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Boss FAQ by CMoriarty

Version: Final | Updated: 01/19/02

M    E    G    A        M    A    N     4     B    O    S    S        F   A   Q

 A complete Mega Man 4 Boss FAQ for the NES version, to be used in conjunction 
    with my (CMoriarty's) complete FAQ/Walkthrough on Mega Man 4, found at:


                                                | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                | Date:        January 19, 2002
                                                | Version:         FINAL (Only)


NOTE: Although the date says "January 19, 2002", on May 20, 2002, I updated 
each of my Mega Man boss FAQs, posting that they are now "Final" versions, in 
addition to the "Only" version I denoted them to be earlier. This is to stop 
any e-mails I'm getting with "add this strat, d00d11!!!!" You, as readers, are 
more than welcome to read this, e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and/or 
criticism, but please, no e-mail regarding your strategies being better than 
mine, or how I should put your strategy in my FAQ in place of yours. Trust me, 
there's a 99.99% chance I'm better than you at Mega Man anyway, so not to sound 
rude, but don't waste my time. If you have your own strategy, that's excellent; 
to each his own. Keep it to yourself though, because not only will I not post 
your strategy, but I won't respond to your e-mail, or even acknowledge that I 
recieved it, if you send me an e-mail like that.

So to re-itterate, the FAQ was submitted on January 19, 2002, and hence, the 
date wasn't changed to reflect that on this version, since nothing but this 
"note" was added into this FAQ. Thanks for reading.


-Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty311@cs.com)


This FAQ, and all other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the over 
6,000 innocent people killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist 
attacks in New York City, New York, and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 
2001. To all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as well as other 
emergency workers, you will always be remembered. We won't stop until we bring 
these criminals to justice, your deaths were NOT IN VAIN! God Bless America, 
death to all terrorists of all races everywhere.

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Sorry about whatever problems this may cause.

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T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S...
---------     ---     ---------------

I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
III.)......... | Introduction
IV.).......... | Robot Masters
V.)........... | Dr. Cossack's Castle Bosses
VI.).......... | Dr. Wily's Castle Bosses
VII.)......... | In Closing
VIII.)........ | About the Author

                                S E C T I O N I
                        L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R

This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted © 2002 to Colin Moriarty, and is the 
intellectual property of Colin Moriarty. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is only to 
be found on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com). If you are reading and/or found 
this file ANYWHERE else but GameFAQs, please contact the author, Colin 
Moriarty, immidiately, at cmoriarty311@cs.com. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is 
protected under International Copyright Laws, and it is prohibited to take any 
piece of this document and reproduce it in anyway without the written consent 
of the author, Colin Moriarty. Any website or other medium found to have this 
document without permission will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the 

Please don't e-mail me and ask to have this document on your webpage. It's too
frustrating for me to keep track of all of the webpages that have my 
document(s) on their page, especially the smaller, domain-less fan sites. 
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) is the only, and I repeat, THE ONLY webpage allowed 
to have this document on his website, GameFAQs.com. CJayC, owner and operator 
of GameFAQs is the only person allowed to use this document on a webpage, so 
please, I repeat once more, no e-mails regarding using this document on your 
webpage. If you do e-mail me about it, your e-mail will be promptly erased and 

You ARE allowed to download this off of GameFAQs and keep it on your computer's
harddrive for personal use, as long as the document is not edited or otherwise
distributed except for personal use. You can even print out the entire FAQ or
portions therein to share with a friend who also needs help in the game. Just
please don't distribute it as your own, sell it for profit, et cetera. Well, 
you guys get the idea.


