. But your father is a good man. He'd be terribly hurt to hear 
you say otherwise. In spite of everything, being his wife is wonderful. He 
treats me quite well! 

Shiro: But he's never here to show you that he really cares. Isn't that his 

Elise: I know your father loves me, sweetie. If you like, I'll even show you 
real proof someday! 

Shiro: I'm curious to see this so-called proof. I'll hold you to your word! 

Elise: Heehee... Just you wait!
Elise B

Elise: There you are, Shiro! Do you have a second to talk? 

Shiro: Sure! Umm, what are those envelopes? 

Elise: These are the proof you were asking for. This is how your father shows 
his undying love for me. 

Shiro: Oh... Are those love letters? 

Elise: That's right! Each and every one is like a treasure to me. I've kept 
every one that he has sent. This is the very first one that he ever wrote... 
And this one is the most recent. 

Shiro: Wow. I had no idea that Dad was such a prolific writer. 

Elise: He sure is! I was a little surprised when they kept arriving. One or 
two letters, sure, but he has sent me dozens! He likes to tell me about his 
feelings in person too. I think writing allows him to be truly free with his 
emotions. It's a tender part of him that I just adore! Teehee... Did I catch 
you off guard, Shiro? 

Shiro: Well, I've always thought Dad was stiff and formal... I'm just 
surprised. Maybe I've been wrong all along. Tell me, what does he write 

Elise: Heehee, that's a secret, sweetie! These letters are for my eyes only. 

Shiro: But now I'm even more curious! I guess I can accept that you two 
really do care about each other. 

Elise: We sure do! And most importantly, we love you dearly! 

Shiro: I-I know that! But thank you, Mom. 

Elise: Teehee! Of course!
Elise A

Shiro: Hey, Mom! Do you have a minute? 

Elise: Sure! What's up, Shiro? 

Shiro: Well, after you showed me Dad's letters, I started thinking... I 
thought maybe I'd try writing out my thoughts and my feelings, too. You know, 
what it's like to be your son... that kind of thing. 

Elise: You did? Aww, that's so sweet! 

Shiro: I thought so too at first... But now it just doesn't seem good enough. 

Elise: Huh? What do you mean? 

Shiro: I realized it's not very special if I'm just doing the same thing that 
he does, right? That's why I decided to treat you to a delicious meal too! 

Elise: Wow! A nice meal? You shouldn't have! 

Shiro: Yeah, anything you want! Well, anything I can find in the forest at 
least. I can't get started until you tell me what you'd like to eat. Anything 
sound good? 

Elise: Really? Hmm... I love so many kinds of food. Can I have a bit of time 
to think about it? 

Shiro: Of course! I guess it would be hard to think of something off the top 
of your head. Just let me know! 

Elise: I will. 

Shiro: Most importantly, now I've got a leg up on Dad! 

Elise: Shiro, you don't need to compete with your father over me. 

Shiro: But I'd feel like a terrible son if I wasn't able to make you happy. 

Elise: It's funny you should say that... Your father once told me the same 
thing about himself! 

Shiro: Really? He did?! 

Elise: Yep! You two are more alike than you realize. 

Shiro: Damn! He's always got an advantage over me! 

Elise: Teehee, you're a silly boy... Being loved so much makes me very happy.
E1. Camilla C

Shiro: Hey, Mom. Do you feel like doing something today? 

Camilla: Why do you ask? What's gotten into you? 

Shiro: Well, we didn't get to spend much time together when I was growing up, 
right? Maybe now we can make up for that with some mom-son bonding time! 

Camilla: What a wonderful idea. I can't really think of anything right now, 
though. But thank you. Honestly, your feelings alone mean the world to me. 

Shiro: How can we bond if you don't want to hang out with me? I mean, I can't 
spend time with Dad. He's always preoccupied with the war. I guess you don't 
see him much either. Has he ever given you a gift or anything? 

Camilla: Shiro, your father is not like that. 

Shiro: Well, I'm not like HIM! I want you to know how special you are, Mom. 
Come on. Please! Can't you think of something you would like to do? 

Camilla: Heehee. 

Shiro: Wh-why are you laughing at me?! 

Camilla: You're so quick to try and compare yourself to him. It's just silly. 
He would be terribly upset to hear you going on like this. Listen, all you 
need to know is that I'm very happy to be married to your father. He treats 
me very well, Shiro. 

Shiro: Mom, are you sure? He's never even here to show that he cares. 

Camilla: You may not know, but he loves me a great deal, dear. If you really 
find that so unbelievable, I'll show you proof someday. 

Shiro: I admit, I'm curious to see this so-called proof. I'll hold you to 
your word, Mom! 

Camilla: You won't be disappointed.
Camilla B

Camilla: Shiro, do you have a moment? 

Shiro: Ah, hello, Mom. What are those envelopes in your hand? 

Camilla: It's the proof I promised you. 

Shiro: Oh, let me take a guess. Love letters? 

Camilla: Yes, and I treasure each one. This is the first letter he ever wrote 
me. And these ones are the most recent. 

Shiro: Wow, I had no idea that Dad was such a prolific writer. 

Camilla: I was rather surprised as well. I never thought he would write me 
dozens of long letters. He discusses his feelings in person as well. But 
writing allows him total freedom to express his emotions. I just adore this 
side of his character. Heehee. Are you surprised? 

Shiro: I've always thought of Dad as being stiff and formal. Maybe I've been 
wrong all along. Tell me, what does he write about? 

Camilla: You'd like to know, huh? Sorry, but it's my personal secret. After 
all, these letters hold all of our precious memories. 

Shiro: Now I'm even more curious! I suppose knowing how much you two care 
about each other will have to do. 

Camilla: That's a good boy. We love you very much, Shiro. 

Shiro: I-I know that! But thanks for saying so. 

Camilla: Heeheehee!
Camilla A

Shiro: Hey, Mom! Do you have a minute? 

Camilla: Certainly. What is it? 

Shiro: Well, after you showed me Dad's letters, I started thinking. I thought 
maybe I'd try writing out my thoughts and feelings too. What it's like to be 
your son... That sort of thing. 

Camilla: You wrote me a letter, Shiro? Thank you. That makes me very happy. 

Shiro: I don't know. Now it just doesn't seem good enough. 

Camilla: Hm? Why do you say that? 

Shiro: It's not very special if I'm just doing the same thing as Dad, right? 
That's why I've decided to treat you to a fancy meal as well! 

Camilla: A fancy meal? Really? 

Shiro: Yeah. Anything you want! Well, anything I can find in the forest at 
least. I can't get started until you tell me what you'd like to eat. Anything 
sound good? 

Camilla: U-uhhm, well... Could I have a little time to think it over? 

Shiro: I guess it would be hard to think of something off the top of your 
head. Just let me know when you make up your mind. 

Camilla: I will, dear. 

Shiro: Most importantly, now I've got a leg up on Dad! Hahaha! 

Camilla: Do you really need to turn this into a competition? 

Shiro: I'd be failing you as a son if I couldn't make you happy. 

Camilla: Oh my, I think your father once said the exact same thing. 

Shiro: He did?! 

Camilla: Yes, let me think... He said he'd be an utter failure as a husband 
if he couldn't make me happy. Heehee. As they say, like father, like son. 

Shiro: Damn! He always has the upper hand! 

Camilla: Calm down, Shiro. I want to thank you. Knowing that you're so fond 
of me is wonderful. I'm so happy to be your mother.

E2. Elise C

Kiragi: Ah, the great outdoors. What a perfect day to do some hunting! The 
mountains look very appealing... But I did see a lot of game in that field 
the other day. So many choices!

Elise: Stop right there, Kiragi! 

Kiragi: Yikes! H-hey, Mom. You sure are good at sneaking these days. 

Elise: Did I scare you? 

Kiragi: Obviously. You look like you're about to attack me! 

Elise: That's because you're out here, and you absolutely shouldn't be. What 
am I going to do with you... 

Kiragi: I'm really sorry. I promise I'll do it as soon as I get home tonight, 

Elise: I've heard that too many times before. Every time you get back from 
hunting, you just grab something to eat and go to bed. Not this time. 

Kiragi: B-but I'm so terrible at math, and no good at history! 

Elise: Which is exactly why you need to devote more time to practicing. I 
already told you that I would help with your studies. 

Kiragi: I can survive being bad at math and history. I don't see what the big 
deal is. 

Elise: Kiragi, there is bad, and then there is abysmal. You are beyond 
abysmal. Your father and I should have realized that much sooner, and we're 
sorry. But now that we are all together again, we want to do everything we 
can to assist you. I know it doesn't seem like it, but this will be so good 
for you! 

Kiragi: *grumble* 

Elise: Let's go home. I know hunting is more fun, but some day you'll thank 
me for pushing you. 

Kiragi: No! This isn't fair! Hunting is the only thing I have to look forward 
to! Don't try and take that away from me. You may be my mom, but you can't 
force me to do anything! I'm going hunting, and I don't care whether you like 
it or not! 
(Kiragi leaves) 

Elise: Kiragi, get back here! Well that could have gone better...
Elise B

Kiragi: What an amazing day! No one will be going hungry anytime soon. That 
bird sure gave me a lot of trouble. I should look it up when I get home. 
Maybe I need to build some new traps, too.
(Time passes)

Kiragi: OK, careful. Easy does it... I can't let Mom know that I was out 
hunting instead of resting. "Work harder on your studies!" That's all she 
ever thinks about... Like I need math or history to be a good hunter. 

Elise: Hmm. No, that's unrelated. Maybe if I rewrite it like this... 

Kiragi: What's this? It looks like she's writing something down. 

Elise: Instead of using just numbers, we can change these to rabbits in a 
trap... I bet that would help him understand. 

Kiragi: What is she doing there? 

Elise: Oh, rats! Where did I stick that book? I know it's around here 
somewhere. I need to track it down so I can start his history lessons. 

Kiragi: Geez, she's working really hard. 

Elise: He just hasn't had to memorize things. If we move slowly and cover 
everything... I know that he'll catch on soon enough.

Kiragi: Hey, Mom. 

Elise: Oh! Welcome home, Kiragi. Why are you just standing there? 

Kiragi: You knew I wasn't here? 

Elise: Of course. You forgot to close the bedroom door when you left. 

Kiragi: Oh, I did? Oops. I just wanted to say... Well, I'm sorry, Mom. You're 
putting so much energy into helping me learn, and then I just run off to 
hunt. I'm really sorry. 

Elise: Shhh, it's all right, Kiragi. It's important that we both understand 
where the other is coming from. I know that hunting is your passion. I just 
want you to balance that with some studying too! 

Kiragi: I will! I didn't really realize how much this mattered until I saw 
you just now. Please, teach me! I want to learn about math and history! 

Elise: Do you really mean it? That makes me so happy. Would you like to get 

Kiragi: OK! But wait. I'm totally covered in mud. Let me change real quick-
then we can start! Wait right here! 
Elise A

Kiragi: All right! I solved it! Take that, math problem! 

Elise: Hang on, let me check your work. Hmm. The answer is right, but... 

Kiragi: Oh, yeah... I know you normally start on the right... But if you make 
an assumption here, you can skip a bunch of extra calculations! I think the 
book called it an advanced method, but it wasn't that tough. 

Elise: An advanced method? Great job, Kiragi! 

Kiragi: Hehheh! 

Elise: Looks like your history assignment is perfect too. All the years, 
places, and important events are in the correct spots. You didn't miss a 
thing. I'm so proud! 

Kiragi: It was so much easier once I started thinking of them as fantastic 
stories. Boring random facts are so much harder to remember. And it helps to 
have a great teacher, too! 

Elise: I only encouraged you. All of this progress is because of you. You've 
come so far because of all this hard work. 

Kiragi: Stop, Mom! You're going to make me blush. 

Elise: That's all I had for you to cover today. It's still nice and sunny. 
Why don't you run and do some hunting? 

Kiragi: Ehh, that's all right. 

Elise: Hmm? 

Kiragi: I mean, hunting is great and all. But... I'd love to study some more 
with you. 

Elise: Aww, really? 

Kiragi: You made me understand that studying can be so much fun! I can't 
believe that I used to dread it. We can keep going, right? 

Elise: Sure! It makes me happy to spend all this time together. 

Kiragi: Me too!
E2. Camilla C

Kiragi: Ah, the great outdoors. What a perfect day to do some hunting! The 
mountains look very appealing... But I did see a lot of game in that field 
the other day. So many choices!

Camilla: Kiragi! Stop right there! 

Kiragi: Yikes! H-hey, Mom. You sure are good at sneaking these days. 

Camilla: Don't greet me that way. It's very rude. 

Kiragi: I can't help it. You look like you're about to attack! 

Camilla: You're a silly boy. What are you doing out here? I asked you to stay 
home and get to work. I just don't know what I'm going to do with you... 

Kiragi: I'm sorry... I promise I'll do some work as soon as I get home, OK? 

Camilla: Oh no, I don't think so. You always just eat and fall asleep the 
second you get home from hunting. Don't you try and trick me. 

Kiragi: B-but... I'm awful at math and history. 

Camilla: Which is exactly why you need to devote more time to studying them! 

Kiragi: I can survive being bad at math and history. I don't see what the big 
deal is. 

Camilla: Sweetie, it's not just math and history. You need to be well rounded 
in order to survive in this world! I admit, your father and I should have 
been around to help with your education... I'm very sorry we weren't. But 
that's why it's so important to work hard now. 

Kiragi: *grumble* 

Camilla: I need you to cut back on the hunting. Studying needs to be your 
priority, OK? 

Kiragi: No! This isn't fair! Hunting is the only thing I have to look forward 
to! Don't try and take that away from me! You may be my mother, but you can't 
force me to do anything. I'm going hunting, and I don't care whether you like 
it or not. 
(Kiragi leaves) 

Camilla: Kiragi, get back here! *sigh* He's even more stubborn than his 
Camilla B

Kiragi: What an amazing day! No one will be going hungry anytime soon. That 
bird sure gave me a lot of trouble. I should look it up when I get home. 
Maybe I need to build some new traps, too.
(Time passes)

Kiragi: OK, careful... Easy does it. I can't let Mom know that I was out 
hunting instead of resting. "Work harder on your studies!" That's all she 
ever thinks about. Like I need math or history to be a good tracker. 

Camilla: Hmm. Maybe I should rewrite this one... 

Kiragi: Huh? It looks like she's writing something. 

Camilla: I bet he'd find this equation simpler if we compared it to the 
flight of an arrow. 

Kiragi: What is she doing? 

Camilla: The timeline in this book is just awful. There must be a better one 
around here. I guess I'll have to run down to the library to track down a 
different copy. 

Kiragi: Geez, she's working really hard. 

Camilla: It's not that he's bad at studying. He just gets overwhelmed by 
dealing with so much information all at once. We need to take things slowly. 
I know he can catch up.

Kiragi: Hey, Mom. 

Camilla: Ah, Kiragi, welcome home. Why are you just standing there? 

Kiragi: I-I'm sorry, Mom. You're putting so much energy into helping me 
learn, and I keep running off to hunt. I'm really sorry. 

Camilla: Kiragi, sweetie. Don't say another word. I'm not upset with you. 
It's important for us to understand each other's positions. Will you try to 
give up some hunting time to work on your studies though? 

Kiragi: I will! I didn't realize how much this mattered until I saw you just 
now. Please, teach me! I want to learn about math and history! 

Camilla: Heehee, that makes me so happy. Would you like to start now? 

Kiragi: OK! But wait. I'm totally covered in mud. Let me change real quick-
then we can start! Wait right here! 
(Kiragi leaves) 

Camilla: I'll grab the books!
Camilla A

Kiragi: All right! I solved it! Take that, math problem! 

Camilla: Wow, that was quick, sweetie. Show me your work. Hmm... Well, the 
answer is correct. But how did reach that conclusion? 

Kiragi: Ah, yeah. I know you normally start on the right. But if you make an 
assumption here, you can skip a bunch of extra calculations. I think the book 
called it an advanced method, but it wasn't that tough. 

Camilla: Oh, you're so clever! 

Kiragi: Hehheh! 

Camilla: You did an excellent job with your history assignment as well. All 
the years, places, and important events are in the right spots. You didn't 
miss anything at all! 

Kiragi: It was so much easier once I started thinking of them as fantastic 
stories. Boring random facts are so much harder to remember. And it helps to 
have a great teacher, too! 

Camilla: You're the one putting in all the effort, sweetie. I'm so proud of 

Kiragi: Stop, Mom! You're going to make me blush. 

Camilla: It looks like you've already finished up all your work for the day. 
Why don't you take the afternoon off? Go enjoy some hunting! 

