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Birthright Support Script by Misha-Heart

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/16/2016

Fire Emblem 14 Fates Birthright Supports
Change Log:
2/20/16- First entry
3/16/16- Fixed a few errors
Quick questions about this guide:

Q. What is this about?
A. This is a script that compiles dialogue with character interactions with 
one another. Usually, they converse about simple things or even reveal parts 
of their backstory to one another. 

Q. How do you gain these support conversations?
A. First, check on the Support option on the world map to see if the 
characters can support one another. Then, use the Pair Up command and have 
them fight alongside one another. This is an easy way to gain support values 
betwheen characters. After gaining a significant amount, check the Support 
option again to view the support conversation.

Q. Can you get more than one S rank?
A. Once characters get married, they are bound forever by marriage(or in some 
cases, eternal friendship) and last even after death. If you wish to gain a 
new S support, a new file must be used in order to unlock the conversations.

Q. How do Partner Seals work?
A. When two units have an S support with one another, they are able to use 
this seal to reclass into their base class. For example, if Ryoma marries 
Rinkah, he will be able to use the seal to reclass into any class from 
Rinkah's Oni Savage class. The same applies for Rinkah, as she can reclass 
into Samurai and its promotion choices. For units with special classes like 
Azura, they will give their secondary class to their partner.

Q. What are A+ supports?
A. If two units of the same genders reach a support level of A, they have the 
choice to go to A+. With the use of a Buddy Seal, they can reclass into the 
base class of their partner, similar to a Marriage Seal. A+ supports do not 
go both ways, so Ryoma can have an A+ support with Saizo, but Saizo is still 
able to A+ another person.

Q. What happens when two units share the same base class?
A. They will be able to reclass into their secondary class. If Hinata marries 
Hana, then he can reclass into Monk, while Hana gets Oni Savage. However, if 
they share the same secondary class, they will not gain a new class.

Q. How are children's class sets determined?
A. Child units typically start off in their father's base class and have the 
option to reclass into their father's secondary and mother's base class. If 
the mother shared a base class with the father, the child will have their 
secondary to reclass into. The exception to this are Shiro(intially a Spear 
Fighter with Samurai as secondary), Shigure(initially a Sky Knight with 
Troubadour as a secondary) and Midori(initially a Apothecary with Ninja as a 

Q. What's with Kaze?
A. If Kaze does not have an A support with Avatar at the start of Chapter 15, 
he will leave the party and the paralogue to unlock Midori will never appear.

Q. What do certain units get if they A+/marry?
A. If Takumi and Mozu get married, he will get Apothecary. If Hayato gets an 
A+ support with Kaden, he will get Apothecary. If Azura and Jakob get 
married, Shigure will get Wyvern Rider.

Q. How do I look over the Support log?
A. Go to the Record Hall in My Castle.

Q. What determines the Avatar and child's hair color?
A. The last file that was saved will be used when looking over the support 

Q. Avatar/Kana's aren't in here at all! Where are they?
A. Those two have the hugest support conversation list in the game. They will 
be put in another guide, seperate from this one.

Q. Hey, there are a few typos in here. Aren't you going to fix them?
A. Believe it or not, they're actually in the game so they're left as such.

Q. Why are there random question marks?
A. They're suppose to be music notes to indicate someone(usually Azura) 
Table of Contents
To skip to the desired support pair, use ctrl+F and type the following.

Example: Add A1. to Azura to skip to her C support with Ryoma.
Note: Some supports may mention Avatar. The default name is Corrin.

A. Hoshido First Generation Lover Supports

- Ryoma!
A1. Azura
A1. Felicia
A1. Mozu
A1. Rinkah
A1. Hana
A1. Orochi
A1. Setsuna
A1. Oboro
A1. Kagero

- Takumi!
A2. Azura
A2. Felicia
A2. Mozu
A2. Rinkah
A2. Hana
A2. Orochi
A2. Setsuna
A2. Oboro
A2. Kagero

- Subaki!
A3. Azura
A3. Felicia
A3. Mozu
A3. Sakura
A3. Hinoka
A3. Rinkah
A3. Hana
A3. Orochi
A3. Setsuna
A3. Oboro
A3. Kagero

- Saizo!
A4. Azura
A4. Felicia
A4. Mozu
A4. Sakura
A4. Hinoka
A4. Rinkah
A4. Hana
A4. Orochi
A4. Setsuna
A4. Oboro
A4. Kagero

- Azama!
A5. Azura
A5. Felicia
A5. Mozu
A5. Sakura
A5. Hinoka
A5. Rinkah
A5. Hana
A5. Orochi
A5. Setsuna
A5. Oboro
A5. Kagero

- Hayato!
A6. Azura
A6. Felicia
A6. Mozu
A6. Sakura
A6. Hinoka
A6. Rinkah
A6. Hana
A6. Orochi
A6. Setsuna
A6. Oboro
A6. Kagero

- Hinata!
A7. Azura
A7. Felicia
A7. Mozu
A7. Sakura
A7. Hinoka
A7. Rinkah
A7. Hana
A7. Orochi
A7. Setsuna
A7. Oboro
A7. Kagero

- Kaden!
A8. Azura
A8. Felicia
A8. Mozu
A8. Sakura
A8. Hinoka
A8. Rinkah
A8. Hana
A8. Orochi
A8. Setsuna
A8. Oboro
A8. Kagero

B. Neutral Party Lover Supports
- Jakob!
B1. Azura
B1. Felicia
B1. Mozu
B1. Sakura
B1. Hinoka
B1. Rinkah
B1. Hana
B1. Orochi
B1. Setsuna
B1. Oboro
B1. Kagero

- Kaze!
B2. Azura
B2. Felicia
B2. Mozu
B2. Sakura
B2. Hinoka
B2. Rinkah
B2. Hana
B2. Orochi
B2. Setsuna
B2. Oboro
B2. Kagero

- Silas!
B3. Azura
B3. Felicia
B3. Mozu
B3. Sakura
B3. Hinoka
B3. Rinkah
B3. Hana
B3. Orochi
B3. Setsuna
B3. Oboro
B3. Kagero

C. Hoshido Buddy Supports
- Ryoma*
C1. Takumi
C1. Hinoka
C1. Sakura
C1. Saizo
C1. Silas

- Takumi*
C2. Hinoka
C2. Sakura
C2. Hinata
C2. Jakob

- Sakura*
C3. Azura
C3. Hinoka
C3. Hana

- Hinoka*
C4. Azura
C4. Setsuna

- Rinkah*
C5. Orochi
C5. Oboro
C5. Kagero

- Subaki*
C6. Saizo
C6. Azama
C6. Hinata

- Hana*
C7. Felicia
C7. Setsuna

- Saizo*
C8. Kaze

- Orochi*
C9. Oboro
C9. Kagero

- Azama*
C10. Hayato
C10. Kaden

- Setsuna*
C11. Kagero

- Hayato*
C12. Kaden

- Oboro*
C13. Mozu

- Hinata*
C14. Kaden

- Jakob*
C15. Silas

- Kaze*
C16. Silas

D. Hoshido Second Generation Lover Supports!
- Shiro!
D1. Caeldori
D1. Mitama
D1. Rhajat
D1. Selkie
D1. Midori
D1. Sophie

- Kiragi!
D2. Caeldori
D2. Mitama
D2. Rhajat
D2. Selkie
D2. Midori
D2. Sophie

- Asugi!
D3. Caeldori
D3. Mitama
D3. Rhajat
D3. Selkie
D3. Midori
D3. Sophie

- Hisame!
D4. Caeldori
D4. Mitama
D4. Rhajat
D4. Selkie
D4. Midori
D4. Sophie

- Shigure!
D5. Caeldori
D5. Mitama
D5. Rhajat
D5. Selkie
D5. Midori
D5. Sophie

- Dwyer!
D6. Caeldori
D6. Mitama
D6. Rhajat
D6. Selkie
D6. Midori
D6. Sophie

E. Hoshido Second Generation Buddy Supports*
- Shiro*
E1. Kiragi
E1. Asugi

- Kiragi*
E2. Hisame
E2. Dwyer

- Caeldori*
E3. Mitama
E3. Rhajat
E3. Sophie

- Asugi*
E4. Hisame
E4. Dwyer

- Mitama*
E5. Rhajat

- Rhajat*
E6. Selkie

- Hisame*
E7. Shigure

- Selkie*
E8. Midori

F. Hoshido Parent-Child Supports^
- Shiro^
F1. Ryoma
F1. Azura
F1. Felicia
F1. Mozu
F1. Rinkah
F1. Hana
F1. Setsuna
F1. Oboro
F1. Kagero
F1. Orochi

- Kiragi^
F2. Takumi
F2. Azura
F2. Felicia
F2. Mozu
F2. Rinkah
F2. Hana
F2. Orochi
F2. Setsuna
F2. Oboro
F2. Kagero

- Caeldori^
F3. Subaki
F3. Azura
F3. Felicia
F3. Mozu
F3. Sakura
F3. Hinoka
F3. Rinkah
F3. Hana
F3. Orochi
F3. Setsuna
F3. Oboro
F3. Kagero

- Asugi^
F4. Saizo
F4. Azura
F4. Felicia
F4. Mozu
F4. Sakura
F4. Hinoka
F4. Rinkah
F4. Hana
F4. Orochi
F4. Setsuna
F4. Oboro
F4. Kagero

- Mitama^
F5. Azama
F5. Azura
F5. Felicia
F5. Mozu
F5. Sakura
F5. Hinoka
F5. Rinkah
F5. Hana
F5. Orochi
F5. Setsuna
F5. Oboro
F5. Kagero

- Rhajat^
F6. Hayato
F6. Azura
F6. Felicia
F6. Mozu
F6. Sakura
F6. Hinoka
F6. Rinkah
F6. Hana
F6. Orochi
F6. Setsuna
F6. Oboro
F6. Kagero

- Hisame^
F7. Hinata
F7. Azura
F7. Felicia
F7. Sakura
F7. Hinoka
F7. Mozu
F7. Rinkah
F7. Hana
F7. Orochi
F7. Setsuna
F7. Oboro
F7. Kagero

- Selkie^
F8. Kaden
F8. Azura
F8. Felicia
F8. Mozu
F8. Sakura
F8. Hinoka
F8. Rinkah
F8. Hana
F8. Orochi
F8. Setsuna
F8. Oboro
F8. Kagero

H. Neutral Party Parent-Child Supports^
- Shigure^
G1. Azura
G1. Jakob
G1. Kaze
G1. Silas
G1. Ryoma
G1. Takumi
G1. Subaki
G1. Saizo
G1. Azama
G1. Hayato
G1. Hinata
G1. Kaden

- Dwyer^
G2. Jakob
G2. Azura
G2. Felicia
G2. Mozu
G2. Sakura
G2. Hinoka
G2. Rinkah
G2. Hana
G2. Orochi
G2. Setsuna
G2. Oboro
G2. Kagero

- Midori^
G3. Kaze
G3. Azura
G3. Felicia
G3. Mozu
G3. Sakura
G3. Hinoka
G3. Rinkah
G3. Hana
G3. Orochi
G3. Setsuna
G3. Oboro
G3. Kagero

- Sophie^
G4. Silas
G4. Azura
G4. Felicia
G4. Mozu
G4. Sakura
G4. Hinoka
G4. Rinkah
G4. Hana
G4. Orochi
G4. Setsuna
G4. Oboro
G4. Kagero

H. Shigure's Sibling Supports
H1. Dwyer
H1. Midori
H1. Sophie
H1. Shiro
H1. Kiragi
H1. Asugi
H1. Mitama
H1. Rhajat
H1. Hisame
H1. Selkie
A. Hoshido First Generation Lover Supports


A1. Azura C

Azura: Goodness! These boxes are heavier than I thought.

Ryoma: Azura? What are you doing carrying all of those weapons by yourself?

Azura: It's not a problem.

Ryoma: Here. Let me help with that. Wow! Some of these are heavy! Why don't 
you carry that lighter box over there?

Azura: Thanks, Ryoma!

Ryoma: Would it kill you to ask for help once in a while?

Azura: I'm sorry. I think I just got carried away. You know I hate bothering 

Ryoma: It's not a bother! I'd be glad to help you. I'm here for you anytime. 

Azura: Thanks, Ryoma. Now, please, will you stop worrying about me? Excuse 
(Azura leaves)

Ryoma: Azura, wait! Hmm. I really thought she'd warm up to me one day. I've 
got to try something else.
Azura B

Ryoma: Hello, Azura. Do you have a minute?

Azura: Yes. Actually, I've been looking for you.

Ryoma: Oh? You took our conversation to heart? So what can I help you with?

Azura: Nothing! I just heard that you've been talking about me behind my 

Ryoma: Did you? Uh... well, that was a bit of a misunderstanding.

Azura: Was it?! Are you saying that you weren't talking about me?

Ryoma: *ahem* Well, I WAS talking about you, but not like that.

Azura: All right, Ryoma! Which is it?

Ryoma: The truth is, I was asking our friends for some advice. ...I want us 
to be closer. I thought my fellow soldiers might have some suggestions on 
approaching you.

Azura: Oh, my. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give you such a hard time.

Ryoma: *sigh* That's all right. I should've come to you instead. Please, 
forgive me.

Azura: There's no need to apologize. You can make it up to me by doing me a 

Ryoma: Of course! Anything you ask!

Azura: Will you stop fussing over me? Avatar should be your priority now!

Ryoma: What does Avatar have to do with this?

Azura: Ever since I arrived in Hoshido, you treated me like I belonged ...But 
we both know I was never supposed to be here. Avatar is your family!

Ryoma: Azura, you're wrong! There's room enough for both you and Avatar.

Azura: I've always been happy here. You and Queen Mikoto made sure of that. 
But now you should focus on making Avatar feel welcome instead.
(Azura leaves)

Ryoma: Azura, wait! ...Hmm. Is this why she's been avoiding me?
Azura A

Azura: Goodness, Ryoma! You're blocking the whole hallway! May I get by?

Ryoma: No! I'm not moving-at least, not until you hear me out.

Azura: What do you mean?

Ryoma: I've been trying to talk to you all week, and every time I approach 
you, you run away! I'm sorry to corner you like this, but please, Azura, you 
have to listen!

Azura: I told you not to waste your time on me. You've found Avatar.

Ryoma: Why don't you understand? You've always been your own person! You may 
be here because Avatar was kidnapped, but you're not a replacement. If you'll 
give me a chance, I'd like to be close with Avatar and you.

Azura: Really?

Ryoma: Please, Azura. Don't make me say it again. I'm here for you... always.

Azura: Oh. I'm so relieved! I'm afraid I've grown pretty attached to all of 

Ryoma: Good. I hope you'll lean on us a little more... well, especially me.

Azura: If you insist.

Ryoma: No. I want you to promise me that you'll ask for help when you need 

Azura: I'm guessing you're going to stand there blocking the hallway until I 
say yes.

Ryoma: That wasn't my original plan, but it's not a bad idea.

Azura: All right. Yes. When I need something, I'll come find you. I promise.

Ryoma: Excellent. I'll be waiting.
Azura S

Azura: Thanks again for carrying in the groceries.

Ryoma: Oh, uh... Sure. Not a problem.

Azura: There's one other thing. I could use help with this paperwork... if 
you have time.

Ryoma: Mmm-hmm.

Azura: Ryoma? Are you all right? You seem kind of distracted.

Ryoma: Huh? Did you say something?

Azura: Goodness! I'm so sorry. I've been dumping all this on you. Clearly, 
you're exhausted! I know you wanted me to ask for help, but I think I've gone 
a little overboard!

Ryoma: No! Don't apologize. It's my fault. I just didn't expect it to be like 
this. I told myself I would be content just to make your life easier, but I'm 

Azura: I'm afraid I'm not following you.

Ryoma: The thing is I don't want to run errands and lift heavy objects for 
you. I want to be there for you emotionally too. I want to be there for you 
as a man.

Azura: Oh, my. What are you saying?

Ryoma: Azura, I've known you for so long, but I was always afraid to tell you 
how I felt. You never let anyone get close to you. I wanted to be the 

Azura: I've always felt shy around you. I was afraid my heart would break if 
I got too close.

Ryoma: I suppose we've both been trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Azura: It doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Ryoma: Are you saying that you want things to be different?

Azura: Yes, Ryoma! I don't want you to open jars for me and carry my 
groceries. I love you. I've been too scared to tell you that. I wasn't sure 
you felt the same.

Ryoma: Azura, I've always loved you. From now on, I'll be there for you as a 
man should. Will you promise me that you'll try to open up your heart a 
little more?

Azura: Yes! I was afraid of losing you, but now, I know we were meant to be 
together always.
A1. Felicia C

Felicia: Lord Ryoma?
Ryoma: Is there something I can do for you, Felicia?
Felicia: No! Er, wait! Yes! I mean, I was just hoping to get to know you 
better, milord.
Ryoma: Felicia, I'm flattered, but- 

Felicia: No, not like that! I just meant that you're very important to Lord 
Avatar. And because I'm their maid, it's only right that we should try to be 
Ryoma: Ah, I see. Yes, I suppose that does make sense.
Felicia: Hooray! Then, as an offering of friendship, I present to you... rice 
balls! I just made them! Here, try one.
Ryoma: Don't mind if I do. Thank you. *munch munch* Glah!
Felicia: L-Lord Ryoma, what's wrong?!
Ryoma: P-poison...
Felicia: Poison?! Who's poisoned you, my lord?!
Ryoma: Y-you. Some dark substance... in these... rice balls... Need... 
Felicia: Huh? Oh! That isn't poison, milord. It's chocolate! I thought it 
would give a nice Nohrian kick to that bland old rice!
Ryoma: THIS is chocolate?! I'm sorry to say it, Felicia, but it does not pair 
well with rice.
Felicia: What?! Really? Oh no! I'm so sorry!
Ryoma: Everyone makes mistakes. Blech. So bitter. Perhaps you should try 
diluting it with milk.
Felicia: Hm. Maybe... Anyway, at least now I know better! Next time they'll 
be better, I promise!
Ryoma: N-next time...?
Felicia: Just you wait, Lord Ryoma! I'll make you the tastiest rice balls 
you've ever had!
Ryoma: Wait! Felicia! ...Perhaps I should prepare myself for the worst.
Felicia B

Felicia: Lord Ryoma!
Ryoma: Yes? What do you need, Felicia?
Felicia: Today's the day I make up for last time!Ta-da! It's a brand-new 
batch of rice balls!
Here, have one!
Ryoma: Of course. But first, may I ask what you put in them this time?
Felicia: Don't worry, there's no weird filling today. I only used Hoshidan 
ingredients! So these are just plain salted rice balls!
Ryoma: Really? Thank you, Felicia. I look forward to trying one. *munch 
munch* Blargh!
Felicia: Oh, no! I know that face! B-but why? There were no weird 
Ryoma: *cough* *sputter*
Felicia: Huh?
Ryoma: Th-there was a lump of salt in the middle, Felicia.
Felicia: Huh? Aren't you supposed to put salt in salted rice balls?
Ryoma: No, I think you've got the wrong idea. You're just supposed to 
sprinkle it on the outside.
Felicia: Oh, no! I'm so sorry, milord. I've failed you for a second time.
Ryoma: No, don't worry. It's the thought that counts. Everyone makes 
mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them.
Felicia: B-but... I have to make up for all of this somehow. I want to make 
you something delicious.
Ryoma: Why don't you make me some Nohrian cuisine? I'm sure it would be much 
easier for you than experimenting with foreign foods.
Felicia: Ooh, that's a perfect idea! Why didn't I think of it sooner? OK 
then! I'll succeed next time for sure! Just you wait!
Ryoma: Very good. I look forward to it.
Felicia A

Felicia: Lord Ryoma!
Ryoma: Hello, Felicia.
Felicia: I've got some more food for you! The third time's the charm!
Ryoma: Gods, help me.
Felicia: Huh? Did you say something, milord?
Ryoma: No, Felicia. I look forward to the meal. I trust you did not make rice 
this time?
Felicia: Nope! I made sandwiches! It's a Nohrian custom to make sandwiches
when you're going on a trip. They make for great travel food, and you can put 
all sorts of ingredients in them!
Ryoma: I see.
Felicia: I made these with extra care! They should be 100 percent edible! I 
promise! So, Lord Ryoma... would you do me the honor of eating one?
Ryoma: Yes, of course. Hm. This one is adorable. So... tiny. *munch munch* 
Felicia: Milord, your face! Are you all right?
Ryoma: I... I feel I have tasted the nourishment of the very gods. This is 
incredible, Felicia. Thank you.
Felicia: Really?! You like it?
Ryoma: I cannot thank you enough, Felicia. It was delectable.
Felicia: Hooray! But I can't take all the credit. I only made them on your 
Ryoma: No, this ambrosial delight is the result of your hard work and 
Felicia: Really? It makes me so happy to hear you say so, milord!
Ryoma: The caliber of this sandwich humbles me. Nohr must truly have a rich 
culture. I look forward to spending more time with you, Felicia. Perhaps you 
could teach me a few things about your people and their ways.
Felicia: Yes, I would love that! And you could teach me all about Hoshido!
Ryoma: Very well. Then I expect we will be seeing quite a lot of each other. 
There is so much we have to learn from each other. I await our meetings with 
great eagerness.
Felicia: Me too!
Felicia S

Felicia: Lord Ryoma! I made more sandwiches. Would you care to dine with me?
Ryoma: That sounds wonderful. I've barely eaten all day.
Felicia: Oh no! We can't have that!
Ryoma: But there's something more important than my stomach to consider as 
well... I have something I wish to give you.
Felicia: Hm? What is it?
Ryoma: It's something special. For you and you alone.
Felicia: Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: Here. I want you to have this.
Felicia: Wow! A rice ball!
Ryoma: You never mastered the recipe, correct? I thought I would make one for 
you so you could see how they're meant to taste.
Felicia: YOU made it, Lord Ryoma?
Ryoma: Yes. To show my gratitude to you. It's a bit lumpy, but I hope it 
still satisfies.
Felicia: Thank you so much! This is the best gift ever!
Ryoma: I didn't realize you'd be so happy. Perhaps my hopes are not so 
unlikely after all...
Felicia: Huh? Your hopes? For what?
Ryoma: I... I have feelings for you, Felicia.
Felicia: You... what?!
Ryoma: Yes. It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I believe I have a bit 
of... a crush. Your earnestness is so endearing. I have never met a cuter 
woman. So... do you reciprocate? Or am I just another fond fool?
Felicia: Yes! Of course I do! I have for a while now. I just never dared to 
Ryoma: I am glad to hear it.
Felicia: Aaaaah! I can't believe this is happening! I'm so embarrassed! I 
need something to distract me! Oh! I know! Lord Ryoma, let's eat!
Ryoma: Heh. Yes, I suppose we did bring food. Wouldn't want it to go to 
waste. Maybe we should eat together like this every day, from now on. How 
does that sound to you?
Felicia: Nothing would make me happier!
A1. Mozu C

Mozu: There we go! It's really starting to simmer now.
Ryoma: What do you have on the stove, Mozu?
Mozu: Oh! Well, if it isn't Lord Ryoma. Right now I'm fixing some soup to 
warm all our bones.
Ryoma: I see. It looks delicious, I must say. I didn't know you were a 
skilled cook.
Mozu: Aw, it's nothing a prince like you ought to take notice of. Anyway, 
this is pretty much the most I can do to help the army out.
Ryoma: What do you mean by that?
Mozu: I don't have any fancy fighting moves like the rest of you folks... And 
I'm no tactician, neither. So I want to help with the things I DO know how to 
do. And that's cooking...
Ryoma: It's an admirable stance to take, to be certain. But you needn't be so 
Mozu: I dunno... it's just...
Ryoma: What would you say, then, if I offered to train you myself?
Mozu: What? No. No way. I couldn't-I can't be wasting your time training me, 
Lord Ryoma! You've got too much to do around the camp as it is!
Ryoma: If you won't accept training, Mozu, then yes, you will be too weak to 
fight. I'm giving you an opportunity to push past the barrier you believe 
holds you back.
Mozu: Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: I see strength in you, Mozu. You are the only survivor of a brutal 
attack on your village. That speaks of a fierce determination to survive. I 
believe you can be trained.
Mozu: Even so, I... Aw, OK. I'll show you-and myself, I guess-I've got what 
it takes. Thanks, Lord Ryoma!
Ryoma: We'll have you in fighting shape in no time.
Mozu B

Ryoma: That's enough for now, Mozu. You've earned a short break.
Mozu: *pant* *pant* Whew! I can't believe the rest of you folks train this 
hard every single day.
Ryoma: You've nearly got the hang of it, Mozu. If anything, you're 
acclimating to the
routine faster than I expected.
Mozu: I guess I can't be that bad if you say so, Lord Ryoma.
Ryoma: You'll feel the improvements start to show in no time, I expect.
Mozu: This still kinda feels like a dream. Some no-name farm girl like me 
personal attention from the prince...
Ryoma: That matters less than you think.
Mozu: Huh?
Ryoma: It doesn't matter if you're a villager or a nobleman, so long as you 
want peace. If you want it strongly enough, you could grow to be more 
powerful than myself.
Mozu: I don't think that's gonna happen. But you know what? I feel like it 
COULD. I gotta hand it to you, Lord Ryoma. You're pretty persuasive when you 
want to be.
Ryoma: Haha, am I? Thank you.
Mozu: I've got a long way to go, so will you keep training me?
Ryoma: Yes, of course. Whenever you want.
Mozu: Thanks a bunch!
Mozu A

Mozu: Hey, Lord Ryoma! You got a minute? I wanted to give you something...
Ryoma: Of course, Mozu. What is it?
Mozu: Heh, well, since you've been putting in so much work training me 
lately... I made you some soup.
Ryoma: Oh, really? Thank you.
Mozu: All the folks back home loved it, so you know it's good! Here you go! 
Eat up!
Ryoma: Thank you. *slurp* *sip* Oh! This is very good. I'd rank it among the 
finest soups I've ever tasted.
Mozu: I'm glad you like it.
Ryoma: Like it? I'm entranced by it. This is really first-rate soup, Mozu.
Mozu: Heh! I didn't think a fancy nobleman would have such simple tastes.
Ryoma: Do I? Hmm.
Mozu: I like watching people eat my cooking. Maybe if things ever get back to 
I might open a restaurant or something.
Ryoma: Mozu...
Mozu: Oh! Sorry, was that too heavy? I didn't mean to bring you down.
Ryoma: No, you just struck a chord with me. I want to return peace to this 
world as well.
Mozu: I think that's what we all want.
Ryoma: The fruits of your training are starting to show. Let's keep up the 
good fight, hmm? I'll do everything within my power to see that your wish 
comes true.
Mozu: Gosh! I'd better step things up too, then!
Ryoma: That's the spirit!
Mozu S

Ryoma: What's cooking in the cauldron today?
Mozu: Oh, just more of the soup I made for you the other day. It's a hit with 
the soldiers, that's for sure! I wish I knew how they found out about it...
Ryoma: That's simple enough. I told them.
Mozu: What?! You did?
Ryoma: Yes. I didn't think they'd make such a commotion of it. I'm truly 
Mozu: No, it's not a problem.
Ryoma: There's probably little I can do to make up for it now, but I'll help 
however I can.
Mozu: I-I'm fine. I couldn't ask a prince for help with the soup...
Ryoma: I told you that station in life doesn't matter to me. We're all 
together in this. It stands to reason that we'd help one another out.
Mozu: B-but...
Ryoma: I must say, I hope my title isn't a problem for you.
Mozu: Huh?
Ryoma: I may be the high prince of Hoshido, but... I'm very fond of you, 
Mozu: What?! YOU like ME? Did I hear you right?
Ryoma: I was touched at your passion, both in cooking soup and training with 
me. As we spent time together, it seemed sillier to let social standing keep 
us apart.
Mozu: Even if that's true, do you really think we're a good match?

Ryoma: Who's to say? I like you, Mozu.

Mozu: Well, if it doesn't bother you, I'd be a fool to let it bother me, huh! 
I like you too, Lord Ryoma. And if I'm the one you want, I'll give you 
everything I have.

Ryoma: I was going to offer you the same. I hope you'll stay by my side 

Mozu: Wild horses couldn't drag me away!
A1. Rinkah C

Ryoma: Rinkah, do you have a minute? I'd like to talk.
Rinkah: What's with you guys?! Hoshidans talk SO much! Can't I get some peace 
and quiet?
Ryoma: I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I wanted to learn more about the Flame 
Rinkah: Forget it! I'm not sharing any of my tribe's secrets with you!
Ryoma: Come on, Rinkah. You know that's not what I meant! We're lucky to have 
the Flame Tribe as an ally. I'd like to thank your people. When the war is 
over, I plan to make an official trip. I could use your help preparing.
Rinkah: Oh, I see. You think we'll be impressed by some prince showing up?
Ryoma: Of course not. This isn't a formality. I want our people to understand 
each other. For example, your tribe has a unique style of fighting. We could 
learn from you!
Rinkah: What do you mean by style?
Ryoma: Rinkah, on the battlefield, you fight like a raging inferno! Does 
everyone in the Flame Tribe bring such heat to battle?
Rinkah: Every single time! We always say, "Offense is the best defense!"
Ryoma: I can see that. You erupt into battle with such violence! The enemy 
loses heart! ...But forgive me for saying this. Sometimes you seem a bit 
Rinkah: Reckless?!
Ryoma: It seems once that spark is lit, you can't stop until the fire has 
burned itself out.
Rinkah: That's how an inferno works! I won't stop until every last enemy is 
Ryoma: Isn't that dangerous?
Rinkah: I guess so... One time, I flew into such a rage that I ended up 
getting captured.
Ryoma: See? You have to learn to control your temper!
Rinkah: Hmph! I don't remember asking for your opinion! Now if you'll excuse 
Ryoma: Rinkah, wait!
Rinkah B

Rinkah: Hey, Ryoma. The other day you said I needed to stay calm during 
Ryoma: I thought you didn't want my opinion.
Rinkah: I'm not asking for your opinion. I'm asking you for strategies! I can 
tell you are a passionate fighter as well, and yet you keep a level head.
Ryoma: That's because I have a secret.
Rinkah: Oh?
Ryoma: Yes. I've got one word for you meditation.
Rinkah: Meditation?! Are you kidding me?!
Ryoma: Meditation calms your spirit and heightens your focus. I meditate 
every morning. The effects last all day... even in the midst of battle. You 
should give it a try.
Rinkah: Hmm... OK. So what do you do? Cross your legs and hum?
Ryoma: Just sit however is most comfortable for you.
Rinkah: Uh... OK. Like this?
Ryoma: Sure. Now empty your mind. Focus on your breathing. In! Out! In! Out! 
Rinkah: This sounds boring.
Ryoma: Empty your mind! You must learn to silence those thoughts. Simply 
Rinkah: ...OK. ...In. ...Out. ...In. ...Out. ARE WE DONE YET?!
Ryoma: What's wrong?! Why are you shouting?
Rinkah: This is hard!
Ryoma: It takes time to master the art of meditation. You must start slowly. 
Over time, you can work up to longer sessions. I meditate for two hours a 
Rinkah: What are you? Some kind of hermit?!
Ryoma: Hardly! I'm sure you'll do just as well once you get the hang of it.
Rinkah: I'll take your word for it.
Ryoma: Let's stop for today. How about we try again later?
Rinkah: That sounds good. I'll need all the help I can get!
Rinkah A

Ryoma: Rinkah, I'm impressed. Your meditation skills have really improved!
Rinkah: *shrug* Piece of cake.
Ryoma: Haha! Now the trick is to channel that focus during battle so you can 
stay calm!
Rinkah: Right. I will feel the fire, but I won't let it consume me anymore.
Ryoma: Good.
Rinkah: Well, it's thanks to you, Ryoma. I never thought I'd be getting help 
from a prince! And I never thought I'd take meditation lessons from a hermit 
Ryoma: It was my pleasure. It's good for hermits to spend time together.
Rinkah: What?! Who are you calling a hermit?
Ryoma: Well, you're the one who wanted to keep her tribe isolated from 
everyone. If that's not hermit-like, I don't know what is!
Rinkah: Haha! I guess you have a point.
Ryoma: The important thing is, we were able to break down some of the walls 
between us.
Rinkah: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad.
Ryoma: Me too. I know you're a very dignified, independent person. I respect 
Rinkah: Thank you.
Ryoma: I hope we can strengthen the bonds between Hoshido and the Flame 
Rinkah: Absolutely! You've shown me how to pursue peace not just on the 
battlefield but within. You have my loyalty. My strength is yours!
Ryoma: Good. Let us continue fighting side by side!
Rinkah S

Ryoma: Rinkah, did I catch you meditating again?
Rinkah: I was just finishing up. I think I'm an addict now. I can't stop!
Ryoma: Haha! Sorry about that. I should have warned you.
Rinkah: You apologize far too much! Do you know that?
Ryoma: Well, I should be saying, "Thank you."
Rinkah: What for?
Ryoma: Now that you've started meditating, you seem more at ease. I've even 
caught you smiling a few times.
Rinkah: Never!
Ryoma: Haha! Relax. I'm sure I'm the only person who saw it. You're much 
easier to approach now, and I'm grateful.
Rinkah: Grateful?!
Ryoma: I wanted to get close to you, but I was afraid. Imagine that! Prince 
Ryoma afraid! Now that you're so much calmer, I feel I can finally ask you-
Rinkah: Whoa! Stop right there!
Ryoma: I'm sure you would prefer a man from the Flame Tribe as your 
partner... ...But I can't lie to someone I am fighting next to in battle. 
Rinkah, I love you.
Rinkah: You too?
Ryoma: What do you mean?! You too?
Rinkah: How dare you profess your feelings like that! Hmph!
Ryoma: Now stay calm, Rinkah. Remember what we practiced. In! Out! In! Out! I 
didn't mean to offend you!
Rinkah: I can't believe you'd say something like that! I'm the one in love 
with you!
Ryoma: Really?! But this is amazing! We both feel the same way!
Rinkah: Yes, we do!
Ryoma: Oh, Rinkah. I promise to stay by your side forever!
Rinkah: Absolutely not! I am the one who will stay by your side!
Ryoma: Haha! Yes. Have it your way, Rinkah! That will be just fine.
Rinkah: Hmph! Good!
A1. Hana C

Hana: Haaiii-yah! Hah!
Ryoma: Ahh, she's over there... Good morning, Hana. It looks like you're deep 
into your training.
Hana: Yikes!! Lord Ryoma?!
Ryoma: My apologies for surprising you. And for interrupting your training.
Hana: N-n-no problem at all! It's fine! Please don't worry about it!
Ryoma: ...You seem a little out of sorts. Is everything all right?
Hana: Yes, of course! I guess... I was so caught up in my training that I 
didn't realize you were right there. I was a bit startled to hear your voice 
all of a sudden.
Ryoma: Ah, if that's all...
Hana: And how are you, milord? It's unusual to see you on this side of the 
Ryoma: I thought I'd check up on everybody while I walked the perimeter.
Hana: That's very kind of you, milord.
Ryoma: When I have free time, it's important to see that everyone is doing 
well. The core of any army lies in the strength and well-being of its 
members. I know that you train very hard every day.
Hana: How do you know that?!
Ryoma: Haha, this isn't the first time I've walked an early morning patrol 
around the camp. I was so impressed by the intensity of your training that I 
had to talk to you today. I understand that you're fully dedicated to serving 
Sakura. As her brother, I'm glad.
Hana: There's no need to thank me, milord. I am only doing my chosen duty.
Ryoma: You shouldn't be humble about your efforts. You're doing a fantastic 
Hana: Uh... you really are making me blush... Oh yeah! I was asked to 
organize the
storage supplies! I'm sorry, Lord Ryoma-I have to be on my way!
(Hana leaves)
Ryoma: Wow, she left in a hurry...
Hana B

Hana: Lord Ryoma... Could I have a bit of your time?
Ryoma: Ah, Hana. Of course. What is it?
Hana: I came to apologize for being so abrupt the other day.
Ryoma: Abrupt?
Hana: Yes, you had taken the time to talk to me, and... I just kind of fled 
our conversation.
Ryoma: Oh, that's what you're talking about? It's fine; it didn't bother me. 
But I'm getting the sense that's not what you wanted to talk about. What 
seems to be the problem?
Hana: Oh, no, it's not a problem! It's the opposite of a problem!
Ryoma: How do you mean?
Hana: I just wanted to say... that I really, really admire you. You're my 
Ryoma: Your idol?
Hana: Of course, Lady Sakura is my liege, and my dedication to her is strong. 
But in terms of fighting skill, you're on a level all by yourself. When you 
showed up suddenly while I was training, I was so incredibly intimidated... I 
couldn't think of anything to do except run away.
Ryoma: Ah, now I understand. But I'm really not as intimidating as you seem 
to think.
Hana: Yes, you are! Lady Sakura always talks about you! She says, "Ryoma is a 
great brother who's amazing at everything. He's honorable and can fight like 
no one else!"
Ryoma: I appreciate her saying that... though it's a little embarrassing.
Hana: It makes me wish I had a big brother like that.
Ryoma: I see. Well, I think I can help you out.
Hana: What do you mean?
Ryoma: Knowing you look up to me that way, I want to be able to live up to 
that image. Not just in fighting, but as someone to talk to when you have 
Hana: Oh, no, I wouldn't want to be a burden to you...
Ryoma: It's no trouble at all.
Hana: Really? Well, OK. Thank you!
Hana A

Ryoma: Hana-off to another early training session, are you?
Hana: Oh, Lord Ryoma! Yes, I am!
Ryoma: Well, be careful not to overdo it. Sakura will get worried about you.
Hana: She will?
Ryoma: Of course. You're not just a retainer to her; you're also an important 
friend. It can really weigh on you, watching a friend overwork herself for 
your sake.
Hana: I see what you mean. I also hate to see Sakura pushing herself too 
hard. I guess we both have to be careful!
Ryoma: It's a good idea to talk to each other on a regular basis, just to 
stay in touch. Though I suppose that isn't really a concern for the two of 
Hana: Because...?
Ryoma: I saw you and Sakura having a good time talking the other day.
Hana: If you were passing by, you should have stopped and said hello!
Ryoma: I didn't want to interrupt your time together. I get the sense that 
there are some things you want to keep amongst yourselves.
Hana: Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: Anyway, I want to thank you for being there for her, and not just on 
the battlefield. It is reassuring to know that she has someone like you by 
her side.
Hana: Thank you, milord. I promise you-just as I promised her-that I will 
serve her as long as I live!
Ryoma: That's great to hear. I hope that you will continue to fulfill that 
Hana: Just leave it to me!
Hana S

Ryoma: Hello, Hana. I apologize for bothering you while you're training, but 
can we talk?
Hana: Lord Ryoma! Of course, what is it?
Ryoma: The other day I asked you to continue protecting Sakura. But as I 
thought about it, I realized I had more to say than just that.
Hana: ...Yes?
Ryoma: Well, while you protect Sakura, I want to be the one to protect you.
Hana: I... What?!
Ryoma: I care for you, Hana. I want to aid you not only as a friend, but
as someone who is in love with you. Would you allow me to do that?
Hana: Milord, I must confess... All this time I've respected you very much, 
even idolized you. But as I got to know you better and had a chance to 
confide in you... My admiration grew into love.
Ryoma: Hana...
Hana: But you're Lady Sakura's older brother, and since you're of the royal 
family, I always felt like I had to hide my feelings from you. I guess... 
this means I don't have to do that anymore, do I?
Ryoma: No, you don't. Be my sweetheart, Hana.
Hana: Yes! I will, gladly!
Ryoma: From now on, let's support each other and fight together.
A1. Orochi C

Orochi: And... there. Everything in its proper place.
Ryoma: What is all this clutter, Orochi?
Orochi: Lord Ryoma! No disrespect, milord, but it's not clutter. In fact, 
I've just finished organizing all of my divination materials. A woman in my 
profession has many components to have close at hand.
Ryoma: Indeed. I stand corrected. And, pray tell, what is that?
Orochi: That card in particular? One of many that Kagero drew for me. She 
drew all of my best fortune-telling cards.
Ryoma: Hmm. I recall hearing that somewhere. I've never laid eyes on them 
though. How... odd they are. Eerie too. Ominous.
Orochi: Avert your eyes, milord! It seems her style irritates the royal eye!
Ryoma: Hmpf. You jest, Orochi, but in truth I do find these images of hers 
unsettling. But I value Kagero, and I'm glad to know she's had a good friend 
in you. As her lord and master, I may not be the friendliest of figures in 
her life.
Orochi: You're too hard on yourself, milord. You always have been.
Ryoma: ......
Orochi: You see? You never let yourself relax. Always a sentinel. Both Kagero 
and even Lady Mikoto said you never let down your guard. That you're 
unfailing in your many noble qualities.
Ryoma: Is that so?
Orochi: Still, I'd like to think milord allows himself a laugh now and then. 
Please tell me that you have at least some funny mishap in your past!
Ryoma: You think me dull.
Orochi: No, never! Please, don't take it like that. I hate to see you so 
grim. But I do wonder-when's the last time you smiled?
Ryoma: I couldn't say.
Orochi: Nor can I. Your face has been grim as a gravestone for a long time 
now. All these battles, this endless fighting... Well then, I have no choice.
Ryoma: Orochi?
Orochi: I'm going to MAKE you laugh. I'll chip that stony exterior. You can 
count on me, Lord Ryoma, your most loyal servant.
Ryoma: O-Orochi? Please, there's no need! Oh, no.
Orochi B

Ryoma: ......
Orochi: May I have a word with you, Lord Ryoma?
Ryoma: I fear you'll take it, whether I grant it or not.
Orochi: Milord, you know Orochi too well. I promised to make you laugh. How 
about we try funny stories?
Ryoma: I must admit-I have none.
Orochi: Oooh, good thing I have lots that I've been saving for a rainy day.
Ryoma: It's not raining.
Orochi: Just a figure of speech, milord. Now, shall we start with tales about 
Lady Mikoto?
Ryoma: My mother?
Orochi: Ah, yes. You may not know it, but Lady Mikoto had her funny quirks. 
Ha! She'd gobble sweets when no one was looking. I'd catch her with her 
cheeks stuffed so much-she looked like a chipmunk.
Ryoma: I didn't know that about Mother.
Orochi: Want to hear one about Kagero? Once, she went high into the 
mountains, looking for paint pigments... But then she saw a bear and thought 
it was a spy bundled up for the cold. Kagero tried to get a confession out of 
the bear-and barely escaped with her life!
Ryoma: Surely not the Kagero... I know?
Orochi: Yes. She and your mother-I know things that will keep me laughing 
forever. Please don't hold such things against Kagero now. That was years 
Ryoma: Heh, chipmunk cheeks.
Orochi: Oooh, what's that I see on YOUR face, Lord Ryoma?

Ryoma: A smirk is not a laugh. Still, thank you.
Orochi: Oh, milord. I've failed you. But I'll take a little hope from your 
smirk. Maybe it's the crack in the dam. I'll get you gushing yet!

Ryoma: Heh, I doubt that. Still, thank you. Your tales have
demonstrated my weak spot. I must be more vigilant.
Orochi: I didn't mean for you to get more serious, milord. Next time, I will 
get that laugh!
Orochi A

Ryoma: Orochi, I'd like to hear more of your stories.
Orochi: You wish is my command, Lord Ryoma. Could you specify which stories?
Ryoma: You know, those little stories-of things I failed to notice about 
Orochi: I meant to make you laugh, milord, not feel guilt. Oh, blast it! I 
guess that's just who you are. I can't change that. I suppose your duty 
weighs on you like a millstone around your neck.
Ryoma: I cannot let myself laugh. I mustn't have my load lightened.
Orochi: Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about you, milord. But I feel 
like our chats have relieved a little pressure. So, I need to be happy that 
you're a little less unhappy.
Ryoma: What do you mean? I'm not unhappy. Merely... serious.

Orochi: Oh? You usually look like a grumpy porcupine. But you've softened a 
little. Now you look like a lobster on a bad-hair day.
Ryoma: I see. Those were jokes, I take it?
Orochi: Call them a last-ditch attempt to make you laugh.
Ryoma: Well, you'll have better luck with your silly tales. Thinking about 
Mother, with her cheeks stuffed with sweets...
Orochi: Ah, there's that smile!
Ryoma: Thank you, Orochi. You've done well.
Orochi: Pleased to serve, milord. And glad to hear that all my snooping 
around the royal palace paid off!
Ryoma: Wha- Snooping?!
Orochi: Oh, of course. I was always scampering about, snooping on you royals. 
What I've learned about Lady Hinoka and Lord Takumi-their retainers, too... 
Ha! I could write a book!
Ryoma: I'd prefer you didn't. But I would like to hear these tales. It seems 
there's a whole side of my life I've never known.
Orochi: Then I will tell you everything I know. And I swear, once I'm done? 
You will laugh about life just like your loyal Orochi!
Orochi S

Ryoma: May I have a moment, Orochi?
Orochi: For you, Lord Ryoma, always. Though it DOES seem like you want
lots of my moments lately!
Ryoma: Hrm, yes. Perhaps.
Orochi: I'm glad to be of service. In times of war, Orochi likes to think she 
could ease your troubles. Would you like to hear more silly tales about your 
family? I will give you a hundred moments! A hundred stories!
Ryoma: Oh. I take it that I've become a burden to you.
Orochi: I'm sorry. You still haven't learned when Orochi is being playful.
Ryoma: I should stay on guard. Your comment cut too close to the bone.
Orochi: What bone, milord? Your funny bone?
Ryoma: No. I mean that I want all of your time. Every moment, every hour.
Orochi: I live to serve, Lord Ryoma. My whole life is yours to command.
Ryoma: I am not speaking as your lord, but as a man, bending knee to love.
Orochi: Bending knee-to me?!
Ryoma: I've come to feel that I'm only half the man I thought I was. You're 
Orochi: I never meant for my tales to whittle away at your royal highness.
Ryoma: What I mean is that I'm a better, fuller person when I'm with you. I 
ask for your hand not as your master, only as one seeking his better half.
Orochi: I would have never dreamed... never dared, milord... But that's a 
lie. I've been feeling exactly the same for a while.
Ryoma: Ha! I knew it!
Orochi: Ha? Did milord just regale me with a laugh? Then my job here is done.
Ryoma: Done? Wait, Orochi. It just came out the wrong way. It's only... It's 
only that I prayed you might feel the same.

Orochi: Oh, I did-and I do. But Orochi is not a woman to be conquered. 
Courted, yes.
Now, you may ask again. Bend knee, please.
Ryoma: Oh, at once! Will you please marry me, Orochi, my better half by far?
Orochi: You silly goose. Get up already. Of course it's yes.
A1. Setsuna C

Ryoma: *phew* That should be enough practice for today. I should still have 
time to get changed and make it to the meeting on time. Perhaps I can even 
lend a hand counting
Setsuna: ...
Ryoma: Yaaahh! Setsuna?! Where did you come from?! Were you hiding? It seemed 
like you appeared out of thin air!
Setsuna: Oh. No, milord, I wasn't hiding...
Ryoma: Are you sure? You were almost invisible... I bet you'd be an excellent 
spy-you clearly have some natural talent.
Setsuna: I don't know... I was just walking how I normally walk.
Ryoma: You shouldn't be so humble, Setsuna! The ability to conceal your 
presence is valuable! I bet it helps you greatly on the battlefield as well, 
doesn't it?
Setsuna: It really isn't anything special. If you'll excuse me, Lord Ryoma, I 
have to get somewhere now...
Ryoma: Oh, I just noticed your bow. Off to archery practice, are you? Oh, 
that reminds me... Your skill with the bow and arrow are superb!
Setsuna: You've seen me shoot?
Ryoma: Of course. I make a point of being aware of all my allies on the 
battlefield. Also, Hinoka frequently praises your precision and skill. She 
says that the enemy never seems to
know where your shots are coming from.
Setsuna: Um...
Ryoma: What's the matter?
Setsuna: It's nothing, milord. I really must go, though...
(Setsuna leaves)
Ryoma: That was strange... I know she was about to say something. Did I 
somehow offend her with my words?
Setsuna B

Setsuna: Hello, Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: Ahhh! Oh, it's you, Setsuna. You always seem to appear out of nowhere.
Setsuna: I apologize...
Ryoma: No need to apologize; it's my fault for not paying as much attention 
as I should be. Now then, is there something you needed to speak with me 
Setsuna: Yes, milord. About the other day... You said that you thought I'd be 
good as a spy, given how I snuck up on you. But what you're mistaking for 
sneakiness was really just me daydreaming... I suppose since I'm not paying 
attention, I just become a little unnoticeable.
Ryoma: Ah. That does make sense...
Setsuna: I wanted to tell you that the other day, but you said such nice 
things about me... Well, I completely forgot aboutcorrecting you. Instead, I 
felt really good and just wanted
to run away and enjoy it...
Ryoma: Oh, I see now! I thought I had said something that had insulted you. 
I'm glad that wasn't the case.
Setsuna: I apologize for the confusion...
Ryoma: No, no. Don't worry about it. I'm sorry that I didn't realize things 
sooner. However, I would like it if you didn't focus so much on any negative 
traits you have. You should instead celebrate the positive aspects of 
Setsuna: I don't understand, milord...
Ryoma: Take your daydreaming even though it was not intentional, it still 
concealed you well. With a little work and training, I'm sure you could turn 
that into a valuable skill.
Setsuna: I suppose...
Ryoma: Of course, this is just my opinion. You can address your strengths and 
weaknesses however you like.
Setsuna: You do make a good point, Lord Ryoma. I will keep your advice in 
Ryoma: Excellent!
Setsuna A

Setsuna: That went well...
Ryoma: Ah, is that Setsuna over there? Hello, Setsuna. Out practicing your 
archery some more, I see.
Setsuna: Yes, Lord Ryoma... I've been practicing for hours already...
Ryoma: That is some dedication... What the... Are all those arrows in the 
target yours?! I can't even count how many there are...
Setsuna: Yes, milord. Like I said, I've been working for hours on my shot.
Ryoma: I don't see any misses at all. Did you already collect your missed 
shots? Or is your aim really that good...
Setsuna: You mentioned appreciating my skill before. I decided to make sure 
never to disappoint you on the battlefield...
Ryoma: I see. Your efforts are clearly not wasted. I'm sure Hinoka will be 
pleased with you.
Setsuna: I hope so. It's tough, because I have to practice so much... But at 
least with archery, I see improvement in my skill.
Ryoma: What do you mean, "at least with archery"?
Setsuna: Well... No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to avoid falling for 
traps. It took me over a day to even make it to the archery range, for 
Ryoma: What?! But you're quartered no more than five minutes from here... You 
managed to get trapped between here and there? Have you tried using the same 
focus when you walk as you do when you shoot?
Setsuna: That's a good idea...
Ryoma: Don't expect to succeed immediately. Everything takes time to learn. 
Apparently, even not getting caught in traps...
Setsuna: Thank you for the advice, Lord Ryoma. I'll try my best...
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Another good shot...
Ryoma: Hello there, Setsuna. Hard at your archery training, I see.
Setsuna: Yes, Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: Did you manage to avoid traps on the way here this time?
Setsuna: Not in the least. It actually took two days to get here this time... 
I planned ahead and brought food, though.
Ryoma: Two days?! Really? That's almost impressive, honestly. Listen, 
Setsuna, I actually came here to talk to you about something...
Setsuna: Of course... What is it?
Ryoma: After you talked about falling for traps the other day, I found myself 
worried for you. But... it felt different than a normal worry, and I couldn't 
quite figure out why.
Setsuna: What do you mean?
Ryoma: *sigh* I realized that I wanted to protect you from all the traps of 
the world, Setsuna. I want to be with you whenever I can.
Setsuna: I don't think I understand... Are you saying...
Ryoma: I'm saying that you are important to me, Setsuna. I'm saying that I 
love you.
Setsuna: But... You're the first prince of Hoshido... I'm just a royal 
retainer. Aren't our social standings just... too different?
Ryoma: That doesn't change how I feel in the least. Unless, of course... you 
don't feel the same way I do...
Setsuna: Lord Ryoma... I love you, too. I really do. I worked hard to perfect 
my archery
because of your compliments. I'm very happy to hear that you care for me so 
Ryoma: Setsuna, now I feel like I'm the one daydreaming!
Setsuna: I'm so happy, Ryoma. I even just fought off the urge to run away 
like I did before.
I'd rather be here with you...
Ryoma: We'll support each other from now on! I'll do my best to protect you 
from any
traps in your path!
Setsuna: Thank you, Ryoma...
A1. Oboro C

Oboro: Tum-de-dum... Huh? Is that Lord Ryoma?
Ryoma: ...Zz...
Oboro: What the... Is he asleep?! Oh man, he's going to catch a cold, sitting 
out here for so long.
Ryoma: ...Hm?
Oboro: Yikes!
Ryoma: Oh...Oboro. Why are you staring at me?
Oboro: L-Lord Ryoma! Please forgive me! I didn't think you'd wake up so 
Ryoma: My apologies. I heard a sound that woke me from my rest...
Oboro: You look tired, Lord Ryoma. I can see bags under your eyes.
Ryoma: It matters little. Neither of us can afford to rest, can we? Besides, 
I've gone without sleep for three days before and felt no worse for wear.
Oboro: Y-you haven't slept for three days?! Lord Ryoma, you could die!
Ryoma: You think me that weak, do you?
Oboro: It's not about being weak! You can't do this! Going without rest can 
lead to serious
sickness or injury! If you really care for the troops under your command, 
please, think of your health!
Ryoma: Hmm... Perhaps you're right...
Oboro: Uh-oh... Did I cross a line, speaking to you that way?
Ryoma: No, the fault is mine. Worry not.
Oboro: I'm deeply sorry, my lord. I'll do whatever you want to make up for 
it. Oh! Why don't I prepare a healthy meal for my Lord Ryoma?

Ryoma: Don't go to such trouble for me...
Oboro: No trouble at all, my lord! I'll be right back!

Ryoma: Hm... perhaps next time I should make it an order rather than a 
suggestion. But then, it might do me good to avail myself of Oboro's 
Oboro B

Ryoma: Oboro, might I have a moment?
Oboro: Oh, Lord Ryoma! I'm really sorry for my behavior a few days ago. I was 
so determined to get you back in fighting form... But I couldn't fix anything 
nutritious enough to help. I can't apologize enough, my lord.
Ryoma: Don't let it trouble you. I've never had anyone scold me like that 
before... It was a new experience for me. I found it most amusing.
Oboro: Is that so?
Ryoma: Yes. I'm taking pains to get all the rest you insisted upon, Oboro.
Oboro: Well, that's a load off my mind. I only want you to be healthy, Lord 
Ryoma. You're my master's older brother, so your well-being matters a lot to 
Ryoma: Thank you. But I think you undervalue your critical importance to our 
Oboro: Huh?
Ryoma: Prolonged combat makes everyone tense. But you help people to ready 
themselves for battle, relaxing them and raising morale. Only someone with 
genuine compassion for one's allies can do that.
Oboro: Oh, well... I just do it because I want to.
Ryoma: Don't deny that it's helpful. I know that it is. You ought to be proud 
of yourself.
Oboro: Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: Everyone has their part to play. I'm impressed that you've found your 
niche and strived to better yourself as you have.
Oboro: That's very kind. Especially from you, Lord Ryoma!
Ryoma: It's the least I can do as thanks.
Oboro A

Ryoma: You seem busy, Oboro.
Oboro: Oh, Lord Ryoma! I was just tidying up. I can put that on hold if you 
need something.
Ryoma: I'm simply inspecting the troops. They tell me you've taken it upon 
yourself to clean and organize more than usual.
Oboro: Yeah. I've been really fired up about it!
Ryoma: Well, that's... hmm...
Oboro: I've been trying to fill my niche in the army, like you said. Cooking, 
cleaning, knowing who needs a breather... anything I can do. I put my time in 
on the battlefield, but I'mtrying to make myself useful elsewhere too.
Ryoma: It's a shining example for us all. And indeed, those skills will be in 
demand when the war is over.
Oboro: Heehee, I'm honored, Lord Ryoma. But I've got my own dream to chase...
Ryoma: Indeed? What sort of dream?
Oboro: Once the war's over, there'll be a big celebration, right? I want to 
be the one to provide outfits for all the attendees.
Ryoma: Outfits?
Oboro: Yeah. My parents were tailors. Before Nohrian bandits killed them, 
that is... Someday I want to follow in their footsteps and make fine 
Ryoma: I hadn't known that about you... But it's a wonderful dream. Allow me 
support you as best I can.
Oboro: Really? Gosh, thanks!
Ryoma: I'm only too happy to support my subjects. I look forward to the day I 
can wear your creations to the celebratory gala.
Oboro: I can't wait either!
Oboro S

Ryoma: Are you cleaning again?
Oboro: Lord Ryoma! You shouldn't be here-all the dust I'm kicking up is bad 
for your lungs.
Ryoma: Is it? Well, perhaps I can return later. Although...
Oboro: Um, Lord Ryoma? If you keep standing there, you're gonna get covered 
in dust...
Ryoma: I came to speak to you on a very important subject, Oboro.
Oboro: Oh yeah? What is it?
Ryoma: My love for you. I came to offer myself to you as a lifelong 
Oboro: What? No, really... what?! This is all pretty sudden!
Ryoma: My interest was first sparked when I saw how devoted you were to your 
comrades. It was then that I became confident that you would be a suitable 
Oboro: I don't know what to say...
Ryoma: To be in your presence gives me strength. I feel invincible-
unstoppable. Please let me extend that same support to you.
Oboro: This is a lot to take in... I'm worried that I won't be as good a wife 
as you think I will be.
Ryoma: Nonsense! I fear that you're too hard on yourself, Oboro.
Oboro: What makes you say that?
Ryoma: Well, you work tirelessly, for one thing. It may not be the place for 
a sleep-deprived prince to tell you this, but... I'm concerned that you're 
pushing yourself past your limits.
Oboro: As long as everyone else is fine, I'm fine too!
Ryoma: Is that why you seem to always have a smile through the worst of it?
Oboro: Uh, well...
Ryoma: I think the smile on your face as you tend to others is your most 
attractive feature. Indeed, that was what captivated me until I found myself 
determined to wed you. So let's not hear any more of this about you being an 
unsuitable bride.
Oboro: Lord Ryoma... You say the sweetest things. Thank you so much. I hope 
you'll take care of me just the way I take care of you!
A1. Kagero C

Ryoma: Kagero, may I have a moment of your time?
Kagero: Of course, Lord Ryoma. Do you have a mission for me?
Ryoma: The opposite, in fact.I wanted to express to you my gratitude for all 
of your hard work. Is there anything you'd like as a sign of my appreciation?
Kagero: Milord... You're much too kind! I couldn't possibly ask anything of 
Ryoma: It's no trouble at all, Kagero. Really-is there anything you need?
Kagero: I'm grateful, milord. More than I can say. I never imagined myself in 
this situation. It really is a difficult question... Hmmm...
Ryoma: I didn't think it would be this challenging. Perhaps a special meal? 
Or some new
armor or weapons?
Kagero: I apologize, milord. I've lived so much of my life without 
luxuries... The idea of having them, and especially of getting them without 
cost... it's foreign. Also, I do not feel I have done anything to require 
such generosity from you. Knowing that you appreciate my efforts is enough.
Ryoma: Hmmm... Yet, I do not feel like I have done enough to thank you. Very 
well; Kagero, I order you to come up with something you would like to 
Kagero: Excuse me, milord?!
Ryoma: And you'd best think of something soon. I'll be asking you about this 
every time I see you until you have decided.
Kagero: I... The stress of this is giving me a headache.
Ryoma: I have every confidence that you'll think of something. Good luck!
(Ryoma leaves) 

Kagero: Wait, Lord Ryoma... He's gone. What...what am I going to do?
Kagero B

Kagero: Lord Ryoma, I have a report on the mission you assigned to me the 
other day.
Ryoma: Your mission to find something you'd like to have? What did you think 
Kagero: After much thought, I've been unable to think of any item I would 
like. However, I did think of something you could do for me.
Ryoma: Oh? And what is that?
Kagero: It would be an honor to... train with you. Normally, it would be 
unacceptable to cross blades with you, even in training. But I feel that if 
you'd make the exception,
I could learn a lot from sparring with you.
Ryoma: Hah, this certainly sounds like the kind of request you would make. 
I'm glad you've found a way to express what you wanted. And to me, you asking 
to spar with me
means you have confidence in my abilities.
Kagero: Then... you and I may practice together?
Ryoma: Indeed. If that is what you wish, I will face you as many times as you 
Kagero: I'm incredibly grateful, milord.
Ryoma: Hah, don't thank me quite yet. You may end up defeating me easily; if 
that happens, I doubt you'll learn very much.
Kagero: Milord, I seriously doubt that I will be defeating you anytime soon. 
Knowing that, I'll be coming at you with everything I've got.
Ryoma: I would expect no less from you. Come, Kagero, to the practice field!
Kagero: Yes, milord!
Kagero A

Ryoma: So, Kagero, tell me what you thought of our sparring match the other 
Kagero: It was just as I expected; I learned much from being opposite you in 
battle. Things I couldn't possibly notice when fighting alongside you.
Ryoma: I'm glad to hear it, although I still don't believe it is enough to 
thank you properly.
Kagero: It well exceeds anything I could possibly deserve from you, milord.
Ryoma: Well, allow me to propose another idea; join me for some green tea.
Kagero: Pardon me, milord? Tea?
Ryoma: I understand that you enjoy the tranquility of making tea, correct? 
This would be a relaxing alternative to our sparring sessions.
Kagero: Thank you for the offer, milord. If that is what you'd like, I can't 
Ryoma: You have a strong tendency to put others before yourself and of 
working extra hard. You must not forget to take some time for yourself every 
once in a while.
Kagero: You are not the first person to tell me so, but it's just not in my 
nature. I promise that your advice does not fall on deaf ears, though, 
Ryoma: That is all I can ask. Remember that I am entrusting my well-being to 
you, Kagero. It's important to me that you are in the best shape.
Kagero: Of course. I will do everything in my power to meet your 
expectations, milord!
Kagero S

Ryoma: Kagero, it seems like you've been working nonstop lately. Is something 
Kagero: Ah, hello, Lord Ryoma. Don't worry, it's nothing you should concern 
yourself with.
Ryoma: You remember that I told you the other day not to overwork yourself. 
Are you planning to ignore my advice?
Kagero: N-no, milord! I would never do that.
Ryoma: Then how come the other troops tell me that you're working yourself to 
death? I appreciate how much you do for us, but I'm worried about you...
Kagero: It's just... Well, I'm not certain I can tell you.
Ryoma: If it is so serious that you can't even tell your liege... Well, that 
just makes me worry more.
Kagero: It is specifically because you are my liege that I hesitate... *sigh* 
I have feelings that are inappropriate.
Ryoma: What do you mean?
Kagero: In all the time I've served under you, all I have felt for you is 
respect. However... as we've worked together more, I've grown to appreciate 
your kindness. Lately, whenever I see you, I've felt this strange pull toward 
you. It's felt like more than a sense of duty. I spoke with a close friend of 
mine. I felt her opinion could guide me...
Ryoma: What did she have to say?
Kagero: She said it was incredibly obvious. She said I was in love.
Ryoma: You fell in love with me, your liege?
Kagero: I know it's not right-that loving you is above my station. I know 
that there is no way a romance between us could last. I was working so hard 
to try and suppress
the pain I feel when I'm around you... That's why I've been constantly going 
out on missions.
Ryoma: I see. That makes everything much more clear, Kagero.
Kagero: I know this complicates our relationship. If you want, I will leave 
on my own.
Ryoma: Why would I ever order you to leave?
Kagero: Because this changes our dynamic... Milord? Why are you making that 
Ryoma: I'm sorry that I didn't realize how extensive your feelings were, 
Kagero. However, I promise that you'll never feel that pain again. I know I 
can stop it. You see, Kagero, I love you as well.
Kagero: Lord Ryoma! You mean that we've been hiding how we feel from each 
Ryoma: Indeed. I never would have thought that you'd get the jump on me, 
though... Kagero, I feel so calm when I'm around you. I've never felt this 
way with anyone. I was afraid to tell you how I felt, out of fear of how 
you'd react. If I'd realized how you were suffering...
Kagero: Lord Ryoma... You had no way to know. I gave all my strength to 
hiding how I felt. But, if what you say is true, does that mean you want to 
live our lives...together?
Ryoma: It is, and that's exactly what I would like. I think that we'd be 
unstoppable together.
Kagero: I'm so happy, Lord Ryoma. Let's go forward, side by side!

A2. Azura C

Takumi: All right, Azura. What's going on? You're giving me that look again. 

Azura: I'm sorry. Your kimono is all twisted at the bottom. You'll want to 
fix that. 

Takumi: Uh... thanks? 

Azura: Oh, and one other thing. I noticed you barely ate two bites of your 
salad at lunch. 

Takumi: So I wasn't hungry! What's gotten into you? Any more insights you 
wanna share? 

Azura: Actually... Never mind. 

Takumi: Really? If you have something else to say, spit it out already! 

Azura: Well, I was just thinking of something Queen Mikoto once told me... 
She wanted us to treat each other like real siblings. 

Takumi: My mother said that? Well, we're not kids anymore. There's no need to 
be so pushy! 

Azura: I suppose you're right. 

Takumi: You know I respect my mother's wishes, but you shouldn't try so hard. 
We're fine. 

Azura: Thanks. I'll try to stop worrying about it. 

Takumi: Good. I'll see ya around. 
(Takumi leaves) 

Azura: Farewell, Takumi.
Azura B

Takumi: I guess I should grab a bite to eat and head home. Huh? Is that Azura 
over there with that kid? 

Azura: Please, child! I'm trying to reason with you. If you will just answer 
my question-

Child: I don't have to tell you anything! You're a stranger! 

Takumi: Azura, where'd you find the kid? 

Azura: Oh. Hi, Takumi. I think he's lost, but he won't tell me where he 

Takumi: Hey, kid! Are you lost? 

Child: Leave me alone! 

Azura: See? He won't talk to me either. I just want to make sure he gets home 

Takumi: Relax. Let me handle this. 

Azura: Do you think that's a good idea? 

Takumi: Whatcha doing over here, buddy? Are you exploring? 

Child: Huh? Oh, uh... Yeah. That's right! I'm exploring! How'd you know? 

Takumi: You look like the adventurous type. So what all have you seen today? 

Child: Uh... I passed a mountain and a field until I came to this little 
village... There was a cool shop that sold lots of weapons. A nice man gave 
me some rice. 

Takumi: Wow! That sounds pretty amazing. You must be exhausted. 

Child: ...Maybe a little. 

Takumi: Well, I've got an idea. I need to get in a workout. Do ya wanna help 
me train? 

Child: Huh? 

Takumi: How about I give you a piggyback ride? You rest while I work out. 
Whaddya say, coach? 

Child: Uh... all right! 

Takumi: Cool. Hop on! Thanks again for your help! 

Child: Woohoo! I'm so tall now! 

Takumi: This is great! I'm going to run all the way to your house. Are you 

Child: Yeah! 

Takumi: Let's see. We're going to run by the shop and the field and the 
mountain. Then what? 

Child: There's a really big tree! It's right next to my house! 

Takumi: Got it! Let's go find that tree! 
(Child leaves)

Azura: Who would have guessed that Takumi would be so good with kids?
Azura A

Azura: Hello, Takumi. Thanks again for your help the other day. 

Takumi: You mean with that kid? His parents should be thanking me-not you! 

Azura: Well, I was the one who felt lost. I had no idea how to handle that 
situation. That little boy wouldn't say two words to me, but you had him 
under your spell! 

Takumi: I don't know about that, but I did see a bit of myself in him. 
Mischievous. Stubborn.  

Azura: So if I understand correctly, you pretended you were talking to your 
younger self? 

Takumi: Sort of! Although your approach might've worked... eventually. You 
were pretty hilarious trying to keep your cool with that little snot! 

Azura: Now that sounds more like you. 

Takumi: Actually, I wanted to apologize about that. ...I haven't made it very 
easy on you. 

Azura: Huh? 

Takumi: Azura, I know I'm not very approachable. The truth is-I do want us to 
be closer, and not just to honor my mother's memory. 

Azura: I feel the same way, Takumi. 

Takumi: Then it's settled. We'll both make more of an effort. 

Azura: Absolutely.
Azura S

Azura: What's that?! I thought I heard a voice... Takumi, is that you? It's 
the middle of the night. Are you all right? 
(Time passes)

Takumi: Uhhh...

Azura: Takumi?! You sound terrible. What's the matter? Are you in pain? 

Takumi: Mother, no! Please don't die! 

Azura: Oh, my. 

Takumi: *gasp* Huh? Where am I? ...Azura! What are you doing here? 

Azura: Takumi, you were sleepwalking. I think you were having a nightmare. 

Takumi: *sigh* Oh. I was dreaming about the night my mother died. 

Azura: I'm so sorry... 

It's fine. I can't believe you saw me like that. I'm so embarrassed. Excuse 
me... Whoa. Azura! What's with the bear hug? You've got a death grip there. 

Azura: No one will ever replace Queen Mikoto, but I will always be there for 
you. We may not be blood related, but we're still family. 

Takumi: Azura, I have to be honest. I never wanted you as a sister. I've 
loved you since we first met. That's why, when you talked about us being a 
family, I was so rude to you. 

Azura: Wow. Takumi, I had no idea. I just wanted us to be close. Our lives 
were meant to be intertwined. That's why I tried to be a good sister. 
However, I always wished we were something more. 

Takumi: Are you serious?! 

Azura: Do you think I would joke about something like this? 

Takumi: No. I guess not! I can't believe we've both been feeling the same way 
this whole time. You and I were meant to be together from the very beginning. 

Azura: Oh, Takumi! Now we'll be a real family! 

Takumi: Yes, we will. I promise to take care of you forever. 

Azura: Me too! Takumi, I love you!
A2. Felicia C

Felicia: Hmm-hmmm-hmmm! ?  Such gorgeous weather today! I can finally hang 
this laundry out to dry! 

Takumi: Hey! Watch where you're going! 

Felicia: Oof! ...Ow! Lord Takumi! Why'd you run into me like that? 

Takumi: Excuse me? I'm pretty sure YOU just ran into ME! Although, to be 
fair, I don't know how you can see over that giant pile of laundry! 

Felicia: *gasp* Oh, no! This is terrible! What will I do?! 

Takumi: Huh? What are you grumbling about? ...Oh! That's bad. 

I just finished washing all these clothes, and now they're filthy again! You 
knocked the basket right out of my arms. I'll have to start over. UGH! 

Takumi: Well, you gotta watch where you're going! You can't be skipping 
around like that! 

Felicia: I was not skipping! That is how I walk! 

Takumi: Maybe you shouldn't be so peppy when you're trying to do the laundry! 

Felicia: *sniff* Well, I won't be now. I've got to do it all over again! 

Takumi: Now, hold up! You can't be crying on me! Stop that right now! I'll 
help you, OK? 

Felicia: You will? 

Takumi: Yes, I will. But just so we're clear, this is not because it was my 
fault! I'm only doing this because I'm feeling generous today. 

Felicia: Oh, thank you, Lord Takumi! Thank you SO much! 

Takumi: Well, come on. Let's get this stuff picked up! 

Felicia: Yes, milord!
Felicia B

Takumi: Felicia! This is the second time I've had to help you pick up all the 
laundry! You've got to start watching where you're going!

Felicia: Mmmhmm. ...So, like I was saying, in my hometown, we have SO many 
cloudy skys! When the sun peeks through, it's cause for a celebration! I hum 
all day!

Takumi: Yeah. I got that.

Felicia: ...Winters are freezing, but you get used to it. That's part of what 
makes it special! We gather in front of the fireplace with a bowl of hot 
stew. Mmm! So delicious!

Takumi: Uh-huh.

Felicia: ...And you should see the mountains! They are beautiful and packed 
full of gems! In the Ice Tribe Village, you can find jewels in every single 
color-just like a rainbow!

Takumi: Great. 

Felicia: Lord Takumi? Are you listening? I don't think you heard a word I 

Takumi: Oh, I heard you! Felicia, I'm surprised you can get anything done 
when you're talking a mile a minute! Maybe there should be a little less 
talking and a little more laundry folding! Is this how you were raised? Your 
work ethic is terrible!

Felicia: What's that supposed to mean? You think you're so special just 
because you're part of a royal family? Hmph!

Takumi: That's not what I meant!

Felicia: I guess if I was a princess, I could sit around and nobody would bat 
an eye!

Takumi: Felicia, slow down! You're alright. I shouldn't have said that. I'm 

Felicia: I should apologize too. You were so kind to help me, and I've been 
talking your ear off.

Takumi: Don't worry about it. Let's just wrap this up and call it a day.

Felicia: Of course, milord!
Felicia A

Felicia: Hmm-hmmm-hmmmmm... ? Phew! The laundry's done, and I haven't dropped 
a single sock! 

Takumi: Hmm... Is that Felicia over there? 

Felicia: Next up are the groceries, and then I'll clean up Avatar's room. Oh, 
I almost forgot! I still have to sweep the hallway! Heehee! Busy, busy, busy! 

Takumi: Hey. 

Felicia: *gasp* Lord Takumi? You scared me! What are you doing sneaking up on 
me like that? 

Takumi: I thought I'd check in on you. We both know you could use some 

Felicia: Well, if you think I'm so incompetent, why don't you help? 

Takumi: Do I look like a maid to you? 

Felicia: You are SO rude! ...I hope you didn't hear me talking to myself! 

Takumi: I sure did...along with some really off-key humming! 

Felicia: *sniff* You're full of insults today, aren't you? Now, if you'll 
excuse me... 

Takumi: Felicia, wait! ...For someone who is so clumsy, you sure are doing a 

Felicia: Is that supposed to be a compliment? 

Takumi: Yes. I know you've been taking on extra work to help the troops. You 
get up early to make breakfast, and you work long after everyone's gone to 
bed... I was giving you a hard time, but the truth is...I know you're a hard 

Felicia: You do? 

Takumi: Yeah. We're on the same team. I want you to know you can come to me 
for help. 

Felicia: Wow, Lord Takumi. Thank you so much! 

Takumi: There's just one other thing. 

Felicia: What's that? 

Takumi: I don't want to hear any long-winded stories about the Ice Tribe 
Village again!
Felicia S

Takumi: Hello, Felicia. I hope you're not here to tell me more about your 

Felicia: I wish you would give my hometown a chance! I really think you'd 
like it! 

Takumi: I'm sure I would. 

Felicia: Wha? Lord Takumi, are you feeling all right? It sounded like you 
just said- 

Takumi: Yeah, I said it. I'm sure if I visited the Ice Tribe Village, I'd 
fall in love with it. You don't have to convince me. If it's special to you, 
then it's special to me. 

Felicia: I don't know what to say. I'm in shock! 

Takumi: You shouldn't be. The reason I've been so on edge is that I'm falling 
for you... But every time we get a chance to talk, all you want to do is tell 
me about your village. 

Felicia: I'm so sorry, Lord Takumi. I didn't realize... 

Takumi: Well, how could you? I've been giving you the cold shoulder! 

Felicia: Heehee... I'm not so sure about that. 

Takumi: What do you mean? I've insulted your work ethic, your humming, even 
your village! 

Felicia: I don't want to offend you, but I saw right through all of that! If 
you hated me, you wouldn't help me with the chores! You've been very sweet. 

Takumi: Really? 

Felicia: Yes! That's why I've fallen for you too. I wanted to tell you about 
my hometown... Because one day, it would be nice if MY village became OUR 

Takumi: I would follow you anywhere, Felicia. 

Felicia: Oh, you have no idea how happy that makes me. I could hum right now! 

Takumi: Whoa. There's no need for that! 

Felicia: Then you better get over here and give me a kiss! 

Takumi: That can definitely be arranged!
A2. Mozu C

Takumi: Wow. This field has enough crops to feed our army for a month! I 
wonder who's been tending to it. Hmm... Is that Mozu heading this way? 

Mozu: Shoo! Get out of there! 

Takumi: I'm sorry. Did you just shoo me? 

Mozu: Surely did! But it's too late. You've trampled all of my sprouts! 

Takumi: Huh? You mean these spindly little things? 

Mozu: Yep! Those spindly little things you're stepping on are as good as 
dead. Poor dears, they never stood a chance. Not with you trampling all over 

Takumi: Mozu, I'm really sorry. Maybe you should have put up a sign! You 
still have time to plant some more, don't you? 

Mozu: Ha! You mean, after I finish all my other chores? I'm glad you think 
it's so easy! 

Takumi: Well, let me help you. It's at least partly my fault. 

Mozu: It's kind of you to offer, milord, but I've had enough of your help for 
one day! The truth is, you royal folk make lousy farmers! 

Takumi: Excuse me?! Now, it's on! I'll farm circles around you, Mozu. Just 

Mozu: Oh dear. This isn't gonna go well, is it?
Mozu B

Takumi: Whew! Well, I'm glad that's finished! The farming is finally done for 
the day! 

Mozu: Done?! Hah! You must be forgetting about the weeding. 

Takumi: The wha? 

Mozu: Oh, yeah. You gotta do the weeding! Then there's the raking and the 

Takumi: Watering? *gulp* You mean we have to carry that enormous water jug 

Mozu: You're not tired already, are you? 

Takumi: No, of course I'm not tired! ...Who am I kidding? I GIVE UP! You're 
right! I'm not cut out for this! My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My back hurts. 
I'm completely covered in mud! I hate this! 

Mozu: Heehee... I tried to tell you! You royal folk and farming don't mix! Go 
on. I'll finish up. 

Takumi: Are you serious? I don't know how you do this every day! 

Mozu: Well, I've had a lot of practice. You get used to it. But now I love 
it! You pour a little of yourself into the land and hope it gives something 
back. It doesn't always work out, but you gotta keep trying! 

Takumi: What do you mean, it doesn't always work out? You do all this, and 
you can still fail? 

Mozu: Oh, sure! Nature's gotta do her part too. You can plant a whole field 
of crops... But if a big storm comes and wipes 'em all out, you gotta start 
over! So far, we've had some good weather. My fingers are crossed we get a 
nice harvest! Now, if you'll excuse me... I better get back to work. 

Takumi: Mozu, wait! Is there something else I can help with? 

Mozu: Well, sure. Why don't you start plowing this field here? You don't have 
to dig deep. See? Just turn over the topsoil to make a nice, soft bed for 
these seeds. 

Takumi: Like this? 

Mozu: Yeah, like that. You know... you might make a good farmer after all. 

Takumi: Thanks, Mozu. Go on. I'll take care of this part. 

Mozu: Thanks, Lord Takumi. It's real nice to have some help.
Mozu A

Takumi: Mozu, did you notice these leaves? I think insects are getting to the 
tomato plants! Should we use some more of that organic pesticide? 

Mozu: Yeah. That would be great! 

Takumi: Also, we're getting full sun over here. I was thinking we need a 
canopy for shade. 

Mozu: That's a good idea! 

Takumi: Are you sure? You're giving me a funny look. 

Mozu: Oh, it's nothing. 

Takumi: If you disagree, just tell me! Maybe you think these plants need more 

Mozu: No, it's not that. I was just thinking you're becoming a real natural. 
You've got all your friends looking nice and happy. 

Takumi: I'm sorry. Did you just refer to the vegetables as my "friends"? 

Mozu: Surely did! These guys are looking good! If they could talk, they'd be 
saying, "Thanks." A garden's like a mirror. It'll reflect the same amount of 
care you put into it. 

Takumi: I can see that. These plants are like moody, little children! Not 
enough water, and they dry out. Too much water, and they wilt. So picky! 

Mozu: Heehee! Yep! And the harder you work, the happier you'll be when 
harvest time comes. 

Takumi: Isn't that the truth?! Thanks, Mozu. I've learned so much from you. I 
never gave much thought to farming before. That was someone else's job. But I 
want to be a royal who understands his subjects and the challenges they face. 

Mozu: I wanna thank you too, milord. I was rude at first, but I'm glad I gave 
you a chance. 

Takumi: I want you to promise to always tell me the truth-even if it sounds 

Mozu: Haha! All right. I promise. I'll tell you the truth even if it stings a 

Takumi: Good! I'm glad to hear it!
Mozu S

Mozu: Lord Takumi, I made a promise that I'd always tell you the truth... 

Takumi: Of course. What is it? 

Mozu: You see... I decided a long time ago that my partner's gotta be 

Takumi: Your partner? 

Mozu: Yeah. My man's gotta be able to pull his own weight around the farm. 
When you first started helping me, I didn't expect much, but you did all 

Takumi: Uh... thank you? 

Mozu: Well, that's about it. You're royalty, and I'm a country bumpkin, so it 
hardly matters! I just wanted to tell you the truth. Every day you look more 
like the man of my dreams. It's a real shame some dreams are so far away. 

Takumi: Wait, Mozu. What if they didn't have to be? 

Mozu: Huh? 

Takumi: I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am out there in the fields 
with you. You taught me that there's joy in watching something grow...even 
when it's hard work. 

Mozu: Do you really mean that? 

Takumi: Yeah. I feel like you've been teaching me to be a gentler, more 
patient person. You've had to pull a lot of weeds and clear away some stones! 
But now, our relationship is starting to bloom... and I love you! 

Mozu: Really? 

Takumi: Yes! I don't care what other people think! I want to be that man you 

Mozu: Oh, Lord Takumi, you already are! I'm so happy... I reckon I could cry!
A2. Rinkah C

Takumi: Hey, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Hmph! What do you want?! 

Takumi: Did I catch you at a bad time? 

Rinkah: Oh! So now you're trying to start a fight? 

Takumi: I think you have this backward. You're the one picking a fight with 
me! I was hoping we could speak as allies, but with an attitude like that, 
I've gotta ask... Does the Flame Tribe take this alliance seriously? 

Rinkah: You'd have to ask my father about that. I do whatever the chief 
commands. It's not like I get to decide our policies! 

Takumi: So you're saying if it was up to you, the alliance would be off? 

Rinkah: Well, not exactly... 

Takumi: Now you're dodging the question! 

Rinkah: My father has decided to cooperate with Hoshido. I am sworn to obey 
him. In the old days, the Flame Tribe was always independent. We didn't make 

Takumi: That can't have been too long ago if you still remember. 

Rinkah: I'll never forget the history of my tribe! We have always decided our 
own fate! 

Takumi: Hmm... This alliance may be weaker than I thought. 

Rinkah: What did you say?! 

Takumi: Never mind.
Rinkah B

That meeting took forever, and they didn't even serve dinner! *sigh* I'm 
starving! What is THAT?! It looks like a signal flare! Is that a spy? ...Hey, 
you! What are you doing here? 

Rinkah: Huh? 

Takumi: Rinkah? Is that you?! 

Rinkah: Yeah. What do you want?! 

Takumi: What do you mean, "What do you want?!" Why are you building a fire in 
the woods? Are you gonna set our tents on fire?! 

Rinkah: What?! Why would I do that? 

Takumi: Wait a minute. Something smells amazing! Is that grilled fish you're 
cooking? Are you planning a banquet? You've got wild vegetables and mushrooms 

Rinkah: No! This is my dinner! I had a long day, and I need some sustenance. 

Takumi: I bet it took you hours to prep all this food! Why didn't you go to 
the mess hall? 

Rinkah: I have always taken care of myself! I will not be a burden on anyone 

Takumi: It's no big deal. Everybody's got to eat! Granted, no one's eating 
quite this much! 

Rinkah: Now you're being rude! 

Takumi: Well, I promise not to tell anyone what a glutton you are, if you 
give me a little bite... 

Rinkah: Very funny! I'm not sharing my dinner with you! 

Takumi: All right! Fine. Has anyone told you to lighten up? 

Rinkah: Hmph! I'm not the one throwing insults right before I ask a favor! 
...I'm leaving! 

Takumi: Hey, wait up! You better put out this fire first! 

Rinkah: I KNOW!
Rinkah A

Rinkah: Ugh! I'm starving! I don't know how everyone survives on those measly 
rations. Here I am-hunting for my dinner again! ...Is that a deer? I have him 
in my sights. If I can just creep a little closer... UGH! It got away!
(Arrow shot)

Takumi: Looking for something? 

Rinkah: Is that the deer? Y-you got him? 

Takumi: I know my way around a bow and arrow. Here. This is your dinner, 

Rinkah: Yeah, but why are you helping me? 

Takumi: Consider it a thank-you present. 

Rinkah: Huh? 

Takumi: For sticking to our alliance. We need you and the rest of the Flame 
Tribe here. I respect that you don't want any help, so consider it repayment. 

Rinkah: ...Well, all right. I guess. 

Takumi: Relax! I promise I won't tell anyone. I know you like to be 
independent. ...There's just one other thing. 

Rinkah: I knew there was a catch! 

Takumi: Can I have a little bite this time? Please? 

Rinkah: OK. Just this once. 

Takumi: You know, we make a good team. We should hunt together sometime. 

Rinkah: Hmph! I was doing fine without you! But I guess it would be OK if you 
tagged along. You might learn a thing or two!
Rinkah S

Takumi: All right, Rinkah! I've got two wild boars heading your way! Look 

Rinkah: Just as we planned! AAAUUUUUGGGGHH! HYAH! Whew! 

Takumi: Wow. That is a LOT of meat. That's going to be one big dinner! You 
know, we should dry the leftovers to make jerky. That way we can share. 

Rinkah: Takumi, thanks. It's really nice not having to rely on the army all 
the time. 

Takumi: It's no big deal... Besides, I wouldn't give up these hunting 
sessions for anything. 

Rinkah: Huh? What was that last part? You were mumbling. 

Takumi: It was nothing. *ahem* Rinkah, I wanted to show you something. 

Rinkah: Is that a red jewel?! Those belong to the Flame Tribe! How did you 
get one? 

Takumi: This was given to the Hoshidan king by your tribe as a sign of 
friendship. It was passed down to me by my mother. I'd like for you to have 

Rinkah: I've never heard of these jewels leaving the tribe before! 

Takumi: My mother told me to hand this over to the woman I fell in love with. 

Rinkah: No! She didn't! 

Takumi: Why do you look so angry? I thought you'd be pleased! This jewel is 
precious to you. What better way to ask for your hand in marriage? 

Rinkah: WHAT?! You can't be serious! 

Takumi: But I am! You are fierce and beautiful. I'm in love with you. 

Rinkah: I'm sorry. I think I'm in shock. I never thought an outsider could 
understand me the way you do. I accept this jewel as a token of friendship 
between Hoshido and the Flame Tribe. 

Takumi: Is that all? 

Rinkah: I wasn't finished! I will also accept it as proof of our love for 
each other. I swear on this jewel that I will never leave your side. 

Takumi: Rinkah, you scared me there. I have a feeling you're going to keep me 
on my toes. 

Rinkah: You can count on it!
A2. Hana C

Hana: Hai... ya! Yaaargh!

Takumi: Hello, Hana. 

Hana: Phew... Oh, Lord Takumi! 

Takumi: Up early and training already? The sun has barely peeked over the 

Hana: Yep! 

Takumi: You haven't changed at all. It seems like you're out training every 
morning, even if it's freezing! 

Hana: Early morning workouts clear my mind! And I feel a special attachment 
to my sword if I wake and train with it first thing. 

Takumi: Hrm. Some sort of connection? 

Hana: Yes, it starts to feel like more than just a weapon to me... It becomes 
a part of my body, like an arm or a leg... It feels natural to wield it. 

Takumi: I'm afraid I don't quite get what you're saying... 

Hana: I apologize. It's difficult to explain-you really just have to 
experience it. Oh, I have an idea! What if we train together? That way I can 
show you. You trained with me a lot back in the old days. It'd be just like 

Takumi: Uh... Well, that was... 

Hana: It was almost every morning, too. I remember! But then one day you 
suddenly stopped coming, and we've never trained after that. It actually made 
me kind of sad... 

Takumi: ... 

Hana: Lord Takumi? Why do you have that look on your face...? 

Takumi: No reason. Unfortunately times have changed-I don't have time for 
idle conversation. I have to go. 
(Takumi leaves) 

Hana: Lord Takumi! ...He's gone. I wonder if there is some reason he stopped 
training with me...
Hana B

Hana: Hai ya! Ayah!! Dyaaaaa!!

Takumi: ... 

Hana: What the-? Lord Takumi! 

Takumi: What? 

Hana: What do you mean "What?" You're standing directly behind me while I 
train, not saying a word! 

Takumi: I'm sorry. I didn't want to disturb you. I'll be on my way. 

Hana: Hey, wait a minute! I have something to ask you!

Takumi: What is it? 

Hana: Why did you suddenly stop training with me? You didn't tell me last 
time we talked, and I feel like there's something bothering you. 

Takumi: You need not worry about it. 

Hana: I want to know! I feel like I slighted you somehow, but I can't think 
of anything! 

Takumi: How can you say that? Do you truly not realize what you did? 

Hana: I swear I have no idea what you mean. What happened? 

Takumi: I remember it as clearly as though it had happened yesterday... Back 
when we were still training together, Sakura stopped by. Without any 
prompting, you proposed the idea of dueling with practice swords... 

Hana: Uh-huh... 

Takumi: It was right after you had become Sakura's retainer, so you were 
really full of gusto. You probably wanted to prove your fighting ability in 
front of her. But you didn't hold anything back and beat the living daylights 
out of me. 

Hana: Oh. 

Takumi: You see, I wasn't prepared for an actual confrontation. Not because I 
didn't think you were able; you'd proven yourself as a retainer. But I didn't 
want to beat up my little sister's friend in front of her. So as soon as you 
slipped past my relaxed guard, you began beating me in the head. ...Over and 
over and over. 

Hana: Haha, oh no. Did I actually do that? 

Takumi: *sigh...* You really don't remember. Anyway, that's why I decided to 
stop training with you. 

Hana: Lord Takumi, I'm very, very sorry... 

Takumi: It's fine. We were both kids. I'd best be on my way. 
(Takumi leaves) 

Hana: Urgh... I had no idea...
Hana A

Hana: Lord Takumi! 

Takumi: ... 

Hana: Lord Takumi! Lord Takumi! Excuse me, Lord Takumi! Can't you hear me? 

Takumi: Yes, I can. 

Hana: Then why didn't you answer me? 

Takumi: I was pretending not to hear you because I'm busy. I was hoping you 
would pick up on that. 

Hana: Hee hee. You've known me long enough to know that isn't the kind of 
thing I notice. 

Takumi: *sigh...* You're right. So, what is it? 

Hana: I'd like to take responsibility for what I did. 

Takumi: ...What do you mean? 

Hana: I fully accept that I was wrong to beat you up so badly before! To make 
it up to you, I will help protect you from now on! 

Takumi: I don't think it really matters now. It isn't something that bothers 
me anymore. I only even told you about it when we talked before because you 
kept asking. 

Hana: But it bothers me! And you're Lady Sakura's big brother... I should be 
protecting you, not beating you up... As a retainer, my behavior was 
completely unacceptable. I must restore my honor! 

Takumi: I guess that's fair, but... 

Hana: As an apology for what I did, please let me defend you! Is that... OK? 

Takumi: ... Hana. 

Hana: Yes? 

Takumi: I'll consider us sparring again. 

Hana: What?! Why? Didn't you say you had a bad experience? I mean, I beat you 
to a pulp last time... 

Takumi: That won't happen again. I've become much better with the sword. You 
might be the one getting beat up. 

Hana: Lord Takumi... could it be that you are seeking revenge against me? 

Takumi: That's not what this is about in the least. You want to protect me, 
but I'm fine. I have several retainers who are capable of that task. I'd 
prefer you used all your strength for yourself and my sister. 

Hana: I don't understand... 

Takumi: I understand your dedication to her. The incident we've been talking 
about-it was all for Sakura, after all, wasn't it? I could feel your passion 
in the blows you-repeatedly-landed. 

Hana: Sorry... 

Takumi: Anyway, you don't need to make up for it. Doing so would just make me 
feel awkward. ...But I appreciate the sentiment. I mean, that you want to 
protect me. 

Hana: Lord Takumi... 

Takumi: Well, keep up the good work protecting Sakura, OK? 
(Takumi leaves) 

Hana: I will! I think that was the first time I've seen him smile in a long 
time. He asked me to keep up the good work, so I must protect Sakura better 
than ever!
Hana S

Hana: Lord Takumi! I'm pleased to report that I successfully defended Sakura 

Takumi: ...Hana. 

Hana: Yes, what is it? 

Takumi: I have every confidence in your abilities. You don't have to report 
to me each day that you protected Sakura. 

Hana: That actually makes me kind of sad. My reports have given us the chance 
to chat and get to know one another. You want to take that happiness away 
from me? 

Takumi: I thought... Didn't we know each other well before? 

Hana: Yes, but you didn't seem overly fond of me. 

Takumi: That's not necessarily true. 

Hana: You were really cold to me! Up until very recently, you've been so 
reserved. Every time you'd see me, you'd get this strange look on your face. 
Then you'd immediately-and quickly-head in the opposite direction. 

Takumi: I was worried you'd beat me up again. It was out of self-

Hana: What? That's just hurtful! 

Takumi: I apologize... But, if you thought that I didn't like you, why would 
you keep coming back to me? 

Hana: Well obviously you can't be sure you like someone without spending time 
with them! 

Takumi: Well obviou- Wait, what? 

Hana: Er... See?! There is no way I could have done that if I'd stayed away. 
Although I thought I'd be able to say it in a more dignified way... 

Takumi: Was I not supposed to hear that, then? 

Hana: Of course you were! For better or worse- you can't just unhear it now. 
Sheesh, how are you keeping so calm while I'm pouring my heart out to you?! 

Takumi: That's probably because I enjoy teasing women I like. 

Hana: Oh, sure... Hang on, do you mean... 

Takumi: That I like you too? Yes, that's exactly what I mean. 

Hana: Whaaat?! But why? 

Takumi: Do I need a reason? I mean, you don't have a good reason to like me, 
do you? 

Hana: Of course I do! 

Takumi: Really? What is it? 

Hana: Well, I was curious about your coldness toward me, and I wanted to 
understand... And as I spent more and more time around you, I realized I 
liked what I was learning. And that I liked you. 

Takumi: That seems like something straight out of a fantasy story. 

Hana: Ugh... I guess so. But I really do love you! And I want to spend more 
time with you. Especially if I can just be honest without having to make up 
reasons to do that. 

Takumi: Haha, that seems reasonable. No need to spend your time reporting to 
me, then. Instead, why don't we spend more time actually talking about 
things. Like our future, for example. 

Hana: Our future? 

Takumi: We'll need to decide what we're going to do together! 

Hana: Lord Takumi... I'm so happy, I could die! 

Takumi: Er, don't die just yet. 

Hana: Yes, sir! I mean, yes, my love!
A2. Orochi C

Orochi: Lord Takumi! A moment, if you please. 

Takumi: What, Orochi? 

Orochi: Heh! I've come into possession of the cutest little doll I've ever 
seen. It's such a pwetty wittle baby too. The perfect doll... for you. 

Takumi: Wh-what?! Are you crazy? I don't play with dolls. And I never have! 

Orochi: Is that so? I remember you as a little lord, having to snuggle a doll 
to sleep at night. 

Takumi: Never! N-n-not once! 

Orochi: You forget. I see all. Especially the past. I see... you and Lady 
Sakura... holding court with a dozen of your favorite dolls. Ah, the good old 

Takumi: Hey, shut it! You shouldn't be spilling our secrets like that. Not 
that it happened. 

Orochi: But it's one of my favorite memories. Besides, people should know 
that you're all gooey under your gruff crust. 

Takumi: Wh-whoa. You wouldn't do that to me, would you? 

Orochi: What, give your secrets away? Air your dirty laundry? How very dirty 
it is... 

Takumi: Enough of that. Don't make me regret putting up with you for so long. 

Orochi: I've served at the pleasure of the palace since you were tiny. I'm 
owed some fun. Come now, Lord Takumi. I'm only teasing. Nothing to get angry 
about. Now hasn't this been a lovely walk down memory lane? Let's do this 
(Orochi leaves) 

Takumi: Ugh, Orochi... Forget that. I'm not about to play mouse to that cat.
Orochi B

Orochi: How are we feeling today, Lord Takumi? 

Takumi: Fine, until now. 

Orochi: Is this because I know all about your childhood? Your dirty laundry? 
I... I only meant your diapers! I had to change them when I babysat you. 

Takumi: That makes it even WORSE. I'd swear you're just trying to torment me. 

Orochi: I'd never do that. I hope these walks down memory lane will bring us 
closer together. What, you don't want to stop and smell the roses with me? 

Takumi: Not exactly. 

Orochi: You're afraid. I guess I would be too. If the roses smell like dirty 
diapers. But if I know my Lord Takumi, you'll conquer your fears soon enough. 

Takumi: Now what is THAT supposed to mean? 

Orochi: Don't you remember? You used to hide under your bed as a child. 

Takumi: H-hold on now... 

Orochi: Honestly, when I used to babysit, you really worried me. You'd say 
there were monsters in the closet, the cellar, even the toilet! You'd come 
running and beg me to hold your hand. To the point where I was scared too! I 
suppose it's cute in a pathetic way. 

Takumi: Enough already! I can't take any more of your mockery. I'm a grown 

Orochi: Oh, see? You're no scaredy-cat anymore. I really bring the fighter 
out in you. 

Takumi: Please, no more. That's all I can take. See ya, Orochi. 
(Takumi leaves) 

Orochi: W-wait, Lord Takumi. I thought we were just playing-like the old 
Orochi A

Orochi: Come now, Lord Takumi. Don't be like this. 

Takumi: Go away. I'm not talking to you. 

Orochi: Why? We're old friends! 

Takumi: Friends, Orochi? The way you've been cornering me? Mocking me? If you 
air any more dirty laundry from my childhood, I'll lose my damn mind. So 
you're dead to me, Orochi. 

Orochi: Don't you think you're overreacting, just a little? I mean it only in 

Takumi: You meant to insult me. It's... it's... treason against the entire 
royal family! Well, maybe not all that. But it's awful. We're supposed to be 
on the same team. 

Orochi: I'm sorry. I didn't realize that my words pierced your heart so 
deeply. I promise. No more walks down memory lane. Never again. 

Takumi: Good. 

Orochi: Now hold on. I said I'm sorry. 

Takumi: You've overstepped for the last time, Orochi. I'm a grown adult. And 
a royal. 

Orochi: I see. Hmm... Oh, my. I do see. 

Takumi: Wh-what now? I mean, I don't care. 

Orochi: You really ARE a grown adult. 

Takumi: Uh, what? That's just what I've been trying to tell you. I'm not a 
child anymore. 

Orochi: You used to be such a royal shrimp. But now you're taller than me. 
When did THAT happen? 

Takumi: Um, years ago? Like five? Or seven? It's been forever. 

Orochi: And you didn't tell me until now? Well, now I feel silly! I've teased 
you for years like you were my little brother. But, er, I guess you're more 
like... my BIG brother? How could you have let me go on for so long, teasing 
you like that?! 

Takumi: Wait, Orochi. Why are you upset? I'm the one who should be offended 

Orochi: No, no. I'm upset with myself for not seeing it sooner, Lord Takumi. 

Takumi: Good! Finally! You'll start treating me like... like... the man I am! 

Orochi: Heh. I stand corrected, my lord.
Orochi S

Orochi: What a lovely day it's been, finding herbs for my very, very darkest 

Takumi: OROCHI! 

Orochi: Eeeeep! You scared me! What is it, Lord Takumi?! 

Takumi: I'm... I'm sorry. It's just that I've had something on my mind since 
our last talk. 

Orochi: Well then? Say what you need to say. 

Takumi: Er, yes. Remember how I said I wanted you to see me as an adult? 

Orochi: Whew! Is that all this is about? I thought we put all that behind us. 

Takumi: Yes, Orochi. I mean... No, Orochi. 

Orochi: Spit it out. What have I done this time? Have I overstepped again? 

Takumi: Er, about that. 

Orochi: Because I'll step back. WAY back. Lord and servant, is that what you 

Takumi: I want the opposite! I want you closer! By my side! Or me by yours! 

Orochi: Are you toying with ME now? 

Takumi: Last time, when you said you wouldn't tease me anymore, I realized 
that I live for your teasing. You're the only one who knows...cares... about 
me well enough to mock me. 

Orochi: Oh? Well, I'll admit that I've been sad to think that I'd never tease 
you again. You're sure you've had a change of heart? Because this wasn't in 
the cards. Still, love defies fate on occasion. Are you SURE that you're 
sure? I do think I have enough things to tease you about to last a lifetime. 
And I bet I could come to respect you out of more than just duty! 

Takumi: Hold on. Are you just messing with me again? I'm trying to be serious 
here. I don't want us to be lord and servant anymore, Orochi. I want us to 

Orochi: Cat and mouse, I hope? 

Takumi: Heh, yes. That's exactly what I want. But can I be the cat sometimes? 

Orochi: Sounds fair. We've got to keep our games fun enough to last a 
lifetime. Now, start running, little mouse. Orochi is the cat today!
A2. Setsuna C

Takumi: All right. I've got enough supplies, and I warmed up with target 
practice earlier. I'm ready to set off to hunt! With the traps I set up in 
the forest yesterday, all I have to do is guide my prey. Phew... OK, I've 
lured that deer most of the way to the trap. Just a bit farther... What 

Setsuna: Good morning, Lord Takumi... 

Takumi: Setsuna?! What are you doing in that trap?! 

Setsuna: Oooh, I seem to have gotten stuck... 

Takumi: Yes, I can see that! Ah, damn it. The deer got spooked when I yelled. 
I almost had it... 

Setsuna: No need to worry; the trap is occupied anyway... 

Takumi: Yes, but it's occupied by you! You're the one that triggered it! 

Setsuna: Please, milord, there is no need to heap praise on me. 

Takumi: None of this is praise! I don't even know what to say... Look, you 
can release the trap right... here. 

Setsuna: Ah, thank you... That trap was actually pretty comfortable. It was 
snug and dark. Easy to relax in... 

Takumi: It's that way so that the prey doesn't struggle, not so you can 

Setsuna: But it's so nice... I was just starting to doze off when you came 

Takumi: That explains your "good morning," at least. Either way, you need to 
stop falling into my hunting traps. An ally isn't much help if he or she 
keeps me from gathering food for the camp. 

Setsuna: Oh yes, I agree completely. Who would do such a thing? 

Takumi: What? You did it! I'm talking about you!
Setsuna B

Takumi: OK, I just need to loop around this boar and gently guide him toward 
my trap... Just over this hill... Go on, big boar, keep walking that way... 
Nearly there, just... Oh for the love of... 

Setsuna: Zzzz... Zzzzz... *snore* Zzzz... Zzzz... Hmm? Oh, Lord Takumi. Is it 
morning already? What's the matter? You look a bit surprised to see me here. 
Ah, now I see what all that ruckus was about. Look at that boar just charging 
off to the mountains! 

Takumi: You... you... Arrrrrggggg!! 

Setsuna: Hehe. I didn't realize you'd be so excited to see me here! 

Takumi: That is not what I mean at all! How did you get caught in my trap 
again? I needed that to catch my prey. 

Setsuna: Oh, was the boar I just saw an animal you were trying to catch? 

Takumi: Yes! 

Setsuna: But... What's the problem? You can still go out and catch it. So 
long as it's in the forest, it's still catchable... 

Takumi: I know what you're trying to say, but I still can't believe you got 
caught again. What are you even doing out here? 

Setsuna: Oh, I came because I wanted to hunt with you, milord. You're 
incredibly skilled with your bow. I was hoping you would teach me... 

Takumi: R-really? Why didn't you say so before coming out here, then? If 
you'd come with me instead, you wouldn't have gotten caught in my trap! 

Setsuna: Oh. That is a very good idea, Lord Takumi. 

Takumi: How does my sister put up with you... OK. Next time I go hunting, 
I'll be sure to invite you along. Just... don't go into the forest by 
Setsuna A

Takumi: Where could she have gone? Setsuna wanted to come with, but now I 
can't find her anywhere. Forget it, I don't have time to hunt her down and 
then hunt for food. Oh no, could it be... Perhaps she's already gotten 
herself stuck in a trap? I'll check them before I guide any animals toward 
them, just to be sure. 
(Time passes)
Takumi: Interesting... It doesn't look like she was caught in any of my traps 
today. So where did she get to?

Setsuna: Ah, hello, Lord Takumi. 

Takumi: Setsuna! Where have you been? I've been looking- What is that you 
have in your hands? 

Setsuna: Oh, this is deer and boar meat. I started hunting early. 

Takumi: Weren't we going to hunt together? Why did you start without me? 

Setsuna: I was just so excited to hunt with you, I wasn't able to get to 
sleep last night. Instead, I've been waiting out here... I was going to wait 
until you arrived, but then this deer and boar ran by. I couldn't just let 
them get away; not when it was so easy... 

Takumi: Ugh... So you went, even though I asked you not to wander around 
alone anymore. I suppose I should be happy that you didn't get caught in a 
trap this time, at least. You're so unpredictable... 

Setsuna: Thank you. 

Takumi: That's not a compliment! I appreciate you were excited to hunt with 
me, though... It looks like you've caught enough for today. We'll go 
together, next time. 

Setsuna: OK. I'll be sure to arrive well ahead of time! 

Takumi: No! Just show up on time!
Setsuna S

Takumi: OK, Setsuna. Look right there. There's a hole, so be careful. I don't 
want to have to pull you out again. 

Setsuna: Oh, I see it now. 

Takumi: Also, watch out for that spiderweb. You must be more aware of your 

Setsuna: OK. I'll just step around the web and- Ah! 

Takumi: *sigh* You forgot about the hole after I pointed out the spiderweb, 
didn't you? It doesn't help that it's really slick out here after that heavy 
rain yesterday. 

Setsuna: This is hard... I don't know if I should be watching where I step or 
where I go... 

Takumi: Both! You need to watch both. I guess that may be too much for you, 
though... I thought the rain would make this easier... The animals are all 
out scavenging, and the humidity makes it tough for them to smell. But 
clearly we have no advantage now. 

Setsuna: Still, I'm glad to be out here with you, Lord Takumi. I'm glad to 
spend time with you. 

Takumi: Excuse me? 

Setsuna: It just seems... Well, that I like you. A lot. I was hoping that I 
could win you over by trying to improve the things you hate. 

Takumi: How hard did you fall back there, Setsuna? 

Setsuna: Not all that hard. You don't need to worry about me. 

Takumi: That's not what I... 

Setsuna: That's why I like you. You're so kind. And you're such a great 
hunter. I... I just think you're generally incredible. 

Takumi: I... don't really know what to say. I didn't realize you could have 
feelings like that... 

Setsuna: That's not very nice, Lord Takumi... 

Takumi: Haha, I'm sorry. So, you really do like me? 

Setsuna: Yes... 

Takumi: Well then, I wasn't going to say anything... But the feeling is 
mutual, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: Truly? Then... we can be together? 

Takumi: Yes, of course. I've found that you've really grown on me. Despite 
how much trouble you seem to have with fairly simple things... 

Setsuna: Heehee. I'm very happy to hear you say that... 

Takumi: Oh, but we'll definitely have to tell Hinoka. That way she won't have 
to worry about you as much anymore. 

Setsuna: She will still be my liege though, right? 

Takumi: Of course, but that doesn't mean we can't be special to each other. 

Setsuna: Right!
A2. Oboro C

Takumi: Can I talk to you, Oboro?

Oboro: Lord Takumi! Did you need something?

Takumi: Last time I was in town, I happened into a big clothing store. Trying 
a few things on reminded me of how you coordinated my last ceremonial outfit. 
Everyone complimented me on my style at the time. And I remembered that I 
never thanked you for that, so... thanks.

Oboro: Oh... you're too kind, Lord Takumi! But selecting outfits is all part 
of the job of a retainer. Just say the word, and I'll gladly tailor an outfit 
for you anytime.

Takumi: Really? You can do that too?

Oboro: Of course! Tailoring runs in my family. Though I'm the only one 

Takumi: Oboro...

Oboro: Sorry! I didn't mean to get mopey. But yeah, bandits killed my parents 
a while back. I don't think much about the family business these days.

Takumi: You're not harboring some secret desire to become a fashion maven? 
You don't have to lie about it just because you're my retainer.

Oboro: I would never lie to my lord! I'm happy enough serving you, and I mean 
that. Now, if I said I had no interest in fashion at all, THAT would be a 
lie. But I get a thrill out of hearing people say how good I am at selecting 
your clothes. It shows I haven't lost my touch at making people look good!

Takumi: Well, wait, you make it sound like I don't look good all the time.

Oboro: N-no! That's not what I meant at all! Lord Takumi is the picture of 
elegance! Very few are innately noble enough to carry off such splendor!

Takumi: ...OK, it sounds fake when you overdo it like that.

Oboro: I'm just telling it like it is! I'm satisfied with whatever I can do 
to make you look even more dashing.

Takumi: Well... if you say so. I'll need your help again someday, Oboro. Once 
everything settles down and I have the opportunity to wear something nice.

Oboro: I'd love to help! I've got so many ideas...

Takumi: I'll look forward to seeing what you can come up with.
Oboro B

Oboro: Aha! Lord Takumi!

Takumi: Hi, Oboro.

Oboro: Quick question about your ceremonial outfit for after the war's over: 
What do you think of this fabric?

Takumi: You're planning it already? That's a very early start...

Oboro: Hey, I don't take favors personally requested by my lord lightly. 
Plus, I like thinking about the future, when the war's over. It gives me a 
fuzzy feeling. Not to mention all eyes would be on any outfit worn to a 
postwar ceremony. You call it an early start, but I'm already worried I don't 
have enough time!

Takumi: In that case, let's see this fabric. Hmm... this looks perfect to me. 
I like the texture, and the sheen on it. It gets the Takumi seal of approval.

Oboro: Great! Now that the fabric's decided, I'll get back to you on the 

Takumi: Please do.

Oboro: ...

Takumi: Hm? You fell silent all of a sudden.

Oboro: Oh, uh... it's nothing.

Takumi: Were you thinking about your parents? Does it make you sad working on 
clothes, since they were tailors too?

Oboro: Oh, that's not it. I mean, yes, I was thinking about my parents, 
but... I thought that my parents would be proud to see me fitting Hoshidan 

Takumi: I'm sure they're both smiling down on their daughter from above.

Oboro: I hope so. Heh, it's weird, though.

Takumi: What is?

Oboro: It's just very unlike you to shower praise on people. In fact, I don't 
know if I've ever seen you be this kind to anyone! What's next? Will foxes 
start sitting on hens' eggs?

Takumi: Is that really how I...

Oboro: Hahaha, I was kidding! I'll accept your compliments in the spirit you 
meant them.
(Oboro leaves)

Takumi: Hrmph...
Oboro A

Takumi: Oboro.

Oboro: Lord Takumi? Oh, is this about your outfit?

Takumi: What makes you think that?

Oboro: I'm your retainer. I know your moods pretty well by now.

Takumi: I'm impressed... or I would be, if I actually was coming to you about 
my outfit.

Oboro: You weren't? Then what's this about?

Takumi: I've been boasting about your talent for fashion lately... And I've 
had many requests to get you to coordinate an outfit.

Oboro: R-really?

Takumi: What do you think? Will you take on the work?

Oboro: Heck yes! I'd love to!

Takumi: I thought you might. I'll collect the details and pass them along 
next time I see you. Are you excited?

Oboro: Y-yes! But what made you tell everyone about me?

Takumi: You mentioned your interest in fashion. You also said that you were 
perfectly happy working for me. So I thought I'd arrange things so you could 
do both at once... You'd still be my retainer while taking on tailoring work 
in your free time.

Oboro: Lord Takumi... I never knew you cared. This is more than I could have 
dreamed of!

Takumi: Isn't it normal to care about your subjects' well-being? If you don't 
like the idea, I can always tell everyone you're too busy.

Oboro: No no no! I'd be delighted! Thank you so much, Lord Takumi.

Takumi: You're very welcome.

Oboro: I'm so lucky to be your retainer. It's an honor to have such a kind 
Oboro S

Oboro: Um... Lord Takumi?

Takumi: What's wrong, Oboro?

Oboro: It's about those people who wanted me to pick out outfits for them...

Takumi: Oh, right! I did my best to spread the word of how good you are. 
People are probably dying by now to have THE Oboro help them with their 
wardrobe. It worked out well, huh? Your fashion sideline is a guaranteed 

Oboro: Um... so... about that. I'm REALLY sorry, but... could you tell all 
those people it's not happening?

Takumi: What?! Why? Everybody was excited to see what you would pick out for 
them. Myself included!

Oboro: Well... I... Ummm... *sob*

Takumi: Oboro, is something wrong?

Oboro: I'm so sorry, Lord Takumi. This is totally my fault! And I count 
myself lucky to have a master like you... But when you're this nice to me, it 
makes it hard to control my feelings for you. I don't think I'll be a very 
good retainer as long as I can't hide them.

Takumi: Oboro! Are you saying...?

Oboro: I... I love you, Lord Takumi. I've loved you for a long time...

Takumi: Oboro, I-

Oboro: I know that it's unacceptable for a retainer to feel this way about 
her master. Especially for the retainer to a prince. I'm way below your 
station. And since I'm no good to you anymore, I'm going to bow out quietly.

Takumi: So you're declining all the fashion requests AND stepping down as my 

Oboro: Yes... A retainer like me will only bring you trouble, Lord Takumi.

Takumi: *sigh* That's very disappointing to hear.

Oboro: I know. And I'm sorry.

Takumi: Not about you leaving. But you seriously thought I didn't know how 
you felt about me?

Oboro: ...What?

Takumi: I knew almost since you started that you were interested in me.

Oboro: You... you did?! 

Takumi: And it's a good thing you are, because I love you too. I had hoped 
you'd be my bride someday.

Oboro: L-L-Lord Takumi?

Takumi: So don't worry about it, Oboro. Our relationship isn't in jeopardy. 
It's OK for you to think of me as the only one for you-that's how I think of 
you too.

Oboro: I just... I never thought you'd...

Takumi: It's all right. Dry those eyes. I wanted you to be your own woman 
even after we got married. That's why I was helping to get your fashion 
business off the ground. So please reconsider. Stay with me, and help all 
your new clients dress their best.

Oboro: *sniff* Y-yeah... that would be amazing! *sob*

Takumi: Good. Let's not hear any more nonsense about quitting everything, OK? 
I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner. But starting today, we'll work 
together to bring about peace and fulfill your dreams.

Oboro: I... I can't believe this. I'll never leave your side, Lord Takumi! 
Not ever! Let me stay with you until the day I die!

Takumi: Definitely. I wouldn't have it any other way.
A2. Kagero C

Takumi: Curses! Another failed attempt... I was so close, too. Why is hunting 
so challenging for me?

Kagero: Is something troubling you, Lord Takumi? 

Takumi: Gah! Kagero?! You're going to scare me to death, sneaking around like 

Kagero: My apologies. ...Something is the matter though, correct? 

