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FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 03/01/10

----------------------------------- [ MEGAMAN 5] ------------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
-------------------------- [ Nintendo Entertainment System ]-------------------


The fifth game of this series. This game introduces Megaman's pet bird, Beat.
To get Beat, you must collect all the letters that spell MEGAMANV located one
at a time in each different boss stage. If you are playing the Japanese version
of the game then you are collecting the letters that spell out ROCKMAN5 instead
since he is called Rockman in Japan.


Eight Robots have appeared and started causing chaos all over the city. If that
wasn't bad enough, Dr. Light has just been kidnapped. On the way, to reach Dr.
Light, Megaman spots a clue of who the kidnapper is. The kidnapper is none other
than............PROTOMAN!!? WTF!!?


Buster Shot and most weapons: press B

Jump: Press A

Charge Shot: Hold B then release when at level 1, 2, or 3

Climb ladders: Up or Down when overlapping one to grab then use up or down to

Slide: Hold down and press A

Charge Kick: Hold down and press A (Slide) when equipped


Life up
Small one gives 2 bars of life and the big one gives 10 bars.

Weapon up
Same as above except for weapons.

Extra life.

Energy Tank
A cylinder with an E on it. When low on energy, use it to fill yourself back up
You can hold up to 9 E-tanks.

Weapon Tank
A cylinder with an M on it. Refills all your weapon energy.

These are found in each of the robot masters' stages. Collect all 8 to spell
MEGAMANV/ROCKMAN5 and now you will have a brand new ally: a bird named Beat.
Here is how to get them.

M/R - Gravityman's stage. No explanation, it's in plain view on the path
E/O - Waveman's stage. While on the Jet Ski, keep an eye out for the E/O and
jump to get it.
G/C - Stoneman's stage. There is a point where you shoot at a wall to break
away some blocks. When you do so, slide to the right and get the G/C.
A/K - Gyroman's stage. Another plain sight letter, Be sure to jump quickly
M - Starman's stage. Ditto.
A - Chargeman's stage. Ditto again.
N - Napalmman's stage. Fall and steer left when you see it.
V/5 - As you fall in one point of the stage, hang left to get it.

     ENEMIES - MM5

A flying eye enemy that circles around Megaman to interfere with his shots.
They only appear in pairs near the end of the first Protoman level prior to
fighting Darkman I.

Apache Joe
They fly around in helicopters and shoot a fireball towards Megaman.

Not really an enemy but they are obstacles that appear during the first part of
Starman's stage and they try to crash into Megaman.

B Bitter
When Megaman approaches, this cannon will pop up and shoot at him.

Bomb Thrower
Launches bombs at an arch towards Megaman.

A flying robot that drops bombs on Megaman.

When Megaman gets close, it will fall and bounce on its chin and fire three

An enemy that rides towards Megaman on one wheel.

A henbot that produces Walking Eggs to send at Megaman

Found in Starman's stage. It walks back and forth as it fires in multiple

Not an enemy but a platform Megaman rides then drops when it reaches the end
of its course

Just some sweeper bot that fires missiles in 2 directions

A rolling spike that moves along the surfaces.

Appears in Gravityman's stage and drops acid balls.

Hirarian 427
It walks towards Megaman and explodes on impact with the wall or Megaman.

Iron Balln
A ball-and-chain obstacle that moves back and forth. The chain will not harm

Dolphin robots that appear in Waveman's stage during the jetski area. They will
try to dive on Megaman. Sometimes they will appear in packs.

Jet Bomb
When shot, it splits into 3 pieces and continues to attack.

Kouker Q
Flys forward. When above Megaman, it will drop down spike first on him.

Similar to the Telly from Megaman 2, it spins towards Megaman and try to crash
into him.

Metall Houdai
When its eyes are showing, it shoots a large projectile at Megaman.

Metall K1000
It rides a train and shoots in a 3-way pattern before charging.

Metall Mommy
It is accompanied by Minimets. When killed the Minimets split off.

