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by SBAllen

Table of Contents

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Unlockable Guide by SBAllen

Version: 2.58 | Updated: 06/11/2019
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unlockables by Character
    1. Link
    2. Impa
    3. Sheik
    4. Lana
    5. Zelda
    6. Ganondorf
    7. Darunia
    8. Ruto
    9. Agitha
    10. Midna
    11. Zant
    12. Fi
    13. Ghirahim
    14. Cia
    15. Volga
    16. Wizzro
    17. Twili Midna
    18. Young Link
    19. Tingle
    20. Linkle
    21. Skull Kid
    22. Toon Link
    23. Tetra
    24. King Daphnes
    25. Medli
    26. Marin
    27. Toon Zelda
    28. Ravio
    29. Yuga
  3. My Fairy Unlockables
    1. My Fairy Locations
    2. Dining Room
    3. Salon
    4. School
  4. Gold Skulltula Locations
  5. Badge List
  6. Material List
  7. Medal List
  8. Legend Mode
    1. Prologue - The Armies of Ruin
    2. Prologue - The Sheikah Tribesman
    3. Prologue - The Sorceress of the Woods
    4. Prologue - The Sorceress of the Valley
    5. Ocarina of Time - Land of Myth
    6. Ocarina of Time - The Water Temple
    7. Twilight Princess - Land of Twilight
    8. Twilight Princess - The Shadow King
    9. Skyward Sword - Land in the Sky
    10. Skyward Sword - Sealed Ambition
    11. Epilogue - The Sacred Sword
    12. Epilogue - A War of Spirit
    13. Epilogue - Shining Beacon
    14. Ganondorf - Ganondorf's Return
    15. Ganondorf - March of the Demon King
    16. Ganondorf - Battle of the Triforce
    17. Grand Finale - Enduring Resolve
    18. Grand Finale - Liberation of the Triforce
    19. Cia's Tale - The Dragon of the Caves
    20. Cia's Tale - The Invasion Begins
    21. Cia's Tale - The Usurper King
    22. Cia's Tale - The Demon Lord
    23. Cia's Tale - Darkness Falls
    24. Linkle's Tale - The Girl in the Green Tunic
    25. Linkle's Tale - Powers Collide
    26. Linkle's Tale - The Demon Lord's Plan
    27. Linkle's Tale - Her True Self
    28. Linkle's Tale - The Other Hero
    29. Wind Waker - A New Disturbance
    30. Wind Waker - The Search for Cia
    31. Wind Waker - Reclaiming the Darkness
    32. Wind Waker - Watchers of the Triforce
  9. Adventure Mode Overview
  10. Adventure Map
  11. Great Sea Map
  12. Master Quest Map
  13. Master Wind Waker Map
  14. Twilight Map
  15. Termina Map
  16. Koholint Island Map
  17. Grand Travels Map
  18. Lorule Map
  19. Rewards Map
  20. Version/Thanks/Copyright

Adventure Mode Overview

Before beginning Adventure Mode, here are a few things to note.

First thing to note is the coordinate notation used for this guide. Each Adventure Mode map is comprised of a grid of squares for you to enter and perform missions. Since there's no official notation within the game, I've come up with my own notation. For each square, there is a horizontal position and a vertical position. For horizontal, "A" is the leftmost column, then "B", and so on. For vertical position, "1" is the topmost row, then "2" then so on. So the D-3 square would be the 4th column, 3rd row. It's worth noting that after I got pretty far into the work on this guide, most other people on the internet started using the opposite notation. So what I refer to as D-3 is often referred to as C-4 elsewhere. Apologies for this, but the amount of work it would require to convert to this more commonly used format would take literally hundreds of hours so you're stuck with my notation.

Also, the initial color of a square gives you a general idea of how hard it is. In this guide, you can see the color that a square is by viewing the grids near the start of each map. Difficulty increases as follows: Black (starting area) -> Green -> Yellow -> Purple -> Orange -> Blue -> Red.

