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    Walkthrough by Yomendou

    Updated: 11/23/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fairune 2 Walkthrough
    Author: Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.)
    Date Began typing: October 24, 2016
    Date Completed: October 25, 2016
    Update: October 29, 2016
    Update: November 23, 2016
    Email: Yomendou@hotmail.com
    Table of contents
    2.Important Note..............................................etone
    Beginning / Green Fields/ Green Fields Underground............1w
    Getting First Id Card / Overseer's Tower / Sunset Cage........2w
    Snowy Fields / Snowy Fields Underground.......................3w
    Green Fields Backtrack For Items / Gold.......................4w
    Getting Second Id Card / Overseer's Tower / Sunset Cage.......5w
    Blue Temple / Blue Temple Underground.........................6w
    Green Fields Backtrack........................................7w
    Snowy Fields Backtrack........................................8w
    Green Fields Re-Double-Again-Backtrack........................9w
    Blue Temple Backtrack.........................................a1
    Getting Third Id Card / Overseer's Tower / Sunset Cage........b1
    Ashen World / Sky Land Intro..................................c1
    Ashen World / Sky Land Number Code............................d1
    Gate / Final Bosses...........................................e1
    5.Closing and Thanks..........................................CaTw
    1.Welcome                                                        Wels
    First I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him!
    Hello my name is Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.) and this is a walkthrough guide
    for Fairune 2 for Nintendo 3DS. Enjoy! I normally use N  S  E  W for 
    directions. I've been keeping an eye on this game as to when it was coming
    out, and honestly I had forgotten for a little while to check. The day I did,
    it was scheduled to be released the NEXT day! That was cool!
    2.Important Note..............................................etone
    I just realized (that seems to happen a lot :) ), but I was aware that
    If you go straight to the d1 section of the walkthrough, as you progress in
    game, you may miss a few enemies. Technically in the c1 section of the 
    walkthrough there are 4 enemies:
    Terra Dark (Rare monster)
    Metal Ooze
    Metal Bind
    Mystic Dramos (Rare Monster)
    Prior to stating about going to d1 I did have the Terra Dark enemy there.
    I say this because in e1 section about monster collection that after you beat
    game you'll only have 4 "?" left. Assuming you didnt "die" on last bosses.
    I updated it accordingly, so either section you do be it c1 or d1 should
    get us all of the monsters.
    3. Walkthrough
    Beginning / Green Fields/ Green Fields Underground............1w
    Note: One thing you will want to do (If you are going for achivements) is
    as you enter new areas try to uncover it by walking around "borders." 
    You'll notice on map it'll get exposed.
    Select play and choose a file to start. You can skip the opening if you'd
    like by simply pressing Y. Once you have control go over and walk onto the
    quite obvious ( :) ) red arrow and collect the MANA FRAGMENT. Exit S to enter
    Green Fields. Walking over grass you'll automatically cut it sometimes giving
    you a coin. Coins are only used for upgrading the secret skills that we'll
    find. There are 3 of them and each can be upgraded twice. One for 70 coins
    the second for 120 coins. Moving on...
    Go S again and you'll see red arrow again, stand on it and use MANA FRAGMENT
    this acts as a heal point (Handy!) and it'll get rid of those thorns that we
    can go now.Enemies can not hurt us while in dress, so right now we are going 
    to die soon, yes thats right because this counts as one of the 3 tombs we need 
    for an achievement. Follow new path, step on warp and drop down , but 
    DO NOT GET SWORD YET!! DO NOT GET SWORD YET! (there's an achievement for 
    getting to green fairy still in dress, because once we get sword the dress
    style is gone. So bypass the sword for now, and there is a tree without roots
    that we can go through heading S, here get the GREEN ORB 1/3, now step on sand
    We are now in Green Fields Underground. From here exit N and then E to a puzzle
    room. In here walk to the right and you'll see three tiles one with one bar,
    2 bars. and 3 bars, walk on them in this order 1 2 1 2 3 to open door and get
    EARTH STONE 1/8. Exit back W, in this room use MANA FRAGMENT on grass. We will
    come back here later for more stuff. So now walk into one of the sand pools to 
    die. You'll see a grave pop up with a flower on it that's TOMB 1/3.
    Note: In this room here is a rare monster that may or may not appear Ghost,
    I'm thinking it'll only appear after we get weapon (still not yet!)
    Follow walkway to stairs, we are now back outside. Step on switch to lower
    nearby pillar. Now exit S E S W we are at the mercy of the enemies to get out
    of the way, eventually they will, and follow this until we get the AXE. Head
    back the way we came to area with heal point. Go N two screens and you'll see
    a tree use the AXE on it to get a LOG 1/3. Now exit S three screen then head
    E to another tree, cut this one as well to get LOG 2/3
    Exit E and push the rock to the right and enter stairs, here step on switch 
    to let the golem enemy loose, lure him to step on the top middle sand pool,
    he'll drop in making a tile you can step on to get the EARTH STONE 2/8, exit
    way we came.
    Go N 3 screens, now head W and go S through hidden trees, here follow path
    to enter secret area, in this strange room go to top og screen and step on
    tile to reveal an "E" go over this to get EXP BOOST! Exit way we came.
    Exit E two screens and use MANA FRAGMENT. Here you can exit E in three areas
    Exit E on the top, follow and exit S (do not go in sand) now take NE exit,
    to area with dramos enemy, now drop into THIS single sand tile, and you'll 
    drop very close to an item, grab it to get EARTH RING (now we can travel 
    across sand without falling through!)
    Exit N then W in area follow path and take hidden S walkway to switch and
    step on it to open pillar, exit W ( do not take stairs) here we see a puzzle
    with three statues. Go behind the structure and push each of the statues
    down and you'll notice each have a different symbol on their heads. The 
    middle one goes in the left slot, the middle one goes in right slot, and
    the right one goes in middle. Once all three are in place you'll get the
    Now exit E E follow E and exit N exit E again to a puzzle, here go to the
    tile that has an arrow pointing up and follow the "different" looking tiles
    all the way around. or by going Up x4, right X5, Down x4, Left x3, Up x2,
    Right x1, step on switch, and get the nearby EARTH STONE 3/8, exit W and here
    take the nearby stairs to the N.
    Back outside exit N twice (we'll get this EARTH STONE later, after we get a
    certain ability) and get the tree for our final (well here anyway) LOG 3/3
    Now Exit S S W to be in an area with 4 cacti, simply run over them and it'll
    reveal an EARTH STONE 4/8, 
    Note: I started a new game and got here because I forgot to get this item,
    perhaps I thought it was because we needed sword to cut them down, but I just
    did this without the sword!
