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Conquest Support Script by Misha-Heart

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/16/2016
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Fire Emblem 14 Fates Conquest Supports
Change Log:
2/20/16- First entry
3/16/16- Fixed a few errors
Quick questions about this guide:

Q. What is this about?
A. This is a script that compiles dialogue with character interactions with 
one another. Usually, they converse about simple things or even reveal parts 
of their backstory to one another. 

Q. How do you gain these support conversations?
A. First, check on the Support option on the world map to see if the 
characters can support one another. Then, use the Pair Up command and have 
them fight alongside one another. This is an easy way to gain support values 
between characters. After gaining a significant amount, check the Support 
option again to view the support conversation.

Q. Can you get more than one S rank?
A. Once characters get married, they are bound forever by marriage(or in some 
cases, eternal friendship) and last even after death. If you wish to gain a 
new S support, a new file must be used in order to unlock the conversations.

Q. How do Partner Seals work?
A. When two units have an S support with one another, they are able to use 
this seal to reclass into their base class. For example, if Xander marries 
Effie, he will be able to use the seal to reclass into any class from Effie's 
Knight class. The same applies for Effie, as she can reclass into Cavalier 
and its promotion choices. For units with special classes like Azura, they 
will give their secondary class to their partner.

Q. What are A+ supports?
A. If two units of the same genders reach a support level of A, they have the 
choice to go to A+. With the use of a Buddy Seal, they can reclass into the 
base class of their partner, similar to a Marriage Seal. A+ supports do not 
go both ways, so Xander can have an A+ support with Kaze, but Kaze is still 
able to A+ another person.

Q. What happens when two units share the same base class?
A. They will be able to reclass into their secondary class. If Arthur marries 
Charlotte, then he can reclass into Rod Knight, while Charlotte gets 
Cavalier. However, if they share the same secondary class, they will not gain 
a new class.

Q. How are children's class sets determined?
A. Child units typically start off in their father's base class and have the 
option to reclass into their father's secondary and mother's base class. If 
the mother shared a base class with the father, the child will have their 
secondary to reclass into. The exception to this are Percy(initially a Wyvern 
Rider with Fighter as secondary), Shigure(initially a Sky Knight with 
Troubadour as a secondary) and Midori(initially a Apothecary with Ninja as a 

Q. What do certain units get if they A+/marry?
A. If Niles and Nyx get married, their child will get Diviner. If Arthur and 
Beruka get married, their child will get Sky Knight. If Arthur gets an A+ 
support with Keaton, he will get Outlaw. If Azura and Jakob get married, 
Shigure will get Wyvern Rider.

Q. What's with Gunter?
A. He will rejoin in Chapter 15.

Q. How do I look over the Support log?
A. Go to the Record Hall in My Castle.

Q. What determines the Avatar and child's hair color?
A. The last file that was saved will be used when looking over the support 

Q. Avatar/Kana's aren't in here at all! Where are they?
A. Those two have the hugest support conversation list in the game. They will 
be put in another guide, seperate from this one.

Q. Hey, there are a few typos in here. Aren't you going to fix them?
A. Believe it or not, they're actually in the game so they're left as such.

Q. Why are there random question marks?
A. They're suppose to be music notes to indicate someone(usually Azura) 
Table of Contents
To skip to the desired support pair, use ctrl+F and type the following.

Example: Add A1. to Azura to skip to her C support with Xander.
Note: Some supports may mention Avatar. The default name is Corrin.

A. Nohr First Generation Lover Supports
- Xander!
A1. Azura
A1. Felicia
A1. Mozu
A1. Effie
A1. Nyx
A1. Selena
A1. Beruka
A1. Peri
A1. Charlotte

- Leo!
A2. Azura
A2. Felicia
A2. Mozu
A2. Effie
A2. Nyx
A2. Selena
A2. Beruka
A2. Peri
A2. Charlotte

- Arthur!
A3. Azura
A3. Felicia
A3. Mozu
A3. Elise
A3. Camilla
A3. Effie
A3. Nyx
A3. Selena
A3. Beruka
A3. Peri
A3. Charlotte

- Odin!
A4. Azura
A4. Felicia
A4. Mozu
A4. Elise
A4. Camilla
A4. Effie
A4. Nyx
A4. Selena
A4. Beruka
A4. Peri
A4. Charlotte

- Niles!
A5. Azura
A5. Felicia
A5. Mozu
A5. Elise
A5. Camilla
A5. Effie
A5. Nyx
A5. Selena
A5. Beruka
A5. Peri
A5. Charlotte

- Laslow!
A6. Azura
A6. Felicia
A6. Mozu
A6. Elise
A6. Camilla
A6. Effie
A6. Nyx
A6. Selena
A6. Beruka
A6. Peri
A6. Charlotte

- Benny!
A7. Azura
A7. Felicia
A7. Mozu
A7. Elise
A7. Camilla
A7. Effie
A7. Nyx
A7. Selena
A7. Beruka
A7. Peri
A7. Charlotte

- Keaton!
A8. Azura
A8. Felicia
A8. Mozu
A8. Elise
A8. Camilla
A8. Effie
A8. Nyx
A8. Selena
A8. Beruka
A8. Peri
A8. Charlotte

B. Neutral Party Lover Supports
- Jakob!
B1. Azura
B1. Felicia
B1. Mozu
B1. Elise
B1. Camilla
B1. Effie
B1. Nyx
B1. Selena
B1. Beruka
B1. Peri
B1. Charlotte

- Kaze!
B2. Azura
B2. Felicia
B2. Mozu
B2. Elise
B2. Camilla
B2. Effie
B2. Nyx
B2. Selena
B2. Beruka
B2. Peri
B2. Charlotte

- Silas!
B3. Azura
B3. Felicia
B3. Mozu
B3. Elise
B3. Camilla
B3. Effie
B3. Nyx
B3. Selena
B3. Beruka
B3. Peri
B3. Charlotte

C. Nohr Buddy Supports
- Xander*
C1. Leo
C1. Camilla
C1. Elise
C1. Laslow
C1. Kaze

- Leo*
C2. Camilla
C2. Elise
C2. Odin
C2. Niles

- Elise*
C3. Azura
C3. Camilla
C3. Effie

- Camilla*
C4. Selena
C4. Beruka

- Effie*
C5. Mozu
C5. Nyx

- Arthur*
C6. Niles
C6. Benny
C6. Keaton

- Odin*
C7. Niles
C7. Laslow

- Nyx*
C8. Mozu
C8. Charlotte

- Selena*
C9. Beruka
C9. Peri

- Beruka*
C10. Charlotte

- Laslow*
C11. Keaton

- Peri*
C12. Charlotte
C12. Felicia

- Benny*
C13. Keaton

- Felicia*
C14. Flora

- Jakob*
C15. Silas
C15. Gunter

- Kaze*
C16. Silas

D. Nohr Second Generation Lover Supports
- Siegbert!
D1. Ophelia
D1. Soleil
D1. Nina
D1. Velouria
D1. Midori
D1. Sophie

- Forrest!
D2. Ophelia
D2. Soleil
D2. Nina
D2. Velouria
D2. Midori
D2. Sophie

- Percy!
D3. Ophelia
D3. Soleil
D3. Nina
D3. Velouria
D3. Midori
D3. Sophie

- Ignatius!
D4. Ophelia
D4. Soleil
D4. Nina
D4. Velouria
D4. Midori
D4. Sophie

- Shigure!
D5. Ophelia
D5. Soleil
D5. Nina
D5. Velouria
D5. Midori
D5. Sophie

- Dwyer!
D6. Ophelia
D6. Soleil
D6. Nina
D6. Velouria
D6. Midori
D6. Sophie

E. Nohr Second Generation Buddy Supports
- Siegbert*
E1. Forrest
E1. Ignatius

- Forrest*
E2. Ignatius
E2. Shigure

- Percy*
E3. Ignatius
E3. Dwyer

- Ophelia*
E4. Soleil
E4. Midori

- Soleil*
E5. Nina
E5. Sophie

- Nina*
E6. Velouria

- Velouria*
E7. Sophie

F. Nohr Parent-Child Supports
- Siegbert^
F1. Xander
F1. Azura
F1. Felicia
F1. Mozu
F1. Effie
F1. Nyx
F1. Selena
F1. Beruka
F1. Peri
F1. Charlotte

- Forrest^
F2. Leo
F2. Azura
F2. Felicia
F2. Mozu
F2. Effie
F2. Nyx
F2. Selena
F2. Beruka
F2. Peri
F2. Charlotte

- Percy^
F3. Azura
F3. Felicia
F3. Mozu
F3. Elise
F3. Camilla
F3. Effie
F3. Nyx
F3. Selena
F3. Beruka
F3. Peri
F3. Charlotte

- Ophelia^
F4. Azura
F4. Felicia
F4. Mozu
F4. Elise
F4. Camilla
F4. Effie
F4. Nyx
F4. Selena
F4. Beruka
F4. Peri
F4. Charlotte

- Nina^
F5. Azura
F5. Felicia
F5. Mozu
F5. Elise
F5. Camilla
F5. Effie
F5. Nyx
F5. Selena
F5. Beruka
F5. Peri
F5. Charlotte

- Soleil^
F6. Azura
F6. Felicia
F6. Mozu
F6. Elise
F6. Camilla
F6. Effie
F6. Nyx
F6. Selena
F6. Beruka
F6. Peri
F6. Charlotte

- Ignatius^
F7. Azura
F7. Felicia
F7. Mozu
F7. Elise
F7. Camilla
F7. Effie
F7. Nyx
F7. Selena
F7. Beruka
F7. Peri
F7. Charlotte

- Velouria^
F8. Azura
F8. Felicia
F8. Mozu
F8. Elise
F8. Camilla
F8. Effie
F8. Nyx
F8. Selena
F8. Beruka
F8. Peri
F8. Charlotte

G. Neutral Party Parent-Child Supports
- Shigure^
G1. Azura
G1. Jakob
G1. Kaze
G1. Silas
G1. Xander
G1. Leo
G1. Arthur
G1. Odin
G1. Niles
G1. Laslow
G1. Benny
G1. Keaton

- Dwyer^
G2. Jakob
G2. Azura
G2. Felicia
G2. Mozu
G2. Elise
G2. Camilla
G2. Effie
G2. Nyx
G2. Selena
G2. Beruka
G2. Peri
G2. Charlotte

- Midori^
G3. Kaze
G3. Azura
G3. Felicia
G3. Mozu
G3. Elise
G3. Camilla
G3. Effie
G3. Nyx
G3. Selena
G3. Beruka
G3. Peri
G3. Charlotte

- Sophie^
G4. Silas
G4. Azura
G4. Felicia
G4. Mozu
G4. Elise
G4. Camilla
G4. Effie
G4. Nyx
G4. Selena
G4. Beruka
G4. Peri
G4. Charlotte

H. Shigure's Sibling Supports
H1. Dwyer
H1. Midori
H1. Sophie
H1. Siegbert
H1. Forrest
H1. Percy
H1. Ophelia
H1. Soleil
H1. Ignatius
H1. Velouria
A. Nohr First Generation Lover Supports


A1. Azura C

Xander: Hello, Azura. I'm glad I found you here. 

Azura: Oh? May I help you? 

Xander: Are you feeling all right? You've been looking a little down lately. 

Azura: There's no need to be worried about me. I'm fine. ... Did you need 

Xander: Actually, yes. Avatar and I are holding a meeting to review our 
military strategy. I'd appreciate it if you would attend. 

Azura: Military strategy? Oh, my. I know nothing about that. 

Xander: You know more than you realize. You're intimately familiar with both 
kingdoms. I was hoping you would attend as a mediator. I can count on you to 
be fair. 

Azura: Do you really think that's a good idea? I'm not sure I would be of 
much help. 

Xander: I beg to differ. Please, Azura. Do it for the good of all. 

Azura: Hmm... Who else will be there? 

Xander: Ah, is this about how certain Nohrians may treat you? If so, worry 
not. No one would dare speak a word against you in my presence. Please, 
Azura. May I count you in? 

Azura: Well, it seems useless to argue when I doubt you'll take no for an 

Xander: Right you are. Well then, let us be off.
Azura B

Azura: Hello, Xander.

Xander: There it is again, that doleful look. Please, Azura. Tell me what's 
troubling you. 

Azura: I wish you would stop worrying about me. I promise I'm fine. By the 
way, do you think the meeting went well? 

Xander: It did, thanks to you. We were lucky to have you as our mediator. 

Azura: I don't know about that. You do a fine job of leading everyone without 
my help. 

Xander: A strong leader needs strong advisors. 

Azura: Oh, stop. There's no need to flatter me, Xander. I hardly said two 
words. I was so busy stuffing my face with all of that food. What a feast! 

Xander: You did seem to be enjoying yourself. But still... In between those 
enormous bites, you said some profound things-just as I expected. Azura, it's 
quite possible that you could change the course of this whole war. 

Azura: What do you mean? 

Xander: I'd like you to attend these meetings regularly. You have a unique 
perspective. Next time, we'll be discussing my father, and I could really use 
you by my side. 

Azura: I don't know, Xander. I still have a lot of bad memories from my time 
in Nohr. 

Xander: It pains me so to hear you say that. I hope you'll reconsider... Did 
I mention that dinner will be served? 

Azura: You're going to drag me there whether I like it or not, aren't you? 
Fine then. ... So are we going to have those warm, buttered rolls again? 
Just... curious.
Azura A

Azura: Hmm-hmmm... Laa-la-laa... ? Oh! Hello, Xander.

Xander: Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you. You sounded so lovely. Have I 
heard that song before?  

Azura: No, I don't think so. 

Xander: Ah. Well, in any case, I came here to invite you to our next meeting. 

Azura: Xander, you can drop the act now. I can see right through you. 

Xander: What do you mean? 

Azura: You're obviously inviting me to these meetings to give me a 
distraction! You don't want me dwelling on my past or thinking about my 
childhood tormentors. You figured if I just went to the meetings, my feelings 
about Nohr might change. 

Xander: Azura, you're wrong. I invited you because you're important to our 

Azura: No. It's time you stopped shielding me from the truth. 

Xander: The only thing I'd like to shield you from is yourself. You're 
overthinking this. I need you there because I know I can count on you to be 
fair. I only want what's best for our kingdoms. We must work together to 
attain peace. 

Azura: You can pretend it's for peace all you want. Of course, we all want 
that. ... But I know you're trying to look after me. Please, Xander, sit down 
for a moment. 

Xander: Huh? 

Azura: Go on. It's my turn to look after you. I want to sing you the song I 
was practicing. It's a song of gratitude. I want you to know how much I 
appreciate your kindness. 

Xander: Me?! Sit idly? I'm not sure about this... 

Azura: Haha, just trust me. Close your eyes and listen... ?
Azura S

Azura: Xander? I'm told you've been looking for me. 

Xander: I have. Has anyone told you how much happier you look these days? 

Azura: Actually, yes. It's all thanks to you. 

Xander: That is kind of you to say. So, I suppose I'll get right to it... 
*ahem* I would like to ask you a favor. Azura... will you come back? 

Azura: What do you mean? 

Xander: Please, come back with me-to Nohr. I'd like you to return home with 

Azura: Xander, that's a big request! I do love being with you... But my time 
in Nohr was filled with pain. I'm not sure I'm ready to face all that. 

Xander: Azura, I'm not done yet. It is my hope that you'll return as my 
future queen. 

Azura: I'm sorry... Are you asking me to...? 

Xander: I am. I want nothing more than your hand in marriage. Please, accept 
this ring as a token of my love. 

Azura: Oh, Xander. My heart wants to say yes, but I'm terrified. What about 
King Garon? 

Xander: Everyone in my family welcomes you home. You know my father is 
another matter. But I'll be by your side. Let's do our best to create new 
memories-happy ones! 

Azura: Will you sit down for a moment? 

Xander: Now?! 

Azura: Please, Xander. Just listen to this song I'm about to sing, and you'll 
have your answer. Let me sing this song for you... with love. ? 

Xander: Ah... I have never heard a sweeter sound. Thank you, my love.
A1. Felicia C

Felicia: All right. The tea leaves, the water, and the cups are all on the 
tray... Now I juuuuust need to watch my feet and walk straight forward... OK, 
here I go! One step... Two steps... You can do this, Felicia... Three 
steps... Four steps... Come on... If I just keep it up, I might even get all 
the way across the- KYAAAAAHHHHHHH! 
(Dish breaks)

Xander: Felicia! Are you hurt? 

Felicia: Lord Xander?! What are you doing here? This is my secret practice 

Xander: Practice spot? Sorry, I just happened to be passing by. What is it 
that you're practicing here? 

Felicia: Um, carrying tea. 

Xander: Oh? Hm, it must be more difficult than I'd imagined. May I ask why 
you were looking at your feet? 

Felicia: I thought that if I walked while looking at the ground, then I 
wouldn't trip and fall. But when I do that I just crash into the things I 
can't see in front of me. 

Xander: Ah, so you end up spilling the tea anyway. 

Felicia: Exactly. 

Xander: Heh. What an intriguing person you are. 

Felicia: H-hey! Please don't laugh! 

Xander: *ahem* Yes, of course. I apologize. Well, good day, Felicia. Good 
luck with your training.
Felicia B

Felicia: Ugh. That's it! I give up! I'm hopeless at all of this tea stuff. 
I'm going to try my hand at something new. Something like... knitting! Yes, I 
bet knitting will be fun. Flora always made it look so easy. Hm, let's see. 
So I just take the ball of yarn and unravel the thread... *spin spin spin* 
Wait, this can't be right. Maybe if I- *spin spin spin* Oh. *wiggle* Oh dear. 
*wiggle wiggle* I can't seem to move my arms. 
(Time passes)
Felicia: Hello? Hellooo?! Someone! Anyone! Help meeeee! 

Xander: Felicia! Are you all right? By the gods, you're all wrapped up in 

Felicia: Lord Xander... Just passing by again, I suppose? 

Xander: Yes, and lucky that I was, it seems. Do you require assistance? 
Well... yes. Would you please unwind all this yarn for me? 

Xander: Yes, of course. Hold still for a moment. Hm... Felicia... How did you 
manage to bind yourself up like this? I don't think most prisoners are kept 
in bondage as secure as this mess. 

Felicia: I'm sorry... Wait a second. I'm going to try to move. 

Xander: Wait! Don't move! 

Felicia: Huh?! 

Xander: If you move, you'll wind up even more entangled than before. 

Felicia: Oh, I suppose you're right. I'm sorry. 

Xander: It's OK. I'll keep at it until I've gotten you out of there. 

Felicia: My deepest apologies, Your Highness. This task does not befit a 
prince of Nohr... 

Xander: It's no trouble. Just don't move, OK? Let's see... This end goes 
through here, so this one should loop around like so... 
Felicia A

Felicia: All right. Today I'm going to practice cooking! Wait! Lord Xander?! 
What are you doing here?! 

Xander: Ah. It appears I've already been spotted. 

What do you mean you've been spotted? What are you doing over there? 

Xander: I suppose I have no choice but to tell you the truth. I was watching 
you practice. 

Felicia: What? Why? 

Xander: I find it... soothing. 

Felicia: Soothing? What is that supposed to mean? 

Xander: You always look like you're having fun, even when you make a mistake. 

Felicia: I don't know if I'd call it "fun." There's a lot of pain involved. 
I'm pretty clumsy. But even if I weren't, why would it be soothing for you to 
watch me? 

Xander: The title "Lord Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr" follows me everywhere. 
Even when I am alone, I cannot shed the mantle. Not truly. But when I watch 
you, here, in your own little world, I forget myself. Maybe you're not having 
fun, but you aren't burdened by the fate of the kingdom. And it does a crown 
prince good to see some levity now and then. You're just concerned with being 
the best maid you can be. As I said, it's soothing. 

Felicia: Hm... Would you like to practice with me, Lord Xander? 

Xander: Practice... being a maid? 

Felicia: Precisely! 

Xander: For what purpose? 

Felicia: I think it would be even more soothing for you to do this stuff 
yourself! If you practice something long enough, you'll get completely 
absorbed in it. And if it's something new to you, you'll forget yourself all 
the quicker! 

Xander: I see... Very well. I consent. 

Felicia: Great! Let's begin! Would you please pour some water into this pot 
over here? 

Xander: Like so? 

Felicia: Yes, but be careful! I always spill it at this part... Phew, well 
done. OK, now to chop some vegetables... 
Felicia S

Felicia: Lord Xander! You summoned me? 

Xander: Yes, I did. Please, be at ease, Felicia. I did not call you here to 
reprimand you. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me what it is like to 
be a maid. It was an experience I will never forget. 

Felicia: I'm glad you found it rewarding, milord. If you ever want to escape 
yourself again, I'd be happy to accommodate you. In fact, we could go 
practice our tea walks right now, if you'd like! 

Xander: No, thank you. Today there is something else I wish to ask of you. 
Something very important. 

Felicia: Something important? In that case, perhaps it would be better if we 
were to call on some of the others. I'm... a little forgetful. And I have 
trouble keeping up with things. 

Xander: No, it would be difficult with others around. It's best this way, 
trust me. 

Felicia: Yes, milord. As you wish. 

Xander: Felicia... I want you to have this. 

Felicia: W-wait! Isn't that...? 

Xander: Yes. It's a wedding ring. 

Felicia: But... why would you give this to me, milord? Should I clean it for 
you? Oh, unless... Unless you're asking...?! Is this for me? Are you sure you 
didn't mean to give this to someone else? 

Xander: I am quite sure. When you get to be my age, all anyone talks about is 
marriage. But I always worried that, should I marry, I'd be unable to make 
time for my wife. And even if I could, I didn't know if it would be more than 
just another royal obligation. But since I've grown so close to you... those 
fears have disappeared. I know that I will never have trouble making time for 
you, as you are ever on my mind. Felicia... Will you marry me? 

Felicia: Yes! Yes, of course! 

Xander: Thank you, Felicia. I feel as though you have lit a fire in my heart. 
And I ask that you, as my queen, bring this same fire to all the people of 
Nohr. Together, we will inspire them to rise anew from the ashes of the past! 

Felicia: Y-yes, sir! I think I can do that! Probably!
A1. Mozu C

Mozu: ... 

Xander: Mozu. 

Mozu: P-Prince Xander? 

Xander: What are you doing, eating here all by yourself? You should join the 
others. I'm sure they'd be happy to have you. 

Mozu: No, thank you. That's OK... Um... could you please go away now, milord? 

Xander: Hm? Have I done something to offend you? 

Mozu: No. You're just... scary. 

Xander: Scary? In what way? 

Mozu: Just... your whole face... thing. 

Xander: My face? I see. My apologies. I'll take my leave of you now. 
(Xander leaves) 

Mozu: Oh, tarnation. I think I just insulted the prince... My head's gonna 
roll for this, I just know it... 
Mozu B

Mozu: Lord Xander? I'm awful sorry about what I said before. You didn't do 
anything wrong. I shouldn't have asked you to leave like that. Or said that 
stuff about your face... 

Xander: Fret not. It's not the first time that someone has found me 
intimidating. Unfortunately, that seems to be the effect I have on most. 

Mozu: But... 

Xander: It's fine. I'm just sorry that I scared you. You've been through so 
much... I hate the idea that I have added to your suffering, even in so small 
a way. 

Mozu: No, Lord Xander. I'm the one who was wrong- 

Xander: No. It was my fault, and I must work to correct it. There must be 
some way for me to appear less intimidating. Now, let us talk no more of 

Mozu: Yes, milord... Um... Milord? 

Xander: Yes? 

Mozu: You remember that I grew up in a little village, right? We were all 
like one big family... Everyone knew everyone else. Nobody locked their doors 
or nothing. You could come and go anywhere you pleased. 

Xander: Yes, I know. It sounds like it was a wonderful place. 

Mozu: It was. I hate that it's gone... but maybe it doesn't have to be. Not 
entirely. Well... I want this army to feel the same, you know? Like we're all 
family. So... would it be all right if I thought of you as one of my village 
folks, Prince Xander? No one in my village would have argued about who was at 
fault. And nobody was scared by no one else. How does that sound? 

Xander: It sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I'd be honored to be a part of 
your village. Thank you, Mozu. 

Mozu: Thank you, milord!
Mozu A

Xander: Mozu, I- Ah, my apologies. I didn't realize you were busy. 

Mozu: I'm awful sorry, but it might be best if you came back in a bit. I've 
got a ton of cooking to do and not nearly enough time. 

Xander: Oh? Why all the cooking? 

Mozu: Well, seems to be a lot of people wanting to visit me lately. I've got 
to admit, I'm right flattered, but it's so much work! After all, a person 
can't have guests and send them off with empty bellies, can they? 

Xander: I see. But you ARE happy to be seeing so much of everyone, correct? 

Mozu: Oh, yes! I love it. Everyone's really opened up. I reckon soon this 
place will be just like my old village in a lot of ways. But why do you look 
so happy, milord? 

Xander: Hm? I look happy? What do you mean? 

Mozu: You're always wrinkling your forehead and frowning. And now you're 
doing neither! You even got some color on your cheeks! I don't think I've 
ever seen that before... Wait... Is all this... your doing? 

Xander: Hm? 

Mozu: Did you ask everyone to come see me after I told you about my village? 
... You did, didn't you? 

Xander: That's preposterous. Why would I do such a thing? 

Mozu: C'mon! Admit it! I thought it was odd that everyone wanted to see me 
all at once. 

Xander: It is odd, but I really wouldn't know anything about it. 

Mozu: Then what's with that smile of yours? Explain yourself! 

Xander: I'm not smiling. I'm just frowning less intensely. 

Mozu: Ugh! Fine, have it your way. You know, I thought the crown prince of 
Nohr would be real stuck up and scary. But I guess I was wrong. He's a big 
ol' softie! And I'm lucky to know him. 

Xander: No, I keep telling you, I didn't do a thing. You've got the wrong 
idea entirely. 

Mozu: How long are you gonna keep that act up? Just admit it so I can thank 
you already!
Mozu S

Mozu: Lord Xander! I've got a present for you. 

Xander: Mozu, you really didn't have to- 

Mozu: I owed you one! So I made you as much food as I thought you could eat. 
Here, try this first! It's a special soup my ma used to make. 

Xander: Well, it would not become a prince to turn down such a fine gift. I 
don't think I've ever seen food like this before. *munch munch munch* This is 
delicious! There's a simple warmth to these dishes that I find... comforting. 
Thank you, Mozu. 

Mozu: I'm glad you feel that way. This food is very important to me. I feel 
like, in a way, my village lives on through these dishes. 

Xander: Mmmm. Truly incredible. I can't stop eating! 

Mozu: Teehee. ... Lord Xander... is it possible for a prince to... ah... 
well... love a commoner? 

Xander: Hm? 

Mozu: Er... nothing. I'm sorry. I was just mumbling to myself, is all. 
Hahaha. *sigh* I'm such a chowderhead. I don't know what I was going on 
about. I'm sorry. 

Xander: I see. Yes. 

Mozu: Huh? 

Xander: I wanted to ask you for the recipe to this soup. 

Mozu: Oh. Haha, silly me. I thought you were saying something else. Shouldn't 
have got my hopes up like that. Of course you can have the recipe. 

Xander: No, don't misunderstand me. 

Mozu: Huh? 

Xander: I did say yes in answer to your question. It is possible for a prince 
to love a commoner. I just also wished to ask you for the recipe. 

Mozu: Oh. Well... uh... thank you.  

Xander: You see, I would like to make this soup for you sometime. It appears 
to be very precious to you, and I can think of no better gift. It alone would 
be capable of showing you the depth of my feelings. 

Mozu: Wha- Your feelings?! 

Xander: Yes. I have fallen for you, Mozu. 

Mozu: You've fallen for me? ME? You wouldn't pull a poor country girl's leg, 
would you? 

Xander: I am serious. I have never and would never say something I did not 

Mozu: So... then... will you be with me, Prince Xander? 

Xander: I will, if you'll have me. Now, please, sit and share some of this 
food with me. From now on, you do not serve me. We stand side by side. 

Mozu: Oh, goodness. Dreams do come true!
A1. Effie C

Xander: Effie. Do you have a moment? 

Effie: Lord Xander... Is anything the matter? 

Xander: No, at the moment all is calm. I just decided that I'd like to spend 
more time conversing with my fellow soldiers. So, if there's anything on your 
mind, I'd like to hear about it. Do you have any suggestions, comments, or 

Effie: Complaints? 

Xander: How is your relationship with Lady Elise? All is well, I hope? 

Effie: Oh, it's perfect. I am prepared, as always, to protect her to my 
utmost ability. I push myself to the max in every workout and battle for her. 
I consume plate after plate of food for her. And when the food's all gone, I 
scavenge for more. For her. I must be strong! 

Xander: Excellent. We should all be so lucky to fall under your protection. 
But tell me, is there anything that makes you unhappy? Please, speak freely. 

Effie: If anything, I am somewhat dissatisfied with my own performance. 

Xander: How so? It seems to me you go above and beyond in all you do. 

Effie: It's just... I hold myself to an impossibly high standard. In some 
ways I feel I've plateaued, but I want to take my training further. I've 
tried everything, but it's been difficult to make any progress... 

Xander: I see. Well, I'm certain you have yet to reach your maximum 
potential. Have you consulted with Arthur? He seems to take his personal 
fitness quite seriously. You should have a word with him. Perhaps he'll have 
some workout tips for you. 

Effie: Sound advice, milord. I will do just that.
Effie B

Xander: Ah, Effie. Did you ever meet with Arthur about your training? 

Effie: Yes, milord. He observed one of my workouts, and then we... uh... 

Xander: Fantastic. 

Effie: Er, yes. Although, to be honest, the sparring was not particularly 

Xander: Oh? 

