• Unlock characters with no effort

    First find the character you wanna unlock in the Story Mode. Then, lose to them Next, While they are talking to you after you lost turn of your 3DS and wait at least 5 minutes. Get back to the game, and go back to the story Boom, you have just unlocked this character

    Contributed By: KingJaz.


  • Acheivements

    There are 48 achievements with three levels each for a total of 144 challenges. Completing each level will reveal the next. This list will only cover the Level 3 challenges that count towards the unlocks.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    100m ChallengeFinish in 9.580 seconds or less
    100m Plus ChallengeWin without using the Super Dash
    110m Hurdles ChallengeFinish in 12.500 seconds or less
    110m Plus ChallengeGet a perfect jump on every hurdle
    Archery ChallengeScore 80 points or more in one game
    Archery Plus ChallengeHit 20 targets or more
    Beach Volleyball ChallengeWin without letting the opponent score
    BMX Challengefinish in 42 seconds or less
    BMX Plus ChallengeWin with 30 or more rings
    Bonus Hunter ChallengeComplete 10 bonus challenges in Pocket Marathon
    Boxing ChallengeWin in 180 seconds or less
    Boxing Plus ChallengeWin without punching more than 30 times
    Daily Runner ChallengeObtain 7 Daily Stamps in Pocket Marathon
    Equestrian ChallengeFinish in 82 seconds or less
    Equestrian Plus ChallengeGet 10 consecutive perfects and win
    Football ChallengeWin with an 8 point lead
    Football Plus ChallengeWin with 9 or more points
    Fruit Collector ChallengeObtain 5000 pieces of fruit
    Gold Medalist ChallengeGet 13 gold medals in Road to Rio
    Golf ChallengeGet a Hole-In-One
    Golf Plus ChallengeObtain 7 Star Coins in one game
    Hat Collector ChallengeObtain 110 hats
    Javelin ChallengeThrow 98.500 meters or more or more
    Javelin Plus Challengethrow 14 or more javelins at once
    Long Jump ChallengeJump 8.900 meters or more or more
    Long Jump Plus ChallengeGet a combined score of 71.400m or more
    Mario Medal ChallengeWin with Mario 7 times
    Mario Story ChallengeComplete the 7th day of Road to Rio with Mario's Gym
    Outfit Collector ChallengeObtain 117 pieces of clothing
    Pass ChallengePass 2000 runners in one run in Pocket Marathon
    Pocket Marathon ChallengeWalk a total of 70000 steps in Pocket Marathon
    Random Medley ChallengeFinish 1st 10 times in Versus Mode Random Medley
    Rhythmic Gymnastics ChallengeScore 18 or more points
    Rhythmic Gymnastics Plus ChallengeFinnish with a Max Combo of 120
    Runner ChallengeRun 10000m in one run in Pocket Marathon
    Secret Finder ChallengeFind all but 1% of the secrets in Road to Rio
    Sonic Medal ChallengeWin with Sonic 7 times
    Sonic Story ChallengeComplete the 7th day of Road to Rio with Sonic's Gym
    Special Character ChallengeUnlock 13 special characters
    Suit Collector ChallengeObtain 59 suits
    Swimming ChallengeFinish in 16.910 seconds or less
    Swimming Plus ChallengeGet 4 or more PERFECTs and win
    Table Tennis ChallengeWin without letting the opponent score
    Table Tennis Plus ChallengeWin a 15 hit rally
    Training ChallengeSuccessfully complete 60 types of training
    Treasure Hunter ChallengeOpen 10 treasure chests in Road to Rio
    Versus Winner ChallengeFinish 1st 10 times in Versus Mode Single Match
    Volleyball Plus ChallengeScore 16 or more points at once

    Contributed By: PrinnyOverlord2.

  • Achievement Unlocks

    There are a total of 48 achievements with 3 levels each. Completing each level gradually unveils an image and for every ten(8 for the last) level 3 achievements performed you will unlock a new gear for use.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Blue Spring ArrowUnlock Ten Panels
    Chain Chomp ClubUnlock All Panels
    Chaos Emerald GlovesUnlock Thirty Panels
    Fire Flower PaddlesUnlock Twenty Panels
    Golden Mushroom BikeUnlock Forty Panels

    Contributed By: PrinnyOverlord2.

  • Unlockable Characters

    Complete the given task to unlock the corresponding character.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Diddy KongDefeat him in Dream 110m Hurdles on Day 1 of the Mario adventure
    Dry BowserDefeat him in Dream Javelin Throw on Day 5 of the Sonic adventure
    Eggman NegaDefeat him in Dream Long Jump on Day 4 of the Mario adventure
    Jet the HawkDefeat him in Dream Soccer/Football on Day 7 of the Sonic adventure
    Larry KoopaDefeat him in Dream Equestrian on Day 4 of the Sonic adventure
    NabbitDefeat him in Dream 100m Dash on Day 1 of the Sonic adventure
    RosalinaDefeat her in Dream Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop on Day 3 of the Mario adventure
    Rouge the BatDefeat her in Dream Golf on Day 7 of the Mario adventure
    Roy KoopaDefeat him in Dream Beach Volleyball on Day 2 of the Mario adventure
    Sticks the BadgerDefeat her in Dream Archery on Day 3 of the Sonic adventure
    Wave the SwallowDefeat her in Dream BMX on Day 5 of the Mario adventure
    Wendy O. KoopaDefeat her in Dream 100m Freestyle on Day 6 of the Mario adventure
    ZavokDefeat him in Dream Boxing on Day 6 of the Sonic adventure
    ZazzDefeat him in Dream Table Tennis on Day 2 of the Sonic adventure

    Contributed By: LuigiSan.

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