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FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/11/12

//version 2.0//						 //updated 12-11-2012//

		      ============ MEGA MAN 2 ===========
		      == (ROCKMAN 2: DR. WILY NO NAZO) == 
		      ========= STRATEGY GUIDE ==========
 		      ======= written by NeoChozo =======
                      ====== www.themmnetwork.com/ ======

    Welcome to the Mega Man Network walkthrough and strategy guide for MEGA
    MAN 2, the second title in CAPCOM's original MEGA MAN series. This text 
    document covers all of the stage guides and other pertinent information 
    for completing this title. Use the index below as a reference guide,
    and visit Mega Man Network's MEGA MAN games section for more informat-
    ion on this game as well as information and walkthroughs for the other
    games in the series.

   == CONTENTS ==
   1. Introduction
   2. About This Game
   3. The Story So Far
   4. Recommended Order
   5. Weapons and Items
   6. Walkthrough
      A. Metal Man's Stage
      B. Flash Man's Stage
      C. Quick Man's Stage
      D. Wood Man's Stage
      E. Air Man's Stage
      F. Crash Man's Stage
      G. Bubble Man's Stage
      H. Heat Man's Stage
      I. Skull Castle-2, Stage 1
      J. Skull Castle-2, Stage 2
      K. Skull Castle-2, Stage 3
      L. Skull Castle-2, Stage 4
      M. Skull Castle-2, Stage 5
      N. Skull Castle-2, Stage 6
   7. Secrets and Tips
   8. Legal


MEGA MAN 2 was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), though the
title has been ported to numerous other platforms over the years, including the
MegaDrive (SMD), PlayStation (PSX), PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Store 
(PSS), the Xbox (MXB), the GameCube (GCN), i-Mode Mobile Platforms (IM), the 
Wii Virtual Console (WVC), and more recently, Apple (iOS). Refer to the setup 
manual for more detailed information on your individual platform.

MEGA MAN 2 pretty much continues the trend set with the first MEGA MAN, al-
though there are quite a few new features that this title brings to the table. 
The same engine, graphics, and sound style are in play, but the mechanics of 
play have altered somewhat. For starters, there are now eight Robot Masters in-
stead of six. A password feature has been added, allowing you to at least save
what Robot Masters you've defeated instead of playing the whole game at one 
time. Mega Man can now carry 4 reserves of LE, called Energy Tanks, so you 
needn't worry about running out of LE in a critical moment. Continuing the 
trend of the Magnet Beam from the first game, new support items have been added
to assist you in making your way through the stages: Items 1, 2, and 3 will be 
acquired by defeating some of the Robot Masters. There is also no longer a 
score system where you accumulate points by defeating enemies and bosses or by 
picking up score balls in the stages. The last thing that is worth mentioning 
is the Difficulty Mode. The North American version features a Normal Mode or a 
Difficult Mode. Difficult Mode makes enemies somewhat stronger and the game 
overall a bit harder. It should be noted for form's sake, that the Japanese 
version, ROCKMAN 2, has no such setting - its only gameplay mode is the North
American version's Difficult Mode - the designers worried that its difficulty 
might turn off some American players, and thus added what amounted to an easier
game (considering the difficulty of the first game, this isn't surprising).
These new additions to the franchise make this game much more enjoyable as a 
whole, and helped set the standard for almost every Mega Man game that has 
followed it.

It is the year 200X... Dr. Wily, former partner to Dr. Light, went mad and 
stole the six "Robot Masters" he and Light designed, and reprogrammed them to 
take over the world. After Dr. Light's household robot, Rock, volunteered to be
converted into a fighting robot, he single-handedly eliminated the Robot Mas-
ters and put an end to Dr. Wily's plot for world domination.
But Dr. Wily has come back for revenge...

This is the first game that gives you eight Robot Masters to fight. Whereas the
first game followed a loop pattern where one Robot Master was weak to another's
weapon, in this game there are three different loops within the loop, so to 
speak. It's difficult to explain in words, but you will see in the list below. 
Of course, some bosses are weak to multiple weapons (particularly the Metal 
Blade - to quote a former colleague, "it destroys everything that's nailed 
down, and pretty much everything that isn't, too". You can tackle these eight 
Robot Masters in any order, but this one listed is easiest to follow.