    Now exit E E S E to be in an area with 2 wasp and 
    lots of grass (if you desire you can "farm" money here by clearing grass exit 
    N or W come back and repeat), anyway cut the center grass to reveal a switch 
    and step on it you'll see a pillar lower. Exit W and then N, here push the 
    stone into the  water giving us access back at the beginning area.
    From here exit E E N N N W, Go W and cross little bridge and follow onto
    sand until you get GREEN ORB 2/3, from here exit N W and S and go to the
    broken bridge and use the 3 LOGS that we acquired, cross the bridge, exit S
    and get our final GREEN ORB 3/3 , now push stone into water and exit E N, 
    follow thorugh trees and exit E E E to be in area with sand and a suspicious
    door, walk up to this door and use our 3 GREEN ORBS on it to open it, exit N
    you'll see the green fairy trapped, we can't rescue her yet because we still
    DO NOT HAVE A WEAPON! But this should unlock the achievement for getting to
    green fairy while still in dress! congrats!
    Ok NOW it's time to get that sword and gain some levels (we are still level 1)
    and rescue the green fairy, along with getting some rare monsters to...ready?
    From green fairy boss room, exit S W W cross bridge and exit S S S W W N (this 
    is now beginning area) now go through little doorway and follow back to the
    sword that we passed earlier NOW get the SWORD OF HOPE!!
    Exit S go to stairs exit N and sand pool to DIE! yup we die again. To go
    towards that ALL TOMBS achievement 2/3. The third one won't be until later 
    in game. So don't worry we will get it! Here again you may encounter the Ghost
    rare monster I mentioned earlier, for me he wasn't there, I even exited area
    and returned numerous time and I didn't see him spawn, grant it he could've 
    been off screen from entryway, but if not we'll get him later. Perhaps we
    need all 3 TOMBS for him to appear, anyway, exit this area back to GREEN 
    Ok first we will get a very important item, by from where we are exit E then S
    here push the rock E and enter stairs, follow pretty linear path and get the
    FARAWAY MEMORY head back to the surface and now lets fight...
    Note: Keep eye on gold, once you have 70 press A and then R go down to skills
    with the E and purchase Increases 1pt EXP!
    Slimes until level 2 (enemies respawn by simply exiting and renter screen)
    Now from beginning screen go E and go down stairs here Sand Gel until level 3
    You can go N one screen and farm here by heal point. Once at level 3 Go S
    and exit this area back to surface. Go S and drop down in this area Trent
    enemies until level 4. From here go E N N N and E across bridge and exit E
    to area with Fungus until level 5 (heal point too)
    GO BACK AND FORTH UNTIL HE DOES HERE. I advise wait until level 5 to kill
    him, as level 4 MIGHT kill you! (it may take a few tries, later on we'll get a 
    skill that increases rare monster (with coins upgrade.)
    Now exit E and here is a Sand scorpion until level 6,a Wasp until level 7 and 
    a Dramos until level 8. Using nearby heal point for easy grind. Once level 8
    and in this room go N through door to fight the boss. kill all the cubes
    and you'll rescue the green fairy! at level 8 and full health you'll end up
    with 5 hp left. Also you'll receive a STORAGE DEVICE 1/6, step on warp tile 
    and you'll be transported back to temple entrance. Go inside.
    Getting First Id card / Overseer's Tower / Sunset Cage........2w
    Once inside speak with the green fairy. Now exit N to enter Overseer's Tower
    head to NE of room and get the UNREGISTERED ID CARD, exit S back to temple.
    The fairy will tell you place it on the device to the left....DON'T!!!
    Keep on talking to her and eventually she will you to ID CARD. (This count as
    1/6 of the secret conversations with the fairies!) Now go back into tower and
    head due N and step on tile for a scene, now use ID CARD on the door, go
    Here make sure to kill one of the BLUE KNIGHTS to add to monster collection.
    follow path and go upstairs, next room head through hidden wall E and go
    upstairs, here kill RED KNIGHT (killing block does not count towards 
    collection) then simply push blocks on respective color, go upstairs. In this
    room to go NE corner and a hidden stair will appear use this one, next room
    step onto warp pad to enter Sunset Cage, watch scene. You'll end up giving
    her the STORAGE DEVICE we recently got. Follow her up ladder and speak with her
    for another scene. Go down ladder, enter warp we just came from exit S twice
    to enter.......
    Snowy Fields / Snowy Fields Underground.......................3w
    Welcome to Snowy Fields. First thing is exit N and work way around temple to
    the E side of it and enter the space between the 2 pillars to enter SECRET
    AREA...DO NOT TRY TO KILL THEM, THEY WILL PAWN YOU! as you avoid them step 
    on the 2 tiles in corner then enter hidden wall from E side to get the SHIELD
    BOOST skill, exit this area, make way back around temple to entrance.
    Exit S and here use MANA FRAGMENT and farm snow gels
    until level 9. Ok this will take a few minutes, but from here Exit E then N
    and you'll see a single ICE HEAD enemy he is quite strong but you can kill one
    then head back to heal, repeat this as neccesary until you get to level 14.
    (We will kill other enemies as we go no problem.) Also in this room is a fairy
    statue with an "X" we can't do anything with this yet until we get the PICK 
    AXE and it gives us a lot of coin, if you desire to get later. From ice head
    exit S and W to beginning area.
    Exit S across bridge, drop down ledge, exit S over ice, here kill a Snow 
    Serpent, exit S again and S one more time into hidden cave. In here you'll
    see 2 nearby ice blocks, leave the left one alone, the right one push left
    then down, now slide between them, then go up against the right one then head
    left. The next block you see simply push down now you can get WHITE KEY, head
    out of this cave.
    Exit N until you slide over some ice to exit N now exit W for another ice
    puzzle this one a little more challenging. There are 3 blocks here. The one on
    the right push it left one time, no line yourself up with it and head up to go
    against it, now slide left, go down and push block down once, go around block
    and push it up three times. Backtrack and slide up like we did first, slide
    left, up and left. Now slide down now that we are on other side of room, push
    block to the left. Do a little circle around and exit W.
    Exit S and use MANA FRAGMENT here. Now take the SW exit and exit S again
    follow it through
    all the grass and get the COMPASS. Head back a little and you can see a tree
    thats hollow, go E thorugh it and kill the Yeti, now follow this linear path
    all the way until you get the ICE STONE 1/8. Now backtrack to where we 
    recently did the MANA FRAGMENT. From ICE STONE go E N N N, now exit SE
    Now exit E, in this room walk up to the door on E side and use WHITE KEY to
    open it, Go N and here go E from hidden wall and exit E now S step on switch.
