• Wonder Mail Codes (Japanese Version)

    Once you reach Chapter 2 of the story, you'll be able to input passwords, allowing you to gain new items, among other things.

    Item - Apple x20JQQPK0R6
    Item - Apple x205R642H8R
    Item - Confusion Wand x201SQT2F29
    Item - Guide Wand x20WCJQQNT4
    Item - Iron Thorn x20SR43WH92
    Item - Iron Thorn x20R3MK3QXY
    Item - Life Seed x2Y75FXY3R
    Item - Max Ether x20W990N28W
    Item - Oran Berry x208NSPF1W5
    Item - Oran Berry x201T141SQQ
    Item - Power Drink5FSN1TXN
    Item - PP Drink x1JTWK61W8
    Item - Reviver Seed x51XR446WJ
    Item - Reviver Seed x5JR6TW63Y
    Item - Reviver Seed x54642FT48
    Item - Reviver Seed x5NIT42CK2
    Item - Sitrus Berry x2MQWJMMK8
    Item - Sleep Wand x206Y8Y8NXT
    New Dungeon - Abareru-kun's Dungeon926SHK3R
    New Dungeon - CoroCoro PassJQMJT46S (can also use QR code in the October 2015 issue of CoroCoro Magazine)
    New Dungeon - Grassland LabyrinthJP5JR6XX
    TM - Aerial Ace63R61SFX
    TM - Bulldoze2943SK47
    TM - Charge Beam61T3QR0F
    TM - CutR2993MN3
    TM - Dragon Claw8WJNT45F
    TM - Echoed Voice28TY7K0M
    TM - Energy BallMMH993MC
    TM - FacadeTY3W8NT3
    TM - Flame ChargeMHK927CJ
    TM - Grass KnotCJN425FT
    TM - Hidden Power8PH790HJ
    TM - Low KickT1T3R10R
    TM - Poison Jab5HJMR8QM
    TM - Power-Up Punch95QTTSQT
    TM - Rock SlideT1W5R0PH
    TM - Rock TombW77F425J
    TM - RoundSK42K28Q
    TM - Secret PowerT4428SK2
    TM - Shadow Claw90P75N0K
    TM - Smack DownK48XR3XR
    TM - Swords DanceHCJXR8XN
    TM - Waterfall7K92JP6T

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Wonder Mail Codes (North American Version)

    After completing chapter two you can enter these codes from the Wonder Mail screen on the main menu.