    ====		  ========			===============
    Metal Man		 Arm Cannon/Quick Boomerang 	Metal Blade
    Flash Man		 Metal Blade			Time Stopper
    Quick Man		 Time Stopper/Crash Bomb	Quick Boomerang
    Wood Man		 Metal Blade/Atomic Fire	Leaf Shield
    Air Man	 	 Leaf Shield/Crash Bomb		Air Shooter
    Crash Man		 Air Shooter			Crash Bomb
    Bubble Man		 Metal Blade			Bubble Lead
    Heat Man		 Bubble Lead			Atomic Fire

So as you can see, there is no defined "order", but at least with this reco-
mmended setup, you'll always at least have one of the weapons used to defeat a

NOTE: Like the previous MEGA MAN game, some of the names differ in translation
(though the weapon names remain the same, with the exception of the Crash Bomb/
Clash Bomb). If you are using this walkthrough for the Japanese version, ROCK-
MAN 2, the name differences are as follows:
                       Crash Man   -     Clashman
                       Dr. Light   -     Dr. Right

The Robot Master names mostly remain the same, except for the "man" convention;
i.e. Metal Man is Metalman, Flash Man is Flashman, and so on. Additionally, the
Japanese version has a subtitle, "The Mystery Of Dr. Wily", that isn't found in
the North American version. 

Each defeated Robot Master yields another weapon to your arsenal. These weapons
are useful for more than just defeating more bosses, so experiment with the 
weapons a bit and you might have an easier time.

     Mega Man's standard weapon can fire up to three shots at a time. These are
     small energy bullets and don't do a lot of damage on their own.
     Gained from Metal Man, this is probably the most useful weapon ever. It 
     allows you to fire a sawblade in any of eight directions, and you get 60+ 
     uses off of one WE meter.
     Gained from Flash Man, this weapon allows you to freeze time for as long
     as WE energy remains. You can run or jump, but can't fire your Arm Cannon.
     Gained from Quick Man, this weapon allows you to rapid-fire small boomer-
     angs that arc out a short distance and then return to you.
     Gained from Wood Man, this weapon allows you to create energized leaf 
     apparitions that rotate around you. Moving causes the shield to fly off as
     a projectile.
     Gained from Air Man, this weapon allows to create three small tornadoes 
     that fly in an upwards arc.
     Gained from Crash Man, this weapon allows you to fire a time-delayed bomb 
     forward. If it strikes a wall or enemy robot, you can detonate it on them.
     Gained from Bubble Man, this weapon allows you to create a large bubble 
     that moves forward along the ground.
     Gained from Heat Man, this weapon allows you to fire up to three small 
     fireballs. You can also charge it up for a much larger effect.

     These are portable LE storage units that will refill your LE meter in a 
     pinch. You can carry up to four of these items, and you will find them 
     scattered throughout stages.

  1. ITEM-1
     You will get this by defeating HEAT MAN. This allows you to create up to 
     three platforms that you can use to reach high areas.
  2. ITEM-2
     You will get this by defeating Air Man. This allows you to create a small 
     jetsled that rapidly travels forward until it hits an object.
  3. ITEM-3
     You will get this by defeating Flash Man. This allows you to create a 
     small platform that moves up and down walls so you can reach higher areas.

The game walkthrough itself is broken into segments that comprise the "stages" 
of the game. Each stage walkthrough will take you through that stage, past the 
Robot Master, and go over any extra information you need to know. There is no 
backtracking in this game as you are not allowed to revisit completed stages, 
though. The walkthrough will begin at the first recommended stage.

  This stage is full of conveyor belts, so watch your step. Start off by head-
  ing to the right, and grab the ENERGY TANK near the beginning here. After a 
  while, get back on solid ground, and take care to avoid the giant spike plat-
  forms on chains that take a chunk of your LE. After you cross this section, 
  make a leap out into space to land on another platform. Slowly progress 
  through this section, shooting the cornscrews that pop out of the floor and 
  ceiling. Stay in one place and fire constantly to gain lots of power-ups. 
  After here, you'll head across another conveyor and head into a short pit. 
  Head through this part to reach another conveyor and you'll start dealing 
  with some new enemies that roll on wheels. Defeat the wheels first and then 
  take out the riders, and head across this large conveyor platform section. At
  the end, you'll head up a series of platforms with stacked robots on them. 
  Shoot their eyes to make them blow up. Next, you'll see an ENERGY TANK below 
  you, but you can't get this unless you have ITEM-2; trying here is a suicide 
  move. Though you can get it if you can spare the extra life, just remember 
  that if you lose all your lives, you also lose any accumulated Energy Tanks. 
  Once you make it to the next ledge, just make your way across the floors 
  while avoiding the sliding robots, and you'll reach the boss gate.

