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by Zak_Alam

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zak_Alam

Updated: 08/25/15

Mega Man Walkthrough
“The Ultimate Walkthrough to Mega Man 1”

By: Zakariya Alam E-Mail: zakalam@hotmail.co.uk
Table of Contents:

i.) Introduction

ii.) Plot

iii.) Characters

iv.) Weapons and items

1.) Weapons
2.) Items

v.) Walkthrough

1.) Bomb Man
2.) Guts Man
3.) Cut Man
4.) Elec Man
5.) Ice Man
6.) Fire Man
7.) Wily Stages

i.) Wily Stage One
ii.) Wily Stage Two
iii.) Wily Stage Three
iv.) Wily Stage Four

vi.) Ending

vii.) Special Thanks, About the Author and Ending Notes

viii.) Disclaimer


Welcome, reader! This is “The Ultimate Walkthrough to Mega Man 1” written by yours truly, Zakariya Alam. I have put together this walkthrough in order to help fellow Mega Man players through what could essentially be a rough, arduous gameplay experience.

This guide will give you the necessary information for you to beat the game, and also a few extra tips and tricks you can use to help you through it, or to show off to your friends!

If you have anything you wish to ask about this walkthrough, or indeed any Mega Man related queries, please contact me using the E-mail given above. (Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the document for information regarding the usage and reproduction of this guide). Please enjoy!

Note: This walkthrough contains an indefinitely large number of SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The original six NES Mega Man games aren't known for having a brilliant, complex storyline. Here goes:

In the year 200X, Dr Light, renowned for his advances in robotics, has created eight (in later games, revealed to be nine) robots to assist and maintain the industry of this alternate future earth. Dr Light's co-worker, Dr Wily, feeling overshadowed by him decides to reprogram six of these creations to aid him in his plans of world domination. It is left to the two worker robots, Rock and Roll, to stop Dr Wily before it is too late. Dr Light transforms Rock into a super-fighting robot named Mega Man, and thus the legend begins!


Name: Mega Man

Number of Creation: #001

Weapon: Mega Buster

Bio: A robot lab assistant turned super fighting robot. It is up to Mega Man to stop the evil desires of Dr Wily.

Name: Roll

Number of Creation: #002

Weapon: N/A

Bio: A housekeeping robot and sister to Mega Man

(From here onwards, this is the order in which I suggest to approach the Robot Masters)

Name: Bomb Man

Number of Creation: #006

Weapon: Hyper Bombs

Bio: Bomb Man is easy, and a good starting point. If you follow this order, it means you must beat him with the Mega buster opposed to his weakness (fire storm), but that is no issue. He will jump around the room and chuck Hyper Bombs at you. All you need to do is move away from his bombs when they land. Just keep moving and don't cease your fire!

Name: Guts Man

Number of Creation: #004

Weapon: Super Arm

Bio: Guts Man is the most iconic of all the Robot Masters. He may be intimidating, but in actual fact, he is far easier than the rest, if you have received the Hyper Bombs. He'll create earthquakes by jumping, and he'll throw large rocks at you. Try to jump just before he lands, in order to dodge the earthquake (as it stuns you for quite a while). His movements are pretty predictable, and it only takes four Hyper Bombs to blast him to smithereens!

Name: Cut Man

Number of Creation: #003

Weapon: Rolling Cutters

Bio: Cut Man will chase after you hurling his Rolling Cutters as he goes. Use your recently gained Super Arm to pummel him with the two rocks by the entrance. That's it, two hits and he is a goner!

Name: Elec Man

Number of Creation: #008

Weapon: Thunder Beam

Bio: Elec Man is probably the most difficult Robot Master to defeat in the game, so it is necessary to have equipped the Rolling Cutters whilst fighting him. Just three hits from his Thunder Beam and you're dead! You'll want to immediately mash the B button so you can unleash your fury of Rolling Cutters and dice him up before he lands too many hits on you!

Name: Ice Man

Number of Creation: #005

Weapon: Ice Slasher

Bio: Ice Man can be rather difficult, unless you have the Thunder Beam. Three shots from Elec Man's weapon can kill Ice Man! To make this fight, and many battles later on, even easier, I'm going to let you into a little secret: If you fire the Thunder Beam, press select once the projectile has made contact with your opponent. Pressing select pauses the game, and when this happens, the enemies' hitboxes are restored, meaning that the enemy will be hurt again when you unpause (if the projectile is still in contact with it). This means that if you just mash the select button whilst the Thunder Beam is touching Ice man, you can kill him with one shot. (This trick, known as the “pause trick” works with most weapons, but best with the Thunder Beam, as it has the greatest length of all projectiles. I will make references to this throughout the walkthrough).