    1x Accuracy Drink27JSR0PF
    1x Accuracy DrinkH6W7K262
    1x Power DrinkY9911412
    1x Power DrinkCNTSN2F1
    1x PP-Up DrinkMCCH6XY6
    1x PP-Up DrinkSFSJWK0H
    20x Apple0R5H76XQ
    20x Apple263T477H
    20x AppleR9945PCN
    20x AppleXR3R27HJ
    20x Blast Wand3TWJMK2C
    20x Blast WandCFSH962H
    20x Confuse WandY6493N3S
    20x Confuse WandK0FXWK7J
    20x Guiding WardSK5P778R
    20x Guiding Ward0R7910P7
    20x Iron SpikeMNY41TTY
    20x Iron SpikeR25K3MQN
    20x Iron Spike8TT498W8
    20x Iron Spike6XT1XP98
    20x Max Elixir5JSK2CMC
    20x Max Elixir5K0K0K2K
    20x Max ElixirF13TWF13
    20x Max ElixirT2JXXSK4
    20x Oran berryN40P90CF
    20x Oran berryR8Y48QXR
    20x Oran berryTWK76T10
    20x Oran berryW95R91XT
    20x Petrify WandTY26446X
    20x Petrify Wand8QXR93P5
    20x Slumber Wand7FW627CK
    20x Slumber WandJY3XQW5C
    2x Life SeedWJNTY478
    2x Life SeedSH8XMF1T
    2x Sitrus Berry3R62CR63
    2x Sitrus BerryWCJT275J
    5x Reviver Seed0QY6413N
    5x Reviver Seed91SR2H5J
    5x Reviver SeedH5FY948M
    5x Reviver SeedJR4113QS
    5x Reviver SeedN0R7K93R
    5x Reviver SeedSR0K5QR9
    5x Reviver SeedW8P5QTSM
    5x Reviver SeedXNY8PK40
    5x Reviver SeedY0F43Y8M
    5x Reviver SeedY26TWCQM
    Gives you the TM Charge BeamR8XNXQQN
    Gives you the TM Aerial Ace95R1W6SJ
    Gives you the TM Aerial AceMHJR625M
    Gives you the TM Bulldoze4948Y0FX
    Gives you the TM BulldozeXMK5JQQM
    Gives you the TM Charge Beam5JSMNWF0
    Gives you the TM Cut47K2K5R3
    Gives you the TM Cut3XNSQMQX
    Gives you the TM Dragon Claw2CNW5K5C
    Gives you the TM Dragon Claw3TY1XW99
    Gives you the TM Echoed Voice991Y5K47
    Gives you the TM Echoed VoiceCJY925F1
    Gives you the TM Energy Ball45QSPHF4
    Gives you the TM Energy BallSJP7642C
    Gives you the TM FacadePFXQPCN3
    Gives you the TM Facade6XXN27F3
    Gives you the TM Flame ChargeHK5R3N47
    Gives you the TM Flame ChargeFSHH6SR0
    Gives you the TM Grass KnotN3QW5JSK
    Gives you the TM Grass KnotY490CJMR
    Gives you the TM Gyro BallR13R6XY0
    Gives you the TM Gyro Ball3R2HJY42
    Gives you the TM Hidden Power0MN2F0CN
    Gives you the TM Hidden Power1Y5K0K1S
    Gives you the TM Low Sweep5PJQMCCJ
    Gives you the TM Low SweepJT3MQY79
    Gives you the TM Poison JabR6T1XSH5
    Gives you the TM Poison Jab3P976W8R
    Gives you the TM Power-Up Punch776SJWJS
    Gives you the TM Power-Up PunchQXW5MMN1
    Gives you the TM Rock Slide90P7CQP9
    Gives you the TM Rock SlideY7CH5JTY
    Gives you the TM Rock TombNY7JP8QM
    Gives you the TM Rock TombXT498SP7
    Gives you the TM Round6XWHH7JM
    Gives you the TM RoundH8PJTWF2
    Gives you the TM Scald90P78R96
    Gives you the TM Scald961WF0MN
    Gives you the TM Secret Power5JSR5H95
    Gives you the TM Secret PowerMF0K5CCN
    Gives you the TM Shadow ClawCMQMFXW6
    Gives you the TM Shadow Claw6Y6SNWHF
    Gives you the TM Smack DownP5R9411S
    Gives you the TM Smack Down5P75K1WH
    Gives you the TM StrengthXMK95K49
    Gives you the TM Strength5JMPH7K5
    Gives you the TM Swords DanceXT42797K
    Gives you the TM Swords Dance78SH6463
    Gives you the TM ThunderSN3XQSFW
    Gives you the TM ThunderNW63XQXP
    Gives you the TM ThunderboltK762CJWF
    Gives you the TM Thunderbolt25QQTSCR
    Gives you the TM Waterfall92JMR48W
    Gives you the TM WaterfallCQN41T29
    Unlocks an Extra Dungeon13T47797
    Unlocks an Extra DungeonJP62CJNS
    Unlocks an Extra DungeonTXW8T3XR

    Contributed By: MusicM4st3r, zakufist, and Tails338.

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  • Wonder Mail Passwords (European Release)

    Once you reach Chapter 2 of the story, you'll be able to input passwords, allowing you to gain new items, among other things.