Takumi: Oh, yes. I was out hunting with my bow and arrow, but as I prepared 
to strike... the deer realized I was there and quickly fled into the brush. 

Kagero: I'm sorry to hear that. You seem to have no issues on the 

Takumi: I'm confident when we are engaging the enemy, but I can't get the 
hang of hunting. The more I think about it, the worse I seem to get. I just 
can't figure out my problem. 

Kagero: Could it be that the animals are sensing your presence? 

Takumi: What do you mean? 

Kagero: Animals are extremely sensitive to human movement and scents. It's 
possible that you are simply not doing enough to hide yourself from them. 

Takumi: Then... could you teach me, Kagero? 

Kagero: I'm not sure... 

Takumi: It seems like stealth comes naturally to you. After all, just a 
moment ago you popped up and scared me so bad I peed a little. 

Kagero: ...Understood. I will assist you to the best of my ability. 

Takumi: Thanks.
Kagero B

Kagero: Lord Takumi, when it comes to hiding your presence... 

Takumi: Mmhmm? 

Kagero: There isn't a single school of thought for how to learn to do it. 

Takumi: What do you mean? How do I learn, then? 

Kagero: It really depends on your demeanor. If I had to pick a single, 
critical trait, I'd say patience is very important. 

Takumi: What's wrong with my patience? 

Kagero: This may be presumptuous of me, but it could be a factor while you 
are in hiding. Perhaps you grow a little impatient waiting for your target to 
offer an opening? 

Takumi: Hrm... 

Kagero: The slightest sound or scent may be alerting them to your presence. 
Hiding requires patience and endurance. We must build your mental stamina in 
order for you to develop patience. 

Takumi: It had to be patience, didn't it... 

Kagero: Lord Takumi, are you a skilled fisherman? 

Takumi: Not in the least-I can't bear standing around, waiting for something 
to happen. 

Kagero: I am not surprised. I believe that we must start with the very basic 
of basics then. 

Takumi: What would you have me do? 

Kagero: First, you'll sit cross-legged under a waterfall. Once you can handle 
that, we'll move on to the next step. 

Takumi: Ugh, I hate water-related training. It's always about staying in the 
water and doing as little as possible. 

Kagero: ... 

Takumi: Isn't there something else we could try that lets me move around? 
Something where I can build muscle and perfect skill at the same time? 

Kagero: Lord Takumi, if I may be so bold... 

Takumi: Y-yes? 

Kagero: Lord Ryoma once asked me to help him as you have asked me to help 
you. He carried out the training regimen I designed without question or 
complaint. In the end, he gained mental strength. 

Takumi: ... 

Kagero: Lord Ryoma is a calm and virtuous leader. I believe this is because 
he examined himself and confronted his faults. 

Takumi: But-! 

Kagero: If you are no longer interested in improving yourself, I will not 
force you to do so. However, if you do not continue, I do not believe you 
will ever surpass Lord Ryoma. I know it is not my place to say such things, 
but I wish you would persist. Think on what I've said. For now, I will take 
my leave. 
(Kagero leaves) 

Takumi: Wait, Kagero! ... I have to take a good look at myself, huh...
Kagero A

Takumi: Kagero! 

Kagero: Lord Takumi... 

Takumi: Kagero, I did as you suggested! I sat under the waterfall for a long 

Kagero: Indeed. I was watching from the shadows. 

Takumi: Oh, you were? You should have spoken up! 

Kagero: It was important not to disrupt your concentration. You did well. I 
didn't think you would be so tenacious. 

Takumi: To be honest, it got under my skin when you compared me to my 
brother. Of course, I respect him greatly, but... it just gets to me when 
people blow me off and say I'm not capable of as much. 

Kagero: I apologize for offending you. 

Takumi: Don't worry-I know you only brought him up to try and motivate me. In 
the end it worked, so I think it was all for the best. I feel like I've 
become a more patient individual. 

Kagero: I believe you are correct, Lord Takumi. I can sense the change in 

Takumi: Really?! 

Kagero: However, you cannot afford to slack off. Just as continuous training 
builds a body, the same can be said for the mind. 

Takumi: I understand. I'm going to keep this up and show everyone I'm my 
brother's equal! Thanks for everything, Kagero.
Kagero S

Takumi: Kagero! Look! 

Kagero: I see you've had a lot more success hunting this time, Lord Takumi. 

Takumi: Indeed. I had no trouble waiting patiently for just the right moment 
to strike... My hunting trip went perfectly! 

Kagero: That's wonderful. I'm glad that your training has so clearly paid 

Takumi: You deserve all the credit, Kagero. 

Kagero: I appreciate the thought, but I was only doing my duty. Even then, I 
do not think it was right for me to invoke your brother. In a way, by 
knowingly antagonizing you, I was forcing you to train. As a servant of the 
royal family, it is not my place to do that. I apologize. 

Takumi: No apology needed. Like you said, those were the words I needed to 
hear to work. Sure, they seriously got my ire up... But I wouldn't have been 
able to find my motivation without hearing them. 

Kagero: Lord Takumi... 

Takumi: Actually, Kagero, I came here for reasons other than just to show you 
my success. 

Kagero: Really? What more can I help you with? 

Takumi: I want us... to be a couple. 

Kagero: I... Pardon me?! 

Takumi: I feel like part of my upbringing has left me a bit spoiled... But I 
believe that having you by my side will help me overcome this fault. You 
won't sugarcoat your words-you'll tell it like it is. 

Kagero: Lord Takumi... 

Takumi: I want you by my side watching out for me. Now and forever. 

Kagero: I must admit... I never expected a confession like this one. 

Takumi: Does that mean that my words are unwelcome ones? 

Kagero: No, not at all... Of course, I accept. I want to see you grow, too. I 
want to watch over you and help guide you as you become stronger. 

Takumi: Oh, you better believe I'll get stronger. I'll be even stronger than 
my brother! 

Kagero: That's quite the goal, Lord- I suppose it's just Takumi now! Believe 
that I will be by your side as you pursue that goal.

A3. Azura C

Azura: Hello? Excuse me! Is someone there?

???: Ah! There you are, Princess. Now I've got you! 

Azura: Wh-who are you?! 

???: Silence! I'm going to kill you!
(Weapon clang)

Subaki: Lady Azura, are you all right? I thought I heard shouting! 

Azura: Subaki! Help! 

???: Gah! Where'd you come from?! You weren't supposed to be here! 

Subaki: Well, here I am! Now, what are you going to do? You'll never win 
against me! (Weapon clang) 

???: We'll see about that! 

Subaki: I've crossed swords with better fighters than you, and I am always 
victorious! If I were you, I'd run while you still can. The rest of our 
forces will arrive any moment. 

???: Mark my words. I'll be back. The princess better sleep with one eye 
(??? leaves)  

Subaki: Whew! Well, that's that. Lady Azura, were you injured?

Azura: N-no. I'm fine. 

Subaki: I am shocked that an enemy soldier could sneak so far into our camp! 
We must revisit our security procedures. I'll find the flaw and fix it. Don't 
you worry. I'm sure they'd love to kidnap a Hoshidan royal, but I won't let 
it happen. 

Azura: Something tells me that's not it. 

Subaki: What do you mean, milady? 

Azura: Never mind. Thanks for coming to my aid, Subaki. I appreciate it. 

Subaki: Of course! 
(Azura leaves) 
Subaki: Huh. I wonder what she meant by that...
Azura B

???: Step aside! The princess is mine this time! 

Subaki: Well, you're persistent. I'll give you that! 

Azura: Subaki, careful! 

???: Heh! I didn't come alone! Maybe you're the better fighter, but you'll 
never take us all! 

Subaki: *yawn* Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that line?
(Time passes)
Subaki: Well, that's taken care of. All in a day's work!  There you are, Lady 
Azura. I'm afraid a few slipped away. I'll stay close by for now.

I'm just glad you're safe. 

Of course I am, milady. You're safe with me. I'll guard you day and night. 

Azura: What's that you're holding? 

Subaki: This? He dropped this armband. It's very unusual, isn't it? I've 
never seen it before. 

Azura: I have. 

Subaki: Have you?! Really? 

Azura: That crest belongs to some distant cousins of the royal family. 
...Someone in Hoshido hired these people. 

Subaki: How can that be?! Why would someone in Hoshido want you killed? 

Azura: I can think of plenty of reasons. I'm not exactly popular. 

Subaki: Sure. Some people are wary of you, but no one wants you dead! 

Azura: Maybe so. Either way, you've saved my life twice now. I am in your 

Subaki: It's nothing! I only wish we'd solved this mystery. 

Azura: Me too, Subaki. Me too.
Azura A

Subaki: I've returned from my mission. Finally, the last of the traitors have 
been dealt with! 

Azura: Thank you, Subaki. I can't thank you enough for your service. 

Subaki: It was nothing. Forgive me, milady. Now that the threat is gone, I 
thought you would be pleased. 

Azura: What do you mean? Of course I am! 

Subaki: Unhappiness is etched across your face. Please, won't you tell me 
what's wrong? 

Azura: Oh, Subaki. I'm afraid I'll only sound like I'm complaining. 

Subaki: Nonsense, milady. 

Azura: It's just that when I lived in Nohr, the servants were cruel to me. I 
expected it. Then, I came to Hoshido. I love the royal family, but still, 
some people despise me. What if it's my destiny to be hated? I fear my life 
will always be in danger. 

Subaki: Ah, well if that's the problem, you needn't worry anymore. 

Azura: How can you say that? 

Subaki: I will protect you from anyone who wishes you harm. You'll be 
perfectly safe with me. 

Azura: But what about Sakura? Aren't you pledged to serve her? 

Subaki: Yes, and since you are Lady Sakura's sister, I am honor bound to 
protect you as well. You need not fret. I am more than capable of guarding 
you both. 

Azura: Heehee... I'm sure you are, Subaki.
Azura S

Subaki: Lady Azura, may I have a word? 

Azura: Yes, but let me say something first. Sakura is your liege. Your duty 
is to her. It's not right for you to be worrying about me all the time! 

Subaki: Ah. An interesting thought, but that's not what I wanted to discuss. 

Azura: Oh. What is it then? 

Subaki: I know you've been through a great deal of suffering, milady. At 
first, I just wanted to protect you from experiencing more hardship. 

Azura: Um... I'm not sure how to respond to that. 

Subaki: I'm not finished. What I've come to realize is that you're a 
resilient woman. You never stop pursuing peace even when your life is in 
danger. I admire that. In fact, I've fallen in love with that about you. 

Azura: Oh, my. What are you saying? 

Subaki: I love you! Please, allow me to remain by your side as your protector 
and partner. 

Azura: All this time, I never realized you felt that way about me. After you 
chased those men away, I couldn't stop thinking about you! My heart would 
catch in my chest every time we'd meet. 

Subaki: Are you saying what I think you're saying? 

Azura: Yes! I want to be with you too! 

Subaki: You have no idea how happy you've made me. I'll do everything I can 
to deserve you. 

Azura: Oh, Subaki. I'm so lucky to have found you-someone I trust completely!
A3. Felicia C

Felicia: Hello, Subaki. 

Subaki: Hmm? 

Felicia: Wait, you just froze all of a sudden. Did I do something? 

Subaki: Oh, um, I'm sorry. 

Felicia: What is it? 

Subaki: The truth is, you're notorious for being a very clumsy person. I've 
even heard a rumor that a whole castle once fell due to your blundering ways. 
I was worried that being near you might doom me to some awful fate. I felt a 
little bit scared. 

Felicia: Th-that's such an awful thing to say! How could you be so horrible? 

Subaki: I-I'm sorry... Please, don't cry. Hey, what are you doing with those 
sheets? Why did you throw them at me? They're still soaking wet! I can't see 
where I'm going! Ahhhhhhhhh! 

Felicia: Subaki? Are you OK?!

Subaki: Urgh... Yeah, I just fell. I didn't want it to be true, but it seems 
like my fears were valid after all. 

Felicia: I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. 

Subaki: Why would you throw the sheets at me anyway? You just finished 
washing them! 

Felicia: I-I shouldn't have done that...
Felicia B

Felicia: *sigh* Normally I like to hum a pretty tune while I cook. But I'm 
just too depressed... It's all Subaki's fault. I've been in a terrible mood 
since the other day. 

Subaki: *sigh* 

Felicia: It was so cruel of him to say that my clumsy nature would end up 
affecting his fate. He doesn't have a single shred of decency. Still, I 
suppose I shouldn't have thrown my sheets at him. That wasn't very kind. 
*sigh* Am I really just a total klutz? 

Subaki: Felicia, wait! That's not salt! It's sugar! 

Felicia: Huh? Ah! Wow, I was so caught up in my thoughts that I almost ruined 
the recipe. Phew! That was a close call. But whose voice was that just now? 
It sounded so familiar... 

Subaki: *sigh* We're safe... 

Felicia: Subaki? Is that you? Why are you hiding in the kitchen pantry? That 
doesn't look very comfortable. 

Subaki: Umm, well, I'll be honest... I feel terrible about being so mean to 
you the other day. I know that I hurt your feelings, so I thought I'd come 
see how you were doing. 

Felicia: So you're hiding because you were embarrassed? 

Subaki: Well, the truth is that I didn't want to get wrapped up in your 
clumsiness. I know you can't really help it, but still. 

Felicia: S-so what you're saying is that nothing has changed at all! You're 
still treating me like I'm a walking, talking disaster! I'm going to pour a 
whole bag of sugar into your dinner, Subaki! 

Subaki: No, please! Don't do that! 

Felicia: Well if you don't want a disgusting dinner, you better make it up to 
me. Now come over and give me a hand! 

Subaki: H-huh?! What do you mean? 

Felicia: Do I need to spell it out for you? If you help me with this meal, 
I'll forgive you. 

Subaki: All right, fine. Where should I start?
Felicia A

Felicia: *humming* Hehehe! Ah! Good morning, Subaki! 

Subaki: You seem to be in an awfully good mood today, Felicia. 

Felicia: How could you tell? 

Subaki: Your big smile, of course. It's obvious. So what's going on? 

Felicia: Remember when you helped me with the cooking the other day? Well 
everyone has been complimenting me on the meal I made! They kept saying that 
I've grown to be a much better cook lately! 

Subaki: R-really... Is that right? 

Felicia: No one's ever really complimented me on my cooking before! I feel so 

Subaki: Well, I think that's because I was the one who prepared dinner. While 
I was preparing everything, you tripped and poured flour on my head. Then I 
burned my arm protecting you from that hot oil you knocked off the stove. It 
was a pretty rough night. 

Felicia: I'm sorry, Subaki. Were you saying something just now? 

Subaki: N-no... Nothing at all. I'm happy to hear that everyone enjoyed your 
big meal, Felicia. 

Felicia: Oh, thank you! You should help me out when it's my turn to cook 

Subaki: NO! Please, spare me that fate! 
(Subaki leaves) 

Felicia: Subaki, wait! *sigh* Why did he run away?
Felicia S

Felicia: Thanks for picking up groceries with me, Subaki! Our dinner tonight 
is going to be even better than last time! 

Subaki: Yeah... We sure have been spending a lot of time together lately. 

Felicia: It's wonderful! I haven't been making nearly as many mistakes during 
my cleaning. Same goes for the cooking! 

Subaki: Haha, well that's good to hear! Hmm. So that's what it is... 

Felicia: What are you talking about, Subaki? 

Subaki: I just realized something. I think... I have feelings for you, 

Felicia: R-really? Y-you l-like m-me?! I can't believe it! 

Subaki: Are you really so shocked? 

Felicia: It's just sudden! You really caught me by surprise. 

Subaki: All this time we've spent together made me realize something. The 
thing is, I'm perfect. And I didn't want to be affected by your clumsiness. 
But the more I got to know you, the more I enjoyed a bit of chaos. 

Felicia: Oh, Subaki... 

Subaki: I've grown to cherish that sweet smile of yours, Felicia. 

Felicia: I have a crush on you too! I was just afraid to say anything about 
it. Spending time together has brought me so much joy. 

Subaki: I've never met someone whose personality complemented my own so 
perfectly. You and I make a great team. 

Felicia: Oh, stop! You're going to make me blush! I'm so happy, Subaki! 

Subaki: So am I, Felicia.
A3. Mozu C

Subaki: Hello! You must be Mozu, right? 

Mozu: Yeah, that's me. You're Subaki, right? The fella everyone says is some 
kind of genius? 

Subaki: I see my reputation precedes me. The truth is that I've got at least 
a little room for improvement. But please, if you ever have any questions, 
I'll be happy to help in any way I can. 

Mozu: Well, in that case-

Hoshidan: Subaki, sir! Pardon the interruption! 

Subaki: Did something happen? Speak up, soldier. 

Hoshidan: One of my allies has a nasty head cold. Is there any remedy that 
might cure him? 

Subaki: That's right, there has been some illness going around camp. It's 
simple. Boil jujube leaves and flax together, and have him drink it. He 
should be feeling better in no time. 

Hoshidan: U-understood! Thank you, sir! 
(Hoshidan leaves)

Mozu: I don't mean to be rude, but there's a better way to cure that cold. 

Subaki: Huh? What do you mean? 

Mozu: Don't get me wrong. Your recipe will work too. But jujube is awfully 
pricey. And with the war raging, it's nearly impossible to find flax in the 
stores. You have to pick it yourself, assuming that it hasn't already been 
taken from the field. The simplest way to cure that cold is to mash plums and 
scallions together. Then you mix them into a tea. It's cheap and very 

Subaki: I've never heard of this method before... 

Mozu: Oh, it's nothing fancy. A nice old lady from my village showed me how 
to make it. 

Subaki: I'm going to run and tell that soldier your solution. Thank you, 

Mozu: It's no problem. I'm happy to help. 

Subaki: Clearly I need to spend more time at the library. My knowledge of 
remedies isn't as perfect as I thought it to be. 

Mozu: Hmm. You've got a bit of a competitive streak, don't you, Subaki?
Mozu B

Mozu: Hey there, Subaki. Did you hear the news? 

Subaki: Oh yes, regarding the soldier, you mean? After I told him of your 
method, he got better the very next day! I was pleased to hear of his 

Mozu: Well I'm just happy that I could pitch in. 

Subaki: You're awfully knowledgeable, Mozu. I must admit that I'm impressed. 
After we met, I went and read a number of books on remedies. And yet, your 
cure wasn't in any of the volumes I flipped through. Was that some secret 
formula passed down in your village, perhaps? 

Mozu: It's just a home remedy, nothing special. Simple everyday knowledge, 
really. Nothing fit for a book, obviously. 

Subaki: Heh, everyday knowledge, you say? I don't suppose you have any more 
knowledge to spare? 

Mozu: Hmm... Well I know how to store food so that it keeps for a long time. 

Subaki: Oh? Is that so? And what is your ideal method for storage? 

Mozu: Well a good example is turnips. You need to cut them, and then wrap 
them tight in wax paper. 

Subaki: Wax paper? Interesting... 

Mozu: Oh, and you should store vegetables somewhere nice and cold. And if you 
store them with charcoal, they retain their flavor and stay fresh longer. 

Subaki: I've never heard of these solutions. How fascinating. I suppose you 
can't learn everything from reading... Say, Mozu. Would you be willing to 
keep teaching me your methods? I think your knowledge could help not just me 
but everyone around camp. What do you say? 

Mozu: Yeah, sure... OK. I'm happy to help in any way that I can. 

Subaki: Thank you!
Mozu A

Mozu: *sigh* Everyone in town has been talking my ear off today... I love 
helping people, but I gotta admit that gabbing makes me tired. 

Subaki: Oh, Mozu! I'm so sorry... 

Mozu: What are you apologizing for, Subaki? 

Subaki: I heard that people were literally lining up to ask you questions 
today. That's totally my fault. I kept going on about how knowledgeable you 
are. I didn't mean to go on and on, but I couldn't help myself. 

Mozu: Well that explains today, I suppose. 

Subaki: I'm sorry. I really didn't think word would spread so quickly. Was it 
a problem? 

Mozu: Well I've been very busy, but I always like to help folks in need. 

Subaki: I'm glad to hear you say that. I was feeling guilty for talking about 
you so much. 

Mozu: I misjudged you. I thought you would be competitive and jealous. I 
heard that you want people to think you're perfect or something. But it seems 
like you really just care about learning and helping people. 

Subaki: Well now, I would be lying to say that I'm not a little bit jealous. 
But the wealth of knowledge you possess is wildly valuable. 

Mozu: Maybe people think you're perfect because you can look beyond yourself, 
Subaki. You're a really good person. 

Subaki: Now, now, there's no need for flattery. Thank you for teaching me so 
much, Mozu. 

Mozu: Of course. I'm happy to help.
Mozu S

Mozu: Hey, Subaki? Do you have a minute to talk? 

Subaki: Oh, Mozu. What do you need? 

Mozu: There's something I wanted to tell you... 

Subaki: Of course. You can talk to me about anything you like. But I don't 
know if I'm the best person to ask about life advice. 

Mozu: No, that's not what this is about. 

Subaki: I see. Then what's on your mind? 

Mozu: Well, I realized something important... I like you, Subaki... 

Subaki: Huh? Umm, th-thank you. That's very kind. 

Mozu: Th-thank you? What does that even mean? How can that be your reply? 

Subaki: I'm sorry. It's just that I'm surprised to hear you say that. It's 
very sudden. 

Mozu: I understand. I'm sorry for the shock. But the truth is, I've liked you 
from the moment we first met. You're gifted in a million ways. I've never met 
anyone like you. But I know that you could never have feelings for some 
country girl like me. It obviously wouldn't be a good match. 

Subaki: Oh, Mozu... 

Mozu: We've had so many amazing conversations lately. I don't know... I guess 
I thought it would be OK to admit how I've been feeling. Maybe I'm crazy. 
Sorry for springing that on you. 

Subaki: Why do you have such a skewed perspective on yourself? 

Mozu: What do you mean? 

Subaki: Mozu, I like you too! 

Mozu: What?! R-really? 

Subaki: I can't stand hearing you say that we wouldn't be a good match. Just 
because we have different backgrounds doesn't mean we can't like each other. 

Mozu: Oh, Subaki. Thank you. Your kind words mean the world to me. 

Subaki: I'm sorry that I worried you. But from here on out, just know that I 
will be right by your side. If you'll have me. 

Mozu: Nothing would make me happier.
A3. Sakura C

Subaki: *yawn* If I didn't know better, I'd think I was sleepy...

Sakura: Subaki, did you just say you were tired...? 

Subaki: Ah! L-Lady Sakura...! Of course not! I said nothing of the sort. 

Sakura: Oh, I must have misheard. I've never heard you complain before... 

Subaki: Well, I've never felt fatigue before... I doubt I would recognize it. 

Sakura: Subaki, when's the last time you got some sleep? Now that I think 
about it... You were in that epic battle yesterday. We barely scraped by, and 
then... Right after that, you attended the strategy meeting, didn't you? And 
I heard you're commanding the rear troops and organizing all of the 

Subaki: That is all true... but as you know, for me, it's a piece of cake! 

Sakura: I'm not doubting your skills, but please... don't run yourself into 
the ground, OK? 

Subaki: That would be impossible! 

Sakura: I know how hard you work to make it look easy. You don't have to 
pretend with me. 

Subaki: Shhh! L-Lady Sakura... don't speak another word! 

Sakura: B-but...! 

Subaki: I just remembered some supplies I need to attend to. Excuse me... 
(Subaki leaves) 

Sakura: Subaki...!
Sakura B

Subaki: *sigh* This is terrible!

Sakura: Subaki, what are you reading there? It has you so tense, you're 
wrinkling the pages! 

Subaki: L-Lady Sakura! Th-this? It's...nothing... *sigh* There's no use 
trying to hide it... The rumor will spread soon anyway. 

Sakura: What rumor? 

Subaki: I accidentally doubled our weapons order. See? Right here. It should 
say 10. 

Haha! Is that all? That's OK. It's better to have more weapons than not 

Subaki: Only an idiot could mess up something so...basic! This is 
devastating. My perfect record has a blot in it now. I'm finished! 

Sakura: Now, Subaki... I can think of a few slipups you've recovered from in 
the past... 

Subaki: I keep hoping you'll forget that...uh... incident. 

Sakura: How could I forget your arrival at the castle? You were so splendid! 
...And then you fell off of your pegasus... right in front of Hana and me? It 
was endearing... 

Subaki: More like embarrassing. You shouldn't delight in other people's 

Sakura: I-I'm sorry...! At least I didn't laugh like Hana... 

Subaki: Well, don't get your hopes up. I will never repeat a mistake like 
that again. 

Sakura: Subaki, I'm sorry! 

Subaki: A flawed soldier is worthless! I must take my leave. Excuse me... 
(Subaki leaves) 

Sakura: Subaki...! I think he misunderstood me...
Sakura A

Sakura: Subaki, I've been thinking about our conversation... 

Subaki: N-not this again! Lady Sakura, please, let's leave it in the past. 

Sakura: But I'm worried about you trying to be perfect all the time. No one 
needs that! 

Subaki: Please understand. I've been destined for the castle guard since my 
youth. That's why my parents set the bar so high. I had to be perfect at all 
times. Otherwise, I would embarrass myself in front of royalty. No mistakes 

Sakura: But everyone makes mistakes! 

Subaki: Not me. I will not be the flaw in your reputation, Lady Sakura. 

Sakura: Huh? 

Subaki: Your retainers are a reflection of you. I was ashamed when I fell 
from the saddle. But you were gracious and forgiving. You chose me as your 
retainer anyway... I swore then that I would never let you down again. I 
would be flawless. 

Sakura: But, Subaki... feeling sorry for you wasn't why I chose you. 

Subaki: It wasn't? 

Sakura: No. I chose you because I thought you were amazing. You were brave 
and strong! You were such a hard worker! That one little fall made you all 
the more charming. 

Subaki: Really?! 

Sakura: Yes! Now, please, stop torturing yourself! There's no need to try so 

Subaki: Lady Sakura, you accept me as I am. Thank you! It is an honor to be 
in your service. 

Sakura: Thanks, Subaki. I depend on you!
Sakura S

Subaki: Lady Sakura, I would like to swear an oath to you. 

Sakura: An... oath? 

Subaki: Yes. Your speech the other day left quite an impression on me. It 
would be an honor if I might renew my vow to serve you. 

Sakura: O-oh, all right. Go ahead, then. 

Subaki: I was born into a family that served the Hoshidan crown for 
generations. My parents raised me to be a paragon of strength and skill. 

Sakura: Yes... 

Subaki: I thought the only way to make others happy was to perform 

Sakura: B-but you've learned that's not true, right? 

Subaki: Yes. You've completely destroyed my entire belief system! 

Sakura: Destroyed it?! I-I didn't mean to! But I guess you're right! I did, 
didn't I? 

Subaki: Hahaha, it's OK. I'm extremely grateful that you did. Those values 
were a source of pride. I didn't think I'd forget them so easily. And 
yet...when I'm with you...I want to show you my perfect side... and my not-
so-perfect side. 

Sakura: I accept your oath and would ask one more thing of you. 

Subaki: Yes! What is it? I will do anything my liege asks. 

Sakura: I would be much happier if you thought of me as a woman, not a liege. 
I love you, Subaki. Is that wrong? 

Subaki: O-of course not! As your retainer, I assumed you would always be 
beyond my reach. Even though I loved you, I resigned myself to be nothing 
more than your loyal retainer. 

Sakura: So... you have feelings for me too? 

Subaki: Yes! From now on, I will serve you both as my liege and the woman I 

Sakura: Thank you. I love you too, Subaki!
A3. Hinoka C

Subaki: Greetings, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Subaki. How are you today? 

Subaki: I'm doing perfectly well, as always. 

Hinoka: I'm glad to hear it. It's been quite some time since last we spoke. 
We used to talk regularly back when I was in training as a pegasus knight. 

Subaki: Of course, I remember. 

Hinoka: I suppose it would be more accurate to say that you were mostly just 
teaching me. 

Subaki: Oh, I didn't teach you that much. I simply showed you the simplest 
way to bond with a pegasus. 

Hinoka: Back then, I had a well of hate for every aspect of Nohr. I believe 
the pegasi could feel that anger burning within me. But you showed me how to 
let go. To calm my burdened spirit. 

Subaki: Haha, is that right? I feel like you may be giving me more credit 
than I deserve. 

Hinoka: No, it's true... You told me that it wasn't about trying to control 
the pegasus. It was about bonding with the creature. That totally altered my 
perspective. You also helped open my eyes to the intricate beauty of nature. 
The rustle of leaves and sounds of chirping birds makes me think of you, even 

Subaki: Is that right? Gods, it seems like so long ago now. 

Hinoka: I recall those days fondly. 

Subaki: As do I, Lady Hinoka.
Hinoka B

Subaki: Oh, Lady Hinoka. We keep bumping into each other lately. 

Hinoka: Isn't that lucky? Our recent conversation made me recollect on my 
past as an apprentice. 

Subaki: Do you remember the night of the storm? 

Hinoka: I wish I could forget... 

Subaki: It was a very trying night, to say the least. Lady Sakura had gone 
missing in the forest. You and I went out to search for her together. 

Hinoka: I was angry that we couldn't find her, so I sent out more search 
parties. But you wanted to minimize our losses. We... We fought that night. I 
lost my temper. All I could think of was her safety. I caused a lot of 

Subaki: It couldn't have been helped. After all, you were utterly exhausted, 
Lady Hinoka. You couldn't help but try to seek her out yourself. But the 
storm was raging to the point that the pegasi simply couldn't fly. 

Hinoka: But you found me. And you charged into the forest on foot and rescued 

Subaki: I just had to concentrate and think where she would have taken 
shelter. It's lucky that no one was injured that night. Or worse. 

Hinoka: We sisters certainly have caused you our fair share of trouble, 
haven't we? I'm glad that we had a moment to speak about it. I'll never 
forget... You've always been dependable, Subaki. I hope you know I appreciate 

Subaki: Of course. You can always depend on me.
Hinoka A

Hinoka: I watched you flying pegasi this afternoon, Subaki. Tell me... Are 
you helping to train this new class of recruits? 

Subaki: That's right. Many Hoshidan recruits are hoping to become pegasus 

Hinoka: Pegasus knights... The valiant warriors who soar through the skies. 
Those brave souls are the backbone of the Hoshidan army. 

Subaki: Very true. Many of them actually look up to you, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Really?! 

Subaki: It's true. Mere moments ago, I heard one of the troops speaking about 
you. They admired your graceful fighting style and close relationship with 
your pegasus. I'm sure none of this comes as much of a surprise to you. I 
think you're remarkable too. 

Hinoka: That's kind of you to say. The new recruits greatly admire you as 
well, Subaki. 

Subaki: Is that right? 

Hinoka: Your demeanor and loyalty are the stuff of legend. In their heart, I 
believe every Hoshidan warrior truly wants to be just like you. 

Subaki: Oh, you're just trying to flatter me, haha. 

Hinoka: It's true. We've made our way through a great many hardships 
together. So much time has passed, and now the troops look up to us. It's 
almost embarrassing. 

Subaki: But as representatives of the recruits...no, the whole kingdom of 
Hoshido... we must do what we can to live up to their hopes and expectations. 

Hinoka: You're absolutely right. Maybe someday, one of these young recruits 
will lead the next generation... It's an extraordinary responsibility. 

Subaki: For the sake of our culture's future, we must be excellent leaders.
Hinoka S

Subaki: Hello, Lady Hinoka. May I speak to you for a moment? 

Hinoka: Of course. What is it, Subaki? 

Subaki: Well, honestly... I wanted your advice on something. 

Hinoka: You need advice? How unlike you. Please, ask me anything you like. 
I'm happy to help however I can. 

Subaki: I appreciate it. So the thing is...I have feelings for someone. 

Hinoka: What?! YOU need romantic advice?! 

Subaki: I-I'm sorry, is that inappropriate? 

Hinoka: No, no, of course not. I'm just a bit ignorant in the ways of love. 
Surely there must be someone more knowledgeable who can help you. 

Subaki: You've never known love, Lady Hinoka? 

Hinoka: No, I can't say that I have. 

Subaki: You've never had a boyfriend? Or a fiancé? 

Hinoka: N-no, never. Oh, Subaki, why are you making me go on about my lonely 

Subaki: You don't have to be lonely... 

Hinoka: What do you mean? 

Subaki: I must admit, it makes me happy to learn that you don't have a 
boyfriend. I apologize if this is too forward... But would you ever consider 
seeing me? 

Hinoka: Subaki! 

Subaki: I'm sorry. But I must admit that I have feelings for you, Lady 
Hinoka. Do you recall when we talked about the future? About how those who 
look up to us will eventually be leaders. I realized that nothing would make 
me happier than leading together. I hate to think of someone else standing by 
your side. I know that I'm just a soldier. But know that my feelings are 

Hinoka: Subaki, it's fine. The truth is, I like you too. 

Subaki: R-really? Are you sure? 

Hinoka: Considering that you're Sakura's retainer, I didn't want to 
complicate things. But it would seem that my caution was unnecessary. I wish 
to spend my days by your side. 

Subaki: Nothing would make me happier! 

Hinoka: Together, we can provide encouragement and hope to all of Hoshido. 
Take my hand, Subaki. 

Subaki: With pleasure, Lady Hinoka!
A3. Rinkah C

Rinkah: Good afternoon, Subaki. 

Subaki: Hello, Rinkah. Did you need something? 

Rinkah: I've been wanting to talk to you about the recent battle. I can't get 
it out of my head. 

Subaki: Oh? Why's that? 

Rinkah: After our enemies began to retreat, you pushed on and pursued them. 
You kept going for quite a distance. 

Subaki: I didn't chase them that far... 

Rinkah: No, you did. Even if we had attempted to follow, it would have taken 
a great deal of time to catch up. 

Subaki: Hmm... Perhaps that's true. It's hard to recall in hindsight. 

Rinkah: It seemed unnecessarily dangerous, don't you think? What would you 
have done if a band of archers had been waiting to ambush you? 

Subaki: I took precautions before giving chase, Rinkah. It wasn't a reckless 

Rinkah: You left yourself open for attack. Even a warrior as skilled as 
yourself can be felled by a stray arrow. 

Subaki: I strive for perfection in all things. There is no way I would 
overlook something so crucial. Please, don't concern yourself with my well-
being. My tactics are beyond reproach. 

Rinkah: Heh. How absurd. You court danger at every possible turn. But what do 
I care? Just do as you please! 
(Rinkah leaves) 

Subaki: Well that was unexpected. I wonder why she got so upset. I suppose 
she was simply trying to look out for me. Perhaps I should try and 
Rinkah B

Subaki: There you are, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Oh, Subaki. What brings you here? 

Subaki: Well, I was thinking about our conversation the other day. I owe you 
an apology. All you did was express concern for my well-being. I'm sorry that 
I brushed you off. 

Rinkah: No, it's all right. I behaved foolishly. Who am I to question your 

Subaki: What I meant to say was that my view from the sky gives me an 
advantage. It's harder to overlook important details on the battlefield. 

Rinkah: You can survey from the ground too, if you pay keen attention. 

Subaki: Th-that's true. Tell me, have I upset you once again? 

Rinkah: No, I'm not angry. 

Subaki: That's a relief to hear. Making a sensible judgment is difficult when 
the right words escape you. I need to take greater caution when I'm 
conversing with you, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Oh, I see... You think I'm short tempered! What kind of pathetic 
excuse is that for an apology, Subaki?! 
 (Rinkah leaves) 

Subaki: Wait, Rinkah! Come back! Why did I open my big mouth again?
Rinkah A

Rinkah: Oh, Subaki. 

Subaki: Rinkah... I'm sorry about before. I never meant to raise your ire. 

Rinkah: I see you beat me to the punch, Subaki. 

Subaki: Huh? What do you mean? 

Rinkah: You're the one who deserves an apology. That's why I've been looking 
for you. My temper got the better of me. I'm sorry. 

Subaki: Honestly, I understand why you got angry. I should have chosen my 
words with greater care. 

Rinkah: That's not it... The truth of the matter is, that's just a touchy 
subject for me. I can be very temperamental. Sometimes, it can be challenging 
for me to make a calm judgment. For whatever reason, I've never been able to 
change that aspect of my personality. It's ridiculous for me to question 
others' opinions. 

Subaki: I disagree. I've been doing a bit of reflection as well. This is hard 
for me to discuss... But I always aim for excellence in each and every 
pursuit. So to have my tactics brought into question made me flustered. I'm 

Rinkah: Why don't we just call it even then? 

Subaki: That sounds good. If you want to talk with me later, feel free. 

Rinkah: Will do!
Rinkah S

Subaki: Rinkah, I've been looking all over for you. Can we speak? 

Rinkah: Sure, Subaki. What's on your mind? 

Subaki: I've been thinking about our conversation the other day. 

Rinkah: I thought we agreed to call things even. It was just a 
misunderstanding, right? 

Subaki: Sure, that's true. But I think I understand why we kept quarreling. 

Rinkah: Oh? And why is that? 

Subaki: I realized that... I like you. 

Rinkah: Oh, you like me. I see. Wait... WH-WHAT? 

Subaki: Is it that surprising? Did I catch you off guard? 

Rinkah: Are you serious? I'm shocked! But what do you mean exactly...? 

Subaki: I have feelings for you. Serious feelings. 

Rinkah: And how exactly did you arrive at that conclusion? 

Subaki: I finally got why I always put my foot in my mouth around you. I want 
to say the perfect thing to try and sound impressive. But by doing that, I'm 
not really being true to myself. That's why I keep making you mad. What do 
you think, Rinkah? 

Rinkah: What do you mean? 

Subaki: Do you dislike me? I would understand if that's the case. 

Rinkah: No, it's not that... In retrospect, I'm the one who brought up your 
bold battle style. Your obsession with perfection is maddening... But I think 
I may have liked you too, ever since we first spoke. 

Subaki: So you mean... 

Rinkah: We both seem to feel the same way. 

Subaki: That's wonderful. You and I will be the perfect married couple, don't 
you think? 

Rinkah: Wow, what? Why do we have to talk about getting married already? All 
I said was that I liked you! 

Subaki: Well, it just seems like the obvious next step, right? 

Rinkah: Maybe someday. But I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the next step 

Subaki: Oh, you don't like the idea? 

Rinkah: I never said that! There's just no reason to rush anything. 

Subaki: You're probably right, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Regardless of what happens in the future, know that my feelings are 

Subaki: Nothing could make me happier. I want to spend all my days with you. 
I'll take care of you, no matter what. I promise. 

Rinkah: I'll take care of you too.
A3. Hana C

Hana: Hey, Subaki! I was curious... Do you still go around telling people 
that you're perfect?

Subaki: What's that supposed to mean? And even if I do, it's not like it's a 

Hana: Do you really think you're 100 percent without any faults at all?

Subaki: Hana, if you're trying to say something, just say it instead of 
dancing around it.

Hana: Okay, then. If you're perfect, why is it that you fell off your mount 
when we first met? You did it right in front of me and Lady Sakura- it was 
actually pretty hilarious. I didn't know it was possible to fly that far from 
a stationary horse.

Subaki: *sigh...* Why is it that you always bring this up? Can't you just let 
it rest...

Hana: Never! I'll remember that for the rest of my life. Unless... you go out 
there and tell everyone in the army about it.

Subaki: What is this about? Why are you attacking me out of the blue?

Hana: Because, Subaki... every day I hear the same things from people... "Oh, 
you get to work with that handsome Subaki. You're so lucky. He's just so 
perfect and has no faults at all- and you get to be near him. I bet it's hard 
to shine with that perfection so close." They say this right to my face!

Subaki: I didn't realize people were actually talking that way... I'm so 
happy to hear that they're praising me!

Hana: Ugh! It's no about that at all. Think about how I feel. I don't speak 
up and it feels like I'm lying to everyone! Someone who falls off a mount 
that isn't even moving isn't perfect!

Subaki: Hmph...

Hana: Are you mad? Don't you have anything to say to prove me wrong? I'm sure 
Sakura holds the same opinion as I do. She's just too polite to say it.

Subaki: Hana, you always ignore the honorific. You must refer to our liege as 
"Lady" Sakura.

Hana: ...Really? Your best comeback is to change the subject? Are you 
admitting that everything I said about you is true, then?

Subaki: No, Hana, I'm not. And I don't think someone who is rude to a fellow 
retainer is worthy of Lady Sakura!

Hana: Oooh, that's it! We have to battle to see which of us is more worthy!

Subaki: Sounds good to me! Someone as perfect as myself can't possibly lose!

Hana: Grrr! I'll show you!
Hana B

Hana: There you are, Subaki. Are you ready for the first challenge? We agreed 
to start with swordsmanship, didn't we? 

Subaki: That's correct. And then we'll move on to horseback riding. 

Hana: Right. Each of us gets our specialties, and we'll continue until one of 
us slips up. Are you ready? 

Subaki: I'm always ready! 

Hana: Then it's down to business... En garde! Hraaaagh!! $Wc(weapon clang) 

Subaki: Grrr... It's no use-you're too good! Your skill with the sword is, 
dare I say, better than my own! 

Hana: Of course it is! Everyone thinking you're perfect is great, but it 
doesn't make it so! If nothing else, I won't lose to you in a swordplay 
contest! Hyah! Hragh! Heeyaaa!! 

Subaki: You've got me on my heels. I can only barely block your attacks... 
Or...can I? 

Hana: What do you mea- 

Subaki: An opening!!

Hana: Owwww!! How did that happen? You actually landed a winning blow on me? 
I can't believe it... 

Subaki: Hah. You are definitely faster and more agile than I when it comes to 
the sword. You're clearly one with your blade. 

Hana: Then... how is this possible? 

Subaki: Simple-I've been studying you during your training for months. I 
observed your habits and developed tactics to counter them! 

Hana: Are you kidding me?! 

Subaki: I suspected a day would come where we'd face off, so I planned ahead. 
Whenever you alternate left, right, left, right, you follow with a downward 
slash. Once I knew the timing, I devised the perfect counterattack! 

Hana: That's cheating!! 

Subaki: Not in the least-this was a victory of brains over brawn, plain and 
simple. What more proof do you need that I am in fact perfect and not just 
boasting? You should always strategize before a battle. Going in blind is 

Hana: Hmph... I hate to admit it, but you're right. You deserve this win. 

Subaki: Hahaha! The first battle is mine!
Hana A

Subaki: All right, today it's all about horseback riding! 

Hana: Yup, it is... 

Subaki: What's the matter, Hana? You don't look too motivated. Don't tell me 
you want to surrender without even taking the field. 

Hana: ...No, that's not the case. 

Subaki: I mean, I would definitely understand if you did. When it comes to 
horseback riding, I am the superior contender here. 

Hana: ... 

Subaki: Are you ready to begin, then? That tree at the top of the hill is the 
goal. Whoever gets there first is the winner. 

Hana: Got it. 

Subaki: All right... Ready... Set... Go!! 

Hana: Hah! 

Subaki: Hrah!!

Hana: Haha! I win! Looks like we're back to square one! 

Subaki: Ugh... How could you... How could you beat me? 

Hana: My secret is not having fallen off my horse when we first met! 

Subaki: *sigh...* No matter what I did, my horse couldn't seem to catch up to 
yours... Did you have some elaborate plan put together in order to beat me? 

Hana: I didn't have any strategy. You know that I'm the last person to plan 
ahead in most situations. 

Subaki: But I got the sense today that you were calmer than usual. There was 
this strange composure you had... Was that your secret? 

Hana: I guess I just wasn't concerned about whether I would win or lose. In 
the end, we were battling over who was the best of Lady Sakura's retainers. 
We thought that would be best proven in tests of skill, right? 

Subaki: Yes, I guess so. 

Hana: But when it comes to serving Lady Sakura... It's more important that we 
are both able to protect her, not who can do it better. This realization took 
a lot of the frustration I was feeling right out of me. 

Subaki: So that's why you were acting so calm... Horses can sense the 
demeanor of the rider...and they react to that. I was so wound up and focused 
on winning, my anxious energy was bothering my horse. But your horse may have 
felt the calm rolling off you and thus synergized better. You deserve this 

Hana: So... it's a draw, then? Should we keep competing like this? 

Subaki: No. We have no reason to keep competing. Just like you said, the most 
important thing for us is to protect Lady Sakura. It's great that we push 
ourselves to be better, but we don't need a "winner." 

Hana: I agree. I'm sorry, Subaki. We got into this fight because I was so 
rude. I shouldn't have injured your pride. 

Subaki: No, I earned some of the blame as well. 

Hana: Heehee. You're a kind person, Subaki. I might yet forget you fell off 
your horse the first time we met. 

Subaki: Somehow I doubt you'll ever forget that... 

Hana: Well, I won't tell anyone, at least. Let's be good friends from now on 
and keep defending Lady Sakura. 

Subaki: OK, Hana!
Hana S

Hana: Hey, Subaki, how're you feeling? 

Subaki: H-hey there, Hana. 

Hana: Uh... Are you OK? I thought you'd be happy to see me after we finally 
figured everything out. Did you change your mind? Do we need to start 
actively competing again? 

Subaki: I realized, after our talk, that the whole reason we even started 
competing was... because you brought up the story of me falling off the 

Hana: Yeah... Sorry again about that. 

Subaki: I'm not bringing it up to make you feel bad. It's just that that 
story reminds me of how upset I was for embarrassing myself... in front of 

Hana: Wait, me? Don't you mean Lady Sakura? 

Subaki: No, it was you I was worried about. I really thought about whether or 
not to tell you this... But... I really like you. As a teammate of course, 
but also as something more. If you know what I mean. 

Hana: Subaki... 

Subaki: I'm sorry, I just had to tell you this. I doubt you see me as 
anything more than a teammate... 

Hana: ...That's not true. 

Subaki: Huh...? 

Hana: I also... I really like you too! 

Subaki: What?! I never knew. So, we both have feelings for each other? 

Hana: That's right... Heehee. 

Subaki: Phew, I'm glad I confessed my feelings, then. 

Hana: It means a lot. I mean, what you said, but also that you openly shared 
your feelings. I appreciate it. 

Subaki: I bet we can work together to defend Lady Sakura even better now! 

Hana: Right on! Oh yeah-I guess we should let Lady Sakura know too. I'm sure 
she'll be happy. 

Subaki: Sounds good!
A3. Orochi C

Orochi: Subaki! I've been looking everywhere for you! 

Subaki: Sorry, Orochi. What can I do for you? 

Orochi: It's what I can do for you, my happy-go-lucky friend. Though you 
won't be so happy, or so lucky, for much longer. 

Subaki: What?! Have you seen my future? 

Orochi: Yes! Never have I seen a bleaker one. Soon you'll experience one 
unfortunate event after another. The odd thing is that these events will be 
minor-though MANY. 

Subaki: Minor misfortunes? Then I'll surely be able to weather them. 

Orochi: How wrong you are. They will be TOO many, TOO often. You'll get a 
splinter in your finger...a spider will drop on your head... food will 
spatter your white clothes... you'll chip your tooth on a peach pit... Any 
one of these would be forgettable. One after another? Madness. 

Subaki: I agree, especially for someone like me. My perfection-shattered! 

Orochi: Exactly, Subaki. But this is why I rushed to find you. I know the key 
to survival. You must stop being such a perfectionist. Accept life's little 

Subaki: Certainly not. Why, I'll make sure none of these things happen! 

Orochi: Oh? How? 

Subaki: I'll stay on guard around the clock for these problems. I need only 
be extra vigilant. Easily done. 

Orochi: Hmm. I'm sure if anyone could survive a maelstrom of minor mishaps, 
it's you. Good luck, Subaki.
Orochi B

Subaki: A minute of your time, Orochi. 

Orochi: I've always got a minute for you, Subaki. If not several. Hmm. But I 
don't like the look of that grin on your face, Subaki. 

Subaki: Ha! I triumphed over the bad fortune you said was in store for me! 
I've been vigilant. I've avoided every mishap and pitfall. For example... I 
saw an utterly unwashed fellow in a nearby town take a tumble. I helped him 
up-but only after putting a glove on my hand first. No grime, no sludge, not 
a speck of dirt passed between us. 

Orochi: Hmm. But have you encountered more such chaos than usual? 

Subaki: Oh, yes. From all sides. But I have risen above it all with aplomb. 

Orochi: Well done... 

Subaki: Whoa there, Orochi. You sound far from happy for me. 

Orochi: I guess I hoped that such a perfect perfectionist might fail. Once. 

Subaki: Aha! Well, I forgive you. I'm used to friends hoping to see me fail a 
little. It must be hard to see me sail through life for those that struggle. 
By the way... Why are you carrying that ewer of icky-looking fluid? 

Orochi: It's a new brew of mine. I stewed herbs with some noxious 
ingredients. Oh! Ewgh! I'm feeling... suddenly...dizz- 

Subaki: Watch out, Orochi! HEY! 

Orochi: Oops. 

Subaki: ...... 

Orochi: Are you all right, Subaki? 

Subaki: Urgh! What is this stuff?! It's all gooey and lumpy-like some sort of 
evil soup! And what are these? Croutons? Noodles? No! Dead insects! Eww! And 
worms! And rat tails! Ew, ew, ew! Someone! Anyone! Help! 
(Subaki leaves) 

Orochi: How unlucky. I really shouldn't chuckle. That would be wrong and 
petty of me. Heh.
Orochi A

Subaki: Oh. Hello, Orochi. Glad to see you're not toting any more ewers of 
evil fluid. 

Orochi: About that, Subaki. I really am sorry for spilling that on you. Heh. 
I mean... Very sorry, Subaki. Pfffft-HA! 

Subaki: How can you laugh about it? You're not sorry one bit. Do you know how 
befouled I was by your noxious brew? 

Orochi: I know I shouldn't laugh, but... Oh, it was quite a sight. 

Subaki: I washed. And scrubbed. And then had to throw away the soap! And even 
then-I stank forever. It's no laughing matter. 

Orochi: Bwa-hee-haw-haw! 

Subaki: Sheesh. Stop your braying, you wicked donkey. 

Orochi: Oh?! You should THANK me. Don't you realize how I saved you from 
certain disaster? 

Subaki: Saved me? 

Orochi: You were able to dodge many minor mishaps, Subaki. But fate is fate. 
All those chickadees would come home to roost. Sooner or later-and all at 
once, in a massive flock of misfortune. 

Subaki: A flock of- 

Orochi: Oh, more swarm, a plague, all falling on your head at once! Lucky for 
you, I dumped all of that nasty brew all over you. I discharged all the bad 
luck that was building up. 

Subaki: Seriously, Orochi? 

Orochi: Would I jest about such a thing? Fortunately, now you're free and 
clear. The wave of misfortune has passed. You may thank me now. 

Subaki: But it was torment having all that gunk on me! 

Orochi: You fail to understand. If that bad luck would have continued 
building up for just one more day... Kaboom, Subaki. Kaboom. 

Subaki: Ka... boom? I suppose that means that I owe my life to you. 

Orochi: Yes, it does. 

Subaki: Well then, thank you. 

Orochi: Anytime, Subaki!
Orochi S

Subaki: Hello there, Orochi! 

Orochi: Ah, my good friend-the paragon of perfection. How can I help you? 

Subaki: Can you teach me divination? 

Orochi: That's a bit out of the blue, Subaki. 

Subaki: Not at all. My recent brush with all those minor mishaps got me 
thinking. You warned me it would happen. If I knew divination, I could warn 
others too. 

Orochi: Noble of you, but divination is my sphere, not yours. Besides, in 
general, I never tell people that minor mishaps are coming. Everyone would be 
walking on eggshells all the time. You were an exception. 

Subaki: But with us meeting new people now and then, I'd like to do more for 
them. Are you sure you can handle predicting disasters for all of us? 

Orochi: Truth is, I don't peer into every single person's future on a daily 
basis. I predict our army's future. If there's an ill wind, I find out who 
it's blowing toward. The truth is also that I do look into one person's 
future all the time... Yours, Subaki. 

Subaki: Really? 

Orochi: I like you too much not to probe your daily fate. 

Subaki: What? 

Orochi: Oh, which shocked you? That I probe? That I'm especially fond of you? 
We're so often in peril, I couldn't help looking after you. 

Subaki: I'm not really shocked. More pleased than anything. 

Orochi: You're not toying with Orochi, are you? That would be a mistake. 

Subaki: I'm not sure that anyone's really cared for me. Not that much, 
anyway. And I guess that brings me to why I wanted to speak with you. I like 
you...too much too. 

Orochi: Two of us, liking each other? Then it's not too much at all. But 
rather, just right. 

Subaki: How curious, the way we approached each other-two shy fawns in the 

Orochi: Or two vipers in a basket? 

Subaki: Either way, I'm so happy we've found each other. And now, Orochi... I 
definitely need to learn divination from you. I need to protect you. 

Orochi: Thank you, Subaki. But I've seen us this far safely with my powers. I 
will ensure that our happiness lasts FAR into the future, my dear.
A3. Setsuna C

Subaki: Oh, great... Why'd it have to be you they assigned to this job? 

Setsuna: I don't understand... 

Subaki: You were selected to help train the new recruits, right? I understand 
why I was chosen, but I have no idea why they would pick you. 

Setsuna: Why was I chosen... 

Subaki: Yes, that is what I'm asking you. 

Setsuna: Oh. I have no idea. It's an important job, though. We should be sure 
to do it right... 

Subaki: I never thought I'd hear you say something like that. Anyway, we 
should figure out how best to divide the work between us. I think I'll handle 
figuring it out, though. You might get distracted... 

Setsuna: Thank you, Subaki... 

Subaki: Hmmm... How about you handle the archery training... You're 
exceptional with a bow and arrow, after all. 

Setsuna: I can do that... 

Subaki: And... No, that's it. I'll take care of all the rest. It's probably 
better that way. 

Setsuna: OK... Do your best, Subaki. 

Subaki: You too, Setsuna.
Setsuna B

Subaki: Setsuna, why did you break away from the group back there? 

Setsuna: Um, back where? 

Subaki: In the valley, where the recruits were practicing marching. They were 
marching in perfect unison when you suddenly broke off in another direction. 

Setsuna: Oh. That's because I saw some wild strawberries and mushrooms... See 
how tasty they look? Would you like a few? 

Subaki: N-no, I think I'm good for now. But listen, you can't just go off and 
do things like that. You're a teacher. The new recruits are trying to learn 
from you, so you can't display bad habits. You could accidentally teach them 
to fall into traps, like you do. 

Setsuna: I am quite good at that... 

Subaki: *sigh* This time, nothing bad happened, but it may not always be that 
way. You have to take good care of your recruits. 

Setsuna: I'm sure my recruits will appreciate the food I found, though. 

Subaki: Setsuna, you're leading them. You need to demonstrate leadership 
behavior. Good leadership behavior! 

Setsuna: You're saying I'm a leader? 

Subaki: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. 

Setsuna: Thank you so much for the compliment, Subaki. No one has ever called 
me a leader. 

Subaki: I'm... *sigh* I'm not complimenting you, Setsuna. I'm saying you need 
to display leadership skills. It's our job to train these recruits. We have 
to work together. I'm counting on you. 

Setsuna: OK... I'll do my best...
Setsuna A

Setsuna: Hello, Subaki... 

Subaki: Ah, Setsuna. Do you need something? 

Setsuna: Have you got a moment? 

Subaki: I do. In fact, I had something I wanted to talk with you about, as 

Setsuna: Oh. Well, you can go first. 

Subaki: Go ahead. You sought me out, so yours may be more important. 

Setsuna: OK... I was thinking that maybe I should resign as an instructor for 
the recruits. 

Subaki: Excuse me? Why would you do that? 

Setsuna: Because, despite you telling me to focus, I drifted off into the 
mountains again. I saw some rare plants and went to get them, so I caused 
more trouble for you. 

Subaki: Oh, yeah. Well, what I had to say actually relates to that. One of 
the recruits told me the other day that he really looks up to you. 

Setsuna: Really? But why... 

Subaki: He's really impressed with how observant you are. No one knew that 
plant was there. He said that marching with you makes a dreary task exciting 
and interesting. Somehow, he's learning things from your little detours 
during marches. 

Setsuna: I'm glad that it's helping... 

Subaki: Hearing what he had to say, I realized I needed to reconsider what I 
said to you. I now think it's good that they have someone like you to look up 
to. I apologize for being so hard on you. So, knowing that... Will you give 
training another shot? I'll help you however I can! 

Setsuna: OK. I'll try again. I'm happy that they are learning from me. I'll 
do my best to be a good example... 

Subaki: Perfect! That's the spirit! I'll see you bright and early tomorrow.
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Hey, Subaki... 

Subaki: Ah, there you are, Setsuna! I've noticed you working hard to train 
the recruits! I'm only hearing positive things. 

Setsuna: Really? I'm glad that's happening... 

Subaki: Anyway, did you need something? 

Setsuna: Yes... I was talking with some of the recruits earlier today... They 
said something to me that really struck me. 

Subaki: Oh, really? Was it about your training? Something they find really 

Setsuna: No, it wasn't related to training... 

Subaki: Hrm. What was it about, then? 

Setsuna: They said that you and I make a really good team. Also, we 
apparently look good together... 

Subaki: I... Excuse me? 

Setsuna: And after they said it I paid a bit more attention... I think 
they're right... And I realized that I really do like you. 

Subaki: Setsuna... 

Setsuna: And that's all I had to say. See you later... 

Subaki: Hang on; you're leaving? Where are you going?! 

Setsuna: Home, of course. I'm all done talking... 

Subaki: But... this conversation isn't over, I think. After what you said, 
don't you need to hear how I feel about you, too? 

Setsuna: Nope. You don't have to like me as well, or anything like that. I 
just wanted you to know how I felt. 

Subaki: Oh, Setsuna... You really can miss the obvious sometimes, you know 
that? Of course I like you as well. 

Setsuna: Oh... 

Subaki: I'll admit, at first that wasn't true at all. But eventually I 
realized I was pushing you to improve because I cared that you did. I cared 
about you. Knowing that you feel the same, it just seems so perfect for us to 
be together. What do you say? 

Setsuna: Yes, of course... I'm happy... 

Subaki: Me, too! You know the recruits are really going to gossip now... 

Setsuna: I don't care... As long as we're together...
A3. Oboro C

Subaki: That's an unusually large crowd at the general store... Is something 
going on? 

Oboro: Hello, one and all! Fresh off the wagon, we've got these pristine new 
tea sets! Highly desirable! Step right on up, and get a good look at the 
exquisite pattern! 

Subaki: Is that... Oboro? 

Oboro: Oh, very sorry, sir. But our stock of ink sticks has run dry. No, I 
don't doubt that your cousin bought one from us, but we're simply fresh out. 
But you might be interested in a jar of squid ink, which is every bit as 
good. Not only that, it's cheaper. So really, it's a better choice all 

Subaki: Oboro's in her element here... 

Oh, my apologies, ma'am! I think you'll find that turning it upside down will 
solve all your problems. I'm sorry that wasn't clearer to begin with.

Subaki: She's even good at placating angry customers. 

Oboro: What the-Subaki? 

Subaki: Hi, Oboro. Don't think I didn't see you dealing with the shoppers. 
What are you doing playing merchant? 

Oboro: Well... the store's owner fell ill suddenly and didn't have enough 
help to stay open. Once I heard about the problem, I decided to help out. 

Subaki: That's a pity, but it's very kind of you to step in. I would go so 
far as to say your handling of the customers was perfect! Everything from 
pitching the wares to addressing complaints went smoothly. I'm surprised by 
your skill as a merchant! 

Oboro: Well, I used to help my folks around the store when I was little. 

Subaki: Did you now? How interesting. 

Oboro: I hate to ask this, but can you do me a favor? I know I'm needed back 
at the army, but... 

Subaki: Say no more! I'll dash back right away to cover for you. 

Oboro: Thanks, Subaki!
Oboro B

Subaki: This store... this is where Oboro was filling in temporarily. I 
wonder if the owner's recovered. 

Oboro: Welcome! Come right in and have a look around! We've got everything 
you need! 

Subaki: Is that Oboro? Is she still here...? 

Oboro: S...Subaki! 

Subaki: Is the owner still sick? That poor man. 

Oboro: Yeah, it's really a shame. 

Subaki: Well, give him my regards. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. 

Oboro: Subaki, I'm sorry. I know I should be spending more time with the army 
than this shop. And I know it's against regulations... But this is make-or-
break for the owner. I can't just leave his business to dry up. 

Subaki: It is frowned upon for members of the Hoshidan military to take side 
jobs, yes. 

Oboro: You're right. I can't keep doing this on the sly. I'll go tell the 
lady of the house I quit. 

Subaki: Oh, erm, well... I wouldn't mind staying mum a little bit longer, if 
it's really necessary. 

Oboro: But I... but you...! 

Subaki: How much longer do you think you'll need until the owner's up and 
around again? 

Oboro: He's improved a lot. I don't think it'll take much longer. 

Subaki: Then why not see it through to the end? 

Oboro: Is that OK? 

Subaki: I see nothing wrong with it. As long as I keep my mouth shut, who 
will know? 

Oboro: Thank you so much, Subaki. 

Subaki: Good luck minding the store!
Oboro A

Subaki: Oboro! If you're back here at your tent, is your stint as a merchant 

Oboro: Yup, everything is OK now. The owner's hard at work again, just the 
way he likes it. They tried to give me a reward, but... That's not why I was 
helping them to begin with, so I turned it down. 

Subaki: Very noble of you. 

Oboro: Subaki, I'm really sorry for all you had to put up with while I was 
working. What you did for me meant a lot. 

Subaki: No, no, don't give it a second thought. 

Oboro: What made you cover for me, anyway? You're such a perfectionist that I 
didn't think you'd overlook me skirting the rules. 

Subaki: You're right in that I'm always scrupulous when it comes to observing 
the rules. I was so anxious that someone would find out, I had second 

Oboro: Geez, really? 

Subaki: But seeing you work the counter made me hold firm. 

Oboro: It did...? 

Subaki: You seemed to be enjoying yourself. Maybe you thought you were only 
doing the shop owner a favor... But I could tell you genuinely liked working 
there, and it seemed cruel to spoil that. 

Oboro: You know, I think you're right. I didn't want to admit it, but I 
really was having fun. 

Subaki: You have a gift for working one-on-one with people. That's a rare 
talent, and it would be a shame to stifle it in you. 

Oboro: Well, at any rate, thanks again. 

Subaki: Of course. And don't worry-this whole business will remain just 
between us. 

Oboro: I won't say anything if you won't!
Oboro S

Oboro: Subaki, do you have a minute? 

Subaki: By all means, Oboro. 

Oboro: I wanted to thank you again for... Well, you know. 

Subaki: You've thanked me quite enough. It was fun to see a side of you I 
never would have guessed at. 

Oboro: No, wait, hear me out. That's... not all I wanted to say. 

Subaki: Hmm? 

Oboro: I didn't think you'd let me off the hook for skirting the rules. And 
yet... You were really understanding. I was so grateful, and after a while... 
That gratitude turned into something else. 

Subaki: O-Oboro, are you saying...? 

Oboro: You probably understand me better than anyone now. So I... I wanted to 
tell you... I love you. 

Subaki: I'm honored that you would say so, Oboro. For my part, I must have 
felt attracted to you when you were working at the store. Maybe that's why I 
couldn't tear my eyes from you. 

Oboro: Subaki... 

Subaki: If it wasn't clear yet, I love you as well. I want to be a light in 
your life, encouraging you to fulfill your dreams. You'd like to open a 
clothing store, right? 

Oboro: That was my plan. 

Subaki: Then let me support you! All I want is to help you, Oboro. Let's make 
your dreams come true!
A3. Kagero C

Kagero: Subaki, could I speak with you for a moment?

Subaki: Hm? Hello, Kagero. I have some time. What's wrong?

Kagero: Nothing is wrong, it's just... I was wondering how much you know 
about art.

Subaki: Art? Hmmm... I have decent understanding of it, at any rate. While I 
was in training to become a soldier, people often praised the maps I 

Kagero: I... see. In any case, I would like to ask a favor of you. I need 
help developing my artistic sense. I was hoping you could teach me about art.

Subaki: I'm not quite understanding. Do you need me to teach you how to draw?

Kagero: That would be part of it, I suppose, but I was thinking of starting 
more basic. The best place to start would be regarding what constitutes 
appropriate taste.

Subaki: You mean... you want to learn what is considered good or bad art? 
Seems like a roundabout way to learn, but I suppose it could work. Why do you 
keep looking around? You appear fairly suspicious doing that.

Kagero: I would prefer that my request remain absolutely secret.

Subaki: I don't think what you want is particularly unusual or something to 
be ashamed of. Most artists look to others' work for inspiration.

Kagero: It's not that my art is lacking in inspiration so much as it's, 

Subaki: Go on...

Kagero: This would be quicker if I showed you some of my work. I'll bring 
some later, and you'll see what I am trying to say. Until then, please don't 
make it known that I asked for your help.

Subaki: You needn't worry about me-I'm a natural secret keeper!
Kagero B

Kagero: So... What do you think? You've been staring at my drawings for some 

Subaki: I... definitely have a better understanding of why you sought my 
help. Remember how I mentioned that artists look to each other for 
inspiration? That's not what you need.

Kagero: It's that bad? Oh, gods...

Subaki: It's not that it's bad. You just have a very unique point of view in 
your art. For example, you labeled this piece Scenic Mountain... But it 
really looks more like a bloodshot eyeball with its lid half-closed. And this 
one, Infant Resting... The infant has pitch-black wings and a fiendish tail. 
I can see now why you want to learn what is considered appropriate in art.

Kagero: I know that what I create isn't... right. But I can't seem to produce 
anything else.

Subaki: I don't think it's wrong, actually. Maybe it's an aspect of your 
personality using your art to speak through. To change, you'd probably have 
to destroy that part of you and nurture a new part.

Kagero: How would I destroy a part of me?

Subaki: I guess you'd smother the creative part of you with whatever is 
conventionally good. You'd have to change your basic understanding of what is 

Kagero: But... I don't even know what that means.

Subaki: Hrm. Have you ever looked at a view or seen a particular person and 
thought, "I like this"?

Kagero: Of course! But when I've tried to illustrate what I saw, it becomes 
something else. I have no idea why this happens...

Subaki: Maybe that part of you I mentioned is trapped-only able to emerge in 
your art. You aren't just copying what you see-you're adapting it with your 
feelings. It's a very abstract way of creating your art, but it isn't wrong 
at all.

Kagero: Hmph... This isn't very easy to understand at all.

Subaki: Heehee... That's because our own hearts are very difficult to 
understand. Looking at your art, I can tell you have a lot of chaos in your 

Kagero: Hmm...
Kagero A

Kagero: Subaki, do you have time for an art lesson today?

Subaki: I do, but I have to tell you, I don't think you need to change your 

Kagero: What do you mean?

Subaki: After we last spoke, I dug up several books about art technique. Many 
of those who are considered great artists weren't appreciated in their lives. 
The art they created was very different, and they were treated as outcasts.

Kagero: This is not making me feel much better.

Subaki: What I mean is... maybe you have that same spark of genius, like 
other great artists.

Kagero: You truly think I have that potential? Even after looking at the art 
I make?

Subaki: It's exactly because of the art you make that I believe I am right! 
It's chaotic, and dark, and moody, and difficult to grasp, but it demands 
attention. The longer you look at it, the more sense it seems to make. It's 
like a new art style being born.

Kagero: It feels good to be praised by a man of your caliber, Subaki. I still 
feel unsettled, though...

Subaki: Don't be. You created this art without even trying to do it. I'm 
actually a little envious. You truly have natural talent!

Kagero: Now you're just being flattering. We both know you are the perfect 
example of skill and talent.

Subaki: I wasn't born with talent, though...

Kagero: Excuse me? What do you mean?

Subaki: Ah, sorry. Just thinking out loud. Anyway, what I have been meaning 
to say is this: treasure your style and viewpoint. What you create is 
incredibly unique. In fact, I think our lessons are at an end, and now I 
would like to learn from you!

Kagero: You truly mean that?

Subaki: Very much so. Believe in yourself, and have faith in your instincts.

Kagero: Thank you for the kind words, Subaki. It's settled, then! I'll do my 

Subaki: Excellent. And please-when you complete them-I'd love to see your new 
Kagero S

Subaki: Kagero, I have a favor to ask of you...

Kagero: Now this is a new experience. I can't recall you ever asking for 
favors before... I'm more than glad to do whatever I can. I'm happy you feel 
you can ask me.

Subaki: Do you really mean that? That you'll do whatever you can?

Kagero: Of course! I've taken up so much of your time with my art questions, 
it's the least I can do. Just let me know what you need.

Subaki: Then... Well... Here goes nothing... Kagero, I really adore you. As 
we've talked and grown closer, I've realized that I want you in my life. I 
want to be able to call you my sweetheart.

Kagero: Your s-s-sweetheart?!

Subaki: Did I ask too big a favor of you?

Kagero: Oh. I... Well, ignoring the need to talk about how you and I define 
favors... Why me? And what do you mean when you say that you adore me?

Subaki: When you showed me your art, I realized you had this natural talent. 
I truly admire it in you, as natural talent is not something that I have. 
I've worked incredibly hard to make myself as good as I can be. I've worked 
equally hard to hide how hard I work from everyone.

Kagero: So then... You are attracted to my natural talent?

Subaki: I am! But also so much more than that. You're so humble about your 
talent, too. Most people would strive for the limelight. Not you, though. And 
when you realized your skill, you were quick to offer me help. How could I 
not love these things about you?

Kagero: Subaki...

Subaki: It's not your talent that I love you for, though. I admire and 
respect it, but it's your presence that touches me. Even if your talent 
mysteriously vanished, I'd still love you just for being around. So... what 
do you say, Kagero?

Kagero: Yes, of course. Even if you hadn't said those flattering things, and 
even if you weren't so perfect... I'd still love you. And I'll admit, I'm a 
tiny bit happy to hear that you've had to work hard to improve. Yes, I would 
be honored to be your sweetheart. I look forward to our future together.
Subaki: Me too! I love you, Kagero!

A4. Azura C

Saizo: ... 

Azura: Um, Saizo? Is there a reason you keep staring at me like that? 

Saizo: (For once she and I are alone. If I'm ever to tell her, now is the 
time...) Milady, since you insist, I shall tell you something I should have 
told you sooner. To be blunt, I don't trust you. 

Azura: Oh. I see... 

Saizo: You've always been beloved by the royal family, particularly Queen 
Mikoto. Yet even so, I simply can't trust someone from the kingdom of Nohr. 

Azura: I always suspected as much. Your distrust is practically written all 
over your face. 

Saizo: Is that so? I had no idea. If you knew, then why haven't you told 
anyone? If Ryoma found out, he would not hesitate to banish me from the 

Azura: I don't wish to cause you any harm. I understand why you feel that 
way. I am also well aware of my situation... and of the hatred I must inspire 
in some people. 

Saizo: Very well. I suppose there was no reason to stay silent about it for 
so long. Be warned that I am watching you. If you ever step out of line, I 
will stop you. 

Azura: Fair enough. I shall keep that in mind.
Azura B

Saizo: Argh! How could I be so careless? Someone got a hit in on my foot, and 
now I can hardly move...

Azura: Are you OK, Saizo?! Oh no, your foot! You shouldn't have come to my 
aid like that. Besides, I thought you didn't trust me. Why did you risk your 
life to protect me? 

Saizo: Regardless of how I feel, keeping you safe is my responsibility. 
That's all there is to it. In any case, we're wasting time. Go now. Hurry and 
return to safety. 

Azura: No, I can't. I won't leave you here. I think we're safe, for the 
moment. Our enemies have retreated, thanks to you. So please, let me tend to 
your injury. 

Saizo: This is no shallow scrape, milady. To stay would put you in danger, so 
leave. NOW. 

Azura: Just as I thought, the cut runs deep. You're losing a lot of blood. 
And if you can't move it without pain, you might have broken a bone. I'm 
going to have to bandage this up before it gets any worse. 

Saizo: Gwaaaaahhh! 

Azura: You must be in so much pain. If only I had some bandages... ... Here, 
this will have to suffice... 

Saizo: Wh-what are you doing, woman?! Why are you tearing your clothes apart? 

Azura: You need first aid but I don't have access to bandages, so I'm using 
this for now. 

Saizo: Milady... Why would you do such a thing for me after what I told you? 
Huh?! Th-that scar! Where did you...? 

Azura: Oh, that. I apologize if it makes you uncomfortable. I usually keep it 

Saizo: No, it is I who should apologize. I didn't mean to stare. It's just... 
That scar looks very painful. 

Azura: ... Will you sit quietly while I tell you a story? That might help 
distract you from the pain. I got this awful scar during my time in Nohr. 
Sadly, it was no accident. 

Saizo: What do you mean? Did someone actually do that to you?! 

Azura: There were some noble children who were older than I. They cornered 
me, and... They thought it was funny, teasing the outcast, but it went too 
far. Anyway, that's how I got the scar. A token of my broken past. 

Saizo: ... After what they did, do you hold a grudge against them... and 
against Nohr? 

Azura: I'm not quite sure myself. It's complicated, but I'd be lying if I 
said all is forgiven. Though really I think the world as a whole needs to 
change, not just one part of it. 

Saizo: I see... 

Azura: OK, all done. This should hold until we can get you back to camp. Can 
you stand? 

Saizo: Y-yes, kind of... 

Azura: Here, hold on to my shoulders. I know you don't like me, but please 
accept my help so we can get you to safety. Come on then, let's head back to 
where everyone else is before they get worried. 

Saizo: ...
Azura A

Saizo: Um... Hello, milady. 

Azura: Hello, Saizo. What brings you here? 

Saizo: I wish to apologize for what happened on the battlefield. I should not 
have asked about your scar and made you relive painful memories. I'm deeply 
sorry for causing you pain... 

Azura: Please don't be sorry-you didn't do anything wrong. Is that all? 

Saizo: That is all. I just felt the need to apologize for what happened. Good 

Azura: Wait! I don't need your apology, but isn't there anything else you 
want to say? 

Saizo: Something else? I... I'm not sure what you mean by that. 

Azura: I didn't open up to you so you would feel sorry for me. That's not 
what I want at all. An ally fell on the battlefield, and I helped him through 
his pain by sharing my past. No big deal, really. Instead of apologizing, 
maybe you could just say thank you. 

Saizo: Oh! Um, I'm sorry... I... Milady... 

Azura: Hahaha, there you go apologizing again. 

Saizo: I apolo-... That is to say, I... *deep breath* Thank you, Azura. You 
did whatever was necessary to help me, and all without thinking twice. I 
truly appreciate your kindness, though I still feel I owe you an apology... 
My behavior toward you was unforgivable. I just didn't know... the whole 

Azura: Please, think nothing of it. Honestly, you're even more uptight than I 
am! No matter what you do or say, you'll always be an irreplaceable ally to 
me. But if you still feel sorry for me, perhaps you can do me a favor to set 
things right. If you wouldn't mind, maybe we can put aside our differences 
from now on. I'm not great at opening up to people, but I promise to try my 
hardest if you will too. What do you think? 

Saizo: I'd like that very much, milady. From now on, I shall regard you as a 
valued ally both on and off the battlefield.
Azura S

Saizo: Hello, milady. 

Azura: Saizo, why the long face? Please don't tell me you're here to 
apologize again! 

Saizo: No, not quite. Though I would like to offer a token of gratitude for 
what you did... Back home we have a special salve that can completely heal 
any scar. If you will allow it, I would like to bring you some to help erase 
your painful past. 

Azura: That's really nice of you, but I'd rather you save it for somebody who 
really needs it. Like you, for example. That scar on your eye is much deeper 
than mine... 

Saizo: Ah, yes, but this scar is a part of me now. To remove it would feel 
wrong. Besides, it's expected for men to have scars. Women must remain 

Azura: That sounds kind of silly to me. Are you always this sexist? 

Saizo: So I've been told. Even still, I hope you'll consider what I'm about 
to ask... Milady, I cannot shake the desire to take responsibility for you. 

Azura: What do you mean by taking responsibility? 

Saizo: Milady, may I... stay by your side? 

Azura: Huh?! I-I'm not sure I heard you correctly... 

Saizo: I've learned much from you. Your kindness in the face of cruelty has 
inspired me. I need to be near you. My feelings are a surprise even to 
myself, but they run deep. I shall ever be in the service of my liege, Lord 
Ryoma. That shall never change. But I wish to serve you as well, and to be 
the man to keep you safe now and forever. 

Azura: Y-you're not doing this to atone for not trusting me all these years, 
are you? 

Saizo: I'm not sure how or why I came to love you, milady. All I know is that 
I love you. I hope that is sufficient... 

Azura: Saizo... *sniff* You've made me so happy today! Having your love and 
your trust means the world to me. 

Saizo: Wait, does that mean...? 

Azura: I love you too, Saizo. Please stay by my side, always. 

Saizo: I've never been so happy. From now on, your heart is mine to protect. 

Azura: I feel the same way.
A4. Felicia C

Felicia: Hello? Saizo? May I come in? 

Saizo: Who is it? Oh. That Felicia woman. The Nohrian. 

Felicia: Yes. I didn't see you at supper tonight, so I brought you a meal. 

Saizo: You can take it back with you. 

Felicia: What? Wh-why? You have to eat or you'll get sick! Then where will 
you be in battle? 

Saizo: Why, because I skip one meal? Not likely. I won't eat any food you 

Felicia: What?! That's a horrible thing to say! 

Saizo: Many people have told me that you're a shockingly bad cook, for a 
maid. I wouldn't feed what's on that tray to a dog. 

Felicia: Urrrgh... That's a horrible thing to say, even for you! 

Saizo: Horrible? Not as horrible as the food you expect me to eat. What are 
you doing as a maid if you can't perform simple household tasks? I don't 
understand why Avatar keeps you around. 

Felicia: Waaaaaaah! You're the worst person I've ever met in my life! You... 
you... You blackhearted demon!
(Snowstorm blows)

Saizo: Wh-what's this sudden chill?! Ah...I see now why they keep you in the 
army... You have an incredible power. Yes, it's finally starting to make 

Felicia: That's what convinced you?!
Felicia B

Saizo: Why do you work as a maid, anyway? 

Felicia: To take care of Lord/Lady Avatar and the others, of course. 

Saizo: Then you should quit. 

Felicia: What?! 

Saizo: Do you not realize how valuable your power to manipulate the cold is 
in battle? You're hopeless at housework. Abandon it to those who can do it 
competently. Then you can devote your efforts to the war, where you're needed 

Felicia: B-but I don't want to do that! 

Saizo: Why not? It's a much more efficient use of your strengths. Even ninja 
can't do what you can do. If you'd allow me to train you, you could be a fine 
warrior. What do you think? Will you leave this work behind and join my 

Felicia: You have to be doing this on purpose... Why do you always pick on 
(Snowstorm blows)

Saizo: Ngh! Argh...! Yes! This is what I mean! These ice powers could be a 
tremendous asset! 

Felicia: Ughhhhhh! Quit bullying me! 
(Felicia leaves) 

Saizo: Mmph... Felicia! Wait! ... I'll get through to her eventually...
Felicia A

Saizo: Felicia. I was thinking about your situation, and- 

Felicia: Not this again! If you're about to ask me to quit being a maid to 
train as a ninja, you can save it. 

Saizo: What is it that keeps you tied to this work? Blackmail? Extortion? 
Does someone have some sort of leverage over you, forcing you to be a maid? 

Felicia: What a ridiculous conclusion to jump to! Ugh! Saizo, you're the 

Saizo: I... I meant no offense... 

Felicia: You have some strange ideas about the relationship between master 
and servant. I think it's more than what you assume it to be. Lord/Lady 
Avatar and the others have been like a family to me. They put up with me even 
when I am a teensy bit scatterbrained. They'll keep me in the fold forever 
because we have an understanding. 

Saizo: Hmm. I hadn't considered this. I'll grant that there should be a 
strong trust between a master and servant. I should try harder to cement that 
trust with Lord Ryoma... Thank you, Felicia. You've taught me something 

Felicia: No problem! I'm just happy you finally understand!
Felicia S

Felicia: Knock, knock! Are you there, Saizo? 

Saizo: ... 

Felicia: You weren't at supper again tonight, so I brought a meal for you. 

Saizo: Oh... it's you. 

Felicia: Hmmm... someone's cranky today. You're not about to refuse another 
meal from me, are you? 

Saizo: I didn't say that. I'll eat it. How much could it hurt, right...? 

Felicia: ...Something's definitely weird with you. 

Saizo: *sigh* I'm a bit jealous of your relationship with Lord/Lady Avatar. 
That's all. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Saizo: Lord/Lady Avatar is like family to you. Your world revolves around 

Felicia: But isn't Lord Ryoma the center of your world as well? 

Saizo: Professionally, yes. But personally... you have been more central to 
me than anyone. 

Felicia: Whaaaat?! Are you... Is this your way of saying you're in love with 

Saizo: Yes. That was my intent. It seems I've fallen in love with you. 

Felicia: But you're always saying awful things about how bad I am at my 

Saizo: That was before I had gotten to know your true character. Whether 
you're a maid or a ninja doesn't matter so long as you're with me. 

Felicia: Heehee... all right. It seems I've fallen for you too, Saizo. 

Saizo: The way you worded that was uncomfortably vague. 

Felicia: I said exactly what you did a minute ago! 

Saizo: But I was trying to hide my embarrassment. 

Felicia: Well, maybe I was too. 

Saizo: Whatever. The point is, we'll be together from this point on, right? 

Felicia: Heehee... You've got it!
A4. Mozu C

Mozu: Hmm... guess that's all there is to do here. Time for a break!

Saizo: You over there, plowing the field. 

Mozu: Oh, hey, Saizo! It's me, Mozu. 

Saizo: It looks like you're starting a new crop. What do you intend to grow? 

Mozu: All kinds of stuff! This is the right kind of soil for root vegetables, 
like taters. Might get some pumpkins and carrots to grow here, too. 

Saizo: Hm. Well, if there's anything I can do to help, come find me. 

Mozu: You like working the fields too, Saizo? 

Saizo: Igasato, where I come from, was in the mountains. We had to be self-
sufficient. In addition to our training, we were often called on to help with 
the crops. 

Mozu: No fooling? I'm glad there's at least one person I have that in common 

Saizo: Planting all of these is a big job for one woman. If you need help, 
tell me and I'll gather a crew for you. 

Mozu: Thanks, Saizo! I just might take you up on that. 

Saizo: I hope that you do.
Mozu B

Saizo: This food is delicious, Mozu. 

Mozu: Aw, you're just flattering me. Anyone in my village could've whipped 
this up. 

Saizo: You're being too modest. It has a warm flavor to it that I miss. 

Mozu: Is it close to the food back home for you? 

Saizo: Yes. Simple and lightly seasoned, but good on the tongue. Most food in 
the Hoshidan capital has a heavier flavor. I prefer this. 

Mozu: You can say that again! I thought the same thing, about all the heavy 
food around there. 

Saizo: I guess country folk just do things differently. Would you mind if I 
came here for dinner again sometime? 

Mozu: Help yourself! When those veggies start ripening, I'll whip something 
up with them too. 

Saizo: I'll make a special trip for that. 

Mozu: Well, harvest time is a ways off, so it could be a while yet. Farming 
is slow and steady work, you know. But yeah, come for dinner anytime! 

Saizo: My compliments to the chef.
Mozu A

Saizo: Mmmm... another fine meal, Mozu. 

Mozu: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. 

Saizo: I know I've been coming here for dinner more often, and I'm sorry for 
that. It's just that your cooking reminds me so much of home. 

Mozu: Heehee! If you like it that much, you can eat it for every meal for all 
I care! Hey, I got an idea! What's your favorite dish? I'll make some for 

Saizo: Hm? 

Mozu: C'mon, what do you REALLY wanna eat? 

Saizo: I'll eat anything, so long as it isn't sweet. But if I had to pick, 
I'd say boiled riverfish. 

Mozu: That's all? 

Saizo: Well, we had a particular way of cooking them in my village. Riverfish 
is so plain on its own that we mixed it with spices and mushrooms. 

Mozu: Hmm... that could be tough to fix. 

Saizo: A bit. It was saved for when the whole family got together to eat. 

Mozu: OK then! I'm not too confident I can get it right, but I'll give it my 
best shot! 

Saizo: Really? This should be interesting. 

Mozu: Heehee, you can say that again. All right now, shoo, so I can get to 
Mozu S

Saizo: Mmm... This is delicious. 

Mozu: R-really? Phew... 

Saizo: However. It's not quite the way I remember it from my village. 

Mozu: Aww, no fooling? I'm real sorry, Saizo. I thought I had it right... 

Saizo: Oh, it's still very good. Just... lacking a certain... ah, of course! 
There's a type of seasoning only found where I come from. You didn't have 
that, which is why this doesn't taste quite right. 

Mozu: Really? What seasoning is this? 

Saizo: I don't know much about it. It's derived from a plant that's native to 
the region. 

Mozu: Huh! How about that. I'd love to see your village someday, if we ever 
get the chance. 

Saizo: How about the next time I go? 

Mozu: Huh? You sure I'd be welcome? 

Saizo: I don't see why not. They should meet the woman I'm going to marry. 

Mozu: Wh... WHAT?! 

Saizo: Ah, right. I meant to ask you. Mozu, will you be my wife? 

Mozu: Buh... Whu... I don't know how to feel about this! Happy, I guess, 

Saizo: I feel that we have a lot in common. I can feel our relationship 
growing, little by little. 

Mozu: Yeah, I know what you mean. Truth is, I have had a crush on you too, 

Saizo: You do? 

Mozu: I surely do. So yeah! Let's go meet your kinfolk sometime soon! 

Saizo: When we do, I invite you to think of it as your home-and my people as 
your people. You may have lost one home, but I would be honored to provide 
another for you. 

Mozu: Aw, Saizo... I'm about to bust out crying. I thought I'd never have a 
home again... *sniff* 

Saizo: It's all right, Mozu. I won't let you feel lonely again. If nothing 
else, you'll always have me. 

Mozu: I love you, Saizo...
A4. Sakura C

Saizo: Ngh... I have failed... I might have made it out of enemy territory, 
but they'll find me soon with these injuries. And I'm too badly hurt to drag 
myself the rest of the way to camp. I almost made it, but this is as far as I 
go... Ah well.

Sakura: S-Saizo? 

Saizo: I can't see in this darkness. If you're an enemy come to finish me, do 
it quickly. 

Sakura: N-no, it's just me! It's Sakura. 

Saizo: Lady Sakura? How... 

Sakura: Oh no! You're hurt! Wait just one moment and I'll heal you. 

Saizo: There's no time. My pursuers may catch up to me at any moment. Go, 
quickly! You must get back to camp! 

Sakura: But... but I can't just leave you here to die! This will only take a 
second if you'll please sit still! 

Saizo: Ugh... if anything happens to you, how will I ever look Lord Ryoma in 
the eye again? 

Sakura: Hee... Heehee... 

Saizo: Lady Sakura...? 

Sakura: S-sorry... It occurred to me it won't matter if you can look him in 
the eye when you're dead. I-I guess I'm a little punchy... 

Saizo: No comment. 

Sakura: P-please stop squirming! We need to get back to camp together! 

Saizo: Fair enough...
Sakura B

Saizo: Excuse me, Lady Sakura. I'd like a moment. 

Sakura: Oh, hi, Saizo. Sure, I'm not busy. 

Saizo: *ahem*...Thanks for your help. It was only your intervention that kept 
me alive. 

Sakura: Oh, anytime! You're almost like family to us, so I don't mind helping 

Saizo: But, Lady Sakura...why were you so far from camp that night? 

Sakura: I was feeling restless... Now that I think of it, maybe I knew 
somehow about your predicament. 

Saizo: Hmm. It must be a divine gift you enjoy as a shrine maiden. 

Sakura: Whatever it is, I'm glad it saved you. 

Saizo: Yes, well... while we're on the subject... 

Sakura: Yes, Saizo? 

Saizo: I want you to have this. 

Sakura: Ooh! Desserts from the castle town at Hoshido! These are so hard to 
come by... How did you get your hands on them? 

Saizo: I heard they were favorites of yours. So I acquired a few as a token 
of my gratitude. 

Sakura: Y-you got these just for me? 

Saizo: That's what I said, yes. 

Sakura: ... Heh. Heehee... 

Saizo: Why are you laughing now? 

Sakura: Because! It's funny to think of you going out to buy desserts... 

Saizo: Th-that's... 

Sakura: Heeheehee... oh, s-sorry. I keep giggling in front of you. Oh! 
Instead of keeping them all to myself, why don't I share these with you? 

Saizo: N-no! That's all right. I- 

Sakura: But there's way too much for me to eat alone. 

Saizo: I-I'm sorry...I have to go! *poof* 
(Saizo leaves) 

Sakura: *cough* Saizo...? He vanished... W-was it something I said?
Sakura A

Sakura: Oh, um, Saizo... 

Saizo: Lady Sakura? 

Sakura: Um... I'm sorry. 

Saizo: Hm? What is there to apologize for? It might help if you could look me 
in the eye when you answered. 

Sakura: Last time we talked, you disappeared into a cloud of smoke... I 
offended you in some way, didn't I? Was it the giggling? I bet it was the 

Saizo: What? No. 

Sakura: Then why...? 

Saizo: I... um... ... I despise sweets. I get nauseous just from the scent of 

Sakura: Wha-?! 

Saizo: You were making a move to open the box, so I instinctively fled. I'm 
deeply sorry for the misunderstanding. 

Sakura: So that's what happened... I wouldn't have guessed it of such a brave 

Saizo: I'm ashamed to react so strongly. It's not becoming of the high 
prince's retainer. 

Sakura: Oh, I think it's fine! Even a little...cute. 

Saizo: C...cute? 

Sakura: Very cute. It's wonderful to see a more human side of you. And it was 
so sweet of you to buy me something you dislike so much. It's very generous! 

Saizo: I'm delighted that you're pleased, Lady Sakura. 

Sakura: Thank you very much, Saizo. I hope we can talk again soon. 

Saizo: If you wish it, Lady Sakura.
Sakura S

Saizo: Hello, Lady Sakura. Do you have a moment? 

Sakura: Hi, Saizo. What is it? 

Saizo: I'll keep this short. I am Lord Ryoma's faithful retainer and so could 
never leave his service. For this reason, I cannot enter yours. 

Sakura: Sure, I know. Why do you bring it up? 

Saizo: Because I... I love you. 

Sakura: Huh?! 

Saizo: Your smile has a strange effect on me. At first, I was uncomfortable 
with being laughed at. But your smile stayed with me after the laughter was 
gone... And in time, I realized it was comforting, in a way. All of which is 
my way of explaining why I've fallen in love with you. 

Sakura: S-Saizo... You don't know how happy I am to hear that... You used to 
scare me a little bit, with your scars and your clothes. But ever since I 
found out how kind and cute you really are... I started to have feelings for 

Saizo: That's a weight off my mind, Lady Sakura. I couldn't be certain that 
you would share my feelings. Although... what did you mean when you said that 
I'm "cute"? 

Sakura: Heehee, well... you always project this aura of being all business. 
But when I saw you run from a few sweets, I realized you can be pretty 

Saizo: I-I see... I'm not sure that's the compliment you may have intended. 
But detestable as my weakness is, I feel better hearing you speak highly of 
it. Thank you, Lady Sakura. I cannot pledge my fealty, but I do pledge my 
undying love. 

Sakura: Oh, Saizo... I-I might not be perfect, but I'll be so happy to be 
with you. 

Saizo: As will I. My world will be a better place with you in it.
A4. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Who's there? Show yourself! 

Saizo: I'm impressed, Lady Hinoka. For all my stealth, you detected me almost 

Hinoka: I thought it might be you. You have a very distinctive presence. 

Saizo: I could say the same for you, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Hahah... we've known each other so long, and you've never changed in 
all that time. So, what's got you skulking around at this hour? 

Saizo: Lord Ryoma entrusted me with a secret letter. I have instructions to 
deliver it to you at this specific time. 

Hinoka: Ryoma sent this? What's it about? 

Saizo: I don't know. It's not my place to read his mail. 

Hinoka: All right. I'll give it a look, then. ... What the...? Hmm, OK. 

Saizo: ... 

Hinoka: Thanks for delivering this letter. You've done well, Saizo. 

Saizo: Thank you. I must return to my master now. 

Hinoka: So soon? Aren't you curious about what was in the letter? 

Saizo: No. My part in this is done. Farewell, Lady Hinoka. 
(Saizo leaves) 

Hinoka: Hmm...
Hinoka B

Saizo: Greetings, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Ah, Saizo. Do you have another letter from my brother? 

Saizo: Indeed. Here it is. 

Hinoka: Ah... ... I see... 

Saizo: ... 

Hinoka: Hmm... understood. 

Saizo: Farewell, then. 

Hinoka: Saizo... do you really not care what the letter was about? 

Saizo: Not in the least. I do not presume to make Lord Ryoma's business mine. 
If I had orders from Lord Ryoma, I would read it. But I don't. 

Hinoka: I suppose. But you've served my brother, and the whole royal family, 
for a long time. If it was me, I'd be miffed at not getting to know what 
these exchanges were about. 

Saizo: We see things differently, then. ... Lady Hinoka... The way you talk 
seems almost as if you're eager to reveal the letter's contents to me. 

Hinoka: N-no. I'm not... 

Saizo: Understood. My apologies. 

Hinoka: Anyway... I've written up a response. Please see that Ryoma gets it 
at the specified time. 

Saizo: I will ensure that Lord Ryoma gets it, even at the cost of my life. 
(Saizo leaves) 

Hinoka: *sigh* Saizo...
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Saizo... I have to apologize. 

Saizo: For what, Lady Hinoka? 

Hinoka: For using you as a messenger between my brother and I. But there was 
a reason for it. The truth is... one of the Hoshidan nobles told Ryoma 
something alarming. He accused you of passing information to the enemy, 

Saizo: What?! 

Hinoka: In the end, it was revealed as a hoax the noble concocted to sow 
distrust. He was a traitor, with plans to overthrow the royal family. I never 
liked the man. He should be in a cold, dark place by now. 

Saizo: I... I see... 

Hinoka: Ryoma came up with the idea of having you deliver those letters as a 

Saizo: Lord Ryoma was testing me?! 

Hinoka: Don't blame him for it. We can't ignore accusations like that, 
however unlikely. We had to do something to get to the bottom of it. There 
were several nobles on the war council suspicious of you, not just one. 

Saizo: I see... 

Hinoka: But you must know that Ryoma and I were absolutely convinced of your 

Saizo: And that's why you kept asking if I had read the letters? To confirm 
my loyalty? 

Hinoka: Basically, yes. 

Saizo: In that case, I am truly sorry. I have wasted your and Lord Ryoma's 
precious time. 

Hinoka: It's not you who needs to apologize. The whole business with the 
letters was pointless, political pageantry. We're the ones who should say 
we're sorry for putting you through it. 

Saizo: Don't be ashamed, Lady Hinoka. Tell me: If I had broken the seal on 
the letter, what would you have done? 

Hinoka: I'd probably have cut you down where you stood. 

Saizo: Just what I'd have done if I were in your shoes. I believe that you 
and Lord Ryoma made the right choice. Far from being upset, I'm proud, 
knowing that I've proven my loyalty beyond a doubt. 

Hinoka: Hoshido is blessed to have loyal retainers like you, Saizo. We are 
grateful for your continued service. 

Saizo: Thank you for the kind words, Lady Hinoka.
Hinoka S

Saizo: Lady Hinoka, do you have a moment? 

Hinoka: Saizo... I'm very sorry about the other day. I can hardly look at you 
without feeling ashamed for what we did. 

Saizo: You have a big heart, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Huh? 

Saizo: Several times when I carried letters, you asked if I was curious about 
their contents. Was that your way of hinting to me that I was under 

Hinoka: Yes... I couldn't tell you outright, but I tried to warn you. 

Saizo: You didn't need to extend that courtesy to someone under suspicion. 
But...that act of kindness was what I fell in love with. 

Hinoka: Wh-what?! Love?! 

Saizo: Yes. I'm sorry to spring this on you. And I understand your surprise. 
But I came here because it needed saying. Granted, I can't be with you. We 
are worlds apart, socially. Even telling you of my feelings is dangerous for 
a man in my position. Despite this, I needed you to know. Forgive me, Lady 

Hinoka: Saizo... I can't forgive you if you've done nothing wrong. I love you 

Saizo: Wh-?! 

Hinoka: I fell for you when I saw the depth of your loyalty to Ryoma. I know 
that Ryoma is your master and therefore your highest priority. But I hope one 
day I can worm my way into your heart and take his place. 

Saizo: Lady Hinoka... I am very moved by this. Nothing has ever stirred such 
emotion in me as what you just said. If you will have me, I vow to place you 
above all else in my heart. 

Hinoka: Thank you, Saizo. But it's all right if my brother stays your top 
priority until the war ends. Right now, we both need to look after him, for 
our country's sake. 

Saizo: Agreed! 

Hinoka: Let's help Ryoma lead the world to peace so we can get there all the 

Saizo: No duty could be more welcome.
A4. Rinkah C

Saizo: Rinkah! 

Rinkah: Huh? Oh, Saizo. What's up? 

Saizo: Have you forgotten already about that last encounter? Why did you give 
the sign to retreat? 

Rinkah: We'd just beaten off two waves. The whole company was worn out. It 
just made sense to get out while the getting was good. 

Saizo: We could've fought longer. If we'd kept at it, our foes might not have 

Rinkah: You're letting your temper run you. Even if you're right, can you be 
sure we wouldn't have lost anyone? 

Saizo: A few casualties would have been worth the blow struck to the enemy. 
That encounter will have consequences for the rest of the war! 

Rinkah: ...Hmph. In the Flame Tribe, our war parties were so small that 
losing anyone was unthinkable. 

Saizo: And? 

Rinkah: Our elders taught us the importance of reading the situation. There's 
virtue in retreat, if it means a single life can be saved. 

Saizo: Ridiculous. Cowardice is no virtue. The Flame Tribe... It sounds to me 
like their embers have grown cold. I have no desire to stay and listen to 
your justifications. 
(Saizo leaves) 

Rinkah: Rrgh...
Rinkah B

Saizo: Rinkah... 

Rinkah: Hey, Saizo. 

Saizo: I came to apologize. I was letting my frustration get to me. Once I'd 
calmed down, I saw that putting your troops' lives first is the right choice. 

Rinkah: Yeah? 

Saizo: If Lord Ryoma had been there, I'm sure he would have done the same. 

Rinkah: It's all right. I wasn't taking it personally. I'm a warrior, so I 
know how you felt. I get lost in the heat of battle sometimes too. Victory 
can be a real rush. 

Saizo: Really? That's surprising. 

Rinkah: Oh, yeah. I used to charge in alone like an idiot and take a beating 
for my trouble. I'd always get an earful from the chief over it... 

Saizo: So you're saying I'm no better than you were back then. 

Rinkah: That's not what I meant. It's just that you have to think about what 
your goals are. Maybe sometimes it's worth losing people. It really depends. 
That's what I meant by learning to read a situation. 

Saizo: So that's the way of the Flame Tribe. Hm... it's a valuable lesson. 

Rinkah: Heh, I thought so too when I finally learned it.
Rinkah A

Rinkah: Saizo, do you have a minute to talk? 

Saizo: What is it? 

Rinkah: I was wondering... what was it that made you want to be a ninja? 

Saizo: The main reason was to avenge my father. But apart from that... it was 
exhilarating to use those techniques to claim victory in battle. That may be 
why I came to enjoy fighting so much. 

Rinkah: That all sounds pretty familiar. And I think it's important for a 
warrior. We can't forget that feeling. 

Saizo: Yes. A sword that is not kept sharp cannot cut when it is needed. 

Rinkah: Though if you put it to the grindstone too long, the blade will 

Saizo: ... 

Rinkah: But for now, anyway, I feel like my skills could use some sharpening. 
How about it, Saizo? Want a friendly match with me? 

Saizo: ...I was just thinking of asking you the same thing. 

Rinkah: I should warn you, my blade was tempered in the forges of the Flame 
Tribe. Warriors don't burn hotter than me! 

Saizo: Yet one typically finds that cooler heads will prevail. Prepare 
yourself, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Here we go!
Rinkah S

Saizo: Rinkah, about our last match... 

Rinkah: It was kind of a draw, wasn't it? Heh... That's fine by me. 

Saizo: It's been a while since I felt that alive during a fight. It was 
invigorating. I'm still a bit bruised, mind you, and that gash I took hasn't 
healed up yet. But that feels good too, in a way. 

Rinkah: It's our warrior blood. I bet under that mask, you were smiling 
during the fight. Heh, what do you think the softies on our team would think 
if they heard us? 

Saizo: Haha... I shudder to think. But I must redevote myself to my training 
for Lord Ryoma's sake. 

Rinkah: I ought to do the same, if the Flame Tribe's going to have any 
future. You know...we really have a lot in common, Saizo. You ever think 
about us? Together? 

Saizo: Now that you mention it... 

Rinkah: Haha, I should have guessed. But I'm glad I'm not the only one it 
occurred to. 

Saizo: We both strive to improve ourselves in battle. I think we could 
achieve that faster as partners. 

Rinkah: Haha... it's like you're reading my mind. 

Saizo: It does seem uncanny. 

Rinkah: It's obvious we're meant for each other. I wouldn't have guessed when 
we first met, but... 

Saizo: Well, if that's what you want... 

Rinkah: Yeah, I think it is. I'm ready to graduate from your sparring partner 
to your life partner, Saizo.
A4. Hana C

Hana: Urgh... My stomach... So hungry... Skipping breakfast and lunch to 
focus on my training wasn't the best idea... I know! I'll ask someone to 
share their food with me. There! I'll ask him! Hey, Saizo!

Saizo: ...Yes?

Hana: I'm sooo hungry. Do you have something that you'd share with me?

Saizo: If you're hungry, go down to the mess hall.

Hana: But that's really, really far away! I don't think I can make it all the 
way there...

Saizo: I'm certain that you can.

Hana: You don't know for sure! I could die!

Saizo: That approach may get sympathy from some people, but not from me.

Hana: Why would it work with others but not you?

Saizo: Other people are kinder- more compassionate- than I am.

Hana: Saizo, what are you talking about? You think there's some kind of 
ranking of how helpful people can be? We're all on the same team, so we help 
each other out. It's simple!

Saizo: ... Hrmph. Whatever. This is all I have on me.

Hana: Oh, great! You DO have something! Let's see... Is this a steamed bun?

Saizo: Correct. I always carry these with me. It may not taste good, but 
it'll fill you up.

Hana: Let's try it. *nom nom* Whoa! It's good! Really good!

Saizo: Really? It shouldn't taste that good...

Hana: Phew, that hit the spot. Thanks so much, Saizo. You really helped!

Saizo: You're welcome.
Hana B

Hana: Oh, I found him! Saizo, Saizo!

Saizo: Hana, I have perfect hearing. You don't need to yell so loud.

Hana: So that thing you gave me the other day... The special food that you 
always carry. Can I have another?

Saizo: What? You actually liked that? I mentioned that we only carry that 
around because it's compact and filling, right? In terms of taste, it's 
probably one of the worst things I've eaten...

Hana: Really? But it's so soft and flavorful and I absolutely love it! It's 
chewy like mochi and... perhaps a hint of fish?

Saizo: The recipe does use pounded rice and a little flaked fish... We really 
don't try at all to make it tasty.

Hana: Hrm... I think it tastes pretty good...

Saizo: No one has ever spoken those words about this food.

Hana: I think you just have strange taste buds. I'm going to see how the 
others like it.

Saizo: I do not think that is wise...

Hana: Why not? I think they'll actually be angry that you've kept this treat 
for yourself. So can I have another one, please? Pretty please?

Saizo: Fine, OK... This is my very last one.

Hana: All right! Thanks so much! I'll pay you back somehow, Saizo!
(Hana leaves)

Saizo: Phew... I do not know what to make of that woman.
Hana A

Hana: Oh, Saizo! Hey, hey, Saizo!

Saizo: I'm certain that I told you not to yell... I can hear you just fine.

Hana: Heehee, sorry.

Saizo: So what do you need, Hana? Another of those buns?

Hana: Nah, I'm not all that hungry right now. But remember how I told you I'd 
repay you? Well, I couldn't come up with anything... So I thought that maybe 
I'd ask you what you'd like, instead!

Saizo: I don't need anything. All I gave you was some food I had left over 
from the battle.

Hana: But my reputation as a samurai will be tarnished if I don't repay a 
favor! I'll get you back somehow, you'll see!

Saizo: I told you-I don't need favors returned! In fact, you're becoming a 
nuisance with your constant yapping.

Hana: Oh-a nuisance, huh? I can just keep talking to you until you tell me 
exactly what you'd like!

Saizo: ...I would not enjoy that.

Hana: Right? With all that noise, I bet you won't be able to sneak around. So 
what'll it be?

Saizo: I can't tell whether you want to aggravate me or please me...

Hana: Please you, of course. Aren't you happy that I want to do something for 

Saizo: Hrmph... All right. You win. I'll think of something for the next time 
we meet. Just let me go for today.

Hana: Wonderful! Make sure to think of something good, Saizo!
(Hana leaves)

Saizo: Gods, I feel like I'll go crazy every time I talk to her... But... 
It's not necessarily a bad feeling.
Hana S

Saizo: Hana.

Hana: Hey, Saizo, what's up? This is funny. Normally I've been the one 
tracking you down.

Saizo: That's just it. Why don't you come talk to me anymore?

Hana: Aww, did you miss me?

Saizo: No, it isn't that! It's just... You kept coming by to ask for my food, 
but then you suddenly stopped. I was worried that something may have happened 
to you.

Hana: You were worried about me? That's sweet. Well, I thought I was becoming 
a pain by visiting you all the time.

Saizo: A pain?

Hana: You said yourself that I was being a nuisance! And that all the noise I 
make disturbs your stealthy work...

Saizo: You're correct. I did say that...

Hana: I thought that I'd be less bothersome if I stopped doing those things.

Saizo: Wow... I didn't realize you were able to check your own behavior...

Hana: That's awful to say! I might be a bit rough at the edges, but I am a 
samurai! I can demonstrate basic decorum when it's called for.

Saizo: You're right... I'm sorry.

Hana: Hrmph... With that kind of attitude, I don't know if I'll ever pay you 
back. ...Honestly though, I'd totally forgotten that I needed to. Did you 
think of something you'd like?

Saizo: Oh, that... Um. This is more difficult than any mission I have ever 
undertaken... I'd like... to give "us" a try.

Hana: Us?! Wait, are you kidding?

Saizo: I rarely make jokes. I thought you were driving me nuts, but then I 
realized it was a different feeling. Your friendliness, your candor... It was 
very refreshing. And... nice.

Hana: Oh, wow... Thank you, Saizo. I'm glad you said something. You know, I 
have feelings for you, too...

Saizo: R-really...?

Hana: But I don't think a few buns is a fair way to start a serious 

Saizo: Then... something else? What would make you happy?

Hana: Lots of buns, of course! You'll give me plenty more in the future, 

Saizo: Oh... that's what you meant. Then you'll have all the buns your heart 

Hana: I'm all yours! Thanks, Saizo!

Saizo: Heh... I guess I'll need to stock up on rice and fish. I'll gladly do 
it to bring you happiness. I love you, Hana...
A4. Orochi C

Saizo: Looks like you're girded for battle, Orochi. Who's your quarry? 

Orochi: You. 

Saizo: Oh? And what grave offense have I committed now? 

Orochi: Just being yourself. 

Saizo: So I've been offending you all my life? 

Orochi: Pretty much. You've always had a bad attitude. 

Saizo: ME? Looked in the mirror lately? 

Orochi: You see? That's just what I mean. You're prickly, stuffy, arrogant... 

Saizo: Please, continue. I don't have better things to do. 

Orochi: How can you not care what people are saying about you? Women in 

Saizo: Oh, now you've got my ear. 

Orochi: We're all on the same side, Saizo. Yet you seem to despise nearly 
everyone. I've heard the women of our group say how you and Kaze are like 
night and day! 

Saizo: This is getting better by the second. Do women do nothing but gossip? 
Maybe I am like night. Or a dark cloud. Perhaps a bad dream. I don't care. 

Orochi: How callous. Last chance, Saizo. Mend your ways, or I'll have to take 
matters into my own hands. 

Saizo: Do what you will. 
(Saizo leaves) 

Orochi: Saizo, I'm not kidding! I've known you forever. And I know...things!
Orochi B

Orochi: Well, well, well... If it's not my prickly, stuffy, arrogant friend! 

Saizo: Back to attack me with your sloppy grasp of synonyms, I see. 

Orochi: We're going to have it out. Right now. You're not getting away this 

Saizo: Go ahead. I'm sure that your time is better spent here with me than 
practicing battle maneuvers. 

Orochi: You really don't care that you speak viciously to everyone? 

Saizo: I say what I say. Now, are we done? 

Orochi: I-I'm afraid not. Remember how I said I'd take matters into my own 
hands if you didn't change? Well, it's time that Orochi grabs the bull by the 

Saizo: Er, what...? 

Orochi: You came to Castle Shirasagi with your father when you were just a 
boy. It was for an audience with King Sumeragi. It was also when you and I 
first met. 

Saizo: Y-yes. So what? 

Orochi: I introduced myself as a fortune-teller. Told you that I could see 
YOUR future. I predicted ill tidings. That disaster would soon come knocking 
at your door. You nearly wet your breeches! Remember?! 

Saizo: Who cares? What decent child wouldn't soil himself if a witchy brat 
taunted him? 

Orochi: But what if I spread that story? As you said the last time we spoke, 
women DO love to gossip! 

Saizo: Y-you wouldn't! 

Orochi: I already have. And I've got more gossip to spread too. So, ready to 
talk about your bad attitude? 

Saizo: I... I... Oh, never mind. I've got to undo all the damage you've 
caused, witch! 
(Saizo leaves) 

Orochi: Uh, Saizo? Come back! Heh. As I thought. The mighty Saizo has a weak 
spot. How adorable.
Orochi A

Saizo: OROCHI! 

Orochi: Eeep! Saizo-you nearly made me jump out of my skin! You look so 
angry. Oh, wait. Let me guess... 

Saizo: You lied to me! 

Orochi: Me, lie? 

Saizo: You said that you told everyone about that embarrassing incident from 
my childhood. That I nearly soiled myself when you told me my fortune way 
back when. I went around telling everyone my side of the story-that I was 
only a child then! Guess what they told me, Orochi?! 

Orochi: That they'd never heard anything about it? Heh. Figured that would 

Saizo: Hrrgh... You deceived me-made ME tell everyone that awful story. I'll 
never forgive you. 

Orochi: Hold on, Saizo. I never said I did that. You're nasty to everyone, 
but I'd never make someone feel bad about themselves. I was only thinking 
about doing it. You ran off in panic before I could explain. 

Saizo: You're... you're being straight with me, aren't you? I thought I 
walked right into your trap. I should have known better. You're flippant, but 
you're not the type to sabotage me. 

Orochi: Well, I wouldn't go THAT far. This viper knows when and how to 
strike. But I'd never lash out at my allies. You see what happens when you 
fly off the handle, Saizo? You make yourself so... unapproachable, marching 
around like you do. You WILL meet a bad end if you can't stop treating 
friends like they're enemies! 

Saizo: Wait, Orochi. Is that another one of your fortunes? Will that really 

Orochi: No, just a warning, one friend to another. 

Saizo: I'll ponder it, Orochi. I might be a bit too severe in my actions. 
Just... give me time. 

Orochi: That's all I ask. Step back from the brink. I'd be heartbroken to see 
you fall.
Orochi S

Orochi: Hello, Saizo. 

Saizo: If it isn't the viper, Orochi. What's wrong? Lost your fangs? 

Orochi: Not the nicest hello, but I should count my blessings. At least you 

Saizo: Noticed? There IS something wrong? 

Orochi: Very. I owe you an apology. 

Saizo: Is this about that incident where you tricked me- I mean, I tricked 
myself into telling the camp about being scared of your fortunes? You were 
trying to make me see the error of my ways. I've turned over a new leaf. 

Orochi: Well, that's nice, but about that fortune I told you when you were 

Saizo: What? Let's speak of it no more. It was all in my childhood. 

Orochi: I've been thinking... Back then, I said that disaster would knock at 
your door. I realize now that I warned the wrong person. It wasn't you at 

Saizo: What? Then who-?! 

Orochi: I think you know. Your father. I don't know how I could have gotten 
that fortune so wrong! I'm... so sorry, Saizo. 

Saizo: ... Well, don't be so hard on yourself. We were both children. I never 
told him about the fortune either. I was too frightened. Shouldn't a son be 
able to tell his father when he's scared? If only I had... 

Orochi: We don't know if that would have saved him either, Saizo. 

Saizo: One thing I know for sure-you've always watched out for me. I value 
you, Orochi, far more than you realize. 

Orochi: Well, I know now. That's all that matters. 

Saizo: No, you're not hearing me. I mean, more than YOU realize. What I'm 
saying is... 

Orochi: Hang on here. You're not saying... 

Saizo: I will if you'll let me! I can't turn my back on my feelings any 
longer. A woman who cares so much... for a prickly, stuffy, arrogant fool. 
You're beyond value to me. 

Orochi: Is that so? Well, it's about time that you noticed that I look out 
for you. And you're going to boil over someday if you're not careful... 

Saizo: Which is why I'm glad you're always stirring the pot, you little 

Orochi: I could see us being a pair. Maybe. Except for one thing. You see, I 
know something else about you...and my best friend. 

Saizo: WHAT? Did you use your powers to-? 

Orochi: Only my powers of friendship. Kagero and I are very close. Of course, 
she told me about it long ago. Getting together, breaking up, all the 
awkwardness. And that it's over. 

Saizo: The past is truly behind us then. 

Orochi: No need to look back. Only forward. So I guess I'm game to give us a 
go, Saizo! 

Saizo: Y-you are? Then I'll do my best to make myself worthy of the honor, 
A4. Setsuna C

Setsuna: Morning, Saizo. 

Saizo: "Morning" is when the sun is dawning in the east, or shortly after. 
Where is the sun right now, Setsuna? 

Setsuna: It's right over our heads... 

Saizo: This is called "afternoon." 

Setsuna: Aw, man... I greeted you wrong, huh... 

Saizo: Don't tell me you were sleeping this late. 

Setsuna: OK. I won't tell you that. There's a good excuse, though... I was 
caught in a trap until just now. 

Saizo: That's your idea of a good excuse? I wish you'd lied and said you 

Setsuna: Really? 

Saizo: I'm not sure what to do with you, Setsuna. You don't seem quite suited 
to be a retainer. It's your attitude, I think. 

Setsuna: No way... I'm the most motivated gal around the castle. 

Saizo: That is a barefaced lie! I pity Lady Hinoka for having you as a 
retainer. I will take it upon myself to train you in the proper behavior for 
a loyal retainer! 

Setsuna: Sounds OK. Let's start... tomorrow... 

Saizo: Yes. Bright and early. Be prepared.
Setsuna B

Saizo: No more excuses, Setsuna. No more delays. I will mold you into a loyal 
retainer if it takes every ounce of my energy. Since I know better now than 
to assume anything from you, let's go over the basics. 

