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FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 03/31/09

----------------------------------- [ MEGAMAN 4] ------------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
-------------------------- [ Nintendo Entertainment System ]-------------------


The fourth installment in the normal series and introduces robots created by
Dr. Cossack and along the way Megaman gets a new sidekick named Fliptop who
occassionally appears in stages to provide Megaman with helpful items.


A Russian scientist named Dr. Cossack has created 8 powerful robots and sent
them after Megaman. Armed with the new Mega Buster, Megaman sets out to take on
anything that gets in his way of world peace. GO MEGAMAN!


Buster Shot and most weapons: press B

Jump: Press A

Charge Shot: Hold B then release when at level 1, 2, or 3

Climb ladders: Up or Down when overlapping one to grab then use up or down to

Pharaoh Shot: Hold down the Button to charge the Pharaoh Shot above his head.
Then release it to throw it.

Drill Bomb (manual explosion): Fire a Drill Shot and press B to make it explode


Life up
Small one gives 2 bars of life and the big one gives 10 bars.

Weapon up
Same as above except for weapons.

Extra life.

     ENEMIES - MM4

100 Wattn 
Found only in Brightman's stage. They fly around and drop some type of bomb 
that sends pellets in multiple directions. When killed, the lights will go out.

Found in Toadman's stage, it will crawl around and switch surfaces on occassion
but not dangerous.

Ballet Met
Part of the Metall family, it will rise from it's helmet and spin around like a
ballerina while it shoots buster shots at you.

This "enemy" is actually harmless and it gives you a piggy back ride across 
spike pits even though it will jump into pits and kill you if you don't jump 

These are the same bats you have seen since Megaman 2 only they are more of a
refined version. They are invincible when they are hanging on the ceiling and 
then become vulnerable when attacking.

These are just some surface moving obstacles that scale the surfaces of a 
platform in an attempt to catch Megaman jumping on the surface it is on.

Found in Drillman's stage, they fall out of chutes at the top. You can protect 
yourself from them with the Skull Barrier obtained from Skullman.

Bug Copter 
These ladybug looking robots will lose their choppers when close then spin 
around as they move towards Megaman.

Desert Fly 
They appear on the surface of Pharaohman's stage and drop buster shots at 

They are skulls that come out of chutes and move towards Megaman.

A green enemy found in Brightman's stage that makes the lights go back on with
it's fireworks when killed. That's assuming you had killed a 100 Wattn earlier.

Fan Blade
They fall from the ceiling and ballerina spin towards Megaman.

A robot that spits either pellets or arc gumballs at Megaman.

Similar to the Gabyoalls of Megaman 1. They speed up when level with Megaman.

Giant Escargot 
A giant snail that's the midboss in Toadman's stage. It only appears twice. It 
will launch bombs at you or throw its eyes at you instead. It has a weak spot 
which is its eyes when they are open.

A fish that jumps out of the water to attack Megaman.

It spins around as it flies then lands and shoots at Megaman.

A miniboss who appears in Ringman's stage. It will rise up on its platform and 
as soon as it reaches its apex, it spits out homing missiles that can be des-

They give you a lift over the spikes but occassionally shoot out normal pellets
from its sides like the Foot Holders from the First Megaman.

Come down from the ceilings and just crawls around the floor.

They hop around trying to leap on Megaman with spikes on its feet.

Ladder Press
The ladder press scales up and down the ladder waiting to clamp its jaws on 
Megaman as he climbs.

An invincile enemy in Diveman's stage that dive down on Megaman when he tries 
to run underneath them.

It swims straight and depending on where Megaman is, it will turn to the side 
and swim in that direction.

Metall EX
Your average Metall except it can also jump too.

A giant whale robot that's appears twice as a miniboss in Diveman's stage. It 
spits out torpedos and launches mines that can suck Megaman towards Moby.

Rolls around slowly then when Megaman is spotted, it will spin wildly out of 
control trying to run over Megaman.

A mummy that appears from behind the wall and shoots its head at Megaman before
disappearing behind the wall.

Pakatto 24 
It hides behind a shell then when it opens its shell then it will shoot out a 
pellet at Megaman.

