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Mega Buster Robot Master Guide by Merlin_87

Updated: 04/28/10

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=====Table of Contents=====

1) About Me
2) About This FAQ
3) Version Histroy
4) Mega Man 4 Robot Masters
5) Credit
6) Contact Information
7) Copyright

-----------------------------------About Me-----------------------------------

I have played Mega Man since literally the day I can remember. The first Mega
Man game I can remember playing is Mega Man 2 on the NES. The first Robot
Master I can remember fighting is Wood Man, which makes him one of my favorite
Robot Masters. Mega Man has always been my favorite video game icon since I
was a kid. I own every American released Classic Mega Man and Mega Man X game.
I don't really play the other series' though.

--------------------------------About This FAQ--------------------------------

I decided to write this FAQ for anyone who hasn't been into Mega Man for very
long and wants to better themselfs at fighting the Robot Masters with only the
Mega Buster. I decided to include some videos of me fighting the Robot Masters
just incase you can't understand what I am saying in this FAQ, you will have a
visual example to go off of. I hope this guide helps you!

I have covered all the Robot Master Battles from Mega Man's 1 - 10, Mega Man &
Bass. The Stardroids from Mega Man V, the Mega Man Killers, the Doc Robots
from Mega Man 3, and Bonus Battles against Mega Man Himself, Dark Man, and
Fake Man I hope this guide helps you out! If you don't understand what I am
saying in this FAQ, then follow the links after each Robot Master description
to see a video of me personally taking out the Robot Masters, hopefully a
visual example will help! If you like what you see then Subscribe to me on
youtube, my username on there is Redmage1987. If you need help on any of the
other Robot Masters, check out my guides for them on their FAQ Page.

--------------------------------Version History-------------------------------

3/12/2010 - Started writing the guide, finished writing all the battles from
            Mega Man 1 & 2.
3/13/2010 - Continued writing the guide. finished writing all the battles from
            Mega Man's 3 - 5. Also changed writing program from Wordpad to
3/14/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 6 & 7 Robot Master Battles. Started
            Recording Mega Man 8 Robot Masters, finished them.
3/17/2010 - Went through and made sure everything was formatted correctly &
            wrote some strategys for the Mega Man 8 Robot Masters.
4/12/2010 - Recorded Mega Man V Stardroid Battles and Mega Man Killer Battles.
4/15/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 8 Robot Master Descriptions and wrote
            Mega Man 9, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man V, Mega Man Killers, Doc
            Robots, and Bonus Battle Descriptions.
4/16/2010 - Finished writing all the Mega Man 10 Robot Master descriptions and
            double checked the links and battle times.
4/19/2010 - Toned all the writing down to only cover the Mega Man 4 Robot
2/28/2010 - Corrected Dive Man's Video Time

----------------------------------MEGA MAN 4----------------------------------

Mega Man 4 was the first to give Mega Man the officially named "Mega Buster"
complete with the Charged Shot. It was also the first to star Eddie "Flip-Top"
and was the first one to have 2 Fotress's. The Robot Master's all seemed odd,
but still a fun game.

------Ring Man------

Difficulty: 5/10

Ring Boomerang-- 4
Collision------- 8

Ring Man is predictable. At the start of the fight he will throw a Ring
Boomerang and jump to catch it then he will throw another one in Mid Air and
land to catch it, then he will run to a new position and start it over. Be
careful, as sometimes when he is running to the new position he will Throw a
Ring Boomerang. Basically just hit him with charged shots between Ring
Boomerangs and Normal ones while he is running to his new position. Jump over
the first Ring Boomerang he throws on the ground and the ones he throws in the
air you shouldn't have to dodge so long as you jump over him when he lands.

Video Link...


Ring Man's Fight is from 4:57 - 5:32

------Dive Man------

Difficulty: 1/10

Dive Missile-- 4
Collision----- 8

Dive Man is easy, very easy at that. The first thing he will do is charge at
you. Since you are underwater just jump as high as you can to the other side
of the room and charge up a shot on the way there. Now stand at the right side
of the room and use that 1 Charged Shot to take out 2 of the Dive Missiles he
releases and charge up another one to take out the 3rd one and hit him. Now he
will charge at you again, just jump to the left and repeate, simple.

Video Link...