Setsuna: Ooh, look at the cute little birdie. Poor thing... I should feed 

Saizo: Setsuna! Can't you stay focused through the first thing I say to you?! 

Setsuna: Oh... sorry. 

Saizo: Tell me about your everyday duties. Do you ensure that Lady Hinoka is 
asleep before you retire for the night? 

Setsuna: No. I usually go to bed first. See, a lot of the time, Lady Hinoka 
says... "If you don't go to sleep first, it's hard for me to relax and fall 
asleep myself." So that's why... 

Saizo: Is this true?! Hrm... I'll give you a pass on that one, then. Well, if 
you retire earlier, do you at least wake up before her? 

Setsuna: No... I get up later... I like to sleep until Lady Hinoka comes to 
wake me up. 

Saizo: But...this is preposterous! Anyone would think YOU were the master and 
SHE the servant! 

Setsuna: She lays out my clothes every morning by my bed, too. That's the 
kind of nice gal Lady Hinoka is... 

Saizo: You monster! That's the kind of service you should be performing for 
Lady Hinoka! I hope you're considerate enough to fetch her breakfast in the 
morning, then! 

Setsuna: Hmm...I can't remember ever doing that. I usually go practice 
archery as soon as I'm awake and dressed... 

Saizo: Ugh... Let's put the everyday duties aside for now. What do you do on 
outings? Do you keep a sharp eye on Lady Hinoka's feet? To see whether 
there's anything dangerous in her path, for example. 

Setsuna: Anything dangerous? 

Saizo: Deep puddles. Enemy traps. Whatever form the hazard takes. 

Setsuna: Well, actually... Whenever I walk in front of Lady Hinoka, she tells 
me to follow from a safe distance. 

Saizo: Unbelievable. Just beyond belief. I'm helpless before your 
incompetence. I thought I would spend the day whipping you into shape, but... 
I'm now feeling like a whipped dog myself. 

Setsuna: You can do it, Saizo... 

Saizo: Oh no! You're the last person I want encouragement from! It's because 
of you that I'm at my wit's end in the first place! *sigh* I must pull myself 
together and focus on the task at hand... 

Setsuna: OK. I'll feed this poor birdie while I wait. 

Saizo: Ughhhhh!
Setsuna A

Setsuna: Hi, Saizo. Got any more tips for me today? 

Saizo: No. I've given up. 

Setsuna: Huh? Why? 

Saizo: Lady Hinoka said, and I quote, "You're wasting your time." 

Setsuna: Really...? Did she say anything else? 

Saizo: She said that she was equally exasperated by your behavior at first. 
But you proved yourself useful in combat, and that is all she wants of you. 
She also said she's come to enjoy carrying out these everyday chores. 

Setsuna: Sorry, what was the first thing again? 

Saizo: Unbelievable! It's like herding cats. Lady Hinoka is far too lenient 
with you. 

Setsuna: Herding cats... That sounds fun. I had a great time taking care of 
that birdie the other day... 

Saizo: If it were up to me, a small bird is all that would be allowed in your 
care. But I've abandoned any attempt at mending your relationship with Lady 
Hinoka. Much as it galls me, there is a place for retainers like you. If only 
that place wasn't here... 

Setsuna: Thanks. Lady Hinoka's a great master. I'm lucky to serve her... 

Saizo: Very, very lucky. Make that the first thing you think each morning and 
the last at night. You owe Lady Hinoka that much. 

Setsuna: Yeah... 

Saizo: Do all that you can to protect her, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: For sure. I always try my best...
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Saizo? I wanted to ask you something... 

Saizo: Ask, then. 

Setsuna: You stopped coming by. Is anything wrong? 

Saizo: Your lessons in being a proper retainer were curtailed. That's all. 
Lady Hinoka told me she's satisfied with the current arrangements. 

Setsuna: So you won't even come to say hi...? 

Saizo: Is there some other reason I should? 

Setsuna: Well, I liked it when you'd come to see me. I was flattered that you 
wanted so much to set me straight. You even took it up with Lady Hinoka. You 
tried so, so hard... 

Saizo: A pity that it all came to nothing. 

Setsuna: It didn't, though. I thought a lot about how hard you worked. It 
impressed me. It made me wish I could be like that. To be as good a retainer 
as you... 

Saizo: ... 

Setsuna: So will you come see me more? I want to change now. I need you with 
me as an example to follow. And I need you with me because... I love you. 

Saizo: Setsuna... It's strange that you should say this. For I think I had 
confused disgust with something else. I didn't understand why your behavior 
bothered me so much, but then I realized... I cared about you. That's why it 
mattered to me that you be the best servant you could be. I would love to 
stay at your side and help you to grow into a fine retainer. 

Setsuna: Thank you, Saizo! 

Saizo: Shall we begin immediately?
A4. Oboro C

Oboro: Saizo! Stay right there, and don't move! 

Saizo: What are you doing, Oboro? And do you have to be that close to do it? 

Oboro: Hmm, yeeesss... I was afraid of this. 

Saizo: A-afraid of what? 

Oboro: Your outfit, your mask... everything you wear is so dowdy. You're a 
fashion disaster! 

Saizo: ... I don't care about that. I'm a solder in a war, not a dandy about 

Oboro: But even a soldier can look chic! I'm making you my personal project. 

Saizo: Ninja care little for such things. In fact, these worn, old clothes 
are perfect for our work. 

Oboro: Ah, or so you think! But I'm a tailor's daughter, and trust me: 
there's a way to look good doing anything! I'll put together a few outfits 
for you to try on. You'll see! 
(Oboro leaves) 

Saizo: Wait! I didn't agree to this! ...She's already left. Hmm, time to make 
myself scarce.
Oboro B

Oboro: Urgh... *pant* *wheeze* Saiiiizoooooo! You can't run forever! 

Saizo: But I will, and I must! As long as you keep threatening me with those 
gaudy clothes! 

Oboro: Oh, don't say that! Just try it on for size! You'll cut such a swank 

Saizo: I told you, ninja need no such things. How many times must I repeat 

Oboro: You're handsome under all that black, you know. You should glam 
yourself up some!

Saizo: *gasp* *cough* Is there nothing I can do to make you stop this?! 

Oboro: *pant*... Heheheh... I've got an unstoppable passion for fashion, 

Saizo: These clothes you insist on will get me killed. A ninja must be 
stealthy. We spend our lives in the shadows. And we must dress the part.  My 
clothes may be frayed in places, but that's how I like them. 

Oboro: Huh, you're right. These threads are coming loose... That's going to 
make it harder to get them off you, but I'll manage! 

Saizo: Get your hands off me! And give me back my clothes! S-stop everything 
you're doing! 

Oboro: Now, what's the best accessory to go with this outfit...? Ah, of 
course! What it really needs is a bright scarf! Oh, and a hat! You'd look 
GREAT in a hat! 

Saizo: This has gone far enough! Guards! I'm being attacked by a... clothes 
Oboro A

Oboro: Hmph... he couldn't get out of those clothes I picked out fast enough. 
And I had so many more for him to try! Like that really unique coat! He'd 
have looked so mature in it...

Saizo: Oboro. 

Oboro: Hey, Saizo. You here to scold me some more? 

Saizo: No. Actually... I, um... 

Oboro: Well, spit it out! I'm really excited to hear again how austere and 
stoic ninja are! 

Saizo: That's not why I came. After our last... encounter... I recalled that 
Lord Ryoma invited me to attend a royal ceremony in Hoshido. 

Oboro: What, really? Nice! You must be proud! 

Saizo: Yes. It is a rare privilege for a ninja. But my current mode of dress 
would dishonor my master at the event. I thought the clothes you provided me 
with would be more suitable. So, perhaps... you could suggest something to 
wear to the ceremony? 

Oboro: No kidding? If you're serious, I wouldn't mind at all. 

Saizo: Thank you. And... I'm sorry about last time. 

Oboro: Don't be. It weirds me out a little to hear you apologize for 

Saizo: ... 

Oboro: Oooh, it's just now hitting me how much fun this is going to be! I'll 
make you the belle of the ball! Come with me-we can try on some outfits! 

Saizo: I suppose... But nothing too flashy, please. 

Oboro: Heehee, gotcha! 
Oboro S

Saizo: I'm not sure about this outfit. It's a bit tight in the sleeves. And I 
don't think this fabric pattern is very becoming of a ninja. ... Oboro. Are 
you listening? 

Oboro: Hmm? Oh, s-sorry. I dozed off there for a second. 

Saizo: Is something wrong? I've never known you not to get excited about 
costuming. Is this how you repay me for making time in my busy schedule? 

Oboro: ... Question for you, Saizo. The only reason you let me dress you is 
for Lord Ryoma, right? 

Saizo: Yes, that's accurate. 

Oboro: You're always thinking about how you can serve him... 

Saizo: Of course. I would die for my master. 

Oboro: So he's more important than me? Is that what you're saying? 

Saizo: It would stand to reason. ...I don't like that look you're giving me. 

Oboro: All you talk about is Lord Ryoma this, and Lord Ryoma that! You never 
think about how I feel! It's like I'm not in the room! 

Saizo: Why are you so upset? I'm wearing the clothes you asked me to. 

Oboro: You still can't tell?! You haven't figured out why I wanted to dress 
you in fancy clothes? I'm in love with you, Saizo! 

Saizo: Wh...WHAT? 

Oboro: But you don't care about anyone except Lord Ryoma. I try to get you to 
spend time with me, and you always refuse... I bet you don't even know how 
cruel you're being! 

Saizo: If I was cruel, I'm sorry. I can be blind to other people's feelings. 
But I thank you for helping me understand. Now that you've shared, I feel 
obligated to return the favor. 

Oboro: How do you mean? 

Saizo: I find you growing one me, little by little, as we spend time 
together. You know that it's impractical for me to wear these gaudy clothes 
every day. But if it means I can spend more time with you... I'll stand for 
as many fittings as you want. 

Oboro: Saizo... I never thought I'd hear that from you... 

Saizo: I'm glad you told me of your feelings. Thank you, Oboro. I look 
forward to many happy days spent together.
A4. Kagero C

Kagero: Saizo, may we speak about the guard assignments? 

Saizo: Of course. I also wanted to discuss them. 

Kagero: We need to consider who is protecting the royal family. 

Saizo: I will assume that honor. The quality of our security has been lacking 
in recent days. The new recruits are likely to blame. 

Kagero: In that case, I should take over. A subordinate's failure reflects 
both on the soldier and his or her superior. 

Saizo: You are referring to me. 

Kagero: Saizo... You are far too direct and merciless in your training 
approach. "Be prepared to sacrifice your life for your liege" is the first 
thing you say? That would scare any fresh recruit. I doubt any of them slept 
well. By the time they were assigned to guard duty, they were too sleep 
deprived to work. Remember-when one waters the plants, one must be careful 
not to drown the roots. 

Saizo: Hmph. Those unable to handle the stress of their duty have only 
themselves to blame. Besides, I believe their failings are a result of their 
inexperience. A battle-hardened warrior is prepared to give everything... 

Kagero: Never mind. This discussion is going nowhere. I will command the 
royal family's guard detail. Agreed? 

Saizo: ...Very well.
Kagero B

Kagero: Saizo. Can we talk? 

Saizo: What do you need, Kagero? 

Kagero: In the battle the other day, you gave orders to the troops that put 
them at risk. Our goal was important, but there were less dangerous ways to 
accomplish it. 

Saizo: This is an old conversation between us. Some objectives are important 
enough that they demand a certain level of sacrifice. I understand why you 
want to avoid that, but our path in life sometimes demands it. In these dark 
times, we often have no say in the matter. 

Kagero: ...... 

Saizo: Why do we always discuss this? Neither of us will change our stance. 
That we couldn't adapt to one another is why we broke up. 

Kagero: It was definitely a factor. You think only of protecting Lord Ryoma, 
whereas I weigh the cost of doing so. We're walking to the same destination, 
just taking a different road to get there. 

Saizo: True. At least we only differ slightly and thus can still work 
together as retainers. Our vow to not let the end of our romance distract us 
from our duty was important. I'm glad we've held to it. 

Kagero: We made that vow so long ago, and yet it still feels like yesterday. 

Saizo: Indeed. Seeing each other daily makes it easy to forget that time 

Kagero: There is truth in that...
Kagero A

Saizo: Kagero, can we discuss our recent battle? 

Kagero: Yes, of course. I wanted to talk about it as well. 

Saizo: When I turned over command of our forces to you, I thought I knew the 
outcome. I had to lead the sneak attack, and I was sure you wouldn't lose any 
ground. I didn't expect both of us to reach the main objective at nearly the 
same moment. 

Kagero: My larger force was able to hold the attention of the enemy. Which 
helped your dangerous mission to succeed as well. It was an excellent 
demonstration of synergy between the two of us. 

Saizo: Indeed. We won't budge on our tactics, and I know that neither of us 
is wrong, but... 

Kagero: In the end, our goal is the same-to serve those it is our duty to 

Saizo: Yes... I know I can count on you, Kagero-despite our difference of 
opinion in battle. I couldn't ask for a better comrade. 

Kagero: Agreed.
Kagero S

Saizo: Kagero... 

Kagero: What is it, Saizo? You seem very solemn. 

Saizo: Our conversation the other day stirred up old memories. It pains me to 
bring it up again, but... 

Kagero: But what? 

Saizo: I pondered your perspective more, and I realized something. It seems 
like our relationship ended because we could not reconcile our tactics. But I 
think what really divided us was not being able to see past that difference. 

Kagero: ...What do you mean? 

Saizo: We were too busy trying to convince each other to change... And missed 
that the reason we were trying so hard was out of love for each other. 

Kagero: It's... It's a bit embarrassing to hear you say that, really. Because 
it's true. It seems so obvious. So... now what? Are we past that hurdle now 
that we see the other's perspective? Did you bring this up as a way to 
suggest we get back together and try again? 

Saizo: I... would rather not say it. 

Kagero: Ha. For someone who prefers the risky route, you can be too cautious 
sometimes... But I understand your meaning, and I feel the same as you. 

Saizo: I believe we can make it work this time. Even people who have 
different opinions... can still walk through this life together. 

Kagero: I agree. Let's walk together again, Saizo.

A5. Azura C

Azama: ... 

Azura: Azama, you've been staring at me for ages. Is there something you wish 
to say? 

Azama: Milady... there's something I've been meaning to ask you. 

Azura: Oh? Pray tell. 

Azama: It's undeniable that you play a rather significant role in our army. 

Azura: Thank you, Azama, but I don't understand what you're getting at... 

Azama: You have earned the trust of all and are also expected to inspire our 
people. What's more, you always work tirelessly in hopes of restoring peace 
to this world. 

Azura: ... 

Azama: At a glance, no one could fail to see that you basically represent our 
entire army. Yet I wonder, don't you harbor something... different in the 
depths of your heart? 

Azura: Something... different? 

Azama: Yes, something very dark and very deep in your heart. Something most 
would not even begin to imagine just by looking at you. You wish to save the 
world, yet there's also this secret corner of your soul... There, you feel 
that nothing can be done to help, and that the future can't be altered. 
Sometimes I'm quite sure that you and I are very similar in that respect. 

Azura: ... 

Azama: That's the feeling I get when I look at you. Tell me, am I wrong? 

Azura: It matters not, as I have no obligation nor inclination to discuss my 
feelings with you. 
(Azura leaves) 

Azama: Oh my, she's run off. Well, I guess it's just me now...
Azura B

Azama: Greetings, milady! How are you on this fine day? 

Azura: You're as duplicitous as always, aren't you? You've made it clear 
enough that you care nothing for my feelings or well-being. 

Azama: Ah, how well you know me. Delightful! 

Azura: Please don't tell me you intend to carry on our conversation from the 
other day... 

Azama: Naturally! I absolutely must know all about the inner darkness you 
keep hidden away. After all, you and I may yet be two of a kind, wouldn't you 

Azura: I'm not so sure of our similarity, but say you were right about me. 
What then? 

Azama: I would share my newfound knowledge with everyone and eagerly watch 
their reactions. It's always fascinating to see someone's true demeanor 

Azura: I see. Well, I suppose how you choose to conduct yourself is not my 
business. Still, more than ever I have no intention of ever sharing my 
thoughts with you. 

Azama: Wait! Please wait, milady.

Azura: What is it now? 

Azama: What if I promise not to tell anyone of your inner life? Will you tell 
me everything? If so, I may consider keeping your innermost secrets just for 

Azura: ... Do you take me for a fool? I have no reason to believe anything 
you say. 
(Azura leaves) 

Azama: Heh heh heh. You fascinating creature! Now I'm all the more curious 
about you...
Azura A

Azama: Salutations, milady! How are you feeling today? All is well, I hope? 

Azura: Once more, I must ask you to please stop bothering me with false 
questions. All you really want to know is what secrets I'm keeping, not how 
I'm feeling. Correct? 

Azama: You're quite mistaken. I care deeply about how your secret musings 
make you feel. 

Azura: Pardon? 

Azama: Here's my diagnosis, if I may be so bold... I suspect the reason you 
feel out of sorts is due to your broody and introverted nature. 

Azura: Whatever do you mean? 

Azama: You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and you bear that 
burden alone. Yet your heart longs to be free, and your mind craves the 
comfort of friendship. Don't you suffer from the unfulfilled desire to share 
your worries and sorrows? 

Azura: You're saying my heart... wants to be free? 

Azama: Indeed. In fact, sharing what's on your mind is the only known cure 
for brooding. 

Azura: Hmm... 

Azama: That same concept can be found in a variety of spiritual teachings. 
Though really it all boils down to the same thing! 

Azura: ... Hahaha, I think I finally understand you! You want me to share my 
troubles with you. You ought to have said so from the start instead of all 
this roundabout nonsense. You're simply worried about me, is that it? 

Azama: I suppose that's one way to look at it... But you don't have to take 
it so positively! I just felt... irritated by your anxious expressions. And I 
was bored. 

Azura: You really can't help yourself, can you? You're so spiteful! 

Azama: You don't really think that. I see right through you, milady. As a 
spiritual man, I feel it's my obligation to speak truthfully-at times even 

Azura: I see... In that case, I shall endeavor to do the same and share my 
thoughts with you. At first I thought you were being intrusive for your own 
amusement... But now I must admit I am happy to learn you were simply worried 
about me. I will try to not be so guarded from now on and to learn to trust 
people a bit more. ...Is that sufficient for the time being? 

Azama: If it means you'll have a sound mind, I could not possibly ask for 

Azura: I believe it will. Thank you, Azama.
Azura S

Azura: Azama! May I speak with you? 

Azama: Always. Tell me, have you finally decided to share your inner turmoil 
with me? 

Azura: Umm... That's not precisely how I would phrase it, but I do wish to 
speak openly. 

Azama: So long as it may prove interesting, I'm all ears! 

Azura: Haha, fair enough... Well, the thing is... I know people often see me 
as something of a snob. But I wish only to help people and protect the very 
bonds I'm too shy to make myself. Despite my apparent coldness, I truly do 
rely on you and the others. 

Azama: Ahahaha! What a fascinating person you are! 

Azura: Wh-what do you mean? 

Azama: I knew all that from the beginning-almost from the moment I first set 
eyes on you. 

Azura: But earlier... you said... 

What can I say? I do so enjoy seeing how people react to the ridiculous 
things I say. 

... Hahaha! I suppose that does sound like something you'd enjoy. 

Azama: All joking aside... I cannot stand this a moment longer. I have 
reached my limit. 

Azura: What do you mean? 

Azama: I'm tired of simply being an acquaintance. In my heart, this is an 
unforgivable farce. From now on, I shan't leave your side. I wish to protect 
you, now and always. 

Azura: Azama... Are you saying what I think you're saying?! 

Azama: My own inner suffering is at the thought of living without your sweet 
and fragile beauty. That's why I must be close to you... That is, if you'll 
have me. 

Azura: Azama... Thank you for your kind words. I would be honored to have you 
by my side. Are you quite sure about this? 

Azama: My word is gold, at least until I change my mind. 

Azura: Hahaha, you fiend! I suppose I shall have to get used to you being a 
tease like that. Though someone so quick to laugh may be an ideal match for 
me. Thank you, Azama! I'm so happy to know we'll always be together. 

Azama: The pleasure is all mine.
A5. Felicia C

Azama: Ah, there you are, Felicia. 

Felicia: Hello, Azama. Is something the matter? 

Azama: I've heard that you're a servant here. Or should I say maid? That's 
what you call it here, right? 

Felicia: It sure is! 

Azama: I've often heard that maids have to devote themselves to their masters 
completely. That meticulously performing one's duties is the most important 
aspect of life. Is that true? If so, being a maid must require a truly 
generous spirit. 

Felicia: Something like that. But your description is a little bit extreme. 

Azama: Well I never said that YOU were carrying out your duties successfully! 

Felicia: H-heeey! That's not very nice! 

Azama: What I really wanted to know was how it feels to be so devoted to 
another person. It seems like a unique situation. 

Felicia: You want to know how it feels? 

Azama: I'm just curious to know what it's like to live for someone else. To 
take care of their many unique needs. 

Felicia: That's a difficult question. I just want to do the best job that I 
can. I live to assist the people who mean the most to me. It's not terribly 

Azama: No, that's actually even more confusing! Maybe it's beyond my 
comprehension. Are you really so sad that you feel like you have to live for 
other people? 

Felicia: No, that's not it at all. I think it's totally natural to live for 
those you care about. 

Azama: Perhaps your equivalent of natural is just different from mine? 

Felicia: Hmm, well... If that's true, why don't you try working with me as a 
maid for a while? That might clear up your confusion. 

Azama: Are you serious? That sounds like such a pain in the neck. 

Felicia: Maybe that could help you understand my perspective better. 

Azama: Perhaps you're right. Hmm... I don't know if I can really devote 
myself to someone like you have though. What do you think? 

Felicia: It might be difficult for you. But it wouldn't hurt to try, right? 

Azama: Your reasoning does make a lot of sense. Honestly, the idea of being a 
maid makes me want to grind my teeth. I guess I could help you out for a bit. 
Just until I get to the bottom of this. 

Felicia: Great! I'll probably ask for your help soon!
Felicia B

Felicia: Rise and shine, Azama! 

Azama: Urgh, why are you waking me up? You didn't tell me this was part of 
the deal. Come on, the sun isn't even up. I'm so sleepy still... 

Felicia: Every maid has to wake up nice and early. There's so much to do. 
Let's get to work! 

Azama: Yaaawn... 

Felicia: First things first-we have to prepare breakfast! Then after that, 
we'll wash the dishes and do the laundry. Oh, and then comes cleaning the 
rooms, checking the stockroom's inventory... And we'll have to buy some 
groceries for the midday meal, of course! 

Azama: We have to do all of that this morning? I think I've already lost my 

Felicia: What do you mean?! The whole point of today is dedicating yourself 
to other people, remember? 

Azama: *sigh* Your enthusiasm is incredible. Honestly, I mean it.
(Time passes)
Azama: Oh gods. This place looks like a disaster. What did you do?! 

Felicia: *sob* Oh no! I failed again! 

Azama: Felicia, this is a disaster. What happened? You burned all the toast 
and shattered the dishes into a million pieces! And look at the laundry. The 
color has faded out of all these clothes! Do you have any idea how to 
actually be a maid? I thought this was your job? 

Felicia: *sniffle* Why did you have to come out and say it like that? 

Azama: It clearly needed to be said! Normally, I like to get my point across 
in a sarcastic way... But being a maid requires actual competence, not just 

Felicia: I-I'm just shocked. It really hurts to have you throw that out 

Azama: You need to figure out a way to make fewer mistakes. This is causing 
too much trouble. I know how much you care about this. So find a way to make 
that passion actually reflect in your actions. 

Felicia: Y-you're right. I'll try to be more careful.
Felicia A

Azama: Felicia, watch out! The pot is boiling over! Hustle and turn off the 

Felicia: OK, got it! 

Azama: We need more trays. Grab some from that back shelf. 

Felicia: G-got it! 

Azama: When you have the time later, go and inspect the stockroom, OK? We 
need to do an inventory of all the sundry goods too! 

Felicia: There's so much to do! I feel like my head is spinning. 

Azama: How can you possibly complain? This is an average amount of work! Any 
true maid has to be able to keep up with this pace. 

Felicia: You're right. Oh, Azama, guess what! 

Azama: Hmm? 

Felicia: Everyone was praising me yesterday! 

Azama: Really? Is that so? 

Felicia: Yeah. They've been saying that I keep getting better and better at 
doing chores. They say I've been making fewer mistakes, so things have been 
going more smoothly. It's all thanks to you helping me out! 

Azama: Wait a minute... Nooooooo!! 

Felicia: What happened? Are you OK? 

Azama: What have I been doing this whole time? At first I just wanted to 
understand your duties. Then I critiqued your performance. And now here I am, 
all but doing your job for you! I didn't realize how much I was pitching in. 

Felicia: You really have! It's almost like you've become my assistant or 

Azama: I just don't feel like my usual self. What's happening to me? It's 
like my personality is dissolving minute by minute... 

Felicia: Is that so bad? Who knows? Maybe people will start calling you a 
nice person next! 

Azama: Hahaha, that would be something. I guess this isn't the worst thing in 
the world. Being a maid is tough work, but it's actually pretty rewarding. 

Felicia: Yep, exactly!
Felicia S

Azama: Oh, Felicia... 

Felicia: Hey! Did you come to help out with the chores again, Azama? 

Azama: No, not today. 

Felicia: That's too bad. Sorry, I mean- I shouldn't be so presumptuous about 
you assisting me. You don't have to. Obviously I need to figure out how to 
succeed at this all on my own. 

Azama: Spending all that time together has got me thinking about things... 

Felicia: Hmm? What do you mean? 

Azama: I simply can't get you out of my head, which is completely strange to 
me. You and I are so different. We think in totally opposite ways. And yet, I 
like that. I think we complement each other. What I'm saying is... I have 
feelings for you. 

Felicia: Oh, Azama! I knew there was something growing between us... Even 
though it was hard, you've made work so much more fun lately. I loved having 
you by my side. I'll just say it already. I like you too! 

Azama: I'm so happy to hear you say that. Can we spend the rest of the day 
together? I can give you a hand with the laundry or the dishes too. 

Felicia: That sounds wonderful!
A5. Mozu C

Azama: Well, well, if it isn't Mozu. How are you doing today? 

Mozu: Oh no! You're that Azama fellow. Stay away from me! Don't come over 

Azama: Why? What are you so scared of? 

Mozu: I've heard more stories and rumors about you than I can count. Everyone 
knows how you like to tease folks for your own amusement. You're the most 
notorious monk in this whole country! 

Azama: Hmm. I had no idea my reputation was so bad these days. I'm utterly 

Mozu: It's the truth. So you leave me be. I know you'll end up calling me a 
bumpkin or something. 

Azama: Interesting. I've graduated to becoming notorious... How delightful. 
I'm pleased that you let me know. Thanks, Mozu. 

Mozu: What kind of weirdo is happy to hear about their terrible reputation? 
I'm gonna skedaddle before you can get your claws into me! 
(Mozu leaves) 

Azama: Mozu? Hmm, she ran away. What an interesting person.
Mozu B

Azama: Fancy seeing you. What a pleasant surprise. 

Mozu: Eeek! Azama, what are you doing here?! 

Azama: Oh, I thought we could continue our conversation from the other day. 
You're too much fun to resist. 

Mozu: Well you and I don't have the same idea of fun, obviously. This sure 
doesn't feel like a happy coincidence to me... 

Azama: Hahaha, good comeback! 

Mozu: Oh gosh, I don't know what to do. 

Azama: Say, how did you think I was going to make fun of you, anyway? 

Mozu: H-how? Umm, since I'm just a country girl, I figured you would poke fun 
at the way I talk. Maybe call me a scaredy-cat. Or you could say my clothes 
are threadbare and crummy. I don't know-something like that I guess. 

Azama: Interesting. Well that certainly gives me a lot of ammunition. Thanks! 

Mozu: Oh shoot! I went and told you about all my stupid insecurities. This is 

Azama: Well if you don't want to get a good ribbing from me, you better run! 

Mozu: You don't have to tell me twice! I'm getting out of here! 
(Mozu leaves) 

Azama: You're not getting away that easy! Wait up, Mozu!
Mozu A

Mozu: *huff* *puff* 

Azama: Hahaha! What's wrong, Mozu? Getting tired already? I'm just hitting my 
stride! You better hustle, or I'm going to catch up with you! 

Mozu: *wheeze* Can't... keep... going. My legs feel like rubber. Please, show 
some mercy, Azama! C'mon, you're a monk! 

Azama: Ha, no way! 

Mozu: *huff* *puff* I don't know what I expected to hear. Hey, why aren't you 
saying anything mean yet? You're just chasing me around like a crazy person. 
You aren't being sarcastic at all! 

Azama: It was way funnier to watch you freak out. There was no point in 
making fun of you. I'm just going with the flow. 

Mozu: Wh-what?! You mean you were never gonna be a jerk to me in the first 

Azama: It's the truth! I'm not sure who's spreading these terrible rumors 
about me... I'm not into making simple, vicious jokes. I like to be 
deliberate with my remarks. Sure, sometimes I say things that might sting a 
little bit. But I don't say cruel things to try and bring people down. 

Mozu: Oh... Listen. I'm sorry, Azama. Maybe I took those rumors the wrong 

Azama: There's no need to apologize. I don't mind. In fact, I kind of enjoy 
my reputation as a prankster. 

Mozu: In any case, you're certainly a strange one. What kind of nutcase 
chases people around and around in circles? 

Azama: Come on, admit that you were having a little bit of fun. If you ask 
me, I'd say we both came out in a better place. 

Mozu: You're a little crazy. But heck, maybe you're right too.
Mozu S

Azama: Why, Mozu. Hello. 

Mozu: There you are. I've been looking all over for you, Azama. 

Azama: What is it? 

Mozu: I wanted to apologize to you. 

Azama: Oh? For what? 

Mozu: See... at first I thought the worst of you because of those rumors 
floating around. Your habit of embellishing everything made it sound like you 
were a real terror. But now I see that you just like to amuse yourself in 
strange ways. 

Azama: Ah. Well, don't trouble yourself over it. It's my own fault. It's not 
as though I cultivate a particularly cuddly image, after all. 

Mozu: Well, if you say so. Thanks, Azama. Oh! That reminds me! There was 
something else I wanted to thank you for. While I was thinking about all 
this, I decided to talk to some of the townsfolk. They seemed to pretty much 
agree with what I said about you. And in the end, I wound up making a few new 
friends by chatting with folks. 

Azama: Oh? I see... 

Mozu: So, in an odd way, I got to meet some mighty fine people-all thanks to 

Azama: Well, I'm glad that things are going well for you. But I'm feeling a 
little sad... 

Mozu: Huh? Why is that? 

Azama: Even though I was being a nuisance, the truth is, I just wanted to be 
close to you. And instead you just made a bunch of new friends. I can't help 
but be jealous. 

Mozu: What do you mean about being closer? 

Azama: It's embarrassing. That's why I didn't try to make myself clear. The 
truth is, I really like you. 

Mozu: A-Azama! Are you serious? This must be one of your infamous jokes. 

Azama: I promise, it's not. I'm being honest. This is hard to admit, but I'm 
pretty taken with you. There's just something about you I find oddly 
irresistible. What do you think? Am I crazy? 

Mozu: Well, maybe a little bit. But I gotta admit, I like you too. The truth 
is, I wasn't scared when you were chasing me around. I was caught up. It was 
exciting, almost like when you're a little kid. 

Azama: Hahaha, I had the exact same feeling. 

Mozu: I just couldn't be happier, Azama. I bet the folks from the village 
will be pleased too. 

Azama: Well of course they will be. Say, why don't we go back to where your 
village was. We could chant some sutras in remembrance of their spirits.
A5. Sakura C

Azama: Lady Sakura, can I ask you something? 

Sakura: Yes, of course. What is it? 

Azama: Why is it that you're so selfless? It seems like you're always helping 
other people! 

Sakura: Well, I don't know if "selfless" is the right word, but I- 

Azama: I mean, you're a princess, right? Shouldn't you be barking orders at 
people? Why should you ever have to lift a finger? 

Sakura: Um, well... 

Azama: Now that I think about it... Not only are you a princess-you're the 
youngest in the royal family! You should be spoiled rotten! 

Sakura: No, I don't think... 

Azama: Oh, if I were in your shoes... the liberties I would take... I'm very 
jealous of the position you're in, Lady Sakura. 

Sakura: B-but, I... 

Azama: Oh, you've really angered up my envy now. I am consumed by burning 
jealousy! Good day! 
(Azama leaves) 

Sakura: Wh-what just happened?
Sakura B

Azama: So, we meet again, Lady Sakura... 

Sakura: Azama, I wanted to say- 

Azama: You know... I don't really think I ought to speak with you today. I 
find myself becoming frustrated with the way you squander your privilege. So, 
I'll be on my way. Cheers! 

Sakura: Um... wait... 

Azama: Yes? 

Sakura: Could you please... not say those kinds of things to me? 

Azama: What kinds of things precisely, my dear? 

Sakura: I'm tired of the way you treat me. Just because I don't act how you 
think a princess should! 

Azama: Oh ho! There's some of that princess-like attitude you've been 
missing! You were born under a lucky star, you know. Might as well take 

Sakura: But, that's just not right... 

Azama: And here we are again. How depressing. Being humble and meek all the 
time isn't getting you anywhere, my dear. 

Sakura: I... I think I've had enough. WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP?! 
(Staff breaks)

Azama: You... you just snapped that staff in two with your bare hands! That's 
what I like to see! Stand up for yourself! 

Sakura: Whatever. I don't care what you think. I'm out of here, Azama! 
(Sakura leaves) 

Azama: Amazing. I just KNEW she had potential.
Sakura A

Azama: Greetings, Lady Sakura. Can you spare a moment to talk? 

Sakura: ... 

Azama: Oh ho! The silent treatment, eh? Well played. 

Sakura: I told you to leave me alone! All you do is treat me rudely and 
ignore what I say. I'm sick of it! 

Azama: Well, believe it or not, I'm actually here to apologize. 

Sakura: Hmph. 

Azama: Seriously! Granted, I'm not exactly sorry for raising your ire... but 
I thought an apology would smooth things over. 

Sakura: You just said you weren't sorry! How could you think that would make 
things better? 

Azama: You're sharp as a tack, Lady Sakura. 

Sakura: Well you're a jerk, Azama! 

Azama: Wah?! Quit hitting me with your staff already! I've got something else 
to say. 

Sakura: What makes you think I wish to hear it? 

Azama: I brought you something to make up for my rudeness. Here, take it. 

Sakura: What? This is... Oh my goodness! This is one of those amulets made in 
the sacred mountains of Hoshido, right? Isn't this very expensive? You really 
shouldn't have, Azama. 

Azama: No really, I want you to have it. Listen, I know I'm not the most 
eloquent person in the world. But I was hoping this gift might serve as my 
true apology. I spent a great deal of energy and effort acquiring this 
precious object for you. As a priestess, you clearly understand how rare this 
amulet truly is. 

Sakura: Of course I do! 

Azama: So we're OK then? Let's shake on it to seal the deal. 

Sakura: What a strange way to put it. You really aren't all that eloquent. 
But yes, we're fine. I'm not mad at you anymore. 

Azama: Thank you. I hope this offering will inspire you to look past all the 
rude things I've said. 

Sakura: I told you, all is forgiven. 

Azama: That's wonderful... Though I have to admit I'm a little surprised. You 
were so easily swayed by a gift! 

Sakura: I knew it! You are a jerk after all, Azama!
Sakura S

Sakura: Hello, Azama. 

Azama: Ah, Lady Sakura. Say, do you still have the amulet I gave you 

Sakura: Of course! I've been carrying it with me everywhere. It's beautiful. 

Azama: Oh good, I'm glad to hear it. I guess you and I are getting married 

Sakura: What are you talking about?! 

Azama: Oh, didn't I tell you before? That amulet is a symbol of my proposal. 

Sakura: Y-you never told me that! 

Azama: Are you sure? Maybe I wasn't totally clear, but that's what it means. 

Sakura: This is all so surprising. I just don't know what to say. 

Azama: The truth is that I have feelings for you. I think that together, we 
can make an amazing team. If we stay close, maybe I can help you take 
advantage of your royal position. And I know we'll have a ton of fun! 

Sakura: Is this your peculiar way of saying you want to be close to me? 

Azama: ......... 

Sakura: Heh. That's it, right? I can tell because you're so quiet all of a 

Azama: Fine, I admit it. You're right. 

Sakura: To be honest, I always had a hunch that you felt this way. And the 
truth is... I really like you too. 

Azama: Really? You mean it? 

Sakura: I've had a crush on you since we first met. But your tendency to say 
rude things got under my skin. I didn't want to be with someone who hurt my 
feelings all the time. 

Azama: I shouldn't have been so callous. I know that my sense of humor can be 
off-putting sometimes. But I want to take responsibility for my actions. I 
want to change. If you give me a chance, I'll prove to you that we're a match 
made in heaven. 

Sakura: Hmm... OK, Azama. I accept your proposal. But don't you dare let me 

Azama: Thank you, Sakura. I'll do everything I can to be the husband of your 

Sakura: I know that you will.
A5. Hinoka C

Azama: Good morning, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Good morning to you, Azama. 

Azama: I see you still haven't sorted out a suitable hair-care routine. Your 
bed head almost makes you look like a giant red insect! 

Hinoka: Excuse me? This is how I style my hair on purpose! 

Azama: Oh! So, you spend all your time on your hair... That must be why your 
clothes are so wrinkled. 

Hinoka: Damn it, Azama! You're not wrong, but did you really need to point 
that out? 

Azama: Well, I held my tongue the other day when you spilled all those eggs 
in the kitchen. Oh ho! I did have a good laugh about it behind your back, of 
course. For a mighty warrior, you sure are clumsy! 

Hinoka: Look, one of the eggs was already cracked, and it made everything 
slippery... Wait. Why am I explaining myself to you? You're MY retainer! 
What's with all the back talk? 

Azama: Yes, we mustn't forget that I'm your servant. Even though we only met 
because I rescued you. You were such a pathetic pegasus rider when you were 

Hinoka: That's true. However, I have always been handy with the naginata. 
Would you like an up-close demo of just how handy I can be? 

Azama: You're threatening me? How rude! After all I've done for you! Yeesh, 
some people just can't handle even the tiniest amount of power... 

Hinoka: What have I done to deserve this constant berating? If I'd known what 
you were really like, I'd have pawned you off on someone else. Maybe it's not 
too late... 

Azama: Well, I have a few things to attend to. It's been nice talking with 

Hinoka: What?! No, it hasn't!
Hinoka B

Hinoka: Ugh...

Azama: What's the matter, Lady Hinoka? Today is a beautiful day! 

Hinoka: How can you say that? We just lost some of our finest young soldiers 
in battle. You can't just shrug that kind of thing off... 

Azama: Maybe you can't. But I can. 

Hinoka: I should have known. How can you be so coldhearted? 

Azama: Please. Don't make me out to be some sort of monster. I'm nothing more 
than a monk with a well-developed sense of perspective. 

Hinoka: Perspective, huh? 

Azama: Yes. Think about it. All people must die one day. There's no getting 
around it. And what awaits after death? Hoo! That's a real puzzler, isn't it? 
I can't wait to find out for myself. 

Hinoka: Then why go on living? Why save lives? After all...you saved MY life, 
remember? When I crashed as a young pegasus rider and was injured and alone 
in the woods... You, of all people, found me. And, knowing you as I do now, 
you inexplicably decided to save me. Why? 

Azama: Ah. It was the look on your face. You looked FURIOUS as you lay there, 
clinging to life. I found it charming. 

Hinoka: Gods, you're even creepier than I imagined. 

Azama: Sorry I'm not sorry. I thought it would be interesting to see what you 
would do with your life. 

Hinoka: So, what about the brave young soldiers who died yesterday? Just not 
that interesting to you? 

Azama: Not as interesting as you. But I don't think I could have saved them 

Hinoka: So, let me get this straight. You saved my life and agreed to become 
my retainer... because I was making an interesting face when I was about to 

Azama: Exactly! And you're making that very face right now! 

Hinoka: You really don't care what anyone else thinks of you, do you? 

Azama: Nope! I believe that's one of my very best qualities. So, thank you 
for the high compliment! 

Hinoka: You are rude, selfish, and possibly criminally insane... But, I have 
to admit... I respect your confidence.
Hinoka A

Hinoka: I can't believe it... Another senseless death... 

Azama: Are you speaking of the young soldier injured in our last battle? 

Hinoka: Yes. He's barely hanging on... But... maybe you can help! Quickly! 
Grab your staff and get to his tent! 

Azama: Sorry, it's not worth my time or effort. 

Hinoka: How can you say that?! A man's life hangs in the balance! 

Azama: No. He's not long for this world. I've seen his injuries, and they are 
grave. We should just let him die in peace. 

Hinoka: As long as he's still breathing air, he's worth saving. Now, get on 

Azama: I said it before, I'll say it again-people are meant to die... 

Hinoka: This isn't the time for any of your lame philosophical crap! This is 
a time for action! 

Azama: Very well-if you ORDER me to do this, I will do my very best. 

Hinoka: YES! Now, get on with it!
(Time passes)

Azama: Well, that was a lot of work. But, in the end- 

Hinoka: He lived?! 

Azama: No, he died horribly. Lingering on far too long with grievous wounds. 

Hinoka: NO! Damn it. Well, thank you for trying. 

Azama: I was just following orders. Orders that I wish I had disobeyed, to be 
perfectly frank. You're a kind person, but I fear that one day your kindness 
will be your downfall. 

Hinoka: Azama... 

Azama: I'm sorry. Of all the things I have said to you...and WILL say to you 
in the future... I believe that may have crossed a line. May you never lose 
your fragile innocence. 

Hinoka: I... I don't know what to say to that. I'm sorry I didn't listen to 
your advice today. I'll try to look past your personality and remember that 
you can be wise at times. 

Azama: Thank you. Although, honestly, I don't care if you take my advice or 
not. Sometimes life is more interesting when you don't. 

Hinoka: Uh... huh.
Hinoka S

Azama: Lady Hinoka, are you free? Not that I care either way! Haha!

Hinoka: Hey! This is my private quarters! Oh, it's you. I should have known. 

Azama: Aw, come on. I knocked. You had five seconds to prepare for me. 
Anyway, as my future wife, you'll- 

Hinoka: Wait, what was that? BAHAHAHA! What in the world are you talking 

Azama: Well, I've been your retainer for years now. I know everything about 
you. Including the fact that you respect me more than anyone else here. 

Hinoka: Riiiight. 

Azama: Deny it if you feel you must, but you know that it's true. I'm the 
only one here who's strong enough for you. Likewise, you're the only one here 
who's reckless and interesting enough for me. I don't know why it didn't 
occur to me before. We're a perfect match! 

Hinoka: Hah... um... OK. What if I admitted that I respect your confidence a 
tiny bit? A TINY bit, mind you. I... I don't know. This is the most arrogant 
marriage proposal of all time... 

Azama: Exactly! And you shouldn't accept anything less. You deserve the best, 
Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Well, they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer... 
And you can't possibly get any closer than married... You know what? I've 
never backed down from a challenge. Let's do this, Azama. 

Azama: Oh ho! That's the spirit! We're going to make one hell of a team. 

Hinoka: Damn right. And now that we're both on Team Hinoka, I expect- 

Azama: Wait... Team Hinoka? I thought we'd call it Team Azama... 

Hinoka: Bwahaha! Oh, you don't even know what you just signed up for, do you?
A5. Rinkah C

Rinkah: Hey, heretic! Wait up!

Azama: Rinkah, that's not a great way to try and start a conversation.

Rinkah: Why? Isn't that what you are?

Azama: Choose your words carefully. A heretic is someone at odds with their 
faith. Like a monk who lives a relaxed and slothful life, more concerned with 
desire over duty.

Rinkah: Wait a second. That sounds like you're just describing yourself.

Azama: Which aspect of my character are you referring to exactly?

Rinkah: Umm, all of it? Like I said, you're just talking about yourself!

Azama: Hmm, well I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree.

Rinkah: Ugh, whatever. Can you just tend to my cut, please? It really hurts.

Azama: After insulting and pestering me, why would I ever want to help you? 
You're going out of your way to say rude nonsense to me.

Rinkah: Because we're allies, obviously.

Azama: Haha, you have a funny way of showing it. Usually your allies don't 
call you names and make baseless accusations. You should at least be able to 
trade me something if you want my help.

Rinkah: Yeah, I don't feel like doing that though. Just hurry up and help me 

Azama: I don't think I could possibly have less motivation to do that. 
Honestly, even talking to you is making me wish I had a different vocation.

Rinkah: Well fine. Maybe I'll just spit on my cut and hope it heals all on 
its own!
(Rinkah leaves)
Azama: Hahaha, good luck with that.
Rinkah B

Rinkah: Hey! Heretic!

Azama: You again. Didn't I tell you already that I've never broken any 
religious commandments?

Rinkah: Oh please. I know a heretic when I see one. I've even got proof.

Azama: Huh? What are you talking about?

Rinkah: You're supposed to be a monk, right? But deep down, you don't believe 
in the gods. Someone told me that you once said, "all religion is nonsense." 
Is that true?

Azama: Hmm, I suppose I did say that. It was a long time ago.

Rinkah: Hold on a second. You're not even going to deny that you said it? How 
in the world does that not shatter your religious vows?

Azama: Faith is a very fluid thing. It can take on many different forms. I'm 
just the kind of person who points out whatever I find silly. It may be gods 
or kings. There's no real distinction for me.

Rinkah: Then why are you a monk? That makes no sense at all.

Azama: I fell into it naturally. My family ran a small shrine when I was 
growing up. The lifestyle suits me well.

Rinkah: That's pathetic. Shouldn't you be driven toward a religious calling? 
I have to assume that you don't believe in the God of the Flame. Our tribe 
worships him above every other deity.

Azama: God of the Flame? Oh, you're talking about the ancient dragon that 
folks pray to. I have a passing knowledge of that god, but honestly it 
doesn't intrigue me much.

Rinkah: I'll make you intrigued, damn it! Sit down-I want to tell you all 
about how incredible our god is! We worship him for a reason, obviously.

Azama: I think I'll pass. You can talk all you want, but it will probably 
just put me to sleep.

Rinkah: Wait a minute. Just listen to what I have to say, Azama!

Azama: Ugh, you're giving me a headache.
Rinkah A

Rinkah: Hello, heretic.

Azama: It's not very nice to go around calling people names. But I know 
you're too stubborn to change.

Rinkah: Maybe you weren't meant to be a monk. Have you ever thought about 
seeking out a new vocation?

Azama: Sure, from time to time.

Rinkah: You clearly don't believe in the gods, so why not explore other 

Azama: I may not have as much faith as some, but I have a gift for helping 
people. I can make them feel enthralled and hopeful whenever I choose.

Rinkah: That's not a good reason to keep being a monk, Azama. How can you toy 
with people like that? You're a total fraud.

Azama: You don't understand what it takes to become a monk. I spent years 
enduring strenuous training in the mountains. After all of my experiences, 
good and bad, I can't help but have complicated feelings. It's almost like I 
have a bit of a chip on my shoulder for bearing so much hardship.

Rinkah: That's crazy. Your motives are all over the place, Azama.

Azama: I just want to enjoy living my life. That's all that matters to me.

Rinkah: *sigh* Well, in spite of your strange attitude, people seem to 
benefit from what you do. And you're clearly dedicated to the training 
required of your vocation. Maybe you're not such a bad guy after all.

Azama: What's that? Did you say something?

Rinkah: Never mind, it's nothing. Say, you mentioned your experience training 
in the mountains. Have you ever visited the sacred mountains that honor the 
God of the Flame?

Azama: Of course. I know them well.

Rinkah: You have to take me on a pilgrimage there! If you do, I promise I'll 
never call you a heretic ever again.

Azama: I don't know. That seems like too much of a bother to me.

Rinkah: Stop complaining! What if I give you a nice present? Will you take me 

Azama: What is that supposed to mean? I'm not a child. You can't pay me off 
with a toy. But, OK, fine... If I head in that direction, maybe I'll take 

Rinkah: Yes! You promised! Oh, I just can't wait to see the mountains, Azama!

Azama: Hey, wait a second. I didn't promise you anything.
Rinkah S

Azama: Rinkah, can you talk for a minute?

Rinkah: Sure, Azama. Say, is that a map?

Azama: Yes, it details the nearby mountain ranges. There are some that even 
honor your precious God of the Flame. Would you like to join me on a 
pilgrimage there sometime?

Rinkah: Of course! That's so exciting. We should head out right away.

Azama: I'd like to be your guide, if that's OK.

Rinkah: That would be a huge help. But why has your attitude about helping me 
changed? You're being so cooperative. I can't help but feel suspicious.

Azama: That's a fair point. The truth is, I just love going on journeys to 
holy places. And maybe it would be fun to spend some time getting to know you 

Rinkah: What do you mean by that?

Azama: I have to admit, I enjoyed fending off your verbal jabs. And it's a 
lot of fun irritating you. Ever since you suggested it, I realized that 
traveling with you sounded wonderful. Maybe you'll finally want to sing my 
praises once we get to the mountain.

Rinkah: You're a very confusing fellow, Azama.

Azama: Rinkah, I'm trying to say that I like you.

Rinkah: Wh-what?! Your logic is completely insane! How could you possibly 
think that?We've been fighting like cats and dogs!

Azama: Hahaha. Your face is all flushed, Rinkah.

Rinkah: Hey, shut up! Yours is too!

Azama: Maybe I shouldn't have expressed myself in such a complicated way. I 
was just feeling shy and nervous about putting my feelings out there, I 

Rinkah: No, I understand. Honestly, I'm pretty fond of you too. I think 
that's why I like to try and wind you up all the time. But if you wanna be 
with me, you'd better study up on the God of the Flame. That's an important 
part of bonding with someone from my tribe!

Azama: Hahaha, I think I can handle that.
A5. Hana C

Hana: All right... this looks like a good spot. Nobody will miss this 
particular tree. Come on, Hana... Gather your energy, and... HYAAAH!

Azama: Aieee! 

Hana: What was that? Trees shouldn't scream! 

Azama: Whew! That was close. Now, I wonder why that tree just fell down all 
by itself... 

Hana: Azama! What are you doing out here? Are you OK? That tree didn't hit 
you when it fell, did it? 

Azama: No, but if it had been any closer, you could have carried me back to 
camp in a satchel! What are you doing cutting down trees, anyway? Thinking of 
a career change? 

Hana: Heh. No, of course not. I'm just training. You know how people usually 
spar with wooden swords? Well... sometimes that just doesn't cut it. No pun 
intended. Anyway, sometimes I come way out here to train with a real blade. 

Azama: I see. You need the feel of deadly steel in your hands from time to 

Hana: Ha! Well, yeah, I suppose. But that's kind of a dramatic way to put it. 
I just think you should practice with the weapon you're going to use in 

Azama: Of course. Anyway, I'm very impressed that you could cut through a 
tree like that. You could have literally killed me. Oh ho! 

Hana: Right... I said I was sorry, didn't I?
Hana B

Hana: At last... another chance to get some serious training in! I don't see 
Azama or anyone else around, but just to be safe... I'll work on a different 
technique today. Let's see how fast I can chop up all these small branches! 

Azama: OW! Ow ow ow ow ow ow! 

Hana: Eeek! Please tell me that's not Azama again... 

Azama: So many little pieces of wood embedded in my face... 

Hana: Oh no! I'm sorry, Azama! 

Azama: I could dodge one large tree, no problem. But this kind of shrapnel... 
Ah, Miss Hana. I should have known you were behind this surprise attack. 

Hana: Ugh... I'm so sorry. Here, let me tend to your wounds... 

Azama: No, I'm fine. But have you considered NOT training right next to me 
when I'm meditating? 

Hana: I swear I looked around for you! This is really weird... 

Azama: I don't know. One time is just unlucky. Two times? Something more is 
going on. 

Hana: What are you saying? Why would I ever want to harass you like that? 

Azama: Oh, please. We both know that I'm not exactly the most popular fellow 
in camp. So it's not that far fetched that someone could be out to get me. 

Hana: So, what shall we do about this? 

Azama: I have an idea. Simply invite me along each time you train out here. 

Hana: But... that seems like it would be placing you CLOSER to the danger... 

Azama: Well, I'd rather be close to the danger but know it's coming. These 
surprise attacks are playing havoc with my chanting schedule. 

Hana: Very well. I'll be sure to call you the next time I come out here to 

Azama: I look forward to it.
Hana A

Hana: OK, focus, Hana... This tree is going down!

Azama: Hold it! 

Hana: Oh! Azama. What's the matter? You're standing behind me, so you're 

Azama: What do you mean, "What's the matter?" You didn't tell me you were 
coming here today! You were supposed to invite me! 

Hana: AHH! I forgot. I'm so sorry. Heh. 

Azama: Is that all you have to say for yourself? I happen to know that you've 
been out here three times without alerting me! 

Hana: Wha... How did you know that? 

Azama: Oh, because I've been here EVERY SINGLE TIME. The first time, you 
felled a tree so large that the impact made me fall on my face. The second 
time, you startled some bees that proceeded to attack me. And the last time 
was the worst of all... You tossed your scabbard carelessly and struck me in 
the eye! After I recovered, I picked it up. Here, take it! 

Hana: Oh... Thanks... I was looking everywhere for this... 

Azama: Well, I'm happy to be of service! 

Hana: There's just one thing I don't understand, Azama. Why didn't you say 
something any of those times? 

Azama: Frankly, I was too flabbergasted to say anything. But now you know, so 
I expect that invitations will be forthcoming! 

Hana: Yes, of course. I'm so sorry. Now, if you don't mind... I do actually 
want to get a workout in. 
(Time passes)

Azama: Well, that was nice. I am unscathed. 

Hana: Huh. What do you know? I guess your plan actually worked. Maybe it's 
just karma. You were due for a few bumps and bruises. You know... for 
insulting people all the time. 

Azama: Karma? Pfft. Like I believe in karma. All I know is that I will 
definitely be coming with you the next time you work out. 

Hana: You got it.
Hana S

Hana: Hey, Azama... Do you have a minute? 

Azama: What is it? Thinking of a training session? Good! It's been a while 
since I went hiking. 

Hana: Yes, but there's something else, too. 

Azama: Oh? Have I worn out my welcome on our little treks already? I've been 
on my best behavior, in case you couldn't tell. 

Hana: Actually... I was hoping that you could accompany me ALL the time. 

Azama: Yes, of course. That's the plan, isn't it? Wait...you mean all the 
time as in ALL THE TIME? Not just when you're working out? 

Hana: That's... that's right. I want us to be together. 

Azama: Where is this coming from? Do you have some sort of head injury or 
something? You realize you're talking to me- Azama-right? 

Hana: Heehee! Don't sell yourself short. I love that you're willing to come 
up here with me anytime I want. And I think your confidence is rubbing off on 
me. When I'm with you, I feel strong of heart and brave. So, I just kinda 
started thinking...maybe it could be like that all the time. 

Azama: I see... Well, I have been thinking that it was a sign that we kept 
meeting here. I don't believe in many of the things that most monks do... but 
I do believe in some form of destiny. Perhaps this is it. 

Hana: So that means... 

Azama: Yes. Let's be together. It's our fate. 

Hana: Yay! Now, put on this suit of armor. 

Azama: What? Why? 

Hana: Because I want to go work out, silly. I can't have you getting crushed 
by a tree now that we're engaged!
A5. Orochi C

Orochi: Hnnng... 

Azama: Excuse me? 

Orochi: Grrrrrr... 

Orochi: Pah! I win. 

Azama: You win... what, exactly? What's going on? 

Orochi: Oh, just a little staring contest between me and you. I won. 

Azama: What?! You can't win if I didn't know we were playing? Now, give me 
another chance... 

Orochi: Sorry. I just retired from the sport of staring contests. 

Azama: Fine, whatever. Why should I care? I've never given you a second 

Orochi: Is that so? I seem to remember you asking me for a little help with 
some magic. 

Azama: Yes, but if you recall-you never did help me. 

Orochi: Ah, yes. Why was that? 

Azama: Because you asked me to pick herbs in return! Imagine that-a holy man 
like me, picking herbs. A ridiculous notion! Besides, I clearly didn't need 
the help. I was probably taking pity on you. 

Orochi: You are quite rude, aren't you? 

Azama: On the contrary, I am a man of the gods. Anything I say is divinely 
sanctioned. You're the one who enjoys belittling people. 

Orochi: I-I don't belittle people! 

Azama: Ah, now I've won. 

Orochi: Won what?! 

Azama: Oh ho! The insult contest. And now, I retire from the sport of 

Orochi: Oh, you're a devious little monk... 

Azama: It seems we're more alike than either of us would care to admit.
Orochi B

Azama: Oh, hello there, Orochi. How are you doing today? 

Orochi: Azama. What are you playing at? 

Azama: Nothing at all! I just realized that I had a favor to ask of you. I 
was wondering if you could divine something for me. 

Orochi: You know that my price for divining is a handful of fresh herbs, 
right? I thought you were above such things as gathering herbs... 

Azama: I don't need you to tell me what I'm above or not above. I just need 
you to divine something. Now, will you accept these herbs as payment or not? 

Orochi: Where did you get these? They don't grow anywhere within a hundred 
miles of here! And they're worth their weight in gold... Yes. I-I accept 
them. Gladly! And I'm not giving them back, no matter what. You got that? 

Azama: How dare you suggest such a thing. Consider them yours. 

Orochi: Suddenly I'm not so sure about this, but... A deal's a deal. Now. 
What is it you wanted to know? 

Azama: Well, you see... there's a person who I want to agitate. But I'm not 
quite sure how to REALLY get under her skin. 

Orochi: ... 

Azama: So, I was hoping you could use your skills to tell me the best way to 
truly annoy her. 

Orochi: You're talking about me, right? 

Azama: Oh! How did you figure it out? 

Orochi: This doesn't count as divination. You just want me to confess my 

Azama: Guilty as charged. But what are you going to do? If you're not going 
to perform the service, then I'd like my herbs back. Although, that would be 
a bit dishonest, since you said you'd NEVER give them up. 

Orochi: You scheming weasel... 

Azama: Oh ho! I'm already quite enjoying myself. Perhaps I've found my 

Orochi: Oh no. You're not going to win that easy. I can do this. Grr! My 
weakness is... those critters that sneak into the castle pantry. Rats! I'm 
scared of rats and I hate them! There! You happy? 

Azama: Well. I never would have expected such a... mundane... fear for you. 

Orochi: Gah! 

Azama: But, no matter. I can work with this. Look forward to it, Miss Orochi. 
Heh, heh. 

Orochi: These herbs better be damn good...
Orochi A

Orochi: Eee! Was that a rat? Oh... just a bird. Whew... Ever since that jerk 
Azama tricked me, I've been hearing rats everywhere... Now, what's this all 
about? A card hanging from a string in the pantry? If he's planted a rat in 
here somewhere, he'll live to regret it.

Azama: Oh, don't mind that card. It's just a charm to help ward away rats and 
other vermin. 

Orochi: Gah! You scared me. What were you doing? Hiding in here? 

Azama: Yes. 

Orochi: Why?! And what do you know of this charm? 

Azama: Well, I made it, of course. We can't have rats in here stealing our 
precious food. 

Orochi: What's your angle? 

Azama: Oh ho! This is so much fun. No angle, Orochi. Although I do enjoy 
seeing you quaking with fear. 

Orochi: Grr... 

Azama: What? I'm not pulling any kind of trick on you. You don't see any rats 
around here, do you? Nor have you seen any since you told me you were afraid 
of them. Right? 

Orochi: No, I suppose not... 

Azama: Well! How fortunate for you! I wish you much continued fortune. 

Orochi: You're plotting something-I just know it. 

Azama: And you disappoint me, Miss Orochi. I'm honestly just trying to help 
you out. 

Orochi: Ha. Well, OK. I guess, if nothing else, you've flustered me more than 
anyone else ever has... 

Azama: I take that as a compliment. Good day! 

Orochi: Heh. Don't get too pleased with yourself.
Orochi S

Azama:Good day, Miss Orochi. 

Orochi: Azama. You... you haven't bothered me for a while. What's going on? 

Azama: Ah! I need another favor. 

Orochi: Very well. Do you have some more of those rare herbs for me? 

Azama: I'm afraid not. But I thought that ridding the entire region of rats 
might have earned me a credit. 

Orochi: I suppose so. How can I help you? 

Azama: Splendid! I'm looking for some more information about you. I'd like to 
know the second-best way to drive you mad. 

Orochi: ... Really? You're just going to ask me that straight to my face? 

Azama: Is that strange? I thought we'd reached a certain level of 
camaraderie. And besides, I really like you. I dream of that cute face you 
make when you're angry. 

Orochi: Damn it! 

Azama: Yes! That's the one. So please, won't you give me something to work 

Orochi: You're such an oddball. 

Azama: I take that as a high compliment! Please remember that you started all 
of this with your unexpected staring contest. I think you were subconsciously 
trying to attract me. 

Orochi: All right, I'll give you one more clue-since you can't seem to divine 
one on your own. I seem to have a strange affinity for socially awkward 

Azama: Hahaha! Wait... what?! 

Orochi: You heard me. In the spirit of keeping my enemies close, I insist 
that you marry me. 

Azama: Oh ho! I love that you turned the tables on me like that. I accept! No 
one can say that Azama ever backed down from a dare! 

Orochi: Great! Till death do us part! Ahahaha! What if I told you this was my 
plan all along? 

Azama: I... I've been outplayed?
A5. Setsuna C

Azama: Oh, Setsuna. Say, are you coming home from a trip to the market? 

Setsuna: Yeah, how did you know? 

Azama: I just had a feeling. Did everything end up going OK? You got the 
proper portions for each of the ingredients, right? 

Setsuna: Of course-I got everything I needed. Lady Hinoka wrote out a 
detailed list. The store clerk was also kind enough to pick out each item for 

Azama: Phew, that's a relief. Well, I have to say that I'm almost proud of 
you, Setsuna. You managed to run an errand without anything terrible 
happening. Nicely done. 

Setsuna: Oh, thank you... 

Azama: I see that your ability to comprehend sarcasm hasn't improved. What 
are you getting up to tonight? 

Setsuna: Oh, well I'm going to cook dinner. I'm so excited about it. 

Azama: Ah, I see. WAIT. WHAT?! Who in their right mind would let you near an 
open flame, let alone a kitchen? We're all doomed! 

Setsuna: What do you mean? I love to cook. 

Azama: Think of all the havoc your cooking has caused in the past. Whoever 
picked you to make food must have some sort of crazy death wish. This is 
going to be a culinary catastrophe. 

Setsuna: Oh, you think so? I'm glad you're excited. 

Azama: Setsuna, you can really be thick as a brick sometimes, you know that? 

Setsuna: Thank you for saying so. 

Azama: *sigh* Never mind. I think I'll go and let Lady Hinoka know you made 
it back safely.
Setsuna B

Azama: The meal that Setsuna made for us was an absolute abomination. I'd 
rather eat cow pies than suffer through one more day of her cooking. 
Honestly, I'm not even sure that was fit for human consumption. Perhaps I 
should beg Lady Hinoka to banish her from the kitchen. *sniff sniff* Oh, 
gods. What is that offensive scent? It smells like burning hair. Wait. No, am 
I already too late?!

Setsuna: Azama, is something the matter? I'm just whipping up another meal. 
Did that savory scent bring you down to the kitchen? 

Azama: Well, a smell brought me down. I don't know if I would call it 
"savory" though. More like "haunting," or "nauseating." 

Setsuna: I'm glad that you're looking forward to trying my latest dish. 

Azama: Somehow, I don't think my feelings are getting through to you at all. 
Setsuna, are you just playing dumb? Sometimes I really wonder. 

Setsuna: I hope everyone enjoys my new meal as much as the last one. I'll 
need to do my best considering the expectations this time. 

Azama: Listen, normally I'd be delighted to laugh off your insanely oblivious 
nature. But unfortunately my life is at stake, so I need to be crystal clear. 
For the love of all that is holy, you must make something fit for an actual 

Setsuna: Fit for a human... Oh. You mean something only a master chef could 
come up with. I understand. 

Azama: I haven't the foggiest notion how you came to that conclusion. Why are 
you reinterpreting what I said? How could I be more straightforward? 

Setsuna: You don't need to. I hear you loud and clear, Azama. Don't worry... 
You don't want me to rest on my laurels. Obviously I need to aim higher. Just 
you leave it to me... 

Azama: No, this is just a big misunderstanding. Listen to me closely. DON'T 
Setsuna A

Setsuna: Azama, how did you enjoy the meal I made the other day? 

Azama: I'm still in shock, but I have to admit that it was excellent. From 
the moment I took my first bite, I was in heaven. The rich collection of 
spices and herbs was unlike anything I've ever tasted. It was like there was 
a savory miracle right in my mouth. I've never had a meal that made me feel 
so gobsmacked before. 

Setsuna: Oh, thank you... 

Azama: How have you kept your talents obscured for so long? Have you been a 
visionary chef all along, and I just didn't notice it? If you cooked like 
this every time, I wouldn't have given you such a hard time. 

Setsuna: You asked me to cook a dish that only a master chef could. So I had 
to get creative. Maybe there is a culinary guru within me. 

Azama: That's a fascinating theory. But let's hold off on calling you a guru 
just yet. Tell me step-by-step how you came up with this alarmingly delicious 

Setsuna: Normally, I'd try to figure out which flavors I wanted to stand out 
the most. Or how I could combine plates to please every unique palate. 

Azama: But that would require a lot of thinking. How bizarre. 

Setsuna: After your request yesterday, I realized that I had to change up my 
process. For once, I wasn't going to think so much. I wanted to be in a 
serene mindset. Like monks when they meditate. After a while, I reached a zen 
state. It was like I'd achieved nirvana... 

Azama: OK, let me get this straight. You worked hard to think EVEN LESS than 
usual. And decided it was a good idea to cook that way for everyone here. Is 
that right? 

Setsuna: Yes, exactly. That's how I made the meal. 

Azama: To think that my sarcastic remark brought about a culinary miracle. 
Amazing. As you know, I meditate every day. And it's true that freeing 
yourself from thought can be an enlightening experience. Perhaps you tapped 
into a preternatural gift you didn't know existed. Either way, I'm just 
pleased that I got to enjoy such a delicious meal! Setsuna, I demand that you 
never think again when you cook in the future. Please, I beg you! 

Setsuna: OK, if you insist...
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Azama, do you have a moment to talk? 

Azama: Sure. What is it? Are you going to cook a meal again tonight? 

Setsuna: No, it's not that. I- 

Azama: IF you are, I can't overstate how important being in your zen state 
will be. If you do that, the food is guaranteed to come out perfectly sublime 

Setsuna: I have to be totally honest with you. That's not exactly what 
happened last time. 

Azama: What do you mean? 

Setsuna: Well I told you before that my secret was not thinking about what I 
was doing. But the truth is I was actually trying my hardest to make 
something you might like. 

Azama: What?! 

Setsuna: Oh no, I didn't mean to tell you... 

Azama: Well of course you didn't! So why were you so intent on pleasing me 

Setsuna: I... I like you. 

Azama: Incredible. You know, you're really one of the strangest people I've 
ever met. I barely understand you. How could you possibly like me anyway? I'm 
always being rude and sarcastic! 

Setsuna: That's very sweet of you to say. 

Azama: As per usual, you don't understand me! *sigh* I can't believe I'm 
saying this... But perhaps fate brought us together for a reason. Only 
someone as inherently kind as you could ever accept me for who I am. It's as 
if the gods are staring down and laughing their heads off at me. 

Setsuna: You mean- 

Azama: Fine, yes. I admit it. I like you too. And I've felt that way for a 
long time. This is so embarrassing. 

Setsuna: Oh, Azama, you always say the sweetest things to me. I'm 

Azama: You and me both, Setsuna. Say, why don't we go for a walk? I think 
we've got a lot to discuss. 

Setsuna: Hmm? You sound different somehow. 

Azama: Heh. Well, maybe I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. Sometimes I feel 
like I might get on other people's nerves. 

Setsuna: I can't imagine why...
A5. Oboro C

Oboro: *sigh* The tent looks so much nicer when it's all neat and tidy. I'm 
relieved that everything is back in its proper place. Especially since this 
is where we gather for big meetings. 

Azama: Hmm? 

Oboro: Oh, that's right! I have to polish up everybody's armor. I almost 
forgot. Jeez, some of this gear has gotten awfully battle damaged. I'll have 
to give this my full attention.

Azama: ......... 

Oboro: Wah!! Azama! How long have you been standing over there? 

Azama: Oh, just a few minutes. Long enough to hear you talking to yourself 
like a crazy person. 

Oboro: Wh-why didn't you say something? And how dare you call me crazy! I 
wasn't acting weird at all. 

Azama: Well, most people don't just stand around talking to themselves. It's 
funny that you want to impress everybody so much. "Oh, I have to polish the 
armor. Look at me, I'm cleaning the tent!" Haha, how ridiculous! 

Oboro: Wh-wh-wh... WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! 

Azama: Whoa, calm down. Your expression totally changed just now. For a 
moment, I thought you had transformed into a demon. It's like your aura 
completely shifted. I've never seen that happen before. You're scaring me. I 
think I should probably go. Excuse me! 
(Azama leaves) 

Oboro: Azama!! You get back here right now!
Oboro B

Oboro: Doo de doo de doo ? 

Azama: Oboro, what's the matter? Why are you singing that sappy tune? 

Oboro: Shut up! It's not sappy at all. Why are you always criticizing me? 

Azama: Relax, I was just joking! Say, are those fancy clothes you laid out 
for the royal family? Those are the finest garments I've ever laid eyes on. 

Oboro: Oh, those are for the official ceremony. They asked me to select their 
outfits. It's quite an honor. They clearly respect my taste. 

Azama: So you were singing that sappy song because you were feeling happy? 

Oboro: Can you blame me? This is a big deal! 

Azama: Wait a second... I know what your game is. You're trying to charm the 
royal family so they will reward you during peacetime. That's awfully 

Oboro: Azama... Just you try and say something like that- ONE MORE TIME! 

Azama: Ahh! That evil look on your face is back again. Please, don't kill me! 
I have to go! 

Oboro: Hey, hold on a minute! I'm not done with you yet!

Azama: No way, I don't think so. I'm out of here. 

Oboro: Look, I promise I'm not mad. Wait up! See? I'm not being scary now.

Azama: Hmm, you're right. And I don't feel a dark presence around you 
anymore... OK, fine. I won't run away. What did you want to say to me? 

Oboro: Azama, I don't understand why you've been so blunt about everything. 
Are you just trying to get a rise out of me? 

Azama: Honestly, I'm not sure what to say. 

Oboro: Really? I assumed that it might be some sort of weird monk humor. Is 
this what you do for fun? Set people up so that they lose their cool around 

Azama: I mean, sure, I do find it kind of amusing. Maybe it's a deep-seated 
thing. I've never really thought about it before... 

Oboro: Well at least you're thinking about it now. That's a start.
Oboro A

Oboro: Hey, Azama. 

Azama: *sigh*... 

Oboro: Azama! Hey, I see you! 

Azama: Oh, Oboro. How's it going? 

Oboro: Is something wrong? You look a little depressed today. 

Azama: Well, I've been thinking about the question you asked me the other 
day. The truth is, I just can't come up with an answer. 

Oboro: You mean how you love trying to get a rise out of people? 

Azama: Yeah. For some reason, I haven't been able to stop mulling it over... 

Oboro: I think I may know why that is. 

Azama: What are you talking about? I'm a thoughtful monk, and even I don't 
know the answer. How could an imbecile like you figure this out? 

Oboro: Wh-what an awful thing to say! 

Azama: If you're so smart, why don't you just tell me the answer. I'm awfully 

Oboro: Why? What do you care about hearing my imbecilic opinion anyway? After 
all your snide remarks, why would I ever tell you? Maybe I'll keep it to 
myself just to spite you. 

Azama: No... Don't tease me like that! I take it back! I take it all back! 

Oboro: OK, OK, fine. I'll tell you. The answer is quite simple, Azama. Being 
rude is the only way you know how to interact with people, right? I don't 
think you're being serious when you say things like that. To you, it's just 
cracking a silly joke. That's your way of connecting. At least, that's my 

Azama: Connecting? I don't know about that. 

Oboro: You don't have to pretend anymore. I won't tell anyone your secret. 

Azama: I'm not hiding anything. Do you think I'm ashamed or something? Let me 
tell you, I'm not. Shame is an utterly pointless emotion. How did you come to 
this conclusion? You seem awfully sure of yourself. 

Oboro: It's all in how you behave. In fact, you remind me of a boy I knew 
when I was little. At heart, he was kind. But he acted like a sarcastic jerk 
to cover up his true nature. He didn't understand how much he ended up 
hurting people. You're just like him. 

Azama: Hmm. That's interesting. I never thought of it that way before. 

Oboro: Sometimes, other people can reflect things you can't see in yourself. 
We're all trapped in our own perspectives. 

Azama: Heh, well your theory is interesting. I'll give you that. Thanks for 
the insight, Oboro. I appreciate it. 

Oboro: You're welcome. I have to admit, I didn't think you would thank me. 

Azama: I'm capable of gratitude. And I'm impressed that a half-wit like you 
had such a thoughtful answer! 


Azama: Ahh! The demon's back!
Oboro S

Azama: Oboro, can I speak to you for a moment? 

Oboro: Sure, Azama. What's on your mind? 

Azama: I haven't been able to stop thinking about our conversation yesterday. 
How you said I relate to people by being overly sarcastic. Basically, how you 
think I'm a jerk. 

Oboro: What about it? 

Azama: Well, I don't think you were right. 

Oboro: What? Are you serious? I felt like I had you all figured out. 

Azama: You're right about me not being true to myself. But it's not just 
that. There is a simple reason behind my behavior. I have feelings for you. 

Oboro: Wh-what?! For me? You're just messing with me again. 

Azama: I couldn't help teasing because I like you so much. It was a 
completely unconscious thing until you made me think about my actions. But 
now that I have, I'm certain. There is no doubt in my mind. I'm sorry for 
being so snotty. I hope you can forgive me. 

Oboro: It's OK. I'm just shocked. This is all so unexpected. I'm glad to know 
that you're not a bad person after all. I was mostly upset because I like you 

Azama: Really?! That's amazing! In a way, I'm glad that I kept being snarky 
toward you. I never would have understood what I was feeling otherwise. 

Oboro: I'll forgive you, but only if you promise to never treat me like that 

Azama: I promise! Oh, and by the way. Remember that mean kid you knew growing 
up? I bet he probably had a crush on you too. 

Oboro: Heehee, maybe you're right!
A5. Kagero C

Azama: Hello, Kagero. Say, there was something I've been meaning to ask you. 

Kagero: Oh? What is it? 

Azama: You're a ninja, right? Why do you all dress that way? 

Kagero: My attire is excellent for stealth missions and combat. Why do you 
ask, Azama? 

Azama: Oh, no reason. What about the scarf? 

Kagero: It's a part of the traditional ensemble. Ninja around the world wear 
the exact same thing. 

Azama: So does your scarf hide weapons? Or is it made from damage-resistant 
material? C'mon, tell me! 

Kagero: This outfit is crafted to be lightweight, durable, and above all, 
functional. I don't know what your game is, Azama, but I'm through playing 
(Kagero leaves) 

Azama: Hahaha, annoying serious people is so much fun!
Kagero B

Azama: Miss Kagero. How are you doing today? 

Kagero: Azama. 

Azama: Were you heading somewhere? It's a little rude to run away the second 
I say hello.

Kagero: I'm not feeling terribly talkative today. 

Azama: How unusual. Normally, you appear right at home in the army's camp. 
Why are you acting so strange? Is something troubling you? I wanna know! 

Kagero: Azama, I know that you're just trying to wind me up again. Why do you 
get such a thrill from irritating incessantly? 

Azama: Ahaha! Are you referring to our recent conversation? 

Kagero: Of course I am. I don't know why you need to comment on everything 
you think. It's rude. And what I wear is of no consequence to you. Keep your 
questions to yourself. Otherwise, you won't enjoy the consequences. 

Azama: Ahahaha... Um, Kagero? That dagger doesn't feel very good against my 

Kagero: It seems as though you'd like to keep your life, yes? Then I have one 
simple request. 

Azama: Y-yes? What is it? 

Kagero: Don't get on my nerves. I don't appreciate your weak attempts at 
humor, Azama. 

Azama: I understand... 

Kagero: The next time we speak, be more cautious. 

Azama: Of course! I promise. Would you mind taking that knife off my neck 
now? It's kind of hard to breathe. 

Kagero: Swear that you'll cooperate. 

Azama: I swear, I swear! I don't feel like getting murdered today!
Kagero A

Kagero: Azama, do you recall what we talked about the other day? 

Azama: How could I forget. You nearly turned me into sushi! 

Kagero: Don't be ridiculous. Anyway, you made me think about something. You 
asked why ninja all dress alike, remember? 

Azama: Yeah, but I was just joking around! 

Kagero: That may be, but I'd still like to know why you asked. 

Azama: I just get curious about things, and my mouth gets ahead of my mind. I 
swear, I didn't mean anything by it. 

Kagero: Calm down. Your comment did make me reflect on something. 

Azama: Oh? What is it? 

Kagero: This ensemble is a time-honored tradition. And yet, I know little of 
said tradition's actual origin. Isn't that strange? 

Azama: Yeah, I guess so. 

Kagero: Perhaps I should learn more about the history of our wardrobe. It 
might give me a deeper appreciation of the ninja culture. 

Azama: Hmm, yeah it just might! 

Kagero: I've always tried to honor my heritage. With new perspective, perhaps 
I can be a more thoughtful and well-rounded warrior. 

Azama: Whatever you say. Just please don't pull your knife on me again. 

Kagero: Heh. Relax. You can keep your hide another day, monk. 

Azama: Thank you!
Kagero S

Azama: Hello, Kagero. Say, did you discover any new information on ninja 

Kagero: A great deal. Namely that each garment is crafted to aid agility and 
stealth. The fabric is a unique blend that's resistant to water and tearing, 
yet is still breathable. That allows us to complete a wide array of missions 
while staying comfortable. 

Azama: Wow, I had no idea. That's amazing! 

Kagero: It's wonderful to feel even more connected to my heritage. In a way, 
I have you to thank for spurring my curiosity. 

Azama: Really? I'm glad that I was helpful for once. People usually say I'm a 

Kagero: Heh. You're not so bad, Azama. 

Azama: Listen, something occurred to me recently. I think I know why I was 
bugging you in the first place. I have feelings for you, Kagero. 

Kagero: Why didn't you tell me that straightaway? Did you think I'd find your 
badgering endearing somehow? 

Azama: Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot of thought involved. 

Kagero: Why you- *sigh* You're a very peculiar man, Azama. I think I might 
like you too. 

Azama: Huh? Really? 

Kagero: Do you think I would lie? 

Azama: No, I'll take your word for it! 

Kagero: Excellent. Then why don't we continue our conversation over tea?

A6. Azura C

Hayato: Azura, do you have a minute? There's something I've been meaning to 
ask you. 

Azura: Certainly. What is it, Hayato? 

Hayato: Traveling with all of you has made me realize just how big this world 
is. Before now, I never even left my village. There's so much to see! 

Azura: That's true. 

Hayato: I heard that you've lived all over the world! You must have the most 
amazing stories! So tell me! Have you met anyone famous?! What's the coolest 
thing you've ever seen? 

Azura: I don't want to disappoint you, but I'm afraid I don't have much to 

Hayato: No way! I don't believe that for a minute. I've seen incredible stuff 
just this morning! Surely you have something awesome to share! 

Azura: Everyone's experiences are different. If you'll excuse me, I'll be on 
my way. 
(Azura leaves) 

Hayato: Hmm... Azura seems to be hiding something. I wonder why.
Azura B

Azura: Hello, Hayato. I came to apologize for the other day. I'm afraid I 
wasn't very friendly. 

Hayato: That's OK. I figured out why you didn't want to talk. Just because 
you moved around a lot doesn't mean you liked it. Am I right? 

Azura: It wasn't the moving that bothered me. It's just-those times were 

Hayato: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories. But can't you 
think of at least one good thing that happened to you back then? 

Azura: Well, I did see some beautiful sights. I'll never forget the night sky 
in Nohr. From the castle, you could see all the way across the kingdom. There 
were hundreds of tiny lights-as if the stars had settled down on earth. 

Hayato: Wow! That sounds so pretty! 

Azura: I remember passing by a little seaside town at dawn. The view was 
breathtaking! The sun was just rising over the horizon, and there were 
fishing boats everywhere. They looked like they were sailing across a 
watercolor painting. It was so beautiful! 

Hayato: Oh, I can see it all now! You're really good at this. I almost feel 
like I was there! It makes me so happy to know there are so many incredible 
places out there to see! 

Azura: I'm glad my stories can be a source of joy for someone. I'll tell you 
some more later. 

Hayato: Yay! I can't wait!
Azura A

Azura: ...Yes, and over there are the Duet Mountains. Every year, the people 
from these two villages come together for the festival. 

Hayato: Aww! They sound like quite the pair. 

Azura: Yes. People joke that those two towns are married to each other. Then, 
next to the mountain range is a huge field carpeted in purple flowers. 

Hayato: Purple flowers? Do they smell good? 

Azura: Yes! In the spring, that whole valley is filled with fragrance. *sigh* 
One day, I'd like to go there again. 

Hayato: Will you promise to take me with you?! I'd love to see that! 

Azura: ...Maybe. 

Hayato: Azura, what's wrong? You got quiet all of a sudden. 

Azura: I've realized that not all of my memories are bad. There were some 
good times too. Thank you for that, Hayato. You're such a thoughtful lad. 

Hayato: Uh... did you just call me a lad?! 

Azura: I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to offend you. 

Hayato: Azura, I really like you, but don't you ever say that again! You hear 

Azura: I won't let it happen again, but I'm surprised it bothered you so 

Hayato: Hmph!
Azura S

Hayato: Azura, do you have a minute? 

Azura: Of course. Did you want to hear another story? 

Hayato: No. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something else. 

Azura: Oh. Is this about the other day? I'm sorry that I upset you. That was 
careless of me. 

Hayato: I may not look like much to you now, but I'm getting stronger every 
day. I'm going to keep training so that I'll be ready to protect you. 

Azura: What do you mean? 

Hayato: The war won't last forever. When peace returns, we can visit all 
those places you talked about. Azura, I plan on marrying you one day, and 
we'll make new memories together! 

Azura: Goodness, Hayato. That's very sweet of you. 

Hayato: You think so? Really? 

Azura: I do. Until then, let's be good friends. We can talk about this more 
later. Who knows? You might change your mind! 

Hayato: Never! 

Azura: Well, we'll see. Either way, you'll always be special to me. You've 
helped me to remember many things that brought me joy. I'm grateful to you. 

Hayato: We'll have a good life together, Azura. I promise. 

Azura: Heehee... Thanks, Hayato.
A6. Felicia C

Hayato: Jeez, what's wrong with those jerks? Who wants to hear ghost stories 
right before bed? Now I'll never get any sleep. I thought getting some fresh 
air would take my mind off those stories. But it's so dark and scary out 

Felicia: Why, hello, Hayato. Say, what are you still doing up at this hour? 

Hayato: WaaaAAAAAAAAH!! 

Felicia: KyaaAAAAAAA!!! 

Hayato: O-oh, it's just you, Felicia. Don't sneak up on me like that! 

Felicia: I'm sorry. It's just that you shouted and it really startled me! 
What were you doing out here anyway? 

Hayato: Oh, not much, really. Just taking a stroll. 

Felicia: Is that right? Or could you just not get to sleep tonight? 

Hayato: N-no way! Of course not! I always sleep soundly, no matter what. 

Felicia: Don't you try and lie to me! I can see the truth from a mile away. 

Hayato: You don't know what you're talking about. 

Felicia: If you say so. I'm going to have a cup of tea before I go to sleep. 
Did you want to try some of my special blend? It's excellent for bedtime. 

Hayato: I guess one cup couldn't hurt. 

Felicia: Here you go! It's a bit hot, so sip carefully. 

Hayato: I see... Th-thank you, Felicia. 

Felicia: No problem. I hope you sleep well! Good night, Hayato. 

Hayato: Yeah, good night...
Felicia B

Felicia: Ah, Hayato! There you are! 

Hayato: Hm? Oh, Felicia. How are you? 

Felicia: Good! Say, did that tea help you get any sleep the other night? I 
was out in minutes! I was just curious if it worked for you too. 

Hayato: O-oh, about that... 

Felicia: Oh? Your reaction isn't very encouraging. Was the tea too weak? 

Hayato: Yeah, it didn't really do anything for me. But I frequently test the 
effectiveness of medicinal herbs on myself. It probably wasn't potent enough 
to work for me. 

Felicia: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work. I slept like a 

Hayato: It's not your fault. I appreciate that you thought of me at all. 

Felicia: But I really want to help you get a good night's sleep! Wait! That's 
it, Hayato! I think I have the perfect thing to help you get some rest. 

Hayato: Oh? What is it? 

Felicia: Hehehe! The other day, I got my hands on the most wonderful blanket! 
It was the softest and fluffiest thing that I've ever touched. So comfy! You 
should try using it, Hayato! What do you think? 

Hayato: Sure, I guess it's worth a try. 

Felicia: I'll go get it right away! I'm sure this will work for you. 
(Felicia leaves) 

Hayato: Hmm, why is she so chipper today? What a strange girl...
Felicia A

Felicia: Good morning, Hayato. How did you sleep with that blanket I loaned 

Hayato: Hello, Felicia. That blanket was something else. 

Felicia: S-something else? What do you mean? 

Hayato: The second I pulled it over me, I was sound asleep! It was amazing! 

Felicia: Wow! Really? How wonderful! 

Hayato: With this blanket at the ready, I'm sure to sleep soundly every 
single night. I wish the army gave these away instead of those itchy wool 

Felicia: That would be ideal. But the one I loaned you is made from special 
material... It's very rare. 

Hayato: It was very thoughtful of you to let me use something so precious. 
Thanks, Felicia. 

Felicia: You're welcome. I really wanted to help you enjoy a restful night. 
It seems only natural to help your friends when they're in need. But that 
wasn't the only reason... 

Hayato: What do you mean exactly? 

Felicia: The truth is, I've always wanted to have a younger sibling. Looking 
after you was almost like being a big sister. 

Hayato: What?! You really think of me as your y-younger brother?! 

Felicia: I do. If you have a problem from now on, come to me! I'll do 
anything I can to help. 

Hayato: N-no, I'll take care of my own problems, thank you. Like I would ever 
want to be treated like some dumb little kid. 

Felicia: How can you say that? What's wrong with me trying to dote on you? I 
just wanted to make life easier for you! 

Hayato: Who says I want things to be easier? I'm a grown-up, after all. 

Felicia: Hayato, did I upset you? 

Hayato: N-no, I'm grateful for all your help. I should probably go... 

Felicia: You're welcome. See you later!
Felicia S

Felicia: Hayatoooo! Where are you? I found some rare tea leaves. I wanted to 
share them with you! 

Hayato: Oh, hello, Felicia. Thanks. I see you're still trying to look after 

Felicia: I can't help it! Spending all this time with you makes me so happy! 

Hayato: I-I see... 

Felicia: What's wrong? You don't seem very happy all of a sudden. 

Hayato: You're right. I'm not. The thing is, I don't want to be treated like 
I'm your brother. 

Felicia: Oh? I had no idea. 

Hayato: I know this arrangement makes you happy, but I hate it! Felicia, 
please, can't you look at me like the man I am? 

Felicia: What?! I don't understand? 

Hayato: Is it really so surprising? While you were looking out for me, I 
realized something... I have feelings for you, Felicia. 

Felicia: I-I'm so embarrassed! I had no idea that you felt this way... 

Hayato: Embarrassed? But why? 

Felicia: After hearing you say that, my heart won't stop pounding! I think I 
wanted to view you as a brother. I didn't want to acknowledge my feelings... 
The truth is...I like you very much. I've never felt this way before. 

Hayato: Felicia, will you be mine? 

Felicia: Oh, yes! Of course I will! 

Hayato: That makes me so happy. From now on, we can support each other. 

Felicia: I'll do everything I can to be there for you. 

Hayato: I will do the same, Felicia.
A6. Mozu C

Mozu: *sigh* Now what am I going to do?

Hayato: Mozu? Is something bothering you? 

Mozu: Oh, Hayato. I didn't see you there. 

Hayato: What's on your mind? You don't have to hold back. Feel free to tell 
me anything. You know that I've helped a handful of people with my charms, 
right? Perhaps I can give you some advice. 

Mozu: Is that right? Would you mind talking for a minute or two? You see, I 
have a problem. I get a little nervous when we march out to fight. 

Hayato: That seems perfectly normal. Having butterflies in your tummy before 
a battle isn't all that rare. 

Mozu: I feel like I'm worthless in a fight. It's hard not to be scared in the 
face of violence. If my emotions get the best of me, I can't do any good on 
the battlefield. 

Hayato: I understand. 

Mozu: Have you ever felt like that before, Hayato? 

Hayato: I've never had a problem with nerves. I always steel myself before a 
big fight. So I can't relate personally. 

Mozu: That's really something. I wish I could be as courageous as you are. 

Hayato: Maybe I could help you overcome your fear with one of my charms? 

Mozu: Is that possible? I would really appreciate it if you did! 

Hayato: It's no problem. Wait right here; I'll go and grab my supplies. 

Mozu: OK! Thanks, Hayato!
Mozu B

Hayato: Hey, Mozu. Do you have a moment to talk? 

Mozu: I sure do. Say, does this have something to do with that charm of 
yours? I'd like to quit worrying so much if I could. 

Hayato: Of course. I've prepared a special charm just for you. Before your 
next battle, breathe deeply and put this charm in your pocket. You'll be able 
to face any fight without a single concern. 

Mozu: I had no idea that charms could be that simple and convenient. But 

Hayato: Is something wrong? 

Mozu: I always breathe deeply on the battlefield. Are you just trying to give 
me some peace of mind or something? 

Hayato: Mozu, don't mock my all-powerful charms. Magic is no joke, you know. 

Mozu: Wh-what? No, of course not. That's not what I meant at all. 

Hayato: The charms aren't effective if you don't truly believe in their 
power. Understand? 

Mozu: Yeah, I get it. I do believe in your power. I'll be sure to use it next 

Hayato: Wonderful! I know that it will help you immensely. Just trust me! 

Mozu: Of course, you're right. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Hayato. 

Hayato: No problem, Mozu.
Mozu A

Mozu: Hayato! Hey, Hayato! 

Hayato: Hm? Did you need something, Mozu? 

Mozu: Remember when you made me that charm the other day? Well it worked 
better than I could ever have imagined! 

Hayato: Heheh, is that right? So now do you believe in the strength of my 

Mozu: I should never have doubted you. I didn't feel anxious at all, even in 
the thick of battle. And it's all thanks to this charm! 

Hayato: You know, I've long supported the Wind Tribe with similar charms. But 
like I said, the effectiveness is entirely based on the belief of the user. 
Since you trusted in its power, it had a tremendous effect while you fought. 

Mozu: I suppose you're right. Hmm... 

Hayato: What's wrong, Mozu? You're so quiet all of a sudden. 

Mozu: Hayato, can we utilize the power of your charms again? 

Hayato: Oh? What do you need? 

Mozu: Would it be possible for you to make a whole bunch of charms? 

Hayato: Huh? What do you mean? 

Mozu: I bet if we sold a bunch of them, the army would net a nice profit. And 
then nobody would be anxious during the march into battle. 

Hayato: I'm afraid I could never allow that. Like I told you, the charms are 
dependent on the belief of the user. If they were mass-produced, the effects 
would be utterly nonexistent. 

Mozu: Oh, I see. That's unfortunate. I guess you did make this just for me. 
There's no point in trying to turn this into a business, I suppose. 

Hayato: Just try to be grateful with what you have. 

Mozu: Of course, you're right. Thanks, Hayato!
Mozu S

Hayato: Mozu, we need to talk about that charm I created for you. 

Mozu: Oh, hello, Hayato! What about it? 

Hayato: I was curious if it was still working for you or not. 

Mozu: Well, it certainly seems to be. As long as it's by my side, I don't get 
anxious. It's a miracle. 

Hayato: I-I see... 

Mozu: Is something the matter? You seem a little distant all of a sudden. 

Hayato: It's clear that you've accepted the power of that charm, yes? I was 
hoping that you might accept my feelings too... 

Mozu: Y-your feelings? I don't quite understand... 

Hayato: Mozu, I like you. 

Mozu: Wh-what?! You do? Since when? 

Hayato: Since I first saw you. That's why I wanted to help out with the 
charm. It was important for me to assist you any way that I could. I 
instantly felt a precious connection that I couldn't explain. I've never met 
anyone like you before. 

Mozu: I-I just never thought that you could take a fancy to someone like me. 
It's hard for me not to get a little nervous from time to time. Are you sure 
about those feelings? 

Hayato: Well of course I am. I can't really help the way I feel. You're very 
special to me. 

Mozu: You've given me quite the shock, Hayato... 

Hayato: Mozu, I have to know... Do you have any feelings for me? It's OK if 
you don't, but I need to know. 

Mozu: Well, umm... You're awfully dependable. I'm thankful for that. And I 
don't just mean with me. You always want to help those in need. And you've 
always tried to cheer me up whenever I'm down. I couldn't be more thankful 
for that. 

Hayato: So you don't care for me... 

Mozu: No, just the opposite. I think you're wonderful. 

Hayato: Oh, Mozu! That makes me so happy. 

Mozu: I'm happy too! Now we can support each other from here on out.
A6. Sakura C

Sakura: Hayato, wanna share some of this red bean mochi with me?

Hayato: Red bean mochi? Where'd you get that?

Sakura: It was a gift. Just as I was about to eat it, you walked by, and I 
thought I'd share...

Hayato: Nah. Sweet stuff's for girls. What makes you think I'd eat something 
like that?

Sakura: ...Oh. I'm sorry I offended you.

Hayato: That's OK. It's obviously too much for you. I'm sure you just wanted 
my help. In that case, I guess I'll have a bite or two. ...Uh, Sakura?

Sakura: Mmmm! Sorry. Were you saying something?

Hayato: I was just saying-if you can't eat it all, then I'll help you. 
...But, hey! Where'd it go? You didn't leave any for me?

Sakura: I'm sorry! You said you didn't want any. I ate it.

Hayato: WHAT?! All of it? Already?

Sakura: When I'm around sweets, I can't stop myself! You didn't... actually 
want some, did you?

Hayato: No! Of course not!

Sakura: Next time, I'll make sure to leave some for you.

Hayato: OK! I mean... if you insist.
Sakura B

Sakura: Hey, Hayato! I got some more of that red bean mochi! You want some?

Hayato: Oh... that stuff. Sure... I guess.

Sakura: Mmm! Here. Have some!

Hayato: *gulp* *nom nom* Wow! This is good! I mean REALLY good!

Sakura: Uh... Not to pry, Hayato... but maybe you actually LIKE sweet things?

Hayato: Huh?! No, I don't. I mean...not really.

Sakura: It's OK if you don't want people to know. ...But why is that, anyway?

Hayato: Sweets are for kids. I won't have anyone treating me like a child!

Sakura: Huh?

Hayato: My tribe expects me to be dignified. I can't munch on sweet cakes 
like a little brat!

Sakura: You can't even eat what you want... just to protect your reputation? 
That's awful!

Hayato: Well, I can't! I've gotta be mature!

Sakura: I have an idea! What if you only eat sweets when you're with me? 
Everyone will know you're just doing it for my sake... What do you think?

Hayato: Well, if you insist.

Sakura: Great! We'll be pastry pals! It'll be our secret, Hayato!
Sakura A

Hayato: Sakura, guess what I have here.

Sakura: Um... are those honey dumplings?! Those are my favorite!

Hayato: Well, it's about time I paid you back for all of that mochi you 
shared with me!

Sakura: I can smell them from over here! Can I eat one now? Please? Pretty 

Hayato: Of course!

Sakura: *nom nom* Mmm! Syrupy-sweet with the faintest hint of salt! You don't 
mind if I eat another, do you? Mmm! *nom nom*

Hayato: Why don't you finish off the bag? There's something I wanted to ask 

Sakura: Mmm-hmm. Yes?

Hayato: You could've offered that red bean mochi to anyone. Why'd you pick 

Sakura: Well, it's going to sound stupid now, but I thought we were about the 
same age.

Hayato: Yeah. So?

Sakura: There aren't too many young people in this army, and I thought we'd 
get along. But it turns out you're a lot more grown-up than I am!

Hayato: I don't know if that's true!

Sakura: But it is! You're always thinking about your responsibilities to the 
Wind Tribe.

Hayato: And you're always thinking about everyone else's feelings! That's 
very mature of you!

Sakura: Thanks, Hayato.

Hayato: It was kind of you to come up with a secret plan to share sweets with 
me. But thanks to you, I don't think we have to keep it a secret anymore.

Sakura: Huh? What do you mean?

Hayato: You helped me realize it's OK to be myself. I like sweets. I don't 
care if people know!

Sakura: ...Aww, Hayato, that makes me so happy! Our secret plan is finished!

Hayato: Yes, but there's one thing. I still want to be your pastry pal. You 
don't mind, do you? I know I could eat sweets on my own, but I'd rather eat 
them with you.

Sakura: That sounds great! I'd like that too!
Sakura S

Hayato: Sakura, do you have a minute?

Sakura: Sure! Does it have anything to do with honey dumplings? Or red bean 
mochi? Or sticky buns? Or-I know-doughnuts?! Hurry up! Tell me! Which one?! 
Come on, Hayato! You're making me hungry!

Hayato: Actually, it has to do with ALL of those things.

Sakura: ALL of them? You can't be serious!

Hayato: Yep! Dumplings and mochi and sticky buns and doughnuts!

Sakura: *gasp* Really?! Where are you hiding all of those desserts?

Hayato: Well, I wanted to invite you on a little trip to a famous bakery. 
Whaddya say? They have all of those sweets, plus some other stuff you didn't 
even mention yet!

Sakura: Th-that sounds amazing! You'd really take ME?

Hayato: Yes, Sakura! We're pastry pals! Anyway, this is what they call... a 

Sakura: Whaaaat?! A date?

Hayato: This isn't just two friends hanging out, munching on honey dumplings. 
I like you.

Sakura: B-but, Hayato, that's crazy!

Hayato: You're right! I am crazy... about YOU.

Sakura: I never thought you'd be interested in me, because you're so much 
more mature!

Hayato: Sakura, I feel so comfortable around you. We can both be ourselves. 
We don't have to worry so much about impressing anyone. Besides, I think 
you're very grown up... when you're not covered in icing! Whaddya say we 
snack our way through life together, one sticky bun after the next?

Sakura: Hayato, that sounds delicious!
A6. Hinoka C

Hayato: Hello, Hinoka. Say, what are you doing all the way out here? 

Hinoka: I'm just folding paper cranes, Hayato. 

Hayato: Cranes, huh? Your folds are so meticulous. That looks difficult. 

Hinoka: Have you never folded origami, Hayato? 

Hayato: Well I've heard of the practice, but can't say that I've tried it 
myself. Tell me, why are you folding so many of them? Just for fun? 

Hinoka: Traditionally, paper cranes are folded while making a wish. You know, 
praying for someone's health, wishing for peace. Then you fold a thousand 
cranes to make the wish come true. 

Hayato: O-one thousand?! I suppose if you make that many, you must really 
care deeply about the wish. 

Hinoka: When I was a child, I watched my father go off to battle. I made 
paper cranes then to pray for his safe return. Now, I fold them in the hopes 
that our army advances safely. 

Hayato: To think that so much heart and care was put into each of these small 
cranes. Please, let me help you. I think I know how to make them even more 

Hinoka: More effective? What do you mean? 

Hayato: With my help, I know that we can make your hopes come true. What do 
you say? Can I help you make the cranes? 

Hinoka: Sure, you can help. But I still don't understand this plan of yours. 

Hayato: Hehe, don't worry about it. That's a secret.
Hinoka B

Hayato: Hey, Hinoka, do you have a minute? 

Hinoka: Oh, Hayato. Did you still want to help me fold some paper cranes? 

Hayato: Yeah. I've just finished the preparations for improving their 
effectiveness. Look here. 

Hinoka: A brush and ink? What are you going to do with those? Write 

Hayato: Exactly. I'm going to jot down a charm on every single paper. Then we 
can fold the cranes with our wishes in mind. That way, our hopes will be 
amplified. Don't you think? 

Hinoka: Ha! That's just like you, isn't it? Adding the power of magic to our 

Hayato: Hehe, are you praising me? 

Hinoka: This was very thoughtful of you, Hayato. Thank you for making my 
cranes even more wonderful. 

Hayato: Of course. So first I'll write the charm on the paper and then hand 
it to you. You can fold it, and then we will have tons of pretty cranes in no 

Hinoka: How efficient! 

Hayato: As soon as I jot down all these charms, I'll help you fold more 

Hinoka: Thank you. I can show you my technique for folding when you're ready. 

Hayato: Please do! Wow, writing all these charms is making my brush hand 

Hinoka: I'm so glad that you're enjoying the project. Let's keep going!
Hinoka A

Hayato: Did you finish the last one? 

Hinoka: I sure did! This final crane is number one thousand! They look so 
beautiful. Thank you, Hayato. With your help, I was able to finish everything 
much quicker. 

Hayato: It wasn't all that difficult, and I enjoyed the process. Thanks for 
letting me help. 

Hinoka: Of course. I hope these cranes bring our troops luck during the 

Hayato: I'm sure that they will. I believe in you. 

Hinoka: Thank you, Hayato. 

Hayato: The strength of a wish is determined by the passion of the one doing 
the wishing. These thousand cranes not only have a charm, but heartfelt 
feelings within them. I know things will be OK. 

Hinoka: I hope you're right. I'd give anything to bring peace back to our 
world. Hopefully these cranes can do some good. 

Hayato: You are the picture of courage, Hinoka. I will always stand by your 

Hinoka: Your company is reassuring. I'm glad that I can count on you, Hayato. 

Hayato: I will do everything I can to help.
Hinoka S

Hayato: So wait... You fold it right here? 

Hinoka: Yeah, fold that part backward. If you don't do that, you can't fold 
the next bit down. Understand? 

Hayato: Wow, this is pretty tough. I had no idea that origami was so 

Hinoka: It looks like you're really getting the hang of it to me! 

Hayato: So when it comes to folding paper, flowers are just the beginning, 
right? If I'm going to be as skilled as you, I better learn new designs every 

Hinoka: Hehe, is that right? You know, this is my specialty. I don't plan on 
losing to you. 

Hayato: Oh, I see... 

Hinoka: Is something wrong, Hayato? 

Hayato: I was just reflecting on how my first impression of you has shifted. 

Hinoka: What do you mean? 

Hayato: When we first met, I thought you simply lived to fight. But now I see 
that you're filled with compassion for your friends. 

Hinoka: Oh, stop! You're going to embarrass me! 

Hayato: I'm sorry, but I can't help my feelings. I really like this side of 
you, Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Wh-what?! 

Hayato: I can't help but be moved by your compassion and hope for peace. I 
thought that I simply wanted to be by your side. I know that writing a few 
silly charms doesn't mean that much... But my feelings for you are very real. 

Hinoka: Oh, Hayato, I don't know what to say. 

Hayato: Huh? Oh... 

Hinoka: You're so friendly and reliable. When you confessed your feelings, I 
got so happy that I didn't know what to say. 

Hayato: Then... will you be mine? 

Hinoka: Yes, I will. We can support each other through this trying time. 

Hayato: I'm so happy! I promise I'll be there for you, no matter what! 

Hinoka: I know I can count on you.
A6. Rinkah C

Hayato: Hmmm... 

Rinkah: Wait, is that... Hayato! Hey! What are you doing all the way out 

Hayato: R-Rinkah?! I-I'm not doing anything at all! 

Rinkah: Wait a second. Aren't those the fried vegetables they were giving out 
today? Why would you be wandering around with those in your hand? Were you 
going to throw them away? 

Hayato: Huh? N-no, of course not. I was just debating how best to eat them. 

Rinkah: How to eat them? What's wrong with them the way they are? I'm sure 
they're plenty flavorful. Do you dislike them? 

Hayato: Honestly, they're way too bitter. I can't stand to eat them. 

Rinkah: Huh. That's it? Why are you acting like a big baby? 

Hayato: Hey! Don't say that! I'm not a baby! 

Rinkah: You realize we're at war, right? Every single resource is incredibly 
precious. How dare you waste food like that! 

Hayato: Don't yell at me! I can't help the fact that it tastes terrible! Why 
don't you mind your own business, Rinkah? This has nothing to do with you. 
(Hayato leaves) 

Rinkah: Don't be such a ridiculous jerk! Wait! You can't run away and leave 
me with all your food... *munch munch* I won't forgive anyone for *chew* 
complaining about great food! I won't forget about this, Hayato!
Rinkah B

Hayato: *sigh* 

Rinkah: Ugh, there's the punk. And he's carrying around fried vegetables 
again! He can't possibly be throwing them away. Hey, Hayato! 

Hayato: Rinkah! How did you find me? 

Rinkah: This is ridiculous. Have you ever tried to get over your pickiness 
before? You might want to think about it. 

Hayato: I wish that were possible. But I can't help it if some things taste 
terrible to me. If you know a way to change that, please, I'm all ears! 
You're the only one who knows about my secret. Won't you help? 

Rinkah: Usually I try not to mingle with the rest of the folks in the army... 
But I suppose I can make an exception for you, Hayato. So why do you dislike 
the vegetables so much? 

Hayato: I told you. They're too bitter. I always end up gagging when I try to 
eat them. 

Rinkah: Hahahah! 

Hayato: Why are you laughing at me? I thought you were going to help! 

Rinkah: I can't help myself-you're just too funny! Ahahahaha! 

Hayato: Well why do you think I've been trying to hide my feelings? I hate 
being laughed at. 

Rinkah: If you really can't stand the taste, why not try to obscure it? For 
example, have you tried holding your nose while eating? 

Hayato: No, why would I do that? 

Rinkah: You can't taste as well if you can't smell what you're eating. That's 
probably the first thing to try. 

Hayato: What?! Are you crazy? That would never work for me. 

Rinkah: Hayato, grow up! Quit complaining and just eat the vegetables! Here! 

Hayato: Mmmmpf!! Mmmghfff!! *gulp* *gulp* *gulp* 

Rinkah: So? What do you think? Can you taste the bitterness? 

Hayato: *gasp* *cough* *hack* Ugh, that didn't work at all! 

Rinkah: But you just swallowed them whole! 

Hayato: You didn't tell me that I had to chew! 

Rinkah: Why wouldn't you? Fine, I'll try and think up something else... Wait, 
that's it! 

Hayato: Wh-what is it, Rinkah? 

Rinkah: I know just what to do! I'll figure out a way to use them in a 

Hayato: A recipe? You're going to cook them? 

Rinkah: Listen, just give me a day to gather supplies. I think I know just 
what to do. 
(Rinkah leaves) 

Hayato: If you say so...
Rinkah A

Hayato: I'm here, Rinkah! So what exactly do you have planned? 

Rinkah: I made a delicious boiled dish from the veggies you can't stand. I 
know you'll stop being so picky after you try it out. I used a special spice 
that should cover up the flavor that bothers you. 

Hayato: Which spice exactly? 

Rinkah: It's a traditional one that's been passed down within the Fire Tribe. 
The unique zest will totally erase the bitterness you were complaining about. 
It instantly makes any meal taste 10 times more flavorful. 

Hayato: Huh, that explains your cooking. 

Rinkah: Be quiet! Now quit whining and try the food. 

Hayato: O-OK... *munch munch*... Wow! 

Rinkah: What do you think? 

Hayato: This is delicious! I can't taste any of the bitterness at all! It's 
like I'm eating something totally different! 

Rinkah: Didn't I tell you? 

Hayato: I really like these now. Clearly this secret spice is no joke. 

Rinkah: I'll let you in on a secret. This spice helped me get over my own 
pickiness at one point. That's how I knew it would work! 

Hayato: What? Are you serious? 

Rinkah: It's the truth. All you have to do is slowly cut back on the amount 
of spice you use. Then, you'll get used to the other flavors and you won't 
mind eating them. Here, why don't you take this spice pouch. 

Hayato: Rinkah, you're actually pretty nice. I think I got the wrong 
impression at first... 

Rinkah: Is that so? 

Hayato: Before, you seemed a little standoffish. I didn't know how to talk to 
you. But now I actually feel like we're friends. 

Rinkah: We may come from different tribes, but I'm glad we got to know each 
other. I didn't mean to be cruel before. I just can't stand it when people 
waste food. 

Hayato: That explains your actions... Listen, would you mind helping me out 
with something else? 

Rinkah: What do you need? 

Hayato: There are still a ton of foods that I still can't stand to eat. 

Rinkah: Wh-what?! Are you serious? 

Hayato: Please, you're the only one who can help me! 

Rinkah: Ugh, no way! Figure it out yourself.
Rinkah S

Hayato: *munch munch* Everything tastes so much better when it's seasoned 
with this spice. 

Rinkah: How many more meals am I going to have to make for you? You have the 
spice. Why don't you learn to cook food on your own already? 

Hayato: I still need help though! You're the one with the magic touch. I 
would just ruin the food. 

Rinkah: That's ridiculous, Hayato. You never even really tried. 

Hayato: Am I just a nuisance? 

Rinkah: No. I'm the one who decided to help you. It's not your fault. 

Hayato: Rinkah, I have to ask you something... 

Rinkah: Wait, why are you acting so serious all of a sudden? 

Hayato: I've just been thinking how much I enjoy eating meals with you every 
day. I don't want that to stop... 

Rinkah: What do you mean? 

Hayato: Now that I understand how kind and generous you are, I've realized 
something. While you were yelling at me for being picky, I was falling for 

Rinkah: Hayato, are you saying... 

Hayato: I really like you, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: I like you too... I just didn't want to say anything. 

Hayato: What?! Do you mean it? 

Rinkah: I thought your pickiness was a bit ridiculous at first. But the more 
I got to know you, the more that I realized I was totally wrong. You were 
willing to try something new, even though you didn't want to. I really like 
that about you. I just have one small request. 

Hayato: Anything! Whatever you want! 

Rinkah: You really have to learn how to cook. I'm not doing all the work. 

Hayato: It's a deal! Thank you, Rinkah. I'm so excited to spend more time 
with you. 

Rinkah: Same here. We'll have to keep working on ways to help you get over 
your pickiness. 

Hayato: Please, take it easy on me! Remember, you used to be picky too!
A6. Hana C

Hayato: Hmmm...

Hana: Hi, Hayato. Oh, why are you making a weird face? 

Hayato: What do you mean "a weird face"? I'm doing some serious thinking 

Hana: Oh, sorry. It's just, your eyebrows were all screwed up when I first 
looked. What are you thinking about? 

Hayato: Folks from the Wind Tribe sometimes send me boxes full of provisions. 

Hana: Wow, that's really thoughtful of them! 

Hayato: No, it's not. Some of them get the wrong idea about what stuff I can 
actually make use of. 

Hana: You mean like things you don't need? What're they sending you? 

Hayato: Like... this. 

Hana: Whoa! Look at the size of this box! Purses, dolls, accessories... Ooh, 
flowers on everything! These are really cute! 

Hayato: Yes, they are... They'd be great for a small child. I'm not one, 
though! I think I'll just send it all back to them... 

Hana: What?! No way, that would be such a waste! If you don't want it, I'll 
take the whole box! 

Hayato: You want this stuff that badly? 

Hana: Why not? I like collecting things with flowers on them. The purses all 
have that pattern. I think they're really cute! 

Hayato: Well, if you want them that badly, go ahead and take everything. 

Hana: Really?! Are you sure?! That's very generous, Hayato! I'll take it all! 

Hayato: No problem. 

Hana: Oh... I love this... and that... and that! What shall I put in all 
these purses? 
(Hana leaves) 

Hayato: Wow, she looked really happy...
Hana B

Hana: Hey, Hayato! Thanks again for those purses the other day! I'm using one 
of them a lot-it's cute and really handy! 

Hayato: Well then, I guess it went to a good home. 

Hana: Heehee. I'd love to meet the ladies from the Wind Tribe. I feel like we 
have the same taste! 

Hayato: You really think that they would be anything like you? You're giving 
them a lot of credit... 

Hana: No, we definitely have things in common! For example, I really admire 
the way they used the flowers on this. 

Hayato: That's not something all women like? I thought flowers were a thing 
that were just normal for girls to enjoy... Personally I don't understand the 

Hana: What?! You mean you aren't in the least bit interested in floral 
patterns? Not at all? 

Hayato: Is that so surprising? 

Hana: No, it's just... Oh dear. So the other day I was sort of showing off 
the cute purses you gave me... and I shared a few with some of the girls in 
the army. 

Hayato: OK... 

Hana: Well, I didn't have enough for everyone, and I may have possibly 
kinda... implied that they could get lots of flowery things from you since 
you love that stuff. 

Hayato: Wh-what?! 

Hana: I'm sorry! I can explain to everyone-you'll see! I can totally fix 

Hayato: It's too late! What would make you think that I'd ever be into cute 
things like that?! 

Hana: Don't get upset over something so trivial! It's just stuff you got from 
your hometown! 

Hayato: Hrgh! I get teased for looking like a child as it is... Now they all 
believe I like little flowers... I'm feeling nauseated just thinking about 
this! No... nonono... This is a disaster. 

Hana: Hayato? Please, calm down! It's not that bad!
Hana A

Hana: Hey, Hayato. About the other day... 

Hayato: What is it? 

Hana: ...Are you still mad? I told everyone that you don't actually like 
flowers, you know. 

Hayato: Oh yeah? And what was their reaction? 

Hana: Well, there weren't many who thought you liked flowers before I said 
anything... They just kind of shrugged when I told them I was mistaken. ... 
You look like you're still angry... 

Hayato: All right... as long as they don't still think I like flowers, I can 
forgive you. 

Hana: Thank you, Hayato! 

Hayato: But! To make things up to me, you'll have to keep helping me get rid 
of purses. 

Hana: What do you mean? 

Hayato: They... uh... they sent me more. Apparently, making purses is a fad 
back home right now. It's getting ridiculous. See, this one here... 

Hana: Oh my, it's so adorable! 

Hayato: I just don't see it. 

Hana: Oh, by the way... Did you notice any purses that had a cherry-blossom 

Hayato: I didn't see any in this box, but I'm sure there are more to come. 

Hana: Well if you see one with that pattern, I call it, OK? Don't keep it for 

Hayato: Why would I?! 

Hana: Heehee! 

Hayato: I get it... Anyway, why cherry blossoms? 

