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FAQ/Walkthrough by virgilkx

Updated: 04/27/00

Mega Man 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
Created by VirgilKX@aol.com 
Date: 4/27/00

Mega Man 2 is a side-scrolling game, and. well, I'm sure you know of Mega Man's 
countless number of games, and how its all played. I'd say Mega Man has made the 
most number of games in video game history - and all of them have something to 
offer. This, the 2nd one for Nintendo, happens to be my absolute favorite. Play 
it, and you'll see why! 
Section 1: Introduction to the game, and its elements. 
Section 2: Fighting the 8 robot masters, and the corresponding stages. 
Section 3: Dr. Wily's Castle. 
Section 4: Additional Challenges. 

Section 1: Introduction to the game, and its elements

Okay, so maybe you DO need an introduction to the game, and the story. No 
Dr. Wily, after having escaped from the last adventure, instead of stealing more 
robots from Dr. Light, this time, makes 8 of his own to combat Mega Man in 
various areas around the States. 

Bubble Man - An advocate of the water, shoots bursts of water at you, along with 
launching bouncing bubbles... keep in mind, these blasts are lead-powered. Has a 
clear advantage, seeing as how you fight him in the water, and all. 

Heat Man - A giant lighter - turns into a living fireball. (Well, almost 
living.) Shoots out fire waves, and dashes across the room as a fireball, then 
reforming to repeat the process. Hates water, and even worse, lead water. 

Metal Man - Throws sharp metal blades at you with quick accuracy, and is good at 
avoiding your shots. Even worse, his arena has a conveyor belt as a floor, and 
controls it with a flash of light. 

Flash Man - His lair is iced all over, and his attack, the Time-Stopper, has the 
same effect. After freezing you, he'll shoot out blasts similar to yours. Has 
the upper hand with his oddly lain out battleground, and it is iced, as well. 

Crash Man - Wields the crash bombs, and coordinates his jumps with your shots. 
Those crash bombs hurt, so watch out. There is a pattern to beating him 
though... or, you could take the easy way out, and shoot blasts of air at him. 

WoodMan - Holds ground in the forest, and attacks with razor sharp leaves. Also 
has a method of protecting himself with a leaf shield. Only two attacks will 
raze him good enough. One is heat-based, the other being metal-based. 

Quick Man - Protects his lair with lighting fast laser beams, and he himself is 
just as quick, chucking quick boomerangs as he jumps around the room. Only time 
it self can stop him dead in his tracks. 

AirMan - Has a base in the high sky, and attacks with hard-hitting air blasts. 
Leaves are said to be the only thing that can clog his fan. 

Of course, just like in the last quest, after beating all the designated bosses, 
you then move on to the Doc's fortress, where you confront more lunatic 
machines. Dr. Wily waits at the end. 

Fear not, though, you have a new assortment of weapons and items you can use... 
provided you win them, of course, from the assorted eight robot masters. 

Item 1 - After you defeat Heat Man, you will receive the multi-platform. This 
creates up to 3 vertical elevators that float vertically up. They disappear 
shortly, though. 
Item 2 - Completed after you defeat Air Man. Jet Sled. Use it, and you can glide 
across a chasm in seconds. Uses up power quickly, and when it loses power, it 
disappears, dropping you wherever it happens to vanish. 

Item 3 - After defeating Flash man, you'll receive the wall climber. Activate 
this on a wall, and you'll be able to 'climb' the wall. It drains energy, so be 

Also included with these 3 new items, is a new invention - the energy tank! One 
jolt of this will replenish ALL of Mega Man's energy. They can be found in the 
various hideouts of the robot masters, and even in Dr. Wily's castle. You can 
carry up to 4. 

Every boss, and Mega Man, has an energy bar. When it goes down to nothing, it 
obviously means you, or it, is destroyed. You can get energy capsules or energy 
tanks to replenish your health, however. The same goes for using weapons and 
items, except that there are no weapon tanks, and the enemy can use its weapon 
freely without charge. 

Extra lives are still in the game. Get a Mega man helmet to increase the number 
of lives you have by one. 

Energy, and weapon capsules are still in, too. Small recovers 2 or 3 blocks, a 
large recovers a quarter or so. 

The score feature has been taken away, but in its place, is a difficulty 
setting. I'm going by the normal mode, for beginners. Difficult mode increases 
the amount of shots it takes to destroy an enemy by 2x and some enemies have a 
new style of attack. All which will be explained in a later section, and so 

Section 2: Fighting the 8 robot masters, and the corresponding stages.

Just like last time, there's an order in, which would be wise to fight the 8 
robot masters. Each strategy guide differs, and each player may have his/her 
order of taking on the bosses. However, since you're reading this guide, we'll 
go by my strategy. 

1. Flash Man's Stage. 

Enemies for this stage: 

Red robo: Shoots plasma blasts in an arc, firing fast toward your direction. 
After shooting 6 of these, he proceeds to shoot 6 upward shots, which fall down, 
and can still hit you. A tricky enemy to kill - Try using Bubble lead, or a 
metal blade to kill these, but lacking a weapon, fire rapidly upon spotting on. 
If you're good, you can avoid getting hit. 

Mega Machine: A guard rides in one of these. If you're hit by one of its jumps, 
you'll feel it that's for sure. Use the Air Shooter to take it out in one shot 
(provided all the blasts hit it, mostly.), then deal with the guard that emerges 
from it. Also shoots quick plasma shots, so you're not totally safe, even if 
you're hiding behind a wall. 

Guard: Uses a shield, and a plasma-like gun of his own Fire when his shield is 
put away, but dodge his bullets, at the same time. Fires 3 bullets then shield 
himself, and repeats. Use this pattern to your advantage. 

Walking Tower: Crawls as a row of 4 blocks, and very easy to kill - provided 
you're on the Normal difficulty level, of course. One plasma shot to his eyes 
will be enough to kill him. 

Boomerang Spouters: Floor-mounted machines that shoot out boomerangs. They stick 
to the ground and wiggle a bit, impending your process. Take them out with the 
metal blades, bubble lead, or quick boomerangs. Even use the leaf shield if 
you're desperate for energy. 

The lair is very icy, so be wary about running onward, or else you may run smack 
into an enemy. Go east, and you'll be faced with three paths. Choose the lower 
one, and defeat the Red robo that lies there. Go to the middle path and collect 
the energy capsule if you need it, and continue on the lower path. 