In terms of unlocking, there are a few different methods for unlocking.

  • "A" Rank Victory: In order to unlock something in this list, you must earn an A-Rank when you complete the scenario. In order to do so, you must beat certain requirements for how many KOs you earn, how quickly you defeat the stage, and how much damage you take. These values are provided in this guide. The requirements tend to depend on the color of the square and, as the game unfortunately does not provide the exact information, are not guaranteed to be correct You must earn an A-Rank for each category to get the A-Rank for the scenario. : The way that damage taken is scored is much different on the Switch as it is percentage-based rather than a hard value. Because of this, it's often much easier to get the A-Rank on damage taken than on the 3DS.
  • Battle Victory: To earn the unlockables in this list, simply complete the scenario. Your ranking doesn't matter. For Item Cards, they might not always be available and in the case where some locations might offer two different ones, only one can be available at a time. Also, they can return after earning them once after some time passes so you can get them again. You can never run out of Item Cards, so you don't have to worry about using one incorrectly.
  • Treasure: Items in this list need to be found while playing the scenario, either in chests or sometimes in pots or elsewhere. Unless noted in the guide by "[Pot]", you need to capture the listed Keep to find the treasure. Remember that if the treasure is for a specific character, you need to be playing as that character when you do. For "[Pot]" items, you can find these by breaking the bronze-colored pots in that Keep until you find it. Also note that all food found as treasure will be of the Gold/Delicious variety. In order to see which Keeps are which, you can check the Battlefield Info before starting the skirmish or at any time by pausing then pressing left or right until you see the List of Keeps.

If the item has a picture of a character in the corner, you must be playing as that character to unlock it. If the item has a "?" in the corner, it's for a character you haven't unlocked yet. If you see something listed in this guide but nothing in your copy of the game, it's because it's for a character you haven't met yet so no hint shows up in-game until you do.

Gold Skulltulas work in a similar manner to how they work in Legend Mode. To unlock the first Gold Skulltula for a scenario that has them, you need to KO 1000 enemies. To unlock the second Skulltula, you must first claim the first one then you must play the scenario again (you can't earn them on the same playthrough), complete the first mission given in the scenario, and follow the requirements listed in this guide.

Another thing to take into account is Searching. You can Search any tile before entering it. Many tiles require you to do so in order to earn one or more of the unlockables (you'll see "Search Required" written above the unlockable) or to be able to go to another certain square after completing the scenario. When you Search, you need to find some part of the tile that stands out and use an Item Card on it. These will be covered in the guide, with images included where appropriate. The images are taken after the item cards were used, so they will look different, but the place(s) needed to use cards are marked with the cursor and a written description is added as well. If my descriptions and images somehow aren't enough to help you find the place to use the Item Card, you can use a Compass to reveal where to use Item Cards. It's also worth noting in the version of the game that you can hit the + button while on an Adventure Map to open up a shop that lets you buy a copy of most Item Cards after you discover them, which greatly increases the speed in which you can complete the maps by avoiding pesky backtracking.

In order to progress through the map and unlock all of the scenarios, you generally just need to complete adjacent ones with a certain rank (which you'll see before entering the scenario). If there is a squiggly line between adjacent tiles, then you cannot connect the two tiles in this manner and will have to unlock that tile from a different adjacent tile.

Finally, if you ever come across "You haven't met the requirements for this battle" for a tile you have unlocked, it means that you need to progress further in Legend Mode in order to play the scenario. The most common occurence of this that people seem to come across is the Skull Kid battle in the Adventure Map, which requires you to complete Linkle's Tale - The Girl in the Green Tunic first. These are notated in the guide as well.

Still with me? Great, glad you read all of that. Here are quick links to jump to each of the different Adventure Mode maps. You can also access these at any time directly from this guide's Table of Contents as well.

In addition to writing guides, SBAllen is an avid gamer, father, and Product Manager of GameFAQs. He's also an expert rapper.