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Mega Buster Robot Master Guide by Merlin_87

Updated: 04/19/10

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=====Table of Contents=====

1) About Me
2) About This FAQ
3) Version Histroy
4) Mega Man 2 Robot Masters
5) Credit
6) Contact Information
7) Copyright

-----------------------------------About Me-----------------------------------

I have played Mega Man since literally the day I can remember. The first Mega
Man game I can remember playing is Mega Man 2 on the NES. The first Robot
Master I can remember fighting is Wood Man, which makes him one of my favorite
Robot Masters. Mega Man has always been my favorite video game icon since I
was a kid. I own every American released Classic Mega Man and Mega Man X game.
I don't really play the other series' though.

--------------------------------About This FAQ--------------------------------

I decided to write this FAQ for anyone who hasn't been into Mega Man for very
long and wants to better themselfs at fighting the Robot Masters with only the
Mega Buster. I decided to include some videos of me fighting the Robot Masters
just incase you can't understand what I am saying in this FAQ, you will have a
visual example to go off of. I hope this guide helps you!

I have covered all the Robot Master Battles from Mega Man's 1 - 10, Mega Man &
Bass. The Stardroids from Mega Man V, the Mega Man Killers, the Doc Robots
from Mega Man 3, and Bonus Battles against Mega Man Himself, Dark Man, and
Fake Man I hope this guide helps you out! If you don't understand what I am
saying in this FAQ, then follow the links after each Robot Master description
to see a video of me personally taking out the Robot Masters, hopefully a
visual example will help! If you like what you see then Subscribe to me on
youtube, my username on there is Redmage1987. If you need help on any of the
other Robot Masters, check out my guides for them on their FAQ Page.

--------------------------------Version History-------------------------------

3/12/2010 - Started writing the guide, finished writing all the battles from
            Mega Man 1 & 2.
3/13/2010 - Continued writing the guide. finished writing all the battles from
            Mega Man's 3 - 5. Also changed writing program from Wordpad to
3/14/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 6 & 7 Robot Master Battles. Started
            Recording Mega Man 8 Robot Masters, finished them.
3/17/2010 - Went through and made sure everything was formatted correctly &
            wrote some strategys for the Mega Man 8 Robot Masters.
4/12/2010 - Recorded Mega Man V Stardroid Battles and Mega Man Killer Battles.
4/15/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 8 Robot Master Descriptions and wrote
            Mega Man 9, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man V, Mega Man Killers, Doc
            Robots, and Bonus Battle Descriptions.
4/16/2010 - Finished writing all the Mega Man 10 Robot Master descriptions and
            double checked the links and battle times.
4/19/2010 - Toned all the writing down to only cover the Mega Man 2 Robot

----------------------------------MEGA MAN 2----------------------------------

In Mega Man 2, we have our first set of 8 Robot Masters to deal with. Mega Man
2 was the first Mega Man to begin the tradition of fighting 8 Robot's in each
game. Here we will cover all 8. These are all written assuming you are Mega
Buster Dueling them on Difficult. Either way though, the same strategy's
should work on Normal as well.

------Bubble Man------

Difficulty: 5/10

Bubble Lead-- 4
Buster Shot-- 2
Collision---- 4

Bubble Man himself isn't so hard to Buster only fight. More than anything you
will have a lot of stuff to watch out for, His Bubble Lead attack which he
will launch 2 - 3 Bubbles that bounce along the ground, you can easily run
under them. His Shots from his Arm Cannon as well, avoiding collision damage
and not hitting the spikes in the ceiling make for a lot of obstacles. However
Mega Man can tank most of the hits and keep on moving, now this doesn't mean
to not dodge at all, so try your best to dodge all the attacks he throws at
you. Bascially as I said, to get around Bubble Lead just try to run under them
His shots it depends on where he is at, if he is swimming up high run under
them, if he is down low, try to jump over the shots and him as well if
possible. Don't jump too high though, otherwise you will be one hit killed by
the spikes. If he is still shooting while you are falling back to the ground
try to go between the shots, once you are between 2 of them, hold the
direction the shots are being fired to kind of move with them.

Video Link...


Bubble Man's Fight is from 3:34 - 4:31

------Air Man------

Difficulty: 4/10

Air Shooter-- 4
Collision---- 8

Air Man isn't anything too much to worry about really, it's all a matter of
what pattern of Tornados he throws at you. He also goes down quick because he
takes 2 damage per shot. Basically he will shoot 2 to 3 rounds of tornado's at
you, all of which will blow you away from him. At the beginning of the fight,
just stay against the wall and do you best to jump over the tornado's safely
and try to shoot between the tornados to hit him in the mean time. He will
jump over to your side, just stay against the wall and let loose on him while
he prepares another set of tornados and use the boost from the wind to jump
over him and stay against the right wall and repeate When he jumps over to
your side again.

Video Link...