You'll see a barrier above you as you continue, but you can't destroy it yet. 
Defeat the Red robo on the right, and keep going. If you had Item 1 or 3, you 
would be able to reach the platform above, but you don't have it yet, so go on. 

Defeat the next Red robo from behind, and jump down the chasm. Fire upon 
witnessing the Mega machine, dodging its bullets, and destroy the guard that 
comes out of it. Arc to the right this time when you fall down the chasm and you 
might be able to reach the adjacent chasm. Go down that one and you'll be at the 
checkpoint, that is, the place you return should you die in this stage. 

If you fell down the other one, then destroy the Red robo, and move on to the 
chasm to the right of the Red robo. Keep falling all the way down and you'll see 
two Boomerang spouters. Be cautious, since you don't have any weapons that can 
easily defeat them. Once you make it past them, go down the right chasm. Keep 
going, past the Walking Tower, and push left as you fall. 

You'll now see a Mega Machine below you. You might need the energy capsule, then 
again, you might not. Either way, stay on the right indented platform, and lure 
him over a bit. Then, jump across the (carefully, now.) blocks, luring him over 
to the left, where he will fall into the chasm. Now you're free to get the 
energy capsule. Proceed down the chasm, which the enemy fell down into. 

A couple more Mega Machines impede your progress, but you can make it by them... 
if you're able to make it across the blocks up ahead. Move quickly, but 
carefully, across the iced blocks, and you should be able to reach the energy 
tank up ahead. If not, no big deal, just move to the lower right to avoid being 
hit by Mega Machines. 

Lure the last Mega Machine on the right to the left a bit, and then move quickly 
back to the right. The Mega Machine should now have disappeared. You're free to 
get to the boss lair now. Time your jumps carefully so that you jump from the 
left ledge, to the right ledge, then to the sliding chain door. You've made it. 
Go through the next door, and confront Flash Man. 

Fighting Flash Man: 

With your plasma cannon ready, fire upon sight. About 7 shots are all it takes 
to beat him. Careful now, the arena is icy, and the ground is waved a bit, 
making it difficult at times to hit him. Try to stay as far away from him as 
possible, since he hurts if he slams into you, and you're an easier target for 
his blasts, after he stops you in time. If you're in the air when he stops time, 
you've a better chance at avoiding his shots The battle isn't too hard, and 
before you know it, you've defeated Flash Man. 

You get the Time-Stopper and Item 3 for defeating Flash Man. Move on to the next 
stage - Air Man. 

2. AirMan's Stage. 

Enemies for this stage: 

Gremlin: Large floating 'heads' that shoot out mini-gremlins from the side, and 
protect their flanks with rising and lowering spikes. You must time your jumps 
to avoid getting knocked off by the spikes, when you go to make your jump onto a 

Mini-gremlin: Comes out of the Gremlin, and are persistent buggers. They only 
appear if you're standing on top of a Gremlin. Don't stand on top of a Gremlin 
for long, otherwise, you may find yourself fighting off Mini-gremlins for a 

Thor: Rides on a cloud, and throws thunderbolts at you. In order to get on his 
cloud, you must destroy him. Metal blades or quick boomerangs are good choices 
to use against him, but lacking that, just hit him with your plasma cannon when 
he's range. If you don't get him when he's range, and he moves out, don't rush 
it, even if you kill him, and the cloud moves away. If you're hasty, chances 
are, you'll lose a life in attempting to reach the cloud. 

Heavy bird: Flies through the air in a straight line, and drops eggs on you. 
Worse yet, if not destroyed before the eggs hit the ground, or an object, small 
birds emerge and attack. Your best bet is to try to destroy the bird before it 
drops the egg. That way, you will escape with no damage done. 

Fan man: AirMan's cousins, these pesky robots gust air at you, hoping to drag 
into the chasm below. Tough through it, and shoot plasma blasts at him, quickly. 

Boomerang spouters: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

This whole area is in the sky, meaning that if you miss a jump, and fall into 
the sky below, you will die. Don't worry - as long as you take your time, and 
watch out for Heavy birds above, you should do just fine. 

The first thing you'll see is a Gremlin. Time your jump, so that you jump when 
the spike goes back down. The same goes for making a jump off a Gremlin. Make 
sure no mini-gremlins are in the way, and make the jump when your path is clear. 
Continue on through the next 4 Gremlins like that, and you'll be clear. 

Next comes the wave of Thors. Jump and shoot at him, before he shoots 
thunderbolts at you. Jump on the cloud, and ride it to the next Thor. Fire upon 
greeting it, and proceed to that cloud. You might have to jump and shoot at the 
next Thor in order to hit him in time. Kill it, and jump onto the cloud. If the 
cloud disappears into the clouds below, do not take the risk and jump. Simply 
wait for the next opportunity around. After getting on that one, wait until 
you're on the right side of the Thor before you attempt to kill him. Once you 
get rid of him, wait until you can gain sight of the cloud before you jump onto 
it. Now, jump and shoot at the last Thor, and jump onto its cloud. That's it 

Now you must deal with a wave of Heavy birds Time your shots just right, so that 
when they come into view, you can jump and shoot the egg before it hits the 
ground. Should the birds hit you, continue onward so that you only suffer 
minimal damage. Make it all the way to the right, and you'll go down a screen. 

You've reached the checkpoint! Make it to the left past the two boomerang 
spouters, and go into the clouds on the lower left corner. You'll move down 
another screen. 
Don't be intimidated by the clouds covering up the ground. Its harmless - there 
is no invisible pit you have to watch out for. 

Another wave of Gremlins awaits you. This time, you must hop from Gremlin to 
Gremlin. Therefore, before making the next one appear, inch over when the spikes 
are halfway up, or all the way up. That way, it gives you more of a leeway when 
you go to jump over to the next Gremlin. 

Hop onto the platform from there, and you'll now be faced with Heavy birds and 
Fan mans. CAREFULLY jump from platform to platform. Make it to the first Fan 
man, and jump into his blasts, and fire at the same time, so that you avoid 
getting swept into the chasm. 

Now, again, carefully continue onward. Wait until you destroy a Heavy bird to 
continue on, otherwise, one may knock you straight into a chasm. Make it past 
the last two Fan mans, destroying Heavy birds as you move forward, and if you 
did this right, you'll be at the chained door, the entrance to the boss lair. 

Fighting Air Man: 

Again, arm your plasma cannon. The wood shield also works good, but you first 
have to deal with the three waves of air blasts before you get to use it, so it 
may not be worth the hassle. Avoid the first three blasts, by jumping over the 
ground waves as they approach, and fire off your plasma cannon. After the third 
wave hits, he'll jump over you, onto the opposite side. Greet him with a fury of 
plasma cannon shots. 