Name: Fire Man

Number of Creation: #007

Weapon: Fire Storm

Bio: Fire Man is the most badass of the original six Robot Masters. He will endlessly fire his Fire Storm at you until you get too close, then he will jump away and carry on. You don't even have to try and dodge his Fire Storm, just keep on shooting the Ice Slashers at him, and he will die before you.

(Please note: There is a glitch that I will refer to as the “Magnet Beam glitch” and will explain to you on Elec Man's stage. If you wish to carry this glitch out, the most sensible path to take would be: Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man. This means you would have to fight Cut Man with the Mega Buster. When you shoot him, he should be knocked back, so you should keep shooting him to knock him back as far as possible. If you fire fast enough, you should be able to see a pattern with his attacks: He will get knocked back, then throw his Rolling Cutters, then get knocked back, then he will just wait for his Rolling Cutters to return, then get knocked back, and the cycle repeats itself.)



  • Mega Buster: Mega Man's trademark weapon. It can fire three bullets on screen at once.
  • Hyper Bomb: Obtained by beating Bomb Man. A bomb that detonates after a few seconds.
  • Super Arm: Obtained by beating Guts Man. Allows you to pick up specific blocks and throw them.
  • Rolling Cutter: Obtained by beating Cut Man. A boomerang of sorts that shoots in a semi-circle. It is good for the “pause trick”
  • Thunder Beam: Obtained by beating Elec Man. A beam that shoots up, down and forwards. It is the best for the “pause trick”
  • Ice Slasher: Obtained by beating Ice Man. It can freeze the columns of fire in Fire Man's stage and Dr Wily's stages. It can also freeze some enemies.
  • Fire Storm: Obtained by beating Fire Man. Shoots fire balls, and also creates a ring of fire around Mega Man
  • Magnet Beam: Found in Elec Man's stage. It makes temporary platforms to help Mega Man across gaps, up walls, et cetera. It is necessary to have this weapon to get through Dr Wily's stages.


  • Life Energy Capsule: Yellow orbs that restore Mega Man's health. Larger pellets restore more health than smaller ones.
  • Weapon Energy Capsule: Containers that refill your weapon's energy. (The colour depends on the weapon you are using. It is blue when you have the Mega Buster equipped)
  • Points: Blue/red balls that give you one thousand bonus points
  • Extra Life: An icon of Mega Man's face. Collect it to get another life
  • Yashichi: Only found once (in the fourth Dr Wily stage, before the final refights with the Robot Masters). It restores all of your weapon energies to full, and it restores all of your health.


---1.) BOMB MAN---

Once you start the stage, walk right. A few steps in and some small, red, jumping robots will start to attack you. Just kill them, and collect whatever they drop. Keep walking right, and you will encounter some holes with egg-shaped robots that jump and split into four pieces. Just hug the grey pillar on the right until the path is clear then carry on. Repeat this for all of the holes. After the holes, jump over the last grey pillar and shoot the blue robots that come out of the ground and shoot you (there are three of them). Jump on the two platforms, collect the two energy capsules to your left, and climb up the ladder to the next screen.

As you go up the ladder, you should see four peach-coloured robots attached to the wall. Shoot them consecutively from the bottom one to the top one as you climb up the ladder (You'll have to jump to get the highest one). If you need it, climb down the ladder to your left, and collect the large energy capsule. Proceed to the next screen by climbing up the third ladder.

Immediately when you climb up this ladder and go to the right, a green robot with a shield will jump towards you. When you aren't firing at it, it'll withdraw its shield and fire at you, this is when you need to attack. Jump over its bullets and attack its body. Just repeat this until it dies. Further on, these rocket-type robots will fly at you. Either dodge them, or shoot them at a distance (as the explosion from their death can also harm you). You'll also come across more of those peach-coloured wall robots. Just jump onto the smaller platform where these robots are situated, shoot, dodge or destroy the next rocket robot, jump onto the next small platform, et cetera. Climb up the ladder after the holes, still minding the rocket robots. Carry on by shooting the floor crawling robots to freeze them and you should arrive at the next ladder without having lost too much health.

On the next screen, climb up the ladder without stopping. The rocket robots will still be after you! Once you have climbed the ladder you want to quickly jump across the three platforms and climb the next one. It is likely that a rocket might be tailing you; just keep going and you'll outrun it. Make sure to judge your jumps correctly as the spikes are a one hit kill.

