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FAQ/Hints and Tips by bruplex

Version: Final | Updated: 10/09/02

Mega Man 4: Dzzy Strategies # 3
For the NES by Capcom
This FAQ is (c) 2000 James Dziezynski (bruplex@aol.com)
This FAQ can be posted at any site that has asked for and received written 
consent by the author. If you would like to host this marvelous FAQ, contact me 
at bruplex@aol.com. 

Version 1.0
Final Version: Updated 10/9/02
Just doing some "routine maintenance" on my older FAQs! 
I.	Brief Overview
II.	FAQ/Tips/Walkthroughs
III.	Comments
I. Brief Overview
Megaman 4 is the middle child of the NES Megaman collection. It's fun and a 
little harder than 2 and 3 but there is not too much new in this game. Mega Man 
games work on the same premise as Inspector Gadget in that every edition has the 
same outcome (in this case, fighting a few forms of Dr. Wily, having him beg for 
forgiveness, then going home to your friends.) Despite the predictable plot Mega 
Man 4 is an enjoyable game and if you like the series it's a great addition. The 
best part is that the NES Mega Man is still mute so we can't hear his 6-year old 
girl voice (what the screw was Capcom thinking with that?) His voice-over was 
clearly a job for James Earl Jones.
II. FAQ/Tips/Walkthrough

I wasn't sure what to call this section because it is really more of a tip 
compendium than a walkthrough, but it will answer your frequently asked 
questions. In my opinion, there is no need to write a walkthrough for an action-
based side scrolling game of this nature. 

General Tips
-Saving energy tanks until the final boss (Wily) is a very good idea. The 2nd 
Wily tank is a bit tough without them. You can easily earn four or five just 
going through the Cossack and Wily stages.
-Use the Rush jet to easily get by sections with disappearing platforms.
-Sliding (down+a) is the best way to dodge leaping enemies as well as to slow 
down on ice.

What weapon to use against what boss:

Toad Man-The MEGA buster should be fine; later on the Drill Shot works well. 
He's so easy you could probably beat him using cottage cheese.

Bright Man-Rain Flush at full reserve will kill Bright Man if you hit him with 
every shot. It should be a washout! Ha ha. The Mega Buster is effective as well.

Pharaoh Man-This one is too easy! Use Bright Man's flash stopper to freeze him 
and then unload! Turbo on your controller makes it a lot easier.

Ring Man-The charged up Pharaoh Shot (hit and hold B) makes quick work of Ring 
Man. Otherwise use some crafty dodging and your Mega buster to beat him; he has 
a definite pattern.

Dust Man-The dust weapon seems to be one of the most powerful in the whole game! 
Perhaps that's because you are fighting robots that are as dust-sensitive as NES 
carts. Maybe Wily has to blow into his robots to get them to work properly. In 
any case, use the ring shot to beat Dust Man.

Dive Man-Has a very powerful body attack. Dust shot will dust this armored punk.

Skull Man-Another job for the Dust Shot!

Drill Man-Dive missiles will destroy this guy. (He looks like an old Go-Bot I 
used to have whose name eludes me! His legs flared out like he had MC Hammer 
pants on.)

Where to find Rush add-ons?
You start off with the Rush coil (boing!).
Earn the Rush-Marine after beating the pudgy Toad Man.
Earn the Rush-Jet after beating Drill Man.

Other power-ups?
Get the balloon tool on Pharaoh Man's stage. Use your Rush coil to leap over the 
first big gap and continue to the right (instead of jumping down the hole.) The 
balloon is a useful tool for the Cossack and Wily stages.

Get the wire (the coolest new tool) in the Dive Man stage. After you defeat the 
second Sperm whale (hehe) either jump or drive your Rush-Marine into the very 
next hole. At the bottom is the wire weapon. (I hope it is rustproof being 
underwater and all.)
Beating the bosses of Cossack stage:

Moth Monster-Ring shots knock him out. He's pretty easy as long as you keep 

Triple Flying Room Thing-Get trapped inside when it stops and hit the red spot 
with the Dust Buster (as I like to call it.)

Wall Walkers-A fully charged Pharaoh shot drains the wall walker very quickly. 
You can charge it so the pink bubble floats over your head then simply jump to 
hit the first walker. You are better off taking a hit from a bullet than to fall 
off a platform to the spikes below.

Dr. Cossack-A fully charged Mega Buster will effectively scramble his proverbial 
Beating the bosses of the Wily stage:

Giant Little Miner Guy-Pound him with your Mega Blaster, on Turbo if you have 
it. Slide under his jump and watch out for his little offspring he shakes from 
the sky.

Tank-Ring this Gutstank look-alike's bell with Ring shot.

8 Robots-Since Toad and Pharaoh Man are easy kills go to those guys if you are 
weak and need to power up. The weapons the robots are weak against are as 
Dust Man is weak vs. Ring Shot.
Bright Man is weak vs. Rain Flush.
Skull Man is weak vs. Dust Crusher.
Dive Man is weak vs. Dust Crusher and Skull Barrier.
Ring Man is weak vs. Pharaoh Shot.
Pharaoh Man is weak vs. Flash Stopper.
Toad Man is weak vs. Mega Buster and Drill Shot.
Drill Man is weak vs. Dive Missile.

Wily Machine-A full power mega blaster is the weapon to use. On the 1st form, 
simply stand right near the machine and unload full powered shots on it. When 
Wily appears in the cockpit, stay to the left and hit the little light with a 
fully charged Mega-blaster. You might need some energy tanks to beat this guy.
Wily (final form)-Simply charge up your Pharaoh shot and let Wily run into it 
(or jump around and let it hit him). A lot easier than the Wily machine.

Yeah! A winner is you!

You should know the drill by now, Mega Man gives mercy to Wily and they both go 
home for the better knowing a sequel can't be far away! 

III.	Comments
Another straight up Mega Man game; no surprise endings, but a fun game. A wise 
man once said, "The point of the journey is not to arrive". 

Hope the updates helped make the FAQ a little more presentable. Any comments or 
questions are welcome. James-bruplex@aol.com.

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