Much like the UpnDowns from Megaman 4, they pop out of pits in an attempt to
knock Megaman into the pit as he hops over the gap.

A mouse robot that runs back and forth.

New Shield Attacker
Appears in Crystalman's stage. A Shield Attacker with a new type of armor.

They walk around then extend themselves open then twist themselves closed.

Octoper OA
The midboss of Waveman's stage. It appears during the jetski area and rises up
and down as it shoots a wide ball of energy at Megaman. Aim at the green square
on its forehead.

It will fly a small distance, stop and show its eyes then try to fly in the
current spot where Megaman is.

It's like Crazy Razy for Megaman 1. You must kill the top half to destroy or it
will attack you if you kill the bottom half first.

Power Massler
It rockets from the ground and tries to stomp Megaman.

When Megaman runs under it, it will drop bombs on him.

Rider Joe
Appears in the jetski area, it will shoot at Megaman or crash into his jetski.

Rock Thrower
Appears in Stoneman's stage. Like Bomb Throw only it tosses rocks instead.

Rolling Drill
Appears in Napalmman's stage and can kill him upon touching him with the drills

Space Metall
Rockets towards Megaman's current position.

When close, it will recoil and move at Megaman.

Leaps at Megaman when close. Can be orange or white

Suzy G
It's just an obstacle that appears in Gravityman's stage that flips with you.

Swim Metall
Appears in Wily Stage 2, swims at Megaman when close

Protects its face with a shield then moves it aside to shoot a bullet but it
will leave itself vulnerable to attack.

Moves back and forth and shoots two bullets

Toss Machine
Just lobs balls at Megaman.

Twin Cannon
Shoots a gumball from the top and a bullet from the bottom.

Similar to the Batton family except it shoots at Megaman

A mere obstacle in the jetski area of Waveman's stage.

Walking Egg
They walk towards Megaman after being produced by the Cocco. They hop over any
obstacles lower than their jumping height. Otherwise, they will turn the other
way if the jump is not high enough.

Fires homing missiles at Megaman. Shoot its head to destroy it.

     BOSSES - MM5

Gravityman (033)
Gravityman can be tricky. You two can never stay on the same level, whenever
you are on the ceiling, he's on the floor and vise versa. He will jump around
and shoot normal bullets. The best weapon to use is the Star Shield.

Waveman (034)
This guy likes to use sneak attacks. He likes to hop at you and sometimes he'll
throw a spear at you. But the sneak attack he uses is sticking his arm into the
ground and making a geyser come up in a random spot. Use the Charge Kick to do
away with him.

Stoneman (035)
Try to hang in there as much as you can against Stoneman, he jumps around and
turns into rubble a lot. He is invincible in rubble form. He will also use an
attack called the Power Stone that rotates around the room and gradually spreads
Napalm Bombs are your best weapons against him.

Gyroman (036)
Man does this guy stay in the air a lot. When he's on the ground, he'll shoot
normal bullets but on the ground or in the air, he will send a Gyro Blade at
you. But what do we have here? Ah! The Gravity Hold! What does this thing do?
OMFG! No matter where Gyroman is, he always gets hit by it and there is nothing
he can do about.

Starman (037)
Starman has a simple pattern: activate his Star Crash and hop around and shoot
his shield at you. Starman thinks he is safe but Waveman says "no way" Not only
does Water Waves damage Starman but they can cancel out his shield too.

Chargeman (038)
CHIGGA-CHIGGA-CHIGGA-CHIGGA-CHOO-CHOO! This guy looks like a train engine with
legs. That must explain why he makes the CHOO-CHOO sound when he send fireballs
to rain down on you. His other attack is when tries to charge into you.  Power
Stones will put this "little engine that couldn't" out of his misery.

Napalmman (039)
He fires three missiles in succession then throws a lot of napalms around that
have an explosion of an inch radius. The Crystal Eye is a good choice to beat
him with.

