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by Warhawk

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Warhawk

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/13/19


Mega Man (4) FAQ/Walkthrough
Episode 4: A New Evil Ambition!!
Written by:Stephen "Warhawk" Harris
Covers:Nintendo Entertainment System
Created:March 10, 2019
Finished:March 12, 2019
PayPal Donation:gamefaqswarhawk@gmail.com

Thank you for checking out Warhawk's guide for Mega Man 4 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The fourth main entry in the Mega Man "Classic" series. For this guide, I look at covering the game to the best of my ability. If there's anything I may have missed or is off feel free to contact me directly via Facebook listed above or by e-mail in a later section. Also if you found it helpful and want to donate you can do so by donating to my PayPal via the e-mail listed above.

Author's Note: At the time of the update any further updates will be posted in the Mega Man Legacy Collection guide found on Neoseeker.