Famous Quote

  • "You deserve worse!"- Ryoma

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  • *groans of increasing discomfort* - Garon

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  • "You're out of luck, friend!" -Arthur.

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  • Come on, smile for me!-Laslow

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  • "We've got trouble!" - Felicia

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  • "Fall so that others may live!"

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  • "Sadly for you, my sacred blade, Siegfried, knows nothing of pity—only triumph."
    - Xander, chapter 6

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  • You have breathed your last.
    - Saizo

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  • "Ohh, yesss!"

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  • "QUIET, NOHRIAN SCUM! I've had enough of your lies to last a lifetime. I'm going to kill you all and bring peace back to Hoshido! All troops, prepare for battle! Destroy the Nohrian army!!" - Takumi, Chapter 13: Uprising

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  • "YOU MURDERING FIEND!!" - Ryoma, Chapter 25: Ryoma

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  • “You guys are jerks! I'm taking my weapons and going home.” Selena when retreating

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  • "Nohrian law is rather blunt on the subject of traitors - there is only one punishment. The sentence is death."
    Leo - Birthright Chapter 18

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  • "Think of this as a new type of sparring; between you, and the cooks"
    -Xander, A support with Effie

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  • "I'm so sorry..." - Corrin

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  • Rrrgh rawrggh rrh!

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Connection to Other Media

  • Severa, Inigo, and Owain from Awakening make their appearance here in Conquest as Selena, Laslow, and Odin, respectively. During the Before Awakening DLC, if Odin speaks to Lissa, and Selena and Laslow speak to Chrom, these three recognize Chrom and Lissa, while these two don't (it's BEFORE Awakening after all).

    Contributed By: Jaxel474.

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  • Although it can only be viewed in the Revelations path instead of Conquest due to who joins the army in each route, Forrest and Kiragi's B support mentions that the former was attacked by a "horde of insane, blood-hungry chickens", to which the latter clarifies that the chicken was struck "a few times". This is a clear reference to The Legend of Zelda, where attacking a cucco (the series' name for a chicken) repeatedly results in a large amount of cuccos attacking Link until he dies or escapes the area.

    Although unlikely, whether Fates' continent exists in the same universe as Hyrule has yet to be revealed.

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