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by SBAllen

Table of Contents

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Unlockable Guide by SBAllen

Version: 2.23b | Updated: 07/14/18

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unlockables by Character
    1. Link
    2. Impa
    3. Sheik
    4. Lana
    5. Zelda
    6. Ganondorf
    7. Darunia
    8. Ruto
    9. Agitha
    10. Midna
    11. Zant
    12. Fi
    13. Ghirahim
    14. Cia
    15. Volga
    16. Wizzro
    17. Twili Midna
    18. Young Link
    19. Tingle
    20. Linkle
    21. Skull Kid
    22. Toon Link
    23. Tetra
    24. King Daphnes
    25. Medli
    26. Marin
    27. Toon Zelda
    28. Ravio
    29. Yuga
  3. My Fairy Unlockables
    1. My Fairy Locations
    2. Dining Room
    3. Salon
    4. School
  4. Gold Skulltula Locations
  5. Material List
  6. Legend Mode
    1. Prologue - The Armies of Ruin
    2. Prologue - The Sheikah Tribesman
    3. Prologue - The Sorceress of the Woods
    4. Prologue - The Sorceress of the Valley
    5. Ocarina of Time - Land of Myth
    6. Ocarina of Time - The Water Temple
    7. Twilight Princess - Land of Twilight
    8. Twilight Princess - The Shadow King
    9. Skyward Sword - Land in the Sky
    10. Skyward Sword - Sealed Ambition
    11. Epilogue - The Sacred Sword
    12. Epilogue - A War of Spirit
    13. Epilogue - Shining Beacon
    14. Ganondorf - Ganondorf's Return
    15. Ganondorf - March of the Demon King
    16. Ganondorf - Battle of the Triforce
    17. Grand Finale - Enduring Resolve
    18. Grand Finale - Liberation of the Triforce
    19. Cia's Tale - The Dragon of the Caves
    20. Cia's Tale - The Invasion Begins
    21. Cia's Tale - The Usurper King
    22. Cia's Tale - The Demon Lord
    23. Cia's Tale - Darkness Falls
    24. Linkle's Tale - The Girl in the Green Tunic
    25. Linkle's Tale - Powers Collide
    26. Linkle's Tale - The Demon Lord's Plan
    27. Linkle's Tale - Her True Self
    28. Linkle's Tale - The Other Hero
    29. Wind Waker - A New Disturbance
    30. Wind Waker - The Search for Cia
    31. Wind Waker - Reclaiming the Darkness
    32. Wind Waker - Watchers of the Triforce
  7. Adventure Mode Overview
  8. Adventure Map
  9. Great Sea Map
  10. Master Quest Map
  11. Master Wind Waker Map
  12. Twilight Map
  13. Termina Map
  14. Koholint Island Map
  15. Grand Travels Map
  16. Lorule Map
  17. Rewards Map
  18. Version/Thanks/Copyright

Koholint Island Map

This section currently only supports the version. Most unlock methods will be the same or at least similar but the unlocks themselves might be different. Proceed with caution.

The Koholint Island Map is obtainable by purchasing the Link's Awakening DLC or the Season Pass DLC for the game in the version or by completing The Armies of Ruin on . This map is rather different than the preceding maps, so I'll highlight the differences below:

  • The main goal of this map is to awaken the Wind Fish and then defeat the final stage. In order to accomplish this, you must collect the eight Instruments of the Sirens and use them all on the Nightmares. There is an egg counter on the map that increments as you use the different instruments to help you keep track.
  • Nightmares are spread across the map and prevent you from entering a stage until they are removed. They are removed by using any of the eight Instruments of the Sirens Item Cards. They will reappear after a period of time passes until the Wind Fish is awakened and then they will all be dispelled and no longer respawn.
  • Each of the eight Instruments of the Sirens will cause a bonus effect to be applied to all locations on the map for three turns when used on a Nightmare. These bonuses are covered in the Item Card list below. Only one effect can be active at a time and they cannot be overwritten by another effect. Once the Wind Fish is awakened, the bonuses last for six turns instead of three and the Instruments can be used on any location rather than only on Nightmare squares.
CompassReveals where to use other Item Cards
Full Moon CelloFills your special gauge
Conch HornHalves damage taken for a short time
Sea Lily BellFills your magic gauge
Surf HarpIncreases experience points earned
Wind MarimbaIncreases rupee drop rate
Coral TriangleIncreases food drop rate
Organ of Evening CalmIncreases material drop rate
Thunder DrumIncreases weapon drop rate
Grandpa UlriraUse on phone booths
Power BraceletPush boulders out of the way
Magic PowderSet fire to torches

As always, the difficulty increases as follows: Black (starting area) -> Green -> Yellow -> Purple -> Orange -> Blue -> Red.