Appears in Toadman's stage with an umbrella in hand and tosses the umbrella at

Appears in Toadman's stage and tries to hop on Megaman.

Sand Scorpion
They move along the sand at the top of Pharoahman's stage and just rises from 
the sand, moves for a little bit then sinks back into the sand.

Saturn Seeker
Modeled after planet saturn. They spin their way where Megaman stands.

Sea Mine
They are the mines in Diveman's stage that explode when Megaman is in range.

Shield Attacker
They fly back and forth blocking frontal attacks.

Skeleton Joe
He cannot be hurt by regular Buster Shots (makes him crumple temporarily). 
Instead, you must defeat him with a charged shot.

Blocks frontal shots and can only be destroyed with the Charged Shot. They 
shoot arcing shots.

Super Ball Cannon
Shoots bouncing balls that ricochet off of ceilings, floors and walls.

Flys around with a school of smaller birds then dives down towards Megaman.

All they do is spin at Megaman.

Tom Boy
These are the slinky-shaped robots that move down the steps.

Totem Polen
Found in Brightman's stage, they appear on the spikes when you're riding on top
of the Battans.

This is one slick little enemy who tries to jump out of pits when Megaman is 
jumping over the pit in hopes of knocking Megaman into it.

Wall Blaster
Aims it arm at Megaman and shoots.

Another Miniboss in Ringman's stage. It will throw its rings towards Megaman 
and retract them.

     BOSSES - MM4

Brightman (025)
He got a light bulb on his head. His attacks are buster shots n' a bright flash
of light that freezes you. He also tries to jump on you. All seven of your Rain
Flushes will take him out.

Pharaohman (026)
He shoots small Pharaoh Shots and hops around. When he stands still and lifts a
finger, he is charging up his Big Pharaoh Shot, which is the size of Megaman. 
Try not to be hit by that. Brightman can freeze him and give a chance to pump 
slugs into him.

Drillman (027)
He likes to burrow a lot. When he goes underground, do not stand still. Move 
around and he'll pop up. He'll also attack with Drill Bombs so watch out for 
those too. Dive Missiles will put an end to his chaos.

Ringman (028)
He follows a pattern. He will shoot a Ring Boomerang from the ground and jump 
to catch it then throw one in the air and charge at you while he catches that 
Ring Boomerang. With Big Pharaoh Shots, he's a dead duck.

Toadman (029)
Stay close to him and all he'll do is try to jump on you. Do not give him a 
chance to use his Rain Flush. It will hit you no matter what. When he raises 
his hands and shakes his hips, he'll use it. Drillman is good for this job.

Dustman (030)
Dustman throws trash at you that splits into 4 then tries to suck you in. Ring
Boomerangs are your best choice here.

Diveman (031)
Diveman likes to charge a lot and send missiles. Use Skull Barrier to beat him.
Activate the Skull Barrier and try to touch him with it and hopefully not your 

Skullman (032)
He has the best theme music in this game. He'll shoot normal shots at you then 
activate his Skull Barrier. When he lets his shield down, he will charge you. 
Get him with Dust Crusher.

The first Cossack Boss. Flies back and forth shooting energy balls then will
drill a hole in the ground. Be careful when it drills in the same spot because 
falling through it will kill you. Ring Boomerangs will get the job done.

Square Machine
It will divide in three parts. The top and bottom goes in one direction and the
middle goes in the other direction. It will make 2 or 3 passes. Only the bottom
half is dangerous. When it starts moving real slow on its 2nd or 3rd pass, it 
will reassemble and shoot bullets at you. Be sure to be inside the boss when it
reassembles so you an jump on one of the platforms and shoot the big red dot in
the top center with Drill Bombs or Dust Crushers.

Cockroach Twin
There are two of these you must defeat. The first one will only stay on the
ceiling and shoot down at you. After you beat that one, another one comes out
and circles the whole room and shoots at you. Just stay in one spot and use
Pharaoh Shots fully charged on both of them.