    Go back N then W and retreive the WARRIOR STATUE (we'll be using this a few 
    times.) Exit E then S, drop down ledge and enter stairs.
    In this cave, follow path push ice blocks to proceed and now go through 
    hidden wall on E all the way until ICE STONE 2/8. Head back W, Exit E on and
    go up these stairs to be back outside.
    Go through hidden trees W and exit W. Now exit N (not with ice) N again, now
    W, S, E across ice ,now N. We are at beginning with snow gels. Now exit N then
    W, N again, Here travel across the ice heading E then S to get RED ORB 1/3.
    Exit W, N, E, E again across ice, now S to a puzzle.
    This one simply push the Dramos statue on the button. Up x3, Left x3, Down,
    Left x2. It'll lower a nearby pillar drop down and exit S. Exit W and use AXE
    on tree to get a very important LOG 1/1. Now exit E and S for another statue
    puzzle this one push Left, Up x2, then Right x3 to lower pillar nearby. Exit
    N and now S through Red pillars. Go S and enter stairs.
    In this dark cave FIRST head to W side of room through hidden wall and follow
    to ICE STONE 3/8. Head back and in this room step on one of the switches and
    use our recently acquired WARRIOR STATUE, and then step on other switch to
    Here kill a red slime and exit E and use MANA FRAGMENT
    RARE MONSTER IN THIS ROOM - BLOOD BALL - like WOOD FOLK go back and forth 
    until it appears (wow for me it took like 20 times ...very rare?)
    Now Exit N into cave, N again to exit cave and be by a switch place the
    WARRIOR STATUE on it. ( we are going to leave it on here for a little bit,
    we'll come back for it....promise!) This causes 3 platforms to move. Exit S
    back into cave and S again to heal point. Exit W and then N. In this room
    kill a Cave Dramos And a SKeleton. Exit E and follow moving platforms to enter
    a room with a tree tile. Here use the LOG we got a while ago and get the TORCH
    Head back the way we came in room with Skeleton and here light the 4 lanterns
    and get the MAGMA KEY. In this same room take the moving platform and exit S
    drop down and...this skeleton I farmed on and got to level 15. When done exit 
    S and grab our new PICKAXE. Use it on nearby block.
    Now exit E E N and E again into cave area, here head to SW area and exit W
    through hidden wall, Use MAGMA KEY to open door, then use PICKAXE on block.
    Exit S and get RED ORB 2/3. Exit N and then E back into cave, follow cave E
    and exit W by blue slimes.
    Outside, another ice block puzzle. This one push it down down left down down
    left left left up up. Exit W but not on ice part. Now head S and step on switch
    that lowers a pillar. Exit E and now N  and follow to stairs.
    In this cave and E side there is a hidden wall facing S go through and push
    this block: Up x5, Left x4, Down x4, Left x6, Up x3. Now go around and you 
    can exit N to yet another puzzle. Here push leftmost block Upx2, now block
    to your right push Right x2, next nearby block Up and final block Right x2
    TORCH the lantern to melt snow and get the ICE RING! Exit S and use stairs
    to go back outside.
    Exit S W S S and S again to get final RED ORB 3/3. okay time to back track
    to where we left our WARRIOR STATUE (not retreiving yet though.)
    Ok from final REB ORB go N N N E E (into cave) here exit in NW corner, now exit
    S W now N into cave and N again to were WARRIOR STATUE is. Go across platform
    exit N and take stairs back outside.
    Exit N and N again to get ICE STONE 4/8, (We will come back to this room after
    we get an item with the lava and ice patch.) Exit S S and then W, here step on
    switch to lower pillar, Exit E and then S to be in the area where we need the
    compass to proceed once you enter this area.
    Ok starting where we are go exit S E S E N N W to be in a new area, this path
    is linear, just follow it until we get to the BOTTLE, exit S and step on switch
    to lower pillar (to be safe, just realized we may not have had to do this)
    anyway, from thw switch we just stepped head back N and follow it back to 
    compass puzzle, once we are here exit N to be back in area just prior to
    starting puzzle and exit N again.
    Stand on the ice patch and use the PICKAXE to reveal water, stand on this water
    patch and use the BOTTLE to get FREEZING POTION, Exit in the SE corner and take
    stairs back to underground, exit S and NOW get WAARIOR STATUE!
    Exit S to cave, S again back to underground, E and now we can go N N to an area
    we have not been to because we needed FREEZING POTION to proceed, stand in 
    front of the hot tiles and use FREEZING POTION to make it safe to cross.
    (the BOTTLE is empty, we will be filling it up with something else later!)
    Exit N and here we will see the boss door, avoid it for now and go to E side of
    room and take the stairs, follow this very linear path to an ICE STONE 5/8, 
    head back way we came and use the 3 RED ORBS on the door, exit N to fight boss
    Here we will rescue the RED FAIRY, at level 15 you shold have 5 hp left after
    killing them all (UNLESS YOU POWERED UP SHIELD BOOST!) Watch the scene, and
    you'll get STORAGE DEVICE 2/6, take the warp to go ack to temple entrance.
    Ok 2 things before we go to fairy, from entrance Exit S E then N to be back at
    that sinlge ice head enemy and statue, use your pick axe ob the X for 100..yes
    100 coins! Exit S then W then S again but not over the bridge, the other S
    JUst below where we are go across ice and head S two spaces now go due E into a
    hidden cave area, (you may have noticed this earlier) follow path, push block
    out of the way and exit N, light the 2 lanterns, go N push bottom block out of 
    the and exit W to be in a puzzle room of sorts.
    There's lot of warps here do them is this order from the first one we see go
    Right Left Right Right, here do not take any warp yet! Go through hidden wall
    to the W and get ICE STONE 6/8, step on either warp to go back to start of
    puzzle, now back track out of this cave.
    Once we are back outside, head N and N again to be back by healing plant,
    Ok we are going to backtrack to Green Fields now to get 4 items and mind as 
    well get the 'gold' statue thing here too! From the healing plant, Go N
    around temple and make way to green light to warp to Green Fields.
    Green Fields Backtrack For Items / Gold.......................4w
    At entrance go S then E and here take stairs to go to underground. Exit N 4 
    times, don't veer, until you get to a door, here use the SOLAR KEY we got a
    while ago and then get the SOLAR MEDALLION.
