how do i beat (rhapthorne)?

  1. in the 3ds version rhapthorne gets buffed to 6500 hp.
    my team goes as listed
    hero: lvl. 40 (spears)
    Morrie: lvl. 40 (claws)
    angelo: lvl:39 (bows)
    Jessica: lvl.38 (staves)
    yangus: lvl.40 (axes)
    red: lvl 38 (swords/knives)

    I've tried three times now. wasted in 5 rounds. any strategy tips? and I know I may need to level. recommended places? how do I find slime hill?

    User Info: Dylanthegreat

    Dylanthegreat - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok to make a timbrel of tension you need to use alchemy and use these three items Sun crown, Tough guy tattoo and Magic beast hide. To get the sun's crown you need to get a skull helm and saints ashes. To get the skull helm there are two locations you can find them. One near the southeastern part of Empychuu, which you will have to get using the god-bird stone. So you will only be able to procure one timbrel of tension before post game. Now another strategy is to bulk your characters skills up. You can find skill seeds to do this trick. There are several methods to procure them but they are very rare to find. One method is to use to go to the skill seed seller in Arcadia. He is a ghoul who sells one at night, but the prices become more extensively expensive after each purchase. But you will want to buy a few from him until he gains expensive clothes to help you get one of the photos for the photo challenge. Another method is to open up the blue chests that appear every day (real time) in certain locations, around the Arcadia region. There is also monster drops but those are post game so the two previous options are the way to go.
    Let me know if there is any other aid you may need!

    User Info: greatdreamhero

    greatdreamhero - 3 years ago 2   2

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  1. Where are all your skill points spread out and what is your equipment?

    Make a timbrel of tension if you have not.

    Slime hill is next to rydons tower. It is much higher elevation than things that are around it, hard to miss. There is also the dragon graveyard in the desert with metal king slimes in it with beetelebuz to revive them. Both are good.

    I'd say go hero red Angelo Morrie. It'll give you some heals and kazings with decent damage to boot. I know red gets accelerate and Morrie gets oomph for some buffs. Yangus is much too slow to use imo. Jessica can replace red/Morrie I guess, but Red's full heal and Morrie's tension boosts are helpful. Also they do more damage than Jessica.

    User Info: Jade_Rock

    Jade_Rock - 3 years ago 2   0

Other Answers

  1. Thank you. And how do I make a tembral of tension? My skills in hero are up to omniheal on courage, and up to +25 attack on spear. 42 pointd in fisticuffs.
    Morri, is on his special and claws to the max I can, angelo got shining shot and pearly gates.then I started him on staves for the buffs. Jessica is my main person for buffs. And she knows kazing (max staff) I quit yangus when I got morri. And red. She gets the buffs under fans I think.

    User Info: Dylanthegreat

    Dylanthegreat - 3 years ago 1   0

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