    Metal Man is fairly easy, and oddly enough, he won't attack you unless you 
    make the first move. Once you do, though, he'll attack with a frenzy. Study
    his attacks and how to avoid them to make this fight easier.
    1. JUMPING: He will jump a lot, which makes it harder for you to hit him.
    2. METAL BLADE: He will fire these off seemingly at random, but there is a 
       pattern to them. Run away from the short ones, run towards the high 
       ones, and try to jump over any that come directly at you.
    3. DIRECTION SWITCH: After taking a bit of damage, Metal Man will switch 
       the direction of his conveyor belts.
    If this is the rematch, end him with a single Metal Blade or the Quick 
    Boomerang. Since this is the first fight, you're stuck pounding away with 
    your trusty Arm Cannon. Jump up and down and move left or right to avoid 
    his hail of Metal Blades while constantly firing at him. This battle is 
    very frenetic, but you can exploit his patterns to defeat him quickly.

  Defeating Metal Man rewards you with his super-useful Metal Blade. Now return
  to the Stage Select and select Flash Man's stage next.

  This stage is rather unique in that it can both hurt your eyes and be hazard-
  ous at the same time. The problem is that the screen is flashing, and the 
  terrain has an icy feel to it, meaning you slip and slide everywhere. Halt 
  your forward momentum by jumping. Head through the complicated maze of the 
  first part, taking out the pink shooters as you come across them, and work 
  your way to the first tunnel. Jump down and take out the Sniper Joe in his 
  walker. After he's gone. proceed to the right and fall down the tunnel while 
  holding Right so you drop into the small alcove. Make your way through the 
  downwards maze here, taking out the boomerang thrower robots. Wind your way 
  around until you fall down another tunnel where you'll face another Sniper 
  Joe. Stay in the safe spot at the far right. Defeat him from this spot and 
  head down again. Now carefully make your way across the top section of one-
  block platforms until you reach a ledge with an ENERGY TANK on it. Grab it 
  and head back to your left. Drop down and start heading right again; destroy 
  the last Sniper Joe you find and jump across the last two ledges to get to 
  the boss gate.

    Flash Man's lair is full of staggered ledges, so this will slow him down a
    bit. He only has two attacks, so get to know them and you'll have an easier
    1. ARM CANNON: He fires his Arm Cannon a lot in your general direction.
    2. TIME STOPPER: He'll freeze you in the air or wherever you are and pro-
       ceed to either crash into you or take pot shots at you.
    Use the Metal Blade against him, and its multi-directional capability to 
    hit him on whatever ledge he's occupying in his room. If you fire quickly 
    enough, you might defeat him before he even finishes crossing to your side 
    of the room.
  Defeating Flash Man earns you the Time Stopper attack and the ITEM-3. Return 
  to the Stage Select and head for Quick Man's stage.

  This stage is a bit on the difficult side, and it's near impossible to clear 
  without the Time Stopper. From the start, drop down the first tunnel and take
  out the boomerang shooters. Drop down the next tunnel and you'll face your 
  first bout with the powerful Force Beams. These fly out from the walls and 
  will kill you instantly, so move quickly in order to bypass them. The Time 
  Stopper will freeze them, but don't use it yet as there are many, many more 
  Force Beams later in this stage. After you get past this section, you'll drop
  down and land. The lights will go out, so move cautiously and memorize the 
  terrain when it comes back on. Destroy the flame throwers and keep moving. 
  After a while, you'll reach the end of this section, and you'll have to get 
  past a second, much harder Force Beam section. Definitely use the Time Stopp-
  er here, but try to wait until you're at least on the third screen before 
  activating it, so as to ensure you'll have enough WE to make it to the bottom
  of the tunnel. Move as fast as you can while the beams are frozen, and make 
  sure that you grab every WE refill that you comes across. Once you make it 
  through, you'll face a couple of Sniper Joes; keep defeating them so you can 
  refill your Time Stopper WE, and head on to the boss gate.

    As his name suggests, he is extremely fast. Even with the speed advantage, 
    though, he still isn't too hard. His lair is staggered as well, giving you 
    a bit of an advantage. Look at his basic attack pattern and you'll have an
    easier time.
    1. HIGH JUMP: He will leap high in the room and rocket down towards you.
    2. CHARGE: He'll run either in place or directly at you and knock you down.
    3. QUICK BOOMERANG: He uses these after a jump; he'll throw three small 
       boomerangs down at the last place he saw you. They stick on the ground 
       for a bit, so don't run over them again.
    If you refilled your Time Stopper WE, activate this as soon as the battle 
    starts to drain 50% of his LE. For the second half, the Crash Bomb works 
    exceedingly well, but you don't have this weapon yet. Instead, hammer away 
    with the Arm Cannon or the Metal Blade whenever he's on the ground, and 
    stay on the move so he doesn't try to charge at you. You may need an Energy
    Tank for this fight.