    Exit S S then head E and exit N here, exit W now take the hidden path that is
    S from where we are to a puzzle. Push this statue: Down, Right x6, walk around
    structure and push Up x2 to get  STORAGE DEVICE 3/6. Exit back N and then W
    Here on the N end very close by, use PICKAXE on block and exit N and take 
    stairs to be back outside, follow very linear path to get EARTH STONE 5/8
    drop down the ledge here.
    Exit E and E again to be in room prior to boss fight, and now exit in the NW 
    corner, and follow to X in ground. Use PICKAXE and stand on it and use BOTTLE
    to get OIL..let's go get that gold now.
    Note: I just realized that we could've go another EARTH STONE a while ago,
    but since I didn't at this point we WILL get later!
    From OIL, head back way we came and exit N back to boss room and take warp
    pad here. At temple entrance exit S then W (going acroos stone bridge) W again,
    then S and W one more time to be by statue, use pick axe for another 100!
    With all this done, lets continue adventure. Head back to temple entrance by 
    going E N E E N and N again, go around temple and enter green light and select
    Snowy Fields. Go into temple and speak with Red Fairy.
    Getting Second Id Card / Overseer's Tower / Sunset Cage.......5w
    She will ask you to place ID card on device on left, but once again DON'T!
    keep talking to her and she will tell you to not let green fairy know that she
    helped you, and you'll get ID CARD upgraded. This should be 2/6 secret 
    conversations with fairies. Watch the scene and now exit N to tower
    Go due N and step on tile and watch scene, once over use your ID CARD on the 
    door on the left and go up stairs.
    In this room, wait for the spikes to lower and make your way other side of room
    and take stairs up.
    Next room, this puzzle kinda cool. Simply push the blue looking blocks onto
    "broken" stair case to.....make the stairs! Go up.
    Here go E through wall and follow to stairs. Go up.
    Here stand in front of device and use your COMPASS (bye bye COMPASS), also
    here kill the Dark Knight. Step on the top compass looking tile and then follow
    to stairs. Go up.
    Here step on warp to be brought back to Sunset Cage. Talk to girl for a quick
    scene. Now take the warp we just came from. (We'll take care of STORAGE DEVICES
    once we get all of them) Exit S and S again to be at....
    Blue Temple / Blue Temple Underground.........................6w
    Keep going S until we get to device stand on it and use our SOLAR MEDALLION to
    make the rain stop and welcome to Blue Temple.
    Head down stairs, here farm Wizards until level 16 and use MANA FRAGMENT.
    ok from here we have 3 ways to go lets start by going W first.
    Make way into room and you'll see two Dramos follow a certain path then we
    need to mimic that by pushing statue in same manner, the right statue push it
    Down x2, Left, Up, Left, Up x2 onto switch.
    The left statue push it Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up x3 onto
    switch and retrieve a PRISM 1/3. Exit back E and then go N
    Here place, WARRIOR STATUE on switch, and go through hidden wall E and follow 
    to another switch to step on. Go get that PRISM! 2/3 and very important,
    don't forget your WARRIOR STATUE! Exit S now exit E
    Laser puzzle not to hard, ok top block push to the Right, Middle block push to
    the Left x2, Top block push Right x4, Bottom block push Left x 4, now middle
    block push Right x 6  and done! Go get the final PRISM 3/3
    NOW IMPORTANT! After getting PRISM go S through hidden wall!!
    Here we will get a WATER STONE 1/8 and also can kill /farm A Homunculus enemy
    do so until level 18. Now Exit N and back W and take stairs back to surface.
    Stand on each other PRISM tiles and use the PRISMS we just got...once again,
    we have 3 choices to make this time W S and E. Like earlier let's go W first.
    Going across beam, exit N and keep going N until MANA FRAGMENT plant, (Ignore
    that ladder we just passed on the left side) also here kill a Spiked Turtle.
    Take THIS ladder down into the water and keep going until a switch, step on it.
    You can kill Big Jellyfish here if want, we will farm them later. They are
    quite strong. This switch will like up 3 tiles. Exit N and N now take stairs
    down by the 2 spiked turtles.
    Here go S to be in puzzle room. We have 3 blocks. The right block push it Up x2
    The middle block push it Right, then Up x 4, The left block push Up x 3.
    This opens door, exit S in this room get the BLUE MOON MEDAL. (Going N here 
    leads to a room that we can't do anything with yet!)
    Note: I suppose we could've farmed the Homunculus here.
    Ok after getting blue moon, back track all the way back to the 3 beams room.
    Exit to surface then go S S S again (by pass ladder) now go E across beam.
    Lets take the S beam now. Here push the 2 batteries? onto plugs. left one
    push Down then left. right one push Down then Right to reveal a staircase.
    Go down.
    Follow path a little bit and while still in this room, go through hidden wall
    on W side of room to other side. It'll put a battery in front of us. Push it
    Left x2, Down x2, Left x5, Up x3 to reveal a BLUE ORB 1/3. Here make sure to
    kill the Ancient Dramos (not with battery). Exit way we came back to surface
    Go N back to beams, now go E.
    Once across beam, Exit N a few times and step on switch here. Follow back S
    and S again. here go E and follow to ladder and go into water and exit S.
    Let's farm Big Jellyfish until level 21. Also here use pick axe on X to get yet
    another 100! coins.
    Ok from statue exit E and follow until we get WATER STONE 2/8, head back to
    room with statue now exit SW and follow and follow.....and follow...until
    room with Ladder / Big jellyfish / spiked turtle.
    Here exit S and push the pillar Down to line up to make bridge. Exit N, Go up
    ladder and follow to stairs / ladder. Go down ladder into water and follow
    to switch for another puzzle. Head back N and go down stairs, Exit S to puzzle
    Starting on right side of tiles but one square above it go Down x2, Left ,x3
    Down x2, Right, Down x2, to open door. Go through it and follow until we
    get RED MOON MEDAL. 
    THIS TIME EXIT NORTH! use PICKAXE on N wall and go through, in here we get
    BLUE ORB 2/3. Ok big backtrack now.
    From BLUE ORB we just go through hidden wall W and step on warp for quicker
    backtrack, go upstairs. Exit E go in water and exit W and follow all way back
    to statue and 2 big jellyfish, exit N now we cango E across that bridge we made
    and exit N
    Note: I ended up, doing guess work on the suspicious whirpools thinking there
    was a secret room or something and as I died, I would quickly end the game and
    restart where I was instead of going all the way back to the "Grave." anyway
    here on this platform with the 2 Homunculus you'll 9 squares one of them
    having a stair case. Even after finding this, some time later I was still like
    "what is this!!???" LOL...all good! ahem!
