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FAQ/Walkthrough by TJackson

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/25/02

888b     d888                               888b     d888                   
8888b   d8888                               8888b   d8888                   
88888b.d88888                               88888b.d88888                   
888Y88888P888  .d88b.   .d88b.   8888b.     888Y88888P888  8888b.  88888b.  
888 Y888P 888 d8P  Y8b d88P"88b     "88b    888 Y888P 888     "88b 888 "88b 
888  Y8P  888 88888888 888  888 .d888888    888  Y8P  888 .d888888 888  888 
888   "   888 Y8b.     Y88b 888 888  888    888   "   888 888  888 888  888 
888       888  "Y8888   "Y88888 "Y888888    888       888 "Y888888 888  888 
                       Y8b d88P                                             
                                 d88P  Y88b 
                                888    888 
                                Y88b  d88P 
|Mega Man 3                                            |
|FAQ/Walkthrough                                       |
|For the Nintendo Entertainment System                 |
|By Meowthnum1 (Meowthnum1 [at] metacrawler [dot] com) | 
|Last Updated: 8/25/02                                 |
|Version 1.5                                           |

http://pub84.ezboard.com/bmeowthnum1sgaming for help.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
   1.02: To this game
   1.03: To me
   1.04: To this guide
II. Basics
   2.01: Controls
   2.02: Story
III. Walkthrough
   3.01: Top Man
   3.02: Shadow Man
   3.03: Spark Man
   3.04: Snake Man
   3.05: Gemini Man
   3.06: Needle Man
   3.07: Magnet Man
   3.08: Hard Man
   3.09: Doc Robot: Stage 1 – Spark Man
   3.10: Doc Robot: Stage 2 – Needle Man
   3.11: Doc Robot: Stage 3 – Gemini Man
   3.12: Doc Robot: Stage 4 – Shadow Man
   3.13: Break Man
   3.14: Skull Castle Stage 1
   3.15: Skull Castle Stage 2
   3.16: Skull Castle Stage 3
   3.17: Skull Castle Stage 4
   3.18: Skull Castle Stage 5
   3.19: Skull Castle Stage 6
IV. Appendices
   4.01: Bosses
   4.02: Powers
   4.03: Passwords
   4.04: Items
V. Last Words
   5.01: Copyright Notice
   5.02: Revision History
   5.03: Credits
   5.04: Hasta La Vista, baby.

-=I. Introduction=-

-=1.01: DEDICATION=-

You'll notice that this is my first walkthrough with a dedication.  This 
walkthrough is dedicated to Colin Moriarty 
(http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4280.html). He is about to go 
off to college, and he'll not be writing as much as he was, nor will he be 
around as much.  He'll be missed.  That is another reason I decided to do 
this game.  If there is anything you can't find here, his guide for it is the 
best one.  He also gave me the formatting for this.

-=1.02: To this game=-

This is the longest Mega Man game in the series.  It was the first Mega Man 
game I ever played.  There is one particular stage, however, that stands out 
in my mind: Shadow Man's.  Why?  It was about...oh...9-12 years ago.  I was 
playing Shadow Man's stage, and my mother was doing something she did as 
often as Wily peacefully surrendered: baking Christmas Cookie.  Those cookies 
had this good smell.  That is what reminds me of this game.  Uh...right.

-=1.03: To me=-

I'm  known as Trace Jackson, or, sadly, more as Meowthnum1.  I go to 
University of Florida, and am 19.  

        -> http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/11356.html <-

-=1.04: To this guide=-

This walkthrough points out key things in the level.  I don't see how Colin 
does his full walkthroughs for these games, but oh well.

-=II. Basics=-

-=2.01: Controls=-

|   Button        |            Function          |
|A                |  Jump                        |
|B                |  Shoot                       |
|Start            |  Pause                       |
|Select           |  None                        |
|Control Pad      |  Move, climb/descend ladders |

-=2.02: Story=-

After being defeated by Mega Man twice, Dr. Wily regains his sanity and 
decides to help Dr. Light. They need energy crystals to finish their 
peace-keeping robot and Wily knows where they are. They give Mega Man 
the mission of grabbing the energy crystals and stopping whoever's in 

Thanks to Magava for that wording of the story.  I'll use that until I can 
find my instruction booklet ;).

-=III. Walkthrough=-

Remember to TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!