For winning, you get the Air Shooter, and Item 2. Move on to Crash Man's stage! 

Enemies for Crash Man's Stage: 

Metal Seekers: The first enemy you spot in Crash Man's stage. Pesky critters 
that come out of a certain hole, or area. Once you destroy them, replacements 
will be sent in, meaning that you can't ever truly get rid of them. Metal blades 
are fantastic in destroying them. 

Met: The basic enemy in any Mega Man game. Get close to it, and it'll fire off 3 
spread shots, and inch closer. Fire off your plasma cannon as you near him to 
kill it. 
Spin-top: Land from the top of the screen, and wind up their fan to fly in the 
sky and try to land on you. Try to predict where they're going to land, and move 
out of the way, or, try to destroy them before they take off. Try using the 
Metal Blades, as well. 

Walking Tower: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Red robo: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Heavy Bird: (see AirMan's stage.) 

You'll start off in an area with Metal Seekers. Maneuver up the ladder above, 
destroying the metal seekers in your way, and go up to the next screen. 

If you can, rush to the ladder on the right, and go to the ladder on the left. 
If you're quick enough, you'll avoid the seeker on the upper right. 

Destroy the 3 mets in your way, and go up the next ladder. 

The next 3 screens have platforms that ride on a wire. You must jump on the 
platform to reach the ladder above. While you're doing this, though, Metal 
seekers are attacking you. 

In the first screen, jump onto to the platform when it gets close to you, and 
shoot at the seekers in your way. Try to jump and shoot the barely out of reach 
ones, and avoid being knocked off. 

Follow the same process in the next area. Jump to the ladder when it gets close 
enough, so that you avoid any risk of the seeker knocking you off from below. 

The next area is a bit longer, but it involves the same process as before. Fire 
when you're range, and jump/shoot at the ones you can barely reach. When you're 
in range of the ladder, jump to it. The sooner the better. 

Fire off a shot at the Walking Tower's eyes to kill it. Move up the ladder. 
No enemies in this area. Move on up. 

This next part may take some quick reflexes. Jump to the middle platform, and as 
SOON as you land, fire off your cannon, then jump to avoid the shots the met 
fires off. With any luck, you'll escape with no damage. If you were hit, chances 
are you fell to the screen below. Climb back up and try again. 

Kill the met and move up the ladder on the right. 

Hold up on the control pad as you move up. A heavy bird will hit you with an 
egg, and mini-birds will come out, but there's nothing that can be helped. Keep 
moving up, and climb up the ladder on the right, this time. 

Again, keep holding up on the control pad. More mini-birds will hit you, but 
they won't take off enough damage to hurt. Keep moving. 

Just hold up on the control pad to keep moving all the way. The 'red' robo won't 
hit you or the heavy bird, so as long as you wait for the 2nd heavy bird to pass 

Get the energy tank below you, and then use Item 2 to jump back up on the 
platform. Again, use Item 2 to reach the ladder on the left. 

You will receive a 1-up for this, and you will now have to deal with the Spin-
tops. Fire off two shots to kill each, and keep moving. Anticipate where they 
will land, and try to run underneath them, too. You're now at the chain door. 

Fighting Crash Man: 

Yes, Crash Man does have a pattern. Everytime you fire a shot, he jumps. 
Therefore, time your Air Shooter just right, so that when you shoot, he jumps 
into it. It should only take one or two Air Shooter blasts to kill him. 

You get the Crash Bomber for killing him. Go to Quick Man's stage, now. 

Enemies for Quick Man's Stage: 

Hotheads: They only appear in Quick Man's stage. When the area gets dark, you'll 
see the room illuminate by the Hotheads. Quickly fire off your plasma cannon, 
and avoid the flame they shoot out at you. 

Vacuum sweepers: Little rovers that 'sweep' the floor. That is, they move along 
the ground, and speed up when you touch the ground. Try using the bubble lead to 
destroy them, but lacking that, just try to jump over them - it shouldn't be 
that tough. 

Boomerang Spouters: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Guard: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Mega Machine: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

You can start off good here, by grabbing the 1-up on the left, using Item 3 to 
climb the wall. After doing so, go down. 

Wait until the first Boomerang Spouter shoots 3 Boomerangs, then jump to the 
next platform. Just jump past the next Boomerang Spouter into the chasm. 

Now, here's where you have to follow my instructions CAREFULLY. Red-hot lasers 
infest the next area, and you have limited time to make it to the next screen, 
before getting fired by one of these. Move down the chasm, HOLDING DOWN LEFT as 
you go, and if you think you can, try jumping over the Vacuum sweeper. When you 
fall down the chasm, HOLD DOWN RIGHT as you go, and CONTINUE holding down right 
all the way to the next chasm. 

If you followed my instructions correctly, you made it past the 3 laser chasms 
with no trouble. Hold down left as you fall down the last chasm (after pasting 
the lasers.), and you'll fall on a ledge with a 1-up. Get the Energy tank and 
the Weapon capsule if you need it, and go down. 

You've reached the checkpoint. You'll see the screen go dark as you move along, 
and then you'll see a Hothead. Destroy it, and watch the screen go dark again. 
Keep going right (jump as you hold right if you don't think you're moving.), and 
destroy the next Hothead. Move right, and jump as you go, to reach the last 
Hothead. Destroy that one, and keep moving right and jumping until the screen 
goes light again. 

Okay... this next part is extremely tricky. The lasers are back, and you must go 
down several screens before reaching the end. This is what makes Quick Man's 
stage extremely hard. Chances are, if you jump the gun, and attempt the flight 
before my instructions, you will have gotten fried before reaching the 2nd 
screen. There's an "easy" way (I quote easy, because it still takes a bit on 
your part to make it through safely.) to get by these lasers, however. The time-
stopper. Unfortunately, even with collecting the weapon capsule halfway down, 
you still won't have enough for the whole trip. Therefore, try to make it past 
the first part on your own. Hold left as you fall down the chasm, jump, go 
right, and you should be okay. When you reach the 2nd screen, activate the time-
stopper, and maneuver as FAST AS YOU CAN to the next chasm. Collect the weapon 
capsule on the way (don't bother for the 1-up and Energy capsule - they'll only 
waste precious time-stopper power.), and when you see the 2nd weapon capsule, 
don't bother with it, just make it down the last chasm, and that's it! Sound 
confusing? I don't blame you. Its going to take practice to get this down... 
especially when you try without using the time-stopper at all! Good luck! 