    Item - Accuracy Drink x127JXPFY2
    Item - Accuracy Drink x1CMJT1T3X
    Item - Apple x2095CPK75M
    Item - Apple x20FY8SK6Y3
    Item - Apple x20QQWCNWJT
    Item - Apple x20XMN48Y3P
    Item - Blast Wand x200QTSCN2K
    Item - Blast Wand x20K8TXT13M
    Item - Confuse Wand x20PCJXQR0J
    Item - Confuse Wand x20SH628N0C
    Item - Guiding Wand x201TY1428Q
    Item - Guiding Wand x205H8TY3W8
    Item - Iron Spike x20CK8PCCK7
    Item - Iron Spike x20HJR2K98N
    Item - Iron Spike x20QP6XR479
    Item - Iron Spike x20Y128Y5MJ
    Item - Life Seed x2MJN3QP64
    Item - Life Seed x2SPH7CN0K
    Item - Max Elixir x2043NXY28S
    Item - Max Elixir x20JN2K90P9
    Item - Max Elixir x20SNTY92JQ
    Item - Max Elixir x20W8N3WJPK
    Item - Oran Berry x20F27960FT
    Item - Oran Berry x20K0JY410J
    Item - Oran Berry x20N0FSK8SH
    Item - Oran Berry x20R1125P92
    Item - Petrify Wand x2043SJNSH8
    Item - Petrify Wand x2062F0JMHF
    Item - Power Drink x1N13QQNWJ
    Item - Power Drink x1QQXR6T1T
    Item - PP Up Drink x17997FTWJ
    Item - PP Up Drink x1QSR61SFT
    Item - Reviver Seed x50MR3WK8W
    Item - Reviver Seed x51TTW7H99
    Item - Reviver Seed x51TWH7647
    Item - Reviver Seed x52JR641XM
    Item - Reviver Seed x55R43MPF4
    Item - Reviver Seed x58Y948QXN
    Item - Reviver Seed x5CCMPJY97
    Item - Reviver Seed x5K0PFY8XX
    Item - Reviver Seed x5R8XY9612
    Item - Reviver Seed x5SQNWHH5P
    Item - Sitrus Berry x2FTXSQR6S
    Item - Sitrus Berry x2HH61T296
    Item - Slumber Wand x20F26SNY47
    Item - Slumber Wand x20R28XPJWK
    New Dungeon8W6Y41TS
    New DungeonF3XPF447
    New DungeonR3XSR96T
    TM - Aerial Ace x1P6XSP6W5
    TM - Aerial Ace x1SR2CF3W6
    TM - Bulldoze x15PCMQP79
    TM - Bulldoze x1R8NW9962
    TM - Charge Beam x1499947H5
    TM - Charge Beam x1QR1TXSH5
    TM - Cut x1NSP5R448
    TM - Cut x1T13P8TT2
    TM - Dragon Claw x1JSQQXSHF
    TM - Dragon Claw x1SCCP6Y5P
    TM - Echoed Voice x17JMMQQXQ
    TM - Echoed Voice x1K96XY642
    TM - Energy Ball x1MMJN147C
    TM - Energy Ball x1P8P6SPH9
    TM - Facade x1K760PF3S
    TM - Facade x1WK6Y493X
    TM - Flame Charge x147K91SCK
    TM - Flame Charge x195R8T3MF
    TM - Grass Knot x12963QMNT
    TM - Grass Knot x13W6296TT
    TM - Gyro Ball x1NSJXXSMC
    TM - Gyro Ball x1R2CJT13Q
    TM - Hidden Power x1P6Y91Y8P
    TM - Hidden Power x1P8QXT47C
    TM - Low Sweep x1JN0R6Y1Y
    TM - Low Sweep x1MF0MK8MR
    TM - Poison Jab x160CJP98T
    TM - Poison Jab x1XT0R0P8Q
    TM - Power-Up PunchT48N3QY0
    TM - Power-Up Punch x15JSQW8NX
    TM - Rock Slide x1QSN0QTT3
    TM - Rock Slide x1SF12K96Y
    TM - Rock Tomb x13NWCPH6T
    TM - Rock Tomb x198Y2612C
    TM - Round x17JMCJY2F
    TM - Round x1F1XN445M
    TM - Scald x1R5QY97JX
    TM - Scald x1R93MNY3Q
    TM - Secret Power x10P8XY92H
    TM - Secret Power x1QPF10K8P
    TM - Shadow Claw x125N48QR2
    TM - Shadow Claw x1T3P7JTY3
    TM - Smack Down x1QNXP6T11
    TM - Strength x15QQY6Y3Y
    TM - Strength x178PK5PHC
    TM - Swords Dance x18SQSN0CH
    TM - Swords Dance x1XXTXY2F3
    TM - Thunder x1HCPJY929
    TM - Thunder x1Y8PJT0R3
    TM - Thunderbolt x16Y2H9478
    TM - Thunderbolt x1MFSK6Y7H
    TM - Waterfall x162JP9449
    TM - Waterfall x1JY3WH646

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    13    5


  • Use Stat-Boosters Multiple Times

    For this, you will need some means of achieving the "Piercing" status, which lets you throw items through enemies. The most common and consistent method of achieving this is with the Water Looplet, a treasure obtained by finishing the Pride Hill dungeon. However you intend to achieve this status, bring it to a dungeon with your stat-boosting items. Choose an easy dungeon, e.g. on the Water Continent, and bring one Pokemon and two Pokemon whose stats you want to boost.

    Give the Pokemon whose stats you don't want to boost the Piercing status, and get all three Pokemon in a line with the Piercing Pokemon at either end. To get them in a line, a hallway is often easiest. An oversight in this status is that it lets you throw items at your allies as well as enemies, and have the item affect everyone it hits. Thus, throw your stat boosting items (Life Seeds, Sitrus Berries, Vitamins, etc.) from your Pokemon through the other two. Most of the time, it will hit both Pokemon, allowing both Pokemon to benefit from the stat boosts instead of just one!