  Surviving the encounter with Quick Man gives you the Quick Boomerang. Return
  to the Stage Select and head for Wood Man's stage next.
  This stage is one of the toughest because of the large variety of enemies. 
  Head through the first section while destroying the Bubble Bats when they 
  come after you. Equip the Metal Blade for best results and take out both the
  bats and rabbits as they come charging at you. At the end, you'll find a 
  ladder - go down it and take out the next three bats. Head down the next 
  ladder and take on the first of two Hot Dogs. Jump over the fire arcs while 
  shooting to beat him. After he's gone, head to the right and you'll encounter
  another Hot Dog. Take him out too and go up the ladder to the right, then 
  head outside. Stand close to the swinging monkeys to trigger them to jump. 
  Defeat them and watch out for some Bomb Birds as you cross the platform sect-
  ion. After you're done here, head inside once more and go down the ladder. 
  Take out the rabbit enemies in the next two sections as you head down. You'll
  find one more ladder to climb down, and you'll end up back outside. Equip the
  Metal Blade once again to take out the roosters that charge at you. Sometimes
  you can time it right so they simply jump over you, but you're better off 
  defeating them. Make it through here and you'll reach the next boss gate.

    There are a few different methods to taking out this particular Robot Mast-
    er, but none of them really apply yet since you'll only have the Metal 
    Blade right now. Pay attention to his damaging attacks and you'll have an
    easier time with this fight.
    1. LEAF SHIELD: He surrounds himself with rotating leaves which he will 
       then fire off at you.
    2. LEAF DROP: At the same time, four leaves will float down from the ceil-
       ing and hit you if you're in the way.
    3. JUMPING: After each cycle, he'll jump a little bit across the room, re-
       stricting your area to maneuver.
    Now... if you have the Atomic Fire, you could charge it up all the way and
    destroy him in a single hit when he's unshielded. Or you could fire Crash
    Bombs to destroy his Leaf Shield and let the resulting explosion hurt him 
    a bit. For now, the best strategy to use is waiting him out. Jump over his 
    Leaf Shield and make sure you won't get hit by the falling leaves, and 
    rapidly fire the Metal Blade to cause as much damage as you can before the 
    shield goes back up. Repeat as necessary until you've taken him out.
  Wood Man's defeat gives you the Leaf Shield. Return to the Stage Select and 
  head next for Air Man's stage.

  This stage takes place in the clouds, so your main hazard here is falling. 
  Start off by moving from Air Tiki to Air Tiki while avoiding or taking out 
  the mini-Tikis that pop out from the sides. Wait for each giant Tiki's horns
  to retract before proceeding to the next one, and repeat for each Tiki you 
  come across. Eventually you'll reach some Thunder Gods - shoot them and then 
  take their clouds they were riding on. Use this method of transporation to 
  cross the large expanse, until you reach solid ground once more. Here, deal 
  with some annoying Bomb Birds and keep heading to your right. At the end, 
  you'll fall off the edge and land on a platform obscured by some clouds. 
  Equip the Metal Blade and take out the boomerang shooters that you encounter,
  then head to the far left to fall down to another obscured platform. Head 
  right and you'll find some more Air Tikis. Make your way across these the 
  same way you did at the beginning. At the end, you'll reach some more of the 
  Bomb Birds and then deal with some robots equipped with fans. Try to keep 
  them on the very edge of the screen so you don't trigger them. Jump from 
  platform to platform, taking out these enemies and you will eventually reach 
  the boss gate.

    Air Man has a very repetitive pattern that is easy to distinguish, but he 
    can cause a lot of damage with his opening salvo. Come here with full LE 
    and watch his attacks to make this battle easier.
    1. AIR SHOOTER: He will fill the screen with spread out tornadoes that push
       you back to the wall. You have to jump over the low ones.
    2. JUMPING: He'll leap across his lair and start using Air Shooters again.
    Hitting him with the Arm Cannon is simple during the Air Shooter attack, 
    but if you are trying to wipe him out easily, his tornadoes will easily 
    repel your Leaf Shield. Wait until he has jumped across the room and is 
    relatively unprotected, then unleash the Leaf Shield and fire it at him. 
    Two or three hits should be enough to end this fight.
  After Air Man's defeat, you'll gain the Air Shooter and the ITEM-2. Now re-
  turn to the Stage Select and head next for Crash Man's stage.