Crystalman (040)
He moves quickly. His Crystal Eye breaks when it hits the wall and then bounces
around the surfaces for a little while. With Gyroman, take Crystalman and shine
him on real nicely, avoid his Crystal Eye attacks and stick Gyro Attacks up his
candy ass.

Darkman I
He'll just move around trying to charge into you. He is just a waste of space.
Use Water Waves on him.

Darkman II
Another Waste of space, he just walks around trying to touch you with his
barriers. Crystal Eyes will be his downfall.

Darkman III
Now this guy is tough. I guarantee that you might not beat him the first time
unless you're good enough. He'll leap in the air and rain bullets on you and
he'll also freeze you and make you turn white. Gyro Attacks are you're best

Darkman IV
This is the fake Protoman before the real one shows up and exposes him. This
guy is similar to the Darkman II and III except he won't freeze you but shoot
bullets while standing and he'll toss his barriers at you too. You're newest
friend Beat will take him out.

Big Pets
Shoot its segments to ride on them then hit it in the head with Crystal Eyes.
Watch out for the raining enemies coming down.

Circling Q9
It will fly back and forth in a shaky pattern. It will then swoop
down-left, come back up, and swoop down right and return then repeat its
Watch out for the meteors coming from above too. Gyro Attack will due it in.

Dr. Wily Machine 5 Phase 1 and 2

Phase 1: He'll move back and forth trying to get over you then comes down and
brings the platform up too. Watch for the spikes in the middle and Mega Bust
him when in range.

Phase 2: He'll send a lot of missiles and balls at you. Just avoid them and
Mega Bust his Mouth

Dr. Wily Capsule
He'll appear in one spot and drop a ball that goes in two directions and
then vanishes and sends a big circle of balls that disappear in the spot he was
in. When he's low enough to hit, use the Mega Buster


Gravity Hold
Obtained from Gravityman. Most non bosses will be sent flying into outer space.

Water Wave
Obtained from Waveman. A wave of Geysers scales the floor but can only be used
on the ground.

Power Stone
Obtained from Stoneman. Four stones circle the area and gradually expand.

Gyro Attack
Obtained from Gyroman. A blade spins forward and you can control whether it
goes up or down.

Star Crash
Obtained from Starman. A shield of stars protects you from harm and you can
shoot it at the enemies too.

Charge Kick
Obtained from Chargeman. You use this weapon by sliding into the enemy just
like sliding under narrow passages.

Napalm Bomb
Obtained from Napalmman. Toss a bomb up into the air. It will roll around for a
second and detonate with a one-inch radius.

Crystal Eye
Obtained from Crystalman. Shoot a big green Crystal and it will split in 3 if
it hits the wall.

Rush Coil
You start out with this. This allows you to reach higher places.

Rush Jet
Obtained from Gyroman. You have no horizontal control of Rush in this game.
It allows you to fly over large pits.

Super Arrow
Obtained from Starman. Launch a dart that you can use for a temporary platform.
You can also ride on top of it to save you energy on the Rush Jet.


                           Weakness: Charge Kick
                            Get: Water Wave

Enemies: Octoper OA, Iron Balln, Cog, Rider Joe, V, Irukarn, Twin Cannon.

Head right and watch out for the steam and the Iron Balln. You can jump through
the chain part of the Iron Balln. When you see two tubes, jump into the top one
to get the 1-up and drop to the left. Head right and watch out for the Cogs and
steam. At the end, take the 4th set of bubbles. These are the big bubbles you
can ride on. Ride up one screen and when you are high enough, quickly hop across
two little bubbles to the other big bubble on the left. Ride up one screen and
when a little bubble shows up, slide onto the bubble then jump to the platform
and head right. You are now outside. Run right and you'll automatically jump
onto a jet ski.