                                S E C T I O N II
                   V E R S I O N S   O F   T H E   G U I D E

This version of the guide is the only version of the guide I will release, as 
it's basically a mini-FAQ. Hence, it's "Version Only." (FINAL VERSION)

Version Information:

Version: FINAL (Only)
Date: January 19, 2002
Percent Complete: 100%
Version Entails: Everything on the bosses in the game.
Still To Come: Nothing... this is the first, only, and final release of the 
guide, so enjoy it! =)

                               S E C T I O N III
                            I N T R O D U C T I O N

Welcome, readers, friends, et cetera, to my Boss FAQ for the classic NES game, 
Mega Man 4, on the NES Nintendo Entertainment System. 

I don't have much to say here except that this FAQ is meant to be used in 
direct conjunction with my FAQ/Walkthrough, already on GameFAQs, which can be 
found at the following URL:


Of course, you don't HAVE to use it in conjunction. The primary point of this 
FAQ on the bosses in the game, in fact, is to simplify the information out of 
my more intricate FAQ/Walkthrough for the game, so if you don't need step-by-
step instructions on beating the game as a whole, but only on the primary 
problems people encounter in the game - the bosses - then this FAQ is for you. 
There ARE pretty good instructions in my FAQ/Walkthrough for this game as far 
as all of the boss battles are concerned, but again, this is for 
simplification, so I hope it helps you out. Enjoy!

-Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)

                                S E C T I O N IV
                           R O B O T   M A S T E R S 

This section is to assist you on your battles with the Robot Masters in the 
game. Included are descriptions of each Robot Master, as well as their battle 
tactics, their weapon information, et cetera - everything you need to know 
about to defeat them! I hope it helps!

[in order which you should beat them, for ease]


¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Rain Flush
Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon (the weapon you SHOULD use on him)
Other Weaknesses: Drill Bomb
Description: Toad Man, a large, green Toad-looking Robot Master (hence the 
name, naturally), is the Robot Master you should start out with in the 
beginning of the game, and he's truly an easy Robot Master with a distinct, 
almost TOO distinct, battle pattern. You can fight him and he'll never attack 
you back if you keep on him with arm cannon shots. His weapon, the Rain Flush, 
is activated when Toad Man does his "rain dance" (as Mega Man fans famously 
call it), but if you interrupt him with an arm cannon shot or two during his 
rain dance, he'll never get his attack off.

To Defeat Toad Man...

Toad Man is easy. I said that above already, didn't I? =) Here's what you do. 
From the get-go, fire a shot or two from your arm cannon (charge it up while 
Toad Man does his "stance" to fire a powerful shot right away), and Toad Man 
will jump over you. Turn around, fire at him, and he'll jump over you the other 
way. Slide under him, turn around, and fire at him again. Are you starting to 
get the picture now? If you repeat this process over and over again on Toad 
Man, not only will he never get the chance to use his Rain Flush on you, but 
you'll defeat him in no time, substaining no damage from him, and having to do 
nothing but slide, turn, and fire. It's more about patience with Toad Man then 
anything else. So do that... be patient.


¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Flash Stopper
Primary Weakness: Rain Flush
Other Weaknesses: Skull Barrier
Description: He has a big light bulb on his head, and sure, it makes him look 
like a fool, but Bright Man don't fool around. =) Alright, so he's nothing too 
major, but Bright Man could be a pain in the... butt... unless, of course you 
have Toad Man's Rain Flush to use on him. Bright Man uses a time freezing 
device, like so many others in the Mega Man series - Flash Man and Centaur Man, 
et al, but Bright Man uses it with a bit more skill then the other two. While 
Bright Man only has an arm cannon to do any damage to you at all, he is faster 
and smarter than either of the other two of his cousins, and uses his Flash 
Stopper with more regularity.

To Defeat Bright Man...

Bright Man can freeze time and then shoot at your still body. That's basically 
his scheme. While he doesn't have a pattern, your best bet is to equip the Rain 
Flush and activate it immidiatly. It'll take a minute to activate, but when the 
rain starts pouring down, Bright Man will be damaged nicely. Then you just have 
to keep repeating this on him until he's dead. In the interim between Rain 
Flush shots on Bright Man, avoid him best you can. Slide under him if he jumps, 
jump over him if he runs, et cetera. He will use his Flash Stopper often, so 
you're gonna get damaged, it's nearly impossible not to. Technically, it IS 
impossible to fight him and not get damaged, actually. The only way to break 
being caught in his Flash Stopper is to get hit by his arm cannon shots or 
through body on body connection. Kinda sucks, but that's the game my friends. 


¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Primary Weakness: Flash Stopper
Other Weaknesses: Dust Crusher, Rain Flush
Description: The thing about Pharaoh Man is that he can be either the hardest 
Robot Master in the game to defeat, or the easiest. It's all about whether 
you've beaten Bright Man and gotten his Flash Stopper or not. If you did, this 
battle will be quick and painless. If not... have fun, because Pharaoh Man is 
fast in movement and brutal with his Pharaoh Shot weapon. Furthermore, he's the 
most powerful Robot Master in the game, so he'll make quick work out of you if 
you can't freeze his movements up and shoot at his stationary body. He's too 
quick to hit otherwise...

To Defeat Pharaoh Man...

My comments above sounded negative, sure. It's possible to beat Pharaoh Man 
without the use of the Flash Stopper. I've beaten him without it, as others 
have in the past. However, why put yourself through the trouble. The common 
gamer that's not into Mega Man as much as I am won't be able to touch Pharaoh 
Man without the Flash Stopper, never-the-less beat him Flash Stopper-less. So 
upon the battle beginning, use the Flash Stopper right away and run up to 
Pharaoh Man's still body. Pump as much into him as you can before he unfreezes, 
but keep pressing B and he'll re-freeze via the Flash Stopper. Keep pumping him 
with arm cannon shots and he'll die easily, slowly but surely. You just gotta 
be patient, because your arm cannon shots are uber-weak against Pharaoh Man. 
But his weapon is the Metal Blade of Mega Man 4... I hope you know what I mean 
by that. =)


¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Ring Boomerang
Primary Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
Other Weaknesses: None
Description: Ring Man is a Quick Man wannabe, but not nearly as menacing. He 
has a similar weapon, a Ring Boomerang instead of a Quick Boomerang. Don't get 
me wrong, he can be a toughie, but he's not as hard as he seems, especially if 
you have the Pharaoh Shot in your arsenal. If not, he can be a pain. You have 
to study his distinct pattern either way to get the full effect out of the 
battle, however. While it may seem he's a random boomerang chucker like Quick 
Man was, he isn't at all, he's quite the opposite, and that's the advantage you 
have in this battle over him.

To Defeat Ring Man...

Ring Man's pattern is blatant if you pay attention. He'll start out by throwing 
a Ring Boomerang straight forward, and then jump up and throw one. As he throws 
the one in the air, the one he threw on the ground will come back to him and 
the one that he threw in the air will come back to him as he lands. That's what 
you have to worry about - not the initial shots, but of the Ring Boomerangs 
coming back. It makes almost an X as he throws them and they come back. Then 
he'll run towards you, throw a Ring Boomerang at you, then go to the other side 
and repeat the pattern once more. Equip the Pharaoh Shot and don't bother 
charging it, but fire one at him, wait for him to stop flashing, and fire 
another one. The idea behind it is simple, but Ring Man can be a pain in one's 
ass if you die after using up your stock of Pharaoh Shots. It might not be a 
bad idea to have an E-Tank going into this battle, just in case. New players to 
the game and/or series are gonna especially have a hard time with Ring Man, so 
I can't make any other suggestions but to be patient.


¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Dust Crusher
Primary Weakness: Ring Boomerang
Other Weaknesses: None
Description: Dust Man is a pretty lame idea for a Robot Master, I admit. He's 
actually pretty easy to beat, basing this assumption on the fact that he's slow 
and he fights stupid. He has the Dust Crusher as his primary weapon, which he 
shoots out of the large hole atop his head, which then segments into four 
smaller pieces that go in the four diagonal directions, so simply jumping when 
he shoots this will allow you to almost always avoid being damaged by this. He 
can also suck you into him by turning on a vacuum feature on his headpiece, in 
an attempt to get you to knock into him, which will damage you. Combat this by 
sliding away from him or running/jumping away from him.