Hana: I'm Lady Sakura's retainer, and that's what her name means. I was 
planning to give her one with that pattern but didn't see any... 

Hayato: I see. So, you want to show your loyalty and appreciation? 

Hana: Yep! Oh, and what about a camellia-flower pattern for Subaki? 
Wait...he's a guy, so he might be like you and hate the floral thing, too. 
Never mind that, then-just the cherry blossoms! 

Hayato: I'll try to remember for you. 

Hana: Thanks so much!
Hana S

Hana: Heehee... Heeheehee... 

Hayato: Hana, your laughter is unnerving. 

Hana: Are you saying you don't like my laugh? 

Hayato: No! I mean, it's just... Ever since I gave you that cherry-blossom 
purse, you've been giggling to yourself. 

Hana: It's just wonderful that there are two of them-one for me and one for 
Lady Sakura! Lady Sakura and I match... Heehee... I'm so happy... 

Hayato: Your constant giggling is drowning out my own thoughts... 

Hana: Hey, it's not nice to speak that way to someone! I mean...you're the 
one who gave it to me, yet for some reason you're being grumpy. 

Hayato: I guess I'm just not amused that a woman I like is more interested in 
a purse than me. 

Hana: ...Pardon? 

Hayato: Uh... Nothing! I mean... 

Hana: Did you say... "woman you like"? Or did I have something in my ear? 

Hayato: ...No, you heard me correctly. I have to confess-I've developed 
strong feelings for you. 

Hana: Hayato! 

Hayato: Before, I'd only ever seen your fierce side in battle... But now I've 
also seen your softer side, and the two combined have really struck me. 

Hana: But... you never showed those emotions to me! 

Hayato: I was embarrassed. Anyway...you only think of me as a delivery boy 
for purses, don't you? How could I reveal my feelings when I appear so silly 
and useless? 

Hana: That's not true-at all! I also like you! A lot! 

Hayato: What? 

Hana: Of course I was obsessed with the purses when you first gave them to 
me, but... I know that you asked your hometown to make purses with a cherry-
blossom pattern. That you went out of your way to do something so nice for 

Hayato: How did you know about that?! 

Hana: Heehee, they sent me a letter of course! I was right that I'd get along 
with them. And then I finally understood how kind a person you are... I'd 
already been spending a lot of time with you, but at that moment I understood 
why. Oh, and I wasn't giggling because Lady Sakura and I had matching purses. 
It was because YOU gave them to me... I was filled with joy. 

Hayato: Hana... 

Hana: So... maybe we can actually go out now? 

Hayato: Yes, of course! 

Hana: Excellent! And we can figure out who in the army these purses match 
best with. 

Hayato: ... 

Hana: Heehee, I'm kidding!
A6. Orochi C

Orochi: Why, here you are, Hayato! 

Hayato: Have you been looking for me? What can I do for you, Orochi? 

Orochi: You and I share an interest-magic. I'd like to share herbs. 

Hayato: Oh, is that all? 

Orochi: What could be more important? Let's pool our resources. Imagine the 
potions we could make! It boggles the mind. 

Hayato: Sure, I'm open to the idea. 

Orochi: I think you're getting the better end of the deal though. I've got 
quite a large collection of herbs. You'll be impressed. 

Hayato: The size of mine isn't that large. But I bet I have rarer herbs. 

Orochi: Why must people always try to one-up each other? 

Hayato: Sorry. I didn't mean to. No, wait-I've got to be honest! You were 

Orochi: About the size of my collection? I was merely being factual. 

Hayato: How about we see which of us is carrying the rarest herb? 

Orochi: I'll win this battle. Behold, leaves of an herb that flowers only in 
meadows at midnight... And only meadows on the Nohr border. Nowhere else. 

Hayato: Oh, yeesh. You're right. That's hard to get, being on the border. But 
I have something rarer! See? An herb that grows on cliffs in Wind Tribe 
territory! Few dare gather this herb! Few survive the climb! 

Orochi: Oh, no... 

Hayato: Oh, yes. Besides, your herb is only used in a basic healing powder. 
Mine heals-and soothes some of the most ornery fevers! 

Orochi: Then I suppose you win this battle, Hayato. 

Hayato: Ha! Victory! 

Orochi: But are you the better herbalist? Care for another battle? 

Hayato: Yes-and I'll win next time too. It's been fun, Orochi.
Orochi B

Orochi: So, ready for another herbal battle, Hayato? 

Hayato: Yes, ready to win. 

Orochi: Ooh! How cute. The little man brags before he's done a thing. 

Hayato: What? You started this with all your bragging, Orochi! 

Orochi: And your win last time showed me how wrong I was. It's a new day. 
Shall we see which of us is better at concocting? 

Hayato: A potion battle? 

Orochi: A battle of potency. I have two white cards here. They turn redder 
the more potent a potion is. So, we concoct our potions, steep these cards-
voila, a winner! 

Hayato: That's ridiculous. Where did you get these cards? This sounds fishy. 

Orochi: No, Hayato. I would get no satisfaction from winning a rigged game. 
Do I sense that you're scared? Are your potions-? 

Hayato: My potions are potent enough, thank you very much. More than yours! 

Orochi: Good. And you can count on the accuracy of these cards. They're used 
in the royal household to gauge that potions are just right. These little 
darlings will serve the purpose, I promise. 

Hayato: F-fine. Let's get started. 

Orochi: Heh. That's the spirit. Now, have your stirring rod ready? The 
challenge-mix a potent cold medicine. And... GO. Whew! Done already. And you, 
Hayato? Still mixing your potion here? 

Hayato: No, I'm done! Easy-peasy! Now you dip your card. I'll dip mine. And 
we'll see whose is... Whoa. Yours is way redder. 

Orochi: Orochi wins! 

Hayato: Pr-practice round! Let's try for real! 

Orochi: You could have a hundred practice rounds and never win against me. 
Admit it. Your potency is lacking. 

Hayato: No! New challenge-mix a healing potion. I'm good at that! Hang on! 
One potion, coming right up... 

Orochi: Fine. I'll just win again... 

Hayato: Done and dipped! Come on, Orochi! You're falling behind! 

Orochi: Huh? You won? It must be a fluke. New challenge-a salve for tooth 

Hayato: Tooth rot, eh? 

Orochi: Shut it, twerp. Get mixing.
Orochi A

Hayato: So, Orochi... 

Orochi: Yes, Hayato? Oh, wait! You know, our last contest was so much fun. 

Hayato: Was it? Oh, good. I was worried that I got a little... 

Orochi: Competitive? That's why it was so fun. How many challenges did we do? 

Hayato: Like a hundred. I... I guess it was fun. 

Orochi: Good. We ended up with piles of potions too. We pretty much got 
stocked up for any malady that comes our way. 

Hayato: Right. So, no more contests for a while, huh? No more room for 

Orochi: What a pity. Say, I'm sorry for how this all began. You know, with 
me, boasting about my herb collection. That wasn't very nice. Anyway, I 
respect you more than I can say now. 

Hayato: Really? 

Orochi: Really. I think I'd gotten glib about magic...until I met you. I 
never really had a rival. That made me... get serious again about magic. 
Hopefully our little rivalry has been just as helpful for you. 

Hayato: Of course it has. Now I have someone who will push me to perfect my 

Orochi: Then we're no longer rivals. We're partners. 

Hayato: I'll shake on that, Orochi. 

Orochi: Handshake? That's a new one for Orochi. But yes, I'll shake on that 
Orochi S

Hayato: Have I ever told you how much I admire you, Orochi? 

Orochi: You're going to make me blush, Hayato. I've been a diviner a long 
time, but I get surprisingly few compliments. Have I ever told you...? No, I 
mustn't... No, I will-I've harbored a deep secret for too long. I long to 
know all the herbal arts that are in your head. I studied Hoshidan 
techniques. You know those of the Wind Tribe. 

Hayato: Oh. That was your secret? 

Orochi: Did you expect something else? Wait. What did you want to talk about? 

Hayato: Have I ever told you how much I admire you, Orochi? 

Orochi: Half a minute ago. 

Hayato: Erm, right. So, what I'm getting at is this-you and I are diviners. 

Orochi: Scandalous! 

Hayato: Oh, please stop. This is hard for me. The fact is... 

Orochi: Yes, yes? Out with it, or Orochi will GET it out. 

Hayato: I'm smitten with you. 

Orochi: Oh, Hayato. I'm sorry. I have that effect on rival diviners from the 
Wind Tribe. They also have that effect on me. I'm smitten every time. 

Hayato: Y-y-you do? Wait, you are? Do you mean... ME? 

Orochi: Of course. The only question is... which of us felt the magic between 
us first? 

Hayato: I'm sure I did. 

Orochi: No, I did. I claim victory! Though I'm sure you placed a close 

Hayato: Whew! That's one contest I don't mind losing. 

Orochi: Come now. You can't give up that easily- not if we're going to be 

Hayato: R-rivals? But I want to be... 

Orochi: Lovers? Same thing. The potion of eternal love requires new 
ingredients and frequent stirring! 

Hayato: Exciting challenges? 

Orochi: That too. So, can you promise me all that and more, Hayato? Forever 
rivals? In love? For each other's affections? 

Hayato: Let the contest begin, Orochi!
A6. Setsuna C

Hayato: Hmmm... What is that strange sound? I can't tell where it's coming 

Setsuna: Hayato... Watching you twist and turn is making me really dizzy. 

Hayato: Ah, hello, Setsuna. Did you hear that strange sound just now? 

Setsuna: Oh, yeah. That was probably my humming. 

Hayato: Your... humming?! There is no way that was a sound you were making. 
It sounded absolutely nothing like humming. 

Setsuna: Yes, it was definitely me, then. People often have that reaction to 
how I hum. 

Hayato: I see. I've never heard such an unusual kind of hum before. It was as 
though the waves of sound themselves were being warped. 

Setsuna: Are you asking me to keep humming or to stop? I can't really tell... 

Hayato: Oh, sorry. I'm not demanding you stop- it's just so unusual. Look, 
I've even got goose bumps! 

Setsuna: Oh cool. Those are amazing... 

Hayato: Most people wouldn't call goose bumps all that amazing... I think 
it's more amazing that you can give me goose bumps just by humming. 

Setsuna: My humming does come in handy, though... You might not believe me, 
but I can prove it. Not today though... 

Hayato: Hm... I really can't imagine how humming could come in handy... Let 
me know when you're ready to prove it. 

Setsuna: Hehehe, OK...
Setsuna B

Hayato: Hello, Setsuna! Are you ready to show me how your humming can come in 
handy? You said to meet you out here in the forest so that you could. 

Setsuna: Yes... this area should be perfect. Wait right there... *hum* 

Hayato: Even though I was expecting it, it's still such a strange sound. 
What's going to happen, I wonder... Ah, I have goose bumps again! 

Setsuna: *hum* 

Hayato: Hey, did you hear that? I could barely hear it over your humming... 
Oh no, does... does your humming attract wilderness spirits?! 

Setsuna: Shhh... Look over there... *hum* 

Hayato: Is that a deer? Is it your humming that attracted it? It's just 
standing at the edge of the woods. It doesn't look like it wants to move 

Setsuna: And... Now!
(Bow Shot)

Hayato: Ah! Oh, that was your bow and arrow! Amazing, Setsuna! You took it 
down with a single arrow. 

Setsuna: I believe today's hunt has been a success, don't you? And now you 
see my humming works as a lure to forest animals. 

Hayato: I understand now... Once you've drawn them in, it's easy to take one 
down. I just can't imagine why your humming draws them to you so well. 

Setsuna: I have no idea either, but not knowing is no reason not to use it. 
And what's even better, they'll only come so close before stopping. That 
means I can repel wild animals when I get caught in traps. 

Hayato: Wouldn't it be easier to just not get caught in traps in the first 

Setsuna: That's a good idea...
Setsuna A

Hayato: Setsuna. 

Setsuna: Ah... Hello, Hayato. Do you need something? 

Hayato: I was wondering... I understand now that your humming can be useful, 
but... It still makes me uneasy. Do you think you could limit how often you 
do it? 

Setsuna: Aw, does my humming scare you? 

Hayato: N-no! I'm not scared! 

Setsuna: Heehee, if you say so. But you know that people just sometimes hum 
without thinking, right? 

Hayato: Maybe you could try a happy tune, instead? One that doesn't give me 
goose bumps... 

Setsuna: Happy... OK, I'll try. How about this? *hum* 

Hayato: Oh, this is... completely different from that other tune. 
It's...really quite good. Wow, Setsuna! I didn't know someone could hum so 

Setsuna: Oh, it's nothing. I'm really not thinking too hard about it while I 
hum... And anyway, it's nothing compared to Lady Azura's songs. 

Hayato: You shouldn't compare yourself to her. Her singing is a special case 
all its own. I'm just curious how that humming was so different from your 
other tune. 

Setsuna: I don't think it has anything to do with my skill. I have to admit, 
though, I really like the song that calls the animals better. I'm sure you'll 
get used to it eventually. Maybe you'll even come to like it! You know, I 
feel like humming it again right now. 

Hayato: Ahhh... I guess I can't stop you, but still... 

Setsuna: Thank you for your permission, Hayato... *hum* 

Hayato: Now my goose bumps have goose bumps!! Ugh... I don't know if I can 
actually get used to hearing this.
Setsuna S

Hayato: Setsuna. 

Setsuna: Ah... Hayato. I didn't notice you there... 

Hayato: If you're not too busy, would you hum for me? Oh, not the creepy 
song, though. 

Setsuna: No problem... But do you really like it so much that you've come to 
hear it? 

Hayato: I do! So long as it isn't that eerie tune, I really enjoy it a lot. 
That reminds me-I asked around, and no one knows about your happy humming. 

Setsuna: That seems right... I suppose only Lady Hinoka has heard me hum that 

Hayato: Really? How come? 

Setsuna: It's a tune I only hum when I'm feeling really good, or... 

Hayato: Or? Setsuna, you trailed off there. 

Setsuna: Or if someone I really like asks me to. 

Hayato: Ah, I see. Hang on, no I don't. You mean... You like me? 

Setsuna: Yes... I like you, Hayato... 

Hayato: You say it so casually! Do you mean...you like me as a friend? Or as 
someone you'd like to be with? 

Setsuna: As someone I would want to be with... You're making strange faces... 

Hayato: I am? Sorry! Hearing you say those words made me realize something 
about myself. All these times I've started conversations with you about your 
humming... It was actually just because I wanted to talk to you. 

Setsuna: Really? 

Hayato: Yes! Setsuna, let's be together. 

Setsuna: I'm so happy to hear you say that. I can't help myself... *hum* 

Hayato: Wait, that's the creepy tune! Why are you humming the creepy tune?! I 
really am going to have to get used to it, aren't I? 

Setsuna: Heehee... Only kidding. I'll hum the happy song... 

Hayato: No, no, hum whichever you like, as much as you want.
A6. Oboro C

Oboro: That's weird. I could swear Hayato's been avoiding me. He doesn't do 
it when we're in combat, though... I wonder what the problem is.

Hayato: ... 

Oboro: Hey, Hayato! 

Hayato: Ghk...! 

Oboro: H-hold on! Don't run off the instant you see me! 

Hayato: R-running off? Who's running off? 

Oboro: That might sound better if you weren't saying it with your back 
turned! But forget it. I just want to know why you've been giving me the cold 

Hayato: Gaaah! Don't come near me! 

Oboro: How can we hold a conversation from a hundred paces?! 

Hayato: Good question! Let's find ou- What?! Now you're blocking my way? 

Oboro: That's right! You've got nowhere to run now, mister. 

Hayato: HEEEEELP! 

Oboro: Quiet, you! Why are you so freaked out? All I did was touch your 

Hayato: I-I'll never talk! NEVER! 
(Hayato leaves) 

Oboro: Hey! What is WITH that kid...? Well, I'm not giving up until I get to 
the bottom of this!
Oboro B

Oboro: I still haven't been able to corner Hayato again, buuuut. I've brushed 
up on all the latest kimono trends. He won't be able to resist!

Hayato: Oh... 

Oboro: It's about time you showed up, Hayato! Have you heard about the wild 
things they're doing with kimonos nowadays? Just listen to this- 

Hayato: E-excuse me. 

Oboro: HEY! Get back here! At least tell me why you keep running away! 

Hayato: W-well... Once, when we were in battle... I happened to glance at 
your face. You were scarier than a demon... 

Oboro: What, you mean this face? 


Oboro: Whoops, sorry. I'll take that as a "yes." 

Hayato: I assumed, based on that, that you were just as much of a terror as 
you looked. That's why I instinctively fled from you. 

Oboro: Hahaha, is that what happened? 

Hayato: Don't laugh! I was scared out of my mind! 

Oboro: Sorry to put such a scare into you, Hayato. That's the face I make 
when I remember my past. It has nothing to do with you. 

Hayato: Your past? What do you mean? 

Oboro: Men from Nohr killed my parents when I was young. They were clothes 
merchants, out making a delivery, when bandits set upon them. Ever since, 
anytime I think about that day, I can feel my lip start to curl... Someday, 
I'll really get back at Nohr by rebuilding their business, twice as good. 

Hayato: That's horrible. Your parents dying, I mean, not your face. (Although 
the face is pretty bad, too.) I'm sorry to dredge up past traumas. 

Oboro: No worries. I'm just happy we could clear up the misunderstanding. So 
next time, it's all clear between us? 

Hayato: Absolutely. I'm sorry for keeping my distance. I'm eager to get to 
know you better now. 

Oboro: Same here!
Oboro A

Hayato: Oboro? May I speak with you? 

Oboro: Hey, Hayato. This is a rare pleasure. What did you need? 

Hayato: I still feel bad about avoiding you. This isn't meant as an apology, 
really, but I thought I'd chat with you. 

Oboro: Thanks, Hayato. 

Hayato: That awful face of yours doesn't scare me so much anymore now. 

Oboro: Hayato... I know you had a scare... But telling a girl her face is 
"awful" every five minutes isn't very endearing. 

Hayato: Gaaah! S-sorry... 

Oboro: Heheh, just don't do it again. 

Hayato: Still, after hearing your story, I can tell you cared a lot about 
your family. I lost my own parents, so I understand how you feel. 

Oboro: You too? Oof, I'm sorry. 

Hayato: Yes. I was luckier than you, in that I didn't witness their deaths... 
Some Faceless ambushed and killed my parents just outside of town. I was very 
young when this happened, so I have no memory of them. 

Oboro: Then... this war has taken both of our parents from us. 

Hayato: That it has. But mourning the past won't bring them back. We must 
look forward and end this war. That's how we'll honor our parents. 

Oboro: You're right. I'll work twice as hard to end this war as soon as we 

Hayato: And I'll work right along with you.
Oboro S

Hayato: Oboro, there's something I want to talk to you about. 

Oboro: Hey, Hayato! It's such a nice change of pace for you to WANT to talk 
to me. 

Hayato: I-I guess... 

Oboro: You seem on edge today, though. 

Hayato: N...no I'm not... 

Oboro: Why are you tugging at your sleeves? Oh! Is the bow on your kimono 
loose? I can fix that for you! 

Hayato: That's not it! Well, that's part of it. But not the only thing I 
wanted to ask! 

Oboro: You're being so coy. Why don't you come out and say it? 

Hayato: I... uh... I love you, Oboro! There! Are you happy?! 

Oboro: Huh? What?! F-for real? But you spent so much time avoiding me! 

Hayato: I told you, that was a misunderstanding! I had you all wrong at 
first. But now I know what a sweet girl you are! As soon as I heard your 
passion to carry on your parents' business, I fell for you. 

Oboro: This is pretty sudden... I need to think about this. 

Hayato: What's to think about? 

Oboro: Hayato... I actually had a crush on you, too. 

Hayato: You did?! 

Oboro: But you kept running from me, so I thought I didn't have a chance. I 
figured you'd never like me the way I liked you, so I tried to bury my 

Hayato: Oh dear... 

Oboro: I was so happy to find a kindred spirit when I told you about my 
parents. Not only that, but you wanted to help me end the war! What more 
could I want? 

Hayato: I'm glad you feel that way! I'd really like to spend a lot more time 
with you, now that we understand each other. 

Oboro: Yeah, me too. This is gonna be great!
A6. Kagero C

Kagero: Hayato, might I have a moment? 

Hayato: Kagero? What do you need? 

Kagero: I've been asked to work with you in a diplomatic capacity. It is my 
duty to maintain friendly relations between the Wind Tribe and Hoshido. I 
know you're very busy, but I hope you can spare some time for me. 

Hayato: Ah, you are a retainer to the Hoshidan royal family, are you not? 
Gathering information for some mission? 

Kagero: Not at all. I just wish to talk-hopefully we can establish a good 
relationship. I hope you will relax and chat with me freely. 

Hayato: Very well. So long as our conversations benefit both my tribe and 

Kagero: I'm grateful for your cooperation. Can I start by asking you 
something I've been curious about for a while now? 

Hayato: OK, what is it? 

Kagero: You speak in a fairly distinct way. Why is that? 

Hayato: Are you... What are you saying? Do you mean to imply that the way I 
speak is unnatural? 

Kagero: No, I'm merely curious if it is how everyone from your tribe 
speaks... or only you. 

Hayato: I-I am the only one that talks this way. 

Kagero: Oh. 

Hayato: It's interesting that you mention speech patterns. You yourself speak 

Kagero: Me? Hmm, I suppose that's true. There's no particular reason though. 
Is there a reason you talk the way you do? 

Hayato: No, I... um... I am no longer comfortable continuing this discussion. 
I will take my leave! 
(Hayato leaves) 

Kagero: And... there he goes. Did I somehow offend him? Maybe there is a 
story here that I am not yet aware of...
Kagero B

Kagero: Hayato, may we talk? 

Hayato: Hello, Kagero. If there is something we must discuss... 

Kagero: I apologize if I gave offense the other day. Could you tell me what I 
said wrong so that I can avoid offending you in the future? 

Hayato: Ah... You can forget it. I harbor no ill will about it. I do not, 
however, plan on continuing the conversation. 

Kagero: I'm sorry, but I feel we should. When I asked about the way you talk, 
you obviously wished to avoid the topic. However, if there is an underlying 
issue, we can work together as allies to address it. 

Hayato: What you say does make some sense... 

Kagero: If you still feel uncomfortable about it, I can explain how I talk. 
You were curious, weren't you? 

Hayato: Only because you mentioned how I talk. I do have to admit, though, I 
am interested to know more. 

Kagero: My parents had a formal, traditional style of speaking; I learned 
from them. I really admired the respect that speaking in such a way conveyed. 
I tried to copy them when I was young, and eventually it started just coming 
naturally. That's the story. 

Hayato: Hmm. 

Kagero: Are you unhappy with the way you speak? 

Hayato: It isn't that I dislike it-people just find it odd that I speak so, 
looking how I do. Considering my position within the Wind Tribe, it seems 

Kagero: Your position? 

Hayato: My skills and proficiency caused me to rise quickly to a prominent 
rank in my tribe. However, my youthful appearance makes some people 
uncomfortable with my role. As a result, I adjusted how I speak to seem more 
in control... more adultlike. 

Kagero: That explains a great many things. 

Hayato: I suppose that I could speak normally when I'm involved in casual 
conversation, but... I don't really recall how to do so, to be honest. And 
since I don't remember... I've become a bit sensitive to criticism on how I 
speak now. That is why I lashed out at you the other day. My apologies. 

Kagero: That makes sense. If I may say, I don't find anything wrong with how 
you speak. 

Hayato: Really? 

Kagero: I think it suits you. You are strong willed, and you wish to protect 
everyone using your skills. You speak like someone aware that he carries such 
a burden. 

Hayato: You are the first person to say something like that to me. 

Kagero: I'm glad to see you smile. 

Hayato: L-let us move on from this subject! Did you still wish to inquire 
about the Wind Tribe? 

Kagero: If you don't mind. 

Hayato: I suppose we can continue conversing on that topic, then.
Kagero A

Hayato: Kagero, might we speak for a moment? 

Kagero: Hello, Hayato. What do you need? 

Hayato: I wish to thank you for the encouragement you gave me the other day. 

Kagero: Oh, regarding how you speak? I merely gave you my honest opinion. 
There's no need to thank me for that. 

Hayato: Regardless, I feel I should. So... Thank you, Kagero. 

Kagero: I am happy to help. 

Hayato: Really, our talk helped me feel more confident in how I speak. I 
don't think I will change anything. 

Kagero: That's for the best. I'm sure the members of your tribe would feel 
the same. 

Hayato: Why do you mention them? 

Kagero: Wasn't your reason for speaking the way you do an attempt to reassure 
them? I think they would appreciate your effort. That is a bond that you 
share with them, and it will grow stronger if you continue. 

Hayato: *sniff* Your words, Kagero! 

Kagero: What's wrong, Hayato? You look upset. 

Hayato: No, it is just... you... You just say the most embarrassing things... 

Kagero: Hayato... Are you crying? 

Hayato: No! I am not! Do not treat me as you would a child! I am done here! 
(Hayato leaves) 

Kagero: Hayato... You may be young, but you're a good man.
Kagero S

Hayato: Kagero. I wish to get your advice. Are you available? 

Kagero: Ah-hello, Hayato. Are you sure you wish to discuss it with me? 

Hayato: Yes. I have learned that you are someone I can place my trust in. 

Kagero: Thank you. I am flattered to hear you say that. 

Hayato: You are? Truly? 

Kagero: Yes. 

Hayato: Then perhaps I can ask more of you than merely advice. What if I 
asked for your heart as well? 

Kagero: What do you mean? 

Hayato: Through our time together, I have realized that you are 
irreplaceable. You are the only person worthy of standing at my side. I would 
have you as my partner, Kagero. 

Kagero: You are asking for us to be together, then? 

Hayato: Yes, I am. I am fond of you! Do you only see me as a child? 

Kagero: No, of course not. I am glad to hear you speak of how you feel. 

Hayato: You... are? 

Kagero: Yes. I feel appreciated when you seek me out for advice. I've also 
felt a desire to support you more than I already have. Yes, Hayato, I would 
be happy to be with you. 

Hayato: I can't express my joy at this!

A7. Azura C

Hinata: Hey, Lady Azura! Perfect timing! ...Here! Catch this! 

Azura: Hello, Hinata. You know I'm not very good at catch. ...Oh, my! Whoa! 
Hmm. I'm confused. Did you really just toss a bag of vegetables at me? 

Hinata: You got it! I picked up these bamboo shoots at the market. 

Azura: I'm not sure why you're giving them to me, but I'll pass them on to 
the cook. Haven't we been eating these same veggies for weeks? Why would you 
buy more? 

Hinata: Uh, they were having a sale. A really good sale! ...OK. Fine. The 
girl at the market was a super salesperson. She sold me on them. 

Azura: I see. Apparently she was super cute too. 

Hinata: Wow. How did you know? Lady Azura, can you read minds? 

Azura: Goodness, no! It's written all over your face. At least they look 

Hinata: Come on, Azura. I couldn't help it. If some hot chick tells you, 
"Please, sir, buy these veggies or my family will starve..." What are you 
gonna do? You buy the bamboo shoots, right? 

Azura: I suppose if your wallet's full and your head's empty, that's exactly 
what you do. 

Hinata: Aww, man! You're one tough cookie, Azura. Well, I'll see ya around... 
(Hinata leaves) 

Azura: Sometimes I worry about him.
Azura B

Woman: Heh. Who knew discovering their secret hideout would be this easy?!

Hinata: Hey! You! What are you doing here?! You don't belong here! 

Azura: Hinata, is something wrong? I thought I heard yelling. ...Oh! I know 
this girl. 

Hinata: Yeah. She's the girl from the market! But why is she wearing a 

Azura: I remember you from Nohr. Your parents were nobles! Why are you spying 
on us? 

Woman: Hmph! You'd never understand! I bet you've never had a hard day in 
your life! 

Azura: Well, you're wrong about that. Did something happen to your parents? 
Are they all right? Let us help you. There's no need to spy on us! 

Woman: Why would you help me? Did you forget how cruel I was to you back 

Azura: Of course not! But I won't hold it against you if your family is in 

Woman: I would never accept help from you. I should've killed you when I had 
the chance. 

Hinata: Whoa! Now you've gone too far! You're on our turf now. Besides, did 
you forget? I did you a favor yesterday! 

Woman: By buying vegetables? Ha! You were such an easy mark! You led me 
directly to your hideout! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got intel to report! 
(Woman leaves) 

Hinata: No! Wait! Get back here!

Azura: Hinata, let her go. It's too late. By now, she's already told them 
where we are. 

Hinata: I can't believe I fell for her act! How stupid of me! I'm so sorry. 
I'm an idiot! 

Azura: Don't be so hard on yourself. If you'll excuse me, I'll think of 
(Azura leaves) 

Hinata: Wait! Lady Azura? Where are you going?!
Azura A

Azura: Hello, Hinata. What are you carrying there? 

Hinata: This? It's a present! This time, I'll even hand it to you instead of 
tossing it. 

Azura: How chivalrous of you! ...Are these bamboo shoots?! Didn't you learn 
your lesson? 

Hinata: Of course I did! I bought these at a store from a hairy, old man. It 
wasn't a trap! You've looked so miserable since that incident with the girl. 
I thought you could use some antioxidants. Bamboo shoots are pretty good for 

Azura: They're harvested up in the mountains of Hoshido, aren't they? No one 
has ever given me vegetables as a gift before, but thank you, Hinata. 

Hinata: Aww. There's that cute smile I've been missing. This might be too 
personal to ask, but did that girl bully you when you were a kid? 

Azura: Yes. I thought those memories were buried in the past. I feel bad for 
her situation now. 

Hinata: But that's crazy! She deserves whatever she gets!  

Azura: I'm not so sure about that. We should aim for peace... always. 

Hinata: That is a noble thought, but I don't think we can ever really forget 
what's happened. You can't dwell on it, but you can't erase it from your 
memory either. 

Azura: Hinata, that sounds very profound. 

Hinata: Thanks! That was the best I could do on short notice. 

Azura: Haha! You always know how to cheer me up, don't you? 

Hinata: Well, I try! Now eat some of these veggies, and you'll be in tip-top 
shape in no time! 

Azura: Thanks, Hinata. I will.
Azura S

Hinata: Lady Azura, there you are! 

Azura: Oh, my. What's happened to you, Hinata?! You're absolutely covered in 
mud! ...And are those bamboo shoots you're carrying again? You must have 

Hinata: Sure do! I just got back from the mountains. I harvested a ton! 

Azura: Goodness. You certainly did. But why didn't you just pick up some at 
the store? 

Hinata: They only had a handful left, so I took matters into my own hands! 

Azura: What will you do with all of them? Surely you're not planning to eat 
them all yourself! 

Hinata: Of course not! I got these veggies for you! 

Azura: For me?! 

Hinata: Last time I gave you some veggies, you cracked a cute little smile. I 
thought to myself-I know! I'll get her even MORE veggies! Then she'll smile 
really big! So I got up super early and hiked to the mountains! 

Azura: Wow, Hinata. That was very thoughtful of you. 

Hinata: Well, that's the thing. I can't stop thinking about you, Lady Azura! 
Will you accept these tender, young bamboo shoots as a sign of my love? 

Azura: I'm sorry. It sounded like you were proposing to me with a bag of 

Hinata: Yeah, it's not one of my better plans, but it's coming from the 
heart. We can save the official stuff for later. For now, will you be my 
girlfriend? Please! 

Azura: Hinata, I'm touched... and a little shocked! Still, I really enjoy 
spending time with you. You always brighten my day. 

Hinata: So is that a yes? 

Azura: Yes! It's time I had more fun in my life. 

Hinata: Then I will always be there for you... unless I'm off picking more 
vegetables, of course. 

Azura: Hinata, about that...
A7. Felicia C

Felicia: *sigh*

Hinata: That was some sigh, Felicia. What's the matter? 

Felicia: Ah, hello, Hinata. I was just washing some clothes, and I 
accidentally spilled dye on them. So I'm feeling a little bad about how 
incredibly clumsy I am. 

Hinata: Don't let it worry you! Everyone makes mistakes now and then. 

Felicia: I know, but if you failed as often as I do, you'd be sighing, too. 

Hinata: Hmmm. Well, let's go do something to cheer you up! 

Felicia: What do you have in mind? Remember that I'm clumsy... 

Hinata: Well, I like to take practice swings with my sword. It feels good to 
just focus on form. Something like that, maybe? 

Felicia: Ahhh, I see. So I should pick something I am already good at, 

Hinata: Yes, exactly! Maybe some talent you're naturally inclined toward. 

Felicia: Let me see... Oh! I can create a kind of chilling aura. It's cold 
enough to make icicles! 

Hinata: Whoa, that's amazing! I've never heard of anyone who can do that. 

Felicia: Heehee. Wow, just seeing your reaction improved my mood a bit. 

Hinata: Awesome! Just remember my reaction whenever you're making ice. I bet 
it helps! 

Felicia: Yes! I'll do just that!
Felicia B

Hinata: Ooh, brrrrrrr! Why is it so cold all of a sudden? 

Felicia: Why, hello, Hinata! 

Hinata: Felicia?! Don't tell me this chill is your doing. 

Felicia: It is! You said I should try making icicles when I'm feeling down, 
remember? I decided to give it a shot after a mistake I made earlier, and 
it's working! 

Hinata: I see... 

Felicia: But look! I thought of something else to do to distract me! 

Hinata: You're shaving off pieces of that ice mound? 

Felicia: Yeah. I thought that I could maybe make something out of the ice... 

Hinata: Oooh, that's really neat! It looks like it's starting to take shape. 
You did this all by carving? It's beautiful! I've never seen anything like 

Felicia: R-really? I'm flattered... 

Hinata: Of course! Is this one a dog? It looks like one... 

Felicia: Hmph, no... It's a cat. 

Hinata: Oh, really? Hrm. Well, what about this? It's a bear, isn't it? 

Felicia: Exactly! That's my most recent one; I actually just finished it. 

Hinata: Ahhh, now I can see your progression. You keep getting better and 
better as you go. Ya know, this looks pretty fun. 

Felicia: Would you like to try? There's plenty of ice. 

Hinata: Can I? That'd be awesome! 

Felicia: Of course! Here, you can use these icicles over here. 

Hinata: Thanks! I should warn you though-I'm pretty competitive. I'm going to 
try and carve a sculpture that rivals yours! 

Felicia: In that case, consider us in competition to make the best one!
Felicia A

Felicia: Hinata! Hey, Hinata! 

Hinata: Hey there, Felicia. You look pretty happy! 

Felicia: That's because I am! After you and I finished our sculptures 
yesterday... Lord/Lady Avatar came by and praised them! 

Hinata: That's great! 

Felicia: It made me so happy! Up until now, I didn't think my power could 
bring happiness... 

Hinata: Really? But your powers are amazing! And you're skilled at ice 
carving, too. 

Felicia: Heehee, thanks. I've actually been practicing a lot in my free time. 
I can't wait to see what I make next! 

Hinata: It seems like sculpting has really helped you, Felicia! You were just 
doing it to cheer up before, but now it seems like you've taken to it. When 
this war is over, you should open up a show of all your sculptures! I'm sure 
everyone would love to see a display of all the things you create. 

Felicia: You really think it's something people would enjoy? 

Hinata: I'm sure it is! Lord/Lady Avatar can't be the only person in camp 
with good taste! Isn't it exciting to think about? 

Felicia: You know, you're right! It is neat to imagine doing that. I look 
forward to that day! And I have you to thank for that, Hinata. 

Hinata: What do you mean? Your sculpting talent is all thanks to your powers! 

Felicia: True, but it's because of you that I started sculpting in the first 

Hinata: Really? Well then, you wouldn't mind competing some more? I still 
think I can carve something amazing. Even you'll be impressed! 

Felicia: Let's do it!
Felicia S

Felicia: Hinata, take a look at this! I've made my largest sculpture yet! 

Hinata: What are you talking... HOLY COW! Is that an ice dragon?! That's 

Felicia: Heehee. Your praise for my work the other day motivated me to really 
push myself. 

Hinata: B-but... that's huge! It's twice as big as I am! 

Felicia: Heehee... What do you you think? Are you happy with it? 

Hinata: Yeah... 

Felicia: Hmmm? Hinata, is something the matter? You don't seem...all here. 

Hinata: Oh, sorry. I... I guess I was just kind of lost in the sight. 

Felicia: Of my ice dragon? I'm glad! I feel like I did a really, really good 
job with this one. 

Hinata: Oh, no... I mean, the dragon is amazing, but I was fascinated by 
something else. 

Felicia: What are you talking about? 

Hinata: I mean that... Well, I find you very interesting. More than 
interesting, really... 

Felicia: I don't understand... 

Hinata: I'm in love with you, Felicia. Whenever I'm with you, no matter what 
we're doing, your happiness is infectious. I'm certain that is what it means 
to be in love. 

Felicia: H-Hinata... 

Hinata: I want to be there to support you whenever you're working hard at 
something. Whether you're safe or in danger, I want to be by your side! 
Felicia, what do you say? Do you feel the same about me? 

Felicia: I...well... Oh gods, of course I do. I was just so surprised by your 
confession! But it makes me very happy to hear it. 

Hinata: I'm so glad! I'll do my very best to make you the happiest woman 

Felicia: And I'll do the same for you!
A7. Mozu C

Mozu: Now why in the heck is it like that... 

Hinata: Hey, Mozu. What's the matter? 

Mozu: Ah, Hinata. Perfect! I was gonna come find you. I have a question for 

Hinata: Glad to help! If I have the answer, I'll tell you whatever you need 
to know! 

Mozu: Here, take a gander at this page. This is the logbook for food costs. 
When you're the one to go buy supplies... 

Hinata: Oh wow, that's a pretty big number. 

Mozu: Sure is, and you aren't even buying things all that expensive... 

Hinata: That's strange. I'm going to the usual store, and I only buy what 
they suggest... 

Mozu: Hang on, now. Who suggests these things to you? 

Hinata: The store owner, of course! She's this really pretty lady who is 
always super helpful when I come in. She helps me find things I didn't even 
know the camp needed! 

Mozu: *sigh* I'm guessing you buy all these things, no questions asked? 

Hinata: Well, yeah... 

Mozu: What a naive... How often are pretty women able to trick you? 

Hinata: Trick me?! Oh no, she just wants to help me do what's best for the 
camp! There's no way she'd lie to me! 

Mozu: That's a pretty bold thing to say about someone you hardly know! 

Hinata: Anyway! Was there anything actually wrong with the things I bought? 

Mozu: Well, no. But... 

Hinata: See! No harm done. And my point still stands. 

Mozu: I don't... *sigh* OK. The price is still bad, though. You need to at 
least haggle a bit... 

Hinata: Haggle? Why do I need a haggle? 

Mozu: What? Do you even know what haggling is? It means that you get the 
store to sell to you at a lower price. 

Hinata: That's possible?! I thought you had to buy something for the price 

Mozu: That settles it, then. I'll be coming with you the next time you go 
shopping. I'll teach ya all my secrets to making the most of a trip! 

Hinata: Oh, OK! That sounds good!
Mozu B

Mozu: So what do you think, Hinata? How'd that trip seem to go? Do you 
understand how to haggle, now that you've seen it in action? 

Hinata: Well... 

Mozu: Nothing to say? Do ya think my way of shopping is wrong? 

Hinata: I was absolutely moved! 

Mozu: Pardon? 

Hinata: Mozu, that was amazing! To think that haggling could make things so 
cheap! The way you handled that shopkeeper, I thought he'd sell his store to 
you! I've seen a completely different side of you. 

Mozu: It's nothing that special... I just enjoy haggling is all. 

Hinata: I need to give it a shot next time. You must teach me all the tricks 
you know! 

Mozu: Lemme see... You must always remember to look at who you're haggling 
with, first off. 

Hinata: That's easy! I'm always looking at a pretty shopkeeper. 

Mozu: That's not what I mean at all. You need to look at their nature, not 
their appearance. Everyone has a unique personality, OK? Even shopkeepers. 
You have to match your haggling to their mood, or it'll go bad for sure. Some 
people will bend when you push hard, but others will buckle down. Some will 
give you a deal if you look indifferent to the whole experience... There are 
tons of types of people! 

Hinata: So... how do I tell who is who? 

Mozu: Well, there are a lot of different ways. For me, I like to ask lots of 
questions. How they answer them can tell me a lot about the person. You have 
to talk to them to figure them out-that's my point. 

Hinata: I see. Well, that sounds like plenty of fun, even without haggling. 
But I'll try and combine talking to them and haggling next time! 

Mozu: You're still only going to go to shops run by pretty women, aren't 

Hinata: Of course! I refuse to budge on that. 

Mozu: *sigh* Well, at least talking to someone you want to be talking to 
might help you. Good luck! 

Hinata: Leave it to me!
Mozu A

Mozu: Hey there, Hinata! I noticed that your shopping trip was a ton less 
expensive than normal! 

Hinata: I know! I went and haggled for each and every item! I couldn't get 
the prices down as low as you could, though... Eventually the shopkeeper just 
said "this is just the price it has to be." She was a lovely girl, and I just 
couldn't say no to her at that point... 

Mozu: She is a merchant, after all. She's had a bit of experience haggling, 
I'd bet. 

Hinata: Experience? I never thought of it like that... Heheheh... 

Mozu: Hey, why are ya laughing? 

Hinata: Just... talking about experience reminds me of the battlefield. 
Haggling or fighting-it all comes down to being able to read your opponent. 

Mozu: Putting it that way, they are pretty similar, aren't they? 

Hinata: And if they are, then you're a master of haggling, just like I'm a 
master fighter. Master Haggler, please teach me more of the ways of your art! 

Mozu: Hey, s-stop it! I'm no master! 

Hinata: No need to be so humble! Just one lesson from you really helped me 
out! You have to keep teaching me about haggling! 

Mozu: I suppose if you want to learn that much...
Mozu S

Hinata: Hi, Mozu. Do you have a minute? 

Mozu: What do ya need, Hinata? Wait a sec, let me guess-you're planning on 
going shopping somewhere? 

Hinata: No, that's not it. Ever since you told me to watch people so I could 
learn to haggle with them... I've started to look at everyone with a new 

Mozu: Everyone? Not the pretty shopkeepers? 

Hinata: Well, of course still the pretty shopkeepers. But also other people. 
A pretty woman in particular, actually. 

Mozu: Hah, of course. You can't really change that much, can ya? 

Hinata: I've changed some, I think. And it's really thanks to you! And that's 
why I wanted to ask you something... 

Mozu: Well, if it's something I can do, I'm happy to help ya. 

Hinata: You're the only one who could help, really. Can we go out together? 
Be together? 

Mozu: Wha... Huh... Wa... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Wh-wh-where did this come 

Hinata: I said so before-you taught me to look at people differently. 

Mozu: I thought you were talking about a pretty shopkeeper! 

Hinata: No, I'm talking about a pretty haggle master! Mozu, after you taught 
me about haggling, I realized I'd been looking at you wrong. You really 
opened my eyes. I want to be with you for as long as you'll have me. 

Mozu: I don't know what to say... 

Hinata: You mean... You don't want to be with me? 

Mozu: Oh no, not that at all! From our first shopping trip together, I 
thought that I wanted to be with you. I couldn't tell if you felt the same 
way, no matter how hard I tried. 

Hinata: But now you know! We can go forward together now, can't we? 

Mozu: Yes! Yes, of course! 

Hinata: I'm so happy, Mozu. You're the prettiest woman I've ever seen. 

Mozu: *blush* Thank you, Hinata. You're very handsome yourself.
A7. Sakura C

Sakura: *sigh* I'm so relieved we made it out of there alive!

Hinata: Lady Sakura, you looked a little green out there on the battlefield. 
You doing OK? 

Sakura: Yeah, I'm fine... I just got a little scared, that's all... 

Hinata: You can't let the enemy see you sweat! They always go after the weak 

Sakura: Really? I... I didn't know that! What should I do? 

Hinata: Hmm... Maybe some extra training would help? A soldier should always 
be prepared! 

Sakura: Extra t-training...? 

Hinata: If you want, I'll take you through some exercises, myself! I'd do 
anything for a cutie like you, Lady Sakura. I'll be right back... 
(Hinata leaves) 

Sakura: Training with Hinata? Why does this make me nervous?
Sakura B

Hinata: All right! Let's start your training. No one's going to call you weak 
again... Not while I'm here! 

Sakura: O-OK, if you say so... 

Hinata: First, let's fix your posture! Straighten your back, and puff out 
your chest! 

Sakura: O-OK... Like this? 

Hinata: That's great! Just like that! Now, let's hear your battle cry! Say 
something loud and...offensive! 

Sakura: What?! I couldn't possibly do that...! 

Hinata: Did you just say, "couldn't possibly"...? Come on! You're better than 

Sakura: O-OK. Uh-uhhm... Th-there's NO way I could do that! 

Hinata: That was so cute! Not exactly the effect we were going for, but 

Sakura: D-do you think I did OK? No, wait... I mean...  I was awesome! Wasn't 
I, punk? 

Hinata: Haha! Maybe I've pushed you too far. 

Sakura: *sniff* Fine, then. What do I have to do to sound tough?  

Hinata: Ack! Don't cry, please! I'm sorry! It was fine... It was good! 

Sakura: Hinata, I'm hopeless, aren't I? 

Hinata: I think I'm taking the wrong approach. Don't worry. I'll come up with 

Sakura: OK...
Sakura A

Hinata: After all the guff I gave you, here I am, the one getting hurt in 

Sakura: That's OK, Hinata. I'm just glad it's not serious. 

Hinata: *sigh* I guess I was the weak link this time... 

Sakura: Th-that's not true! When we got out there, I froze up and forgot all 
my training! 

Hinata: That's not what I saw. You fought bravely to heal and protect our 
comrades. Strength isn't just cutting down enemies. You also need strength of 

Sakura: I wasn't brave... just desperate. That's all. Hinata, do you think 
I'm helping, or am I just getting in the way? 

Hinata: Nonsense! We need you out there! When you're with us, we all fight 
more bravely! 

Sakura: Thank you, Hinata! That's kind of you to say.
Sakura S

Sakura: Hinata-hello! 

Hinata: Ah, Lady Sakura. I hoped to find you today. There's something I 
wanted to tell you... 

Sakura: What's that? 

Hinata: *ahem* I've learned a lot about you recently. And...the truth 
is...I'm falling in love with the person I'm getting to know... 

Sakura: Huh...? 

Hinata: I know that I shouldn't feel this way about a royal princess. But 
it's not fair to keep things from you. I love you, Lady Sakura... That is 

Sakura: Hinata... wait! You don't have to leave so soon. I l-love you, too. 

Hinata: Um... but... you mean as a friend, right? You don't mean as...a man? 

Sakura: At first I thought of you as an older brother who was trying to look 
after me... But it's different now. I'm falling for you too... 

Hinata: I... I was sure you were going to turn me down! 

Sakura: No! I would never reject you. I want to be with you forever. 

Hinata: You really mean that? 

Sakura: Yes, Hinata! I want you by my side. 

Hinata: You have no idea how happy that makes me! I promise to stay by your 
side always. 

Sakura: That's all I ask from the man I love. You have my heart forever... 
...and forever after that.
A7. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Yaah! Hyah! HHHAAAAAIIII-YAH!

Hinata: Oh, it's Lady Hinoka training over there. She gives off such an 
intense energy when she is deep into her training...

Hinoka: Hello, Hinata. Do you need something?

Hinata: Oh! No, sorry for disturbing you. I was just overwhelmed by your 

Hinoka: My intensity? This is just a normal workout for me, really.

Hinata: A normal workout... Amazing! Your energy while training is extremely 

Hinoka: Hah, no need for compliments. I'm doing this to improve my body, not 
my ego.

Hinata: Such self-discipline... We retainers could learn a thing or two from 
you, to be sure. You're truly impressive, Princess Hinoka.

Hinoka: No need to be so formal, Hinata. And I have to be strong. I can't 
always rely on my retainers. I need to be able to protect myself.

Hinata: What?! But, Lady Hinoka, the whole reason you have retainers is to 
rely on them. Aren't there some things you can order them to deal with?

Hinoka: No, I'm not bossy with them most of the time. And even if I was...

Hinata: You trailed off there. What do you mean?

Hinoka: Even if I gave them orders, they're not the types to jump up and get 
things done.

Hinata: That doesn't seem like the proper behavior for a royal retainer at 

Hinoka: It doesn't bother me that much, so it's fine. If anything, I feel 
obligated to watch over them, really. Honestly, having to take care of them 
actually keeps me on my toes.

Hinata: Well, if you ever need help with anything, just let me know. I'll 
gladly help you!

Hinoka: Oh no, I wouldn't impose on you. Or on Takumi, for that matter.

Hinata: Don't worry! Lord Takumi would understand if you needed help. It 
really wouldn't bother anyone.

Hinoka: I appreciate the thought, but I prefer not to rely on other people. I 
have somewhere to be.
(Hinoka leaves)

Hinata: W-wait! Lady Hinoka!
Hinoka B

Hinata: I'm still thinking about that talk I had with Lady Hinoka the other 
day... She said she couldn't count on her retainers, but maybe I can help. 
Hey, is that her over there? She looks a little unsteady.

Hinoka: *phew* Ouf!

Hinata: Yikes! Lady Hinoka, are you OK?!

Hinoka: Hm? Oh-Hinata. Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm just a little dizzy is all.

Hinata: I don't want to lecture you, Lady Hinoka... But do you think you may 
be working too hard?

Hinoka: Not in the least.

Hinata: But... we fought in a battle today, and yet you're also training? Why 
don't you take it easy for a little bit? Even just a single day.

Hinoka: I suppose you have a point... I'll go rest in the shade of that tree 
over there. Is that enough?

Hinata: Yes! Here, I'll walk with you in case you need a hand.

Hinoka: Thank you... I can't believe I got that exhausted.

Hinata: I know I said it before, but you really should learn to rely on 
others more. We're all willing to help out, if you just ask!

Hinoka: I'll make a point to remember that. I don't mean to worry everyone... 
I just feel like I haven't reached my full potential, so I have to keep 

Hinata: Lady Hinoka...

Hinoka: Oh, wipe that look off your face. I promise I'll rest for the 
remainder of the day. I'll head back to my room for now.

Hinata: Good! I can escort you there.

Hinoka: Haha, don't worry. I can make it. I'll talk to you later.
(Hinoka leaves)

Hinata: Jeez! Even when exhausted, she's fast.
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Hello, Hinata. I wanted to apologize to you for making you worry the 
other day.

Hinata: Ah, hi there, Lady Hinoka. I'm glad to see you looking better!

Hinoka: I'm feeling better, too. I really do appreciate your help. That said, 
you are Takumi's retainer. I don't want you worrying about me anymore.

Hinata: Lady Hinoka, why do you keep putting distance between us? Could it be 
that you aren't willing to show weakness around retainers?

Hinoka: I don't...

Hinata: Just have a little faith in us. We're happy to help you!

Hinoka: You're right, of course. I never really realized it before, but 
perhaps I place an undue burden on my position...

Hinata: The whole reason you have retainers is so that you have people to 
rely on. If you hide that you need help, they'll never be able to do anything 
for you.

Hinoka: Hinata...

Hinata: We may be retainer and royal to each other, but we're also warriors 
who fight together. We're companions. So it's fine to show a little 
vulnerability now and then.

Hinoka: You're right. I need to reconsider my way of thinking.

Hinata: Lady Hinoka...

Hinoka: As a princess of Hoshido, I've always pushed myself to excel. I 
wanted to be able to support Ryoma and protect Avatar, so I worked hard. But 
after all you've said, I can see that I may have pushed myself too hard.

Hinata: I'm sorry if I spoke out of line... I just want you to realize you 
can rely on me a little.

Hinoka: I understand. I'll try to do that from now on.

Hinata: Good!
Hinoka S

Hinata: Hey there, Lady Hinoka! Can I help you with anything today? I can 
fight by your side in battle, but I'd like to help you outside the 
battlefield, too. Anything from war council preparations to taking stock of 
our supplies; just say so!

Hinoka: You've been helping me so much already, I've nothing left for you to 
do. To think I believed that no one else could do all the things I did.

Hinata: Oh really? Well it makes me pretty happy to hear you say so!

Hinoka: I'm glad. That reminds me, Hinata, I have something to ask you. Hm, 
how best to... There's someone I've taken an interest in recently...

Hinata: Wh-what?! You mean there's someone you like romantically?!

Hinoka: Exactly. He scolds me when I need to be straightened out, but he has 
a kind heart.

Hinata: Oh really? He sounds like a really nice guy. I'm sure you'll get 
along... I had no idea you were interested in someone...

Hinoka: You... You realize I'm talking about you, right?

Hinata: You are?!

Hinoka: Up until we really started talking, I've lived my life hiding all of 
my weaknesses. Ryoma was really the only person who I ever let see me fail. 
Then you came along and made yourself so available... I felt so at ease.

Hinata: Hang on, hang on! Are you saying...

Hinoka: Yes, Hinata! I'm saying that I think I'm in love with you!

Hinata: I knew it! Ahhh, damn it. I wanted to say it first.

Hinoka: Say it first? What do you mean?

Hinata: I mean that I love you too, Lady Hinoka! You're awkward, but you're 
also straightforward and honest. Ignoring my duty as a retainer to protect 
royalty, I still would give my life for you. Lady Hinoka... Please let us be 
together as a couple!

Hinoka: Hinata, I'm really happy that you think of me the same way. Yes, 
let's go forward together!
A7. Rinkah C

Hinata: Ha! Hai-ya! 

Rinkah: Hrm. 

Hinata: Oh, Rinkah, did you need something? 

Rinkah: No, I'm all right. 

Hinata: But... you were watching me, weren't you? 

Rinkah: Not you, no. I was examining your fighting style. The way you wield 
your katana... 

Hinata: Oh yeah; it's pretty amazing, isn't it? 

Rinkah: What's amazing is how you're still alive if that's your actual 
fighting style. 

Hinata: Is that... a compliment? I can't be sure. 

Rinkah: You may take it however you'd like. 

Hinata: Awesome! Then thank you! It's always great to hear nice things. 

Rinkah: Nothing really brings you down, huh...? 

Hinata: Not if I can help it. Hey, got time to go a few rounds? 

Rinkah: Excuse me? 

Hinata: You're curious about my fighting style, yeah? I'd be happy to cross 
blades with you and show you how it works. 

Rinkah: I'd... rather not involve myself with you any more than is needed. 

Hinata: Pfft, and here I thought I'd found a good sparring partner. 

Rinkah: Hrm. In that case, I accept your challenge! 

Hinata: Wait, what?! I don't understand... You Flame Tribe people are a 
confusing bunch... But, if you really do accept, then I am ready for you 

Rinkah: How about now? The sooner I beat you to a pulp, the sooner I can be 
on my way. 

Hinata: Hah, let's find out if you're all talk. Here I come! 

Rinkah: Bring it on!
Rinkah B

Hinata: Phew... You're pretty quick, Rinkah. Training with you is exhausting. 
I can tell you put some serious effort into your training. 

Rinkah: I could feel the power behind your blows, as well. It 
was...unexpected. I'm certain your blows would have no trouble shattering the 
strongest armor. 

Hinata: Is that why you were careful to parry them, rather than meet them 
head-on? Speaking of which, did you memorize my moves so you could counter 

Rinkah: Don't say it like that. I was just intrigued by your style. If I 
picked up a few tricks... All I'll say is, your style is rare to me, so I 
studied you as you practiced. 

Hinata: Rare? I don't think so. I know several fighters who fight the same 

Rinkah: It may be common within Hoshido, but I've never seen it used in the 
Flame Tribe. 

Hinata: Oh, I see what you mean. 

Rinkah: I've witnessed a lot of different styles, but yours makes great use 
of follow-up moves. If I could meld it with my own, I could definitely become 

Hinata: That... was a compliment, right? 

Rinkah: Again, take it however you like. 

Hinata: Awesome! Anyway, you'd better stick with me if you want to learn 

Rinkah: What? No, you're sticking with me! Let's go again. Get ready!
Rinkah A

Hinata: Damn it. You managed to parry or evade all of my attacks today. 

Rinkah: Of course; it's only natural to get used to someone you are fighting 
time and again. 

Hinata: True... Also, none of your counterattacks landed, so that means... We 
haven't determined the better fighter! 

Rinkah: You're right. Clearly I still haven't learned all there is to learn 
from you. Only your strong defense can explain me not being able to hit you. 

Hinata: I think that we've come as far as we can, sparring against one 
another with swords. Next time, let's spar with your best weapon, OK? 

Rinkah: Are you serious? 

Hinata: Of course! You're best with a club, right? Our next battle will be 
with clubs! 

Rinkah: If you insist... But you aren't allowed to blame the weapon choice 
when you lose. 

Hinata: Hah, I'd never! 

Rinkah: And I won't be responsible if you get hurt. 

Hinata: I'm not worried about that. Our sparring matches are actually a ton 
of fun! 

Rinkah: What? You're having fun? 

Hinata: Of course. There's a limit to how strong I can get just training 
alone. Practicing with you is great experience, so I'm really enjoying this 
chance to learn. I feel like I can get a whole lot stronger by doing this! 

Rinkah: Interesting... I think we are both on the same page, actually. We're 
driving one another to grow. 

Hinata: Yeah! So don't you dare hold back! 

Rinkah: Same to you!
Rinkah S

Hinata: Hello, Rinkah. I wanted to ask you something, if you've got a 

Rinkah: Oh, Hinata. You're acting very formal today. What do you need? I'm 
ready for another match if you are! 

Hinata: Oh, n-no. That's not why I'm here. I actually wanted to ask... Can I 
go with you next time you go to the Flame Tribe? 

Rinkah: What are you talking about? You don't seriously want to challenge the 
Flame Tribe to sparring matches, do you? 

Hinata: No, no! That's not it at all! The last thing I want to talk about 
today is sparring. I wanted to visit so I could introduce myself to them is 

Rinkah: Why would you want to introduce yourself? 

Hinata: It seems only right that I meet the people who raised the woman I 
care for... 

Rinkah: Hang on, what? What are you trying to say? 

Hinata: I'm saying that, as we've practiced and been around each other... 
I've grown to like you. A lot. You're strong and cool and amazing. Rinkah... 
Do you feel the same about me? Do you want to be with me? 

Rinkah: I... *sigh* I can't believe you asked if you could visit my village 
before telling me how you feel. 

Hinata: I just got the order of things mixed up! It doesn't change how I 
feel! But I need to know-do you feel the same way about me? 

Rinkah: Yes, Hinata. Of course. Ever since I saw that burning drive in your 

Hinata: Hah, I knew it! I could feel the way you were looking at me! 

Rinkah: What?! I wasn't looking at you in any special way. 

Hinata: Nah, I could feel it. You definitely were. I don't want you to stop, 
though. Keep looking at me like that forever! 

Rinkah: Hrmph. I suppose I can't say no to that... 

Hinata: Excellent! I promise to make you happy!
A7. Hana C

Hana: *sigh* Every time I swing from the left, my hair gets in my face. I 
love long hair, but... this is getting unmanageable. Maybe if I brush it back 
and tie it differently...

Hinata: Oh, hey there, Hana. 

Hana: Hello, Hinata. 

Hinata: Did I catch you in the middle of a break from training? 

Hana: Yep, I needed to stop for a minute and adjust my hair. 

Hinata: Wow, that seems like a pretty girly thing for you to do. 

Hana: It's not a matter of appearance-it keeps falling in front of my face. 

Hinata: Hrm. I guess that's something that isn't a common problem for guys. 
We're more concerned with practicality than with appearance. It must be rough 
for you to maintain your looks with all the fighting you do. 

Hana: What do you mean? That's pretty condescending... 

Hinata: Don't get so prickly. I'm actually kind of impressed, really. 

Hana: It doesn't sound that way to me. I bet you think I'm a less capable 
fighter, since I have to worry about more than you. 

Hinata: The only way to prove yourself is with a sparring match, I say! 

Hana: Very well, I accept your challenge! Here I come... Are you ready?! 

Hinata: Yeah, bring it on!!
Hana B

Hinata: Hey, Hana! I've returned to redeem myself after our last match. 

Hana: OK. You do realize that I'll just win again, don't you? 

Hinata: Grrr, you've got some nerve talking like that. You barely won last 
time! Regardless, let's start today's match! Hraaaagh!! 

Hana: Hyah!! 
(Weapon clank)

Hinata: Curses! 

Hana: You'll have to do something different if you want to beat me! Old moves 
are no good! 

Hinata: Funny you should mention that-I'll break your defenses wide open with 
this new one! GRAAAAHH!! 

Hana: Hiyah! 

Hinata: Whoa! My gauntlet flew right off! 

Hana: Oh no! Did I cut the bindings tying it on? 

Hinata: Looks like you did. That's fine-I'll just have someone thread a new 
string. It'll be good as new. 

Hana: No, this is all my fault. Let me fix it. You'll be in big trouble if 
you have to enter battle without a gauntlet... 

Hinata: What? It's OK. 

Hana: Just give it to me. 

Hinata: *sigh* Fine. Here you go. 

Hana: I've always got supplies for a little field medicine. And of course I 
carry a few things to patch up armor and clothes, too! 

Hinata: Hm... Well... it does look like you'll fix it in a snap... ...And 
it's done?! Already? Thanks, Hana! 

Hana: No trouble at all! This isn't the first time I've patched up some 

Hinata: Well, our match was interrupted by that little wardrobe malfunction. 
Let's continue tomorrow! Just wait, Hana! I'll claim victory soon! 

Hana: You sure are competitive, Hinata... Though I guess I'm really not one 
to talk.
Hana A

Hinata: Hana! I'm rested and ready to take you on! I'm certain today is my 

Hana: Oh-hello, Hinata. How's your gauntlet holding up? 

Hinata: You did an amazing job! I haven't needed to adjust it at all. I'm 
absolutely awful with repairing things. It must be your womanly touch that 
helps. But sparring is a different matter entirely! 

Hana: Yeah, it is! But... it's kind of odd how you call what I did a womanly 
thing... It was just basic field repair-that skill is just as important as 
being able to fight. 

Hinata: You think so? I've just never had the knack for it. I always need 
someone else to help. I apologize-I didn't mean to sound rude. I do respect 
you, Hana. If I didn't, I wouldn't constantly come to you to challenge my 
swordplay! That makes sense, right? 

Hana: Well... I guess so. The way you categorize things as being womanly or 
not can get under my skin. 

Hinata: Huh? What are you talking about? I'm here to improve my sword skills 
by practicing with you! It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl-I want to 
train with the best. And that's you! For now! 

Hana: Hinata... ...Hm, I see what you're trying to say, even if it's in a 
clumsy way. Seeking new challenges is a good way to live life. I like that 
about you. 

Hinata: ...Hm? Did you say something? 

Hana: Nothing at all! All right, let's start over and spar!  

Hinata: I'll win this time, no matter what! 

Hana: I won't lose to you!!
Hana S

Hana: *sigh...* 

Hinata: What's the matter, Hana? You never seem dejected during your 
training... Have you gotten tired of our one-on-ones? 

Hana: No, it's not that. I always look forward to our sessions. 

Hinata: Then why are you heaving such a big sigh? I'll never improve if your 
attention isn't on the match. I need your best! 

Hana: ...That's just the problem-I'm not improving from our matches. 

Hinata: What do you mean? 

Hana: Since we've really started sparring, you've gotten less critical of me. 
Your comments were biting before, and it really got me working to prove 
myself. Now it seems like you're being more careful around me. 

Hinata: Huh? But you always got angry when I was making comments! 

Hana: I know. But only when you justified what you said with the fact that 
I'm a woman. Since we're friends, I knew what you were trying to say, so I 
could forgive you... 

Hinata: Really? Why? 

Hana: Because... I like you! 

Hinata: Whaaat?! H-Hana? 

Hana: I take a lot of pride in my training-if a guy treats me differently 
because I'm a girl... it really, really bothers me. I want to be treated the 
same as any other fighter. But... I don't mind being treated nicely by 
someone I like... 

Hinata: Er... Well, I never realized how you felt. But... for my part, I was 
being less critical because I realized I was making you mad. And I like you 
too, so I didn't want to bother you that way anymore. ...I really like you a 

Hana: Do you mean that? 

Hinata: Of course! I like everything about you-how you're brave and strong 
and cute! 

Hana: Aww, Hinata! That makes me so happy to hear! Together, we can both 
sharpen our sword skills! 

Hinata: Hahaha! You, of all people, would bring sword skills into a 
conversation like this! 

Hana: Heehee, of course I would! We both live by the sword, right? How about 
this, Hinata-we aim to become the greatest sword-wielding couple ever? 

Hinata: I like the sound of that! I think we could do it! Let's work together 
toward that goal! 

Hana: All right!
A7. Orochi C

Orochi: Why, hello there, Hinata. Spare a moment? 

Hinata: Hmm. For you? Sure. 

Orochi: I see you've got a handful of herbs there. 

Hinata: Good eye! I just picked 'em up in the mountains. 

Orochi: May I have some? I use herbs as ingredients for my divinations. 

Hinata: These things? I picked 'em thinking they were good for medicine. 

Orochi: As far as I know, those specific herbs have marginal use in medicine. 
But for incense, which I use, they have potent properties. 

Hinata: Huh-who knew? But I'm not gonna let 'em go for free. I want my future 
told. Yeah, tell me how strong I'm going to get! 

Orochi: A good question, and quickly answered. One divination, coming up. 
*mumblty, mumble* 

Hinata: Whoa. You all right? Got something stuck in your throat? 

Orochi: AH! YES! 

Hinata: What is it-chicken bone? 

Orochi: No, no, no. I was communing with the gods. I have the tiding you 
seek. But you're not going to be happy. You won't get stronger. 

Hinata: What?! Then you have to do something to change my future! 

Orochi: I... don't know if I can. 

Hinata: Please, Orochi. Please! 

Orochi: There may be a way. I'll need to make preparations. This is not going 
to be easy. Next time we meet, I'll be ready to begin. 

Hinata: Got it. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. 

Orochi: Nothing for now. But you're in good hands. I won't fail you.
Orochi B

Orochi: All right, Hinata. I know what to do. I've made preparations. Your 
future at present shows that you'll never get any stronger. But we will 
change your fate. 

Hinata: I'll do anything, Orochi! 

Orochi: You've got a good heart, Hinata. I think we can fix this. I've 
communed with higher sources. Your focus is the problem. You dwell too much 
on your sword. You must broaden your interests. Do you...lack the confidence 
to try other things? 

Hinata: Huh. Never thought that I was short on confidence. 

Orochi: Yet it seems so. What you need to do is this-help me with my tasks. 

Hinata: Er, really? How's helping you... help me? 

Orochi: You focus on yourself too much-what you already know. Helping others 
will give you the confidence to do anything. 

Hinata: I don't know about this. 

Orochi: Let's begin. The first test is one of empathy. Look at my face. What 
do I want? Be exact. 

Hinata: All right. Your face tells me... It tells me... 

Orochi: Yes, yes? Here's a hint. What are my eyes looking at? 

Hinata: Er, empty teacup? 

Orochi: Empty...? Tea...? So maybe I want you to...? 

Hinata: Get you some tea?! 

Orochi: I'm sorry. I didn't choose the test. It was a divine revelation. I 
don't need the tea. The test requires that you fetch it. Blame the gods if 
you like. I'll just be on my way. 

Hinata: Ugh, fine. Anything to change my fate. I'll get your tea. 

Orochi: Bravely faced, Hinata. My shoulders are feeling stiff too. So the 
gods tell me. 

Hinata: All right. Cup of tea, back rub. Anything else? 

Orochi: The gods say nothing else for now. Except-hop to it.
Orochi A

Hinata: Oh, hey... Orochi. 

Orochi: If it isn't my brave friend Hinata! 

Hinata: About fixing my fate by doing tasks, like getting you some tea... and 
giving you that really, really, REALLY long back rub... You were just pulling 
my leg, right? 

Orochi: You know me too well, Hinata. Ooh, and may I just say... I think that 
back rub was the best I've ever had. Exquisite! 

Hinata: Hmpf. 

Orochi: Don't pout, Hinata. Why, you must have gotten something out of it. 

Hinata: Maybe. It wasn't half-bad to see you so happy. But next time, don't- 

Orochi: Next time? There's no need for that. You passed the test! You sensed 
what I needed then delivered the goods. Which means... you now possess what 
you lacked before. 

Hinata: What? Your riddles are wearing me out, Orochi. 

Orochi: You have gained perspective. Before, you were one man and a sword. 
You sensed only what the old Hinata could see. The new Hinata sees more. 
Senses better. Observes, then acts. You will never be caught off guard by 
foes again. 

Hinata: All because I got you a cup of tea? 

Orochi: Because you sensed I wanted one! 

Hinata: Ugh, my head hurts. 

Orochi: That, my dear Hinata, is the sensation of your awareness growing. 

Hinata: Fine, I'll admit I got something out of this. Even if it's just a 
headache. So, heh, thanks. 

Orochi: How about you repay the favor... by giving me a back rub? 

Hinata: Ugh. Now you're just taking advantage of me, Orochi. 

Orochi: Heh! You see? Your senses detect things you never saw before. Well 
done, Hinata.
Orochi S

Orochi: Oooh, Hinata. There's the spot. Your back rubs are the best. Lower, 
please... Hey! Did I say stop? 

Hinata: ...... 

Orochi: What's wrong? Upset about your new role as Orochi's massager? 

Hinata: Huh? No. Just thinking. 

Orochi: About? 

Hinata: You know, when we first met, I thought I had you figured out. Sort of 
a charmer. But you're different than I thought. 

Orochi: Ah! I sensed you were enticed by my carefully cultivated image. But, 
wait! Are you saying you don't find Orochi alluring now? 

Hinata: That's not what I'm saying. I mean that I thought you were all image-
nothing else. But then you open your mouth, and all sorts of interesting 
comes out. 

Orochi: Of course! Orochi is deep as an ocean. Her mysteries, fathomless. 

Hinata: Yeah, I know... 

Orochi: Hinata, you're keeping something from me. What's this all about? 

Hinata: I can't figure out what you really think...about me. 

Orochi: Ah, well. So it goes. 

Hinata: That's that? All right. I'm fine leaving things the way they are. 
Back to the back rub then. How's this feel? 

Orochi: Ohmygosh. Right there. I love- 

Hinata: R-really? 

Orochi: -the way you massage my back. But, all right, Hinata. I love you too. 
You got it out of me. You're adorable when you battle. And you're kinder than 
I would have given you credit for. 

Hinata: ...... 

Orochi: You can't clam up after I say something like that, Hinata. 

Hinata: Sorry, thinking again. The way you blushed when you confessed your 
love-I could almost melt. 

Orochi: Who's this talking to me? What have you done with my Hinata! Give me 
back my adorable clod! 

Hinata: Hey, Orochi. I'm a sensitive guy now. You brought it out of me. You 
and I-we're lovebirds now. Coo, coo! 

Orochi: You're a lovebird. I'm more a cat. And we all know how THAT ends. So, 
get back to my back rub. Or else, lovebird.
A7. Setsuna C

Hinata: Ahhh ow-ow-ow. That was really clumsy of me... 

Setsuna: Hello, Hinata... 

Hinata: Ah! Setsuna?! You snuck up on me! 

Setsuna: What happened to your arm? 

Hinata: Oh, I was just working on a difficult parry pose and accidentally 
nicked myself. It's no big deal, though. I've got all kinds of small cuts 
from practicing. I'll be fine! 

Setsuna: You get hurt like this often? That seems painful... 

Hinata: Hm? I suppose it is, yeah. But that's just how life is, you know? 

Setsuna: Yes... I also get hurt sometimes. 

Hinata: You do? Is it from practicing too hard? 

Setsuna: Oh no... It's from all the traps I get caught in. 

Hinata: Now I remember! You're always getting stuck in traps. Even ones your 
allies place. So that's how you get hurt, then? 

Setsuna: Exactly... So lately I've been stocking up on salves, just in case. 
I'd be happy to share... 

Hinata: Thanks, Setsuna! I could use a good salve. 

Setsuna: Good... If you'd like, I could bring you some other salves, too. 

Hinata: Other salves? What do you mean? 

Setsuna: When I was at the shop the other day, I bought a ton of extras. I'd 
happily share them with you, if you think you need them... 

Hinata: Really? That'd be amazing. You're so nice, Setsuna! 

Setsuna: Heehee. Well, I'll see you later...
Setsuna B

Setsuna: Hey there, Hinata. I brought you the salves we were talking about 
the other day... 

Hinata: The extra ones you got from the shop? Excellent! Let me see what 
you've got... 

Setsuna: Ta-da... 

Hinata: Whoa! You weren't kidding when you said you bought a ton! What'd you 
do, clean them out? 

Setsuna: Each time I picked one of the salves up, I could think of reasons to 
have it... Eventually I had a little of everything. 

Hinata: Ooo, this one looks interesting. What's it used for? 

Setsuna: That one is in case you bite the inside of your mouth. It tastes 
really sweet... 

Hinata: It even has a candy look to it! Ick, what's that smell? Is that 
coming from this puke-green bottle? 

Setsuna: That's a cure-all. There really isn't anything it can't fix, I 
think... But you're right; it really is stinky... 

Hinata: Now that's one I don't look forward to drinking... I didn't realize 
there were this many salves in the world, Setsuna! Do you know what all of 
them do? 

Setsuna: I suppose so... I never really thought about it. I just have fun 
collecting them. 

Hinata: If you collect them all, you're gonna have to start making your own, 
instead! Just kidding; that'd be really tough... 

Setsuna: Actually... I think I'd like to do that. Making my own salves could 
be really fun. I could make special salves for people... 

Hinata: Wait, really? Do you think you could do that, Setsuna? 

Setsuna: I think so... I'll start by making one just for you, Hinata. It'll 
be great. 

Hinata: Setsuna, you know I was joking, right? 

Setsuna: This is going to be so much fun... 
(Setsuna leaves) 

Hinata: Setsuna, wait! I didn't- And she's gone... I can't shake this really 
uneasy feeling now...
Setsuna A

Setsuna: Hinata, I finished... 

Hinata: You finished... what? Oh! The salve you were going to make me? 

Setsuna: Exactly. It's all ready for you. I even made some for myself, since 
it works so well... 

Hinata: Really? That's fantastic! What all does this salve do? 

Setsuna: Well, I get caught in traps a lot, so it will first help reduce 

Hinata: Oooh, it smells really refreshing. Just the aroma is making me feel 

Setsuna: I thought it was important for the salve to not smell like death... 
Anyway, wounds often get infected, so I added some herbs to fight that, too. 

Hinata: Oh wow! You did a lot better than I thought you would, Setsuna! I'm 
really impressed. 

Setsuna: I am, too. I thought for sure that I'd have a ton of trouble with 
making these... 

Hinata: Making salves must just come naturally to you. I take it you've 
already tested this on yourself after falling into a trap? 

Setsuna: Yes. That's why it took so long for me to bring it to you-I was in 
the trap two days. But I had yours with me, so I know no one messed with 
it... Here you go... 

Hinata: Thanks! I- Ugghhhh! What is this? It's all mushy! And it reeks! Why 
is mine completely unlike yours?! 

Setsuna: I'm glad you appreciate how unique it is... 

Hinata: I don't! That wasn't a compliment! By the gods, is it MOVING?! Why is 
my salve moving?! 

Setsuna: Who knows... Science is such a mystery. 

Hinata: But... But you made this! How can you say "who knows" about your own 
creation? What exactly is in this? 

Setsuna: Some bugs from up in the mountains... A few reptiles... Hmmm... What 

Hinata: This is so gross. I'm sorry, Setsuna, but I don't think this will 
work for me... 

Setsuna: Aw, really? I'm sorry to hear that... 

Hinata: I really do appreciate the thought, but it's just a bit too much for 
me... I'd be happy if you shared your salves again, sometime. Just... Maybe 
not ones you made? 

Setsuna: OK, that sounds fine. Off to the store I go...
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Hey there, Hinata... 

Hinata: Hello, Setsuna. Need something? 

Setsuna: I tried to make your salve again... 

Hinata: You did? You mean that strange-looking stuff that was moving? 

Setsuna: Yeah. I think I got it right this time, though... 

Hinata: Really? Let me see... It does look pretty normal; it's not twitching 
and shifting this time, anyway. Oh, and it smells nicer, too. 

Setsuna: I made sure to test this bottle, so I know it works. I think maybe I 
let the last one sit too long, so it... changed... 

Hinata: That was the problem? Then I'll keep this one around and use it soon! 
Thanks, Setsuna! This is a great gift! 

Setsuna: I'm glad you're happy... After I let you down last time, I couldn't 
rest until I had tried to make it up to you. 

Hinata: Really? You cared that much that I was happy? Does that... No, never 
mind, I don't know what I'm thinking... 

Setsuna: Hinata, what's the matter? You look in pain. Maybe you should take 
the salve... 

Hinata: Well... OK. I wanted to ask you... The reason you wanted to do 
something for me... Was it because you like me? 

Setsuna: Do I like you? Like...am I attracted to you? 

Hinata: I ask because, ever since we started talking about salves, I can't 
help looking at you. When I see you walking past, my eyes just follow you 
until you're out of sight. I only really realized a little while ago that 
it's because I like you. 

Setsuna: Hinata... 

Hinata: So... if there is even the slightest chance that you also like me... 
I would really, really like to know! 

Setsuna: Hmmm... 

Hinata: Is that... a no? 

Setsuna: Hmmm... 

Hinata: Hello? Setsuna, are you there? 

Setsuna: Oh! Sorry... I was so surprised, I just kind of started daydreaming 
about your words... Yes, Hinata, I like you too. You saying it just sent my 
mind off to happy places... 

Hinata: Happy places? Really?! 

Setsuna: Indeed... I was very happy to hear you confess your feelings... I 
want us to be together. 

Hinata: Oh, Setsuna, I'm so glad you feel like I do! 

Setsuna: I need to warn you, though... I really do daydream sometimes... It 
might be in the middle of a conversation. Or while making salves... But-I 
think-it'll most likely be daydreams of you.
A7. Oboro C

Hinata: Hmm... It's getting in my eyes...

Oboro: Hinata? Why are you tugging on your bangs like that? 

Hinata: Oh, hey there, Oboro. My hair's getting long, so I was thinking of 
cutting it. 

Oboro: What, by yourself? But you're so careless with everything! It'll end 
up a mess. 

Hinata: What are you talking about? I can cut my own hair! How much harder 
can it be than cutting down enemies? 

Oboro: ...Seriously? Look, just hand over the scissors, and I'll cut it for 

Hinata: Really? 

Oboro: Sure. I have some free time to do a friend a favor. Plus, if you go 
around with an awful haircut, it'll reflect badly on Lord Takumi. So I don't 
mind at all. 

Hinata: Gosh, thanks, Oboro! Oooh, if you can, you should give me a cool 
haircut like Lord Takumi's! 

Oboro: Are you nuts? You can't be as cool as Lord Takumi just by changing 
your hairdo. 

Hinata: Aw, man... but I've been serving Lord Takumi for a while now. None of 
his coolness has rubbed off? 

Oboro: It doesn't work like that. Besides, I've been serving him WAY longer. 
If it rubbed off on anyone, it's me. 

Hinata: No way! If you think I'm not the most loyal to Lord Takumi, think 

Oboro: Please. You're second or third most loyal at BEST. Now hush up. 
Remember who's holding the scissors here. Or do you want a bowl cut? 

Hinata: Aaah! N-no! Anything but that!
Oboro B

Hinata: Hey, Oboro! Thanks for the haircut. It turned out great! 

Oboro: Oh, no need to thank me. 

Hinata: I notice your hair's getting shaggy too. How about I return the favor 
and give you a trim? 

Oboro: WHAT? Don't be ridiculous! Keep your hands off my hair! 

Hinata: No, it'll be fine! If it's not my own hair, I can see what I'm doing. 

Oboro: That's not the problem! A woman's hair takes a special touch. Not some 
happy-go-lucky oaf's! 

Hinata: Wh-why not? I was gonna make you look cooler... 

Oboro: What exactly is your idea of "cooler"? Besides, I like my hair a 
certain way. 

Hinata: Oh, yeah. You wear your hair like that so it looks like Lord 
Takumi's, right? 

Oboro: Yup. As long as I serve Lord Takumi, I want to emulate him in every 
way. I mean, that's what inspired your hairstyle too, right? 

Hinata: Hahaha, yep. I wear my hair like this so I can be as great as our 
master someday. 

Oboro: Well, it's not doing much for you so far, I can tell you that. Lord 
Takumi is waaaaay cooler than you. 

Hinata: I know! Geez, you're so obsessed with him. 

Oboro: Hmph, like you're one to talk. 

Hinata: Haha... 

Oboro: Hahahaha! 

Hinata: We're going a little overboard here, huh? How about instead, we do 
some training so we can better serve Lord Takumi? 

Oboro: Sounds good to me. But I don't wanna see you cry when I win! 

Hinata: Haha, that's my line!
Oboro A

Oboro: Ugh. People saw our little spat over Lord Takumi... I'm so 

Hinata: Who cares? Now they know how intense our loyalty is! 

Oboro: Haha, I guess that's true. I did feel kinda proud... But that's not 
the point! We shouldn't be bragging about how loyal we are. It makes us look 

Hinata: Yeah, yeah... I knew you'd say that. 

Oboro: It's not usually a problem for me except when I'm around you. 

Hinata: Hrm? What do you mean? 

Oboro: W-well... All I mean is that I recognize you as a capable retainer. If 
I didn't, I wouldn't get so competitive. 

Hinata: Oh, OK! Yeah, that's about where I stand with you, too. I know Lord 
Takumi is always on your mind, so I feel like I have to up my game. 

Oboro: D-don't say that! It's embarrassing! 

Hinata: Why not? You started it. You know what I really love? When the two of 
us are together with Lord Takumi. 

Oboro: Yeah, we make a great team, huh? 

Hinata: Haha, totally. So keep up the good work, and I'll do the same! 

Oboro: Let me know if you need anything. 

Hinata: Of course! Thanks, Oboro!
Oboro S

Hinata: Man, today's training session was on another level! I've improved a 
lot ever since you started practicing with me. 

Oboro: Same here. We should do this more often! 

Hinata: Yeah, huh... We should... 

Oboro: Hm? Was it something I said? 

Hinata: No, it's just... um... 

Oboro: Come on-out with it! 

Hinata: Oboro, do you... still have a crush on Lord Takumi? 

Oboro: Huh? 

Hinata: You've been mooning over him since the day you started as his 
retainer. And it always seemed like a cute, harmless thing... but not so much 

Oboro: What do you mean? 

Hinata: I know you like him, and he's a prince. But I can't let that stop me! 
I love you, Oboro! 

Oboro: Wh...what?! 

Hinata: I love how much you care and how you're always aiming to get better. 
I know you better than anyone... you've gotta believe me! 

Oboro: *sigh* Hinata... You never could keep your mouth shut, huh? You're 
passionate, fierce, and honest to a fault. You never know your boundaries. 
You're nothing like Lord Takumi. 

Hinata: Urgh... I-I know... 

Oboro: BUT. Those are all the things I love about you. 

Hinata: ...Wow, really? 

Oboro: When I talk about Lord Takumi, it's like a fantasy or an ideal. But 
you're real. You're right here, in the flesh, telling me you love me. So 
yeah, I love you, Hinata. As more than a partner. 

Hinata: N-no kidding? 

Oboro: I'm confessing my love here, idiot! Why would I joke about that?! 

Hinata: So... we're a couple, then! Woohoo! We should go tell Lord Takumi! 

Oboro: W-well, let's not be hasty about this! Wait up, Hinata! 

Hinata: This is the happiest day of my liiiiiiife! 
(Hinata leaves) 

Oboro: Uh-oh... Hinata! Come back here!
A7. Kagero C

Kagero: Hmmm... I really like this view. 

Hinata: Is that Kagero over there? Hey, Kagero! Is something wrong? 

Kagero: Hinata! What are you doing out here? 

Hinata: I was just out wandering around... You're acting very unusual. A 
little suspicious, even. 

Kagero: I am not. 

Hinata: You definitely are! You aren't looking me in the eye, for one 

Kagero: ... 

Hinata: And now you're going all silent on me! It's fine if you don't want to 
talk... But if something is wrong, you should know that you can talk to me 
about it. 

Kagero: What's on my mind has nothing to do with you; don't worry. Why are 
you so persistent in asking? 

Hinata: Well, it's only natural for friends to want to help each other out. 
Besides, how can a guy not want to help a lovely lady like yourself?! 

Kagero: Are you mocking me?! 

Hinata: No! No, it was a compliment! I was just trying to compliment you! 
Anyway, what're ya worrying about? Tell me! I promise to help however I can! 

Kagero: I'm sorry, but I must decline. I will see you later, Hinata. 
(Kagero leaves) 

Hinata: Kagero, hang on! Wow, she's fast. No way I can keep up with a ninja 
of her skill. I wonder what happened...
Kagero B

Hinata: Oh, there she is! Kagero! Kageroooooooo! 

Kagero: *sigh* Hello, Hinata. 

Hinata: Awww, don't look at me like that! I just wanted to apologize for 
being so pushy. Although, I am still a little worried about you... 

Kagero: I accept your apology, but there is still no reason for you to be 
concerned. My issues are mine alo- 

Hey, you're hiding something behind your back, aren't you! Is that a 

Kagero: What? No, I'm not hiding anything. Go away. 

Hinata: Now that I think about you, you were hiding something behind your 
back the other day. 

Kagero: There is no chance you'll let this go, is there? 

Hinata: None at all! 

Kagero: Well... I suppose I may as well tell you. I was drawing. 

Hinata: You draw? I had no idea! 

Kagero: It's one of a few hobbies I have. When you showed up the other day, I 
was considering drawing the view from that hill. Is it surprising that I 
would spend my time drawing? 

Hinata: Not at all, actually. It sounds like something you'd be interested 
in. I don't see why you felt the need to hide it, though. Hey, is this one of 
yours? It looks like it fell out of- Holy... 

Kagero: This is a picture of a river I saw a few days ago. 

Hinata: I... um... huh. This is supposed to be a river? I suppose I can see 
it, but... Why is it so red? And these whirlpools look incredibly ominous. 
The whole image feels like it's...pulsing. How strange. 

Kagero: My art tends to invoke peculiar reactions from people. It appears 
very tough to understand. That's why I tend to keep it to myself whenever 

Hinata: It really is... something else. Ya know, looking at it more, I can 
see an odd appeal to it. If you have more pictures... I'd be interested in 
seeing them. 

Kagero: I... don't think so. I really do not like sharing my art with other 
people. All of my art is like this. Isn't seeing just this picture enough? 

Hinata: Not in the least! I'd really like to see more! Your drawings 

Kagero: I appreciate your intent, but I have no need for false flattery. 

Hinata: What? It wasn't false- 

Kagero: No matter-I have no intention of showing you any more of my art. 
(Kagero leaves) 

Hinata: Hey! Kagero, wait!
Kagero A

Hinata: Excuse me, Kagero. Have you got a minute? 

Kagero: How can I help? Unless it's about my art. That conversation is over. 

Hinata: But you misunderstood me the other day! I genuinely think your art is 

Kagero: You're committed to your flattery... 

Hinata: Those creepy whirlpools were awesome. I've never seen someone draw 
like you! It's very... What's the word... Abstract! It's abstract art! 

Kagero: I did not intend for it to be abstract. It is supposed to be a scenic 
view of a peaceful river. 

Hinata: Oh. Um. Of course. Sorry. Still, I'm telling the truth when I tell 
you that I like it. I'm not trying to trick you or anything. I really would 
like to see more! 

Kagero: I suppose you've insisted enough that I can believe you. I apologize 
for how rude I was to you before. I'm not used to compliments. Growing up, 
only Orochi was accepting of my art, so I tend to doubt others. Even after a 
few people have said they like what they see, I still don't believe it. 

Hinata: It's just my opinion, but I bet more people would enjoy your work 
than you think. You should have more confidence! 

Kagero: That's very kind of you to say. I suspect I have misjudged you, 
Hinata. I had thought that you lacked refinement... I can see now that I was 

Hinata: It took you this long to figure it out? And here I was pulling out 
all the stops to praise you! 

Kagero: Heh... My apologies, Hinata. I appreciate the nice things you've said 
about my art. 

Hinata: See, now there's a cute smile! You should break out that smile more 

Kagero: And I withdraw my apology. 

Hinata: Wait, what? Why?! Am I only allowed to praise your art? I can't tell 
what I should be doing... 

Kagero: I'd appreciate you limiting your opinions to my art, if you could. 
Although, I do feel like we have bonded over this little ordeal. 

Hinata: Me too! Does this mean that you'll finally show me some of your other 

Kagero: Yes, I suppose I could show you one or two other pieces.
Kagero S

Kagero: Hello, Hinata. I've finished another picture that I'd like to share 
with you. 

Hinata: Oh really? Awesome! This one is really intense. It looks like a 
battle is being fought... But everyone on the ground is unharmed, while the 
dead and wounded are fighting. So cool. Your work really stirs the 

Kagero: Thank you. I'm not sure if it's because of all the things you've been 
saying, but... I've really been motivated lately to do a lot more drawing. 
Though, I must say, I keep thinking about something you said a while back. 

Hinata: Oh? What was it I said? 

Kagero: You said repeatedly that you liked my art because you wanted to help. 
But I don't understand why you would sometimes compliment my appearance. 

Hinata: Oh! I'm sorry if I offended you. In the end we were able to become 
good friends, so it didn't make you too angry? 

Kagero: Actually, Hinata, I kind of enjoyed it. I didn't realize it then, but 
I appreciated it. 

Hinata: Really? That's good to hear! After all, I've found that I love who 
you are as much as what you do. 

Kagero: Hold on-did you just say love? 

Hinata: I did! When I first saw you, I thought right away that you were very 
pretty. But we got to talking, and I learned so much more about you... And I 
just knew that you were the kind of person I'd like in my life. I guess what 
I'm saying is... Would you like to be with me, Kagero? 

Kagero: ... 

Hinata: I... am not sure how to take your silence. Are you way out of my 

Kagero: No, no. You've made me very happy. I'm just having trouble finding 
words... I've learned how kind you are over time, as we talked about art and 
other things. I'd very much like to be with you. I think we'd make a good 

Hinata: Whoa, you said yes? You said yes! Am I dreaming? 

Kagero: Is it really that surprising? 

Hinata: It is! Of course it is! I thought I was going way out on a limb, 
telling you how I felt. I actually didn't prepare myself for you feeling the 
same as I do. All right, Kagero! I promise to make you the happiest girl in 
the world! 

Kagero: We'll work together to make each other happy. There's no way we'll 

A8. Azura C

Kaden: Hiya, Azura! ...Geez. You've got a scary look on your face right now. 

Azura: Oh, hello, Kaden. What do you mean? 

Kaden: It seems like you've got a bee in your bonnet- Er, hairdo thingy. 
What's up? 

Azura: I'm afraid I don't understand. This is my usual face. Nothing is 
bothering me. 

Kaden: WOW. That is seriously impressive. Man, I couldn't look that uptight 
if I tried! 

Azura: No, I guess not. You always have that silly grin on your face, don't 

Kaden: Ha! Yep! If I'm not careful, people will think I've lost my claws and 
turned into a pet fox. 

Azura: And what would be wrong with that? I wish I could frolic through life 
the way you do. 

Kaden: You do? Aww! You're making my tail wag. Look! ...Azura, is something 
wrong? You're giving me a crazy look right now. 

Azura: Oh, my. Forgive me for staring. I've just never seen your tail up 
close. It's so fluffy! 

Kaden: I always forget that you humans don't have tails. It's too bad. 
They're amazing! 

Azura: Yes, well, I better get going. (I can't believe I almost reached out 
to pet him!) 
(Azura leaves) 

Kaden: All right. Catch ya later. *sigh* Wow. Azura's so lucky. She's got 
that serious look down pat. I gotta practice so everyone will think I'm cool, 
calm, and collected-just like her!
Azura B

Kaden: *yawn* Mmm! What a nice nap! ...Now how did I get here again? Oh, 
yeah! I wandered through this field when I decided to roll around in the 
leaves! They felt SO good. I curled up and went to sleep. Ha! No wonder 
people call me lazy! ...Huh? What's that?! I think something's touching my 
head! ACK!

Azura: Oh, my! Are you awake?! 

Kaden: Azura? Is that you?! What are you doing?! 

Azura: Goodness. This is awkward! 

Kaden: What's awkward? And why are you petting me? 

Azura: ...Er, I was walking through this field when I saw you over here 
taking a nap. Ever since the other day, I've been wondering what your fur 
felt like. This is so embarrassing, but I didn't think you'd wake up! I just 
barely brushed you! 

Kaden: Is that so?! 

Azura: Kaden, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to disturb you. 

Kaden: Disturb me? Of course not! Get over here. I'd be honored to have you 
stroke my fur. I had no idea you were into foxes! 

Azura: Honestly, neither did I. 

Kaden: Is that why you left so abruptly the other day? 

Azura: I'm afraid so. I didn't think I could resist giving you a little 
scratch behind the ears! 

Kaden: Azura, I'm shocked! 

Azura: So am I. I had this overwhelming desire to reach out and touch that 
silky-soft fur... 

Kaden: Well, go on. You can pet me anytime you'd like. 

Azura: Thanks for being so understanding, Kaden. 

Kaden: Are you kidding?! This is awesome! I hope you visit me all the time 

Azura: Really? I'd love that.
Azura A

Azura: That war council meeting went on forever! I know it's important, but 
my goodness!

Kaden: Whoa! You look exhausted. I've never seen such heavy bags under 
someone's eyes! 

Azura: Kaden, you probably shouldn't tell people that. Anyway, I'm fine. 

Kaden: I don't know. You don't seem fine. You look paler than death! Do ya 
need a nap? 

Azura: No, I can't sleep. I just lie there with my eyes wide open and my mind 

Kaden: That sounds terrible! You've got to look after yourself, Azura. 

Azura: I know. I've just got a lot on my plate right now. 

Kaden: Well, I can't help with that. I try to keep my plate empty. But I can 
at least offer you a super-soft pillow. Surely that'll help, right? 

Azura: Do you mean your tail? 

Kaden: What else?! Come on, Azura. I'm being serious. If you don't rest, 
you'll get sick! 

Azura: I guess you have a point. Your tail does look like it would make a 
nice pillow... 

Kaden: The best! Now follow me. We'll find a nice spot to curl up for a nap. 
Off to bed! 

Azura: All right, Kaden. Thank you. You're always so kind to me.
Azura S

Azura: Zzz... Zzz... 

Kaden: Azura looks so peaceful when she's sleeping like that. She must be 

Azura: Zzz... Zzz... 

Kaden: I bet she won't mind if I touch her hair. It's only fair, right? I let 
her touch my tail. 

Azura: Hmm...? 

Kaden:Good morning, Azura. 

Azura: Wha?! Good morning? Did I stay here all night? 

Kaden: Hahaha! No. I was just kidding. 

Azura: Oh! I guess I drifted off again. Your tail really does make an 
excellent cushion. You're going to ruin me! I'll never be able to sleep on a 
regular pillow again. 

Kaden: That's OK. I wouldn't mind. Actually, I'd like it if you slept next to 
me all the time. 

Azura: Huh? 

Kaden: Azura, I'm so in love with you. I could watch you sleep every night. I 
know you have a lot on your shoulders- things I can't help you with. But at 
least I can be your soft place to fall. Won't you stay with me forever? 

Azura: Oh, my! Kaden, if I had my choice, I'd never leave your side! You make 
me feel so at home! 

Kaden: Then it's settled. You can have me all to yourself...always. 

Azura: You have no idea how wonderful that sounds!
A8. Felicia C

Kaden: Hm... What to do...

Felicia: Why the long face, Kaden? Is something the matter? 

Kaden: I just found this little kitty. It looks like it's hurt, but I don't 
know what to do. I don't have any medicine or bandages or anything that could 
help the poor guy. 

Felicia: Oh no! Here, let me see! Hm... Oh, thank goodness. It looks like he 
just scraped his paw. This salve should do the trick. 

Kaden: Really? Thank the gods you came by! 

Felicia: Here we go. Just a dab should do it... OK, I think he'll be fine 

Kaden: Wow! Thanks, Felicia! You're amazing! 

Felicia: Heehee. I'm happy I could be of some use. 

Kaden: I'm definitely gonna have to pay you back. Is there anything I can do 
for you? 

Felicia: Huh? Um, no, nothing in particular. 

Kaden: As if I could be satisfied with that. Come on-there's gotta be 

Felicia: I don't know! Really, there's nothing I can think of! Um... Oh! 
Maybe you could let me help you take care of this kitty while he mends? 

Kaden: What? But that would only mean more work for you... 

Felicia: Yes, but it's something I want to do. Won't you let me help? Please? 
Wouldn't it be much easier if you didn't have to care for him all by 

Kaden: Hmm... I guess you've got a point. What if I panic again like I did 
earlier? OK! I'm OK with it if you are! 

Felicia: Yes! I knew you'd come through for me. Let's do our best! 

Kaden: I'll be counting on you, Felicia. 

Felicia: I won't disappoint you!
Felicia B

Felicia: Awwwww! He's so cute! You lap up that milk, little buddy! I can't 
get enough of this kitty. He's just too adorable! 

Kaden: Right? I'll never get tired of watching him. Look at him go! Talk 
about an appetite. 

Felicia: He certainly knows how to pack it away. I guess this means he's made 
a full recovery. 

Kaden: Mhm! Thanks for helping me take care of him, Felicia. I'd never have 
been able to manage without you. 

Felicia: Heehee. You flatter me, but we both know that's not true. This was 
my first time taking care of an animal. I hardly knew what to do! 

Kaden: Psh. You were like an old pro. I'm proud of you, Felicia. 

Felicia: It was my pleasure. Awwww, does kitty want to be cuddled? Come here, 

Kaden: Haha. He's a real charmer, isn't he? And a handsome one, too. Even I'M 
jealous of his coat, and I'm the fussiest groomer around. 

Felicia: Yeah, his coat is amazing! It's the softest, silkiest one I've ever 
seen. Heehee! Do you want belly-scratchies, kitty-bean? Do you like that? 
Aww! Listen to him purr! He loves it! 

Kaden: ... 

Felicia: Kaden? What's wrong? You got quiet all of a sudden. 

Kaden: Huh? Oh, no. It's nothing. 

Felicia: Are you sure? I could have sworn I saw your cheeks puffing out for a 
moment there. 

Kaden: N-no they weren't! 

Felicia: Um, if you say so...
Felicia A

Felicia: It's so hard to say good-bye sometimes, isn't it? 

Kaden: Yeah, it really is. But our kitty friend was all healed up... You know 
we couldn't take him with us. The army's no place for a kitty. 

Felicia: I know, I know. I suppose I should just be glad we found him a good 

Kaden: Yeah. It was nice while it lasted though. I guess that's that... 

Felicia: Not quite. There's one more thing I wanted to know... 

Kaden: Huh? 

Felicia: Do you remember the other day when I was petting him and you got 
really quiet? 

Felicia: What happened then? It's been eating at me ever since. 

Kaden: What? N-no, I don't remember that at all! How weird! Did something 

Felicia: Don't play dumb with me! You were acting strange and you know it. 

Kaden: OK, OK. Well, the truth is...I was jealous. 

Felicia: You were jealous? Of what? 

Kaden: Of the kitty. You were complimenting his fur and petting him so 
much...it made me feel bad. 

Felicia: What?! 

Kaden: I mean, I spend so much time grooming every day, but you never 
compliment ME! But I couldn't say anything while he was right there looking 
all adorable and stuff. It would have just felt petty. So I sulked instead. 

Felicia: Y-you mean, you... Heehee! Teeheehee! 

Kaden: Ugh. You're terrible, Felicia! I bare my soul to you, and you just 

Felicia: I-I'm sorry. I just didn't expect THAT to be why you looked so 
upset! Heeheehee! You're adorable, Kaden! 

Kaden: Come on-don't call me that. You make it sound like I'm a big baby. If 
you're gonna compliment me, you should call me rugged or handsome or 

Felicia: Awwwwww! And now your tail is wagging! Teehee! You couldn't be 
cuter, could you? 

Kaden: I don't know how I feel about this... But I guess a compliment's a 
compliment. OK, go on, then. Praise me! More! More!
Felicia S

Kaden: Hey, Felicia. I'd like to talk to you about something. 

Felicia: Sure. Is something wrong? 

Kaden: Remember the other day, how I was telling you how jealous I was of the 

Felicia: Of course. What about it? 

Kaden: I was thinking about it, and I realized something. I wasn't jealous of 
his fur. I was jealous because you were giving him all your attention. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Kaden: I saw you petting him and cuddling him, and I realized I wished I was 
him. Because... because I'm in love with you. 

Felicia: You're in love with me? A-are you sure? 

Kaden: Yes! You're so gentle and kind and loving and nurturing and you smell 
really good! So, um, would you be my girlfriend forever and ever? 

Felicia: Kaden! I-I don't know what to say. But... I love you too, so yes! I 
will! I'll be yours, if you'll have me. 

Kaden: Really?! You will? 

Felicia: Of course I will! I feel I've gotten to know you so well since the 
day we found that kitten. And, little by little, I've fallen for you. Your 
kindness, your strength, your innocence... I think you are truly one of a 
kind, Kaden, and I'm so glad I met you. 

Kaden: Oh boy, me too! We're gonna have a bright future together, I just know 

Felicia: I think so too. 

Kaden: But... Felicia... is there something you could do for me? 

Felicia: Anything! What is it? 

Kaden: Would you brush me? 

Felicia: Teehee. Of course I will, darling. 

Kaden: Yaaay! Ooh! That's the spot! And scratch a little. Hoo boy!
A8. Mozu C

Kaden: Hm...

Mozu: What's wrong, Kaden? Is something bothering you? 

Kaden: Sort of. It's just that the hunting party just got back and gave me 
some meat. The problem is that it's mostly fat. So if I eat it, it'll just 
give me heartburn. Plus it's not exactly healthy. 

Mozu: You take your health seriously, don't you? Well, here, just give me 
some of the meat, and I'll cook it best I can for you. 

Kaden: Huh? You will? 

Mozu: Mhm! I know how to cook that fat right off. 

Kaden: Really? Then please do! Thank you so much, Mozu! 

Mozu: Think nothing of it. I love cooking, so it's no big deal. 

Kaden: No, I've got to repay you somehow! How about we split whatever you 

Mozu: Split it? Shucks, you don't have to do that. It's your meat, after all. 

Kaden: Aw, c'mon! Besides, it's way more fun to eat when you've got company. 

Mozu: Heehee. Fine, fine. I'll take you up on your mighty kind offer. But you 
better prepare your taste buds! It'll be the tastiest dish you ever had. 

Kaden: Oh boy, I can't wait!
Mozu B

Kaden: Mozu! 

Mozu: What can I do you for, Kaden? 

Kaden: Just wanted to thank you for cooking that meat for me the other day. 
Here, see! 

Mozu: Well, I'll be! What a gorgeous, plump bird! 

Kaden: And freshly caught too! I thought we could share it. 

Mozu: Hm... I think a soup would be perfect for this. These bones'll make a 
good stock. Let me just put some water on and chop up a few veggies. 

Kaden: That sounds delicious! Let's do it!
(Time passes)

Kaden: Man, you were so fast! It was like you already had a recipe ready! 

Mozu: Well, I've done this sorta thing a time or two. It's second nature to 

Kaden: Man, it smells amazing! I hope it's done soon. 

Mozu: Calm down, there, fella. Soups take patience, you know. 

Kaden: I know, I know, but I can't wait! I think I'm starting to drool. 

Mozu: Heehee. When you fidget like that, you look like a little kid. It's so 
darn cute. 

Kaden: Oh boy oh boy ohboyohboyohboy! Do you think it's ready now? How 'bout 

Mozu: OK, OK. Think a little taste of the broth'll tide you over? 

Kaden: YEAH! Gimme gimme gimme!
Mozu A

Kaden: Mozu, guess what! I caught some fish for us to eat! They were really 
biting today, and this one was the pick of the bunch. 

Mozu: Whoa! It's massive! It might even be bigger than me! 

Kaden: Haha. I think you might be right about that. Er, you don't think it'll 
be too big for you to cook, do you? 

Mozu: I wish I could say no, but you've got quite the sea monster there. I 
don't think I could handle all the scaling and gutting by myself. 

Kaden: Oh, is that all? I can do it for you then! 

Mozu: Huh? Are you sure? That's a lot of work. 

Kaden: It's fine-I've done it before. Besides, this is the perfect 
opportunity for me to show off my skills to you! 

Mozu: OK. I guess I'll leave it to you, then! 

Kaden: Heehee. Impressed? I know, I know. I'm just so beautiful and strong 
and reliable! 

Mozu: Uh, sure, I guess I'm a little impressed. 

Kaden: Hrm. You don't look impressed. You look more...uncomfortable. 

Mozu: Huh? No, I don't think I am. I'm just a little surprised, is all. 
Before, I said you acted like a little kid, but just now you were acting very 
grown up. It's just funny, is all. Sometimes you're like a little brother, 
but other times it's like you're the elder. 

Kaden: Oh, I see. That makes sense. 

Mozu: I never had any siblings myself, but there were a bunch of young'uns in 
my village. We all got along just like we were siblings... It was nice. 

Kaden: Er, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to remind you of any painful memories. 

Mozu: No, it's all right. Sorry if I worried ya. 

Kaden: Not at all. But maybe I can do something to help. How about I be your 
brother from now on? 

Mozu: Huh? 

Kaden: You said yourself that sometimes you thought of me as a brother, 
right? I know we can't be real family, but maybe it'll be just as good! Well? 
What do you say? Isn't it a great idea? 

Mozu: Uhhh, I'm not so sure it's that easy to become family, Kaden. But thank 
you. It makes me real happy to know you care that much. 

Kaden: C'mon, let's give it a try at least! I'll be the best brother ever! 

Mozu: Haha. OK, but you'd better treat your new sis right, y'hear!
Mozu S

Kaden: That stew you made the other day was amazing! 

Mozu: Oh, uh, thank you. 

Kaden: Best I ever had, in fact! I've never liked potatoes so much. 

Mozu: That's very kind of ya. 

Kaden: Hm? What's wrong? 

Mozu: Oh, nothing. I'm all right. 

Kaden: Are you sure? If something's bothering you, I'd be happy to help! I 
told you before, didn't I? I'm your brother now! So if you ever need 
anything, just come to me, OK? 

Mozu: But... that's just it, Kaden. I can't think of you as my brother 

Kaden: What?! Why not? 

Mozu: I've got... feelings for you. 

Kaden: Wh-what?! 

Mozu: You're gentle and funny and kind. I couldn't help falling for you. 
You're everything I ever wanted in a man. 

Kaden: R-really? 

Mozu: I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have told you all that. It was selfish of 

Kaden: No, no! I'm happy that you told me. 

Mozu: You are? 

Kaden: Yes. Because I love you, too, Mozu. 

Mozu: Kaden... 

Kaden: Truth is, I started feeling the same way as you. But since I was the 
one who suggested we be siblings, I couldn't tell you. But now that you have, 
I have to ask you: Will you marry me? 

Mozu: Does a cow sleep standing? Course I will! 

Kaden: Yahoo! Let's stay together forever, Mozu. 

Mozu: Forever... It has a nice ring to it.
A8. Sakura C

Kaden: *yaaaawn* Looks like I've got enough time for a nap if I can just find 
a good spot...

Sakura: Zzz... Zzz... Mmm... 

Kaden: Hmm... Is that Sakura over there? She looks so comfy. I bet there's a 
nice breeze and plenty of shade under that tree... 

Sakura: *yawn* 

Kaden: Ah, I think she's waking up. Good morning, Sakura! 

Sakura: WHA?! 

Kaden: Huh?! 

Sakura: Oh... It's just you, Kaden. You surprised me! 

Kaden: I must apologize! You were sleeping so soundly, and I disturbed you! 

Sakura: Oh... I guess I did fall asleep. Uh...do you think we could keep 
this...between us? 

Kaden: But why? There's nothing wrong with a little nap now and then, right? 

Sakura: I didn't mean to take a nap! I just dozed off... I'd be so mortified 
if people found me like that! 

Kaden: ...I have an idea! How about we become napping buddies? 

Sakura: What? 

Kaden: Next time you need a little shut-eye, come find me and we'll curl up 

Sakura: U-ummm...WHA?! 

Kaden: That way you wouldn't be caught napping alone, right? Don't they say, 
"Nodding off's not so scary if everyone's dozing together"? 

Sakura: I-I've never heard that before! 

Kaden: Oh... Well, we say it back at the kitsune hamlet. No worries. I'll 
come find you soon, Sakura! I'm already looking forward to our nap! 

Sakura: O-OK...
Sakura B

Kaden: Hey, Sakura-are you ready to nap some more? 

Sakura: Ah, hello, Kaden. By nap, do you mean accidentally fall asleep under 
a tree? *sigh* I guess so. 
(Time passes)
Sakura: Umm... I'm pretty sure it's just down this way. Ah, here it is. 

Kaden: The gentle breeze... The soft grass... This really is a great spot. 
OK, it's nap time! 

Sakura: Heehee. Listening to you now, I realize how peaceful this place is. 

Kaden: Yeah, we're going to sleep SO well. Oh, but before that... 

Sakura: What are you doing?! 

Kaden: Sorry, I always groom myself before I take a nap. If you want, you can 
rub my ears. 

Sakura: They look really soft and furry, don't they? 

Kaden: You can touch them if you'd like. I love it when someone strokes my 
ears. Go ahead! 

Sakura: OK. ...Wow, they're so fluffy! 

Kaden: Aren't they? That's because I always keep myself groomed. 

Sakura: You're right. Your fur feels like velvet! I could keep stroking it 

Kaden: ...Huh? Sakura? What's wrong? Why'd you stop talking? 

Sakura: Zzz...zzz... 

Kaden: Huh?! Did she fall asleep? Well, that's what happens when you've got 
silky-soft fur like mine. Nighty night!
Sakura A

Kaden: Sakura! Wanna nap together again? 

Sakura: Ah, Kaden. Hello. Umm... I can't today... 

Kaden: Oh, are you busy? I understand... 

Sakura: No, that's not it. I just feel bad taking a nap while everyone's at 

Kaden: Ah, I see your point... But I think the war is the very reason we 
should nap. 

Sakura: Huh? 

Kaden: When everyone's so worried, they get tired more easily, right? If we 
don't take some time to relax every once in a while, we won't be able to 

Sakura: Oh... You might be right about that. 

Kaden: That's why naps are so important... I think everyone should nap 

Sakura: Everyone? T-together? Heehee... It sounds kind of fun! 

Kaden: Doesn't it? But we can't all be napping at the same time... That's why 
I was planning to nap just with you. 

Sakura: Heehee, OK... 

Kaden: So we're still napping buddies? 

Sakura: Heehee! Yes. That's right!
Sakura S

Sakura: Kaden, is something wrong? You don't look too good. 

Kaden: Ah, S-Sakura! Um, it's just... 

Sakura: Is it your stomach? Or your head? Here, let me help... 

Kaden: N-no. That's not it! I just haven't been sleeping well lately. 

Sakura: Trouble sleeping? That's a sure sign of sickness! Do you have a 

Kaden: I'm fine... Besides, I know exactly what's wrong. 

Sakura: You do? 

Kaden: Yeah. The reason I can't sleep is...you! 

Sakura: ME? 

Kaden: Yeah, I can't sleep unless we're napping together... 

Sakura: R-really? ...So you feel like that too? 

Kaden: Huh?! You're having the same problem? 

Sakura: I can't fall asleep without stroking your ears! 

Kaden: Haha! Really? When I'm with you, I feel all warm inside. W-would you 
be my girlfriend? 

Sakura: What?! 

Kaden: I wanna be with you when we're napping, eating, sleeping, 

Sakura: I want to be with you forever too! 

Kaden: Sakura, come over here so I can hug you! 

Sakura: A-aaaaaack! Kaden, you're squishing me! I can't breathe!
A8. Hinoka C

Kaden: Hm hm-hm hmmm-hmmmm ? Who's a good girl? You're a good girl! Yes you 

Hinoka: Huh? Is that Kaden? Hey! Kaden! What are you doing over there with 
all those pegasi? 

Kaden: Hey, Hinoka! I'm just grooming them. 

Hinoka: That explains all the brushes. Huh? I've never seen that kind before. 
And here I thought I knew my stuff when it came to pegasus grooming. 

Kaden: Heh. Yeah, I had to request them special from the stable managers. I 
think these ones feel way better than the ones we were using before. Here, 
I'll show you how to use them. You just wash away the muck with this one, and 
then brush the hair out with that one... And...ta-da! Look how shiny and 
beautiful it looks! 

Hinoka: Impressive... 

Kaden: I think I've got a pretty good feel for which spots are the best. 
Guess grooming yourself every day will do that for ya, huh? 

Hinoka: Heh... They DO seem much happier than usual. 

Kaden: Haha. I know-I'm amazing, right? If you'd like, I can give you a few 
pointers on how to brush your own pegasus. 

Hinoka: That sounds great! I'll bring her around sometime soon. 

Kaden: I can't wait!
Hinoka B

Kaden: OK! So! Pegasus Grooming 101! 

Hinoka: Heh. I'm listening. 

Kaden: First, use the hard-bristled brush gently to untangle the hair and 
loosen up the muck. Like so! *brush brush* Next, change to the coarse-
bristled brush to remove the finer pieces of dirt! *ksh ksh ksh* And lastly, 
you use the short-bristled brush to add glossiness to the coat! *rub rub rub* 
And voila! You're finished! 

Hinoka: Wha- Kaden, I'm sorry, but could you go over that again? That was way 
too fast for me. 

Kaden: Oh! Sorry about that! Guess it's just second nature to me by now. 

Hinoka: *sigh* It's OK, I just need you to go a little slower. But you really 
are very skilled. I can't believe how quickly you cleaned her! 

Kaden: Yep! I've honed my technique down to the finest details, so I waste no 
time! But skill isn't the most important thing for grooming an animal. 

Hinoka: Oh? Then what is? 

Kaden: Love, of course! Without love, all the technique in the world won't 
help you. I'm pretty sure this ol' girl would much rather have you groom her 
than me. 

Hinoka: Haha. Yeah, maybe. Thanks, Kaden. I appreciate your help. I'll try my 
hardest to be the best student possible! 

Kaden: I'm glad to hear it. And your pegasus seems happy about it too! Haha. 
You guys spend a lot of time bonding, don't ya? 

Hinoka: You bet! She's my partner, after all. Without her, I don't know where 
I'd be. 

Kaden: It warms my heart to hear you say that. So! Ready to try again? 

Hinoka: Absolutely!
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Hey, Kaden! 

Kaden: Oh, heya, Hinoka! How's your pegasus buddy doing? 

Hinoka: That's actually why I'm here. I wanted to show you the results of 
your lessons! See for yourself. What do you think of her coat? 