Atop this ladder is the hardest screen in this stage, there will be floating robots shooting in a circle around them (they are particularly annoying because you can only kill them when they open their shell). If you just wait at the top of the ladder you have climbed, you should dodge the first barrage of bullets. Once it has shot its first round of bullets wait until it opens its shell for the next round and kill it. These robots will keep on appearing, one after the other, so my advice is just keep moving, and never stand directly above or below them; always try to be slightly diagonal from them. Once you have passed all of the platforms, you will have the choice to get an extra life. If you want it, jump and keep pushing right whilst falling so that you can go into the area with the life. Kill the Green robot and collect it. Then go back down the way you came and continue to your right. Kill the final Green Robot and enter through the door. As you climb down the ladder, you will find some red eye robots. Shoot them when they are to your left. There will be another screen of them before you face Bomb Man.

Defeating Bomb Man is very easy, stay far away from him and keep shooting. NEVER stay in the corner for to long because he will keep you trapped there by throwing bombs right at you. His bombs are fairly easy to dodge so he is no real issue. Once you beat him, collect the orb to retrieve the Hyper Bomb!

---2.) GUTS MAN---

Guts Man's level starts with three Metools (enemies with hard hats which are only vulnerable when they shoot). Kill all three of them and wait by the edge of the cliff. You want to wait until the moving platform is near you, and then jump onto it. Stay on it until it starts to move backwards. Wait until the platform underneath is in front of you then quickly jump down onto it. Be careful because there are gaps in the “line” that the platforms are riding on that make them tip over. You must jump before it tips over and land back on it when goes back to normal. Whilst on this middle platform, jump over the first and second gap, and then, when the platform is coming back, jump back over the second gap again. You need to jump onto the third platform once it is at the beginning of its “line” and is in front of the platform you are on. Once on the third platform, keep jumping over the breaks in the “line” until you get back onto land.

Move right and kill the green helicopter enemies quickly as they can get quite annoying. Keep climbing up the platforms, collect the life energy capsule, and jump down. When you move forward, there will be an enemy who throws pickaxes at you. Kill him and keep going. There will be two more, the second of which is on a small platform. Kill both of them and jump on the platform. Proceed to the right and kill the last pickaxe guy, then jump down the pit.

You will be faced with three more pits and three more green helicopter guys. Jump down the middle pit and keep falling. At the bottom of your drop, collect the small health energy capsule, and drop down to the left.

On the next screen, there will be a large blue hopping robot, which can deplete almost half of your health bar in one hit! Just stay where you are and mash the B button. You should kill just before it touches you. From here, keep moving to the right and enter through the door. There will be four Metools (hard hat guys) before your encounter with Guts Man. If you have very little health, you can keep on going back and forth killing them, and collecting health if they drop it.

Guts Man is really easy! Equip the Hyper Bombs and get to work. When he jumps, try to jump before he lands so his earthquake doesn't affect you. Try to judge where he will land and throw a bomb there (remember that the Hyper Bombs explode a few seconds after they are thrown so try to take that into account when throwing them). When he throws a rock at you, try to jump over it before it splits into lots of small pieces. After three hits from the Hyper Bombs, he'll die. Collect the orb to retrieve the Super Arm!

---3.) CUT MAN---

At the beginning of the stage, climb the ladder to your left. Kill the blue helicopter enemies. Jump on the platforms and continue until you come to some more of those wall shooter robots from Bomb Man's stage. Climb up the ladder, shoot the one to your right, and climb up the ladder on the top right to continue on to the next screen.

On the next screen, there are more wall shooter robots. Jump up and shoot the one closest to you, and proceed to the left. Wait at the bottom right of the ladder for the two robots to stop shooting (this is a safe spot from the bullets). Climb the ladder and wait at the top of it (this is another safe spot). Shoot both wall shooters and continue up the final ladder.

The next screen is very similar. At the top of the ladder, shoot the wall shooter that is to the far left of you. Then climb up the next ladder and shoot the wall shooter at the top of it from behind. Jump and kill the final one, and proceed to the next screen at the top of the next ladder.

Another very similar screen again. Kill the first wall shooter whilst you're still on the ladder. Jump over the hole and climb up the ladder. Jump and shoot the next one. Jump onto the platform and do the same for the final one. Climb up the ladder to your left.

Keep moving to your right (don't worry about the grey bunker type thing firing Rolling Cutters at you; if you keep on moving to the right, they won't hit you). Kill the blue jumping robots and continue to the right. Jump over the ditch and you will be faced with the red eye robots from the end of Bomb Man's stage. Kill the lowest one, and then before climbing up the ladder, make sure that the one that moves from the far right and onto the ladder is not going to hit you. Whilst climbing the ladder, kill both of them, and go up to the ladder on the top right of the screen.