To Defeat Dust Man...

Dust Man is easy with or without his primary weakness, which is the Ring 
Boomerang. However, just to save yourself any trouble, have the Ring Boomerang 
when you go to fight him. When the battle begins, he'll shoot a Dust Crusher at 
you. Avoid it and fire a Ring Boomerang at him and keep pummeling him with Ring 
Boomerang after Ring Boomerang. If he shoots at you, back off and repeat this 
process. If he sucks you towards him in an attempt to have a collision, fade 
away from him by sliding or jumping and running away from him. In anycase, he 
can't stand up long to the Ring Boomerang, so you should have him in a pincer 
before long.


¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Skull Barrier
Primary Weakness: Dust Crusher
Other Weaknesses: Rain Flush
Description: Skull Man is a user of a cliché Mega Man Robot Master weapon/item 
- a shield/barrier weapon. His, the Skull Barrier, is the same as all of the 
other ones, so it's not all that useful for you to use once you beat him. 
However, Skull Man uses his with better skill than the other Robot Masters 
weilding a similar weapon do. He doesn't always have it on, and he hardly ever 
uses it... instead, he uses it in short bursts to block oncoming attacks (the 
Dust Crusher can't cross over the shield, like the Crash Bombs could Wood Man's 
in Mega Man 2, for instance), and he's more aggressive than the normal Robot 
Master would be, by far. Keep an eye out on him, because he'll be on you like 
white on rice the entire battle.

To Defeat Skull Man...

Skull Man's primary weakness is the Dust Crusher, Dust Man's weapon. Fire it on 
Skull Man at will, but don't waste energy firing it at him while his shield is 
up in bursts, because he'll simply deflect it away via his shield. Skull Man's 
arm cannon is his main weapon, really, with the Skull Barrier being used only 
as a protective device. Skull Man is very, very aggressive, with no set pattern 
or anything like that. While I tell you to be aggressive and stay on certain 
Robot Masters, et cetera, you don't have to, because he'll be on you until one 
of you kill each other. His aggressive nature makes him an easy target for the 
Dust Crusher, but bare in mind that he can damage you with his shield, and if 
he gets close enough, he'll put it up to damage you, put it down, run into you, 
and pump you full of a few plasma shots to boot. So make quick work out of him 
if you can, and use an E-Tank if you feel it necessary, although you should be 
fine with a full life bar going into battle with him.


¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Dive Missile
Primary Weakness: Skull Barrier
Other Weaknesses: Dust Crusher
Description: Dive Man can be considered an underwater Robot Master, but he 
isn't in the true sense of the word. Okay, so he is, you fight him underwater, 
but his whole stage isn't underwater, and that kinda bothers me for whatever 
reason. =P Anyway, Dive Man doesn't have a pattern, persay, but he is very, 
very predictable indeed. He'll "torpedo" across the room, and then fire two 
Dive Missiles out of his chest, and then repeat the process. I wouldn’t 
consider what he does a pattern, however, because he only torpedos across the 
screen as far as you are... so while that may sound weird, he doesn't have a 
pattern if you ask me. However, he's formidable... unless, of course, you have 
the Skull Barrier.

To Defeat Dive Man...