Kiragi: Umm, thanks. That's all right. 

Camilla: What? 

Kiragi: I mean, hunting is great and all. But I'd love to study some more 
with you. 

Camilla: Awww. Sweetie, are you sure? 

Kiragi: You made me understand that learning can be so much fun! I can't 
believe that I used to dread it. We can keep going, right? 

Camilla: Well of course we can, if you really want to. Spending time with you 
makes me happy as can be! 

Kiragi: I've been having a great time too! Thanks, Mom!

E3. Sakura C

Siegbert: Mother... So this is where you were. 

Sakura: Oh...! Hello, Siegbert. 

Siegbert: You seem tired. Is everything OK? 

Sakura: You needn't worry about me. I'll be fine... I've just been so 
overwhelmed lately. I can't seem to rid myself of this fatigue... 

Siegbert: I see... Mother, I think I know the perfect way to help us both! 

Sakura: Help? Help with what? 

Siegbert: I'd like to give you a shoulder massage.  

Sakura: You want to... massage my shoulders? But how would that help you? 

Siegbert: Like you, I've been feeling some aches and pains. One of the 
healers here showed me some pressure points to relieve the pain, but I can't 
really find the spots when I try to massage myself. If I could practice on 
your shoulders, you could tell me when I find the spots. 

Sakura: How kind of you! I can hardly refuse such a gracious offer. 

Siegbert: Excellent! Thank you, Mother. Here, try and relax... 

Sakura: Mmm... That feels wonderful. All that fatigue has drained away. Thank 
you ever so much, Siegbert. But weren't you tired as well...? 

Siegbert: No need for concern, Mother. I'm the one who should be thanking 
you. Now that I know where to apply pressure, my pain will be a thing of the 

Sakura: I-I certainly hope so! Still, I appreciate what you've done for me, 
Sakura B

Siegbert: Ugh...

Sakura: Oh dear... Your neck still seems slightly stiff, Siegbert. 

Siegbert: It's nothing, Mother. Don't worry about it. 

Sakura: Um-! P-please don't squirm, or I can't give you a proper massage. 

Siegbert: I'm fine, really! I don't want to be seen like this. 

Sakura: Hee hee... Surely it's fine every now and again...isn't it? 

Siegbert: *sigh* Fine... 

Sakura: The massage isn't really what I came for, though... Is there anything 
you want to discuss? 

Siegbert: Nothing you need to worry about- I'm sure I can handle things on my 

Sakura: R...really? I don't mind listening, if there's anything troubling 

Siegbert: Well... Lately I find myself lost in thought a lot. I can't help 
thinking that I'm not strong enough yet. Or wondering if I have what it takes 
to protect the people. 

Sakura: Ah, so that's it. You know...the world is full of strong people. 
People who've fought many battles or studied long and hard... Compared to 
them, it's only natural for you to feel inadequate. 

Siegbert: Mother, you aren't really helping... 

Sakura: But what you have to realize is that those people can feel powerless 
too. And there's a lesson in that for you. There's no shame in 
powerlessness... Not at your age. The trials and tribulations you face as you 
grow old... Power comes from those. 

Siegbert: Trials and tribulations... These things will make me stronger? 
Thank you, Mother. I feel a bit better already. 

Sakura: Wonderful! And if a massage would help you feel better, I'll do that 
for you too.
Sakura A

Siegbert: Mother, have you got some free time? 

Sakura: Ah, Siegbert... How can I help you? 

Siegbert: Well, I'd like to give you another shoulder massage. 

Sakura: Hee hee... Don't tell me you need a reminder about the pressure 

Siegbert: N-no, of course not! I just wanted to repay you for the advice you 
offered me the other day. 

Sakura: D-did it help...? 

Siegbert: It did indeed. I've been able to apply that open-mindedness to 
several situations. I've learned from villagers what it is to live 
diligently. And from my comrades, I've learned what it's like to face strong 
enemies... I've witnessed all different kinds of strength from the people 
I've encountered. And I've become acutely aware of my own shortcomings.  But 
now, instead of grinding to a stop when I find a fault in myself... I want to 
push forward and overcome the obstacle. 

Sakura: My, Siegbert, how you've grown... 

Siegbert: I'm sure I'll still find things to be worried about... But that's 
also a necessary waypoint on the path to growing stronger... For now, I think 
I'll puff out my chest and brood a little, like Father. 

Sakura: Yes, that's wise... B-but try not to take it too far. And if I can 
help you grow in any way, please don't hesitate to ask!
E3. Hinoka C

Siegbert: Mother... So this is where you were. 

Hinoka: Oh, Siegbert. I didn't realize you were looking for me... What is it? 

Siegbert: You seem tired. Is everything OK? 

Hinoka: Everything's great. Nothing you should worry about. I've just been 
swamped lately, and it's wearing me down. 

Siegbert: I see... Mother, I think I know the perfect way to help us both! 

Hinoka: You do? Well, let's hear it. 

Siegbert: I'd like to give you a shoulder massage.  

Hinoka: Hm! I like the idea, but it seems to me that it would only help one 
of us. 

Siegbert: Ah, but like you, I've been feeling some aches and pains. One of 
the healers here showed me some pressure points to relieve the pain, but I 
can't really find the spots when I try to massage myself. If I could practice 
on your shoulders, you could tell me when I find the spots. 

Hinoka: That sounds reasonable. Then let me help you help yourself. 

Siegbert: Excellent! Thank you, Mother. Here, try and relax... 

Hinoka: Incredible...! That feels great. My aching back owes you one. Do you 
need me to return the favor? 

Siegbert: No need, Mother. I'm the one who should be thanking you. Now that I 
know where to apply pressure, my pain will be a thing of the past. 

Hinoka: Heh. Well, thanks all the same.
Hinoka B

Siegbert: Ugh...

Hinoka: What's wrong, Siegbert? Is the pain flaring up again? 

Siegbert: It's nothing, Mother. Don't worry about it. 

Hinoka: It's not nothing! Stand still and let me help you with that. 

Siegbert: I'm fine, really! I don't want to be seen like this. 

Hinoka: Heh... Who are you afraid will see? 

Siegbert: *sigh* Fine... 

Hinoka: This should address the problem, I hope. The surface problem, at 
least. I suspect there's something deeper at root here... 

Siegbert: Nothing you need to worry about- I'm sure I can handle things on my 

Hinoka: The kinks in your back say otherwise. 

Siegbert: Well... Lately I find myself lost in thought a lot. I can't help 
thinking that I'm not strong enough yet. Or wondering if I have what it takes 
to protect the people. 

Hinoka: Surely you don't expect to be that strong already. I started young 
too, and I was older than you are before I felt confident in myself. 

Siegbert: Mother, you aren't really helping... 

Hinoka: What mattered wasn't that I was aware of my deficiencies, but that I 
grew past them. It's all right for someone your age to feel inadequate-you 
are. Now is the time in your life for you to look to those stronger than you 
for examples. 

Siegbert: Learning by example... So that will make me stronger? Thank you, 
Mother. I feel a bit better already. 

Hinoka: Think nothing of it. If you ever need a pep talk, or another massage 
for that matter... Your mother is here for you.
Hinoka A

Siegbert: Mother, have you got some free time? 

Hinoka: What can I do for you, Siegbert? 

Siegbert: Well, I'd like to give you another shoulder massage. 

Hinoka: Heh... Do I look that bad? 

Siegbert: N-no, of course not! I just wanted to repay you for the advice you 
offered me the other day. 

Hinoka: Indeed? So you found it useful? 

Siegbert: Very much so. I've been able to apply that open-mindedness to 
several situations. I've learned from villagers what it is to live 
diligently. And from my comrades, I've learned what it's like to face strong 
enemies... I've witnessed all different kinds of strength from the people 
I've encountered. And I've become acutely aware of my own shortcomings. But 
now, instead of grinding to a stop when I find a fault in myself... I want to 
push forward and overcome the obstacle. 

Hinoka: That's the spirit, Siegbert. You'll be a man yet. 

Siegbert: I'm sure I'll still find things to be worried about... But that's 
also a necessary waypoint on the path to growing stronger... For now, I think 
I'll puff out my chest and brood a little, like Father. 

Hinoka: Haha, like father, like son, I guess. But don't spend too much time 
beating yourself up. That doesn't get you anywhere. Better for you to come to 
me with your problems, understood?

E4. Sakura C

Forrest: Mother! You have such great timing! 

Sakura: Hmm? Did you need something, Forrest? 

Forrest: Actually, I have something to give you. I was just on my way to see 
you, in fact. 

Sakura: Oh, you got me a present? 

Forrest: Yes. It's a very special dress! 

Sakura: Oh, it's beautiful. The fabric is so soft. And it's just my size! 

Forrest: I'm glad you like it. And a little relieved. I was worried it 
wouldn't appeal to you. 

Sakura: It's wonderful. Thank you so much, Forrest. Say, why did you decide 
to make this dress for me? 

Forrest: How could you tell I made it? 

Sakura: Isn't it obvious? The detailed embroidery is something few people are 
capable of. It's an obvious sign of your handiwork. 

Forrest: Awww, thank you, Mother! Your kind words mean the world to me. 

Sakura: You even used all my favorite colors, too. I wish I could wear this 
every day! 

Forrest: Oh, you don't have to do that! Besides, why would you want to wear 
the same thing? Honestly, I would love to make you a wide variety of dresses. 

Sakura: Heehee. That would be wonderful!
Sakura B

Forrest: *sigh* 

Sakura: Hello, Forrest. You look so sad. Did something happen? 

Forrest: How could you tell? 

Sakura: The look on your face. Mothers can always tell these things. 

Forrest: Ah, I see... I was in town today, picking up some supplies, and I 
ran into the worst people. There was an elderly man who had gotten lost, and 
no one would help him. A few townsfolk were mocking him! I was disheartened 
to see people be so cruel. 

Sakura: Hmmm, I see. Well, that certainly wasn't nice of them. Sometimes, 
people can be very mean. What did you do? 

Forrest: I helped him get home, of course! The poor dear was so confused. I 
don't understand. It's one thing to stand by idly, but they were laughing at 

Sakura: Oh, Forrest... 

Forrest: I know I shouldn't be surprised. People can be incredibly unkind. 
Sometimes I wish I could shut myself up in my room... forever! 

Sakura: But, Forrest, this is exactly why you can't lock yourself away. 
You'll miss opportunities to help people! What if you'd stayed home today? 
Who would've helped that man? 

Forrest: You're right. I must be brave! 

Sakura: Yes. Some people will always be callous and cruel to others. But 
that's not a good reason to stop treating other people with love. 

Forrest: Thanks, Mother. It would hurt even more to change myself just to 
avoid their cruelty. 

Sakura: Just know that you can always come and talk to me whenever you're 
feeling sad. Even if you just need a sympathetic ear, I will always be here 
for you. 

Forrest: I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you, Mother.
Sakura A

Sakura: Heehee... *hum* 

Forrest: Hello, Mother! You look so chipper today. Did something good happen? 

Sakura: Yes! Something lovely, Forrest. I wore that pretty dress you made me 
when I went into town... People were complimenting me left and right! 

Forrest: Oh really? That makes me so happy to hear! 

Sakura: Every mother loves receiving praise for something her child did. I 
know they were just complimenting the dress... But I couldn't help feeling 
radiant while I was wearing it. It's like I've been walking on clouds ever 

Forrest: What do you mean? Mother, you are beautiful! The dress simply 
complemented your lovely face. 

Sakura: You're just flattering me. However, it wasn't the dress that made me 

Forrest: No? 

Sakura: A stranger asked me a question that would warm any mother's heart. 
She wanted to know if I had raised the sweet girl she'd seen the other day. 
She saw you help that old man, and she was impressed by your kindness. 

Forrest: Really?! ...Mother, I just realized something. I will never let the 
laughter of cruel people stop me from being who I am. Long ago, I decided I 
wouldn't let them change the way I dress... and I certainly won't let them 
stop me from being compassionate toward others. 

Sakura: I'm happy to hear you say that. 

Forrest: Thank you, Mother. I'll follow your advice and keep being myself. In 
fact, I think I'll start by making you another dress to wear around town. I 
bet you'll love it. 

Sakura: Heehee. How exciting!
E4. Hinoka C

Forrest: Mother! You have wonderful timing! 

Hinoka: Hello, Forrest. Do you need something? 

Forrest: Actually, I have something to give you. 

Hinoka: Really? A present for me? 

Forrest: It's a very special dress! 

Hinoka: This garment is wonderful. What a comfortable design. It's even my 
size, too! 

Forrest: I'm glad you like it. And a little relieved. I was worried it 
wouldn't appeal to you. 

Hinoka: Thank you so much for making me this dress. 

Forrest: How could you tell that I made it? 

Hinoka: I may not know much about sewing, but your handiwork is obvious. 
You're the only one that can do such detailed embroidery. 

Forrest: Aww, thank you, Mother! Your kindness means the world to me. 

Hinoka: The colors are lovely as well. I would wear it every day if I could. 

Forrest: Don't do that! Besides, why would you want to wear the same thing? 
Honestly, I would love to make you a wide variety of dresses! 

Hinoka: Heehee. Thank you, Forrest.
Hinoka B

Forrest: *sigh* 

Hinoka: What's wrong, Forrest? Did something bad happen? 

Forrest: How could you tell? 

Hinoka: It's written all over your face. 

Forrest: Ahh, I see... Well, I went into town to pick up supplies today and 
ran into the worst people. There was an elderly man who had gotten lost, and 
no one would help him. A few townsfolk were mocking him! I was disheartened 
to see people be so cruel. 

Hinoka: Some people just don't know how to keep their mouths shut. What did 
you do? 

Forrest: I helped him get home, of course! The poor dear was so confused. I 
don't understand. It's one thing to stand by idly, but they were laughing at 

Hinoka: Forrest... 

Forrest: I know I shouldn't be surprised! People can be incredibly unkind. 
Sometimes I wish I could shut myself up in my room... forever! 

Hinoka: You can't do that! If you lock yourself away, you'll miss 
opportunities to do good. Just think-if you'd stayed home, no one would have 
rescued that old man. You've got to be brave! The world needs you. 

Forrest: Thanks, Mother. I must find my courage again. 

Hinoka: There will always be thoughtless people who think it's funny to 
insult others. But that is no reason to stop being kind. 

Forrest: You're right. It would hurt even more to change myself just to avoid 
their cruelty. 

Hinoka: You're no weakling. Don't give in to their cruelty. If anything 
happens, you can always count on me to be there. Even if only to talk. I'll 
always be on your side. 

Forrest: I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you, Mother.
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Heehee... *hum* 

Forrest: Morning, Mother! You look so happy. Did something good happen? 

Hinoka: Something great! Earlier I went into town wearing the dress you made. 
Every single person stopped me to compliment the design. 

Forrest: Wow, really? That's amazing. 

Hinoka: Heehee. Every mother loves to hear her child's accomplishments 
praised. I know the townsfolk were just complimenting the dress... But after 
a while, I felt like they were calling me beautiful. It's odd. I've never 
felt like this before. 

Forrest: What do you mean? Mother, you are beautiful! The dress simply drew 
attention to your lovely face. 

Hinoka: Now stop that! Don't try to flatter me with your foolishness. 
Besides, it wasn't the dress that made me so proud! 

Forrest: No? 

Hinoka: A woman came up to me and asked me the most wonderful question. She 
wanted to know if you were my daughter. She saw you help that old man, and 
she was SO impressed! 

Forrest: Really?! Aww... I just realized something. I can't let the laughter 
of cruel people stop me from being who I am. Long ago, I decided I wouldn't 
let them change the way I dress... and I certainly won't let them stop me 
from being compassionate toward others. 

Hinoka: That's wonderful to hear. 

Forrest: Thank you, Mother. I'll follow your advice and keep doing what makes 
me happy. In fact, I think I will start by making you another dress to wear 
around town. I bet you'll love it! 

Hinoka: Heehee. Thank you, Forrest.

E5. Nyx C

Caeldori: Hm. The advance troops have just received fresh recruits, so 
they'll be needing tents. And a larger shipment of grain. Have the 
quartermaster make the arrangements. 

Samurai: At once, milady. Would you like him to resume his duties managing 
the armory? 

Caeldori: No. I will continue to oversee the armory personally. On that note, 
please go to the smiths and requisition the items on this list. Delivery is 
expected within the fortnight. 

Samurai: Yes, milady. Right away, milady. 
(Samurai leaves)

Nyx: You seem to be working very hard, Caeldori. 

Caeldori: Oh, Mother! How can I help you? 

Nyx: I'd heard the supply division was short of hands and thought I could 
help. But it looks as though you have it all handled. You must be very good 
at this. 