Here is the stage select screen:
 _______    _______    _______
|       |  |       |  |       |
|       |  |       |  |       |
|       |  |       |  |       |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    MAN        MAN         MAN

 _______    _______    _______
|       |  |       |  |       |
|       |  |       |  |       |
|       |  |       |  |       |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
  HARD       MEGA       TOP 
    MAN        MAN*      MAN

 _______    _______    _______
|       |  |       |  |       |
|       |  |       |  |       |
|       |  |       |  |       |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     MAN        MAN         MAN

*Break Man appears here after you've beaten the doc robots.  The Doc Robots 
appear in the corners.

I do this in a bit of a different order than most.  The best orders start out 

Top Man
Hard Man
Magnet Man
Snake Man

For they are the easiest to beat with just the Buster.  

-=3.01: Top Man=-

*As you climb down the first ladder, go down, but don't fall.  Get to the 
bottom, and shoot at the enemy to destroy it without risk to yourself. 

*To defeat the cats, shoot at it, and its string balls.  You don't have to 
worry too much about the bugs.

*Just jump over the balls for the second cat while shooting.

*At the end you'll be running across spinning tops.  Wait until you are near 
the top you wish to jump to before jumping!


As Vader says, "All too easy."  At the start he'll throw three tops in to the 
air.  Shoot at Top Man, and, when you think the tops will be coming down, 
slide toward Top Man.  After they fall, back away.  He'll start spinning.  
When he dashes toward you, jump over him.  He now repeats the pattern.  
For this you get Top Spin!

-=3.02: Shadow Man=-

This stage has uber-1337 music.  

*Here is the first place you run in to Proto / Break Man.  He is easy if you 
know how.  Keep pressing B.  When he gets near you, slide under him, and then 
back again when he come back.  Repeat this pattern to easily beat him.

*Watch out for the falling blue guys.  They have parachutes, which makes him 


Use Top Spin for this.  Jump over him and use it.  Keep using it, and he'll 
be gone VERY, VERY soon.

For this you gain the Shadow Blades _AND_ Rush Marine!

-=3.03: Spark Man=-

*You see a Hammer Joe in this level.  To beat him, wait until he throws his 
ball-on-chain, and hit him in that short period of time.

*When you reach a stack of blocks that has blocks being added on it, jump on 
the first block that is ADDED, and slide off it quickly.  Continue this until 
you reach the end of the set. 

*When you reach the platforms that go upward that have the blue blocks that 
attack you beside them, wait until the blocks move at you, destroy them, and 
then jump across.


Use Shadow Blades.  He'll jump up, and shoot sparks all around.  Then he'll 
shoot a large spark toward you.  Simply avoid these.  Shoot him with Shadow 
Blades when you gets the chance, and he goes down quickly.

For this you get Spark Shock!

-=3.04: Snake Man=-

*For the large snakes, a good trick is to get under it, and shoot Shadow 
Blades upwards.  

*When you get to a point where you can take a left or right ladder, go right, 
get the mystery capsules, and then go left.


Use your buster for this.  Avoid him while shooting.  Make sure to jump over 
the Search Snakes as well.  He's kind of hard, but your main worry is him, 
not his Search Snakes.

For this you get the Search Snakes!

-=3.05: Gemini Man=-

*Proto Man appears again...but not to fight.  He opens up the way for you.

*When you shoot a bubble, an enemy comes out, so beware!

*Use Rush Marine for the water part.

*When you get to the large robot before Gemini Man, hit it while on the 
ladder so as to stay safe.


Use Search Snakes on either one of them.  If you hit the real one, he'll lose 
life.  If you hit the fake one twice, he'll disappear, which seems to change 
the aggressiveness of Gemini Man.  He'll be gone quickly.

For this you get Gemini Laser

-=3.06: Needle Man=-

*When you get to the part where needles are sticking down, timing is 
required.  Study the patterns, and learn when each one goes to attempt to get 

*Avoid the Pink Robot, or hit it when its visor is up.


Use Gemini Laser.  He'll jump up, shoot some needles, come back down, shoot 
his head at you, and switch sides.  He is quite easy, actually.  He goes down 
in about four hits.

You get Needle Cannon AND Rush Jet!

-=3.07: Magnet Man=-

*Rush Jet makes this level SO much easier...you'll see what I mean.