    Ok after exiting N that we just did follow the near endless path until we see a 
    single whirlpool and a big jellyfish, avoid this whirlpool! Now go up ladder
    and exit N to a puzzle?
    Well sorta, aren't you glad we got that OIL? Now is the time to use it, walk up
    to the right statue first and use the OIL and then simply OIL the statue on the
    left. Exit N and go down stairs.
    This part gets good! in this new area, exit S and S again to a zig zag room
    with lots of thorns, walk up to them and use The TORCH (Thankfully we only
    need to be "3" and then exit W
    2 new enemies for us to kill one being common Mad Tree. Go through hidden wall
    that Trees were pointing at and use MANA FRAGMENT.
    RARE MONSTER REPORT!! on this side of the room where heal point is the
    SKULL LORD if not here simply exit N and back S until he does and kill him.
    Exit N and use our 2 MOON MEDALS we got BlUE on left, RED on right. exit N
    Now exit S on other side of room and follow (it's not to hard really) until
    RIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!! (Yes)...ahem!
    Ok , exit S, now very important, in this room go to E side of room but then go
    through a hidden wall on the W side and get STORAGE DEVICE 4/6. Exit S.
    Back in this room, exit S on the right side of room, and here go into water and
    follow until we get WATER STONE 3/8. 
    Exit N and N again to be in room with whirlpool, avoid it! and go thorugh 
    hidden W wall and follow all the way to a switch that lowers a pillar, back 
    track way we came to whirlpool and exit N here, get WATER STONE 4/8. Exit S and
    S again now take stairs back to surface.
    Go S and S again. to jellyfish whirlpool room. Here exit W and then N (you need
    to go under walkway) to be in room with all those whirlpools ok, first grab
    Now farm Water Spheres until level 22.
    Now you see all the whirlpools go into the middle row right side to enter 
    secret area. (sorry for cheap diagram :/ )
    @     @     @
    @     @     @ <----- ENTER THIS ONE!
    @     @     @
    In secret room, carefully press buttons in both corners and then grab the "?"
    to receive RARE BOOST (thats for rare monster increase chance) Exit this room.
    RARE MONSTER REPORT. In this area with 9 whirpools is a Nessie, like always 
    go back and forth until it spawns, then kill it!
    Exit W and now head W a little until we can go N through a narrow opening,
    close to a staircase. Exit N here, then S on other side. Enter stairs.
    Here follow path and exit W, light lantern with TORCH, go N and get WATER STONE
    6/8. Backtrack to service. Ok lets backtrack some more back to entrance.
    From where we exited underground, exit N and then S on other side, exit E
    back to 9 whirlpools and now Exit N. Go up ladder and use MANA FRAGMENT (if
    you'd like) and exit W and W again across beam, now N and N again back at
    temple entrance.
    Now go down nearby ladder into water and exit S S S (under beam) now W. On
    W side of room surrounded by many jellyfish grab the WATER STONE 7/8. Head
    back to entrance by going E N N N. Go up ladder here.
    Here go to furthest E side of temple and follow to get our final WATER STONE
    8/8. head back and go up nearby ladder and stand on the tile by the tree
    for our first "STONE" puzzle.
    Note: I'm not sure if the pieces on the left are always the same or If to go
    by in the order that you collected them. I hope it's how we got them,
    but it's still not to hard anyway. but for me here is the solution:
    Ok I'll try to explain, The puzzle itself has 9 squares I'll number them
    1       2     3
    4       5     6
    7     "8"     9.....number 8 being where we are per se.
    now the tiles pieces on the right go like this
    1     2     3
    4     5     6
    7     8     OK
    I hope this makes sense :)
    So tile 1 goes in 7
    tile 2 goes in 1
    tile 3 goes in 5
    tile 4 goes in 9
    tile 5 goes in 2
    tile 6 goes in 6
    tile 7 goes in 4
    tile 8 goes in 3
    Now hit the OK button and that should solve it!
    Enter our new entryway, follow path and once at end of it.
    Use the FARAWAY MEMORY item to get some inscription on it. Exit way we came.
    Exit S and step on green warp back to Green Fields.
    Green Fields Backtrack........................................7w
    From where we are exit S S and then W (going across water now) and enter the
    stairs we see here. Exit S and S again to be in room where we got EARTH RING
    RARE MONSTER REPORT IN THIS ROOM!!!! It's the Nasboo, it appears on the left
    side of screen, you know the drill....kill it. Now exit E to be in a room
    full of golems, kill them all and then get the EARTH STONE 6/8. Exit back W
    then N and N again take stairs back to surface.
    Here exit W N and N again , make way over to left side and go through hidden
    tress to get EARTH STONE 7/8 (This was the one I mentioned that we coul'dve
    gotten earlier, but didn't :)
    Head back way came and exit in far SE corner Now enter the waterfall, just 
    above the rainbow. Follow path and avoid fireballs, and exit W.
    OK, we need to avoid the Stone Dramos enemies, but first KILL ONE to add to
    monster collection, this will cause a door to close, simply exit E and come 
    You'll noticed Dramos symbols on the floor, follow them, to avoid accidentally
    killing them again, and exit N, Same thing in this room follow the Dramos
    tiles and exit N.
    RARE MONSTER REPORT! GOLD DRAMOS....Now I tried quite a bit and it didn't 
    spawn, I'm guessing we need to get the HEART OF DRAMOS first, do so by
    walking N and get it (bridge will disapear....np!) Now we can finally
    travel over all these area, we've seen throughout game!
    Stand on the dramos tile and use the new item we just got to transform into
    a....pink dramos. she will fly over to other side. ok now exit S and back N
    until Gold Dramos appears, simply fly back over. use The item again to revert
    and kill it. Transform again.
    Go back across and exit S, fly across here, and exit this area back to outside.
    Head E, go up ladder and fly, to get EARTH STONE 8/8. Head back across and
    revert, now exit N go into water heading E a little bit and exit N between
    trees and follow to another tile puzzle.
    I'll explain it like previous puzzle.
    Tile 1 goes in 7
    tile 2 goes in 5
    tile 3 goes in 6
    tile 4 goes in 3
    tile 5 goes in 4
    tile 6 goes in 9
    tile 7 goes in 1
    tile 8 goes in 2.....hit OK and enter new area!
    Like before, follow path and use FARWAY MEMORY on altar. exit way we came.
