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Test your rhythm by chopping wood, sticking speeding viruses with forks and playing badminton while flying an airplane, all in time to catchy tunes in this deceptively challenging rhythm game. The accessible controls and catchy music, combined with the new visual feedback system, make this a great entry in the Rhythm Heaven series. Can you match the beat and reach Rhythm Heaven?


-Features updated rhythm games from the Game Boy Advance, Wii and Nintendo DS Rhythm Heaven games.
-A combo of new rhythm games, fan-favorites, and U.S. debuts make this the ultimate Rhythm Heaven game
Rhythm Heaven Megamix includes more than 70 rhythm games, the most in the series.
-Some Rhythm Heaven rhythm games found only in Japan make their North American debut with new music.
-Soundtrack created with help from legendary Japanese music producer, Tsunku.
-Encounter others with the StreetPass feature for a chance to match their punching robot's skills in a 1-on-1 battle.
-Play with up to four players simultaneously and take on special multiplayer rhythm games to earn Flow Balls (additional systems and games required for multiplayer mode; sold separately).
-Purchase additional rhythm games by spending Flow Balls.

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