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  1. Okay... I have done the water temple hard mode multiple times meeting requirements in order to gain the gold skulltula and it has not appeared. Can someone please help me on this?

    User Info: OmnipotentZero1

    OmnipotentZero1 - 2 years ago

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  1. 1. Make sure Legend Mode is completed entirely, all 32 levels. Clear all of Linkle and Cia's levels to get the Wind Waker ones to open.
    2. Make sure your difficulty is set to Hard.
    3. Make sure Impa with the Giant Blade is one of the characters you have chosen, though you do not have to play as her. Use Free Mode and select whomever you're comfortable using.
    4. Save Ruto as quick as possible at every point to ensure she doesn't lose much health. Darunia should be fine until Dodongo appears, at which point you can keep Dodongo's attention on yourself, so he should never come into trouble.
    5. If you have a Double Shine fairy, try dropping its barrier in the middle of the level once Ruto is in the Central Chamber to keep her healed.
    6. Remember that King Dodongo only appears once you engage Zelda in the boss room.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 2 years ago 0   0

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  1. There are a few options. The first one: make sure you finished legend mode completely and not only the first part to unlock the hard mode skulltulas. Not saying you didn't. But sometimes people check guides and follow the guides first. But in this case you have to complete Legend Mode completely (this means till the end of the Wind waker part).
    Sec one: use Impa with the giant blade and not the Naginata.
    Third one: make sure none of your allies have their health dropped below the 50% when you kill off Dodongo. It could be possible you missed someone and their health dropped till below the 50%.

    User Info: Vanessa28

    Vanessa28 - 2 years ago 0   0

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