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by FatRatKnight

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Move List by FatRatKnight

Version: 0.90 | Updated: 03/18/2019


  • Move List: Probably why you're here. Sorted by types, attributes, and range first.
  • Magic Room: The big (and only) reason why Reviver Seeds suddenly stopped working.
  • Agility / Tailwind: Potent team move. Use, walk, watch teammates attack. Use again, walk again, watch again.
  • Recycle: Don't throw away your Plain Seeds! This move can turn them into something useful later!

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is a spinoff Pokémon game, where you are the Pokémon traveling through randomly generated dungeons.

As a spinoff game, it doesn't follow the same rules as the main series, and certainly the damage calculations are different. For example, a Super-effective move strikes with about 1.2x damage in this game, which is far different from the main series 2x. The stats of every move differ from the main series counterpart, as the math behind them aren't the same, so it may help to have a list to know what effects the move has. A few moves do something entirely different, such as Seismic Toss sending the target elsewhere rather than dealing damage, and even Splash has a use.

Part of the difficulty of getting these stats are that, except for PP, the game doesn't tell you the number directly. Still, through counting pixels, and comparing moves against each other carefully, it was possible to make a reasonable list. What, precisely, the numbers mean is still not worked out to an exacting science, but it's a good bet the bigger the number, the better.

The FAQ is incomplete. The goal I'm aiming for now is a rather lofty one, giving precision data and workings of every move out there. There's still small bits of data I'm missing at this point, so I won't mind any help here. Suggestions are welcome now, as fewer things are in need of attention.