Watch out for the Vs and Rider Joes. Be also aware of the Rider Joes coming
from behind. There are some Irukarns to deal with as well. When the background
goes dark, you face an Octoper OA. Aim your shots at the green spot on its
forehead and watch out for its shots as well. When you beat it, head right and
dodge more Irukarns n' Rider Joes coming from the rear. When you see 2 Irukarns
following each other, get ready to get the E/O behind them. Make sure you don't
get hit or you'll be too stunned to get it. At the end of the ride, you'll shoot
one Twin Cannon dead with a Mega Buster Shot and face Waveman next.

Charge up a shot before you face him. Let go when he fills his energy and the
shot will already let loose and hit him. He'll do his Geyser attack, then shoot
a spear and jump at you. Always stay close enough to avoid his jumps but far
enough to avoid the spear. When he lands, jump or the geyser might get you.
Just hang in there and victory is yours. If Waveman was not your first robot
then Charge Kicks will work on him.


                           Weakness: Water Wave
                             Get: Star Crash

Enemies: Dachon, Asteroid, Bounder, Space Metall, B Bitter, Jet Bomb, Tondeall,
         Mizzile, Toss Machine

Seeing how we're in out of space, there is moon gravity in this stage. The
height of your jumps depends on how long you hold the B button. Move right and
watch out for the asteroids raining down, you will drop down to safety. Kill
the Bounder and drop to the lower level and move right and kill the Bounder and
B Bitters in the way. Watch out for the spikes above. Drop down and kill the
Tondealls and drop down. Slide right and then jump up carefully to get the M
and not touch the spikes. Take out the Space Metalls and jump carefully between
the floor and ceiling spikes and kill another Space Metall and a B Bitter at
the end.

Climb the ladder, kill the B Bitters first with the Mega Buster and carefully
jump across the platforms and when you get to the next screen. Shoot the Dachon
in the eye to kill it and watch out for its lasers. Run right n' kill the Space
Metalls and you'll come across a screen where the floor rises up and down. As
you jump, watch out for the Mizziles that try to stunt your jump. There are
also Toss Machines that launch bullets at you. At the end, kill the Dachon and
enter the gate.

Just stay on the ground when you fight Starman. He will jump around while he is
shooting his shield at you. But with the Water Wave, he's dead. The Water Waves
can go through his shield and hit him or destroy the shield itself if he was in
the air. Poor Starman never had a chance.


                           Weakness: Star Crash
                            Get: Gravity Hold

Enemies: Suzy G, B Bitter, Graviton, Pukaperry, Power Massler, Iron Balln,

This stage changes gravity from time to time. One moment you are on the floor
then you are on the ceiling. When you are on the ceiling, the controls stay the
same except for the slide and Charge Kick for that matter. Hold Up and press A
to slide. Move right and kill the Suzy Gs and the Graviton and drop down. Move
left and change gravity and kill the Suzy G and the Nobeeta and keep moving
to change gravity again. Move right and kill the Nobeeta and Suzy G and you're
back on the ceiling. Jump to the ladder while upside down and climb to the 1-up
and kill the Nobeeta if you need to. Drop up, avoid the Iron Balln and keep
dropping up.

Make it to the upper level and kill the enemies in the way and move right. At
the end, kill the Nobeeta and change gravity to end up on the floor and drop
down. Be sure to stay to the right or you'll land on the spikes on the left.
Kill the B Bitters as you move right, drop, and kill more B Bitters and a Power
Massler. On the next screen, kill the Graviton and the Suzy G and end up
on the ceiling. Jump n' fall and quickly change gravity to get the M/R and keep
moving right. You'll change gravity and climb up a ladder, avoid the two
Pukaperries and drop up and avoid the spikes. Drop to the floor and kill the
B Bitter and enter the gate. On the way, you'll be back on the ceiling.

Shoot the Star Crush at the beginning and Gravityman will end up hitting it on
the way up. Stay as far away as you can and time your shots to hit him as he
changes gravity. He will be down soon.