Kaden: Wow! She's gorgeous! And she looks so happy. Seems like you're a 
natural, kid. 

Hinoka: I feel like she and I are closer than ever. And it's all thanks to 
you, Kaden. 

Kaden: Heh. I was happy to help. Just let me know if you ever need anything 

Hinoka: Well, actually... I was wondering if I could give you a ride on my 
pegasus sometime. Consider it my way of saying "thanks." 

Kaden: Huh? You're going to let me ride her? Are you sure? 

Hinoka: Of course. It's the least we can do for you. Isn't that right, girl? 

Kaden: Yahoo! I can't wait! I bet with her strength, you could practically 
get us to the moon! 

Hinoka: Maybe not that high, but we can get pretty far up there. How do you 
feel about going as high as we can... at top speed? 

Kaden: Huh? Top speed? 

Hinoka: She always takes her flying seriously. That won't change just because 
you're with us. You'll have to hang on tight, though. I don't have a second 

Kaden: What?! N-no, that's OK! Let's not! Let's just fly normally. Please? 
Look, even Miss Pegasus isn't happy about it! Er, right, girl? Miss Pegasus? 

Hinoka: Ha ha! I'm only kidding. Don't worry. We'll have a nice, leisurely 
cruise. Won't we? It'll be just like floating down a river! 

Kaden: Yeesh. No need to scare me like that! I do think you two make a really 
great team though. You're quite the sight in a fight! Miss Pegasus must be 
very proud to have a rider like you! 

Hinoka: Ha ha. I'm happy to hear that. ...I hope that one day we'll be able 
to fly wherever we want without fear. Then she and I could spread our wings 
and fly to our hearts' content. 

Kaden: Yeah. It's not just people who are affected by this war. We're 
fighting for our animals too. 

Hinoka: Yep! We're all in this together.
Hinoka S

Hinoka: Hey, Kaden, you got a sec? 

Kaden: Sure. What's up? 

Hinoka: I have a gift for you. Here, take it. 

Kaden: Oh my gods. It's beautiful! Where did you even FIND a brush like this? 

Hinoka: You've been putting so much care into grooming the pegasi. So I 
thought I should get you something you could use to groom yourself. I take it 
you like it? 

Kaden: Are you kidding me? I love it! 

Hinoka: Perfect! My pegasus will be glad to hear it too. 

Kaden: Huh? 

Hinoka: The bristles. They were made using her hair. The stuff that fell out 
naturally while I was brushing her, of course. 

Kaden: Whoa! No way! I'll have to treasure it even more now! 

Hinoka: Haha. Yeah, you'd better. 

Kaden: Thank you so much! You're such a good- hearted person. You know that, 
Hinoka? You're kind, and beautiful, and bright, and strong, and just all-
around wonderful! 

Hinoka: K-Kaden? Where did that come from? 

Kaden: I don't know. It just felt right to say. Whenever I see you with your 
pegasus, it reminds me of how gentle you are. I don't think most people see 
that side of you. But that's the Hinoka I've grown to really love. 

Hinoka: Wh-what?! What is this nonsense? 

Kaden: You mean... you don't like me? 

Hinoka: Th-that's not it. I don't know. I'm confused. To be honest, at first 
I thought you were just a happy-go-lucky airhead. But I've come to see that 
you really do care deeply for those around you. And... I don't know. 

Kaden: I knew it! You DO like me! 

Hinoka: H-hey! I didn't say that! 

Kaden: Oh, come on! It was written all over your face! I know you do! 

Hinoka: Well, OK, fine. You might be right. A little bit. 

Kaden: Awww. You're so cute when you're embarrassed! So, what do you say? 
Will you be mine? 

Hinoka: I suppose I will be. Heehee, I gotta admit, I'm excited to see what's 
next for us. 

Kaden: Me too! Let's start by giving this new brush a test run!
A8. Rinkah C

Kaden: Heya, Rinkah! 

Rinkah: What do you want? 

Kaden: Whoa there! Is something wrong? Maybe I can help! 

Rinkah: Back off! I'm fine. Don't you start acting all chummy with me. 

Kaden: Aww, don't be like that! I've never really met anyone from the Flame 
Tribe before, so I'm curious. You're not from Nohr or Hoshido, so you must 
have all kinds of neat stories! 

Rinkah: Maybe so. But none that I plan on sharing. Now scram. 

Kaden: Yeesh. I don't think I've ever met a grumpy- pants with pants as 
grumpy as yours. 

Rinkah: Hmph. Whatever. 

Kaden: Oh! I know what will cheer you up! Here! 

Rinkah: Is this... candy? I don't want this. 

Kaden: Yup! Call it an offering of friendship! I hope you like it. Well, 
anyways, I'll just be off now. Have the best day ever, Rinkah! 

Rinkah: Hey! Wait a minute! I just said I didn't- 
(Kaden leaves)
Rinkah: Dammit! He's gone. Ugh. What am I supposed to do with this candy?
Rinkah B

Rinkah: Kaden! 

Kaden: Huh? What's up? Why are you angrily puffing out your chest like that? 

Rinkah: There's something I wanted to ask you. Why did you give me that 
candy? I thought I made it abundantly clear I don't want to be your friend. 

Kaden: Oh, yeah! The candy! How was it, by the way? Was it good? 

Rinkah: What? Yeah, sure, it was fine. 

Kaden: Hooray! So you DID eat it! 

Rinkah: D-don't try and change the subject! 

Kaden: Oh, right. Your question. Um, I don't know. I guess I just thought you 
were lonely. 

Rinkah: You thought I was what?! 

Kaden: You're the only one here from the Flame Tribe, right? It must be hard. 
You must get homesick a lot, not having anyone else like you around. 

Rinkah: Don't be an idiot! As if I'd get lonely over something like that. My 
people are not so small minded. Everywhere I go, I carry my tribe with me. 
And they I. 

Kaden: Oh, really? 

Rinkah: Yes, really! Besides... I am not without allies here. 

Kaden: Oh, you made friends? Yippee! I'm so proud of you, Rinkah! Heehee. I 
bet you secretly want to be friends with everyone, don't ya? It's OK. I 
understand. I can totally relate! We've got a lot in common, you know. Like 
how I'm the only kitsune here from my village. And you're the only one here 
from the Flame Tribe! We're practically twins! 

Rinkah: Those aren't the same. WE are not the same. 

Kaden: Yeah, yeah. So you wanna hang out with me and the others sometime? I 
promise, you'll make lots and lots of friends! 

Rinkah: *sigh* Are you even listening to me?!
Rinkah A

Kaden: If it isn't my favorite wallflower! Getting some alone time in? Again? 

Rinkah: What if I am? I like it this way. What's it to you? 

Kaden: You like it this way? I just don't see how you don't get lonely. You 
need friends! And I think I'd be a great friend! 

Rinkah: *sigh* You just never stop, do you? But you know what? You're all 
right, Kaden. 

Kaden: Aww, thanks! 

Rinkah: How about this. If you really want to be friends, let's train 
together sometime. Sound good? 

Kaden: I'd love to! 

Rinkah: Perfect. I think you'll do just fine. I've been trying to find a 
moving target for a while now. 

Kaden: T-target?! Just what kind of training is this? 

Rinkah: Heh, it was a joke. Don't worry. 

Kaden: Your eyes weren't joking... 

Rinkah: That's for me to know and you to, perhaps painfully, find out. 

Kaden: Ahh, how about we try shopping instead! It's waaaay more fun! And it 
involves way fewer crippling injuries! I think it'd be a great change of 

Rinkah: *sigh* You're not going to survive a war with that kind of attitude. 

Kaden: What? But it's important to take a breather every now and then! 
Anyway, let me know when you're in the mood to go shopping, OK? 
(Kaden leaves) 

Rinkah: Does he ever listen to anyone else? What a selfish brat. But 
still...he's got a certain charm to him.
Rinkah S

Kaden: And can you guess what Avatar said next? 

Rinkah: ... 

Kaden: "But if you're over there, and she's over here, then that means-" 
Ahahaha! You should have seen the look on his/her face! 

Rinkah: ... 

Kaden: Er, whoops. I'm doing all the talking again, aren't I? 

Rinkah: It's fine. I'm used to it by now. 

Kaden: Hm. There's some bite in those words... 

Rinkah: Relax, I'm not mad at you. If I were, I would have told you to shut 
up a long time ago. I just... 

Kaden: Hm? You just what? 

Rinkah: I think it's weird. We don't have much in common, but you seem to 
enjoy talking to me a lot. Why is that? 

Kaden: Isn't it obvious? I love being around you! 

Rinkah: But why? 

Kaden: There are so many things about you that I think are amazing! Like how 
dignified you always look, or how you listen so intently to people. You're 
fierce and you've got a temper, but you care deeply for the people around 

Rinkah: Kaden... 

Kaden: In fact... I'm in love with you, Rinkah. I want to be yours. 

Rinkah: Whaa?! Y-you! 

Kaden: Do you love me too? 

Rinkah: Well... At first I thought you were a pest. But... at some point that 
feeling went away. And I started to enjoy listening to your stories...because 
I grew to love you too. 

Kaden: Really? WOOHOO! That means you'll be mine, right?! 

Rinkah: I guess I have to now, don't I? 

Kaden: This is the best day of my life! 

Rinkah: Heh. Mine too.
A8. Hana C

Hana: Hya! Yah! Hraaagh! 

Kaden: Hey, Hana. Deep in your training? 

Hana: Oh hey, Kaden! Yup, I am! 

Kaden: Wow, you're out here training every day, rain or shine. You find that 

Hana: Well, it's not a matter of it being fun to do. Training is critical, 
and it is my duty to always be in peak form. 

Kaden: Hm, interesting... 

Hana: Oh, hey! What if we trained together? I mean, you could use some 
practice, right? 

Kaden: Nah, I think I'm fine. That looks like way too much work anyway. 

Hana: But if you don't train, you'll be out of practice and give the enemy an 

Kaden: But if you train too much, you'll use all your energy beating up a 
target dummy. Enter a battle too fatigued, and you won't be able to 
concentrate very well. 

Hana: Well... I understand your logic, but I've got the endurance to train 
and to fight! 

Kaden: Fortitude, I guess you'd call it? I've got no shortage of that. When 
it's time to fight, my energy is limitless. But I believe that it's important 
to relax whenever possible. You have to give your body as much rest as it 
needs! Speaking of which-I'm going to go nap a bit. You should consider the 

Hana: ...I don't think so. I'm only halfway through my normal training 
regime. If you're going to nap, I'm going to get back to training! ...Hyah! 

Kaden: You sure are a workhorse.
Hana B

Kaden: Owowow... 

Hana: Kaden! What happened to your arm?! Were you injured in the last battle? 

Kaden: Yeah... I guess I wasn't being as careful as I should have been. 

Hana: See! I told you! If you don't train regularly, your body will get out 
of shape and you'll be in danger. Even enemies you're physically stronger 
than will be able to outperform you! 

Kaden: Ugggh... Sorry. I guess I should have listened. 

Hana: ...Here, I have some medicine I can share. Let me see your arm. 

Kaden: You're going to care for my wound? 

Hana: Of course. Don't get me wrong, I sort of think you deserved this, 
but... you're my friend and a teammate, so I'll help you just the same! 

Kaden: Hana... 
(Time passes)

OK, I think that about wraps it up. It looks much better now. You shouldn't 
worry. It's only a light wound, really. 

Kaden: Thanks so much! ...Um, sorry to ask, but could you help this little 
one, too? 

Hana: Awww, look at that little bird! Oh no, is its wing hurt? 

Kaden: Yeah. I saw it get clipped during the battle, and I felt so sorry for 

Hana: Kaden... were you injured protecting this little birdie in the middle 
of a battlefield? 

Kaden: That's basically what happened, yeah. 

Hana: That was a stupid thing to do. 

Kaden: What?! How can you say something like that? 

Hana: I'm sorry... I didn't mean for that to sound as rude as it came out. 
But if you had died in battle trying to protect a little bird... Imagine how 
you'd feel. 

Kaden: Well I'd be dead, so... I don't think I'd be feeling a whole lot of 

Hana: You know what I mean. ...Anyway, I'll look after this bird. 

Kaden: Thanks! I owe you one!
Hana A

Hana: There you are! Hey, Kaden! 

Kaden: Hey, Hana. What's going on? 

Hana: I was wondering how your injury was healing up. 

Kaden: Thanks to you, it's almost like I was never hurt to begin with. I 
really can't thank you enough. 

Hana: I'm glad to hear it. What about our little bird patient? 

Kaden: It's doing great, too. Actually, it just flew off a little while ago. 

Hana: Oh, so you already said your good-byes? That's so sad...but also great 
to hear. Um... Kaden... 

Kaden: What is it? 

Hana: Sorry for what I said while I was taking care of you the other day. I 
knew you did what you did to protect that birdie...but I couldn't keep my 
mouth shut. 

Kaden: Don't worry about that, Hana. You were right that my focus could be 
better. A bit less napping, at least. In the end, it was my fault that I got 

Hana: ...You really are a kind person. My opinion of you has totally changed. 

Kaden: Wait, what did you think of me before? 

Hana: I guess I thought you were just a lazy fox. 

Kaden: That's horrible! I've always done my part in battle! 

Hana: I know that. Normally you're very relaxed, but when the time comes, you 
can carry your weight. 

Kaden: Exactly! But after what you said, I did decide that it couldn't hurt 
to train a little more often. 

Hana: Really? That's great! Would you mind if I joined you for your training 
sessions? Ooh, why don't we start right now? 

Kaden: Really? OK then, let's get to it. Teach me your warriorly ways, 

Hana: Heehee, very well. You better watch out- I'm not known for holding 
Hana S

Kaden: *huff...* *puff...* Yes! At last! That round goes to me! I finally won 

Hana: I lose... You did really well, Kaden. With all those naps, I didn't 
think you'd be in even remotely good shape... This comes naturally to you! 

Kaden: Hah... Are you impressed? Not what you expected, right? 

Hana: Not at all-you totally surprised me. But you'll need more than just a 
single win to prove yourself. I was beating you to a pulp until just at the 
end there. 

Kaden: I suppose you're right... I seem a lot more capable now, don't I? 

Hana: Definitely! 

Kaden: That's what I thought! Hearing that gives me the confidence to say... 
Hana, I want you to see me as someone you could be with. 

Hana: What do you mean? 

Kaden: I like you... You force me to confront the hard truths about myself. 

Hana: Huh?! 

Kaden: You've taken an interest in helping me to improve who I am. I thought 
about it, and I realized... I need someone like you in my life. 

Hana: This is totally out of the blue! 

Kaden: I'm not sure how to read that look on your face. I've never had 
someone in my life who could help make me a better person. I want you...to be 
that special someone! 

Hana: ...Kaden. 

Kaden: I'm almost the opposite of you, in that I'm very laid back... but if 
you think that you can let me into your life, I think we'll be perfect! 

Hana: ... You might be right, Kaden. You might help me see the faults in 
myself, and thus I can improve as well! 

Kaden: Heh heh... OK, so what's your answer? 

Hana: Let's give it a shot!
A8. Orochi C

Kaden: Here, kitty. Here, kitty, kitty! Come on out. Nothing to be afraid of.

Orochi: Trying to lure out a cat, Kaden? Good luck with that. 

Kaden: I know. I know. But I'm trying to repay a debt. 

Orochi: Oooh, intriguing. Repaying a debt... by catching a cat... Hmm. 

Kaden: Someone in town shared some food with me the other day. Turned out 
he'd lost his cat. He asked me to find the critter. No luck so far. 

Orochi: What do you mean-no luck? You found me. Lucky indeed. 

Kaden: What have you got there? A cat-shaped talisman? What a coincidence! 

Orochi: Hmm, yes. This talisman has the special power to attract cats. Hold 
it in the palm of your hand and walk around. That cat will come to you. 

Kaden: *sniff* Smells good too. Oh, I get it. The scent on this thing 
attracts the cats, right? 

Orochi: Clever, clever. You guessed it. But there's just one th- 

Kaden: Thanks for your help. Gotta run and find that cat! 

Orochi: But, Kaden- 

Kaden: Talisman thingy, get to work! Bye, Orochi. 
(Kaden leaves) 

Orochi: Silly Kaden. He's going to find much more than just that cat...
Orochi B

Kaden: Get away! Off with you! And you! And you and you! And you! 

Orochi: Exactly as I predicted. Kaden's in a world of trouble. He really 
shouldn't have run off with that talisman before I explained everything. 

Kaden: Orochi! Orochi! Orochi! 

Orochi: Yes, Kaden? 

Kaden: Your talisman has-get off-attracted every cat-off, off-within a 
hundred miles! 

Orochi: You look like the center of attention at a cat convention. Did you 
find the specific cat you needed to find? 

Kaden: Maybe? I can't tell. Too many cats! Your talisman is so powerful! I'm 
going to drown in cats, Orochi. Help! 

Orochi: Silly Kaden. Simply throw the talisman away from you. 

Kaden: Huh? Oh, right... Phew! Hey, that worked like a charm. 

Orochi: Now, watch as the cats go. Is the one you want there somewhere? 

Kaden: Yes! There-that one! 

Orochi: Easily caught too. He's rubbing his nose all over the talisman. The 
catnip inside it will have that little dear dazed within moments. 

Kaden: What's catmint? 

Orochi: Catnip, Kaden. It's a special herb that makes cats swoon. 

Kaden: The mint attracted the cats? 

Orochi: Nip, Kaden-nip. But yes, the catnip drew them all in. 

Kaden: Oh, don't I feel stupid. I thought the talisman enchanted the cats. 

Orochi: Truth is, I've never seen my catnip talisman work so well. I think 
you have some quality that cats find enticing too. Ah, well. Now you can 
return that cat to its owner and repay your debt. 

Kaden: Thanks a bunch, Orochi. 

Orochi: Then you can repay ME. I've got some odd jobs you can help me with. 

Kaden: Oh? No problem. Kaden always repays his debts!
Orochi A

Orochi: Well, thank you, Kaden. That's the last of the odd jobs I need you 

Kaden: Ha! My debt to you is repaid then, right? Somehow I thought the jobs 
would be odder-knowing you, Orochi. 

Orochi: They could have been. But I like you too much to ask your help with 
such things. Honestly, the image of you, knee deep in cats... Heh! I think 
that was repayment enough. I'll get a chuckle out of that for years. 

Kaden: I'm glad you thought it was funny. I was miserable. Hey, did you give 
me an extra-strong talisman just to toy with me? 

Orochi: Whyever would Orochi do that? Heh. 

Kaden: You being straight with me? That catmint was sure strong... 

Orochi: Catnip, Kaden. It's a powerful herb, no matter how you use it. You've 
never heard of it, eh? Maybe it doesn't grow where you're from. 

Kaden: Nope, never. And I hope I never come close to the stuff again. 
Although, I'm glad you got such a kick out of all that. Maybe I would next 
time too! 

Orochi: You do look at the bright side of life, don't you? Hmm. I'd be glad 
to lend you the talisman if you'd like to play with the cats again. 

Kaden: Is that why you have it? You like to play with cats? 

Orochi: Oh, yes. Orochi is definitely a cat lover. I'm cautious not to 
overuse it. I want them to love me-not just the catnip. 

Kaden: How smart you are, Orochi. You keep your talisman. I'd prefer to make 
friends with all of those li'l kitties on my own. 

Orochi: I think you'll do just fine. You have a particular charm, Kaden. 

Kaden: Hey, thanks. You do too!
Orochi S

Kaden: Cute, cute, cute! There's no such thing as too many kitties. 

Orochi: Hello, Kaden. Looks like you've joined the cat-fancier club. 

Kaden: Their fur is so soft-almost as soft as my own. Oh, and these smooshy 
paws. Adorable! 

Orochi: I feel just the same. When I play with cats, I forget all about the 
thorniness of life. 

Kaden: So, have I joined the club? To that I say a most hearty MEOW. 

Orochi: Meow, indeed! Oh. How silly. 

Kaden: What's so silly about saying "meow"? Too much of a meowthful? 

Orochi: Stop that. 

Kaden: Sorry, Orochi. Couldn't help myself. 

Orochi: Heh. All right. You know, Kaden, you're a bit like a cat yourself. 
Something about you puts me at ease just the same way. Perhaps it's that 
you're part animal. 

Kaden: Huh. Really? I make you happy when I'm around? 

Orochi: Happy. Can one as complex as Orochi succumb to pure bliss? 

Kaden: Ha! Sure you can. I'd be glad to stay by your side if I can help you 
be happy. 

Orochi: You'd do that for me? 

Kaden: Orochi... I would curl up on your lap, nuzzle your arm, and purr. If 
only you'd have me. 

Orochi: I would, honestly. But I suspect you're just having a little fun 
right now... 

Kaden: A little fun? I want to have a lotta fun! Like a cat-making you happy! 

Orochi: You're being serious, aren't you? 

Kaden: Absolutely. You and I, Orochi. Purr-fect, isn't it! 

Orochi: Are you professing your love, or just finding excuses to make puns? 

Kaden: Uh, both! So, whaddya think? Would it be such a cat-astrophe to love 

Orochi: Sheesh. Yes, if you keep up with these awful puns. Besides, what sort 
of fox meows and purrs? But you do make me laugh, you naughty tomcat. So you 
vow to love Orochi? This isn't some jest? 

Kaden: I will always love you, starting... meow.
A8. Setsuna C

Kaden: Hey there, Setsuna! Wanna come hunting with me?

Setsuna: I like hunting, but... why do you want me to come along?

Kaden: Obviously because you're amazing with a bow! With my tracking skills, 
it'll be easy to find some animals to take down.

Setsuna: That does make sense... But you know I'm really good at falling into 
traps too, right? I'd probably just get in the way...

Kaden: No worries, there-I've got the best eyesight of anyone in camp! I'll 
spot the traps a mile away and let you know before you fall into any. So, 
since we've covered that, let's go!

Setsuna: All right...
(Time passes)

Kaden: Watch out over there. There's a trap right next to your foot. Take a 
step to the left.

Setsuna: Okay...

Kaden: Excellent, but now you need to duck under that branch. It's hooked to 
a trip wire.

Setsuna: You're amazing, Kaden... How can you spot them so easily?

Kaden: It just comes naturally! It's actually odd to me that you can't see 
them, really.

Setsuna: Really? How interesting... Even if it comes naturally, you seem much 
better at it than other people I know. It's like you're detecting them purely 
on instinct or intuition...

Kaden: That's because that's exactly how I'm doing it, of course! I'm a 
kitsune, after all. My senses are much sharper than a human's. I really am 
quite impressive, aren't I?

Setsuna: Ah... Look over there. Is that a pheasant? Oops, it slipped into the 

Kaden: Hang on, are you ignoring me?! *sigh* Let's go catch that pheasant!

Setsuna: Sounds good, Kaden... You track it, and I'll follow close behind.
Setsuna B

Setsuna: I can't seem to figure it out...

Kaden: You're looking unusually focused, Setsuna. Is something wrong?

Setsuna: I'm still pondering how you so easily avoided all those traps... You 
talked about having sharper senses, but what is that like, really? Are you 
able to actually sense the presence of the traps?

Kaden: Hrm. It's tough to explain, really. I just get a sort of nagging 
feeling, and it stays with me until I spot the trap. Don't humans get 
feelings like that?

Setsuna: No... Or at least, I know I don't...

Kaden: Really? I thought it was something that happened to everyone.

Setsuna: Oooh, look over there. Those berries look absolutely delicious...

Kaden: What? Hang on, Setsuna. Can't you see the big hole in front of the 
berries? And in any case, those berries smell really off.

Setsuna: Off? They look really tasty, though...

Kaden: Um... How best to explain this... They smell like someone's hand, like 
they were being held recently. And if you look at the color you can see where 
the shade changes abruptly. That's a sure sign that they've been laced with 
some kind of poison. 

Setsuna: Oh wow, you can even see that they've been poisoned? That's really 
neat... Can you teach me?

Kaden: I can teach you the basics, but you'd never be as good as a kitsune.

Setsuna: Aww... I'm sorry to hear that. Oh well...

Kaden: You'll be fine with me around, anyway! Let's get back to focusing on 
the hunt.

Setsuna: You're right... If I can't imitate you, then it's no use worrying 
about it...

Kaden: That's right, Setsuna. And more importantly...I can sense animals 
ahead! Follow me, or they'll get away!

Setsuna: OK...
Setsuna A

Setsuna: Hey, Kaden... Thank you...

Kaden: What? What're you talking about, Setsuna?

Setsuna: Just that I noticed each time we've gone out hunting... I've never 
gotten trapped. I wanted to show my appreciation to you for keeping me 

Kaden: Oh, that? It was no problem at all. In fact, you've reminded me that I 
was meaning to thank you, too.

Setsuna: Why would you need to thank me?

Kaden: Obviously because you've been so great at bringing down the animals we 
hunt! I don't know anyone as accurate as you are with that bow and arrow. 
Without you, it would have been a lot harder to bring in so much food!

Setsuna: Oh. That makes sense... I'm glad that I've made you happy.

Kaden: Here I thought I'd have to pay you back for being so helpful, but... 
It sounds like we're equal, huh?

Setsuna: Yeah... We've made it really easy for each other. How nice...

Kaden: Since we're even, would you like to keep hunting with me? It seems 
like we make really great hunting partners!

Setsuna: Hunting partners... I like the sound of that. Where did you hear it?

Kaden: Nowhere! I just thought of it this minute! I'm pretty great at coming 
up with names.

Setsuna: Oh, look... There's some kind of rare bird flying over there...

Kaden: Hey! You're ignoring me again!! Bah, forget it. I can't get mad at a 
rare-bird sighting. Setsuna, I'm looking forward to more hunting trips with 
you in the future! I'm counting on your archery skills!

Setsuna: OK... And I'm counting on you to keep me out of traps.
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Kaden... I appreciate you inviting me along on these hunts, but you 
seem a little... off today. Is something the matter?

Kaden: Hmmm? Oh no, nothing at all! I'm fine. Must be your imagination...

Setsuna: It's not my imagination... Normally you're such a chatterbox, I can 
hardly hear myself daydream...

Kaden: Are...are you saying I'm loud and annoying?

Setsuna: That's one way of putting it...

Kaden: Ouch! That hurts. But I suppose I do tend to go on and on...

Setsuna: And on.

Kaden: Anyway, I suppose you're right-I'm being very quiet today because I'm 
so nervous. I have something important that I want to talk to you about.

Setsuna: Oh? OK...

Kaden: I...I think we're compatible as more than just hunting partners. As 
we've gone on more and more hunts, I've felt this feeling... It's a kind of 
joy I've never felt before, and it's only when we're together. We both love 
to relax, and it seems like we really just click...

Setsuna: True... I think you're completely right.

Kaden: That's great! I'm so happy you agree. Does that mean... you'd like to 
be together with me? I've never met someone I like being with as much as you.

Setsuna: Yes, Kaden... I want to be by your side...

Kaden: And... you aren't just saying that because you like not getting caught 
in traps, right? I mean, that would make sense and I wouldn't judge you, 

Setsuna: No, I'm saying it because I really love you...

Kaden: Oh, good! Then I promise to always be by your side, Setsuna!

Setsuna: I'm so happy, Kaden...
A8. Oboro C

Oboro: Come on... Just a little... bit... more...

Kaden: Hey, Oboro! Whatcha doin'? 

Oboro: AAAH! Kaden! Don't scare me like that! 

Kaden: Oops! You just looked so focused on whatever it was that I had to 

Oboro: I was braiding something. 

Kaden: Oh yeah? 

Oboro: It's a particular way of braiding silk yarn into cords. You can use 
the cords to decorate swords or on kimono sashes. This one's a bracelet. 

Kaden: Oh, right, I've seen that! It's really pretty when it comes out right. 
I didn't know you were so talented, Oboro! 

Oboro: Eh, my parents used to run a clothing store, that's all. They taught 
me how to do this stuff when I was little. I like to kill time when there's 
nothing else to do by making these. 

Kaden: Hey, don't undersell it! It must take real skill to make these 
bracelets! I mean, look at how detailed they are up close. It's something 

Oboro: If you like them that much, do you want to try making one? 

Kaden: Oh, I'm not sure I'm up to that. 

Oboro: Sure you are! It's easy, once you get the hang of it. I bet you can 
learn in no time. 

Kaden: Really? Maybe I'll take you up on that! 

Oboro: I'd be happy to teach you. I'll let you know when I've got some 
materials together. 

Kaden: OK! I'll be waiting!
Oboro B

Oboro: Next, loop the string around your right finger-no, the other way! 

Kaden: Was I doing it wrong? Hrm...this is harder than I pictured. 

Oboro: *sigh* I hate to say this, but I don't think you're having trouble 
following directions. You're just not very good. This is beginner-level 
stuff, and you're still struggling with it! 

Kaden: Hey, you can't blame me. You're the one making it hard to follow. 

Oboro: Excuse me? 

Kaden: That was, uh, a joke. Sorry. 

Oboro: *grumble* Let's start over. 

Kaden: Nah, there's no need. I've messed up enough that I don't want to waste 
any more of your time. 

Oboro: What kind of talk is that?! I'm not letting you off the hook that 
easy! We're staying here until you learn how to do this. 

Kaden: R-right... You sure have a passion for braiding and weaving, huh? 

Oboro: Haha, what tipped you off? 

Kaden: If you can remember all these complicated patterns, you must have 
practiced a lot. 

Oboro: It made my parents happy when I'd learn a new technique. So I studied 
hard until I'd mastered them all. 

Kaden: That took a lot of effort, right? I'm amazed to see that kind of 

Oboro: Hey! Did I tell you to stop? Less talking, more practicing! I'm gonna 
keep riding you until you can do this on your own, Kaden. 

Kaden: Haha, fine. I'll keep at it a little longer.
Oboro A

Kaden: *sigh* Oboro tried so hard to teach me that braiding technique. And I 
still can't do it. I'm so clumsy...

Oboro: Hey, Kaden, do you have a minute? 

Kaden: Oh, hey, Oboro. Sorry about the lessons last time. I couldn't figure 
it out even when you were right there explaining it to me. 

Oboro: It's OK. I'm sorry for being so strict. Anyway, here. 

Kaden: What's this? 

Oboro: It's the braid you started. I finished it for you. You should have it. 

Kaden: Really? 

Oboro: Yeah. You worked hard, so consider this your reward. 

Kaden: Wow! Thanks, Oboro! 

Oboro: You're welcome. I should really be thanking you, you know. 

Kaden: Huh? Why's that? 

Oboro: Braiding and weaving is usually a solo thing. Up to now, I've done it 
by myself, and I never had anyone who shared my interests. But teaching you 
made me feel like I was making a friend I can talk about it with. 

Kaden: I'm glad you feel that way! I'd ask you to teach me again, but I know 
I don't have a talent for this stuff. 

Oboro: You got that right... Then again, the harder you work, the sweeter the 
payoff is! 

Kaden: Are you saying...? 

Oboro: Yup. I'm gonna be extra strict and whip you into shape! The last 
lesson was a cakewalk compared to what I've got planned! Get ready! 

Kaden: Nooooo!
Oboro S

Kaden: F...finally... I did it... I DID IT! Oboro, look! I finally finished a 

Oboro: Hahaha, way to go! 

Kaden: Yup! You were really patient with me, so thanks for that. 

Oboro: I'm not sure which of us worked harder. But you toughed it out, so I'm 
prepared to call that a win. So, what are you going to use the cord for? 

Kaden: Um... Well... ... 

Oboro: Heh, I didn't think I was asking such a tough question. 

Kaden: I'll let you decide what it's for. 

Oboro: Wait, huh? 

Kaden: I want you to have this, Oboro... as a symbol of my feelings for you. 

Oboro: Your... what?! 

Kaden: I was really moved at how much you believed in me and pushed me 
forward. It wasn't long ago that I still thought I could never have done 
this. Seeing you so passionate about it made me fall for you... 

Oboro: Kaden... 

Kaden: I made it out of red and white thread, since those colors bring people 
together. I figured a red-and-white cord would get my feelings across. I 
promised myself that once I finished the cord, I'd tell you... I... I love 

Oboro: ... Well, shoot. You beat me to it. 

Kaden: What? 

Oboro: Seeing you try and fail and keep trying really impressed me. And you 
actually listened to all the silly stories I told you about my hobby... Then 
one day I realized the moments I spent with you were something special. 

Kaden: Are you saying what I think you're saying? 

Oboro: Yeah. I love you too, Kaden. 

Kaden: Yay! Then we'll be together forever, right? 

Oboro: As close as strands in a braid.
A8. Kagero C

Kagero: Do you need something? Hello? Don't play coy; I know you're hiding in 
the shadows. Show yourself. 

Kaden: Wow, Kagero, that was amazing! How did you know I was there? 

Kagero: Your presence was easy enough to detect. So, what do you want? You've 
been following me all day... 

Kaden: I was just curious if there was anything you needed help with. 

Kagero: You're asking just out of the blue? Why? 

Kaden: I want to repay you for your help in that battle the other day. I 
thought I was a goner, but you saved my tail from the enemy! 

Kagero: I see. Considering we are allies, I don't think you need to repay me 
for my help. In any case, I do not need assistance, nor do I desire anything 
right now. Now, if that is all you wanted to discuss, I'll be on my way. 
(Kagero leaves) 

Kaden: Hey! Wait! Wow, she's a quick one. I'm not gonna give up that easily, 
Kagero B

Kagero: Hmm.

Kaden: What is she... What the... Where did she go? Not here, either... How 
could she just disappear like that? 

Kagero: Hello, Kaden. 

Kaden: Yikes! How long have you been lurking behind me?! 

Kagero: Long enough. Why are you following me? I told you that I did not need 
your help. 

Kaden: I know, but... Well, you never know when something might come up! I 
figured if I followed you, I'd be ready at a moment's notice to help! 

Kagero: So you're just waiting for something bad to happen to me? 

Kaden: What?! No! Not something bad! Just, you know, in case something at all 

Kagero: Are you really this persistent just because I aided you on the 
battlefield? That is what allies should do. You do not need to repay that 

Kaden: But it is only natural and right to repay a kindness. Even if you were 
only doing what was expected, it's good to show my gratitude. 

Kagero: Do you really believe that? 

Kaden: Of course! So say what you want, but I will pay you back. Count on it! 

Kagero: *sigh* Will you at least stop following me everywhere? It interferes 
with my duties. 

Kaden: No problem!
Kagero A

Kagero: Hrm, it's been a while since I've seen Kaden. I wonder where he's 
gotten to... 

Kaden: Kagero! There you are. Hello! 

Kagero: Almost as if summoned... 

Kaden: Hm? What was that? Wait, did you not know I was there? That's odd. 
Normally you're able to tell when I'm even remotely nearby. 

Kagero: I suppose I'd gotten used to you not being around, so I wasn't really 
looking for you. Did you need something today? 

Kaden: I wanted to tell you that I've been thinking a lot since our last 
conversation. I realized that I was actually causing you trouble by hanging 
around so much. Since I wanted to help you, it was kind of counterproductive. 
So I decided that I'd pay you back in a different way. Here you go! 

Kagero: What is- This is a hairpin! And a comb! I haven't seen anything like 
this in this part of the world. You're giving both of these to me? 

Kaden: I sure am! You have really pretty hair, and I thought these would 
complement it well. 

Kagero: You really did put a lot of thought into your gifts. Thank you. 

Kaden: Don't mention it! I'm really sorry I caused you so much trouble 
before. I wasn't thinking... 

Kagero: Oh, don't worry about it. Truth be told, I didn't really mind after a 

Kaden: Really? What do you mean? 

Kagero: I got used to your presence over time. It's actually been a little 
lonely without you. And I have to admit, it'd be helpful to have you around 
if something did happen. 

Kaden: So... I can start following you around again? 

Kagero: Certainly. Well, not all the time, but in stretches you can. Don't 
overdo it. 

Kaden: Awesome! I won't be any trouble!
Kagero S

Kagero: Kaden, you can come out of the shadows. 

Kaden: Oh, OK! It's really amazing how you always know I'm here. 

Kagero: I suppose. Anyway, I want to discuss something with you. I believe I 
told you before that you should only follow me some of the time, correct? 

Kaden: Yup, that's what you said! 

Kagero: Lately, though, I've been able to sense your presence morning, noon, 
and night. I told you before; such behavior interferes with my duties. 

Kaden: I'm truly sorry. I just can't help myself. Whatever it is I am doing 
during the day, I can't help but think about you. I'll be doing something 
unrelated, and then suddenly I'm following you around. Kagero, I think... I 
think I'm in love with you. 

Kagero: What?! I don't know what to say, Kaden... 

Kaden: I realized how much I liked being around you-it makes me feel really 
good. But, if it annoys you or keeps you from doing things, I could stop 

Kagero: That's not what I mean. I... started to feel lonely when you stopped 
following me around before. And I was really quite happy when you gave me the 
hairpin and the comb. 

Kaden: Then, you mean... 

Kagero: I love you too, Kaden. I really do. 

Kaden: Yay! I plan on following you forever! 

Kagero: Forever is a long time, you know. 

Kaden: Yep, I know! But I promise forever! Morning, noon, night-forever!
B. Neutral Party Lover Supports


B1. Azura C

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ?

Jakob: What a lovely melody, milady. 

Azura: Thank you, Jakob. My mother taught me that song. It always reminds me 
of her. 

Jakob: Ah. That explains why you looked so happy just now. They must be 
lovely memories. 

Azura: They are. That's all I have left of her now... memories and songs. 

Jakob: At least you have that. I cannot even recall what my mother looked 

Azura: Jakob, I'm so sorry. That's terrible. 

Jakob: I'm afraid it is, but don't worry yourself on my account. The world is 
full of orphans. Still, it would have been nice to have learned a few songs. 
Please, excuse me. 
(Jakob leaves) 

Azura: Goodness, I had no idea. If I'd known, I would've chosen my words more 
Azura B

Azura: Jakob, I know this is personal, but I'd like to hear more about your 

Jakob: Hmm. What I said the other day must have bothered you. 

Azura: I know I shouldn't pry. I just can't imagine not knowing my own 

Jakob: Well, I'm afraid I must begin by apologizing to you, milady. I lied. 
In truth, I remember both of my parents, although I often wish I could forget 

Azura: What? 

Jakob: You see, they chose to forget me. They left me on the doorstep of 
Castle Krakenburg. 

Azura: They abandoned you? 

Jakob: My parents were well off, but cold. They cared neither for each other 
nor for me. I cannot recall a single happy memory from that time. One day, 
they handed me over to be a servant at the castle. That was the end. 

Azura: How terrible. I am so sorry, Jakob. I didn't mean to bring up 
something so painful. 

Jakob: Ah, it is nothing. Don't worry about it, Lady Azura. It's all in the 

Azura: I don't think I'd be able to forget so easily. You're very brave, 

Jakob: Nonsense, milady. Now if you'll excuse me. Lord/Lady Avatar will be 
wanting tea...
Azura A

Azura: Yet the waters ever change... ?

Jakob: I doubt I could ever tire of hearing you sing, milady. 

Azura: Jakob, you are just the person I wanted to see. I still feel terrible 
about the other day. I should have known better than to pry into someone's 

Jakob: There's no need to apologize. I can assure you...I wasn't bothered in 
the slightest. In fact, I should be thanking you. You made me realize how 
grateful I am to my parents. 

Azura: Grateful?! 

Jakob: Just imagine! If I had not been abandoned, I would not be serving 
Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Azura: I suppose that's a good point. 

Jakob: When I first arrived at the castle, I was a terrible servant. The 
others hated me for it! My noble upbringing had not prepared me for a life of 
chores and errands. I was unable to complete a single task to their 
standards. I only got in the way. 

Azura: Really? That's hard to believe. No one is more competent than you now. 

Jakob: That was not always so. Things got so bad, they were finally going to 
dismiss me. Just as I was about to be turned out into the streets, someone 
called for me. 

Azura: Let me guess... 

Jakob: Yes, it was Lord/Lady Avatar. He/She was looking for someone to chat 
with. I desperately wanted to stay and earn a place by his/her side... So I 
studied night and day to become a proper butler. And here we are. 

Azura: I was impressed with you before I ever heard your story, but now, I'm 
inspired! Avatar is so lucky. I can't think of anyone more loyal than you. 

Jakob: I am loyal to you as well, milady. 

Azura: Thank you. That means a lot.
Azura S

Azura: The path is yours to cliiimb... ? Oh! Jakob, is that you? I didn't 
realize anyone was there. 

Jakob: Pardon me, milady. I meant to announce myself, but I was entranced by 
the music. Your singing gives me such peace. 

Azura: Aww. Thank you. I'm so happy that you can relax around me. 

Jakob: Indeed, I can. With you, I feel at ease. I am not sure if you realize 
how rare that is. I've shared more of myself with you over the past few days 
than with anyone else. 

Azura: I'm touched that you've trusted me with your story. We've both been 
through a lot. 

Jakob: Yes. That's true. I am certain that is part of it. However, there is 
something else... 

Azura: What's that? 

Jakob: I've fallen in love with you, Lady Azura. 

Azura: Oh, my. 

Jakob: I know you are a princess and far above my station, but my feelings 
are so strong... I could not keep them to myself any longer. Excuse me. I 
will not trouble you further. 

Azura: Jakob! Wait! 

Jakob: Yes, milady? 

Azura: There are so many details of our stories that I wish had turned out 
differently... But I would go through that pain again and again as long as it 
brought me here to you. Let's finish our stories together. 

Jakob: Do you mean that? 

Azura: Yes! You helped me appreciate the happy memories I already have... And 
you've given me the desire to create more. I'd like them to be with you.
(Jakob falls)
Azura: ...Jakob?! Are you all right?! I think he fainted!
B1. Felicia C

Jakob: Too slow! Much too slow, Felicia! You can't afford to be so careful. 
The tea is going cold! 

Felicia: Ahhh... I'm sorry, Jakob. OK, I've set all the snacks on the table. 
All that's left is... Oh nooooo! 
(Dish breaks)

Jakob: I'm impressed, Felicia. Impressed with how you serving snacks resulted 
in an overturned table. 

Felicia: I'm sorry! 

Jakob: All you have to do is pour tea and present the snacks. Is it really 
that hard? 

Felicia: I just... I got flustered and tried to hurry... 

Jakob: *sigh* Never mind. I'll prepare everything. 

Felicia: Please, Jakob... Let me at least help. 

Jakob: Your help will only slow me down. Please just stand over there and 

Felicia: ...Understood.
Felicia B

Felicia: That looks like enough snacks...

Jakob: Felicia? Why are you preparing a snack tray? 

Felicia: Jakob?! I didn't see you there. Um... I was just practicing. I want 
to be as good as you are at this... I thought that practicing whenever I 
could might help me improve. 

Jakob: That is unlikely. 

Felicia: What...? Why would you say something so horrible to me? 

Jakob: It's the truth. Practicing without feedback or instruction will not 
take you far. Gunter taught me everything I know. It was hellish, but I 
learned well. If not for him, I'd burn water and spill snacks left and right. 

Felicia: You and Gunter are both very strict in teaching me, though... Won't 
that help me learn the skills I need? 

Jakob: That's true, we are quite strict. You may finally learn... I'd 
say...maybe 50 years from now. 

Felicia: In 50 years?! That's so much time... 

Jakob: Felicia, this is really important: Can you tell the difference between 
good and bad tea? 

Felicia: W-well... 

Jakob: Come now; tea is a very subtle drink. To make it well, you have to be 
able to determine what good and bad tea is. 

Felicia: I'll be perfectly honest. I... can't. 

Jakob: I am not surprised. This is at the core of why you always make such 
incredibly unpleasant tea. 

Felicia: But... Jakob, please teach me! I want to learn how to make wonderful 

Jakob: I suppose I have no choice but to mentor you now. 

Felicia: R-really? 

Jakob: We'll begin right away. Pour me a cup of your best attempt at tea. 

Felicia: O-OK! I'll do my best!
Felicia A

Felicia: Jakob? Jaaaakoooob! 
Jakob: What's with all the noise, Felicia? 

Felicia: I... um... made you some tea to try. Here! 

Jakob: This is your doing? 

Felicia: Indeed. All by myself. Stop stalling and try a sip before it cools 

Jakob: If you insist. ... 

Felicia: Well? What do you think? 

Jakob: It's... surprisingly good. 

Felicia: Aha! I knew it! I knew I could do it! 

Jakob: I don't know what to say. I did not think you even remotely capable of 

Felicia: I'm just as surprised as you are! 

Jakob: Seconds, please. 

Felicia: What?! I'm sorry, Jakob, I don't think I quite heard you correctly 

Jakob: I would like a second cup, please. 

Felicia: Of course! Oh, but I only made that one cup... I'll have to make 
more. Please give me a little time.
(Time passes)

Felicia: Almost done! 

Jakob: You're taking so long... I could have done several things in this 
amount of time. 

Felicia: Heehee, my apologies. I just wanted to make sure I got it right. 
It's all thanks to you that I can do this. You never gave up and kept guiding 
me in the right direction. I really am grateful to you. 

Jakob: OK. You're welcome. Whatever. Pour the tea. 

Felicia: Oh! Of course. Here you go. Drink up! 

Jakob: Oh geez. Ew, that's awful. 

Felicia: What?! But how... 

Jakob: Apparently the tea you created before was merely a fluke. 

Felicia: Awww... 

Jakob: You clearly need training. Clearly I am going to have to be even 

Felicia: I suppose so...
Felicia S

Felicia: Ohh no no no no no!
(Dish breaks)

Jakob: Really, Felicia? Again? 

Felicia: I-I'm sorry, Jakob! I lose my balance and... 

Jakob: I am beginning to think there is no cure for how clumsy you are. 

Felicia: Urgh... I'm really sorry... 

Jakob: I've never felt so powerless as a mentor. I wish I could do more to 
teach you. 

Felicia: It's not your fault! 

Jakob: No, it is. And it's about time I accept that and act accordingly. 

Felicia: You don't mean... Are you quitting as my mentor? You can't do that! 
Please don't abandon me! 

Jakob: I didn't say anything about quitting. I just said I had to act 

Felicia: I don't know what you mean... 

Jakob: Felicia, I think the only solution is for me to stay by your side for 
as long as I can. I will spend the rest of my life mentoring you. 

Felicia: Together... for life? I'll definitely have time to improve, then. 
I'm glad! 

Jakob: I suppose then we will need to get married, as well. If I am to remain 
with you forever. 

Felicia: What?! I don't want you to marry me out of obligation. It's only 
mentoring... Without real love, it's not a true marriage at all, really... 

Jakob: Again, you are putting words in my mouth. This isn't out of obligation 
at all. Do you understand? I want to do this. Felicia, I love you. 

Felicia: Jakob... Were you only pretending that my tea was awful all along? 
Was that actually an excuse to spend more time with me? 

Jakob: Gods, no. Your tea is truly a nightmare. But... I think that together 
we can wake from it.
B1. Mozu C

Mozu: *sob*

Jakob: Mozu? Are you all right? 

Mozu: Y-yes. I'm fine. I just had a dream about my hometown. Before the 
Faceless came. I saw them all. I talked to them. My family, my friends, all 
the townspeople. Then I woke up. And it's like they were taken from me a 
second time... WHY?! Why did it have to happen to them? What did any of them 

Jakob: Mozu... I'm so sorry. But crying won't bring them back. 

Mozu: I know that. I do, but- *sob* I... I can't help it... 

Jakob: Hm. In that case... I suppose you should cry as long as you need. One 
day, you will find you have been emptied of tears. And on that day, you'll 
have the strength to move on. But no sooner. 

Mozu: I-I hope so. *sob*
Mozu B

Mozu: *sob*

Jakob: Mozu? Thinking of your hometown again? 

Mozu: Y-yeah. I don't want you to get the wrong impression, though. I'm not 
always crying. I just keep remembering it by accident. Little things keep 
setting me off. Like just now I saw a soldier who reminded me of one of the 
boys back home. He was so sweet... He helped us out that time my ma got sick. 
I'll never forget it. 

Jakob: I see. I'm almost jealous of you. 

Mozu: Jealous? Of me? How can you say that?! 

Jakob: I do not suffer as you do, from having lost something precious. 
Because there is no part of my past that I can recall with fondness. 

Mozu: Huh? 

Jakob: I was given over to the palace at a young age. I never saw my parents 
again. "Given over" is perhaps a euphemism. I was thrown away at the first 
opportunity. I have no good memories of my parents. They were cruel beyond 
measure. Nor did they live in anything resembling a loving community. 

Mozu: Jakob... 

Jakob: If I hadn't met Lord/Lady Avatar, I believe my life would still be a 
perpetual torment. 

Mozu: I'm sorry... 

Jakob: Yes. So I think you are, in some ways, blessed. You have good memories 
of your village. And no one can take that from you. 

Mozu: You're right. I should be more grateful for the things I do have. Thank 
you, Jakob. I feel a little better now.
Mozu A

Mozu: Haaa! Yaaaaa!

Jakob: Mozu? Are you training? 

Mozu: Yep! That's right. I wanna be stronger, so I can help protect everyone 

Jakob: Oh? You seem a changed person. Are you through with your crying now? 

Mozu: No. I still cry sometimes. But I know I can't cry forever. I need to 
keep living my life. And to fight. For the sake of everyone I've lost. 

Jakob: Oh? Are you sure you're not going to start crying right now? 

Mozu: Hey! Don't be cruel! It's too late for that... I already know you're a 
good man. 

Jakob: Oh? You think you know me, then? 

Mozu: Yeah. I reckon I do. You're always talking to me when I'm crying. And I 
know you've been watching out for me this whole time. 

Jakob: I just happened to be around. Don't get the wrong idea. 

Mozu: Ahaha! You're not the honest type, are you? 

Jakob: Tsk. How frustrating you country folk can be sometimes. Barbarians, 

Mozu: Thank you. For caring about me. And helping me. I'll keep trying to be 
useful to everyone here. You just keep watching out for me, OK, Jakob? I 
could still use the help. 

Jakob: Hmph! Perhaps. If I feel like it.
Mozu S

Jakob: Mozu. Would you help me with something? 

Mozu: Help you? With what? 

Jakob: Do you remember what I told you before about my childhood? That I 
didn't have any memories worth cherishing? 

Mozu: Yes, I remember. 

Jakob: I was hoping that you would help me to make new memories. Good 

Mozu: Aw, I'd be glad to. Did you have any particular types of memories in 

Jakob: Yes, actually. What I mean is...I want you to share in my life with 

Mozu: Jakob, do you mean...? 

Jakob: So what do you say? Will you help me? 

Mozu: I would love to help you. But first, could you tell me-exactly-what you 

Jakob: I am offering myself to you, Mozu. I want to be yours. When I'm with 
you, I feel more at ease than at any other time. So, please, will you marry 

Mozu: Are you sure? Wouldn't you prefer a wife who was more...sophisticated? 

Jakob: Mozu, please, you mustn't think that way. You are the most exquisite 
lady I know. 

Mozu: Th-then yes! I'll be yours. I love you, Jakob. 

Jakob: Truly? Oh, Mozu! I love you too! May we be together to the end of our 

Mozu: Teehee. I hope we are too!
B1. Sakura C

Jakob: Lady Sakura, are you feeling ill? You look less radiant than usual.

Sakura: ...Do I? I'm sorry. 

Jakob: Were you out taking care of the wounded again, milady? 

Sakura: Yes, h-how did you know? 

Jakob: No one has a kinder heart than you... But if you tend to everyone but 
yourself, you'll only wear yourself out. 

Sakura: Jakob, these people are hurting...because of us! 

Jakob: Even if that's the case, you cannot solve everything on your own. 

Sakura: If I don't do something... th-then who will?! *gasp* I'm sorry...that 
was very rude of me! 

Jakob: No, I was the one who spoke out of turn. 

Sakura: You know... I think you're right. I am feeling a little tired, after 
all. Excuse me...
Sakura B

Jakob: Lady Sakura, were you out tending to the wounded again?

Sakura: Yes, I was... 

Jakob: You are a gifted healer with a tender heart, but- 

Sakura: I know wh-what you're about to say... 

Jakob: It will be a waste of your skills if you wear yourself out and ignore 
your own health. 

Sakura: B-but... as a p-princess...it is my duty to look after our people. 

Jakob: Milady, please forgive me for what I am about to say... But you cannot 
heal everyone no matter how hard you try. 

Sakura: I-I know... Even if I heal them, I can't save them. 

Jakob: I am glad you realize that. 

Sakura: The truth is... I'm just selfish! I feel guilty every time I see 
someone in pain. I pretend I'm doing all this for the people, but I'm just 
trying to ease my guilt. 

Jakob: You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. 

Sakura: If you'd excuse me... I'd like to be alone.
Sakura A

Jakob: Did I find you studying, milady?

Sakura: O-oh, it got late, didn't it? I've been poring over these books... 
Jakob, I have to find a way to get stronger! 

Jakob: Stronger? 

Sakura: As the war stretches on, the casualties keep rising... I must help 

Jakob: Who are you trying to help-your siblings, the soldiers, every last 
citizen of Hoshido? 

Sakura: I want to help everyone! I know it will be difficult...but I can't 
bear all this suffering! 

Jakob: Milady, even a skilled healer like yourself cannot save everyone. If 
you continue to try-studying around the clock-you'll only work yourself to 
death. Help some. Help as many as you can, but stop trying to help everyone. 

Sakura: B-but it has to be everyone! How could I pick and choose? 

Jakob: I should have chosen my words more carefully. I'm sorry I upset you. 

Sakura: No, forgive me. I shouldn't have yelled like that. 

Jakob: You care about helping people. You shouldn't apologize. We need that 
passion. You are walking a difficult road, but I am on your side. If there is 
anything I can do, please tell me. I would do anything for you. 

Sakura: Thank you, Jakob...
Sakura S

Jakob: I was hoping to steal a moment of your time, but you're studying. 
Later, perhaps? 

Sakura: No, Jakob. That's all right. I need a break anyway. What did you 

Jakob: Lady Sakura, I cannot stop thinking about your kindness and 
compassion. I confess... You've stolen my heart. 

Sakura: J-Jakob, what are you saying? 

Jakob: I can't imagine my life without you anymore. Please, do me the honor 
of being my wife. 

Sakura: B-but, Jakob, you know that my mission is to heal the hurting. I 
can't give up now. I don't know if that feeling is ever going to change. I w-
won't drag you into this! 

Jakob: Lady Sakura, I would never ask you to give up your ambition. You face 
a difficult path. Still, I hope you'll accept this ring. Let us walk that 
path side by side. 

Sakura: B-but if we get married... I worry that I will only cause you pain... 

Jakob: The only pain you'll cause me is if you say no. I am not as skilled as 
you, but I have some training as a healer. Let me help. We shall walk this 
hard but noble path together as husband and wife. 

Sakura: Jakob, you would d-do that? Are you sure? 

Jakob: Without a doubt. 

Sakura: I don't know wh-what to say. I'm so touched! 

Jakob: Then, you'll marry me? 

Sakura: Yes... I will!
B1. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Ha! Hai-yah!

Jakob: Holding nothing back, not even when simply training... Unsurprising, 
Princess Hinoka. I see why you're called the warrior princess. 

Hinoka: Hello, Jakob. I didn't realize you were standing there. 

Jakob: Please excuse my interruption. 

Hinoka: It's no problem. I was planning to take a short break anyway. 

Jakob: If you'd like, I could prepare some tea for you... 

Hinoka: No, that's all right. I'll only be resting for another minute or so. 

Jakob: You're interesting, Princess Hinoka... You're a member of royalty, but 
you insist on being in the front lines of battle. I know of no one quite as 
courageous as you are. 

Hinoka: I've spent many, many hours of my life training to be the best 
warrior possible. It'd be a shame if I wasted all that effort by hiding in 
the rear of the army. Of course, I learned all the proper formal behaviors 
for a princess, too... But that was when I was a child, and I've forgotten a 
lot of it by now. 

Jakob: Hahaha, I can see that. Looking at you with that weapon in hand, it's 
hard to picture you curtsying. 

Hinoka: I cast aside a lot of that formality in favor of martial prowess. I 
don't regret that decision for a moment. I won't set my weapon aside now that 
Avatar is no longer a prisoner. There is still a lot of fighting left to do. 

Jakob: ...
Hinoka B

Jakob: Hello, Princess Hinoka... 

Hinoka: Jakob? I didn't see you there. What do you need? 

Jakob: Pardon my forwardness, but might I offer a suggestion? 

Hinoka: Speak your mind. 

Jakob: Would you be interested in revisiting the formal etiquette you've 

Hinoka: Etiquette? You're referring to courtly behavior and such? What good 
will that do? There isn't a lot of use for a formal greeting in battle. 

Jakob: Perhaps not directly, but... Don't think of it as something that will 
impact your normal training. We'd only practice in your free time. You never 
know when it may come in handy. 

Hinoka: If I agreed, you'd be my teacher? I suppose there is some value in 
the royalty knowing about more than just war... If you truly think this will 
help me, then I will go along with the idea. Let's get started right away. 
(Time passes)

Jakob: Well done, Princess Hinoka. You've clearly retained more of what you 
learned as a child than you thought. 

Hinoka: I didn't realize how ingrained that knowledge really was. I suppose I 
can thank my childhood tutors for that. Not as bad a starting point as you 
thought it would be, then? 

Jakob: Yes. I'm actually quite relieved. 

Hinoka: Heh. Well, if we're done for today, I'll return to my regular 
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Hiyah! Haaaa!

Jakob: Hello, Princess Hinoka. I've brought you some iced tea. 

Hinoka: Oh, thank you, Jakob. It's good that you came, actually. I had 
something I wanted to ask you... 

Jakob: What is it? 

Hinoka: I'm curious why you proposed revisiting my courtly education the 
other day. 

Jakob: That's simple, Princess Hinoka. War is not limited only to the 

Hinoka: Hrm. Heh, I see what you're saying. And you're definitely right. 
Politics and diplomacy are versions of war. 

Jakob: Indeed. Not all battles can be won with numbers and swords. At least, 
that's my personal opinion. 

Hinoka: So... by reminding me of my courtly training, you've really given me 
another weapon. On a political battlefield, careful words and behavior are my 
sword and shield. Have I got that right? 

Jakob: Indeed, Princess Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Thank you, Jakob. This is as important as any combat training. 

Jakob: I'm happy to help, Princess Hinoka.
Hinoka S

Jakob: Princess Hinoka, might I have a moment of your time? 

Hinoka: Of course, Jakob. What do you need? Is it already time for another 
etiquette lesson? 

Jakob: No, Princess Hinoka... I... Well, I wanted to tell you that I love 

Hinoka: Wh-what?! 

Jakob: I was hoping that we could be together. I've brought you a present... 

Hinoka: Hang on a second! This is all coming very suddenly! 

Jakob: It isn't all that sudden, really. I gave this a great deal of thought 
and consideration before I came to talk to you. 

Hinoka: It's all very sudden for me, though! We've never talked about romance 
at all. 

Jakob: You do have a point there... I can return another day, after you've 
had some time to consider things. 

Hinoka: N-no, hang on. I just need a moment to compose myself. 

Jakob: Take all the time you need. 

Hinoka: You know I'm not the traditional princess. Despite the lessons you've 
been giving me, I won't give up my warrior training. 

Jakob: I understand this. 

Hinoka: I'll be in dangerous situations constantly. I suppose I'm just 
curious... What is it about me that caught your eye? 

Jakob: It's obvious, isn't it? Your ambition, your dedication, your 
strength... I find all of that attractive. 

Hinoka: O-oh! Well... You realize that, as a member of Hoshidan royalty, my 
life is different than most? 

Jakob: Of course. What of it? 

Hinoka: Just that, if we were to be together... You'd have to adapt to a 
completely new kind of life. It isn't always fun, either. There are 
obligations and responsibilities... 

Jakob: If that is all that stands between me and you, I'll gladly face the 

Hinoka: Hrm... There's also- 

Jakob: Allow me to interrupt you here, and I'm sorry for being so blunt... 
But I suspect you are just looking for reassurance that your feelings are 
true. I could tell from the moment I spoke that we feel the same way about 
each other. 

Hinoka: Jakob... Hah. Thank you for being so direct. You're right. How did 
you know? 

Jakob: I spent several hours talking to myself in the mirror, tackling all my 
own excuses. We may not be equals in battle prowess, but we definitely share 
some similarities. 

Hinoka: Well said... OK, Jakob. Let's go forward in life together. 

Jakob: I'm so happy to hear you say that, Hinoka.
B1. Rinkah C

Jakob: Ah! If it isn't the famous Rinkah, the Fire Tribe's frostiest 

Rinkah: If you don't need anything, then go away. 

Jakob: It's my business where I decide to spend my time. I don't recall 
anyone making you my superior officer. 

Rinkah: Uh-huh. You talk awfully big for a lapdog. 

Jakob: Did you just call me a lapdog? 

Rinkah: So what if I did? 

Jakob: No matter. I refuse to waste my energy trading childish insults with 
you. Good day, Rinkah. 
(Jakob leaves) 

Rinkah: That was too easy... I don't like this.
Rinkah B

Jakob: Marvelous! Absolutely delectable! 

Rinkah: ... 

Jakob: Mmm! Oh, yes! Quite so! I must say, I've truly outdone myself this 

Rinkah: ... 

Jakob: This might be the best tea this side of the continent! 

Rinkah: You're annoying me. 

Jakob: Pardon? Did you say something, my sweet? 

Rinkah: I SAID that you're ANNOYING me! You've been banging on about that tea 
for an hour now! Hasn't it gotten cold?! 

Jakob: Of course! And yet even still, it is ambrosial! But why should I be 
quieter for you? It's not my problem you're annoyed. All you have to do is 
ignore me, after all. 

Rinkah: If you want to talk to yourself so badly, go do it somewhere else! 

Jakob: It's my business where I talk to myself. If you don't like it, perhaps 
you should go somewhere else. 

Rinkah: I was here first! 

Jakob: Hm. This is strange. I thought your clan encouraged aloofness and 
independence. So why are you talking to me so much? I must be more charming 
than I'd thought! 

Rinkah: Are you making fun of me? 

Jakob: I thought that much was obvious. Perhaps I should be less subtle in 
the future. 

Rinkah: I won't stand for this! Insult me again, and I'll beat you to a 
bloody pulp! Do you hear me? 

Jakob: Now, now. Calm down. Here, have some tea. 

Rinkah: Grrrrrrrrrr. 

Jakob: You should really learn to control that temper of yours. It will be 
difficult for you to remain aloof if you let little things like this bother 

Rinkah: Sh-shut up! I don't want to hear about it! Least of all from you. 

Jakob: Hold! Don't do anything rash, now. How would your tribe look if their 
princess began assaulting her comrades over trifles? 

Rinkah: I... will... kill... 

Jakob: Ah-ah-ah! None of that. Now sit and take this tea! 

Rinkah: ... *gulp* Th-this is actually pretty good. 

Jakob: Of course it is. I made it, after all.
Rinkah A

Jakob: Rinkah. 

Rinkah: Butler. 

Jakob: You must have it so hard. 

Rinkah: Um. What? 

Jakob: It would be too much for me, staying aloof among so many annoying 

Rinkah: Heh. You know that you're one of those annoying people, right? 

Jakob: Me? Annoying? I am scandalized by the accusation. 

Rinkah: Uh-huh. So, what did you want? Why are you here? 

Jakob: Well, you don't waste any time on pleasantries, do you? 

Rinkah: Heh. Everyone here's always so eager to get to know each other. It 
can be difficult finding time to be alone. 

Jakob: Yes, I imagine it must be trying for you. 

Rinkah: Trying? No, I don't find it so. It's often very pleasant. 

Jakob: Oh? 

Rinkah: It's true, my tribe shuns most interaction with the outside world. 
But that doesn't mean we don't enjoy being around others. 

Jakob: Really? 

Rinkah: We just prefer solitude to idle chatter and empty relationships. If a 
friendship runs deep, we don't oppose its development. 

Jakob: I see. That is very wise. Were only the whole world like that. 

Rinkah: Truly. But thankfully, few people here seem to approach friendships 
superficially. So, contrary to how it might appear, I actually enjoy the 

Jakob: I see. I'm glad to hear it. Does this mean, I might consider you a 

Rinkah: Heh. Perhaps. 
(Rinkah leaves) 

Jakob: Haha. What a charming woman.
Rinkah S

Jakob: Rinkah? You're coming to see me this time? What's going on? Are you 

Rinkah: No. There's something I wanted to talk with you about. 

Jakob: Oh? What is it? 

Rinkah: Do you have feelings for any of the women in camp? 

Jakob: Wh-what? Why do you want to know? 

Rinkah: Just answer the question. 

Jakob: Ah... yes. There is one I have feelings for. 

Rinkah: I see. So you're taken, then? 

Jakob: No. She isn't aware of my feelings for her. To tell you the truth, I 
believed she would never return them. She is quite...aloof. 

Rinkah: Aloof, huh? So you like the hard-to-get type? 

Jakob: Not particularly. But there is something special about her. I admire 
her strength, I think. She is a fiercely independent woman. 

Rinkah: I see. You may want to consider sharing these feelings with her. I'm 
sure she would be flattered. 

Jakob: Perhaps, perhaps. But while we're swapping secrets, I have a question 
for you. Do you have your eyes on any of the men we serve with? 

Rinkah: What?! Th-that's preposterous! 

Jakob: I see I've hit a nerve. Tell me, does he make the most delicious tea 
you've ever had? 

Rinkah: What are you trying to say, you-you- 

Jakob: I thought as much. I will have to think on this. 

Rinkah: Think on WHAT, exactly?! 

Jakob: Whether or not to become a member of the Flame Tribe, of course. How 
else would I be able to someday marry the woman I love? 

Rinkah: You mean... 

Jakob: Oh, don't be coy. I think we both know what I'm talking about. It is 
nice to finally be able to admit it, though. 

Rinkah: You idiot! You spoiled it! You didn't even let me tell you myself 

Jakob: O-oh, my. You mean- You really- I was only teasing! 

Rinkah: WHAT?! 

Jakob: No, I mean, I was serious about my feelings! I just never thought you 
could possibly feel the same! 

Rinkah: Oh, for the love of- Will you shut up and let me talk already? I love 
you, Jakob! I love you more than anyone else. And I want you to be mine. 
There. I said it. 

Jakob: Rinkah... 

Rinkah: And there's no need for you to join the Flame Tribe. I know it 
wouldn't suit you. So...I suppose I'll just have to propose to an outsider. 
Such things aren't unheard of. But you'd better treat me right, you 
understand? This is a serious decision. 

Jakob: Of course, my love. I will serve you always- I swear it. 

Rinkah: Heh. Good. So, to celebrate, how about you brew us up some of that 
famous tea of yours? 

Jakob: At once, my darling. Anything for you.
B1. Hana C

Hana: Hey there, Jakob! 

Jakob: Hello, Hana. On your way to train some more? 

Hana: I am! Did you want to join me? 

Jakob: No, thank you. Unlike some people I know, I do not have any time to 

Hana: I don't have a lot of free time either! I just make a point of setting 
some time aside to train, when I can. 

Jakob: I don't particularly care how you choose to spend your time. 

Hana: You know, Jakob, I'm not sure anyone has ever mentioned this to you... 
But you're pretty rude. 

Jakob: I've heard that; it's usually coming from people not worth my time. 

Hana: Oooh, I see. It's not just that you're rude. You're rotten, through and 
through. *sigh* Whatever. There are better uses for my time than having this 
conversation with you. I need to continue improving myself to better protect 

Jakob: You give your free time for the benefit of someone else? 

Hana: Of course. And she gets more than just my free time. If needed, I would 
lay down my life to protect her. 

Jakob: Interesting...
Hana B

Hana: Hai-yah! Ha! Heeeeyah!

Jakob: Ah, that explains the noise. I thought for a moment that a boar had 
become ensnared. 

Hana: *sigh* Still incredibly rude, I see. 

Jakob: I've found one must address a simpleton on his or her level in order 
to be understood. 

Hana: That cuts both ways, I think. 

Jakob: Speaking of cuts, I see you're out training again... 

Hana: Of course. I always have to be pushing myself, or I'll never improve. 

Jakob: You do this for Princess Sakura? 

Hana: Yes. I must be as strong as possible if I hope to properly protect 

Jakob: It's amusing that you push yourself this hard for another person. 

Hana: You really think so? I suspect you know a thing or two about devotion. 
You and I are more alike than you'd like to admit. 

Jakob: You must be joking. What could make you think that we are at all 

Hana: You'd do anything for Lord/Lady Avatar, wouldn't you? 

Jakob: Of course. It's an insult to suggest otherwise. 

Hana: Then, just like that, I've shown that we are alike. You and Lord/Lady 
Avatar are exactly like me and Sakura. 

Jakob: Hrm. I find it incredibly annoying that there is truth in the words 
you speak. 

Hana: Hah, I knew it! 

Jakob: That self-satisfied look on your face is bothersome. Return to your 

Hana: Oh no, I have to stop verbally sparring with you? Say it isn't so!
Hana A

Hana: Yaaaa!

Jakob: It's kind of amazing how you never seem to tire from training so 

Hana: Oh, hello, Jakob. 

Jakob: With all the time you spend training and honing your katana skills... 
You've seen improvement, right? 

Hana: Of course! I know that I've grown much stronger than I used to be. But 
there is always room to get better. 

Jakob: Hrmph, that's no surprise. There's a limit to how much you can learn 
on your own. 

Hana: Yeah, you're probably right. 

Jakob: In that case, I will be your opponent in the future. 

Hana: Excuse me? You're going to spar with me? 

Jakob: What's with that look? Do you have a problem training with me? 

Hana: No, I'm just surprised that you're offering to help me... 

Jakob: Help you? Don't be foolish. I'm offering to spar with you for my own 
reasons. Specifically, so that I can become stronger and better protect 
Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Hana: Ahhh, that sounds much more like something you'd say. I will, however, 
take back what I said about you before. You're not rotten to the core. Your 
core may actually be all right. 

Jakob: You're only just now realizing this? You really are a bit slow... But 
enough chatter! Let's get started. I won't be holding back. 

Hana: I wouldn't want you to! Come at me with all you got!
Hana S

Jakob: Hana, come join me for a sparring session or two. 

Hana: Oh, hello, Jakob. Sure, that sounds all right with me. Unusual for you 
to be the one starting us off, though. 

Jakob: I've realized that I need to redouble my efforts at becoming stronger. 

Hana: Why is that? 

Jakob: Because the number of people I want to protect has doubled. 

Hana: Oh? Someone in addition to Lord/Lady Avatar? 

Jakob: Indeed. 

Hana: So, who's the lucky person? 

Jakob: You, actually. 

Hana: Who's Yew? Did they join our group recently? 

Jakob: *sigh* Y. O. U. I'm talking about you! 

Hana: Oh. OH! Oh... 

Jakob: I don't even know what to say. Regardless, I want to protect you as 
well as Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Hana: But... why would you want to do that? 

Jakob: It must be obvious: it's because I'm in love with you. 

Hana: I don't know what to say. I'm so surprised... 

Jakob: What is so surprising? I think you can understand wanting to protect 

Hana: No, I absolutely get that part. I'm having trouble with you pointing at 
me and saying lo... lov... the L word. 

Jakob: Love. I'm talking about loving you. I want us to be together, Hana. I 
want it with all my heart. 

Hana: Are you sure? I mean, you aren't just saying this to find out how I 
feel, are you? 

Jakob: How you feel? What do you mean? 

Hana: You're rough around the edges, and you can be rude sometimes... And yet 
I find myself caring about you very much. I think as much as you say you care 
about me. 

Jakob: Then... you love me as well? We can be together? 

Hana: Yes, Jakob! Of course!
B1. Orochi C

Orochi: Why, if it isn't Jakob! Your timing is impeccable.

Jakob: What can I help you with, Orochi?

Orochi: Nothing much. Simply bored. But I do wonder... Would you mind if I 
told your fortune? You know, just for fun?

Jakob: A bit of fortune-telling? I must admit that I'm curious.

Orochi: It will take me only a moment to commune with the future. ...... Ah, 

Jakob: Well then, let's hear it. Come on, I don't have all day, Orochi.

Orochi: I've found out... that your personality is lacking.

Jakob: My personality-?

Orochi: Is lacking, yes.

Jakob: That's not a fortune. That's just slander and nonsense.

Orochi: Heh. It has the ring of truth to me. With that, I conclude my 
communion with the higher truths of the future.

Jakob: What would provoke you to pounce upon me like this, Orochi? It's 
hardly becoming of you.
Orochi B

Orochi: Why, if it isn't Jakob! Your timing is impeccable.

Jakob: I'm not falling for this again, Orochi. No more slanderous fortunes.

Orochi: Oh? You knew just what I've come for. So, you can tell the future 
too? Ha! I only jest. I know you're blind to such things, Jakob.

Jakob: Yes, my dear. You just keep laughing. You're only making a mockery of 
yourself. Off with you, scamp!

Orochi: I'm being genuine. I'd like to tell your fortune-to make up for last 

Jakob: I said OFF with you!

Orochi: Does that seem wise? It's about the future of you and your master, 
after all.

Jakob: About me and Lord/Lady Avatar?

Orochi: But I'll be off-you've said it twice. No need for thrice.

Jakob: Wait. I said only for you to go, not that I didn't want to know!

Orochi: That sounds paradoxical. Please be clear. Shall I tell your fortune 
or not?

Jakob: I beg of you, Orochi. Tell me what you've learned. You mustn't go 
until you do!

Orochi: When then, let's prepare.

Jakob: Didn't you say you'd already seen the future of me and my master?

Orochi: I did. But it was foggy, and I need materials to make it clearer. 
I'll need some specific herbs for my incantation. Then and only then, can I-

Jakob: Yes, yes. Give me your shopping list.

Orochi: My list, sir. Here you go.

Jakob: I'll go fetch these herbs, Orochi. Immediately, posthaste!
Orochi A

Jakob: I found those fortune-telling herbs for you, Orochi.

Orochi: It must have been a nightmare getting these, Jakob. I happen to know 
that these herbs grow only on crumbly cliffs.

Jakob: I scuffed a nail, that's all. And perhaps sprained an ankle. But never 
mind that. You've got your herbs. Please now! Tell me what lies in the future 
for me and Lord/Lady Avatar.

Orochi: Take a seat, Jakob.

Jakob: Yes, of course.

Orochi: ...... Oh, my! What's this?!

Jakob: Out with it!

Orochi: ......

Jakob: Must I plead? Say it.

Orochi: Do you truly want to hear... this?

Jakob: I didn't scale those treacherous cliffs for nothing, Orochi.

Orochi: Swear to me that, no matter what I may say, you won't get angry?

Jakob: Wh-what? Why?

Orochi: Just swear it, that's all.

Jakob: I won't swear any such thing. Just tell me NOW.

Orochi: Very well. What lies in your future is... That is, what lies in the 
future for you and Lord/Lady Avatar is...

Jakob: Wait.

Orochi: I'm sorry. The prediction must be said! The future cannot be silenced 

Jakob: I command you-say nothing! Augh!

Orochi: Huh? Where'd he go? Heh. And here I hadn't actually seen the future 
yet. My, my, my-I guess my theatrics scared off the little dear.

Jakob: Caught you.

Orochi: Uh, wait. I can explain.

Jakob: Explain... theatrics? Don't bother. I call an end to these high jinks.

Orochi: S-sorry, Jakob.
Orochi S

Jakob: I've been troubled by something, Orochi. Can you-or can you not-tell 

Orochi: Of course I can. But I can see why you'd doubt me. I've played a 
prank or two on you.

Jakob: Indeed you have.

Orochi: Still, please don't doubt my power to see the future. It may prove 

Jakob: I hoped you'd say that. I desperately need my fortune told, Orochi.

Orochi: I swear that I'll do right by you this time, Jakob. No pranks. What 
do you need to know? Name it.

Jakob: I want to know who I will marry.

Orochi: ......

Jakob: Are you... looking into it?

Orochi: Ah. That wasn't my seeing-the-future face. It's my sorry-but-no face.

Jakob: But you promised, Orochi. Must you eternally toy with me?

Orochi: You don't understand.

Jakob: I understand that you keep promising me the future, then denying me 

Orochi: Well, if I must-I'll tell you. Who will your wife be?

Jakob: Once and for all, yes!

Orochi: ...... Your wife will be... What?! No, it can't be!

Jakob: Who is it? Pardon my excitement. I meant, of course, whom.

Orochi: It's me.

Jakob: Ah. What a relief.

Orochi: A relief?! Didn't you hear what I said?! It's ME.

Jakob: Please, your exclamations are hurting my ears, Orochi. All is well. 
That is, all will be well... after you accept this.

Orochi: A ring?!

Jakob: Hello, Wife. Will you please take this from me?

Orochi: ......

Jakob: Is that your seeing-the-future face or your I-accept-happily face?

Orochi: Neither! Both! Neither! I'm sorry. This is just so unbelievable. You 
want to marry me?

Jakob: Did you-or did you not-say that you could tell the future?

Orochi: I did, but as for whether I will say "I do"... That's my choice. 
First I need to know why you wish to marry me!

Jakob: Your prankishness is charming. Who can say why I'd swoon for such 
foolishness? Love is whimsy.

Orochi: Truer words have never been spoken. I feel just the same.

Jakob: About love-or about me? Honestly, I don't think I've heard your answer 

Orochi: Well, the cards have spoken. The tea leaves have been read. The 
horoscopes have been... horoscoped. They all say that I must marry you. But I 
will not do what my fortunes say-I'll live alone first!

Jakob: Then dash the cards and the tea leaves. What do YOU say? Please. I beg 
on bent knee. I need you and your pranks-'til the day I die!

Orochi: Aha. There's the proposal I wanted. In that case, I do. Now give me 
that darn ring.
B1. Setsuna C

Setsuna: *sigh* I've fallen into a pit...again.

Jakob: Hah, it looks like you're having fun in there, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: Hi, Jakob... Does this really look that fun to you? I wasn't sure, 
but if you think so... 

Jakob: From where I'm standing, it's plenty funny, anyway. 

Setsuna: Funny things are entertaining... Entertainment is fun... As I think 
about it, I feel like I'm starting to enjoy myself... 

Jakob: Hah. You should stay in that hole, then. No one is going to make you 
get out. 

Setsuna: Ah, that sounds nice. I think I will stay. 

Jakob: Listen, give a shout if you think you're going to starve to death or 
something. Someone-other than me-will come along to rescue you. 

Setsuna: OK... 

Jakob: So long, Setsuna. 
(Jakob leaves) 

Setsuna: Bye, Jakob... *hum* This...isn't actually as fun as I thought.
Setsuna B

Setsuna: Hm... This pit is deeper than others I've fallen into... I don't 
think I'll be able to get out of this one on my own.

Jakob: It's almost impressive how you reliably find pits and traps to fall 
into. Do you really like being trapped that much? 

Setsuna: Hi, Jakob... I don't like being trapped, actually. At least, I don't 
think I do... 

Jakob: For someone who doesn't like being trapped, you fall into a lot of 
pits. Either you're very deceptive... or you constantly act without spending 
time thinking about what you're doing. 

Setsuna: Are you saying I'm ambitious? Thank you... No one has ever called me 
that before... 

Jakob: ...Or maybe you're just a fool. 

Setsuna: Will you help me out of this trap, Jakob? 

Jakob: What's that? You don't really like being in these traps? 

Setsuna: I guess... I don't know. What do you think? 

Jakob: Personally, I don't care if you stay down there forever. But that's 
just me. 

Setsuna: I guess that is one option... I'm getting a little hungry, though. 
Maybe I should get out of here... 

Jakob: If you want out, you should use your own strength and climb out. 

Setsuna: OK, that might work. I think I've got to get a good grip on the 
edge, and then... Oh noooooooooo... 

Jakob: I don't know what to say. 

Setsuna: *sigh* I fell back in. I don't think I can do this on my own... 

Jakob: That is a really deep hole. You can barely reach the edge when you 

Setsuna: I'm sorry... Jakob, could you help me? 

Jakob: Tsk. You're so hopeless.
Setsuna A

Jakob: This is unbelievable. How could I fall for such an obvious trap?

Setsuna: Hey there, Jakob... What are you doing down there in that pit? 

Jakob: Who...? Oh. Great. As if things couldn't get any worse, now the lady 
of falling for traps has arrived. 

Setsuna: I think I've fallen into this pit before... Are you having fun down 

Jakob: Does it look like I'm having fun? If you think this is at all fun, 
you've got a decidedly unique view of life. 

Setsuna: I've been told before that I see things differently than others... I 
don't know why people keep paying me such a nice compliment... 

Jakob: ...Whatever, just hurry up and help me get out of this pit. 

Setsuna: OK. I'll just hop down in there... 

Jakob: What?! Don't do tha- *sigh* Now we're both down here, with no one to 
pull us back up! 

Setsuna: But this way we're not lonely... 

Jakob: I'm speechless. 

Setsuna: What should we do now? 

Jakob: I suppose we've only got one option. Climb up on my shoulders. You 
should be able to reach the edge by standing there. 

Setsuna: OK... Here I go. 

Jakob: Be careful; if you're too heavy, I won't feel bad about dropping you. 
All right, you're up. Now reach up and pull yourself out. 

Setsuna: Hey, Jakob... 

Jakob: What? Can you still not reach? 

Setsuna: This is... kinda fun... 

Jakob: No it's not! Your feet are digging into my shoulders! Get OUT! 

Setsuna: OK... I'll try... 

Jakob: Ugh... What have I done to deserve this...
Setsuna S

Jakob: Setsuna, stop right where you are. 

Setsuna: Jakob? What's the matter? 

Jakob: Are you not looking where you're going? There's a huge hole right in 
front of you. 

Setsuna: Oh, you're right. I was daydreaming and didn't even notice it... 

Jakob: That's why you're constantly falling for traps. You've got to be more 

Setsuna: But... I really enjoy daydreaming... I think of all kinds of neat 
things when I do it. 

Jakob: Maybe, but you lose whatever sense of danger you have, too. *sigh* I 
suppose I have no choice. I'll need to watch over you from now on. 

Setsuna: What do you mean...? 

Jakob: It seems like you're constantly daydreaming yourself into trouble. 
Someone has to keep an eye on you. I suppose that someone can be me. 

Setsuna: I see... Thank you, Jakob... 

Jakob: However, I can't watch over you every hour of every day if I'm just 
your comrade. Obviously that would need to change. 

Setsuna: How would it change, though? 

Jakob: Well... It would probably be easiest if we were to get married... 

Setsuna: What...? 

Jakob: That way it won't seem at all odd for me to be around you all the 

Setsuna: I suppose that makes sense... but is that a good enough reason to 
get married? 

Jakob: I suppose it might not be... To be honest, though, it's not my only 
reason for suggesting it. It seems that I've fallen for you, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: You have? 

Jakob: Indeed. I don't really know how it happened, either... I suppose it's 
a lot like you and the traps you fall into: I didn't see it coming. There's 
no logical reason for it, but that could just be how love is. 

Setsuna: Jakob... 

Jakob: I'm sorry, I didn't even hear your answer before I started explaining 

Setsuna: I like you too, Jakob... Even if you, just like me, act without 
thinking sometimes. I think we should be together. 

Jakob: Really? I'm so glad to hear that! 

Setsuna: Remember, though; you said you'd help me stay out of traps... That's 
going to be pretty hard to do. 

Jakob: Leave it to me!
B1. Oboro C

Oboro: They say you've been volunteering for mop- up operations left and 
right. Is that true? 

Jakob: Pardon? You're... Oboro, right? 

Oboro: I didn't come here to introduce myself. Answer the question. 

Jakob: You heard correctly, then. 

Oboro: I had a bad feeling about you... and it looks like I was right. 

Jakob: It's clear by your face that you don't care much for me. 

Oboro: *shrug* People who willingly go on mop-up runs are scum, plain and 
simple. Getting your jollies by going after troops who've already been beaten 
is disgusting. 

Jakob: I take no pleasure in it. 

Oboro: Doesn't matter. You volunteered, which makes you just as bad. That's 
why I'm giving you the stink-eye. 

Jakob: Think what you like. It has no bearing on me one way or the other. 

Oboro: All right, then. Good talk.
Oboro B

Oboro: It's you... 

Jakob: So you're going to make that face every time you see me, hmm? 

Oboro: Probably. 

Jakob: That's overreacting a little to my decision to volunteer for the mop-
up operation, no? Out on the battlefield, you can't always pick and choose 
your allies. 

Oboro: Sorry. I hate what I hate. There must be something you despise on that 
same gut level, right? 

Jakob: I only have one standard of judgment. There are those who side with 
Lord/Lady Avatar, and everyone else. 

Oboro: That's a simplistic way of looking at things. 

Jakob: Maybe, but it's all that matters to me. Lord/Lady Avatar's enemies are 
my enemies. His/Her allies are my allies. 

Oboro: Now explain to me what that has to do with mowing down helpless 

Jakob: It has everything to do with it. It's impossible to truly know an 
enemy's mind just by looking at them. So long as they're armed, they present 
a threat to Lord/Lady Avatar. That's why I'm so ruthless in stamping them 
out, even when they're weak. I don't care if it's underhanded or if you're 
uncomfortable with it. It must be done. 

Oboro: You care that much about Lord/Lady Avatar? 

Jakob: Have a care, Oboro. 

Oboro: Seriously? Why? 

Jakob: I don't care about your opinion of me. But if you do anything, or fail 
to, that puts Lord/Lady Avatar at risk... I will consider you his/her enemy 
and crush you without hesitating. 

Oboro: Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. I'd never think of betraying 
Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Jakob: Of course not. I just thought it would be good for us both to know 
where we stand.
Oboro A

Oboro: Jakob. 

Jakob: You stopped baring your teeth at the sight of me. I'm honored. 

Oboro: Yeah... I've gotten used to you by now. 

Jakob: Despite my willingness to take on mop-up operations? 

Oboro: Stop right there. It's not like I'm mad about that for no reason. 

Jakob: Oh...? 

Oboro: I'll never forget the sight of it...the moment those Nohrians killed 
my family. My parents weren't even fighting back, but the bandits cut them 
down in front of me. 

Jakob: Right before your eyes? Were you on your own after that? 

Oboro: Nah. After my parents died, I got passed off on some relatives at the 
castle. They were soldiers, and never had children, so they raised me like 
their own daughter. I figured I'd return the favor by training hard, and now 
here I am. 

Jakob: I see... 

Oboro: It was terrible, what happened, but... I've made my peace with it. I 
wouldn't have become a soldier if my parents weren't killed. But sometimes I 
get to thinking... What if the bandits raided some other caravan? Or if 
they'd left after looting the wagons, instead of wiping everyone out? 

Jakob: And that's what comes to mind now when you think of mop-up operations, 
hmm? That's why you hate those who willingly perform these duties. 

Oboro: Look, I know the enemy is the enemy, and sometimes you have to be 
merciless. But still... 

Jakob: Nobody has a perfect heart. 

Oboro: Come again? 

Jakob: Hate all you like. You have better reasons than most. 

Oboro: Jakob... 

Jakob: If you take it too far, mind you, I'll put a stop to it. But so long 
as you're Lord/Lady Avatar's ally, you are my ally as well. 

Oboro: Thanks... I think. I already considered you an ally anyway. 

Jakob: That's your prerogative.
Oboro S

Jakob: I need a promise from you, Oboro. 

Oboro: Hello to you too, Jakob. Is this how you start all your conversations? 

Jakob: Just listen. It's important. 

Oboro: So what do I need to promise? 

Jakob: That you'll never betray Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Oboro: Oh, come on... 

Jakob: Promise me. 

Where is this coming from? Do you really think I'd betray Lord/Lady Avatar? 

No. If I did, this encounter would be going very differently. 

Oboro: Then don't ask such silly questions! I'd never backstab Lord/Lady 

Jakob: You're right, of course. I just wanted to be absolutely sure. 

Oboro: Is this a thing you're doing now? Going around and making everyone 

Jakob: No. I was only interested in your response. Because out of everyone 
here... I could never bring myself to fight you... 

Oboro: What are you getting at? 

Jakob: It seems that... I've fallen for you, Oboro. 

Oboro: What?! 

Jakob: I had hoped that one day we might be...  married... 

Oboro: Y-you want to marry me? This is the first I knew you were interested 
at all! What brought this on? 

Jakob: I like to think that I'm a good judge of character. I'm confident I 
understand your charms better than anyone else. 

Oboro: I... I'm flattered, but... 

Jakob: And now that you've promised never to betray Lord/Lady Avatar... I can 
feel comfortable proposing to you. 

Oboro: I... see... 

Jakob: Please marry me, Oboro. I'd like to start a family of our own. 

Oboro: A new family... That's the greatest thing anyone has ever suggested to 
me. I'll do it, Jakob. I'll marry you. 

Jakob: I'll be counting the days to the ceremony. 

Oboro: But I need a promise from you too first. 

Jakob: Name it. 

Oboro: You can't die. I won't be left alone again. 

Jakob: Oh, my dear Oboro... I'd never do that to you. I promise to always 
stay by your side and ensure that your days are happy ones.
B1. Kagero C

Jakob: Hey there, Kagero. I'm just on my way to- What in the world is that 

Kagero: Hello, Jakob... It's just a normal painting. Is there something the 

Jakob: What was your inspiration for this image? I'm having trouble picturing 
the subject as anything that exists in our reality... 

Kagero: Doesn't it resemble a cat to you? 

Jakob: A... a cat? You mean this was supposed to be a painting of a cat? 

Kagero: Not supposed to be. It is a painting of a cat. 

Jakob: I don't know about that. If I close one eye and tilt my head to the 
left... and squint a little... I think I see an older woman, smiling as she 
sits on a pincushion. 
Kagero: That's not at all what I painted. It's odd that you see that. 

Jakob: It is quite odd indeed. 

Kagero: I promise you, what I've painted here is a cat. 

Jakob: A cat with features decidedly unlike any cat I have ever seen. 

Kagero: ...That's fine. Honestly, I wasn't planning on showing this painting 
to anyone, anyway.
Kagero B

Kagero: Hmmm... If I just add a touch more of this color, it should be about 

Jakob: Hello, Kagero. What are you...by the gods! I see you're creating 
another ominous painting today... 

Kagero: Hello, Jakob. 

Jakob: What is the subject of this painting? 

Kagero: Can you not tell from looking at it? 

Jakob: I apologize. I can't seem to place what I am looking at... 

Kagero: *sigh* Here I thought I had done a better job of making it clear... 

Jakob: It's all right! Let me see... Is it an ogre letting out a battle cry? 

Kagero: It's a cat. Again. 

Jakob: How could this possibly be considered a cat? I can't see it at all! 

Kagero: I assure you it is. Look over there. That sleeping cat is what I was 
trying to paint. 

Jakob: I don't understand how you can look at that cat... And end up painting 

Kagero: I can see the cat quite clearly, though. I think something is off 
with how you view the world. 

Jakob: It's your aesthetic sense that's off. 

Kagero: I will admit you aren't the first person to say that to me. 

Jakob: I suppose it isn't a bad thing... You can draw whatever you like. Your 
style has just grown very... unique... as you've practiced. 

Kagero: Speaking of which... Would you like to help me with my next painting, 
Jakob? It may improve my paintings if I have someone else involved in the 
process. You could even create something of your own, too. I've already got 
all the supplies we would need. We could start right now. 

Jakob: Really? I've never tried before... But sure, let's give it a shot. 

Kagero: I can help you out with anything you don't understand; just ask. The 
basics of painting are second nature to me. 

Jakob: A-ah, I appreciate any help you can offer...
Kagero A

Jakob: Kagero. 

Kagero: Hello, Jakob. 

Jakob: You really do enjoy painting, don't you? 

Kagero: I do. I find it very relaxing. It helps me center myself, kind of 
like meditation. 

Jakob: I see. Was I disrupting that by commenting on the scenes you were 

Kagero: Not in the least. If anything, it was very helpful to have your 
feedback on my paintings. I actually look forward to when you come by. It's 
somewhat rare to get a truly honest opinion out of someone. 

Jakob: Heh. I really don't see how anyone couldn't have an opinion about your 
work. It is incredibly unique. 

Kagero: Can you tell what I'm working on right now? 

Jakob: Oh, of course. This is easy! It's a cat. It has to be a cat. 

Kagero: Heh. Alas, this time I am not painting a cat. 

Jakob: Aw, really? I thought for sure I knew what it was... 

Kagero: Then... you have no idea at all what I've been working on? I can just 
tell you if you don't know. 

Jakob: Wait, let me take a closer look. Hmmm. It looks like...a bald man, his 
eyes filled with tears, brandishing a whip! 

Kagero: ... It's you, smiling. 

Jakob: Th-that's how you'd paint my face?! 

Kagero: I was so sure I'd gotten this one right. Apparently my confidence 
wasn't conveyed in my paintbrush. 

Jakob: But... I don't shave my head! This person doesn't have a strand of 
hair left! 

Kagero: I thought I'd observed enough of you when you were my painting 
companion. I was going to give you this as a gift, but considering how you 
reacted... it might be better just to get rid of it. 

Jakob: Tsk... If you're only going to throw it away, I'll take it. 

Kagero: Are you sure? 

Jakob: You poured some feeling into this painting; it has special meaning as 
a result. Plus, it will probably work as a ward against demons. Go ahead and 
make any finishing touches to it, and then I'll happily take it. 

Kagero: Heh... All right.
Kagero S

Jakob: Kagero, what do you think of this painting? 

Kagero: Hmm... 

Jakob: Just so you know, it isn't a painting of a cat. 

Kagero: I can see that much. It looks like it's a man and a woman standing 
side by side. 

Jakob: That's it exactly. 

Kagero: I like it. Looking at it makes me feel all warm inside. I can tell 
the emotions of the artist are contained in the art. 

Jakob: I'm glad. I was the artist who painted it, after all. 

Kagero: Really? This is an original of yours? 

Jakob: Indeed. It was kind of scary doing this when I am absolutely not used 
to it. But I really needed to express my feelings to you, and this was the 
perfect way. 

Kagero: Your feelings? What do you mean? 

Jakob: I feel like our relationship has really grown as we've worked on 
painting, don't you? I wanted to capture how you make me feel with this 

Kagero: ... 

Jakob: Kagero, I want to be with you. 

Kagero: Jakob... 

Jakob: You make me feel so good when we're together. I can't think of anyone 
else I'd rather stand next to through life. 

Kagero: You mean... The man and the woman in your painting... They're meant 
to be us, aren't they? 

Jakob: Y-yes... 

Kagero: Are you sure you want this, though? I'm a ninja, and I am sworn to 
Lord Ryoma. If it was needed, I would give my life for him in a heartbeat. 

Jakob: I completely understand that, though. I wouldn't bat an eye if I 
needed to give my life to save Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Kagero: Jakob... 

Jakob: We were meant to be together, Kagero. What do you say? 

Kagero: If you are fine with what I just said... Then yes. I will stand by 
your side. 

Jakob: I couldn't ask for more.

B2. Azura C

Azura: Hello, Kaze.

Kaze: Milady, are you talking to me? To what do I owe this honor?

Azura: Goodness. You make it sound like I've never spoken to you before!

Kaze: Well, every time we've talked, I've been the one who initiated the 

Azura: Is that so?

Kaze: Yes. In fact, all of our conversations have been limited to me 
delivering messages. But I never took it personally. I know you prefer to 
avoid people if you can help it.

Azura: You know how to put it quite plainly, don't you?

Kaze: I am sorry! I didn't mean to be so blunt, milady. How rude of me!

Azura: That's all right. You spoke the truth. I need to ask you a favor.

Kaze: Consider it done. I will grant anything milady requests.

Azura: But I haven't even told you what it is!

Kaze: It is my duty to obey without hesitation. Please, tell me how I may be 
of service.

Azura: Why don't you follow me? I'll explain on the way...
Azura B

Kaze: Milady! About your request from the other day... 

Azura: Ah, yes. Did everything go OK? 

Kaze: Yes. The carrier pigeon just returned with this message tied to its 
foot. Here. 

Azura: Oh, thank you! ...It says here that she got the medicine. I hope it 

Kaze: You're such a kind person, milady! To be thinking of your nana who is 
so far away... 

Azura: She looked after me all those years. She was practically like family. 
I've been so worried ever since I heard she'd fallen ill. 

Kaze: Hopefully the herbs you sent will restore her to full health. 

Azura: I hope so too, Kaze. Thank you again for your help. You always go 
above and beyond. 

Kaze: It was nothing! I am always happy to deliver messages as well as 

Azura: ...Oh. What's this? There's something else tucked inside the letter. I 

Kaze: That looks like a flower petal. Haven't I seen that flower before? 

Azura: Oh! Yes! *sniff* 

Kaze: Milady! Are you crying? Is everything all right?! 

Azura: *sob* We used to pick these flowers... *sniff* ...all the time! She 
taught me how to make them into flower crowns. *sob* 

Kaze: Milady, surely this should make you happy! 

Azura: It does. It's just... I'm sorry! I can't believe I sobbed all over 
your sleeve. Excuse me... 
(Azura leaves) 

Kaze: Lady Azura, wait!
Azura A

Azura: Kaze, I am so embarrassed about the other day. I can't believe I cried 
like that. 

Kaze: Don't apologize, milady. Your tears showed how deeply you must care for 
your nana. 

Azura: I have so many happy memories playing with my nana in Hoshido. Anyway, 
I am fine now. Please, swear to me you will forget that ever happened! 

Kaze: Milady, I am afraid I cannot swear to that. 

Azura: What? 

Kaze: The image of you crying, clutching at my sleeve, will be burned in my 
memory forever. I could not forget even if I tried. 

Azura: Kaze, that is not fair! Don't taunt me like that. At least promise not 
to tell anyone! 

Kaze: Haha! I guess you will have to be extra nice to me in order to keep my 
silence. Here. If it will make you feel better, I shall renew my vow of 
service to you. 

Azura: Fine then. If you insist. 

Kaze: Milady, I swear to always protect you and your nana even if it should 
cost me my life. 

Azura: Goodness, Kaze. That's very chivalrous of you. I've really come to 
rely on you. 

Kaze: Should you ever need anything, I will be at the ready, awaiting your 
Azura S

Azura: Kaze, do you have a minute? 

Kaze: Why yes, milady! I am delighted every time you wish to speak with me. I 
look forward to our conversations. They are becoming a regular thing now! 

Azura: Yes, they are, but I wish you would stop acting so surprised all the 

Kaze: I am not surprised! 

Azura: Well, you're blushing! Anyway, there is something I've been meaning to 
tell you... I have always felt uncomfortable around the Hoshidan royal 
family. I feel like I've been invited to a party, but I'm the only one not 
having any fun. 

Kaze: Well, they are a boisterous bunch. 

Azura: Haha! Yes. Now, when I feel out of place, I glance over to find you by 
my side. You give me a little smile, and suddenly, you and I are the only two 
people in the room. 

Kaze: Well, milady, you may have noticed that I can be shy too. I know how 
you feel. 

Azura: Kaze, having you near makes me feel at home no matter where I am. I 
often feel alone, but when I am with you, I know that I have at least one 
friend. I want you to know how much you mean to me. 

Kaze: Milady, you are stealing the words right out of my mouth! If it was up 
to me, I would never leave your side. I would marry you if I could... 

Azura: Kaze, I thought you would never ask. 

Kaze: You feel the same way? Really?! Please, will you marry me, Lady Azura? 
From this moment on, I promise to love and take care of you...and your nana! 

Azura: You are so sweet. My answer is yes, Kaze! Of course I'll marry you!
B2. Felicia C

Felicia: La la-la la-lee loo-lay ? It's so lovely out, I bet the laundry will 
dry in no time! Let's see... I just have to hang up these sheets and I'll be 
finished! Eeeek! Where did that wind come from? No! Please wait, Mr. 
Sheeeeeet! Aaaaaa- Oh! 

Kaze: Felicia. Are you the owner of this sheet? 

Felicia: Kaze! You caught it for me! Thank you so much! 

Kaze: No need for thanks. I'm just glad I could be of service. 

Felicia: Of course! You really helped me out there! Thanks to you, I might 
even finish all my chores today without a single mistake! 

Kaze: Is... that rare? 

Felicia: Er... maybe I shouldn't have said anything. But yes, it is. I'm not 
a very good maid. I try not to be a burden, but... I make a lot of mistakes. 

Kaze: I see. Well if that's the case, allow me to assist you now and then. 

Felicia: Oh, no, that's all right! I couldn't possibly impose on you like 

Kaze: Now, now. We're allies. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't lend 
a hand? 

Felicia: Well, when you put it that way-OK! I'd love to have your help. 

Kaze: Perfect. Let's hang up this laundry, then. 

Felicia: Er, I already finished that actually. 

Kaze: Have you indeed? Well, if you find anything else I can help with, 
please come get me. You know where I'll be. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Felicia: Wow! He just vanished! I wish I could do that! But...I DON'T know 
where he'll be... I guess I'll just work alone today...
Felicia B

Kaze: And with that, it appears we've got all the items on our list. 

Felicia: Yeah... 

Kaze: Hm? Did we forget to buy something? 

Felicia: Huh? Oh, no. I'm just surprised at how smoothly our shopping trip 

Kaze: Isn't that a good thing? It means you did well, Felicia. 

Felicia: No... I'm pretty sure it's just because you were here with me. And 
if you hadn't shown up when you did, I wouldn't even have had my shopping 

Kaze: Yes, well, we all lose things now and then. In any event, don't feel 
like you owe me anything. I told you I would assist you. Which is why I've 
been checking in on you regularly to make sure everything is OK. 

Felicia: You have?! So... that explains how the oven turned off before it 
started a fire... And how the paint can got switched with the wood varnish... 
And how the clothes already seemed ironed when I took them down... Thank you, 
Kaze. I'm in your debt. 

Kaze: Not at all. I am helping you because I want to. Well, that and- Ehem, 
never mind. 

Felicia: Huh? That and what? 

Kaze: Nothing. A slip of the tongue. Forgive me. 

Felicia: Hey! You're hiding something from me, aren't you?! 

Kaze: Of course not. I'm just happy to be of service. Is that not enough? 

Felicia: You can't fool me! 

Kaze: I have no idea what you're talking about. Good day. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Felicia: Hey! You can't just run away like that! KAZE!
Felicia A

Felicia: Now, I just need to bring it to a simmer... Oh! But first, a pinch 
of salt! 

Kaze: ...That is the sugar. 

Felicia: Aaack! Kaze! 

Kaze: Good evening, Felicia. Always remember to double-check your seasonings. 

Felicia: Y-yes, of course. But while you're here, I was hoping you could tell 
me something. The other day, you were just about to tell me why you were 
helping me, but stopped. What were you going to say? 

Kaze: Ah. You remember that. 

Felicia: Of course I do! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! It's 
been causing me to mess up my chores even more than usual! 

Kaze: Even more? That is a problem... Very well. But I want you to promise me 
something. You must never tell Lord/Lady Avatar what I am about to disclose. 

Felicia: Lord/Lady Avatar? OK, then. I promise. 

Kaze: The truth is... Lord/Lady Avatar asked me to look after you. 

Felicia: Wh-what?! So then... he/she doesn't really trust me, does he/she? 

Kaze: Well, I wouldn't put it like that. Lord/Lady Avatar cherishes you. I 
think that's why he/she came to talk to me. He/She just wanted to make sure 
you were OK. 

Felicia: I guess you're right. It's just... I only wanted to be helpful, but 
it turns out I'm just a burden on the both of you... 

Kaze: No. You're a valuable part of the army, Felicia. You shouldn't feel 
like a burden. That's what friends are for. So, please, don't beat yourself 
up too much over it. 

Felicia: OK. Thank you, Kaze. You always know what to say! 

Kaze: It's no problem. 

Felicia: So... does this mean we're friends? You're not just helping because 
you have to? 

Kaze: Of course. I said so from the beginning. I enjoy helping you. 

Felicia: That's great! I'm so happy to have you as my friend!
Felicia S

Felicia: Hey... Kaze? 

Kaze: Yes, Felicia? 

Felicia: I'm always happy for your help, but you seem to be dropping by more 
often lately. Sometimes you show up when I'm not having any trouble at all! 

Kaze: Do I? 

Felicia: You do! Are you just trying to be prepared for when I inevitably do 
make a mistake? Because you don't have to! There are whole days I don't make 
any mistakes at all! 

Kaze: No, you've got the wrong idea. 

Felicia: Then what is it? 

Kaze: It's because... I like being around you. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Kaze: Before... I only wanted to help you, as an ally and a friend. But I've 
come to realize that now I just want to spend time with you. I want to hear 
you laugh, and talk with you, and learn about you... I love you, Felicia. 

Felicia: You what me?! 

Kaze: Felicia, you're an honest person. You act always with earnestness and 
sincerity. And you are kind. You don't resent having devoted your life to 
serving others. As I've grown close to you, and come to see who you really 
are...I've fallen in love. Will you be with me? 

Felicia: Uh... I'm sorry, it's just- This is so unexpected! I'm so happy you 
told me this, Kaze... 

Kaze: You mean...?! 

Felicia: Yes. I am yours. 

Kaze: I have not felt such joy in a long time. Thank you, my love. I will 
protect you always. 

Felicia: And I'll do the same!
B2. Mozu C

Kaze: Hm? Mozu, what are you doing sitting all alone by the river? 

Mozu: Oh, hey there, Kaze. I'm just peeling and washing these potatoes. 

Kaze: I see. In that case, would you mind if I helped you? 

Mozu: Oh, no, that's OK. Really! This is my job. 

Kaze: Nonsense. I've nothing better to do, and I'm really quite good at it. I 

Mozu: What? You are? 

Kaze: I am. Here, just give me one of those, and... One, two, three... 

Mozu: Gosh, you're fast. It looks like you might even be better than me... 

Kaze: I used to cook a lot. Strange as it sounds, it was part of my training 
regimen. Oddly enough, my master also had me paint fences and polish armor. 
Household chores have a prominent role in Hoshidan martial-arts training. 

Mozu: I see... And here I was thinking I must be the best potato peeler in 
camp. Tell you the truth, it's a little disheartening to get one-upped like 

Kaze: I see. Well... if you'd ever like my help, please don't hesitate to 
ask. I'll teach you everything I know about the preparation of root 

Mozu: You'd do that for me? Thanks, Kaze! I appreciate it. I'll hold you to 
that though, you hear? 

Kaze: Yes, of course.
Mozu B

Mozu: Hmm? 

Kaze: Mozu? Is something the matter? 

Mozu: Well, I'm peeling these potatoes the way you showed me, but it's not 

Kaze: That's all right. If you practice a little while longer, I'm sure 
you'll master it. It's not something that can be learned overnight. Just like 
combat training. 

Mozu: Like combat training? 

Kaze: Yes. You build a foundation by practicing every day. You work it into 
your muscles. Then, using that foundation, you move on to advanced 
techniques. It's the same with cooking. You've got to work on the basics 
until they're mastered. 

Mozu: Yeah, I guess that makes sense.  

Kaze: All it takes is practice. You'll be peeling potatoes like lightning in 
no time at all. 

Mozu: Yeah! I guess I wasn't so good at cooking when I first started. But I 
just kept at it, and now I'm a pretty decent chef. I just gotta treat peeling 
potatoes the same way! 

Kaze: That's the spirit. I'm glad you're feeling better. 

Mozu: I owe it all to you! Thanks, Kaze! 

Kaze: It was nothing, Mozu. I am happy to help.
Mozu A

Mozu: Got a second, Kaze? 

Kaze: Of course. What do you need? 

Mozu: I feel like I finally got the hang of peeling potatoes like you showed 
me. So...how about we have a potato-peeling contest? 

Kaze: You want a rematch, eh? 

Mozu: Yep! Only reason I wanted to learn in the first place was so I could 
beat ya! 

Kaze: Very well. I accept. 

Mozu: Thanks, Kaze! OK, let's get started, then. Let me just set things up... 

Kaze: Certainly. 

Mozu: OK... Ready... set... GO! 

Kaze: Such power! Such speed! Is this truly the same Mozu?! 

Mozu: I'm not gonna lose again! Grrrrrr! 

Kaze: Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!! 

Mozu: Gah! There! All done! 

Kaze: That... was incredible. You are truly a virtuoso potato peeler, Mozu. I 
admit defeat. 

Mozu: Really? Yahoo! I did it! 

Kaze: You're such a hard worker. I can't wait to see how you improve next. 
Before long, we'll have a world-renowned chef on our hands. 

Mozu: Aw, shucks! No need for flattery now. 

Kaze: And you'll no doubt improve in other areas as well. I know it. Anything 
you set your mind to, you can achieve. 

Mozu: Well... I just want to be stronger. 

Kaze: Stronger? 

Mozu: Yeah! Out there on the battlefield... I still don't feel like I fit. 
I'm barely able to keep up with all y'all. 

Kaze: Mozu... 

Mozu: But talking to you always cheers me right up! And thanks to you, I know 
what to do! I just need to practice the fundamentals, every day, until I'm an 
expert fighter! 

Kaze: I'll be rooting for you. What's more, I'll train with you. If you'll 
allow me. 

Mozu: Thanks, Kaze! I'll be counting on you!
Mozu S

Mozu: Oh! There you are, Kaze! 

Kaze: Hello, Mozu. What have you got in that pot? 

Mozu: Soup! I made it to thank you for helping me out so much. Would you be 
willing to try it right now? 

Kaze: Of course. It smells delicious. You came at the perfect time-I'm 

Mozu: Don't get too excited! It's just some potato stew. Not any of that 
fancy stuff the royals you're always with are used to eating. 

Kaze: An appropriate dish, given all that potato peeling you've been doing. 
Hmm... Mozu! This is delicious! 

Mozu: Heehee! You like it? I'm right tickled. 

Kaze: I love it. It's... relaxing. Something about it reminds me of you. Warm 
and comforting. Not too showy, but plenty of character. It's good, strong, 
homemade food. 

Mozu: Teehee. Thanks! 

Kaze: Yes. If I could eat such food every day, I would be the happiest man 

Mozu: If it would make you that happy... I could cook for you every day! 

Kaze: Oh, no, I couldn't ask that of you. It would be far too much work. 

Mozu: No! Not at all! Maybe if it were for anyone else... but not for you. 

Kaze: Mozu... 

Mozu: You've been helping me out so much lately! It would kill me to be 
unable to repay you! And besides... I...have feelings for you, Kaze. I want 
you to be mine. 

Kaze: What?! Truly? I don't know what to say. Thank you, Mozu. You've made me 
so happy. 

Mozu: H-happy? You mean... you feel something for me, too? 

Kaze: Yes. You are one of the most honest, hardworking people I have ever 
met. I would like nothing more than to remain by your side forevermore. I 
love you, Mozu. 

Mozu: Oh, Kaze! It's like a dream come true! 

Kaze: I feel the same way, my love.
B2. Sakura C

Sakura: *sob* It's g-gone... 

Kaze: Lady Sakura, what's the matter? 

Sakura: Oh... Kaze. *sniff* Um...it's nothing. 

Kaze: Now, come on! I can't be fooled that easily, milady. Something's 
obviously wrong. 

Sakura: I don't want to bother you... (This is SO embarrassing!) 

Kaze: Nonsense! I could never leave you in such a state. Please, tell me... 

Sakura: W-well, I lost... something. (I hope he doesn't ask what it is!) 

Kaze: That's terrible! I promise...we'll find it at once. I'll help you look! 
...Uh, so what are we looking for? 

Sakura: It's going to sound silly... W-will you promise not to laugh? 

Kaze: Wha?! Do I seem like the kind of man who would laugh at a lady in 
distress? Surely you have more faith in me than that! 

Sakura: You're right, Kaze. I'm sorry. (I really have to tell him, don't I?!) 
I lost a... doll. 

Kaze: ...Ah, I see. Is there any chance you've had this doll since you were 

Sakura: Yes... but h-how did you know? 

Kaze: Well, it's clearly important. I'm sure your doll brings back many happy 
memories. Let's start looking! I'll ask around and see if anyone's seen it... 

Sakura: Kaze, thank you! You don't know how much this means to me...
Sakura B

Sakura: Kaze, thank you for helping me find my doll! 

Kaze: My pleasure! Just think... all that time, your doll was in the shop 
getting stitched up! 

Sakura: I know! Subaki thought he was being helpful. He wanted to surprise 

Kaze: Ha! Subaki is so neat and tidy. I bet that ripped seam drove him nuts! 
So tell me. Is the rumor true? You still sleep with this doll clutched tight? 

Sakura: Wha?! N-no...! I used to... b-but I don't do that now! 

Kaze: Hmm, that isn't what I heard... 

Sakura: Who told you that?! 

Kaze: Oh, don't be embarrassed! I think it's pretty cute. Lady Sakura sound 
asleep...her doll tucked under her arm... It's sweet. 

Sakura: ...Really?! *sigh* I'm so relieved... I mean-I would be if it was 
true, which it isn't! 

Kaze: *wink* Of course not!
Sakura A

Sakura: Kaze, I thought I'd show you a few more of my dolls...if you promise 
not to laugh. 

Kaze: Have I laughed yet? 

Sakura: No... Now that you mention it...you haven't! Here they are. I used to 
have four, but then I got this one. 

Kaze: Wow, this is really well made. Hmm...it kind of reminds me of 

Sakura: Hee hee, yes! I have one doll for each of my siblings. Their hair 
color matches, see? 

Kaze: I see... So this one is supposed to be Lord/Lady Avatar? 

Sakura: Yes... When everyone is off fighting, it's nice to have something to 
hold on to. 

Kaze: They must be very special to you. Do your siblings know? 

Sakura: Yes. Takumi rolled his eyes. He thinks it's immature... 

Kaze: Of course he does, but I bet Lord/Lady Avatar was happy to see this. 

Sakura: Yeah... along with Ryoma and Hinoka. Even Azura smiled. 

Kaze: You're lucky to have such a wonderful family. 

Sakura: Yes, they inspire me to keep going-my brothers and sisters and...you 
too, Kaze. 

Kaze: Thank you, milady. I would sacrifice body and soul to protect you and 
the others. We'll get through this. There will be peace on the other side of 
this war. You'll see. 

Sakura: I hope so.
Sakura S

Kaze: Lady Sakura. Is something wrong? 

Sakura: Huh?! N-no... 

Kaze: You seem... different. I thought something happened. You'd tell me, 
wouldn't you? 

Sakura: W-well, I... I was... just w-wondering. Kaze, do you think of me as a 
little girl? 

Kaze: Huh? You mean, because you're younger than I am...? I seem to remember 

Sakura: No, I mean because of the...dolls. You think I'm... childish, don't 

Kaze: Not at all! Lady Sakura, when I look at you, I see a beautiful, 
gracious young woman. 

Sakura: Beautiful? Do you really mean it...? 

Kaze: Yes! Inside and out! No one has a purer heart than yours. 

Sakura: Then... I have something to ask you, Kaze... Would you be my 

Kaze: Lady Sakura! 