Should you make it past that, you've STILL got one more area to deal with. Mega 
Machines. You definitely don't want to be killed by them, so use the Air Shooter 
to take 'em down, and follow up with Air shooter blasts. Make it to the chain 
door (hopefully with another life in reserve.) and you're home free... sort of. 

Fighting Quick Man: 

Of course, he's just as quick as his searing lasers were. Dodging his jumps, 
boomerangs, and dashes is hard, but it can be done, provided you're just as 
quick as he is. Arm your Crash Bombers, and try to time his jumps, with your 
shots. That is, when he jumps, fire one off into his area, hitting him. 4 blasts 
will be fine, but if you miss, it'll hit the wall, and waste time. (hopefully, 
you may be lucky enough that he'll jump into the blast of the crash bomber, 
still causing damage.) Also... if you were good enough to make it with none of 
the Time stopper used, use it after you decreased his energy by 1/2. The time 
stopper will automatically freeze him, and take off 1/2 of his original amount. 
You don't want to waste this, if you get the opportunity. 

For defeating him, you'll get the Quick Boomerangs. Next stop is Metal Man's 

Enemies for Metal Man's Stage: 

Death smashers: Indestructible - Their spiked underbellies hurt when you are 
crushed by it. It falls when you move in close. Wait for an opening as it moves 
back up, then run underneath it. Don't even think about jumping through the 
chain, either - It hurts just as much as getting hit by the underbelly! 

Joker: Rides on a gear. You'll know one's coming because you'll see a gear in 
the air. Destroy the bottom portion, the gear, and the Joker will fall to his 

Screw: Appears in a pack with other screws, they wind their way vertically 
through the lair, in certain areas. Metal blades, Quick Boomerangs, or Plasma 
Cannon shots work good here. If you rush through them, you're certain to take 
damage. Your best bet is to weed through them, destroying them as you inch 
forward slightly. This is the safest approach. 

Walking Tower: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Vacuum Sweepers: (see Quick Man's stage.) 

You'll start off on a conveyor belt. Carefully jump to the next one on the 
right, and continue to get an easy Energy tank. Move up to the top conveyor 

Now you have to deal with the Death smashers. Wind your way through the 5 here, 
(don't jump through the chain, and remember!) waiting for an opening to go 
underneath them, and you'll be fine. 

Now... the screws. This part can drain a lot of energy out of you if you're too 
hasty. Wait for openings, and slowly move on, destroying screws as you go. Don't 
attempt to rush through, not destroying anything; you'll waste energy if you do 
so. However, once you reach the conveyor belt, just dash through. 

Reach the next conveyor belt, and you'll be free from the screws. Hop onto the 
floating conveyor belt, and jump onto the next one, then, use Item 2 to reach 
the next floating conveyor belt. You'll receive a 1-up for your trouble. If you 
happen to fall to the conveyor belt below, don't attempt to reach the 1-up, just 
keep going, to the screen below. 

Okay... you're at the checkpoint now. Ready for more? Go down again. 

As you push forward, you have to deal with Jokers. Destroy them when they get in 
range, and do it quickly. Don't slide out of the screen in which they appeared, 
otherwise, you'll have to fight the same one again. 

Continue on, fighting Jokers as you go, making careful jumps to reach each 
conveyor belt. 

Once you get off the conveyor belt, you fight one more Joker, then 3 Walking 
Towers. Simple. Each are destroyed with little effort. You'll see an energy tank 
at the bottom. Fall off the edge, and wing left, so that you land on the 
platform with the Energy tank. After collecting it, use Item 2 to escape to the 
platform on the right. 

Jump past the Vacuum sweepers, (or use the Quick Boomerangs to kill them.) and 
you'll be at the chain door. Time to take it to Metal Man! 

Fighting Metal Man: 

He has a clear advantage, to start off, with the conveyor belt. Everytime the 
screen flashes, it changes direction. Be especially wary of that. Also, he seems 
to mimic your shots, with his jumping and shooting. Everytime you fire off a 
shot, he jumps, and fires too. If you get close to him, he'll jump over to the 
other side. You could use your Plasma Cannon, but, an easier solution is to use 
the Quick Boomerangs. A few shots, and he'll be down and out. 

For defeating Metal Man, you'll get the Metal blades as your prize. 3 more 
bosses to go! You're almost there! Hit Bubble Man's lair, next. 

Enemies for Bubble Man's Stage: 

Frog w/ mini-frogs: Spouts out 3 mini-frogs that lunge at you, and annoy the 
Hell out of you. Once you destroy those 3 mini-frogs, the big frog will send out 
3 more. Therefore, destroy two mini-frogs, then go ahead and kill the big frog. 
If the mini-frog carries over to the next big frog, then the frog will wait 
until that mini-frog is destroyed, before it shoots out a batch of mini-frogs. 
Also try using the Metal Blades to kill these critters if they're bugging you. 

Hermit crab: Slow moving crab-like machines on wheels. Take them out with a 
Plasma shot. If you hit them with certain special weapons (I.E. Metal Blade, 
Quick Boomerangs.), their shell comes off, and they move faster. 

Angler: Shoots out crayfish. To destroy it, hit the bulb at the end of the wire 
above his head with Plasma shots. 

Crayfish: The Angler shoots these things out. They float about, trying to knock 
into you. Try using the Metal Blades to kill them. 

Jellyfish: They float down from the top, and try to knock into you. Easy to 
kill, either run by them, or use the Metal Blades 

Crab: They float down a waterfall, and try to knock you into the void below. 
Wait for their decent, then kill it and move on. 

This level can be tough or easy depending on how you move through this stage. 
You're in a new environment - water, so, jumping is high and free.... for the 
most part. 

You'll start off above the lair, with a waterfall in the background. Move right, 
fighting off Frogs and mini-frogs as you go. Be careful as to not being knocked 
off by the mini-frogs. After you've killed the 3 frogs, you'll see some red 
floating platforms. You must jump swiftly, and quickly, before they drop into 
the void below. As soon as you land, jump to the next one. You have roughly .5 
seconds before each platform falls (that is, they fall when you land on them.), 
so again, move quickly. Make it across, and go down a screen to enter the lair. 

You'll fight some Hermit crabs now. Take out each with a shot from your plasma 
cannon, and move down. 

Go down another screen... and you'll be in the water now. Take out another 3 
hermit crabs and move down... 