                           Weakness: Gravity Hold
                            Get: Gyro Attack

Enemies: Cog, Cocco, Walking Egg, Kouker Q, Lyric, Power Massler, Pukaperry,
         Tondeall, Twin Cannon, Tatebakkan

Move right and the floor will rise, keep moving right after the floor stops.
Kill the Tatebakkans and the Pukaperries and climb up the ladder. Avoid the
Cogs and climb the ladder. Kill the Lyrics and move right. Take out the Cocco
and avoid the walking eggs it sends. Kill more Lyrics and climb the ladder.
Avoid the Cog and climb up. Kill the Power Massler and continue up.

Take the upper path and climb the ladder. Move right and watch out for the
Kouker Qs. Move across the falling floor quickly. Be sure to get the A/K very
carefully by jumping off the moment the block drops. Make it all the way right
and the floor will start rising. You have to maneuver through the spikes above
so be careful. At the top, move right and kill the Tondealls. Drop down and
kill the Twin Cannon and get ready to fight (more like rape) Gyroman.

The Gravity Hold hits him no matter where he is so with all that said....
Gyroman: Officer. WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Megaman raped me!


                           Weakness: Gyro Attack
                              Get: Crystal Eye

Enemies: Bombya, Crystal Joe, Camon, Mousuberu, New Shield Attacker, Fujin,
         PukaPucker, Power Massler, Suberu

Move right and kill the PukaPucker. This time is head bounces on his body and
if you kill his head you kill the body too. Drop down and kill more PukaPuckers
and use Star Crushes to make it safely past the falling diamonds and climb up.
Get Eddie's item and continue up. Move right and kill the Crystal Joes with the
Mega Busters and switch to Star Crush when you are not sure if you'll make it
past the falling diamonds. Climb up and kill the Fujin and take the tram to the
ladder and climb up. Kill the Camon and move right. Avoid New Shield Attackers
and drop down. Wait for the Bombyas to pass and get the E-Tank.

Drop down 2 screens and move right and Rush Coil to the upper platform and kill
the Mousuberu and get the M-Tank. Keep moving and drop down and stay still one
screen and steer left on the next to get the V/5. Drop to the lower level and
kill the Suberus and keep dropping and say on the ledge to take care of the
Power Massler and head for the gate.

Crystalman sends 4 Crystal Eyes at you and hops around shooting normal shots
too. Hit him with 7 Gyro Attacks to get rid of him.


                           Weakness: Crystal Eye
                            Get: Napalm Bomb

Enemies: Apache Joe, Bomb Thrower, Jet Bomb, Metall Houdai, Mizzile, Power
         Massler, Rolling Drill, Sumatoran, Turban, Yudon

Move right and kill the Sumatorans as you go. Drop down, kill another Sumatoran
and get the energy-up before dropping down. Kill the Metall Houdai and Turbans
and move right. You got to kill each Rolling Drill you come across because they
will instantly kill you. Climb up, hold left and hop through the wall to get
the E-Tank. Head back out and go right and kill the Apache Joes and climb the
ladder and get what Eddie has for you and continue up. Kill all of the Yudons
by shooting them in the head then as you fall, hold left and get the N and drop
down two screens and head right. Shoot one missile and slide under the next and
get ready to shoot at two more missiles before you jump.

Kill the Power Massler and continue past the missile and drop down. Use a slide
to safely avoid the spikes and drop down. Kill the Bomb Throwers and watch out
for the Mizziles as you make your way to the gate.

Avoid Napalmman's missile fire and the bombs he tosses into the air. Crystal
Eyes kills him faster than any other weapon. Sometimes you'll miss and the
Crystal Eye will split in 3 and he'll take damage for each piece that hits him
as if the whole big Eye hit him.