Dr. Cossack
He moves around shooting at you and moving around in a big machine. Never stay
directly under him or he'll pick you up and damage you when he drops you. Beat
him and you'll see he meant no harm. Your Mega Buster is good enough.

Metall Daddy
He is invincible with his hat down. When he stands he will jump up into the air
and try to crush you. Each time he lands, 4 Metalls will fall and then they'll
walk away.

Octopus Furnace
This robot is like a giant version of the Gachappons you meet throughout some 
stages. Ride the platforms and avoid the fireballs it spits and the exploding 
balls it launches from its back. Use Ring Boomerangs on its forehead jewel.

Dr. Wily Machine 4 Phase 1 and 2

Phase 1: He moves up and down shooting fireballs. Stay real close to him and 
they won't even touch you.

Phase 2: He'll move back and forth shooting fireballs at your location. If you
have Drill Bombs, launch them and manually explode them before they hit the 
green jewel to cause damage. Wily will fly away after defeat.

Dr. Wily Capsule
He'll appear then send an electric ball at you. Avoid them and memorize where 
Wily was when appeared then disappeared. After the electric ball leaves, he'll
be in that spot for a second or two.


Flash Stopper
Obtained from Brightman. Freeze all non-bosses as well as Pharaohman in their 
tracks and shoot away at them for a few seconds.

Pharaoh Shot
Obtained from Pharaohman. small shots that are the size of Buster Shots. Hold 
the B button long enough to charge a shot that forms overhead and you can throw
it by releasing the B button. While it is overhead, you can kill anything above
you and if the enemy doesn't die, the overhead shot will disappear but if you
release the B button will fire another big shot.

Drill Bomb
Obtained from Drillman. Throw a drill that explodes on impact. Press B to make 
it explode in air. It can destroy barriers.

Ring Boomerang
Obtained from Ringman. Throw a ring that returns to you.

Rain Flush
Obtained from Toadman. Toss a rocket into the air and acid rain pours down.

Dust Crusher
Obtained from Dustman. Upon impact, the Dust Crush will split into 4 pieces.

Dive Missile 
Obtained from Diveman. Send out a homing missile that will track the enemy's 
movements if it is vulnerable to the Dive Missiles.

Skull Barrier
Obtained from Skullman. A barrier surrounds you and will protect you from one 

Rush Coil
You start out with this. This allows you to reach higher places.

Rush Jet
Obtained from Drillman. You have no horizontal control of Rush in this game.
It allows you to fly over large pits.

Rush Marine
Obtained from Toadman. Maneuver through water terrains.

Obtained in Diveman's stage. Kill the Second Moby and drop down through the 

Obtained in Pharaohman's stage. Before dropping down into the first pit, hop 
over it and continue on to pick up the Balloon.


                           Weakness: Drill Bomb
                            Get: Rain Flush

Enemies: Amoeba, Rakasa, Giant Escargot, Ratton, Swallown, Guotot

Toadman is my first pick.  There is a strong gust of wind that pushes against
you as you run right. The Swallown and the Rakasa will obstruct you.  You will
eventually drop two screens. Move right and kill the Rattons and Amoeba. Don't
stand still or the waterfalls will drop you to your doom. At the end, you will
drop two more screens.  You now fight a Giant Escargot that is only vulnerable 
when its eyes are open. Dodge its bombs and eyes and hit it in the eyes with 6
Mega Buster shots. Head right and drop down two more screens and fight another
Giant Escargot, this time you have a waterfall disturbing you. After that one
is gone, head right and hop across the platform and avoid the Gyotots. Enter 
the gate and fight Toadman. 

Stay close to him so he won't use his Rain Flush. He'll most likely hop at you.
Shoot him when he comes down. If he raises his hand then shoot him and he won't
try to use the Rain Flush. 7 Drill Bombs will beat him or 28 Buster shots will


                           Weakness: Rain Flush
                            Get: Flash Stopper

Enemies: 100 Wattn, Battan, Dopan, Totem Polon, Fan Blade, Gachappon

As you move right, you will deal with 100 Wattns that make the screen go dark 
when killed and light the screen back up through time or by killing a Dompan. 
On the next screen, kill the Totem Polon and hop onto the Battan. Kill the 
Totem Polon in the way and hop onto the other Battan. When you're safely across
the spikes, Climb up the ladder and if you take the right ladder via Rush Coil,
you'll get a large energy-up. Drop back down and kill the Gachappon then take 
the left ladder. Head right, kill the Fan Blades and slide to the next screen.

