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by SBAllen

Table of Contents

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Unlockable Guide by SBAllen

Version: 2.58 | Updated: 06/11/2019
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unlockables by Character
    1. Link
    2. Impa
    3. Sheik
    4. Lana
    5. Zelda
    6. Ganondorf
    7. Darunia
    8. Ruto
    9. Agitha
    10. Midna
    11. Zant
    12. Fi
    13. Ghirahim
    14. Cia
    15. Volga
    16. Wizzro
    17. Twili Midna
    18. Young Link
    19. Tingle
    20. Linkle
    21. Skull Kid
    22. Toon Link
    23. Tetra
    24. King Daphnes
    25. Medli
    26. Marin
    27. Toon Zelda
    28. Ravio
    29. Yuga
  3. My Fairy Unlockables
    1. My Fairy Locations
    2. Dining Room
    3. Salon
    4. School
  4. Gold Skulltula Locations
  5. Badge List
  6. Material List
  7. Medal List
  8. Legend Mode
    1. Prologue - The Armies of Ruin
    2. Prologue - The Sheikah Tribesman
    3. Prologue - The Sorceress of the Woods
    4. Prologue - The Sorceress of the Valley
    5. Ocarina of Time - Land of Myth
    6. Ocarina of Time - The Water Temple
    7. Twilight Princess - Land of Twilight
    8. Twilight Princess - The Shadow King
    9. Skyward Sword - Land in the Sky
    10. Skyward Sword - Sealed Ambition
    11. Epilogue - The Sacred Sword
    12. Epilogue - A War of Spirit
    13. Epilogue - Shining Beacon
    14. Ganondorf - Ganondorf's Return
    15. Ganondorf - March of the Demon King
    16. Ganondorf - Battle of the Triforce
    17. Grand Finale - Enduring Resolve
    18. Grand Finale - Liberation of the Triforce
    19. Cia's Tale - The Dragon of the Caves
    20. Cia's Tale - The Invasion Begins
    21. Cia's Tale - The Usurper King
    22. Cia's Tale - The Demon Lord
    23. Cia's Tale - Darkness Falls
    24. Linkle's Tale - The Girl in the Green Tunic
    25. Linkle's Tale - Powers Collide
    26. Linkle's Tale - The Demon Lord's Plan
    27. Linkle's Tale - Her True Self
    28. Linkle's Tale - The Other Hero
    29. Wind Waker - A New Disturbance
    30. Wind Waker - The Search for Cia
    31. Wind Waker - Reclaiming the Darkness
    32. Wind Waker - Watchers of the Triforce
  9. Adventure Mode Overview
  10. Adventure Map
  11. Great Sea Map
  12. Master Quest Map
  13. Master Wind Waker Map
  14. Twilight Map
  15. Termina Map
  16. Koholint Island Map
  17. Grand Travels Map
  18. Lorule Map
  19. Rewards Map
  20. Version/Thanks/Copyright

Medal List

Below is a list of all medals in the game and how to obtain them.

Destructive ForceDefeated 1,000 or more enemies in one battle.
A Hundred Years AheadIn one battle, defeated 100 or more enemies with Special Attacks.
Magical WarriorDefeated 500 enemies during one Focus Spirit use.
Mr. FairyDefeat 50 foes at once with Fairy Magic.
Hyrule WarriorDefeated a total of 100,000 or more enemies.
MillionaireAcquired a total of 1,000,000 or more Rupees.
Weapons MasterAcquired a total of 1,000 or more weapons.
Treasure HunterAcquired a total of 100 or more super-rare materials.
Lawn MowerCut a total of 1,000 or more clumps of grass.
Everyone's HeroSaved an ally 50 or more times.
Marathon ManRan a total of 42.195 km or more.
Hyrule GourmandCollected a total of 100 Delicious Food items.
Hero in the Green TunicCompleted Legend Mode.
The Real DealCompleted Legend Mode on Hero Mode difficulty.
Serious AdventurerAttained "A" Rank in Adventure Mode.
Bug CatcherDefeated 100 Gold Skulltulas.
Know-It-AllCompleted 13 illustrations.
Intrepid ExplorerUsed a total of 100 Item Cards or more.
Material MasterCollected 999 of a single type of material.
amiibo WarriorsReceived 100 amiibo presents.
Fairy CircleLearned every type of Fairy Skill.
Badge CollectorCreated every kind of badge.
Granny's BoyCreated every kind of mixture.
Fairy FashionistaAcquired all fairy clothing items.
CraftsmanCompleted a battle using only items.
True Master SwordUnlocked the true power of the Master Sword.
Cucco's RevengeManaged to get defeated by a Cucco.
SuperstarActivated all Focus Spirit bonuses.
Hey! Listen!Found a companion fairy.
Fairy FountainFound three companion fairies.
Fairy in a BottleRefreshed a companion fairy.
Connected WorldsCompleted the Adventure Map.
Ruler of the WorldAttained "A" Rank in all Adventure Map battles.
A Secret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Adventure Map.
Connected SeasCompleted the Great Sea Map.
Ruler of the Great SeaAttained "A" Rank in all Great Sea Map battles.
A Sea-cret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Great Sea Map.
Connected Master WorldsCleared the Master Quest Map.
Ruler of the Master WorldAttained "A" Rank in all Master Quest Map battles.
Still a Secret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Master Quest Map.
Connected Twilight WorldsCleared the Twilight Map.
Ruler of the Twilight WorldAttained "A" Rank in all Twilight Map battles.
A Twilit Secret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Twilight Map.
Connected TerminaCleared the Termina Map.
Ruler of TerminaAttained "A" Rank in all Termina Map battles.
A Not-So-Terrible FateFound all secret elements on the Termina Map.
Connected Master Wind WakerCompleted the Master Wind Waker Map.
Ruler of Master Wind WakerAttained "A" Rank in all Master Wind Waker Map battles.
A Deep Sea-cret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Master Wind Waker Map.
Koholint Island ConnectorCompleted the Koholint Island Map.
Ruler of Koholint IslandAttained "A" Rank in all battles on the Koholint Island Map.
A Slumbering Secret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Koholint Island Map.
Limit BreakerRaised a warrior to level 150.
Grand Travels ConnectorCompleted the Grand Travels Map.
The Grandest TravelerAttained "A" Rank in all Grand Travels Map battles.
A Well-Traveled SecretFound all secret elements on the Grand Travels Map.
Limitless AmbitionRaised a warrior to level 200.
Lorulean ConnectorCompleted the Lorule Map.
Ruler of the LoruleAttained "A" Rank in all Lorule Map battles.
A Mirrored Secret to EverybodyFound all secret elements on the Lorule Map.
Ultimate AmbitionRaised a warrior to level 255.
Hero of HyruleAcquired all medals.
In addition to writing guides, SBAllen is an avid gamer, father, and Product Manager of GameFAQs. He's also an expert rapper.