Air Man's Fight is from 4:32 - 5:02

------Quick Man------

Difficulty: 7/10

Quick Boomerang-- 4
Collision-------- 4

Quick Man is the Fastest of all the Robot Master's in Mega Man 2 and one of
the fastest ones in the classic series. He takes 2 damage per shot, but
hitting him is the key. When the fight starts he will either jump to where
you're standing or jump somewhere around the middle of the room, basically you
will want to try and stay somewhere in the middle of the room and jump over or
run under him when you have the chance, when he throws his Quick Boomerangs
dodge them and wait a sec then try and move or jump over them, so you have to
manipulate the Boomerangs a little bit, do your best to hit Quick Man and when
he gets stuck on a wall unload on him from the other side of it.

Video Link...


Quick Man's Fight is from 5:03 - 5:26

------Wood Man------

Difficulty: 6/10

Leaf Shield---- 8
Falling Leafs-- 4
Collision------ 8

Wood Man is one of the easier ones to buster only in my opinion, but of the
Mega Man 2 Robot Masters he is probably the second hardest or so. What he will
do at the beginning of the fight is create a Leaf Shield around him, during
this time you cannot harm him with the buster, also as he has the Shield on he
will fire off 4 leafs into the air which will rain down, as the leafs begin
to rain down he will throw the Leaf Shield at you, jump over it and try to get
as many hits on him as you can and repeate. It is possible to kill him without
having to jump over him, even on difficult. If you do have to jump over him,
take advantage of the the time you have after his 4th jump to get on the other
side of him and repeate from the right side of the room. To kill him without
having to jump over him, try to get close to him so you can connect faster
with your shots and get a mininum of 7 shots per leaf shield. If you should
only get 6 off on accident, then you can still get a quick hit on him after
his 4th Leaf Shield. Try to pay attention to the raining leafs and jump
between them as they get close to you.

Video Link...


Wood Man's Fight is from 5:27 - 5:58

------Crash Man------

Difficulty: 3/10

Crash Bomb------------ 4
Crash Bomb Explosion-- 4
Collision------------- 4

Crash Man is the easiest one in Mega Man 2 to buster only kill. That is, of
course, if you take your time with him. Everytime you shoot, he will jump and
shoot a Crash Bomb at where you are standing, so what you will want to do is
jump and shoot so he intercepts the bullet as he jumps and keep moving to the
right, once you reach the right wall or once the Crash Bomb he fired is
done exploding turn around, then Jump and Shoot again and keep moving left
until you get to the left wall or once the 2nd Crash Bomb he fired is done
exploding and just repeate and he will be as easy as Apple Pie.

Video Link...


Crash Man's Fight is from 5:59 - 7:14

------Flash Man------

Difficulty: 4/10

Buster Shot-- 2
Collision---- 4

Flash Man isn't very hard to kill with only the Mega Buster. He takes 2 damage
per shot so he goes down from only 14 hits. The only obstacles are a very
jumpy styled room and the icy floor. He will only jump when he gets to a wall
or when a shot connects with him, so use this knowledge to your advantage,
don't shoot him when you need to jump over him. He will run around the room,
and he will Freeze Time every 6 - 8 seconds. Try to jump in the air so that
you are Frozen in Mid Air and you should avoid all the shots fired from his
Arm Cannon. Just repeate this and remember to not shoot him when he gets close
to you so you can jump over him and he will be done before the Apple Pie is

Video Link...


Flash Man's Fight is from 7:15 - 7:40

------Metal Man------

Difficulty: 5/10

Metal Blade-- 3
Collision---- 6

Metal Man isn't that hard if you keep your distance from him. The 2 of you
will be fighting on a conveyor. He won't be affected by it though. At the
beginning of the battle the conveyor will be going to the left and it will
change directions every 6 seconds. So for the first 6 seconds jump and shoot
and shoot 1 more shot as you come down to try and score 2 hits. If Metal Man
throws 1 or 2 Metal Blades, jump over them, if he throws 3, jump over the
first 2 and let the 3rd one go over you. When the conveyor is going to the
right, try to stay against the left wall, if you get too close to him he will
jump to the other side of the room, so try and stay on the left until it
changes back, then continue the fight.

Video Link...


Metal Man's Fight is from 7:41 - 8:39

------Heat Man------

Difficulty: 3/10

Flame Pillars------- 4 (It does 4 even before they land)
Fireball Collision-- 8
Collision----------- 8

Heat Man is easily predictable and abused. He takes 2 Damage per shot but he 
catches himself on fire after each shot, during this time you can't hurt him
and he will turn into a ball of fire and come at you, when he flys at you jump
over him and shoot him again, then the process will repeate itself, so just
keep shooting him and jumping over him and he will be done for. If you take
too long between shots he will get off little fireballs around the room, just
try and jump between them as they are coming at you, once they land on the
ground they will form small flame pillars, but they aren't too hard to dodge.

Video Link...


Heat Man's Fight is from 8:40 - 9:27


Credit goes to Capcom for making this game. Thank You Capcom!

------------------------------Contact Information-----------------------------

If you see the need to E-Mail me for anything at all, then E-Mail me at
IT! You can also Subscribe to me on youtube, my username on there is
Redmage1987. Thank You for reading!


(c) Copyright 2010 Shaun G.

This guide may only be used (outside of personal, private use) with credit
given to the author.

Mega Man and all related characters, names, etc. copyright Capcom.
All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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