You're at the checkpoint.. already! You might wish it was further up ahead... 
after witnessing the area you have to pass next. 

First, you'll notice that spikes are above you. It'll be like this to the very 
end, so, when you jump, tap down the A button, (not hold down.) so that you 
don't do a full jump, and hit the spikes above. It's a fatality if you do. 

Now, kill off the crayfish and the Angler, by shooting at the Angler's bulb, and 
you'll be rid of it for good. (You won't have to fight it again if you die, only 
if you lose all your lives and have to start over.) 

Continue to the right and you'll see Jellyfish appearing at the top... 
descending down toward you. Kill the ones in your way (the rest leave be.), and 
CAREFULLY (I can't stress 'carefully' enough.) maneuver through the spiked 
passageway. Don't rush through, take your time going through, and watch your 
jumps! Tap down the button, don't hold it down. After making it through, jump 
into the middle of the small vertical shaft, and wait until you hit the ground 
before you move to the right. 

Now, deal with another Angler (the same rule applies to this one, that did with 
the last - It disappears should you die and come back at the checkpoint.) and 
crayfish, and you'll be done with them. Continue to the right, carefully jumping 
up the ledges. 

More frogs! Deal with them the same way as before, and try not to kill all of 
the mini-frogs. Make it past the two frogs, and you'll be out of the watery 

However, before you rejoice, you have one stretch left. This is a test of your 
patience. You have to make it through the crabs, which descend down the 
waterfall. The crabs themselves are pushovers - its the fact that they hit you 
during a jump you do is what makes them so deadly. Before making a jump to the 
next ledge, wait for a crab to appear. Kill it, then jump. Do the same for each 
ledge. It's the safest way to live. Now, you're at the chain door. (keep in 
mind, this is back in the water, now.) 

Fighting Bubble Man: 

Equip your Metal Blades here. It should only take 4 shots to kill him. Watch out 
for the bouncing lead bubbles he shoots, and the bursts of lead water he shoots 
when he jumps into the air. Also, now that you're back in the water, I would 
watch jumping here. There are spikes above, so don't get too cocky. You 
shouldn't have a need to jump, and especially, jumping that high, so you should 
be safe. 

You get the Bubble Lead when you win against Bubble Man. Where to? Heat Man's 
stage, of course! 

Enemies for Heat Man's Stage: 

Metal Seekers: (see Crash Man's stage.) 

Vacuum Sweepers: (see Crash Man's stage.) 

Mega Machines: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Guard: (see Flash Man's stage.) 

Spin-tops: (see Crash Man's stage.) 

It's a literal inferno here! Lava flows all over here, and I'm sure you can 
guess what happens if you should touch it. That's right, you die. 

Spin-tops will be your first 'challenge' to get by, defeat them and quickly move 
on. Metal Seekers now come back to haunt you. This time, you must fight them off 
while jumping from pillar to pillar across lava. Try not to get hit by a Metal 
Seeker, cause chances are, you'll get knocked into the lava. If that does 
happen, quickly jump back up to the pillar. Use the Metal blades to kill these 

After several successful jumps across pillars and blocks, you'll see two vacuum 
sweepers. Kill them off with two shots of Bubble Lead, and jump to the platform 
on the left, then go to the right, and down the ladder. 

Kill the vacuum sweeper below with Bubble Lead, and now, you have to jump on the 
appearing, and disappearing blocks, in order to reach the next ladder. This 
isn't too challenging, but if you want to know how to do it right, here's how. 
Jump on the 2nd block from the right, and jump on the block that appears. Jump 
right afterwards to land on the block that appears above. Then, wait for the 
next block to appear, jump on that one, and you'll make it to the ladder. Should 
only take 4 jumps. 

Now, you're at the checkpoint. More Metal Seekers await you. Use more of your 
patented Metal Blades to kill 'em. Wait for the block to appear, so that you can 
scale the first wall, then scale the 2nd wall, by jumping on the first block, 
and jumping immediately after to land on the next block. You'll probably have to 
use more Metal Blades to kill off the Seekers. 

The next two walls, you can attempt to use the appearing blocks, or, you can 
equip your Crash Bombs, and blow up the tiled-like wall. It'll blast away 
allowing easy access. 
After you pass the 2 walls, you'll find a vacuum sweeper. Destroy it, or go 
above it, and proceed to the edge where more lava flows. Equip Item 2, and use 
it to glide safely across... don't stop for the 1-up, though! (Now, if you 
didn't have Item 2, you'd have to climb back up on the ledge in the back, and 
hop across the blocks the old fashion way.) Go down the ladder now. 

Deal with the Mega Machine, by using the Air Shooter, then deal with the Guard. 
Go down the ladder... and guess what? You're at the chain door. 

Fighting Heat Man: 

Common sense tells you that Heat Man would be weak against a water-bases attack. 
Therefore, equip the Bubble Lead. Fire a shot off at him, and jump over him when 
he rages across as a fireball. Dodge the waves of fire he then shoots out, then 
jump over him again. 3 shots are all it takes, but you have to wait until he 
transforms into his regular being before you can hit him. 

The Atomic Fire is your prize. Also, Item 1 will be completed after the defeat 
of Heat Man. One more fight... Wood Man. 

Enemies for Wood Man's Stage: 

Black bat: Usually hangs up in the trees, or on stalactites. They start to fly 
toward you when you get close. Knock them out when their face appears, and use 
the Metal Blades for an easier time. 

Rabbit: Chucks carrots at you when it spots you. Again, use Bubble Lead, Metal 
blades, or plain ol' Plasma Cannon shots. 

Hot Dog: 3 altogether. They fire flames in a downward and upward arc - avoiding 
it isn't too tough, jump as they fire it, as it will pass harmlessly under you. 
Use the Metal Blades to kill them. 

Gorilla: Hangs from the bamboo platforms. When you see it in range, wait for it 
to jump up, otherwise, it'll jump up and hit you. A few plasma shots will take 
care of it once it leaps on the platform. 

Running rooster: Corny name that I came up with, but, anyway... these birds run 
through the forest, and won't stop for you... they'll keep running and jumping 
all the way through. Don't try to kill them - Its more trouble than its worth. 

Heavy Bird: (see AirMan's stage.) 

First off, this is probably the longest stage out of all 8, but, it's certainly 
not the hardest. It's actually one of the easiest... the fact that it's 
irritating, is because of its length. 

All right... move along to the right, blasting Black bats with your Metal 
Blades, and Rabbits with either your Plasma cannon, or Bubble lead. Go down the 

Take care of the 3 Black bats with your Metal blades, then go down the ladder... 
and don't fall down. 