    Ok time to die....not really we are...but this time as a dramos! First head
    back way we came until we enter the water now, go W a little and exit N and N
    back to boss room and warp to temple entrance.
    Go inside turn into a dramos and speak to green fairy for secret conversation
    Stay as dramos and exit S S E go down stairs to underground, exit N and simply
    walk into a sand pool to die as dramos and get our third and final TOMB 3/3.
    Ok back in Grave..
    RARE MONSTER REPORT - GHOST! - if not here exit the grave and come back and see
    if it's here. once it is, kill it! ok time to backtrack through Snowy Fields
    now. After leaving grave, exit E then N around temple and take green warp to..
    Snowy Fields Backtrack........................................8w
    Snowy Fields, first enter temple and transform to dramos, and speak to red
    fairy for secret conversation 4/6. Revert. Exit temple and exit S and S
    again across bridge, drop down, exit E and then N N again and now E. Enter
    Here go N in cave and then W through hidden wall and take stairs back outside.
    RARE MONSTER REPORT - SNOW GOLEM! -...yup you got it!
    After killing it, in this room, dramos across lava and follow to ICE STONE 7/8
    head back and go to underground the way we came. In this cave head to E side
    of room and use PICKAXE on block, follow E a little and exit S, and S again.
    Here dramos over to ICE STONE 8/8. Now we are going to go solve that puzzle
    it'll take a couple minutes to get there.
    Head back and exit N W then S into cave take stairs up to surface.
    exit N then S on other side, now W across ice, S across ice, exit N passed the
    enemies, W over ice. N. we should be in 3 block ice puzzle room now. Exit W.
    Now S and S again and then E finally exit N to puzzle! 
    tile 1 goes in 2
    tile 2 goes in 5
    tile 3 goes in 7
    tile 4 goes in 3
    tike 5 goes in 4
    tile 6 goes in 6
    tile 7 goes in 1
    tile 8 goes in 9.....hit Ok!
    enter new area follow and use FARAWAY MEMOERY for another inscription
    Note: at this point I was able to have all my skills upgraded once you do
    2 levels for exp, 2 levels for shield and 2 levels for rare you get an
    Exit back to surface. Ok let's leave Snowy Fields and go back to...
    yup Green Fields again!
    From surface exit S W N N E S E go a little E and exit N N again. follow
    around temple and use green warp back to Green Fields...
    Green Fields Re-Double-Again-Backtrack........................9w
    Here exit S E S E E and then N here go on water and take stairs down,
    In here stand on the tile in SW corner to reveal a walkway, walk over to
    talet and use FARAWAY MEMORY, to get final inscription! exit way we came.
    Le'ts head back to Blue Temple to complete this area, from surface exit W S W
    then N and N again to be an entrance, green warp to Blue Temple.
    Blue Temple Backtrack.........................................a1
    From entrance, head S a few times until the 3 beams we see, now exit W and 
    follow all the way to N to staircase by 2 spike turtles, go down stairs. Follow
    all the way around and then dramos over and exit N to get our final BLUE ORB
    3/3. revert. now take hidden wall E and warp. take stairs back up.
    Head S and S again, take this ladder S into water and exit W S and then N
    in narrow walkway. Here place the 3 BLUE ORBS to open door, fight boss!
    Rescue Blue Fairy, and get STORAGE DEVICE 5/6 take warp nearby back to 
    entrance. Enter.
    Getting Third Id Card / Overseer's Tower / Sunset Cage........b1
    Speak to Blue Fairy, for a scene. and she'll tell you to place Id card on 
    device, once again....DON'T!! keep talking to her and she'll give you
    Id card and secret conversation 5/6....now turn into dramos speak to her again
    for secret conversation 6/6 (achievement!)
    Enter tower and stand as tile as we've been doing, watch scene, use Id card
    on door and take stairs up.
    here use MANA FRAGMENT on plant and then walk over to and push to downed blue
    knight onto the heal point, he'll reboot and open gate for you. Stairs up.
    Here stand on empty dramos spot and transform to open gate, revert and take
    stairs up.
    Ok this room we will be coming back to later, but as of right now. Kill the
    protoype to add to monster collection. Now she'll will constantly come back to
    life,,kinda like those red bones from castlevania....ahem!
    Ok now step on and break all of the golden lights...now its like pac-man.
    once you do the gate in corner will open and now step on switch and now exit
    in oppposite corner going upstairs.
    RARE MONSTER REPORT- GOLD KNIGHT- in this room with the three logs. kill him.
    I recommend farming him until we get to level 24.
    Once thats done, these logs must be moving, properly.
    The right log push left
    The middle log push down
    The left log push up..
    this opens gate, grab the final STORAGE DEVICE 6/6. head upstairs back to
    Sunset Cage, step on switch, watch scene with girl.
    Note: In this room you may have noticed a table with three little gray nubs.
    thats the solution to the log puzzle we just did :)
    Head up the ladder on the right side of room and use the remaining STORAGE
    DEVICES on each of the pillars for a scene. Head back and watch scene with girl
    Now head up other side of room to top of the cage and stand on the tile at
    bottom. This opens up warp to....ASHEN WORLD!
    Ashen World / Sky Land........................................c1
    OK first after scene with girl, take the warp we just came through back to
    sunset cage for a
    RARE MONSTER - TERRA DARK - kill it. Head back to ashen world.
    OK the game initally wants you to explore all sorts of rooms and areas of
    ashen and sky...to reveal a secret number code on your map (very clever!)
    You'll want to do to uncover all maps if going for that achievement.
    So I will cover that here. If your just interested in continuing with game then
    go to the d1 section.
    Where we are now will reveal a number 1 as we explore what we can.
    So from entrance exit S and kill Metal Ooze, exit W here kill Metal Bind
    and then N, E then W.Take stairs up.
    This will reveal the number 3 as you explore the map, not really to much to do.
    head back downstairs.
    Exit E now back to entrance of Sky Land, by NW, S and then E.
    Now exit E again and lower E exit. here is a block we can push onto 2 
    different switches. push it onto the lower switch, to reveal path. Exit W and
    come back , now push block behind pillar for the second switch, revealing
    another path. let's take the NW one first.
    Follow it until stairs and go up, revealing here is the number 5. head back
    now take other path we revealing a minute ago.
    Here is another stair going up take and here reveal the number 2. head back
    Now exit E MANA FRAGMENT
    Take the stairs here to reveal the number 3. head back.
    Exit E and here follow hidden walkway S and follow until a switch to step on.