  This stage is a mixture of horizontal and vertical, though the second half is
  definitely more vertical. From the start, you should get around the pipe 
  sections and climb the ladders you come across very quickly, as the pipes 
  will steadily spawn Tellies. Make it through this initial part and you'll get
  to a new section that is similar in nature. Destroy the Tellies, head up the 
  ladder, and equip the Leaf Shield. This way you can ride the platforms and
  defeat the Tellies as long as you don't move. Jump to the ladder and repeat 
  this strategy for the next two rooms until you reach the top of the area. 
  Once there, you'll find some more of the moving tower robots that you have to
  shoot in the eye to destroy. Take them out, and climb up the next ladder. 
  Keep climbing until you start seeing more enemies. Defeat the Mettool and 
  climb up his ladder. Climb some more until you have a choice of ladders. Take
  the left one, and get up to where you can choose from three more ladders. 
  Here, take the middle one and ascend it while taking out the Bomb Birds fly-
  ing from the sides of the screen. Once you finally reach the top, you'll see
  an ENERGY TANK to your left. Drop off to get it, then use Item-2 as a small 
  stepping stone to get back up to where you were. Head across this last sec-
  tion destroying some Green Helis and you'll reach the boss gate. 

    Crash Man can be difficult to hit because of his speed and his high jumps. 
    Study his attacks so you'll have an easier time with this battle.
    1. HIGH JUMP: He does this a lot, leaping high in the air over and over 
    2. CRASH BOMB: Either in the air or on the ground, he'll fire these explos-
       ives at you and detonate them to hurt you.
    3. RUNNING: If he's not in the air, he runs back and forth in a frenzy, 
       firing his Crash Bombs at you.
    What you should try to do immediately is run towards him. This will cause 
    him to jump in the air. Jump with him and fire the Air Shooter so your 
    tornadoes arc upwards at a sharp angle. If you do this absolutely right, 
    you can score a one-shot kill. At the worst, it will only drain over half 
    of his LE, so just do this again to finish the job. The key here is taking 
    him down quickly, before he has a chance to start manhandling you with his
    Crash Bombs.
  Crash Man's destruction gives you the Crash Bomb. Return to the Stage Select 
  and head to Bubble Man's stage.

  This stage is straightforward enough, but there are some tricky parts you'll
  have to watch out for. Start off moving across the suspended platforms and 
  take out the frog robots. After you beat them, you'll come to some small 
  platforms. Make your way across these quickly since they drop out from under 
  you. At the end, you'll have to head down a small passage while taking out 
  some crab enemies. At the very end of this, you'll find yourself submerged 
  underwater. This is where you have to be cautious - your aquatic buoyancy 
  will take you almost to the ceiling when you jump, so watch your step. You'll
  start encountering some giant red fish that send shrimp robots after you; hit
  the gem on the head to defeat these, and move on. In this next section you 
  have to maneuver around a somewhat complicated spike section while avoiding 
  spiked jellyfish that float down from the top and follow you around. The best
  thing to do is shoot them with your Arm Cannon before they can home in on 
  you. At the end, carefully float down the spike-lined short pit and head to 
  your right. Take out the next giant red fish, deal with some more frog enem-
  ies, and you'll end up back outside. Here, jump from ledge to ledge, avoiding
  and/or destroying the crabs that fall from the sky. At the end, you'll reach 
  the boss gate.

    Bubble Man is probably the easiest boss in the entire game. His pattern is
    very easy to defend against, and he doesn't have that many attacks. Still, 
    read the list for him and this battle will go faster.
    1. BUBBLE LEAD: He will fire these in multiple directions as he floats 
    2. FLOATING: He stays high in the water most of the time.
    This is incredibly easy. Stay where you are and fire Metal Blades either 
    diagonally at him or let him settle above you and fire vertically. Don't 
    even stop to worry about being hit with his Bubble Lead since it barely 
    does any damage, and you can end this battle without him even touching the 
    ground again.

  Defeating Bubble Man will give you his Bubble Lead. Afterwards, return to the
  Stage Select and head to the final Robot Master, Heat Man.

  You get a slight respite from the difficult stages with Heat Man's lair. If 
  you have the Item-2, your job is made a whole lot easier. Start off destroy-
  ing the Green Helis and keep making your way to the right while jumping over
  the lava pits. Eventually you'll reach a section where floating Tellies come 
  out of wall pits and come after you. Use the chances you have to fill up any 
  weapons or life you may need and keep crossing over the ledges. After you're 
  done with that part, head across the solid ground while avoiding the sliding 
  blue robots. Get to the ladder and head down. Deal with an easy pattern of 
  vanishing blocks and get to the next ladder. Head down to get to another sec-
  tion of tower hopping, except you have to maneuver around some vanishing 
  blocks that are there to help you ascend the towers. On top of that, you have
  to do this while avoiding more Tellies and lava pits. Use the Metal Blade to 
  take care of the Tellies, and keep heading to your right. After this part, 
  you'll start seeing numerous vanishing blocks start appearing over your head.
  Make it easier on you and use the Item-2 jetsled to simply fly across the
  expansive lava pit. At the end, head down the ladder, and take out the Sniper
  Joe with the walker and you'll be able to reach the boss gate.

