How do I beat Mewtwo?

  1. Go ahead and give your own strats, but I'm only asking this question because SOMEone's going to have it. I had a HELL of a time with this and I want to help others.

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    FerreTrip - 3 years ago
  2. You can beat Mewtwo with a good team of Dark Types, or even just a Shedinja if you really want (though it'll take a while), but you'd be hard-pressed to beat him without two things: A Pokemon who knows Recover and a Ban Seed.

    When you go to fight Mewtwo, first have the Pokemon who has Recover use it. Next round, have that Pokemon use a Ban Seed. Mewtwo can no longer use Recover, which he appears to have infinite PP of, and you can actually knock him out, now! Just be careful and don't panic, and you'll be fine. Oh, and it should go without saying, but bring LOTS of Reviver Seeds.

    By the time you unlock Mewtwo, you should have someone who has (or can learn, since Hawlucha can now teach moves) Recover. If you don't have a Ban Seed, grab someone with Recycle (I used Munchlax), load them up with Plain Seeds, and hang out in an easy area with an Escape Orb or something, as well as an Elixer, and spam Recycle until you get a Ban Seed. (Keep going, though, Plain Seeds are useless, after all!)

    Alternatively, though I haven't tried it, you can forcefeed Mewtwo a Ban Seed right after he uses Recover, but I have the feeling he's good at dodging. I would go with my method to be 100% sure.

    User Info: FerreTrip

    FerreTrip - 3 years ago

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  1. Folks, go right ahead and give your own strategies, if you want! I'm leaving this answer open for a while just for you guys to do that! :)

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  1. beat him fairly easily with the following:

    yveltal with dark pulse and oblivion wing (holding sp. attack looplet)
    sableye with faint attack (holding attack looplet)
    spiritomb with shadow ball,dark pulse and nasty plot (holding sp.attack looplet)

    items: lots of reviver seeds, elixers and apples
    2 truant wands

    1. hit him with truant immediately to negate his ability (pressure is NOT fun)
    2. buff / debuff with shadow ball and nasty plot (alliances if necessary)
    3. spam alliances using dark attacks. (heal/revive as necessary)

    repeat when the turd mega evolves.

    takes a while to build up (what with all the buffing/debuffing) but he was getting curb-stomped with 500+ damage per round while the only one he could significantly hit was yveltal (who fully healed with oblivion wing)

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  2. I used Reniculus Sableye and Cofigrigas recover then one ban seed second for help and Cofigrigas for curse and ghost moves and ability change thanks for the help everyone who answered. And I know I misspelled the mummy.

    User Info: DragonFerrets

    DragonFerrets - 3 years ago 0   0
  3. The absolute easiest way to defeat him is with a ban seed, and a spiritomb. also pack about 3 or 4 oran berries. while spiritomb is all youll actually need, feel free to also bring sheinja and sableye as all three of them have complete immunities to mewtwos attacks. of the three, spiritomb is the only one who could learn curse, which is amazing for taking down mewtwo.

    (optional step 1): use a truant wand on mewtwo.
    step 1: using spiritomb, use curse on mewtwo
    step 2: use oran berries on spiritomb as need arises, and use curse again whenever the effect wears off
    step 3: when that heifer uses recover, throw the ban seed at him (in my experience, this is effective)
    step 4: repeat step 2 as necessary until he dies (will happen very quickly, with curse causing hundreds of damage per turn)

    i tried many many other methods. confirmed to not work:
    double edge wand
    hp switch wand
    quarter wand
    ohko moves (sorry smeargle)

    moves i didnt try, that still need confirmation
    super fang (i doubt it will work)
    endeavor (i doubt it will work)
    pain split (i think this one might work...maybe)

    User Info: umbra

    umbra - 3 years ago 0   0
  4. Team: Some Mon I forgot, Bisharp, Celebi.
    Items: Ban Seed, Reviver Seeds, Blast Seeds.
    Strat: Immediately use Recover on Celebi, then feed it ban seed to negate the recover move on mewtwo. This is obviously useful so the battles don't drag on and on and on. Then SLAM those alliances and blast seeds non-stop at full speed and again at his mega. You could also inflict paralysis and, of course, who'd beat a boss or legendary without Recovers?