To take care of this first Hot dog, use the Metal Blades from the ladder. Simple 
as that. Move to right to the next screen. 

Beat the next Hot dog with the Metal blades again, and jump over the flames he 
shoots, and counter with shots of your own. Move along. 

To beat this Hot dog in the safest way, jump to the middle platform, and jump 
up, shooting Metal blades as you jump. They'll barely hit him, and soon, you'll 
kill him. Now, go up the ladder. 

Kill of the Black bats with the Metal blades, and proceed up the next ladder. 

You're out in the open again. Destroy the Heavy birds as they close, and when 
you see the Gorillas move into your sight, wait for them to jump up, then pummel 
'em with Plasma shots. Go down the ladder. 

Destroy the Rabbit with either the Metal blades, Plasma cannon rapid-fire shots, 
or Bubble lead Go down again. 

Use the Bubble lead, and watch how it rolls down the stairs, and kills off the 
Rabbit. Proceed down. 

Do the same thing for this Rabbit, if you wish, and go down this ladder. 

Back in the open. Running roosters will try to trample you here, but it is 
possible to leave unscathed. They will jump over you, provided you're not too 
hasty. Move along to the right (don't try to kill them, its not worth the 
trouble.), and watch when they get close. Try to get their jumping pattern down, 
and predict when they jump. If you can do this, you'll be able to maneuver into 
a spot where they will jump over, thus, leaving you safe. Make it past them, and 
you're at the chain door! 

Fighting Wood Man: 

WoodMan is a tough opponent. That is, if you're fighting him with your Plasma 
cannon. He activates a Wood shield, as well as raining leaves down on you. Try 
to jump over the Wood Shield when he fires it at you, and dodge the falling 
leaves to the best of your ability. Lucky for you, there's a one shot-kill 
guarantee for you Equip the Atomic Fire. Hold down the fire button. You'll see 
Mega Man charging. Release it when he's fully charged, at an open Wood Man. If 
you hit him with a full charge, and if he doesn't have his Wood shield, you'll 
kill him in one shot. If you happen to screw up repeatedly, switch to your Metal 

You'll get Wood shield for your trouble. Time to take it to Dr. Wily's castle! 

Section 3: Dr. Wily's Castle

After defeating the 8 Robot Masters, you'll see a clip of Dr. Wily taking off in 
his space pod He then flies to his faraway castle, where you must confront him. 
In order to reach him, though, you have to go fight through the castle! 

Stage 1: 

Don't you just love the background music? It happens to be one of my favorite 
Mega Man themes. 

You're not actually quite in the castle yet. More like on the castle grounds. At 
any rate, move along to the right. Heavy birds will be there to greet you. 
Hopefully, you should have enough practice to know how to beat them by now. Use 
your Metal Blades, and whatever, to best them. Use the Item 3 to scale the wall, 
and use Bubble lead to defeat the various Boomerang spouters. 

When you make it to the next wall, use Item 3 again to scale this wall. Collect 
the 1-up if you wish, after beating the Boomerang spouter of course, then go up 
the ladder. 
A Guard, standing at his post, will be waiting for you. Take him out, using your 
Metal Blades at a safe distance. Collect the weapon capsule, use for Item 3, if 
it's low. Go up. 

Another Guard. Metal Blades, again. Get the energy capsule, and go up. 

Arm your Bubble lead, and take out the Boomerang spouter, or dodge it, then 
proceed up the ladder. 

Now you'll see a ladder way up in the upper left-hand corner.. You must be 
thinking: "How in the WORLD am I gonna reach it?!" Fear not. Equip Item-1. This 
is a bit tricky, but you shouldn't have too many problems pulling it off once 
you get the technique down. Now, facing left, fire off a platform, and jump onto 
it. Go over left on the platform and activate another one. Do the same thing for 
the 2nd platform, and when you reach the 3rd platform, sprint and jump to the 
ladder. Hm.. not too good, huh? Well, keep practicing... not terribly difficult. 
Once you get it down, up the ladder you go. 

Metal Seekers Just get going up, as they don't pose a problem as long as you 
keep moving. 

Guess what? You've reached the entrance to the castle. Move along to the 
right... and jump onto the floating blocks. Carefully jump to each one at a good 
pace, and when you see the screen starting to scroll, you'd best be on the right 
set of blocks... because out of nowhere, a Green Dragon, Dr. Wily's sentry, pops 
up! Steadily move to the right, jumping as you see each platform. When you make 
it to the end, jump up to the highest platform. Its time to fight! 

Fighting the Green Dragon: 

Equip your Quick Boomerangs, and jump up to the highest platform, standing on 
the middle of It.. not all the way on the left. Fire off your boomerangs as fast 
as you can, hitting him in the head. When the fireballs knock you down, jump 
back up to the platform, and continue blasting him. Personally, I find this 
stage the most exhilarating, in terms of fighting the Dragon. When you drain it 
of all its life, it blows up in a blaze of glory. Whew... ready for more? It's 
on to the next Dr. Wily stage. 

Stage 2: 

You're inside the castle, and you're greeted by some Spin-Tops. Just run by them 
and make your way to the right... and you'll see a large spiked chasm. Power up 
Item-2 and fly across... and go past the first ladder, until you reach the 2nd 
ladder, then jump onto it. (If something went wrong, (I.E. miscalculated jump) 
then you'll have to build up more power for the Item-2 by fighting Prop-Tops.) 

Collect the 1-up, and use the small weapon refills to restore any energy lost 
for your weapons or items. 

Now, how bad you want that extra 1-up and Energy tank is up to you. Use a Crash 
bomb to destroy the walls, but make sure you refill the energy for it before 
Stage 4 hits, or you'll regret it. Take out the red robo shooting in your 
direction, then either take the items, or continue south. 

As drop off the ladder, make sure the spikes below don't puncture you. Fall into 
the hole, and you'll be at the mid-point. 

Carefully scroll on to the right, avoiding the screws as you go. Don't rush. 
Avoid the metal smasher at the end, and select your Item-3. Activate it at the 
wall, and escalate your way up. Jump when you get a chance, but avoid the Metal 
Smasher at the top. If you don't have enough of the Item-3, you'll have to use 
your Item-3, or go back and power up your Item-3 by shooting the screws. This 
can be tricky, this next part. Try to get in the middle of the two Metal 
Smashers, and then safely run by them. Don't fret if you get hit, its not the 
end of the world. Now go down the ladder 

Don't be a dunce and rush through here. Take your time maneuvering through the 
narrow passageway leading down. You don't want to hit those spikes. 