The next screen has four red eye robots. Wait until the one moving up and down (left of the rock) is on the floor. Kill this one and then get to the bottom of the ladder, dodging the one moving left and right across it. When that robot is on the far right wall, climb the ladder and kill it. Get off the top of the ladder when the robot that moves left and right across the top of it is to your right. Quickly kill him before he starts moving again. Wait until the final robot has moved to the right, then jump and kill it. Climb the ladder to the next screen.

This screen is very similar to the previous one. Shoot eye robot nearest to you when it moves down to the ground. Then wait for the next eye robot nearest to you to move to the right, and then jump past it next to the block at the bottom of the ladder. Wait for both eye robots to be to your right, and then jump on top of the block, and jump and climb up the ladder.

Once you have climbed up the ladder, wait until the eye robot is right next to you on the floor. Kill it and then move to where it was. Wait for the eye robot above you to move to the left, and then jump out next to the block. If you want you can kill the rest in search of health, or you can dodge past the one above you moving left and right, and climb up to the next screen.

On the next screen, keep moving to the right, in order to dodge the Rolling Cutters, and jump up the steps. Kill the three blue helicopter enemies and collect the large health energy capsule. Climb down the ladder to the next screen.

There is a trick you can do on this screen to basically skip it. If you go to the ladder on the left and stand above it, jump up and off the screen. Whilst off the screen, press up on the D-Pad and you will grab onto the ladder at the bottom. From here you can climb down to the next screen.

From the next screen, just jump down to the next ladder. If you time it right, you won't have to kill the enemy and you can just climb down the next ladder. On this screen there will be one of those large hopping monsters. Just equip the Super Arm you got from Guts Man and start picking up the rocks you are standing on (by going next to them and pressing B when they flash) and throw them at it (It only takes three hits). Continue to your right and enter through the doors. Again, you can carry on going back and forth to get help from them if you don't have enough. Before entering Cut Man's lair, equip the Super Arm.

Cut Man can be killed in two hits! Use the Super Arm to pick up and throw the two rocks at him. But be careful and try not to miss because you only get those two. If you miss, just use the Mega Buster to finish him off: just keep on spamming him with it, jumping over his projectiles. Collect the orb to retrieve the Rolling Cutters!

---4.) ELEC MAN---

Elec Man's stage starts with four ledges, three of which are inhabited by the floor crawling robots. Just shoot them to freeze them and the jump onto the next ledge and do the same (It can take a while to get it right when you first try, but just keep trying if you can't do it). Climb the ladder onto the next screen. The next screen has two more of those robots but this time on smaller platforms. Just freeze the first one when it is on the block on the right. Jump on to the block on the left, and then freeze the second robot when it is on the right block, then jump over it onto the left block and on to the ladder (This needs to be done swiftly though because they aren't frozen for long).

This screen has two blocks (identified by the blue balls on them) that fire electricity. Jump over the gap and wait until the higher block has stopped shooting out electricity. When it has, quickly jump on to the lower platform and then to the higher platform before it starts firing electricity again. Then proceed up the ladder.

On this screen, you will find just one long ladder with a platform at the bottom. Start climbing up the ladder. About half way up, you will see green balls coming down from the top and bottom of the screen. Don't worry about the ones at the bottom, but be aware of the ones at the top. When you go in front of these balls, two eyes emerge from either side of them. You need to shoot them before they can fire their two lasers at you. It is ok if you get hit by them, but just make sure not to fall off the ladder too far! (The next screen is exactly the same thing).

After that you will come to every Mega Man speedrunner's worst nightmare: The disappearing blocks! It is very simple to get past but one small mistake can be devastating. Jump on to the small, one-brick platform and wait. More small platforms will start appearing and disappearing. Memorise the pattern and timing of the bricks' appearances and disappearances. You want to go to the right ladder (the left ladder just gives you weapon energy capsules). Time your jump from the brick you are standing on so that on your way down from the jump, the brick appears beneath your feet. Then a platform should appear to your left but DON'T JUMP ON IT! The next platform will appear to your right, however, as it does, the one you are standing on will disappear. Time the jump right so that you don't fall. Climb up the ladder to the next screen.