Dive Man starts off the battle by instantly shooting across the room to the 
side you're on. Use the extra boost the water gives you when you jump to jump 
out of his way to the other side of the room. On your way down, equip and 
activate the Skull Barrier and start trying to clip Dive Man as you jump, run, 
and slide around. What do I mean by "clip" you ask? Well, by clipping, I don't 
mean diving into someone's legs and tackling them illegally... that's football. 
=) Instead, land, run, slide - whatever, right next to Dive Man so that your 
shield hits and damages him, while you yourself don't make bodily contact with 
him. In this way, you damage him, and avoid damaging yourself, which is a 
beautiful thing. Dive Man's Dive Missiles should be your primary concern in 
this battle, if you even have any. They are heat-sinking, so that's about the 
only thing you need to worry about. If you keep Dive Man busy enough, he won't 
have much time to launch these missiles, barring the first time he does in the 
beginning of battle.


¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Drill Bombs
Primary Weakness: Dive Missiles
Other Weaknesses: None
Description: The final Robot Master on our journey to Cossack's castle, Drill 
Man looks a lot like Crash Man from Mega Man 2. While they look the same, they 
are two different Robot Masters entirely. What do they have in common? They can 
either be really easy, if you have the right weapons, or really hard if you're 
going into the battles with them unprepared. Drill Man can make himself 
completely disappear from his lair by drilling into the ground. When he does 
this, keep moving to avoid being drilled in the ass when he comes back (excuse 
that disgusting pun, it had to be said). He can also shoot his arm cannons off 
at you, which are his Drill Bombs. They do nice damage, but this fight truly 
reminds me too much of Crash Man from Mega Man 2. Not that it matters at all, 
really. =)

To Defeat Drill Man...

Drill Man is easy pickings if you've got the Dive Missiles, and he's easy 
pickings even if you don't. =) Drill Man spends half of the battle drilling 
into and out of the ground, which makes him vulnerable. While you can't hit him 
with the Dive Missiles while he's drilling in (he's invulnerable to all attack 
in that state), hitting him with the Dive Missiles when he resurfaces sounds 
like a grand idea. Remember too that Dive Missiles are heat sinking, so they 
will track him around his lair if he happens to jump or run, to a certain 
extent. Keep in mind that when he drills and resurfaces, he comes up where you 
are... so keep moving by sliding around his room so he misses you every time. 
When he decides he wants to start shooting you up with Drill Bombs, he'll move 
towards you and do it, so they are hard to avoid. Combat it by taking a few 
Dive Torpedo shots at him to further his damage. He's easy, so don't fret!

                                S E C T I O N V
               D R . C O S S A C K ' S   C A S T L E   B O S S E S  

This second primary section of this FAQ is to assist you in the battles with 
the stronger bosses found in the game, that aren't Robot Masters, but are found 
in your journey through Dr. Cossack's castle! Again, I hope it helps!

[in order of which they appear]


¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯
Weapon: Drill, Plasma Cannon
Primary Weakness: Ring Boomerangs
Other Weaknesses: Dust Crusher, Drill Bombs
Description: The Airborne Drill is an interesting robot boss in that he has a 
distinct ability to be able to destroy the floor under Mega Man throughout the 
battle. If you give him enough time, he'll destroy everything under you, you'll 
fall, and the battle will end, striking up a victory for the enemy! =) To avoid 
this, take care of him quickly using your vast arsenal of weapons. His only 
weak spot is the red orb upon the robot's chest, so that's where you'll be 
aiming your attacks.

To Defeat Airborne Drill...

As I stated above, the Airborne Drill's weakness is the red orb on his chest 
area, so equip the Ring Boomerangs at the battle's beginning and hunt away on 
his chest orb. While doing this, you're gonna want to avoid the rather large 
plasma shots that he has the ability of shooting at you, as well as avoiding 
direct contact with the drill that sporatically drops from the robot to drill a 
hole into the ground. If you don't defeat the robot quickly, he'll destroy the 
floors underneath you. It takes him ten hits of the drill to completely destroy 
the floor underneath you (the floor is two lairs thick and five across, 2 x 5 = 
10), so you'll have to defeat him before it comes to that. Of course, you'll 
usually beat him before he destroys one block, nevertheless ten. =) 


¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Primary Weakness: Dust Crusher
Other Weaknesses: Drill Bombs
Description: The Switch Room is another interesting, bizarre, whacked out boss 
in Dr. Cossack's castle. When you enter the lair, it's empty. From the right 
and left, however, three total segments fly across the screen. They fly a few 
times, before locking up to make a room, where the plasma cannon inside (the 
red orb) activates and starts shooting. This process repeats over and over 
again, so there's not much else to say about Switch Room... 'cept he can be a 
pain if you not fast enough. =)

To Defeat Switch Room...