    This will reveal a walkway making it much quicker to head back to entrance.
    Head back way we came and go E across new walkway now exit S then E. stairs
    up to surface. Exit N back to device next to girl.
    Ashen World / Sky Land Number Code............................d1
    OK first after scene with girl, take the warp we just came through back to
    sunset cage for a
    RARE MONSTER - TERRA DARK - kill it. Head back to ashen world.
    After revealing the number (or just ready to move on) examine the device 
    and put in the number 3  3  1  5  2 and hit the button the open up gate. The
    girl leave, follow her N a couple screens and watch scene.
    Ok now we need to collect these wedge pieces, dimension stones and hearts.
    Let's get to it!!
    Ok from the girl where we are exit S a few screens back to Sky Land where
    metal oozes are (kill one if you didn't do section c1)here go up left ladder 
    and step on now accessable switch.This opens up those other gates on the 
    surface. exit S and use MANA FRAGMENT.
    Head back up to entrance way and lets exit W first. Here kill a Marshmellow and
    also nearby is a Twi Twi enemy. kill it as well. I got to level 25 prior to 
    this but you can farm marshmellow until 25 and the Twi Twi until level 26.
    Level 26?..Ok good. now from where we were killing this Twi Twi go to W side of
    room and follow through hidden trees and keep going until you get our first
    DIMENSION STONE 1/3. head back way we came to Twi Twi.
    Now exit N. Ok kill 1 and only 1 cube. Now head back to the MANA FRAGMENT
    we recently did. Now head back to this room with the Cubes and then exit E 
    going over a piece of grass. Here drop down into a new area. 
    Ok there 5 of these areas and what we must do is reveal the entire 9 squares 
    around the room to open gate. Kill the Mimic enemies and gain to level 27.
    FIRST! take hidden walkway N to next room. Follow and get to altar and use
    your SWORD OF HOPE item and receive the MONSTER SLAYER. (I'm pretty sure
    this is what's needed to kill those 3 "bit" type monsters in secret areas.
    (we will kill those bit monsters in the Post-Game section!)
    Exit S and farm Mimic enemies until level 29. Exit S when done and get our 
    first Wedge piece 1/4. Drop down and exit NW, S and then E take stairs back up.
    Time to backtrack a little, once at surface exit N and take warp back to
    sunset cage exit S and S again and take the stairs in SW corner back to tower.
    Here take stairs going down back to Prototype room. Walk up to her, and use
    Monster Slayer on th Sword tile and receive the PHOTON SWORD. Ok back to ashen.
    Take stairs in NE corner. tkae other stairs back to the cage, go N and N again
    warp back to Ashen.
    Ok first lets get to level 30 (max) from entrance Go W then N and farm the 
    Cubes until level 30!
    Ok now from cubes exit S and E and E again to newer part of this world.
    Very narrow here exit S follow as far S as can and exit W then S for a puzzle 
    well sorta.
    The statue here Push left, then walk around and push Up onto tile.
    The other tile here place your WARRIOR STATUE on it.
    Go S a little while still in this room pass the door and exit W, follow N a
    little and exit E, theres a statue behind the pillar, push it right and then
    up onto tile, now you stand on the 4th and final tile this open that door
    we just passed.
    Go ahead and get your WARRIOR STATUE (I don't think we need it anymore, but it
    can't hurt)
    Now go through the door we just open but do not take stairs yet, exit N
    Once you do in the NW corner of this throne room is our second DIMENSION 
    STONE 2/3. Exit S and take the stairs
    Here is a Metal Golem. kill it. and Exit E with hidden pathway and follow it
    to the ARTIFACT KEY, exit way we came back to ashen.
    Now lets backtrack a little, go S a little and exit E then N and the W after
    going N a little and N again back to entrance. Exit S and take stairs back to
    Now exit E again and lower E exit. here is a block we canpush block behind 
    pillar for the second switch, reveal apath. Take this.
    Now exit E MANA FRAGMENT
    Now that the monster is killed let's backtrack a little to go use that
    ARTIFACT KEY we got. From the rare monster room exit back W S W again and
    make way over to other side of room and exit S.
    (In this roon, kill a Metal Bind enemy, if you did not do
    section c1) and follow it until you get to a door and use the ARTIFACT KEY on 
    it to open it. Follow hidden / Linear path until we get our second WEDGE 2/4. 
    take stairs up.
    Ok IMPORTANT!. once we get to surface, go down 2 spaces and then Go E through
    trees and follow short distance to DIMENSION STONE 3/3!
    Head back and Exit S, drop down, and follow linear path until you see a tablet
    with bird on it and exit S S again and then E. Here kill a Cone enemy.
    Now in this room you'll see a man figure, stand on his heart and use the WEDGE
    that matches the symbol close to his hand, once you do go on warp tile.
    Like before reveal 9 tiles, exit N, go to statue at N end and get GIANT'S HEART
    1/4. Exit S and back to warp tile. back at the surface exit S S then E, here
    take the stairs close by.
    Follow linear path to our third WEDGE 3/4 (THE ONE WE PASS WE WILL GET LATER!)
    head back to surface the way we came.
    From surface exit S - MANA FRAGENT if want, exit S and S one more time,
    you should know what to do now. heart-stab-warp-reveal-exit N-get GIANT'S
    HEART 2/4. exit way came.
    From surface exit N N and then E to the bird. stand and its 2 wings and tail
    and place a DIMENSION STONE on each part to reveal a warp. Take it.
    Ok three things to do here.
    First head through hidden W area to go to other side and follow it to
    our final WEDGE 4/4.
    Head back and go up nearby ladder and step on switch.
    Now exit W and stand on tile and use Monster Slayer sword to receive the
    FAIRUNE SWORD. exit E, now take the new walkway E and exit E and then N.
    Take stairs up and exit N.
    From here exit W and then N and then
    heart-stab-warp-reveal-exit N-get GIANT'S HEART 3/4. exit way came.
    Back on surface exit S then E E again and then N to
    heart-stab-warp-reveal-exit N-get GIANT'S HEART 4/4. exit way came.
    Back on surface exit S and then N above where we solved puzzle. To where girl
    is and stand on warp looking til and use the 4 GIANT'S HEARTS we collected.
    watch the scene. use warp tile to go to......
    Gate / Final Bosses...........................................e1
    Once here at the gate kill one the diamon enemies Satela. Now simply exit N
    a few times and stand on tile and the three sword pillars will lower 
    themselves, exit N to the FINAL MANA FRAGMENT...SAVE. YOUR. GAME.!