Wait at the top of the ladder for a pathway of appearing/disappearing bricks to appear. Follow the path to the ladder. Climb up both ladders to the next screen. Keep moving to your right and jump across the platforms to get to the ladder. (Do not go for the health energy capsule – it is easy to get it but extremely difficult to get out of that area without falling to your death). At the top of that ladder you have two choices of ladder. Climb up the one inside and kill those annoying green ball robots again. The next screen has more electricity firing blocks. Just wait for the first one to stop shooting, then quickly run past and jump up the ladder. Repeat for the second one and climb up the ladder. Jump up to the next ladder and kill even more of the green ball robots. Climb up to the next screen.

This screen is essential. You should see a blue gun type device above your head. This is called the Magnet Beam. Climb up the ladder to your left and equip the Super Arm. Throw these blocks away and pick it up. This allows you to create temporary platforms. (Even though the Super Arm is necessary to break open the wall to acquire this item, there is a glitch to get it without the Super Arm: Whilst standing above the ladder you entered the screen on, press the B button in the same frame as pressing down on the D-Pad, and you can only hold the down button for one frame. If you do this successfully, Mega Man should look like he is climbing up a ladder, but not actually be on the ladder. Then make Mega Man shoot leftwards by pressing left on the D-Pad, and B. Then press up on the D-Pad and Mega Man will fly to the left of the screen. From here you want to jump and press right on the D-Pad so that you are in the wall to the right of the Magnet Beam. If Mega Man is too low down, press left, and try again. When you are next to the Magnet Beam, you need to hold right, and then within one frame, press left, but don't hold left or you'll get stuck in the magnet beam area and you'll have to reset the game, unless you have the Super Arm. When you have done that successfully, Mega Man should be facing left in the wall. Keep edging left toward the Magnet Beam, making sure not to go too far so as to not get stuck. When you have got the Magnet Beam, you still want part of Mega Man to be in the wall. After that press the A button, and then you'll need to do the same thing where you keep right pressed, and then press left within one frame to get out of the wall). If you are stuck on Guts Man's stage on the moving platform part, try doing this glitch before hand, and use the Magnet Beam to get across. Anyway, climb up the right ladder, onto the next screen.

There will be two of those electricity-shooting blocks, just dodge past their lasers and continue up the ladder. Keep climbing up the ladders, carefully dodging the electricity-shooting block. This screen has two of those red jumping robots, and a destroyable brick. Go to the bottom of the ladder to your left, and wait. The higher up jumping robot should kill itself, and the lower one should jump down the ladder on to you. Just keep shooting to your right, and the remaining jumping robot will be no more. Climb up the next ladder, equip the Super Arm, remove the brick, and then equip the Magnet Beam. Use this to create a platform to help you reach the top. Then climb up the ladder to your left onto the next screen.

This screen is almost exactly the same as one of the previous screens. Just keep moving forwards, jumping on the platforms, and climb the ladder. Next, there are two electricity-shooting platforms. Wait for their lasers to stop, and then proceed to the next screen. Here there is one of those large red hopping robots. Either kill it, or wait until it does a big jump, and then quickly run past it, and enter Elec Man's lair. Climb up the ladder, whilst dodging the lasers from the electric blocks. Unfortunately, Elec Man's stage has no section before the boss with enemies, where you can go back and forth killing them for health. Therefore, if you have a third or less of your health bar, then I would suggest killing yourself in order to fight him with full health.

Elec Man can be difficult, unless you are willing to do the “pause trick” with your Rolling Cutters. As soon as you enter the fight immediately start spamming your Rolling Cutters. Remember if you aren't quick, three hits from the Thunder Beam will kill you. As soon as the Rolling Cutter makes contact with Elec Man, start mashing the select button, and he'll be toast in no time. Collect the orb to retrieve the Thunder Beam!

---5.) ICE MAN---

Ice Man's stage is the hardest in my opinion, but completely manageable. The stage starts off with these green robots that run at you. Shoot them in the head and NOT THE BODY. You can kill them with one bullet if you shoot them in the head. However, if you shoot their body, the head will fly off and start swooping down, flying after you at a very high speed. Continue onwards, shooting the green robots as they come, and jump into the water. Flying penguins (similar to the rockets in Bomb Man's stage, except they don't explode when you shoot them) will fly towards you, jump over them or kill them (unfortunately, there is no added buoyancy in the water so don't over judge your jumps). There will also be those red things crawling along the floor just jump over them too.

When you get out of the water, the penguins will still fly at you for a while, so kill them or dodge them. Keep going and fall into the area with the red eye robots. Kill them and collect the large health energy capsule (if you need it), then continue down the blue pipe.