Sakura: When I need help, you're the one I want to turn to. You always know 
what to say... Even though my problems might be... childish...you always take 
me seriously. Besides, Kaze, I'm not a child anymore. These are a woman's 

Kaze: Lady Sakura, I've been drawn to you since we first met, but you...you 
are a princess. I thought I'd have to keep my feelings a secret forever. I 
love you. Always have! Our stations in life are different, but I can't help 
it. I want to be the man by your side! 

Sakura: Kaze, that makes me so happy!
B2. Hinoka C

Kaze: Lady Hinoka. Pardon the interruption. I have come to deliver a letter 
from Lady Sakura. 

Hinoka: Ah, Kaze. Thank you. 

Kaze: No need for thanks. I am just performing my duty. Besides, it is an 
honor to be entrusted with your letters. I am happy to be of service. 

Hinoka: All right, all right. May I have the letter now? 

Kaze: Of course. Here you are. 

Hinoka: Haha! Sakura really knows her way around a pen. She's such a hoot on 
the page. Especially today. Must be in a good mood. 

Kaze: A good mood? That is excellent news. Though I am surprised to hear she 
is so different in writing than she is in person. 

Hinoka: No need to be shy if there's no one around, right? Now, let's see... 
Ah, so that's what it was. She found a beautiful field of flowers the other 
day. By the way, what did she look like when she handed you the letter? 

Kaze: She seemed ecstatic. She was smiling ear to ear. She said she wanted to 
tell you in person, but she needed to record her thoughts. It was an 
experience she did not want to forget. 

Hinoka: I see. Heh. Sounds just like her. Thank you, Kaze. 

Kaze: It was no problem. It warms my heart to see you two exchanging letters. 
I vow to continue serving your family to the best of my ability. 

Hinoka: You're being melodramatic again, Kaze. It's not that big of a deal. 

Kaze: Haha. Perhaps you're right, milady.
Hinoka B

Kaze: Lady Hinoka. I have another letter from Lady Sakura today. 

Hinoka: Ah, thank you, Kaze. Hmm... 

Kaze: What's the matter, milady? 

Hinoka: Something is wrong. She seems very upset about something. But she's 
not saying what it is. 

Kaze: I see. I thought she was acting strangely today. 

Hinoka: Is that so? 

Kaze: I do not think Lady Sakura wished to concern you. Perhaps she will be 
more forthcoming if you go to speak to her in person. 

Hinoka: Yes. You're right. I'll go see her as soon as I have some time. 

Kaze: Yes. I think that would be for the best. I only wish I could be more 

Hinoka: Huh? Did you say something? 

Kaze: ...No, it's nothing. Would you like me to bring a reply to her in the 
meantime, milady? 

Hinoka: Yes, good idea. Please wait here while I write it. 

Kaze: Of course, milady.
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Hey, Kaze. Got a minute? 

Kaze: Yes, milady. How may I be of service? 

Hinoka: Do you remember how Sakura was upset the other day? Well, I think we 
managed to work things out. 

Kaze: Oh? I'm glad to hear it. 

Hinoka: As you said, talking to her in person helped a lot. Thanks for the 

Kaze: No need to thank me. I had nothing to do with it. It was the strength 
of your bond. I talked to her myself, and it only made me more aware of how 
little I could do. 

Hinoka: Come on. Don't be like that. 

Kaze: Hm? 

Hinoka: I might never have thought to talk to her if you hadn't suggested it. 
So stop pitying yourself. All right? 

Kaze: ...Very well. Thank you, Lady Hinoka. I will continue to serve you both 
to the best of my abilities. If it facilitates better communication, perhaps 
I should watch Lady Sakura. 

Hinoka: Watch her? 

Kaze: Yes. So I can alert you immediately if anything bad happens. If you 
wish it, I will keep an eye on her at all times. 

Hinoka: All times? 

Kaze: Do not fear. I would not do anything too indiscreet, of course. 

Hinoka: No... I think that would be overkill. 

Kaze: Would it? 

Hinoka: Yes. But I appreciate the thought, Kaze. 

Kaze: Understood, milady. However, if you need anything else at all, do not 
be afraid to ask. 

Hinoka: Yes. Thank you, Kaze.
Hinoka S

Kaze: Lady Hinoka. Another letter for you from Lady Sakura. 

Hinoka: Oh... thank you. 

Kaze: You don't look well, milady. Is something troubling you? 

Hinoka: Yes, I suppose you could say that. 

Kaze: What is it? Is there anything I can do to help? 

Hinoka: The truth is... it's about a man. 

Kaze: A man? You mean... romantically? 

Hinoka: Yes. I'm trying to figure out how to tell him about my feelings. 

Kaze: Ah. So that's what's troubling you. For what it's worth, I think you 
could tell him any way you'd like. No one could turn down a woman as 
wonderful as you. 

Hinoka: Do you really mean that? 

Kaze: I do. 

Hinoka: ...All right. Here goes nothing. The man I'm talking about is you, 

Kaze: What?! 

Hinoka: You have such a kind and devoted soul. I admire it very much. Do you 
mind my saying so? 

Kaze: Of course not. If anything, the opposite. You've no idea how happy I 
am. Just now, when you said you had feelings for someone, I felt a pain in my 

Hinoka: Kaze... 

Kaze: But when you said that man was me... it was as if a heavy weight was 

Hinoka: You mean... you feel the same way? 

Kaze: Yes. I love you, Lady Hinoka. I have for some time now. I admired you 
from afar, knowing it was not proper for one like me to love a princess. But 
I cannot hide it any longer. I adore you. Your kindness, your strength, your 
ferocity. You are a special woman, milady. 

Hinoka: So, then. The real question. Do you believe you are ready to be with 
a princess? 

Kaze: Yes, if you will have me. I shall love you for the rest of time. 

Hinoka: Oh my. I think my heart just fluttered! I love you too, Kaze. 

Kaze: I am overcome with emotion. Thank you, Hinoka.
B2. Rinkah C

Kaze: Rinkah, do you have a moment?

Rinkah: Sure. What do you need?

Kaze: Well, you see, earlier today I helped a nice young woman carry her 
things home. In return, she gave me this sack of sweets.

Rinkah: That entire bag is filled with just sweets?! It must weigh 50 pounds!

Kaze: Yes... which is why I was hoping you could help. I can't eat all these 
by myself.

Rinkah: Oh. I see. I'll pass.

Kaze: Really? But I thought you'd appreciate it the most.

Rinkah: What do you mean by that?

Kaze: Your stomach's been growling all day. Did you think I hadn't noticed?

Rinkah: So what? That doesn't mean I'm hungry! *rumble*

Kaze: ...

Rinkah: Th-that wasn't what you think! It must have been... a mouse. That ran 

Kaze: Hmm... Perhaps I will just leave some of these sweets here for that 
poor little mouse.

Rinkah: Fine. Do what you want.

Kaze: I will. I hope the mouse enjoys its treat very much. I hear it has 
quite the sweet tooth.

Rinkah: The mouse would have you know it doesn't have any stinking sweet 
teeth. And the mouse wants to make it clear that this is a onetime 
occurrence. Does the ninja understand?

Kaze: Of course. Well, I should be off now. I'll talk to you later, Rinkah.
(Kaze leaves)

Rinkah: ... *munch munch*
Rinkah B

Kaze: Rinkah, I have some more sweets today. Would you like some?

Rinkah: Kaze... I thought I made it clear last time that I didn't want any 
more sweets.

Kaze: Ah. I believe you are confused. It was the mouse with the grumbly 
stomach that didn't want any more sweets.

Rinkah: You little-

Kaze: Rinkah, I know you love sweets. And I imagine you avoid them because 
you think it will make you look soft. But, trust me, no one will think less 
of you if you indulge yourself now and then.

Rinkah: Will you be quiet? My diet is none of your business!

Kaze: You are absolutely correct. However, I would be a bad friend indeed 
were I not concerned with your happiness. I don't think it's good to deprive 
yourself like this just to hide your sweet tooth.

Rinkah: I'm not hiding it. It's just something everyone needs to know about.

Kaze: So then you won't mind if I share it with the others?

Rinkah: Don't you dare! Why do you even care so much about what I eat, 

Kaze: I don't. I care that you seem so concerned with keeping up false 
appearances. Now, will you please accept this candy? It's your favorite...

Rinkah: Haven't I made myself clear? I don't want any more sweets!

Kaze: Well, yes, but I already know about you sugary little secret, right? So 
it's OK. You can east these withou worrying about it.

Rinkah: I'm not a damn child! You don't have to feed me. If I want sweets, 
I'll get some myself.

Kaze: You misunderstand. There are too many for me to eat. I'm asking you for 

Rinkah: Hmph... Fine. And, I guess... Well, thanks for your concern.

Kaze: Think nothing of it.
Rinkah A

Kaze: Rinkah, thanks again for helping me finish off those sweets the other 
day. I didn't know you could fit that much taffy in one stomach. 

Rinkah: Ugh... I can't believe I accepted food from you again... 

Kaze: Speaking of which, I was just given another bag today. Care for another 

Rinkah: Again? You've got to be kidding me! 

Kaze: I know, I know. I tried to refuse again and again, but she wouldn't 
have it. 

Rinkah: How do you get all these people to give you gifts all the time? I'm 
jeal- Um. Gelatin. I'm gelatin. 

Kaze: What? 

Rinkah: Nothing. I'm not jealous. Shut up. 

Kaze: You know, there's an easy way to solve that gelatin problem. If you 
just told people you like candy, I'm sure they'd be happy to share with you. 

Rinkah: Thanks, but no thanks. I'm fine. 

Kaze: Then I will have to engineer a way to get you candy secretly. Perhaps 
by eating more, you will come out of your shell... 

Rinkah: I'm not in a shell, and I don't need your help coming out of it! 
But...if you WERE to find a way to get me more sweets... I might not object. 

Kaze: Very well. Consider it done. 

Rinkah: Perfect. Now, if you could just give that bag of candy. And some 

Kaze: Of course. Good day, Rinkah.
Rinkah S

Kaze: Hello. 

Rinkah: You again? Another load of sweets to drop off? 

Kaze: No. There is something I wish to discuss with you. 

Rinkah: Discuss? 

Kaze: You look disappointed. Perhaps you were craving more sweets? 

Rinkah: Ugh... 

Kaze: I suspected as much. Well then, our discussion can wait. First we must 
find you some treats. 

Rinkah: No, that's OK. You're not responsible for my stomach, you know. 

Kaze: Yes, but I like making sure you are content. If I could have it my way, 
you'd never suffer from anything ever again. 

Rinkah: That's a little...weird. I can take care of myself, Kaze. 

Kaze: I know, but I'm afraid I can't help it... I'm in love with you. 

Rinkah: ... ... What? 

Kaze: I love you, Rinkah. I wish to be your partner in all things. 

Rinkah: So that's why you've been bringing me all this candy? 

Kaze: Yes and no. I'd like to think I'd have acted the same way even if I 
didn't love you. But I can't deny that I took particular pleasure in helping 
you as a result. And I know a part of me was happy that you kept your sweet 
tooth a secret. Because...it meant I could do something special for you. 

Rinkah: Kaze... 

Kaze: I'm sorry. I have acted...dishonorably. 

Rinkah: Aw, cut the dutiful-ninja crap, Kaze. You've done no such thing. 
And... I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing, being with you. Sure, yeah. 
Why not? 

Kaze: I... see. So, then... you have no strong feelings for me? Perhaps you 
should forget I said anything. I do not wish to pressure you into something 
you are indifferent to. 

Rinkah: No! You big, dumb oaf. Are you really gonna make me spell it out for 
you?! Fine! I love you too, and I want to be with you, you gorgeous dastard! 
Now, can we please move on? 

Kaze: Well. OK then. So... what do we do now? 

Rinkah: Heh. You could start by rounding me up another sack of sweets. 

Kaze: As you wish, my love.
B2. Hana C

Hana: Hrgh... Huff...

Kaze: Miss Hana-why are you carrying so many vegetables? 

Hana: Oh, Kaze! I was helping to pick them-huff-out in the field, and now I'm 
carrying them back. 

Kaze: You've got enough to last for weeks. Here, let me help you. 

Hana: No, no, no! I can-hrmph-do it myself! 

Kaze: That's a ton to carry... Why do you want to do it alone? 

Hana: I figure it would help-urgh-me get stronger. Don't you think carrying 
this much will build-hrgh-build my muscles up? 

Kaze: I think it'll just exhaust you; you're already drenched in sweat. Let 
me help you. Otherwise I'm not certain you'll make it all the way back. 

Hana: No, I'll be fine... Urgh... 

Kaze: It doesn't look like you'll be fine at all. Here, I'm gonna take a bit-
no more than half. 

Hana: Phew... OK, that was a good idea... Hey, wait a minute! You said half, 
but that's way more! 

Kaze: Haha, I think you're imagining things. 

Hana: No, I'm not! Hey, where are you going?! Give those back to me! 

Kaze: You'll have to catch me if you want them back. Come on now-let's be on 
our way. 

Hana: Grrrrr! That's not fair! You know I can't catch up with you-you're too 

Kaze: Hah, all right then, let's make a deal. I'll come along to help you in 
your training, and you'll stop doing exercises like this. 

Hana: Awww, you mean I can't make this part of my training? 

Kaze: I don't think so. If you're going to train, you should do it correctly. 
Trying to kill two birds with one stone can backfire on you. 

Hana: All right... You've got a deal. 

Kaze: Excellent. Let's head back with all these vegetables, then. 

Hana: OK!
Hana B

Hana: Another fantastic day of training! Thanks for coming along, Kaze! 

Kaze: I never thought you'd be so diligent about your training, Miss Hana. 

Hana: I told you not to underestimate me! All day, every day, I'm always 
thinking about ways to improve myself! 

Kaze: More than anything...I respect your dedication to your training. It's 
great to approach everything you do with determination and focus. 

Hana: Heehee... Thanks. 

Kaze: But why is it that you train so hard? You appear quite capable already. 

Hana: No, I have a long way to go. I need to always get stronger to protect 
Sakura. I didn't become her retainer by taking it easy, and I won't start 
doing so now! 

Kaze: Hahaha... Don't worry about that. No one would accuse you of being 

Hana: Well, they don't now... But I remember one time this one boy got to 
me... He looked me in the eyes and said, "A girl samurai just won't cut it!" 
That comment has stuck with me all my life. 

Kaze: But you've become a very respectable samurai in the end, haven't you? I 
don't think you need to worry about what people said in the past. 

Hana: Thank you... But I still remember the feeling of disgust when he said 
that to me. I refuse to sit by when women are looked down on or spoken to 
like that. I'll continue to prove that-girl or boy- anyone can do great 

Kaze: Ahhh, I see. So that's the source of your strength. 

Hana: That's right. And the thing that drives me to be stronger right now... 
is protecting Lady Sakura. 

Kaze: Of course, but make sure not to become reckless. Your strength comes 
from your strong will, but it could also get you in trouble. You don't want 
to get tunnel vision and suffer a serious injury on the battlefield. 

Hana: You're such a worrywart, Kaze! I know how to handle myself out there. 

Kaze: But... 

Hana: Oh! I just remembered that it's my turn to be on watch. Gotta go! 
Thanks for chatting with me, Kaze! 
(Hana leaves) 

Kaze: No problem... Hmm, I'm not certain she was really listening to me just 
Hana A

Kaze: Hana... Do you recall what it was I told you the other day? 

Hana: Um... Of course! Something about not being too reckless on the 

Kaze: That's right. And I heard that you charged, alone, directly into the 
enemy ranks today. 

Hana: But... I could hear them laughing, saying I'd be an easy foe because 
I'm a girl! I wasn't about to let that stand! 

Kaze: You didn't consider your place in the bigger battle plan, though. Our 
battle formation could have broken down because of your actions. Not to 
mention that everyone was worried about your well-being, surrounded like 

Hana: ...I'm sorry. 

Kaze: I know all too well how emotions can get under one's skin and drive 
irrational acts; I have experienced it firsthand. 

Hana: What do you mean? 

Kaze: My brother, Saizo, can really let his emotions get the best of him... 
He's definitely given me a scare before. 

Hana: Oh, I didn't know that... 

Kaze: That's why I spoke up. Drawing strength from your emotions is good, but 
don't get carried away by them. 

Hana: I understand... Sorry to have worried you, Kaze. 

Kaze: It wasn't just me. Everyone was worried about you. Just keep that in 
mind the next time we're in battle, OK? 

Hana: OK. I understand. 

Kaze: Now then, let me care for your wound. It looks like it's just a light 
graze, but we can't leave it that way. 

Hana: Thanks for helping. I want to get patched up so I can get back to 

Kaze: This isn't going to just heal overnight... Will you at least take it 
easy for a few days? 

Hana: OK, OK! Once I'm better, though, will you join me for my training 
sessions? When you're around, I seem to be able to keep my cool much more 

Kaze: Sounds good. Just let me know when you're all healed up and ready. 

Hana: Yay! I'll be looking forward to it!
Hana S

Kaze: Miss Hana, there's something I need to talk to you about. 

Hana: Hello, Kaze! It feels like you're being even more formal than normal. 

Kaze: You know, I've learned a lot coming with you on your training 
sessions... How intensely you believe in becoming stronger to protect Lady 

Hana: Uh huh... 

Kaze: I've realized that I want to help you. And the best way I can think of 
is to protect you. 

Hana: Wait, protect... me? 

Kaze: Exactly. Maybe it seems odd that I'd want to... But I want to because I 
have feelings for you. 

Hana: Um... 

Kaze: You would do me a great honor by being my partner. I would always 
support and defend you. It really is the only thing I wish for. 

Hana: What! You're... actually in love with me?! This isn't some strange 
joke, is it? 

Kaze: It isn't! I'm completely serious. This isn't inconvenient for you, is 
it, Miss Hana? 

Hana: No, not at all! Actually, I'm really happy about it... You always 
trained with me and were someone I could talk to about things... I think, 
honestly, that I have fallen in love with you and only just realized it. So 
yes! I'll be your partner and your protectee! 

Kaze: Hana, I can't tell you how happy I am! 

Hana: Aw, gosh! Oh, and I'm mostly kidding about needing to be protected. 

Kaze: What do you mean? 

Hana: Well, I'll be busy protecting you, of course. We'll help each other and 
keep each other out of trouble. That's what couples do! 

Kaze: Haha. I see. Thank you, Hana. I'm so glad we're doing this. 

Hana: Me too!
B2. Orochi C

Orochi: What an inconvenience-always having to forage for herbs.

Kaze: Pardon, Oro- 

Orochi: Eeeep! Oh. It's only you, Kaze. Please don't sneak up on me like 
that. You could be an assassin for all I know. 

Kaze: Hmm, yes. My apologies. I came only to inform you of some minor camp 

Orochi: Next time, could you say yoo-hoo or something? Give a girl a warning! 

Kaze: A ninja is as ninja does. It's my instinct to speak from an invisible 
position. Once more, my apologies. 

Orochi: Do what you will with everyone else. But with me-think twice. 

Kaze: A ninja must act so fast, it defies count. I may not even think once. 

Orochi: Well, congratulations to you for being faster than an abacus. Still, 
I'll warn you here and now. Don't do that again. Hmm. On the other hand, 
Kaze, rather than asking your discretion... I think I'll take this 
opportunity to defend myself against you. 

Kaze: There's no need. Consider me scolded. I'll do my best to- 

Orochi: Oh, no. We're doing this my way. I'll fight instinct with intuition. 
I'm going to make myself learn how to detect your stealthy approach. 

Kaze: Very well. I'm glad to help. What can I do to assist? 

Orochi: Just be yourself, you naughty cat. The mouse will do the rest. 

Kaze: So, I should... keep approaching you from the shadows? 

Orochi: Squeak, squeak! 

Kaze: May I take that in the affirmative, Orochi? 

Orochi: Oh, Kaze. Always so serious. Yes, from the shadows. Our game is on!
Orochi B

Orochi: I'm... exhausted. That darn Kaze.

Kaze: You called? 

Orochi: Eeeep! 

Kaze: Pardon, Orochi. It seems that I was able to approach you yet again in 

Orochi: Yes, I know. Twist the knife a little more, why don't you? 

Kaze: I can't play this game with you anymore, Orochi. I scare you every 
time. I have trained for years in the ways of stealth. You cannot expect to 
detect me so soon. Why, look how weary you are! 

Orochi: Shush. Orochi will not be defeated so easily. I will learn to do 

Kaze: Or you will collapse in a nervous wreck. Ninja are simply not seen. 

Orochi: We will play this game until it is done. I do not quit. 

Kaze: So, if you are committed to our game of cat and mouse... I have a 

Orochi: I'm listening. 

Kaze: This cat will wear a bell, the better for the mouse to hear me. 

Orochi: You'll actually wear a bell? Hmm, not bad. But it had better be a 
bell that rings ever so slightly. 

Kaze: Slightly it is. That will help you hear me at the threshold of 
perception. Mind you, I won't wear it in battle. Only during our games. 

Orochi: We aren't done yet today. Go strap on a bell, Kaze. I'll be listening 
for you. 

Kaze: I'm glad to serve, Orochi. Nice also to see you in better spirits. 
Orochi: Yes, yes. Just go find that bell. I'll be in a great mood when I hear 
your little ting-a-ling, Kaze.
Orochi A

Kaze: ...... *ting*

Orochi: Gotcha, Kaze. 

Kaze: Well done, Orochi. You can hear me approaching every time now. 

Orochi: Perhaps it's time to get rid of the bell. Or maybe not. I like the 
idea of you strapping on a bell for my sake. 

Kaze: Glad to do so. But I think you no longer need me to wear it. Your 
diligence has given you the ear of a ninja. 

Orochi: Then perhaps it's time to turn the tables, Kaze. Meow, meow, meow? 

Kaze: Pardon? I'm afraid you have caught me off guard there. Meow, did you 

Orochi: Your days of creeping up on me are over. Now...I can pounce on you! 
You see? That was my ploy all along. Orochi, a mouse? Never! I just didn't 
like getting outcatted by you. Now the hunt begins. 

Kaze: The hunt... for? Oh, I see. 

Orochi: You'd better start running, Kaze. Orochi is on the prowl. 

Kaze: Ah, just one problem. 

Orochi: Which is? 

Kaze: You may be able to hear a ninja-with a bell-but can you catch one? I'm 
fleet of foot. Gone before you can turn around. 

Orochi: But I trained so hard to outcat you! Maybe if you wear heavy 

Kaze: Training is over, Orochi. For you... and for me. I've learned what I 
wanted to: what my threshold of detection is. Now I know. So, off with the 
bell. Back to the shadows. Thank you for playing my little game. It's made me 
a better ninja. 

Orochi: Your game?! But this was MY game! 

Kaze: Heh. Was it? 
(Kaze leaves) 

Orochi: What?! The nerve of him. Who vanishes in the middle of a 
conversation?! Rude, rude, rude. I'll get you for this, Kaze. Do you hear 
me?! I'll get you! ...Kaze?
Orochi S

Orochi: I'll... I'll catch you, Kaze! You can't outrun me forever. 

Kaze: I think I can. Please, won't you consider giving up this silly game? 
You can't catch me. I am a ninja. You're... Orochi. The day can never catch 
the night. 

Orochi: Oh, stuff your ninja wisdom! I will catch you, Kaze. Or I will die 

Kaze: It would break my heart to see that happen. 

Orochi: To catch you? 

Kaze: To see you die, of course. Now, may I offer you another proposal? 

Orochi: Oh, I will not listen to another one of your proposals, Kaze. Last 
time you offered to wear a bell to make detecting you easier. But you made a 
fool of me in the end. I won't be toyed with! 

Kaze: I propose- 

Orochi: No more proposals, I said! 

Kaze: Please, listen. What I want to propose is...for you to wear a ring. 

Orochi: Is it a poison ring? Will it prick me? Paralyze me? Make me stop 
chasing you? 

Kaze: You see, this is what I love about you. 

Orochi: Er, love? 

Kaze: You're like a flame that's slipped out of a brazier-you light my world 
on fire. 

Orochi: I see. Salt in the wound. You're mocking me. 

Kaze: Never, Orochi. It's from the heart. I hoped you might feel the same. Is 
that not what our games have truly been about? 

Orochi: Heh. Caught you. 

Kaze: What? No, listen. You're not going to turn this around on me. You'd 
never lay a finger on me if I didn't want to be caught. 

Orochi: Excuse me, Kaze. Sorry to interrupt. Could I see your finger? 

Kaze: Uh, sure. Which one? 

Orochi: Left hand, next to your pinky. Can I have that ring too? 

Kaze: What?! Sure, here-take it. Now, will you please just listen to me? I am 
a proud ninja, and I would never ever let myself be caught. 

Orochi: Ah, well... Hold on... And... Done. 

Kaze: You put a ring on my finger. 

Orochi: The ring you meant to put on MY finger, Kaze. Hoisted by your own 
petard! Our little game is over. Consider yourself caught, ninja.
B2. Setsuna C

Kaze: Ahh. That should about do it for today.

Setsuna: Kaze. 

Kaze: Setsuna?! 

Setsuna: I came to deliver a message... The war council meeting has been 

Kaze: I see. Thank you. You really startled me there, you know. 

Setsuna: Yes... I get that a lot... 

Kaze: I cannot believe you managed to catch me so unawares. It seems I have 
met my superior in the art of stealth. Truly, a shameful day. 

Setsuna: I got lucky... I was merely spacing out... 

Kaze: No need for modesty. I know when I am in the presence of greatness. 
Though, if you speak the truth, it may be worth it to develop your natural 
talents. You are so stealthy now, imagine what you would be capable of with 
ninjutsu training. 

Setsuna: Ninjutsu training? Me? 

Kaze: Yes. I believe such training could make you an invaluable asset to Lady 

Setsuna: That sounds wonderful... Would you be willing to train me, Master 

Kaze: Huh? 

Setsuna: I wish to be useful to Lady Hinoka. Please, teach me. 

Kaze: Hm... Yes, very well. I will teach you everything I know. 

Setsuna: Thank you. I'm counting on you. 

Kaze: I won't let you down.
Setsuna B

Kaze: Now, to begin your ninjutsu training. You must learn how to move 
unseen. Stay in the shadows, and avoid the light. Try to get to that tree 
without being seen. 

Setsuna: All right... 

Kaze: I believe you will pick it up quite quickly. You snuck up on me the 
other day like it was nothing.

Kaze: ... Setsuna?! She vanished! I never dreamed she would master these 
skills so quickly. 

Setsuna: Kaze... Help... 

Kaze: Setsuna? Is that you? 

Setsuna: I found a mushroom, but when I got close I fell into this hole... I 
cannot get out. 

Kaze: Oh, I see... You've fallen into a hunter's trap. Hmm... does this 
happen to you often? 

Setsuna: Yes. I'm often told that I'm not attentive... 

Kaze: Perhaps we should begin your training with something else, then. 
Instead we will focus today on spotting, disarming, and escaping traps. Here, 
allow me to help you out. 

Setsuna: Thank you... 

Kaze: Let's start with the easy part. How to escape a trap once caught in 

Setsuna: That's... easy...? 

Kaze: Yes. Most traps are trivially easy to escape, provided you know how 
they work. 

Setsuna: Kaze... you really are committed to teaching me, aren't you? 

Kaze: Of course. I could not allow a little setback like this to dissuade me. 
Now let us begin. 

Setsuna: OK... I will do my best.
Setsuna A

Setsuna: Kaze... 

Kaze: Setsuna! You've been making progress, I see. Is that a net you escaped 

Setsuna: Yes. I managed to cut my way out of this one. Thank you for showing 
me how. Though I still am not capable of avoiding them in the first place. 

Kaze: Hm. We must work on this. A ninja cannot allow themselves to fall into 
every trap they come across... 

Setsuna: I feel like this is a pretty big step forward for me though. 

Kaze:I suppose that's technically true... 

Setsuna: And to thank you, I've brought you some venison. 

Kaze: Thank you. Did you catch it yourself? 

Setsuna: Yes. I am an excellent hunter. 

Kaze: I see. Perhaps I have been pushing you in the wrong direction with our 

Setsuna: Hm? 

Kaze: Your strengths lie more with the bow and arrow than they do with 
ninjutsu. A ninja must be able to get around unseen, yes, but they must also 
be attentive. Perhaps we could train you up to be an acceptable ninja, given 
time. But it is better to be no ninja at all than a mediocre one. The 
battlefields, after all, are littered with the corpses of merely acceptable 
fighters. However, you do have the talent to be an archer of unsurpassed 
skill. So I think we should focus your training around that. 

Setsuna: OK... Let's do that then. Whatever I can do to be of service to Lady 

Kaze: I am glad to hear it. I will plan our next training sessions 

Setsuna: I'm looking forward to it. 

Kaze: As am I.
Setsuna S

Setsuna: Kaze... 

Kaze: Yes? 

Setsuna: Lately, you've been doing nothing but helping me with my training... 
I feel like I'm keeping you from your other duties. 

Kaze: Oh, is that all? Don't worry, I'm doing it because I desire to do so. 
Not due to obligation. Besides, I cannot seem to focus properly when you are 

Setsuna: What do you mean? 

Kaze: You still get caught in traps frequently, do you not? Whenever I'm not 
with you...I worry that you've fallen into one again. Perhaps... a fatal one. 
And fear seizes my heart. 

Setsuna: Kaze... 

Kaze: So I want to make sure I am always near you in order to ensure that you 
are safe. ... 

Setsuna: ...Kaze? Are you all right? 

Kaze: Setsuna. There is something I must tell you. Please, forgive me. 

Setsuna: Huh? 

Kaze: I have fallen in love with you. 

Setsuna: What?! 

Kaze: I believe it is the reason I have been so concerned for your safety of 
late. I want to be with you, and I want to protect you from all harm. 

Setsuna: Oh... 

Kaze: Is the idea so odious to you? 

Setsuna: No! I... I love you too, Kaze. That's why I've been training with 
you so much. I want to be around you, always. 

Kaze: You've made me the happiest ninja alive, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: And I am the happiest archer. I think we have a bright future ahead 
of us...
B2. Oboro C

Oboro: Phew! All done!

Kaze: Hello, Oboro. What are you doing here in the pantry? 

Oboro: Oh, hey, Kaze. I was revamping our shelving system. See? Much better. 

Kaze: I must agree. We're lucky to have such a hard worker around. 

Oboro: Aw, you're making too much of it. I just felt like a project! 

Kaze: Hm? Did you see something move? 

Oboro: Huh? I didn't see any- GAAAAAAH! 

Kaze: Oboro?! 

Oboro: S-s-s-something just scurried over my foot! 

Kaze: Stay calm, Oboro. It was probably only a mouse. 

Oboro: A... a mouse...?? 

Kaze: This is a pantry. I wouldn't be surprised to find a few in here. 

Oboro: Good point. 

Kaze: It is a problem, though. If we don't take steps, they'll get into the 

Oboro: ... 

Kaze: Oboro? 

Oboro: Heh heh... We have to save the food, eh? Watch yourself, mousie! 
You'll rue the day you crossed me! 

Kaze: You seem oddly enthusiastic about this. 

Oboro: Oh, you're in this too, Kaze! It'll take two to outsmart that little 

Kaze: Me? 

Oboro: You're not abandoning the hunt so soon, are you? Let's work together 
and catch that mouse! 

Kaze: Hmm. Our food supply is at stake... All right. I'll lend a hand. 

Oboro: Excellent! Now come on-let's go talk mouse-catching strategy!
Oboro B

Oboro: I don't understand... Why isn't the stupid mouse falling for my traps? 

Kaze: It's managed to snatch the cheese from every trap without setting them 
off. We're up against a very crafty mouse. 

Oboro: Urrgh... that thing's making a fool of us! We have to do something! 

Kaze: I agree. What we need is a good strategy... Ah! I have it. 

Oboro: What's your plan? 

Kaze: There's a ninja technique to infuse food with a paralyzing agent. If we 
modify the dosage for a mouse, it might be just the thing. 

Oboro: Great idea! Let's try it right away! 

Kaze: I have enough of the agent already, so all we need is a bit of food. Do 
you think it would eat one of these dumplings I made for lunch? 

Oboro: If it tastes as good as it smells, I bet our nemesis will make a 
beeline for it. 

Kaze: The secret is the dried bonito flakes I mixed in. 

Oboro: Never mind the mouse, now I want some... 

Kaze: What? Wait, you mustn't! 

Oboro: I'm just kidding. You're always so serious about everything, Kaze. 
Lighten up! 

Kaze: ...Now you're just being cruel. 

Oboro: Heh, sorry. Show me how to make these dumplings for the mousetraps! 

Kaze: Oh, right, it would be good for you to learn that. To the kitchen, 

Oboro: Lead the way!
Oboro A

Oboro: Kaze! Guess what! I caught the mouse! 

Kaze: Well done, Oboro. 

Oboro: I didn't do much. You're the one who had the idea for those poison 

Kaze: Think nothing of it. Though if it earns me a visit for you to relay 
your thanks, that's a nice perk. 

Oboro: Sh-shut up! You're embarrassing me. I bet the ladies eat up that 
smooth talk. 

Kaze: What do you mean? 

Oboro: Haha, were you really not even trying? I guess it's true what they say 
about you being naive. 

Kaze: No one says that about me. You must be mistaken. 

Oboro: Heh, not every rumor reaches the ears of the one it's about. But don't 
be upset. Better for women to love you than hate you, right? 

Kaze: I suppose... 

Oboro: Anyway, good thing the mouse problem is taken care of. 

Kaze: Yes. Our food reserves are safe. 

Oboro: Yeah. Though I hope the next time a mouse pops up, I can take care of 
it faster. This one put up quite a fight. 

Kaze: Indeed. I've heard that pests learn to avoid traps after a while. These 
poison dumplings may not work the next time around... But I'll stand ready to 
help you eliminate any future pests, efficiently and accurately. 

Oboro: Gosh... You really are serious about everything.
Oboro S

Oboro: Hey, Kaze. I whipped up some dumplings to thank you for your help. Do 
you want some? 

Kaze: My help? 

Oboro: Yeah. With getting rid of the mice. We couldn't eat the poisoned 
dumplings, so I made some that are safe to eat! 

Kaze: I do remember your mouth watering when we were preparing the others. 

Oboro: Hey! You make it sound like all I think about is food. 

Kaze: But isn't that true? 

Oboro: One more word, and I'm eating all these dumplings myself! 

Kaze: I'll eat silently, then. Oh...! This is... magnificent! 

Oboro: See, I told you. 

Kaze: No, you don't understand. It's VERY good. But you didn't need to go to 
such lengths to thank me. 

Oboro: Oh, it's fine! I just wanted a project. Besides, you get gifts from 
women all the time. 

Kaze: I keep trying to decline, but none of them ever listen... 

Oboro: So you're declining my gift too? 

Kaze: No. I enjoy your gifts. 

Oboro: Interesting... And by that do you mean...you have feelings for me? 

Kaze: What do you mean? 

Oboro: Every time I talk to you, I realize how kind and sincere you are, 
Kaze. You always help me with whatever I'm trying to do. Even when I poke fun 
at you, you take it in stride and give me a serious answer. And I was 
thinking...it would make me happy to stay at your side forever. 

Kaze: Oboro... 

Oboro: I told you that these dumplings were a thank-you gift, but that was a 
lie. They were really just an excuse to spend some time with you. It would be 
nice not to need excuses anymore. Would you be interested in that? 

Kaze: Oboro... thank you. I didn't realize how you felt about me until you 
said this. It might surprise you to know that I feel the same way. 

Oboro: Really...? 

Kaze: I was moved by the depth of your feelings. I'm only sorry that it took 
me so long to realize this... 

Oboro: It's never too late, Kaze. We've got a lot of time ahead of us to be 

Kaze: Hah! So are we officially a couple now? I hope you'll put up with your 
oaf of a boyfriend, then. 

Oboro: Haha, you're hardly an oaf, Kaze. This is what I mean about you being 
so serious! But yes, we're a couple. And a very happy one, if you ask me!
B2. Kagero C

Kagero: Kaze, can I have a moment? 

Kaze: Sure-is something the matter, Kagero? 

Kagero: Your brother, Saizo, is so quick to anger. Do you have any ideas 
about how we could get him to be less volatile? 

Kaze: Have you two been fighting about things again? 

Kagero: Our opinions regarding battle strategy are considerably different. We 
occasionally find middle ground, but in general we do not get along in 

Kaze: Honestly, Kagero, you probably understand Saizo better than anyone 
else. If anyone is going to find a way to come to a compromise with him, it's 
you. I doubt Lord Ryoma would have made you both his retainers if he didn't 
think so. 

Kagero: Hrmph. I was hoping you would have some brotherly insight. 

Kaze: I wish that were the case. I don't think my brother and I are as close 
as other siblings seem to be. We don't really spend a lot of time talking 
about ourselves with each other... 

Kagero: That is unsurprising. Secrecy is a core part of our very nature. Our 
training goes beyond the bonds of blood, even for twin brothers. To share 
more information than absolutely necessary just isn't natural. 

Kaze: I suppose that's true... Now that you mention it, Saizo and I did not 
talk very often in our childhood, either. Naturally secretive, I suppose. 

Kagero: Hah. You're probably right. 

Kaze: Perhaps we could have these little chats more often? Of course, we'll 
avoid issues that our duty demands we not speak of. 

Kagero: If that's what you wish, I'll consider it. 

Kaze: Thank you very much.
Kagero B

Kagero: Hello, Kaze. You said you wanted to chat, but you never said what 

Kaze: I wasn't certain. Perhaps our childhood? Do you remember when we first 

Kagero: I started living at the castle at a very young age... I believe you 
and your brother visited regularly when you were older. 

Kaze: That's true-we also made many trips to the castle before that, though. 

Kagero: We must have met on one of those visits. 

Kaze: It really does feel like we've known each other for a long time. 

Kagero: Of the three of us, I've always thought you were the most 
levelheaded. I respect that about you. 

Kaze: Whereas I've thought you're incredibly talented and someone I could 
learn from. 

Kagero: Thank you. I'm honored to hear that. 

I have my speed and stealth, but I am less certain of myself in direct 
combat. You, on the other hand, excel in that area. In particular, you're 
quite good at using an enemy's momentum to your advantage. 

Kagero: Kaze, are you sure you should be telling me all this? Even though we 
are allies, revealing your weaknesses to anyone is very dangerous. It is 
definitely something you shouldn't get in the habit of doing. 

Kaze: I know, but I also feel that it helps my allies to know these things. 

Kagero: Why? 

Kaze: As we've traveled, I've had the chance to talk with many different 
people. I've learned that it's important to trust your allies and cooperate 
with them. If your friends know where you are strong and where you are 
weak... they can help you cover the weaknesses and enhance the strengths. I 
feel that's the most important thing I've learned from all this fighting. 

Kagero: Ahhh. Now I understand what you are saying, Kaze. An army that truly 
believes and trusts in itself is stronger than any foe that doesn't. I think 
you've revealed something that I need to work on. Thank you. 

Kaze: Of course, Kagero. It'd be nice if we could continue to talk like this 
from time to time. 

Kagero: I'd like that too. 

Kaze: I'm glad.
Kagero A

Kagero: Kaze, do you have time to talk? 

Kaze: Certainly. It's nice to have you approach me for a change. 

Kagero: I felt like I could afford to be a bit more proactive in our 

Kaze: Regardless, I'm happy you would choose to spend your time with me. 
Which makes me curious... How do you normally spend your time? 

Kagero: Well, usually I'm training or carrying out a mission. If I have free 
time, I enjoy making tea or painting. Or reading books in a quiet place. 

Kaze: I didn't know that. I don't have any real hobbies, so I spend most of 
my time training with Saizo. 

Kagero: I'm curious: How do you and Saizo train? 

Kaze: It's really quite challenging, actually. Because we've trained together 
for so long, we know each other's moves. That means we have to constantly 
come up with new ways to surprise each other. The fighting is rather intense, 
and one of us usually walks away bloodied. 

Kagero: Hmm... I can imagine that scene. 

Kaze: You're always welcome to join us, Kagero. 

Kagero: Despite my curiosity, I think that that is precious time between 
brothers. I don't want to interfere. 

Kaze: I see... 

Kagero: Regardless, I enjoy our chats, and I'll try and reach out to others 
as well. It's like you said before: sometimes you have to set aside planning 
for fighting... and just build relationships with your allies instead.
Kagero S

Kaze: Hey, Kagero... do you have a moment? 

Kagero: Oh. Hello, Kaze. 

Kaze: Do you mind if we talk some more? 

Kagero: I don't mind, but why do you always ask questions about me? And it 
seems like you're doing it more and more often lately... 

Kaze: Well... that's because... 

Kagero: Hrm? 

Kaze: It's because... I'm very curious about you. 

Kagero: I see. I guess, despite my efforts, I still need to work on being 
more trusting and open. 

Kaze: Oh, no, that's not what I meant... I don't want to shock you with this, 
but... I love you, Kagero. 

Kagero: ...Oh my. 

Kaze: I've always found your strength and grace admirable. But after we 
started to hang out, I realized that it wasn't just a professional 
attraction. Before I knew it, you were the center of my attention. 

Kagero: Kaze... 

Kaze: I want to know more about you, not just as an ally, but as the woman I 
love. Please tell me that I'm not alone in feeling this way, Kagero. 

Kagero: ... You aren't. I feel the same as you. 

Kaze: You do? 

Kagero: Yes. I respect your skills on the battlefield but also how you keep 
an open mind. You've never changed that. Hearing your confession has made me 
incredibly happy. I promise to always adore and protect you. 

Kaze: And I you!

B3. Azura C

Silas: May I have a word with you? 

Azura: Of course, Silas. How may I help you? 

Silas: Look. I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, so I'll be 
straight with you. 

Azura: That sounds ominous, but please, go ahead. There's no need for 

Silas: Funny you should say that! You're the biggest secret keeper in the 
whole army. 

Azura: I'm afraid I'm not following you. 

Silas: You hardly say two words to anyone. You're obviously hiding something! 
So... What exactly are you up to? 

Azura: Excuse me? 

Silas: Listen... Maybe others fall for this mystery thing you have going on, 
but not me. The war's at a critical point. We can't afford to drop our guard! 
I have some serious questions about your loyalties. You're a spy, aren't you? 

Azura:Silas, I apologize if I've given you that impression, but no. Honestly, 
I don't have any secrets, and I'm certainly not plotting against our friends. 

Silas: Our friends? Let me tell you something. My closest friend trusts you. 
If you ever betray Avatar, I will never forgive you. Do you understand? 

Azura: Perfectly.
Azura B

Silas: Wha?! Who's there?

Azura: Shh! It's just me. 

Silas: Lady Azura?! Now you're attacking me in my sleep? Seriously?! 

Azura: This is not what you're thinking. 

Silas: It's not?! And how do you know what I'm thinking? Now you can read 
minds too? Oh! What is THAT? A creature of some sort? 

Azura: You can stop shaking! The monster no longer poses a threat. He'll fade 

Silas: D-did you k-kill that thing?! 

Azura: Yes. I was taking my usual evening stroll when I saw it slip into your 
tent. The monster was about to attack you while you slept. I slayed it at 

Silas: Oh. I had no idea... I'm really sorry I jumped down your throat like 

Azura: There's no need to apologize. People misunderstand me all the time. 
I'm quite used to it by now. 
(Azura leaves) 

Silas: Lady Azura, wait!
Azura A

Silas: Lady Azura, I have something to ask you. 

Azura: Oh? And what would that be? 

Silas: You saved my life the other day, but I don't understand. Why did you 
do that? I've been horrible to you. You must hate me! 

Azura: Of course I don't hate you. Besides, we're allies, aren't we? You were 
just looking out for Avatar. I understand why you said those things. 

Silas: You do? Even after all I said, you still found it in your heart to 
forgive me... You are a mysterious woman, Azura, but I think I finally 
understand you. From now on, I'll never doubt you or your loyalty again. 

Azura: Thank you, Silas. I would enjoy it if we could be friends from now on. 

Silas: Yes, me too!
Azura S

Azura: Hello, Silas. What did you wish to speak with me about? 

Silas: Now that we're friends, I wanted to ask- will you tell me one of your 

Azura: I thought we were past this. I'm not hiding anything. I told you-I'm 
not a spy! 

Silas: No! That's not what I meant. I wanted to know... Do you have a secret 

Azura: You mean someone I admire? Why would you want to know that?! 

Silas: Because I have a secret crush myself. A crush...on you. 

Azura: Is this some sort of prank? 

Silas: No! I wouldn't joke about something like this. I'm serious! 

Azura: In that case, I'm not sure I'd call it a secret crush, but I've got my 
eye on someone. 

Silas: You do? I mean... Of course, you do. I should have known you'd be 

Azura: Heeheehee. 

Silas: Please, don't laugh! Ugh, this is so embarrassing. 

Azura: No need to pout, Silas. The person I like...is you. 

Silas: Huh?! 

Azura: I'll admit it. My feelings were hurt when you said all those things 
about me. When I realized you were only trying to protect Avatar, I 
understood. I admired you for your loyalty and hoped, one day, I might be as 
bold as you. 

Silas: That's so good to hear. Now perhaps we can share just one more secret. 

Azura: What's that? 

Silas: A secret midnight stroll. I wish to learn everything about you, Azura. 

Azura: I would enjoy that too, Silas. So very much.
B3. Felicia C

Felicia: Careful... steady now... N-noooooo!

Silas: Practicing your poise, Felicia? Those poor, innocent teacups... 

Felicia: Ah, Master Silas! My apologies... I didn't mean for you to see that 
shameful display. 

Silas: I shouldn't make fun. You try so hard every day, and I respect that. 

Felicia: You... came here just to say that? How very kind of you... 

Silas: Well, no. 

Felicia: Oh. 

Silas: It's the opposite, actually... There are some worrying rumors going 
around in the ranks. 

Felicia: Hmm? I haven't heard anything. 

Silas: But you've noticed, I assume, that Avatar has been feeling poorly. 

Felicia: Now that you mention it... he/she has seemed a bit distant. 

Silas: As rumor has it... and it pains me to say this... People are wondering 
if you might be responsible for his/her diminished state. 

Felicia: What? 

Silas: You've spilled tea on Avatar, burnt his/her food, torn his/her 
laundry... The prevailing opinion is that these gaffes are taking their toll 
on Avatar. 

Felicia: No, but I would never... 

Silas: I'm not saying that I agree with them. I just thought you should be 
apprised of what people are saying. 

Felicia: *sigh* That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know...
Felicia B

Felicia: Almost... Deep breaths... Eeeeek! Awww... I keep trying and trying, 
but I never get any better... I hate that I can't do this! I wish I could be 
better for Avatar...

Silas: Felicia... 

Felicia: Silas? 

Silas: My deepest apologies. Those rumors about Avatar's health seem to have 
been baseless. 

Felicia: So he/she's all right? 

Silas: Well, he/she's still under the weather. But not because of anything 
you did. Avatar claims he/she hasn't been feeling well because he/she isn't 
getting much sleep. He/She has a lot on his/her plate, after all, and not 
much time to get it all done. It stands to reason that he/she would have to 
sacrifice some sleep as a result. 

Felicia: Oh... so that's why. 

Silas: It was thoughtless of me to bring up those rumors to you. I should 
have gotten to the truth of the matter before making you so anxious. I'm very 

Felicia: It's fine. Regardless, my mistakes have still been making Lord/Lady 
Avatar's life harder... 

Silas: Not noticeably, I assure you. I wish I'd dismissed these silly rumors 
when the others brought them up to me... Then it might not have come to this. 
Is there any way I can earn your forgiveness? 

Felicia: Earn my... But I've already forgiven you! 

Silas: Maybe so, but I can't forgive myself until I feel I deserve it. 

Felicia: What? 

Silas: Surely there must be SOMETHING I can do to earn a pardon. 

Felicia: Oh, um... I'll have to think about that...
Felicia A

Silas: Felicia... I've done a lot of thinking since the last time we spoke. I 
think I may have hit upon something I can do to earn your forgiveness. 

Felicia: You really don't have to, but if you insist... 

Silas: Why don't I give you some pointers on how to make fewer mistakes? How 
does that sound to you? 

Felicia: Fewer mistakes? You think that's possible? Oh, I'd do anything...! 
I've been a klutz since I was a child. I'd given up hope on ever getting 

Silas: Never give up hope, Felicia. It's only then that you really fail. 

Felicia: I see... Well, I'd like to hear your idea. 

Silas: Right! I'm sure this will help you improve. First, I want you to serve 
me some tea. But when you do, imagine that I'm on the brink of death. I've 
taken grave wounds in battle, and I'm about to breathe my last. 

Felicia: What...?! 

Silas: That's the picture you need to have in your head when you bring me my 
tea. If that's your mind-set, I guarantee that you won't spill a drop. Well? 
Would you like to try? 

Felicia: I... think I understand. I'll try it, at any rate.
(Time passes)

Silas: Ugh... I can see a light... If only I could have one last cup of 
tea... before the end... 

Felicia: I-I'll fetch it right away! O-oh dear... This is so nerve 
wracking... But I can't flub this! I have to do it for Silas before he 
dies...! Pour the tea... Check Silas' vital signs... Add sugar... Make sure 
he's comfortable... 

Silas: *cough* 

Felicia: Oh... oh my... I-I did it! 

Silas: Great work, Felicia! I knew you could do it if you tried! Focus on how 
you're feeling now... Keep that close at hand. 

Felicia: I-I've got it! Thank you! That puts an end to this silly talk about 
you forgiving yourself, I hope. 

Silas: ...Hm. Well, given that I did you a good turn, it should forgive my 
rudeness. Or so I think... What about you? 

Felicia: I told you that you were forgiven days ago! 

Silas: That's true, isn't it? So it all turned out well in the end.
Felicia S

Silas: It's good to see you again, Felicia. 

Felicia: How may I be of service? 

Silas: How's the job been since my advice? Are you holding your tray steady? 

Felicia: Yes, but the thing is... I need to keep reminding myself that my 
guest is on the verge of death. Otherwise it doesn't help at all... And I 
think some of the guests notice, because they're looking at me funny... 

Silas: Uh-oh! That's a hole in the theory I hadn't considered... 

Felicia: Mm-hmm. It doesn't work out so well in practice. 

Silas: I'm sorry. I didn't think it through... 

Felicia: O-oh, but it's not a problem. I don't want you to think this means 
you're not forgiven anymore... 

Silas: Thank you, that does cheer me up a bit. It was a heady experience, 
though, working together with you on a project. I'd like to rekindle that 

Felicia: Hmm...? 

Silas: In that spirit, I'd like to give you this. 

Felicia: Silas... is this... are you...? 

Silas: It's a wedding ring, yes. Consider this my marriage proposal. 

Felicia: Oh my! R-really? 

Silas: I've fallen hopelessly for you. I can't imagine spending my life apart 
from you. Your clumsiness... your hard-working nature... I wouldn't change a 

Felicia: No one's ever said that to me before... If I'm the woman you want, 
then I happily accept your ring. 

Silas: Indeed? 

Felicia: Yes... though if you cheat on me, all bets are off. 

Silas: Hah! If I ever cheat on you, I deserve whatever punishment you mete 
out. Feel free to pour scalding tea on me until I really am at death's 
B3. Mozu C

Mozu: Silas... Do you think I should ditch and go home?

Silas: I don't understand. Why would you? 

Mozu: Oh, you know... I'm not too strong, and I worry about holding everyone 
back. I practice 'til I'm blue in the face, but it's just not working. 
Everyone else is a natural. They get better by leaps and bounds. Not me, 
though... I'm not fit for anything but working the fields. I'm thinking I 
should find myself the nearest village and sign on as a farmhand. 

Silas: I didn't know you felt this way... 

Mozu: Sorry for talking your ear off, Silas. It was real good of you to 

Silas: No worries. In fact, I know just what we should do. 

Mozu: Huh? "We"? 

Silas: I'm going to coach you! And there's no time like the present to start. 

Mozu: Huh? But... I can't... 

Silas: You can't do anything you don't try to. Now then, let's head to the 
practice field. 

Mozu: I don't know about this...
Mozu B

Silas: Time to get serious about practice, Mozu. Are you ready to become a 

Mozu: Oh, um, no, sir... 

Silas: Huh? 

Mozu: I just don't want to see you wasting your time on little old me... I'm 
not getting any stronger. It's just not happening. 

Silas: ... Your defeatist attitude is your whole problem, Mozu. 

Mozu: Say what...? 

Silas: "I don't have the knack." "I'm just a simple farm girl." "It's 
impossible." How are you ever going to succeed if this is what you tell 
yourself, over and over? 

Mozu: Huh? 

Silas: More than anything, it's thinking like this that's holding you back. 

Mozu: ... 

Silas: So we're going to keep practicing. And sorry, but I won't take no for 
an answer. Is that clear? 

Mozu: Umm... 

Silas: "Umm" isn't any better than "no." Listen to me, Mozu. You have 
potential. It's clear to me, if not to you. 

Mozu: ... 

Silas: And I think it's a sin to waste that potential. 

Mozu: A sin?! 

Silas: Yes. It's a sin against your parents, who blessed you with this 
potential. It's a sin against your friends, who've put their faith in you. 

Mozu: Aww, that's a low blow... All right. I'll try. 

Silas: That's the spirit!
Mozu A

Mozu: Silas! I did real good in that last fight, huh? 

Silas: You're definitely showing improvement, that's for sure! I was amazed. 

Mozu: Aww, heck, Silas. I'm not half so amazing as you! 

Silas: Me? What did I do? 

Mozu: You convinced me I have potential. After that tongue-lashing you gave 
me, I felt like taking another try. The whole reason I'm doing this good is 
so I can live up to your expectations. So thanks, Silas! 

Silas: Nothing is impossible if you try. I know that from experience... 

Mozu: What do you mean? 

Silas: I've never considered myself particularly talented. I come from a 
noble family, but that doesn't mean much when it comes to combat. 

Mozu: I dunno... for a farm girl like me, it's pretty dang impressive! 

Silas: It's not, trust me. I only made it as a knight because I never gave 

Mozu: Oh... You know, I bet I could get to be whatever I wanted with your 
help. I hope you'll keep on coaching me! 

Silas: Certainly. You think I'd abandon a pupil as promising as you? 

Mozu: Oh, that reminds me. I was meaning to fix you a home-cooked meal as 

Silas: A home-cooked meal, huh...? 

Mozu: Don't give me those shifty eyes. It might not be what a city boy is 
used to, but you'll like it. I guarantee! After all, nothing's impossible if 
I try!
Mozu S

Silas: Hey, Mozu... 

Mozu: What's up, Silas? 

Silas: I wanted to thank you again for the meal you made me. Every course was 
delicious. I mean that. 

Mozu: Oh, you don't have to thank me! The meal was supposed to be my thanks 
to YOU! Seeing your smile as you dug into your fifth slice of pie was plenty 
enough for me. 

Silas: Did I really eat five slices...? 

Mozu: Yep. 

Silas: I believe you. It was that good. In fact, it makes me wish I could 
have your cooking every day... 

Mozu: Aww, Silas, you kidder. Though I mean, if you're serious, I wouldn't 
mind! You could come by every day. 

Silas: Oh? I might take you up on that. Although...making the trip to your 
place might be tedious. It would be easier if we just lived together. 

Mozu: Huh? Are you asking me to be your maid or something? 

Silas: Hahaha, no, no. Not my maid. I want you to be...well, here. 

Mozu: What's this? 

Silas: A ring. 

Mozu: Y-you mean like... an engagement ring?! 

Silas: Yes. I want you to be my wife. 

Mozu: But... Golly! You must really see something in me! 

Silas: What do you mean? 

Mozu: I've got potential, right? And you're helping me bring it out? I can't 
wait to see how crazy strong I get once you're my husband! I'll be mowing 
down enemies left and right! 

Silas: Um... so you accept...? 

Mozu: Isn't it obvious? I might not be one of your fancy city girls, but I'm 

Silas: And I'll treasure you for the rest of my life, Mozu. 

Mozu: Aw, shucks, Silas...!
B3. Sakura C

Sakura: Oh no...oh dear...

Silas: Princess Sakura... you keep making little noises like that. Is 
something wrong? 

Sakura: U-um... 

Silas: Well? What is it? 

Sakura: I-it's just... 

Silas: Yes...? Are you sure nothing's wrong? 

Sakura: Y-yes... sorry about that. I have... u-um... something very... 
impolite to ask you...oh dear... 

Silas: Ask away. I won't judge. 

Sakura: I-I really mean no offense by this... But, I mean, you see... Oh, I 
can't do it! I just can't ask...! 

Silas: Deep breaths, princess. In... out... 

Sakura: ... N-no, I can't! Excuse me, Silas. I-I'm so sorry...! 
(Sakura leaves) 

Silas: What in the world was that all about? Should I mention this to 
someone, or... Well, maybe not just yet. I'll keep an eye on her and see what 
Sakura B

Sakura: S-Silas... 

Silas: Princess Sakura, I'm starting to worry about you. If something is 
wrong, please... 

Sakura: N-no, I'm fine. 

Silas: Then... what were you trying to ask me the last time we met? 

Sakura: It was, um... about your condition... 

Silas: My condition? I didn't know I had a condition. Rest assured, Princess, 
that I'm feeling fit as a fiddle. 

Sakura: ... 

Silas: You don't believe me, do you. 

Sakura: I-it would make me feel better if I could, um...examine you... 

Silas: Erm, if that's what it takes, be my guest. 

Sakura: OK... this will only take a second... 

Silas: I have time. Can I ask why you think there's something wrong with me? 

Sakura: I-it's... your head... 

Silas: My head? Oh! Do you mean my hair? I know it sticks up more than hair 
should, but I didn't realize that was a condition. 

Sakura: N-no, it's not your hair! I-I mean, yes, your cowlicks are unusually 
severe, but that's not what worries me... 

Silas: Well, wait. We're agreed on the hair being a problem? Can we go back 
to that? 

Sakura: ...That's strange. You don't seem hurt or sick at all... 

Silas: And... having established that, can you explain why you thought I 
might be? I'm a little lost... 

Sakura: Oh! Of course... how did I not see it? I think you might be... 

Silas: Cursed?! How?! By whom?! 

Sakura: I fear that someone's cursed your head... There's no time to lose... 
Please excuse me! 
(Sakura leaves) 

Silas: A curse on my head? What is she talking about...?!
Sakura A

Sakura: Silas! I have it! 

Silas: Princess Sakura... what happened to you? You're covered in twigs and 
leaves. Have you been rooting around in the forest? 

Sakura: N-never mind that... I brought some herbs that should ward off the 
curse. J-just lie down, and I'll take care of it! 

Silas: I'm sorry, but no. I'll need an explanation before I do anything. What 
in the world is going on here? 

Sakura: A-all right... let me try to explain... This has been bothering me 
for a long time. The first time I met you, I thought that you must have been 

Silas: Why? I don't remember having a cough or runny nose at the time. 

Sakura: But you told us that you were my brother/sister's oldest friend. 

Silas: Yes. Which was true. 

Sakura: B-but Avatar said he/she didn't recognize you... So I thought there 
must have been something wrong with your memory. 

Silas: Er... what? 

Sakura: Except I couldn't find any bumps or bruises. Which left only one 
explanation... Y-you must be cursed! 

Silas: No, no, no. You've got this all wrong. I'm not sick or cursed or 
anything of the sort. I really am Avatar's best friend. I know Avatar said 
he/she didn't remember at first... But he/she figured it out not long 

Sakura: Y-yes, except... Avatar was only saying that to be polite. I-I think 
he/she changed his/her story out of sympathy for you and your condition... 

Silas: No, you don't understand. I absolutely am an old friend of Avatar's. 
But we were both very young and hadn't seen each other in a long time. That's 
why he/she didn't remember me immediately. 

Sakura: R...really? 

Silas: Really. Just ask your brother/sister or our Nohrian friends. 

Sakura: ... So... that's the truth of it? I'm terribly sorry, then... 

Silas: No, it's fine. Now that we've got the misunderstanding smoothed out, 
anyway. I was taken aback, that's all... I'm curious, though... Did you 
really climb up into the mountains to get those herbs for me? 

Sakura: Yes... I-I was worried about what else the curse might do to you... 
I'm so sorry...about everything... I'll be more careful from now on. 

Silas: Don't be. If anything, it's good to know someone's looking out for me. 
I'm just happy that we're both on the same page now.
Sakura S

Sakura: Silas, did you want to see me? 

Silas: Ngh... 

Sakura: S-Silas?! Do you feel unwell? 

Silas: Yes... I'm having trouble breathing... I think I really am cursed this 

Sakura: I-is this true?! Oh no! I'll go fetch the herbs at once. I won't be 
gone long! 

Silas: No... this can't be cured with a few herbs... 

Sakura: Wh-what will we do?! 

Silas: There's only one way... 

Sakura: What is it?! I'll do anything I can to help! 

Silas: Rumor has it... the curse will be lifted... if you accept this ring... 

Sakura: ... Wh...what?! 

Silas: That's why... it's so hard to breathe... My love for you is so 
overpowering, Princess Sakura... Every time I think of you, I feel short of 
breath... my chest tightens... 

Sakura: S-so... this isn't a curse, but... 

Silas: I'm afraid not... I've contracted a fatal case of true love... 

Sakura: ... 

Silas: ...OK, sorry about that. I'll stop kidding around and be straight with 
you. Will you marry me, Princess Sakura? I know that things are tense between 
Nohr and Hoshido... But I don't want that to get in the way of you and me. 
That's why I bought this ring. 

Sakura: ... 

Silas: Yeah... *sigh* I didn't think you'd go for a Nohrian. 

Sakura: N-no, I have nothing against you! I'm just caught off guard... Oh, I 
wish I was better at these things, but... I'm s-so happy you told me... 

Silas: You... you are?! 

Sakura: As far as our nationalities go...I've never thought much about 
that... But...i-if it would make you happy... my answer is yes. 

Silas: Thank you so much... Our engagement is strong medicine. My breathing 
troubles have entirely cleared up. 

Sakura: What a relief... 

Silas: There's still some tightness in the chest... But that's no doubt just 
it swelling from happiness.
B3. Hinoka C

Hinoka: There you are, Silas. Just the man I was looking for. 

Silas: Nice to see you, Princess Hinoka. What can I do for you? 

Hinoka: I had some questions that I thought you could help me with. It's 
about the finer points of Nohrian cavalry tactics. 

Silas: You've come to the right place, then. What do you want to know? 

Hinoka: So, when your unit first sights an enemy... 
(Time passes)
Hinoka: Ahh... that explains a lot. 

Silas: Did that satisfy your curiosity? 

Hinoka: Yeah. Though I'm surprised by some of your answers. 

Silas: In what way? 

Hinoka: Apart from a few minor details, it's not that different from how we 
do things here. 

Silas: A knight is a knight. A sword is a sword. There's only so much 
possible variance. 

Hinoka: Hmm... yeah, maybe so. 

Silas: "Maybe"? You still have some doubt? 

Hinoka: No... not really. If you think of anything else useful, then you know 
where to find me. 

Silas: Understood. I'm happy to be of service.
Hinoka B

Hinoka: Question for you, Silas. During that last battle, your troop had an 
enemy unit cornered. One of them saw that all was lost and threw down his 
weapon, right? 

Silas: Yes, I remember that. 

Hinoka: You then ordered your troops to change course and attack another 

Silas: Right. Our efforts would be wasted on the enemy who'd already 
surrendered. Why do you ask? 

Hinoka: It never crossed your mind what a triumph it would have been to 
finish the other foe? You'd racked up a considerable count in that battle, 
after all. This would have been an easy way to add to the total. 

Silas: Wh- I would never! He may have been our enemy, but he'd laid down his 
weapon. He posed no threat. What "triumph" would there have been in his 
death? It's cowardice, pure and simple! 

Hinoka: Hmm... you're right. 

Silas: I can't believe what I'm hearing. Especially from you, Princess 

Hinoka: Don't misunderstand me. I wasn't saying that's what you should have 
done. And I didn't mean any insult by it. Though I'm relieved you reacted the 
way you did. 

Silas: Relieved? 

Hinoka: Yes. Now, I know I can count on you if we're fighting side by side. 
Just like I hope you'll count on me. 

Silas: Yes... of course.
Hinoka A

Silas: Princess Hinoka... 

Hinoka: Yes, Silas? 

Silas: I still can't make heads or tails of our recent conversation. So I 
came to ask you directly. 

Hinoka: Refresh my memory? 

Silas: You were questioning my decision not to attack an enemy who'd 

Hinoka: Oh, that. Sorry if it's still bothering you. 

Silas: I was mostly wondering why you would ask me that. Which reminds me, 
you wanted to know before about Nohrian tactics. Are the two subjects related 

Hinoka: The truth is, I wasn't quite sure how to fight alongside a Nohrian. 
It's not that I distrust you, but... 

Silas: But what? 

Hinoka: I was concerned that your perspective on the rules of engagement 
would be different. I mean... Nohrians murdered my father and kidnapped my 
brother/sister. So deep down, it's hard not to think of Nohrians as willing 
to stop at nothing. 

Silas: Yes, but not ALL- 

Hinoka: Right, of course. I'm not holding the whole nation to account for one 
man's actions. But that one man does lead the military. So for all I know, 
you've been trained to use any means necessary. And if you have, then we need 
to talk about that before we can work together in battle. 

Silas: So you asked me those leading questions to provoke me into revealing 

Hinoka: Sorry. It seemed like the fastest way. You command a troop. I thought 
that your idea of tactics would be revealing. 

Silas: And what did you discover? 

Hinoka: I told you already, didn't I? I was relieved. 

Silas: Then you think the two of us fight well together? 

Hinoka: I do. You'll remember that I also already said I'll be counting on 

Silas: Well then! With the air cleared between us, I'll be happy to help!
Hinoka S

Hinoka: Silas...? Why did you ask to meet me all the way up here in the 

Silas: Princess Hinoka. I'm glad you came. 

Hinoka: Did you want to discuss strategy for the upcoming campaign? Or do you 
still have a bone to pick over our last conversation? 

Silas: Neither, really. I wanted to get your opinion on some plans I've been 

Hinoka: Oh? 

Silas: Yes... I had a notion of establishing a new home here. 

Hinoka: You'd build a house here? Way up on top of a mountain? Why...? 

Silas: It might not be obvious, but we're standing on the border between 
Hoshido and Nohr. It's very safe, mind you-there's nothing here but the 
native wildlife. 

Hinoka: Hmm. It's got quite a view, too. 

Silas: Yes...*ahem* Pardon me as I summon up some courage to say this next 
bit. When the house is built, Princess Hinoka, I hope that you'll live here 
with me. 

...Here? ...Me? ...What? 

Silas: As husband and wife. 
Hinoka: D-did I hear that right? 

Silas: Yes. I want you to marry me. 

Hinoka: But... But that's impossible! 

Silas: Why? 

Hinoka: Isn't it obvious? I'm the high princess of Hoshido. And from what I 
understand, you come from a noble Nohrian family. A relationship between us 
needs more than a simple mountainside agreement to work! 

Silas: Which is why I want to build a house here. It's not exactly in Hoshido 
or in Nohr. We'd live right on the line, in both senses... I, a Nohrian noble 
married to the high princess of Hoshido. You, the high princess of Hoshido 
wed to a Nohrian nobleman. 

Hinoka: ...It could never hold. We'd be forced to commit one way or the 

Silas: I don't think so. There is some precedent. Just look at Avatar, who 
embodies both Hoshido and Nohr. 

Hinoka: ... 

Silas: You know me well by now, and because of that, you've trusted me this 
far. When you put me to the test, you did so because you thought we were well 
matched. Isn't that right? 

Hinoka: Yes... but I meant well matched on the battlefield. Not in life. 

Silas: ...Oh. I fear I've made a serious mistake... 

Hinoka: Don't be so sure. We know now that we make a good team in combat. And 
I think, now that you mention it, I'd like to see if we'd be a good team in 

Silas: Then... 

Hinoka: Yes. Consider your proposal accepted. 

Silas: Well, if that's settled... would you care to stay here with me a 
little longer? It's a long way down the mountain, after all. Let's relax here 
awhile and talk about our future on the site of our new home... 

Hinoka: Sounds like a pleasant evening. I'm open to hearing your ideas. 

Silas: Good, because I've got a lot of them. So, first I was thinking...
B3. Rinkah C

Silas: Rinkah? Why are you standing off to one side there? Come on, let's go 
join the others. 

Rinkah: Nice try. I'm only here to fight. Apart from that, I'll have nothing 
to do with you. It's the law of my tribe. 

Silas: Hmm... Then I challenge you to a fight. 

Rinkah: Is this a joke? 

Silas: It's a special kind of battle, called Predator. You'll love it, I 

Rinkah: Huh. Tell me more. 

Silas: It's a traditional Nohrian war game. 

Rinkah: Oh yeah? How does it work? 

Silas: It's simple. One of us is the predator, or just "it," who chases their 
prey. If the one who's it manages to touch the prey, like this, then the prey 

Rinkah: H-hey! Hands off! 

Silas: So now that I touched you, you're "it," and it's your turn to chase 

Rinkah: This is going to be over quick. 

Silas: Is that so? Then catch me if you can! 
(Silas leaves) 

Rinkah B

Rinkah: Hmph. 

Silas: Are you still upset you couldn't catch me the other day? 

Rinkah: You ran away too fast... I wasn't ready. 

Silas: Haha... you wouldn't have had to chase me very far, you know. 

Rinkah: Huh? 

Silas: I just ran straight to a nearby troop unit and disguised myself among 

Rinkah: Y-you were hiding the whole time?! You rotten coward! 

Silas: Oof, that's harsh. What rule is there that says I can't hide? 

Rinkah: That's your excuse? Tch. Fine. We'll go another round. 

Silas: Er... 

Rinkah: Another. Round. 

Silas: Are you serious? 

Rinkah: I hate losing. So we're gonna go until I win. 

Silas: ...Have it your way. Which of us will be "it"? 

Rinkah: Me, of course. I'm gonna catch you if it's the last thing I do. 

Silas: I feel like this stopped being a game at some point... All right then, 
start counting. The chase will begin once you reach 20. 

Rinkah: Got it. I'll count. One... Two... 

Silas: I'm thinking I'd better stay well hidden among the troops this time... 

Rinkah: Don't TELL me! Just go! Five... Six...
Rinkah A

Silas: You absolutely demolished me at Predator the other day. I'm impressed. 

Rinkah: You got that right! Who's the best predator? I am. It's me. 

Silas: Now if I'm not mistaken... the law of the Flame Tribe forbids you from 
interacting with outsiders, right? 

Rinkah: Yeah, pretty much. 

Silas: But isn't life under that law a bit dull? I think it would be better 
for you to get to know your allies instead. 

Rinkah: What are you getting at? 

Silas: How did you finally catch me? 

Well... I talked to the troops and got them to tell me where you ran off to. 
Then they all helped me... look for you... Oh no... Don't tell me you were 
trying to get me to talk to people the whole time. 

Silas: Guilty as charged. I figured it would work, since you'd do anything to 

Rinkah: I don't believe this...! 

Silas: It wasn't a bad idea though, was it? 

Rinkah: Yeah... I got to talking to a bunch of people while I was out looking 
for you. Even the ones I hated turned out to be all right once I got to know 
them. A few of them invited me to chat or have dinner. One lady wanted 
training advice. 

Silas: That's great! You said yes to at least a few of them, I hope. 

Rinkah: ... I don't know... Making small talk here and there is fine on its 
own... But if I get too involved with them, it might go against Flame Tribe 

Silas: I wouldn't know, I suppose. But I'm always willing to lend an ear, if 
you need one. I'll be seeing you. 
(Silas leaves) 

Rinkah: Thanks, Silas. I hate to admit it...but I had fun.
Rinkah S

Silas: What ended up happening with all those people you met? Did you hang 
out with any of them? 

Rinkah: No... 

Silas: Oh. I guess you do have to abide by your tribal law. 

Rinkah: ... 

Silas: Still, at least you've seen that outsiders have their good sides, too. 
I'm willing to call that a win. Especially since it helped me make up my mind 
to propose. Rinkah, will you marry me? 

Rinkah: Wait... is this another trick? 

Silas: It's no trick. See, I have an engagement ring and everything. I'd be a 
very happy man if you accepted it. Granted, your willingness to bend the 
rules for the others doesn't mean you love me... But at least this way I'll 
know for sure. 

Rinkah: ... You know what... I accept. That means we're married now, right? 

Silas: Er...really? Just like that? I thought you might be upset. 

Rinkah: Oh, I was. Furious, even. 

Silas: Huh?! 

Rinkah: All those invitations to go out with folks, and none of them from 
you... I kept waiting for you to ask me to do something besides playing 
Predator. Sure, at first I thought you were a weirdo... But every time after 
that, I felt myself warming up to you. 

Silas: Huh... 

Rinkah: That's why I can't stay mad at you. In fact, I'm bursting with joy... 

Silas: So am I... It's the best feeling there is. 

Rinkah: One thing, though... We have to go to the Fire Tribe chieftain for 
his blessing. I don't know if he'll let me marry an outsider to the tribe... 
But we have to try. He's very stern, though, and also my father, so this 
might not end well. 

Silas: Maybe. But whatever he says, I won't back down. I'll keep pressing at 
it until he can't refuse anymore! 

Rinkah: Good. Because he might say no just to see how you'll react. Worst 
case, he might have you lightly beaten just for asking, so be ready. 

Silas: "Lightly" beaten?! Hang on, you can't just drop that in and not 
explain! B-but no...it doesn't matter. I'll best any trial if it means I can 
be with the one I love! 

Rinkah: Your words, not mine...
B3. Hana C

Silas: Hana, there's something I'd like to talk to you about. 

Hana: What's that? 

Silas: It may not be my place to say this, but what was wrong in the battle? 

Hana: Excuse me? 

Silas: I heard that you're considered one of the best samurai in Hoshido. I 
was excited to see your technique in action and had high expectations. To 
tell you the truth...I was a little disappointed in your performance. 

Hana: What! How dare you...?! 

Silas: Your first blows were surprisingly weak. And you don't even try to 
anticipate and counter the attacks from your enemies. You appeared 
uncommitted to the battle, putting yourself and your allies in danger. 

Hana: Well... I didn't sleep very well last night. And I skipped breakfast 
this morning. Usually I'm a lot better than that. 

Silas: Hrm... Why is it that you've taken up the sword, Hana? What are you 
fighting for? 

Hana: That's obvious. I'm fighting for my liege and best friend, Lady Sakura. 

Silas: So I can infer the loyalty Lady Sakura deserves from the quality of 
your fighting. She must not deserve much if this is how you fight in her 

Hana: Excuse me?! I'll pretend, for the moment, that you did not directly 
insult me. But I won't let you slight Lady Sakura's character! 

Silas: If you're bitter about my words, let's see you prove me wrong in our 
next battle. 

Hana: You better believe I will! Grrrrrr!!
Hana B

Hana: Silas, care to explain what you were doing in that last battle? 

Silas: What is that supposed to mean? 

Hana: I was watching the way you were fighting before... Based on what I saw, 
I don't think you have the right to criticize my technique! 

Silas: I think I see where this is going... Is this some kind of payback for 
my comments the other day? 

Hana: It sure is! So I'll ask you the same thing you asked me: Just what is 
it you're fighting for? 

Silas: That's easy to answer. I'm fighting for Lord/Lady Avatar, my old 

Hana: Old friend, huh? Seems exactly like my reasoning. 

Silas: Hah, I hardly think it is fair to compare the two of us. My dedication 
is far stronger. That the situations are similar is a coincidence. 

Hana: Whaaat?! OK, I don't know exactly how strongly you feel for Avatar, 
but... I am really dedicated to Lady Sakura. 

Silas: Oh? Go on. Tell me how deep your loyalty runs. 

Hana: All right! Lady Sakura and I are like... ... 

Silas: What's the matter? 

Hana: I'm not going to do it. Our relationship cannot be expressed adequately 
in words. I think trying to do so would only cheapen it. 

Silas: I see. Well, you may have a point there. It wouldn't be right to try 
and describe my bond with Avatar, either. 

Hana: But then how can we determine who holds their friend in the higher 
regard? I'm not one to leave a contest unresolved. 

Silas: Hm, that's true for me as well. 

Hana: Then why don't we do this-we'll show our loyalty through direct 
competition. Whenever possible, we'll meet here and spar. 

Silas: That's a good idea-our weapons will show the passion we feel for our 
friends. We'll prove our salt. Let's do it! 

Hana: Bring it on!
Hana A

Hana: You won the match yesterday...and if I carry the five... We're tied, 
Silas. Why don't we face off today and settle this for good? 

Silas: I agree. I was just about to suggest the very same thing. 

Hana: You sure sound confident. But can you back that up with your skill? 
Prepare yourself! Here I come!
(Weapon clank)

Silas: Krgh... This isn't over! Gyah!
(Weapon clank)

Hana: Urgh...!
(Time passes)
Hana: Phew... Looks like this match goes to me! 

Silas: Pfft, I don't know about that; I think I landed enough blows to claim 

Hana: Not a chance! That fight was all mine. Bluster all you like, but I can 
see your weapon shaking from exhaustion! Face it: my loyalty is greater! 

Silas: Hrmph... After I first saw you on the battlefield, I thought it'd be 
easy enough to beat you... You've really improved over such a short time. 

Hana: You too. I guess your Nohr background isn't a total waste-you really 
pushed me to my limits. 

Silas: I could say the same for you. I have new respect for the Hoshidans. 

Hana: You know, all of this is kind of amusing. 

Silas: What do you mean? 

Hana: Well, we've both become better fighters because of an argument about 
our friends. 

Silas: That's true. 

Hana: And that's not the only thing that's changed. Honestly, I get kind of 
bored on the days when we aren't able to spar... 

Silas: The same thing happens to me. 

Hana: Really? 

Silas: We were fighting about our best friends, but we ended up becoming best 
friends. It's one heck of a story. 

Hana: That's so true. 

Silas: Then... should we stop fighting? I don't want our new friendship to 

Hana: Never! We can continue to compete exactly because we're such good 
friends. It's not true friendship if you can't battle with each other. 

Silas: Ha, that's a good point. OK, stand up. Let's go another round. 

Hana: I'm going to put all my feelings for Lady Sakura into this fight! 

Silas: And you'll see just how dedicated I am to Avatar!
Hana S

Silas: Hana, I'm glad you made it. 

Hana: No time for chatter-get your weapon out and let's spar! 

Silas: You can put that away. I called you here for something else. 

Hana: Huh? What are you talking about? We agreed to keep sparring to keep our 
friendship alive! Is this some new tactic? 

Silas: No! I just... I wanted you to take this. It's a wedding ring. 

Hana: Aha! Trying to throw my balance off with jewelry? I don't think so. 
Thanks but no thanks! Draw your weapon! ... Uh, wait a minute! Did you say 
wedding ring? 

Silas: That's right. 

Hana: Whaaaaat?! 

Silas: I like you so much, I can hardly stand it. I want to marry you. 

Hana: OK. 

Silas: That was a quick reply. 

Hana: Well, I like you too, so it makes the decision really, really easy! 

Silas: You do? Since when? 

Hana: Well, I don't know the very exact moment... It was soon after we 
started sparring. 

Silas: I see... I can't tell you how happy that makes me. But I have to say, 
I think I started liking you before you started liking me. 

Hana: What? You're actually challenging me on this? 

Silas: In fact, I'm positive that I liked you first. 

Hana: I don't believe you. What proof do you have? 

Silas: It has nothing to do with proof. It's really more of a gut feeling. I 
trust my gut. 

Hana: That's not fair! Maybe I'm sure I liked you first! What do you say to 

Silas: I'd say that's pretty unlikely. 

Hana: Hrmph... Well, I bet I like you more than you like me, then! 

Silas: How can you say that! I'm a hundred percent sure I like you more! 

Hana: Pfft! 

Silas: You want to fight over it? 

Hana: Yeah! I'm not going to back down. You'd better be ready! 

Silas: Oh, I am. Prepare yourself! Let our weapons do the talking!
B3. Orochi C

Orochi: Aha! I finally found you. You're the one who goes by the name Silas, 
right? I am Orochi, the great diviner of Hoshido. I see all. 

Silas: Ha, really? If you see all, why'd it take you so long to find me? Why 
ask my name? In any case, I'm the one you're looking for-Silas, knight of 
Nohr. Now, no more strange business. Just tell me what you want. 

Orochi: Oh, then I'll get to the point. I've heard that you know Avatar well. 
You're also said to be quite the impressive swordsman, Silas. Which is why 
I've come to warn you. 

Silas: Warn me? Of what? 

Orochi: I've... I've seen something terrible. You... you should be careful in 
the next battle. 

Silas: Wh-what?! What's going to happen to me? 

Orochi: Something TERRIBLE. 

Silas: Terr-? Oh, ha! You almost had me! But I'm not going to fall for your 
strange act, Orochi. Not in a million years! 

Orochi: As you will. Still, heed my words, or you won't live to see ONE more 
Orochi B

Silas: Hey, Orochi! Lookee here! Not a wound, not a cut! Not even a nick from 

Orochi: And exactly why should I care? 

Silas: Because you said I'd get hurt if I wasn't careful in my next battle! I 
wasn't careful at all, and I survived just fine. So much for "seeing all," 

Orochi: Why bother to spit on my prediction? I was only trying to help! 

Silas: Uh, what? I d-didn't mean to insult you. I'm just saying it didn't 
come true. 

Orochi: Oh?! Then let me break it down for you. My prediction was dead 
accurate. You stand here, alive, because you DID heed my advice. You must 
have been half-careful at least. And that was JUST enough. 

Silas: Er, huh? Wait, no! You're twisting things around because you were 
wrong. I'm not going to fall for this again! 

Orochi: Then I can't warn you about what's next to come. 

Silas: N-next?! 

Orochi: I've peered into your future. Something that never happens to you... 

Silas: N-n-never WHAT will happen? I mean, what's going to happen that never 

Orochi: Oh, now you're interested? Well then, bring me herbs for my magic. 
Then I'll tell you what I know. Your first prediction was a freebie. 

Silas: Free-? Oh, ha! You almost fooled me again! 

Orochi: Do I look like I'm kidding? 

Silas: No! Just like a swindler! You make people worry themselves sick with 
your silly flimflam! And you take advantage of them! 

Orochi: How could you think that of me? Why, I'm on your side and everything! 
I suppose it's only to be expected of someone from Nohr. 

Silas: I didn't mean to offend you. Ugh, why does this happen every time we 
speak? You make me all worried, and then I get upset, and then YOU get upset. 
So please, please, please... don't bother me with your fortunes again! 

Orochi: Very well.
Orochi A

Silas: I owe you my life for what you did after that last battle, Orochi! 

Orochi: It... it was nothing. 

Silas: Nothing?! Are you kidding? Just when I thought the battle was over... 
I was attacked by a survivor from behind! You... you leapt in to save me! 

Orochi: I saw it coming. From afar. Long before. I know you don't believe in 
my predictions. But I knew you'd be dead if I didn't do something. So I came 

Silas: R-really? Then I was a fool to call you a swindler. You're a hero, 

Orochi: Don't be too sure. Even if my predictions do come true, I could still 
be a swindler. 

Silas: Then swindle me to your heart's content, Orochi! Take it all. You 
saved my life! 

Orochi: Hmm. You're an odd one, Silas. Heh. But I could get used to you. 
You're sort of... urgh! 

Silas: What's wrong? Are you hurt? 

Orochi: Head got a little banged up. See you later. I've got to get some ice 
on it. 

Silas: You'd better, Orochi. I can't stand the idea that you got hurt for my 
sake! But just... one thing before you go. Why'd you come running to help me? 

Orochi: Why wouldn't I? 

Silas: I was rude to you. Sort of a jerk. A big jerk. The biggest. 

Orochi: Yes. You were. But you know how I sensed that a bad fate awaited you? 
I sensed the same just before Mikoto met her fate. 

Silas: Oh, no... 

Orochi: Oh, yes. But I warned her only that she would soon be in danger. When 
I realized the true extent of what was coming, I tried to tell her. But I 
didn't get to Mikoto in time. And then... THAT happened to her. I'll regret 
what befell lovely Mikoto for the rest of my days. I couldn't save her. But 
at least I could rescue you, Silas. 

Silas: How truly sad. Well then, that makes up my mind. 

Orochi: To do what? 

Silas: I'm going to repay your kindness. What was that you wanted? Herbs for 
your magic? Then I'm going to collect all the herbs I can find! 

Orochi: That's not necessary. After all, if I am a swindler, maybe it's not 
for magic. Maybe I'm going to sell it all! 

Silas: Fine with me. I owe you. Sell the herbs. I'll just bring you more!
Orochi S

Silas: Hey, hey! Orochi! I've brought a whole pile of herbs for you! 

Orochi: Wow, that's a lot. I've swindled you good! Now I can make a pile of 

Silas: Ha, ha. Nice try. I know you really do use it for magic. So... could 
you tell my fortune? 

Orochi: Aha! You've finally come around then. Do you have a specific 

Silas: Not... really. How about you just look into my future? 

Orochi: Too delicious! You're putting yourself completely in my hands? I love 
it! Now stand aside and let me get down to business. First, I'll take these 
herbs here and... Huh? What's THIS doing in my herbs? This little box here. 
You must have dropped it. Here, take it back. 

Silas: Maybe... I put it there on purpose. You know, like a gift. 

Orochi: A gift? 

Silas: Something like that. Open it, Orochi. C'mon, I can't wait any longer! 

Orochi: I am... I am... But what's come over you? You look eager as-hey, 
what's THIS? 

Silas: Like it? It's a- 

Orochi: Wedding ring. Yes, I should have seen that coming. Oh! I just did! My 
extrasensory powers are having a bit of a lag today. 

Silas: But, uh... What's your answer, Orochi? Will you marry me? 

Orochi: Hmm, let me divine our future... But the signs point to...? Yes? No? 
The signs are hazy. Maybe you should ask later. 

Silas: Later? LATER?! But I don't think I can live another moment without 

Orochi: Oh! The haze is clearing. I see the answer now. Yes-definitely yes. 

Silas: YES?! Are you sure? 

Orochi: Honestly, Silas? I didn't even look. But I know the answer for sure. 
Some fortunes are better left unread. Marriage is always a leap of faith. And 
ours will be more like a breakneck plunge into a fathomless abyss. 

Silas: Really? But that sounds... 

Orochi: Wonderful! I always know everything. Who knows what could happen? 

Silas: Only g-g-good things! I promise! 

Orochi: Now, now. Don't spoil it. I want a real marriage if I do this. Not 
illusions. I'm from Hoshido. You're from Nohr. I'm one of the most brilliant 
women of my generation. You're a naive thing. We're worlds apart. So what 
will our future hold? I can't WAIT to find out! But... the slow way. No 
divination. One day at a time. 

Silas: It'll be like opening up a present every morning! 

Orochi: Might be gold. Or a lump of coal. But there's always the next day. 

Silas: I swear I'll be right there with you, tearing into our presents every 
day! Forever!
B3. Setsuna C

(Bow shot)
Silas: What was that?! Is someone firing on our position?! Is this an enemy 
attack? Where are their archers firing from?! Huh? You there, in the 
hole...are you Setsuna? The Hoshidan archer?! 

Setsuna: Yep... it's me. 

Silas: What are you doing down there?! Oh! Are you taking cover from the 

Setsuna: No... I fell into a pit. I'll probably starve to death if I don't 
get out. 

Silas: Well, we can't have that. Take my hand!

Silas: There, I've got you. 

Setsuna: Thanks... 

Silas: Keep your wits about you, though. We've definitely blundered into an 
enemy trap. They were firing on me only moments ago. Their snipers could be 

Setsuna: Oh! That was me. 

Silas: It was... you? 

Setsuna: I was trying to get you to look, so I fired an arrow... 

Silas: That seems a bit irresponsible... What would you have done if it hit 

Setsuna: Oh, it's OK. That pit over there is a hunting snare. So you can 
relax. There's no enemy troops around... 

Silas: You fell into a hunting snare? You're an odd duck, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: I'm odd? What a nice thing to say... Thanks. 

Silas: Er... what? Anyway, please take care, Setsuna.
Setsuna B

Silas: Setsuna... 

Setsuna: You look mad... Did someone spoil your breakfast? 

Silas: No. We had just routed an enemy force and were headed back to camp... 
When suddenly, there came an arrow at us from behind. We braced for an 
attack, thinking that some of their number had survived... But it was just 
you again. 

Setsuna: Yeah, I remember. I sorta had to, because I fell into a pit again. 

Silas: But, Setsuna, don't you see? You didn't have to do that. A better 
option would have been to call for help before shooting willy-nilly. 

Setsuna: I dunno... I didn't want to say anything... 

Silas: I think it's better to say something, though. Imagine the consequences 
if someone had been hit. 

Setsuna: Oh, that's OK. I wasn't shooting for real. 

Silas: I don't think I'm getting through to you, Setsuna. It's a simple 
solution. When you fall into a pit, just call, "Help!" You can do that, can't 

Setsuna: Hee... heehee... 

Silas: Why are you turning red...? 

Setsuna: You thought I could do it... It was a nice compliment... 

Silas: Oh dear. I'm starting to worry about you... Are you suffering from a 
head injury? 

Setsuna: Aw, stop it... You're making me blush... 

Silas: What?! I need to get out of here before I start to doubt my own 
Setsuna A

Silas: Setsuna... I wanted to thank you. 

Setsuna: You're welcome. For what? 

Silas: For everything. You saved all our lives. This happened after we rode 
out the other day... We were in high spirits in the wake of our victory, so 
an ambush caught us unawares. We were so utterly unprepared that we might 
have been completely annihilated. Just when all seemed lost, arrows came 
raining down, driving the enemy away. You fired those arrows, didn't you? 

Setsuna: Oh, that. Yeah. That was me... I fell in a pit... again... so I was 
firing arrows for attention... again. 

Silas: Oh, is that what happened? I did wonder if it was by design... So it 
was sheer luck that your mishap ended well for us. 

Setsuna: Heehee... 

Silas: Wh-why are you so happy about this? 

Setsuna: Because I'm embarrassed. You called it a mishap... 

Silas: ... Well, the fact of the matter is, whatever the reason, you saved 
us. So I'm grateful. It was an impressive display of archery. 

Setsuna: ... 

Silas: What's wrong? You still seem cross. 

Setsuna: If you want to thank me...give me a real compliment. 

Silas: But I... did? I just thanked you, and then praised your skill with a 

Setsuna: Then say it louder. 

Silas: Thank you, Setsuna! Truly, you do more by accident than most archers 
do on purpose! 

Setsuna: Wow... you really mean it...
Setsuna S

Silas: Thank you for seeing me, Setsuna. 

Setsuna: Why'd you want me all the way out here? 

Silas: I'll say it plainly: Setsuna, I came to ask for your hand in marriage.  
Uh-! Setsuna! What happened? Where did you go?!

Setsuna: I'm still here... 

Silas: Another pitfall? Unbelievable... Whose idea was it to dig a hole here? 
Here, give me your hand. Are you all right? 

Setsuna: Thanks, Silas... 

Silas: Where were we... oh, right. So? Do you have an answer? 

Setsuna: Remind me what we were talking about...? 

Silas: I-I was saying... I'm requesting your hand in marriage. I even brought 
a ring for the occasion! 

Setsuna: Why do you want to marry me? 

Silas: You need me to explain...? Err, well... I'll admit, my first 
impression of you wasn't overwhelmingly positive... But somewhere along the 
way, I found myself captivated by your unique charms. To go even one day 
without them would be intolerably dull... You might say I'm hooked on you, 

Setsuna: ... OK. I'll take the ring. 

Silas: Good. I'm pleased to hear it. We both come from high families within 
our respective kingdoms. And that may pose a few difficulties for us... 

Setsuna: It'll all work out somehow. 

Silas: Oh? What makes you think so? 

Setsuna: I'm not sure. I just get that feeling. 

Silas: Hmmmm...if that's what you say, then that's what I'll believe. What 
the-she's disappeared again! Setsuna! Speak to me!
(Bow shot)
Silas: An arrow?! Th-that was too close for comfort!

Setsuna: Over here... 

Silas: You fell into a pit AGAIN?! 

Setsuna: Yeah... get used to it. You're gonna have to deal with this a lot if 
we get married... Is that still OK with you? 

Silas: You think that worries me? I'm past the point of being able to live 
without you. No matter how many pits you find to fall down, I'll be there to 
give you a hand out. Even if the whole world were covered in pitfalls! 

Setsuna: ... Aww. Thanks, Silas...
B3. Oboro C

Silas: Hmp! Ngh! Hrraaaah! Hmm? 

Oboro: ... 

Silas: Hi there, Oboro. Come to do some training? 

Oboro: ...Sure. 

Silas: I've heard the Hoshidan style of swordplay is unrivaled! I'd love to 
learn more of it. How about some friendly sparring to test our skills? 

Oboro: ...Pass. 

Silas: Whoa! That face really says it all. You really don't want to spar with 
me, huh? 

Oboro: It's nothing personal. I hate all Nohrians equally. Just thinking of 
them gets my blood boiling... But maybe I'll relax a little if you turn out 
not to be so bad. 

Silas: All right. I guess I can't fault you, what with the bad blood between 
our nations. But let's put that anger to use! We could still do some 

Oboro: Not a good idea. As angry as I am, I'd probably kill you. 

Silas: ... 

Oboro: I'm gonna go do something else now. Bye. 
(Oboro leaves) 

Silas: That's strange... Well, I'm sure she has her reasons.
Oboro B

Silas: Oboro? I wanted to apologize for last time. 

Oboro: Oh yeah? 

Silas: I got curious after you left, so I did some digging. It's easy to see 
why you hate Nohrians so much... Nohrian bandits killed your parents, didn't 

Oboro: ... Yeah. Right in front of me. 

Silas: I'm sorry for touching a sore spot last time, then. I didn't know. 

Oboro: That's OK. I'm not mad about it. I've fought alongside you long enough 
by now to know you're all right. I mean, look at me-I'm not making that face 
right now, am I? 

Silas: Sure enough. Oboro... having lived in Nohr all my life, let me just 
say one thing on its behalf. Nohr has its share of heartless villains like 
the bandits who killed your parents. But there are good people living there 
too. Many Nohrians are decent folk, just like the people of Hoshido. 

Oboro: I'm... sure they are. 

Silas: I grant that it may be hard to accept on its own. I just wanted you to 

Oboro: Yeah... fair enough. I'll try to remember. Thanks, Silas.
Oboro A

Oboro: Hey, Silas. 

Silas: What's on your mind, Oboro? 

Oboro: I wanted to ask you something. You know those bandits we cleared out a 
while ago? I noticed they were Nohrian, and they were preying on Hoshidan 

Silas: What about it? 

Oboro: Why did you save the Hoshidans? Were you trying to prove your loyalty, 
now that you're not with Nohr anymore? 

Silas: No. I'd have done the same if it were Hoshidan bandits attacking 
Nohrian peasants. 

Oboro: So, what's the deal? 

Silas: It's a knight's duty to protect the innocent. Now, some might say 
protecting innocents from an enemy nation is going too far... But in my book, 
that's the mark of a true knight. 

Oboro: Hmm... You know, you told me before that there are good people in 
Nohr. And you know what? You were right. You're living proof of it. 

Silas: I'm glad I could help change your mind. 

Oboro: I'll try harder not to make snap judgments about people like that. 
It's better to get to know people for who they are, not where they're from. 

Silas: Wisely said, Oboro.
Oboro S

Silas: Thanks for coming, Oboro. Sorry for such short notice. 

Oboro: If anyone should be apologizing here, it's me. I had you all wrong, 
Silas. I never imagined Nohr could have people as good as you in it. 

Silas: It's water under the bridge. But I hope your belief in my goodness 
will make it easier to answer my question... 

Oboro: What question? 

Silas: Will you take this ring? 

Oboro: Is this a...? 

Silas: Yes, it's an engagement ring. Can you find it in your heart to truly 
love a Nohrian, as I love you? 

Oboro: Silas... 

Silas: I know the scars in your heart won't heal easily. But I want to be 
there to help. What do you think? Could you have any feelings for a man of 

Oboro: Ask me a hard one. I would love to accept this ring. 

Silas: Really? 

Oboro: But what about you? Are you sure you want to spend your life with me? 

Silas: What kind of question is that? Of course! 

Oboro: You wouldn't be embarrassed to have a wife who makes such awful faces? 
Like this... 

Silas: Haha! Is that all that's worrying you? Love is strange. I used to find 
that face terrifying, but now I think it's beautiful. 

Oboro: Haha... that's a good thing. Because you'll be seeing me make it a 

Silas: I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to many years of happiness. 

Oboro: I look forward to seeing just how good a Nohrian can be!
B3. Kagero C

Silas: Hm? What's all this? I see stems and scissors... Kagero, are you 
working on a flower arrangement? 

Kagero: Yes. 

Silas: Where I'm from, flower arranging is an art mainly practiced by noble 

Kagero: You're from a noble family, aren't you? 

Silas: Yes, I am. 

Kagero: As am I. I've been studying flower arrangement since I was a little 

Silas: Interesting. I suppose it is no surprise that Nohrian and Hoshidan 
nobles share many hobbies. So, what sort of arrangement are you creating? I'm 
curious how different- What... what is this?! 

Kagero: Is something wrong? 

Silas: Is this... really what a Hoshidan-style flower arrangement should look 

Kagero: I'm Hoshidan, so... yes. Why do you ask? 

Silas: I couldn't really see it from far away, but now that I'm closer... How 
should I put this? ...It looks sinister. It's like sorrow and pain interwoven 
in a flowery form. Needless to say, this is very different from a Nohrian 
flower arrangement. 

Kagero: I... see. 

Silas: This has been a... valuable experience. Hoshidan culture truly is 
foreign to me. Thank you for sharing, Kagero. I must confess I'm curious to 
see your next work. Though a little scared, too...
Kagero B

Silas: Hello, Kagero. What are you up to now? Oh, I see. Continuing with more 
traditional hobbies. Is this ceremonial tea? 

Kagero: Yes. Like flower arranging, tea preparation was a part of my 
childhood upbringing. 

Silas: I've heard that traditional tea preparation in Hoshido is very 
intricate. Can I watch for a bit? And perhaps try some when you're... ... 
What have you created?! 

Kagero: Is something wrong? 

Silas: ...Um... what... what is in that cup? At first I thought it was tea, 
but now that I'm up close... 

Kagero: It is tea. 

Silas: You can't be serious! 

Kagero: Does tea look different in Nohr? 

Silas: Yes-no one would even consider calling this tea where I'm from. That 
aroma is like nothing I've ever smelled before... It fills me with such an 
intense feeling of dread. 

Kagero: So you think so too... 

Silas: Hm? What? You've heard this before? 

Kagero: My teacher once said something similar to me... I must admit her tea 
didn't look anything like mine. 

Silas: It seems like the process you follow to prepare tea may be a 

Kagero: Most likely. I've been told that I have a unique artistic sense... 

Silas: That would explain your flower arrangement the other day... 

Kagero: Anyway, as long as you're here, would you like to try a cup? 

Silas: ...You can't be serious. 

Kagero: Of course I am. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. 

Silas: ... Sorry. I... uh... just remembered that I drank a ton of water a 
little bit ago. I couldn't possibly drink anything else. 

Kagero: That's too bad. Perhaps next time then.
Kagero A

Silas: Kagero, is that a brush in your hand? Are you painting something? 

Kagero: Yes. 

Silas: What kind of painting is it? Let me see. ...I can't tell what this is. 
It looks like there's something ominous writhing in the middle of this black 

Kagero: That's you. 

Silas: What? 

Kagero: I'm painting a scene featuring you. 

Silas: Oh... no, no, no. That's not funny at all. There's no way that could 
be me. I don't look anything like that! For starters, my face looks nothing 
like that monster you've painted there! 

Kagero: Are you going to insult each of my hobbies? First my flowers, then my 
tea... It seems like you're working hard to be rude... 

Silas: I swear I'm not! If anything, I actually feel your pain. 

Kagero: What do you mean? 

Silas: As a member of Nohr nobility, I also studied painting from a young 
age. Despite my best efforts, I'm horrible at it. Depressingly so. At least 
your work reflects artistic intent. There's nothing at all redeemable in 

Kagero: I don't know if that's true... 

Silas: I swear! Here, I'll prove it to you with a demonstration. Let me 
borrow your brush. 

Kagero: All right. 
(Time passes)

Silas: ...*sigh* That's the best I can do. My goal was to paint your 
likeness. What do you think of the result? 

Kagero: This is the first time I've ever seen such a horrible crime committed 
on canvas. That's not me. That's not even human. Maybe a demon, but even 

Silas: See? My artistic ability is virtually nonexistent. 

Kagero: It really is. However, it's reassuring to find that we are more alike 
than I originally thought. This is the first time I've looked at art that 
wasn't mine and felt this way. 

Silas: I'm not sure how I feel about that... You're welcome?
Kagero S

Silas: Kagero, thanks for coming. 

Kagero: What do you want? Don't tell me you've asked me here to offer more 
criticism of my art... 

Silas: No, not today. I called you here because I want you to have something. 

Kagero: Wait, this is... 

Silas: An engagement ring that's been in my family for a very long time. 

Kagero: I don't understand... 

Silas: Kagero, I'm crazy about you. I want you to marry me. 

Kagero: ...... 

Silas: I hope that your silence isn't a no... or is it? 

Kagero: No, I'm happy... 

Silas: Then... 

Kagero: It's not that simple. While we're both of noble birth, our kingdoms 
are often at odds. How can we overcome that conflict? 

Silas: I had a feeling you'd bring that up. However, I think my family will 
have no objections. 

Kagero: Why do you say that? 

Silas: I've been writing to them about you. I wrote of your flower 
arrangement, the tea you made, and your painting the other day. Recently I 
got a response from them. They are very interested in you and the art you 

Kagero: That is actually kind of troubling... What kind of artistic sense do 
your parents have? 

Silas: I thought it was strange at first, too. But my parents would like to 
meet you and experience Hoshidan culture... 

Kagero: What do you mean? 

Silas: They... may have decided that your art is representative of Hoshidan 
culture. From what they've written, they're very excited to meet you. Excited 
enough, in fact, that they sent me this ring to show their support. 

Kagero: I didn't think anyone would appreciate my art, much less someone from 

Silas: That seems to be the case, though! 

Kagero: I will accept your ring. 

Silas: Really?! 

Kagero: Yes. My initial fear was that the differences in our cultures would 
be too much. But if your family is as open to me as they are to my art... I 
feel I'd be able to call them my in-laws without a conflicted heart... 

Silas: I'm glad to hear that. 

Kagero: It would be rude for me to visit them empty handed. I know. I'll 
bring a painting most representative of my work. Lady Mikoto said it was 
truly astonishing and brought tears of pain to her eyes.
C. Hoshido Buddy Supports


C1. Takumi C

Takumi: Haah! Gaah! 
(Sword hit)

Ryoma: Watch your stance, Takumi! 

Takumi: Gaah! YAAAAH! 

Ryoma: All right. That's enough for today. You can lower your sword. 

Takumi: Already?! Don't you have time for more? 

Ryoma: What's gotten into you? I don't recall you taking your training so 
seriously before! 

Takumi: Well, it's just that... Uh... 

Ryoma: Come on. You can tell me. 

Takumi: I want to beat you. 

Ryoma: Beat me? 

Takumi: One day you're going to be king, and I need to be strong enough to 
defend you. Right now, you're the one protecting me in battle! I've gotta 
earn a place by your side! 

Ryoma: That's not how it works. 

Takumi: Well, I can't rely on you all the time! I'm not a kid anymore. 

Ryoma: Takumi, getting stronger is important, but it doesn't happen 
overnight. You can't rush it. I understand how you feel. I really do. 

Takumi: I don't believe you! 

Ryoma: Let's stop for today. I'll train you as much as I can, but not when 
you're like this. 

Takumi: Ugh! Fine! 
(Takumi leaves) 

Ryoma: Takumi! Wait!
Takumi B

Ryoma: Are you ready to start training, Takumi? 

Takumi: Yes! 

Ryoma: Good. But first, there's something I want to say to you. 

Takumi: Ryoma, if this is about the other day, I'm sorry... 

Ryoma: There's no need to apologize. Actually, you made me very happy. 

Takumi: I did? 

Ryoma: Yes. I'm glad you want to fight by my side! ...But I need more than 
strong soldiers. 

Takumi: Huh? 

Ryoma: One day, I will rule all of Hoshido, and I'll need all of my siblings 
to support me. When that time comes, I need more than your strength on the 

Takumi: What do you mean? 

Ryoma: I will need wise counselors. Takumi, have you thought about studying 

Takumi: Government? 

Ryoma: Yes. You are a skilled warrior, and you're only going to get stronger. 
...But you're smart as well! With your sharp mind, you'd make an excellent 

Takumi: Do you really think so? 

Ryoma: I do. But I don't want you to pigeonhole yourself, Takumi. You have 
many skills. And I will need all of them-your mind, your loyalty, and your 

Takumi: Thanks, Ryoma. I guess I was worried over nothing. I thought if I 
wasn't the strongest warrior on the battlefield, I'd be worthless to you. 

Ryoma: Not at all! Don't push yourself so hard. Most of all, Brother, I want 
you to be YOU. 

Takumi: All right. I think I can do that. 

Ryoma: Haha! I certainly hope so!
Takumi A

Takumi: *pant* ...I did it! I finally won a match! 

Ryoma: Haha! You did. You beat me! Sure, it was only one match... But you've 
got momentum. At this rate, you may soon surpass me on the battlefield. 

Takumi: Really?! 

Ryoma: Well, you don't have to sound so happy about it! 

Takumi: But that would be amazing! This is what I've been training for! 
...Hey. Wait a minute! 

Ryoma: What's wrong? 

Takumi: You went easy on me today, didn't you? You were just trying to make 
me feel better! 

Ryoma: Oh, is that what you think? Listen, Takumi... You're going to be one 
of the best soldiers Hoshido has ever seen. I can't afford to take your 
training lightly. I give you my all every time we practice. 

Takumi: You do? Really? 

Ryoma: Yes. Today, you beat me fair and square. 

Takumi: Wow! I can't believe it! 

Ryoma: This win should boost your confidence! 

Takumi: Thanks, Ryoma. I'm so happy that I'm getting stronger! But I'm going 
to take your advice. I want to keep my options open. After the war's over, I 
plan to study government like you suggested. 

Ryoma: I think that's a great idea. 

Takumi: Will you promise to help me study? 

Ryoma: Of course I will. I'm your big brother! It's my job to help you go 
after your dreams.
C1. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Hah! Hiyaaah! 

Ryoma: Hello, Hinoka. You're really putting a lot of effort into your 

Hinoka: Ah, Ryoma! Of course I am. The stronger I become, the sooner we can 
end this war. 

Ryoma: I see... That's an excellent goal. Though I regret that our lives had 
to go down this path... 

Hinoka: What do you mean? 

Ryoma: We're royalty of Hoshido... Our place is leading and inspiring our 
people. I wish we were doing it in times of peace, rather than war. Also... I 
hate the thought of you-and all our siblings-being in danger. 

Hinoka: Ryoma, you know just as well as I do that we don't have time to worry 
about that. I understand your concern, but... don't let anyone else hear you 
voice your doubts. We need you to be strong. Hoshido needs you to be strong. 

Ryoma: Hinoka... You're right. That wasn't like me. Forget I said anything. 

Hinoka: I'm happy you feel you can be open to me. And it's nice to know you 
worry about me. I want to end this war quickly to erase that worry. 

Ryoma: I've got an idea. When the war is over, let's go on a trip with all of 
our siblings. 

Hinoka: A trip, huh...? 

Ryoma: We can relax, set aside our weapons... You'll be able to dress like a 
proper princess instead of a warrior... 

Hinoka: A proper princess?! What are you trying to say?! 

Ryoma: Just that you don't have to be ready for battle at every moment. A 
little makeup, a little perfume... You might even find the perfect someone. 

Hinoka: Ryoma! If you think for one moment... 

Ryoma: Heh... 

Hinoka: You... You're not serious at all, are you? 

Ryoma: Hahaha. Did I go too far? Your face turned quite the shade of crimson 
when I mentioned makeup. 

Hinoka: If you weren't my brother...
Hinoka B

Ryoma: Hinoka. I see you're continuing to put all your efforts into your 

Hinoka: Ah, Ryoma! 

Ryoma: I know I've been putting off practicing with you. I'd like to correct 
that today. 

Hinoka: Oh! Thank you, Ryoma! If you're busy, it's absolutely fine to wait 
until another time... 

Ryoma: I'm not that busy... Do you think I would suggest it if I didn't truly 
have the time? 

Hinoka: N-no! I just... You're always so busy. I wouldn't want you to set 
aside something for me. Though after our last conversation, I was briefly 
worried about you. 

Ryoma: Really? Why? 

Hinoka: Usually you're so serious, but you were messing with me the other 
day! Don't misunderstand me, though. It was worrisome to see you joking, at 
first... But as I thought about it more, it seems good for you to be able to 
relax a little. 

Ryoma: That's interesting, coming from you. You're incredibly serious, 

Hinoka: Maybe, but I'm definitely not as serious as you are, Brother! 

Ryoma: We aren't actually going to compete over this, are we? Besides, I'm 
this serious because I want to be. It makes me a better leader. 

Hinoka: Ryoma... 

Ryoma: I'm happy to know that you worry about me, Hinoka. Half of my strength 
comes from knowing that those I lead care for me. 

Hinoka: I hope that you, our other siblings, and I can bring peace back to 
the world. 

Ryoma: I'm certain we can.
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Hey, Ryoma! 

Ryoma: Hinoka? I expected you to be out training more. Looking for a sparring 

Hinoka: Oh no, not today. I actually wanted to talk to you about something... 

Ryoma: What's on your mind? 

Hinoka: Well... Do you notice anything different about me? 

Ryoma: What do you mean? I don't see anything... Hang on. Do I 

Hinoka: Yes, that's it. I thought a lot about what you said the other day... 
You know, about being more like a proper princess and such. It's difficult to 
really get dressed up when we're at war, but the perfume should work. 
Although now I'm torn over which bow to put in my hair... 

Ryoma: I-I suppose I did say something like that. Still, I don't see your 
weapon with you. How are you going to fight without it? 

Hinoka: Oh, I thought that maybe today I could do something more relaxing and 
calm. Maybe work a shift in the kitchens, or help the servants with linens... 

Ryoma: What...? What is going on...? 

Hinoka: What do you think, Brother? The pink bow or the sky-blue bow? 

Ryoma: You can't be serious... You're messing with me! 

Hinoka: Of course I'm messing with you! Did you really think I wanted help 
picking out a BOW?! 

Ryoma: I thought I'd woken up in the wrong camp. Where did you even find 

Hinoka: It doesn't matter; I'm done with them. You looked so much more 
relaxed after pulling your joke on me... I had to get you back and experience 
that for myself-it was worth it! Now then, give me time to get my weapon and 
wash this perfume off, then we spar! 

Ryoma: Hahaha, I see. Honestly, your joke even relaxed me a little. 
Regardless, I'm ready to spar the moment you return, so hurry up!
C1. Sakura C

Sakura: Phew... 

Ryoma: Sakura, are you OK? Why are you just sitting there? Did something 

Sakura: Ah, Ryoma! ...I'm fine. I was just carrying some heavy packages and 
stopped to rest. 

Ryoma: I'm proud of you for helping all the time. You're growing into a 
lovely young woman. 

Sakura: I'm not strong like you are, Ryoma, so I'm not much help during 
battle... That's why I try to do as much as I can off the battlefield. 

Ryoma: That isn't true. You're plenty of help during battle! You're a 
talented healer. There's no need to be so hard on yourself. It's OK to depend 
on us sometimes. 

Sakura: But I don't want to inconvenience anyone. 

Ryoma: No one has ever thought of you as an inconvenience! If fact, there's 
something I want to show you. 

Sakura: Something you want to show ME? 
Ryoma: Yeah. Once you see it, you'll know how important you are to us. Meet 
me later? 

Sakura: Of course!
Sakura B

Ryoma: Sakura, thanks for coming with me. 

Sakura: Of course, Ryoma. Is the thing you wanted to show me up ahead? 

Ryoma: Yeah. I found this place when I was on patrol. Should be just a little 
farther... ...Yes, this is it. See that tree? That's what I wanted to show 

Sakura: Oh... It's magnificent! What kind of tree is that? 

Ryoma: That is a cherry tree. It isn't in bloom right now... but when it's 
covered in blossoms, this whole place looks enchanted. 

Sakura: Wow... 

Ryoma: Not long after you were born, Mother and Father took all of us on a 
walk. We came across this enormous cherry tree in full bloom. Right then, 
they decided to name you Sakura. 

Sakura: So that's where I got my name? I had no idea! 

Ryoma: It's true. Even the forest loved you. So please, take better care of 

Sakura: Thank you, Ryoma. That's a really special story. 

Ryoma: Good. I'm glad you think so. Let's come back here when the flowers are 

Sakura: I would love that!
Sakura A

Ryoma: Sakura, do you have a minute? I brought you something. 

Sakura: Is that a... hair ornament? 

Ryoma: Yes. It's a cherry blossom. I thought it would look pretty in your 

Sakura: B-but I couldn't accept something so... beautiful! 

Ryoma: Of course you can. I hope you'll wear this and remember the story of 
your name. 

Sakura: Ryoma, thank you. I am so lucky to be your little sister. I will 
treasure this! 

Ryoma: I'm glad you like it. I'm sure Father and Mother would have been 

Sakura: Ryoma... 

Ryoma: From now on, you can always come to me for help. You'll never be an 

Sakura: Thank you. I love you, Ryoma! 

Ryoma: Haha! Now you're going to make me blush. ...But thank you. I love you 
too, Sakura.
C1. Saizo C

Ryoma: Saizo, are you there? 

Saizo: I'm never far, my lord. How may I be of service to you? 

Ryoma: There is a question I would put to you. 

Saizo: Ask away, my lord. 

Ryoma: You were raised from a young age to take the mantle of Saizo, right? 

Saizo: Yes. 

Ryoma: Have you had second thoughts on the subject? 

Saizo: Never. 

Ryoma: No hesitation, I see. 

Saizo: Why do you ask? 

Ryoma: I was merely curious. If it never crossed your mind, very well. That 
will be all, Saizo. I'm sorry to have summoned you for so little. 
(Ryoma leaves) 

Saizo: Yes, my lord.
Saizo B

Saizo: Lord Ryoma... 

Ryoma: Yes, Saizo? What is it? 

Saizo: May I ask what prompted your earlier question? 

Ryoma: What question would that be? 

Saizo: Whether I had any qualms about taking on the Saizo name. 

Ryoma: Ah, yes. 

Saizo: I wasn't sure what prompted it. Has my work been subpar in some way? 

Ryoma: Not at all. Your work is exemplary, as always. No, I wondered because 
I've been having my own doubts along those lines. 

Saizo: Doubts, my lord? 

Ryoma: It can't be easy, working in the shadows. Some of your jobs are 
ethically dubious. But you discharge your duty without complaint. 

Saizo: I do what is expected of me, my lord. 