*You meet Proto Man again.  Use the same strategy as you used in Shadow Man's 

*Soon you'll run in to those disappearing blocks that never fail to appear in 
a Mega Man game.  Try them.  If you have trouble, use Rush Jet.


Use Spark Shock for this.  He has two attacks: Jumping and firing Magnet 
Missiles and trying to pull you toward him to damage you.  Both are easy 
enough to avoid.  You cannot hit him when he is pulling you toward him.  He 
goes down fast.

For this you get Magnet Missile.

-=3.08: Hard Man=-

*You fight Proto Man once more in this level, however the lair is a bit 
different, and as such, it is harder.  He is always jumping and shooting.  
Just keep hitting him, and he'll go down before you do ;).


Use Magnet Missile.  Keep hitting him.  Jump over his Hard Knuckles, watching 
out for them when they come back, and make sure he doesn't land on you.  
That's all.  Really.

-=3.09: Doc Robot: Stage 1 – Spark Man=-

*On the second screen, use Gemini Laser to take out the enemy.


Use Magnet Missile on him.  Dodge the Metal Blades that he shoots, and avoid 
him.  He's as easy as his Mega Man II form.

*At the next part, be careful of the spikes.  They change direction from 
time-to-time, so be careful.  

*Use the same strategy as before on the blocks.


Use Gemini Laser here.  Dodge his Quick Boomerangs, and him.  Just shoot 
Gemini Laser at him as much as possible until you beat him.

-=3.10: Doc Robot: Stage 2 – Needle Man=-

*Use the same strategy on the needles as before.

*Use Rush Jet to get the 1-up and the energy tank.


Jump over his tornadoes while shooting him with Spark Shock.  Slide under him 
when he comes toward you.  Don't die, or you'll start over.

*Collect all the powerups for Rush Jet.


Use Hard Knuckles on him when he jumps over you and lands.  Easy.

-=3.11: Doc Robot: Stage 3 – Gemini Man=-


Dodge him and use Shadow Blades.  He just runs around the room, occasionally 
using Flash Stopper.  

*Use Rush Marine in the water part.


Use Shadow Blades on him.  He'll jump around the room shooting Bubble Lead.  
Make sure that you do not jump too high.

-=3.12: Doc Robot: Stage 4 – Shadow Man=-

The hardest of the revisits.

*The red platforms collapse when you step on them, so be careful.


He'll rain leaves down on you.  If you get in to the right position, you can 
avoid it.  Then he'll fire the Leaf Shield at you.  Let it hit you, and then 
shoot him A LOT with Needle Cannon.  Repeat.


Use Shadow Blades.  Dodge his Atomic Fire, while shooting at him.  When he 
shoots across the room in a fireball, jump over him.  Repeat.

-=3.13: Break Man=-

He is called Break Man here, but we normally call him Proto Man. 


This is a boss battle.  Dodge his shots, and slide under him, just like you 
have been.  He'll leave soon enough.

Now Dr. Light calls you back to the lab.  You'll see Wily heading for Skull 
Castle.  'Tis time to go yourself.

-=3.14: Skull Castle Stage 1=-

*Use Rush Coil to get the 1-up

*Don't bother using Rush Marine in the water.


Use Shadow Blades on the turtles it shoots out.  Don't bother attacking the 
top maker itself. 

-=3.15: Skull Castle Stage 2=-

*Use the capsules to refill your weapons.

*Use Rush Jet as little as possible.  If you die at the Rock Monster, you 
start over.


We all know him.  Use Hard Knuckles.  This is a hard fight, so don't be 
afraid to use Energy Tanks.  Shoot at its eye when it materializes.  Dodge 
its particles by jumping over them if they are on the bottom level or the 
second to bottom.  Not much more can be said...

-=3.16: Skull Castle Stage 3=-

*Use the Hard Knuckles to destroy the barriers blocking the weapon capsules.


Use the Search Snake.  Pick out one of them, go to it, and use Search Snake.  
Hope it's the right one ;).  They'll be shooting at you during this process.

-=3.17: Skull Castle Stage 4=-

*Here you'll run in to mock Guts Man robots.  Destroy them.


Use the same strategies as before.

Needle Man                        Snake Man

Magnet Man                        Spark Man

Gemini Man   Hard Man    Top Man  Shadow Man
Once you're done with that...