Equip the Rolling Cutters and kill the floor crawling robot so he doesn't keep attacking you. Again, you are face to face with the disappearing blocks. Jump on the block that appears first. One will appear to your left but don't jump on it. Jump to the one on your right as the one beneath your feet disappears. Then one will appear to your right but don't jump on it. Jump onto the one that appears to your left as the one beneath your feet disappears again. From here it is simple: just jump on them as they appear – to your right, then up to your left. Jump down the pipe.

At the bottom of the pipe there are more disappearing platforms. Kill the floor crawler with your Rolling Cutters again and then either watch the sequence and figure out a way to get out, or equip the Magnet Beam. If you use the Magnet Beam, DON'T WASTE TOO MUCH OF IT – you'll need it for the next bit.

Carry on to your right, until you get to a drop. There will be green floating robots that shoot bullets. You either need to use them as platforms and try not to get shot out of the air, or use the Magnet Beam. The longer you shoot the Magnet Beam for, the longer the platform is. Just make a long platform, then after a couple of seconds, create another one and jump onto it (so the one you are on doesn't disappear whilst you stand on it). Keep going, and then drop down onto the platform with the weapon energy capsule. This next part has those flying penguins as well as the platforms. Just do the same as you did on the previous section, and just Magnet Beam your way over to the other side, whilst dodging the penguins. If you need the extra life, as you fall down the pipe, keep left on the D-Pad pressed, and you should be able to collect it. Then continue down the pipe.

If you want the health energy and weapon energy capsules, use the Magnet Beam to get up and collect them. Then go down the pipe. This screen has one of those large red hopping robots, either kill it or run past it when it does a high jump, then enter Ice Man's lair. Kill the penguins and enter the fight with the Thunder Beam equipped.

Ice Man is easy, with or without the “pause trick”. Just as soon as you enter, constantly shoot the Thunder Beam, or as soon as on beam makes contact with him, keep pressing select. Collect the orb to retrieve the Ice Slasher!

---6.) FIRE MAN---

To start of the stage, there are a bunch of those gun robots that emerge from the ground and shoot. Just climb up the ladder, and whilst still on the ladder, shoot them (position yourself so that you can shoot them but they can't shoot you). You can do this for the first three of them. Then go right, dodge the bullets from the one beneath you, kill the one in front of you, climb down the ladder, and kill the one that you initially had to dodge. Keep moving right, and wait for three fireballs to fly into the sky. As soon as this happens, jump onto the left half of the platform in front of you, wait for the column of fire to stop, and then jump onto the next platform. By this time, the three fireballs should be floating down from the top of the screen. Stand in the gaps between them, or shoot them, then proceed to the next screen (or use the Magnet Beam to collect the large health energy capsule).

Climb up the ladders and carry on to the next screen (if you are in desperate need of health, use the Ice Slasher to freeze the columns of fire and jump over them to collect the small health energy capsules). From here, either time your jump to go in-between the fire columns or Ice Slasher them (or you could use your Magnet Beam to reach the platform above you). Keep moving to your right, dodging the fire beams as you go. At the end jump onto the top of the ladder, and from there, jump into the section with the health energy capsules. If you need more health, you can move climb down the ladder to the next screen, then climb back up collect them again.

Climb down the ladder, dodging the two fire columns and the floating fireball guys. Climb down the ladder at the bottom left of the screen. Land on the left side of the first platform, wait for the fire column next to you to go down, and then jump onto the left side of the next platform. Keep and eye out for the floating fireballs, then when the fire column next to you has gone down, jump off the platform onto the next one. Climb up the ladder whilst still keeping and eye out for the fireballs. At the end of the platform, wait for the three fireballs to fly out of the lava at the bottom, and then when the coast is clear, jump over to the next platform (you don't want the fireballs to fly out and hit you mid-jump). At the end of the platform you are on, jump down onto the left side of the one beneath you. Wait for the fire columns to go down then jump over to the left side of the next platform (always remembering to look out for the fireballs). Do the same for this platform, and then climb up the ladder on the right side of the screen.

Climb up the ladder on the left of this screen. Notice the fire waves passing down across your path to the next ladder. Don't bother trying to get passed these without being hit – just use the Magnet Beam to get up to the highest ladder. On the next screen, dodge or kill the rockets (remember not to be hit by their explosion), climb down the network of ladders, dodging the floor crawling robots, and then jump across the platforms, dodging the fireballs, and finally pass the last two fire columns to enter Fire Man's layer. Feel free to kill the enemies again and again to get more health if you need it.