If you want the 1-up and E-Tank bad enough then take the first ladder you see 
down, then head right across the foot holders. The red ones will fall and the
green ones stay on. Grab the items and on the way back, take the green foot 
holder and drop to the floor and then Rush Coil your way back and go back up 
the ladder. Head right and hop onto the Battans and ride them to ladder on the 
end. Kill any Totem Polon in the way. Climb up and ignore the Fan Blade and 
climb up the ladder on the left. At the top, hop across the foot holders and 
at the last foot holder, jump off and shoot the 100 Wattn and the Dopan and 
enter the gate. 

The object here is to hit Brightman with every Rain Flush in your arsenal if 
you have a full bar like you should. Brightman fires normal shots in multiple
directions and ocassionally, flash the screen with the light bulb on his head.
You'll be frozen in your tracks, so by pure luck you'll avoid any damage that
he may attempt.


                           Weakness: Flash Stopper
                            Get: Pharaoh Shot

Enemies: Sand Scorpion, Mummira, Hover, Desert Fly, Battonton

Be careful not to sink in the sand or you will die. Keep moving as you shoot
through the Sand Scorpions and dodge bullets from the Desert Flies above. When
you reach the pit, normally you jump into it but skip it and keep moving ahead
instead and you'll obtain the Balloon Adapter. 

You'll teleport out and re-enter in the spot you have entered if you had died 
sometime after entering the pit. Head right and kill the Battontons
(them and the Metalls never give up do they?) The Hovers shoot at you when
their eyes open so watch out. At the end, drop down two screens and head right.
Manuever through those Hovers and watch out for the Mummiras who through
their heads at you. 

Pharaohman is ready for a beatdown. Just use the Flash Stopper and cap him to 
death. Without the Flash Stopper, it will be a tougher fight since he does have
his own charge shot that can do a lot of damage.


                           Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
                            Get: Ring Boomerang

Enemies: Saturn Seeker, Garyoby, Hippoplater, Whapper, Wall Blaster, MonoRoader

Jump off the rainbow platform to the left and kill the Wall Blaster and head 
for the ladder. Remember that the rainbow platform disappear beneath your feet.
So slide or wait for it to be in the middle of reformation before you move 
across the platform. Keep climbing up avoid the Wall Blaster shots and Saturn
Seekers and at the top, hop right. A Hippoplatter will appear. Shoot the stand
blocks beneath it and get in the shots at Hippoplatter when you have the chance
Be sure to shoot its missiles. Go right and move through the rainbow platforms
while killing the Saturn Seekers and avoiding the  Garyobys whom act like the
Gabyoalls (MM1) and Springers (MM2). Drop and you'll face a pair of eyes called
the Whapper surrounded by rings that shoot the rings in 6 directions (and it is
thankfully not straight ahead). Wait a few seconds then time a Mega Buster shot
into its eyes when it shoots the rings. 3 Charge Buster Shots will kill it.

Drop down and face another Hippoplatter. Kill it like before and go right. Use
Rush Coil or the Balloon to reach the ladder then take whatever item Eddie will
give you and head back down. Head right and kill the MonoRoaderss and maneuver
through the disappearing platforms that work like the rainbow platforms and 
make it to the safety while killing Saturn Seekers. Climb down and get off the
platform to the right immediately and wait for it to reform before you head 
back across it. Go down the ladder and kill another Whapper and slide to the 
right and enter the gate to face Ringman. 

Charge up you Pharaoh Shot and blast Ring Man with it as he runs his pattern. 
That consists of throwing a ring then jumping to retrieve it hen while still in
air, through another ring and drop down then charge you will retrieving it. 
With this knowledge, you can take him.


