How do I beat Yveltal?

  1. Okay, so I'm a level 26 Fennekin. My partner is a Riolu, level 25. Our Harmony Scarves connected with the Tree of Life we are supposed to save and let us evolve temporarily into Delphinox and Lucario. Other Pokemon who are helping us defeat Yveltal, Nuzleaf, and the Beheeyem are Jirachi (Approx level 40), Espurr (Approx level 39), Ampharos (level 54), and Celebi (Approx level 40). I've realized I cannot level up while in the Harmony Scarf phase, and neither can Riolu. It's a real pain in the ass trying to face Yveltal with his stupid Oblivion Wing. It knocks out half of our HP (those near the blast) and Nuzleaf's Razor Leaf and the Beheeyems' Psybeam are real pain in the asses too. It doesn't help that there are barely any items during the Road to Primeval Forest, and that I have like no items left in my Deposit Box because of this. Is there a strategy any of you used to try to defeat them? The closest I've gotten was down to me, Yveltal, and my friend Celebi.

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    Hoopa-Unbound - 3 years ago

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  1. I was literally in your same situation a day or 2 ago with my Fennekin and Riolu partner. I had 2 reviver seeds and I was almost always wiped out by oblivion wing in one hit. However, you can still buy items and access shops while in this part of the game via Pelliper Island which you can visit from the main menu when you boot up the game! I entered the island with one of my Pokemon, walked up to Cofragrigus, and bought 40 reviver seeds with a couple gold bars and threw them in my deposit box. Then getting through the dungeon and Yveltal was so much easier. A good tactic to start the fight is to use a totter orb to confuse all the enemies and cause them to miss all their attacks or hit each other. Otherwise try to hit Yveltal with a stay away wand to temporarily neutralize the biggest threat to your team. I'd recommend taking Ampharos as your 3rd Pokemon for the dungeon since he's crazy strong and is a godsend against Yveltal with his electric moves, so keeping him alive with reviver seeds is the best option since the other 3 are weak to his dark moves and are more liable to dying and wasting your seeds. I hope this helps!

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  1. Use a Surround Wand on him immediately to get your entire team into attacking range of the enemy group, then hope they decide to focus their attacks on him or one of the other Pokemon.

    If you have a Ban Seed, you can throw that at Yveltal after he uses Oblivion Wing to prevent him from using it again.

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  2. I was 23 and my panter was 25. I was PIkachu and my panter was Totidile. any way the way I did this was I had a lot of Revier seeds or Tiny revier seeds mixed with confuse wands and other wands. I took out The Beheeyem first and Nuzleaf with Crunch or Bite and thunderbolt. Get Zinc, protein etc because I had the same issue I beat it on fourth try those will help with stats because i think Yveltal is faster then the team at this point. Aslo my friend said you should be at least 30 something, but it can be done in 20's I did Also you Need a lot of Revier seeds for dark matter I beat that on my second try just sear of luck though

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  3. I had Treecko and Mudkip. What helped the most (and still does against bosses) is status conditions. More specifically, paralysis and flinch really assist you in that they stop the boss from attacking for at least one turn. Other than that, try using a detect looplet on them for bonus evasion (not that much).

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  4. step 1: have Ampharos as your 3rd teammate
    step 2: use Delphox's fire and Lucario's fighting to eliminate Nuzleaf
    step 3: kill at least 1 beheeyem
    step 4: alliance hit yveltal with electric / force palm for paralysis(repeat until dead)
    step 5: kill last beheeyem

    Hopefully oblivion wing will target Ampharos (not effective FTW!) while you heal/revive as necessary

    P.S. I used Lucario and Charizard. First oblivion wing kills off NPC help in one hit. still won using the above strategy.

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  5. I beat it on my very first try. I was Swampert and my partner was typhlosion. I had jirachi as my third teammate. I had A LOT of reviver seeds and tiny reviver seeds in my bag. First I targeted nuzleaf and after that I took down a beheeyem while the Pokemon who weren't really part of my team targeted the other. This is key. Leave one enemy for the others to deal with so you don't have to. When you attack yveltal finally Use blast seeds first if you have any. USE AN ALLIANCE ATTACK FOR EVERY SINGLE MOVE EVEN IF YOU THINK THE ENEMIES HP IS LOW. Eventually both Celebi and ampharos fainted but by then it was just yveltal left. If you happen to get down to one reviver seed left (check often) and your partner or third teammate faints, choose not to revive them unless they are SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than you. I won with probably 6 reviver seeds left and started with probably twice that amount so 12. Good luck if you are still stuck here

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  6. By the way the best emeras to equip in my opinion are barrage and distance dodge

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  7. Use truant wand to screw his ability up. It will significantly reduce his oblivion wing's damage as dark aura boosts his dark type moves.

    User Info: gamelover888

    gamelover888 - 3 years ago 0   0

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