-=3.18: Skull Castle Stage 5=-

*Grab the items.  Refill the weapons used in the boss battles.


This is the FINAL BOSS.  Hit the blue turret on the bottom with Spark Shock 
about four times. 

Now Dr. Wily is revealed.  Use Rush Jet, and shoot Dr. Wily.  A lot.  Until 
he is beaten.  Congratulations!  You've just beaten Mega Man 3!  Now Wily 
begs for mercy.  When Mega Man approaches...HIS HEAD COMES OFF!! EWW!!!  
Actually, it's just a dummy.  That means...

-=3.19: Skull Castle Stage 6=-

*Grab all the items.


Part one:

This couldn't be much easier.  Stand directly under the blue guy in control.  
Jump and shoot a Shadow Blade up.  Repeat this until he is halfway done.  

Part Two:

Now he explodes, and Wily comes down.  When he tries to punch you, jump on 
the hand, then to the platform, and then on the top platform.  Use Top Spin 
on the cockpit.  One or two shots should do it.  Now he begs for mercy, and 
you've beaten the game!

-=IV. Appendices=-

-=4.01: Bosses=-

-=4.02: Powers=-

Mega Buster (P) – The basic weapon of the game.  It shoots pellets at your 
enemies.  Minimum power.

Top Spin (TO) – When you jump, you spin around at a high speed, and hurt the 
enemy BADLY.  Of course, it has accuracy issues...

Shadow Blades (SH) – You shoot a multi-directional blade.  It seems to be the 
descendant of the Metal Blades from Mega Man 2.

Spark Shock (SP) – You shoot a large electric ball.

Search Snakes (SN) – You shoot out snakes that go around the room.

Gemini Laser (GE) – You shoot a laser that can bounce off walls.

Needle Cannon (NE) – You shoot out several sharp needles.

Magnet Missiles (MA) – You shoot out a magnet that homes in on an enemy.

Hard Knuckles (HA) – You shoot out a knuckle that sits in the air for a bit 
before it goes.

-=4.03: Passwords=-

copyrighted to him.

In all of the Megaman games, this is the only one that has a logic in
it's password system, with proper knowledge, you can guess the passwords
that will give you the results you wanted, so let's get started, shall

And. oh yeah, I'm really bad at explaining things, so if you can't
understand the procedures, contact me. :)

Besides, the system is better understood if taught by a friend (Plus a
computer) than reading any procedures.

Password Understanding 101 :

On the password screen, you will see numbers 1 to 6 on the upper part and
letters A to F on the left part of the screen, to know where to put
the red or blue "balls" , put the balls by matching the numbers,
letter and color.

Example : C5r

In this example, "C" is the letter, "5" is the number, and "r" is the color.
so the vertical location is 5, and horizontal location is C and
the color of the "ball" to put is red.

Extra note : If the code doesn't have any "color" , it means
             any color can be used.

So, suppose you want the code that makes Hard Man, Top Man and Snake Man
defeated and having 8 Energy Reserve Tanks :

F2 A3b C4
F2 makes Megaman have 8 Energy Reserves.
A3b makes Topman and Snakeman Defeated.
and C4 makes Hardman defeated.

Energy Reserves

C5 = Start with 0 Energy Reserves
E6 = Start with 1 Energy Reserves
E4 = Start with 2 Energy Reserves
B4 = Start with 3 Energy Reserves
A5 = Start with 4 Energy Reserves
C1 = Start with 5 Energy Reserves
D2 = Start with 6 Energy Reserves
C3 = Start with 7 Energy Reserves
F2 = Start with 8 Energy Reserves
A6 = Start with 9 Energy Reserves
Robot Masters

Single Bosses codes

A3r = Topman defeated
B5r = Geminiman defeated
D3r = Needleman defeated
F4r = Sparkman defeated

D6  = Shadowman defeated
F6  = Snakeman defeated
C4  = Hardman defeated
F5  = Magnetman defeated

Note  : Before you e-mail me asking why certain combination of
        codes does not work, look first in the double bosses

Double Bosses codes

A3b = Topman/Snakeman defeated
B5b = Hardman/Geminiman defeated
D3b = Magnetman/Needleman defeated
F4b = Sparkman/Shadowman defeated

Note :

Another Note : There is a limit of 1 single bosses code if there are any
               double bosses code, so to have 5 bosses defeated, use
               two double bosses codes and one single boss code.