                           Weakness: Ring Boomerang
                            Get: Dust Crusher

Enemies: Metall, Jumbig, Shield Attack, Upndown, Gachappon, Bug Copter

Looking at this stage, Trashman should have been his name. Move right and kill
the Metalls and don't worry much about the Shield Attackers. When jumping over 
pits, be sure to kill the Upndowns the moment they come out or they'll knock 
you into the pit. At the end, drop down two screens, head right and kill the 
Jumbigs and while hopping across the forming blocks, kill the Bug Copters.Climb
up, take what Eddie gives you, and keep climbing up. You'll notice the ceiling 
rising and falling. Shoot the blocks away as much as you can. The only ones you
really need to shoot are the ones that will crush you. 

After two sets, slide right and shoot some blocks and slide back left before 
you get crushed to death. After clearing enough blocks, make a break for it and
head to the next screen. Kill the Gachappon, climb up, kill the Jumbig and then
enter the gate. 

Dustman fires blocks that split when they get to your location or hit you. On
ocassion, he'll use the vacuum cleaner on the top of his head to draw you into
him. He is invincible while doing so. Just hang in there and kill him with 
Ringman's Ring Boomerang.


                           Weakness: Dust Crusher
                            Get: Skull Barrier

Enemies: Shield Attackers, Super Ball Cannon, Skeleton Joe, Skulmet, Togehero,

Move right and kill all the Super Ball Cannon in the way as you zigzag your way
to the right. Kill the Togeheros too. Make it to the ladder and climb up. Use a
Mega Buster shot on the Skeleton Joe to kill it and continue up. Run right till
you reach a ladder and watch out for the Shield Attackerand Battonton on the 
way. Climb up and get Eddie's item and continue up. 

On the way up the big ladder, run right and try to avoid the Shield Attackers 
as much as you can and get the E-Tank and large energy-up if you need it and 
head back to the ladder and climb up. Move right and kill the Skulmets and the
Inorms and drop down and make a leap of faith to the left and kill the Inorm 
and Skulmet and get the E-Tank, kill the Inorm and slide safely to the right. 
Make it to the ladder and climb down. Go right and kill the Togeheros and 
Skeleton Joes and enter the gate.

Skullman will remain still until you shoot at him or run at him. If the former,
he'll jump at you and activate his Skull Barrier, when he lowers it, he will
charge you. If the latter, he will shoot normal shots at you. Try not to touch
his body much and you should come out ok with help of the Dust Crusher.


                           Weakness: Skull Barrier
                            Get: Dive Missile

Enemies: Manta, Sea Mine, Moby, M-422A, Gyotot, Garyoby, Metall EX, Jumbig

As you head right, you'll go through a lot of enemies. Gyotots, Garyobys, Sea
Mines, Underwater Metalls, Mantas, and to make matters worse, a Moby. Avoid the
Moby's torpedoes and mines that pull you towards it as well. Keep shooting and
it will fall. Keep moving past the Mantas and sea Metalls and climb the
ladder and get what Eddie has to offer and continue up. Head right and kill the
Jumbig and drop down two screens and you're back underwater. Now you got Mantas
to deal with too. The water level rises up and down so time your jumps to clear
the Mantas. Take out a Moby and drop down the pit to the bottom and get the 
Wire Adapter. You'll be back at the spot before the Moby have to make your up 
to it and kill it again. This time keep going and now you got mines and spikes
in the mix. Give me a break already! When the water stops rising up and down, 
you're almost there. Just stick it out and you'll reach the gate. 

Diveman charges at you three times then he shoots missiles. The Skull Barrier 
can both protect you from the missiles and do damage to Diveman as well. It'll
help if you have full power already.


                           Weakness: Dive Missile
                            Get: Drill Bomb

Enemies: Bug Copter, Metall, Jumbig, Boulder, Helipon, Battonton, Super Ball
Cannon, MonoRoader

Run right and kill the Bug Copters and Metalls and climb the ladder up. Kill
the Jumbig and climb up that ladder. Head right, kill the Metall and Bug Copter
and drop down. Kill the Battontons and maneuver through the spikes and drop 
down some more. Get the 1-up carefully and keep going down. The spikes above 
won't touch you so don't hesitate in jumping over the spikes below. Climb the 
ladder, kill the Super Ball Cannons and climb the ladder. Use the Rush Coil or
better yet the Wire to reach the E-Tank. Head rigt and kill the MonoRoaders
and get Skull Barrier ready. The Boulders that fall will destroy the Barrier 
but not hurt you. Once through the rocks and copterbots, head through the gate
to face Drillman. 

