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Reviewed: 06/20/17

Masterpiece then and now

Historical Analysis:
The Dragon Quest/Warrior franchise is a spectacular Role Playing Game series. Dragon Quest VIII is probably the best in the franchise along with Dragon Quest V. This was originally released on PlayStation 2. It took the basic Quest to save the world against a great world destroying evil and made it accessible to a larger demographic. Although it had a simple setup it had an amazing delivery. You grew with all the characters that you traveled with. The story also had many twists and turns especially with the post game scenario that could be completed and also netted a special bonus ending with the post game scenario's completion. So if the PS2 release was so good how good could the 3DS port be?

3DS Port:
Well to say in a simple phrase "IT DID". The 3ds port keeps the good stuff of the first, but adds so much more! There is an addition of an extra dungeon, there is DLC content (where you can download an item once a day), There is an extra series of quests that take advantage of the camera feature of the 3DS, there is also an addition of an extra ending. The best part is you can take this epic adventure with you in your pocket.

Why this game?:
Why is this game so good. Dragon Quest unlike the Final Fantasy Franchise sticks with a similar formula of a protagonist who quests across the world either by himself or with friends to save the world from darkness. This story may sound tired and old, but in reality its not it doesn't need a convoluted plot in order to convey deep emotional feelings in the viewer to partake in the quest. This Quest probably takes one of the simplest story telling routes but with dialogue with companions that differs in each area it makes the experience all the more richer. Also this game has a wonderful alchemy system that takes items that you may find useless like an herb and with other items you may not need become very powerful items to add to the customization experience.

Final Conceptions:
This game is an all star experience, and I can't sing its praises to the skies enough. This is a must own in any 3DS collector's library. In fact I would recommend Gamers to buy a 3DS just in order to have this experience! Marvellous!!!!

Rating: 10

Product Release: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (US, 01/20/17)

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