                           Weakness: Napalm Bomb
                            Get: Power Stone

Enemies: Hirarian 427, Lyric, Metall Mommy, Mousuberu, Rock Thrower, Turban,
         Suberu, Tatebakkan, Daidains

Head right and take out the Metall Mommies as they turn into three tiny Metalls
which you have to kill individually then climb up the ladder. Kill the Turbans
and the Metall.  Next, kill the Suberu below and shoot at the wall to destroy
to fake blocks. Slide right and get the G/C and slide back out. Shoot the
Suberus then before you climb the ladder, kill the Metall Mommy. Climb up and
kill another Metall and Turban then go right and kill more Turbans as well as
Rock Throwers and climb the ladder. Watch out for the Hirarian 427s and more
Turbans and Mousuberus. Climb up, take out the Hirarian 427 and climb the

Now run right and take out the Lyrics and Tatebakkans and climb the ladder. To
get the 1-up, use the Rush Coil and hold left at the top and make your way to
it. Now get out and head right, take the Daidains to the high platform and kill
the Lyrics, then take the 3 Daidains to the ladder. To get the E-Tank, shoot a
Super Arrow to the left and ride it to the E-Tank. Now go back to the ladder by
and  head right to make the Daidains reappear and climb up. Get Eddie's item
and there is another false wall to shoot and slide through to the right.
You get an energy-up and weapon up. Slide back out and climb the ladder. Kill
the Metall Mommies and Lyrics and get ready to fight Stoneman.

Stoneman stars with the Power Stone then jumps around. Sometimes he will turn
to rubble and be invincible. Time your Napalm Bombs to hit him as he lands for
best results.


                           Weakness: Power Stone
                            Get: Charge Kick

Enemies: Bomb Thrower, Cocco, Walking Egg, Lyric, Metal K1000, Mousuberu, Yudon
         Renbakun, Turban

Kill all the Renbakuns in your path to the ladder and climb up. Head right
and time your shots to kill the Metall K1000s when they open their helmets and
shoot. You'll face some Lyrics too. When you drop, you'll end up in the cargo
area. Keep moving right and move through swarms of Coccos, Turbans and the
Mousuberus and get the A on the way to the ladder. Run right and take out
the Metall K1000 and Bomb Throwers and drop down. Kill the Yudon and prepare
for a tough fight with Chargeman.

Chargeman will charge a lot and send fireballs into the air and rain them down.
It's tough to hit Chargeman with Power Stones (though he is weak against them)
but the best way to hit him is to stay close or fire when you jump over him
when he is walking and not charging. 7 hits is all you need.

Congratulations! Not only do you have all 8 weapons as well as the Super Arrow
and Rush Jet but now you have Beat the bird fighting alongside you. He will
attack every enemy in sight and he will be useful for the boss fights to come.


                                Protoman Stage 1
                                Boss: Darkman I
                           Weakness: Water Wave

Enemies: Hirarian 427, Sumatoran, Tondeall, Cog, Rounder, Dachon,

On the way to the ladder, you'll be shooting through Sumatorans and Tondeall.
It's a tough journey but you'll make it. Climb up and avoid the Cog and the
Hirarian 427 and Rush Coil to the ladder and climb it. Run right and avoid all
enemies or kill them and take the Rush Jet over the spikes and on the platform.
Use a Super Arrow to attach to the wall and jump on it and over the wall and
continue on. Drop down two screens and kill all enemies in the way and head
right and kill the Dachon and climb up the ladder. Now the reappearing and
disappearing blocks make their long awaiting appearance. The first pit is easy.

Hop across 3 blocks, wait then hop to the next block on the left and climb up
the ladder. The next pit is even easier and yes we'll cheat here. Wait for the
next close block that you can jump on to appear then jump right then jump left
and all done in 3 blocks. Climb up and slide right and watch out for all the
'Rounders circling you. Kill one and they will leave you alone. The first boss
awaits you.

Use Water Waves on this guy. They not only cancel his bullets but damage him in
the process too. Easy battle no doubt.