Effie: Well, it's just... Arthur didn't offer much in the way of competition. 
Although, in all fairness, it wasn't really his fault. 

Xander: Please, elaborate. 

Effie: Certainly, milord. Just as Arthur was getting into his battle stance, 
a bee flew up his nose! Flailing about in confusion, he stumbled across a 
tree root and lost his balance. We were, unfortunately, positioned near the 
top of a particularly steep ravine... 

Xander: Ah, no need to continue. I can guess what happened next. 

Effie: So... you don't want to hear about the part where he was struck by 

Xander: *sigh* Poor Arthur. He seems almost cursed somehow... 

Effie: True... Anyway, Lord Xander, I am still in search of new training 
methods. Our enemies grow stronger by the day, and I fear I am falling 

Xander: I understand, Effie. I will give this matter some more thought.
Effie A

Xander: Effie, I've been giving a great deal of thought to your training 
regimen. I believe I have arrived at what is hopefully an acceptable 
solution. Why don't you spar with me? 

Effie: Are you serious? I'd be honored to spar with you, milord! 

Xander: Then draw your weapon and prepare yourself. I shall not hold back. 

Effie: Wait, right this actual second?
(Weapon clang)
Effie: Gah... I wasn't ready! 

Xander: That's no excuse! Come! Attack!
(Weapon clang)

Effie: Urgh... 

Xander: What's wrong with you, Effie? I've seen you in battle-you're better 
than this! Where's that legendary work ethic? Show me what you've got. NOW! 

Effie: Lord Xander! I... I can't!
(Time passes)
Effie: Ughhhh... *huff* *huff* 

Xander: I must admit, I'm disappointed in you, Effie. Why didn't you give it 
your all? 

Effie: I don't know, milord. I... I just couldn't motivate myself! I don't 
have a problem sparring with the others... Perhaps it's because you're my 
superior. Making myself attack you is like making myself attack Lady Elise. 

Xander: But sparring is all about imagining you are truly in a fight for your 
life. Ah, I know. Why not pretend that I have lost my mind? 

Effie: Lost your mind, milord? How could that...? No... that simply could 
never happen! 

Xander: That's enough, Effie. You must now force yourself to imagine the 
impossible. Imagine I have lost all sense of self and am determined to kill 
Elise. Are you just going to stand there and watch? 

Effie: I think I'm going to be sick just thinking about it... 

Xander: Now, now. You really do take things quite seriously, don't you? 
Perhaps I have put you in a tough situation. For that, I apologize. Let's 
call it a day, shall we? It's time for supper, anyway. A hearty meal would do 
you good. In fact, I order you to eat to your heart's content. 

Effie: Eat as much as I want? Really? Is that going to be OK? Because I'm not 
sure there would be enough for everyone else... 

Xander: Haha! Of course, I had forgotten about your voracious appetite. Well, 
think of it as a new type of sparring... between you and the cooks. I have a 
suspicion that this battle will leave you feeling rejuvenated. So! Take up 
your fork and spoon, and on my command... DESTROY. 

Effie: Sir, yes, sir!
Effie S

Xander: Ah, Effie. Thank you for joining me. I know we're a bit off the 
beaten path. 

Effie: That's all right, milord... It's nice here. And I wanted to thank you 
for the other day. I think that gigantic meal got me back on track. I'm 
feeling better! 

Xander: Ah, yes. The great battle between the food pantry and Effie was a 
draw. Not for lack of effort on either side, I might add. I was... impressed. 

Effie: Well, thank you again. I'd like to think that all that food is making 
me stronger as we speak. 

Xander: Speaking of your training... I have devised a rigorous workout for 

Effie: Oh? Tell me more! 

Xander: Feast your eyes... on THIS! 

Effie: Milord? All I see is a massive pile of boulders. And I already use 
those for training. 

Xander: Effie, I was thinking of building a home here. A magnificent new 
villa. And I realized that your training might dovetail nicely with my plans. 

Effie: But I don't know anything about construction... 

Xander: Never mind that. I have all the details of this new castle worked 
out. All I need is the brute force to carry, break, and stack the boulders to 
make walls. What do you think? Would that not be a challenging training 

Effie: It does sound challenging... 

Xander: There's one more thing. When the castle is complete, we shall both 
live there. 

Effie: Live... together? 

Xander: Yes, as man and wife. 

Effie: HAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, what? 

Xander: I don't understand what's so funny. I'm asking for your hand in 
marriage! Will you marry me, Effie? 

Effie: Gods, you're serious! I... I don't know what to say! Lord Xander... In 
my most fevered dreams, I never imagined myself as your bride! I mean... 
you're a prince! I'm just a retainer. How could such an arrangement work? 

Xander: I understand your reluctance. So... is that a no? 

Effie: Lord Xander, I consider you the greatest leader and man in the kingdom 
of Nohr. I want to accept your proposal, but... 

Xander: Why do you look so uneasy? 

Effie: I'm worried that it may affect my relationship with Lady Elise. 

Xander: Effie. Darling. I am fully aware of how much you value your 
relationship with Elise. That is why I have already set aside a room for her 
in the castle plans. 

Effie: You have! Oh, that's so considerate of you! She'll love that! If that 
is the case, Lord Xander, then my answer is yes. Yes, I will marry you! 

Xander: Then it's decided. 

Effie: Oh, I can't wait to get to work! Can I go ahead and start? 

Xander: Very well, how about starting with this large boulder? 

Effie: Large? Pfft. I'm so pumped up right now, this thing looks like a 
pebble. HRRRGH! (Damage dealt)

Xander: Gods! Go easy on those boulders, Effie!
A1. Nyx C

Nyx: Prince Xander, is there anything that troubles you?

Xander: An odd and unprovoked question. Why do you ask it?

Nyx: It's rude to answer one question with another. And I asked first. Is 
there anything that troubles you?

Xander: No. Not at the moment... 

Nyx: ... You dissemble, prince, but I know the truth.

Xander: If memory serves... you are a soothsayer, are you not?

Nyx: Yes. And?

Xander: My apologies, Nyx, but I believe the art to be a sham and a ruse.

Nyx: Do you now...? Then it is fortunate that I am not relating a prophecy.

Xander: Oh? Say what you will, but I have no troubles. I must go hence to 
plan the next offensive. Unless you foresee disaster there too?

Nyx: No. But promise me this. Come see me before the strain becomes too much 
to bear.

Xander: ... If you insist.
Nyx B

Xander: I'm curious, Nyx. What are you so certain that I'm worried about?

Nyx: Hmhm. You came straight away, I see. Didn't you say that soothsaying was 
a sham and a ruse?

Xander: Answering a question with a question, are we?

Nyx: Haha! Well done. But you surprised me. I didn't think you'd come.

Xander: Answer the question, please. What did you think was troubling me?

Nyx: May I be frank?

Xander: You have my leave.

Nyx: It's the war. The fighting troubles you.

Xander: The war?

Nyx: Yes. The truth is that you have no desire to kill your enemies. But in 
war, their lives can mean nothing. You must have no qualms in taking them. 
This puts you in a difficult position. You seem to be in pain.

Xander: ... 

Nyx: You are noble in spirit as well as blood. As the eldest prince, you 
always put your kingdom first. But that is also your weakness.

Xander: Do tell.

Nyx: You should not have to sublimate your own feelings for the greater good. 
You must give them voice and be true to yourself on occasion. ... That is 

Xander: So noted. Tell me, on what grounds do you say all of this?

Nyx: Must I explain myself?

Xander: Soothsaying, then. I thought as much. So, you truly are aware of my 
feelings on the subject. Interesting. I must be going now. Thank you for your 
time. Good day, Nyx.

Nyx: ... That is regrettable. For myself, and for you as well.
Nyx A

Nyx: Prince Xander, we must talk.

Xander: If this is more soothsaying... 

Nyx: No. You asked me before what grounds I had to say those things. You 
assumed I knew what I did through soothsaying, but that is not the truth.

Xander: Then what is?

Nyx: ... In you, I saw something that felt familiar.

Xander: How so?

Nyx: The crown prince of Nohr must surely know why I am called a monster.

Xander: I do.

Nyx: I am forever young in form, and not through any fault in my bloodline. 
Why do you think that is?

Xander: I... I couldn't say.

Nyx: Even at a young age, I was skilled in the dark arts. I cast eldritch 
spells with ease. But the power proved too much for a child. One spell, cast 
half in jest, cost many people their lives. The toll it took on me caused my 
body to be frozen in time.

Xander: ... 

Nyx: There were times when I wanted to die rather than deal with what 
happened. But I live on, hoping that someday I might find a way to atone for 
my crimes. Despite this, I've found that my talents lie mostly in dealing 
more death. It makes one wonder what the point of it all is. If all I do is 
kill, am I really winning my salvation? Or something else?

Xander: ... You and I may be more alike than I thought. I'd like to discuss 
this further, if you have the time.

Nyx: I'll listen as long as you wish. Even if I don't look it, I'm old enough 
that I might have some useful advice for you.
Nyx S

Nyx: You summoned me, Prince Xander?

Xander: I have a proposal for you. I want to grant you noble status. Would 
you like to be the Queen of Nohr?

Nyx: What?!

Xander: Your shock is understandable, but know that my proposal is genuine. 
As proof, I present you with this ring.

Nyx: ... I'm honored-thrilled, even-but are you sure about this? To wed an 

Xander: The kingdom of Nohr is strongly unified. Yet even so, it is more 
fragile than it seems. An objective point of view such as yours would be 
valuable. Moreover, you are courageous, calm, and collected, with a sharp 
mind. All of those are qualities befitting a queen. But above all else, you 
are the one whom I love.

Nyx: But... the things I've done... 

Xander: In terms of lives claimed, I am not far behind you on that grim 
tally. If there is any way for us to atone... it is by stopping the fight 
here. Together, we shall ensure such a burden never touches another 
generation. You and I will be the cornerstone of a new era of Nohr.

Nyx: ... Intriguing. I see no reason to refuse your proposal.

Xander: Wonderful! This is a bright day both for us and for Nohr.

Nyx: But you know that due to my curse, I will remain in this state. I will 
never age. You don't mind that in a wife?

Xander: It is not precisely what I envisioned for my queen, but we will make 
it work.

Nyx: I suppose I at least will never fear you abandoning me for someone 

Xander: That's absurd. If that were all that drove my decision, I'd have 
proposed to a brainless courtier.

Nyx: Hmhmhm, a very good point. Thank you... dear Xander.
A1. Selena C

Selena: Lord Xander! 

Xander: Yes, Selena? 

Selena: What were you doing in there?! 

Xander: You mean in the war council meeting? Was my behavior amiss? 

Selena: Well, not more than usual. But... yes. Ugh. I guess if no one else 
will tell you, it's up to me. You're way too rigid! There, I said it. 

Xander: Too... rigid? Is that so? 

Selena: It's OK to be a little bit uptight now and then, but that's all you 
ever are! What you need is a sense of humor. 

Xander: I apologize if my... rigidity has offended you. I simply do not have 
time to concern myself with such frivolities. All of my efforts must be 
focused upon improving the welfare of my people. Is a sense of humor really 
necessary for that? 

Selena: Yes, it is! Big-time! How else will you make your people love you? 

Xander: I'm more concerned about their well-being than about winning their 
favor. I value strength and integrity. There is no need for me to pander. 

Selena: You wouldn't be pandering. You'd just be showing another side of 
yourself. Besides, subjects want to love their kings. They'll be happier if 
you let them. 

Xander: Hm. I suppose those are fair points... 

Selena: So we've just got to find your funny bone. It will be a great boon 
for Nohr. I'm sure of it. 

Xander: Hmph. If you say so. 

Selena: If you'd like, I can give you a lesson or two. Just think about it, 

Xander: Very well. I shall take it under consideration.
Selena B

Selena: You came! Beautiful! Ready for day one of comedy class? 

Xander: ... 

Selena: Hey, c'mon! Let's turn that frown upside down! I'm proud of you, 
working so hard to please your kingdom like this. Once you've got your 
comedic talents up to snuff, nothing will stand in your way! All of Nohr will 
worship the ground you walk on! 

Xander: I'm not sure that's necessary to- 

Selena: OK, let's get started! First, imagine we're in another war council 
meeting and someone says, "Hold it!" What would you say? Remember, answer 
with humor. 

Xander: I'd say... "Hold what?" 

Selena: Not quite... You should say something more like, "Hold it? But my 
hands are full!" Did you get it? It's funny because they don't mean "hold" 
like that! Get it? Do you get it? Tell me you get it. 

Xander: ... Do people truly find such things funny? 

Selena: Hey, who's the comedy teacher, here? I said it's funny, so it's 
funny, right? Anyway, you say that and everyone will see that you're human 
too. You'll charm the whole room! 

Xander: I'm not so certain. I think they would be angry I was wasting time 
with jokes. How can I sit here and jest while my people are miserable? I am 
their prince. So long as a single Nohrian is suffering, I mustn't allow 
myself to engage in levity. 

Selena: Riiight. Look, just trust me on this. Can you do that for me? Just 
give it a shot! Everyone will love it! 

Xander: Hm... Well, if you're certain, I suppose I shall try to keep your 
recommendation in mind.
Selena A

Selena: Lord Xander! How goes your humor practice? Have you tried to tell any 
jokes to anyone? 

Xander: Yes. I tried your joke about being unable to hold things with my 

Selena: Really? That's great! How did it go? 

Xander: Terribly. 

Selena: Huh? 

Xander: I abandoned all shame and said it exactly as you told me to, 
gesticulations and all. But then everyone got quiet and Camilla looked 
extremely concerned. Leo and Avatar ran off to find a healer. Elise was 
crying and saying something about my poor head. I knew immediately that I had 
made a grave mistake. So I told them I was just feeling silly after having a 
little too much to drink. It was humiliating, an emotion unbefitting a 
prince, and one I'm quite unfamiliar with. 

Selena: Oh. I'm sorry it went so poorly. I mean, that this is my fault. It 
was probably your delivery. The joke is hilarious! Right? Right. Gets me 
every time. But I see why it happened. You're always so stern, it must be odd 
to see you joke. 

Xander: If it's so odd, then why did you make me try it in the first place? 

Selena: Well, that's why I'm apologizing! I should have known better. It's 
just... you always look so upset. I've never seen your brow unfurrowed. I 
thought that if I taught you a few jokes, it might help relieve some of your 
stress. But it looks like I failed miserably. 

Xander: You mean... this wasn't for Nohr? You just wanted me to be happier? 

Selena: D-don't get the wrong idea! You just looked so ridiculous, I had to 
intervene!  I didn't do it for you. Or Lady Camilla. It's not that I thought 
she'd like to see you smile... ... She worries about you all the time, you 

Xander: So that's what this is about. Selena... 

Selena: Bah! Don't start with me. 

Xander: I just want to thank you. Camilla is blessed to have a retainer like 
you in her service. 

Selena: But... Lady Camilla didn't like my joke either, did she? 

Xander: Er... no. 

Selena: Ugh. I guess that's that. I'll have to think of something else. But 
don't think I'm letting you off the hook that easily. Your days of being a 
stuffy, joyless prince are numbered. You hear me? 

Xander: Haha. All right. I look forward to hearing your next suggestion. 
Thank you, Selena.
Selena S

Selena: Lord Xander. There's something I need to apologize for. 

Xander: Oh, so you're finally apologizing for your "hold it" joke, hm? 

Selena: No. Well, there's that too, I guess. But- Wait, was that a joke?! 
Anyway... I wanted to say I'm sorry for trying to change you. In fact, I 
think it might be better for you to stay just the way you are. 

Xander: Better? Even though everyone thinks I'm stiff and intimidating? 

Selena: Er... about that. You know how I said everyone felt that way? They 
don't. Or, they might, but I've never heard them say it. It's just... how I 

Xander: Oh? 

Selena: I mean, when I first came to the castle, I thought you'd never stop 
glaring at me! How was a poor, gentle maiden such as myself supposed to feel? 

Xander: A poor, gentle maiden? You? 

Selena: *ahem* 

Xander: Ah, apologies. Please continue. 

Selena: Lady Camilla told me you were neither scary nor stuffy. She said that 
you're a compassionate, kind man who puts his family and friends first. Now I 
know beyond a doubt that she was right. And that's enough. You don't have to 
learn to be goofy or funny. You just have to be you. 

Xander: Thank you. It makes me very happy to hear you say that. It also makes 
this next part easier. 

Selena: Next part? 

Xander: Yes. Please, give me your hand. Selena... will you marry me? 

Selena: C-come again? 

Xander: You're the only one in the whole world who speaks so openly with me. 
I don't think that any other woman is as fit to be the queen of Nohr as you 

Selena: But... Xander... I can't be the queen of Nohr! 

Xander: Preposterous. Whyever not? 

Selena: Well, I have to go home eventually... 

Xander: Home? 

Selena: But if I left... I'd never see you again... No, I just can't think 
about that now! OK. I'll do it. Come what may. Very well, Prince Xander. I 
will gladly accept your hand in marriage. 

Xander: You will? 

Selena: How can I say no when you have that dreamy smile on your face? When 
you smile, you're cool AND cute. A girl could get used to that face! But 
honestly, I like you best as you usually are, stern looks and all. You're the 
unconquered prince with a kind heart. The man... the man I love. There's no 
need for you to be anything else. At least, not with me. 

Xander: Thank you, Selena. Let us go tell the others our happy news.
A1. Beruka C

Beruka: Damn bloodstain... 

Xander: Hello, Beruka. 

Beruka: Why won't you come off? 

Xander: Beruka, did you hear me? 

Beruka: Lord Xander. Hello. 

Xander: You seem quite focused on cleaning your weapon. Something troubling 

Beruka: Do you need something, milord? 

Xander: No, nothing important. I just sometimes enjoy conversing with my 

Beruka: Really. Well, you should be more careful when approaching an armed 

Xander: Excuse me? What do you mean by that? 

Beruka: Just that someone in your position must have numerous enemies. You 
can't afford to relax your guard. 
Xander: But we are in camp-are you saying that I'm in danger, even when 
surrounded by allies? 

Beruka: I don't want to go into detail. I apologize if I sound cryptic. Just 
know that there are words in this world that, once said, would change all. 

Xander: I still don't understand what you mean. 

Beruka: I'm sorry, Lord Xander. I can say no more. 

Xander: Hmm... 
Beruka B

Xander: Beruka, I believe I have determined what you were trying to tell me 
the other day. 

Beruka: Indeed, milord? 

Xander: Someone has hired you to assassinate me, haven't they? 

Beruka: You know that I cannot disclose anything about my contracts. 

Xander: But I am correct, am I not? 

Beruka: *sigh* How did you know? 

Xander: I didn't, until just now. But I had a feeling. Who gave the order? 

Beruka: I can't say. 

Xander: Why haven't you attempted to kill me yet? I assume that once 
assassins have a target, they move without hesitation. Even if they know the 
person. You more than most. Didn't you accept a contract to kill your old 

Beruka: Perhaps I am still planning. 

Xander: I am here, right now. If you are going to try and kill me, let's get 
it over with. 

Beruka: M-milord?! 

Xander: Why are you hesitating? Is the great assassin Beruka so easily 
intimidated? I can understand why, of course. Cross blades with me, and 
you'll surely lose. Despite your skill, I simply won't allow myself to lose-
for the good of Nohr. When it comes to defending my kingdom, I won't let 
anything stop me. 

Beruka: I do not doubt your dedication, milord. 

Xander: Is that why you still do not strike, then? Perhaps you prefer 
sticking to the shadows until the moment is right. That's fine. There is no 
advantage in the world that will ensure your victory. 

Beruka: ... 
Beruka A

Beruka: Lord Xander... 

Xander: Has the time finally come, Beruka? 

Beruka: It has not, milord. I am here to give you a report. 

Xander: Very well. What is it? 

Beruka: I have information about the demise of the man who wanted you dead. 

Xander: Demise? You said nothing of the person being dead when last we spoke. 

Beruka: That is because I had not yet killed him. 

Xander: I do not understand. 

Beruka: I saw the conviction in your eyes last time we spoke. I hadn't ever 
seen what it looks like when someone carries the weight of a kingdom. But 
when you spoke, I could see that you would do anything to protect Nohr. No 
amount of money could compete with that determination. 

Xander: Pathetic. You tucked your tail once you saw strength and then killed 
your employer to save face. 

Beruka: You are incorrect, milord. I am Lady Camilla's retainer now, and I 
will continue to serve her faithfully. If I had killed you, it would have 
hurt Lady Camilla badly. When I confronted my potential employer and said as 
much, he attacked me. His death was an act of self-defense, not betrayal. I 
never accepted his contract. 

Xander: Which means... you did not go back on your word. 

Beruka: Correct, milord. However, after today I will resign from this army. 

Xander: Why, Beruka? 

Beruka: Because, for a time, I did consider taking that contract. You 
shouldn't have someone like me fighting by your side. 

Xander: No. I do not accept your resignation. Despite being tempted, you 
remained loyal to my sister, and thus to me. If I banished everyone who so 
much as considered dishonorable actions... Well, I imagine Nohr would be a 
rather empty kingdom. Compassion is important for he who would see himself as 
king one day. 

Beruka: I think I understand, milord. 

Xander: Good. I will be counting on you in the coming battles, Beruka. 

Beruka: Thank you, Lord Xander. I will continue to faithfully serve the 
kingdom of Nohr. Not just for Camilla... but also for you.
Beruka S

Xander: Beruka, I have had trouble tracking you down since our last 

Beruka: I did not want to remind you of my near betrayal, milord. 

Xander: I understand, but I must tell you... Your absence has wounded me more 
than those events ever could have. 

Beruka: I... don't understand. 

Xander: Beruka, will you marry me? I have procured this ring as proof of my 
commitment to you. 

Beruka: Milord, I... I'm so happy to hear those words from you. But... is 
someone like me, an assassin, truly a worthy queen of Nohr? 

Xander: Of course. In fact, you are the perfect fit. Nohr needs a queen who 
is familiar with the dark side of life, not just the light. So tell me, 
Beruka-what do you say? I eagerly await your answer... 

Beruka: I don't know what to say, milord. I have the strangest sensation. 
It's like how I felt after my first kill. My heart is racing, and I feel like 
I have butterflies in my stomach. I have but one question, Lord Xander. If 
you had to kill me in order to save Nohr, would you do it? 

Xander: ... I would, yes. Though it would haunt me until my dying day. 

Beruka: Good. I don't want to come between you and your kingdom. I will 
gladly accept your marriage proposal. 

Xander: You've made me so happy, Beruka. I'm sorry if this seems sudden, but 
you've always been so guarded about yourself... If possible, I'd love to see 
where you grew up. 

Beruka: You want to see the slums? Are you sure? It's a dangerous, unsavory 

Xander: I know, but I want to learn everything about you-about what made you 
who you are. I want to share in your sorrows as well as your joys, if you'll 
allow me. 

Beruka: Xander... It would be my great joy to share that with you. Thank 
you... my love.
A1. Peri C

Peri: Waaah... Waaaaaaaaah! WAAAAAH! *sob*

Xander: Peri? What's the matter? 

Peri: Hi, Lord Xander... *sob* 

Xander: Calm yourself, Peri. Tell me, why are you crying? 

Peri: I just... It's just... *sniffle* 

Xander: Speak, Peri. Consider that an order. 

Peri: ... OK, you asked for it. Everyone keeps yelling at me! 

Xander: They're scolding you? Whatever for? 

Peri: They say... they say I... They say I'm a bad retainer! *sob* 

Xander: Nonsense! I don't think that's for them to decide. Why would they say 

Peri: It's because I'm not... What was it again? Oh yeah. Not respectful. 
They say I don't respect you enough. That I talk too casual to you. Like 
that's a bad thing! 

Xander: Ah, I see. 

Peri: I really do appreciate all you've done for me! But people say I don't. 
They say if I was really grateful, I would act like it. But this is how I've 
always talked! I don't even know how to change! I don't know what to doooooo! 

Xander: I see what this is about now... Thank you for telling me of this, 
Peri. Please keep your chin up. I'm certain your sadness will soon pass.
Peri B

Peri: Waaaaaaaaah! *sob* 

Xander: Peri. You must stop crying and listen. 

Peri: Oh! Lord Xander...? 

Xander: First, you must know that your manner of speech has never mattered to 
me. But having said that, I've considered your problem at length. 

Xander: I have decided that you have free rein to behave however you wish. 

Peri: So... I can just talk how I normally talk? 

Xander: That's right. If you want lessons in formal speech, I can give you 
some advice. But if not, you needn't change a thing. 

Peri: Huh... I... I want to try learning. I'm sick of getting nagged about 
it! If this keeps up, anyone who talks to me about etiquette will need a 

Xander: Understood. Then allow me to bestow a few pointers. 

Peri: That sounds great! Thank you! 

Xander: I shall start by letting you in on a secret. When nobles speak, we 
typically consider our words with great care. We take time to build up a 
large vocabulary that we may properly convey our thoughts. 

Peri: You mean, you use fancy words? 

Xander: Ha! That's one way to look at it. Once you build up a proper 
vocabulary, it's easier to speak formally. I swear, it's not as hard as it 
first seems. 

Peri: That's all it takes? OK! I'll give it a shot! *ahem* Thou Lord Xander! 
Would thine desirest to ride to the batt-um, the kerfuffle with us? 

Xander: ... "Thou" is a pronoun. You don't use it with a name. Also, it is an 
informal pronoun... As for "kerfuffle"- 

Peri: Whaaat?! That was wrong? I don't get it... This is too hard! 

Xander: "Lord Xander! Is it your will to ride into battle with us this day?" 
That would be how it's said with the proper formalities. Now you try. 

Peri: How can I?! I don't get it at all! You lied, Lord Xander! This is WAY 
too hard to keep straight! 

Xander: Don't get discouraged. It takes practice. Here's how you could have 
said that... Repeat after me. "This is far too burdensome to put into 
practice!" That's how a refined lady might say it. Now you try. 

Peri: This is far too... burdensome... to put into practice. 

Xander: Excellent! Very good, Peri. 

Peri: ... I hate this! I give up. I'm just gonna talk like normal! 

Xander: Peri... 

Peri: I mean, I know how much I appreciate you! What does it matter how I act 
as long as my feelings are real? ... Does that make sense, Lord Xander? 

Xander: It does. I admit to feeling discomfited, hearing you try to speak 
formally. You're a valuable asset to us. I don't want your morale lowered 
over such matters. You have my blessing to proceed as before. 

Peri: So it's OK? 

Xander: Yes. I will inform the others. 

Peri: Thanks! You're the best, Lord Xander!
Peri A

Peri: Lord Xander! Thanks for talking to everyone. No one yells at me 

Xander: I'm pleased to hear that the matter is settled. It's good to see you 
smiling again. 

Peri: Heehee! Thanks! 

Xander: Do you remember when I first brought you to the castle? The smile on 
your face now is identical to the one you displayed then. 

Peri: Sure I remember! You liked the way I handled myself in the nobles' 
fighting tourney. So you brought me to the castle and made me your retainer. 

Xander: That feels as if it was ages ago, though in truth not much time has 

Peri: I've always wondered, Lord Xander... Why did you bring me to the 
castle? I didn't win the tourney. I came in, what, third? Fourth? Why call me 
up instead of the champion? 

Xander: It was your class. 

Peri: Like, in school? But I never graduated... 

Xander: No, as in your caliber as a person. Your quality. 

Peri: My caliber? But I didn't win. 

Xander: Is that what you were thinking about during the tournament? Winning? 

Peri: Not really. I just thought it would be fun. 

Xander: Yes. And despite that mind-set, and your lack of preparation, you 
still placed highly. It showed me how vast your potential was. That is why I 
chose you for service. I wanted strong retainers, who could be counted on not 
to lose their lives in battle. 

Peri: In that case, you know how to pick 'em, Lord Xander! I'd NEVER go down 
without a fight! But do you ever have second thoughts? Like, you wish you'd 
picked someone else? 

Xander: Never. 

Peri: Yippee! And I never regret signing up! I'd do anything for you, Lord 

Xander: Thank you, Peri. Your words are much appreciated.
Peri S

Xander: Peri, I must speak with you. It is a matter of some importance. 

Peri: What's up, Lord Xander? 

Xander: Do you remember when we discussed my reasons for choosing you as a 

Peri: Yeah! Something to do with my class? 

Xander: Yes. And that is as true now as it ever was. But since that day, I've 
come to notice another admirable quality... One I perhaps value even more. 

Peri: Oh yeah? What's better than my class? 

Xander: Well, it has to do with the sort of woman you are... 

Peri: What do you mean, Lord Xander? 

Xander: *sigh* It's hard to find the right words. I'll just say it as best I 
can. I sense a quality in you that has nothing to do with your prowess in 

Peri: Huh? Like what? 

Xander: I think that you... I think perhaps... I think you might make a fine 
wife... and a future queen of Nohr, at that. 

Peri: HUH?! Are you saying...? 

Xander: I've had an eye on you ever since I summoned you to the castle. Your 
style of speech is not an issue. Nohr has had many eccentric queens. Your 
loyalty has been tested time and time again and found to be perfectly firm. 
In every way, you seem eminently suitable. And so... 

Peri: Wait, what? I still don't get it! Say it so I can understand. 

Xander: I'm putting it as simply as I know how... Let me try this again. In 
the plainest terms possible... Peri, I'm quite fond of you. 

Peri: Ohhhh! OK! I feel the same way! I love you too, Lord Xander! 

Xander: As a prince, yes? 

Peri: Yep! 

Xander: I see... 

Peri: But I love you in other ways too! Just like how I talk doesn't change 
the way I feel... I love you whether you're a prince or not! I love 
everything about you, Lord Xander! 

Xander: Peri... 

Peri: What about you? Would you love me whether I'm your retainer or not? 