The fight with Fire Man takes absolutely no skill whatsoever. You don't even need to dodge his attacks, just keep firing the Ice Slasher at him. If you want you can do the pause trick with the Ice Slasher – you can get two or three hits on him per bullet. Collect the orb to retrieve the Fire Storm!


---1.) WILY STAGE ONE---

Yes! We have finally made it! But this is only the beginning of the end. The stage starts off with a large red hopping robot. Run past him. Then you will find another one. Run past him. Then you will find a third one. You guessed it: run past him! Continue right and equip the Super Arm or the Thunder Beam to destroy the obstacles blocking your way (I suggest saving your Thunder Beam ammo and using the Super Arm). Carry on and equip the Ice Slasher. Use it to freeze the first column so that you can use it to jump to the next platform (As soon as you freeze it, jump on it and try to freeze the next one before the ice melts). Once you have done this successfully, you can jump past the third one and climb up the ladder.

Here, there is a large health energy capsule, collect it if you wish (try not to hit your head on the ceiling and fall down), then proceed up the ladder. As soon as you climb the ladder, shoot the three red jumping robots before the cause too much havoc. Continue to the right. If you want the health energy capsule, equip the Thunder Beam and, because it shoots upwards as well, kill the robots and destroy the blocks. Use the Magnet Beam to climb up and get it. When you get it the red jumping robots will come back, so equip the Thunder Beam again and shoot the ones beneath you. Use the Super Arm to remove the last few blocks and proceed onwards.

This screen has more of those rocket robots from Fire Man's stage and Bomb Man's stage. Leave the first one and then jump down. Shoot the second one and then jump to the next platform. Shoot the next one and jump to the next platform. Keep going and then jump down and go down the ladder.

Remember that bit from Ice Man's stage with the flying green platform robots? Well here's the same thing, but slightly easier. Just equip the Magnet Beam and get to work. Make a long platform, walk along it for a couple of seconds, and then create another one and walk along that. At the end collect the weapon energy capsules for the Magnet Beam, because you will need it for the next screen. Climb up the ladder. Use the Magnet Beam to create some platforms to help you reach the ladder (if you don't have enough weapon energy, keep collecting the weapon energy capsules from the previous screen).

At the top of the ladder, equip the Thunder Beam and go right. As soon as you enter the area to the right, you are going to face the Yellow Devil/Rock Monster! Go to the very right of the screen and jump over the yellow blocks that fly across the floor and the ones slightly above the floor (the lowest two heights of blocks). When the Rock Monster is fully formed he will shoot at you from his eye, and then start to form on the other side. The first time he forms, shoot the Thunder Beam at his eye and use the “pause trick”. If you do it well enough, it should only take one Thunder Beam! Onwards to Wily Stage Two!


The first part of this stage is infested with those green helicopter enemies. Just move to the very right of the platform, kill the green helicopter guy, then jump over to the next platform. Keep on doing this (remember to stand at the very edge of the platform to draw the enemies out before jumping – you don't want them hitting you mid-jump). Once you have done this, you will fall through a fake floor and you will fight Cut Man again! Unfortunately, there are no bricks to pick up with the Super Arm, so just use your Mega Buster and keep shooting him, whilst trying to jump over his Rolling Cutters (remember that they can hit you on their way back as well). Once you defeat him, move to the very left of the screen and fall down another fake floor.

Equip the Thunder Beam and move right. Jump onto the next platform; move slightly forwards so that you are almost directly above the red gun robot. Fire the Thunder Beam and it should be destroyed. Collect the health energy capsule and continue. Do the exact same thing for the next one. Equip the Rolling Cutters and continue to the right. You'll fall through another fake floor into Elec Man's arena. Use the Rolling Cutters to slice him up! (Feel free to use the “pause trick”). When he is finished, go to the very left and fall through yet another fake floor. When you land, move to the very left of your screen to dodge the egg-shaped robots from Bomb Man's stage. As soon as its projectiles are gone, quickly jump to the next platform. These robots can be pretty annoying to dodge, but just get the timing right and you should be able to go through unscathed. Keep moving right and climb down the ladder at the end.

Equip the Thunder Beam and use it to kill the eyeballs (remember it can shoot up and down, not just left or right). If you need it, use the magnet beam to collect the extra life, and continue down to the next ladder. Use the Thunder Beam again to kill the eyeballs and proceed down to the next ladder. On the next screen, stay on the ladder and wait until all of the eyeballs are on the right-hand side of the screen, and then shoot the Thunder Beam. It should kill all of them. Climb down to the next screen and stay on the ladder. Wait until all of the wall shooter robots have stopped shooting, and then drop to the bottom (if you need health, you can use the Thunder Beam whilst you are directly underneath all of them to kill them). Go to the next screen and use the Thunder Beam again to kill both eyeballs in one shot. Then wait until the eyeball on the level beneath you is directly underneath the wall shooter. Jump down and fire a Thunder Beam just as the wall shooter opens up.