                                Protoman Stage 2
                                Boss: Darkman II
                           Weakness: Crystal Eye

Enemies: Cog, Metall Mommies, Tatebakkans, Crystal Joe, Bombya, Metall Houdai,
Tondeall, Sumatoran, Pukaperry, Metall K1000, Graviton

Avoid the Cogs and climb the ladder on the left since the right one is a dead
end. Kill the Tatebakkan and Pukaperries and climb up the ladder. Rush Coil to
the platform ahead and kill the Pukaperries ad Metal K1000 and drop down.
You'll come across two treadmills and Cog scaling them. Avoid the Cogs and make
it to the left and climb down the ladder. Jump across the treadmills quickly
and avoid the Bombyas. Climb the ladder and take out 3 Crystal Joes by staying
on the ladder with Megaman stooped over and fire when he shoots his crystal.

Climb the ladder and kill the Graviton and Tondealls down the lower path to
get the E-Tank and slide back quickly to avoid the spikes and do the same for
the net path up and the energy-up. Slide down the top narrow passageway to
safely drop down. Use the Rush Jet to get the 1-up then drop down. Kill the
Bounders and climb up the ladder. Kill the Metall Houdais and continue climbing
and Use Gravity Hold on the Pukaperries then wait for the Sumatoran to jump
away and blast him with a Mega Buster shot. Keep moving through the Pukaperries
and Sumatorans till you reach the gate.

The second boss is vulnerable to Crystal Eyes. All he does is run at you and
nothing more so he should be no problem if you remember to jump over him.


                                Protoman Stage 3
                                Boss: Darkman III
                           Weakness: Gyro Attacker

Enemies: Suberu, Apache Joe, Hirarian 427, Turban, Tatebakkan, Lyrics, Daidain,
         Bombya, Metall Houdai, Bounder, Pukaperry, Power Massler, Kouker Q

Shoot throw the Suberus and Apache Joes and climb up the ladder. Kill or avoid
the Hirarian 427 and continue climbing then kill the Turbans and Tatebakkans.
Run right and kill the Lyrics and take the Daidains to the ladder and climb up
and do the same for this screen and climb up. Run right, and avoid the Bombyas
and kill the Metall Houdais and climb up the ladder. Kill the Bounder then Rush
Coil to the ladder and climb up. Ride across the blocks through the blocks and
Pukaperries and climb down the ladder. Slide under the Power Massler and drop
down and go right and avoid the Rocketman and kill the Tatebakkan before the
Power Massler catches up to you then jump for it. Make it to the ladder, climb
up, kill the Power Massler and get the E-Tank. Climb up the ladder and move
through the snake and avoid the Kouker Qs till you get to the gate at the end.

This boss tends to jump at you and shoot you. He also attempts to freeze you
with some diamond shaped bullets so steer clear of those. Use Gyro Attacks to
take him out.


                                Protoman Stage 4
                                Boss: Darkman IV
                           Weakness: Star Crash

Enemies: None

This level is too easy. Just clear enough blocks without getting killed by the
spikes as the level drops. At the end, just head through the gate to take on
Protoman. Say it ain't so, Pro! Protoman will shoot you and a whistle will
sound. Protoman and Megaman look back and forth as if confused. The real
Protoman appears and Megaman is still looking between the two all confused. The
bottom Protoman fires at the one on the top who fires back and reveals the evil
Protoman to be a fake. Whew! Thank goodies for that, Protoman will destroy the
platform he was on and leave you an L-Tank that refills all your energy. Now get
ready to fight Darkman IV.

This boss is similar to the 2nd Protoman boss. The only difference is that he
tosses his barrier at you and retracts it. Now is the time to break out Beat.
Good luck on this fight. All you got to do is avoid the bullets and the barrier
and Beat will do all the work for you. When it is all over, our old enemy Dr.
Wily shows up and reveals that his plan to frame Protoman for his crimes have
failed when the real Protoman showed up. He then tells you about Dr. Light and
that he is held hostage at his castle and dares you to come get him then laughs
and flees.