Xander: Indeed, I would. I love every aspect of you. 

Peri: Teehee! Well, there you go, then! 

Xander: Well, in that case... Shall we go select a ring together? Nothing but 
the finest will do. 

Peri: Oooh! Yes, please! I really do love you, Xander! You'll be my favorite 
forever and ever!
A1. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Hello, Prince Xander. You sent for me? 

Xander: Indeed, Charlotte. Take a seat. 

Charlotte: Um, all right... Milord, you've got such a scowl on your face, and 
yet it's as wonderful as ever! *swoon* 

Xander: ... 

Charlotte: Is something bothering you, milord? 

Xander: This is meant to be a serious conversation. I have received less than 
flattering reports about you lately. 

Charlotte: Bad reports? I don't understand. 

Xander: It appears you've been completely ignoring army regulations. Numerous 
times. Can you explain yourself? 

Charlotte: I'm causing a disruption in the army? I didn't realize anything 
was wrong... 

Xander: Don't give me that. You know exactly what you've been doing. You hold 
a rank above the average soldier, and your behavior is not appropriate. Do 
not behave in such a way that will embarrass Nohr. 

Charlotte: I wasn't trying to cause any- 

Xander: This is just a warning. Heed it, or there will be more dire 

Charlotte: ... Tsk... He must be talking about my flirtations... I'll need to 
change how I do things. 

Xander: Did you say something just now? 

Charlotte: Not I, milord. It must have been the wind you heard!
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Prince Xaaaaaandeeerrrr! 

Xander: Charlotte? What do you need? 

Charlotte: I don't need anything, milord! I'm here because I prepared a lunch 
for you! 

Xander: You made me lunch? 

Charlotte: Yes indeed. I poured an extra amount of love into it, just for 
you! Please, give it a try. 

Xander: I see. Thank you for making this for me. It is nearing lunchtime, so 
I may as well. It all looks pretty good, too. Maybe I'll try some of this... 

Charlotte: I made sure to use only the most healthy of ingredients, milord. I 
know your life is very demanding, so this meal was made to give you lots of 

Xander: Ah, the taste is excellent. I'll admit it; this is a good meal. 

Charlotte: Thank you for the compliment, milord! 

Xander: So, what's your next move? 

Charlotte: Excuse me? 

Xander: You've demonstrated that you can prepare an exceptional meal. What 
comes next? 

Charlotte: I'm sorry, milord. I don't understand what you're saying... 

Xander: This is how you make yourself more popular with the men in camp, is 
it not? I told you before, I've gotten reports. 

Charlotte: ... Usually I'd lean in to point out something in the meal, 
casually brushing against them. Like this... 

Xander: Stop. We've already talked about your behavior and how it needs to 

Charlotte: My apologies... But... is what I'm doing really so wrong? It seems 
like something men enjoy. 

Xander: If you have time to work out how to catch the eyes of those around 
you... you have time to train yourself for combat. 

Charlotte: I... Um... Yes, milord.
Charlotte A

Xander: Hnmpf! HAAH! 

Charlotte: It seems Prince Xander is working on his swordsmanship today... I 
still can't believe I've found a man who can resist my charm. I suppose it's 
unsurprising; he is Nohrian royalty, after all. An intimidating man... Ugh. 
Snap out of it, Charlotte. Just go apologize to him, and be... Those are 
Faceless over there! And they're heading for Prince Xander! Milord! Look out!
(Time passes)

Xander: That was close. Thanks for the aid, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: I only did what I had to. 

Xander: I am surprised, though... I saw you defeat a Faceless with only your 

Charlotte: I... well... *sigh* Unarmed brawling is probably one of my best 

Xander: If that's true, why do you fight with a weapon? 

Charlotte: I don't think such a talent would be all that appealing to the 

Xander: You seem so concerned with how others see you. Why? I'm sure you'd 
have just as many admirers if you hid less from the world. 

Charlotte: It's nice of you to say such a thing, but not everyone shares your 
mind-set. And I've experienced personally being rejected for showing my real 

Xander: Charlotte... 

Charlotte: I was born into a family of peasants. We had very, very little. I 
always dreamed of the vast riches the nobility possessed. That's why I'm so 
concerned with how men see me. It's my dream to find my way into that life. I 
won't let anything stand in my way. 

Xander: Heh. You're pretty honest once you drop the act. 

Charlotte: I apologize for disrupting the army. But I also won't change how I 
act. If that's not acceptable, I can depart at first light tomorrow. 

Xander: There is no need to adjust your behavior. 

Charlotte: ... What? 

Xander: Behave within reason. I don't want to read any more odd reports. Do 
that, and you may do... whatever it is you call what you do. 

Charlotte: R-really? Thank you, Prince Xander!
Charlotte S

Xander: Thanks for coming so quickly, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Of course, Prince Xander. But... isn't this place reserved for 
members of the royal family? 

Xander: It is, yes. 

Charlotte: I'm deeply moved... I've always wondered what it was like to be 
here. But, why... 

Xander: I would like for you to be able to come here whenever you wish. But 
for that to be possible, I must admit my feelings... 

Charlotte: What are you... W-wait a minute... I know I'm normally a little... 
silly, but can I say something up front and direct? 

Xander: Of course. 

Charlotte: This... is messed up!! Are you telling me you've fallen for me?! 
Because I'm warning you, I get revenge for jokes made at my expense! 

Xander: ... 

Charlotte: But if that isn't the case, then I apologize for my words. I'm 
just struggling to understand what you're saying. 

Xander: Charlotte, I've felt a strong attraction to you since we first met. I 
would have said something sooner, but I was hesitant. I thought a 
relationship between us would be too complicated. 

Charlotte: Complicated? How would it be complicated? 

Xander: I felt that a prince should only be with someone of noble blood. But 
as I thought about it more, and as I learned more about you... I realized it 
wasn't an impossible situation in the least. I'm sure that we can work 
together to overcome any hardship. 

Charlotte: You're really fine with this? Wouldn't I become Queen of Nohr in 
the future? 

Xander: You would. And that's what I would like. 

Charlotte: Well... I suppose I'll need to let my parents know my situation 
has changed a bit... Explaining the increase in how much money I send them 
each month, heehee. 

Xander: Hah, of course you send money to them. It's important to care for 
one's parents. 

Charlotte: Xander, I'm so excited for our future! Could you excuse me for a 
moment? I need to just poke my head out this window... 

Xander: Of course. What is it you're do- 


Xander: ... Oh, Charlotte. You never cease to amuse me.

A2. Azura C

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ?

Leo: What a lovely melody... 

Azura: Leo?! How long have you been standing there? 

Leo: I apologize. I was going to say something, but your song entranced me. I 
don't think I've ever heard music like that in Nohr. 

Azura: ... My mother taught me that song. 

Leo: Are you all right? You look a little pale. 

Azura: I'm sorry. I just remembered something I've been trying to forget. 

Leo: Is it about your time in Nohr? I've heard terrible stories about how you 
and your mother were treated. 

Azura: Leo, please forgive me. I just realized I'm late to a meeting. Excuse 
(Azura leaves) 

Leo: Azura, wait!
Azura B

Azura: Goodness! You all sounded so lovely today. I'll see you again soon.

Leo: Who were those children you were singing with? 

Azura: Leo! Shame on you. You know it's not polite to spy on people. 

Leo: Please, accept my apologies. I didn't want the singing to end. You 
looked so content. 

Azura: Are you all right, Leo? You seem upset. 

Leo: Yes, to be honest, something is troubling me. Your time in Hoshido was 
much happier than your time in Nohr. 

Azura: Leo, Nohr was a dark place for me. The Hoshidans were kind. 

Leo: I've heard stories about the way my father's servants and mistresses 
treated you. I imagine you must hate Nohrians. Wounds inflicted at a young 
age always leave scars. 

Azura: That may be true, but I don't hate anyone. After all, there are kind 
people in Nohr too. You taught me that. 

Leo: I did? Thank you, but I'm a bit surprised. I thought you must despise 
us. I am so glad to hear you do not. 

Azura: Of course I don't despise you. Now, please excuse me. I am needed 
Azura A

Leo: Azura, may I ask you a favor? 

Azura: Certainly. 

Leo: I would like to hear you sing a song-start to finish. I'm always missing 
some part... I wander in after the beginning, or I interrupt you and I never 
hear the end... 

Azura: All right, Leo. As you wish.
(Time passes)

Leo: Your voice is truly exceptional. I didn't want you to stop. Thank you, 

Azura: You're welcome. 

Leo: That's the song your mother taught you, isn't it? I can tell how much 
she meant to you. Every note is tinged with love. 

Azura: My mother showed me that, even in the worst of circumstances, love 
never fails. With the right person by your side, even a dark place can be 
full of light. 

Leo: Azura, I hope you mean that. I'd like to be that kind of person for you. 

Azura: Leo... You already are. 

Leo: Would you sing for me again? Just one more time... 

Azura: It would be my pleasure.
Azura S

Leo: Azura, I need some advice. 

Azura: Oh? 

Leo: Say a man has grown to love a woman, but he's afraid to tell her how he 
feels. How should he go about proposing? I mean, hypothetically speaking... 

Azura: Mmm. That is a difficult situation. The deeper his feelings, the 
greater the risk... If she turns him down, his heart will surely be broken. 

Leo: Yes. It will. 

Azura: But, then again, if he's really fallen for her and she says yes, he'll 
be elated. 

Leo: Precisely. 

Azura: I know this is all hypothetical, but I think it's worth the risk. You 
should go ahead and ask her, Leo. 

Leo: What?! I wasn't talking about me! 

Azura: Of course not. I'm just saying, in theory, if it WAS you, she'd say 

Leo: Do you really think so? 

Azura: I'm certain. 

Leo: Now you've taken all the fun out of it! 

Azura: What?! 

Leo: Does it even count if the girl gives him a response before he asks?! 

Azura: Heehee, I was just trying to help. You looked so stressed. 

Leo: Do I still have to get down on one knee? 

Azura: Of course you do! I want to hear you ask me properly. 

Leo: As you wish, my love. Azura... will you marry me? 

Azura: Weren't you paying attention? The girl said yes. 

Leo: You are so frustrating. I can't wait to spend my life with you.
A2. Felicia C

Felicia: KYAAAAAAH! Not again!
(Dish breaks)

Leo: Felicia... You appear to have dropped another plate. Are you OK?

Felicia: I-I'm so sorry, Lord Leo!

Leo: There's no need to apologize.

Felicia: Urgh... I'm still sorry though... 

Leo: Nonsense. I've seen you make plenty of mistakes in the past. This wasn't 
the first, and it won't be the last.

Felicia: I guess that's true, milord. I'm not very graceful.

Leo: True. In fact, it is my observation that you are not suited to be a 

Felicia: WHAT?! Don't say that!

Leo: Oh? Why? It's the truth, is it not? One mustn't shy away from the truth, 
Felicia. One must face it head on.

Felicia: Please, milord! I'll try harder, I promise! Don't make me leave!

Leo: I wouldn't dismiss you personally, though you do cause us undue grief. I 
was not threatening disciplinary action, I was merely offering food for 
thought. I implore you to reconsider. This profession may not be the right 
line of work for you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my studies. 
Good day, Felicia.

Felicia: Good-bye, Lord Leo... 
Felicia B

Felicia: There we go! Polished and shiny! Now to calmly and carefully carry 
them over there... 

Leo: Hello, Felicia. What are you doing?

Felicia: Oh! Lord Leo... I was just practicing my maidly duties.

Leo: Oh? I don't think I'll ever understand why you put so much effort into 
such things. You are not good at housekeeping, and likely never will be.

Felicia: B-but if I try my hardest... 

Leo: Don't fret. It's not as though you have nothing to contribute. There's 
another job for which you're much better suited.

Felicia: Huh? What's that?

Leo: Well, you're a remarkable soldier. Though you don't look it, you're 
quite the spectacle on the battlefield.

Felicia: Y-yes. Gunter tells me the same thing.

Leo: Then what's the problem? You should cease your duties as a servant 
today. You could do so much more for us if you worked as a soldier full-time.

Felicia: Well... 

Leo: What's wrong? Is that not an agreeable proposition for you?

Felicia: I don't mind fighting... I'm happy to help out in the war whenever 
I'm required to.

Leo: Yes, I know. You are a brave and loyal woman, and you've served us well.

Felicia: But... at the end of the day, I don't want to be a soldier. I want 
to be a maid. I might not be perfect at it, but caring for everyone is what I 
want most.

Leo: Hmm. Well, I suppose it can't be helped. Do as you please, Felicia.

Felicia: Yes, milord! I'll do my best!
Felicia A

Leo: Felicia.

Felicia: Yes, milord?

Leo: I've been wondering... What is it that drives you? Why do you want to be 
a maid so badly? As a soldier, everyone would recognize and respect your 

Felicia: It's because I want those who cared for me to be proud of me.

Leo: Those who cared for you?

Felicia: Yes. Since I arrived at the castle, so many people have shown me 
kindness. Like Gunter. He taught me everything he knew about being a servant. 
He was very strict, but he was also like a father to me. And Jakob too. He 
looked out for me when I was younger. Even though he says mean things, he's a 
very kind person inside. And... I want all those people to see me become a 
maid they can be proud of!

Leo: I see. I had no idea. In that case, I will not press the issue any 

Felicia: Lord Leo... 

Leo: You will need to work very hard, but I believe you can do it. I wish you 
only the best, Felicia.

Felicia: Thank you, Lord Leo! I'll give it my 
Felicia S

Leo: Felicia, do you have a moment?

Felicia: Yes, of course. But let me finish moving these dishes first.

Leo: Hm, that stack looks a bit precarious. May I assist you?

Felicia: No, that's all right! I can do it my- ARRRRGGGHH!
(Dish breaks)

Leo: *sigh* I knew that would happen.

Felicia: I'm so sorry, Lord Leo! Are you hurt?

Leo: I'm fine. And you?

Felicia: I'm OK... 

Leo: That's a relief. Well, I suppose we'd better clean up these plates.

Felicia: Oh! You mean you'll help?! Thank you, milord.
(Time passes)
Felicia: Phew! That took longer than expected. So, um, what was it that you 
wanted to talk to me about?

Leo: Felicia... I love you.

Felicia: L-Lord Leo?! What are you saying?

Leo: Just that. During our time together, I've grown to admire you. I love 
how you're willing to devote your life to making those you love proud. You're 
earnest and strong, yet sweet and caring. You astound me. I wish to be with 
you, Felicia. Please... will you be my wife?

Felicia: Y-you know I can't do that!

Leo: Why not?

Felicia: What do you mean, "why not"? You're royalty! You can't marry someone 
like me! Besides... I'm not worthy of you. I'll break all the plates and mess 
up your laundry!

Leo: I don't wish to hire you as a servant, Felicia. That would be ill-
advised. But last I checked, love has nothing to do with menial housework. 
And yes, I am royalty. A prince of Nohr, no less. That means I can be with 
whomever I wish, even a clumsy maid. So, please, allow me to ask you again... 
Will you be mine, dear Felicia?

Felicia: Lord Leo... Yes! A thousand times yes!

Leo: Truly? Thank you, Felicia. You've made me happier than I ever imagined I 
could be.

Felicia: Heehee. I could say the same thing to you, milord.
A2. Mozu C

Leo: Hm, I must weigh my options carefully... Perhaps if I... No... 

Mozu: Um, Lord Leo? 

Leo: Ah, Mozu. Is there something you need? 

Mozu: Nope. In fact, I came here wondering if there's anything I can do for 

Leo: Oh? That's very kind of you. 

Mozu: I just wanna make sure I'm pulling my weight around here. 

Leo: A laudable goal indeed. 

Mozu: Also, it looked like you were fretting over something, so I thought I 
could help. 

Leo: It's nothing pressing. I'm just mulling over some tactical options. I'm 
trying to determine the best way to break this deadlock on the chessboard. 

Mozu: Riiight. Gosh, that's a lot of pieces. What do they all do...? 

Leo: I could try a pincer attack from the right, but I hesitate to leave the 
left flank weak. There's got to be a better way... but I simply can't see it 
at the moment. Which tactic seems most sound to you, Mozu? 

Mozu: I... uh... well... Y-you gotta try hard, right? 

Leo: ... 

Mozu: And never say die! 

Leo: ... Yes, I'll take that into consideration. 

Mozu: Sorry! You're just asking the wrong gal when it comes to this stuff. 

Leo: Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone has their own strengths; this 
just isn't yours. 

Mozu: Yeah, but... I wanna do more to help... *sigh*
Mozu B

Mozu: Lord Leo... 

Leo: Hello, Mozu. You look rather glum... Are you still down about the other 

Mozu: Yeah. I wanna do more to help out around here, but... I just don't know 
where to start. 

Leo: Well, let's see. I could perhaps help point you in the right direction, 
if you'd like. 

Mozu: Really?! You'd do that? 

Leo: Yes. I pride myself on my ability to see the value in people and find a 
role for them. 

Mozu: So you can find something for me to do? 

Leo: I expect so. But is that really what you want? 

Mozu: Why wouldn't I? 

Leo: I'd be giving you a role because you can't find one for yourself. Would 
you really be satisfied merely doing as you're told? 

Mozu: I dunno... but I gotta do SOMETHING around here! 

Leo: I understand your drive. After all, you no longer have a home to return 

Mozu: ... 

Leo: Which is precisely my point. I want you to dig deep and find a niche for 
yourself, if at all possible. Doing so is a skill you'll need for the rest of 
your life. You won't always have someone to decide these things for you, 
after all. While I'm happy to assist, I want you to first give it another try 
yourself. I truly think you'll be happiest that way. 

Mozu: ... 
Mozu A

Mozu: There we go! Phew, I'm beat.

Leo: Mozu? Is that... a wild boar? 

Mozu: Sure is! I'm gonna have to carve it up and smoke it right away. We 
should be set on rations for a while now! 

Leo: Yes, I imagine so. Did you hunt it yourself? 

Mozu: I surely did. I'm a pretty good hunter. 

Leo: I'm very impressed that you brought down something so huge on your own. 

Mozu: Yeah! It's a nice contribution to the army, don't you think? 

Leo: Undeniably. 

Mozu: Haha, phew! Thanks to you, Lord Leo, I feel like I've come a long way. 

Leo: Hm? But I didn't do anything. 

Mozu: Not exactly. If you hadn't said something, I'd still be hemming and 
hawing. Like you said, I don't have a home of my own these days. But all the 
same... I want to fill every second with good work, for all the ones who 
died. To honor them. And I can't do that without making a new home for 
myself. A home with you folks. 

Leo: Mozu... 

Mozu: If there's anything I can do for you or the others, I want you to let 
me know. Even if I'm still not quite sure of my place... 

Leo: That's quite all right. It's OK to be unsure. We all are at times. What 
matters most is that you never lose the will to keep pushing forward. Good 
work, Mozu. I'm happy you've made a new home with us. 

Mozu: You know what, Lord Leo? So am I.
Mozu S

Leo: Mozu... I was wondering... do you still feel like you're without a home? 

Mozu: Well, to be honest... yeah. I probably always will in a way. 

Leo: I see. I'm so sorry to hear that. 

Mozu: Well, it's just hard, is all. My family isn't around anymore. And I 
still haven't found anywhere I love as much as my old village. 

Leo: I'm sorry. It was rude of me to bring up something so painful. 

Mozu: It's all right... I know you meant well. 

Leo: Ugh, I'm just going to say something I'll regret if I dance around this 
too much. So let me just ask you directly. 

Mozu: Ask me what? 

Leo: Mozu, will you marry me?  

Mozu: M-marry you?! 

Leo: I mean it. I even bought you a ring. 

Mozu: B-but... Why would you wanna marry me? 

Leo: It's your pure heart, Mozu. I've never met anyone quite like you. 

Mozu: But... I'm just a farm girl... 

Leo: That's only how you view yourself. Not how I see you. Let me ask you 
this... What's your opinion of me? 

Mozu: You're real strict, but also really kind. Actually, I think you're 

Leo: Wonderful enough to marry? 

Mozu: No... I don't think I can marry you. 

Leo: Oh. May I ask why not? 

Mozu: We're from two different worlds! I'm a farm girl. I don't know anything 
except working the soil and hunting. You marry me, and people will be up in 
arms over it! 

Leo: The luxury of nobility is that I don't need their approval. I only need 

Mozu: I dunno... 

Leo: If you don't love me, then so be it. But I won't let a difference in 
status stop us. 

Mozu: Well... if you really mean that... 

Leo: I do understand your concerns. But please, let me worry about that. You 
have my word that I'll protect you as long as I live. 

Mozu: Lord Leo... 

Leo: Once more, Mozu... Will you marry me? 

Mozu: Yeah... Yeah, I will. No matter where I end up, my home will be with 
you, Lord Leo. 

Leo: Nothing would please me more.
A2. Effie C

Leo: Hmm... This IS an interesting puzzle.

Effie: Is something wrong, Lord Leo? 

Leo: Not at all! I'm just mapping out our next battle strategy. The enemy is 
heavily fortified right here. I'm deciding how best to attack. Any ideas? 

Effie: Sure... You could send me in. I will rush toward the enemy's front 

Leo: What?! How is that a strategy? 

Effie: I will keep them occupied while the rest of our forces attack from the 

Leo: That's a lot of responsibility for a single soldier. You'd never make it 
out alive! 

Effie: Well, that's all I've got. 

Leo: Thanks, Effie. I think it would be good if you stuck to fighting from 
now on. How about you leave the strategy part up to me? 

Effie: Anything you command... 
Effie B

Leo: Effie, you are a marvel on the battlefield. No one is more daring than 
you. I've watched you annihilate enemies and perform impossible rescues. In 
this last battle, you took out 10 soldiers with a single thrust of your 
lance. Then, without so much as a pause, you scaled a tree and rescued a 
kitten. Where does all that energy come from? 

Effie: Thanks, milord, but I'm just doing my job. 

Leo: Still, I'm concerned. You're neglecting one of our most valuable assets. 

Effie: What's that?! 

Leo: You, of course. I'm appalled by the risks you take with your own life! 

Effie: Sir, my life is worthless if I can't protect the lives of my 

Leo: Do you really believe others' lives are more valuable than your own? 

Effie: I would die to protect my friends! 

Leo: I see. You put others first-always. That is an admirable quality. Effie, 
I won't let you down. If you're risking your life, I won't have it be for 
nothing. I promise I will never send you into battle without a sound plan. 

Effie: Thank you, Lord Leo. That is all a soldier could ask for.
Effie A

Leo: This can't be... I see no way through this without taking casualties... 

Effie: Lord Leo, am I interrupting something? You look upset. 

Leo: No, Effie. I'm fine. 

Effie: Are you certain? You're sweating a lot, and you keep gripping your 
forehead. It really makes it seem like something's bothering you. 

Leo: I'm just reviewing my battle plan. No matter what I do, we're set to 
lose soldiers. 

Effie: Oh, that's no big deal. Death is expected when you're a soldier like 

Leo: Don't say that, Effie. Now now. 

Effie: Well, the thing is... no one survives a war without losing friends. 

Leo: That may be true, but it's not very helpful to say it while I'm planning 
our strategy. 

Effie: The soldiers trust their commander, and if they die, it's for a cause 
worth dying for. Lord Leo, the soldiers trust you. 

Leo: Do they? That's very noble of them. 

Effie: I trust you too, milord. I would follow you into battle wherever you 

Leo: Thank you, Effie. I just want to make sure I lead all of you someplace 
safe. You're one of our best fighters and a loyal friend. I will not risk 
losing you. Please excuse me. I must keep at it until I find a solution.
Effie S

Leo: Effie, do you have your eye on anyone? 

Effie: Huh?! 
(Metal breaks)

Leo: Um... Did you just snap your shield in two?! 

Effie: Forgive me, milord! Your question shocked me. 

Leo: No, I should be the one apologizing. I take it you are seeing someone 
then. Is that it? 

Effie: Lord Leo, I am a soldier. It is my duty to be a shield for my allies. 

Leo: That may be harder now that your shield is in pieces. 

Effie: Yes, but... I am also a girl! Of course I have feelings! 

Leo: I knew it! So tell me... Who is he? 

Effie: This is embarrassing, milord! 

Leo: Forgive me, Effie. That wasn't gentlemanly of me to put you on the spot. 
I wanted to gauge your feelings first, but I suppose it's no use. I'll just 
say it... I love you, Effie! 

Effie: Whaaa?! 

Leo: I am in awe of the way you give it your all on the battlefield. You've 
stolen my heart! 

Effie: Lord Leo, I admire you too, but- 

Leo: I understand you might not feel the same way. I prepared myself for 
that. Worry not. I promise this won't change our friendship. 

Effie: But, Lord Leo... I don't want to be your friend! 

Leo: Oh. You need some distance then. I can understand that... 

Effie: That's not what I mean! I... I want to be yours, Lord Leo! You're a 
man of honor. You always take your responsibilities seriously, and you try 
your hardest. That's why... I've fallen for you. 

Leo: Really, Effie? That's wonderful! I was drawn to that same quality in you 
as well. I shall take my commitment to you just as seriously as I take our 

Effie: And I shall do the same!
A2. Nyx C

Nyx: ... 

Leo: Nyx? What on earth... 

Nyx: Greetings, Prince Leo. 

Leo: If you walk any further into that lake, you'll be up to your stomach. 
You're not planning to take a swim, are you? 

Nyx: Hmhm. If I were, would you come into the water with me? 

Leo: N-no, I'll pass. 

Nyx: I was joking anyway. But no, I came to view my reflection in the lake's 

Leo: That's all? We have mirrors at camp for that. 

Nyx: Mirrors are too accurate. I prefer a slight amount of distortion. The 
water's surface is perfect. 

Leo: ... All right, then. Try not to stay out too long. It can get cold here 
by the shore. 

Nyx: Hmhmhm. I'd best put the rest of my clothes back on before that happens, 

Leo: Y-yes, I'll... leave you to that.
Nyx B

Leo: I thought I might find you here, Nyx. 

Nyx: Hello again, Prince Leo. 

Leo: I'm relieved to find you fully clothed this time. 

Nyx: Hmhm. Yes, you arrived just in time. Or are you early...? 

Leo: Ehem, the point is, exposing youself in that way would have been 
dangerous. Were you looking at your reflection again? 

Nyx: Yes, I was. I'm still not used to it. Even after decades in this body... 

Leo: ... 

Nyx: My image of myself, and the way I actually am... The gulf between them 
never seems to shrink. Indeed, as the years pass, it only widens. 

Leo: Is there no way to lift the curse? 

Nyx: So you know, then... that it is a curse. 

Leo: Yes, I've heard some things. 

Nyx: The curse on me is an extremely potent one. I don't think it has a 
remedy. But even if it did... I might have to remain in this form regardless. 

Leo: Why? 

Nyx: Because this condition is a punishment. I was too young... too 

Leo: It's an ineffective sentence that lasts indefinitely, wouldn't you say? 
Even the harshest judge usually allows for the possibility of atonement. But 
that's up to whoever placed the curse on you, I suppose... 

Nyx: ... 

Leo: Who did this to you, Nyx? 

Nyx: ... Good day to you, Prince Leo. 

Leo: !!
Nyx A

Nyx: Prince Leo... 

Leo: Yes, Nyx? 

Nyx: You asked me not long ago who laid the curse on me. 

Leo: Yes, I recall. 

Nyx: It may be myself. 

Leo: ... Care to explain? 

Nyx: Long ago, when I was young, I discovered I had a gift for the dark arts. 
Such power in the hands of a child, as you can imagine, lead to the deaths of 
many. Until one day... One of the spells I wove took its toll, preventing me 
from maturing further. 

Leo: Ah, so that's how it came to be. 

Nyx: I was crazed at first, desperate to find a way to break the curse's hold 
over me. But as time went on... I started to wonder if I deserved this form. 

Leo: ... 

Nyx: Honestly, even this doesn't seem like sufficient punishment for my 

Leo: ... Close your eyes, Nyx. 

Nyx: Why? 

Leo: I wish to use my own magic on you. I'd like to try speaking to your 
inner self. The one inside your heart. 

Nyx: Prince Leo... 

Leo: I disagree with you. I think your punishment has been more than 
sufficient. And I'd say it's time you changed your perspective a bit. 

Nyx: I have... misgivings about this... 

Leo: I doubt it will be easy. You're quite set in your ways by now, after 
all. But setting your punishment aside for a moment... Let us both consider 
the matured, adult Nyx of your own self-image. Would she not forgive you? 
Would she not allow at least for the possibility? If you'll allow me, I'd 
like to speak to her one day and find out. 

Nyx: Prince Leo... You've given me much to think about. I'm not sure about 
that idea of yours, but thank you for your concern. You are... a good friend. 
If I may call you that. 

Leo: You may. Please remember that I'm always here for you, Nyx.
Nyx S

Leo: Nyx? Are your eyes closed? 

Nyx: Yes... 

Leo: What can you see now? 

Nyx: My adult self... She is speaking with you... On the shores of the 
lake... She seems contented... 

Leo: Does she now... 

Nyx: And you? What do you see? 

Leo: It's something slightly different. 

Nyx: Do tell... 

Leo: I, too, see us standing at the lake's shore carrying on a conversation. 
But the Nyx I see has the body of a child... 

Nyx: ... 

Leo: Next to that Nyx, I see myself, beaming with joy. The young Nyx has a 
contented look on her face as well. In between us is a third figure, that of 
a very small child. 

Nyx: A child? 

Leo: Yes. Our child... 

Nyx: ... I don't care for your sense of humor, Prince Leo. Whatever I might 
look like, my heart is that of a fully grown woman. It is not to be trifled 

Leo: That was not my intention. Now, Nyx, open your eyes. 

Nyx: Prince Leo! Is this... a ring...? 