Caeldori: You flatter me, but I've got plenty of room for improvement yet. 
I'm still very new to this kind of work. 

Nyx: Heh. How modest. It's adorable. Now, what can I help you with? 

Caeldori: Thank you, Mother. I appreciate your offer, truly, but I have 
nothing for you to do. All I've left is the inventory. 

Nyx: Then I will help with that. With an army of this size, it must be very 
difficult for one person to count. 

Caeldori: Well, see, about that- 

Nyx: Here, let me see the list. We just need to make sure the numbers match, 

Caeldori: Well, yes, but... Here, look at this. 

Nyx: Hm? This isn't an inventory. What is it? A floor plan? 

Caeldori: Er, something like that, yes. It's a plan for the armory I drew up 
a little while ago. If the supplies are stored according to the plan, they 
can be counted very easily. It takes a fraction of the time and... only one 
person. I'm sorry, Mother. 

Nyx: I see. Very efficient. Are you sure that there's nothing else I can do? 

Caeldori: Well, I have prepared some tea for just such an occasion. Please, 
help yourself. Over there. 

Nyx: Oh. Ah-OK. That sounds pleasant. (What is this? It's like I'm being... 
coddled. By my own daughter, no less.) 

Caeldori: Hmm? Did you say something, Mother? 

Nyx: N-no. Nothing. Nothing at all.
Nyx B

Caeldori: All right, these crates are fully loaded. Have we moved the damaged 
weapons yet? 

Samurai: Yes, milady. They are en route to the smiths as we speak. 

Caeldori: Perfect. Then all that is left is to deliver the new ones to the 
front. See to it. 

Samurai: Understood, milady! 
(Samurai leaves)

Nyx: Boo. 

Caeldori: Wah! M-Mother! I didn't see you there! Did you need something? 

Nyx: Oh, no. Don't mind me; I was just watching you work. I didn't want to 
disturb you.  

Caeldori: Is something wrong? You seem a little off today. 

Nyx: Oh, no. I'm fine. I just came by to offer my help again, but it appears 
that you still do not need it. I'm impressed, though. No hesitation. Precise, 
rapid orders. Intense focus. You were so impressive, in fact, that I had 
nothing whatsoever to offer you. So I suppose I'll just sit here and drink my 
tea. Again. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip* 

Caeldori: Mother... 

Nyx: You really take after your father, don't you? You think so quickly...and 
you know how to speak to others so well... Not much like your mother, huh? 

Caeldori: I- Mother... 

Nyx: Don't worry. It's a good thing. Truly. I'll be leaving now. I don't want 
to get in your way. 
(Nyx leaves) 

Caeldori: Mother! Oh, zucchini's blood! She's gone.
Nyx A

Caeldori: There you are, Mother! 

Nyx: Oh, hello, Caeldori. 

Caeldori: Do you have some time? I wanted to speak to you about something. 

Nyx: Yes, of course. What do you need? 

Caeldori: Well, the last time we talked, you said that I was just like 
Father. But I don't think that's true. Fighting, riding, speaking...it all 
comes to him as naturally as breathing. I'm not like that. 

Nyx: What do you mean? You're a very talented soldier. And I doubt this 
army's ever seen such a capable administrator. 

Caeldori: Mother, please. Allow me to finish. I mean that...I have never seen 
Father work hard at anything. But I have seen you do so. I know that you 
sacrificed much to acquire your skills. I know that you still bear the scars 
from these sacrifices as well. It was you who gave me the courage to improve 
myself. You made me understand that I did not need to be naturally perfect to 
succeed. So thank you, Mother. I would not be who I am without you. 

Nyx: Caeldori... You've made me so... happy... 

Caeldori: Please... don't cry. There's no need to say anything. Just...never 
think you are not as much a part of me as Father, OK? 

Nyx: Heh. OK. I promise. Never again. I'm so proud of you. Thank you so much.
E5. Selena C

Caeldori: Hm... the advance troops have just received fresh recruits, so 
they'll be needing tents. And a larger shipment of grain. Have the 
quartermaster make the arrangements. 

Samurai: Would you also like him to resume his duties managing the arms and 

Caeldori: No, I will continue to oversee the armory personally. On that note, 
please go to the smiths and requisition the items on this list. Delivery is 
expected within the fortnight. 

Samurai: Yes, milady. Right away, milady. 
(Samurai leaves)

Selena: Heehee. Yup. Just like him. 

Caeldori: Mother! What can I do for you? 

Selena: I'd heard the supply division was short- handed and thought I could 
help out. But it looks like you've got it all under control. Whoever 
appointed you really knew what they were doing, huh? This job's a perfect fit 
for a workhorse like you. 

Caeldori: You flatter me, but I've got plenty of room for improvement yet. 
I'm still very new to this kind of work. 

Selena: No need to be so modest! So, what can I help you with? 

Caeldori: Thank you, Mother. I appreciate the offer, truly, but I have 
nothing for you to do. All I've left is the inventory. 

Selena: Then I'll help with that. With an army this size, taking inventory 
must take some time. Far more than one person can handle, at least. 

Caeldori: Well, see, about that- 

Selena: Here, let me see the inventory list. We just have to confirm the 
numbers match, right? 

Caeldori: I- Hey! Would you please give that back? It's very important. 

Selena: Huh? This isn't an inventory. What is it? Some kind of map? 

Caeldori: Er, yes, something like that. It's a plan for the armory I drew up 
a little while ago. If the supplies are stored according to the plan, they 
can be counted very easily. It takes a fraction of the time and...only one 
person. I'm sorry, Mother. 

Selena: I see... Are you certain there's nothing else I could do? 

Caeldori: Um... well... Oh! I prepared some tea earlier! You should have a 
seat and help yourself to a cup! It's right over there. In the corner. 

Selena: O-OK. (Huh. I'd forgotten what it was like to feel so...useless. And 
this time at the hands of my own daughter, no less.) 

Caeldori: Huh? Did you say something, Mother? 

Selena: N-no. It's nothing.
Selena B

Caeldori: All right, these crates are fully loaded. Have we moved the damaged 
weapons yet? 

Samurai: Yes, milady. They are en route to the smiths as we speak. 

Caeldori: Good. Then all that is left is to deliver the new ones to the 
front. See to it. 

Samurai: It shall be done, milady. 
(Samurai leaves)

Selena: ...Hi. 

Caeldori: Wah! M-Mother! I didn't see you there! Is there any reason you were 
lurking in the shadows? 

Selena: Oh, no. I was just watching you work and didn't want to interrupt. 

Caeldori: ...Is something wrong? You seem a little off today. 

Selena: Oh, no. I just swung by to help out, but it looks like you still 
don't need any. I'm impressed with you, though. No hesitation. Precise 
orders. Singular focus. In fact, you were so impressive, I had absolutely no 
advice to offer you. So I guess I'll just sit right over here and drink my 
tea while you work. Again. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip* 

Caeldori: Mother... 

Selena: You really have a lot of your father in you, don't you? Smarts, 
charisma, beauty. You've got all his gifts. And all of my mother's gifts as 
well... Maybe it skips a generation. 

Caeldori: Mother, that's- You- 

Selena: It's fine. Don't worry. This isn't the first time I've felt this way. 
And besides, what kind of mother would I be if I were sad that you inherited 
talent? It's a good thing. Even if you didn't get it from me. Now, I should 
head out. I don't want to get in your way. Keep up the good work! 
(Selena leaves) 

Caeldori: Mother! Oh, pig's liver! She's gone.
Selena A

Caeldori: There you are, Mother! 

Selena: Oh, hello, Caeldori. 

Caeldori: Do you have some time? I wanted to speak to you about something. 

Selena: Uh-of course. Sure. What is it? 

Caeldori: Well, the last time we talked, you said that I was just like 
Father. But I don't think that's true. Fighting, riding, speaking-it all 
comes to him as naturally as breathing. I'm not like that. 

Selena: What do you mean? 

Caeldori: I mean that... I have never seen Father work hard at anything. But 
I have seen you do so. I know that you trained for years to acquire your 
skills. It was your work ethic that gave me the courage to improve myself. 
You made me understand that I didn't need to be naturally perfect to succeed 
in life. So thank you, Mother. I would not be who I am without you. 

Selena: I... You... you big, dumb- Oh gods, I'm going to- *sniffle* *sob* You 
look just like my mother, you know that? Identical. From head to toe. And 
what you said just now... It threw me. It's taken me a while, but I'm 
beginning to realize you are truly two different people. And I've been 
holding things against you unfairly. Things meant for her. I'm sorry for the 
way I've been acting. You don't deserve this. And... neither did my mother. 
Can you... forgive me? 

Caeldori: Of course, Mother. I love you. Just, please, never think that you 
aren't as important a part of me as Father. Or anyone else. OK? 

Selena: OK... I promise. I'll never say anything like that again. After all, 
you're just like me: you're a genius of hard work. Thank you. For everything. 
I am so proud to have a daughter like you.

E6. Beruka C

Asugi: Ah, mission accomplished. I got a ton of useful information tonight. 
Today's undercover work was riskier than usual. I almost got caught this 
time. "Almost" doesn't count though, heh heh. Time to share what I learned 
and go relax.

Beruka: You're back. 

Asugi: M-Mom?! Shouldn't you be asleep? It's really late. 

Beruka: I thought I'd wait for you. 

Asugi: I'm fine, Mom. It's an early morning tomorrow. You should be asleep! 

Beruka: Couldn't. I was too worried. 

Asugi: Look, I get sent out on these recon trips because I'm good at them. We 
all risk our lives when we're out on our missions, and I'm no different. 

Beruka: Solo missions are dangerous, though. Hard to recover from setbacks in 
those. So until I see you're OK, I worry. 

Asugi: I told you, I'm fine. I do what I have to, and that's the end of it. 
If you stay up all night, you'll just be a liability to all of us tomorrow. 

Beruka: That's what you think, hm? 

Asugi: Look, it's late. I'm exhausted. We should both get some rest. 

Beruka: Later, then.
Beruka B

Asugi: I've successfully infiltrated the enemy base. Piece of cake! (Mmm... 
cake.) Now to scope out what the leaders here are up to. They've been acting 
suspicious. If I can just find some evidence that they're planning 

Beruka: How can I help? 

Asugi: WHAA-?! What...? MOM?! What in the name of all that is sweet and holy 
are you doing here? 

Beruka: I followed you. 

Asugi: Wh-why would you follow me? This place is dangerous! 

Beruka: Especially for a solo agent. 

Asugi: You shouldn't be here, Mom. This is MY mission, not yours! 

Beruka: Doesn't matter. You have a better chance of success with me here. 

Asugi: SHH! Be quiet! 

Beruka: M-mmph. 

Asugi: Not another word! The enemy patrol is heading this way... 

Beruka: ... 

Asugi: *sigh* OK, they're gone. Gods, my heart is racing. I was certain 
they'd spotted us. 

Beruka: I doubt it. 

Asugi: Geez, Mom. I know parents like to bond with their kids, but this is 

Beruka: Nonsense. This is what I do when I'm worried about something. I fix 

Asugi: Ugh, enough is enough. I can't think straight when you're here. This 
whole mission is a bust. Let's go. 

Beruka: Sorry? 

Asugi: Come on, Mom. I know a shortcut back. It's time to go home. 

Beruka: No, it isn't. We should be getting started. 

Asugi: It's over. Come on, let's hurry back. 

Beruka: Huh...?
Beruka A

Beruka: What's the plan for tonight? 

Asugi: ... WE are not going anywhere. You're not coming along. 

Beruka: Yes, I am. End of discussion. 

Asugi: Mom, you're being unreasonable. Don't you trust me? 

Beruka: What's unreasonable is you being sent on mission after mission, 
alone. It makes sense that I'd want to help you out of a bad situation. 

Asugi: We each have our own part to play in this war, Mom. I'm a ninja, so I 
fulfill the roles that my training has prepared me for. When you follow me, 
it puts us both in very real danger. Instead of focusing on the mission, I 
can only think of protecting you. 

Beruka: Are you saying... it's wrong to worry about you? 

Asugi: ... 

Beruka: It makes me very uncomfortable to think of what might happen to you. 
I...don't know what a mother is supposed to be like. Am I doing it wrong? 

Asugi: Mom... Look, this is embarrassing, so I'm only going to say it once. 

Beruka: Go on. 

Asugi: When I got back from my mission that one night and I saw you waiting 
up for me... I was really happy. 

Beruka: ... 

Asugi: It made me realize that I had a real home to come back to. Knowing 
you're out there, waiting for me, makes me desperate to make it back home. No 
matter how much danger I'm in or what I have to do to make it back safely... 
I always will. I will always, always come back home to you. 

Beruka: Asugi... 

Asugi: That's why I need you to stay here. My home is wherever YOU are. I 
can't do what I do without knowing that I have a loving home waiting for me. 
As long as you're here, safe and happy, I'll never lose heart. 

Beruka: Hmm. OK. I see what you mean. The mothering thing is new to me. I 
thought I needed to help you. But if you're telling me it would be better for 
me to stay home, I'll do that. 

Asugi: Mom... Thank you. You don't know what that means to me. 

Beruka: I'll stay on lookout here so you have a safe place to come home to. 
And I can try making food for you, too. So you're not hungry after a mission. 

Asugi: That... would be AMAZING! 

Beruka: Heh. If I remember right, you like sweets. I'll try my hand at those. 
I love you, Asugi. Even if I'm not always great at showing it. 

Asugi: Thanks, Mom. I love you too.
E6. Charlotte C

Asugi: Ah, mission accomplished. I got a ton of useful information tonight. 
Today's undercover work was riskier than usual. I almost got caught this 
time. "Almost" doesn't count though, heh heh. Time to share what I learned 
and go relax.

Charlotte: Welcome home, Asugi! 

Asugi: M-Mom?! Shouldn't you be asleep? It's really late. 

Charlotte: Is it? I hadn't noticed. Time flies when you're waiting for your 
only child to return from mortal peril. 

Asugi: I'm fine, Mom. It's an early morning tomorrow. You should be asleep! 

Charlotte: You're not getting off the hook with that. I was worried silly 
about you! 

Asugi: Look, I get sent out on these recon trips because I'm good at them. We 
all risk our lives when we're out on our missions, and I'm no different. 

Charlotte: But when I go on a mission, I'm sensible enough to bring human sh-
teammates! Whereas you go solo. So I wanted to stay up until I could see for 
myself you're safe. 

Asugi: I told you, I'm fine. I do what I have to, and that's the end of it. 
If you stay up all night, you'll just be a liability to all of us tomorrow. 

Charlotte: Well, you don't have to say it like that! 

Asugi: Look, it's late. I'm exhausted. We should both get some rest. 

Charlotte: Yes, it's far past bedtime for us both.
Charlotte B

Asugi: I've successfully infiltrated the enemy base. Piece of cake! (Mmm... 
cake.) Now to scope out what the leaders here are up to. They've been acting 
suspicious. If I can just find some evidence that they're planning 

Charlotte: I suggest eavesdropping. 

Asugi: WHAA-?! What...? MOM?! What in the name of all that is sweet and holy 
are you doing here? 

Charlotte: Oh, don't mind me. I came along to help out. 

Asugi: Wh-why would you follow me? This place is dangerous! 

Charlotte: It certainly is! This place is crawling with enemy soldiers. Now 
imagine what would happen if one of them saw you without any support! 

Asugi: You shouldn't be here, Mom. This is MY mission, not yours! 

Charlotte: Oh, you can still have all the credit. I don't care about that. 
But I want to be around to help in case something happens! 

Asugi: SHH! Be quiet! 

Charlotte: Wha-? Why, you little-! 

Asugi: Not another word! The enemy patrol is heading this way... 

Charlotte: *grumble* 

Asugi: *sigh* OK, they're gone. Gods, my heart is racing. I was certain 
they'd spotted us. 

Charlotte: Is this how all your missions go?! Good thing I'm along! 

Asugi: Geez, Mom. I know parents like to bond with their kids, but this is 

Charlotte: When have you ever known me to do anything halfway, my boy? 

Asugi: Ugh, enough is enough. I can't think straight when you're here. This 
whole mission is a bust. Let's go. 

Charlotte: Huh...? 

Asugi: Come on, Mom. I know a shortcut back. It's time to go home. 

Charlotte: But... suspicious enemy officers! Secret plans! Ninja stuff! What 
happened to that? 

Asugi: It's over. Come on, let's hurry back. 

Charlotte: If you insist...
Charlotte A

Charlotte: Hi, Asugi. What are we infiltrating tonight? 

Asugi: ... WE are not going anywhere. You're not coming along. 