                                Wily Stage 1
                                Boss: Big Pets
                           Weakness: Crystal Eye

Enemies: Toss Machine, Cog, B Bitter, Turban, Metall Houdai, Cocco, Walking Egg

Get the E-Tank and climb down. Fall down the left and land on the platform. Fall
off the platform to the left and steer right gradually and land to the right of
the spikes. Avoid the Cogs and kill the Toss Machines and climb up the ladder.
Kill the B Bitters and Turbans and climb up.  Run right and kill the Toss
Machines and low jump and run through the treadmills till you climb up the
ladder. Kill the Pukaperries with Gravity Hold and Rush Coil up the ladder.
Move right through the mini-treadmils and avoid the Cogs and watch out for the
ceiling because it rises up and down and there are spots similar to Dustman's
stage where you must shoot away blocks to proceed. Kill any Metall Cannons in
the way and at the end, kill the Cocco and climb up the ladder. Kill all the
B Bitters and Turbans, climb up the ladder and run right and kill the enemies
and enter the gate.

Big Pets is weak against Crystal Eyes. Shoot a normal shot at both platforms to
use them as stepping stones then hit the boss in the head with Crystal Eye.
Watch out for the enemies swerving down. Continue till it is dead.


                                Wily Stage 2
                                Boss: Circling Q9
                           Weakness: Gyro Attacker

Enemies: Hirarian 427, Power Massler, Cocco, Walking Egg, Asteroid, Cog, Swim
         Metalls, Asteroid

Take out the Hirarian 427s and drop down 2 screens and you'll be in water. Get
the E-Tank and go right. Jump on the wheels and avoid the Cogs. You will be
fighting through Swim Metalls, climb up and fight more Swim Metalls and climb
up some more. Move right and kill the Metalls in the way, drop down, move
through all enemies and drop down again and get the Energy-up if needed. Head
right, kill the Cocco and climb the ladder. Kill the Power Massler by shooting
him as much as you can then finish him with the Star Crush. Climb up and do the
same with the next Power Massler or avoid him and enter the gate. Against this
boss, he'll move around raining Asteroids on you then swoop left then swoop
right. Hit him with Gyro Attacks and he is dead in 7 hits.


                                Wily Stage 3
                                Boss: Wily Press
                           Weakness: Star Crash

Enemies: Twin Cannon, Gravityman, Waveman, Stoneman, Gyroman, Starman,
         Chargeman, Napalmman, Crystal

Get the E-Tank via Rush Coil and run right. Kill the New Candy Machine and enter
the Teleporter. Kill all bosses like before. Use Charge Kick on Waveman. Here is
how the bosses appear

Gravity				Charge
Wave		Gyro		Napalm
Stone		Star		Crystal

After you have killed them all, enter the top center capsule to fight Dr. Wily.
Avoid the spikes in the middle and charge up your Mega Buster. When he shows his
face, be prepared to avoid being flattened as he comes down and makes the floor
rise too. After 10 Mega Buster Shots, you win for now. Dr. Wily is getting away.
Go get him, Megaman.


                                Wily Stage 4
                                Boss: Wily Machine 5
                                      Wily Capsule
                           Weakness: Super Arrow (WM5)
                                     Beat (WC)

Enemies: Dachon, Twin Cannon

Kill the Dachon, drop and kill the Twin Cannon and drop, kill the Dachon and it
is time to face Wily again for the last time until Megaman 6. Avoid his
missiles and balls and rely on the good on Mega Buster for the job. After you
beat that part, he will appear in a rocketship and reappear and disappear a lot.
When he reappears in a random he will drop a ball that splits in two directions
then when he disappears, he will send circling energy balls that gradually
squeeze in and disappear then he repeats the pattern. Wait for him to reappear
with range then blast him with the Mega Buster. When you win, Wily will run as
you give chase. When Wily stops under Dr. Light's cage, he will feign surrender
and Megaman grabs Dr. Light. The base will begin to crumble and Wily begins to
panic. The ceiling falls but Megaman catches it and Dr. Wily gets away. Just
Protoman destroys the section of the wall needed for Megaman and Dr. Light to
get away and now just enjoy the ending.


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