Leo: Nyx, I want you to marry me. 

Nyx: ... 

Leo: I mean that. I want to start a happy, loving family with you. 

Nyx: It's impossible. I'm stuck like this... forever... What I did was 
unforgivable. And even if it wasn't, my curse cannot be lifted... 

Leo: None of that bothers me. I accept you just as you are-as you always will 

Nyx: Prince Leo... 

Leo: So will you marry me? 

Nyx: ... Very well. Thank you, my prince.
A2. Selena C

Selena: Woohoo! That was amazing!

Leo: Selena, why are you yelling? At this volume, the entire army can hear 

Selena: Good! I'm celebrating! My friends and I just played a great, new 
game. There's a board with little pieces on it, and whoever claims the most 
territories wins! Wanna guess who won? 

Leo: Congratulations on your victory, Selena. 

Selena: Heh! I know some people would say, "It's just a game." But those 
people are losers! 

Leo: This game sounds fascinating. Would you show me how to play? 

Selena: Sure! But don't expect me to go easy on you. I'm on a roll! 

Leo: You're on! 
(Time passes)

Selena: WHAT?! How could I lose...? 

Leo: I thoroughly enjoyed that. You were right about this game. Thank you, 

Selena: Grrrrr... Now my whole day is ruined! Why'd you have to beat me? 

Leo: Calm down. It's just a game. Oh, wait... Isn't that what losers say? Heh 
(Leo leaves) 

Selena: Come back here! I demand a rematch!
Selena B

Selena: Lord Leo! Good. I found you. Do you have time for another game? 

Leo: Again?! I applaud your persistence, but this will be, let's see... Ah, 
that's right. It's to be our 15th rematch. Haven't you had enough? 

Selena: Listen up! We're going to play this game as many times as it takes 
for me to beat you! 

Leo: *sigh* Then we're going to be here for a while, aren't we? 

Selena: What?! Don't say that, milord! Today's the day you're going down! 

Leo: I know. You say that every time... and yet, here we are. 

Selena: Today's different! I can feel it. You better focus, 'cause I'm gonna 
crush you! Don't hold back, milord. I want you to show me everything you've 

Leo: Fine. But try not to take it too hard when you lose. 
(Time passes)

Selena: No! NO! It can't be! 

Leo: And yet it is. You lost... again. Selena, you must cease repeating the 
same action and expecting different results. You do realize that is the 
definition of insanity, yes? In any case, please excuse me. I have other 
matters to attend to. 

Selena: You can't run away like that! Not when I'm SO close to defeating you! 

Leo: You really can't let this go, can you? 

Selena: No, I can't! I HATE losing! 

Leo: Losing graciously is a skill all its own, Selena. 

Selena: Who likes losing?! It's terrible! Isn't it better to be a winner? 

Leo: I suppose you have a point. 

Selena: I know. Well, fine. Why don't you take a break to reflect on your 
upcoming defeat? 

Leo: Haha, very well.
Selena A

Selena: Is this really happening right now?! I can't believe it! Quick, 
somebody pinch me! 

Leo: You're about to commence your victory dance, aren't you? You won! 

Selena: I beat Lord Leo! I beat Lord Leo! *gasp* Wait a minute! You didn't go 
easy on me, did you? 

Leo: No. I can assure you, I gave it my all. You won fair and square. 

Selena: Let me just get this straight. You LOST, and I WON. Do you wanna 
repeat that? 

Leo: Indeed, you are the victor. The winner. The champion. The nonpareil. 

Selena: Heehee! Yep! I feel amazing. 

Leo: You should be proud of yourself. You put a lot of effort into your win. 

Selena: Huh? 

Leo: Don't be coy. I know you've been practicing around the clock. You conned 
all your friends into playing so you could improve your skills. 

Selena: But h-how did you find out?! 

Leo: Don't worry. I'm impressed! I didn't expect you to take the game quite 
so seriously. It's nice to see someone put in such effort even when it's not 

Selena: Thank you, milord. 

Leo: Then again, that was only one win. I don't fancy losing either. Shall we 
play again? 

Selena: Nope! We're done! I'm not playing against you ever again! 

Leo: What?! 

Selena: I'm sorry. I never run from a fight, but I can't risk losing. Heehee! 
I want to end on a good note. See ya, sucker! 
(Selena leaves) 

Leo: How underhanded of you! Get back here! SELENA!
Selena S

Leo: Selena, I've noticed something about you. 

Selena: Oh? What is it, milord? 

Leo: You hate losing so much that you absolutely refuse to do it. You try 
again and again until you prevail. You even browbeat your opponents, bullying 
them into rematches... 

Selena: You make it sound like some big inconvenience, which it's not! ... 
Right? Hmm. Now that I think about it, I did make you play that game A LOT. 
Are you mad? I'm really sorry! I never thought about your schedule or- 

Leo: No, you misunderstand me. I'm not mad in the least. Your competitive 
spirit is one of the reasons I find you so attractive. 

Selena: Attractive?! You mean you liked it? I apologized for nothing? 

Leo: You took possession of all the territories in the game, but that wasn't 
all you captured. You also stole my heart... 

Selena: Wha?! 

Leo: Selena, will you marry me? 

Selena: Wait... were you about to tell me some more reasons you find me 
attractive? ... Because I'd like to hear those first. 

Leo: Certainly. For starters, there's your wit- 

Selena: I'm just kidding! My answer is yes! 

Leo: Then it's settled. From here on out, you shall be mine, and I yours. In 
terms you'll appreciate, that makes you my number one girl. 

Selena: Number one? No deal! 

Leo: Hm? I thought you would be pleased. 

Selena: If there's a number one, then there might be a number two or even a 
number three. I don't want to be your number one. I want to be your ONLY one. 

Leo: Ah, of course. And that you are. I swear it, Selena. You're the only 
woman for me. 

Selena: Woohoo! I really am on a roll!
A2. Beruka C

Leo: Hello, Beruka. Something has been bothering me a while, and I was hoping 
to ask you about it... 

Beruka: What is it? 

Leo: Your skills are quite remarkable. Who was it that trained you? 

Beruka: A person I met in the slums. Another assassin. 

Leo: Based on what I've seen, your teacher must have had considerable skill. 
What was his or her name? 

Beruka: An excellent question. However, I do not know the answer. 

Leo: Pardon? How do you not know the name of the person who trained you? 

Beruka: I was only taught the art of assassination. Nothing else was 

Leo: Very well... Do you know where your old teacher is now? 

Beruka: Dead and buried. By my hand. 

Leo: You killed your teacher?! Why? 

Beruka: He was the target for a contract I accepted, simple as that. 

Leo: I don't know what to say... 
Beruka B

Leo: Hello, Beruka. Sorry for the intrusion, but I can't stop wondering why 
you killed your teacher... 

Beruka: Why does it concern you? 

Leo: I'm curious, that's all. I want to learn what kind of person you are. 

Beruka: It is as I said before: I accepted a contract to kill my teacher, so 
I did. 

Leo: Do you always carry out a contract, even when the target is someone you 

Beruka: I do. The subject of any contract is just another target to me. 

Leo: Was there no way you could refuse the contract to kill your teacher? 

Beruka: I could have, but I had no reason to. 

Leo: Oh, I see. You hated your teacher, then? 

Beruka: We had no problems between us. 

Leo: Then... I still don't understand. How can you be so calm about this? 

Beruka: You are factoring in emotion. You can't do that when you take on a 
contract. And once a contract is over, you have to forget about it. That was 
the final lesson that my teacher gave to me. 

Leo: That seems very... cold. 

Beruka: Is it? Before, I would kill someone if I accepted a contract. Today, 
if Lady Camilla ordered it, I would kill someone without hesitation. Nothing 
has really changed. 

Leo: So if you got an assignment today to kill someone, it wouldn't matter 
who they are? Even if they were a friend or ally? 

Beruka: If I accepted the contract... You're right, it wouldn't matter. 

Leo: That is... most unsettling.
Beruka A

Leo: Oh, Beruka. I didn't see you there... 

Beruka: Have you been avoiding me, milord? 

Leo: What do you mean? 

Beruka: Exactly what I said. You seem to be going out of your way to not be 
around me. 

Leo: I suppose I have been, yes. It's difficult to trust someone that you 
know could change sides in an instant. If you accepted an assignment, you 
would try to kill that person right away, right? 

Beruka: That is how it works, yes. 

Leo: So I thought. Even so, I'm only wary of you. I feel no fear in your 

Beruka: I don't understand. Why not? 

Leo: Well, you serve my sister Camilla, who I'm certain would never order my 

Beruka: Another person could give the order. Never assume something is 

Leo: This is true... Even so, I still don't fear you. It's a waste of time to 
overly concern myself with unlikely events. There are undoubtedly those who 
already want me dead, so I'll worry about them. 

Beruka: Ignoring potential threats can get you killed. 

Leo: You really want me to be afraid, don't you? 

Beruka: Perhaps. 

Leo: Well, so long as you're my ally, I have nothing to fear from you. You'll 
fight with me and help defeat those who stand against me. 

Beruka: You are correct.
Beruka S

Leo: Beruka, I was wondering... Is there anyone that you think you'd be 
unable to kill? 

Beruka: Hmmm... Of course, anyone stronger than me would prove impossible to 

Leo: Sorry, I meant... anyone you wouldn't be able to kill for sentimental 

Beruka: Oh. No. 

Leo: Ah, I see... 

Beruka: Why do you ask, milord? 

Leo: Because you said you'd kill anyone you were ordered to, no matter who 
they were. 

Beruka: That is correct. 

Leo: But, what if that person was more to you than just someone you knew? 

Beruka: I don't understand. 

Leo: What if you were told to kill a family member? Would you be capable of 
following that order? 

Beruka: I... I don't know. I've never had family. 

Leo: You've lived your whole life without loving someone or being loved? 

Beruka: That... is correct, milord. 

Leo: Then it's possible, if you felt what it was like to be loved... you'd be 
unable to bring yourself to kill such a person. 

Beruka: Lord Leo, what are you trying to say? 

Leo: Beruka... I'm in love with you. I want to show you what love is. 

Beruka: I don't know what to say... You truly love me? 

Leo: With all my heart, yes. 

Beruka: I've never felt the feeling described as love. I don't have any idea 
what it is. But hearing your words... I have this strange, slight warmth in 
my chest... Is this what it feels like? I'm not certain I like it. But I may. 

Leo: There is no need to rush this, Beruka. This is a new and unique feeling 
for you. Please take your time getting used to it. 

Beruka: No need. I can tell already that I wish to be with you, Lord Leo. 

Leo: Truly? That is delightful! I wish to be with you as well, Beruka. From 
this day forward, we'll both live for each other!
A2. Peri C

Peri: Heeheeheehee!

Leo: You seem excited about something, Peri. Are you going out? 

Peri: Oh, hi, Lord Leo! I was just thinking about going to go kill someone! 
Do you want to come? There'll be buckets of blood-and fun! 

Leo: Who is the target? 

Peri: Oh, I haven't worked out the little details yet! I thought I'd just 
wing it and kill whoever caught my eye! 

Leo: I don't follow. Why would you kill a perfect stranger? 

Peri: Hey, sometimes you get a craving to kill, and you just have to run with 

Leo: I've... never had such a craving. You kill simply for fun? In defiance 
of common decency? 

Peri: What's a common decency? I've never heard of that, so it can't be as 
common as you say... 

Leo: I'm sorry, Peri. Now that I know your intentions, I can't allow you to 

Peri: Whaaaaaat?! You big meanie!
Peri B

Leo: Peri, I won't let this rest until you understand. It is a gross 
violation of common decency to commit murder on a childish whim! Even if the 
victim is bad! 

Peri: You still haven't explained to me what a common decency is! 

Leo: It is the set of unspoken agreements that allows a society to function. 

Peri: Unspoken?! Then how am I supposed to know? 

Leo: Because every normal person figures it out on their own! 

Peri: Oh. Well, there you go! I'm not a normal person-I'm special! Besides, 
what's the big deal about killing? Everyone in the army kills loads of people 
whenever we have a battle! 

Leo: Yes, but the people we kill on the battlefield are immediate foes. 
What's more, if we didn't kill them, they would kill us. 

Peri: So it's OK to kill our enemies, but not whoever else we feel like? 

Leo: Yes, that's it exactly. Killing one's foes is not just OK-it's 

Peri: And all normal people know that? 

Leo: Well... not necessarily. 

Peri: Fine! I get it. If it matters that much, I'll go find an ENEMY to kill! 

Leo: Your plan is to stroll into the enemy camp all by yourself? 

Peri: Nah, no need. I make enemies all the time! People I hate a lot are 
enemies, right? 

Leo: When I said foes, I meant the forces our army is opposing. 

Peri: Wait, now you're telling me there are different kinds of enemies? Do 
people I dislike not count? 

Leo: *sigh* A personal enemy is different from an enemy on the battlefield... 

Peri: What are you talking about?! One minute you say killing is wrong, then 
suddenly it's fine! Can't you explain it better, Lord Leo?! 

Leo: Of course! My apologies. Let me try this again... 

Peri: For me, killing is killing, whether it's on the battlefield or just for 
funsies. What's the big difference? How is one right and one wrong? 

Leo: Ugh... I'll get back to you on that... 
Peri A

Leo: Peri... 

Peri: Hi, Lord Leo! Did you figure it out? The difference between good 
killing and bad killing? 

Leo: Well, I thought long and hard about it. In a way, you're right. There is 
a certain merit to the idea that all killing is the same. Whether you strike 
down a foe in battle or murder an innocent in the streets... I suppose 
killing is killing. Either way, you are robbing someone of their life. 

Peri: Yeah, that makes sense. 

Leo: Yet there are situations in this world where one has no choice but to 
kill. If killing serves a higher purpose, one may even be praised for it. 

Peri: I know just what you mean! If I kill lots of enemies, everyone tells me 
I did a great job! 

Leo: I wonder... We call you mad, but is it not truly mad to laud killing of 
any sort? 

Peri: Wow, you're rude! I'm not crazy at all! 

Leo: You may be right. 

Peri: So what's the lesson here? I want you to explain to me who it's OK to 

Leo: Strictly speaking, it's never OK to kill. 

Peri: Whaaat?! Now I'm REALLY confused. 

Leo: Let me finish. Some paths one might take in life require killing. Insane 
as it might seem, this insanity is sometimes necessary for survival. In fact, 
killing may even be necessary so that good can prevail. It's complicated, to 
be sure. I won't pretend to fully understand it myself. But that's what leads 
us to deem killing on the battlefield acceptable. 

Peri: I don't get it... You're making me dizzy with all this. 

Leo: Sorry. As I said, I haven't worked all the implications out myself just 
yet. We can consider that my homework as we wage our next battle. Hopefully, 
by the time it's over, I'll be able to explain in greater depth. 

Peri: All right. I like hearing you talk about this kinda stuff anyway. 
You're a good guy, Leo! Whatever common decency is, you have loads of it! 

Leo: Thank you, Peri. I look forward to us jointly learning more as time 
Peri S

Leo: Peri. 

Peri: What is it, Lord Leo? 

Leo: Through the time I've spent observing you and conversing with you... 
I've come to realize that you require special attention. 

Peri: I do? Are you worried about me? 

Leo: Yes, I'm gravely concerned for you. I don't know if someone like you can 
survive in this world. 

Peri: Oh, don't worry about that! I've got lots of practice defending myself! 

Leo: You are strong, it's true. But there is some opposition even you can't 
overcome. Many people will not accept your nature. 

Peri: What nature? What are you talking about? 

Leo: Your enthusiasm for killing innocents. It will cause you to be widely 

Peri: Hmmm... really? 

Leo: So much so that you may find yourself marked for death as a result. 

Peri: Huh? Why? 

Leo: I don't want to see that happen. If you spend the rest of your life with 
me, I'll do everything I can to prevent it. 

Peri: Wow, you really want me to stick that close? 

Leo: That's the only way I can see to fend off those who don't understand 
you. I want to protect you, Peri. Forever. So... will you marry me? 

Peri: Lord Leo! 

Leo: What say you? Will you be my bride? 

Peri: In a heartbeat! I love you so much! 

Leo: You do? 

Peri: Don't worry, Lord Leo! I'll protect you from the bad guys! 

Leo: Hahah, the arrangement I had in mind was the other way around. 

Peri: Either way! I'll slaughter all your enemies! 

Leo: That's sweet of you to say. Thank you, Peri. And I'll do the same for 
you. If anyone ever grows so enraged at you that they threaten your life... I 
will kill them before they can lay a hand on you. 

Peri: Aww, you're so romantic! Heehee!
A2. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Lord Leo! Hello! 

Leo: Hello, Charlotte. Do you need something from me? 

Charlotte: Not from you, milord! Actually, I made a lunch for you. Would you 
like to try it? 

Leo: I'm sorry, but I ate just a little while ago. 

Charlotte: You did? Oh, that's a shame... Ah, I know! Would you be interested 
in a some tea, then? I make a delicious cup! 

Leo: I'm not all that thirsty right now, thanks. 

Charlotte: Really? Well, I guess that's OK... 

Leo: ... 

Charlotte: Am I bothering you, milord? 

Leo: You are, in fact. I'm trying to think on a few things, so it would be 
helpful if you let me be. 

Charlotte: Understood... If you need anything-anything at all- let me know if 
I can help. I'm always happy to help you! 

Leo: Right. Thank you.
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Oh, Lord Leeeeeeeoooo! What are you up to at the moment? 

Leo: I'm reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of our army. It's best to 
have effective strategies before entering the battlefield. 

Charlotte: Teehee, that sounds right up your alley! 

Leo: I learned something interesting as I was reading these reports... You're 
an incredibly strong woman, aren't you? 

Charlotte: What?! M-milord, that question seems rather... um... personal? 

Leo: I'm correct though, yes? These reports all say the same thing. 

Charlotte: It must be a coincidence... I mean... you know me. I'm the kind of 
girl who likes someone strong to protect her. Everyone is always rushing to 
my aid on the battlefield. 

Leo: Just going off these reports, you should be able to look after 
yourself... Could all of these really be wrong? 

Charlotte: They must be, milord. I'm so very scared of danger on the 

Leo: If that's true, then all of these reports need to be adjusted... 

Charlotte: Geez, why can't you just accept it and move on to something else?! 

Leo: What the?! 

Charlotte: Listen, I actually am really strong, OK? I don't want the men in 
camp to catch on, ya hear? They'd avoid me if they knew. No one will be nice 
to me or offer to care for me if they think I can handle myself. 

Leo: That... makes a lot of this make more sense. 

Charlotte: What? No, I mean... Um... That was a little performance, just now. 
All an act! Convincing, huh? It's not ready yet, though, so... um... don't 
tell anyone about it, OK? I want it to be a surprise... Or something. 

Leo: ... 

Charlotte: I'm sorry. I'll excuse myself now. Teehee! 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Leo: ... So that's the real Charlotte.
Charlotte A

Leo: Charlotte, there is no need for you to conceal how strong you really 

Charlotte: Pardon me, milord? I don't know what you're talking about... 

Leo: I want you to make use of all your strength. I don't have need for 
soldiers that aren't doing everything they can. 

Charlotte: B-but I... 

Leo: Are you really that afraid that the other men will flee from you? 

Charlotte: ... Yes. I am. 

Leo: Hmm. Sadly, I can't say that's unfounded. There are still plenty of men 
with worthless illusions about how women should be. 

Charlotte: Trust me, I know. 

Leo: But can we agree that there are also men who don't hold that opinion? 

Charlotte: ... 

Leo: I promise to judge you fairly, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: What do you mean? 

Leo: You have the drive to go far in our ranks, and you're clearly a capable 
actor. I can't ignore talent like yours. 

Charlotte: Lord Leo... 

Leo: So from now on, use your strength to the benefit of myself and this 
army. Hide nothing from me. 

Charlotte: Heehee, understood. I will do everything I can to aid you, milord. 
But... around the others in the army... I will continue to act as I always 
have. I still believe it will be easier. 

Leo: It is a start, at least.
Charlotte S

Leo: Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Lord Leo? Did you need something of me? 

Leo: If this seems very sudden, please try to control your surprise. 

Charlotte: Actually, could I ask you something first? 

Leo: Very well... 

Charlotte: I've been stressing about this for some time, but I wanted to ask 
you... Do you think we have a future together? I know it's sudden! And 
random! But I had to ask you or I'd go insane! 

Leo: ... Charlotte, that's exactly why I came to see you today. 

Charlotte: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 

Leo: Hah, I still surprised you after all. I'm serious, though. Both your act 
and the strength you hide behind it have won me over. I had to say something. 
I had to say that I love you. 

Charlotte: You... Lord Leo... You love me back? 

Leo: Yes, I believe there is a future for us. More than that, I think we 
should wed. 

Charlotte: I... always dreamed of marrying into wealth. 

Leo: Really? Well... You truly are bluntly honest, aren't you? 

Charlotte: I would never want to lie to you. Marrying someone with money 
would mean being able to provide for my family. I could ease their lives so 
much. That's why I've always dreamed of riches. 

Leo: ... 

Charlotte: Then I met you, Lord Leo, and I fell in love with you. I'm truly 
happy that we both feel so strongly for each other! But... I cannot accept 
your proposal. 

Leo: What?! I don't understand. 

Charlotte: It just dawned on me that I'm not sure if my feelings for you are 
pure... or if they're only present because I could live my riches-filled 
dreams with you. 

Leo: You think you only love me for my money? And out of concern for me, you 
don't want to accidentally hurt me if that's true? 

Charlotte: ... Well, yes. I'm so sorry. I'm really the worst. 

Leo: That you feel that way is proof enough for me that your love is real. 

Charlotte: Huh? It is? 

Leo: It doesn't matter to me if that's how you originally came to like me. 
What's important is that you genuinely care for me now. 

Charlotte: That makes a lot of sense! I am in love with you, Lord Leo... I'm 
so happy! 

Leo: As am I, Charlotte. As am I.

A3. Azura C

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ? Destined to seek... Hmm mm mmm... 

Arthur: ... 

Azura: Argh! Is that you, Arthur?! It's not nice to eavesdrop on people. You 
should have said something. 

Arthur: Oh... I'm... My apologies! Your lovely voice ensnared my sense of 
decency. ... So, um... 

Azura: Did you want something? 

Arthur: Just to say that it's been too long, Lady Azura. 

Azura: Too long... since what? Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean by 

Arthur: We met once before. Long ago when we were but children living in 

Azura: Really? Is that so? I'm very sorry, but I don't remember that at all. 

Arthur: Fret not! It's only natural. After all, it was more than a decade 
ago. We were both young, silly children at the time. 

Azura: I suppose so. My, I had no idea! Please share this lost memory with me 

Arthur: I will! Most certainly! I shall be looking forward to it!
Azura B

Azura: Hello, Arthur! I've been looking for you. If you have a moment, would 
you mind continuing that story from the other day? That memory you mentioned 
about how you and I crossed paths long ago... 

Arthur: Yes! Of course! It would be my pleasure. As I said before, it was 
over a decade ago. You were a doleful little girl at the time. You were in a 
remote part of town with your arms wrapped around your knees. I tried to 
comfort you, but you wouldn't say a word to me. Your face was wet with tears. 

Azura: I'm not surprised. Back then I was bullied relentlessly by King 
Garon's subordinates. Whenever I couldn't take it anymore, I'd sneak out of 
the castle and hide in town. 

Arthur: That explains a lot... I always wondered what made that tiny girl so 
very sad. I asked many questions. I wanted to help, to make you smile. But 
you stayed silent. Later that day, some people from the castle came looking 
for you. I'm not sure how I knew, but I had a feeling things would be bad for 
you if those people found you hiding and took you back. That's why I decided 
to tell them it was my fault. I said it was I who stole you away from the 
castle so they wouldn't punish you. 

Azura: I... I don't know what to say... That kind boy... was YOU? 

Arthur: Indeed it was. I'm pleased to hear that you remember our encounter 
after all. 

Azura: Oh, but, Arthur, those awful men whipped you mercilessly for saying 
what you did... 

Arthur: Ah hah hah, I suppose they did. I had forgotten that part. Honestly, 
it was nothing. I didn't remember it, so it couldn't have been that bad, 

Azura: I can't believe that boy was you... 

Arthur: I'm glad I finally told you. I'm happy to know you remember our first 
Azura A

Azura: Arthur! I've been looking all over for you. I... Well, actually, I was 
hoping you would tell me a bit more about yourself. 

Arthur: R-really? You want to know more about me? I'm not sure where to 

Azura: Perhaps you could tell me about your childhood, if that's not too 

Arthur: There's not much to tell. My parents were commoners. Simple and 
honest. Almost since birth I've devoted my life to training, martial arts, 
and justice. I was fairly young when I was recruited as a soldier to help 
maintain order. 

Azura: How did you know you wanted to be a soldier at such a young age? 

Arthur: My parents certainly played a big part in that. Every day they'd tell 
me... "only the just can protect justice." Not a day goes by that I don't 
think of them. 

Azura: That explains so much about the man you are today! A real-life hero. 

Arthur: Haha, you're too kind. Honestly, I would say I'm more eccentric than 

Azura: No, I disagree. You were brave even as a boy, saving me like you did. 
For that, I thank you, Arthur. From the bottom of my heart. I know many years 
have passed since then, but my gratitude is as sincere as ever. 

Arthur: Please, think nothing of it! 

Azura: Well, I hope to learn more and more about you from now on. 

Arthur: And I you. If you ever feel like chatting, you know where to find me.
Azura S

Azura: Hello, Arthur! I hear you've been looking for me. 

Arthur: Yes, indeed I have. Um, could you please take a seat? 

Azura: Oh, of course. 

Arthur: Lady Azura, music means a lot to you, does it not? 

Azura: It means the world to me. My greatest joy is singing and listening to 
beautiful music. 

Arthur: I'm glad to hear that... because I'm, um, I'd like to sing you a song 
right now. 

Azura: Oh, that sounds... Wait, pardon? You're... going to sing for me?! 

Arthur: I am. I mean, I'm not as gifted as you are, or gifted at all really, 
but I'm going to try... 

Azura: I'm all ears, Arthur. 

Arthur: Well then, here goes nothing... *ahem* Long ago, a little boy met a 
girl, ? with the prettiest eyes in all the world... Sweet and strange, yet 
wet with tears, ? those eyes would haunt him all his years... He can never 
forget, however he tries, ? he'll remember her face until he dies... Love at 
first sight, but filled with regret, ? he swore to confess when next they 
met... Now she's here, the chance of his life, ? he's anxiously hoping she'll 
be his wife... ... That's... the end. Thank you. 

Azura: Hahaha, that's very cute! My turn? 

Arthur: Umm... Lady Azura? 

Azura: What's wrong? ... Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. Is the little boy supposed to 
be... you? 

Arthur: Well, um... You could say that... ... Argh, what a catastrophe! I 
should have known better than to sing like a loon. I probably should have 
simply fallen on one knee and given you the ring instead. I'm truly ashamed. 
Um, I'd like to disappear about now, if you'll excuse me... 

Azura: Wait! Arthur, please don't go! Your song made me so happy. 

Arthur: Really? Do you mean that? 

Azura: I do! I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. It was so sweet. I 
loved it. 

Arthur: Thank you, Lady Azura. 

Azura: As you sang, all I could think of was the way you looked at me all 
those years ago. Dear Arthur, I'm so happy you've shared your feelings with 

Arthur: Does that mean you...? 

Azura: Yes, of course! I'm honored to be at the side of a true hero like you. 

Arthur: You are? You will?! Thank you! I'm so happy, I don't know what to 

Azura: Heehee, then you better write another song to tell me how you're 

Arthur: ... Your teasing stings worse than a whiplash, milady.
A3. Felicia C

Felicia: *siiiigh*

Arthur: Felicia! Speak candidly, my friend. What's troubling you? 

Felicia: Oh... Hello, Arthur. I don't want to bother you with my silly 

Arthur: Nonsense! It is my duty and purpose in life to help the downtrodden. 
If I can't even help a companion in her time of need, what good am I? 

Felicia: Oh! I didn't think of it that way! I suppose I have no choice but to 
accept your help. So... The thing is... I enjoy being a maid. I love it, in 
fact. But... Oh, Arthur, I'm just awful at it! I'm so clumsy and forgetful! 
Sometimes I wonder if I'm not cut out to be a maid. *sigh* 

Arthur: That's ridiculous. I'm certain you're overreacting. 

Felicia: No, I'm really not. For instance, just the other day... I noticed 
Lord/Lady Avatar seemed a little down, so I made him/her some tea. But 
then... I tripped as I was carrying it over and poured it all over his/her 
lap! Lord/Lady Avatar is very kind, so he/she did his/her best to laugh it 
off... But I've been in agony ever since. And that's just one of many similar 
examples. It seems every time I try to do something good, my own clumsiness 
gets in the way! 

Arthur: ... It's as though... you're reciting my most private of thoughts... 

Felicia: Hm? What was that, Arthur? 

Arthur: Ah! Nothing. It was nothing! Hmm... 
Felicia B

Arthur: Felicia! Might I ask what you're doing? 

Felicia: Hello, Arthur! I'm glad you came by for a chat. I'd like to thank 
you. It was awfully sweet of you to listen to me drone on and on the other 
day. I really- EEEK!! 

Arthur: Felicia! Are you all right?! 

Felicia: I... I'm fine. Sorry. I just tripped a little. And got water 
everywhere. Ugh. I know I'll always be clumsy, so I've been practicing 
tripping without spilling. It's not going so well... 

Arthur: I see. I think I understand the exercise. May I help you train? 

Felicia: Oh, are you sure you don't mind? 

Arthur: Of course not! I will not rest until you have mastered your aim! 

Felicia: Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it. 