He'll burrow a lot and try to surprise attack you. Don't stand still for any
length of time. He'll also jump around and run around throwing Drill Bomb.
Keep shooting Dive Missiles and you should win this one.


                                Cossack Stage 1
                                Boss: Mothraya
                           Weakness: Drill Bomb
                                     Ring Boomerang
                                     Dust Crusher

Enemies: MonoRoader, Tom Boy, Skeleton Joe, Togehero, Ladder Press, Upndown,

Hop through the snow instead of running to go faster.  Kill all Tom Boys in the
way and climb the ladder. Take out the MonoRoaders and climb up. Go right and
kill the Skeleton Joe and be cautious of the Upndowns. Climb then Rush Coil
up to the ladder. Do the same for the next screen. This next part is hard so
listen good err read carefully. Climb the ladder and climb down the other ladder
Use Rush Jet or the Balloon to reach the other ladder. Climb up that ladder and
as you fall off the next ladder, steer left and be careful of the ladder press.
Climb up and kill the Jumbig and face the first Cossack boss. 

Its shots are easily avoidable. Just use Ring Boomerangs on the jewel for an 
easy victory. Bear in mind that it can destroy the floor.


                                Cossack Stage 2
                                Boss: Square Machine
                           Weakness: Drill Bomb
                                     Dust Crusher

Enemies: Docron, Battonton, MonoRoader, Togehero

Climb up either ladder then work your way to the top left ladder and climb up.
Head right and tale out the Togehero and Docrons and use Rush Jet to make it 
across the pit and climb up the ladder quickly. The platforms will change its
positions of spike every few seconds so be sure to stand on them when the 
spikes are horizontal and make it to the ladder. Do the same for the next 

Kill the Battonton and Rush Coil or Wire to reach the platform and head right. 
Kill the Battontons and MonoRoaders and climb the ladder. Grab the items you 
need and use Drill Bombs on the barrier. Slide to the left and climb back up. 
Use the wire to get the 1-up and enter the gate. 

This boss splits in three. When it slows down, it will regenerate and shoot a
pill shaped bullet at you. Use Drill Bombs or Dust Crushers to kill it. Make 
sure you are within it in 
order to hit it.


                                Cossack Stage 3
                                Boss: Cockroach Twin
                           Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
                                     Drill Bomb

Enemies: Jumbig, Turret, Garyoby, Saturn Seeker, Biree

This stage scrolls right. It is full of turrets and Birees. When you stop, a 
Jumbig appears. Kill it and climb the ladder. Use Drill Bombs on the Garyobys 
and climb the ladder. The screen scrolls right again but only a few Saturn
Seekers will bother you. The floating platforms will provide you with step to 
use. On the last one, stay on until you can jump right. To get the E-Tank,
make a Balloon and slide left. Slide back out and face the next boss. 

There are actually 2 bosses. The first boss will stay on the ceiling and shoot 
at you. Use the overhead Pharaoh Shot to hit him then release B button to shoot
another Big Pharaoh Shot. Keep doing it till ths boss explodes. Another boss 
appears and scales the surfaces. Use the same strategies here except you can 
shoot it when he's on a wall.


                                Cossack Stage 4
                                Boss: Dr. Cossack
                           Weakness: Dust Crusher

Enemies: Shield Attaker, Tom Boy, Docron, 

Drop down a few screens and get whatever items needed then go right and climb 
up the ladder. You have two paths to take: up the ladder or a big drop. I'll 
take the drop. Use Wire to pull yourself to the barrier and use Drill Bomb on
it. Drop down and see we have an E-Tank for the taking. Use the Drill Bomb to
get it and climb down and head right. Kill the slinkies and you'll see that 
you've avoided the Shield Attacker. 