To defeat Switch Room, it's elementary, but can be a bit difficult if you 
aren't sharp enough. When the segments fly from both sides of the screen, avoid 
them any way you can (jump onto and off of the bottom one, or slide underneath 
it). They go faster, then slower. When they go slow, jump onto the top one and 
slide under the middle one while still on the bottom one to trap yourself 
inside the room. On either side of the Switch Room are elevators. Equip the 
Dust Crusher and jump on either one. Shoot up the red orb on the top of the 
switch room while avoiding the plasma it shoots back at you. You won't be able 
to beat it before the Switch Room refragments, however, so jump back down and 
the room will split up and you'll have to keep repeating this process until the 
Switch Room is destroyed. If you get trapped outside of the room when it comes 
together at any time, you have to avoid the plasma shots by simply sliding, and 
bide your time until you can get back into the room.


¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Primary Weakness: Drill Bombs
Other Weaknesses: Ring Boomerang
Description: The Wall Climber Duo is a two-part boss enemy, but they are the 
easiest boss enemies in Cossack's and Wily's castles, so enjoy this easy 
battle. The Wall Climber Duo are two enemies that scale the ceiling, floor and 
walls of the lair while shooting plasma shots randomly at Mega Man. However, 
you have to rely on standing only on three platforms in the lair, and the 
bottom of the lair is lined with one-hit death spikes, which makes the battle a 
bit more interesting, but it's still easy, never-the-less. The first enemy only 
scales the ceiling... when you destroy that one, however (half of the energy 
bar is one's, the other half is the other's), the second climber can use all 
four sides of the room.

To Defeat Wall Climber Duo...

The first Wall Climber Duo concentrates on the ceiling, and is always in prime 
condition to get pounded by your aresenal. For top effect, equip the Drill Bomb 
and unleash on the Wall Climber. If he fires at you, center yourself on the 
platform you're on (the leftmost one for the first climber), and don't try to 
avoid it, otherwise if you get hit while in the air, you'll get knocked into 
the spikes below and die instantly. Keep unleashing on the first duo and he'll 
die in a matter of seconds. The second duo is a bit more difficult, as he can 
use all four sides of the room. Jump to the middle platform and center yourself 
there. When the duo is on the side walls and ceiling, fire the Drill Bombs at 
him. You can avoid this duo's plasma shots, because he's never really close to 
you when he fires at you, so they spread out more and are easier to avoid. Now 
that wasn't so hard, was it? Just don't fall into the spikes! =)


¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Weapon: Flying Machine
Primary Weakness: Dust Crusher
Other Weaknesses: Ring Boomerang
Description: Dr. Cossack... you THINK this is the last battle, but if it is, 
why is it so easy. That's 'cause it's not the last battle. =) Of course it 
isn't, where's Wily? =P Anyway, Cossack flies around the room with a large 
machine that has a snatching device on the bottom of it which he can use to 
grab Mega Man and throw him. When this happens, it does massive, massive damage 
to Mega Man. Other than that, the ship is only equipped with a tri-plasma 
cannon, so you have a better chance of running into the ship then physically 
getting shot by it.

To Defeat Dr. Cossack...