    User Info: Haleighleaf

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  5. My method requires A LOT of reviver seeds but if youre up for it then sure

    1.Get a Ghost Type that learns Curse (I used shuppet)
    2.Get a Sturdy mon
    3.Get Shedinja (or a Ghost/Dark type pokemon)
    5.If you can replace the sturdy mon with a mon that knows both imprison and recover
    4.You forgot me ;-;
    6.Spam the crap out of curse
    7.Pray to Lord Helix for mercy

    And thats how i defeated Mewtwo,

    User Info: Mudkipzzzzzz

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  6. My strategy was Spiritomb, Sableye, Shedinja, a ban seed, two Truant wands, and a LOT of blast seeds. these three Pokemon were immune to all of Mewtwo's attacks, I used Truant wand at the start of the fight, and I didn't start using blast seeds until Mewtwo had recovered for the first time and I had banned the attack. When it went Mega I used Truant again, but I ran out of Blast seeds before it ran out of HP, so I started spamming Spiritomb's Curse attack and healing when necessary. It was tedious, but effective

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  7. The way I brutaly cheezed my way though this fight was with a shedinja with Shadow Ball, my starters (Empoleon with ice beam/ bubble beam and Typhlosion with flamethrower/ blast burn), some vile seeds, all power-up orbs a ban seed and a few max elixirs

    1. set tactic to dont use moves. this will cause the other two members to move towards the leader once and action is taken

    2. throw a vile seed to Mewtwo. he may eat it and lower his defenses

    3. push mewtwo up until he stops moving. he wont attack as long as you keep shedinja between him and your teammates

    4. change tactics to lets go together ( wait here can work as well), use an all power-up orb and enjoy watching your team pummel mewtwo from a safe distance

    5. once Mewtwo uses recover, throw a ban seed at him. he should eat it, preventing him from future healing.

    once defeated, he will mega evolve. at this point, repeat the previous steps

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  8. I just brought Xerneas along with my hero and partner (Meganium and Swampert) to spam Geomancy over and over while we simply kept whacking Mewtwo until he dropped. I didn't need Shedinja or Ban Seeds or anything of the sort, only a straight 2v1 with the old duo.

    Though Psystrike was somewhat annoying...

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  9. The way I beat him was to spam memento + ban seed on recover. Memento will lower his damage dramatically, maybe 3 uses are enough to render it single digit damage. This will need to be repeated when he mega evolves. Throwing a ban seed (probably should bring 2 just in case it misses, or just restart if you don't have 2) after he uses recover to prevent him from spamming that. I had a metal sound user ( - 2 sp def on enemy) in bisharp (from ranking up guild level) and used that to increase damage from team. Sp def reduction instead of regular def because mewtwo knows barrier to increase his defense. You can also use a truant wand on both of his forms to reduce PP usage if you're running low of PP

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  10. I know this is super late, but I figured out the ultimate way to beat Mewtwo, I used Banette, Chandelure, and Vaporeon

    Banette moveset
    - Snatch (the key)
    - Screech (unnecessary but works well with Phantom force as it lowers defense)
    - Shadow ball
    - Phantom force

    Chandelure Move
    - Memento (crucial)

    Vaporeon (optional)
    - Helping hand (Had Vaporeon only for this move, it helps a lot and reduces attack moves needed meaning pp saving

    With the combination of Both Memento and Snatch it not only cheeses Mewtwo, it completely nerfs it as it can only use 2 moves at 1 damage each

    With Memento Chandelure tends to be safe as it teleports around the stage normally out of reach from attacks, and it lowers damage taken to 1, so only use Oran berry on it after your done using it

    Snatch is the key move, use it every time it wears out, and thank God it wears out at the beginning of your turn, now it's the key because it takes the effect of both Barrier and the infamous Recover

    With this strategy I used 3 Oran berries and around 10 elixirs maybe more, I recommend having more on hand just in case, took around 10 minutes I think as they were all weakish to start with

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  11. For me I used Swampart, Emboar and Salamance. I started off using a truant wand and ban seeded recover when he used it. In the alliance, Swampart and Emboar used fire pledge and water pledge to boost effects while Salamance spammed thunder fang. This led to constant paralysis and I took no hits. Then I did the same when he mega evolved

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