The next screen looks really funky. A metal device comes down from the ceiling and clones you. You'll have to fight Mega Man's one and only true match: HIMSELF! It isn't difficult at all though if you use the Thunder Beam with the “pause trick”. Just shoot and mash the select button (if you don't want to use this trick, just face him with the regular Mega Buster). Once you've beaten him, move on to stage three!


As soon as you start, you'll notice more eyeball robots. Shoot the two in your way and jump down the ditch, whilst dodging the third one. As you fall, try to move right to land on the platform. Wait for the eyeball sweeping the floor to be on the very left, then jump down and kill it. Select the Thunder Beam and kill the gun on the ceiling. As you fall down, try to stay left to land on the platform. Use the Thunder Beam to kill the two eyeballs when they are on the left wall. When you jump off the platform, use the Thunder Beam to kill the gun and jump down to the next screen. As you fall, try to stay right to land on the platform. Use the Thunder Beam to kill the gun beneath you, and the when you jump off the platform, use it to kill the other one. Then jump down and equip the Mega Buster.

Move right and water should fill up the tunnel that you are in. Penguins will start to fly towards you, just keep shooting them with the Mega Buster. Later on down the tunnel, the rocket robots will begin to come after you. Just jump over these so their explosions don't hurt you. After the tunnel, you will fight the Bubble Machine! The Bubble Machine is fairly simple. Use the Mega Buster to kill the first three bubbles (the slowest, easiest ones), whilst dodging their bullets. Then for the last four quick ones, equip the Super Arm and use the bricks in the middle to kill them. After that, it's on to stage four – the final stage!


As soon as the stage starts, move to the very right block. From here, kill the green electric ball robots from Elec Man's stage. Then go to the ladder and climb up to the next screen. Continue to climb the ladder killing more of those electric robots. At the top of the ladder, use the Magnet Beam to collect the weapon energy capsule for the Thunder Beam. Keep going right and you should see gaps in the ceiling, sometimes containing the gun robots. To kill them without losing health, jump in the previous gap and shoot the Thunder Beam at them. Keep moving right doing the same thing until you reach the ladders. Go up and then jump down onto the little platform. There is a part similar to the beginning of Guts Man's stage here (see Guts Man section of this walkthrough for the explanation). Jump onto the moving platform, and then up onto the small brick before the break in the mechanism. From here you can either continue onwards or collect the extra life and the “Yashichi” (refills all weapon energy and life). To get the “Yashichi” and the extra life, wait on the ladder until the moving platform is under you and moving right. Drop down onto it and move left of it to collect the “Yashichi”. Then jump back on and drop of to get the extra life. From here just Magnet Beam your way back up to the ladder.

Go to your right into the teleportation device and you will fight Bomb Man again. This time you can use the Fire Storm on him. Then equip the Ice Slasher and return into the teleporter to fight Fire Man. Kill him and then it is on to Ice Man. Equip the Thunder Beam and use the “pause trick” if you wish. Finally, you fight Guts Man again. Equip the Hyper Bomb and whoop his ass. With all the refights done, it is time to face the man behind all of this mayhem – Dr Wily himself! (For all tips for the Robot Master refights, read their respective sections of this walkthrough).

Keep moving right and use the weapon energy capsule for your Thunder Beams. As the final showdown begins, you see Dr Wily's U.F.O fly to the right of the screen. Then a big warship is uncovered. It may look menacing, but don't be fooled. Just fire the Thunder Beam at the large red ball with the gun on it and use the “pause trick”. Then once you destroy it, phase two commences. Fire the Rolling Cutters, with more help from the “pause trick”, at the red ball at the front of the ship. You should destroy the Machine in no time, and that's it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have foiled Dr Wily's plans of world domination, and won Mega Man 1!!!


Having beaten all the Robot Masters (twice) and having destroyed Dr Wily's warship and U.F.O, Mega Man stands with the evil mastermind begging for mercy by his feet. Your points from the final level then get added on to your final score.

After that, some text is shown at the bottom of the screen reading:





Mega Man is then seen running along a mountainous region as the credits start to role underneath. As the sun sets, Mega Man's armour is taken off and Rock is seen running. He eventually arrives at his house with Dr Light and Roll waiting for him. Rock jumps in the air, as text appears at the bottom of the screen reading:



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