Charlotte: What? Why not?! You think you can order me around? I'm YOUR 
mother! And I say I'm going! 

Asugi: Mom, you're being unreasonable. Don't you trust me? 

Charlotte: Absolutely! It's your partner I'm concerned about. The one who 
DOESN'T EXIST. Who better to look after you than a mother who knows her way 
around a weapon? 

Asugi: We each have our own part to play in this war, Mom. I'm a ninja, so I 
fulfill the roles that my training has prepared me for. When you follow me, 
it puts us both in very real danger. Instead of focusing on the mission, I 
can only think of protecting you. 

Charlotte: Maybe my point isn't getting across. 

Asugi: ... 

Charlotte: There are a hundred ways these solo reconnaissance missions can go 
wrong. I know, because I lie awake at night thinking about them all. How do 
you expect me to sit on my hands with all that?! 

Asugi: Mom... Look, this is embarrassing, so I'm only going to say it once. 

Charlotte: Um- OK... 

Asugi: When I got back from my mission that one night and I saw you waiting 
up for me... I was really happy. 

Charlotte: Awww. How sweet! 

It made me realize that I had a real home to come back to. Knowing you're out 
there, waiting for me, makes me desperate to make it back home. No matter how 
much danger I'm in or what I have to do to make it back safely... I always 
will. I will always, always come back home to you. 

Charlotte: Asugi... 

Asugi: That's why I need you to stay here. My home is wherever YOU are. I 
can't do what I do without knowing that I have a loving home waiting for me. 
As long as you're here, safe and happy, I'll never lose heart. 

Charlotte: ... Hmph... You're not leaving me much choice here, are you? Hard 
to say no to a passionate plea like that... 

Asugi: Mom... Thank you. You don't know what that means to me. 

Charlotte: It had better mean a lot! It won't be easy for me, staying behind. 
But for you, I'll make the sacrifice of letting you go without me into 
terrible danger. I guess I could pass the time cooking those sweets you love 
so much. 

Asugi: That... would be AMAZING! 

Charlotte: Lots and lots of them, to fatten you up so you can't go on 
missions anymore! Ugh. No. I didn't mean that. What I meant was, I love you, 

Asugi: Thanks, Mom. I love you too.

E7. Effie C

Effie: Mitama. Mitama! 

Mitama: Nnnnnggh. 

Effie: Mitama. How long do you think you can stay holed up in there? You were 
ordered to be present at the next war council meeting. It is time to get up. 

Mitama: Shoo now, little fly. / Leave Mitama to her sleep. / Do not buzz so 

Effie: Excuse me? I'm going to ignore that, for both our sakes. Now, get up. 
You can't defy orders. Do you want to be court-martialed? ...All right. 
You've forced my hand. I'm coming in.

Mitama: Please, honored Mother. / My bed is warm; you are cold. / Do not part 
us so. Besides, I am too tired. I would just fall asleep at the table. 

Effie: You're only tired because you were up all night reading poetry again. 
Sometimes I'm of half a mind to just take all your books and lock them away. 
I still don't understand what got you so obsessed in the first place... 

Mitama: The answer is clear / A gift from Father did it / A brush and paper. 
The moment I could write, I was infatuated. 

Effie: That can't be it. You could have done almost anything with a brush. 
You could have written stories or kept a journal or chosen to draw. But you 
chose poetry. 

Mitama: I must ponder this / Other paths I left untrod / Where did I begin? 

Effie: I can't imagine what started you on it. None of your caretakers were 

Mitama: Perhaps we should now / Try to solve this together / Mother and 

Effie: Yes, that's a wonderful idea. We cou- Wait, I'm not falling for that! 
We're going to the war council meeting. Now. 

Mitama: My ruse discovered / I have no choice but to go / It was worth a 
Effie B

Effie: Mitama? What are you doing? Why are all these poems scattered across 
the room? 

Mitama: Ah, hello, Mother. Here lies my new goal / A poem, my first, is here 
/ Somewhere in this mess. 

Effie: Your first poem? Why are you looking for that? 

Mitama: Before there was verse / Mitama did not exist. / Whence came Mitama? 
I was not myself until I learned of poetry. I must find myself to see where 
my self began. 

Effie: Oh, I see. You've been thinking about our last conversation. And you 
think that finding your first poem will tell us what drew you to poetry? 

Mitama: How long 'til 'tis found? / In a blizzard of poems / A single 
snowflake.  It has been many days. But I am determined. 

Effie: I see. Perhaps I can help you find it? 

Mitama: Mm. You could look in that pile over- Ah! Wait! I may have found it / 
The Alpha of Mitama / Omega, my search. 

Effie: Oh? What does it say? 

Mitama: Mother does not come / I count the days passing by / Days without 

Effie: You must have written this after one of the visits I missed. 

Mitama: Yes, I remember now. You'd gotten very busy, and my caretakers told 
me you couldn't come to visit. I started writing poems to entertain myself 
while you were gone. Left waiting for you / My world turned inward to verse / 
Structure to sorrow. 

Effie: I'm so very sorry, Mitama. I cannot imagine the pain I've caused you. 
Can you forgive me? 

Mitama: Don't apologize / You had a duty, a cause / The world needed you. I'm 
sorry. I didn't want to upset you. And I want you to know I understand. You 
fought to protect me. I know that now. 

Effie: Maybe. But maybe I could have made more time. I don't know. Hm. And we 
still don't know why you turned to poetry in particular. How about we write a 
letter to your caretakers? 

Mitama: More clues to my past / Hidden in old memories. / The search 
continues. You are right. They are bound to know something. I will write them 

Effie: ...Er, maybe I should help, honey. I'm not sure they will appreciate 
so many poems.
Effie A

Effie: What? This can't be right.

Mitama: Mother? Is that the letter from my caretakers? Please, let me see it 
/ Perhaps the source is revealed / The search now bears fruit. 

Effie: Well, this is interesting. 

Mitama: Hm? What does it say? 

Effie: According to this, I was the one who started you on poetry. 

Mitama: That makes little sense / You have no great love for it / What else 
do they say? 

Effie: Give me a moment. 

Mitama: Mother...? 

Effie: Your caretakers say that I used to teach you the lyrics of the 
lullabies I sang you. You had trouble singing, so I taught you by reciting 
them. Eventually, you forgot they were songs, but you never forgot the lyrics 
themselves. And when you wanted to find more things like them, you naturally 
asked for poetry. Luckily, they had many books of traditional verses-tanka 
and haiku especially. Dozens, from the sound of it. And after that... well, 
the rest is history. 

Mitama: Mystery dispelled / I know now the catalyst / My life's prime mover. 
But to think that so much of my life has hinged on a simple 
misunderstanding... A single mistake / Like ripples on a still lake / Echoes 
across life. But that means- 

Effie: Yup. You've got me to thank for this mess. More importantly, I've got 
me to thank. 

Mitama: Heehee. So, then... Yourself the wellspring / Can the source of the 
river / Choose to flow upstream? Come on, it is really not so bad! 

Effie: Well, I suppose you're right. But maybe try not to let it cut into 
your duties, OK? 

Mitama: Poetry and song / Daughter and mother allied / Invincible bond! 

Effie: Heehee. I think I like that one!
E7. Beruka C

Beruka: ... 

Mitama: ... 

Beruka: ... Mitama. I know you are in there. It is time to go. 

Mitama: I cannot get up / My fever burns brilliantly / A fire in my bones. 

Beruka: Unacceptable. Do not try that again. You have been ordered to attend 
the war council meeting. You will not miss it. I have no time for this. You 
are going even if I have to drag you.

Mitama: Please, honored Mother / Exercise some small mercy / Spare pitiful 
me. Besides, I would just fall asleep. I am too tired to attend. 

Beruka: This is no excuse. An assassin must be ready for all events at all 
times. Sleep is a crutch for the weak. The weak become the dead. Do you want 
to be dead? In any event, you are only tired because you were up all night 
reading poetry. Why did you become so obsessed in the first place? Perhaps I 
should burn your books. 

Mitama: The answer is clear / A gift from Father did it / A brush and paper. 
I remember it like it was yesterday... 

Beruka: That cannot be all. A brush and paper can be used for many things. 

Mitama: Hm... I must ponder this. / Other paths I left untrod / Why did I 

Beruka: I imagine something must have happened when you were a child. 

Mitama: Oh, Mother! I just had an idea! Perhaps we should now / Try to solve 
this together / Mother and daughter. 

Beruka: You are not talking your way out of this. We are going to the 
meeting. Now. 

Mitama: My ruse discovered / I have no choice but to go / It was worth a 
Beruka B

Beruka: Mitama. What are you doing? 

Mitama: Cryptic Memory / She leaves only threads behind / For us to follow. 

Beruka: What? 

Mitama: To reclaim the past, we begin by seizing upon a single vivid memory-a 
clue. This in turn reveals other memories to us. And we follow this thread of 
memories until the object of our search is found. My first poem is the end of 
one such thread. And it is here. Somewhere. 

Beruka: And what is the object of your search? 

Mitama: Before there was verse / Mitama existed not / Wherefore Mitama? I 
want to understand why I am who I am. I was not myself until I learned 
poetry. If I find my earliest self, I find my current self. In the beginning, 
the end. Therefore, the search. 

Beruka: I see. And have you found it? 

Mitama: No. How long 'til it's found? / In a blizzard of poems / A single 
snowflake. It has been many days. But I am determined. 

Beruka: Perhaps I can help. 

Mitama: Mm. Maybe you could- Ah! Wait! I may have found it / The Alpha of 
Mitama / Omega, my search. 

Beruka: What does it say? 

Mitama: Mother does not come / I count the days with chalk lines / But my 
chalk grows short. 

Beruka: I... 

Mitama: Yes, I remember now. You'd become very busy, and my caretakers told 
me you couldn't come to visit. I began writing poems to comfort myself while 
you were gone. Left waiting for you / My world turned inward to verse / 
Structure to sorrow. 

Beruka: Mitama... I am sorry. 

Mitama: Don't apologize / You had a duty, a cause / The world needed you. I 
am sorry. I didn't want to upset you. And I want you to know I understand. 
You fought to protect me. I know that now. 

Beruka: Maybe... but maybe I could have done better. Though regrets are 
without use. We still have not found out why you turned to poetry in 
particular. Perhaps we should write your caretakers. 

Mitama: More clues to my past / Hidden in old memories / The search 
continues. You are right. They are bound to know something. I will draft a 
letter immediately. 

Beruka: Perhaps I should do the writing. Fewer poetic flourishes will be 
Beruka A

Beruka: What? This can't be right.

Mitama: Mother? Is that the letter from my caretakers? Please, let me hear it 
/ Perhaps the source is revealed / The search now bears fruit. 

Beruka: ... 

Mitama: Yes? 

Beruka: It says that you got your love of poetry from me. 

Mitama: I don't understand / You have no great love for it / What else do 
they say? 

Beruka: I don't understand either. Give me a moment... Hm. 

Mitama: Yes? 

Beruka: Your caretakers say that you told them I used to recite poetry for 
you. And you asked them to help you find more things like those poems. 
Luckily, they had many books of traditional verses-tanka and haiku 
especially. And after that...the rest is history. 

Mitama: Mystery dispelled / I know now the catalyst / My life's prime mover. 
So it was you, Mother. But why would I have told them you recited poetry to 

Beruka: I never recited poetry for you, but I did sing you songs. 

Mitama: I-I think I remember that. Beneath the surface / A gem in shifting 
waters / A mother's soft song. 

Beruka: I believe that I told you they were my favorite verses. You must have 
told your caretakers this, who thought you meant poetic verse. 

Mitama: To think that so much of my life has hinged on a simple 
misunderstanding. A single mistake / Like ripples on a still lake / Echoes 
across life. But this means- 

Beruka: Yes. We have me to blame for your little obsession. 

Mitama: Heehee. So it wouldn't be right for you to take my books, would it? 
Yourself the wellspring / Can the source of the river / Choose to flow 

Beruka: I suppose you're right, Daughter. Perhaps I should be more lenient in 
the future. 

Mitama: Poetry and song / Daughter and mother allied / Invincible bond! 

Beruka: Heehee... I think I might actually like that one. Thank you, Mitama.


E8. Effie C

Effie: Rhajat, I must speak with you. 

Rhajat: Hello, Mother. Why are you making that scary face? Did I do 

Effie: Well, there's something very important that we must discuss. You have 
to be honest with me. Is that understood? 

Rhajat: O-OK... What is it? 

Effie: I heard that a group of villagers asked you to cast a spell upon them. 
Is that true? 

Rhajat: They wanted me to perform a good-luck ritual for their upcoming 
harvest. I didn't really want to, but they were so insistent that I gave in 

Effie: Well unfortunately, those same people have been complaining about you. 

Rhajat: Why would they complain about me? I just complied with their 

Effie: Well evidently the people who you tried to help have fallen ill. It's 
some kind of strange sickness that they've never seen before. 

Rhajat: I don't know why that would be. But sometimes even benign magic can 
have unintended side effects... 

Effie: These villagers are claiming that your spell is entirely to blame for 
this affliction. Rhajat, I know that you would never set out to hurt anybody. 
But you must tell me more about this enchantment. If it did cause the 
illness, we'll have to find a way to counter the effect. I can't stand to 
think of anyone fearing you due to baseless assumptions. 

Rhajat: Those villagers will be wary of me regardless of what I do. Maybe it 
doesn't really matter... 

Effie: Wh-what do you mean? You don't care if they're afraid of you? 

Rhajat: It's just complicated, Mother. You shouldn't involve yourself in 
this. No good will come of it. 
(Rhajat leaves) 

Effie: Rhajat! Come back here and explain yourself!
Effie B

Effie: I'd better get going. The people in town need my help.

Rhajat: Greetings, Mother... 

Effie: Rhajat! Don't sneak up on me like that. 

Rhajat: That bag is awfully large. What have you been getting up to? 

Effie: Oh, I was just heading out to do some shopping. That's all. 

Rhajat: Even you must get exhausted sometimes. Why don't you rest? I'd be 
more than happy to go to the market for you. 

Effie: Oh, that's not necessary. I can do it myself. 

Rhajat: Is this supposed shopping trip just a ruse? You're only now leaving 
the house, and yet that bag is filled to the brim. You were planning to 
assist those sick villagers, weren't you? 

Effie: H-how did you- 

Rhajat: I have a keen awareness of events unfolding around me. Do you feel 
obliged to come to their aid because they blame me? 

Effie: No, that's not it at all... 

Rhajat: Then what is driving you to help them? 

Effie: I can't stand by and watch people suffer. I'm your mother, Rhajat. I 
know that you would never wish to harm anyone. My actions have nothing to do 
with you. 

Rhajat: You didn't have to sneak around behind my back though... 

Effie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to deceive you. I really must be going. These 
supplies must be delivered quickly. 

Rhajat: Wait... I know that I'm not responsible for this illness. I'll be 
able to explain everything soon. But I need a little more time... 

Effie: Very well. I trust you. Just find me when you're ready to talk. 

Rhajat: Thank you for understanding, Mother.
Effie A

Rhajat: Here, Mother. I wanted to show you what I've been working on. 

Effie: What is this herb, Rhajat? I've never seen it before. Wait a minute. 
Are you planning to cure the villagers' illness with this? 

Rhajat: Precisely. It took longer than I would have liked to mature. I even 
had to use a bit of light magic to encourage the herb's growth. If I could 
have brought it to you sooner, I would have. I just needed to make sure it 
worked first. I'm sorry... 

Effie: How did you discover this cure? 

Rhajat: It took some time. When the villagers asked me to cast a spell for 
them, I noticed something strange... There were several people who were 
coughing profusely. A few of them also looked quite pale... 

Effie: So the villagers were already sick before you even cast that spell! 

Rhajat: Yes, exactly. I had heard that there was a rare herb that naturally 
fights illness. I managed to track down some seeds and got to sprouting them 
right away. 

Effie: Why didn't you try to explain yourself to the villagers? They probably 
wouldn't have been so suspicious if you had spoken up. 

Rhajat: My sole concern wasn't their perception of me. It was their health. 
The most important thing was to find a cure before the sickness got out of 
control. All I really cared about was you trusting me. 

Effie: You can be so stubborn! 

Rhajat: Um, why are you hugging me? We need to get this herb to the villagers 
right away. 

Effie: Oh shush! Just let me enjoy this moment. You foolish girl! 

Rhajat: Ow, Mother! Let me go already. It hurts when you squeeze me so 
tightly! Listen, you should help me turn this herb into a tea. That way we 
can distribute it quickly. 

Effie: Yes! Let's cure the villagers and clear up this misunderstanding! 
Follow me. There's no time to waste! 