Ryoma: But the high risk you undertake ought to merit a correspondingly high 
reward. And right now our army does not have the funds to compensate you 
properly. I thought this might be cause for some dissatisfaction. 

Saizo: Never, my lord! These things couldn't be further from my thoughts. 

Ryoma: I'm glad to hear that. But if you ever do have any such concerns, I 
ask that you bring them to me. 

Saizo: Your generosity is most kind, my lord. 

Ryoma: I intend to do everything in my power to reward you for your service. 
It's only fair. 

Saizo: As you say, Lord Ryoma.
Saizo A

Saizo: Lord Ryoma. When you said I could tell you about any concerns I had... 

Ryoma: Has something come up? 

Saizo: One minor thing, maybe. 

Ryoma: Name it. As I said before, I'll do anything in my power to address it. 

Saizo: Then I'll be frank. I want you to do whatever you deem necessary 
without worrying about me. 

Ryoma: ...Is there something you believe you can't discuss with me, Saizo? 

Saizo: Not quite. You said before that you don't think I'm paid properly. But 
from my perspective, I'm very well compensated. 

Ryoma: Really? It's not easy to make ends meet on a military salary... 

Saizo: I'm not talking about the financial end of things. 

Ryoma: But what else could you be referring to? 

Saizo: My heart. Certainly, a ninja's work is not easy. And never pretty. I 
think that's what gives you pause. Though as prince, you needn't give it a 
thought if you don't want to. 

Ryoma: But it's normal to consider the well-being of my subjects. Especially 
my retainers. 

Saizo: You call it normal, but it is not common. The great ninja who have 
borne the Saizo name pass into legend. Samurai boast that they will die for a 
truly honorable master, but so too will a ninja. To know ourselves and to 
serve a master who knows us is our greatest calling. For your part, simply 
continue to walk the path you have chosen. I find no greater joy than to help 
you down it from the shadows. 

Ryoma: Saizo... Very well. I shall take your wishes to heart. Your reward for 
your service shall be that I walk a path that meets your expectations. Is 
that sufficient? 

Saizo: Yes. I am blessed to be able to serve you.
C1. Silas C

Ryoma: Silas, might I have a word? 

Silas: Prince Ryoma? Is anything the matter? 

Ryoma: No. It just seems to me that we should sit down and get to know each 
other. Tell me, what kind of life did Avatar lead when he/she lived with you 
in Nohr? 

Silas: You mean, when we were young? 

Ryoma: Yes. You two seem to get along very well; it's clear even when you 
stand in formation. I would be dishonest if I said my interest wasn't piqued 
by that. I've heard some of it from Avatar, but I would appreciate your take 
on it as well. 

Silas: All right. Let's see... He/She wasn't allowed outdoors then, so we 
spent a lot of time playing with toys. We enjoyed arts and crafts, too. By 
which I mean, we made paper swords and chased each other around. 

Ryoma: Hah, your idea of indoor play doesn't seem very different from your 
outdoor games. I can just picture the shenanigans you two must have gotten up 

Silas: Maybe we haven't changed much since those days. Even now, we enjoy 
reminiscing about the old times in the fortress. And we still both have the 
most fun practicing our swordplay on each other. 

Ryoma: So he/she found friends even when kidnapped by Nohr... Stay with 
him/her, Silas. It's important that he/she has a friend to confide in. 

Silas: Of course, Prince Ryoma. If anyone stands to benefit from that, it's 
me. I wouldn't have had a friend in that fortress at all if not for him/her. 

Ryoma: What do you mean? 

Silas: Well, you see-uh-oh, could we table this for later? I'm going to be 
late for the war council. 

Ryoma: Very well. Until next time.
Silas B

Ryoma: I've been thinking about what you said, Silas... 

Silas: About how I credit my friendship with Avatar entirely to him/her? 

Ryoma: Right. I'd like to hear more about this, if you don't mind explaining. 

Silas: The only reason Avatar and I met is because we were the same age. 
Because of that, it was simply decided that we would be playmates. I didn't 
get along well with strangers, though. I spent our first afternoon together 
staring into space, not saying a word... And all the while, Avatar talked up 
a storm, eager to make a friend. 

Ryoma: He/She must have been relieved not to be so isolated anymore. 

Silas: Looking back, I agree. He/She was so eager to talk that eventually, 
little by little, I opened up to him/her. And before I knew it, we were best 

Ryoma: So I see. 

Silas: Even today, he/she's a close friend. Despite all that's happened in 
the years since... I will keep Avatar safe during this war. You can count on 

Ryoma: I will. And of course, I will stop at nothing to protect Avatar and 
his/her allies. What we have now, Hoshidans and Nohrians fighting side by 
side... It's thanks to him/her. 

Silas: I agree. 

Ryoma: I'm glad we had this talk. It's reassuring to know he/she has such 
steadfast friends. 

Silas: Is that all that was on your mind, Prince Ryoma? 

Ryoma: Our ends may be the same, but we might come at it by very different 
routes. However... Avatar is undeniably the cord binding us all together. 

Silas: I couldn't agree more. 

Ryoma: Though mind you, he/she can't be the sole foundation of this union. 
This war must be won. I'll be relying on you to help me do that. 

Silas: I'll do all I can.
Silas A

Silas: Prince Ryoma... 

Ryoma: What is it, Silas? I believe I've seen your face in here more than 
usual these last few days... 

Silas: It's because of your knack for providing excellent counsel, Prince. 
But I'm here today about something else entirely. 

Ryoma: Let's have it, then. 

Silas: It's a serious favor I've come to ask. Would you... swear the 
Warrior's Oath with me? 

Ryoma: The Warrior's Oath? I'm not familiar with that. 

Silas: It's a ritual in Nohr. We draw each other's weapons and make a shallow 
cut. Then we hold the wounds together as we recite an oath of loyalty. I know 
that I've already given my word to fight for you, but... I'd like to 
formalize it with something more meaningful to me. 

Ryoma: Hmm... 

Silas: I deeply respect the code you live by, Prince Ryoma. It occurred to me 
that if I swore an oath to such a man... it would give me strength. 

I'm honored, Silas. I accept your request. 

Silas: Really?! 

Ryoma: Yes. I, too, have been moved many times by your performance on the 
battlefield. I respect what a diligent effort you've put in on our behalf. 

Silas: A compliment from Prince Ryoma? I've gotten more than I came for... 

Ryoma: It's the simple truth. That's why I'm willing to swear this oath of 

Silas: Th-thank you! 
(Sword hit)
Silas: And that's it. The Warrior's Oath. 

Ryoma: It's an interesting approach to a lasting ritual of allegiance. 

Silas: It really is. When allies trust and respect each other, they become 

Ryoma: Indeed. Once again, I'm honored to count you as a friend, Silas. 

Silas: The honor's all mine, Prince. I look forward to continuing to fight 
alongside you. 

Ryoma: As do I.

C2. Hinoka C

Takumi: Ow! Ow! *groan* How could I be so careless?! 

Hinoka: Takumi, are you all right? Those enemies came out of nowhere! 

Takumi: *gasp* I-I'm fine. 

Hinoka: You don't look fine! That gash in your leg is pretty deep. Try not to 
move! I can't believe we got separated from the others. Stay here! I'll go 
get help! 

Takumi: No, don't worry about it. I'm fine. Go on ahead. I'll catch up. 

Hinoka: I'm not going to abandon you like that! 

Takumi: What other choice do we have? If you come back for me, I'll only slow 
you down! We'll be a prime target. Just leave me! I'll find my way back. 

Hinoka: If you think I'd leave my little brother behind, bleeding in the 
forest, you're crazy! 

Takumi: Why do you always have to be so stubborn?! 

Hinoka: Seriously?! You're calling ME stubborn? 

Takumi: Look. We don't have time for this. Those guys will be back any 
minute. We'll split up. I'll find my way back on my own. You don't have to 
keep pretending like you care. 
(Takumi leaves) 

Hinoka: What?! How could you say that?! Takumi, wait! You shouldn't move! 
You'll make it worse!
Hinoka B

Hinoka: Good. You're here. We need to talk! 

Takumi: *sigh* This again? Look, it doesn't matter. We were rescued. We're 
both fine! 

Hinoka: I'm so furious with you! I can't believe you'd run off with a wound 
like that! And how could you say something so horrible? You really think I 
don't care? You're my little brother. I love you! 

Takumi: You'd be better off without me! 

Hinoka: Takumi! You can't actually think that's true! Where's all this coming 

Takumi: Don't act so surprised! I know everyone in the whole army feels that 
way! They think I'm useless. Next time, leave me behind. I'll figure things 
out on my own! 
(Takumi leaves) 

Hinoka: Takumi, wait! *sigh* I wish he wasn't so worried about proving 
himself all the time!
Hinoka A

Hinoka: Takumi? 

Takumi: Stop right there. I'm not listening to this again! I told you. I've 
got to prove myself! 

Hinoka: The only thing you've proven is that you're an idiot! 

Takumi: What?! 

Hinoka: You want us to leave you alone. What will you do? Take down the enemy 
by yourself? 

Takumi: Exactly! 

Hinoka: Do you know what we call people like you? Rash! 

Takumi: What's that supposed to mean? 

You think you're so brave, but jumping in without a plan is just plain 
stupid! Maybe we should all go home while you finish the war for us! Is that 
your idea? Do you really think you can fight all by yourself? You need 

Takumi: That's not what I meant! 

Hinoka: Oh? I'll tell you something. The way to earn respect is by respecting 
others! Do you have any idea how the rest of us would feel if something 
happened to you?! We'd be devastated. Don't you remember how we felt when 
Avatar was missing? 

Takumi: ...Yes. 

Hinoka: I can't believe you'd put me through that again! Losing Avatar was 
devastating. ...Takumi, losing you would break me. 

Takumi: Hinoka! I'm not going anywhere. 

Hinoka: Good, because we need you with us! You're our brother, Takumi. I 
don't think you realize how powerful it is to have all of us fighting 

Takumi: ...You're right. I'm sorry, Hinoka. 

Hinoka: That's OK. Just promise me you'll never say something that absurd 
ever again! 

Takumi: I promise. 

Hinoka: Aww, there's the little brother I know and love. I'll always be there 
for you, Takumi. 

Takumi: I'll be there for you too.
C2. Sakura C

Sakura: U-um... Takumi... can I talk to you about... the banquet? 

Takumi: So you're dreading it too? Well, don't get any bright ideas. We can't 
exactly skip out. 

Sakura: I know! And they won't cancel. It's one of Hoshido's longest-running 

Takumi: What I don't get is why we're holding a party when there's a war 
going on! 

Sakura: I just get s-so n-nervous talking to people... 

Takumi: Yeah, I never know what to say at these things. Everyone's so stiff! 
I wish we could leave all this highfalutin stuff to someone else, but we 

Sakura: We'd just look irresponsible. 

Takumi: You know, Sakura, what we need is a plan.
Sakura B

Takumi: So did you come up with any brilliant strategies for surviving the 

Sakura: All I've got is "act the part, and h-hope for the best..." 

Takumi: Wow... that's really optimistic of you. Think we could pull that off? 
I was thinking more along the lines of fake a fever and hide out in the 
infirmary... ...Or set all the guests' hair on fire and run for cover. 

Sakura: Maybe we should ask Azura for suggestions...? 

Takumi: And what's she going to do? Tell me not to act like a jerk? We've 
gotta handle this on our own. 

Sakura: All right... It's just, we're running out of time... and I'm r-really 

Takumi: Leave it to me, Sakura. I'll think of something.
Sakura A

Sakura: *sigh* Whew! I'm so glad the banquet's over! 

Takumi: Ha ha! Me too. I guess we survived without a plan after all! I 
panicked and started talking everyone's ear off... and they lapped it up! 

Sakura: I know! They loved us. A lady told me she hopes her daughter turns 
out like me! 

Takumi: Yeah, all we needed to do was make an effort. Who knew?! 

Sakura: I actually enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing their stories. 

Takumi: It's important for us to be accessible. Sakura, you and I make a good 

Sakura: Thanks, Takumi. We'll keep working together for the good of Hoshido!
C2. Hinata C

Hinata: Hello-ooo! Anybody home? 

Takumi: What's with all the racket?! Hinata? Is that you? 

Hinata: Lord Takumi, show yourself! 

Takumi: *sigh* That's Hinata, all right. Is that any way to address your 
superiors? "Show yourself"? Seriously?! 

Hinata: Sorry. I was just practicing. 

Takumi: It sounded like you were trying to pick a fight! 

Hinata: Exactly! ...But not with you, of course! I thought it was time we 
issued a challenge. 

Takumi: Huh? 

Hinata: Do you remember when we were in that fighting competition together? 

Takumi: Is that what this is about? You forgot the part where you fought and 
I watched. As a member of the royal family, I wasn't allowed to participate. 

Hinata: Oh, yeah. Fighting contests were too uncivilized, right? Well, 
anyway... Remember how I threw down that challenge and beat the snot out of 

Takumi: Shh! Can you keep your voice down? You're my retainer! You can't talk 
like that! 

Hinata: Yes, sir! Sorry, milord. *ahem* Well, I was thinking we should round 
up our best fighters and hold another contest. With the war going on, we 
can't afford to get sloppy! We've gotta stay sharp! We used to take our best 
swordsmen and have them fight their way up the ranks. I think it's time we do 
it again! 

Takumi: Well, that is an interesting suggestion, but... 

Hinata: It's gonna be awesome! Last time, I came out on top, and I'm planning 
on a repeat! You better get ready, because Hinata is going to BRING IT! 
...Well, see ya! 
(Hinata leaves) 

Takumi: Whoa! Wait a minute! We haven't decided anything yet! Come back here, 
you idiot!
Hinata B

Hinata: Phew! That was easy! I demolished them! That'll teach them to show up 
on my turf! 

Takumi: Your turf? Sheesh, Hinata! I thought we were holding a practice 

Hinata: Yeah! But we gotta keep it interesting, right? 

Takumi: *sigh* I don't know how I let you talk me into this. 

Hinata: Hmm. You look upset. I thought you'd be pleased. I smashed everyone 
to bits! 

Takumi: Hinata, you told me this was a practice competition to help train our 
fighters. But you obviously had something to prove. This was clearly for your 
own amusement! 

Hinata: What?! No! (Hmm... I see. Lord Takumi isn't ready for the fighting to 
be over yet. No problem!) 

Takumi: What are you muttering about? 

Hinata: Nothing! Well, gotta get ready for round two! That was just the 
beginning! See ya! 
(Hinata leaves) 

Takumi: What?! Hinata, wait! ...Ugh. He can't be serious!
Hinata A

Hinata: Hey, Lord Takumi! Are you ready for the next round of the Hinata 

Takumi: I'm sorry, but I can't make it this time. I've got a lot of stuff on 
my plate right now. 

Hinata: Really?! That's a bummer! I guess I'll have to call the whole thing 

Takumi: What?! You can't cancel it! 

Hinata: Look, Lord Takumi, I'm only doing this for you! There's no point in 
knocking the stuffing out of everyone if you can't see it! 

Takumi: What do you mean?! You're doing this for me? 

Hinata: Lately, they've got you running around in circles-all wound up! I 
thought you could use a little break! 

Takumi: So you set up this whole fighting contest for my entertainment? 

Hinata: Yeah. I remembered how happy you looked while you were cheering me on 
last time. I gave it all I had so I could make you proud! Since you couldn't 
fight, I figured the next best thing was watching me win! 

Takumi: Wow, Hinata. That's surprisingly thoughtful of you. 

Hinata: See? I knew it! You loved watching me give those guys a spanking! 

Takumi: Well... *ahem* Hinata, things are different now. I have 
responsibilities... Aww! Who am I kidding?! You know I love watching you 
slice and dice out there. 

Hinata: I'm pretty entertaining, right? 

Takumi: Watching you fight the other day was awesome. It took my mind off the 

Hinata: Sweet! Wait till you hear about my plans for round two of the Hinata 

Takumi: I'm looking forward to it-and I want to see your best effort, Hinata. 

Hinata: You got it!
C2. Jakob C

Takumi: Hello, Jakob. Would you be able to do a favor for me? 

Jakob: Prince Takumi. What is it you need of me? 

Takumi: I need some assistance in my training, and I thought you'd be just 
the person to help. 

Jakob: Me? Why? There must be others much more suitable for you to train 

Takumi: Because it seems like you can keep a secret. I want to do some 
special training, but I would rather others not know about it. 

Jakob: I see... You would prefer people only see the result of your hard 
work, and not the work itself. 

Takumi: N-no! That's not what I meant! Though I suppose, if you wanted to put 
it simply... That isn't incorrect. 

Jakob: Hm. In any case, it seems you have a few misconceptions about me. You 
should know I am very, very bad at keeping secrets. Even small ones. Granted, 
I will happily keep all of Lord/Lady Avatar's secrets until I die... But that 
courtesy is not extended to anyone else. 

Takumi: I suppose I cannot trust you to see me train in private, then... 

Jakob: I apologize, Prince Takumi. I am completely dedicated to Lord/Lady 
Avatar. Also, you seem to have mistaken me for an accomplished fighter. I am 
a simple butler. If you want to refine your skills in making tea, though... 

Takumi: Now you're just lying! I've seen you fight on the battlefield! 

Jakob: Of course-I will defend my liege to the end of time. That said, 
training with others is not exactly in my job description. 

Takumi: You say that, but I'm starting to suspect you're just not willing to 
make the effort. 

Jakob: My apologies. The duties and requirements of a butler are numerous. I 
must dedicate all of my time to them. 

Takumi: Hrmph. Fine! I'll keep in mind that you cannot be relied upon in 
these matters. 

Jakob: Thank you for your understanding, Prince Takumi.
Jakob B

Takumi: And... loose. 

Jakob: Ah, Prince Takumi. I see you are practicing your archery today. 

Takumi: Indeed. Alone. 

Jakob: It seems odd for you to point that out. After all, you did say you 
wanted to train without anyone knowing you were. 

Takumi: Yes, but... No, never mind. If you aren't here to help, then you can 

Jakob: I have a question for you, Prince Takumi. 

Takumi: *sigh* What? 

Jakob: What is it you expected me to do to help you train? It seems like all 
I would be able to do is sit and watch you fire arrows at targets. 

Takumi: With help I could do some different kinds of training. You really are 
pretty self-centered and lazy, you know that? 

Jakob: Just another of your misconceptions, Prince Takumi. I simply 
prioritize Lord/Lady Avatar over all others-as I should, being his/her 

Takumi: But to the complete exclusion of all others? That's not something to 
be proud of! Anyway, you're not planning to just hang around all day, right? 
You're distracting. 

Jakob: Actually, Lord/Lady Avatar asked me to help you with your training. 
Since it was a direct request from him/her, I happily obey. 

Takumi: Really? Well then... You can help by standing over here. 

Jakob: Just know that Lord/Lady Avatar only asked me to help with your 
training and that's all. I will not do anything that doesn't directly relate 
to your practice. 

Takumi: You're incredibly difficult to work with. 

Jakob: That's just a matter of opinion. Lord/Lady Avatar doesn't complain. 

Takumi: *sigh* Fine. Just sit over there. 

Jakob: Understood. I'm glad to be of service. 

Takumi: Now put this apple on your head. 

Jakob: P-Prince Takumi?! I don't see how this- 

Takumi: You're helping with my archery training. This will help me practice 
discipline. While it's tempting to aim a little lower, I must fight that 
impulse and hit my target. You can refuse, of course, but I'll inform Avatar 
that you weren't helpful. 

Jakob: I... OK. 

Takumi: Don't worry! I haven't messed this shot up yet. Though that could 
mean I'm due to make a mistake... 

Jakob: Urgh... Maybe I could have been a bit nicer...
Jakob A

Takumi: Hello, Jakob. Will you be able to help me with my training again? 

Jakob: Of course, Prince Takumi. Though I may not enjoy it, I cannot risk you 
telling Lord/Lady Avatar anything negative. 

Takumi: Hahaha! At least I know how you feel about helping, then. 

Jakob: I have to ask, though... Don't you think you have practiced enough 

Takumi: What do you mean? 

Jakob: You're known to be one of the best archers ever. What more do you have 
to prove? 

Takumi: Others may think of me that way, but I'm not satisfied with my skill. 
I know I can still become stronger, and I know others will recognize me for 

Jakob: It's approval you seek, then... 

Takumi: You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you? 

Jakob: I do, but I abandoned that desire a long, long time ago. I grew up. 

Takumi: Hey, what are you trying to say? 

Jakob: I apologize, Prince Takumi. I mean that you still have some growing to 
do... I'm not good at dealing with those younger than myself. 

Takumi: I'm not that much younger than you are! 

Jakob: That may be true, but there is a certain wisdom that comes with age. I 
do not think you have yet found that wisdom. 

Takumi: Grrr... Just you wait! I'll prove that you're wrong! 

Jakob: I look forward to it, Prince Takumi. 

Takumi: OK, enough stalling! I need to burn off this energy with some 

Jakob: Very well. Let's get to it. What do you say to an accuracy competition 
instead of regular training? I don't think I'll be able to hold back. Are you 
ready for me to give it my all? 

Takumi: Of course! Bring it on!

C3. Azura C

Sakura: Azura, I was just thinking. I haven't heard you tell a story in a 
long t-time. 

Azura: You're right. With this war going on, we've hardly had time to chat. 
Do you really miss my spooky stories? I'm surprised! I guess you liked them 
after all. 

Sakura: No, I didn't like them! They were terrifying! It's just that once you 
started a story, I couldn't sleep until I knew what happened! 

Azura: You know, some people actually enjoy being scared. 

Sakura: Not me! I just like spending time with you and staying up past my b-

Azura: I still remember. Your eyes were as wide as saucers. You'd be shaking 
like a leaf! But still, you'd plead with me to keep going. You had to know 
the end! 

Sakura: Well, I was really little then. Don't tell people I was a big 

Azura: Haha, you have my word.
Azura B

Azura: Hello, Sakura. Are you here for another spooky tale? 

Sakura: No! I'm still haunted by the last scary story you told me! 

Azura: Which one was that? 

Sakura: The one about the m-monster in the Nohrian castle. 

Azura: Oh, that one WAS good! I remember now. I overheard that one from a few 
of the servants... Hanging in the castle was the portrait of a middle-aged 
man. At night, he'd sneak out of the painting and steal the maids right from 
their beds! 

Sakura: NO! Stop! I d-don't need to hear it again! 

Azura: Heehee. I'm not sure I told you the ending to that one... On a 
moonless night, a maid heard footsteps coming from a dark hallway. Everyone 
else was asleep, so where do you think those sounds were coming from? 

Sakura: I don't know... Where? 

Azura: She was too scared to look, so she hurried off to bed. The maid 
couldn't sleep a wink! When morning came, she rubbed her sleepy eyes and 
headed to work... Except everyone in the castle was acting odd and speaking 
in hushed whispers. Then, when they rounded up the maids, half of them had 

Sakura: Wha?! 

Azura: The maid asked around, "Where are the other girls?" "If they 
overslept, they're going to be in trouble!" 

Sakura: Wh-what did the servants tell her?! 

Azura: They said, "What maids? We've never heard of them before..." 

Sakura: Huh?! 

Azura: The poor maid searched the entire castle, but she couldn't find a sign 
of them. The maids' rooms were completely empty- as if they'd never existed! 
Then she remembered the painting, and she knew. It was him! He'd come for 

Sakura: AHHHH! 

Azura: The maid wondered why she'd been spared. Was he coming back for her? 

Sakura: Ahhhhh! I asked you to stop! It's too scary. It's TOO scary! Thanks 
to you, I'm going to have nightmares for a m-month! 

Azura: Sakura, if you're scared, you can sleep in my room...just like old 

Sakura: But I'm too old to be afraid of the dark! 

Azura: Haha, are you sure about that?
Azura A

Azura: Sakura, is something wrong? You look distraught. 

Sakura: Telling me that scary story was fun for you, w-wasn't it? 

Azura: Well, the fun part for me was watching your reaction, but I'm sorry if 
I upset you. 

Sakura: You know, when we were younger, people used to gossip about you. They 
said you were cold and aloof. I know it must have hurt your feelings. 

Azura: Sakura- 

Sakura: I wanted to tell them they were wrong. They didn't know the real you. 
That you smiled and laughed and were really a w-wonderful sister! I should 
have stood up for you, but I didn't! Now I feel terrible. 

Azura: That's very sweet of you, Sakura, but you shouldn't worry. That was a 
long time ago. 

Sakura: I should have told people about all of your good, kind qualities... 
But I was too shy and scared to speak up. I'm the worst sister ever! 

Azura: That's not true! I should be the one apologizing. I can be 
standoffish. However, I never knew it affected you this way. I'll try harder 
for your sake. 

Sakura: You w-will? 

Azura: Yes, but I want you to try harder as well. I want you to have the 
courage to talk to people, OK? Let's support each other. 

Sakura: Of course! I'll do my best! 

Azura: Thank you, Sakura. I'm very lucky to have you as my sister.
C3. Hinoka C

Hinoka: Yaaaaaaah! Hyah! ...Hmm? Is that you over there, Sakura? 

Sakura: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt your training. 

Hinoka: No, it's fine. What's the matter? 

Sakura: Uhh... I was just admiring your fighting style, Hinoka. You always 
look so cool. 

Hinoka: Is that it? If something's bothering you, you can tell me. I'm your 
big sis... 

Sakura: I guess not all sisters are alike... 

Hinoka: Huh? 

Sakura: You're this brave, incredible warrior, and I'm...not. We're nothing 

Hinoka: That's not true! There are some things we have in common, like... Oh! 
Every morning we wake up with the same bedhead... We both like to run 
barefoot on the grass... What else...? 

Sakura: N-no, I don't mean like that. I mean... personality. You're brave, 
and I'm not. 

Hinoka: You have plenty of strengths. 

Sakura: I wish I was more like you... Then you could be proud of me. I didn't 
mean to blurt all of that out! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have interrupted! 
(Sakura leaves) 

Hinoka: ...She left. Now what do I do?!
Hinoka B

Hinoka: Sakura, do you have a minute? 

Sakura: Sure... 

Hinoka: I thought of a few more things we have in common. 

Sakura: Really? 

Hinoka: Yes. For as long as I remember, whenever I left for battle, you'd 
tell me to be safe... And you were always the first person to welcome me back 
when I came home, right? 

Sakura: Yes. 

Hinoka: Did you know that I did the same thing when Father and Ryoma left to 

Sakura: You did? 

Hinoka: Yeah. It was you telling me to be safe that made me realize how 
important family is. I thought, "We really are sisters." Oh, and another 
thing, I may have had a doll or two. 

Sakura: Really?! 

Hinoka: Yeah, and, while I'm happy we have some things in common, even I have 
weaknesses. We should both try to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Sakura: That's a great idea! I'll try to help you! 

Hinoka: Good... I'll do the same for you.
Hinoka A

Sakura: Hinoka. I have a favor to ask. I want you to give me lessons! 

Hinoka: Lessons in what? 

Sakura: Well, um... up until now, I was afraid to ask for your help with 
fighting. I thought I'd only be in your way if we trained together. 

Hinoka: Sakura, don't think like that... 

Sakura: After our talk the other day, I want to try harder. I want you to 
train me for battle. 

Hinoka: You're serious?! I never thought you'd say that! 

Sakura: I want you to be able to count on me, Hinoka. 

Hinoka: OK. In that case, I'll be serious, too. You have to do something for 
me in return. 

Sakura: What's that? 

Hinoka: In exchange for training you, I want you to teach me how to treat 
injuries... ...But go easy on me! Remember, I'm not going to be on your 

Sakura: Hinoka...! I'd love to! 

Hinoka: Ack! Wh-what's wrong? Why are you hugging me...?!
C3. Hana C

Sakura: Hana, do you have a moment? 

Hana: Sure, Sakura! Er, I mean... Yes, Lady Sakura. 

Sakura: It's OK. You don't have to be so formal with me. When we're alone, I 
actually like it when you speak to me like in the old days... 

Hana: Allllll right, if you say so. But it feels a little odd. You always 
speak to me in a pretty formal tone. 

Sakura: That's just... I've never spoken any other way. It's such a habit for 
me now, I don't think I'd be able to change my ways.  

Hana: You're right, I suppose. So, what was it you wanted to talk about? I'm 
always here if you need me! 

Sakura: Oh, it isn't anything important. I just wanted to chat with you. I've 
been thinking a lot about back when we first met and got to know each other. 

Hana: You mean before I became your retainer? 

Sakura: Yes. You were so stubborn... You snuck into soldiers' sparring 
sessions and trained in the hills and fields. You took the training more 
seriously than the soldiers who were actually enlisted! Remember all the 
little scrapes and cuts you'd have afterward? 

Hana: Don't bring that up-it's embarrassing! 

Sakura: Hehe... And I always had to heal those injuries for you. 

Hana: Some days I definitely needed your help. You always followed me and 
helped me out in so many ways while I was training. Thanks so much for 

Sakura: It was no trouble at all. 

Hana: Oh! But there was the time you got lost in the mountains. I thought you 
were following me, but then when I looked back, you were gone! It took hours 
for me to backtrack and figure out where I'd lost you. 

Sakura: My robes had caught on a tree branch, and you hadn't noticed when I 
fell behind. You've always been able to fixate on a goal and not lose your 

Hana: I'm really sorry about that... I was so concerned with my training 
then, I didn't think of what I dragged you into. It really wasn't very 
considerate of me... 

Sakura: Haha, that's not true. Now that it's all said and done, it was good 
for me. I tend to be introverted... so I was thankful that someone like you 
brought me to all those places. 

Hana: Really? Hearing that makes me feel a lot better. 

Sakura: I hope that you always stay the same, Hana. Never change. 

Hana: Of course! ...Wait, are you saying I haven't changed from the old days? 
The inconsiderate days? That's just mean, Sakura! 

Sakura: Hehe...
Hana B

Hana: Hey, Sakura. Would you like to continue our talk from the other day? 

Sakura: Hello, Hana. Of course. I always enjoy sitting and talking with you. 

Hana: I've been thinking for a while... You're a really kindhearted person to 
have spent your time with me. I wasn't exactly interested in all the things 
that someone like you would normally be. And I felt like, if I could serve 
someone as deserving as you... I could become a samurai just as great-no, 
greater-than my father was. That's why I worked so hard to become your 

Sakura: Hana... 

Hana: When I was young, I promised myself that I would faithfully serve you. 
I already knew I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps... Your kindness 
gave me a reason to achieve my goal. 

Sakura: ... When it came time to select a retainer, I was told there was no 
rush to decide. But I immediately named you anyway. The reality is, I had 
decided on you long before I was given the choice. 

Hana: Sakura... 

Sakura: Your capabilities as a fighter were obvious, and that made you a good 
choice, but... 

Hana: ...? 

Sakura: You were such a young girl; several people questioned my decision 
because of that. No matter how skilled a samurai, they did not believe you 
could fulfill your duties. 

Hana: What? I didn't know that! 

Sakura: They said that a personal retainer needed experience even more than 
martial skill... And that, at your age, it would be impossible for you to 
fulfill your duties. I refused to listen to them, though. I had decided, and 
eventually they gave up. 

Hana: I never knew... I'm sorry you had to go through that, Lady Sakura. 
Thank you so much. But... why did you fight for me so hard? 

Sakura: Well, that's... I apologize... I just remembered I have an urgent 
errand to attend to. 

Hana: Huh? 

Sakura: Hana, let's continue this conversation at another time. 
(Sakura leaves) 

Hana: Sure... That was oddly abrupt of her...
Hana A

Sakura: Hana... 

Hana: Hm? 

Sakura: I'm sorry for my abrupt departure while we were talking before. 

Hana: It's OK, Sakura. But I really want to know why you fought so hard for 
me to be your retainer. Not knowing has been killing me! 

Sakura: I figured you would still want to know... With how I left things 
hanging, I can only imagine your suspense. 

Hana: ... 

Sakura: The reason is... I knew I could really trust you. I didn't just 
believe I could-you'd proven yourself over and over. Because you carry scars 
from so many times that you got between me and danger. Your wounds are 
healed, but the scars from those events remain. 

Hana: ... 

Sakura: Like the time I was climbing a tree while we were out exploring. The 
branch broke and I fell, but you softened the blow by trying to catch me. Or 
the time a wild dog attacked us and you protected me when it lunged to 
bite... Each time you were injured. And you did it even though you weren't 
obligated to. 

Hana: ...Sakura. 

Sakura: I feel bad for the pain and suffering you've endured in my place, but 
back then, it told me that you'd protect me no matter what happened... 

Hana: So you were feeling guilty over my injuries... Phew, it's a relief to 
hear that. 

Sakura: What do you mean? Were you concerned? 

Hana: Yes! I was worried that I may have done something to trouble you. But 
why wait until today to tell me? You could have told me this before. 

Sakura: I guess I just felt uncomfortable mentioning the scars. Bringing up 
old wounds and reminding you of injuries you'd suffered for me... I saw one 
of your old scars the other day, and it brought all those memories back. 

Hana: Haha, you don't need to worry about that! I wear these scars with 
pride! To a samurai, injuries in service are like badges of honor. Each one 
means that I've done my job well and protected you from danger! 

Sakura: Thank you, Hana. Really. 

Hana: It's all right. I realize how much you care about me now. So thank you, 
too, Sakura. 

Sakura: You'll always be my best friend.

C4. Azura C

Hinoka: Azura! Good. I found you! 

Azura: Are you all right? You seem a little out of breath. 

Hinoka: Yeah, well, I just ran the whole way here. I needed to apologize to 
you right away! 

Azura: Whatever for? 

Hinoka: Today, I realized... I have been so focused on this war and getting 
Avatar back. I've been ignoring you! I feel terrible! 

Azura: ...And you ran the whole way here to tell me that? Did you apologize 
to the others? 

Hinoka: What? You mean-Ryoma, Takumi, and Sakura? There was no need! Ryoma's 
pretty fixated on the war too, and Takumi-well, he's oblivious. Sakura's so 
delicate. I check in on her every day, but you're strong. I thought- 

Azura: You thought I'd be fine? Of course I am. You know how I love my alone 

Hinoka: Ah, that's right. I guess I forgot. Thanks, Azura. I feel a lot 
better now. 

Azura: Since you're here, there's something I've been meaning to give you. 
Years ago, I found this little pegasus statue for your birthday. But you were 
so serious about your training, I thought you'd find it silly. I never gave 
it to you, but perhaps you'd like it now. 

Hinoka: Oh, wow. I love it! Thank you, Azura! 

Azura: You're welcome. I'm so pleased you like it.
Azura B

Hinoka: Azura, today is all about you! I finally get to take you shopping! 

Azura: You seem really excited. I told you though... I don't really need 

Hinoka: Nonsense! Pick out anything you want! The sky's the limit! 

Azura: Hinoka, I really appreciate it, but I can't think of anything. 

Hinoka: No problem! We'll walk around this whole market until you find 
something. Come on! 

Azura: If you say so... 
(Time passes)

Hinoka: Wow. I can't believe we couldn't find you a single present-and still, 
you look happy! 

Azura: Hinoka, today was my present. I loved spending time with you. 

Hinoka: Yeah, but I wanted to repay you for that pegasus statue you gave me. 

Azura: There's no need to do that. The important thing is that we're close. 
We're sisters! Oh, my. Hinoka? Why are you hugging me so tight? I 

Hinoka: Hush! Let me just hug you a little longer. I'm enjoying this. 

Azura: *gasp* OK...!
Azura A

Hinoka: Hey, Azura. Do you have a minute? I wanted to give you something. 

Azura: Sure. ...You brought me a necklace? It looks sort of like a flame. 

Hinoka: Yeah. Sorry it's a bit wonky. I made it myself. 

Azura: What?! You MADE this?! 

Hinoka: Yeah. I thought it would go with your other pendant. Fire and water. 
Kind of like us. Also, I figured anything more complicated would be WAY too 
hard for me. 

Azura: Aww, Hinoka! I don't know what to say. 

Hinoka: It looks pretty awful, but I figured it's the thought that counts. 

Azura: And I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. Thank you, Hinoka. 
I'll treasure it. This pendant was a gift from my mother, and now I have one 
from my sister too. I'll always have a reminder of how much I'm loved. 

Hinoka: You better believe it! Get ready! I'm going to spoil you rotten. 

Azura: You already have. I'm so lucky to have you as my sister.
C4. Setsuna C

Setsuna: Um... Excuse me, Lady Hinoka... 

Hinoka: Hm? Setsuna, what is it?  

Setsuna: I just wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for me... 
I made you some tea to show you my appreciation. 

Hinoka: What? You made this?! 

Setsuna: No need to sound so surprised, milady... 

Hinoka: I'm sorry, I just didn't think you were the type to make tea... But 
I'm happy you did. Thank you so much! 

Setsuna: Of course, Lady Hinoka... Please, enjoy. 

Hinoka: All right. *gulp* Oh my-what is in this?! It's so bitter my tongue 
has gone numb in self-defense! 

Setsuna: I apologize, Lady Hinoka. I don't understand... I used the same tea 
leaves as usual... 

Hinoka: How could it have gone so bitter, then... Oh, now I remember... 
You're not incredibly good at cooking. But could that really extend to tea? 

Setsuna: It must... But you aren't good at cooking either, are you, Lady 

Hinoka: Hey now, you know I'm sensitive about how poorly I cook... 

Setsuna: Heehee... We really are two of a kind, aren't we? 

Hinoka: I'm not nearly as bad at cooking as you are! It's not fair to lump us 
together. I have an idea. Why don't we work together and see who can improve 
their cooking? 

Setsuna: I don't know... 

Hinoka: Don't be so negative, Setsuna. I know you don't like doing things... 
But this could deepen our bond as retainer and liege. What do you say? 

Setsuna: Very well... Only because you insisted, Lady Hinoka... I will try my 
best, though... 

Hinoka: That's all I can ask! Let's get together in the coming days and get 
to work! 

Setsuna: OK... See you later.
Setsuna B

Hinoka: OK, I think the best way for us to improve is with a bunch of 
practice. First objective: learn to make an omelet! 

Setsuna: Oh, I like eating omelets... 

Hinoka: Likewise, which is part of the reason it'll be great to learn how to 
make them! That, and it is said that learning to make eggs is a good start to 
becoming a chef. 

Setsuna: Ah. But I'm not really interested in becoming a chef... 

Hinoka: We just need to approach this like being a chef is our goal. Let's 
get to it! 

Setsuna: OK, what does it say to do first... Crack one egg. OK. Hai-yah! 

Hinoka: Setsuna, what are you-? You've completely smashed that egg! 

Setsuna: Oops. I think I cracked it a bit too hard. It's tough to judge my 
own strength... 

Hinoka: OK, well, I'll handle cracking the eggs. You add some oil to that pan 
over there. 

Setsuna: OK, I can do that... Oh no! Ah! 

Hinoka: What's wrong? Holy- Setsuna! Why is there a pillar of fire coming 
from the pan?! 

Setsuna: It looks like that was too much oil. 

Hinoka: Don't just stand there! Put the fire out! 

Setsuna: Oh, right! My apologies, Lady Hinoka... 

Hinoka: You nearly scared me to death, Setsuna. But...don't worry about it. 
Let's try and get our focus back on task. I've cracked the eggs and put them 
in this bowl. Now I just need to stir them gently while I add a little soy 

Setsuna: Lady Hinoka, you are adding vinegar to the eggs... 

Hinoka: No, this is the soy sauce... Oh. You're right; that was vinegar. Damn 

Setsuna: We're really pretty bad cooks... 

Hinoka: I don't understand how we keep messing this up. All we have to do is 
follow the recipe, and we can't even seem to do that... 

Setsuna: Don't feel down, milady. I'm sure if we keep trying, we can do it. 

Hinoka: I admire your optimism, especially after you nearly burned the 
kitchen down. 

Setsuna: I know, that was a big mistake... But I really think that we can do 
this if we focus and work together. We've always succeeded before. No matter 
where I am, you've found and rescued me from all kinds of traps. I feel like, 
if we're together, there is nothing we can't do. You just have to hang on to 
hope, Lady Hinoka. 

Hinoka: Setsuna... That's such a nice thing to say. You're right, of course. 
We can do this together, no matter what issues we face. If we can get through 
war, we can definitely win in the kitchen! 

Setsuna: That's the spirit, Lady Hinoka... 

Hinoka: OK, then! Let's give this another shot! 

Setsuna: I'll do my best...
Setsuna A

Hinoka: Setsuna, we did it! We finally did it! 

Setsuna: Yes, milady. We made an omelet that tasted great... 

Hinoka: I can't believe it took us several days to get that recipe figured 
out. But, with practice, we were able to do it! Even battles couldn't stop 
us! You were right to say that we could accomplish this together. I'm sorry I 
had any doubt. 

Setsuna: Lady Hinoka, there is no reason for you to apologize... I'm just 
happy to see you so pleased with what we've done. 

Hinoka: That's generous of you, Setsuna... But this really was all because of 
your willingness to keep trying. I...might have given up back when we nearly 
burned down the kitchen... 

Setsuna: I'm glad to have helped, Lady Hinoka... 

Hinoka: I think this effort really strengthened our bond. I feel like we can 
accomplish anything now! I know! Let's try to take on a stir-fry! 

Setsuna: Yum, I really do like stir-fry. That sounds good... I'll go gather 
the ingredients from the storehouse right away. 

Hinoka: Excellent. Thank you, Setsuna! 

Setsuna: No problem, milady... 
(Setsuna leaves) 

Hinoka: Heehee, this really is a great omelet. No one could possibly complain 
about it! I bet if we master the stir-fry and combine it with this omelet, 
people will be lining up. I wonder what's keeping Setsuna, though... The 
ingredients for stir-fry aren't all that complicated... Oh no... There are 
mousetraps in the storehouse... Setsuna! I'm coming! 
(Time passes)

Setsuna: Ah... Lady Hinoka... I really need your help. 

Hinoka: Setsuna! Where are you? It's so dark in here... I really can't leave 
you alone for a moment, can I? Setsuna! Setsuna!!

C5. Orochi C

Orochi: There you are, Rinkah! 

Rinkah: Been looking for me, Orochi? Why? Ewgh. What's that awful stink? 

Orochi: I've brought a potion that will help me look into your future. Let's 

Rinkah: What? Who said I want you poking around in my life? 

Orochi: I come here offering this in friendship, and you refuse? 

Rinkah: I don't need your help. I'm from the Flame Tribe. We divine fate our 
own way. We use fire-and I trust fire. 

Orochi: Fire... to read the future? 

Rinkah: If you must know, we drip oil onto a plate, place a strip of paper on 
that... and then light it up and read our fate in the shapes as it all burns. 
We do this to prepare for battle. 

Orochi: Only for battle? 

Rinkah: Only, yes. You seem surprised. 

Orochi: Then you DO need me! I can tell your nonbattle fortunes. 

Rinkah: Unnecessary. There's nothing worth knowing about outside of battle. 

Orochi: There's so much life outside of battles. Fates NOT about fighting! 

Rinkah: You heard me. I'm not interested. 
(Rinkah leaves) 

Orochi: Wait, Rinkah! Ugh. That girl is going to get burned without my help.
Orochi B

Orochi: Oh, gods of harvest! Forgive Orochi for interrupting your slumber in 
the earth! Orochi entreats you-send good fortune to us, your thankful 

Rinkah: Hmph. 

Orochi: Who DARES pry into my magical methods?! Oh, hi. Sorry, Rinkah. I 
didn't know it was you. 

Rinkah: So this is how you do your... magic. 

Orochi: Intrigued, eh? I can't blame you. 

Rinkah: Curious, that's all. You said you can tell fortunes for events 
outside of battle. Like what? 

Orochi: Just about anything-trivial as the weather, vital as health or love. 

Rinkah: Hmm, really? 

Orochi: I sense you want Orochi to look into something for you. About...? 

Rinkah: None of those things. 

Orochi: Make your request. 

Rinkah: I want a food fortune. 

Orochi: A food fortune. ...... I guess I can do that. 

Rinkah: Get to it then. 

Orochi: Orochi must prepare the correct materials for this divination. Leave 
me. I'll tell you when I'm ready. 

Rinkah: Hurry up. 
(Rinkah leaves) 

Orochi: A food fortune. What, am I supposed to figure out when her next meal 
Orochi A

Rinkah: Orochi! 

Orochi: It's you. Hi, Rinkah. 

Rinkah: That food fortune you did for me was incredible! 

Orochi: Er, really? 

Rinkah: You foretold what I would eat. So I ate that stuff. I feel GREAT! 
Lots of energy. No fatigue. 

Orochi: You're not serious. 

Rinkah: I am SO serious. I ate nothing but pickled food-fruits, vegetables, 
meat! Took a few days, but I feel better than ever! 

Orochi: Glad to hear it. 

Rinkah: I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm ready for battle! I'll take on 
the enemy all by myself! 

Orochi: I'm sure you will. 

Rinkah: I'm sorry for disrespecting your magic at first. I'll never doubt 
your powers again, Orochi. You're in charge of my meals from now on! 

Orochi: Glad to serve. 

Rinkah: Thanks for the food fortune! 
(Rinkah leaves) 

Orochi: ...... Ugh, I hope she doesn't go tell everyone about this. I just 
recited some recipes, that's all. I thought for sure she'd see right through 
it. Guess not. But one thing's for sure-my food fortune helped her. I guess I 
surprise even myself sometimes!
C5. Oboro C

Oboro: OK, almost every table is clean except for...hers...

Rinkah: Oboro? Is that you? What's with the thousand-yard stare? Oh! Right! 
You're on cleanup duty after meals. Sorry, I'll get out of your way. 

Oboro: Rinkah! Wait. 

Rinkah: Wh-what's up? 

Oboro: The way you eat... especially the mess you leave behind... It's a lot 
to clean up. Could you try to start eating more carefully? 

Rinkah: Carefully? Like how? 

Oboro: Like, don't spray the meat's juices all over the tablecloth! Or leave 
chunks of food on the floor! 

Rinkah: Hmph. Maybe that's not how YOU eat. But the Flame Tribe always digs 
into their meals with both hands! We wolf our food down like actual wolves! 
Someone told me once I should use utensils when eating with you people... But 
I assumed they were joking. 

Oboro: Huh... so table manners are different where you come from? Well, be a 
messy eater if you want, but I'm the one who has to clean it up. So like it 
or not, I'm going to teach you the basics of eating with utensils. 

Rinkah: What, you're serious? That's going too far... 

Oboro: Then can you eat without making such an ungodly mess? 

Rinkah: Impossible. It goes against everything I stand for. 

Oboro: This isn't the Fire Tribe village, Rinkah! You're supposed to abide by 
the customs of the land, right? Don't worry-I'll teach you everything there 
is to know. You'll catch on quick. 
(Oboro leaves) 

Rinkah: Or you could just let me eat in peace...
Oboro B

Oboro: That's it. Don't hold it in your fist like it's a sword. You need to 
grip it between your fingers instead. That helps give you finer control. 

Rinkah: Urg... 

Oboro: Don't hold it so tight. Let it move in your hand along with your 

Rinkah: I just... can't... get it...! Oops. It broke. 

Oboro: Again?! This is the fifth time... 

Rinkah: I keep telling you, this is a waste of time! 

Oboro: Not at all! There's lots of reasons to stick with it. You can eat 
anything-even fish, I know you love fish-without leaving a mess! 

Rinkah: Why would I not just bite into the fish? That way, I can spit out the 
bones later. Or heck, just eat them too! 

Oboro: Yeah, see... that's a good way to guarantee a mess. But if you ate it 
clean, you'd get ALL the meat on those bones. 

Rinkah: Hmm? 

Oboro: You've been leaving prime meat behind! Your horrible table manners 
mean you're not getting all the fish on your plate. Doesn't it frustrate you 
to waste food? 

Rinkah: I... I'm wasting food? Ugh, I guess you're right. I hate to admit it, 

Oboro: There's still a plate of cooked fish left from tonight's dinner. Why 
don't you watch me to see how I do it? 

Rinkah: S-sure... 
(Time passes)
Rinkah: Wow! How'd you do that?! There's nothing but bones and skin left! 
I've never seen anything so clean... It's like art, the way you eat! 

Oboro: That's the kind of thing you can do with utensils. You get all the 
meat, while leaving the plate and tablecloth clean of bones. 

Rinkah: You're really starting to sell me on this. Show me again! 

Oboro: I would love to.
Oboro A

Rinkah: Check it out, Oboro! Nothing but skin and bones left! And see how 
there's not a single stain on the tablecloth? 

Oboro: Way to go, Rinkah! I take it you've got the hang of using utensils? 

Rinkah: Yep. And I have you to thank. 

Oboro: Hey, I shouldn't take all the credit. You worked hard to learn. 

Rinkah: You know, it's weird. Eating without wasting food is satisfying in a 
different way than stuffing yourself. 

Oboro: *nod* Doing it that way shows your respect for the cook and the gifts 
of the land. That's what I think, at least. 

Rinkah: So that's the Hoshidan philosophy, huh? Interesting. I'd like to 
understand your mind-set better and not be so closed off. 

Oboro: That's the spirit! The better we get to know each other, the less 
distance there'll be between us. 

Rinkah: Yeah. Hey, I should teach you how we eat in the Flame Tribe someday! 
Though it'll be too messy here. Maybe we can take a hunting trip to the 

Oboro: I bet that would be fun. Thanks! 

Rinkah: Wait'll you join in a traditional Flame Tribe feast! We sink our 
teeth into our kill and spray its juices in appreciation for its life. 

Oboro: Hmm... I'll be sure to pack some old clothes for the occasion! 

Rinkah: Smart thinking! You'll love it!
C5. Kagero C

Kagero: Hello there, Rinkah. Have you heard the rumors about the latest camp 

Rinkah: What rumors, Kagero? 

Kagero: Apparently, the entire camp is trying to determine who the strongest 
fighters are. There are no clear winners among the men, the women, or both 

Rinkah: Hmph. I don't distract myself with idle gossip. 

Kagero: Oh? Even though word is you and I are top candidates? 

Rinkah: We are? Very well. Tell me more. 

Kagero: They say that you and I both possess incredible strength. That you 
are powerful while I am tactical. There is some intense disagreement as to 
which of us is the stronger fighter. 

Rinkah: Hrm. Normally I dislike people talking about me behind my back, 
but... I must admit, it's nice to have my strength praised after working so 
hard in training. 

Kagero: I feel the same way. I dislike the gossip, but having my skills 
acknowledged is a pleasant feeling. 

Rinkah: Hmmm. What do you think of going a few rounds, Kagero? 

Kagero: You mean... to determine who the superior fighter actually is? 

Rinkah: Exactly. 

Kagero: I cannot say that I personally oppose the idea... However, I serve 
Lord Ryoma. I cannot risk getting seriously injured. To do so and be unable 
to serve would be a grievous betrayal. 

Rinkah: Then... perhaps we could do so with a friendly sumo match instead? 

Kagero: I've heard of it, but remind me how sumo works... 

Rinkah: There is no armor and no weapons. It's a test of pure skill and 
strength. A fighter tries to push her opponent either out of a ring or to the 

Kagero: Interesting... Very well-I accept your challenge. Since you selected 
the sport, I'll select the place and time. I'll let you know. 

Rinkah: Excellent. I look forward to showing you what I'm made of!
Kagero B

Kagero: Rinkah, I wanted to talk about our sumo match the other day... 

Rinkah: Ugh, why did you have to mention it. Just remembering it gets my 
teeth grinding. How was it that we could be so perfectly matched that neither 
of us could win? And the chaos that resulted from it being declared a tie... 

Kagero: How did all of those people even hear about our match? 

Rinkah: Someone must have followed one or both of us. That's the only way 
they could know. And they were so loud. You'd think it was an exhibition 
match with how people acted. I'm pretty sure I even saw someone selling 
snacks to the people watching. 

Kagero: I suspect all of those distractions made it impossible for you to 
concentrate... I know I was unable to. Of course, considering how highly 
they'd evaluated us, their excitement makes sense. 

Rinkah: That's true... It was a good match until about halfway through, in 
any case. It's been a long time since I've had such a good sumo match, to be 

Kagero: Is it a sport the Fire Tribe plays often? 

Rinkah: It is, though usually it is restricted to just the men of the tribe. 
Occasionally I was able to compete in a match or two, though. 

Kagero: Really? You seem like you're quite capable. Why would they limit your 
time in the ring? 

Rinkah: Because I was so capable; I kept absolutely destroying my opponents. 
I only got to fight when someone thought they could defeat me. As soon as I 
proved them wrong, they refused any future matches. Bunch of wimps. 

Kagero: Hah. So what you were missing was a true challenge. 

Rinkah: Exactly. That's why I'm happy that we're able to compete against each 

Kagero: I'm honored. Let's continue to challenge each other and push our 
Kagero A

Rinkah: *phew* That was a workout. Let's take a break. 

Kagero: I agree. As always, your ferocity in the match was impressive. 

Rinkah: I'm constantly surprised by the new moves you improvise in our 
matches. I feel like I'm learning from you each time we go into the ring. 

Kagero: You know, we've been having sumo matches for some time now. I can 
tell that I've grown physically stronger as a result. 

Rinkah: I've had allies mention that my skills on the battlefield appear to 
have improved, too. 

Kagero: It seems our matches have greatly benefited both of us... 

Rinkah: It's funny that our matches began as a way to see who was stronger... 
yet they resulted in both of us growing even more powerful! 

Kagero: I can't complain about the results. Although it means that the crowds 
that gather remain unsatisfied. 

Rinkah: I don't care about them! Plus, I think their desire to see a deciding 
battle just drives both of us to improve. I know I don't want to be on the 
losing side of things! 

Kagero: Nor I. Another match, then?

C6. Saizo C

Subaki: Good afternoon, Saizo. How are you this fine day? 

Saizo: You don't need to put on those placating airs with me. 

Subaki: Is that what I was doing? I thought I was simply extending a pleasant 

Saizo: Yes. But I sometimes suspect you do so to mask your true self. 

Subaki: Where is this hostility coming from? I've always been a perfect 
gentleman to you. 

Saizo: I acknowledge your strength, at least. You're among the strongest of 
the retainers to Hoshidan royalty. 

Subaki: You insult me with one breath and praise me in the next... This is a 
very strange conversation. 

Saizo: I'm only being frank. 

Subaki: Very well. I'll grant your strength as well. Your temper is an 
unfortunate flaw, but in terms of pure strength, you're near the top. 

Saizo: Apart from yourself, you mean. 

Subaki: N-now I never said- 

Saizo: But you were thinking it. 

Subaki: C-come now, let's be reasonable... 

Saizo: I know all about your facade. I just don't know what you're thinking 
behind it. I don't think I'll really be satisfied until I test my strength 
against yours. 

Subaki: What do you mean? Whatever for? 

Saizo: I'm challenging you to a duel. Under real combat conditions, 

Subaki: You mean, with real weapons?! Hmm... very well. I'll agree to those 

Saizo: Heh. I'll make you regret that. 

Subaki: So you say. But I wonder if it isn't you who'll rue issuing the 

Saizo: The results will speak for themselves. The duel will take place in a 
few days' time. Do we have an agreement? 

Subaki: Agreed!
Saizo B

Saizo: The time for our duel has come. I'll be using shuriken as my weapon of 

Subaki: Such small weapons against my lance? Are you sure about this? 

Saizo: It's fine with me. This is a real fight, so we ought to use the 
weapons we're most proficient with. 

Subaki: If you say so. Well then, shall we begin? 

Saizo: Yes. Ready... Now! 
(Sword hit)

Subaki: Hah! It's just like you to launch an attack the instant the duel 
begins. You're not leaving me many chances to get a hit in between 
barrages... But the battle isn't won yet! 
(Attack miss)

Saizo: Ngh... I barely dodged that one. You're proving my estimate of your 
strength was correct, if nothing else. 

Subaki: "If nothing else," hm? You wound me. But you won't be jesting for 
much longer! Hraaaah! 
(Damage dealt)

Saizo: Gah...! Here's one from me! 
(Damage dealt)

Subaki: Urgh! You're good... 

Saizo: You're not bad yourself. Hm...? When did this crowd gather to watch 

Subaki: Good question! I hadn't noticed. I guess it speaks to how impressive 
the sparks flying between us are! 

Saizo: There's no time to think about them. If we don't end this fast, 
someone will stop us before we determine a victor. 

Subaki: True. We'd best resolve this duel before someone notices we're using 
real weapons. 

Saizo: For expediency's sake, let's say that the next hit wins. 

Subaki: Agreed. We're both losing steam, so let's make this our final clash! 

Saizo: Here I come, Subaki! 

Subaki: Do your worst! 

Saizo: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Subaki: Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Saizo A

Subaki: Hello there, Saizo! How are you feeling? Have you recovered from our 
duel yet? 

Saizo: For the most part. It's too bad Avatar stopped us. 

Subaki: I'm impressed how fast Lord/Lady Avatar noticed we were using real 

Saizo: Yes. Though it did prevent us from declaring a decisive winner. 

Subaki: I think in the end, it came down to a contest of wills. And on that 
front, we're pretty evenly matched, wouldn't you say? 

Saizo: Yes... At least I got a look at your skills for myself. 

Subaki: Indeed. And it's comforting, in a way, to know how strong you truly 

Saizo: Keep using that strength of yours to protect Lady Sakura. And I will 
do the same for Lord Ryoma. 

Subaki: Excellent. I look forward to fighting alongside you on the 
battlefield, Saizo. 

Saizo: I'll see you there.
C6. Azama C

Azama: Ah, if it isn't Subaki. 

Subaki: Ah, if it isn't Azama! 

Azama: Excuse me? I'd rather you not mimic my speech like that. 

Subaki: Mimic your speech? Please. I was just returning a friendly greeting. 

Azama: It sounded an awful lot like me. And haven't you heard the rumor about 

Subaki: There's a rumor about... us? We barely even know each other! 

Azama: Yes, well, that doesn't seem to matter. People are comparing us. The 
rumor is that we're training together. Given the reputation you've cultivated 
around here, I really can't abide that. 

Subaki: And what sort of reputation have I cultivated, exactly? 

Azama: The reputation that you're perfect, of course. It's disgusting. No man 
or woman can ever truly achieve perfection. I'm offended by the very concept. 
Surely you feel the same way about being compared to me. 

Subaki: On the contrary... I would think it an honor to be compared to a 
great mystic like you. 

Azama: Oh please. There's no need to force such compliments. Everyone knows 
you were simply born talented-end of story. It must be nice to be 
effortlessly good at everything. 

Subaki: Um, actually... 

Azama: Yes? 

Subaki: Eh, never mind. Not worth bringing up. See you later, Azama. 
(Subaki leaves) 

Azama: How strange...
Azama B

Azama: Ahh... nothing like a spirited mountain hike to wake up the body. And 
the view from up here is sublime. Wait...someone else is coming up the path!

Subaki: *huff* *huff* 

Azama: Subaki! What are you doing on this trail? 

Subaki: Oh, Azama! Um, heh... 

Azama: And you're out of breath! I've never seen you display an ounce of 
effort before. 

Subaki: Well... yes. I am. Ugh, this is embarrassing. I come here to work out 
so nobody will see me doing it... 

Azama: Ah... I think I understand. You want to seem effortlessly perfect. Is 
that it? 

Subaki: Yes. I suppose it's a bit shallow of me, but... there you have it. 
Now that you've seen me, I suppose the secret's out. Unless... you don't tell 

Azama: Relax, your secret is safe with me. I must admit, though, that it's 
nice to know you're human... like the rest of us. 

Subaki: Well, I did almost tell you before... but then I lost my nerve. Look 
at us, both up at the crack of dawn to scale this mountain. We really aren't 
that different after all. 

Azama: I suppose not. 

Subaki: Well, most people will be waking up soon. Shall we make our way back? 

Azama: After you.
Azama A

Subaki: And... there you go. I've organized the supply closet by color and 
subcategorized by alphabetical order. 

Hoshidan: Wow! Thank you so much, Mr. Subaki! 
(Hoshidan leaves)

Azama: Heh. 

Subaki: Oh, hello, Azama. How are you? 

Azama: There's that perfectly amicable greeting you're known for. 

Subaki: Yes... there it is. I suppose I can let my guard down with you after 
what happened the other day. You already know how calculating I am in every 
action...just like you. 

Azama: Yes, I am calculating, but I realized that there is one key difference 
between us. 

Subaki: Oh? What's that? 

Azama: Well, you present a carefully crafted image of yourself to others, 
don't you. By contrast, I couldn't care less what others think of me. 

Subaki: Yes, I suppose that's true. Heh, if we just explained that to people, 
then they'd stop thinking we're alike. 

Azama: That's what I was thinking, too. So, I'll just be off to tell them. 

Subaki: What?! No! You said my secret was safe with you! 

Azama: Oh ho! I'm just teasing you. That's the other difference between us. I 
have a sense of humor. 

Subaki: Uh... right. Ha. 

Azama: There you go! Keep that up, and we'll practically be 
indistinguishable. Hee!
C6. Hinata C

Subaki: Excellent. I'm looking perfect, as per usual.

Hinata: Hello, Subaki. You seem awfully pleased with yourself today. 

Subaki: Well, well! Greetings, Hinata! Yes, I certainly am. Even by my own 
impeccable standards, I'm looking remarkably handsome. It's hard to turn from 
my own reflection. I think I'm in love. 

Hinata: Huh?! How can you be in love with yourself? You're the most vain 
person that I've ever met. How can you be so narcissistic? 

Subaki: It's simple. Appearances are important. Perfecting one's outward 
image projects confidence and inner beauty. And people will always prefer 
someone clean and neat over a nasty slob. 

Hinata: I suppose that's true. 

Subaki: Do you ever put any effort into your appearance, Hinata? 

Hinata: It isn't my first priority. I just try to make sure that I'm not 

Subaki: That simply won't do! Are you trying to cast shame on Lord Takumi? 
Besides, don't you want women to be interested in you? You won't be turning 
any heads without a carefully planned grooming technique. 

Hinata: R-really? Are you serious? 

Subaki: Of course I am. What do you think people's opinions are on your look? 
Let me spell it out for you. "Oh hey, it's Hinata! He smells like he slept in 
a barn!" "Ew, nice bed head! Ugh, do you ever change that filthy shirt of 
yours?" Getting the picture yet? 

Hinata: Was that supposed to be some kind of stupid miniplay? You're a 
terrible actor. No one in town would say that about me. What's your problem? 

Subaki: I'm just trying to help. Perhaps you're just too simple to 

Hinata: Geez, why are you being so rude? Listen, I admit that some of what 
you said makes sense. I don't want anyone to think I'm gross. 

Subaki: A clean exterior goes a long way toward winning over other people. 
Being clean is more important than being cool. 

Hinata: Maybe you're right... OK, Subaki. Teach me how to make myself 
handsome, like you! 

Subaki: So you're interested now, eh? That didn't take long. Very well! I 
will be sure to painstakingly teach you my techniques. 

Hinata: Thanks!
Hinata B

Subaki: You need to set up a morning grooming routine to look as stellar as I 
do. Are you ready to begin? 

Hinata: Of course! 

Subaki: First things first, you have to take a bath right after waking up. 
Then comb your hair very carefully. You should also use camellia oil. It 
gives your hair a handsome sheen that's bound to draw compliments. 

Hinata: Camellia oil? That seems pretty fancy. 

Subaki: You want to look good, don't you? Listen, that's just the beginning. 
Next comes clothing. It's important to only wear freshly laundered garments. 
Oh, and they can't have any wrinkles. 

Hinata: None at all? How is that even possible? Clothing naturally wrinkles. 

Subaki: It's simple. You just have to steam and flatten everything. 
Afterward, let them dry. Be careful about folding each item. You see, creases 
can become wrinkles. 

Hinata: O-OK... 

Subaki: Why so quiet, Hinata? I thought you were excited to learn. 

Hinata: I just realized that this is impossible. 

Subaki: Huh? What do you mean? 

Hinata: Just what I said! This is IMPOSSIBLE! Do you really think I can be 
that meticulous? 

Subaki: Of course not. 

Hinata: What? Then why are you even trying to teach me? Listen, thanks 
anyway, Subaki. But I think these lessons are probably pointless. 

Subaki: Don't be so dramatic. I like helping out with these kind of things. 
There is a perfect teacher right in front of you. Don't just give up and run 

Hinata: It doesn't matter if you're a great teacher. Like I said, it's 

Subaki: You're not even giving this a chance! Just stick with me. This won't 
seem so difficult once you've got a routine down. 

Hinata: Wait! Where are you dragging me now? 

Subaki: We're starting with step one. You need to take a bath. Come on! 

Hinata: Whaaaaaaaat?! No, I don't want to!
Hinata A

Subaki: Ah, there you are, Hinata! 

Hinata: Ugh, Subaki. I can't stand to talk about my appearance anymore. 

Subaki: I had a feeling you might say that. I guess you just don't have the 

Hinata: You're right. I really don't... 

Subaki: Well, I hope you're looking forward to a lifetime of people talking 
down to you. "Here comes that old stink bomb-Hinata! Geez, has he ever even 
heard of soap?" 

Hinata: Stop it with your imitations! I hate your little miniplays! 

Subaki: Listen, it's only a matter of time before people start talking to you 
that way. Don't give up so easily. Let's try to cover some more basic 
grooming techniques. 

Hinata: Basic stuff, huh? 

Subaki: Let's take this one step at a time. I understand that this seems 
overwhelming. All you have to do is change things slowly. That way, it won't 
feel as daunting while you get used to the new routine. 

Hinata: Hmm. Is that really true? 

Subaki: Of course it is. For example, you could start flattening your 
clothing every few days. That way, you'll have plenty of outfits ready and 
won't have to do it every morning. Or you could try and bathe every other 
day. Once you get used to these small changes, it won't bother you at all. 

Hinata: Oh, that actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for trying to help me, 

Subaki: It's my pleasure. Helping you isn't a total waste of my time. 

Hinata: You really have the worst personality. 

Subaki: Hahaha. I cover that with my perfectly charming exterior. 

Hinata: Ah, I feel like I finally understand you. 

Subaki: Hinata, that was meant to be a joke. Never mind. Let's head into 

Hinata: Town? But why? 

Subaki: We need to pick up some essential items to help maintain your looks. 
A mirror, camellia oil, a comb... I wrote a whole list. It's fairly 

Hinata: I changed my mind. This is going to be way too much work. 

Subaki: Well, look forward to being teased all the time then. "There he is-
that old bed head!" "He always looks like he just crawled out of a trash 

Hinata: All right, fine! Just stop. We can go get all the stuff on your list. 
But only so that I can make myself look amazing one day to show you up. 

Subaki: Hahaha, that'll be the day.

C7. Felicia C

Hana: Hm? Is that you, Felicia? 

Felicia: Oh. Hello, Hana. 

Hana: What's the matter? You don't look all that happy. 

Felicia: Um... I was thinking about something, and it just got me worrying... 

Hana: Ahhh, that explains it. Normally I only see that look on your face 
after you've dropped something. 

Felicia: What is that supposed to mean?! 

Hana: I'm sorry! I just meant... Never mind! Anyway, what is it that's 
bothering you? 

Felicia: Um... Well... You know that I serve as a retainer for Lord/Lady 

Hana: Of course. 

Felicia: Well, I'm worried about whether I'm doing my job properly... 

Hana: Do you mean the day-to-day things? Or in how you interact with 
Lord/Lady Avatar? 

Felicia: Yes, that! You see, Lord/Lady Avatar is like family to me. But at 
the same time, I'm his/her retainer, so I should always treat him/her with 
respect. Once I started to think about it, I began to worry that I hadn't 
been doing that... 

Hana: I see... I know exactly what you're talking about, actually. Lady 
Sakura is both my best friend and my liege, after all. 

Felicia: Oh, I guess you're right about that! Doesn't that make things 
difficult for you? 

Hana: I've never felt uncomfortable...but I guess I've sometimes wondered if 
I'm too familiar. Now that you mention it, it really seems like such a 
complicated relationship. We're very close to each other, but she does hold a 
much higher social rank. Hmmm... 

Felicia: Do you have some answers? 

Hana: It's difficult to figure out where the line between master and 
subordinate is for us. Is there a proper attitude to have? This isn't an easy 
problem at all... 

Felicia: No, it isn't...
Felicia B

Felicia: Hello, Hana. Have you had any luck coming up with an answer to our 
conversation before? 

Hana: You mean the proper attitude to have with the person we serve but are 
friends with? ...I haven't, no. 

Felicia: I see... 

Hana: This person isn't quite a family member nor a regular comrade. Their 
high social rank means we retainers must serve them to our utmost ability. 

Felicia: That's right... 

Hana: Our relationship isn't a two-way street, either. But despite that... It 
isn't as though they demand we treat them special. In that way, they also 
hold a respect for us, don't they? And a friendship, too. 

Felicia: Some people do fulfill their retainership based purely on duty, 

Hana: But that isn't how we are, obviously. 

Felicia: No, of course not. 

Hana: Despite thinking about it as much as I have, I still can't come to any 

Felicia: I'm sorry. I feel like I've spread my worries to you... 

Hana: No, it's fine! This honestly isn't something I'd have even considered 
on my own. I appreciate the opportunity!
Felicia A

Hana: Oh, Felicia, there you are! 

Felicia: Hana... By that chipper look on your face, I'm guessing you've 
solved our conundrum! 

Hana: Heehee, sorry. I haven't. I've been thinking about it a ton, but I 
haven't settled on a simple answer... 

Felicia: Oh... 

Hana: But you know what? I honestly don't think it's a question with a real 

Felicia: What?! 

Hana: We've been trying to figure out if we're not treating our masters as 
retainers should... But you know what? We're retainers, so however we treat 
them is the right way. Lady Sakura, for example, never complains about my 

Felicia: So... we're doing everything right? Even though other retainers 
behave differently? 

Hana: Yes! Our masters are like family, friends, and comrades... We can't 
deny any of that. So we would be doing them a disservice to not treat them as 
all those things. 

Felicia: Hmmm... 

Hana: Knowing that, I think we don't need to be self-conscious about our 

Felicia: You really think so? 

Hana: Yes. You think that your liege is someone you can trust, right? And 
also someone you can depend on? 

Felicia: Yes, of course! Lord/Lady Avatar has my complete and total trust! 

Hana: That's good! A worthy lord/lady should. We need to trust them to the 
very end. That's the only thing a retainer must have. Our familiarity and 
friendship with them are perfectly fine, as long as we trust them. 

Felicia: So you're saying that the master-servant relationship revolves 
around trust... I actually feel a lot better. I think I always knew it, but I 
needed to hear it from you. 

Hana: In the end, that's why we dedicate our lives to them, right? 

Felicia: Yes, that's right! 

Hana: Then let's both swear to keep believing in our masters. We'll remain 
their retainers for as long as we are able! 

Felicia: Yes, of course! Thank you, Hana! 

Hana: No problem. Thanks for helping me realize something important, Felicia!
C7. Setsuna C

Hana: Argh, what a bummer... Is it really just the two of us? 

Setsuna: Yep... You and I were the only two that failed strategy. They told 
me... "Setsuna, there are many things that come naturally to you..." "But 
working in a group is definitely not one of them." 

Hana: Yeah, they said something like that to me, too. "Hana, you work well on 
your own, but it all falls apart when you're with a team." I guess I tend to 
take the initiative without thinking. 

Setsuna: I guess we're very similar. 

Hana: I suppose so. Hey, why don't we form a study group? We can work to 
cover the areas we're both weak in! 

Setsuna: I think that's a great idea! How shall we start? What about reading 
those strategy books they gave us? 

Hana: Yeah, let's do that! I think there were some useful tactics mentioned 
in Chapter 5... 

Setsuna: ... 

Hana: Hey, Setsuna? Let's go practice our swordplay outside instead of doing 
this. You know, to change things up. 

Setsuna: Great idea. I was just thinking I'd like to go hunting and get some 
fresh air. 

Hana: All right! We'll just take a little break. Then back to studying!
Setsuna B

Hana: *siiiiigh...* 

Setsuna: Hana, you're sighing again. 

Hana: Despite all the reading we've done, I don't feel like I've learned much 
about strategy. Our study group was a good idea, but we don't really seem to 
concentrate... Look at us now-we're out taking a walk instead of studying! 

Setsuna: I love taking walks, and it was time for a break anyway... The third 
break of the day... Oh, I see what you're talking about. 

Hana: Hrmph. I think we spend more time taking breaks from studying than 
actually studying. 

Setsuna: We both tend to avoid things we aren't naturally skilled at. And I 
don't think our efficiency increases when we work together... 

Hana: Wait, are you saying we should learn from other people? I don't kno-! 

Setsuna: Hrm? 

Hana: Setsuna, keep your cool and don't stop walking. You noticed them, too, 

Setsuna: I did. Four people, hiding in the shade of that tree over there... 

Hana: Enemies-they look to be spies. What do you think we should do? I don't 
think they've realized we noticed them. We can take advantage of that. 

Setsuna: Hana, I'll walk this way and... 

Hana: Yes, I see. All right, let's do it. You keep walking and get out of 
view over there. I'll leap into their midst. While they're confused, fire as 
many arrows as you can. Just don't hit me, OK? 

Setsuna: Got it... 
(Setsuna leaves) 

Hana: OK... let's do this!!
(Time passes)

Lancer: What the-?! 

Hana: Hiyaaaah! 
(Lancer falls)
(Time passes)
Hana: Phew... I think that's the last of them.

Setsuna: I count all four. Well done! It felt like we knew exactly what we 
each needed to do. Our teamwork was perfect. 

Hana: You're right... Wait a minute! 

Setsuna: What is it? 

Hana: This is what it's all about! This is what they mean by coordination 
when fighting in a group. You make use of each person's unique skills and 
work together to defeat the enemy! 

Setsuna: Oh, I see. 

Hana: Now that we know how it feels, I think we can study without getting 

Setsuna: You may be right. With a clear goal in mind... Yes, I feel like I 
could keep studying right now. 

Hana: Totally! Oh! I guess we should probably report that we defeated some 

Setsuna: Oh yeah. Oops.
Setsuna A

Hana: Yes!!! I passed the strategy test! I'm officially a strategist! 

Setsuna: I passed, too. 

Hana: We did it, Setsuna! We studied our way to success! It was worth all 
that hard work! 

Setsuna: I agree. Ever since that fight... I feel like I've got a much better 
idea of how to coordinate a group. 

Hana: I suppose there is truth in the saying "adversity is a great teacher." 

Setsuna: I was thinking, though... We had other options available in that 
fight against the spies. If I had fired a burst of arrows into their cover, 
it's likely they would have scattered. Then you could have picked them off as 
they broke cover and ran for it. 

Hana: Ooh, yes! That could have worked, too! Or we could have gotten their 
attention and made it look like we were fleeing... Only to pick them off one 
by one as they made to follow us. I think that would probably be one of the 
safest tactics to use. 

Setsuna: That sounds like it would work. Wow, I feel like my head is bursting 
with strategies to use. 

Hana:I know! Let's keep working together to discover new ways to coordinate 

Setsuna: All right!

C8. Kaze C

Kaze: Brother... do you have a moment? 

Saizo: Ah, hello, Kaze. What is it? 

Kaze: For many years now, you have been working tirelessly to avenge our 
father's death... M-may I... ask you about it? 

Saizo: ...What? 

Kaze: Well, of course I understand why you want to kill the man who murdered 
our father... But you've been... consumed by it. I was wondering if there 
might be more to it... 

Saizo: I don't know what you're talking about. 

Kaze: Is there something besides avenging Father? Besides protecting Lord 
Ryoma...? You have so much bloodlust. You don't fight our foes as much as 
slaughter them! What could cause my brother to mercilessly cut people down 
like a man possessed? 

Saizo: It's nice of you to be concerned. You're a good brother, Kaze. It does 
seem like vengeance and Lord Ryoma are all I have... But as you say...there 
might be something else fueling my anger. 

Kaze: As I thought... 

Saizo: But it's nothing you need to worry about. Just forget about it. Good-
(Saizo leaves) 

Kaze: Saizo...
Kaze B

Saizo: Kaze? You're in my way. Could you please move? 

Kaze: No, Brother. I'm here to challenge you to a duel. 

Saizo: Excuse me? 

Kaze: I can't ignore what we spoke of the other day. It's clearly been 
weighing heavy on your heart, and it must be addressed. I therefore challenge 
you to single combat, for the knowledge of what troubles you. 

Saizo: This is not a duel you can win. Or do you have a trick up your sleeve? 

Kaze: No. I am aware of its folly. Yet even knowing this, my mind is set. I 
must know your mind at any cost. This is how far I will go to help you, 

Saizo: Sheathe your blade. I'll just tell you. 

Kaze: Done. I'm listening... 

Saizo: I once infiltrated Mokushu, believing that they played a part in 
Father's death. And my suspicions were well founded. I came across evidence 
proving that the ninja of Mokushu assassinated him. But I failed to avenge 
myself upon his killer, losing my eye in the process. 

Kaze: Brother... why did you keep this from me for so long? 

Saizo: You were absent from our home village on an errand at the time. And I 
couldn't tell anyone else that I was wounded at the hand of a Mokushujin. 

Kaze: I don't understand. Why wouldn't you let them know what you found? 

Saizo: I might have, if not for the wound. It was a constant, throbbing 
reminder that I failed to avenge my father. That I wasn't strong enough. 
Never again in my life have I felt such shame! 

Kaze: I... I'm sorry, Brother. I didn't mean to reopen this scar on your 
heart. It was foolish of me to think drawing this out of you would help... 

Saizo: It wasn't a secret I was nursing, Brother. It was my miserable pride. 
I thought if no one knew the wretched story of it all... 

Kaze: But you did share it. Do you feel better at all to have it out in the 

Saizo: ...As I said, you are in my way. Please step aside. 

Kaze: O-of course, Brother...
(Saizo leaves) 
Kaze: *sigh*
Kaze A

Kaze: Brother? I wanted to pick up where we left off when we spoke last. 

Saizo: The past is the past, Kaze. Leave those old wounds to mend or fester 
as they will. 

Kaze: That's not what I meant. I didn't come to prolong your suffering, but 
to apologize for it. 

Saizo: Why? You had no hand in it. 

Kaze: Not so. For as long as I can remember, you've been bent on avenging our 
father. Even after everyone else in our clan gave up hope, you carried 
on...alone. You didn't have your brother's help, either. I'm no better than 
the rest. 

Saizo: I didn't ask and didn't expect it. You are blameless. The shame is 

Kaze: In some sense, yes. The scar over your eye is a mark of shame, true 

Saizo: ... 

Kaze: But it is not a mark of your shame alone. All of us in Igasato have a 
share of guilt to claim as well... 

Saizo: Kaze, I'm... speechless. 

Kaze: When I said I came to apologize... it was for forcing you to carry this 
burden alone for so long. But all of us of Igasato will make amends. We vow 
to be Saizo the Fifth's eye! 

Saizo: You honor me, Brother. I'll gladly take your support in any mission we 

C9. Oboro C

Oboro: *siiiigh*

Orochi: Oboro? What's gotten into you? 

Oboro: Yikes! Make some noise next time so I know you're coming, Orochi! 

Orochi: Sorry to startle you. But I wasn't really skulking around... You must 
have been pretty distracted not to notice me. 

Oboro: Oh. I guess I was. *sigh* 

Orochi: Where's the upbeat Oboro I remember? Do you need someone to tell your 
troubles to? 

Oboro: Eh, you'd just laugh. 

Orochi: Preposterous! I've never laughed at someone going through hard times. 

Oboro: Well... I don't know... 

Orochi: Seriously, don't worry about it. Tell me what's on your mind. 

Oboro: All right, here goes. I was passing by the weapon shop in town and saw 
a set of heavy, black armor. Seeing it reminded me of Nohr, which made me 

Orochi: Grimace? Is that what you call that horrible demon face you make? 

Oboro: Y-yeah... that's the one. And then, this little kid not far off saw me 
and burst into tears. Just thinking about it makes me sad! You should have 
seen his face... 

Orochi: Pfffft... Hahahaha! That's priceless! 

Oboro: Hey! You promised you wouldn't laugh! I knew I shouldn't have said 

Orochi: Haha... oh, don't get so upset! I get a kick out of that face you 
make. It's very you. 

Oboro: Ugh, I hate it. It terrifies people. It's like a bad habit I just 
can't kick. 

Orochi: Hm... You know, maybe there is something I can do to help. 

Oboro: There is? Like what?! 

Orochi: Yeah, I know just what to do. Consider it my apology for laughing at 

Oboro: I think I'll take you up on that! 

Orochi: Haha, leave it to me!
Oboro B

Orochi: Oboro! I've found a way to keep you from making that awful face! 

Oboro: You're kidding me. How? 

Orochi: Actually breaking you of the habit would be almost impossible, so... 
I thought we'd try covering it up. Ta-da! 

Oboro: What are these? A bunch of masks...? 

Orochi: Yep! Aren't they something? You can't scare any children if your face 
is hidden behind one of my masks! These are some of my best work. They're all 
beautiful-and look how cute this one is! Pick out any one you like! 

Oboro: Uh, sure... 

Orochi: What's wrong? You don't think it'll work? 

Oboro: No, it's just that the masks are... well... kind of weird. Like this 
one. Why are the eyebrows so thick? It looks angry. And I don't know what to 
make of the heavy rouge on this one's cheeks. 

Orochi: Wh...what are you getting at...? 

Oboro: This one's teeth are polished gold! I can't wear these! 

Orochi: I worked for three days and nights on these masks, and that's all you 
can say?! 

Oboro: That long? Wow. 

Orochi: At LEAST that long! I went without sleep, all to solve your problem. 

Oboro: Hahaha...! 

Orochi: Are you laughing at me?! 

Oboro: Sorry... I couldn't help it. I was picturing you fighting off sleep to 
paint these. 

Orochi: And how is that funny?! 

Oboro: I do appreciate it, though! Thank you. 

Orochi: There it is! That's the face! 

Oboro: Was I making it again just now?! 

Orochi: No, no! Last time, that kid saw you looking scary and demonic, so he 
cried. Next time that happens, just smile at the little guy! 

Oboro: You think it'll be that easy? 

Orochi: With an adorable smile like yours? It'll be easier than falling off a 

Oboro: Hmm, OK. I'll try it. Thanks for the advice, Orochi! 

Orochi: Anytime! But I did work hard on these masks... Be sure to try them 

Oboro: Uh, yeah. I'll do that.
Oboro A

Oboro: Hey, Orochi! Guess what! 

Orochi: You found a four-leaf clover? 

Oboro: Even better! You had the right idea about my problem! 

Orochi: How so? 

Oboro: I bumped into that kid who I freaked out last time. I smiled at 
him...and he smiled back! 

Orochi: Way to go, Oboro! 

Oboro: We got to talking a little, and I ended up challenging him to a stare-
off. I won, of course! 

Orochi: A stare-off, huh? Sounds like you've found a way to make that face 
work for you. 

Oboro: Yeah! I feel silly when I think about how anxious I was. The kid loved 
your masks, by the way. He was howling on the floor. 

Orochi: Th-those masks are fine art! It would be one thing for the kid to nod 
at them in respectful silence... But he laughed?! 

Oboro: They must have been more charming than you knew! Anyway, both your 
advice and your masks helped. I'm feeling much better now. 

Orochi: I still wish the masks had been better appreciated... But I'll settle 
for seeing you smile. 

Oboro: Thank you, Oboro. 

Orochi: You know, if you ever need more masks like those, I'd always be happy 

Oboro: I'll let you know!
C9. Kagero C

Orochi: No, no, no... It's got to be here. Somewhere. Anywhere. 

Kagero: Why in such a panic, old friend? You've turned this room upside down. 
Have you lost something? 

Orochi: Ugh. You're the last person I wanted to bump into right now, Kagero. 

Kagero: Tell me what's wrong, Orochi. 

Orochi: I lost one of my cards. You know, my fortune-telling cards. 

Kagero: I see. 

Orochi: No, you don't. Or else you'd be upset too. They're from the deck you 
made for me. That deck is my most prized possession. I sleep with it under my 

Kagero: You value my silly drawings too highly. I'll just make you another 

Orochi: Another one? It's irreplaceable! 

Kagero: Don't be ridiculous. Easily done. I just need a little time, that's 
all. Unless... Did you sell your soul to make my napkin scribbles magical? 

Orochi: Now you're being ridiculous. They're not magical. But they ARE 

Kagero: Then leave it to me. I'll try to copy it from memory. Which card did 
you lose? 

Orochi: The one with the brook and the fish. 

Kagero: Oh, that one! That one will be tricky to re-create. But I'll do my 

Orochi: Thank you, dear friend. And again, I'm sorry for losing it. 

Kagero: Stop apologizing. I'm just surprised you hung on to those drawings 
for so long. You can count on me, as I've counted on you since we were 

Orochi: Like two peas in a pod. But I'm the luckier of the peas! 

Kagero: Well, this pea has got to get rolling if she's going to get this card 
done. The brook card... You couldn't have lost an easier one to remake, hmm? 
(Kagero leaves) 

Orochi: That girl. Does she really NOT remember why that card is so special 
to me? I'll just be glad to have it back in my deck, no matter how I get it. 
I'm fortunate to have such a good friend as Kagero.
Kagero B

Kagero: So, about that fortune-telling card that you lost, Orochi. You wanted 
me to draw you another one with a brook. So, here are a few drafts. 

Orochi: No, no, no... It has to be identical! You missed the fish! And what's 
all this other stuff? This draft has a waterfall. That draft, mountains! 

Kagero: Ah, you meant you wanted a scene that was absolutely identical? 

Orochi: That was the idea. But if you've forgotten, then fine, whatever. Do 
something new. 

Kagero: Why are you being so peevish? 

Orochi: Peevish? How can you say that when you're the one who's- 

Kagero: Orochi. Just stop. What have I done? 

Orochi: It's what you haven't done! 

Kagero: Are you going to keep riddling in circles? I can't read your mind. 

Orochi: That card, Kagero... That card was the most important one in my deck. 
I had a special attachment to it. I mean, to the SCENE you drew on it. The 
brook was where we first met. 

Kagero: Oh! The brook near- 

Orochi: Yes, THAT brook. Remember now? You were training by the water. And I 
tripped over a stone, then a second stone, and fell onto you. 

Kagero: Onto me. Then we, into the water. You dropped the herbs you were 

Orochi: You do remember. 

Kagero: It made a big impression on me. I was so young-so intent on 
practicing. While you were so clumsy. You recruited me into collecting the 
herbs before they- 

Orochi: Floated away, right! And then you couldn't get rid of me after that. 
We played all the time! I thought you'd forgotten. 

Kagero: Sorry, Orochi. But you know, the only thing I forgot was the card 
itself. If I came across as insensitive...? 

Orochi: Nope. I'm the one who lost the card-and thought you were being a 
jerk. I should have fessed up completely at the start. But I felt bad enough 

Kagero: You take things far too far, instead of just getting to the point. 
What a delicate petal you are. One wonders why you befriended me. 

Orochi: I liked the shadow you cast. 

Kagero: Hmm. Well, how about we take a stroll? There's a brook near here. 
I've been thinking lately how much it's like where we met. 

Orochi: What-it is? And you have? 

Kagero: Yes. And yes. 

Orochi: Lead the way! 

Kagero: It'll be the perfect setting for drawing that card exactly as you 
remember it.
Kagero A

Kagero: I finished drawing that replacement fortune-telling card, Orochi. 

Orochi: Finally! Let's see it. 

Kagero: I'm not sure it's as good as the old one. 

Orochi: Hmm. You drew that babbling brook like a roiling, boiling cauldron. 
And its sweetly swimming fish, like they're drowning in water. The colors 
aren't pretty either. Just look at those harsh lines and dark shadows. 

Kagero: It's just the way I see things. You're the only one who's ever liked 
my drawings. Everyone else thinks they're creepy. You've always understood 

Orochi: Your bleak drawings are just what I need for my fortune cards. This 
one's even better than the one I lost. I'll never misplace this one. It's my 
proof that our friendship will outlast the end of the world! 

Kagero: You're a strange one, Orochi. 

Orochi: You're stranger than I am, so get over here and get a big hug, you 

Kagero: Maybe when I'm off duty. I still have my grim image to uphold. I wish 
I could smile like you, Orochi. But I just don't have it in me. I suppose 
I'll just have to carry your smile with me in life. I'll take it to my grave. 

Orochi: Oh, stop. You're going to make me blush with all your gushy talk. 

Kagero: Heh. I will. To my grave. I swear it. 

Orochi: Enough already, Kagero! 

Kagero: It's like we used to talk when we were little. What merry fun. 

Orochi: Your doom and gloom got me through my childhood with a smile on my 
face. Never change, Kagero. Promise-it'll always be you and I, right to the 
bitter end. Pinky swear! 

Kagero: Pinky swear. To the end of time.

C10. Hayato C

Azama: Ah, Hayato. You're just as short as I imagined. 

Hayato: You must be Azama. I've heard about you. What do you want? 

Azama: Oh ho! Both of our reputations precede us. Still, you've managed to 
overcome your obvious physical deficiencies, haven't you? You're almost 
treated as if you're a full-ranking human being in this army! 

Hayato: *sigh* 

Azama: Your act is very impressive. One could almost overlook that you have 
the physical appearance of a 10-year-old. 

Hayato: Uh-huh. 

Azama: Hmm. This isn't working as well as I hoped. Perhaps a different 
approach is in order. I've heard that you don't like scary stories. Is that 
true? Shame. Because I've got a great one about a possessed doll and a- Wait, 
I'm getting dizzy. I...I can't see straight! What's going on?! 

Hayato: The moment I saw you, I knew you might try something like this. So I 
cast a protective spell that also has the benefit of addling your brains. The 
effects are temporary. Assuming I haven't accidentally cast the permanent 
version, of course... 

Azama: Gah! Damn you! 

Hayato: What are you doing just standing there? If you run away, the effects 
of the spell may dissipate more quickly. 

Azama: Urgh... never! I won't admit defeat at the hands of an arrogant child! 

Hayato: Eh, fine. I guess I'll be the one to walk away. Let this be a lesson! 
(Hayato leaves) 

Azama: This means war.
Hayato B

Azama: Oh, Hayato... 

Hayato: You again? Need another dose of brain damage? 

Azama: Not today, runt. I've come prepared...with a huge bag of carrots! 

Hayato: Wh-what?! Why would you do that? 

Azama: Telling a scary story takes too much time. I wanted to freak you out, 
and I've heard that you hate carrots more than anything! I wanted to see if 
you'd actually start crying when you saw them. That's why I bought the 
biggest bag that I could find. Here, take them! They're nice and fresh. 
Hahaha! W-wait a second...is that a tornado?! Not again! Aieeee! 

Hayato: Phew, that was a close one. I told you to be wary of my magic, Azama.

Azama: *huff* *puff* I barely escaped. How did you divine that so swiftly? It 
came out of thin air! Oh no, all the carrots got blown away by your little 
magic trick. I've gotta hand it to you. Your magical abilities are most 

Hayato: Heh... you shouldn't be so surprised. 

Azama: I'm going to get you, Hayato. Prepare to be blasted by my mighty 

Hayato: Wh-what?! How is that possible? 

Azama: I acquired a formidable charm while training in the holy mountains. 
With it by my side, I can easily deflect any of your meager tricks. En garde! 

Hayato: D-darn it!! 

Azama: Wait... um. Nothing is happening. Why won't you work?! 

Hayato: I thought you said it was formidable... 

Azama: It is! The charm was bequeathed to me by a holy deity who presides 
over the range. But I, um, forgot that it won't work if you use it for 
entirely selfish purposes. 

Hayato: Heh... Hahaha! That's hilarious, Azama. So much for turning the 

Azama: I can't believe you beat me again. But just you wait, Hayato! One of 
these days, I'm going to make you weep like the little baby you are. Mark my 
words, you little twerp! 
(Azama leaves) 

Hayato: I've never seen a grown-up look that despondent. I hate to admit it, 
but I almost feel sorry for him.
Hayato A

Hayato: Greetings, Azama. 

Azama: Oh, it's you... What is it, Hayato? 

Hayato: You look pitiful. How can you call yourself an adult? The look on 
your miserable face is pathetic. What's wrong with you? 

Azama: You put me through a storm of misery the other day. I can't help 
feeling depressed. 

Hayato: You're the one who started this. Everything that has occurred is your 

Azama: What are you doing here, Hayato? Did you come to try and make me feel 
worse? If so, then congratulations. It's working. 

Hayato: Actually, that wasn't my intention at all. I feel like I went too far 
last time. I feel as though I owe you an apology. Hmm?! Wh-what's going on?! 
The moment I stepped toward you, I stopped being able to move! 

Azama: Hahaha! You walked right into my trap. This incantation freezes your 
body while you're near me. 

Hayato: Wh-what?! How is that possible? Oh no! I can't cast any spells while 
we're this close together! 

Azama: Don't you worry. You'll only be immobilized for a little while. In 
fact, I think it will be just enough time to tell you the scariest story I 

Hayato: Don't do it! 

Azama: Sorry, Hayato. Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for 
this? It's story time! Hahaha! 

Hayato: Nooooo! 
(Time passes)

Azama: Little did he know that the ghost was living in his closet all along! 
So, how did you enjoy the story? 

Hayato: *sob* Your stupid Hoshidan ghost story wasn't even that scary. And I 
w-wasn't crying, just so you know. *sniffle* 

Azama: Sorry, what did you say? I couldn't hear you over the sound of 

Hayato: Urgh, you're the worst, Azama! 

Azama: Listen, we're even now, OK? Here, take this as a peace offering. 

Hayato: *sniff* Is this chestnut candy? 

Azama: Yeah, I heard you like them. I bought a big bag of them I've been 
waiting to give you. I just wanted to wait until after I pulled my prank, 

Hayato: I-is this another one of your tricks? 

Azama: Of course not. It's just a piece of candy. Go right ahead and take it. 
You can trust me. 

Hayato: Well, I guess since you're offering... I don't want to be rude. Fine, 
I'll take a piece. Wow! This is delicious! It's so sweet. 

Azama: Does wittle Hayato wike his candy? 

Hayato: What did you say? 

Azama: Who, me? Nothing at all. Here, take them. 

Hayato: Thanks, Azama!
C10. Kaden C

Azama: That should do the trick...

Kaden: Heya, Azama. What's with that silly straw hat of yours? You know it's 
not raining, right? 

Azama: I'm preparing for the inevitable downpour to come. The hat will keep 
my hair nice and dry. 

Kaden: Downpour? But there's not a cloud in the sk- 
(Rain falls)
Kaden: Where did all this rain come from?! It hasn't come down like this in 

Azama: Heheh. I told you. Don't worry, this is simply a passing shower. It 
will stop soon. 

Kaden: How can you possibly tell? 

Azama: The great one told me what would come to pass. 

Kaden: The great one? Who's that? 

Azama: He's one of the gods. I've been doing ascetic training up in the 
mountains for years now. My years of meditation and practice have made me 
something of a master. Let's just say that all that training has given me 
(Rain falls)

Kaden: That's amazing, Azama! I didn't even know people like you existed! Ah, 
and the rain finally stopped. So does that mean you really can hear his 

Azama: Of course I can. He said that the rain would simply pass us by after a 

Kaden: No way! Listen, if you hear the voice again, be sure to tell me what 
he says, OK? 

Azama: Sure, if you insist. 

Kaden: Awesome, I can't wait! Thanks, Azama! 
(Kaden leaves) 

Azama: Oh, Kaden. What a silly fool. How could he possibly believe all that 
Kaden B

Kaden: Azama, wait up! It's so cool how you can hear the great one's voice. I 
was wondering if there was a way for me to hear his voice too. 

Azama: You really want to hear it badly, don't you, Kaden? Hmm. Well, if you 
dedicated yourself to ascetic training like I did, it could happen. But 
there's no guarantee, understand? I'll do what I can to help you, of course. 

Kaden: Really? You mean it?! Thanks, Azama. You're the best! 

Azama: There's a waterfall right nearby. Tell me, have you ever done deep 
immersion waterfall meditation? 

Kaden: Huh? What's that? I didn't even know such a thing existed. 

Azama: It's an ancient practice where one sits beneath a waterfall for a 
long, long time. This meditative period helps to clear one's mind of 
obstructive thoughts. It's quite effective, if done properly. 

Kaden: You have to be crazy! If I sat under a waterfall, I'd just end up 
getting soaked! Not to mention that it's freezing out. If I caught cold, it'd 
be bad news. In fact, this whole cockamamie idea sounds like big trouble. 

Azama: Did you think reaching a higher spiritual state would be simple? Of 
course it's a great deal of trouble! If it was easy, everyone would be doing 
it! Considering how much you're already complaining, maybe we should call 
this off. I doubt you'll ever hear the great one's voice with that attitude. 

Kaden: Fine, OK. I'll give it a try. 

Azama: Heheh... Heh. 

Kaden: Huh? What are you laughing at? 

Azama: You really are a dope, aren't you? How could you possibly believe this 

Kaden: What are you talking about? 

Azama: I made up all this silliness about the great one. You're very 

Kaden: You did?! 

Azama: Of course. For example, the other day. I read the clouds' movements. 
Mountain weather is always shifting, so I simply predicted the downpour. 
After training in the mountains for ages, it's easy for me to spot a storm 
coming in. 

Kaden: So everything you said about the great one was just made up? It's not 

Azama: It's nonsense. Total fiction. I've never heard of anyone being able to 
hear voices. Unless they were totally insane, of course. 

Kaden: You tricked me! Made me out to look like some fool! You're the worst, 

Azama: Ahahaha, my humblest apologies. It's just that your reactions were so 
earnest. I simply couldn't help myself.
Kaden A

Kaden: We need to talk, Azama. 

Azama: Ahaha, Kaden. What brings you out here? Looking to get tricked again 

Kaden: Yeah yeah, very funny. Listen, the truth is that I still think you're 
pretty remarkable. 

Azama: Hmm? What do you mean? 

Kaden: It was easy for you to read the weather just by looking at the sky, 
right? I've never seen anyone else do that before. Clearly all that training 
has helped you to become more powerful, right? Which means that you must have 
actually done super-tough training before! Like the waterfall meditation. 
That was obviously real. You can't fool me! 

Azama: Kaden, wait a minu- 

Kaden: You totally are one of a kind! After all that hard work, I know you'll 
hear the great one's voice someday. All I ask is that you tell me what the 
voice sounds like when that day comes, OK? 

Azama: Listen, Kaden. You're a goofy guy, so I thought it would be fun to 
tease you, OK? But I realize now that you're exactly the kind of person I can 
barely stand. 

Kaden: Huh? What do you mean by that? 

Azama: You can't pick up on sarcasm, and now you're earnestly trying to sing 
my praises. This conversation is making me feel sick. 

Kaden: I'm sorry to hear that. Would teasing me make you feel any better? 

Azama: I don't think that will help right now. But I can't let things end 
like this. When you come by next time, I'm going to trick you in a big way. 
Just wait and see. 

Kaden: Hahaha, that's a first. You're not so bad, Azama! 

Azama: Laugh it up while you still can. I'm going to get you, Kaden! You 
better be prepared! 

Kaden: Yay! I can't wait!

C11. Kagero C

Kagero: Setsuna, we need to talk. 

Setsuna: Kagero? What do you need? 

Kagero: In our last battle, you were selected to be the army's messenger. But 
you forgot almost half the messages you were supposed to relay. 

Setsuna: Hm? Ah, now that you mention it, I think I remember what you're 
talking about. 

Kagero: Serving as the messenger is a critical role in the battle. Lives are 
at risk. You absolutely must take your job more seriously. 

Setsuna: Sorry... 

Kagero: Lord/Lady Avatar was informed of your... difficulties with the job. 
He/She has ordered me to instruct you. 

Setsuna: Instruct me in what? 

Kagero: In how to become a shining example of what a battlefield messenger 
should be. 

Setsuna: Ohhh... 

Kagero: You must become more focused when you're entrusted with a mission. It 
won't do for you to cause Lord Ryoma and Lady Hinoka undue worry. 

Setsuna: Um... Kagero? 

Kagero: With my guidance, your training will be incredibly thorough. 

Setsuna: This is the most fired up I have ever seen you, Kagero... I 
guess...thanks for helping? 

Kagero: Leave everything to me.
Kagero B

Kagero: Setsuna, it is time we began your training as a battlefield 

Setsuna: All right... How do we begin? 

Kagero: The biggest complaint about you has been your inability to memorize a 
message. We'll start by having you hear and repeat back some simple messages. 

Setsuna: OK. 

Kagero: For example... "Lord/Lady Avatar has breached the enemy line. Send 
reinforcements immediately." ...Now repeat the message. 

Setsuna: Um... "Lord/Lady Avatar has bleached the enemy sign. Send 
endorsements immediately." ...I think? 

Kagero: Huh?! How...? That's not right at all! Why would Lord/Lady Avatar be 
bleaching enemy signs? And what is the purpose of endorsing anything in the 
midst of battle? 

Setsuna: Oh. I guess if I think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense... 

Kagero: Maybe we should start with something easier. "Lord/Lady Avatar sent a 
pegasus to Lady Hinoka." ...Your turn. 

Setsuna: Um... "Lord/Lady Avatar rents a narcissist to Lady Hinoka." 

Kagero: ...... 

Setsuna: I wonder what he/she charges. Heehee... 

Kagero: That doesn't even make sense! 

Setsuna: What? Did I mess it up again? I'm sorry... 

Kagero: *sigh* This is going to be more difficult than I thought. 

Setsuna: It's really hard to remember that sort of stuff... 

Kagero: It feels like you have no interest in memorizing messages. 

Setsuna: That's not true... 

Kagero: In any case, you definitely lack the basic memory skills needed to be 
a messenger. However, it's too early to give up. 

Setsuna: Yeah... You can do it, Kagero... 

Kagero: You're the one that needs motivating- not me.
Kagero A

Setsuna: Ah, Kagero... Are we going to practice memorizing more messages 

Kagero: No. 

Setsuna: Oh no. Have you given up on me? 

Kagero: I overestimated your ability to memorize things. I didn't realize it 
would be this bad. 

Setsuna: Are you saying I can't be a messenger anymore? 

Kagero: No, but we're going to need to write the messages for you for a 
while. We'll also give you a map so you don't get lost. 

Setsuna: That sounds doable... I'm pretty good at reading! 

Kagero: It would be better if you could memorize the messages, though. You'll 
have to keep working hard to improve your memory. 

Setsuna: ...All right. 

Kagero: However, you are still not ready to be entrusted with this important 
task. I'll be traveling with you while you deliver messages for the time 

Setsuna: You're going to be my battle chaperone? 

Kagero: In this, I am your teacher. So yes, I'll watch over your progress 
until you're ready. My goal is to make your messenger skills match your 
impressive skills with a bow. 

Setsuna: Heehee... You gave me a compliment... 

Kagero: Don't get excited. You still have a very long way to go as a 

Setsuna: I know... But having you with me is motivating... Thanks, Kagero. 

Kagero: Hmph. It's too soon for praise, I think. We will be fighting by each 
other's side for a long while yet. 

Setsuna: I know...

C12. Kaden C

Kaden: Oof, I made it! Hehe! Look at all this fresh fruit! 

Hayato: Hmm? I hear a voice nearby. Who could that be? Wait is that...Kaden? 
What are you doing up in that tree? 

Kaden: Hello, Hayato! Don't mind me. I'm just picking a few apples. You 
should climb up here and grab some! They're really juicy and delicious. 

Hayato: Thanks, but I think I'll stay down here. I wouldn't want to get 
caught acting like a monkey. 

Kaden: What do you mean? Wait a second. Have you never climbed a tree before? 

Hayato: Obviously not. Why would I bother? 

Kaden: Oh, I understand. You're just scared to climb a few branches, huh? 

Hayato: Hey! Are you making fun of me?! 

Kaden: Well, that wasn't my aim exactly. But you set yourself up for it. I 
can't do anything about that. 

Hayato: Do you think I'm scared of a stupid tree? I'll climb it right now! 
Wait right there, Kaden. I'll be up in a minute. 

Kaden: Sure you will... Hurry up! 

Hayato: Hmmpf... Hnng... 

Kaden: That apple by your hand looks awfully good. You should take a bite. 

Hayato: Oh? Wow, you're right. I'll grab it. OK, I'm gonna take a bite. 
*munch munch* Wow! This is delicious! 

Kaden: Right? If you'll just climb up a tiny bit higher, there's a bunch 

Hayato: I'll be up there in no time! 

Kaden: Looks like you're enjoying yourself after all. 

Hayato: No way! There is nothing fun about this. 

Kaden: Whatever. You're clearly having a blast. 

Hayato: I said that you're wrong!
Kaden B

Kaden: Hayato! Wait up! 

Hayato: Oh, it's just you, Kaden. Say, what's with all the apples? 

Kaden: Well I went back to the orchard to pick again, but I grabbed too many. 
I thought I'd come and share them with you. 

Hayato: Ah, I see... Those apples were quite delicious. I suppose I'll take 
you up on the offer. Thanks, Kaden. 

Kaden: Didn't you have a good time climbing that tree? We could always go ba- 

Hayato: Whoa now, hold on! Please, don't say another word. 

Kaden: Is something bugging you, Hayato? 

Hayato: Listen, you're right. Climbing is fun. But I don't want anyone to 
know I think that. 

Kaden: Th-that doesn't really make sense to me. 

Hayato: I'm not a child anymore. The last thing I want is for people to know 
that I'm running around like a little kid. 

Kaden: That doesn't seem like such a big deal. Besides, why would your other 
friends care anyway? 

Hayato: Because I said so! 

Kaden: Well if it's childish for you, why does no one ever say anything to me 
about it? I'm always climbing trees, but no one has ever given me any grief. 

Hayato: Well that's because you're... Ya know, you. I look way younger than 
you, so I would probably get teased. 

Kaden: Hmm, I understand. So basically, you don't want people to ever think 
that you're having fun. Say, I have an idea. What if you you just gather the 
apples and share them with everyone. That way, your climbing will just make 
everyone think you're thoughtful. 

Hayato: Hmm... I have to admit, that's a smart idea. 

Kaden: When we head out next time, let's just say that we're harvesting. We 
might as well grab a lot of fruit while we're out there. 

Hayato: Y-yeah, sure. 

Kaden: Great! Next time I get the urge to go climbing, I'll let you know. 

Hayato: That sounds good.
Kaden A

Kaden: Check it out, Hayato! We've nearly made it to the top! This tree is 
taller than the last one, but I know you can make it! 

Hayato: *pant*...*wheeze*... Just... a little... higher! 

Kaden: You made it! Take my hand, Hayato! 

Hayato: Phew! That was exhausting. 

Kaden: You sure are huffing and puffing. But we're here! Take a look around. 

Hayato: W-wow! This is amazing! 

Kaden: The view is pretty spectacular, right? I wanted you to see this. 
That's why I asked you to come climb with me. 

Hayato: I'm glad you did. 

Kaden: Hayato, you didn't just leave the village to become a warrior, right? 
You wanted to see the world. That's why it was important to show you this. 
Even though it can be scary, seeing new perspectives is important. It changes 
how we view the world. 

Hayato: Heh... I guess you're right. I had no idea you were so thoughtful, 
Kaden. Thanks for showing me this. 

Kaden: Wow... I don't know if I've ever heard you thank someone before. 

Hayato: Just when I'm finally ready to be nice to you... 

Kaden: Sorry, sorry. I was just surprised. I'll take your thanks to mean that 
you enjoyed seeing the view. 

Hayato: Listen, if you ever wanted to invite me out here again, I probably 
wouldn't say no. 

Kaden: Heh. I'll keep that in mind. Oh no! We messed up! 

Hayato: What's wrong? 

Kaden: We completely forgot to pick the apples! Come to think of it, the 
trees aren't bearing any fruit yet, so... I guess we couldn't have grabbed 
any even if we did remember! 

Hayato: Oh no! What have we done! We spent this whole day climbing trees and 
playing around like a couple of dumb kids! 

Kaden: Hahaha, yep, you're right! We've been goofing around for hours! I 
guess you can't help looking like a kid sometimes, eh, Hayato? 

Hayato: Kadeeeeeeen! This is all your fault!! 

Kaden: Ahahahaha!!

C13. Mozu C

Oboro: Heheh... There you are, Mozu. 

Mozu: O-Oboro? Where did you come from... 

Oboro: I have this hobby where I put together outfits for people. Did you 
know that? 

Mozu: Yeah, I knew... 

Oboro: And you're my next project! Let me figure out a nice outfit for you, 
Mozu. You always wear such drab outfits, and I want to fix that! 

Mozu: Whaaat? B-but... I like these clothes... 

Oboro: It can't hurt to try a few things on, right? I promise you'll look 

Mozu: Aw, a country girl like me? I doubt it... 

Oboro: Psh, it doesn't matter where you're from. Any girl can look good with 
the right outfit! Don't worry. I'll teach you how to carry the look once I 
decide on one. 

Mozu: I just know I'd be the laughingstock of the army if I put on fancy 
clothes. Those cute outfits and heavy makeup you like would look silly on me. 

Oboro: That's ridiculous! You already look great in what you have on, Mozu. 

Mozu: Flattery won't get you anywhere! 

Oboro: ... Mozu, come on... aren't we friends? 

Mozu: I-I guess we-waaait, no you don't! I'm not falling for your trap! 
You're trying to guilt me into letting you have your way! 

Oboro: Of course I'm not! ...OK, maybe a little. 

Mozu: I knew it! Just leave me alone! 
(Mozu leaves) 

Oboro: Oh, Mozu... this is gonna be tough. But I'm not giving up yet!
Mozu B

Oboro: Hey, Mozu! You see that? 

Mozu: See what? What am I looking at? 

Oboro: That soldier over there. Look at her closely. 

Mozu: Um... am I supposed to know her? I don't think we've met before. She's 
real cute, though. 

Oboro: Heh heh... 

Mozu: What's going on here...? Wait a sec. Is that the girl who joined about 
the same time I did? 

Oboro: Heehee! That's right! 

Mozu: I-I'll be darned... I had no idea. She looks like a totally different 
person! I would never have guessed! 

Oboro: Haha! That's my genius at work. 

Mozu: You did all that? Dang. I'd heard you were good, but... I didn't know 
you could go that far! 

Oboro: You'd be surprised what I can do. Want a personal demonstration? 

Mozu: Uhh... umm... 

Oboro: Come on. Don't you want to be introduced to the new Mozu? 

Mozu: Well... 

Oboro: I can make you the stunner you've always dreamed of being! That's the 
power of a good makeover. 

Mozu: Hmm... maybe just for a little while... 

Oboro: You'll be glad you did! Now then, right this way, please! I won't rest 
until you're looking gorgeous! 

Mozu: Haha... ha... That's a figure of speech, right? We're not going to be 
up all night, are we? Oboro...?
Mozu A


Oboro: Moooozuuuuu! 

Mozu: Hm? Hey, Oboro. 

Oboro: What in the world do you look so sad for? You're the talk of the camp! 
Everyone loves the new you! So why the grim face? 

Mozu: I do appreciate all you did for me. That's the swankiest I've ever 
looked! Everyone said so. I felt almost like a princess... 

Oboro: So what's the problem, then? 

Mozu: Well... I only looked like that 'cause of you. Without the clothes and 
the makeup, I'm still a plain country girl. I noticed the last time I was 
getting in my nightclothes and glanced in the mirror. And I've been feeling 
low about it ever since. But thanks for making my dream come true. Even just 
for a little while... 

Oboro: I'm sorry, Mozu. But you're totally wrong. 

Mozu: Huh? 

Oboro: Putting on makeup and some fancy clothes doesn't make you a new 
person. You're still the same old you no matter what you wear. 

Mozu: I am? 

Oboro: Yeah. Even a knockout Mozu is still Mozu. When people complimented 
you, they weren't praising the dress. They were praising you. So be more 

Mozu: You really think so? 

Oboro: All a nice set of clothes ever does is bring out what someone already 
has inside. There's no magic outfit. I wouldn't dress two people the same 
way. They need different clothes to shine, which is what makes my job fun! So 
you can be proud, knowing all those people were really responding to you. 

Mozu: So even with the pretty outfit you made... I was still me. That's a 
nice way of looking at it... 

Oboro: And it's true to boot! So buck up. Or else all the beauty will drain 

Mozu: Um, Oboro... I wanna learn how to make myself look nice. Once this 
war's over, can you teach me about fashion stuff? 

Oboro: Can I ever! And I mean, why wait? I can give you pointers here and 
there whenever you want! 

Mozu: That'd be swell! Thanks so much, Oboro!

C14. Kaden C

Kaden: *sigh*

Hinata: Whatcha sighing for, Kaden? 

Kaden: Oh, nothing special. I was just thinking about my kitsune friends. I 
don't really have any right to be sad about it, though. I was the one who 

Hinata: You left them? Why? 

Kaden: Oh, no reason. I've just always been a bit of a wanderer, you know? I 
love to go off on adventures in the woods or into town, so I was gone a lot. 
In fact, I was on one of those adventures when I joined up with you guys. But 
it's weird. I usually don't get sad about being gone. 

Hinata: Sounds like someone's a little homesick. 

Kaden: Home? Sick? But I'm not at home or sick. Is your head OK, Hinata? 

Hinata: No, not sick at home. More like sick FOR your home. As in, you miss 
it. And you haven't seen any of your friends since you joined up with us, 
right? So it's been a long time. A lot longer than it takes to visit the 
towns or the woods. 

Kaden: Yeah, you're right. I guess that makes sense. *sigh* This "homesick" 
stuff is rough. 

Hinata: Aw, don't worry, Kaden. You'll be OK! We'll knock that feeling right 
outta ya! 

Kaden: Huh? You can do that? 

Hinata: Sure can! We just have to do some fun stuff to help get your mind off 
it all. And I know just what we can do: train! 

Kaden: What?! Training isn't fun! 

Hinata: Huh? Sure it is! Most fun you'll ever have! 

Kaden: For you, maybe! I think I'll pass. 

Hinata: Hmmm... What about hunting or climbing trees? You like that stuff, 

Kaden: Yeah, but I don't know if I should really go with you... 

Hinata: What are you talking about? It'll be great! C'mon! Let's go! 

Kaden: H-hey! Let go! Argh! You can't just drag me around like this!
Kaden B

Kaden: *pant...pant* Ugh. Hinata really is insane... 

Hinata: Hm? Didja say something? 

Kaden: Yes! You know that dragging me around the mountains isn't helping me, 
right? I already told you I hated training, didn't I? So why are you doing 
this to me? 

Hinata: What? Hey, I'm only trying to help! 

Kaden: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just so tired... I can barely even... ugh.

Hinata: Yeesh. What a wimp. Oh, I know what we can do! Here, have some of 

Kaden: Berries? 

Hinata: Yep! Found 'em earlier. They're super sweet. I bet they'll pick you 
right up! 

Kaden: Huh. Thanks, Hinata. *munch munch* Oh! They ARE sweet! And delicious! 

Hinata: I told you so! 

Kaden: They kind of remind me of something, too. I can't quite put my finger 
on what, though. But, man, am I feeling better. Those really hit the spot. 

