What are the best setups for each monster?

  1. I want to get the best monsters of each type so what is the best genes and for each monster and their alternate elements from genes?

    User Info: LewisB

    LewisB - 7 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It really kind of depends on the monster. Usually what I do is first, I look at the weaknesses of my monstie. Then, I look at the monsties overall stats in the Monstiepedia.

    So, like, for example, say I took a monster like Kirin. It's weak to fire and water, and since fire is strong against basically everything, it's more likely that i'll see a fire atk monster. Then, I look in the Monstiepedia and see that Kirin has sky high atk and speed, excellent defense, but awful hp. Based on this, i know what kind of genes i should use.

    So, once again using Kirin as an example since i just got him, very strong electric atk so its not too necessary to boost that, although it would be a good idea to put at least one thunder atk gene on him since a lot is weak to electric, including many fire monsters like Rathalos. It's fire atk isn't too low, so i'd give him 2 fire res +2 genes just to eliminate his weakness to fire and give him a slight bit of extra oomph. His tendency is speed, and he has very high speed and atk, so a non elemental bingo and a speed atk bingo are very good choices to put on a Kirin. I would also make a secondary bingo to give him extra stuff in another element or trait, like tech atk or thunder atk.

    As for aptonoth, i would replace that thing the first chance you get. Almost no herbivore is worth building because they all get taken down as easily as a Konchu.

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Other Answers

  1. Actaully,since there are only 5 obtainable monsties and only 5 spaces of party place,simply pick 1 of every kind.but keep the blue yian kut ku in front since its the best monstie in the demo version.

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  2. I mean in the full game not the demo as in bond genes, different types usable for monsters. Not best monsters in the game demo.

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  3. i would assume the best monsters are based on how u build them there truly isnt a best monster slash setup since there are so many combinations to choose from i say when the full game comes out ask again but not for the best monsters, U should ask how to build the ones u like
    Example: "hey is fire attack up a good gene for great jaggi if it has a fire attack" not one that dumb but u know right?

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  4. Actually, bingo is the one matter most, as it give matching attack 1.4 multiplier
    Zinogre for example, have thunder tackle which is lightning and speed type.
    So give him lightning and speed bingo. This will make his thunder tackle do 1.4x1.4 of initial damage and his other lightning attack got 1.4x dmg.
    Then give him neutral bingo if possible to increase his speed
    Or if u can't afford neutral, give him resist gene

    Don't mind thunder dmg up L as it only give 1.05 multiplier, not much. And it doesn't stack with all element dmg up L. Only stack with thunder scale

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  5. No but as in which elements should I choose for each monstie. For instance should I give my aptonoth more resistance to every type not just dragon

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  6. But what about online play like the lagombi dlc

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