Returning Robot Masters to Dr. Wily's Lab :

Use this code then add the ones below then add
one Energy Reserve code to get the whole password : A3b B5b D3b F4b
(The code above is actually the combination of all four double
 bosses defeat codes found above.)

B6  =  Gemini Man's stage beaten (Flashman / Bubbleman)
A1r =  Spark Man's stage beaten (Metalman / Quickman)
A4  =  Shadow Man's stage beaten (Woodman / Heatman)
B2r =  Needle Man's stage beaten (Airman / Clashman)

B2b = Needleman / Geminiman's stages beaten 
A1b = Sparkman / Shadowman's stages beaten

A1b + B2b        = Battle with Break Man
A1b + B2b + E1b  = Dr. Wilys Base

-=4.04: Items=-

Extra Life: 1-up.

Large Energy Capsule: This heals you more

Small Energy Capsule: This heals you some

Small Weapon Capsule: This adds some energy to your selected weapon.

Large Weapon Capsule: This adds more energy to your selected weapon

Energy Tank: refills all of your life

-=4.05: Fun Boss Orders=-

These are fun boss orders that provide a challenge.  As such, you can guess 
who many begin with...

Shadow Man, Hard Man, Needle Man, Gemini Man, Snake Man, Spark Man, Magnet 
Man, Top Man.

Submit your others!

-=4.06: Ending=-

After Gamma is destroyed, Wily jumps out and (*gasp*) begs Mega Man for 
mercy!  As he is doing this, Skull Castle begins to crumble.  Four large 
blocks fall, two of them crushing Wily and Mega Man.  Shortly after, Proto 
Man appears, and rescues Mega Man.  You are returned to the lab, where Light 
says that Proto Man brought you.  You see the original 9 robots that Light 
and Wily built together (Proto Man, Mega Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, 
Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Roll), and then the eight from this game.

-=V. Last Words=-

-=5.01: Copyright=-

Mega Man, and all characters, stages, items, and other related things are 
copyright Capcom 1986-2002.  This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 
2002 to Trace Jackson, and is the intellectual property of Trace Jackson. 
This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is protected under International Copyright Laws, 
and it is prohibited to take any piece of this document and reproduce it in 
anyway without the written consent of the author. Any website or other medium 
found to have this document without permission will be dealt with to the 
fullest extent of the law.  Feel free to print it, or any part of it FOR 
PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Please contact the author (Meowthnum1@hotmail.com) if you 
find this on ANY SITE but GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), contact the 
author ASAP.

-=5.02: Revision History=-

Version 1.0: Everything is done.  Still, feel free to submit boss orders!
Version 1.5: I admit that job was rushed.  I'll update more later, but for 
now I took out my email address and replaced it with an ezboard.

-=5.03: Credits=-

-Devin (DMorgan) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3579.html)

-Colin (CMoriarty) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4280.html)

-Dallas (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3855.html)

-Matt (MHulbert) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4150.html)

-Alex (Pop) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/7659.html) 

-Steve (Psycho Penguin), 

-Dingo (DJellybean) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2226.html)

-AstroBlue (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4127.html)

-Alaska Fox (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/7818.html)

For being such great people, with whom I seem to be able to talk about to a 
lot.  They are all great, and you should check out their work sometime!  
Thanks guys!  For Colin, I thank him for offering the challenge.  You guys 
are truly > j00.  Wait...if you are greater than j00, then that 
means...blargh.  Never mind.  

-Colin Moriarty (I know I've already credited him, but...) for his format.
Even after I accidentally used it, he was real nice about it, and let me
use it.  So it was (or now is) used with his permission.

-CJayC for being a great guy, and putting so much time in to GameFAQs

-Me (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/11356.html) for typing this 

-Alt + 0175 for help with the charts.  Alt + 0175 isn't a person; it's the 
keystroke that allows a high underscore (an overscore, if you will).  
Example: ¯ yay for that.

-Magava for his story wording

-Strider VM for the password guide

-j00 for reading this

-=5.04: Hasta la Vista, Baby=-

Hope you enjoyed this guide.  Please feel free to email me questions, as long 
as you follow the rules.  Good luck, my Blue Bomber!

                                 ~Trace "Meowthnum1" Jackson


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