    Exit N and follow it until you can talk to girl for a scene. This begins ending 
    sequence of dialog and 4...yes 4 boss fights! Ready?
    You can't technically die on the last bosses as youll always be revived by the
    Mana statue, BUT doing this does count as a monster for an achievement.
    On the other hand there is an achievement by itself which is beating end 
    bosses WITHOUT using MANA STATUE!
    so I recommend if you think your about to die, hit home and exit game reload
    back to final save and try again!
    Note: You may have noticed that your monster collection may have a lot of
    questions marks but after we beat game. There will only be 4 left!
    (assuming you don't "die" on lst boss first time around)
    quite, easy. Keep shooting it as it floats back and forth on screen,
    itll shoot this purple wave beam thats easy to dodge and then these little
    tiny yellow things that come after. Now very hard at all.
    This form might be even easier, IMO, keep shooting as always and dodge the 
    multiply shots as they came, after the third wave of shots, the should pad
    things will come off and head towards bottom of screen and shoot purple balls
    upwards. Simply after the third wave of shots go immediately to bottom middle
    of screen and keep shooting. repeat. 
    This form is a bit tougher than previous 2, what I did was try to stay in
    middle but slighty towards top, it will shoot the similar yellow things from
    first form, and then these purple balls, they will try to go where you are.
    so quickly after purple balls are released, he down to bottom middle and keep
    eventually it'll have this super mega blast, from it's chest get out of the way
    either on the left or right of beam. once beam is gone. hit some more and 
    halfway through health bar, itll change form slightly and have 2 new attacks.
    first are these swords that come from top to bottom, like the beam dodge on 
    either left or right side. then second attack is those swords again, but this 
    time they come from left and right, so dodge by being at bottom of screen.
    keep shooting and once dead, only 1 more boss to go!
    This is kinda just a mess of attacks. Really easiest way and just dodge and 
    keep attack until he goes down. he does have a beam attack similar to
    boss 3 and you dodge in the same manner. theres red things coming at you,
    these greenish donuts, little space ships, and other things two.
    they come ob left and ride side of screen from top, and as they line up with 
    you they come at you. Also halfway through fight, he'll have yet another attack
    where this purple spike things come at you, similar to previous purple balls
    where they line up with you.
    Overall not extremely difficult. REMEMBER IF GOING FOR ACHIEVEMENTS DO NOT
    "DIE"--home-reset game- reload- try again. We will come back later to
    complete monster dictionary! Ok once the boss is dead. we still have just a
    little more to do.
    Watch scene, once you have control use the FARAWAY MEMORY, item, notice
    your map of sky land has a name in green grass letters? once you use the item,
    it lights up with white.
    Speak to the girl and now you must 'type" her name in which is L A Y L A
    so press L shoulder button, A button, Y button, L shoulder button, and then A
    button one more time.
    Reminded of earlier about CHRONO TRIGGER with Lucca's mom...L A R A...AHEM!!
    Once you spell name correctly watch, scene. You'll be transported back to 
    sunset cage, make your way down the ladders, as Codex speaks to you a few
    times, and you'll run into the girl, more dialogue. End scene. End credits.
    Codex speaks to you again and press A you'll get your clear time.
    Once all that is over, notice on title screen there should be a music mode now.
    Reload your save (which now has golden crown on it) and you should be back at 
    final save point.
    We should only be missing 4 spots in monster collection. 3 of them are those 
    bit monsters and the last one is the Mana statue I mentioned earlier.
    Ok lets get the MANA statue, ok we must beat game again , I tried, but 
    activating the statue and quitting game and reload it's not there. So
    have fun with it this time, just make sure you "die" at least once. Once
    you get brought back to life (as far as I know this is infinite) kill
    at bosses again and do all we did before, tieh LAYLA and all that. Reload
    this save and lets go get those 3 bit monsters to complete monster collection!
    Beat it again? Only have 3 ? left in collection. Let's go now, reload save
    and exit S a few times back to Ashen World, exit S some more and take warp
    back to sunset cage, S more and warp.
    Note: one achievement is completing all the maps. If you press Y and then 
    select map here, you should see maps of all areas in game. If any of them
    have a star next to it that means its complete. as you see the map, if any
    you can notice spots that are "dark" that havent been uncovered. It's just a
    a matter of going to themand expose all maps!
    After warping from sunset cage we should be at blue temple. From entrance
    Go S until you see the beams, exit E and keep going E to ladder, where
    heal plant is go down ladder and exit S, enter the middle right whirlpool
    here kill the bit monster. exit. backtrack to entrance by exit N then up ladder
    exit W and W then N and N again use green warp and go to...
    Snowy Fields, once here simply go around the temple and enter secret area
    between those 2 pillars and kill the bit monster. Exit. now green warp again
    this time to....
    Green Fields from entrance head into water going E and exit E (where we pushed
    that stone into water) follow through tree, cross little bridge to the E, and 
    go S through hidden tress and keep going until secret area, kill our final
    monster and that should complete the monster collection congrats!
    All that's left for achievements should be the speedrun for clearing game 
    within 2 hours and 30 minutes. my speed run was 1:42:57. with mistakes, so 
    it's not that hard as it may seem. (and possibly the Covered all maps 12/12)
    1. Watched The Ending
    2. Complete Item Dictionary
    3. Complete Monster Dictionary
    4. Covered All Maps
    5. Learned All Skills
    6. Wore A Drees Till Meeting The Green Fairy
    7. Uncovered All Tombs
    8. Saw All Hidden Dialog From Fairies
    9. Did Not Use Mana To Defeat Last Boss
    10. Cleared Game Within 2hrs and 30mins
    5.Closing and Thanks..........................................CaTw
    1. First I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him!
    2. For Skipmore / Urara-Works/Circle Ent. for making this awesome game!
    I really hope they are working on a third game!
    3. For GameFaqs.com for being so helpful for countless years of me being a 
    4. Also Thanks to Drac_Mazoku (on GameFaqs.com) stating about getting a
    certificate once you get all achievements.
    5. Thanks (I completely forgot to add this!) again to Drac_Mazoku for stating
    about the secret conversations with the fairies, that you need to just keep
    talking to them, rather than leaving and coming back! 
    6. Thanks to Kanaya (an email was sent to me concerning Snowy Fields and
    after playing game to help I realized I forgot to add directions on one
    room after we exit SW from that mana fragment room after the ice block
    puzzle with the 3 ice blocks)
    7. I think that's about it. You can email if any questions and I can try to
    help. Yomendou@hotmail.com

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