    Heat Man can be difficult if you're not using the Bubble Lead. His attacks 
    can also inflict a great deal of damage. Study him so you know what you're 
    up against so you can make this battle easier.
    1. ATOMIC FIRE: He will fire three arcing fireballs that land in different 
       locations depending on where you are. You can only run from these and 
       try to find safe spots.
    2. FLAME TORPEDO: Once damaged, he will turn into a large fireball and fly
       across the screen at you.
    Using the Bubble Lead greatly simplifies this fight. Fire one at him, let 
    it hit, and count to three (or wait to see his animation change) before 
    leaping out of the way of his Flame Torpedo. Turn and repeat with the Bubb-
    le Lead, and jump over him again. Keep doing this and he won't use his 
    Atomic Fire again, so you can beat him easily.

  Conquering Heat Man rewards you with the Atomic Fire and the ITEM-1. After 
  this, you will locate Dr. Wily's newest hideout, Skull Castle-2. Get ready.

  The first stage of Skull Castle is somewhat lengthy. From the start, head to
  the right and try to destroy the eggs that the Bomb Birds drop before they 
  crack open. You'll have to use Item-3 to ascend a high wall, and then deal 
  with a group of boomerang tossers on your way to the perimeter wall of the 
  castle itself. Once you reach the wall, use Item-3 again to reach the ladder,
  and head upwards while collecting LE or WE refills and taking down the ass-
  orted Sniper Joes. Climb the last ladder and hang onto it in the next screen
  to let the slider pass you, then go to the right and ascend the really long 
  ladder. At the top-most section, hang a little bit from the bottom of the 
  screen, and use Item-1 to deploy a platform to your left. Hop on it and de-
  ploy two more in the general direction of the ladder at the upper left. After
  the first platform vanishes, set a fourth and leap to the ladder and climb up
  to the next level. Keep climbing up past the Tellies to reach the top. Once 
  you are there, equip the Quick Boomerang and enter the large hangar. Keep 
  running to the right until you reach the end and you have to start jumping 
  from block to block.
    This boss fight takes place in this large hangar, and can be precarious 
    since there's no floor under you. Keep jumping to the right across the 
    blocks until you reach the three stacked blocks and the boss' LE meter 
    fills. Now, stand on the uppermost block as far left as you can, and start 
    hurling Quick Boomerangs at the Mecha Dragon's head. The Mecha Dragon will
    shoot fireballs at very regular intervals, and the impacts will knock you
    back. Standing far to the left will ensure that when you get knocked back, 
    you'll land on the block below you to your right, if you fall at all. Keep
    rapid-firing the Quick Boomerangs to make quick work of this large boss.
  Surviving this battle advances you to the next area of Skull Castle. There 
  are very few Energy Tanks scattered during these stages, but try to conserve 
  them as much as possible for the final stages.

  This stage is fairly short, but has plenty of hazardous terrain. From the 
  start, refill your Item-1 with the large WE refills, and take out the Green 
  Helis to your right with the Arm Cannon to get any more refills you need 
  (they continue respawning in place). At the end, use Item-2 to fly across 
  this gigantic expanse of spikes, and leap to the very last ladder and climb 
  up to reach an ENERGY TANK. Take the ladder down and destroy the walls if you
  need more WE refills, along with another ENERGY TANK. Keep going down and you
  will reach another long hallway filled with Screws coming from the floor and 
  the ceiling. Take this opportunity to refill any and all WE meters. At the 
  end, use Item-3 to climb a wall, and carefully proceed past the dropping 
  chain platforms. Once you get past them, you'll reach a tunnel leading down. 
  Drop down and grab the large LE refill from the second room if you need it, 
  and drop down more to reach the boss area.