The Dust Crusher is definetly the weapon of choice against our friend Dr. 
Cossack here. Dr. Cossack isn't hard himself, it’s the layout of his lair 
that's the problem. It has uneven ground, which can make it hard to avoid him 
sometimes. If you get on the topmost platform on the right of the lair, he can 
easily trap you there by changing the altitude of his ship, so be careful and 
keep moving. Move move move. Avoid getting caught by the grappler on the bottom 
of his ship, because it does massive damage, and physically running into his 
ship does even more damage. Just stay away from him, keep moving, and pummel 
him with the Dust Crusher. You can't kill him though... Protoman comes, gives 
up Kalinka (Cossack's daughter), and Wily appears... the battle isn't over yet, 
folks. On to Wily's castle.

                                S E C T I O N VI
                  D R . W I L Y ' S   C A S T L E   B O S S E S  

This third primary section of this FAQ is to assist you in the battles with the 
stronger bosses found in the game, that aren't Robot Masters, but are found in 
your journey through Dr. Wily's castle! Again, I hope it helps!

[in order of which they appear]


¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯
Weapon: Regular Metools
Primary Weakness: Ring Boomerang
Other Weaknesses: Dust Crusher
Description: This Super Metool is exactly what it sounds like - a super Metool. 
Fifty times bigger, at least, than your normal Metool, the giant Metool hides 
behind his shell, then peaks out his head, which is when he's vulnerable. Soon 
after peaking out, he'll jump and four Metools of regular size come flying down 
from the air, and walk off screen. Then the pattern repeats over and over 
again, making Super Metool nothing more than a nusaince.

To Defeat Super Metool...

To defeat Super Metool, you could use the Dust Crusher, but I'd save it. 
Instead, use the Ring Boomerangs, which do just as much damage. When just the 
shell is on screen, don't fire any weaponry, as he he is protected from all 
attacks in this state. Wait until his head comes out from under his shell, and 
pummel his face with the Ring Boomerang. When he jumps, slide or run underneath 
or away from him, and then shoot, jump over, or avoid anyway you can the little 
Metools that come from the ceiling. Make sure he doesn't corner you in this 
way... don't keep running from him, sometimes sliding under him gives you more 
leverage to run the next time, if you understand what I'm saying. Your biggest 
threat in this battle is getting crushed by him, so worry little about the 
smaller Metools and more about other obstacles, like his huge body. =)


¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon (what you SHOULD use to defeat him)
Other Weaknesses: Ring Boomerang
Description: Large Red is the hardest boss you'll find in the game, period. To 
defeat him, you gotta use strategy. It's not about the best weapons or anything 
like that, because although the preferred weapon is the Ring Boomerang by many, 
I find the old arm cannon the best to use on him, and the most efficient. Large 
Red has an arsenal of high powered weapons at his disposal, and is impossible 
to hit without use of the two conveyor belts to the left of him which you have 
to continuously balance upon throughout battle to be in range of him for a 
clear shot.

To Defeat Large Red...

To defeat Large Red, screw all the weapons in your arsenal and focus on using 
your arm cannon. The two conveyor belts on the left of the lair are the key to 
victory here. Ride the left-most conveyor belt. Avoid the fireballs Large Red 
shoots at you from his mouth, and the harder to avoid but still potent red 
balls that fly out of his head at you as well. Charge up the arm cannon and 
fire at the green orb on his head. It's small so your shots have to be very 
accurate, right on that green dot, or they'll reflect away. The conveyor belt 
closer to Large Red seems prime, but it's not. Using that, you'll be closer to 
him, which puts you in better range, but the large balls he shoots will be a 
lot harder to avoid, and the fireballs harder to jump over. In otherwords, 
you'll have less reaction time. Be patient with Large Red, he can be a true 
nuisance. Use an E-Tank if it's gonna keep you alive when you're fighting him. 
He's tougher than any of Wily's forms, so if you beat him, you'll be fine for 
the final battle ahead.


Weapon: Power Cannon
Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon (what you SHOULD use to defeat him)
Other Weaknesses: Ring Boomerang
Description: The Skeleton is Wily's infamous ship in disguise. And it's super, 
super, super easy. The only attack that this Skeleton has is a Power Cannon in 
its mouth, which shoots bursts of three large purple plasma shots. It changes 
altitude as it shoots these shots but there's still something you can do where 
you won't get hit, period...

