Where is the actual real guide for the 3ds version?

  1. I have been to many sites and most of them have me the PC/Xbox version guide which is different. IGN just did not have what i was looking for on all the NPC or the pets. This wiki wikia is a little in accurate when it comes to the pets, I got a pet and this pets fights, and i did not summon it from a box, it dropped off of an enemy, one of the ios pet i saw someone who had that in a video. Consle/and Mobile are together but mobile is by it self and i have the mobile version, (That is where i practice) I got father in my 3ds
    That wiki/wikia one is just not really going to help the 3ds/wiiU members out

    I am fresh out of the water with this game on my way to Newbie statis sooo
    If anyone knows where this FAQ/walkthrough is would be great
    I mean Munster hunter tri has one so what gives

    User Info: awesomegameswag

    awesomegameswag - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I did a little searching too and couldn't find one. Most likely because guide making people don't feel like making a guide for every platform. Maybe wait a while longer and hope.

    User Info: linx1550

    linx1550 - 2 years ago 0   0

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