Arthur: It's all in the mind, my friend. If you believe you're going to 
spill, you undoubtedly will. It's best to be as carefree as possible and deal 
with obstacles as they arise. I've spilled an uncountable number of times, 
and tripped even more. I'm something of an expert by now! 

Felicia: You? Really? I never would have guessed. You look so burly and 
capable. I mean...! Um, I just mean you don't look like the spilling type. 

Arthur: Ha! Thank you, but looks can be deceiving. Now then, let me show you 
an example of mind over matter. I will now take this water to the other side 
of the room without fail. Here I go... ... 

Felicia: Oh, Arthur! Watch out for that banana peel on the ground! Where did 
that even come from? 

Arthur: Not to worry, I spotted it too. See? Successfully avoided! Really, 
though... I don't think we even have any bananas in our food stock... If I 
didn't know better, I'd chalk its appearance up to my awful luck. 

Felicia: Oh! Oh my! There's a swarm of mosquitoes swarming around your head 

Arthur: Ah, indeed there is. I was certain mosquitoes can't even thrive in 
this region, yet there they are. This is... a prime opportunity to show you 
what I mean! I'm covered in bites, and I very badly want to set down this 
water to scratch... But I will not give in! See? My strength of will is all I 
need to carry on. I'll be... just... fine. There! I m-made it. 

Felicia: Wow! You really are something else, Arthur. Here, let me try... 
Felicia A

Hello, Felicia! 

Hi, Arthur! Thank you again for your help the other day. 

Oh, no need to thank me for something like that. It was my pleasure! 

You really are amazing, Arthur. The way you handle yourself even though... 
How can I explain it...? It's as if the entire world is out to get you, but 
you never back down! 

The whole world, eh? I've, um, never thought of it that way before... 

Oh, but it's true! You're my hero! After witnessing the strength of your 
spirit in the face of adversity, I was inspired. I felt like I could take on 
the world too! ... That lasted about five minutes, until my next major spill. 
*sigh* It seems being inspired hasn't helped me fix my own faults. As much as 
it pains me, I think I'll be like this for the foreseeable future. I'm afraid 
I'll never be the caliber of maid Lord/Lady Avatar deserves. 

That's the wrong way to look at it, my friend. As long as you keep striving 
with all your heart, that is all you can ask of yourself. 

Thank you, but I'm not so sure... 

May I tell you a little story? Yesterday, I saw someone being swept away by a 
raging river. Naturally, I dove in after them. However, as luck would have 
it, a small boat passed by at that same moment. 

I'm not sure where you're going with this... 

Instead of gracefully landing in the water, I smacked my head on the boat. I 
was out cold for a solid minute, unable to help the person I was trying to 

Oh no! What happened to the drowning person? 

The gentleman in the boat saved him. 

Poor Arthur... It really is hard to be you, isn't it? Doesn't it discourage 
you when something like that happens? 

I was mortified at first, but then the person I was trying to save told me 
something... He said, "You're our hero, mister! Don't worry about a few 
mishaps here and there." "Just knowing you're around here looking after us 
all makes us all feel safer!" 

Did he really say that? Wow... 

He did. And now I'm saying the same thing to you, minus the "mister" part. 
Don't worry about a few mishaps here and there, Felicia. Just having you 
around makes us all feel so much better about things. 

Felicia: Oh, Arthur... Do you really mean it? 

Arthur: I would not lead you astray. It would be unjust! You're the kind of 
person who brings a sense of calm to those around you. This war weighs 
heavily on us all... I don't know what we'd do without you here to cheer us 
on. I'm certain Lord/Lady Avatar feels the same. 

Felicia: Arthur... Thank you so much! From now on, I promise to try my best. 
I won't let myself get discouraged! 

Arthur: That's the spirit! And for my part, I'll be here to help in any way I 
can. If you ever need to talk, or to train, I'm here for you. 

Felicia: Ha ha, great! I'm here for you too!
Felicia S

Felicia: Arthur! Is there, um, any specific reason you wanted me to meet you 
out here? 

Arthur: Felicia! Hello! 

Felicia: Oh my! Your face is bright red! Do you have a fever? Poor dear... 
Let me just check your forehead with my wrist real quick... AHH!! 

Arthur: Felicia! Are you OK?! 

Felicia: I'm OK! I'm sorry, I just tripped again. I'm so darn clumsy. 

Arthur: Here... Grab hold of my hand. 

Felicia: Thank you. Sorry about- 

Arthur: WHOA! 

Felicia: EEK!!

Arthur: Ugh... Why in the world is there a pitfall here?! 

Felicia: And why in the world did both of us have to fall in like that? This 
is bad... 

Arthur: I'm so sorry, my friend. This is all because I offered my hand to 
you. I dragged you into this mess. It should only be me in this pit right 

Felicia: Oh, no! Please don't say that! We had no way of knowing. We do seem 
to be good and stuck, though. We'll probably be here awhile... 

Arthur: Indeed. Well... I guess I have no choice. I wanted to take you 
somewhere special, but I can't wait any longer to tell you. 

Felicia: Tell me what? 

Arthur: The reason why I called you here today... is to ask for your hand in 

Felicia: ...!! M-m-marriage?! 

Arthur: Yes, Felicia. It would be my great honor if you would join me on my 
quest for justice! 

Felicia: Oh! That's... OH NO!!
(Snowstorm blows)

Arthur: Wh-what just happened? It's suddenly freezing cold in here. ?! F-
Felicia?! Unless I'm mistaken, you seem to be producing a frosty mist! 

Felicia: Sorry! I'm so sorry! It's because I'm a child of the Ice Tribe. 
Whenever we become overwhelmed by emotion, we lose control of our powers... 

Arthur: Overwhelmed by emotion? Does that mean... you feel the same as I? 
Though your chill threatens to take the warmth from my heart... do you intend 
the very opposite? 

Felicia: Yes! It's just as you say! Nothing would make me happier than to be 
your wife, Arthur. My answer is yes! 

Arthur: Th-that's... that's amazing! Thank you, F-Felicia! Here... This is 
for y-you. 

Felicia: What's that? 

Arthur: It's a ring. I'm trying to get it out of my p-pocket here... It's 
just a little difficult because my fingers are nearly f-frozen... But I won't 
give up! Even if my whole body is frozen s-solid, I WILL place this ring on 
your finger! 

Felicia: Oh, Arthur! It's lovely! 

Arthur: Th-there now... I did it... Evidence of m-my love... for you... is 
on... your finger! 

Felicia: Thank you so much! But, um... Are you going to be OK? 

Arthur: I've n-n-never felt better! The b-burning heat of eternal love... is 
c-coursing through my heart! Now, let us... start our life t-together... as 
s-s-soon as possible! We'll start... by j-jointly praying for someone to... 
c-come save us! 

Felicia: Sure thing! I'm so happy! ... Stay strong, Arthur!
A3. Mozu C

Arthur: Hello, Mozu! 

Mozu: Hey there. You're Arthur, yeah? 

Arthur: Correct! I am Arthur of Nohr, seeker of justice and helper of the 
helpless! By the way, what brings you out here? I often train in this field, 
and I rarely ever see anyone out here. 

Mozu: Well, I'm from a small village, and farming's kinda in my blood. I had 
a little spare time, so I thought I'd come out here and check the soil. If 
the soil's no good, the produce won't be any good either. 

Arthur: Ah, I see. A noble cause indeed! 

Mozu: You ever done any farming before, Arthur? 

Arthur: I can't say that I have... Though I did once save an elderly farmer 
from drowning. 

Mozu: Ha, is that right? Good one, fella. Being a soldier is nice, but 
there's nothing like a well-plowed field at sunrise. People are just big 
animals, ya know. So being near the soil is soothing. Stuff you grow always 
tastes better than the stuff you buy too. It's a great life. 

Arthur: Huh... I think I'm starting to understand what you see in it. 

Mozu: Yeah? That's great. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta work hard to get 
this soil up to snuff!
Mozu B

Arthur: Hello, Mozu! 

Mozu: Heya, Arthur. How's it going? 

Arthur: Well, ever since our talk, I've been thinking of ways I can help you 
with the soil. Fighting justice requires an able body, so healthy veggies are 
key! I don't know much about farming, but I DO have a body of steel! If 
you'll let me, I shall use said body to help you plow the fields. 

Mozu: Welp, if you insist. There's the plow. Show me what you can do! 

Arthur: Excellent! Here I go... Hmpf! Hnng! 

Mozu: Wow! You're pretty strong, aren't ya? 

Arthur: You're too kind! It's because I train day and night in the pursuit of 

Mozu: Right. Still, strong or not, you're definitely an amateur. 

Arthur: ... Pardon? 

Mozu: You're going too far. You need to hold back a little, keep it even. Try 
doing it like this... See that? Just the right balance of form and strength. 
Give it a try. 

Arthur: Like this? 

Mozu: No, that's not it. More like THIS. 

Arthur: Ahh, I see. Like so? 

Mozu: You got it! 

Arthur: Phew! Finally. This isn't as easy as you make it look. 

Mozu: Not too shabby, Arthur. I think you've got some natural talent! You 
improved a lot with only a little bit of guidance. Nice work! 

Arthur: Thank you, Mozu! That's good to hear. Now, on to the rest of the 
field! Hmpf! Hnng! Hahaha, this is exhilarating!
Mozu A

Mozu: Huh?! The field is covered in... I'm pretty sure that's... 

Arthur: Hello, Mozu. Please accept my apologies. This is all my fault. 

Mozu: What are you talking about? 

Arthur: Well, I woke up early to come plow the field for you. For some 
inexplicable reason, a family of dragons followed me here. And... well... I 
did all I could, but I couldn't protect the field from their angry droppings. 

Mozu: Ah. I see. Why were the dragons chasing after you, though? 

Alas, I am cursed with bad luck wherever I go, no matter how pure my 
intentions. Dragons especially like to take aim at me, or even bite me when 
I'm not looking. This time, your field took the brunt of the attack. I'm so 

Mozu: That's crazy. Scary, even. 

Arthur: Scary indeed. 

Mozu: Even still, there's nothing to apologize for. If anything, this is 

Arthur: Helpful? 

Mozu: Sure! Dragon dung is high-quality fertilizer. People pay top dollar for 

Arthur: Is it really? 

Mozu: Yup! It has tons of nutrients and creates an ideal environment for 
produce to grow. I've always wanted to use it on my fields, but I could never 
afford it. 

Arthur: I never would have guessed... 

Mozu: You could call this field perfect now, Arthur. All thanks to you! 

Arthur: I suppose... misfortune has turned into good fortune then. 

Mozu: I'll say! Now I'll handle the rest. You go relax over there a bit. 

Arthur: Understood. I'll sit on the side so I'm out of the way. 

Mozu: No way! That won't do at all. I need you right in the middle of the 
field here. 

Arthur: Huh? 

Mozu: Well, this is great, but the more fertilizer the better. I'm hoping 
you'll attract a few more dragons our way. 

Arthur: I see. In that case, I'll be this field's scarecrow from now on. 

Mozu: Perfect! We sure make a good team, buddy.
Mozu S

Mozu: Heya, Arthur. What did you wanna talk about? 

Arthur: Well, I was hoping... we could plant this seedling together. 

Mozu: Huh, lookit that. I've never seen a seedling like this before. 

Arthur: It's quite special. You're the only one I'd want to plant this one 

Mozu: Sure thing. Let's get to it then. 

Arthur: Wait! You can't just say yes so casually. I need you to give it some 
serious thought before you accept. 

Mozu: Haha, you really are an amateur, aren't ya? Planting a little seedling 
isn't that big of a commitment. 

Arthur: ... 

Mozu: Arthur? Are you OK? 

Arthur: It's just... This isn't just any seedling. It's from a very special 
plant. If planted by two people in love, they say it ensures eternal 

Mozu: Did you say... love? 

Arthur: Yes. In other words, it's meant to be planted by... a husband and his 

Mozu: ... Wh-what're you saying? I'm so confused... 

Arthur: Apologies, I know I sound crazy. I'll just go ahead and say it... 
Mozu... Nothing would make me happier than to have you as my wife. That's why 
I bought this seedling... and this ring. I bought them for you. 

Mozu: Marriage, eh? But I... 

Arthur: I understand if I'm moving too fast. You don't have to answer me now. 
But I'm hoping... we could at least plant a seed and watch it grow... I want 
to form a family with you-one with strong roots and... um... Other farming 
metaphors. Look, basically I just love you! 

Mozu: A family... with you? Arthur, you don't know how happy it makes me to 
hear you say all that. I don't really have a family anymore, as you know... 
So starting a new one with you sounds simply perfect. I happily accept your 
ring, as well as this sweet little seedling. 

Arthur: R-really?! 

Mozu: Yup. Besides, you're a right catch with your special ability and all. 

Arthur: My ability? 

Mozu: Sure! You have the weird power to attract dragons and make 'em empty 
their guts. It's great for the fields, but we could also make a killing 
selling the stuff! It'll be smooth sailing well into our golden years! 

Arthur: Hahaha, I'm happy my bad luck brings you joy, in some weird way. That 
life sounds perfect. Thank you, Mozu. From now on, I shall dedicate all my 
days to your happiness... and also to justice. 

Mozu: Wahoo! Count me in!
A3. Elise C

Arthur: I am coming, Lady Elise! Your loyal Arthur rides to the rescue! Stay 
your fearful heart! *pant* *pant* A thousand apologies, milady. I did not 
mean to keep you waiting. To think, if you had been accosted by thugs and it 
took me so long to reach you... 

Elise: Oh, no! Don't worry, Arthur. It's nothing like that. I just had a 
question I wanted to ask you. 

Arthur: Ah. Well, I am a man of little learning, but if I can help, please, 
ask away. 

Elise: You're a man of justice, right, Arthur? So I was wondering... Is there 
anything you wouldn't do to help someone in trouble? 

Arthur: No! I would stop at nothing to save even a single person from harm, 
milady. If a milk lady lost a child, I'd scour the entire globe for that li'l 
babe! If an old man could no longer walk, I myself would serve as his legs as 
long as need be! 

Elise: Wow! So cool... 

Arthur: If someone sobbed a single sob, I would tickle them until they 
smiled! If I saw a fight, I would break it up, but not before I brought their 
hands together. This time in the loving clasp of friendship, rather than a 
deadly grapple of war! Er... I suppose I needn't go on. You get the idea. I 
am who I've always been: Destroyer of Evil, Champion of the Weak! I am 
Arthur! The Hero of Justice! 

Elise: Wow! You sound so gallant! Is there anything you can't do? 

Arthur: Not a thing in the world, milady! 

Elise: Jeez, Arthur, you're amazing! You're not just a hero! You're like an-
an... ultrahero! 

Arthur: Oh ho! You flatter me too much, my liege. Now, why did you ask me all 
this? Is there something that ails you? If anything troubles you, I vow right 
now to vanquish it for you, right in its evil face! 

Elise: Really? Well, Arthur, actually... I... ... I... um... never mind. 

Arthur: What? Lady Elise, I beg of you, if there is anything at all, you must 
tell me. I have sworn to aid you in all things. You know this. 

Elise: Haha. Yeah, I know. Sorry. Pretend you didn't hear anything. There are 
some things even an ultrahero of justice stuff can't do... So... ah... um... 
See ya! 
(Elise leaves) 

Arthur: By my leather loin-protector, that girl can be a mystery sometimes... 
Elise B

Arthur: Greetings! 

Elise: Hey, Arthur. What's eating you? 

Arthur: It's about the last time we talked. Would it be all right if I asked 
you what you were going to say? I am your loyal servant, milady. I would jump 
into a raging grease fire if you wished it. In fact, I would sit and roll 
around in one for you! Nay, I'd throw myself off a cliff, wailing and bare as 
a darling babe, into one for you! My oiled skin glistening in the aestival 
air as I plunged into the fiery pit below- 

Elise: Ah! That won't be necessary! I promise! That will never, ever be 
necessary. But... what I was thinking of when I said that... it might be 
hard, even for you. 

Arthur: I suspected as much; you've been acting very strangely these days. 
But I have come prepared. Please, anything you need, I shall perform. 

Elise: Well... OK. You asked for it. What I wanted to ask you... It's about 
Lord Xander. 

Arthur: About Lord Xander? 

Elise: Yes. I was hoping you could make Xander... 

Arthur: Y... yes? 

Elise: I was wondering if you could make him smile! 

Arthur: Oh, thank the gods. I thought you were going to say "a corpse!" Ha 
ha! What a hilarious misunderstanding! 

Elise: Huh? 

Arthur: Er, n-nothing, my lady. It's not so funny now that I think about 

Elise: Oh! I get it. You're worried about how you're gonna do it! See? I told 
ya! I knew it would be tough even for the famous Arthur! 

Arthur: N-n-no! Of course not! Ha! Nothing is too tough in my book! 
Especially not if it means helping someone! 

Elise: ... It's OK, Arthur. You don't have to lie for my sake. 

Arthur: I-I-I- I'm not lying! I'm going! Right now! To do it! You'll see! 
(Arthur leaves) 

Elise: Wha- He's going NOW?! 
(Time passes)

Arthur: Lady Elise! I have returned. 

Elise: Arthur! That was... so... quick. How did it go? 

Arthur: Splendidly! While I was with Lord Xander, he didn't stop laughing for 
a second! 

Elise: Really?! How did you do it? 

Arthur: Well, I found Lord Xander at the top of a hill, so I charged up it as 
fast as I could! But, wouldn't you know it, I tripped! Right as I reached the 
crest. Tumbled the whole way down again. Ha-ha! It was quite the sight, I 
assure you. I don't think I've sever seen the prince laugh so hard in his 

Elise: Oh. That wasn't quite the kind of smile I was hoping for... 

Arthur: I... I suspected as much. But one hopes. 

Elise: Oh well. Maybe it's impossible. There are things even a miracle 
couldn't fix... But thanks anyways, Arthur. 
(Elise leaves) 

Arthur: Lady Elise... 
Elise A

Arthur: Milady! I went to Lord Xander-without tripping, this time-and spoke 
with him. 

Elise: Really?! 

Arthur: Aye, I did! And I told him, straight out, that it's ill for him to 
always look so grim. Dourness little profits a king, I said! He must show his 
people he is human! For the future of Nohr, I suggested he might do well to 
smile now and then. 

Elise: Wow! That's great, Arthur! And he listened? What'd he say? 

Arthur: He laughed. 

Elise: He what? 

Arthur: Well, it was more of a scoff, really. 

Elise: ... 

Arthur: I guess you could say, if you were so inclined... that he was 
laughing... *ahem* ... At me. 

Elise: ... 

Arthur: I-I'd had a sudden urge to... empty my bladder, you see, while we 
were talking... So I was holding myself and... dancing... a little bit as I 
spoke. The pain was almost unendurable. But not more so than the thought of 
giving up. I would never willingly disappoint you, my lady. 

Elise: Oh, Arthur. I hope you get well soon. *sigh* I figured something would 
go wrong. Thanks, though. You did your best. That's all I can ask... 

Arthur: Milady- 

Elise: It's just... before... Xander used to be so much happier. He enjoyed 
playing and joking around with me, but since the war began... He still 
smiles, of course, but it's never like before. That's why I asked for your 
help... I just want him to be like he was. Happy. I don't want him to worry 
so much... 

Arthur: Lady Elise... ... I understand. Let me handle this. 

Elise: No, it's OK. What I want is impossible. Xander is going to be king 
soon. I'm sure he has so many things to worry about. Things I probably 
couldn't even imagine. 

Arthur: With all due respect, I disagree. It is NOT impossible. I am Arthur, 
the Hero of Justice! And, I might add, your loyal retainer. I exist to serve 
you and the throne of Nohr, and that I shall do if it kills me! Perhaps it 
will take some time, but I will do this thing for you someday. I promise. 

Elise: Arthur... thank you. Just hearing you say that makes me feel OK again. 
I knew I could count on you! 

Arthur: My lady... I do not deserve such kindness.
Elise S

Arthur: Ah, there you are! I thank you for coming. 

Elise: What's wrong? Is it about Xander? 

Arthur: No, not exactly... but it's not entirely unrelated either. 

Elise: Oh? 'Cause I wanted to tell you not to worry about the favor I asked 
you for. You know, the thing about getting Xander to smile. 'Cause... it's 
probably just my fault anyway. 

Arthur: What? Don't say such things! You could never make Lord Xander sad! 

Elise: Not like that, Arthur. I don't mean I'm the reason he never smiles. I 
just mean that I might have been hoping for something silly. I always thought 
of him as my own personal hero. You know, like how some girls think of their 
dads. Except I never felt that way about ours since he's... well, our father. 
When things got rough, though, I could always rely on Xander. And, it's true, 
he always smiled then, and he used to laugh so much. But sometimes people 
have to change to become who they're destined to be. He's had to shoulder so 
much... there's no way he could stay the boy he was. And if he did, he 
wouldn't be the man we needed to lead us. 

Arthur: Lady Elise... 

Elise: I think I was just feeling nostalgic. I was only sad because I 
couldn't play with him like I used to anymore. It's my problem. Not his. He's 
not just MY hero now. He's everyone's. 

Arthur: A hero, eh? So what would your ideal personal hero look like? 

Elise: Huh? 

Arthur: When you imagine the perfect hero, what is he like? 

Elise: The perfect hero? Huh. That's hard... Well, I guess they'd be a lot 
like you, Arthur. 

Arthur: Wha? 

Elise: You're a kind and loyal person. AND you're a Hero of Justice, right? 
Plus I bet you'd make a great father! I can see it now! With kids crawling up 
and down ya, and your wife hugging your side. It's perfect! Whoever you 
marry, Arthur... she'll be a very lucky woman. I'm sure of it. 

Arthur: Oh, Lady Elise... 

Elise: Wh-what's wrong? 

Arthur: Nothing. I'm just so happy you said that. Because I came here to tell 
you something. Something very related to what you just said. 

Elise: Huh? 

Arthur: My lady, you are the most easygoing and carefree woman I have ever 
met. Just seeing you unburdens my heart of all its troubles. You are truly 
one of a kind. And it is this unique quality of yours that compels me to 
protect you. Not duty or justice, but only that I could not bear to live in a 
world without you. So, please, if you think I am worthy... will you accept 
this ring? 

Elise: WH-WHAT? 

Arthur: Will you marry me, Lady Elise? 

Elise: I-I don't know what to say. 

Arthur: ... I understand. It makes sense that you would be hesitant to 
accept. Even if you do love me, I am not your peer. A princess should marry a 
prince, no? Otherwise... the nobility will get to talking. It could cause a 
scandal. So, please, think on it, and take your time. Only do this if it is 
truly what you want. 

Elise: Oh, Arthur. I love you. But it's not the nobles I'm worried about. 
It's Xander... I feel like he's not going to be too happy about this. 

Arthur: You need not worry, milady. I will tell Lord Xander the news myself. 
And I will work hard every day until he smiles to think of our marriage. A 
real smile this time! Not his normal laughing-at-Arthur smile! 

Elise: Well when you put it like that, I guess I have to say yes! Teehee. So, 
here goes. Arthur... I do!
A3. Camilla C

Camilla: *sigh* 

Arthur: Lady Camilla? What's the matter? No, wait, don't tell me. You're 
upset! About... something. 

Camilla: Gee, how'd you know? 

Arthur: Oh ho! I can detect even the most subtle emotional cues. Now then, 
what troubles you, milady? And how may I be of assistance? 

Camilla: It's Avatar, if you must know. 

Arthur: Your brother/sister, Lord/Lady Avatar? Aren't you two rather close? 

Camilla: That's just it. I am overflowing with love for Avatar. 

Arthur: Ah. A medical condition. Fear not, I'll rush a message to the local 

Camilla: No, Arthur, you don't understand. I constantly remind Avatar how 
much I love him/her, but it's still not enough. 

Arthur: Hmm. This is a tricky situation, but I believe I can help. 

Camilla: At this point, I'm willing to try anything. 

Arthur: Very well! I'm off to proclaim your love to Lord/Lady Avatar! 

Camilla: Hold it! This is a delicate situation... You'll have to choose your 
words carefully. Or rather, I'll have to choose them carefully... 

Arthur: Splendid. Consider me a sweet-nothing delivery system-at your 

Camilla: Excellent! So, here's what I'd like you to say to him/her... 
Camilla B

Arthur: Good day, Lady Camilla. I have terrific news to report. 

Camilla: Oh? Did you relay my message to Avatar? What did he/she say? 

Arthur: Indeed. And I'm afraid I have bad news. 

Camilla: But I thought you just said you had terrific news?! 

Arthur: Oh ho! I can see how that would be confusing. The good news was that 
I completed the mission! The bad news is that I failed miserably. 

Camilla: Ugh. Fine, let me hear it. 

Arthur: With pleasure! To begin, I decided to relay your message to Lord/Lady 
Avatar in the evening. So as not to disturb his/her busy daytime schedule, of 
course. Additionally, I thought it prudent to whisper underneath his/her 

Camilla: What in Nohr would compel you to deliver my message like that?! 

Arthur: Well, I thought it would be considerate to avoid disrupting his/her 
bedtime routine. In any case, I received a strange and vaguely threatening 
reply. "STOP IT!" 

Camilla: I see... 

Arthur: Please don't cry, Lady Camilla. I'm sure Lord/Lady Avatar had a good 
reason for replying in that manner. 

Camilla: Wait a second. If you were simply whispering under a door... Did you 
actually see Avatar? Because he/she has recently been asked to switch rooms 
for security reasons. 

Arthur: I... I was unaware of this. 

Camilla: So there's a chance you were speaking to the wrong person! 

Arthur: Oh ho! Based on this new information, I'd estimate close to a 100 
percent chance. In fact, thinking back now... I believe I heard someone 
singing. If my ears are as sharp as my wits, I would have to say it was Lady 
Azura's voice. I do apologize, milady. It appears I have done you a great 

Camilla: It's OK, Arthur. Everyone makes mistakes. You just make... a LOT of 

Arthur: Please, allow me to make it up to you. Give me another chance to 

Camilla: Very well... 

Arthur: Thank you very much. I shall redeem myself with gusto.
Camilla A

Arthur: Lady Camilla... I've completed my mission. 

Camilla: I am mildly terrified to hear the results... but please, go on. 

Arthur: Certainly. And rest assured, I will be completely unambiguous in my 
report. I have utterly failed. 

Camilla: Ugh. Let's hear the grisly details. 

Arthur: As you wish, milady. My first order of business was to clear things 
up with Lady Azura. Fortune smiled upon me, however, as I found her walking 
with Lord/Lady Avatar! So, seeking to catch two fish with one worm, as I 
believe the saying goes... I first approached Lady Azura with a sincere 
apology. Strangely, she didn't acknowledge our previous encounter in any way. 
Next, I stood square in front of Lord/Lady Avatar and proclaimed your love! 
Well, he/she gave me a very strange look indeed... 

Camilla: And? 

Arthur: And... that's when he/she shouted. "It was you!" 

Camilla: And? 

Arthur: And... that's when I took the opportunity to run away at full speed. 

Camilla: Well, it does sound like you failed, but something about your story 
doesn't add up. 

Arthur: Hmm. I can't imagine why. Did I mention the part where I was struck 
by a carriage on my way to the encounter? 

Camilla: You most certainly did not! Did it strike you in the head, Arthur? 

Arthur: Oh, yes! Not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times! 

Camilla: Four times?! How is that even possible? Are you sure it was only one 

Arthur: I'm not sure of anything anymore... 

Camilla: My poor Arthur. You may not have failed quite as completely as you 

Arthur: How so? 

Camilla: Don't you see? In your confusion, you must have mistaken Avatar for 
Lady Azura! 

Arthur: Yes, that would explain certain... things. I'm so terribly sorry to 
have bungled this simple task yet again, Lady Camilla. How can I ever make it 
up to you? 

Camilla: It's all right, Arthur. Don't be too hard on yourself. From what 
I've heard, you aren't the luckiest fellow in our kingdom. And yet it seems 
you never back down from a challenge. That's an admirable quality. 

Arthur: Lady Camilla, you're too kind. Now, if I might have one more 
opportunity to redeem myself... 

Camilla: Sorry. I'm not THAT kind.
Camilla S

Arthur: Ah, Lady Camilla. Thank you for meeting with me. 

Camilla: Hello, Arthur. I'm happy to meet with you, but if this is about 
Avatar... You needn't worry. 

Arthur: No, this isn't about Lord/Lady Avatar. This is about US, milady. 

Camilla: Us? Like, you and me? 

Arthur: Yes. Despite my failings, you have treated me with such kindness. I 
know we are worlds apart, and I would sooner have luck touching the stars... 
But as they say, something ventured, some other thing gained... Will you 
marry me? 

Camilla: Arthur, did any carriages strike you on the way here today? 

Arthur: Pardon me? 

Camilla: Take a close look at my face. You are speaking with Lady Camilla. 
Are you aware of that? 

Arthur: Oh ho! But of course! Who else would you be? 

Camilla: Sorry, I just had to check. 

Arthur: So... I take it that's a no? 

Camilla: Oh, no, no. It's a yes! 

Arthur: But... you said "no" twice. Um... 

Camilla: Yes, yes, yes! It's a yes, Arthur! You have the worst luck of anyone 
I've ever met, and yet... I'm drawn to your faithfulness and your earnest 

Arthur: Oh ho! Terrific! There's just one thing. I had a rather striking ring 
picked out... But on the way over here- 

Camilla: Stop. I don't even want to know about it. I'm just glad you made it 
here in one piece.
A3. Effie C

Arthur: Greetings, Effie! Can you spare a moment to discuss something of dire 

Effie: Arthur? What's going on? Is Lady Elise OK? 

Arthur: Haha! Er, yes, of course. Sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you. But what 
I say next may shock and disturb you to your very core! 

Effie: Well, what are you waiting for?! 