To Defeat Skeleton...

The Skeleton, as I discussed above, is easy... he's almost too easy. Run 
underneath him, not directly underneath, but right to the left of him, so that 
he's just missing you when he changes altitudes. Wait for him to shoot three 
purple shots from his power cannon, and have that arm cannon charging. When 
those three shots are shot, jump up and fire the arm cannon super shot at the 
Skeleton, and then start charging again. All you have to do is repeat this 
process until the Skeleton is defeated, and Wily will be revealed, the next 
battle ensuing immidiatly...


¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Primary Weakness: Drill Bomb
Other Weaknesses: Ring Boomerang, Dust Crusher
Description: Wily's first incarnation here is a bit difficult, but not too bad. 
As he fights you from the safety of his ship, he'll shoot barrages of plasma 
shots at you from all angles, basically. He also uses a pincer attack and 
corners you easily, and there's no real way to avoid this but to suck it up and 
allow it to happen... and who woulda known that you'd have to use the Drill 
Bomb in such a way to defeat him...

To Defeat Dr. Wily...

Dr. Wily's weakness is the Drill Bomb here, but you might be asking yourself, 
"why is the Drill Bomb bouncing off of him!?" Well the green orb is where 
you're aiming, I hope, but regardless, it's still going to bounce off. You have 
to fire the Drill Bomb at the green orb and hit B right before it makes contact 
with Dr. Wily to detonate the bomb midair. Make sure it's close enough, not too 
far away, so that the bomb's blast radius hits the green orb and damages Wily. 
In the fray of all of his attacks, concentrate on firing that Drill Bomb 
accuratly and detonating it accuratly, and Wily will be defeated... but he'll 
escape, and you'll have to fight him one more time.


¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯
Weapon: Ultra Cannon
Primary Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
Other Weaknesses: Ring Boomerang
Description: The final version of Dr. Wily is elusive, but pretty easily beaten 
to wrap up the game. The lair he is in is all dark. You can see him when his 
ultra cannon comes together in the room and fires at you. It'll make the room 
flash and you'll see Wily's position. Wily then stays there for a second or two 
(hint hint) before he moves. This battle is about patience... patience and pure 
skill with the Pharaoh Shot.

To Defeat Dr. Wily II...

Okay, so you read above in the description, right? First and foremost, equip 
the Pharaoh Shot and charge it up so the large ball of energy is above Mega 
Man's head. When the ultra cannon fires and you see Wily's location, don't fire 
at him, but jump in such a way that the Pharaoh Shot collides with Wily's UFO 
midair. If he's across the screen and you think you can hit him, fire the 
charged Pharaoh Shot across the screen for a hit. Keep repeating this while 
avoiding the ultra cannon's powerful shot (which are easy to avoid, just slide 
out of the way, or jump), and Wily'll be defeated in due time. Congratulations, 
you've beaten Mega Man 4!

                               S E C T I O N VII
                              I N   C L O S I N G 

I hope my little Boss FAQ for the game at hand helped you in your journey 
through the lands of Mega Man 4, and made it THAT much easier. =) If you have 
any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at 
cmoriarty311@cs.com. Please, use reasonable language, don't demand things, and 
above all, please be constructive, or your e-mail will be read, laughed at, and 
deleted. I might even print it out and show my friends. =) Anyway, thanks for 
reading, and take care.

                              S E C T I O N VIII
                         A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R 

[accurate as of January 19, 2002]

I'm a 17 year old, a senior in high school. I live on Long Island, in New York, 
about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I work at a deli, and 
I love videogames, especially RPGs. My favorite series for videogames include 
the Final Fantasy series (excluding VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the 
Mega Man series, and the Tales series. I aspire to go to Northeastern 
University in the fall of 2002 to study History and Archaeology.


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