Rhajat: You're right, Mother.
E8. Nyx C

Nyx: Rhajat, we need to talk. 

Rhajat: Hello, Mother. Why are you making that scary face? Did I do 

Nyx: Rhajat, I have to ask you something important. Be honest with me, OK? 

Rhajat: O-OK... What is it? 

Nyx: Did you cast a spell on a group of villagers recently? 

Rhajat: They wanted me to perform a good-luck ritual for their upcoming 
harvest. I didn't really want to, but they were so insistent that I gave in 

Nyx: Well those villagers have been complaining about you... 

Rhajat: Why would they complain about me? I just complied with their request. 

Nyx: A mysterious illness has been sweeping through the village. They've 
never seen anything quite like it before. 

Rhajat: I don't know why that would be. But sometimes even benign magic can 
have unintended side effects. 

Nyx: Many of the villagers are claiming that your spell is tied to this 
illness. I think that's complete nonsense. I know that you'd never set out to 
hurt anyone. But you must tell me more about the enchantment you used. If it 
did cause their sickness, we need to find a way to make them better. I don't 
want the villagers to fear you. 

Rhajat: Those villagers will be wary of me regardless of what I do. Maybe it 
doesn't really matter... 

Nyx: Rhajat, what do you mean by that? 

Rhajat: It's just complicated, Mother. You shouldn't involve yourself in 
this. No good will come of it. 
(Rhajat leaves) 

Nyx: Now wait a minute. Come back, Rhajat!
Nyx B

Nyx: It looks like I have everything. Time to head into town.

Rhajat: Greetings, Mother. 

Nyx: Oh, it's you, Rhajat. 

Rhajat: That bag is awfully large. What have you been getting up to? 

Nyx: Oh, I was just about to go shopping. 

Rhajat: I know everything has been crazy lately, but you look exhausted. Why 
don't you rest? I'd be more than happy to go to the market for you. 

Nyx: That's quite thoughtful, but I'm fine. Don't worry about me. 

Rhajat: Is this supposed shopping trip just a ruse? You're only now leaving 
the house, and yet that bag is filled to the brim. You were planning to 
assist those sick villagers, weren't you? 

Nyx: How did you know? 

Rhajat: I have a keen awareness of events unfolding around me. Do you feel 
obliged to come to their aid because they blame me? 

Nyx: Not at all. You don't understand. 

Rhajat: Then what is driving you to help them? 

Nyx: I simply want to assist them in any way possible. My actions have 
nothing to do with you. I don't believe for a minute that you would ever set 
out to hurt anyone. 

Rhajat: You didn't have to sneak around behind my back though... 

Nyx: I'm sorry about that. Listen, I have to deliver these supplies. The 
villagers are waiting on me. Perhaps my magic can be used to help ease their 
suffering too. 

Rhajat: Wait... I know that I'm not responsible for this illness. I'll be 
able to explain everything soon. But I need a little more time. 

Nyx: I understand. Please, come talk to me whenever you're ready. I'll be 

Rhajat: Thank you, Mother.
Nyx A

Rhajat: Here, Mother. I wanted to show you what I've been working on. 

Nyx: Is this some sort of medicinal herb? I don't believe that I've seen it 
before. Can we use it to treat the villagers' illness? 

Rhajat: Yes. It took longer than I would have liked to mature. I even had to 
use a bit of light magic to encourage the herb's growth. If I could have 
brought it to you sooner, I would have. I just needed to make sure it worked 
first. I'm sorry... 

Nyx: How exactly did you discover this cure? 

Rhajat: It took some time. When the villagers asked me to cast a spell for 
them, I noticed something strange... There were several people who were 
coughing profusely. A few of them also looked quite pale... 

Nyx: So they were already sick before you even cast that spell. 

Rhajat: Exactly. I had heard that there was a rare herb that naturally fights 
illness. I managed to track down some seeds and got to sprouting them right 

Nyx: Why didn't you warn them or explain yourself? All this suspicion could 
have been avoided if you'd just said something. 

Rhajat: My sole concern wasn't their perception of me. It was their health. I 
needed to find a cure before the sickness got out of control. All I really 
cared about was you trusting me. 

Nyx: You're so very stubborn. But I'm proud of you, Rhajat. 

Rhajat: Um, why are you hugging me? We need to get this herb to the villagers 
right away. 

Rhajat: Let me go already. It hurts when you squeeze me so tightly. Listen, 
you should help me turn this herb into a tea. That way we can distribute it 

Nyx: Of course, you're right. Follow me.

E9. Selena C

Selena: Hey, Hisame. Got a sec? 

Hisame: Oh, hello, Mother. What do you-? Wait, is that-? Why do you have 

Selena: Aha! I knew it was yours! I found it while I was cleaning out my 
things. Is it your diaryyyy? 

Hisame: Y-yes. It is. Why? You didn't read any of it, did you? 

Selena: Nope! Well... not yet. It's locked, so I couldn't open it if I tried. 

Hisame: Oh, thank the gods! I'd forgotten about the lock! May I have the book 
back, then? 

Selena: Oh. Sure. Of course. 

Hisame: Excell- Mother? You, um...you can let go now. ...Is something wrong? 

Selena: Welllll... I guess I'm a little curious about what's in this book. 
Think I could take a look? Just a peek! 

Hisame: What?! No! There are some things that should remain private. Even 
from one's family. 

Selena: Oh, I gotcha. It's THAT sort of stuff. Well, no need to be 
embarrassed! Puberty is a weird time for everyone, kiddo. Although, to fill 
an entire book... 

Hisame: Just what are you trying to imply?! In any case, this diary is from 
when I was much younger! To be honest, I don't even remember what I wrote. I 
just know it was private. 

Selena: Oh. Really? That's all it was? 

Hisame: Yes, really. So may I please have it back now? 

Selena: Fine, fine. Here you go. 

Hisame: Thank you. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be on my way. 
(Hisame leaves) 

Selena: Well, he sure left in a hurry. Hm...I know I shouldn't, but I still 
really want to see what's in that diary of his...
Selena B

Selena: Hey there, Hisame. About that old diary of yours... 

Hisame: What? You DID read it, didn't you?! 

Selena: No. It just got me thinking, is all. You know how when you were 
little, we didn't get to spend much time together? Well, I want to know more 
about what you were like back then. I feel like we missed your 
childhood...and I thought the diary might help with that. So, if you find 
anything you're willing to share, please let me know. Is that OK? 

Hisame: Yes, of course. I'm glad to hear you want to know more about me. 
Perhaps we could read the diary together? 

Selena: Are you sure? You seemed so upset at the idea I'd read it. 

Hisame: Yes, I'm sure. I think it would be fun to look back on those times 
with you. However, I truly don't remember what I wrote in it... So I reserve 
the right to skip over anything I do not wish to share. 

Selena: Heehee. All right. Let's do it! 

Hisame: Right now? OK, let me just find the key... Ah! There we go. Now, 
let's see... "Today was a great day! Mama came to see me. I wonder when I'll 
see her next. Maybe it'll be real soon this time. We got to play a lot today, 
so I don't think I'll feel lonely again for a while." Haha. It appears that I 
wrote about your visits on nearly every page. 

Selena: You spent a lot of time thinking about your father and I, huh? You 
were so sweet... 

Hisame: Huh? Oh, I don't know about that... I AM surprised there's nothing 
about my daily life in here, though. But I suppose those visits were always 
the things I looked forward to most. They were a rare treat, after all. 

Selena: Yes... The time we have with each other is very precious. Sometimes I 
wonder what might have been, had you been able to meet my mother... We must 
treasure every moment. You never know when someone will be taken away... 

Hisame: I feel the same way, Mother.
Selena A

Selena: Hm. 

Hisame: Mother? You don't seem well. Is everything all right? 

Selena: Huh? Oh, yes. I'm fine. 

Hisame: If you're fine, then why do you look so distressed? Or is it 
something you'd prefer not to discuss with your son? 

Selena: No, it's not that. I'm just still thinking about that diary of yours. 
I was so happy you let me read it with you, but... some of it was hard to 
hear. You were always waiting for us to come visit you, and we made it so 
rarely... When I think about how lonely you must have gotten... I get so 
angry with myself. I know I can't change the past now, but, please, let me 
apologize. I was a horrible mother. I'm so, so sorry, Hisame. 

Hisame: Please don't let that affect you so much. I'm more than happy now. 

Selena: You are? 

Hisame: Here I feel like I live every day to the fullest and I can spend more 
time with you. When I was younger, all I could think about was when I'd see 
you next, but here... I can defend you and all our friends. This is the 
happiest I've ever been in my entire life. So there's no need for you to feel 

Selena: Hisame... Thank you. 

Hisame: It was nothing. But I'm glad you're feeling better. 

Selena: I am. And I promise... I'll never allow us to be separated like that 

Hisame: And I pray the day never comes when anything threatens to part us. 
Thank you, Mother.
E9. Peri C

Peri: Hey! Hey! Hisame! 

Hisame: Oh, hello, Mother. What do you-? Wait, is that-? Why do you have 

Peri: Aha! I knew it was yours! I just found it while I was going through my 
stuff. It's a diary, right? 

Hisame: Y-yes. It is. Why? Did you read any of it? 

Peri: Nope! It just looks like one, is all. Besides, I couldn't read it even 
if I wanted to. There's a lock on it. 

Hisame: Oh, thank the gods! I'd forgotten about that! May I have it, then? 

Peri: Oh. Um. Sure! 

Hisame: Excell- Mother? You, um...you can let go now. ...Is something wrong? 

Peri: Well, see... now I'm sorta curious about whatcha wrote in here... 

Hisame: Well, I'd very much prefer it if you didn't indulge that curiosity! 
There are some things that should remain private. Even from one's mother. 

Peri: C'mon, Hisame! You don't need to worry! Your secrets are safe with me. 
And I won't judge! I understand boys your age have certain thoughts- 

Hisame: Just what are you trying to imply?! Besides, I'll have you know that 
diary is from when I was much younger! To be honest, I don't even remember 
what I wrote. I just know it was private. 

Peri: Oh, really? That's boring... 

Hisame: Yes, very. May I please have it back now? 

Peri: OK, OK. Here you go. 

Hisame: Thank you. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be on my way. 
(Hisame leaves) 

Peri: Hisame sure gets embarrassed easily... Hm. I'm still really curious 
about that diary, though... 
Peri B

Peri: Hey, Hisame. I had some questions about that old diary of yours. 

Hisame: What? You did read it, didn't you?! 

Peri: Nope! Don't worry. It just got me thinking, is all. When you were 
little, we didn't get to spend much time together, right? So I was wondering 
if you might be willing to share anything you happen to find in it... Stuff 
about you. What you were like. Stories, you know? Is that OK? 

Hisame: Of course it is, Mother. It makes me very happy to hear you say that. 
Hm. Perhaps we could read it together? 

Peri: Are you sure? You seemed so upset at the idea I'd already read some of 

Hisame: Yes... I think it will be fine. It would be fun to look back on that 
time with you. But I truly don't remember what I wrote. So I reserve the 
right to skip over anything we might find that I do not wish to share. 

Peri: Sounds good to me. Let's do it! 

Hisame: Right now? All right, let me just find the key... Ah! There we go. 
Let's see... "Today was a great day. Mom came to see me! I wonder when I'll 
get to see her next. Maybe it'll be real soon this time. We got to play a lot 
today, though! I don't think I'll feel lonely for a while." Heh. It appears 
as though I wrote about your visits on nearly every page. 

Peri: You spent so much time thinking about us... What a wonderful, caring 

Hisame: I'm actually surprised that there's nothing about my daily life in 
here. You'd think I'd have written about something else. At least a few 
times... But I suppose those visits were always the things I looked forward 
to most. It was a rare treat, after all. 

Peri: Yeah. It's a real blessing that we can see each other whenever we want 
now! So let's make sure to appreciate every moment! 

Hisame: Heh. I feel the same way, Mother.
Peri A

Peri: Hm. 

Hisame: Mother? You don't seem well. Is everything all right? 

Peri: Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm OK. 

Hisame: Then why do you look so distressed? Or...is it something you'd prefer 
not to discuss with your son? 

Peri: No, no. I'm just... still thinking about that diary of yours. I was 
very happy you let me read it with you, but... it was hard to hear, too. You 
thought about us all the time... even though we weren't able to visit you 
much. I'm so, so sorry, Hisame. We've been the worst parents ever to you! 

Hisame: Please, it's all right. I understand why things had to be the way 
they were. Besides, now I'm happier than I have ever been. As a child, all 
I'd think about was when I might see you and Father next. But now I fight 
alongside you. I can contribute. I have purpose. So do not trouble yourself 
too much over me. I am content. 

Peri: Hisame... OK. I won't. Thank you. 

Hisame: I did nothing. But I hope what I said made you feel better. 

Peri: It did! And I'll do anything to keep us from ever being parted like 
that again! 

Hisame: And I pray the day never comes when anything threatens to part us. 
Thank you, Mother.

E10. Peri C

Selkie: Hey, Mom! What are you doing? Wanna go outside and play? 

Peri: Selkie?! Whose blood is that? Yours?! 

Selkie: Yep! I was exploring in the forest, and I think I fell off a cliff or 
two. Heehee! 

Peri: How did you manage that?! Are you OK? 

Selkie: Aww, I'm fine. I just scraped my knees a little bit. Everything still 
works the way it's supposed to. See? 

Peri: Phew! I'd hate to see anything happen to your fine, sharp claws. I 
don't mind you playing outside, Selkie, just... so long as you do it inside. 

Selkie: Grr, that's no fun! What am I supposed to do? 

Peri: I don't really care, as long as it's safe. There's a time and a place 
for being reckless, and an army camp is not it. 

Selkie: Awww... that sounds boring. Oh! I have an idea! Let's play dress-up! 
We can put on makeup and everything. 

Peri: Makeup? Since when do you care about that? Well, if it'll keep you out 
of the forest... 

Selkie: Yay! Let's do it! Gimme that lipstick! 

Peri: I need to sort through my collection first. Don't worry, I'll tell you 
when I'm ready. 

Selkie: All right... this is gonna be great!
Peri B

Peri: I'm ready for you, Selkie! You ready for me? 

Selkie: Oh yeah! Bring it on! 

Peri: Heehee, that's the spirit! What kind of makeup did you want, anyway? 

Selkie: War paint! Right under the eyes with lipstick! I want green-do you 
have green? 

Peri: Good choice! Though I'd go with red, if you really want to put the fear 
into your foes. Either way, we'll want to get foundation on first before we 
mess with that stuff. 

Selkie: You mean this powdery stuff? I think it's gonna make me sneeze. AH-
CHOO! Oh no...it's everywhere! 

Peri: That's fine. It'll still work without it, just maybe not as well. 

Selkie: *sniff* I'm sorry, Mom. I'm screwing everything up, aren't I? 

Peri: Eh, it's about par for the course for a total beginner. Do you wanna 
see how I'd do it, if I were you? 

Selkie: Really? OK... that sounds good. 

Peri: Once you get a little practical experience with it, you'll see it's not 
so bad! What's the plan here, anyway? Are you trying to look pretty, or 

Selkie: Fierce! I want to look like I could rip your head off with my teeth. 
Rawr! I mean, not YOUR head, Mom. Anyway, make me look fierce! 

Peri: Right answer, kid!
Peri A

Selkie: Hey, Mom! Guess what? 

Peri: Whatever it is has got you in a good mood, I see! 

Selkie: Yeah! Well, I got so many compliments on the makeup you did for me. 
People said that I looked terrifying! 

Peri: Really?! That's great! Way to go, kid! 

Selkie: Uh-huh! There's just one problem... 

Peri: What would that be? 

Selkie: Well, I loved the makeup, but it took so long to put on. I'd kind of 
rather spend that time outside playing and running. 

Peri: Sounds reasonable... I guess... 

Selkie: Oh! But that doesn't mean I didn't like being with you. It was really 
fun to see how you put it all together. I guess what I'm saying is... 
Sometimes I want to do makeup with you, but other times... I want to run and 
play outside with you! 

Peri: Heh heh. Now there's the Selkie I know and love! 

Selkie: It is? Yay! 
Peri: Why don't we go outside right now? We can play hide-and-stalk in the 

Selkie: Aww, you're the best! I'm so glad you're my mom!
E10. Charlotte C

Selkie: Hey, Mom! What are you doing? Wanna go outside and play? 

Charlotte: Oh, ugh! Selkie, you're disgusting! How did you manage to get that 

Selkie: Oh, I was exploring in the forest, and I think I fell off a cliff or 
two. Heehee! 