Arthur: Effie, I believe we need to have a chat. 

Effie: We are having a chat right now! Now will you hurry up and get to the 

Arthur: Certainly. Effie, I believe that I am falling behind in my Elise-
guarding duties. I see your dedication to her in every aspect of your life, 
and I am envious. Please, I must know your secret! 

Effie: There's no secret. But what you said about my dedication is accurate. 
I'm more than just her retainer. I'm her best friend. Everything I do is for 
her. But that doesn't mean you should feel bad. You're her hero, you know? 

Arthur: It warms my ears to hear such praise, but I fear it is not enough. 
Our battles grow fiercer by the day! I must know the secrets of your 

Effie: Oh! Well, my strength comes from my training. You're welcome to join 
me for a workout or a sparring session anytime. 

Arthur: Fantastic! I look forward to battling to the death- 

Effie: WHAT? 

Arthur: -of my energy. To the death of my energy. Is that not a common 
expression? Oh ho! My mistake.
Effie B

Effie: Arthur, I've been thinking about our talk the other day. And I 
realized the reason you feel you're not doing enough for Lady Elise... is 
because you're always doing so much for everyone else. You're far more 
generous than I. 

Arthur: Generous? Oh ho ho! Yes, yes, I suppose I'm reasonably generous. But 
not any more than you! 

Effie: Are you kidding? You're always putting other people before yourself. 
Anytime you see someone in trouble- anyone in trouble-you rush in. Me? I'd 
snatch a cup of water from a guy who was on fire if Lady Elise were thirsty. 

Arthur: Oh ho! Remind me not to catch on fire in proximity to Elise during 
the warm months! But seriously, I do see your point. Perhaps I do spend too 
much time helping old ladies cross the path. And I should probably stop 
making silly faces at crying babies until they laugh... 

Effie: Arthur... no. You shouldn't ever change. That wasn't what I meant. The 
world needs a hero like you. A hero who stands up for justice, no matter 
what. A hero who always takes the little guy's side, even at his own expense. 

Arthur: Well... thank you, Effie! This conversation has been tremendously 
illuminating. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to resolve this minor identity 
crisis like a hero. With an extra dessert and some snuggling with my fuzzy 
blanket. Cheerio!
Effie A

Effie: Arthur... we need to talk. 

Arthur: Oh? How may I be of service, fair maiden? 

Effie: Well, to be blunt... What's wrong with you? 

Arthur: How do you mean? 

Effie: Well, in our last battle, you seemed a bit listless. You looked tired. 

Arthur: Is that so? Well, I have been experimenting a bit with my training... 

Effie: Experimenting? What have you been up to? 

Arthur: Ah! It's more a question of what HAVEN'T I been up to. You see, I've 
decided to try focusing more on our Lady Elise. Like you! So, to that end, I 
haven't helped any little old ladies cross the street. And I haven't rescued 
any cats from any trees or rooftops in a very long time. Instead, I have 
spent hours thinking about Lady Elise... just like you! I have pledged total 
allegiance to her, just like you! And I have begun bench-pressing tree 
trunks. Er, kinda just like you. How DO you manage to make it look so easy? 

Effie: Oh, Arthur. You didn't need to change anything you were doing. Forget 
bench-pressing tree trunks. That's MY thing. Go back to rescuing cats and 
cheering up crying babies. That's the selfless Arthur we all know and love. 
Because whatever you're doing now... it sure isn't working. 

Arthur: Terrific! I mean, oh. 

Effie: Oh, please don't be upset, Arthur. It's just that we each have our way 
of doing things. It's not like one is better than the other. We're both good 
at what we do. Honestly, I think the best thing you can do for Elise is to 
just be yourself. 

Arthur: Stupendous! 

Effie: Yes, that's the Arthur I know! 

Arthur: And love? 

Effie: Er, yes. 

Arthur: Haha! OK, then. 

Effie: (That was weird... )
Effie S

Effie: Hello, Arthur. What is it you so urgently needed to see me about? 

Arthur: Greetings, Effie! I apologize for imparting a false sense of urgency 
to this meeting. Because, unfortunately, my goldsmith has failed me... 

Effie: Does it have anything to do with this box? 

Arthur: Where did you get that? 

Effie: It just showed up at my place with both of our names on it. There's 
some kind of ring inside, see? 

Arthur: You opened it? Oh, no... 

Effie: I'm sorry, I thought I should see what was inside-since my name was on 
the box. 

Arthur: Oh, that's quite all right. Er... yes. In fact this will be quite 
splendid. Indeed! Oh ho! Fantastic! Er... Come on, Arthur, pull yourself 

Effie: Arthur! Are you OK? What is all that muttering? Have you become 
possessed? Oh dear. Quickly-blink twice if you're possessed! 

Arthur: *blink* *blink* *blink* *blink* *blink* 

Effie: I... I don't know what to make of that. 

Arthur: AHEM. Apologies, milady. I believe I have gathered myself adequately. 
So. The reason I called you out here today was to see if you would accept 
this ring. 

Effie: Oh. Well, obviously, I already did. 

Arthur: Well, yes, I suppose that's technically accurate. The best kind of 
accurate! But, er, I was hoping that you would accept it as a symbol of our 

Effie: Our marriage?! What did you do, Arthur? Did you get us legally married 
without consulting me? 

Arthur: Haha! No, of course not. 

Effie: Oh, thank goodness. Because I don't think I can marry you, Arthur. Not 
because I don't find you handsome... or enjoy spending time with you. It's 
just... I'm basically already married to Lady Elise. She's everything to me. 
I don't know if there's room in my life for you! 

Arthur: Oh, Effie. Marrying me would in no way impact your duties to Elise. 
In fact, I believe it would make us even more valuable to her. As you said 
once before, we each have our own way of doing things. But our skills appear 
to be complementary! It's only natural to team up. 

Effie: Well, I suppose it does make a lot of sense... We've been working so 
well together on the battlefield. And you're already such an important part 
of my life. You're dependable and heroic... and I know that you'll always be 
there for me. So... I do! I will marry you, Arthur! 

Arthur: Fantastic! No, wait, fantastic doesn't begin to cover it... Super... 
uh... splendid... uh... magnificent... Just, uh, give me a moment here, 

Effie: You're trying too hard, Arthur. C'mon, let's just go tell Elise the 
good news. 

Arthur: Haha! Of course. After you, my love.
A3. Nyx C

Nyx: Going somewhere, Arthur? 

Arthur: Ah, the fair Nyx! Why yes, I was just chaperoning the town children 
to a show. Their guardians were called away suddenly and wanted my help. 
Naturally, I agreed! 

Nyx: Very admirable of you. But I suggest you find a way to back out. It will 
not end well. 

Arthur: Whatever makes you say that? It looks like a fine enough day! 

Nyx: It has been foretold to me. 

Arthur: You've been peeking into the future, eh? Hah! Your warning is noted, 
but what choice do I have? "A friend of mine felt a bad omen, so I can't 
watch the children"? Such a mealymouthed excuse should never be uttered by a 
true hero! 

Nyx: I understand, but you must trust me on this. You cannot go. 

Arthur: I think you'll find that I cannot NOT go! But I'm touched by your 
concern. Now then, duty calls! 

Nyx: Wait. Go if you must. But wear this under your armor. 

Arthur: What's this strange script? Is this a spellbook? It's dreadfully 

Nyx: You may not be able to read it, but you'll find it useful nonetheless. 
All will be well if you do as I say.
Nyx B

Arthur: My fair Nyx... I've come to apologize for paying so little heed to 
your warning. It seems I ought to put greater stock in your powers of 

Nyx: What happened? I'd be interested to know the details. 

Arthur: I took the children to see a magic show. The Great Mandoni, have you 
heard of her? She has a stupefying trick where a volunteer enters a wooden 

Nyx: Yes, which is then pierced by swords. It's a common spectacle. It's done 
with a special trick sword. But I think I can infer what happened... 

Arthur: You infer rightly! Spurred on by my enthusiastic charges, I 
volunteered at once to go in. I squeezed myself into the box, which all 
seemed honest and aboveboard. But then, to my great shock... Rather than a 
trick sword, the Great Mandoni skewered me with a real blade! 

Nyx: As I foresaw... 

Arthur: As soon as I felt it poke into my armor, I suspected something had 
gone awry. But I couldn't cry out-not in front of the wonder-struck children. 
I knew the sword was meant to pass harmlessly through me by some trick... And 
so, after careful consideration, it seemed best to remain mum. But then the 
sword pierced my armor and continued its merciless plunge... At the last 
moment, when death seemed certain, your spellbook saved the day! 

Nyx: Hmhm. Didn't I say it would? My insight into the future is never wrong. 
Though it is rare that these glimpses are as clear as they were in your case. 
It must have something to do with your simple mi- I mean your pure heart. 
Now, oftentimes changing one's fate will only bring about a worse one. But 
you are a friend, so I thought I'd warn you anyway. 

Arthur: In that case, I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude! Though while 
we're on the subject... I've been asked to accompany the Lady Elise to dinner 
this evening. Can I have your assurance that everything will go swimmingly? 

Nyx: Hmhm. Your opinion of my fortune-telling has come a long way, hasn't it? 
But I said before that it's not wise to change the future, and I stand by 

Arthur: I don't need a blow-by-blow of the event. Just give me a general 

Nyx: If you insist. Let me peer into the mists of what is to come... Hmm... 
Very, very interesting. 

Arthur: What happened? Or rather, I should ask- what WILL happen? 

Nyx: You will bear the brunt of someone's wrath. Keep your wits about you. 

Arthur: Someone's wrath? Wh-what will I have done to deserve that...?!
Nyx A

Arthur: It is with a heavy heart that I inform you... Your prediction was 
spot on. Lady Elise was furious with me. 

Nyx: My condolences. Tell me what happened. 

Arthur: The dinner began as planned. We took our seats without incident. I 
was asked for my preferred drink and said that water would be fine. My senses 
must remain undulled by drink if I am to properly perceive injustice! When 
the rest of the party's drinks arrived, someone proposed a toast, as you do. 
I was feeling particularly parched and threw back my glass in one gulp. 

Nyx: It wasn't water, but alcohol. Yes? 

Arthur: Yes! The waiter had mistakenly given me a glass of clear spirits. And 
I don't have the fortitude to guzzle a drink that strong in a single go. I 
quickly felt disoriented and confused... 

Nyx: And that's when trouble struck. 

Arthur: Exactly. This happened after the hors d'oeuvres and soup but before 
breadsticks were served. 

Nyx: Yes, yes. Go on. 

Arthur: Not quite cognizant of my surroundings, I reached for some bread. I 
lifted it to my lips, took a bite, and... 

Nyx: And? 

Arthur: What I was actually holding was Lady Elise's hair. 

Nyx: I can see how you might confuse those long tails of hers for baguettes. 

Arthur: Er... 

Nyx: My apologies. I shouldn't make light of your suffering. 

Arthur: It's quite all right! I hadn't thought about it until you laughed, 
but it is a knee-slapper of a tale, isn't it? 

Nyx: I... suppose? I'll admit that I've come to enjoy peering into your 
future. There's never a want of bizarre trouble to be found there. 

Arthur: Alas, it's true. But I can bear anything so long as you laugh away my 
bad luck, as you just did. 

Nyx: I think you can rely on me for that much.
Nyx S

Nyx: Is something wrong? Your summons sounded urgent. 

Arthur: My fair Nyx, thank you for meeting me. There is indeed a pressing 
concern I had to bring to your attention. 

Nyx: And that is? 

Arthur: Pardon the delicate question, as I know a lady never tells, but... 
How old are you? 

Nyx: Were I to answer that... what is it to you? 

Arthur: No offense meant! It's just that... 

Nyx: Mm, I suppose you wouldn't ask without a reason. So I'll tell you. My 
looks are deceiving. I'm actually older than you by quite a bit. 

Arthur: What?! 

Nyx: Many years ago, a magical experiment went wrong, preventing me from 
aging further. 

Arthur: G-good heavens... Well, it does put paid to my concern. I worried 
that you might be too young for... 

Nyx: For...? 

Arthur: Erm... No, the time for hesitation is past! My fair Nyx, I would like 
you to marry me. I have here an engagement ring for you. 

Nyx: Yes, I see that. You're never one to shrink from a bold move, are you? I 
would be happy to accept your proposal. 

Arthur: So soon? I'd been prepared for you to tell me you needed time to 
think it over! 

Nyx: No. I've known for some time that today would be the day of your 
proposal. I foresaw it, you see. 

Arthur: Oh... of course. If you knew in advance of my bad luck, it stands to 
reason you'd know of the good. 

Nyx: Yes. I knew the day we met that it would lead to this. 

Arthur: What?! From our first meeting?! 

Nyx: That's what I said. Do you see now what I meant when I advised against 
changing one's fate? 

Arthur: Aah... In truth, I didn't. But now I'm starting to see. 

Nyx: I didn't want you to die, of course, so I passed along that one warning. 

Arthur: My fair Nyx... I-if you always knew this would happen... What do you 
know of our lives to come? Our future together? 

Nyx: ... I see a child. A beautiful son, born to the two of us. 

Arthur: A son... I can't wait to meet him...! 

Nyx: Nor can I. 

Arthur: I vow to be a steadfast husband to you, fair Nyx. I'll cram your life 
full of joy! 

Nyx: I know you will. You'll be a loving partner and a devoted father. Better 
than I could ask for. That much I can see even without my second sight.
A3. Selena C

Selena: Hey, Arthur! You're one of those jack-of- all-trades types, right? 

Arthur: Hm? To be honest, I've never really thought of myself like that... If 
anything, I am a man of justice. Standing tall in the face of evil... 
Protecting all that is good and pure in the world, fighting boldly against- 

Selena: Whoa, slow down! You seem to be operating under the misconception 
that I care about all that. Look, I like to think of you as a jack-of-all- 
trades, so that's what you are. Got it? 

Arthur: Er, as you wish... 

Selena: Now then, I heard you're not getting as many requests for help 

Arthur: It's true. Lately people have even been refusing my offers of 

Selena: I see. Look, Arthur. What you do for people is admirable. It really 
is. Your problem is, you've got supremely bad luck. That's why folks don't 
want your help. I hit the nail on the head, didn't I? 

Arthur: Well... I suppose so. 

Selena: Don't get all depressed. I'm not just here to tear you down. I'm also 
here to help! I'm sick of seeing such a heroic jack-of-all- trades type held 
back by bad luck. There must be a million ways of curing you. We'll find one 

Arthur: Really? You think there's hope for a poor, unfortunate justice seeker 
like myself? 

Selena: I do. All I ask in return is that you come shopping with me whenever 
I want. I love shopping, but I hate carrying all my heavy bags around. It's a 
pain. So, do we have a deal? 

Arthur: I will gladly accept your offer. 

Selena: Great! It's settled. Now that we're a team, we should think of a good 
team name... Let's see here... How about... the SelenArthur Alliance?! 

Arthur: The... what now? 

Selena: It's perfect, isn't it?! So begin the exciting adventures of the 
SelenArthur Alliance!
Selena B

Selena: Woo! Shopping was a blast! 

Arthur: You certainly bought more than expected. What exactly do you plan to 
do with all these fish? 

Selena: What am I going to do? Eat them, of course! Don't ask such stupid 
questions, Member B. 

Arthur: Member... B? Is that what you just called me? 

Selena: Yep. After all, you're Member B of the SelenArthur Alliance. So, B, 
lemme ask you... Have you been experiencing any bad luck today? 

Arthur: Hrm... Now that you mention it, things haven't been all peaches and 
sidekicks... Not long ago, you see, I went to buy a new blade from one of the 
local merchants... And on my way back, I helped a man whose cart full of 
vegetables had toppled over. But when I got home, I realized my blade was 
gone-replaced by a giant radish! 

Selena: Your sword turned into a giant radish? 

Arthur: Er... Sure. Something like that. The switch must have occurred while 
I was helping that man with his cart! 

Selena: Wow. Your luck is even worse than I thought. I won't forgive you if 
my fish stash turns into radishes. Understood? 

Arthur: Um, surely. 

Selena: Hm? Wait a minute... Is that...? It's a runaway cart! Carts are 
mortal enemies of the SelenArthur Alliance! Run away, B! Run away as fast as 
you can! 

Arthur: Running! *pant... pant... * 

Selena: ... Huh? Oh, the cart just went right by without causing trouble. 
That's kind of a letdown, actually. 

Arthur: Selena! Can you hear me? Those clouds above look rather suspicious. 
I'll keep running, though... *pant... pant... * 

Selena: He's right. The sky got all black and ominous all of a sudden... 

Arthur: Arrrggggghhhhhh!! 

Selena: HUH?! Was he just... struck by lightning?! B, are you OK?! 
Selena A

Selena: Phew! Another fun shopping trip. I'm still a little spooked from the 
other day, though. I can't believe you survived that. I was so confused about 
those storm clouds showing up so fast... I didn't even have time to give you 
any advice to stop the bad luck! 

Arthur: True, but at least those fish I was holding for you were charred to 
perfection. They were rather tasty. 

Selena: Yeah, they were really good. Still... No more getting struck by 
lightning, OK? That was scary, and it ruined my mood. Today I bought clothes, 
and I don't want those to be charred too. 

Arthur: I wouldn't enjoy that either. 

Selena: Huh?! B, look! It's another runaway cart! Run, B! It's headed 
straight for you! Straight for my new clothes! 

Arthur: Got it! Here I go! 

Selena: ... Heh, my mistake. That one just came and went too. Wow, I'm a 
really bad judge of cart character. 

Arthur: Look to the sky, Selena! It's a flock of dragons! Watch out for 

Selena: Yuck! That's not funny, B! Clothes covered in dragon business is no 
laughing matter. ... Oh, good... The dragons flew right by. I'm on edge 
today. A new enemy of the SelenArthur Alliance could be anywhere! 

Arthur: Selena! I'm going to run back now. Clouds seem to be gathering once 

Selena: Wait, what?! Not again!
(Rain falls)

Arthur: ... I'm back. No lightning today, Selena. Just torrential rain. 

Selena: Ugh, this is awful. All of my new clothes are soaking wet! I'm sorry, 
B, but there really might be no cure for luck as bad as yours. I give up... 
The SelenArthur Alliance is finished! 

Arthur: I'm sorry, Selena. I should have warned you that I'm a hopeless case.
(Rain falls)
(Time passes)

Selena: Hey... You're being a little hard on yourself. It's not all bad. 
Look! The clothes that got all wet... I was worried they were too bright. But 
some of the dye has washed away with the rain. Now they're perfect! 

Arthur: I suppose... All's well that ends well? Is that right, A? 

Selena: Maybe so, B. Maybe so... Come to think of it, I feel like my presence 
kind of neutralizes your bad luck. We'd better continue the Alliance after 
all. No need to thank me. So... See you tomorrow, then? 

Arthur: Certainly! I'll see you tomorrow! ... Thank you, Selena.
Selena S

Arthur: Hello, Selena! Erm, I mean... Hi, A! Ready to go shopping? 

Selena: Thanks for coming, B. I mean... *sigh* No shopping today, Arthur. We 
need to talk. 

Arthur: Uh-oh. If you're calling me by my proper name, does that mean...? 

Selena: I'm afraid so. The Alliance is finished. For real this time. 

Arthur: I see... How regrettable. I rather enjoyed having someone to confront 
my bad luck with. 

Selena: Oh, well, I fully intend to keep helping you with your bad luck. It's 

Arthur: No, please, don't bother. If you want to disband the Alliance, I 
respect that. It can't have been fun for you, being with a nuisance like me 
all the time... 

Selena: That's not it at all. The Alliance is finished, but only because I 
want to start a new alliance. Maybe... we could stick together as husband and 
wife instead... 

Arthur: ... 

Selena: I mean... I know that's skipping a few steps. I just... Sorry... I, 

Arthur: ... 

Selena: Look, forget I said anything! Maybe we could just get some tea to 

Arthur: ... 

Selena: ... Just say something already! The silence is killing me! It took me 
a long time to summon up the courage to say that, you know! 

Arthur: I'm sorry, Selena... I'm just in shock! Do you truly mean it? 

Selena: Of course I do! Do you really think I'd propose as a joke? I'm not a 

Arthur: Fair enough. But... are you sure that's really what you want? I'm not 
sure I'm good enough for you. I'm nothing but trouble and bad luck... Well, 
and justice too. But not without a fair helping of trouble and bad luck. 

Selena: It may seem like trouble for you, but for me it's not so bad. I... I 
kind of like looking after you. 

Arthur: You do? I never dared to hope... In that case, I suppose I can give 
you this without hesitation. 

Selena: Huh?! This is an engagement ring! 

Arthur: I bought it when I realized I'd fallen for you. Though to be honest, 
I never thought you'd ever really be mine. I've been in agony... Wondering if 
I should tell you or keep my feelings inside. 

Selena: I don't believe it... Why didn't you say something sooner?! 

Arthur: You seem angry... 

Selena: Well, it's frustrating! I went out on a limb not knowing how you 

Arthur: All's well that ends well... right? 

Selena: No! I mean... I guess, but... From now on, don't you ever keep 
anything that important from me again. Promise? 

Arthur: Ha ha, I swear on sweet Lady Justice, I shall be an open book from 
now on. 

Selena: Well... I guess I can find it in my heart to forgive you then. Thank 
you, Arthur. From now on, I'm sure my days will be full of surprises. 

Arthur: There is never a dull moment in the pursuit of justice! Now then... 
shall we go shopping? I believe you have a dress to buy. 

Selena: Woo! This day just keeps getting better and better!
A3. Beruka C

Arthur: Hello, Beruka! There's something I need to ask you about. I saw you 
speaking with a gentleman of questionable character earlier. I hate to pry... 
But who was he, and what business did you have with him? 

Beruka: ... That's not your business, is it? 

Arthur: Enforcing justice IS my business, and that man reeked of evil. I have 
a hard time believing you and he were up to anything good, Beruka. Consider 
how it would affect Lady Camilla if you were tied to any wrongdoing... 

Beruka: ... 

Arthur: You don't seem to have much to say on the subject. Well, just know 
that my eyes of justice are ever upon you.  

Beruka: Justice, eh? What does that mean, anyway? I can't figure it out... 

Arthur: Are you interested in justice?! Then let us discuss! Justice means 
many things to many people. For me, it's a way of life. It's waking up before 
your friends to go on patrol... It's searching high and low to locate a lost 
child for their frantic parents... It's coming across an injured elderly 
person and becoming their legs for them... It's hearing a crying baby and 
crying with it until it calms down... It's jumping into a fight and turning 
angry fists into friendly handshakes... Justice is all these things, and so 
much more! That's what it means to ME, in any case. 

Beruka: ... You're interesting. 

Arthur: Really? You find my musings on Lady Justice interesting?! Well, if 
you insist, I can keep going! Let's see... What else is justice...?
Beruka B

Arthur: Ah, Beruka! How are you on this fine day? Might I ask if your 
understanding of justice has deepened since we last spoke? 

Beruka: Yes... I think I understand it a little more now. At least, I have a 
better idea of what YOU think justice is. 

Arthur: Wonderful! To be honest, I was surprised by how intently you listened 
to me. 

Beruka: Well... No one's ever taken the time to talk to me about right and 
wrong before. I guess that's why it was interesting hearing you go on and on 
about it. 

Arthur: I see... 

Beruka: Well, I must be going now. Good-bye. 

Arthur: Wait! Where are you going? 

Beruka: I cannot say. 

Arthur: Could it have something to do with that suspicious man from the other 

Beruka: ... Yes, it does. I've been hired to assassinate someone. 

Arthur: Oh. I see. And... who's your target? 

Beruka: A government official visiting the capitol. 

Arthur: I see. That's quite a coincidence... I've been commissioned for a job 
myself. To protect a visiting government official. His people caught wind of 
an assassination plot. That said, I must be off as well. 

Beruka: Wait... Doesn't that mean...? 

Arthur: Yes, I'm afraid so. Truly regrettable. 

Beruka: ... For the record, I always complete my missions. 

Arthur: What a coincidence. So do I. 

Beruka: ... 

Arthur: ... 
Beruka A

Arthur: Beruka! We need to talk. Why did you retreat in the middle of your 
mission to assassinate that official? I thought you said you always complete 
a mission no matter what... Was it because of my justice talk? 

Beruka: That's... extremely self-centered of you to think that. 

Arthur: Ah. Well then. If that's not the reason, then what is? 

Beruka: I became aware of a third party at work. 

Arthur: A third party? 

Beruka: Yes. There was another assassin present. 

Arthur: Oh? Was there really? 

Beruka: Yes. I was watching the official from a nearby alley. I was waiting 
for the right moment to make my move... Then it happened. As I was about to 
strike, that carriage burst through and ran you over. 

Arthur: Ah... So you saw that. 

Beruka: I did. I also saw the roof cave in and flatten you like a leaf. 

Arthur: Yes, that rather smarted. 

Beruka: Only a professional assassin could pull off something like that. I'm 
not sure what their objective was, but they clearly had it out for you. 
That's why I decided I'd better make a strategic retreat. After all, it's 
dangerous to operate without knowing who or where your enemy is. 

Arthur: ... Well... A victory is a victory, I suppose. 

Beruka: There's something else. 

Arthur: Oh? Did you also see me slip in that puddle on the way home? 

Beruka: ... No. It's just, I think everything turned out for the best in the 
end. If I had carried out my mission... I might have ended up killing you. 
Collateral damage, you know? 

Arthur: You're glad I'm safe, are you? Those don't sound like the words of a 
hardened assassin. 

Beruka: No, I guess not. I suppose I wanted to hear you talk a little more 
about your idea of justice. That would be hard if you were dead. I thought 
only crazy old men and sleazy politicians talked about such things. But... 
you're different. You really seem to believe in what you say. This may sound 
harsh, but you're an idiot. 

Arthur: Thank you, Beru- Wait, what? That took an unexpected turn... 

Beruka: It's true. Only an idiot would try to live his life solely in the 
service of justice. 

Arthur: Hahaha! I would love to hear your opinion as to why that's so. 
Perhaps we could also further discuss the nature of sweet justice while we're 
at it! 

Beruka: That sounds... nice.
Beruka S

Beruka: I'm here, Arthur. What did you want to talk about? 

Arthur: Beruka! Hello... 

Beruka: What's wrong with you? Why did you want to meet in the middle of 

Arthur: I have something important to discuss with you... I've been thinking- 
(Arthur falls)

Beruka: What... was that? Why is there a random pitfall here?! Could this be 
the work of that assassin who sabotaged my last job? Arthur! Perhaps their 
target wasn't the official... I think they're after YOU! Here, give me your 

Arthur: Th-thank you... You saved my life. 

Beruka: We'd better change locations for now. It's dangerous here... 
(Time passes)
Beruka: We should be safe now. That was close... 

Arthur: Indeed. Before anything else happens... Here. This is for you. 

Beruka: Th-this is... a ring!! 

Arthur: Yes. I know it's sudden, but I'd like to ask for your hand in 

Beruka: No... This is crazy... I don't understand what your angle is! I mean, 
I know that when I'm with you... I... I feel... B-but marriage is...! Love 
and all that... I'm out of my element here. I don't fully understand what 
love even is... 

Arthur: I'm a determined person, Beruka. Quite meddlesome, too. If need be, 
I'll talk to you every day until you understand what love is. I want nothing 
more than to talk to you, and protect you, and love you... I want to be with 
you day and night! 

Beruka: ... I... I think I understand. To repay you for teaching me about 
love, I will deal with your mystery assassin. 

Arthur: About that... There, um... actually isn't a mystery assassin after me 
at all. 

Beruka: I don't understand... 

Arthur: I just have terribly bad luck. That's the true cause of everything 
you've witnessed. There was no third party, I'm afraid. Just a rather unlucky 
seeker of justice. 

Beruka: ... ... 

Arthur: Beruka? Are you... OK? 

Beruka: Hehehe... Hahahaha! 

Arthur: What's wrong?! I've never seen you laugh like that! 

Beruka: Heheh... I'm sorry for laughing. Being toyed with by an assassin that 
doesn't exist is just too funny. But I suppose I should be grateful for your 
bad luck. If it weren't for everything that happened, we might never have 
grown so close. 

Arthur: You're right... And I might never have heard the world's loveliest 

Beruka: When we're married, I can help protect you from your own bad luck, 
Arthur. You've taught me so much... It's the least I can do. 

Arthur: Does that mean... you accept? 

Beruka: Gladly. Thank you, Arthur. 

Arthur: No, thank YOU! We're going to be the happiest champions of justice 
A3. Peri C

Peri: It's just not FAIR!! *sob*

Arthur: Peri! My fellow friend of justice, whatever is the matter? Arthur is 
here, so have no fear! Nor tears! Nor anything remotely objectionable!

Peri: *sniff* *hiccup* Oh... Hi, Arthur. Life's just not fair, is it? *sob*

Arthur: I'll give you that Lady Justice can be a cruel mistress, but I 
wouldn't go that far. Please, Peri! Gather your strength, and together we'll 
figure this out. Now then, tell me what's troubling you. I'm all ears!

Peri: *sniffle* Do you mean it? You'll hear me out?

Arthur: Of course! Please calm down and tell me your woes. I swear to make it 

Peri: Oh, well... I'm just... I'm in agony... 

Arthur: Agony, you say? By the gods! Are you ill, my friend? Shall I fetch a 

Peri: No, it's not that. It's just... I ordered a new stabbing stick. This 
real nice blade I saw in town. I had it delivered, but this one isn't nearly 
as sharp as the one on display! Now... *sniffle* Now I want to go demand my 
money back... But I don't have a sufficient stabbing stick for the occasion!! 
See my dilemma?

Arthur: Ah, yes. A shady merchant misled you, and now you're left to pick up 
the pieces. Outrageous! Scandalous! This simply will not do, my friend!