How's your energy looking? See that energy capsule? How bad do you need it? If 
you have plenty of the Item-2 to spare, charge it up, and collect the capsule. 
Down the final passageway and you'll be at the boss of this stage. 

Fighting the Mini-robos: 

Equip your Metal blades. They will be the most versatile weapons to use here. 
Watch the walls, and the floor below you. Two blocks will either come from the 
walls, or from the floor, and then form into a Mini-robo. Avoid the blocks 
formation, or else you'll get damaged. Shoot the mini-robo when it forms, and 
wait for the next one to appear. They will get faster as you keep destroying 
them, so watch out. Stand on the floor panels where previous robos appeared. 
That way, you don't risk damage by oncoming robos from the floor. Time for Stage 

Stage 3: 

The music changes, and it kind of sucks. Also, the stage is really a joke. Dr. 
Wily must've been asleep while designing this stage, or something. Anyway, 
you'll first see a weapon capsule and an energy tank when you head down a 
screen. Unfortunately, two crash walls protect them apiece. In my opinion, it 
isn't worth going for either one. Its entirely up to you - Don't let my opinion 
keep you from nabbing an Energy tank, or a useless Weapon tank. :P 

On the small platform closest to the bottom, head right a square, so that you 
land on top of a pillar below. Surrounding you, are two weapon capsules I 
suggest you take either of them. Kill the crab below, if it perks your interest. 

You now enter some disgusting toxic-looking liquid. Spikes fill the floors, so 
watch your step. Hold down the jump button as you make each jump, so that you 
safely clear each bound. This is especially important when you reach the two 
chasms, since Metal trout may or may not leap up, taking out an unprepared 
jumper. Watch out for the small passageway with spikes lining the ceiling. Don't 
jump and you'll be safe. Jump, but very carefully so that you land in the middle 
of the chasm as you fall. Watch your descend, and weave in and out as you fall. 
You may die on your first attempt, but you'll soon get better. If you don't.. 
::shrugs:: try to remember the pattern of the chasm. Memorize it, and plan ahead 
your moves. This really isn't too hard if you're not nervous about doing it. 

Don't rush through this part. Just walk casually through, and when you reach the 
next chasm, hug the right wall. 

When you reach the next scene, spikes will be on the left side when you fall. 
Boy, wouldn't you have felt dumb there? At first glance, it looks as if you need 
the Item-3. Well, you don't. Simply jump, and you'll be out. Destroy the few 
Red-robos lining this area, and you'll be at the boss of this stage. 

Fighting the Guts Dozer: 

Guts man makes his reappearance onto the Mega man scene, except that now he's 
operating a huge bulldozer. Jump onto the dozer's platform when it gets into 
range, and blast his head with Quick Boomerangs. Might help if you destroy the 
Mets appearing out of his stomach, as well. He'll also shoot out plasma shots 
from his mouth, but this shouldn't hinder your progress much. The battle will be 
over shortly. 

Stage 4: 

Thought the last 3 stages were cakewalks? Well, get ready for this stage then. 
Its not hard, so much as it is long. The boss of the stage is a problem to deal 
with, too. 

You're blessed with 2 weapon capsules. Don't be lazy - Refill some of your lost 
weapon / item energy. 

Take out the Met at the top of the ladder. You'll get that 1-up soon enough, 
don't worry. 

Another met awaits you. Now, try and walk to the left above the met. You'll fall 
through an invisible floor! Either use Item-1 to climb up, then go south on the 
left, to get the 1-up, or continue north through the first ladder. 

If you didn't want to use Item-1, at the top of the ladder, go left, and hold 
down left on the control pad. Yet again, you'll fall into another invisible 
floor, but you'll clear the one at the bottom, allowing you to collect the 1-up. 
As you try to reach the ladder, two sections of the floor will be invisible 
drop-points. 2 squares to the left of the ladder, and 5 squares to the left of 
the ladder are their positions. Jump over them, and go up the ladder. 
Those spikes don't look too intimidating, do they? I mean, after all... a nice 
floor closes the cage up, so there's no way you can fall through, right? Well, 
test fate then. Go up the ladder, and walk all the way to the left... wait, 
wait! No you idiot, don't do that! In case you haven't already guessed, a patch 
of that top floor IS invisible. It's the one closest to the ladder. Make it to 
the left, and jump onto the ladder when you get in range. Or, if you're a 
paranoid freak, use Item-2 to clear the gap. 

2 Mets and some invisible patches block your way to an Energy tank. Take out the 
2 mets, then when you try to get to the tank, you'll fall through a floor patch 
next to it. Use Item-1 to climb back up to it, and collect it. 

Well, you've reached the mid-point now. Equip the Metal Blades, and proceed down 
the ladder. More of this ladder crap, as you can see. Metal seekers fill the 
chasms, so blast them as they appear, and jump onto the moving platform. Ride it 
to the next ladder. 

Jump down onto the platform when it appears below you. Then, when you reach 
another small platform, jump onto it, waiting for the moving one to get past the 
narrow corridor. Jump back onto it, and ride it up to the top. Go down the this 

Wait until the platform reaches you, but in the mean time, blast some Metal 
seekers approaching you. Ride the platform all the way, (making sure to jump 
onto the small pillar, so that you don't get dropped into the spikes) blasting 
more Metal seekers as you go, then hop down the corridor. 

Again, wait until the platform comes to you. Jump on top of it, then jump to the 
small platform. If you just want to get the hell out of here, use Item-2 to 
clear the spikes. Otherwise, you can test fate again, by waiting for the 
platform to reach your distance, jump onto it, then jump to the ladder. This is 
a tougher feat, so don't whine to me if you can't get it! 

Great. Metal robos and Guards fill this area up. Take out the robos with the Air 
shooter, as normal. Guards can be taken down with Plasma shots. Brace yourself 
to the end, and take a look at your health. How are you doing? Hopefully, you 
should be at damn near full health. You'll need every last bit of it to survive 
THIS fight. 

Fighting the Homing Seekers: Indeed, this is no normal fight. See those crash 
bombs? I do hope you have the energy of those filled to the max. You WILL need 
it all, if you hope to make it through this fight in one try. Your object is to 
destroy the Homing seekers, who will fire shots at you periodically. (You can 
see when they're ready to fire, they'll glow rapidly.) 

