Hatchet man ability disappeared when upgraded yangus to executioner in axe skill tree can anyone help?

  1. I upgraded yangus' axe skill tree and originally I could use hatchet man until i upgraded to executioner. It says "yangus improves his hatchet man technique and masters executioner" then when i go into battle the hatchet man ability disappears. Its even gone when i check his attributes. Ive tried resetting game and doing it again and also tried maxing out axes to 100 but the same thing happens every time. It only disappears once i upgrade to executioner. Can anyone please help?

    User Info: PurpleAnimist84

    PurpleAnimist84 - 3 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. This is intended. Hatchet man has a 50% chance of missing, a 25% percent chance of landing a regular attack and a 25% chance of dealing a critical hit; while Executioner ditches the chance for a normal attack for a 50% chance of landing a critical hit while still having a 50% chance of missing. They both cost the same amount of MP. Executioner is Hatchet man but better in every way so having both would be redundant.

    User Info: Blizzkit

    Blizzkit - 3 months ago 4   0

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