    The premise behind this boss is very simple - destroy the sets of blocks as
    they detach from the walls and fly at you. This is easier said than done, 
    however. There is, however, a definite pattern to the blocks - where they 
    detach from and so forth. If you get the hang of this, you'll always know 
    where not to be. Use the Bubble Lead during this fight and try to jump and 
    hit the blocks before they come down to your level. As you inflict damage, 
    the blocks will separate and fly at you with increasing speed. Try to stay 
    mostly center, since most blocks come from the walls. This may take an 
    Energy Tank if you get hit too much (the impacts cause a lot of damage to
    you), but just keep up your assault to finish this machine off.
  Surviving this battle advances you to the third area of Skull Castle. There 
  are very few Energy Tanks scattered during these stages, but try to conserve 
  them as much as possible for the final stages.

  Like the last stage, this is short but hazardous. Jump to the left or the 
  right from your start point and use the Crash Bombs to grab some refills if 
  they are needed. Destroy the enemies you encounter on your way down and 
  you'll reach a watery section. This section can be dangerous as it's lined 
  with spikes, but you have a lot of buoyancy so it shouldn't be too much of a 
  problem. Watch out for the giant fish that come soaring out of the two wide 
  pits in the floor, though, and make your way back to solid ground. The only
  thing you really need to watch for is the spiked ceilings when jumping. Once
  you get past this part, you have to go to the right, jump, and thread your 
  way down a long corridor lined with spikes. Hold to the right after the chasm
  widens to safely land away from a craftily-placed spike trap. Maneuver on 
  through the next section while destroying any small enemies that get in your
  way, and you'll reach the boss gate.

    When you first start this battle, you can't harm this gigantic machine. 
    Wait until it has scrolled fully onto the screen, then jump up onto the 
    front part of the platform and jump while hurling Quick Boomerang at the 
    Guts Man Head. You'll probably take a few hits here and there from the en-
    ergy bullets this machine shoots, but you'll be inflicting much more damage
    than you're taking. Keep up the attack with the Quick Boomerangs and you'll
    take this thing out easily.
  Surviving this battle advances you to the fourth area of Skull Castle. There
  are very few Energy Tanks scattered during these stages, but try to conserve 
  them as much as possible for the final stages. 

  This stage can be downright frustrating. From the start, grab the large WE 
  refills next to you, and head up the ladder. Take out this first Mettool, 
  then climb the next ladder. Ignore the next Mettool you come across, and head
  up the right-hand ladder (the one to the left leads to a false floor that 
  drops you right in the aforementioned Mettool's general line of fire). At the
  top, head left and fall through a floor while holding Left. Now work your way
  back around so you can grab the extra life while you're re-ascending. Fall 
  down that same hole from before, but hold Right this time. Go back up the 
  ladder and head right to the next ladder. You can try and experiment where 
  the false floors are here, I personally can't give exact locations other than
  that one is slightly to your left, and the next one a little bit after that. 
  The first set isn't too hard, since you don't get dropped on anything danger-
  ous, but the last one is over a spike pit, so just use Item-2 to cross to it.
  Climb up and there will be three Mettools. If you want the ENERGY TANK, take
  out the bottom Mettool and use Item-3 to ride up the right-hand wall (the 
  next two ledges are fake). Grab it and head up the ladder to reach a breather
  area with no enemies. Proceed all the way to the right and CLIMB down (don't
  drop off of it) the ladder to reach the first platform track section. There 
  are four of these total - two have respawning Tellies and the other two 
  don't. For the first one, drop onto the platform and use the Arm Cannon to 
  take out the Tellies. At the bottom-left, stand on the edge while shooting 
  the two Tellies that come out of the walls to get LE or WE refills. Drop down
  and you'll reach a second section that just requires you to maneuver around 
  some obstacles. The third one has more Tellies and is a bit tougher, and the 
  fourth one requires you to drop down and use Item-2 to cross to the ladder. 
  Climb down out of this section and use the Air Shooter to quickly eliminate 
  the Sniper Joes' large mechas, and take all of them out with the Arm Cannon. 
  Keep going to the right and you'll reach the boss gate.

    This battle is downright irritating. For starters, you will actually fight 
    this battle twice, since the only weapon you have that can both break barr-
    iers AND damage the wall-mounted cannons is the Crash Bomb, and you don't
    have enough WE in order to do both. The first time you come here, focus 
    only on destroying the walls, and then let the cannons do their work and 
    kill you. The platform in the middle is a little tough to scale, but you 
    can either use Item-3 or just stand on the edge and leap out and curve back
    to land on the upper ledge.
    After you are killed, you will respawn at the middle point of the stage. 
    Drop down to the first area where the Tellies spawn out of the wall and you
    still have some room to stand. Shoot these down repeatedly until you have 
    collected enough WE refills to recharge the Crash Bomb. Make your way back 
    to the boss gate.
    This time, repeat the same maneuver used to get to the upper area the first
    time, and start attaching Crash Bombs to the wall cannons to destroy them. 
    The cannons all fire at once, and the red lights flash quicker before they 
    fire, so as they start their firing sequence, begin hitting Start rapidly 
    to keep half-teleporting. This can sometimes cause the laser fire to simply
    pass through you. Attach Crash Bombs to each of the wall cannons and you'll
    defeat this boss.