Peri: Isn't it awful? I suppose I could just... talk it out with them. But... 
but... *SOB*

Arthur: That tears it. Hand me that blade, Peri. I'll be right back.

Peri: You mean... you're gonna take care of the stabbing for me?

Arthur: I shall ensure you receive the caliber of goods you paid for, yes. 
Though I very much doubt any stabbing will be involved. Stay strong, Peri! I 
shall return in the blink of an eye!

Peri: Thank you, Arthur! You're the best! ... Don't hesitate to stab stuff if 
push comes to shove, 'kay?
Peri B

Arthur: Peri! I have returned from my mission. Here is the blade that 
misguided merchant wooed you with.

Peri: Woo! Thanks, Arthur! Wait, what the... Are you kidding me?!

Arthur: Hm? What's wrong, Peri?

Peri: This isn't the right blade at all! This one's so small and dull! Yick! 
I could barely skin a fruit with this, much less a person! I knew it was too 
good to be true... *sniffle* I've just learned a valuable lesson about life 
and trusting people. Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur: I... I'm very sorry, Peri. The merchant must have been confused. I'll 
go right now and get you the right item.

Peri: It's too late for that, Arthur. I can't let this man's behavior 
continue unpunished. This new blade is small... but it's good enough for what 
I have in mind.

Arthur: Um... Peri? What exactly are you planning?

Peri: Oh, just a little stabby stabby party! HEEHEE!!

Arthur: Y-you can't do that! Please, give me another chance. I won't fail you 
this time!

Peri: Oh, are you sure? I really don't mind going myself this time... 

Arthur: No! Stay! Please!! I mean... it would be my pleasure. Now, why don't 
you draw me a quick sketch of the exact blade you're looking for.

Peri: OK... It looks... Yeah, like this.

Arthur: Ah, yes, I believe I saw that one. Consider it done, my friend!
(Arthur leaves)

Peri: Okey doke! Bye-bye!!
Peri A

Arthur: Peri! Where are you, my friend? I have returned victorious! If I'm 
not mistaken, THIS is the blade you've been pining after.

Peri: This is... perfect! Wow, it's even more stabby than I remembered! Thank 
you so much, Arthur!

Arthur: Phew! I'm so happy I guessed correctly.

Peri: Wait... What do you mean you "guessed correctly"? What about that 
picture I drew?

Arthur: Oh! Right. Well, the thing is... Actually, to be honest, my bad luck 
got the best of me again. While I was in town, I leaned down to pick up a 
lucky coin from the ground... That's when a squirrel jumped in my pocket and 
grabbed your picture! I pursued him for a block or two, but then I tripped on 
some bushes... and... well... I'm just happy I picked up the right blade, 

Peri: But I still don't get it... How did you know this was the right one 
without the picture?

Arthur: ... Honestly, I held every one in my grasp and tried to imagine which 
you'd like best.

Peri: Wow... That doesn't make too much sense to me, but it's pretty 

Arthur: Oh no, it was nothing.

Peri: I guess... Maybe some things CAN be solved without stabbing. Sometimes. 
I mean, I'm sure it's still rare, but... it happens! Thank you for teaching 
me that, Arthur. You're good people.

Arthur: Thank you, Peri! You are as well!
Peri S

Arthur: Ah, Peri. Thank you for joining me.

Peri: ... 

Arthur: Peri?

Peri: *sob*

Arthur: Peri! What's wrong now?!

Peri: It's just... I'm in agony... Again... 

Arthur: Oh! Gods! Is something the matter with your new blade?! Honestly, at 
this point, it might be wise to patronize a new vendor... 

Peri: It's not that! Geez! I just... Whenever I think about you... my heart 
hurts. It's weird!

Arthur: Truly, Peri? ... My friend, I think I know the cause of your ailment. 
That's because... I feel the same way.

Peri: Huh? Really? Are you in agony too?

Arthur: I am. Whenever I think of you, my heart is filled with... both joy 
and pain. It's not dissimilar to how I feel when I think of sweet justice! 
I've discussed this feeling with a few of our friends. They all said the same 
thing. They say this feeling... Oh, Peri... They say it's love.

Peri: Love?!

Arthur: Yes... So they say. The more I thought about it, the more I knew it 
was true. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear you feel the same.

Peri: But... I don't know anything about love! I'm mostly just good at 

Arthur: I, too, am new to this world. But perhaps, we can learn together. In 
fact... Peri... Will you marry me?

Peri: HUH?! M-marriage?! Are you nuts?

Arthur: Yes! I mean... Well, no. I'm just following my heart. In fact... I 
bought this ring for you, in case the right moment ever presented itself.

Peri: Holy smokes! That's... really pretty! Looks like it would do some real 
damage too!

Arthur: Here, try it on. I did some detective work and found out your ring 
size. It should fit perfectly!

Peri: You're right! It's perfect!

Arthur: Wondrous!

Peri: Oh, but... Erm... 

Arthur: What is it, my love? Please, we mustn't keep anything from each 

Peri: It's just... I think... Yep, I'm definitely having an allergic 
reaction. Are you sure this is real gold?

Arthur: ...!! Gods, curse my bad luck! I should have known that deal was too 
good to be true! Please forgive me, Peri! I swear, I had no idea!

Peri: No, it's no big deal. All I care about is that we're gonna... Ya know, 
figure out about love and junk. Together!
Arthur: I could not have said it more beautifully! Thank you, my love.

Peri: No problem! Oh, and I love you too! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a 
shady ring merchant to punish.
(Peri leaves)

Arthur: Sure thing, my love! Good-bye! Wait, did she say...? PERI, NO!!
A3. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Oh, Arthuuuuuur! 

Arthur: Ah, hello, Charlotte. How can I help you? 

Charlotte: I know this may seem very sudden, but I just wanted to tell you 
you're wonderful! I couldn't help but notice during the battle the other 
day... Well, you're an impressive figure on the battlefield. You looked so 
brave and strong. I just had to tell you what I was thinking, teehee! 

Arthur: Ah, I see. Thank you. As one pursuing the cause of justice, it is 
good to know I strike an imposing figure. 

Charlotte: You're just so muscular and strong. I'd love to have someone like 
you keeping me safe from harm... 

Arthur: Excuse me? 

Charlotte: I... don't have anyone to really protect me. I'm not as powerful 
as the other fighters, so it's scary for me on the battlefield... 

Arthur: Hrm. 

Charlotte: Is something wrong? 

Arthur: Something doesn't seem quite right... I can't put my finger on it, 
but your words don't ring true to me. 

Charlotte: Wh-what do you mean? Just look at me! How could I not need 
protecting in battle? Maybe you hit your head earlier and aren't thinking 

Arthur: That could be true... I'm sorry, I apologize for the 
misunderstanding. I'll take your words to heart, and I will be sure to 
protect you-for justice! 

Charlotte: Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you!
Charlotte B

Charlotte: ... Arthur? You look distressed. Is there something bothering you? 

Arthur: Oh, hello, Charlotte. I've just been thinking, is all. I'm really not 
sure you need my protection. 

Charlotte: What? Why do you say that? 

Arthur: I noticed something when we were in battle... I was working hard to 
protect you, but an enemy slipped by while I was fighting. I was worried as 
he made his way toward you, but you effortlessly defeated him. It only took a 
single blow from you to do it, too. I realized that you might actually be 
protecting me. 

Charlotte: ... Oh, you! You're just making this story up to flatter me, 
aren't you? I don't even remember which fight you're talking about! 

Arthur: It was the most recent battle. In fact, your whole attitude changed 
as soon as the fighting started. You let out a fierce cry and charged the 
enemy. I saw many of them go pale. And... I remember now... It was you who 
pulled me out of the way of some magic. You pulled me with only one arm. 

Charlotte: I... Um... That... must have been when I was possessed! By the 
enemy! Yes! 

Arthur: Wha-what?! An enemy possessed you? 

Charlotte: Yes? I mean, yes! That's exactly what happened! Oh, it was awful. 
I was filled with this intense blood thirst... And such strength! It was like 
being a completely different person. 

Arthur: I see. That sounds awful. 

Charlotte: Y-you believe me? 

Arthur: Of course. 

Charlotte: ... 
Charlotte A

Arthur: ... 

Charlotte: Hello, Arthur. What was it you wanted to talk about? 

Arthur: I'll get right to it. In my pursuit of justice, I've found I must 
confront you. I must hear the truth. 

Charlotte: The truth? 

Arthur: Indeed. Now that I watch, I see that you display extreme prowess in 
all our battles. I thought that you were possessed again, but there were no 
spellcasters left to do it. I would like to hear an explanation from you. 

Charlotte: Ah... well... Ahaha... Ahahahaha... 

Arthur: What... Why are you laughing? 

Charlotte: I'm just amused my act held up as long as it did! Truthfully, I 
can fight just fine. I've found that if I show that to men, they tend to pull 
away, though. What you saw on the battlefield was the real me. 

Arthur: I-I see... You don't need to worry about me pulling away, however. I 
consider you a dependable companion. 

Charlotte: Companion? 

Arthur: Yes. More than that, really. I have protected many people up 'til 
now. It is a rare thing when they can hold their own in my pursuit of 
justice! In fact, when I see you fighting, it drives me to fight harder, too. 

Charlotte: Heh, interesting. I didn't realize there were words that would 
make me feel better than being pampered. From now on I'll be honest with you, 
and I'll protect you, too. 

Arthur: Hah, I'll trust you to watch my back.
Charlotte S

Charlotte: Arthur, you summoned me? Something about needing to talk, I 

Arthur: Indeed. There was something I've been wanting to ask you about. 

Charlotte: What's that? 

Arthur: When we first started talking, you had a certain way of speaking. You 
hid how you normally act behind a false personality, correct? 

Charlotte: Yes, that's right. 

Arthur: And that's something you do toward men you'd like attention from? 

Charlotte: Yes... What are you trying to say? 

Arthur: I want to give you that kind of attention. Charlotte, I think I love 

Charlotte: What?! You love me... That's... No, you should pursue someone 

Arthur: Why? I find you amazing, and I've never met a woman like you before. 

Charlotte: You don't know if that's true. Many people hide their true selves 
from the world. 

Arthur: That may be true... But I've already fallen for you. The real you, 
not the one you use as a mask. 

Charlotte: You told me the other day that we were good companions. I'm happy 
to remain that way. 

Arthur: Why? 

Charlotte: Because love is a fragile thing that falls apart eventually, but 
companionship... That could go on forever, couldn't it? 

Arthur: If that's what you're worried about, you shouldn't be. I swear I will 
love you forever. 

Charlotte: ... Are you serious? 

Arthur: On my honor as a champion of justice, you and I will never be apart. 

Charlotte: ... I can't really refuse such a pledge, can I? Very well. 

Arthur: Hmm? Do you mean...? 

Charlotte: Just remember! You've only seen my true self on the battlefield. 
There's no running away now, even when you see how I am off the battlefield! 

Arthur: I'm not worried in the slightest! I've never run from a challenge.

A4. Azura C

Odin: The time is nigh! Lend me your strength, cursed minions of the unending 
darkness! Ah, yes... I can feel it... The power coursing through me... I'm 
unstoppable now! Behold the birth of my new special move... SHADOW DRAGON 
FIRE ASSAULT! ... Heheh, not too shabby. One day a time shall come when I 
must use that power... 

Azura: ... 

Odin: Argh!! Azura! I mean... milady! I, um, didn't know you were there. 

Azura: I figured as much. My apologies, Odin. I didn't meant to interrupt 
your... ritual. Please, pretend I'm not here. 

Odin: ... Erm, that may prove difficult, as it were. May I ask what you're 
doing here? 

Azura: Oh, I'm simply watching you and thinking. Actually, watching you makes 
me feel happy and calm for some reason. 

Odin: Milady! What are you saying?! C-could this possibly be... a confession 
of secret love?! 

Azura: Oh no, that's not it at all. Don't worry, Odin, it's definitely 
nothing like that. 

Odin: Ah, I see... Well, I'm glad you cleared things up so, um, quickly and 

Azura: To be honest, I've been dwelling on some bad memories recently. It's 
been rough. For whatever reason, watching you do... what you do seems to 
cheer me up. You make me forget about my troubles and realize how silly it is 
to dwell on the past. 

Odin: I see. Um, happy to be of service, milady. 

Azura: If you don't mind, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. 

Odin: As you wish. Fire away. 

Azura: Do you have any bad memories, Odin? Ones you have a hard time letting 
go of? 

Odin: ... Hahaha! You can't be serious! One such as me? Held back by bad 
memories?! Well, if you must know... I suppose I do. Quite a lot, actually... 

Azura: Odin... That was an unexpected answer. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked. 

Odin: Unexpected? Interesting. Well, maybe I'll tell you more about it 
sometime. Let's just say there's a place... and the thought of it fills me 
with fear. 

Azura: How odd. I wonder what he means by that... 
Azura B

Azura: A suspension bridge is a strange place to meet, Odin. Is everything 
OK? Oh! Or is this that place you mentioned the other day? The one that 
frightens you? 

Odin: ... 

Azura: Odin? 

Odin: Heh! Hehehe! Heheh... Ah, th-this turbulent weather and formidable 
height... Oh gods, this is bad. This is really bad... 

Azura: Odin?! What's wrong? You're as pale as a ghost! I guess you really 
meant it when you told me this place terrified you. 

Odin: I was d-deadly serious, milady... If only I was graced with your s-

Azura: Odin, may I ask why you are so terrified of heights? 

Odin: Where to begin... Some time ago... Well, strictly speaking, it's 
technically some time in the future... Er, anyway, let's just say something 
very bad happened to me... I was trying to retrieve something, but then 
something truly frightening happened. Sadly, I am not at liberty to share any 
more details than that. M-my apologies. 

Azura: Oh, I see... 

Odin: M-milady! I can't help but feel I've disappointed you with my secrecy. 
Th-that cannot stand. I shall have to push myself to share a bit more with 

Azura: Huh? 

Odin: No, don't try to talk me out of it. You said I inspire you to conquer 
bad memories... And if th-that's the case, I need to do this. F-face my fears 
and... and... face them... 

Azura: I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but there's no need for you to 
worry about me! 

Odin: No, it's decided. I'm very particular about maintaining my image. S-so 
I have to make sure I look cool all the time, especially to my fans! 

Azura: Your... fans? And I don't believe I ever said you looked cool, but I 

Odin: All right. Here I go! DEEP BREATH! This is for you, milady! 

Azura: Um... Are you sure you're going to be OK? 

Odin: I CAN DO THIS! Come hither, brave minions of the deep, cold darkness! 
Reveal yourselves! Come forth from thy eternal abyss! Yes, that's it! It's 
working! The power! Yeeessss!! Minions, now is the time! Push your master 
across the bridge! SHADOW DRAGON FIRE ASSAULT! Hyaaaa!!! 
(Odin leaves) 

Azura: Um, Odin? You're being very brave, but... My, I wonder if he realizes 
running like that is making the bridge much shakier... 
Azura A

Azura: Odin, I've been meaning to tell you how brave you were the other day. 
Watching you fearlessly cross that bridge was impressive. You were... pretty 

Odin: It was nothing, milady! Truly, I'd brave any danger to put your mind at 
ease. If watching me face death helps you cope with your own memories, so be 

Azura: Speaking of my memories... You might not know this, but I was once a 
Princess of Nohr. 

Odin: Yes, so I've heard. 

Azura: It was only my home for a short time. I've never told anyone this, 
but... I lived every day in fear, as I was constantly tormented by the king's 
subordinates. It was so bad, so cruel, to this day I can't seem to completely 
let it go... But you, Odin! You were so brave, the way you faced your fear. 
You really inspired me. 

Odin: Azura... Truly, it was nothing. Overcoming the past is no small feat, 
but I know you can do it. I believe in you. Oh, and I can help! I just came 
up with a new spell, the Merciless Memory Masher! It will help you overcome 
your bad memories once and for all! 

Azura: Ah... Well, I suppose it's worth a shot. What do I have to do? 

Odin: Just stay put! There's a ritual I have to perform before we get 
started. Then I'll cast the spell on you using my signature moves. The cool 

Azura: Um, won't that look a bit... strange? 

Odin: Of course not! OK, let's get started. You just stay right there and try 
not to move or blink. Perfect. All right, here we go... Odin Dark summons the 
power of the night! HEAR ME, NIGHT! 

Azura: (Oh no, this isn't good. He's really getting into that weird song and 
dance... He's so focused. I have a feeling this could go on for quite a 
while... Oh gods... What will I do if someone sees what's happening right 
now? That might be more traumatizing than my memories. That's it, I can't let 
this go on... ) Um... Odin? That spell is really amazing! I think it's 
already done the trick! 

Odin: Really?! Wow, that was QUICK! Wait, are you sure it worked?! 

Azura: Yes! It absolutely did! I couldn't feel better! Thank you, Odin! I'm 
certain my life will be a lot simpler and happier from now on. 

Odin: It was an honor to help you, milady! (Although that's really strange, 
since I hadn't even started the spell yet... )
Azura S

Odin: Milady! I'm so happy you agreed to come see me. 

Azura: Of course, Odin. In any case, I wanted to thank you. I've felt much 
happier lately. 

Odin: That's great, because I have one more happiness spell I'd like to show 

Azura: A-another one?! But, um, I think that last one was more than 

Odin: Talking to you about our fears has really inspired me. So I came up 
with a spell... Instead of overcoming the past, this one will ensure your 
future is a happy one! And so, allow me to unveil my latest masterpiece... 
Omega Joy Crescendo! 

Azura: ... 

Odin: I asked you to come here today so I could show it to you. Nothing fancy 
this time. It'll be over before you know it. 

Azura: Um, does this new spell require another ritual, like the one from the 
other day? 

Odin: Oh, but of course! How did you know? Once again I'll need you to stand 
still while I prepare your aura. When time and space have properly aligned, 
I'll cast the spell. 

Azura: ... 

Odin: Let's do this! Keep standing there, just like that. All right, here we 

Azura: I think I'm probably fine without the spell... 

Odin: Please, I insist! PLEASE! Just close your eyes-this will be really 

Azura: I guess it's OK... 

Odin: Odin Dark summons the power of the light! HEAR ME, LIGHT! 

Azura: (Oh goodness, there he goes again... Ugh, it's just like the other 
day... At this point it feels like he's showing off more than anything... I 
bet that's what it is. I need to stop this before it becomes any more 
traumatizing... ) ... Um, Odin? Wow, another amazing spell! I can already 
feel it working! 

Odin: No way, really?! Great! In that case, open your eyes. 

Azura: ... O-Odin...? Why are you kneeling down like that? And why are you 
holding a ring? 

Odin: Since I know I'll have to return to my own time one day, I've kept my 
feelings hidden. But I simply can't go a moment longer without confessing my 
love! That's the "spell" I was talking about... Actually, it's more like a 
promise. Azura, I promise to dedicate myself to your happiness. So, um... 
will you marry me? 

Azura: ... Odin, I... Yes! Of course I will! 

Odin: That's OK, I understand... WAIT, really?! You mean it? 

Azura: Without you, I'd still be agonizing over my painful past. You've made 
me so happy. I'm not crazy about your, um, rituals and all that, but I think 
I could get used to it. Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable being that silly 
in front of people too! 

Odin: I can't believe it. I'm so happy! What a relief! Well then, darling, 
shall we finish the spell? 

Azura: Um, you know, I think we should probably call that spell done. Let's 
go tell everyone our happy news! Right this moment! I'll go first! 
(Azura leaves) 

Odin: But what about the spell? You haven't seen the best part! Azuraaaa!
A4. Felicia C

Odin: Aha! The dark power overflows! I must channel it into my newest spell! 
Prepare to unleash the AGONIZING TOMATO! Hmm? Felicia? How long have you been 
standing there? 

Felicia: Oh, you know... a while. OK. OK! I've been here the whole time! I'm 

Odin: If anyone should apologize, it should be my magic! It is overpowering! 
You were mesmerized! How can humble Odin be of service? 

Felicia: Oh, don't mind me! I'm just keeping an eye on you. 

Odin: Wha? 

Felicia: I was told you needed some supervision. 

Odin: Huh?! Who said that? 

Felicia: Well, it wasn't one specific person. 

Odin: Oh, several people then? 

Felicia: Uh... no. Actually, it was a lot of people. 

Odin: How many people? What are we talking here? A couple of new recruits? 

Felicia: ... All the new recruits. I'm sorry! It's just... your behavior is 
kinda weird. They're a little freaked out! 

Odin: I see. So Odin Dark is feared? Did you tell them about my wondrous 
deeds? ... The dark fates I've overturned? The magic spells I've conjured in 
my sleep? 

Felicia: Uh, no. Not exactly. 

Odin: I would be alone now. Excuse me. 
(Odin leaves) 

Felicia: Odin, wait up!
Felicia B

Felicia: Odin, are you sitting in this dark tent all by yourself? 

Odin: Oh. Hey, Felicia. Leave me alone. 

Felicia: Are you OK? I feel terrible about the other day. I didn't realize 
you'd be so upset! 

Odin: I don't need your sympathy! I'll just curl up in a little ball where no 
one can see me. 

Felicia: I've never seen you like this! You're really depressed, huh? 

Odin: I didn't realize the pall I'd cast. Now, it threatens to swallow me 

Felicia: Please, don't be upset! Here. Let me pour you some tea. A hot cup of 
tea always makes me feel better! This will cheer you right up! 
(Dish breaks)
Felicia: Oh, no! 

Odin: Ahhh! 

Felicia: Odin! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to pour the tea on your head! 

Odin: It's no big deal. A scalding bath for my soul-my flesh singed, but not 
destroyed! Now I feel as miserable on the outside as I do on the inside. 

Felicia: I was just trying to help. 

Odin: There's something I still don't get. Am I really THAT weird? This 
world's full of crazies! Look at Jakob. He has split-personality disorder. 
The minute Lord/Lady Avatar shows up, he's a celestial being with a heart of 
gold. With everyone else, he's a jerk. Silas? He's OK, but he's into some 
strange stuff. Or Arthur? He must have done something terrible to the gods to 
have such bad luck! All of the ladies are sick and tired of being hit on by 
Laslow! You know it's true! And Niles?! Seriously?! Is anyone shadier than 
that character? Why single me out? 

Felicia: I don't know. That's a good point. 

Odin: You're not supervising any of them, are you? 

Felicia: ... No. 

Odin: Argh! This is SO unfair! What's wrong with ME?!
Felicia A

Odin: Felicia, I'm sorry you have to waste all of your time following me 

Felicia: I don't mind. I just wish I could cheer you up! Do you mind if I 
give you some advice? 

Odin: Go ahead. 

Felicia: You're right! There are plenty of oddballs and misfits in this 
army... It's just that no one has as much flair as you do. 

Odin: Are you saying I stick out? 

Felicia: Yes! Just like me! I'm not the only clumsy person around here! 

Odin: That's true. Lord Leo is always going around with his clothes on 

Felicia: Exactly! And I've seen my sister drop stuff loads of times, but no 
one calls her clumsy! Do you know why? They've labeled me the clumsy one! 
They should change my name! 

Odin: To Scatterwhizzits?! 

Felicia: No! To Clumsy! 

Odin: I see. No one is more spectacular at knocking stuff over than you 
are... Therefore, you stand out like a beacon of clumsiness in a dexterous 

Felicia: Yes! (I think.) 

Odin: So you're saying that I'm the weirdest weirdo we have! 

Felicia: Yep! See? We have a lot in common! 

Odin: Thank you, Felicia. You and I were chosen by fate to carry this burden 
of hope... 

Felicia: Uh, I don't know about that part... 

Odin: Pour the hot tea on my head again! 

Felicia: What?! 

Odin: I must wash myself clean so I can see myself anew! Power returns to 
Odin Dark! 

Felicia: Uh, OK. If you say so... 
Felicia S

Odin: Ah, Scatterwhizzits! Or do you still prefer Felicia? Are you here with 
more tea? 

Felicia: Actually, no. They took me off watch duty. 

Odin: What? 

Felicia: I told the new recruits they were being unfair and it was really 
getting to you... If they kept it up, you'd no longer be able to get out of 
bed, let alone fight! So they had a meeting and called the whole thing off. 
No more supervision! Plus, they've been in the army long enough, they're used 
to the weirdness by now. 

Odin: Oh. 

Felicia: I thought you'd be happy! 

Odin: I am. I'm just a little sad you won't be supervising me anymore. 

Felicia: You are? 

Odin: I really liked having hot tea poured on my head. It was refreshing. 
You're multitalented, you know? 

Felicia: I guess so. 

Odin: I know so! Such epic awkwardness! Such heartfelt spewing of encouraging 

Felicia: Oh, did that help? I tried so hard to make you feel better! 

Odin: Yes! Please, Felicia, will you remain my overlord? 

Felicia: Well, supervising you was fun... and you're the only person who 
likes how clumsy I am. You know what? I'd like that too. I'll keep 
supervising you! 

Odin: Oh, thank you, Scatterwhizzits! No one quiets my aching heart as you 
do. Bring that kettle over here and pour your fiery curse upon Odin Dark! 

Felicia: Uh, OK. 

Odin: So you accept?! Really? 

Felicia: Yes! I'm pretty sure you need me. And the truth is, your weirdness 
is growing on me. 

Odin: Then Odin Dark shall become even weirder! Prepare yourself, my 

Felicia: Oh, dear... 

Odin: Bring the hot tea! Scald my soul!
A4. Mozu C

Mozu: That's it! Looks like I've finally finished up this side of the field. 

Odin: Hmph... 

Mozu: Oh, it's you, Odin. Say, what are you doing all the way out here? 

Odin: You've noticed my presence. How very observant of you. I saw you sneak 
out of camp, and I was curious where you were running off to. 

Mozu: Quit acting rude. I didn't do anything wrong. 

Odin: A likely story. So what are you getting up to out here anyway? 

Mozu: Oh, I'm just tending to the fields. It's just about planting season. I 
need to make sure the soil is in good shape before I plant my seeds. It's 
important for the seeds to be planted in healthy, nutritious soil. Otherwise, 
everything that grows won't taste very good. 

Odin: Is that so? Well allow me to help. 

Mozu: Really? You wouldn't mind? 

Odin: Of course not! There's no need for diffidence, Mozu. Especially toward 
me... The legendary hero, Odin Dark! With my assistance, this simple farm 
work will be done in a flash. 

Mozu: Gee, that sure would be a big help. Would you mind taking care of that 
field over there? 

Odin: Of course not! You just leave it to me! So this is fertilizer, eh? This 
sweet soil shall bear an abundant harvest. From now on, this shall be known 
as Mighty Mystic Landatrazation! 

Mozu: Huh? What are you talking about? 

Odin: Now, my Mighty Mystic Landatrazation! Release your full might! Lend 
that mysterious power of yours to the soil, and send us blooming blessings! 

Mozu: Umm, what are you doing, Odin? 

Odin: This is a powerful farming hex. Fertilizer with this spell cast upon it 
produces flavorful and abundant crops. Or so I've decided, at least. 

Mozu: Well that spellcasting of yours is sure noisy. Maybe it would be better 
if you didn't help after all... 
Mozu B

Odin: Back to farming, eh, Mozu? No, it can't be that simple. I know... 
You're performing an arcane ritual to call forth a bountiful harvest, yes? 

Mozu: Hmph... 

Odin: Are you finished planting? Well then, allow me to pull out the weeds! 
I-I mean I shall eliminate these cursed demon vines! 

Mozu: *sigh* 

Odin: Is something troubling you? I don't believe you've said a word. And why 
are you looking at me with such befuddlement? 

Mozu: Ever since I was a child, the adults in my village told me to be very 
cautious... They said that I should never strike up friendships with strange 
city folks. 

Odin: How dare you! Are you trying to say that I'm creepy? 

Mozu: You're certainly a strange bird, Odin. There's no denying that! From 
the moment we met, you've been striking poses and shouting about spells. How 
am I supposed to focus with you making a racket all the time? Are you just 
pretending to help? Because it seems like you're mostly getting in the way. 

Odin: That was never my intention. If you no longer desire my assistance, 
rest easy. I will depart immediately. 

Mozu: You just sound like you're trying to trick me by using a bunch of fancy 

Odin: What can I do to prove my goodness to you, Mozu? I'm but a pure and 
noble dark mage! 

Mozu: Wait a minute... Why would someone pure and noble ever become a dark 
mage? I was so stupid to trust you before! Clearly you've been a villain this 
whole time! 

Odin: That's absurd! I'm an upstanding person! Practicing the divine art of 
dark magic doesn't make me evil! 

Mozu: You say that, but why would an upstanding person need to point that 

Odin: W-well how can you blame me? My reputation is under attack! Ahem. How 
about this: May I perform my noble spell once again? I must ensure that the 
crops thrive. Please, give me a chance to win back your trust. Wait... I have 
an idea! Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable if there was another person with 
us? Look! That strapping fellow over there would make an excellent recruit. 
Quick! Let's go invite him to work in the fields with us! That way, we can 
get through a great deal of labor quickly. 

Mozu: Are you talking about that fella there? We don't know him. And he looks 
terrifying! Just taking one look at him makes me want to run for the hills! 
(Mozu leaves) 

Odin: What are you talking about? *sigh* What did I do wrong?
Mozu A

Mozu: Odin, I've been looking all over for you. I wanted to say that I'm 

Odin: Hmm? Why are you apologizing out of the blue? I'm rather surprised. 

Mozu: I was thinking about what I said before. How I thought you might be 
some kind of scary guy or something... 

Odin: You were quite adamant about your feelings just the other day. What 
changed your mind? 

Mozu: Well I went back to look at the fields. Every single weed had been 
pulled, and someone had mixed in fertilizer too. That was you, wasn't it? 