Keep going till you drop down 2 screens. Head right and kill the Docrons. You 
now face Dr. Cossack himself. 

Avoid being directly below him at all costs. He'll grab you and slam you for 
damage. Avoid his bullets and use the Mega Buster to defeat him. After 
the fight, Protoman will appear with a girl named Kalinka. Kalinka will beg 
Megaman not to hurt her father anymore because she explains that Wily took her
hostage to make Cossack fight you. Cossack will come down and ask you for your
forgiveness. Wily enters and reprimands Protoman for his betrayal and vows to 


                                Wily Stage 1
                                Boss: Metall Daddy
                           Weakness: Dust Crusher

Enemies: Ballet Met, Garyoby

Climb up, kill the Metalls and climb up again. Kill those Metalls (some who act
like ballerinas) and continue climbing. Head right and kill those Metalls and
drop down 2 screens into the water. Watch out for the spikes on the left upon
entry. Manuever through the sea Metalls and spikes and make it to the ladder. 
Be sure to Drill Bomb the Garyoby. 

Ah! It's are favorite obstacle, the reappear/disappear blocks. This pattern is 
simple, hop on the first block, jump up onto the next block and the rest is 
history. In the next screen, one wrong move and you're dead. So let's cheat 
shall we? >:) Use Rush Jet to the right and Wire Up and to the ladder we go. 
"Cheaters never prosper" is a load of crap in this case. Head right and get 
the E-Tank and ignore some of the Metalls. The next boss is waiting for you. 

This boss is a giant Metall called Metall Daddy. Watch out for it stomps. 
Metalls will fall and walk towards you when it stomps too. Use Ring Boomerangs 
or Dust Crusher on this boss.


                                Wily Stage 2
                                Boss: Octopus Furnace
                           Weakness: Ring Boomerang
Enemies: Gachappon, Mummira, Battonton, Bug Copter, MonoRoader

Slide into the top narrow passage and head for the ladder and climb down. Kill
the Bug Copter and climb down that ladder. Get the E-Tank if you need it and
drop down and be careful of the spikes. Kill whatever enemy you come across and
use the Balloon to get to the ladder. Get whatever Eddie has to offer then,
climb up the right ladder.  Head right and deal with the Mummiras and climb up.
You almost can't see the Battontons because of the background. Take them out 
and use Rush Coil to reach the ladder. Any ladder doesn't matter as long as you
reach the ladder on the next screen. Kill the MonoRoaders and climb up another
ladder. Kill the Gachappons and enter the gate to fight a gigantic version
of the Gachappon called the Octopus Furnace. 

Ride the platforms and use Ring Boomerangs on the green jewel on its forehead. 
7 hits are all it takes. Watch out for the Giant Bombs and fireballs.


                                Wily Stage 3
                                Boss: Wily Machine 4
                           Weakness: Ring Boomerang (Phase 1)
                                     Drill Bomb (Phase 2)
                                     Wire (Phase 2)

Enemies: Drillman, Brightman, Skullman, Diveman, Toadman, Pharoahman, Ringman,
Dustman, Fan Blade, Shield Attacker

Gather the items and drop down. Keep going down through Cross Shields and Leaf
Ballerinas. You'll eventually reach a teleporter and will drop down a steep
shaft and here is the order of bosses.

Drill	        Pharaoh
Bright	        Ring
Skull Dive Toad Dust

Beat all 8 robots like before and face Wily. Get close and use Buster Shots. 
His shots will sail over you. Next, Wily will switch to a new Machine that 
shoots wherever you are unless you're below or behind him. Use Drill Bombs here
Toss a Drill Bomb and manually explode it in front of the green jewel. When the
battle is over, the war is not.


                                Wily Stage 4
                                Boss: Wily Capsule
                           Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
                                     Ring Boomerang

Enemies: Inorm

Drop down. Shoot all the Inorms and fight Wily for the final time. At least 
until Megaman 5. Keep an eye for where the energy ball goes. Wily will flash 
his location before firing. Pharaoh Shot will give you your 4th victory against
Wily. You and Wily escape before the lab goes Boom!


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