Now, the only way to do this, is to fire a Crash bomb at them. NOTHING else will 
kill them. Unfortunately, Crash walls block some of them. In order to make it 
through here in one try, you need to only shoot the walls that are indeed 
blocking your way. First, use Item-1 to make it past the Crash wall on the 
right. Take out a crash bomb, and blast the Seeker that is in open sight. Climb 
over it the wall, and take out the next Seeker with yet another Crash bomb. Use 
Item-3 to climb out. Use a crash bomb on the bottom Crash wall, then take out 
the Seeker inside with a Crash bomb. Use either Item-1 or Item-3 to climb out. 
Use a Crash bomb to take out the wall furthest on the left, then take out that 
Seeker with a Crash bomb. One more to go! This last one is the toughest one to 
get. Go down to the bottom, and jump, and use the Item-1 in mid-air. Hopefully, 
you should be able to jump onto it, and allow ample time to make it up to the 
platform adjacent to the last Seeker. Take out that last one with your final 
Crash bomb. 

I wouldn't blame you if this sounded confusing. However, once you get this down, 
the concept is easy. Carrying it out, however, is never easy. Do your best to 
dodge the shots when they appear. It possible to avoid the lot of them, although 
it can be nears impossible to avoid some of them. This is why you need good 

Analyze your situation. If you still have one or two more Seekers to destroy, 
but your health sucks, consider using an energy tank. If you're too cheap to use 
one, then you can afford to die. When you come back, the walls you destroyed in 
the previous battle will still be gone, however, so will your Crash energy. That 
means, you'll have to refill it by destroying the Guards and Metal-robos. This 
can be quite frustrating, so that's why I'd opt for finishing off the Seekers 
the first time around, especially if you only have one life left, and 4 Energy 
tanks. At any rate, you'll be on your way after defeating the Seekers! 

Stage 5: 

The infamous teleporter room awaits you. Here, you must fight all the 8 robot 
masters again, except without doing the stage over. However, this should be much 
easier, since you are more experienced, and have the weapons to back it up with. 
Going counter-clockwise, starting at the upper left teleporter, here is whom 
you'll be fighting, along with their respective descriptions for doing so. 
Reminder, you'll also get an energy capsule for defeating each boss. This make 
it's easier to drag along the fights. 

1. Heat man: Just like before, take this freak out with the Bubble Lead. 
2. Air man: Use the Wood shield or your Plasma cannon to shut down Airman for 
the second time. 
3. Wood man: One fully charged Heat shot will take him down. Lacking any 
available energy, switch to your metal blades. 
4. Bubble man: Four metal blades will be all it takes to kill Bubble man. 
5 Quick man: Crash bombs (unlikely that you have them.) or even the Air shooter 
can kill Quick man. Also, consider the Time stopper again. Save yourself half 
the trouble. 
6. Crash man: A few shots with the Air shooter are all you need. 
7. Metal man: Here's the biggest oxymoron if I ever saw one. ONE Metal blade 
will kill Metal man. Just one! 
8. Flash man: Pelt Flash man with Metal blades as he approaches. Chances are, 
he'll never reach you! (Just be careful not to miss out on the energy capsule - 
You might teleport too quickly out of the room. ^_^) 

Had fun? Well, now the real game begins. See that teleporter in the middle? That 
leads to Dr. Wily himself. Equip the Metal blades. Jump over the flying energy 
shots, and fire off a few metal blades when the opportunity arises These parts 
aren't so bad, but don't rejoice yet! Part of Dr. Wily's ship flies off, 
revealing the bad doctor himself. It's Round 2! This time, his energy shots 
bounce not so harmfully toward you. Do your best to avoid them, and unload all 
of your Metal blades unto him. You will probably need an Energy tank, but save 
it until the 2nd Round to use it. Don't waste it during the first phase. When 
you waste him during the 2nd round, have you got him? Not quite! The doctor has 
something else in store for you, and destroys the floor below you! One more 
stage to go! 

Stage 6: 

No music. Odd. Hug the right wall, and keep trudging through, pass the lava 
drops. You definitely do NOT want to get hit by them. They take off a good 
portion of your health. If you hugged the right wall on your starting descend, 
you shouldn't have any problem making it past them. Reach the metal door, and 
you're at the final boss! 

Fighting the Alien Wily!: 

So, it's true? Dr. Wily is really an alien being? No matter, its up to you to 
destroy him once and for all! Only one weapon will produce any kind of damage to 
him - The bubble lead. Dr. Wily moves in a figure 8 pattern around the room, 
shooting blasts as he goes. DO NOT get hit by him, or the shots he fires. If you 
do, you will find yourself hurting! Blast him when he comes down to your level, 
and continue dodging the shots he fires off. You can find yourself doing a 
pattern, which is good. Try not to jump at him, accidentally. Take your time 
here. Use an energy tank when you need it, and after your constant volley of 
bubble lead shots, you will have won the game! 

Section 4: Additional Challenges:

Did this game seem too easy for you? Well, you're in luck. 

Difficult mode: Harder than Normal mode, obviously. For one, the shots taken to 
defeat each enemy is doubled, (there are exceptions to this, by the way.) and 
some enemies have added attacks. For instance, the Walking Towers now shoot off 
their respective parts at you, then grow a new body. It makes them tougher 
enemies, as you can now take a lot of unwanted damage. Give this mode a try! 

Only the Plasma cannon: Try doing this on Normal mode, first. While it will be 
easy, it won't be as easy as if you went through with your weapons. A great 
challenge. Try it on difficult mode then! Its much tougher, as it requires you 
to avoid more shots, especially the Wily at the end of Stage 5. (NOTE: Alien 
wily and the Homing Seekers CAN NOT be killed with the Plasma cannon. Don't 

No energy tanks!: A worthy challenge! Think you're the master? Go through the 
game without using one damn energy tank then! It will become a pain with some 
bosses, mostly the Homing Seekers and the Wily at the end of Stage 5. Also, 
combine this with the difficult mode Plasma cannon only deal! Indeed, it's the 
hardest thing to do in the game, as I've been able to do accomplish it only 

Well, that's about it. At least for now. I hope you enjoyed this long and 
painstaking FAQ.  If you want to use my FAQ, I will be more than glad to let you 
use it, just make sure you let me know if you plan to use it.

Also, I plan on making a Mega Man 1 and 3 FAQ... when? I don't know. Patience! 

1999 / 2000 Copyright - Mega Man 2 FAQ. Submit all queries and supporting hints 
to VirgilKX@aol.com 
Mega Man is a trademark of Capcom. 

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