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

    7    1


  • Expedition Completion Rewards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold emblem on your file, and the ability to travel anywhere via the Pokemon Nexus (instead of walking or using Lapras)Recruit every Pokemon, and complete a trip to every dungeon (you are allowed to fail the expedition to the dungeon)
    Silver emblem on your fileRecruit every possible Pokemon through the Connection Orb

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Unlock Jukebox Themes

    You'll be able to unlock the Jukebox by playing the game; by meeting certain conditions, you'll be able to unlock various musical themes in the game - some unique to the game, and others from other entries in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Songs #001 - #131Unlocked by progressing through the story
    Songs #132 - #136Unlocked at Normal Rank
    Songs #137 - #139Unlocked at Bronze Rank
    Songs #140 - #143Unlocked at Silver Rank
    Songs #144 - #147Unlocked at Gold Rank
    Songs #148 - #152Unlocked at Platinum Rank
    Songs #153 - #156Unlocked at Diamond Rank
    Songs #157 - #160Unlocked at Elite Rank
    Songs #161 - #163Unlocked at Ultra Rank
    Songs #164 - #166Unlocked at Hyper Rank
    Songs #167 - #169Unlocked at Master Rank
    Songs #170 & #171Unlocked at Grandmaster Rank

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    5    1

  • Unlockable Extra Dungeons

    By meeting the conditions below, you can unlock additional dungeons to play in!

    A note to international players: the dungeon names in this list are currently derived from translations of their Japanese names, and will be updated for their English names some time after the release of the U.S. version.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cloud Continent - Aurora's EndConnect with Uxie
    Cloud Continent - Clear LakeConnect with Raikou
    Cloud Continent - Enlightenment LakeBeat Heart Lake
    Cloud Continent - Freeze MountainConnect with Sealeo
    Cloud Continent - Ice WaterfallConnect with Mismagius
    Cloud Continent - Isolation IslandReach Gold Rank
    Cloud Continent - Meteor SiteConnect with Mewtwo
    Cloud Continent - Pumpkaboo ForestConnect with Pumpkaboo
    Cloud Continent - Slime WetlandsConnect with Sliggoo
    Cloud Continent - Underground RuinsReach Grandmaster Rank
    Forest Continent - Akka RockfaceReach Hyper Rank
    Forest Continent - Blue PointReach Platinum Rank
    Forest Continent - Crystal Stone MazeConnect with Ferroseed
    Forest Continent - Dead Leaf PathFinish Heart Lake
    Forest Continent - Deep Sea TunnelConnect with Tyrantrum
    Forest Continent - Dragon GateReach Elite Rank
    Forest Continent - Freedom CoastConnect with Nincade
    Forest Continent - Heart LakeReach Silver Rank
    Forest Continent - Magma UnderpassReach Master Rank
    Forest Continent - New PlainsConnect with Cubchoo
    Forest Continent - Ninja CaveConnect with Ivysaur
    Forest Continent - Petite CanyonConnect with Grotle
    Forest Continent - Sacred RemainsReach Hyper Rank
    Forest Continent - Sky RuinsReach Hyper Rank
    Forest Continent - Thorny ShadowpathConnect with Marill
    Forest Continent - Triangle TempleReach Silver Rank
    Forest Continent - Zero IsleReach Diamond Rank
    Sand Continent - Fossil CityConnect with Diancie
    Sand Continent - Fossil Tree MountainConnect with Azelf
    Sand Continent - Gold Counter-roomsConnect with Yanmega
    Sand Continent - Holey PlainsConnect with Excadrill
    Sand Continent - Jewel RoadConnect with Regigigas
    Sand Continent - Light IslandConnect with Entei
    Sand Continent - Mysterious GeoglyphReach Gold Rank
    Sand Continent - Sarara DesertConnect with Metagross
    Sand Continent - Secret MineConnect with Bronzor
    Sand Continent - Snow CaveConnect with Dwebble
    Sand Continent - The End PassReach Grandmaster Rank
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Destiny TowerConnect with Zygarde
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Guidance RuinsConnect with Cresselia
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Ice AltarReach Diamond Rank
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Ice Altar DepthsConnect with Reshiram and Zekrom
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Lake of Mysterious LightConnect with Rayquaza
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Rain CurrentReach Master Rank
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Rainbow BridgeConnect with Lugia
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Sea ShrineConnect with Zapdos
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Storm IslandReach Ultra Rank
    Sea of Seven Wonders - Undersea RuinsReach Platinum Rank
    Water Continent - Behind the Waterfall BasinConnect with Lopunny
    Water Continent - Bustling ValleyConnect with Slowking
    Water Continent - Leaf PlateauConnect with Bayleef
    Water Continent - Pledge HillReach Bronze Rank
    Water Continent - River Source CaveConnect with Lillipup
    Windy Continent - Decision SpringBeat Enlightenment Lake
    Windy Continent - Haunted IslandDefeat Ho-Oh
    Windy Continent - Kiyora CanyonConnect with Electivire
    Windy Continent - Moonlight CaveConnect with Lunatone
    Windy Continent - Red PointConnect with Articuno
    Windy Continent - Rime StairsConnect with Vigoroth
    Windy Continent - Super Apple ForestConnect with Ledian
    Windy Continent - Trial MountainsReach Elite Rank
    Windy Continent - Yellow PointConnect with Moltres

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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