Charlotte: Y-you... you what?! Don't move a muscle! I'll get a healer at 

Selkie: Aww, I'm fine. I just scraped my knees a little bit. Everything still 
works the way it's supposed to. See? 

Charlotte: Fine, but cut it out with the handstands. All the blood will rush 
to your head. Selkie, you had me worried sick. Why don't you try having some 
indoor fun for a while? 

Selkie: Grr, that's no fun! What am I supposed to do? 

Charlotte: I could always use someone to comb out my hair for me. One hundred 
strokes per lock should keep you busy for a while. 

Selkie: I dunno... sounds boring. Oh! I have an idea! Let's play dress-up! We 
can put on makeup and everything. 

Charlotte: Makeup? That's the last thing I expected to hear out of your 
mouth. But it's a splendid idea! I'm a makeup connoisseur-I can teach you 

Selkie: Yay! Let's do it! Gimme that lipstick! 

Charlotte: Tsk, tsk, Selkie. Proper cosmetic technique cannot be rushed. Just 
wait as patiently as you're able. I'll call for you when everything is ready. 

Selkie: All right... this is gonna be great!
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Are you ready to be gorgeous, Selkie? 

Selkie: Oh yeah! Bring it on! 

Charlotte: Heehee... You don't know how pleased I am to finally be teaching 
you how to do this. When we're finished, you'll love makeup as much as I do! 
But as for where to start- 

Selkie: War paint! Right under the eyes with lipstick! I want green-do you 
have green? 

Charlotte: Haha... ha... Erm, all in due time, Selkie! Before we get to that, 
we have to put on foundation. 

Selkie: You mean this powdery stuff? I think it's gonna make me sneeze. AH-
CHOO! Oh no...it's everywhere! 

Charlotte: Don't panic. Just go wash up, and we'll try again. 

Selkie: *sniff* I'm sorry, Mom. I'm screwing everything up, aren't I? 

Charlotte: I'd be amazed if you didn't. If makeup were simple, then everyone 
would be beautiful. It takes practice and effort to look this radiant. Even 
I, when I first started, was merely... pretty. Just watch and learn, and 
you'll understand soon enough. 

Selkie: Really? OK... that sounds good. 

Charlotte: I knew you'd see it my way. Now, what was it you wanted? Green 
lipstick? Instead of that, why don't we try making you look- 

Selkie: Fierce! I want to look like I could rip your head off with my teeth. 
Rawr! I mean, not YOUR head, Mom. Anyway, make me look fierce! 

Charlotte: You're incorrigible, Selkie. Why fight it? You'll get your way in 
the end. And I think I have just the thing...
Charlotte A

Selkie: Hey, Mom! Guess what? 

Charlotte: I'm not sure I like that gleeful look on your face... 

Selkie: I got so many compliments on the makeup you did for me! People said 
that I looked terrifying! 

Charlotte: Teehee... never let it be said that I can't hit the effect I aim 
for! It won't be long before you can terrorize the populace all by yourself! 

Selkie: Uh-huh! There's just one problem... 

Charlotte: I can't imagine what. 

Selkie: Well, I loved the makeup, but it took so long to put on. I'd kind of 
rather spend that time outside playing and running. 

Charlotte: ...Come again...? 

Selkie: Oh! But that doesn't mean I didn't like being with you. It was really 
fun to see how you put it all together. I guess what I'm saying is... 
Sometimes I want to do makeup with you, but other times... I want to run and 
play outside with you! 

Charlotte: *sigh* At least you were interested in makeup for a few minutes. I 
guess I should savor the little victories. You can do whatever your heart 
desires, Selkie. I'd be a fool to get in your way. 

Selkie: I can? Yay! 

Charlotte: Maybe the next time you go exploring, I'll come along to keep an 
eye on you. Wouldn't that be nice, dear? 

Selkie: Aww, you're the best! I'm so glad you're my mom!

E11. Setsuna C

Percy: Mom, I'm home! Is dinner ready yet? 

Setsuna: Welcome back, Percy. The food is already on the table. 

Percy: No time to wait! I'm gonna dig in. 

Setsuna: Wait just one second... Did you wash your hands? 

Percy: Oops, I forgot. I'll run and wash them now. 

Setsuna: Teehee... What's your hurry? We have plenty of food. 

Percy: I have to eat fast... Every moment I'm not training is a missed 
opportunity. Eat fast, train fast! I need to get big and strong quickly. How 
else will I be able to keep you safe? 

Setsuna: You're going to protect me? That's so sweet... 

Percy: I promise, I'll never let anything bad happen to you. You can count on 

Setsuna: OK, my little hero. But do me a favor and chew your food properly... 
It would be a shame if you couldn't train because your stomach hurt. 

Percy: Good point, Mom. For the time being, I'll train myself to eat quickly, 
but efficiently. 

Setsuna: Thank you...
Setsuna B

Percy: Mom, I'm back! 

Setsuna: Your knee is bleeding, Percy... Are you OK? 

Percy: Fear not, Mom! This scratch is merely a symbol of my dedication to 

Setsuna: How dreadful. We should really disinfect that right away... 

Percy: No, no, it's OK. I'm sure it will be fine if we leave it alone. 

Setsuna: No, it won't be fine. If that wound festers, you won't be very 
happy... We have to clean up that cut. 

Percy: Don't be such a worrywart... 

Setsuna: I'm your mother. How could I not worry? Now hold still while I apply 
this ointment. 

Percy: Youch! You didn't say that would sting! Can you try to be a little 
more gentle? 

Setsuna: Percy, it's important to learn to bear a bit of pain. How will you 
protect anyone if you can't? 

Percy: What? No, I was just...pretending! Yeah, I was totally just pretending 
it hurt. I can't believe you actually fell for that. Go ahead, put on more 
medicine. I can take it. 

Setsuna: I only needed a small dab, silly... So how did you get hurt? 

Percy: I was running down a mountain as fast as I could. But I lost my 
footing and tripped. 

Setsuna: You tumbled down a mountain and only got a small scratch? You're a 
lucky boy... But please, stop being so reckless. 

Percy: But... How can I get strong enough to protect you if I quit? 

Setsuna: I know your heart is in the right place... But I wouldn't want to be 
protected by someone chasing cheap thrills. It's just careless... You're the 
most important person in the world to me... I just want you to be safe. 

Percy: You're right... I'm sorry, Mom. 

Setsuna: It's OK, Percy. How about we have a bite to eat? 

Percy: Yes please! All that tumbling made me hungry.
Setsuna A

Percy: Hey, Mom... 

Setsuna: What's wrong, Percy? You seem depressed... 

Percy: I'm just not sure if I can ever get strong enough to protect you. 

Setsuna: Why would you say that? 

Percy: There are so many strong people all around the camp. Much stronger 
than me... What do I do if I come across a foe who is more powerful than I 
am? Thinking about that makes me lose confidence... 

Setsuna: I see... Please, don't worry. You're still so young... 

Percy: You're just trying to make me feel better... 

Setsuna: I promise, I'm not. I've noticed how hard you've been training. If 
you keep working hard, someday you can be the strongest person in the world. 

Percy: Someday isn't good enough. What if evil rears its head before I'm 
ready to defeat it? 

Setsuna: I'll watch over you until your training is complete. When you've 
become a full-fledged fighter... You can protect me. 

Percy: I like the sound of that plan. I'm gonna bust my tail and work even 
harder. Then no enemy will dare challenge me. 

Setsuna: I'll cheer you on along the way. And maybe make a few of your 
favorite meals too... 

Percy: Yay! Thanks, Mom!
E11. Kagero C

Percy: Mom, I'm back! Is dinner ready yet? 

Kagero: Ahh, you've returned, Percy. I've just finished preparing dinner. 

Percy: No time to wait! I'm gonna dig in. 

Kagero: Hold on one second. Have you washed your hands yet? 

Percy: Oops, I forgot. I'll run and wash them. 

Kagero: Calm yourself, dear. There is plenty of food. Why are you in such a 

Percy: I have to eat fast... Every moment I'm not training is a missed 
opportunity. Eat fast, train fast! I need to get big and strong quickly. How 
else will I be able to keep you safe? 

Kagero: You're going to protect me, eh? That's a sweet thought, Percy. 

Percy: I promise, I'll never let anything bad happen to you. You can count on 

Kagero: I know that, dear. But please, slow down and chew your food properly. 
You won't be able to train if you have a terrible tummyache. 

Percy: Good point, Mom. For the time being, I'll train myself to eat quickly 
but efficiently. 

Kagero: Heheh, very good.
Kagero B

Percy: Mom, I'm back! 

Kagero: Percy, your knee is bleeding. How did you injure yourself? 

Percy: Fear not, Mom! This scratch is merely a symbol of my dedication to 

Kagero: This has to be disinfected immediately. 

Percy: No, no, it's OK. I'm sure it will be fine if we leave it alone. 

Kagero: That's not true. You must carefully clean and dress cuts to prevent 

Percy: I'm fine, seriously. But if it will make you feel better... 

Kagero: Mothers can't help but worry about their children from time to time. 
I'm going to put the ointment on your scrape. Hold still... 

Percy: Youch! You didn't say that would sting! Can you try to be a little 
more gentle? 

Kagero: Percy, toughen up. How will you protect me if you can't stand a tiny 
amount of pain? 

Percy: What? No, I was just...pretending! Yeah, I was totally just pretending 
it hurt. I can't believe you actually fell for that. Go ahead, put on more 
medicine. I can take it. 

Kagero: Luckily for you, I only needed a small dab. So how did you get this 
battle injury? 

Percy: I was running down a mountain as fast as I could. But I lost my 
footing and tripped. 

Kagero: And you only sustained this small wound? You could have been gravely 
injured. Please, cease this reckless training. 

Percy: But... How can I get strong enough to protect you if I do? 

Kagero: In order to help others, you must first exercise sound judgment. 
Doing something dangerous for the thrill will not make you a good protector. 
Just the opposite, in fact. I know you care for me, Percy. And I care for 
you. I just want you to stay safe. 

Percy: You're right... I'm sorry, Mom. 

Kagero: So long as you understand, it's fine. Now, how about we eat dinner. 

Percy: Yay! All that tumbling made me hungry!
Kagero A

Percy: Hey, Mom... 

Kagero: What's wrong, Percy? You seem troubled. 

Percy: I'm just not sure if I can actually get strong enough to protect you. 

Kagero: What makes you say that? 

Percy: There are so many strong people all around the camp. Much stronger 
than me... What do I do if I come across a foe who is more powerful than I 
am? Thinking about that makes me lose confidence... 

Kagero: Please, don't worry. If you work hard, one day you can be the 
strongest of all. 

Percy: You're just trying to make me feel better... 

Kagero: No, I'm not. I've seen the effort you've put into training. You are 
on a path to greatness. Continue to work hard, and someday you will be the 
strongest person in the world. 

Percy: Someday isn't good enough. What if evil rears its head before I'm 
ready to defeat it? 

Kagero: There's no need to concern yourself with that thought. Until your 
training is complete, I will watch over you. And one day, when you're 
ready... then I will rely on you to protect me. 

Percy: That sounds like a great plan. I'm gonna bust my tail and work even 
harder. Then no enemy will dare challenge me. 

Kagero: If you wish, I will assist with your training as well. My battlefield 
experience and ninja skills may prove invaluable to you. 

Percy: That would be amazing. Thanks, Mom!

E12. Orochi C

Ophelia: Mother! My situation is terribly dire! 

Orochi: What happened, Ophelia? 

Ophelia: A voracious beast stirs within me. It demands a hearty offering. 

Orochi: Oh! Is your tummy rumbling, dear? 

Ophelia: You know me so well. 

Orochi: Well of course I do! I am a chosen one after all. 

Ophelia: Y-you are?! Somehow I always suspected. I have to admit, I'm a 
little jealous. I wish I were a chosen one too! Then we could battle side by 

Orochi: Heehee! Wouldn't that be something? 

Ophelia: First we'd better quiet this grumbling in my belly. 

Orochi: Heehee! How about I make you something special? 

Ophelia: Let me help! What should I do first? 

Orochi: Can you reach the bowls for me, dear? 

Ophelia: No problem! I'll be right back. AHH!
(Dish breaks)
Ophelia: Mother! Oh dear! My shattered-bowl fortune-telling reveals... 

Orochi: Now, dear, the polite thing to do is apologize after you break 

Ophelia: You're right. I'm sorry.
Orochi B

Ophelia: *sigh* 

Orochi: Ophelia? What's on your mind? 

Ophelia: Hmm. Chosen ones really do see everything. 

Orochi: Well I can certainly see that you're upset. Tell me what's on your 
mind, dear. I'm sure we can come up with a solution if we put our heads 

Ophelia: I was wondering something. Can I really become a chosen one? 

Orochi: Why would you doubt that? 

Ophelia: Well, it's just that I'm not strong like you and Father. 

Orochi: Heeheehee! So that's what you're worried about? Don't you fret. I 
know you'll become a chosen one too. 

Ophelia: You don't understand how I feel. You're already so powerful! 

Orochi: Ophelia, I haven't always been this way. 

Ophelia: Huh? 

Orochi: True strength comes from within. 

Ophelia: Really? 

Orochi: Guess who chose me. Go on. 

Ophelia: Hmm. Fate? Or the gods perhaps? 

Orochi: Heeheehee. Nope! Not even close. You chose me, dear. 

Ophelia: What do you mean? 

Orochi: When you were born, I felt power flow through me. To protect you, I 
knew I would have to be stronger, tougher. 

Ophelia: Oh, I had no idea. 

Orochi: Don't torment yourself so much, dear! One day you'll be a chosen one 

Ophelia: Thanks, Mother.
Orochi A

Ophelia: Hello, Mother! 

Orochi: Good morning, Ophelia. You're in high spirits today! 

Ophelia: Thanks to you I am indeed! You pulled me free when I had sunk into a 
whirlpool of despair. 

Orochi: You know I'm always happy to talk. Glad to hear that I helped! 

Ophelia: Now that I have conquered that darkness, I need you to show me 
everything... Battlefield strategy, culinary techniques... Whatever wisdom 
you can spare. 

Orochi: What's gotten you so motivated? 

Ophelia: Generations to come should benefit from your wisdom. I need your 
help, Mother. I must become stronger. With your guidance, I can develop the 
tenacity and skill to back up my words. Maybe then I could inspire and help 

Orochi: Oh, I'm sure you will. 

Ophelia: Please, all I want is to be an incredible chosen one, just like you! 
Show me everything! I will soak up your knowledge like a sponge. 

Orochi: OK, OK! I'll teach you as much as I can. 

Ophelia: Thank you, Mother! Why don't we begin with some chores? 

Orochi: Smart thinking. Better to start small. 

Ophelia: How about this pile of plates here? I'll have these washed and dried 
in no tim- AHHH! 
(Dish breaks)
Ophelia: Umm, I broke the dishes. I'm sorry. 

Orochi: Well, at least you apologized right away this time! 

Ophelia: A true chosen one doesn't try to hide their mistakes, right? 

Orochi: Heeheehee. You're a good girl, Ophelia.
E12. Kagero C

Ophelia: Mother, my situation is terribly dire. 

Kagero: Tell me what happened, Ophelia. Did someone hurt you? 

Ophelia: A voracious beast stirs within me. It demands a hearty offering. 

Kagero: Oh, I understand. You're just hungry. 

Ophelia: You know me so well, Mother. 

Kagero: Well of course I do. I am a chosen one, after all. 

Ophelia: Y-you are?! Somehow I always suspected. I have to admit, I'm a 
little jealous. If only I were a chosen one too! Then we could battle side by 

Kagero: Hehe. Wouldn't that be glorious. 

Ophelia: First, we'd better quiet this grumbling in my belly. 

Kagero: Fine, fine, I'll make you something to eat. 

Ophelia: Let me help! What should I do first? 

Kagero: Can you get the bowls, please? 

Ophelia: No problem! I've got it under contr- AHH!
(Dish breaks)
Ophelia: Mother! Oh no! My shattered-bowl fortune-telling has revealed a dire 
event in our future. 

Kagero: Ophelia, the polite thing to do is apologize after breaking 

Ophelia: You're right. I'm sorry.
Kagero B

Ophelia: *sigh* 

Kagero: Ophelia, what's troubling you? It's obvious that you're unhappy 

Ophelia: Heh. Chosen ones really do see everything, don't they? 

Kagero: Why not tell me what happened? Perhaps I can give you some advice. 

Ophelia: I've been wondering something. Do you think I'll become a chosen 

Kagero: Why would you doubt yourself? 

Ophelia: Well, it's just that I'm not strong like you and Father. 

Kagero: That's it? Ophelia, relax. In due time, you'll be a chosen one, too. 