Hinata: Oh, really? That's great! 

Kaden: Yeah! For some reason, I feel full of energy too. I feel like I could 
take on anything now! 

Hinata: Nice! Those berries really do pack a punch. So... on with the hike, 

Kaden: Sure! Let's do it! Look out, nature, here we come!
Kaden A

Kaden: Hey, Hinata! I wanted to thank you for taking me out hiking the other 
day. Thanks to you, I'm feeling back to my old self again! 

Hinata: No problem, buddy. I'm glad to hear it. You got better awfully quick, 
though. Any particular reason, you think? 

Kaden: Well, I think all the exercise you put me through probably helped a 
bit. But I think the main thing that helped were those berries you gave me. 

Hinata: The berries? How? 

Kaden: Those are the same berries that grow around my hometown! I'd 
completely forgotten about them at the time, but I remembered it later. And 
it made me feel good, knowing I got a little taste of home way out here. It 
makes it feel like my friends aren't so far away anymore, you know? 

Hinata: I see. So that explains it. 

Kaden: Yep! And to return the favor, I brought you a whole basket of them! 
Freshly picked! Wanna eat them together? 

Hinata: Sure, thanks! *chomp chomp* *munch munch* Ah, man, these are the 

Kaden: Right? But I have to admit, the ones back home had a unique color to 
them. They were even brighter and more beautiful than these! Once the war is 
over, I'm gonna go back home and eat every one I see! 

Hinata: Sure you're not just getting homesick again? 

Kaden: Huh? Am I? I don't think so. I'm not sad... I just can't wait to go 
home again! 

Hinata: Haha. I think you're OK then. Let's do our best to end this war so 
you can go home as soon as possible. 

Kaden: Thanks! But you'll have to come too! We'll have a feast of berries 

Hinata: Of course! Wouldn't miss it for the world, my friend.

C15. Silas C

Silas: Oh, hi, Jakob. How are things? 

Jakob: Silas. Caught up on some new fool's errand of mercy, I trust? 

Silas: H-how did you know? 

Jakob: It's clear on your face. You have the look of a man acting selflessly. 
I'm surprised that philosophy hasn't worn you down into a husk of a man by 

Silas: Say what you want. I'm no hero... 

Jakob: Yet you've never met a sob story you won't hear in full. 

Silas: Well, you have me there... 

Jakob: The more you listen, the more spellbound you become... Until you're 
more weighted down by the problem than its actual sufferer. Am I wrong? 

Silas: Not... exactly... 

Jakob: Well! This sounds to me like the very definition of a hero. My 

Silas: Ughhh. He's got me dead to rights...!
Silas B

Silas: ...

Jakob: Oh dear, a do-gooder in the dumps. I'd best keep my distance. 

Silas: Jakob... 

Jakob: Ugh. Kindly keep those puppy-dog eyes to yourself. 

Silas: No, just listen for a second. 

Jakob: Absolutely not. Whatever is troubling you, keep it to yourself. 

Silas: Don't say that! You can at least give me a little of your time. 

Jakob: A little is all you want, eh? You have 10 seconds. Talk. 

Silas: What do you say to someone who adamantly refuses to battle? 

Jakob: So then, some fresh-faced young soldier has cold feet? You care far 
too much... The idea of getting so involved in someone else's issues is 
utterly foreign to me. 

Silas: He said he doesn't want to die, because he left someone behind when he 
went to war. 

Jakob: Then he should return home. 

Silas: That's what I said, but he protested that he can't abandon his unit 

Jakob: Then he should stay. 

Silas: Come on, be serious! 

Jakob: I'm being as serious as I need to be. If anyone isn't approaching the 
problem with sufficient gravity, it's your soldier. If he had time to share 
his sob story with you... he has time to think seriously about his dilemma 
and find a solution. 

Silas: ...You're right. There's nothing I can tell him he doesn't already 
know. He needs to decide himself. Thanks, Jakob. I'll go and have a chat with 
the poor guy. 
(Silas leaves) 

Jakob: What a waste of my time...
Silas A

Silas: Jakob! Wait up! 

Jakob: Ah, if it isn't Silas the do-gooder. 

Silas: Thanks for your advice the other day. The soldier I was talking to 
ended up going back home. 

Jakob: I don't need a debriefing on this. It's none of my concern. 

Silas: Hahah, you're such a sourpuss. 

Jakob: Don't laugh at me. 

Silas: Sorry. It's just that you keep calling me a do-gooder... And it turns 
out you're not such a bad guy yourself. 

Jakob: ...Excuse me? 

Silas: Just take the other day, for instance. I asked you to listen to a 
problem of mine, and you gave me some advice on it. 

Jakob: ... 

Silas: I have to say, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I really owe 

Jakob: Then repay me at once. 

Silas: Sorry, what? 

Jakob: I demand you repay the time I wasted listening to your drivel. Me, a 
do-gooder...it's absurd. It's slander. I won't stand for it. You will restore 
that time to me at once. 

Silas: J-just how do you suggest I give you back your time?! 

Jakob: There you go again, expecting me to solve your problems. 
Reprehensible. I'll be collecting each and every second from you before long. 

Silas: All right already! I take back what I said about you being a do-
gooder. You're as cold as the wind off the Northern Fortress tower... 

Jakob: So long as we understand each other. That way, I won't get caught up 
in dealing with other people's tedious problems. 

Silas: This is ridiculous. How far are you willing to go to hide your 

Jakob: Are you still here? 

Silas: Not for long!

C16. Silas C

Silas: Is that... Kaze, look out! It's a Faceless! Get down! 

Kaze: Wha-?!
(Damage dealt)

Faceless: GRRRrr...! 
(Faceless falls)

Silas: Phew... Keep your eyes open, Kaze. You were wide open for an ambush. 

Kaze: I'm sorry, Silas. I was inexcusably careless. 

Silas: Hey, it happens to the best of us. Just be on guard next time. 

Kaze: Yes. Thank you... 

Silas: I'm glad you're OK. Take care, Kaze. 
(Silas leaves) 

Kaze: Um... Silas... Please wait! 
(Time passes) 

Silas: Weird... I thought I heard him tell me to wait. But I guess he left. 

Kaze: Silas... 

Silas: Wh-whoa! Where the devil did you come from? 

Kaze: Sorry if I scared you. That wasn't my intention. I am a fairly lowly 
ninja and not yet mindful of the noise I do or do not make. 

Silas: R-right... So what did you need? 

Kaze: Something occurred to me. You saved my life, and I thought I should do 
something to repay you. 

Silas: Don't worry about it. I did what anyone would have done in those 

Kaze: I can't settle for that. I'll do anything you like; simply name it. 

Silas: Anything I like? Hmm... you're kind of putting me on the spot here... 
Listen, I'm fine the way things are. Your thanks are all I need. 

Kaze: Silas...
Silas B

Silas: Ahhh... now that's a tasty apple. Ripened to perfection. Brimming with 
juice. Just the way I like it. Huh? That's weird. I'm positive I only packed 
one apple today. So why am I seeing double?! 

Kaze: ...My apologies. I thought this was what you wanted. 

Silas: Kaze?! When the blazes did you get here?! 

Kaze: Though I am but a lowly ninja, I'm trained to move swiftly and 
silently. You appeared to enjoy apples, so I brought you another one. 

Silas: So that's it... Thanks? I guess? Wait... are you still trying to pay 
me back for that Faceless thing? 

Kaze: Yes. And I'm afraid however juicy an apple I find for you... when 
weighed against a life, it will always be lacking. My debt has yet to be 

Silas: No, except it has. I'm telling you that you're free. I release you. 
We're fine. 

Kaze: If only it were that simple. Take care, Silas. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Silas: Suit yourself... 
(Time passes)
Silas: This is some mighty fine soup. And surprisingly filling! I've barely 
made a dent in the bowl, and I already feel like I've eaten a full meal. I 
gotta get the recipe for this stuff... ... Oh, no. No soup is THIS filling. 

Kaze: *gasp* How did you detect me? 

Silas: Are you kidding me?! You've been secretly filling my bowl this whole 
time? HOW?! 

Kaze: My sincere apologies. I meant well... 

Silas: I can't believe this. Please believe me when I say I don't need 
anything more from you! It's OK! Really! You're starting to creep me out...
Silas A

Silas: *sigh* You can come out, Kaze. I know you're there. 

Kaze: Well spotted. 

Silas: I knew it. Why can't you let the matter drop? We're even. People are 
starting to notice what's going on, you know. They think I'm haunted. 

Kaze: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to become a problem... 

Silas: I'm not mad. I know what you're trying to do, and I appreciate it. I 
hate feeling like I owe people too. I'd give anything to square a debt-even 
my life. So I kind of know where you're coming from on this. 

Kaze: I had no idea... Silas! Get down! 

Silas: Huh?! 

Kaze: Hah!
(Damage dealt)

Faceless: Gyaaaah...! 
(Faceless falls)

Kaze: Were you hurt? 

Silas: A Faceless? Here? That was close... Thanks, Kaze. Heh, you saved me 
this time. 

Kaze: Don't mention it. I'm only glad that it didn't get to you. 

Silas: You've certainly repaid the favor now. Actually, I might owe YOU... 

Kaze: I'm glad to hear that. Although I feel a bit empty, knowing I have 
nothing left to repay you for... 

Silas: Well, if that's your only problem... Why don't we get together without 
all this favor business dragging us down? Something tells me it'll be freeing 
for both of us. 

Kaze: Do you mean that? 

Silas: One thing, though... wear heavier boots when you do. It gives me the 
willies when you creep up behind me like a ghost. 

Kaze: I understand. I'll try and give you more warning from now on. 

Silas: Good. Do that, and you're all right in my book.
D. Hoshido Second Generation Lover Supports


D1. Caeldori C

Shiro: Lamps out at bedtime, everybody! Only you can prevent fires! 

Caeldori: Shiro! Not so loud. You'll wake the poor people just getting to 

Shiro: Aw, c'mon! I've always wanted to say that. 

Caeldori: "Only you can prevent fires," though? We're on perimeter patrol 
tonight, not fire watch. 

Shiro: Don't be so tense! I bet some sloganeering would relax you. 

Caeldori: But it's dark out! This isn't the best time to go shouting your 
head off. What if there was an enemy scout in the area? He'd hear us coming a 
mile off. 

Shiro: Sure, but listen... They picked us for this job because everyone knows 
how good we are, right? Between the two of us, there's nothing we can't get 

Caeldori: Yes. Our prowess is well known around the camp... 

Shiro: You don't sound too happy about that. 

Caeldori: What if we only get these assignments because of our parentage? The 
thought keeps gnawing at me. 

Shiro: If that's all people see when they look at us, there's nothing we can 
do about it. We grew up in the shadow of our fathers, always trying to be as 
good as them. It makes sense that their influence would swing the other way, 

Caeldori: I wouldn't mind it so much if I knew we were chosen on our own 
merits. But I don't want to get the plum duties because of nepotism. 

Shiro: Eh, it doesn't matter to me. It just means we've gotta prove ourselves 
by doing a good job! 

Caeldori: Haha! I guess that's true. 

Hoshidan: It's the night watch! Come quick! We heard reports of someone 
suspicious lurking in the area! 

Shiro: So they're here... Let's go, Caeldori!

Caeldori: Right behind you! We'll deal with this quickly and efficiently!
Caeldori B

Shiro: Lamps out, everyone! Fire safety is everyone's responsibility! 

Caeldori: At it again, huh, Shiro? 

Shiro: Hahaha! Why not? We caught those thieves on our last patrol, didn't 

Caeldori: We got a lot of praise for that one. I guess that went some ways 
toward getting recognition for our own merits. 

Shiro: Yep! Even if we benefit a little from our folks' influence... that 
shouldn't stop us from taking pride in what we accomplish on our own. 

Caeldori: That's true. Sometimes I wonder, though... What would we be doing 
now if we'd been born in a different time? 

Shiro: Hmmm... that's a tough question. I don't know. 

Caeldori: Our greatest strengths are in battle. But what use are martial 
virtues in a world at peace? 

Shiro: What would you want to be doing? 

Caeldori: Huh? 

Shiro: Never mind what you're good at. If you could do anything, what would 
it be? 

Caeldori: My ideal job, hm? I think I'd like to care for animals. That might 
be fun. 

Shiro: Oh, like a farmhand or something? 

Caeldori: Maybe. I haven't given it much thought. 

Shiro: Oh. Well, I'm sure it would be fun! You're good at taking care of 

Caeldori: Haha, thank you. What about you? I guess you'd be busy ruling 

Shiro: Yeah, a crown prince doesn't have much say in it. But I like getting 
outdoors, so maybe a hunter or fisherman would be good for me. Or a 
lumberjack! Yeah, that's my answer! 

Caeldori: Hahaha! I didn't expect to hear a prince wish he could be a 
lumberjack today. 

Shiro: But for now, all we can do is try to restore peace as soon as we can. 
Then maybe later the day will come when we can make good on those dreams. 

Caeldori: Yeah. That's worth fighting for.
Caeldori A

Shiro: I feel like we're getting pretty good at this night-patrol thing. 

Caeldori: Definitely. Well...? Aren't you going to holler about fire safety 

Shiro: Why, Caeldori... do you miss my hollering? 

Caeldori: That's NOT why I asked! 

Shiro: Well, who am I to say no? ONLY YOU CAN PRE- Holy smoke! 

Caeldori: Wh-what's that smell?!

Shiro: I-I just told you! It's smoke! FIRE! EVERYONE, OUT! 

Caeldori: Over there! I can see the flames! 

Shiro: Ugh... I can't believe there's ACTUALLY a fire! Caeldori, go get the 
bucket brigade! I'm going to the site to see what I can do there! 

Caeldori: I'm on it! Just don't take any unnecessary risks, Shiro! 

Shiro: I won't! 
(Shiro leaves)

Caeldori: Shiro...
(Time passes)

Shiro: Owww! Hot hot hot! 

Caeldori: I warned you not to take any stupid risks! 

Shiro: No need to get upset. It's just a little burn. 

Caeldori: Why would you run into a burning barn?! It's because of things like 
this that I told you to be careful! 

Shiro: Hey, I didn't do it for nothing! I went to help a foal who was trapped 
inside. You should be happy I got him out in time! 

Caeldori: I know, I know... *sob* 

Shiro: Caeldori? Are you crying? 

Caeldori: I'm not crying! 

Shiro: Haha! At least no one was hurt. And you should be happy I saved the 
foal for you! 

Caeldori: For me? 

Shiro: Think about it. That's one more animal you might look after someday. 
You should be thanking me! 

Caeldori: ... Haha, oh, Shiro... what are we going to do with you? 

Shiro: Hah! I finally got you to smile! 

Caeldori: Just don't ever make me this worried about you again! 

Shiro: I'll try my best.
Caeldori S

Shiro: Hi, Caeldori! Are we on for patrol today? 

Caeldori: No, not today. 

Shiro: Then what's up? 

Caeldori: There's something I want to tell you. 

Shiro: You don't have to be all ominous about it... or do you? 

Caeldori: I noticed something about you on all the patrols we went on. You're 
kind, pleasant, and trustworthy. I don't know why it took so long to see... 

Shiro: Wow... that's some high praise! 

Caeldori: And when you saved the foal from the fire that night... There was 
that moment when I was so scared for you. It was right after that when I 
realized how much I like you, Shiro. 

Shiro: Caeldori...  

Caeldori: This might feel like it's coming from nowhere for you, but... I 
wanted to make myself plain. 

Shiro: It's funny, 'cause I've been thinking the same thing about you. 

Caeldori: Huh? 

Shiro: That night we talked about the future... I don't think I could have 
opened up like that for anyone but you. That's when I noticed how I felt 
about you. I just wish I'd had the guts to say it first... 

Caeldori: No, it's fine! I don't mind at all! 

Shiro: That's what I'd expect to hear from my patrol buddy. Haha! That must 
be what brought us together. 

Caeldori: Yeah, I'm sure it was. 

Shiro: Well, Caeldori... I think we've got a good future in store. Let's keep 
fighting for it. 

Caeldori: I'm with you all the way.
D1. Mitama C

Shiro: All quiet here, too. I get that patrolling's important, but it sure 
can be dull... Well, what have we here?

Mitama: Zzzzz... Zzzzz... 

Shiro: Mitama sure picked a strange place to fall asleep. 

Mitama: ...*yawn*...Is it time to wake up already? 

Shiro: Had a nice nap, did you? 

Mitama: *yawn* Noontime nap in shade / Dreaming under thick green leaves / I 
awake refreshed. 

Shiro: Refreshing or not, you shouldn't sleep here, Mitama. 

Mitama: Not even for a moment? War never relents / Every day we must fight on 
/ Only peace in dreams. I was exhausted, so I lay down to rest. 

Shiro: Makes sense, I guess. 

Mitama: But seeing as I have been roused from my slumber, perhaps it's 
time... To return home and sleep. 

Shiro: ...And here I thought you were off to do something productive. But 
yeah, if you must sleep, go home and do it. This isn't a great place to nod 

Mitama: Sleep's a willful guest / She visits when she pleases / Here she 
comes now. Hmm... I think I was short a syllable. With that, I bid you a good 
night, Shiro. 

Shiro:Uh... it's still afternoon, though. 
(Mitama leaves) 
Shiro: What a strange girl...
Mitama B

Mitama: Zzzzz... Zzzzzz...

Shiro: Is that Mitama? What did I tell her about sleeping out in the open? 
Hey, Mitama! Wake up! 

Mitama: Ugh... what is it now? Sleep, interrupted / Thrust into the waking 
world / A boorish voice cries. I was having a pleasant dream, too. 

Shiro: Well, excuse me for being "boorish," but I've told you, it's not safe 
to sleep here. 

Mitama: On the contrary. I examined the area thoroughly before bedding down. 

Shiro: You did? Oh. Geez... do you just conk out every time you have a free 

Mitama: That's correct. If I have no other duties, I sleep. 

Shiro: Why? 

Mitama: Because the world of dreams is so pleasant. Besides, wouldn't you 
agree it's vital to get sleep whenever you can? 

Shiro: Vital? 
Mitama: Yes. One must be well rested in order to be truly ready for battle. 
And since we have no knowing of when the next engagement might happen... we 
ought to take every chance we can to get that rest. 

Shiro: ...Hmm. 

Mitama: A dullard's question: / Why slumber every chance you get? / My answer 
is, why not? Ugh. Too many syllables. 

Shiro: Huh? 

Mitama: It's nothing. Excuse me. 

(Mitama leaves) 

Shiro: Seems to me like she should wait until she actually needs to rest. But 
oh well...
Mitama A

Mitama: Cloudless sky above / Sun filters through the branches / Perfect for 
a nap. Hmm. Someone has beaten me to it. That's Shiro, is it not? Wakey, 

Shiro: Mmm...? Mitama? 

Mitama: What's wrong? Why are you sleeping here? 

Shiro: I was thinking about what you said-how we should rest when we get the 
chance. So I was seeing for myself what it would be like to sleep in the 

Mitama: Huh? That sounds kind of... 

Shiro: Like something I made up on the spot? Yeah. How about that. But I 
thought there might be some truth to what you said. So I gave it a try, and 
it felt surprisingly good-like I got my second wind. Thanks for the advice. 

Mitama: From an outside perspective, it does look curious, doesn't it? 
Napping near a battlefield, that is. 

Shiro: You think so? 

Mitama: A new perspective / Seeing what others once saw / I feel shame's 
first blush. I will reconsider sleeping outdoors. 

Shiro: That means you'll stop, right? 

Mitama: No. But I'll do it a little bit less often. 

Shiro: So we've learned nothing here today, I guess. Then again, as long as 
you don't let your guard down, it's not that bad. I at least proved to myself 
that there are some benefits I hadn't considered. 

Mitama: To walk in one's shoes / Or to sleep beneath one's tree / So we grow 
closer. I think it's healthy to share our customs with other people once in a 

Shiro: I couldn't agree more.
Mitama S

Mitama: Zzzz... Zzzzz... 

Shiro: Um... should I just... 

Mitama: ... *yawn* Oh, hello, Shiro. 

Shiro: Hey there. 

Mitama: Hmm... How long have you been standing there? 

Shiro: I was just passing by and saw you napping again. I figured I might as 
well stand watch over you in case anything happened. 

Mitama: Oh! Goodness... Thank you very much. 

Shiro: And... well... um... this doesn't have anything to do with that, 
but... I wanted to say this isn't a onetime offer. I'll stand watch forever, 
if you want. 

Mitama: Huh? Do you mean... 

Shiro: I mean... do you want to go out with me? 

Mitama: Ooh! 

Shiro: Is... is that a yes or a no? 

Mitama: A shock to my ears / My heart is all aflutter / Pounding crazily. A 
smile to my lips / My heart is all aflutter / Its blood warms my cheeks... I 
was so overcome that I composed two haiku on the spot. 

Shiro: You're blushing because you're happy? So you're saying... 

Mitama: I'm saying I accept your offer. You are the first person to try to 
see for yourself what it's like to sleep so much. When I saw you going so far 
to understand me, my heart melted. 

Shiro: It did? I'm so glad. 

Mitama: Now you must learn about haiku. Come with me and explore the world of 

Shiro: Uh, I might need a while to think about that...
D1. Rhajat C

Shiro: *chomp* *slarf* Mmm...now THIS is a chunk of meat! Nice and juicy! 
*gobble* *munch* 

Rhajat: ... 

Shiro: Oh, hey, Rhajat. I didn't see you there. What's with that look? You 
want some of my chicken or something? 

Rhajat: Ugh. No. 

Shiro: Then why are you staring so hard? 

Rhajat: I'm disgusted... yet also fascinated. It's complicated. 

Shiro: What are you talking about? 

Rhajat: It looks so greasy and fatty... It's nauseating watching you eat. 

Shiro: Well, too bad for you, because it tastes awesome. Do you just not like 
chicken or something? 

Rhajat: All meat is gross. I prefer vegetables. 

Shiro: Weirdo. Meat is delicious! Here, I'll prove it. I'll give you a little 
of this without so much fat. Try it! Meat builds muscle, you know. 

Rhajat: No thanks. 

Shiro: Come on, don't be such a sourpuss! This is a golden opportunity! 

Rhajat: Oh no! Keep your gross fleshwad away from me! I told you, I don't 
want any. Find some other girl to terrorize. 

Shiro: "Terrorize"?! Why are you making such a big deal about this? 

Rhajat: Think about it for one second, and maybe you'll figure it out! Come 
any closer, and I'll cast a spell to turn that meat into pure fat! Ugh...why 
must I be plagued by people without a shred of empathy? 
(Rhajat leaves) 

Shiro: ... What is with her? I just offered to share some of this excellent 
chicken... *chomp* *chomp* Mmm...chickenlicious.
Rhajat B

Shiro: Heyyyy! Rhajat! 

Rhajat: What is it, you barbarian? Are you looking to be cursed? 

Shiro: Whoa, easy there. I brought you something. 

Rhajat: What is that? Some sort of... food...? 

Shiro: Smells gooood, right? The secret is in the meat! 

Rhajat: ... 

Shiro: Hey, don't judge! I'm not the best cook, but it tastes better than it 
looks! I guarantee it! 

Rhajat: I told you, I don't like meat. At all. 

Shiro: I'm not saying you should eat the whole thing. Just try one bite. 

Rhajat: Ugh... will you give up after that? 

Shiro: Yeah. That's all I'm asking. Meat is an important part of your diet! 
If you don't eat any, you'll waste away. Heh, not that you need to worry 
about that. 

Rhajat: ... 

Shiro: ... Um... but you should have some anyway? 

Rhajat: Starting today, I'm using every spell I know to make your life hell. 
Get ready to suffer, barbarian! 
(Rhajat leaves) 

Shiro: Oof... I think I at least understand where I screwed up this time...
Rhajat A

Shiro: *sniffle* *sniffle* Rha...Rha...RHACHOO! 

Rhajat: ... 

Shiro: That was one heckuva curse you put on me... My nose won't stop 

Rhajat: I know. It'll stay like that four more days. 

Shiro: Whaaaaat?! That's horrible... But I guess I deserve it, after what I 
did. *sniffle* *sniffle* *hoooonk* 

Rhajat: Ew. Blow your nose someplace else. 

Shiro: Sorry! I can't help it! But I made you this as an apology. C'mon, just 
try it... 

Rhajat: Meat AGAIN? How many times do I need to tell you, I hate meat! ...Hm? 

Shiro: OK, there's SOME meat in it. But it's mixed in with the fried veggies. 
I went easy on the oil, too. I think you'll really like it! 

Rhajat: ... 

Shiro: Um... are you gonna try it, or...? 

Rhajat: Fine. But I don't understand. Why are you so bent on making sure I 
eat this stuff? 

Shiro: I just want you to be healthy! You're always lurking in the shadows, 
so I thought maybe you were sick. 

Rhajat: No. Brooding in the shadows is just my idea of a good time. 

Shiro: Really?! Because ordinarily, it's a sign someone is feeling down about 
something... We're allies and all, and I want all my friends to be healthy! 

Rhajat: So that's what this was about... 

Shiro: But I guess I had you wrong. You're healthy enough to curse me, that's 
for sure. I'll just eat the rest myself. 

Rhajat: Wait. 

Shiro: Hm? 

Rhajat: May I have some of your food? 

Shiro: Whoa! Yeah, sure! Take all you want. I've even got enough for seconds, 
if you're feeling hungry. 

Rhajat: Heh... don't get ahead of yourself. I'll just have a little morsel. 
If it's good... maybe I'll lift the curse. 

Shiro: No joke?! 

Rhajat: Why not? I'm feeling merciful. ... And it's nice of you to worry 
about me. 

Shiro: Sorry, what? You were doing that creepy whispery thing. 

Rhajat: Y-yes, that was... an incantation to lift the curse. Don't worry 
about it.
Rhajat S

Shiro: Got a minute, Rhajat? 

Rhajat: Shiro... you'd better not have another meat- based atrocity to force 
down my throat. 

Shiro: N-no way! I just wanted to talk. 

Rhajat: This ought to be good... 

Shiro: Remember how I said I was just looking after your health? 

Rhajat: Yes... 

Shiro: I was lying my face off. 

Rhajat: ...Huh? 

Shiro: The truth is, I really like you and wanted some excuse to hang out. I 
was only pushing the chicken on you to start a conversation. 

Rhajat: R-right! I knew it from the start, of course. Mwahaha! I, um. I 
glimpsed into the future. Yeah... 

Shiro: Hah! You're a terrible liar. I could see the shock on your face just 

Rhajat: That wasn't shock! It was...it was triumph! 

Shiro: Then why is your face all red? 

Rhajat: Shut up! If I say I know something, then I know it, OK?! 

Shiro: Hahaha. That's just a bluff to cover up how embarrassed you are. 

Rhajat: I could curse you again, you know. 

Shiro: Or you could just answer the question... 

Rhajat: ... I would have to be stupid to dislike it when someone 
theoretically cared about me. 

Shiro: Huh? What does that even mean?! Are you trying to say that you like 

Rhajat: That's such a dull way of putting it. I told you, I hate people who 
can't grasp subtle, nuanced feelings. 

Shiro: But... how am I supposed to know how you feel if you don't tell me? If 
you hate me, say that. I just want us to understand each other. Is that so 

Rhajat: ... It galls me to have to spell this out... But I have... 
feelings... for you, too. 

Shiro: Rhajat! This is awesome! Oh, this is the happiest day of my life! I'll 
take good care of you-I swear! 

Rhajat: Whoa there! Don't act like we just said our vows! Ugh, you're so 
D1. Selkie C

Selkie: La la la ? Oh, chicken, how yummy you'll be!

Shiro: *sniff* What is that amazing smell... 

Selkie: Hey, Shiro! 

Shiro: Selkie, what are you eating? Is it chicken? 

Selkie: Uh-huh! I caught it myself out in the the forest. So I decided to 
make a nice big fire and grill it up! 

Shiro: Hmm, that explains the amazing smell. It's making my stomach growl... 

Selkie: Are you hungry? There's plenty here if you want some. 

Shiro: Really? You don't mind? 

Selkie: Nope! The only thing better than grilled chicken is sharing it with 
friends. Wow, this piece is done perfectly. 

Shiro: Thanks, Selkie. It's just missing one important thing... 

Selkie: Hmm? What do you mean? 

Shiro: Grilled chicken is obviously best with barbecue sauce. I was just 
looking for some. 

Selkie: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Are you serious? You eat your chicken with barbecue 

Shiro: Hey! Don't shout in my ear like that! 

Selkie: Yuck, how could you eat it that way? All you really need is a simple 
pinch of salt! 

Shiro: You're nuts! If I had barbecue sauce, I could eat a million bowls of 
rice. It tastes so good. 

Selkie: I'm telling you, salt is the key! It brings out the natural flavor of 
the meat. 

Shiro: Grrrrrr! I'll never agree with you! 

Selkie: I don't understand you at all. 

Shiro: Fine. If you won't admit to being wrong, there's only one way to 
settle this. We're going to have a taste test. 

Selkie: What do you mean? 

Shiro: I'll bring my sauce, and you can bring salt. Then we can try both and 
see which is actually better. 

Selkie: You're on! But I know you're going to end up liking the salt way 

Shiro: Yeah right. You better get ready to eat some crow! 

Selkie: Same goes for you!
Selkie B

Shiro: Selkie, I brought a big bottle of barbecue sauce. Are you ready to 
start cooking? 

Selkie: Of course. It's time for the big taste test. Obviously I'm going to 
emerge victorious. 

Shiro: Haha, we'll just see about that. So we'll cover half of the chicken in 
my yummy barbecue sauce. And we'll pinch salt over the other half. 

Selkie: *munch munch munch* 

Shiro: *chomp chomp* 

Selkie: Oh my gods! 

Shiro: W-wow! This is- 

Selkie: The barbecue sauce has that great salty flavor, but it's also really 
sweet! I just wanna lick it all off. 

Shiro: Heh. What did you expect? It's the finest blend in the entire country. 
A chef friend of mine gave it to me. It's his secret recipe! 

Selkie: I never imagined this might actually be really good with the 

Shiro: The salted one has a great flavor too. It's very simple, but in a good 
way. And I think it does allow you to enjoy the natural flavor of the chicken 

Selkie: Ha! SEE? What did I tell you? I'm the big winner. Move over, barbecue 

Shiro: You're out of your mind! We're talking about totally different topics. 
I never said yours was better. I just said that it was different! 

Selkie: No way! I just heard you say that my seasoning was yummy. Why did you 

Shiro: NO! You clearly don't get it. All I meant was that yours was good! I 
didn't say it was the best. There's no question that my tangy barbecue sauce 
is superior. Why have people thought up so many ways to make chicken, 
anyways? It's a little overwhelming. 

Selkie: Huh? What are you talking about? 

Shiro: I talked to my father about our competition. He was adamant that lemon 
pepper always tasted the best with chicken. 

Selkie: Lemon pepper, huh? 

Shiro: Yes. He was so sure that he forced me to take a bottle before I 

Selkie: You have it here? I wanna taste it! 

Shiro: Hmm, I guess that's OK. Here, try it out. 

Selkie: Thanks, Shiro! *nom nom nom* 

Shiro: I'm glad I tried a new recipe. But still, you just can't beat barbecue 


Shiro: Huh? You don't have to yell... 

Selkie: I'm talking about the lemon pepper! It's so yummy! Here, you have to 
try it! 

Shiro: Mmph?! *gulp* Hey! You can't just shove food in my mouth like that! 

Selkie: Sorry! I was just really excited for you to try it. Wasn't it good, 

Shiro: You're right. This does taste pretty great. It's got a unique flavor 
that sets it apart from the sauce and the salt. Yeah, I think I could get 
used to eating this all the time. Maybe that means- 

Selkie: That lemon pepper is the best of all! 

Shiro: What?! Why did you have to say that?
Selkie A

Shiro: I learned something important, Selkie. You shouldn't judge any type of 
food until you've actually tried it. 

Selkie: No kidding. We were both pretty surprised by how delicious the lemon 
pepper was. 

Shiro: It was really good! I'll never forget trying that for the first time. 

Selkie: Is your daddy some kind of genius chef or what? I never would have 
known that there was an even yummier way to enjoy chicken! Trying out all 
these new flavors lately has been so much fun! I should do this all the time. 

Shiro: Haha, I'm glad you're having a good time. 

Selkie: It's all because of you. We should sit down and have another meal 
again soon! Doesn't that sound like a blast? 

Shiro: That's a great idea. What would you like to try out next? 

Selkie: Hmm... Wait, I know! Let's make eggs! 

Shiro: Huh? Eggs? 

Selkie: That's right! I learned how to fry them recently, and it's a lot of 

Shiro: OK, sure. Why not? I'll be sure to bring my special bottle of hot 

Selkie: What are you talking about? Hot sauce? 

Shiro: Eggs always go best with hot sauce. Don't you agree? 

Selkie: What? Are you out of your mind? Eggs always taste best with a bit of 

Shiro: No way! I'm telling you, hot sauce is key! 

Selkie: Not everything has to be doused in one of your stupid sauces, Shiro! 

Shiro: You're insane! Salt is boring! That won't make your breakfast taste 
better. It's clear what we have to do. Another taste test. We can try both 

Selkie: You're on! Let's do it!
Selkie S

Shiro: Selkie, wait up! Have you eaten yet? If not, I was thinking that we 
could grab a bite together... 

Selkie: That sounds like fun, Shiro! 

Shiro: Ever since our last taste test, you and I have been spending a lot of 
time together. 

Selkie: Yep! For some reason, I always enjoy my food more when I'm with you. 
Sharing all these meals together almost makes me feel like we're dating. 
Isn't that funny? 

Shiro: Heh... Yeah, it's hilarious. 

Selkie: Is something wrong, Shiro? You look upset all of a sudden. 

Shiro: N-nothing. I was just thinking the same thing. That's all... 

Selkie: What? So why are you upset, then? 

Shiro: The truth is that I want to be with you. And not just for meals. 

Selkie: You mean- 

Shiro: I mean that I want you to be by my side all the time. Selkie, will you 
be my wife? 

Selkie: WH-WHAAAAT?! You must be pulling my leg. Right, Shiro? 

Shiro: Why are you acting so surprised? Does this really come as a shock to 
you? I wouldn't trade the time we've spent together for anything in the 
world. Maybe I shouldn't have told you. But I felt like I had to get it off 
my chest. 

Selkie: So what you're really saying is that you love me. Is that it? 

Shiro: Don't say that so loud! Someone might overhear you! 

Selkie: Teehee! Relax, Shiro. The truth is that I love you too! 

Shiro: Really? You mean it?! 

Selkie: Of course! Being with you always makes me really happy! I especially 
love arguing with you all the time. It's too much fun! You're the only person 
I want to be with. I promise. Of course I'll marry you! 

Shiro: Phew, thank the gods. That's a relief. 

Selkie: Hehehe! Are you happy now? 

Shiro: Of course! I couldn't be happier. Would you like to celebrate by 
having a bite with me? 

Selkie: You bet! I'm really hungry.
D1. Midori C

Midori: Hrnghhhh...

Shiro: Picked more herbs than you can carry, did you? 

Midori: I just... hrrrf!...had a good yield this time and... ungh!...didn't 
want to waste any. 

Shiro: Haha, that explains it. Here, I'll help lighten your load. Up we go! 

Midori: Thanks! This is much more manageable. 

Shiro: Hey, no sweat. You've sure been busy here, though... 

Midori: Yep! The forest nearby is an apothecary's dream! Once I started 
picking herbs there, I couldn't stop until I had them all. 

Shiro: With all these herbs, you could probably open up your own shop. Hey, 
that reminds me. I meant to ask if there's any good salve for exhaustion. 

Midori: Hmm... you're feeling fatigued? Tell me more. 

Shiro: My arms have been kinda stiff and sore for a while now. 

Midori: Oh! I have just the thing! It's a specially handcrafted poultice! 
Good thing I picked a fresh supply of herbs... ah, here we are! 

Shiro: This must have been quite a haul. 

Midori: They don't call me Ms. Fix-It for nothing! Nothing gives me greater 
joy than treating everyone I can with my herbal remedies. 

Shiro: Oh, you've already helped me. 

Midori: Really?! 

Shiro: Yeah, for sure! Thanks for the poultice. 

Midori: You're very welcome. Hope you feel better soon!
Midori B

Midori: Hey, Shiro! Did that poultice I gave you help any? 

Shiro: Well... um... Honestly? I don't think anything changed. 

Midori: What?! No way! 

Shiro: Yeah... I was thinking of going to see a real doctor. 

Midori: No need! I'll keep trying until you're all fixed up! 

Shiro: Really? Thanks. 

Midori: I'm guessing it didn't work because it wasn't attuned to your 
physiology. So let me get a few readings from you and make a few notes, and 
I'll try again. Now then...you said there was pain in your arms? 

Shiro: Not pain, exactly. They just feel heavy and sluggish. 

Midori: That's all I need to know. A little of this, a pinch of that... Oh, 
and a dash of my secret ingredient! Hmm... is that it? Should I add more? 

Shiro: Um... are you making it right here? 

Midori: Yep! I'll have it ready in a jiffy! Shouldn't take long... Just gotta 
grind up some leaves here, mix it all together, and... All done! Here you go! 

Shiro: That was fast! 

Midori: Rub this on your shoulders, and you'll be feeling fit as a fiddle! 

Shiro: Hang on. Why's it smell like a sewer? 

Midori: Why not? Take it from a professional: medicine is usually pretty 

Shiro: Yeah, but this is too much! I really have to rub this stuff on my 

Midori: You... don't want it...? 

Shiro: Uh-oh... please don't cry! Will you dry those tears if I use it? 

Midori: You'll take it?! Yay! This time you'll feel better, I promise! 

Shiro: I just hope I can find a nose plug before bedtime tonight...
Midori A

Midori: Shiro! How're your arms? 

Shiro: Oh, much better, thanks! All that stiffness is totally gone. 

Midori: It worked, then! Sounds like somebody owes me some thanks! 

Shiro: Yeah, though a big part of it was me cutting back on my training 
regimen. I'd been so focused on keeping up with my old man that I was 
overdoing it. 

Midori: Smart move! Though I think we can agree the medicine was 
instrumental, too. 

Shiro: The poultice totally helped. But I really saw improvements after 
making some changes. Whenever I felt like I hit my limit during training, I 
decided to call it a day there. Uh, Midori? Did you hear what I- 

Midori: Huh? Oh, sorry...I tuned out after you said how much my medicine 

Shiro: OK, but there was more to it. 

Midori: The bottom line is, you're all better now! Chalk up another win for 
my herbs! 

Shiro: Yeaaaah... no one's saying the medicine didn't help. I owe you for 
that, Midori. 

Midori: No thanks necessary! I'm willing to apply my medicine to any problem! 
If you're ever feeling under the weather again, be sure to let me know. 

Shiro: It's a deal. 

Midori: Good. And just to be on the safe side, I brought you another 

Shiro: Huh? That's OK, I feel fine now. 

Midori: But one can never be too careful, hmmm? I recommend another dose or 

Shiro: Nooo... that stuff was RANK. Please don't make me rub it on again. 

Midori: Well, if you really don't want to... I'll rub it on for you! Just 
give me one second here while I fix up a batch. 

Shiro: Ugh. Last time, nobody would come within 10 feet of me. Even the enemy 
gave up as soon as I closed in to attack. 

Midori: Do I have all the ingredients I need...? Hmm, no, but I'll figure 
something out. 

Shiro: Midori, I'm on my knees here! Please don't make me use that stuff 
Midori S

Midori: How are you feeling today? Tired? Hurt? 

Shiro: That's a funny way of greeting someone, haha. Nah, I'm feeling great! 

Midori: Whew. I just get to worrying about your health lately. Is that weird? 

Shiro: I don't think so. It's kind of nice, in fact. It's good to know 
someone's looking out for me. 

Midori: Heehee! Then if you don't mind, I'll keep checking up on you. If 
you're healthy, I'm happy! 

Shiro: Huh. 

Midori: Oh? What's wrong? Does your tummy hurt? Is your brain on fire? 

Shiro: Uh, I'm fine, I just... thought you're cute when you smile. 

Midori: Huh? 

Shiro: Yeah, um... I really like you, Midori. And I sorta wondered if you 
wanted to go out on a date sometime. 

Midori: Whaaaaaat?! Like, a DATE date?! 

Shiro: Yeah. I was really touched by how you worried about me. So much that I 
found myself doing the same thing for you. I wanted to take care of you, just 
the way that you fuss over me. And that's kinda what being a boyfriend is, 

Midori: Wow... Well, they do say that love is the best medicine! 

Shiro: So that's a yes? 

Midori: It is. I love how cool you look when you're fighting. I think it's 
pretty amazing that someone so cool would need me. 

Shiro: Hey, you're my girl now! Of course I need you. 

Midori: We're in this together now, huh? 

Shiro: Haha, that's it exactly.
D1. Sophie C

Sophie: One... two... three... and relax...

Shiro: Hey, Sophie! Whatcha up to? 

Sophie: Oh, just some warm-up stretches. 

Shiro: Whoa. You were into a full split there! If that was the warm-up, I'm 
scared to think what the actual exercises are like. 

Sophie: Oh, I do these stretches every day, so I'm flexible enough by now 
that they're easy. Check this out! I take my leg and put it behind my head... 
Ta-da! Can you do that? 

Shiro: Whooooa! I can't get my leg anywhere near that high! Do you even have 
bones in there?! 

Sophie: Haha, oh, Shiro. I get into a lot of scrapes where it helps to be 
flexible. Stretching well every day keeps me from being seriously hurt later! 

Shiro: You talk a lot about your stretches... Isn't the actual exercise more 

Sophie: Not at all! It's like my daddy always says! The point isn't to get 
more flexible. It's to better understand your body. 

Shiro: Hmm... OK, I buy that. 

Sophie: Really? Because you don't seem very convinced... Oh, I know! Why 
don't you try stretching with me sometime? I'll give you some tips! 

Shiro: I don't bend like that, and I never want to. 

Sophie: Hehehe! Don't knock it 'til you try it! 

Shiro: Wait, what are you... Oh no! S-stay back! 

Sophie: Shiro, no! Don't run! It barely hurts at all once you get used to it!
Sophie B

Shiro: Sophie! I heard you fell off your horse! Are you OK? 

Sophie: Oh, hi, Shiro! I got a little banged up, but I'm doing just fine! 

Shiro: Huh! Doesn't look like you have any broken bones or anything. Not that 
I'm ready to admit you have any bones to begin with... 

Sophie: It's really no biggie! I fall off Avel almost every day. Thanks to my 
daily stretches, I bounce back right away. 

Shiro: Huh? How does that work? 

Sophie: That's what I was trying to tell you the other day. I've been 
conditioning myself for falling with all those stretches. So every time I get 
thrown off, I can get right back in the saddle. 

Shiro: ... OK. Seems legit, I guess. 

Sophie: You finally get it! Yay! 

Shiro: Yeah, yeah. I'll admit, your stretches really do work. 

Sophie: Great! So you'll be stretching with me from now on, riiiight? 

Shiro: Wait, what?! You're jumping to conclusions! 

Sophie: Come on! Even if you don't ride, it'll help prevent you from getting 
hurt too. Just start by touching your toes! Ready, aaaand go! 

Shiro: Wait! Stop pushing me! Ow ow ow! 

Sophie: Huh. Not very limber, are you? 

Shiro: Nope. I'm stiff as a board. 

Sophie: Oh, well! All the more reason to keep trying. One... two... three... 
and relax. 

Shiro: Owwww! My muscles are screaming! Give me a break, please!
Sophie A

Shiro: Hey, Sophie. Still exercising, huh? 

Sophie: Yep, that's right! And, as always, I've gotta get my warm-up 
stretches in first. 

Shiro: You know, I have felt a little more flexible thanks to our sessions. 
The other day in battle, it really seemed like I had more reach with my 

Sophie: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it was starting to help. 

Shiro: And all because you nagged at me so much! Thanks for that, by the way. 

Sophie: If you were really thankful, you wouldn't call it nagging... But 
that's good, though. Now I can focus on my own stretches without worrying 
about you. 

Shiro: Just a thought, but instead of stretching to prepare for falling off 
your horse... maybe you could learn to ride? 

Sophie: Ahaha! I knowwww, but I never seem to get the hang of it. 

Shiro: Sophie... You can do this. I've seen how hard you work. You talk to 
Avel all the time when you're practicing your riding skills, right? I'm sure 
he'll take to you sooner or later. 

Sophie: Yeah! Or at least, I hope so. 

Shiro: We get better one tiny step at a time. It's the same with me and 
stretching. You just gotta keep plugging away! 

Sophie: You're right... Thanks, Shiro! 

Shiro: No problem.
Sophie S

Shiro: We've been exercising a lot together, huh? 

Sophie: Now that you mention it, yes. It's funny. When we first met, I never 
guessed we'd get along so well. 

Shiro: What? Why not? 

Sophie: I mean, you're in line for the throne, right? I thought you'd be all 
stuffy and pompous. The reality is pretty different! 

Shiro: You got a problem with that? 

Sophie: No way! I'd much rather you be easy to talk to than a droning bore. 
Exercising with you always brightens my day! 

Shiro: I'm with you there. It's nice to have someone to exercise with. 
Someone who has your back. ... Sophie, uh... would you be surprised if I said 
I wanted to spend more time with you? Like, a lot more time? 

Sophie: Shiro... are you asking me out? 

Shiro: Yeah, I guess I am. This isn't a spur-of-the-moment thing, either. I 
just think we're really great together, and I want to see if we work. 

Sophie: Shiro, I don't know what to say... 

Shiro: You don't have to say anything! But I'm really into you. And if you 
feel the same way about me... just take my hand. 

Sophie: ... I had no idea you were such a romantic. That was so cool! 

Shiro: Hey, I'm just trying to tell you how I feel. So? What do you say? 

Sophie: I'm willing to give it a try! 

Shiro: Really?! 

Sophie: Yeah. Every day with you has been a blast so far, so why should it 
stop now? 

Shiro: My thinking exactly! I'll never let you go, my love, I swear! 

Sophie: Whoa! You actually sounded like a real high prince there! Are you 
going to be my knight in shining armor? Wait, no, that's me. 

Shiro: Huh? What're you babbling about? 

Sophie: Nothing! I'm just too excited! 

Shiro: Yeah, I totally know the feeling!

D2. Caeldori C

Caeldori: Kiragi! There you are. It's your turn for latrine duty. Glove up. 

Kiragi: Fishmongers! But I was just about to go hunting. Think it could wait 
until I got back? 

Caeldori: No, it absolutely cannot. The camp needs them cleaned now. Unless 
you think we should enjoy using a latrine overflowing with- 

Kiragi: Come on, cut me some slack! Just this once? Please? 

Caeldori: I'll tell you what. If you best me in a duel, you can clean them 
after you get back. Is that acceptable? 

Kiragi: No, that's not fair! You know I can't beat you! 

Caeldori: Oh? You'll never know unless you try. Of course, you can always 
refuse and get to work immediately. 

Kiragi: Wait, no! How about we have an archery contest? 

Caeldori: Archery? That would give you quite the advantage. 

Kiragi: No, no, we can even things up. I'll place my target twice as far away 
as yours. And if I don't hit my target 10 times in a row, we'll declare you 
the winner! How about it? Fair, right? 

Caeldori: I suppose that might be acceptable. 

Kiragi: Sweet! Let's make it best out of three! Ready? Let's go!
(Time passes)
Kiragi: I lost?! How could I have lost?! And two rounds in a row! 

Caeldori: Heh. Looks like someone underestimated me. 

Kiragi: You're amazing, Caeldori! You really are as talented as everyone 

Caeldori: Oh, no, I'm not- 

Kiragi: I've been looking for somebody to train with, and I think you fit the 
bill perfectly. How about it? Want to be my training partner? 

Caeldori: Well... I don't see why not. But before we discuss this further, I 
believe there are some latrines in need of cleaning. 

Kiragi: Of course! I'm a man of my word. And after that, we can practice even 
(Kiragi leaves) 

Caeldori: Hey! Kiragi! Don't rush it! If you don't do a good job, you'll be 
cleaning them twice!
Caeldori B

Kiragi: Caeldori! I've been looking for you! *pant...pant* 

Caeldori: Kiragi? Is something wrong? Why are you so out of breath? 

Kiragi: I just heard there's going to be an archery competition coming up. I 
think I'm gonna enter! 

Caeldori: Hm? An archery competition? Oh, I see. It must be a way of 
motivating the archers to brush up on their skills. 

Kiragi: You'll enter too, right? 

Caeldori: What? Why would I do that? 

Kiragi: Because you're just as good as I am! It'd be a shame if you didn't 

Caeldori: I don't have any particular interest in archery though... 

Kiragi: But if nobody else who enters is as good as I am, then what's the 
point? And think about it! If there are more good archers, it'll put pressure 
on everyone! All the entrants will have to improve even more in order to 
compete. And you always want what's good for the army, riiiiight? 

Caeldori: V-very well. I suppose I can't say no when you put it like that. 

Kiragi: Yahoo! Just so you know, though, I'm not gonna lose! First prize is 
all mine! 
(Kiragi leaves) 

Caeldori: He's sure excited. Hmph. Well, I suppose this means I'll have to 
draw up a new training regimen. Now, should I add four hours a day or 
Caeldori A

Kiragi: YES!!! I hit it! I WON! 

Caeldori: *sigh* And I've lost. I suppose I should just be happy that I made 
it to second place. 

Kiragi: Ahahahahahahaha! Sweet revenge! I finally beat you! 

Caeldori: Yes, you did. Congratulations, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: ...Say, Caeldori, you didn't, like, go easy on me or anything, right? 

Caeldori: Of course not. What made you think that? 

Kiragi: I pushed you into competing, so I thought maybe you'd be trying to do 
me a favor. Or maybe you went easy on me because you didn't want the 

Caeldori: No. I have never gone easy on an opponent. And I never shall. The 
simple truth is that I am not as skilled with a bow as you are. The goddess 
of victory decided it was time she smiled on you, not me. 

Kiragi: So I really did beat you? 

Caeldori: Yes. Now, that's enough of this. A victor should accept both his 
losses and his triumphs with grace and equanimity. 

Kiragi: You're right. I'm sorry, Caeldori. Man, it DOES feel great to beat 
someone as talented as you, though! 

Caeldori: Heehee. Yes, yes. You did well, Kiragi. You know, somehow I almost 
don't mind your gloating if it makes you this happy.
Caeldori S

Kiragi: Caeldori! 

Caeldori: Kiragi. Something wrong? 

Kiragi: You know how I beat you at that archery competition? 

Caeldori: Yes, I do. What about it? 

Kiragi: I promised myself that I'd talk to you about something if I won, so 
I'm here to do that. Do you have a minute? 

Caeldori: Oh. Certainly. Is it about my form? Or the arrows I used? 

Kiragi: No, no. OK, here goes... It's that I love you! 

Caeldori: Wait, what?! 

Kiragi: I've loved you for a long time now, but I couldn't work up the 
confidence to tell you. I thought if I beat you in the tournament, you might 
see me as your equal. And if I was your equal, then I'd have enough 
confidence to tell you how I felt. So...um...so there it is! 

Caeldori: I see. So that's why you were so worried I threw the match. 

Kiragi: Yeah. 

Caeldori: Heehee. You really didn't have to put yourself through all that 

Kiragi: Huh? 

Caeldori: Because I love you as well. 

Kiragi: Really?! 

Caeldori: We've spent so much time together. We've fought and bled next to 
each other. And over time, I realized I was enamored with you. Your 
earnestness, your honesty. So, you see, we both shared the same feelings for 
each other. All of your worries were for nothing. 

Kiragi: Heh! So... I guess this makes us girlfriend and boyfriend now, right? 
Woohoo! I've never been happier! 

Caeldori: Heehee. Me neither!
D2. Mitama C

Kiragi: Hey, Mitama! Do you want to come with me? I'm gonna go- 

Mitama: I refuse to go / I will not sully myself / By playing in mud. 

Kiragi: I haven't even told you where I want to go yet! 

Mitama: You do not need to. I know you just want to drag me up to the 

Kiragi: W-well, yeah, but- 

Mitama: I decline. The sweetest pleasures / Are found within four strong 
walls / Sleep and poetry. 

Kiragi: Aw, come on! Isn't there anything I can do to convince you to come 
with me? 

Mitama: Nothing at all. Now leave me. I have some snuggling and writing to 
see to. 

Kiragi: But... um... Oh! But the flowers! You've got a lot of flowers in your 
tent, right? 

Mitama: Yes. I love the atmosphere created by the presence of many flowers. 
They are the perfect tiny muses. I cannot count the poems they've inspired in 

Kiragi: Then you should come with me to go see the wildflowers on the 

Mitama: Wildflowers? 

Kiragi: Yup! I know of an AMAZING field of wildflowers up in the mountains! 
I'm sure you'll be inspired to write tons more poems if you see them! Like, 
way more than you would just looking at the ones inside your tent! 

Mitama: I see... You speak the plain truth / One flower can grow indoors / 
But outdoors, thousands. It seems I cannot avoid it if I wish to see such 
fields. I must venture outside. 

Kiragi: Haha! Yes! Well, glad we got that settled! 

Mitama: We haven't "settled" anything! 

Kiragi: I'll pack everything we need! You don't have to worry about a thing. 
(Kiragi leaves) 

Mitama: *sigh* Like the wind, he came / Without noise, without warning / And 
like wind, he left. I suppose I will let it slide. This time.
Mitama B

Kiragi: Keep up, Mitama! We're almost to the field! 

Mitama: *pant...pant* My body cries out / My lungs, my legs all afire / My 
life breath departs... 

Kiragi: Aw, don't say that! We're almost there! 

Mitama: But... not... quite... 

Kiragi: Look! You can already see it! This is the field I told you about! 

Mitama: Oh? Oh! There it is! I see it! This...this is magnificent! I do not 
recall the last time I beheld such beauty! 

Kiragi: Isn't it amazing? It's especially pretty this time of year, too. So 
many different kinds are in bloom right now! 

Mitama: It's so beautiful... words have fled me... 

Kiragi: Really? Haha. I'm glad you like it! 

Mitama: This is transcendent / I cannot express my thanks / You are a dear 
friend. Thank you, Kiragi. I would never have known about this place were it 
not for you. 

Kiragi: No, thank YOU for coming with! Sorry if I was pushy before. I just 
knew you'd love it! Now c'mon, let's go! If we hurry up, we can be there in a 
few minutes. You won't believe how it feels to lie down in all those flowers 
and breathe them in! 

Mitama: I can't wait! A hand stretched outward / To the yawning flower cups / 
A poem is born!
Mitama A

Mitama: Kiragi, may I have a moment of your time? 

Kiragi: Huh? Sure. What do you need? 

Mitama: I crave the meadows / Lush with wildflowers and dew / Will you go 
with me? 

Kiragi: Oh, you want to go see the flowers again? Sure, I'll go with you! 

Mitama: Thank you very much, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: You know... there are tons of other neat places I could take you, 
too. Like where I do most of my hunting, or the rivers with all the fish, or 
the waterfalls! 

Mitama: ...No, thank you. I care not for those / Flowers and flowers alone / 
Can lure me outside. 

Kiragi: O-OK. That's fine too. I just thought you never know what'll inspire 
a poem, right? But I'll go with you to the same spot, too! It's good for you 
to get outside and breathe some fresh air anyways. 

Mitama: Thank you. I am not ungrateful. I should do something for you in 
return. Perhaps I will prepare a special lunch for our next journey. 

Kiragi: Really? That sounds great! We can get up to go hiking in the morning 
and have lunch with the flowers! 

Mitama: Then it's settled. It's unnatural / This craving for sun and air / 
Mitama, transformed. Heehee. It seems you've had quite the influence on me, 
Mitama S

Kiragi: Hey, Mitama! 

Mitama: Kiragi! Thank you again for accompanying me to the mountain today. 
Two travel buddies / Arm in arm they take their way / On new adventures! 

Kiragi: Aw, you don't need to thank me. We're friends, after all! 

Mitama: I suppose you're right. 

Kiragi: Mhm! Though, speaking of our little trips, that last lunch you made 
was amazing! You know, the way we keep running off to the woods, people will 
start to talk. In fact, I bet if someone saw us now, they'd even think we 
were probably on a date! 

Mitama: A date?! H-how dumb would that be?! Why would we do something like 
that? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! To think, us, dating! How ridiculous! 

Kiragi: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So dumb! 

Mitama: ... 

Kiragi: ... No... It's not right for me to hide these things from you. I'm 
sorry, Mitama. The truth is, I do want to date you. 

Mitama: Kiragi? 

Kiragi: I like you. I think you're the cutest girl I've ever met. And I love 
our mountain trips. If I had my way, we'd...we'd be together. 

Mitama: I see... 

Kiragi: Ahaha... Sorry about that. I sort of just blurted everything out 
there, huh? But... now that I have...I was wondering how you felt about me. 

Mitama: How I feel about you? My secretive heart / Locked away, even from me 
/ The key, another's. 

Kiragi: Huh? I'm sorry, what does that mean? D-do you love someone else? 

Mitama: No, I mean... I don't know my own heart sometimes. But the one who 
can reveal it to me must also be the one to whom my heart belongs. And that 
person is you, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: So- You mean- 

Mitama: Yes. I like you too. 

Kiragi: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My heart's been racing like crazy! I thought for 
sure you were going to turn me down! 

Mitama: Heehee. Well, you certainly did surprise me. But it also made me so, 
so happy to hear you say those words. 

Kiragi: Yahoo! So... the next time we go visit the flowers, let's do it as a 

Mitama: That would be delightful.
D2. Rhajat C

Kiragi: Oh, hey, Rhajat! How are you doing? 

Rhajat: How am I doing? Same as usual, I'm afraid. 

Kiragi: Yeah, you look a little under the weather. Anything I can do to help? 

Rhajat: Ugh. Helpfulness. Look, I'm fine. Now leave me alone before I curse 

Kiragi: Sure thing. I was going to go take a walk in the mountains anyway. 
Wanna come? 

Rhajat: What part of "leave me alone" is giving you trouble? 

Kiragi: Gotcha! See you later! 

Rhajat: ... Hey, Kiragi, wait a second. 

Kiragi: Sure. What's up? 

Rhajat: Let me get my map of the mountains... Do you ever walk around this 
place here? 

Kiragi: Hmmm... Oh, sure. It's right near that really steep cliff. 

Rhajat: So you've been there? 

Kiragi: Yep. Pretty often. There are lots of deer, so it's great for hunting. 

Rhajat: I see... At the base of that cliff there's a patch of purplish 
mushrooms. They're rare and have powerful magical properties. Could you get 
me some? 

Kiragi: No sweat! I'll head out right now! 

Rhajat: I have nothing but faith in you. 
(Kiragi leaves)
Rhajat: ... I wonder if he can really climb down to the base of that cliff. 
Oh well. He lived a long and full life.
Rhajat B

Kiragi: Oh hiya, Rhajat! Here are your mushrooms! 

Rhajat: This is... impressive, Kiragi. I half expected you'd fall to your 
death on those cliffs. 

Kiragi: Haha. Naw, it was easy! Practically a stroll through the park. 

Rhajat: A stroll through the park? You saw the skeletons at the bottom of 
that cliff, right? Er. Not that I would send you on a suicide mission. Perish 
the thought. Heehee. "Perish." 

Kiragi: Haha. You're funny, Rhajat! But, um, I was going to head into the 
mountains later. Want to come with? 

Rhajat: Today? But... it's raining. 

Kiragi: Yeah! It'll be great. The mountains change into a completely 
different place in the rain. It's way more fun when that happens. 

Rhajat: Even so, I'm afraid I will have to pass. 

Kiragi: Oh, that's right! You're a witch, huh? You'd probably melt in the 

Rhajat: A... witch? N-no, Kiragi. I am not a "witch." I merely dislike going 
out in the rain. But if you're going, I have a favor to ask of you. Do you 
know of a type of algae that appears only on rainy days? 

Kiragi: Nope. What about it? 

Rhajat: Near that cliff you went to, there is a vast bog, on the shores of 
which grows a plant. This is the algae. It only surfaces when the land is 
drenched in rain. It also happens to have unique magical properties that 
would be very...useful. Would you be so kind as to collect some for me? 

Kiragi: Sure! I'll head out right now, even. 

Rhajat: I wish you luck! 
(Kiragi leaves) 
Rhajat: Heehee. Better him than me.
Rhajat A

Rhajat: Kiragi... I can't let this go on any longer. Much as I'd like to. 

Kiragi: Huh? Let what go on? 

Rhajat: The herb collecting. All those cuts you've been getting were from 
that, right? 

Kiragi: Yup! Haha. Guess I should be more careful, huh? 

Rhajat: I wish to apologize, then. 

Kiragi: Apologize? 

Rhajat: Yes. You have been hurt, badly, on my account. And I have not thanked 
you even once. So... I'm sorry. And thank you. 

Kiragi: Oh, is that it? You don't have to worry about that. We're friends! 
It's only natural we do favors for each other! 

Rhajat: No, I got carried away. I knew those things were dangerous to 
collect. I put my own wants before your safety. For some reason this bothers 

Kiragi: Oh, really? I guess that makes sense. But I didn't mind, really! 

Rhajat: Heehee. You're a cute one. But you should be more careful. Sweet as 
you are, others are bound to try to take advantage of you. 

Kiragi: Hm... so I guess to make us even, you'd owe me a favor, then? How 
about you come up to the mountains with me? That's actually the whole reason 
I started talking to you, honestly. I thought we could have a bunch of fun on 
a hike! 

Rhajat: That is an acceptable trade. Very well. 

Kiragi: Woohoo! This is gonna be great! 

Rhajat: Perhaps it will... I understand malevolent spirits tend to gather on 
those mountains. And I hear there's a nice little spot positively crackling 
with cursed energy. Hee. Heeheehee. Heeheeheeheeheehehehe. MuahaHAHAHA-
Rhajat S

Kiragi: Rhajat. There's something I wanted to speak with you about. 

Rhajat: Hm? What do you need? Are we going up to the mountains again? Let me 
just grab my pack. 

Kiragi: Er, wait, no. I didn't want to talk about that. 

Rhajat: Oh? That's too bad.  

Kiragi: Um, yeah... so, you know how I started asking you to come hiking with 

Rhajat: Yes. What about it? Are you still upset with me for using you to 
gather ingredients for my curses? It's OK. I understand if you don't want to 
talk to me anymore. 

Kiragi: N-no! What? If I didn't want to talk to you, I wouldn't-agh, never 
mind. Here, just... listen. 

Rhajat: Oh, goodie. Very well, then. I am all ears. 

Kiragi: Thank you. So... like I said, I had been hoping we could go hiking 
for a while. Because... ah... I thought it would be nice to make a new 
friend. And you seemed different from everyone else. In a good way! But after 
we began hiking...something happened. I... I realized... *gulp* I realized 
that I like you, Rhajat! 

Rhajat: Oh. 

Kiragi: So... um. I was hoping that you might want to be with me...you know? 

Rhajat: I see. 

Kiragi: Rhajat? C-could I hear what you're thinking? It's OK if you don't 
want to go on hikes with me anymore. I'll understand. I just...want to 

Rhajat: Kiragi... you fool. I am, as they say, as giddy as a gilly-oyster. I 
admire you too. 

Kiragi: What?! Really? 

Rhajat: Of course. You're the kindest person I've ever met. And our hikes 
have numbered among the happiest times of my life. 


Rhajat: But I do wish you had spoken up sooner. I was wasting my herbs all 
this time with that curse I put on you to keep girls away. 

Kiragi: Y-you cursed me?! 

Rhajat: Yes, of course. Is something wrong? 

Kiragi: No way! I'm just so happy you felt that strongly about me! Plus it 
gives us an excuse to go gather even more ingredients! This'll be great! 

Rhajat: Heehee. You really are pure, aren't you? Yes...I don't think I'll 
ever let you go... Heeheehee. Hehehehehehe. Muahahahaha- hahaHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

D2. Selkie C

Kiragi: Selkie! Let's go to the lake today! 

Selkie: OK! Sounds good to me! 

Kiragi: Wanna make it a race? Whoever gets to the really tall cedar first 
wins! Winner gets the game of the loser! You in? 

Selkie: The game? 

Kiragi: Yeah, game. Like, the stuff we hunted earlier. 

Selkie: Oh, OK. Got it! 

Kiragi: OK. On your mark! Get set... Go! 

Selkie: Haha!
(Time passes)

Kiragi: Haaaaaaaa... haaaaa... *wheeze* 

Selkie: *pant* *pant* Did... I win? Or did... you beat me? 

Kiragi: Hmmm... *huff* *puff* I think...we got here...at the same time. So 
it's...a tie? 

Selkie: Aww. Then what should we do about the prizes? 

Kiragi: Well, since we both won, how about we just exchange all the game we 
caught today? 

Selkie: Haha! Yeah, I guess that works! Huh? Wait. 

Kiragi: Selkie? What's wrong? 

Selkie: Hey, Kiragi... take a look. Over there. There are people. Four, 
five...looks like there are six of them. 

Kiragi: Yeah. What are they doing out in the middle of the forest? 

Selkie: I dunno. Let's ask them! HEE- Mmmmph! Kiragi, what's the big deal? 
Why did you put your hand over my mouth?! 

Kiragi: Something's strange about this. 

Selkie: Oh... Like what? 
Kiragi: I don't know. Something about them just doesn't look right. The sun 
is going to set soon. Let's head back...
Selkie B

Kiragi: Selkie? Selkiiiiiiiie? Could she have gotten lost? Wait! Is that- 
It's those guys we saw the other day! I wonder what they're up to... Maybe I 
should get a closer look. Oh, no... They have Selkie. 

Thief: Hmph. I was beginning to second-guess my information. But I guess they 
were right. There are kitsune in these woods after all. You put up a pretty 
good fight, I'll give you that. But playtime's over. Time to be quiet. I 
wonder what kind of price you'll fetch... A high one, I'd wager. 

Selkie: Mmmpf! Mmmpf! 

Kiragi: HEY! Leave her alone!

Thief: Huh?! A little hero, eh? Get him, men! 
(Time passes)

Kiragi: Selkie! Selkie! Are you OK? 

Selkie: Y-yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for saving me. 

Kiragi: Just hold on. I'll get you out of these ropes. 

Selkie: Kiragi... I'm so sorry. 

Kiragi: It's all right. Don't worry. They won't be bothering you anymore, OK? 
Now, let's go home. 

Selkie: O-OK. Let's go...
Selkie A

Selkie: ... 

Kiragi: Hey, Selkie! Ready to go on another hike in the woods? 

Selkie: Um, sure. OK. 

Kiragi: Something wrong? 

Selkie: Just... what happened the other day. When those thugs captured me. 
It's not that it was too scary or anything. I've been in worse situations. 
It's just... I let my guard down. I ate the food they offered me without a 
thought. Even though you said those people looked suspicious before. I'm such 
an idiot! 

Kiragi: Don't worry, Selkie. It's OK. They can't hurt you now. 

Selkie: I know, I know. I'm not scared of them. I'm just... disappointed in 
myself. I need to be more careful in the future. I can't just keep trusting 
everyone I meet. 

Kiragi: No! You shouldn't change who you are. Especially not on account of a 
bunch of thugs like that. 

Selkie: What? But I'll just cause more problems for everyone if I let myself 
get fooled again! 

Kiragi: No, the people who cause problems are the ones like the guys who 
tricked you. Never blame yourself for that, OK? It wasn't your fault. And 
anyway, I think one of the best things about you is that you're so trusting! 

Selkie: Kiragi... 

Kiragi: And if anyone tries to take advantage of you again, I'll be there to 
stop them. 

Selkie: Haha! Really? You'd do that for me? 

Kiragi: Yup! Of course! 

Selkie: Thank you, Kiragi! You're the best!
Selkie S

Selkie: Hey, Kiragi! Let's go play in the woods again today! 

Kiragi: Huh? Um... OK. 

Selkie: Huh? Is something wrong? You look like you've got a case of the 

Kiragi: Well... after I said I'd protect you the other day, it got me 
thinking. I started to wonder why I didn't just protect you better in the 
first place. If I had been with you... 

Selkie: But you came to save me! Like a super- awesome hero from those old 

Kiragi: Thanks, but I still can't shake this feeling. 

Selkie: Kiragi... 

Kiragi: GAHH! OK, OK. I'm gonna do it! 

Selkie: Huh?! What's going on? You're going to do what? 

Kiragi: I have to tell you something. 

Selkie: Uh-huh...? 

Kiragi: Selkie... I love you! 

Selkie: I love you too, Kiragi! You're like a brother to me! 

Kiragi: Er, I mean, I'm not talking about that kind of love. I mean romantic 
love. I want to always be by your side! 

Selkie: You mean you want to be my... boyfriend? 

Kiragi: That's right! And someday, I want to make you my wife! Then I can 
always be around to protect you, no matter what! 

Selkie: Heehee. One thing at a time, Kiragi. But OK! Let's be together! 

Kiragi: Whew. I feel so much better having got all that off my chest. 

Selkie: Heehee. You think you're feeling happy? Guess how I feel!
D2. Midori C

Midori: Ah! There you are, Kiragi! 

Kiragi: Midori? What's up? 

Midori: I've been looking for you. I need your help with something! 

Kiragi: My help? 

Midori: Yessir! I'm developing a new tonic, buuuut I ran into some issues. I 
don't have all the right plants! So I was wondering if you'd go with me to 
get them. I think most of them grow up in those mountains you spend all your 
time in. 

Kiragi: Sure, I'd love to go! But... are you sure you want me? I don't know 
the first thing about medicine. 

Midori: Not to worry! You don't need to. That's my job! You just need to know 
the mountains! Point me in the right direction and keep me company, and your 
job's all done. I'll even let you call yourself my assistant! Deal? 

Kiragi: Haha. OK! But don't get too excited. I'm not sure how much help I'll 

Midori: Hooray! I'd like to go right away. Are you free? 

Kiragi: Sure! It beats latrine duty, anyway. 

Midori: Then let's get out of here!
Midori B

Midori: Hey, Kiragi! Thanks for your help the other day. 

Kiragi: Glad I could be of service. 

Midori: Me too-believe me! You're like the king of the mountains! You know 
where every plant grows, where all the animals live, where the streams go... 
Everything was right where you said it'd be. I had no idea you'd be THAT 

Kiragi: Aw, I'm not that special. I just picked this stuff up on my day-

Midori: No need to be so modest. You've got a real talent. I mean, you even 
found me all those special fungi! I didn't even know those grew here! 

Kiragi: Well, you mentioned damp places, so I remembered that cave. It was 
more luck than anything. Honest! 

Midori: Nope! You're king of the mountains! No ifs, ands, or buts about it! 
Or maybe you're, like, one with the mountain! Ooh, or is your real father a 
mountain? Should I call you "Mount Kiragi"? 

Kiragi: Haha! I'm not so sure about that. 

Midori: Say, Kiragi... I just remembered. There's something else I could use 
your help with. 

Kiragi: Oh? What's that? 

Midori: I've heard tell of a legendary flower. It only grows in the craters 
of dormant volcanoes. 

Kiragi: Dormant volcanoes? I think there's one of those not too far from that 
cave I showed you. 

Midori: Yeah, I know about that. But that whole area's covered in poisonous 
gases. Nobody can even get to the crater, let alone search it for a plant. 

Kiragi: Oof. That sounds like a pretty tall order, Midori, but I guess I 
could give it a try. 

Midori: Wait! No! That's not what I meant. Geez. You could die up there if 
you did that. I just wanted to know if you'd seen it anywhere else. 

Kiragi: OH! OK. Um, sure. Describe it to me. 

Midori: It's bright red. The color of flowing lava. And its stamens are gray, 
like ash. The stem and leaves are covered in a spiky fuzz that stings when 
you touch it. 

Kiragi: Hmm... I can't say I've ever seen a flower like that before. You 
know, I learn so much when I hang out with you. Maybe I should call you 

Midori: Awww, you're so sweet. Oh! I think one of my live cultures is almost 
ready. I gotta get going. 
(Midori leaves) 

Kiragi: Okeydoke. See ya around! Hm...
Midori A

Kiragi: Midori! There you are! 

Midori: Kiragi? What happened?! You look like you just crawled out of an 

Kiragi: Never mind that. Here, take a look at this bad boy! 

Midori: Huh?! Th-this is the flower I wanted! The one that only grows on 
dormant volcanoes! You picked this yourself? 

Kiragi: Yep! 

Midori: B-but how?! Where?! Don't tell me you- 

Kiragi: Yup! I wanted to see it for myself. The way you described it, it 
sounded so neat! 

Midori: Why would you do that?! That crater's covered in poisonous gas, you 
stupid idiot! 

Kiragi: I got back just fine. Everything's all right, right? 

Midori: No, it's not! What is wrong with you?! 

Kiragi: Huh? 

Midori: What if you had really gotten yourself hurt up there? You could have 

Kiragi: Er... I'm sorry, Midori... I just thought it would make you happy, I 

Midori: Well I'm not! If you died because of me, how do you think I'd feel? 

Kiragi: Midori... I'm really sorry. But I was sure I could do it. Like you 
said, I'm king of the mountain! Right? 

Midori: Even kings die, Kiragi... But... um. Thanks, I guess. I appreciate 
the thought. And I'm sorry for yelling at you. Just promise me you won't do 
anything like that again, OK? Your being happy and healthy means way more 
than some dumb flower. 

Kiragi: OK, OK. I promise. 

Midori: Just saying it isn't enough. Pinky swear! 

Kiragi: I pinky swear I won't ever do something like that again. Sorry... 

Midori: Phew! OK! I feel better now. I'm glad you made it back safe and 
sound. And I'll make sure to put this flower to good use. Thanks, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: Heheh! No prob!
Midori S

Midori: Hey, Kiragi. 

Kiragi: Something wrong, Midori? 

Midori: Well, see... I made that new tonic using the flower you picked for 

Kiragi: You did? Congratulations! I bet it's super effective! 

Midori: Heehee. Thanks! 

Kiragi: So what is it exactly? 

Midori: It's an energy tonic! If you're feeling tired, it'll pick you right 
up! And it won't put you back down for another three days! 

Kiragi: Oh? That's pretty cool! You'll have to let me try it next time I'm 
feeling pooped. Er, on second thought- 

Midori: Lemme guess. You never feel tired, right? 

Kiragi: Yeah, pretty much! Haha. 

Midori: Heehee! So, um, anyways, the reason I came to talk to you is that my 
tonic needs a name. Do you think I could use yours? 

Kiragi: Huh? I'd be honored, but... why me? 

Midori: You WERE the one who risked your life to get me the primary 
ingredient. Plus it fits! It gives the rest of us the kind of energy you 
always have. And...um... 

Kiragi: And...? 

Midori: And I want to. Because... I love you... 

Kiragi: O-oh? 

Midori: Yeah! And I can't think of a more fitting namesake than the person I 

Kiragi: Midori... 

Midori: There! I said it! I finally said it! Oh, molehills, this is so 

Kiragi: Thanks for telling me, Midori. It makes me so happy to hear you say 

Midori: R-really? 

Kiragi: Yup! See... I've fallen in love with you too. You're so passionate. 
And so smart! So... um... here goes! I love you too, Midori! 

Midori: Yay! Let's be together forever! Teehee. 

Kiragi: I wouldn't have it any other way!
D2. Sophie C

Sophie: ...

Kiragi: Hey, Sophie. What are you up to? 

Sophie: Kiragi! Hi! I'm just cleaning out the stables and reflecting on my 
mistakes. Should only take another seven hours or so! 

Kiragi: Er, is that... healthy? I'm sure you haven't done anything too bad... 

Sophie: I'm never going to get better if I don't recognize how I failed in 
the past. 

Kiragi: What happened? 

Sophie: I got distracted, which allowed one of the horses to eat twice his 
normal feed. 

Kiragi: Oh. And you were put on cleaning duty as punishment? That seems a 
little unfair. Horse feed isn't THAT valuable. 

Sophie: Oh, no. I decided to do this myself in order to make up for my 

Kiragi: Ohhh, OK. That's pretty admirable of you, actually! 

Sophie: Thanks! I appreciate it! But the stables are so big, I'm starting to 
really regret my decision. It's taking so much longer than I thought it 

Kiragi: Er... Maybe I could help out? 

Sophie: That would be so amazing! But... I don't think I can accept your 
offer. If I don't do it myself, it'd sort of ruin the whole point. 

Kiragi: Yeah, I guess you're right... 

Sophie: Ughhhhh! Why in the world did I think this was a good idea in the 
first place?! I'm such an idiot! GRRRRAHHHHHH!
(Damage dealt)

Kiragi: Uhhh... Sophie? 

Sophie: Oh no! Now I broke the door too! What should I do?! 

Kiragi: Sophie, watch out! You're going to knock over the lamp! 

Sophie: AIIIEEE! 

Kiragi: Stop! J-just don't move, OK? 

Sophie: OK... Whew! That was a close one. 

Kiragi: Good grief. Here, look, I'll lend you a hand. If you keep working 
alone, this place might not still be standing in the morning. 

Sophie: Erk. Good point...
Sophie B

Sophie: Dum da dumdum da dumdumdum! ?

Kiragi: Oh, hey, Sophie! I see you're cleaning the stables again. What'd you 
do this time? 

Sophie: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?! I didn't mess anything up, if 
that's what you mean. It's just my turn on stable duty. 

Kiragi: Oh. Er, whoops. I guess I just assumed- N-never mind... I'm sorry. 
But...um...are you sure it's a good idea to be doing this alone? I mean, last 
time, you almost burned the whole place down... 

Sophie: Hey, watch it! I'm not always that clumsy, OK? Sheesh. You mess up 
one time... Buuut I guess I do owe you for your help, so I'll let it slide 
this time. Thanks again. 

Kiragi: Haha. I'm just glad I could help. I could lend a hand today too, if 
you'd like. 

Sophie: Are you sure? I don't want you to waste your whole afternoon... 

Kiragi: Don't worry. It's fine. I didn't have anything to do today anyways. 

Sophie: Woohoo! OK. I've got a bucket you can use round back. I'll just go 
grab it, and- No. No no no no no no no no no no no no. 

Kiragi: Uh... Sophie? You OK? 

Sophie: The... the back gate. I left it open... 

Kiragi: Oh no. The horses! Are they still there? 

Sophie: No... they're gone. They're all gone! 

Kiragi: *snicker* Er, I mean, oh no! We've got to find them! Haha. 

Sophie: Y-yeah... Agh... Why does this sort of thing always happen to me? 

Kiragi: I'm-heh-I'm so sorry-heehee. Heeheehee. Bwahahahahaha! 

Sophie: Kiragi! Hey! How can you be laughing at a time like this? 

Kiragi: Hahahaha! I'm sorry! It's just that the most ridiculous things happen 
when I'm around you. 

Sophie: Th-that's not something to laugh about! 

Kiragi: I know, I know. But it's just- I mean how do you even-? Ahahahaha! 
Hoo, boy. I don't know why I'm laughing so much! 

Sophie: Hey! This is serious! Come on! If you've got time to stand there and 
laugh, you've got time to look for the horses! 

Kiragi: R-right! OK, let's go! *giggle*
Sophie A

Sophie: Phew. OK. We're finally done with the stables. Next is...polishing 
the armor. Blah. Lately it feels like all we've been doing is working. 

Kiragi: Aw, c'mon, Sophie! There's no need to mope around like that. Work can 
be fun! You just have to have the right attitude. 

Sophie: How are you so cheerful? It's my fault you're even in this mess in 
the first place. If you hadn't helped me look for the horses, you'd never 
have been blamed! 

Kiragi: Eh, nothing to be done about it now. Besides, they couldn't risk not 
punishing someone who might have done it. Horses aren't easy to replace. I'm 
just glad we were able to find them all, you know? 

Sophie: Yeah, I know. I still just feel so bad about getting you involved. 
And it was all thanks to you that we even managed to get those horses back at 
all! That's two times you've helped me now. I can't even begin to thank you 

Kiragi: Haha! No sweat! Finding those horses was child's play with MY 
tracking skills. Plus, I like working with the weapons and armor and stuff, 
so this is all just gravy. You don't have to worry about me, OK? 

Sophie: Thanks. But I'm still going to worry. I don't like feeling like I'm 
just a burden on you. Hm. Maybe I can pay you back somehow! 

Kiragi: Pay me back? 

Sophie: Sure! I'll do you a favor or two in return for all you've done for 
me. I could buy something for you! Or maybe I could cook something! Er, maybe 
cooking isn't the best idea. I'm not a great cook... 

Kiragi: Huh? How so? 

Sophie: I don't know. I just know that my cooking turns out terrible. Just 
yesterday I accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour on my chicken. 
And then I got these burns trying to pull the dumplings out of boiling 
water... And I think I misread something, because I added two pounds of salt 
to the dessert. 

Kiragi: Pffffffffsh! Ahahahahahaha! 

Sophie: Hey! You're laughing at me again! 

Kiragi: Haha! *snort* S-sorry! I can't help myself. Here, don't worry about 
repaying me. You've already done it! 

Sophie: Huh? What did I do? 

Kiragi: You made me laugh! If you just keep telling me stories like that, 
I'll keep helping you out with stuff! Deal? 

Sophie: Really? That's all it would take? 

Kiragi: Yep! 

Sophie: All right! Well then, let's see... Did I ever tell you about the time 
I got caught in Avel's stirrup? He dragged me for five miles before I was 
able to get my foot out of that thing! 

Kiragi: No way! That's-*snicker*-that's terrible!  

Sophie: Heehee. Hearing you laugh like that almost makes me forget the 
multiple fractures I endured! I spent eight months in the infirmary! Now, 
wait 'til you hear the next one...
Sophie S

Kiragi: Hello, Sophie. Do you have a moment? 

Sophie: Sure, Kiragi. What's up? 

Kiragi: Hrm... How shall I go about this? 

Sophie: Huh? Something the matter? Oh, wait-it's about my repaying you for 
all of the trouble I got you in, isn't it?! I knew it! I knew that those 
silly little stories wouldn't be enough! I'm sorry, Kiragi. You must be so 
annoyed with me! 

Kiragi: What?! No! It's not about that, my dear Sophie. I loved your stories! 

Sophie: Oh, OK! So what is it? 

Kiragi: Well, you see, I need to ask you something. 

Sophie: Oh! Do you need to borrow money?! I don't have much, but I guess I 
can scrape together a little bit! 

Kiragi: No-what? No, that's not it either! Just hear me out, OK? 
I...ah...I've enjoyed our time together very much. 

Sophie: Um. Thanks? So... if you're not here to ask me about that, then why 
are you being so formal? 

Kiragi: W-well, that is a very good question. A very good question indeed... 

Sophie: Kiragi... your face is red. Are you OK? You look like you're going to 
be sick! 

Kiragi: Gah! I'm FINE! It's not that. I just- I just needed to tell you 
something! I...I love you, Sophie! 

Sophie: What?! 

Kiragi: When I'm with you, I can't stop smiling. And every day I see you is 
so much fun! Even cleaning the stables was fun 'cause we got to spend so much 
time together! 

Sophie: A-are you sure, Kiragi? If we were always together, I'd probably get 
you into even more trouble all the time! And I'm such a klutz, I don't think 
I'd be very good at romance-y stuff, you know? What if I just messed it all 

Kiragi: Huh? No, you don't get it! I like that stuff about you, Sophie! 
You're fun, and you're funny, and you're genuine and charming! I think you're 
the cow's brows! 

Sophie: Really? 'Cause I feel the same way about you! Heehee. 

Kiragi: Y-you do?! 

Sophie: Yeah, I do! You're so generous, and you're always trying to help me 
out. And when I'm upset because I messed up, nothing makes me happier than 
your smile! And I think it's so important to have someone like that in your 

Kiragi: Sophie... 

Sophie: So... thank you, Kiragi. I-I want to be with you too! 

Kiragi: Woohoo! I'll never leave your side from now on, no matter what! 
Together, we can take on anything! Even cooking and stable chores! 

Sophie: That's right!

D3. Caeldori C

Asugi: Something wrong? You know if you keep making faces, it'll freeze like 

Caeldori: Y-you ne'er-do-well! I'm only making this face because of you! 
Those...rags...do not come anywhere near meeting the army dress code. 

Asugi: Huh? Something wrong with my clothes? Hm...you know, I never noticed, 
but you're right. They could stand some patching. 

Caeldori: And they're filthy! How do you even manage to attract that much 

Asugi: Oh, you know. Baking is dirty work. 

Caeldori: I am highly skeptical that is a necessary part of the process. 

Asugi: What does it matter if my clothes get a little dirty? I spend most of 
my recon missions in the mud and the leaves anyways. No point in fancying 
myself up all the time. I'm not some dandy parade soldier. 

Caeldori: This is an army. Accordingly, we have regulations. Regulations that 
must be met. Now, off with these clothes. They need to be mended and washed 

Asugi: Can't it wait? 

Caeldori: Do you want me to write you up for insubordination? 

Asugi: Yeah, yeah. Criminy, lady, you'd think I was thieving, not wearing 
some dirty clothes. 

Caeldori: That's "Yes, ma'am" to you, grunt. 

Asugi: Y-yes, ma'am...
Caeldori B

Caeldori: What have you done to the kitchen?! Did you open a portal to the 

Asugi: Oh, heya, Caeldori. I was just making something sweet. Want some? 

Caeldori: You made... a cake? Just one cake? How could you have possibly made 
a mess this big making ONE cake? 

Asugi: Don't get yourself all worked up. I'll clean it up in a few. 

Caeldori: Oh, really? 

Asugi: Hey! What's with the stink eye? I told you I was gonna clean it up. 

Caeldori: And how am I supposed to trust you this time? Last time you baked, 
we had to have a crew of eight clean up after you. Nobody in the army could 
eat until it was done. Two hours later. 

Asugi: C'mon, can't you just let this slide? There's a marshmallow treat in 
it for ya. 

Caeldori: You're not talking your way out of this. March, soldier. 

Asugi: C'mon. I think you're just grumpy 'cause you've got low blood sugar. 
Here, just have a bite. 

Caeldori: No. 

Asugi: Hey, I'm walking with you, see? Taking a little nibble isn't going to 
slow us down. 

Caeldori: ...Very well. If it will get you to shut that sticky little trap of 
yours. *chomp* Wh-what is this?! What have you put in this? It's... it's... 
It's delicious! I've never had anything like it! 

Asugi: It's a special recipe I've been developing. And there's more where 
that came from. All you gotta do is turn a blind eye. Just this once. Please? 

Caeldori: I... I... Fine. But only this once. Got it? 

Asugi: Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am. 
(Asugi leaves) 

Caeldori: This is so incredible. I can't believe it. I've never tasted 
something so good... Hey, Asugi! Wait! Where are you going?! You still have 
to clean this up later! You got that?!
Caeldori A

Caeldori: Asugi! 

Asugi: Oh no. 

Caeldori: I haven't even said anything yet! 

Asugi: Er, sorry. What can I do for you? 

Caeldori: I came to tell you that I was thinking of banning you from the 
kitchen before. But after I tried that cake of yours...I knew I could not 
bear to do such a thing. Your treats are unparalleled. The gods themselves do 
not eat so well. 

Asugi: I'm flattered. So! This mean I have free rein? 

Caeldori: No. We can't afford to pull so many people off their work just to 
clean up after you. But... I've decided I can help you while you do your 

Asugi: Help me? How? Do you know how to cook? 

Caeldori: I will clean up beside you while you make your confections. It's 
much less of a hassle than cleaning up after everything's dried and 

Asugi: Hm. I suppose that makes sense. Are you sure? 

Caeldori: Yes. Next time you wish to bake anything, report to me, and I'll 
help if I can. OK? 

Asugi: You don't have to- 

Caeldori: I'll take that as a yes. Now you can make all the sweets you want! 
Perhaps you would be willing to sell some to me once they have been made? But 
for now, I must attend to some other business. 

Asugi: Wait.

Caeldori: Yes? 

Asugi: Thank you. 

Caeldori: You're very welcome. Is that all? 

Asugi: No. I'm very grateful, but I can't let you do all that for me. I'll 
turn over a new leaf. I promise. I'll do my own cleaning from here on out. 

Caeldori: Oh? Really? Very well, then. I'll leave it to you. Thank you, 

Asugi: Yep. No problem. It's only right. But, uh, maybe you could still give 
me a hand every now and then? I'd appreciate the company. 

Caeldori: Yes, of course. You may call on me anytime. 

Asugi: Thanks. But I don't expect you to do this pro bono. I can pay you. 

Caeldori: I don't require payment, Asugi. In fact, I'd be insulted if you- 

Asugi: No, I don't mean money. I mean sweets. I'll make you as many as you'd 
like. Deal? 

Caeldori: Yes, of course! C-could we start right now?! 

Asugi: Haha! Sure, I don't see why not. If you could just grab me that 
Caeldori S

Asugi: Hey, Caeldori. Got a minute? 

Caeldori: Ooh! Are we going to bake some more? Let me just get my apron- 

Asugi: No, no, not this time. 

Caeldori: Hm? Why not? Have I been forcing you to make too many treats for 
me? Was it the cake order?! I knew it! I'm so sorry! I knew 20 was pushing 

Asugi: No, that's not it. Just, please, listen. 

Caeldori: Huh? Then what is it? 

Asugi: I... ah... I was wondering if you'd want to do more things together. 

Caeldori: Like... making other foods? I know a few breakfast recipes, I 

Asugi: No, that's not it. What I mean to say is- I mean, it's just...it's 

Caeldori: Asugi! Are you OK? Have you been poisoned? 

Asugi: Agh, this is going nowhere! I don't know how to say this. Just...here! 
Take this! 

Caeldori: A heart-shaped candy? "Be mine"? *chomp* *munch munch* Hm. It was 
sort of cute, but not very tasty... I'm surprised at you, Asugi! 

Asugi: N-no... you weren't supposed to... It was... Gah! OK! OK! I'll just 
say it. *inhale* I want to be with you, Caeldori! 

Caeldori: That isn't funny, Asugi. 

Asugi: I mean it! I swear! 

Caeldori: You? Want to be with me? Not buying it. What's your angle? Are you 
trying to get out of latrine duty? I told you, Asugi, everybody has to pull- 

Asugi: No! I don't have an angle! Can't a guy just be fond of you?! 

Caeldori: You really are serious, aren't you? 

Asugi: Criminy, but you are a slow one. Yes! I'm serious! I fancy you. 

Caeldori: I see... Teehee. You know, you're pretty cute when you're 
flustered. I like you too, silly. Why do you think I've been trying to get 
you to bake so much? Your sweets are good, but they're not THAT good. 

Asugi: Hahaha, is that right? You're craftier than I thought. 

Caeldori: Thank you. Now, on to business. If we're to be together, you're to 
look presentable. That means no more wearing clothes that look like a bunch 
of used wolfskin toys. You'll also need to stop keeping unwrapped food in 
your pockets. It's unsanitary. And what is that cat thing in your belt? Is 
that a sucker? A toy? A charm? Hm...now, what to do about your hair... 

Asugi: Ugh... The things I'll do for love...
D3. Mitama C

Asugi: Hey there, Star. I got a question for ya. 

Mitama: Yes? What is it? 

Asugi: Rumor has it there's a shrine out there in the woods. It's supposed to 
house some sort of dangerous magical scroll. ...You wouldn't happen to know 
anything about that, would you? 

Mitama: A magical scroll? 

Asugi: Yep. I've got orders to obtain said scroll at whatever cost. But 
magical powers and shrines aren't exactly my forte. Which is why I'm coming 
to you. So, what's the skinny? 

Mitama: On what, exactly? Do you want me to tell you how to steal it? 

Asugi: No, nothing so hard as that. I just thought you could tell me what to 
look out for. You know, protective charms, traps, ways to avoid getting 
cursed for all eternity. 

Mitama: The virtues of youth / Will and courage united / Bound in one spirit. 

Asugi: Uh... thanks? 

Mitama: Do not thank me. Innocent, thy heart / Leads thee to a painful death 
/ Thy courage, folly. Asugi... you must understand, some powers are not to be 
meddled with. The gods are among them. I recommend you stay far away from 
those ruins. 

Asugi: Hm? Ruins? I didn't say anything about them being ruins. How did you 
know that? 

Mitama: L-lucky guess, I suppose! H-hahaha...ha! I must go now. B-but stay 
away from those ruins! Bye! 
(Mitama leaves) 

Asugi: ...Does nobody in this army know how to lie without stuttering? 
Criminy. Oh well. I'm sure it'll be fine. Worse comes to worst, I'll just 
hightail it out of there.
Mitama B

Asugi: Oh, Star! Perfect timing. I went to that shrine we talked about. 

Mitama: You actually went?! Stupid ninja man / Trespassing on curséd grounds 
/ Death stalks those ruins. 

Asugi: What was I supposed to do? I had orders. Doesn't matter anyways. I 
couldn't get in. Some sort of magical barrier. 

Mitama: Ohhh! It's one of THOSE. Well, there is nothing to be done, then. The 
taste of failure / A bitter medicine, but / Fools take no other. 

Asugi: Stop playing dumb. Just how much do you know about this shrine? 

Mitama: Not a thing. I s-swear it... 

Asugi: You're a bad liar, Star. Why else would you be so intent on my giving 
up? You know something. Now cut the cabbage. Spill the beans. 

Mitama: F-fine. Have it your way. Two magical barriers are in place at that 
shrine. The first simply prevents entry. That is the one that stopped you. 
But piercing the second barrier triggers a trap that incinerates the entrant. 

Asugi: So that's how it is. Cripes, you weren't kidding about the danger, 
were you? But I have to ask... How exactly did you come across all this 

Mitama: It was something of a myth among the shrine maidens I grew up with. 

Asugi: Oh? Where did this myth come from? 

Mitama: I cannot say... but its authenticity is beyond question. 

Asugi: I see. Thanks for the information, Star. With this, I think I've got a 
plan for how to get around those barriers. 

Mitama: Warnings and portents / Visions of a painful end / Nothing stops the 

Asugi: Heh. A ninja never abandons his assignment. 

Mitama: Then there is no changing your mind. In that case, I'm afraid I must 
attend you. 

Asugi: I'd appreciate that. But are you sure? Thought you hated going 

Mitama: I do. But I cannot just let you die out of laziness. However tempting 
that might be. So, please, come to me when you wish to go. 

Asugi: Thanks. I appreciate it. 

Mitama: The sweetest reward / Is not honey-coated words / But sweetness 

Asugi: Got it. You come along, and I'll give you as much candy as you like. 

Mitama: Heehee. Very good. Perhaps this will not be such a pointless venture 
after all.
Mitama A

Asugi: Thanks for coming along to the shrine with me, Star. I gotta say, not 
being turned into a pile of ash by that second barrier made my day. 

Mitama: You're quite welcome! Now, about my payment... 

Asugi: Yep, no problem. You'll get all the sweets you can eat for a week. 
Just need to deliver the goods, and we'll head straight back to my candy 
vault. But I've got to admit...I'm surprised this little thing is so 
powerful. I don't feel anything coming from it. It just seems like a bunch of 

Mitama: Of course it does. That's all it is anymore. 

Asugi: Wh-what? You mean it lost its power? How can you tell? 

Mitama: No more dissembling / I can't continue the lie / You must know the 
truth. I was the one who made that scroll. 

Asugi: What? 

Mitama: I was young and had begun to experiment with the creation of magical 
scrolls. This was the product of one such experiment... I did not foresee its 
power. My father was summoned, and immediately he saw its danger. So he had 
me seal it in those ruins. 

Asugi: And why didn't you say anything? 

Mitama: I did not know how people would react, knowing I created a thing of 
such power. They might decide to press me, with the best of intentions, to 
create another scroll. But such things are far too dangerous for anyone to 
wield. Besides, I only managed to make this one by accident. I could not do 
it again. 

Asugi: I see. So then, did you dispel its power? Is that why it's inert? 

Mitama: No. That is beyond me. It seems the curse merely waned with the 
passage of time. Now it is nothing more than a scrap of paper. 

Asugi: Hm... 

Mitama: I must say I was surprised with your stubbornness. Despite repeated 
warnings that you might die or unlock a great evil, you persisted. I do not 
know whether that is a sign of idiocy or bravery. But...I think it is worth 
admiring, so far as such things go. 

Asugi: I had orders. That's all. 

Mitama: Heehee. But you could have pushed back upon discovering new 
information, no? Do not deny it. You try to hide, but I see you. You are 
good, daring, and stubborn. 

Asugi: W-well, anyways, I suppose if this thing's useless, I should return it 
to you, right? Here. It's yours. 

Mitama: Thank you. I will make sure it is disposed of properly. Time returns 
all things / To their home- men to the soil / Scroll to Mitama.
Mitama S

Asugi: Thanks for inviting me out here tonight, Mitama. Just look at all 
those stars! It's like there are hundreds of you looking down on us. 

Mitama: Quiet, and be still / Among the silence, listen / To my heart's soft 

Asugi: Um. What? 

Mitama: I... invited you out here to tell you something, Asugi. Feelings flow 
anew / Snows melt in the warming spring / Wellspring of passions. 

Asugi: Pardon? 

Mitama: When I saw your devotion to your mission, I realized that there is 
another side to you. You are not just a silly, sarcastic boy with an 
unnatural obsession with sweets. There is a deep seriousness about you, I 
sense. And I... admire you for it. Deep within my heart / Flowing springs too 
wide for words / Pure admiration. 

Asugi: Er, do you mean- 

Mitama: Yes. Asugi... how do you feel about me? For my part, I must 
admit...my heart beats for you. 

Asugi: I-I never expected this from you. But... I want to be with you too, 

Mitama: You do? Truly? 

Asugi: I do. You're skilled, adorable, and wise beyond your years. And you've 
got a playful, sarcastic side. I like that in a girl. So...does this mean 
we're a couple now? 

Mitama: Oh, Asugi! Yes, of course! I'm so happy you feel the same! 

Asugi: I've actually felt this way for a while now... I just didn't know how 
to approach you. I guess you could say I've been SWEET on you for some time. 
Heh. Heh heh. 

Mitama: Oh dear. Puns, the lowest art / Flowing from my lover's lips / My 
heart sinks like stone. What have I gotten myself into?
D3. Rhajat C

Asugi: Hey there, Sunshine. Had a question for you. 

Rhajat: Call me Sunshine again, and I will pull your brains out through your 
eyes. Slowly. Now, what do you want? I'm busy. Stalking someone is hard work. 

Asugi: Well, that's sort of what I wanted to talk to you about. I heard that 
you're a master at tailing people. 

Rhajat: And? 

Asugi: And I'm a ninja. A lot of the work I take on includes spying. Which 
means following people around and not being caught. THAT I can do. What I 
can't do is keep it up for days or weeks at a time, like you. So, tell me. 
What's your secret? 

Rhajat: I do not have a secret. I suppose my skills arose naturally, having 
studied my target for months in advance. Heeheehee. 

Asugi: Months?! I couldn't wait that long, even if my missions allowed it. 
That's some willpower you've got there. 

Rhajat: No, it's not that. I wouldn't be able to do it were the target not 
extremely special. Very few people are worth this kind of dedication. 

Asugi: Ah. So you can only spy on people you've got that whole creepy crush 
thing on. Not a whole lot of ways I can use that in my line of work, I guess. 
Oh well. Thanks. 

Rhajat: Cr-creepy crush thing...? I'll show you who's creepy, you- 

Asugi: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with a stack of 
snickerdoodles. See ya! 
(Asugi leaves) 

Rhajat: C-curses. He's gone. Now where was I? Oh, yes, the nail clippings...
Rhajat B

Rhajat: Asugi, do you recall how you asked me about how to... ah... follow 
people? Well, I thought of something that might help you out. 

Asugi: Really? That'd be swell. So then, what's your secret? 

Rhajat: It's more of a curse than a secret. You understand. 

Asugi: A curse? Well, can't hurt to hear it. What've you got for me? 

Rhajat: It's a curse which renders your target unable to detect you. 

Asugi: N-no way! Could that really be possible? You've got to teach me, 

Rhajat: Heh. I suppose I can do that. But there's something I should mention 
first. The caster must have a special connection to the target for the curse 
to succeed. 

Asugi: A special connection? 

Rhajat: Yes. A friendship would do, or perhaps being siblings. Or...other 
connections. So long as you are close, it should work. 

Asugi: I have to make friends with them?! How am I supposed to do that when 
I'm spying? 

Rhajat: Ah. Yes. That is a fair point. Drat. 

Asugi: Hey, don't get frustrated. It was nice of you to share. Although it IS 
kind of a bizarrely specific curse. You must be the only lady on the planet 
to use it. 

Rhajat: What is that supposed to mean...? Are you calling me creepy again? 
I'm afraid I cannot let such a comment go... unpunished. 

Asugi: N-no! I didn't mean it like that! 

Rhajat: Oh? Hehehe. Very well. I will let you off the hook. This time. But I 
WILL still need to teach you a lesson. Just... watch your back. Hee. 
Heeheehee... heeheeheehee! 
(Rhajat leaves) 

Asugi: Criminy. I need a cinnamon roll...
Rhajat A

Asugi: Hey, wait a minute! Who's there?! 

Rhajat: Heeheehee. So you finally noticed. 

Asugi: How long have you been following me? 

Rhajat: Hmmm. Well, let's see... I started before you returned to your 
tent... And your little snooze on the riverbank... And when you bought those 
new tools... And definitely before breakfast. You ate four sweet rolls, a 
bonbon, 12 cookies, and... a grilled fish? That can't be right. Is that 
right? Anyways, I've been watching you since before that. 

Asugi: Th-that whole time?! 

Rhajat: Yep. And you didn't even notice until now. How shameful. Especially 
for a ninja. Just think. If I were an enemy, you could have died a hundred 
times by now. 

Asugi: There's no way! Nobody's ever gotten the drop on me before... 
unless... Did you- 

Rhajat: Indeed I did. How does it feel to have been cursed? Is it tingly? 
Does it sting? My magic can dull even the keenest of senses. This was child's 
play. So! Have you learned to watch what you say around me? 

Asugi: Y-yeah, I guess. But crickets. I didn't think your curse would be that 
effective. Are you sure there's no way I could find a way to use this sort of 

Rhajat: Not unless you were spying on old friends or lovers. Or perhaps 
targets of a secret monomaniacal obsession. But even in that case, the target 
must have some fellow feeling for the caster. 

Asugi: Yeah, I don't exactly have any enemies I'm mono... er... obsessed 
with. Wait, so does the fact that the curse worked mean that we're... ah... 

Rhajat: I... I suppose so. I guess this means we are... friends? 

Asugi: Heh. Sure. And I'm honored to have a friend as bone-chillingly creepy 
as you. 

Rhajat: Well, you don't have to be such a pig about it. 

Asugi: Hey, I was just joking! I'm sorry. I joke when I'm embarrassed. I just 
thought it was cute, about that curse. Means you're not as cold as I thought. 
It's OK. I think you're pretty great too. Heh. 

Rhajat: Don't go getting a swollen head about it. Unless you want me to make 
your head literally swell. Because I can arrange that. 

Asugi: Haha. Fine. And I'm sorry for calling you creepy. That was wrong of 
me. Pals? 

Rhajat: Very well. If you insist. ...Heeheehee.
Rhajat S

Rhajat: Asuuuuuugiiiiii! 

Asugi: Hng?! That sounds like Rhajat! Don't tell me... Hey! Have you been 
following me around all day again? 

Rhajat: Oh, something like that. But I swear, it's for your safety. If I 
weren't here, an enemy might have snuck up on you. I just wanted to look out 
for my dear friend Asugi. 

Asugi: Yeah, I'm not super convinced. What's the real reason you're here? 

Rhajat: I made some adjustments to that curse I was telling you about. The 
one that prevents your target from noticing you. 

Asugi: Oh. Is that all? OK. What kind of improvements we talking about? 

Rhajat: Well, the last curse required a semireciprocal bond between two 
people. Of course, that's not much use for reconnaissance work. So I thought 
the problem might be solved if the caster could just think of the target. 

Asugi: You mean you've gotten it to work like that? That's incredible. 

Rhajat: Yes. I have successfully managed to cast it. But... it appears that 
the caster must still have strong feelings toward the target... 

Asugi: Strong how? Like, murderous feelings? Hateful feelings? 

Rhajat: No... like... feelings of love. 

Asugi: Love? 

Rhajat: Yes. ... 

Asugi: Agh! It's even more useless than before! 

Rhajat: O-oh. 

Asugi: I mean, how am I supposed to fall in love with a person I don't even 
know? And that aside, I spend most of my time tailing other men... I mean, 
I'm open minded and all, but- 

Rhajat: I am sorry to have wasted your time. I will take my leave now. 

Asugi: H-hey! Hang on a minute.

Rhajat: Yes?  

Asugi: ...Did you use that curse on me? 

Rhajat: Wh-what kind of ridiculous, absurd, stupid question is that? 

Asugi: Well, you have to have tried it on someone; otherwise you wouldn't 
know it worked. And you said you were following me around, but I still didn't 
notice you... so it stands to reason I'm the one you tested it on. Am I 
right? I'm right, aren't I? 

Rhajat: Y-you must be pretty full of yourself to think I'd... I'd... 

Asugi: Oh? Haha. I'm sorry. I guess for some reason I thought you might... 
Bah. Never mind. 

Rhajat: You thought... 

Asugi: Ah, well... I think I love you. So it would have been nice if you had 
cursed me. 

Rhajat: I see... 

Asugi: ANYWAYS. Sorry to dump all that on ya. I'd better go now. 

Rhajat: ...Wait. 

Asugi: Criminy. Should I start saying my prayers? 

Rhajat: No... you were right. I did test the curse on you. And it worked. So 
I guess that's that. 

Asugi: Heh. I see. 

Rhajat: What do we do now? 

Asugi: I don't know. I just know I'm really very happy to hear you say that. 
Maybe now that we're together... 

Rhajat: Watch it, ninja. I didn't say we were together just yet. 

Asugi: Heh. All right, all right. But... well, I don't know. We can do 
whatever we want. If you want to, you can even keep casting that curse on me 
and following me around. Whatever it takes to make you happy. That's all I 
want. For us to be happy. 

Rhajat: Hm... perhaps I could get used to this whole "relationship" 
D3. Selkie C

Selkie: This is soooooo exciting! 

Asugi: Selkie?! What are you doing here? Keep your voice down! 

Selkie: Oh, sorry! I'll be quiet. EEEEEE! He's ducking into that abandoned 
cottage! Soooooo exciting! 

Asugi: Shh! He's gonna hear us! And you never answered me... What are you 
doing here? 

Selkie: Well, you're following that guy, right? 

Asugi: Yes. I've been instructed to keep an eye on him. Some people think he 
may be a spy. 

Selkie: So... I'm just helping you! It seemed like a fun chase game. 

Asugi: But this isn't a game, Selkie. It's a dangerous mission! 

Selkie: Well, that's why I'm here to help, silly. 

Asugi: You don't understand. I'm a trained ninja. This is what I do. I don't 
need any help! It's more likely that you'll just blow my cover. 

Selkie: Oh, please. You know I'm a kitsune, right? Or did you not notice my 
fluffy tail? Anyway, I'm probably the best hunter you've ever met. I can be 
soooooo stealthy! 

Asugi: Well, first of all, we're not tracking an animal here. We're tracking 
a man. Secondly, I'm sure you could be quite stealthy... if you could stop 
talking for five whole seconds! 

Selkie: I can be quiet. Just watch. ... See! 

Asugi: Ugh, fine! Keep that up, and I guess you can tag along. 

Selkie: Yay!
Selkie B

Asugi: Ugh... 

Selkie: What's wrong, Asugi? 

Asugi: What do you think? We screwed up. 

Selkie: You mean because we lost sight of that guy? So what! We'll get him 
next time! 

Asugi: Yeah, about that. I don't want you coming with me anymore. 

Selkie: Aww! Why not? 

Asugi: Because I work better alone. 

Selkie: But it wasn't my fault that he got away. I was off chasing a rabbit, 

Asugi: That may be true, but you distracted me. And your incessant LOUD 
chatter has got to stop. 

Selkie: Fine! Whatever. I don't care. I won't help you anymore. 

Asugi: Excellent. That's just what I wanted to hear. It's for your own good, 
you know? Spying isn't a game-it's dangerous! 

Selkie: Says you. 
(Selkie leaves)

Asugi: Well, that was unpleasant... Had to be done, though. Now, to pick up 
where I left off... 
(Asugi leaves) 

Selkie: Ha! I can't believe he fell for that. Like I'd give up that easily. 
I'll show him just how talented I am...
Selkie A

Selkie: Haha! Well, Asugi? What do you have to say NOW? Am I or am I not the 
bestest hunter you've ever met? 

Asugi: Well... you did find the target's secret hideout after I lost track of 
him... But I'm not exactly sure how... 

Selkie: Hah! That's for me to know. I told you I'm a great tracker. 

Asugi: I just don't get it. You weren't even paying attention... How'd you 
know where to go? 

Selkie: OK, I'll tell you. Remember when I stepped on that branch and made a 
loud noise? 

Asugi: I certainly do. I can't believe you gave away our position like that. 

Selkie: Well, dum-dum, I did it on purpose! Once he thought he'd shaken us, 
he let down his guard. Then I was able to sneak off separately and follow 
him. It was great teamwork...even if you didn't know we were working 

Asugi: I see. I've heard of that tactic before. But I've never heard of it 
actually working... 

Selkie: So, what do you think about letting me tag along on your missions 
now? You see how helpful I can be, right? 

Asugi: I can't deny your talent... But you really must do something about the 

Selkie: Yay! I'll take that as a yes. You won't regret this, Asugi! 

Asugi: We'll see about that...
Selkie S

Selkie: Hey, Asugi! Got another mission lined up for us? 

Asugi: Oh, Selkie... it's you. 

Selkie: Of course it's me! So, where are we headed this time? 

Asugi: Sorry... I think you should sit this one out. 

Selkie: Are you serious? But you said I could come along! Remember how good I 

Asugi: That's true... but this mission is pretty dangerous. 

Selkie: That's exactly why you need my help. So, what gives? 

Asugi: I... I don't want to see you hurt. I care about you. 

Selkie: Now what are you talking about? Is this some kind of test? 

Asugi: No! I really care about you, Selkie. 

Selkie: Oh, is that all? 

Asugi: Is that all?! How can you say that? I'm spilling my guts here-
confessing my love! 

Selkie: I just didn't know you felt the same way, silly. Isn't it obvious 
I've been flirting with you this whole time? 

Asugi: R-really? 

Selkie: Jeez, for a ninja, you're pretty clueless sometimes. Either that or I 
forgot how to flirt. Ha! Anyway, I don't want to see you go off on a 
dangerous mission alone either. 

Asugi: Well... Thank you, Selkie. I'm sorry for being so oblivious. 

Selkie: That's OK. So, now that we both officially like each other, can we be 
a couple? 

Asugi: Er... yes. I think that's how this kind of thing works... But does it 
have to be so awkward? Maybe we should start over. 

Selkie: OK, how's this? Hey, Asugi? Want to go on an incredibly dangerous 
scouting mission with me? Oh, and then kiss afterward? Heehee! 

Asugi: That's not helping with the awkwardness, Selkie...
D3. Midori C

Midori: Hmph. 

Asugi: Hm? Something wrong, Doc? 

Midori: Huh? Oh, not really. This herb here just reminded me of something. 
Father and Uncle Saizo argued about it once. 

Asugi: Argued? Over a plant? 

Midori: Yeah. They couldn't agree on how it was best applied. One said you 
should boil it and drink the tea. The other said to apply it directly. It 
started just as shouting, but it turned into a huge fistfight. 

Asugi: They fought in front of you? Hmph. What children. 

Midori: Right? I'm glad we're not like that, Asugi. 

Asugi: Haha. Me too. Means I get free doses of that sugary vitamin tonic you 
always make. 

Midori: Hey! I was being serious! 

Asugi: Hahaha. Don't worry. I'm only kidding. 

Midori: Hmpf! Too late! I'm not making any more of that stuff for you. 

Asugi: H-hey now, let's not get any crazy ideas! I'm sorry! Really! I didn't 
mean it! Please... Just a little bit... 

Midori: Teehee. Fiiiiine! You really might want to work on that sweet tooth 
of yours, though. It's not good for you to be eating all that sugar! 

Asugi: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Come to papa! *glug glug glug* 

Midori: You should slow down. I know it's sweet, but it's still some pretty 
potent medicine... If you drink too much, you're going to get sick. 
Asugi: Uh-huh, got it! Later! 
(Asugi leaves) 

Midori: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Midori B

Midori: Asugiiiiiiiii! 

Asugi: Hnnggg... 

Midori: Are you OK?! I heard you were sick! 

Asugi: Y-yeah. Just a bit...under the- *blorchhh* Haahhhh... Hahhhh... Under 
the weather... 

Midori: Ooh. Black vomit. That's not a good sign... Wait! I recognize those 
chunks! Did you drink too much of my tonic?! 

Asugi: M-maybe. ...Yeah. OK. I did- Oh gods, not again- 

Midori: You big dummy! I told you it'd make you sick. 

Asugi: Hghloorrrrrf! 

Midori: Most medicine is poisonous in high enough amounts, Asugi... You 
should know this. Shouldn't Saizo have taught you better? 

Asugi: You'd think... he'd have done... a lot of things... better. *pant* 

Midori: Hmm... Hey! I've got an idea! I'm gonna start making you some real 

Asugi: Huh? Wh-why? 

Midori: Because! It's my responsibility to make sure my patient is taken care 

Asugi: What? Not by giving them candy... 

Midori: Mhm! Because I have to make sure you'll take the right amount of 
medicine! So I'll just make some candy that tastes the same as the tonic. 
Then you can gorge yourself on the candy without any side effects! 

Asugi: I guess that would work, but- Hhhhfjffhbgraaaahbhgh! ...Is that...a 
piece...of my liver...? 

Midori: OK! I'll go whip up a batch ASAP! 

Asugi: OK... Thanks.
Midori A

Midori: Hey, Asugi... 

Asugi: What's with the waterworks, Doc? You don't look so good... Huh? And 
what's that you got there? Bringing someone some medicine? 

Midori: No... this is the candy I made for you. 

Asugi: Wh-why is it black?! Are those fish scales? Er-I mean, it 
looks...neat! Look at how cute those blue fuzzies growing on it are! And that 
purple slime! I bet it's grape flavored! Am I right? 

Midori: It's lemon flavored... I'm sorry, Asugi. I thought making candy would 
be easy. I mean, it's sort of like making medicine, right? But...not enough, 
I guess. I ruined your gift. I'm a terrible friend. 

Asugi: Yeah, candy making isn't for the faint of heart. There's an art to it. 
You shouldn't underestimate the difficulty of making something just 'cause 
kids like it. 

Midori: I know, I know! I tried really hard though, OK? 

Asugi: Haha. OK, OK. I'm sorry. I won't lecture you about it. But I 
appreciate the thought. It's very sweet of you. Get it? Sweet? Heh heh heh.