  Surviving this battle advances you to the fifth area of Skull Castle. There 
  are very few Energy Tanks scattered during these stages, but try to conserve 
  them as much as possible for the final two stages.

  This stage is something of a new feature. Whereas in the last game, you did
  re-fight the Robot Masters, you encountered some of them in one stage, and
  fought the others at the end via a set of portals. These portals return,
  but they are all centered in a single room. You will face all eight Robot
  Masters, one after another, before continuing on. The approximate layout is
  below. All portals are marked, and the [] icons represent ledges.
  			 |		           |
			 |	                   |
	   		 |HEAT	     WILY     FLASH|
		 	 |____ 	     ____      ____|
			 |	     	           |
		 	 |AIR   []        []  METAL|
		 	 |____	               ____|
			 |    []	     []    |
		         |____	____   ____    ____|

  After every rematch with a Robot Master, you'll receive a large LE refill. 
  During these fights, make sure to use the Metal Blade on Wood Man, as you 
  need the Atomic Fire for the fight against Dr. Wily. Once you have beaten all
  of them, the portal leading to Dr. Wily will appear.

    Dr. Wily will attack you in the same machine he used in the first game. 
    This time, however, avoid the arcing energy bullets he fires and charge up
    the Atomic Fire. Let loose your fully charged blast at the red shield to 
    destroy it, exposing Wily himself. Once you do this, his attacks will come 
    a bit faster. Switch to the Metal Blade and follow him back and forth, 
    chucking them diagonally as fast as you can at his cockpit to bring him 
    down quickly.
  Surviving this battle advances you to the final area of Skull Castle. The 
  final battle with Dr. Wily is ahead, so make sure you have full Bubble Lead
  WE and a couple of Energy Tanks on hand.

  This final stage takes place in the underground caverns of Wily's Skull Cas-
  tle. There are no enemies in this short cavern, but the acid dripping from 
  the ceiling can cause you major pain. Drop down and head to the right, care-
  fully maneuvering between the safe areas in the acid-lined corridor. Once you
  safely make it through, you'll reach the gate to the final battle with Wily.

    Upon entering the room, you'll see Dr. Wily transform into his true form - 
    a large, green alien! Well, not really. Wily's actually hidden in a corner
    using a holo-emitter to generate this Alien Mirage. This boss will move in
    a figure-8 pattern around the room firing energy bullets at regular inter-
    vals. Keep moving to avoid its shots, and whenever it dips low in its pat-
    tern, hit it with the Bubble Lead. Have at least one Energy Tank on hand 
    just in case you get hit a few times.
  Depleting its energy will cause the Mirage Machine to break down, and Dr. 
  Wily will jump from behind his console and start to beg for mercy once again.
  We can only assume that Mega Man captures him, since he isn't shown escaping.
  As Mega Man heads home on what seems to be another very long walk (he goes 
  through a lot of weather changes (shown on the screen in the form of little 
  Atomic Fires, Quick Boomerangs, Bubble Leads and Air Shooters), Mega Man con-
  templates his latest battle. When he reaches his home, he looks over his 
  shoulder... and in a rush for some home-brewed coffee, leaves his helmet on
  the hilltop.

MEGA MAN 2 has a few things here and there that count as extras in the game. 
There aren't a lot, but they're worth checking out.

     Press Start at any point in the game to bring up the subscreen, then exit.
     Mega Man will do his half-teleport move, during which you can't take dam-
     age. Keep doing this rapidly and you'll be able to keep some objects from
     hitting you.

     There are three bosses in this game that will fall to a single hit from 
     particular weapons:
     - Use Metal Man's own weapon on him for a one-shot kill.
     - Charge up the Atomic Fire and use it on Wood Man when he isn't using his
       Leaf Shield to obliterate him.
     - This one's trickier. Use a single batch of Air Shooters on Crash Man 
       when he jumps in such a way that the three tornadoes line up on his 
       position. The three successive impacts will instantly kill him.

     The game's password system stores defeated bosses, weapons, and all ac-
     quired items, to include Energy Tanks. Input the following password to go 
     to Dr. Wily's Castle with all weapons, items, and 4 Energy Tanks: 
     A5 / B2 / B4 / C1 / C3 / C5 / D4 / D5 / E2

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