Ophelia: You don't understand how I feel. You're already so strong! 

Kagero: Don't you understand that I haven't always been this way? 

Ophelia: Huh? What do you mean? 

Kagero: My strength didn't come from being a chosen one. 

Ophelia: R-really? How is that possible? 

Kagero: Do you know who chose me? 

Ophelia: Hmm. Fate? Or the gods perhaps? 

Kagero: Heheh. Not even close. It was you, Ophelia. You chose me. 

Ophelia: I-I did? 

Kagero: When you entered this world, I became much stronger. I knew that I 
had to protect you, no matter what happened. 

Ophelia: Oh, I had no idea. 

Kagero: There is nothing to worry about. Someday, you'll be just like me. 

Ophelia: Thank you for saying so, Mother.
Kagero A

Ophelia: Hello, Mother! 

Kagero: Good morning, Ophelia. You're looking happy today. 

Ophelia: Thanks to you, I am!  You pulled me free when I had sunk into a 
whirlpool of despair. 

Kagero: I'm glad to have helped. 

Ophelia: Now that I have moved past that darkness, I need you to teach me 
everything. Battlefield strategy, culinary techniques... Whatever wisdom you 
can spare. 

Kagero: What's gotten you so motivated? 

Ophelia: Generations to come should benefit from your experience. I need your 
help, Mother. I must become much stronger. With your guidance, I can develop 
the tenacity and skill to back up my words. Maybe then I could inspire and 
help people. 

Kagero: I understand. 

Ophelia: Please, I just want to be an incredible chosen one, like you! Teach 
me everything! I'll soak up your knowledge like a sponge. 

Kagero: Very well. I'll impart what wisdom I can. 

Ophelia: Oh, thank you, Mother! Why don't we start with some chores? 

Kagero: First off, how about I teach you how to wash the dishes? 

Ophelia: Sounds great! What about this pile here? AHHH!
(Dish breaks)
Ophelia: Umm, I broke the dishes. Again. I'm very sorry, Mother. 

Kagero: Well, at least you apologized quickly this time. That's a step in the 
right direction. 

Ophelia: A true chosen one doesn't try to hide their mistakes, right? 

Kagero: Heheh. You're a good girl, Ophelia.

E13. Setsuna C

Nina: Mmm... that was really something. The way those men were chatting like 
old friends... What could they have been talking about? The mind wanders...

Setsuna: Oh... hi, Nina. 

Nina: Gah! Mother?! What are you doing here? I thought you were training! You 
didn't hear me talking about...stuff... Did you? 

Setsuna: Stuff? No... I don't think I heard any stuff. Were you talking about 
stuff? Want to hear what my favorite stuff is? 

Nina: Nope! Don't worry about it! Whew... 

Setsuna: Oh yeah... I was looking for something in your room, and I kept 
tripping over things. I cleaned up a little so there'd be less mess to ambush 

Nina: Mother! That's my private space. 

Setsuna: All the book traps you had out on your floor are on your shelf now. 

Nina: Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods... PLEASE tell me you didn't open 
any of those books... 

Setsuna: Does it matter that much? 

Nina: My diaries and journals, Mother! Did you read them or didn't you? 

Setsuna: Nah... I was too woozy from the falls. But it's OK, Nina. You'd 
still be my daughter even if I had read them. 

Nina: What's that supposed to mean? It sounds like you DID read them! Well? 
Did you or didn't you? ARRRRGH!
Setsuna B

Nina: *sigh* Why does it have to be so difficult...

Setsuna: Is that you sighing, Nina? Are you stuck? Do you need help...? 

Nina: Oh... hi, Mother. I... I dunno. 

Setsuna: I love helping people out of jams! It's nice to return the favor 

Nina: Well, I suppose things can't get any worse... I... I have a hard time 
talking to guys. But I think about them all the time! I feel like such a 
freak. Like they know that I'm thinking about them... And I just clam up and 
turn red. It's so awful! 

Setsuna: Hmm. I don't like talking to strangers either. My advice is...don't 
worry about it. 

Nina: Ugh, you don't understand! When I finally manage to stammer a few words 
out... I start acting super mean and creepy for no reason! I need to change. 
But I don't know how... 

Setsuna: OK, but you know you need to change though, right? So it doesn't 
matter how. Just try new things you wouldn't usually do. One of them is bound 
to work, and then hooray! Problem solved. 

Nina: You really think so? 

Setsuna: It might take a long time, but it's bound to work sooner or later. 

Nina: Thanks, Mother. I actually feel a little bit better. 

Setsuna: I wouldn't have guessed you of all people would have trouble talking 
to boys, though. I thought you were more confident than that in what I 

Nina: Wait, so you DID read them? AGHHH! I'm going to DIEEEEEE!
Setsuna A

Nina: Hey, Mother. Guess what? I talked to a guy today, and it wasn't weird 
at all! 

Setsuna: Not weird how...? 

Nina: Well, it was pretty basic as far as talking goes. I just gave him 
directions. But I didn't say anything weird or run away randomly! 

Setsuna: Ooooh! That's better than I could do... 

Nina: Right? I've been giggling about it all afternoon. 

Setsuna: What a good daughter you are. You'll have to teach your mother some 
things... Though I don't need to know any more about your hobbies. 

Nina: I thought we agreed to never speak of...my hobbies...ever again! 

Setsuna: We did...? I don't remember that. So is it bad that I, um... 

Nina: How many of my diaries did you read, Mother? Jeez! 

Setsuna: Just one. To start with... But they were so interesting that I 
couldn't stop there. 

Nina: WHAT?! Why would you do that? WHY? 

Setsuna: I'm not the only one who thought so, too. I was so proud, I showed 
them to everyone. 

Nina: Great. Now they all know what a huge freak I am. Thanks, Mother. 

Setsuna: You're welcome, dear. I love to show off my daughter's talents. Come 
give your mommy a hug!
E13. Oboro C

Nina: Mmm... that was really something. The way those men were chatting like 
old friends... What could they have been talking about? The mind wanders...

Oboro: Oh! Hey, Nina! 

Nina: Gah! Mother?! What are you doing here? I thought you were training! You 
didn't hear me talking about... stuff... Did you? 

Oboro: I didn't hear you talking about anything, let alone "stuff." 

Nina: Good! Don't worry about it! Whew... 

Oboro: I just came to tell you I'm all done tidying your room. That place was 
a mess, Nina! Do you ever throw anything away? 

Nina: Mother! That's my private space. 

Oboro: Well, everything's straightened now. Except the books under your bed. 
There wasn't room for those on the shelves, so I stacked them on your desk. 

Nina: Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods... PLEASE tell me you didn't open 
any of those books... 

Oboro: I can't understand you when you get like this, Nina. What are you 
mumbling about? 

Nina: My diaries and journals, Mother! Did you read them or didn't you? 

Oboro: Oh, relax. All I did was put them away. But if one of them did fall 
open and I saw a few words, you'd still be my daughter. 

Nina: What's that supposed to mean? It sounds like you DID read them! Well? 
Did you or didn't you? ARRRRGH!
Oboro B

Nina: *sigh* Why does it have to be so difficult...

Oboro: What's got you so down in the dumps? 

Nina: Oh... hi, Mother. I... I dunno. 

Oboro: Don't give me that "I dunno" stuff. Tell me what's wrong! Let's hear 

Nina: Well, I suppose things can't get any worse... I... I have a hard time 
talking to guys. But I think about them all the time! I feel like such a 
freak. Like they know that I'm thinking about them... And I just clam up and 
turn red. It's so awful! 

Oboro: That does sound bad. But that's how life is sometimes. What can you 

Nina: Ugh, you don't understand! When I finally manage to stammer a few words 
out... I start acting super mean and creepy for no reason! I need to change. 
But I don't know how... 

Oboro: Well, the hard part of changing is already over with. You know you 
have a problem, and you want to fix it. So if you can be conscious of what 
you're about to say before you say it... That should clear things right up. 

Nina: You really think so? 

Oboro: Yeah. I mean, not right away. But with a little practice, you'll be 

Nina: Thanks, Mother. I actually feel a little bit better. 

Oboro: Personally, I'm surprised you're even interested in talking to boys. I 
thought your thing was watching them talk to each other... 

Nina: Wait, so you DID read them? AGHHH! I'm going to DIEEEEEE!
Oboro A

Nina: Hey, Mother. Guess what? I talked to a guy today, and it wasn't weird 
at all! 

Oboro: Oh yeah? Tell me more! 

Nina: Well, it was pretty basic as far as talking goes. I just gave him 
directions. But I didn't say anything weird or run away randomly! 

Oboro: Great job, sweetie! You're taking it one baby step at a time. 

Nina: Right? I've been giggling about it all afternoon. 

Oboro: Next time, try working your way up to asking a greengrocer about his 
wares. If you get good enough, you might go up onstage! Wouldn't that be a 
fun hobby? 

Nina: I thought we agreed to never speak of...my hobbies...ever again! 

Oboro: Did we? Hmm. Guess that means you wouldn't want me to compliment you 
on your stealth technique. 

Nina: How many of my diaries did you read, Mother? Jeez! 

Oboro: Most of them. They were interesting! Corrin said the same thing when I 
showed them to him/her. 

Nina: WHAT?! Why would you do that? WHY? 

Oboro: They're amazing! Even our ninja were impressed with your stealth 
tricks! If I had my way, everyone in the army would be studying those things. 

Nina: Great. Now everyone knows what a huge freak I am. Thanks, Mother. 

Oboro: Anytime, sweetie. Just doing a mother's duty to embarrass her 
children. How about a hug?

E14. Hana C

Soleil: Hey, Mom? What are you getting up to? Sharpening swords? 

Hana: Yes indeed, Soleil. I have to make sure the blades stay razor sharp at 
all times. Otherwise, they're not very effective on the battlefield. 

Soleil: Wow, that's so cool... 

Hana: Why are you staring at me like that? It's embarrassing. 

Soleil: Shh, be quiet. I need to take in this moment so I can remember it 
forever. My perfect mother, standing with a blade glimmering brightly in the 
sun... Her hair swaying gently in the breeze while she takes the stone to the 
iron... Heehee! This is just too adorable!! What a cute scene! 

Hana: Quit teasing me, Soleil. I have no idea what you're talking about. 

Soleil: I'd never tease you, Mom! Seriously! You're always so humble about 
everything. I never knew how much elegance and grace was required for 
maintaining weapons. I can't handle it! Everything is so crazy adorable with 
you! We have to run into town and grab some tea together. I need to know how 
you became such a world-class cutie! 

Hana: Spending time with you sounds like fun, but I still have a ton of 
chores to do. You'll have to excuse me, Soleil. 
(Hana leaves) 

Soleil: Wait, Mom! Please, don't go!
Hana B

Soleil: Strong hands running through pure, golden feed... With a quick flick 
of the wrist, she scatters the food deftly on the ground... Sweet, fluffy 
critters line up just to bask in her presence... Heehee... 

Hana: Ugh, Soleil! Please, quit it already! You've been distracting me all 

Soleil: I can't help it. What am I supposed to do? You're the one who decided 
to do your chores in such an adorable way! If you don't want me to be 
distracting, then quit being so cute already! 

Hana: I told you to knock it off! You're starting to make me really mad! 

Soleil: Aww, you're even cuter when you get really angry at me! 

Hana: *sigh* You're just like your father, you know that? Now please, let me 
through. I have to see to the animals. 

Soleil: Really? I know I've been a little distracting, but you've been 
working hard all day. C'mon, take a break! I got a pretty blanket from the 
fair. We should go have a picnic! It would be such a cute, idyllic scene, 
don't you think? 

Hana: I don't have time to relax right now. There is still too much work to 
be done! If I don't get started now, I'll be up all night! 

Soleil: Do you labor this hard every day? 

Hana: Of course. No one else is going to do the work for me. 

Soleil: Wow, I had no idea. 

Hana: I need to see to the horses. You'll have to excuse me, Soleil. 

Soleil: Wait a minute. Can't I help? There must be some way to make myself 

Hana: Hmm, that would be a big help. Here, you can slice up this pile of 
carrots. The horses just love them. 

Soleil: Leave it to me! Oh my gosh, has anyone ever looked cuter than us 
right now? This is so much fun, heehee! 

Hana: Get to work already!
Hana A

Hana: I'd better start sorting through these rations now...

Soleil: Moooom! Ah, there you are! I've been looking all over for you! 

Hana: Soleil, I don't have time for your nonsense today. What do you want? 

Soleil: I'm not here to harp on how cute you look counting these sacks of 
rice. I mean, it is delightful. Heehee... Sorry, I got distracted. I came 
here to tell you something important. I've learned so much by watching you 
work the last few days... I feel like I appreciate all your efforts more than 
ever. I had no idea how much work it takes to get everything done around 
here! I've never met someone who works as hard as you do. It's very 

Hana: That's kind of you to say. 

Soleil: You've inspired me to make a big decision. I'm going to be just like 
you! After all, you're my mom! I can't sit here and let you do all the chores 
by yourself. 

Hana: Thanks for the offer, Soleil. But I don't think I'll need any help 

Soleil: It's really cute to watch you be so selfless. But I really want to 
pitch in! Can't I do something? 

Hana: Fine, fine. If you insist... 

Soleil: Awesome! Thanks! Don't you worry. I'll work super hard for you! 

Hana: I just have one demand. Don't try and distract me with your 
compliments! There's too much to do around here, understand? 

Soleil: Hahaha! You're so silly. That's impossible. We're a total dream team! 
These chores will be twice as cute with us working together. Don't you think? 

Hana: *sigh* What was I thinking...
E14. Orochi C

Soleil: Mom! Hey, Mom! What are you doing? Are those herbs? 

Orochi: Yes, Soleil. They're quite handy for a variety of purposes. 

Soleil: Oh cool, that's so interesting... 

Orochi: What is it? If you keep staring at me like that, you're going to burn 
a hole right through me. 

Soleil: Shh, be quiet. I need to take in this moment so I can remember it 
forever. My perfect mother, standing quietly in the sun... Heehee! This is 
just too adorable!! What a cute scene! 

Orochi: Why are you calling me cute? It's not polite to tease your mother. 

Soleil: I'm not teasing you. Seriously! You're always so humble about 
everything. I never knew how much elegance and grace was required for drying 
herbs. The way you hold the plants... Or how your brow furrows in 
concentration... I can't handle it! Everything is so crazy adorable with you! 
We have to run into town and grab some tea together. I need to know how you 
became such a world-class cutie! 

Orochi: While I'd love to spend time with you, I still have a lot of chores 
left to do. Please, excuse me, Soleil. 
(Orochi leaves) 

Soleil: Wait, Mom! Don't leave!
Orochi B

Soleil: Strong hands running through pure, golden feed... With a quick flick 
of the wrist, she scatters the food deftly on the ground... Sweet, fluffy 
critters line up just to bask in her presence... Heehee... 

Orochi: Soleil, can you cut it out? You've been distracting me all day. 

Soleil: I can't help it. What am I supposed to do? You're the one who decided 
to do your chores in such an adorable way! If you don't want me to be 
distracting, then quit being so cute already! 

Orochi: If you don't quit fooling around, I'm going to put a curse on you. 
Trust me-it won't be fun... 

Soleil: Aww, you're even cuter when you get really angry at me! 

Orochi: For crying out loud... You're just like your father. Get out of my 
way, Soleil. I still need to tend to the animals. 

Soleil: Really? I know I've been a little distracting, but you've been 
working all morning. C'mon, take a break! I got a pretty blanket from the 
fair. We should go have a picnic! It would be such a cute, idyllic scene, 
don't you think? 

Orochi: I have a mountain of work to get to. If I don't get started now, I'll 
be working until midnight. 

Soleil: Geez, Mom. Do you work this hard every single day? 

Orochi: This is my normal daily workload. 

Soleil: Wow, I had no idea. 

Orochi: I'd better see to the horses. You'll have to excuse me, Soleil. 

Soleil: Wait a minute. Can I do anything? 

Orochi: Really? That would actually be a big help. Here, why don't you slice 
up these carrots. The horses love them. 

Soleil: Leave it to me! Oh my gosh, has anyone ever looked cuter than us 
right now? Just feeding the horses, heehee! 

Orochi: You're nuts, Soleil.
Orochi A

Orochi: I'd better begin sorting through this new box of rations...

Soleil: Moooom! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! 

Orochi: Soleil, I don't have time to indulge in your nonsense. 

Soleil: I'm not here to harp on how cute you look counting all these sacks of 
rice. I mean, it is delightful. Heehee... Sorry, I got distracted. I came 
here to tell you something important. I've learned so much by watching you 
work the last few days... I feel like I appreciate all your efforts more than 
ever. I had no idea how much work it takes to get everything done around 
here! I've never met someone who works as hard as you do. 