Dive Man's Fight is from 5:33 - 6:24

------Skull Man------

Difficulty: 6/10

Buster Shot---- 4
Skull Barrier-- 8
Collision------ 8

Skull Man is a bit less predictable. Sometimes he will jump at you, which in
this case you may or may not want to slide under him depending on where he is
jumping to. Other times, he will put on Skull Barrier, just wait for it to go
down, once the barrier is down he will run at you, jump over him. If he starts
shooting at you with his Buster, just take large jumps, jump over one shot and
the next one he should angle up, then when you land he will fire another one
straight at you, just do another large hop that makes it to where you only
have to jump over every other shot. When he puts up the Skull Barrier take
this time to charge up another charged shot for him.

Video Link...


Skull Man's Fight is from 6:25 - 7:04

------Bright Man------

Difficulty: 4/10

Buster Shot--- 4
Collision----- 8

If you know the trick to Bright Man then he won't be so Bright after all.
Bright Man is programmed to do his Flash Stopper move, which freeze's you in
place for a short while, at certain points in his health. Those being when he
has 4 bars of health, 8 bars of health and 16 bars of health. Since Charged
Shots do 3 bars of damage per charge shot, shoot him once with a normal shot
to get around the "Danger" Health level and then continue to use only charged
shots from there. This makes it to where the only things you must avoid is his
Buster, which is simple to avoid and him jumping around.

Video Link...


Bright Man's Fight is from 7:05 - 7:37

------Dust Man------

Difficulty: 2/10

Dust Crusher-- 4
Collision----- 8

Dust Man is quite easy as well. He has 2 Attacks, Sucking you in towards him,
to avoid this just run the other way. The other one is to use his Dust Crusher
attack, which will cause him to hack a Dust Man Furball at you from his head.
To avoid that, just simply jump straight up and it will split up, going into 4
angled directions under you, causing you no damage, take the time while he is
sucking you in or hacking up the Dust Man Furball to prepare a charged shot.

Video Link...


Dust Man's Fight is from 7:38 - 8:10

------Drill Man------

Difficulty: 7/10

Drill Bomb------------ 3
Drill Bomb Explosion-- 2
Collision------------- 8

Drill Man is one of the harder ones in Mega Man 4. Mainly because he is
somewhat unpredictable. At the beginning of the fight he will go underground,
during this time prepare a charged shot for him, and either slide around or
jump around until he pops back up, don't go too crazy with sliding or jumping
because you don't want to run into him when he pops up. Now he will either run
around firing Drill Bomb's at you or go back underground, if he goes
underground, repeate what you did at first, if he Starts firing Drill Bomb's
then jump over them and if he starts running at you, try to jump over the Bomb
and Him in one go. He may be kind of tough. If you jump over him before he
fires a Drill Bomb then jump again as soon as possible to dodge it when he
fires it behind him.

Video Link...


Drill Man's Fight is from 8:11 - 8:59

------Toad Man------

Difficulty: 1/10

Rain Flush-- 8
Collision--- 8

Toad Man is the easiest Robot Master in the Classic series, while not being a
bad Robot Master, he is an easy one. Aside from jumping around the only other
attack he has is to do a dance that summons his Rain Flush Attack. All you
have you do this entire fight is shoot at him and run under him turn around
and repeate. From the start of the battle shoot at him and he will jump to
where you were standing, so slide to the right and turn around and unload on
him, he will jump to where you are, so slide under him again, turn around and
unload again, and just repeat that and he is a joke. NOTE: You must shoot 2
or more shots at him to make him jump otherwise, he will stand there and try
to do his Rain Flush Attack.

Video Link...


Toad Man's Fight is from 9:00 - 9:41

------Pharaoh Man------

Difficulty: 7/10

Small Pharaoh Shot-- 2
Large Pharaoh Shot-- 6
Collision----------- 4

Get ready for a fast paced fight. Pharaoh Man is quick and the only time you
can get him to hold still is when he is charging up his Pharaoh Shot attack.
Use the time when he is charging up his attack to deliver a charged attack of
your own and jump over his charged up Pharaoh Shot. Slide away from him when
he is jumping around shooting small shots. Jump over or slide away from his
little shots. Charge up your buster while you are dodging him moving around
and let loss when you have the chance.

Video Link...


Pharaoh Man's Fight is from 9:42 - 10:14


Credit goes to Gamefaqs user, MrL1193 for sharing the trick about Bright Man
and his Flash Stopper Manuipluation.

------------------------------Contact Information-----------------------------

If you see the need to E-Mail me for anything at all, then E-Mail me at
IT! You can also Subscribe to me on youtube, my username on there is
Redmage1987. Thank You for reading!


(c) Copyright 2010 Shaun G.

This guide may only be used (outside of personal, private use) with credit
given to the author.

Mega Man and all related characters, names, etc. copyright Capcom.
All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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