Orochi: That's sweet of you to say. 

Soleil: You've inspired me to make a big decision. I'm going to be just like 
you! After all, you're my mom! I can't sit here and let you do all the chores 
by yourself. 

Orochi: Heheh, really, don't worry about it. I'm sure I can manage to take 
care of everything. 

Soleil: Gee, it's really cute to watch you be so selfless. I really wanna 
help though! Isn't there something I can do? 

Orochi: Fine, I suppose you can pitch in. 

Soleil: Awesome! Thanks! Don't worry-you can count on me. I promise! 

Orochi: There's just one thing. I forbid you from indulging in your 
ridiculous sweet talk. Understand? 

Soleil: Hahaha! You're so silly. That's impossible. We're a total dream team! 
These chores will be twice as cute with us working together. Don't you think? 

Orochi: *sigh* One of these days I'm going to curse you.

E15. Rinkah C

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I was wondering if you could help me with 

Rinkah: What did you have in mind? 

Ignatius: You know... now that I'm here it seems a little silly. Forget about 
it. I can take care of it. 

Rinkah: Worm problems, right? Or did a spider make its web across your tent 

Ignatius: It's a spider riding a worm. If it had just been a spider OR a 
worm, I could have handled it, I swear! 

Rinkah: How? You've come crying to me about bugs ever since you were little. 
Enough of this. Let me get my club, and we'll sort it out straightaway. 

Ignatius: Oh, gods... please do NOT squish them. Just take them somewhere 
far, far away. This will be the last time, I promise. 

Rinkah: Hmmm... Listen close, Ignatius. I'm the mother. You're the son. When 
you need things, you ask me, and I do it. 

Ignatius: I know. I really am working up the courage to handle my own bugs, 
you know? 

Rinkah: Heh... You'll get there. We'll say for sake of argument this is the 
last bug I smash. 

Ignatius: No, I said DON'T squish them! I don't want bug guts on my things!
Rinkah B

Ignatius: Good day, Mother. Do you have a moment? 

Rinkah: Yeah. Something wrong? Ah, of course... More insect incursions. 

Ignatius: No! I told you, I'm going to deal with my own bugs from now on. 
Why, just the other day a ladybug landed on my forearm... And, through 
gritted teeth, I was able to gently brush it away. 

Rinkah: So how can your mom help you? 

Ignatius: Well, it is about my tent. There's something wrong with it. 

Rinkah: I noticed that. If you pitch it with the flap to the north, the sun 

Ignatius: No, that's not the issue. It's just... I believe my tent is 
haunted. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was sure I could see a face 
staring at me! 

Rinkah: I should have guessed. If it's not one thing, it's the other. 

Ignatius: MOTHER! This is no laughing matter. 

Rinkah: You have to admit, it's always either bugs or ghosts with you. 

Ignatius: I mean, I don't believe in evil spirits. I know they don't exist, 
but... What if they do? 

Rinkah: Hmhm... round and round we go. I've been hearing this since you were 

Ignatius: I'm sorry. You've always been so tough. You must be disappointed to 
have raised a coward. 

Rinkah: Don't get mopey about it. It's comforting, in a way, to see that part 
of you never changes. 

Ignatius: Really? You mean that? 

Rinkah: I'm serious. When you have kids, you'll learn to love even their 
flaws. You'll always be my Ignatius, warts and all. 

Ignatius: Heh. Well, thank you, Mother. 

Rinkah: One thing, though... You don't still sleep with those stuffed dolls, 
do you? 

Ignatius: Yes, what of it? 

Rinkah: It's not that I mind. Just occurred to me who this face you saw might 
belong to. 

Ignatius: Oh. OH! Never mind.
Rinkah A

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I have something for you. 

Rinkah: Hey, nice charm. You make it? 

Ignatius: Yes. It's meant to bring you good luck. 

Rinkah: Thanks, Ignatius. I have to ask, though- what inspired you to do it 

Ignatius: It's just... I don't want you to die. 

Rinkah: Hmph... 

Ignatius: I know I shouldn't worry about it, but... I get scared every time 
you fight. If something were to happen to you... 

Rinkah: The way I figure, if I let anything happen to me, I deserved it. 

Ignatius: Yes, and I know how tough you are. But I still worry. You're the 
only person who accepts me just the way I am. I... I just can't stand the 
thought of losing you. 

Rinkah: Dry those eyes. You're practically swimming in people who like you 
just fine. Do I need to name them? I'm sure you can think of at least one or 
two. They'll be there for you if you let them. Even when I'm not. 

Ignatius: You're right. Of course. 

Rinkah: So don't be afraid. When my time comes, you won't want for people to 
look after you. 

Ignatius: I know. I'll try to be stronger. I'm sorry if I worried you. 

Rinkah: Like I have something more important to do? 

Ignatius: Fair enough. Just promise me that you'll live a long, healthy life, 

Rinkah: Heh. I was planning on doing that anyway, kid.
E15. Oboro C

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I was wondering if you could help me with 

Oboro: Oh, hi, Ignatius. Sure, what do you need? 

Ignatius: You know... now that I'm here it seems a little silly. Forget about 
it. I can take care of it. 

Oboro: Heehee... Having bug problems again? What is it this time? Wait, no, 
let me guess-a spider on the ceiling. Or a worm under your bedroll? 

Ignatius: It's a spider riding a worm. If it had just been a spider OR a 
worm, I could have handled it-I swear! 

Oboro: Well, spider, worm, whatever's bugging you, I'll squish it whenever 
you need me to. 

Ignatius: Oh, gods... Please do NOT squish them. Just take them somewhere 
far, far away. This will be the last time-I promise. 

Oboro: You don't have to put on a brave face for me, you know. I'm your 
mother. No one knows better than me what you can handle and what freaks you 
out. If you ever need help, ask, OK? 

Ignatius: I know. I really am working up the courage to handle my own bugs, 
you know? 

Oboro: Heehee. Keep telling yourself that. And excuse me while I go swat some 

Ignatius: No, I said DON'T squish them! I don't want bug guts on my things!
Oboro B

Ignatius: Good day, Mother. Do you have a moment? 

Oboro: Sure I do. What's up? Not another bug, I hope. 

Ignatius: No! I told you, I'm going to deal with my own bugs from now on. 
Why, just the other day a ladybug landed on my forearm... And, through 
gritted teeth, I was able to gently brush it away. 

Oboro: So what's the problem? 

Ignatius: Well, it is about my tent. There's something wrong with it. 

Oboro: You know, I agree. It's a dreadful color for you.  And that cheap 
canvas! I wouldn't be surprised if it was worn clear through! 

Ignatius: No, the fabric is intact. It's just... I believe my tent is 
haunted. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was sure I could see a face 
staring at me! 

Oboro: Hahaha... Did it pierce into your soul? Could it see all your darkest 

Ignatius: MOTHER! That's not funny. 

Oboro: OK, OK, I've had my fun. Let's go face off with that ghost. 

Ignatius: I mean, I don't believe in evil spirits. I know they don't exist, 
but... What if they do? 

Oboro: Heh... You're still a kid when it comes to spooky stuff, huh? 

Ignatius: I'm sorry. I ought to know better. It's just, when it's dark...and 
I'm alone... 

Oboro: Oh, I wasn't trying to bust your chops! I'm actually happy. It's good 
to know that some things never change. 

Ignatius: Really? You mean that? 

Oboro: Of course. The day's probably not far off when you'll see what I mean. 
So keep on being my cute widdle Ignatius for now, OK? 

Ignatius: Heh. Well, thank you, Mother. 

Oboro: You know what else I remember about when you were young? Those stuffed 
animals. Do you still keep those around? 

Ignatius: Yes, what of it? 

Oboro: Some of those things had pretty creepy faces, don't you think? 

Ignatius: Oh. OH! Never mind.
Oboro A

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I have something for you. 

Oboro: A wooden charm? Did you make this just for me? 

Ignatius: Yes. It's meant to bring you good luck. 

Oboro: Thanks, Ignatius. Any particular reason you want me to have good luck? 

Ignatius: It's just... I don't want you to die. 

Oboro: I don't need a charm for that. I'll be fine! 

Ignatius: I know I shouldn't worry about it, but... I get scared every time 
you fight. If something were to happen to you... 

Oboro: You shouldn't dwell on things you can't control, Ignatius. 

Ignatius: I know. And I know it's unlikely to happen. But I still worry. 
You're the only person who accepts me just the way I am. I... I just can't 
stand the thought of losing you. 

Oboro: I know how you feel, Ignatius. I mean, when I lost my parents, I 
thought the hole would never be filled. But then I met my foster parents, and 
my friends, and your father. Things got better. Just like they'll get better 
for you if anything ever happens to me. 

Ignatius: You're right. Of course. 

Oboro: So don't be so nervous.  Even if I'm not around, there'll be someone 
you can be yourself with. 

Ignatius: I know. I'll try to be stronger. I'm sorry if I worried you. 

Oboro: Hahaha! It's a little late to start thinking about that. You hardly do 
anything BUT worry me. Just the other day, I noticed your form was- 

Ignatius: Mother! I get it. Just promise me that you'll live a long, healthy 
life, OK? 

Oboro: That's the plan!

E16. Rinkah C

Velouria: Mom? Where are you, Mom?! *sniff* *sniff* *SNIFF* Ooh, I think 
she's this way...

Rinkah: Oh, it's you, Velouria. What's going on? 

Velouria: Mom! There you are! I knew my nose wouldn't fail me in my time of 

Rinkah: What is it you wanted from me? 

Velouria: Mom... May I have a hug? A big one? Right now? 

Rinkah: Hmph... Fine, get over here. I hope no one thinks I've gone soft... 

Velouria: *sniff* *sniff* Mom, you smell so sweet. Just like a flower! 

Rinkah: A flower?! No! That's the last thing I should smell like! 

Velouria: *SNIFF* *SNIFF* I'm getting sleepy just being in your arms, Mom... 
*sniff* *sniff* 

Rinkah: Is that all it takes with you? Hmm. 

Velouria: Mom... Don't ever go anywhere... I want to stay with 
you...forever... *sniff* *sniff* Zzz... 

Rinkah: What are you talking about? Where do you think I'm going? 

Velouria: Zzz... I love you, Mom... Zzzzzz...
Rinkah B

Rinkah: Up and at 'em, Velouria. It's time to eat. 

Velouria: ... 

Rinkah: You seem miles away. Something on your mind? 

Velouria: Mom, I've been thinking... You shouldn't be here. 

Rinkah: Come again? 

Velouria: I want you to go somewhere far away from here. Somewhere safe. If 
you stay here, something bad might happen! 

Rinkah: I agree. It's one of the things a warrior has to be prepared for at 
any time. 

Velouria: I know! That's why you have to go far away from this place! 

Rinkah: You're not telling me to turn tail and run, are you? It's never been 
my style. 

Velouria: I don't like the sound of it either, but it's the only way to keep 
you safe. Missing you is a lot better than losing you forever. 

Rinkah: All right, Velouria, that's enough nonsense. Your mom's no coward. I 
have unfinished business here, and I can't just abandon our friends. 

Velouria: I don't care about the others-only you! You're my mom... I need you 
to be safe. 

Rinkah: Don't get me wrong. You're my daughter, and I love you. It's that 
love that gives me the fire to go out into battle every day. 

Velouria: I don't understand... 

Rinkah: We're trying to make the world safe for you. 

Velouria: ... 

Rinkah: I get that you worry about me. But I can't let that keep me off the 

Velouria: Mom... May I hug you for a while? 

Rinkah: I suppose so. 

Velouria: You smell so nice, Mom... Don't... don't ever leave me... *sniff* 

Rinkah: I'd sooner abandon the fight than abandon you, Velouria.
Rinkah A

Velouria: Mom... MOM?! 

Rinkah: Is something going on, Velouria? 

Velouria: I need to hug you some more. 

Rinkah: Wh-? Again?! Fine. Let's do this... 

Velouria: You smell more like a flower every day, Mom. 

Rinkah: I'll never get used to you saying that... 

Velouria: Mom... I'm sorry for saying such funny things the other day. I 
won't ever tell you to go away again. I think I understand why you refused. 

Rinkah: Forget it. I'm just glad you could see things my way. 

Velouria: I decided I'm going to get stronger. Strong enough to protect you! 
You're the most important mom in the whole world, so I have to watch over 
Rinkah: Now you know how I feel. I'm always trying to improve myself, so I 
can keep you safe. Because you, of everyone here, are the one person I 
couldn't stand to see suffer. 

Velouria: Is it OK if I hug you a little longer? 

Rinkah: Hey, if that's what you want. 

Velouria: Can I hug you tighter and tighter until we both explode from love? 

Rinkah: D-don't make this weird, Velouria. 

Velouria: My mom, the desert rose... I love you so much... I'll love you 
forever and ever, Mom... 

Rinkah: And I'll love you. With all the force and the heat of the desert 
E16. Hana C

Velouria: Mom? Where are you, Mom?! *sniff* *sniff* *SNIFF* Ooh, I think 
she's this way...

Hana: Hi, Velouria. What's going on? 

Velouria: Mom! There you are! I knew my nose wouldn't fail me in my time of 

Hana: You were sniffing me out? Did you need something? 

Velouria: Mom... May I have a hug? A big one? Right now? 

Hana: Only the biggest and best hugs for my spoiled little girl! 

Velouria: *sniff* *sniff* Mom, you smell so sweet. Just like a flower! 

Hana: A flower, hm? Did you know your mom is named for a flower? 

Velouria: *SNIFF* *SNIFF* I'm getting sleepy just being in your arms, Mom... 

Hana: Gosh. I wish I could smell what you're smelling. 

Velouria: Mom... Don't ever go anywhere... I want to stay with you... 
forever... *sniff* *sniff* Zzz... 

Hana: OK! I'll stay right here, where you can always find me. 

Velouria: Zzz... I love you, Mom... Zzzzzz...
Hana B

Hana: Velouria, it's dinnertime! Don't tell me you're not hungry... 

Velouria: ... 

Hana: Oh no, what's got you so upset? 

Velouria: Mom, I've been thinking... You shouldn't be here. 

Hana: Huh? Why do you say that? 

Velouria: I want you to go somewhere far away from here. Somewhere safe. If 
you stay here, something bad might happen! 

Hana: I can't deny it. Any battle could be my last. 

Velouria: I know! That's why you have to go far away from this place! 

Hana: Are you telling me to turn tail and run? To leave everyone I care about 

Velouria: I don't like the sound of it either, but it's the only way to keep 
you safe. Missing you is a lot better than losing you forever. 

Hana: I could never! Even if it's my own daughter asking me. I still have so 
much to do here. The front lines would fall apart without me! 

Velouria: I don't care about the others-only you! You're my mom... I need you 
to be safe. 

Hana: But being your mom is what makes me so determined to stand and fight 

Velouria: I don't understand... 

Hana: The whole point of all this fighting... It's to bring about peace, so 
you don't have to grow up afraid of anything. 

Velouria: ... 

Hana: And I'm sorry if it makes you nervous. But this is one thing I can't 
give you. 

Velouria: Mom... May I hug you for a while? 

Hana: Why, of course you can! 

Velouria: You smell so nice, Mom... Don't... don't ever leave me... *sniff* 

Hana: I won't. Not ever. That's a promise...
Hana A

Velouria: Mom... MOM?! 

Hana: Hi there, Velouria. What's up? 

Velouria: I need to hug you some more. 

Hana: More? Ha ha, twist my arm, why don't you? 

Velouria: You smell more like a flower every day, Mom. 

Hana: That's flowers for you. They bloom more and more until their smell is 

Velouria: Mom... I'm sorry for saying such funny things the other day. I 
won't ever tell you to go away again. I think I understand why you refused. 

Hana: You don't have to apologize. I know what you really meant. I'm glad you 
understand, though! The things I'm doing-they have to be done. 

Velouria: I decided I'm going to get stronger. Strong enough to protect you! 
You're the most important mommy in the whole world, so I have to watch over 

Hana: Velouria... That's exactly what I'm talking about. I'm fighting to 
watch over you, because you're so precious to me. More important than anyone 
else in the world! 

Velouria: Is it OK if I hug you a little longer? 

Hana: Take all the time you need. 

Velouria: Can I hug you tighter and tighter until we both explode from love? 

Hana: Ha ha, well-oof-maybe not that much! 

Velouria: My mom, the flower... I love you so much... I'll love you forever 
and ever, Mom... 

Hana: I'll never stop loving you either, Velouria.
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