Odin: Well, umm... 

Mozu: I know it was you. I saw you working! You were still acting really 
funny. Twirling while you worked and chanting spells... "Bloodred beets, 
receive my power!" You were hollering all kinds of crazy stuff. 

Odin: I-I'm sorry about that... 

Mozu: Really, there's no need for that. I don't understand why you're so 
kooky... But your passion for planting came through loud and clear. Thank 
you, Odin. Really. 

Odin: Oh, Mozu, I'm so glad you understand. It's as though a ray of sunshine 
has cut through the cloud hanging over my heart. 

Mozu: I feel so stupid. I jumped to conclusions because I didn't understand 
you at all. And you were trying to do was help. I'm so ashamed... 

Odin: Please, Mozu. Don't say that. There's no reason for you to feel that 
way. A healthy dose of skepticism is essential for survival these days. Both 
on the battlefield and off. 

Mozu: You may be right, but it isn't kind to doubt your companions. I really 
am sorry. 

Odin: You're more than forgiven, sweet Mozu. I didn't take your misgivings 

Mozu: Phew, what a relief. Thank you, Odin. 

Odin: Now that your suspicions have been all cleared up, I have an idea. Why 
don't you and I think of a farming spell together? 

Mozu: Umm, I think I'll pass on that. 

Odin: I don't understand... Why don't you wish to participate? 

Mozu: Well... Folks around here warned me not to get too involved with your 
little games. 

Odin: Games? What are you talking about?! 

Mozu: I'm real sorry, but it's important for me to follow the word of my 
companions. I hope you understand. 

Odin: I-I do. Don't worry about it... *sigh* Things always end up this way. 
Excuse me. I must test my newest harvest ritual in the valley of stoic 
isolation... Good day, Mozu.
Mozu S

Odin: Mozu, do you have a moment to spare? 

Mozu: Sure, Odin. What's up? 

Odin: I wanted to take you somewhere special. Would you mind coming with me? 

Mozu: Geez, what is it this time? You're not trying to get me going on spells 
again, right? I told you how I feel about that. 

Odin: M-maybe I am... 

Mozu: I don't know what you want out of me. Everyone around told me it's big 
trouble to play around with things like that. 

Odin: I fully understand what you're saying. But I'd advise you to make your 
own decisions. There's no sense in accepting everything that other people 
tell you. 

Mozu: OK, fine. I'll go with you. But I'm still not sure about these spells 
of yours. 

Odin: Don't you trust me, Mozu? 

Mozu: Well of course I do. 

Odin: I'm very glad to hear it. Thank you. Please, follow me. 

Mozu: OK. Lead the way... 
(Time passes)

Odin: And here we are. This is the place I've been wanting to show you. 

Mozu: Oh my. What a pretty lake! 

Odin: I discovered this wonderful spot some time ago. It's my favorite place 
in the world. Do you like it? 

Mozu: Well of course I do! Um, why did you bring me all the way out here 

Odin: Well, I wanted to talk with you about something that's been on my mind. 
I thought it would be best to have this discussion in a place that's sacred 
to me. 

Mozu: Oh, OK. What is it? 

Odin: I'll just come out and say it. I'm in love with you, Mozu. I've been 
enamored with you ever since I witnessed your deft grace with the harvest. I 
can't stop thinking about you. 

Mozu: Huh?! This is such a shock... 

Odin: What I'm trying to say is... Will you be my wife? I want to marry you. 

Mozu: Wh-what?! I don't know what to say... Let me make sure I've got this 
straight. This is a real proposal? Not one of your wacky spell chants, right? 

Odin: Of course it's a real proposal. I'm trying to tell you how I feel. 
Mozu, what do you think? Please, tell me. The suspense is killing me. 

Mozu: Well I uh... Umm... 

Odin: Ahh, now I see. You don't wish to associate with a man like myself, do 
you? A master spellcaster, misunderstood by the world. 

Mozu: No, you've got me all wrong. That's not it. I love you too, Odin. 

Odin: R-really? You mean it? 

Mozu: Of course. I've been thinking a lot lately. There are a few things I 
regret. I never should've let other folks' opinions of you get in the way of 
making my own. I know that if I didn't have feelings for you, then I wouldn't 
be kicking myself. The only reason I cared so much was because I love you. 

Odin: Is it safe to assume that you'll marry me? 

Mozu: Well of course I will, silly! 

Odin: *sigh* What a relief! I was getting rather nervous there for a moment. 

Mozu: Heehee, me too. My heart's been beating like a drum! 

Odin: From now on, we can watch over each other. 

Mozu: I'll always be there for you. I can't wait for the day when I can call 
you my husband. I don't care what anyone says. 

Odin: That means the world to me.
A4. Elise C

Odin: Zzzzzzz... *SNORE*

Elise: HI, ODIN!

Odin: WHAAA?! Oh, I... *ahem* Hello, Lady Elise.

Elise: You weren't sleeping, were you?

Odin: Hahaha. That's cute, if not ridiculous. No, I was merely testing a new 

Elise: Oooh, what kind? Is it a snore charm? A snoring-really-loudly charm?

Odin: ...Cute. Actually, it's a charm entrusted to me by the demons of the 
night. It allows me to tap into the netherworld at will to aid me in my 
eternal crusade for... 

Elise: Tap into the nether who? What is that?

Odin: It is what the fragile labyrinth of the human mind craves most of 
all... a taste of the knowingness of death and the power of the silent 
darkness as it-

Elise: You have a fragile labyrinth for a mind?

Odin: Yes, and it remains hidden behind a beautiful veil of darkness until 

Elise: Wait, so you were lifting a veil of darkness? What does THAT mean?

Odin: ... Well, it... Look, I was asleep, OK?
Elise B

Odin: This feeling... This stillness... I know it well. The time is now. To 
fight the awakening darkness I must now awaken my true power... Grrrh... But 
no... I must hold back...! I mustn't break the final seal. Not... yet...!

Elise: Odin, who are you talking to?

Odin: WHAAA? Lady Elise?! What brings you here... again?

Elise: I don't see anyone else here.

Odin: Th-that is correct. I am here alone.

Elise: Heehee! You're just like my father. He always talks to himself too. 
Oh, but what's wrong? Are you OK? Why were you holding your arm like that?

Odin: It's n-nothing to trouble yourself over. The demons of the night 
branded my arm from within, but 'tis only a phantom pain.

Elise: The demons of the night... branded you from within? That's what 

Odin: Um, well, what I mean is... Look, I was just pretending I was in pain. 
It's complicated.

Elise: Ah, that makes more sense! Good to know. So wait-were you also 
pretending to talk to someone?

Odin: No, I was pretending to feel the presence of the darkness in this room. 
Happy now?!

Elise: Yes, very! I feel like I finally understand where you're coming from, 
heehee. Odin, can you please say cool things like that more often?

Odin: Really?! You, um... REALLY?!

Elise: I mean, I have no idea what you're saying most of the time when you 
talk like that. But if you throw in some normal talk every once in a while, I 
can play along too!

Odin: Please, bite your tongue, milady. I cannot simply change my essence. I 
would lose my grasp over the darkness! I... simply wouldn't be myself any 

Elise: Well, that's fine too. Just talk to me a bunch, and eventually I'll 

Odin: Talk to you... a bunch?

Elise: Yeah! You and I should talk all the time starting RIGHT NOW! Soon I'll 
know all about the demons of the labyrinth and their veil of stuff and stuff. 
This is going to be great!
Elise A

Elise: Hi, Odin! Er, I mean... I now approach the one called Odin Dark, 

Odin: Fair princess of twilight, I hear your cry. You wish to speak with Odin 
Dark? So be it, but I must warn you to beware the shadowy depths of innocent 
eyes. For the night inevitably destroys the day, like pure, ivory sand awash 
in an onyx tide.

Elise: Yeah. YEAH. I will. Like a diamond soul wandering in the middle of a 
desert. It wanders up the sacred summit until the spears of agony pierce its 
heart! Right?

Odin: You are exactly right. But... are you sure you're OK, Lady Elise?

Elise: Huh? What do you mean? Am I doing it wrong?

Odin: No, it's just... if you speak with the tongue of darkness, won't you be 

Elise: Oh, don't worry about it. I only speak with the dark tongue or 
whatever around you! Besides, even if I said these things to other people, I 
think they'd just be confused.

Odin: I suppose that's true.

Elise: But who cares about what other people think. Let's keep Odin-talking! 
I just love all the wonderful stories you tell. They're so whimsical and 

Odin: Aren't they, though?! Aren't they so heroic and inspiring? Elise, 
you're just... you're great! This is why you're the beloved princess of Nohr.

Elise: Teehee, thanks! Enough of that, though. Weren't you going to tell me 
about your 13th Demon Blade?

Odin: Ah yes, good ol' Righteous Fury. One of my favorites, though it's a 
truly cursed blade. They say the wielder is possessed by a dark magic 
whenever the bloodred moon rises... 

Elise: NO, really?! Tell me more!
Elise S

Elise: Yay, it's Odin! Let's talk about cool things and dark stuff and the 

Odin: About that... Lady Elise, I must speak with you about a difficult 
matter. It seems there are rumors going around about us. Very troubling 

Elise: Oh? What kind of rumors?

Odin: There are those who believe I am exposing you to some kind of evil 

Elise: WHAT?! That's just silly! We're just having fun chatting. There's 
nothing evil about it! If people are so worried about what you're saying, 
they should join our conversations!

Odin: True, but even if they did, I doubt they would understand what was 
being said.

Elise: How can we keep spending time together without people getting the 
wrong idea?

Odin: We could always get married, haha. Then I bet people would stop fussing 
over us.

Elise: Get... married?

Odin: Oh, I just meant if we were married, they would expect us to always be 
together. *ahem* But anyway, let me tell you a little bit about this new 
Demon Sword I found... 

Elise: Hey, Odin... you know, marriage might not be such a bad idea. It might 
just work.

Odin: Wh-wh-what did you just say?!

Elise: I said, getting married isn't such a bad idea!

Odin: Whoa, wait. Wait! Just WAIT one minute! I was joking when I said that! 
You do understand what marriage is, don't you, Lady Elise?

Elise: DUH. Did you really just ask me that? Don't you dare treat me like a 

Odin: I-I'm very sorry. I just meant... marrying me just so we can keep 

Elise: But... that's not the only reason. Since we've been spending time 
together, I've been thinking about all kinds of things. Things I've never 
thought about before! Like... how much I enjoy being with you. It's not 
because I like your stories or that we get along so well, either. It's 
because... It's because I have feelings for you! Strong ones! Love-type ones!

Odin: Whaaaa?! D-do you really mean that?!

Elise: ...I do. Is that, um, OK?

Odin: W-well, of course! I mean, I think you're extremely beautiful and 
special. And truth be told, I have the same kind of feelings for you too. 
It's just... 

Elise: Just what?

Odin: Everyone will oppose. EVERYONE. They all know... that I'm not worthy of 

Elise: *pffft* Is that all? Who cares? All that matters is how we feel about 
each other!

Odin: Lady Elise, are you sure about that? If you're really prepared for the 
backlash, I have something I'd like to say to you... 

Elise: I'm prepared for anything, so long as I have you. Go ahead and say it.

Odin: Lady Elise... all I want in this world is to stay by your side. Please 
marry me. Tomorrow we'll go to pick out a pretty ring for that pretty little 
hand of yours.

Elise: Oh, Odin! Of course I'll marry you! I'm so happy... 

Odin: I had no idea things would turn out this way between us. I'm elated. 
Together we shall find a way to forever banish the dark entities of the 
night! And I promise somehow I'll find a way to show everyone I am worthy of 

Elise: Yaaay! Now we can talk about the darkness all we want, heehee!
A4. Camilla C

Camilla: ... 

Odin: Lady Camilla, I-what vexes you? Your face speaks of cares. May I 
destroy one for you? 

Camilla: Hmm? Odin... No, it's nothing. 

Odin: I see. Well... pardon my intrusion, then. 

Camilla: Oh-not at all. Did you need something? 

Odin: Ah! I had forgotten in my concern, but I did have a query to put to 
your royal ears. 

Camilla: Go ahead. Ask what you like. 

Odin: Lady Camilla, would you do me the honor of revealing... the name of 
your armor? 

Camilla: What? Why? Did you want to wear it, too? 

Odin: Wear it...?! I-I hadn't even considered such a privilege! But even now 
I see it in my mind's eye... Milady is truly a visionary... Garbed in this 
raiment, I would be as an angel in flight... 

Camilla: Odin? Is that mumbling directed at me? 

Odin: Wha-? Oh, no, nothing! My thoughts soared to the lofty heights of 
heaven. But the truth is that I have always admired milady's extraordinary 

Camilla: Extraordinary? You're talking about the armor I'm wearing now? 

Odin: The same! That ebon finish... so, so black... Like staring into a 
raven's pupil at night! Naturally I wondered what sublime name milady could 
have chosen for such treasure. Even now, the anticipation of hearing its name 
pierces me with soul-knives of agony! 

Camilla: Well, I hate to disappoint you, but... it's not the sort of thing I 
would give a name to. 

Odin: But... this injustice cannot be allowed to stand! Such armor cries out 
for an identity! 

Camilla: If you feel that strongly, why don't you name it? 

Odin: Really? Milady would trust me with this sacred task? 

Camilla: I can think of no one more qualified for the job than you, Odin. I 
look forward to hearing what you come up with. 

Odin: I swear by the rich crimson of my blood that I will not fail you, 
Camilla B

Odin: Lady Camilla! I have given considerable thought to a name for milady's 

Camilla: Oh... right. I was... getting tired of waiting. Well? Tell me what 
you've come up with. 

Odin: Of course! Prepare your ears for grace! With no more delay, its 
luminous name is... rendered in the old tongue of our land. It reminds us, 
like the armor itself, of the glorious night sky. I give you... Grossartig 
Mond, the great moon! Er... what does milady think? 

Camilla: Grossa... What did you say to me? 

Odin: Grossartig Mond. I meditated on the image of milady's armor from inside 
a dark chasm. It took two hours to climb to the bottom... Four to climb back 
out. But it was worth it! As I lay in darkness, words floated gently into my 
mind from on high. The first was "Grossartig." The meaning is noble, ample, 
and beautiful. Then came "Mond," the moon, the bright center around which the 
night revolves! The masterstroke of my revelation was to combine these two 
bold terms! Behold! Grossartig Mond! 

Camilla: ... I see. This is a fine name. Thank you, Odin. 

Odin: What? "Fine"? No, this will never do! I fear milady is far too cavalier 
with such a grave matter! Surely we must discuss the finer points before 
committing to this course! 

Camilla: What is there to discuss? I've taken quite a liking to the name, and 
I will use it. 

Odin: A-are you sure...?  I mean, milady is not simply pushing the matter 
aside? You truly like the name? 

Camilla: Yes, of course. 

Odin: ... I confess I didn't think the first candidate... A disastrous 

Camilla: Is there a problem? And what is that stack of papers in your hands? 

Odin: Nothing! Just a few more possible names for milady's armor. A mere 
ten... dozen. 

Camilla: Ten DOZEN? You mean to tell me you have one hundred and twenty names 

Odin: Y-yes. I thought I would ask milady to pick whichever suited her from 
this pile... And, alas, that won't be necessary! B-but that's not a problem 
at all! I'll take the remaining 119 and burn them so their inferiority shan't 
trouble you again! 

Camilla: Well, I'm sorry for your wasted effort, but... thank you, Odin. All 
of this trouble for me... It's really very touching. 

Odin: Think little of it, milady. Some men fight, some men preach-I name.
Camilla A

Camilla: Ah, Odin. Thank you again for your hard work naming my armor. I 
mentioned it to Avatar, and he/she thinks the name suits me perfectly. 

Odin: R-really? Can this be true? 

Camilla: Yes, of course. Why would I make that up? 

Odin: It's just... such an honor... to know that my sublime meditations and 
supreme effort are seen and appreciated... 

Camilla: Wait, what is the matter, Odin?! You're crying! 

Odin: N-no... These aren't tears at all... They are but watery vagabonds in 
search of adventure. Wanderers seeking escape... from my face. 

Camilla: I-I see... Thank you, Odin. I had a lot on my mind- the war, the 
future of Nohr, and so on. But everything seems clearer now-thanks to the 
name you gave my armor. 

Odin: But of course, milady, I live to- Wait, really? 

Camilla: This armor is now called Grossartig Mond. It holds the spirit of the 
moon itself... Thinking of it that way gives the armor an identity, and helps 
me solidify mine. I feel like I've gained a clearer picture of the warrior 
and the ruler I want to be... And that's because of you, Odin. Thank you. 

Odin: ... Ha! Hahahaha! My joy is like a fearsome predator! It hunts down 
baser emotions and rips out their vitals in a savage banquet of laughter! 

Camilla: Odin? You're talking to yourself again. 

Odin: Ah. My sincerest apologies, milady. I was enraptured by a realm of 
epicurean atrocity! Even brought back to earth, I must say I feel better than 
I have in ages. 

Camilla: Have you not been feeling well, Odin? 

Odin: I would never want to burden you, milady, but since you asked... The 
truth is... I haven't been naming things with my usual effortless grace and 
aplomb. But since you took to Grossartig Mond so immediately... My confidence 
and limitless naming power have returned! 

Camilla: That's wonderful, Odin. Truly. 

Odin: Yeeeessss... I feel the power radiating from each mighty drop of my 
peerless blood... I should go, lest the force of it scorch your fair skin 
like the summer sun. 

Camilla: Before you go, Odin, let me say this: the world is a more joyful 
place with you in it. And don't hesitate to come tell me your troubles. You 
will always have my ear. 

Odin: Your generosity humbles me, milady. And that is no easy feat. I thank 
you with each separate hair on the back of my mighty hand.
Camilla S

Camilla: Odin, you wanted to talk to me? What's the matter? 

Odin: W-well, milady, you see... it's... 

Camilla: You're not losing your self-confidence again, are you? If so, I have 
something to tell you. I've been telling our other companions in the army 
about my armor's name as well. And literally every one of them wants you to 
give a name to their weapons and armor! 

Odin: Oh... I see... 

Camilla: You aren't happy? I expected an explosion of verbose excitement and 

Odin: Eh? Oh, I am honored, of course... but I must refuse. 

Camilla: Why ever would that be? 

Odin: In times past, I would have been glad to take on their request. But now 
I feel differently. 

Camilla: I see. Have your naming powers deserted you again? 

Odin: They have, and the reason, Lady Camilla... is you. 

Camilla: What? M-me? 

Odin: I named Grossartig Mond after meditating on an image in my mind... You 
rode into battle, resplendent in the armor's defensive embrace... Had I 
pictured any other, lesser person, such a naming would be impossible. I'm 
afraid my nominative prowess, and with it, my life, is now in your exclusive 

Camilla: Wait... Odin, are you saying what I think you're saying? 

Odin: Yes, milady. It is time to put voice to what my soul has been bellowing 
for ages... I love you. I love you with my entire being, down to the sacred 
blood in my veins. Please take this. It is... a bridge that links us, like 
the rainbow that links the worlds. 

Camilla: Is this... an engagement ring? 

Odin: To employ base literality for a moment, yes. I would ask for your hand 
in marriage. That is why I came to see you today. But if you're going to 
refuse, please do it quickly. I'm ready. 

Camilla: Refuse? Why would I? I would love nothing more than to have you for 
my husband! 

Odin: Can this be true? Or do my wicked ears conspire with each other to 
deceive me? 

Camilla: It's very true, Odin. I should tell you, though-I want to have 
children. I hope you are up to the task of naming them... 

Odin: I will meditate harder than ever! I'd best get started at once!
A4. Effie C

Effie: 852... 853... 854... Hrrrrgh! 

Odin: Effie. We need to talk. 

Effie: 855... 856... 857... 

Odin: Are... are you listening to me? I said we need to talk! 

Effie: 858... 859... 860! Whew! 

Odin: EFFIE! 


Odin: I heard you've been spreading rumors about me. Telling people I'm 
"weird." How dare you! 

Effie: 861... 862... 863... 

Odin: Hey! I'm talking to you. Stop squatting that tree trunk, will you? 

Effie: Huh? Sorry, I'm kind of in the middle of something. Can we talk later? 

Odin: No! This is important. Why did you tell people that I was weird? Or do 
you deny it? Answer me! 

Effie: Oh... Yeah, I said that. So what? It wasn't meant as an insult. Just 
an observation. I mean... you are weird. Or do YOU deny it? Anyway, can I get 
back to my squats now? I'm really behind on my training. 

Odin: I'm not weird... I'm hypernormal! So normal that normal people can't 
even understand me! Which... I guess... means that they probably think I'm 
weird. DAMN IT. Well, glad we could clear that up. Oh, I was also gonna tell 
you about a new training technique I've been working on. It's practically 
doubled my strength! But, it seems like you're busy, so... 

Effie: Doubled your strength? Well, now you've got my attention... 

Odin: Sorry, gotta run!
Effie B
Effie: Odin, do you have a moment? I've been desperate to speak with you. The 
last time we met, you mentioned a certain training technique... 

Odin: Training technique? Doesn't sound like anything I'd be interested in. 

Effie: Stop joking around! You told me you were using a special technique... 
Something that doubled your strength! How could you forget something like 

Odin: Oh, right. Of course! Heh. The art of exponential strengthening. Or, as 
I like to call it... F.L.A.M.E.! 

Effie: F.L.A.M.E.? 

Odin: Yes! It stands for Furious Lifting: Art of Muscle Enhancement. 

Effie: Yes, that's what I want to learn. 

Odin: Well, I suppose I could help you out... but what are you going to do 
for me? 

Effie: Name your terms. Training is my highest priority. All else is 

Odin: Oh ho! Can I think about it and get back to you? 

Effie: Certainly, as long as you teach me the technique first. 

Odin: Deal. Now, still your heart and concentrate. I will begin the 

Effie: Wait, I thought this was a training technique! 

Odin: It's more of a... blessing. Look, do you want to learn or not? 

Effie: Yes, yes, get on with it! 

Odin: Very well. Hear me, oh spirit of F.L.A.M.E.! Give strength to this 
soul. May her muscles enhugeify twofold, and may her lifting be ever 
immaculent! F... L... A... M... EEEEEEEEEE! Whew. The spell is complete. 

Effie: Those aren't even words. I'm not so sure about- 

Odin: Oh, you poor soul. The power of F.L.A.M.E. relies not on mere "words." 
Anyway, if you don't like it, I can go ahead and remove the blessing. You may 
experience some temporary shrinkage in the muscle region, of course... 

Effie: No, no! I believe you! Just don't deactivate F.L.A.M.E.! 

Odin: Excellent. Now remember, the power of F.L.A.M.E. requires unconditional 

Effie: The things I do for Lady Elise... 
Effie A

Effie: Odin, look at this. 

Odin: Effie? What's up? You look so serious. Is this about F.L.A.M.E.? 
Because I have something to confess... 

Effie: Look at this rock I'm holding. It looks like granite, right? HYAH! 
(Metal breaks)

Odin: You... you just crushed that rock with your bare hands! 

Effie: I know! Ever since you cast the F.L.A.M.E. spell on me, I've been able 
to do this. The spirit of F.L.A.M.E. is flowing through my body. I can feel 

Odin: Er... hang on a minute. How did you actually do that? 

Effie: It's F.L.A.M.E.! Listen, normally I can only do about a thousand pull-
ups. But with F.L.A.M.E., I can do two thousand! 

Odin: Two THOUSAND?! 

Effie: Why are you so surprised? 

Odin: I... uh... I'm not surprised. F.L.A.M.E. is very powerful, after all... 
I should know that better than anyone. Yes, yes, of course. Uh... 

Effie: So, I just have one question. Why haven't you shared the power of 
F.L.A.M.E. with anyone else? Can you imagine? If everyone fighting on our 
side had access to this power? 

Odin: I, uh, don't think that would be a good idea, Effie. 

Effie: Why not? 

Odin: It's just that... well... I crafted F.L.A.M.E. especially for you. It 
would anger the spirit if we shared its power with everyone. Thus, your power 
would weaken! And we can't have that, can we? Yeah, that's the ticket. 

Effie: I see. Well, as much as I'd like to share, I can't endanger Lady Elise 
like that. I'll keep F.L.A.M.E. for myself. Thank you, Odin. 

Odin: Yes, of course. Anything for you, Effie.
Effie S

Odin: Effie, thank you for coming to meet with me today. 

Effie: What's the matter, Odin? You look troubled. If you were wondering how 
F.L.A.M.E. is working... you can relax. 

Odin: Oh, thank goodness. I'm glad you finally realized- 

Effie: It's working better than ever! I ran 65 miles and did 1,200 burpees 
this morning. At times, I feel as though I can actually SEE the spirit when 
I'm working out. 

Odin: Wait, really? Perhaps you should seek medical attention... But anyway, 
I didn't ask you here today to talk about F.L.A.M.E. Rather, I had something 
more romantic in mind. Effie... will you marry me? 

Effie: *gasp* 

Odin: This whole F.L.A.M.E. thing has showed me that you have an unsullied 
heart. Your soul is as clear as a rushing stream on a crisp spring morning. 
And I am but a helpless bird who has fallen into your waters. 

Effie: ... 

Odin: To put it colloquially, I love you, Effie. 

Effie: Um, Odin? 

Odin: Yeah? 

Effie: I feel the same way. I'm in love with you. Your strange genius has 
captivated me. But... there's something I must confess. 

Odin: Oh, me too! 

Effie: F.L.A.M.E.- 

Odin: Isn't- 

Effie: Real! 

Odin: You... you know? But how? 

Effie: Oh, Odin. I knew from the very beginning that there was no such thing. 

Odin: Whaaaaaat?! 

Effie: Well, it's obvious, isn't it? I knew the whole thing was a game. But 
the part about "unconditional belief" really struck a chord with me. I 
realized that I just need to believe in myself and be confident in my 

Odin: But... you crushed a rock! An actual rock... With your hand! 

Effie: Yeah, but that's no big deal. See? 
(Metal breaks)
Effie: Still, in a weird way, your hoax actually helped me. And... I guess I 
just went along with it so we could spend more time together. 

Odin: Well, Effie... you are truly amazing on so many levels. I might even go 
so far as to say you're the immaculate incarnation of the purehearted. 

Effie: I don't know what that means, and I'm 95 percent sure it doesn't mean 
anything... But I am under your spell, Odin. So, the answer is yes. I will 
marry you. 

Odin: Then as long as we are together, I shall be the world's greatest mage. 

Effie: Yes, and you will be with me forever, right? Shouldn't we have a 

Odin: Allow me to present you with a special charm-in the shape of a ring! 
Now, this charm will grant the wearer a number of special powers. First! The 
power of invisibility. Second- 

Effie: Oh, what a beautiful ring. Thank you, Odin. Now... please stop 
A4. Nyx C

Odin: Nyx. Can you spare a moment? 

Nyx: I suppose. What's on your mind? 

Odin: I command you to stop infringing on my identity, knave! 

Nyx: Excuse me? 

Odin: Your innocent act is ill sorted with your menacing aura! And therein 
lies the fault! You and I are cut from the same dark, mysterious cloth. 

Nyx: What are you babbling about? 

Odin: "From childhood, she showed a tremendous talent for the black arts. Her 
family, terrified of her powers, raised her almost against their will." These 
are the sorts of things I've heard about your past, and I have to say... It's 
quite impressive. More than impressive-your past looms large and hungry 
behind you. It lurks, it leers, it lunges out from the shadows, forcing me to 
acknowledge... You are my true peer. A fellow spelunker in the darkest of 

Nyx: ... I have no idea what you're talking about. 

Odin: In this as in all things, understanding is a superfluous luxury! All 
you need know is this: my appreciation for your origins borders on envy... 
And I was hoping we could be friends. 

Nyx: Uh... sure... 
Nyx B

Odin: Ah, Nyx... you have come, as I knew you must. 

Nyx: Yes, Odin. You sent a messenger to have me meet you here. What did you 

Odin: We are allies in shadow, you and I. We walk the same lonely path of 
endless dusk. When I acknowledged that in you, we formed a bond not easily 
broken... But! There can only be one dark paragon! Two cannot stand together 
at the summit. And so we must settle this in the only true way: with the 
names of our black magic. 

Nyx: As usual, I have no idea what you're talking about... Are you saying 
that you want to have a duel using black magic? 

Odin: Nothing so gauche. We shall duel using the ominous names of our cursed 

Nyx: Wait, what? 

Odin: Begin! First is this accursed talisman... The fetish affixed to my left 
hand, a fell relic wrought of ash and misery... I give you... Graugang, the 
Gray Doom! 

Nyx: ... 

Odin: Come. Now it is your turn to reveal the true name of one of your cursed 

Nyx: You've... given names to each of your relics? I... uh... haven't done 

Odin: Wh-what?! You don't name your relics?! How do you even DO magic? 

Nyx: Like you said, I seem to have a natural talent for it... for better or 

Odin: Hmph. I was all wrong about you, Nyx... Your behavior is unbecoming of 
a diabolist! Turn in your tome and your profane effigy! Maaaan... and I 
thought you were cool... 

Nyx: I can tell I've disappointed you... somehow, and I apologize for that... 
I guess I still don't really understand what you wanted me to do... 

Odin: Can you at least tell me the names of your spells? Rituals? Blasphemous 

Nyx: I've used so many spells that I couldn't even count them all, much less 
name them. 

Odin: !! 

Nyx: What? What is it now? 

Odin: "... Couldn't even count them"? That is... impressive. It's the casual 
attitude toward death that I would expect from a fellow shadow dweller. 
Wait... does this mean... that you were the true avatar of annihilation all 

Nyx: I'm... going to go now.
Nyx A

Nyx: Odin. 

Odin: No, don't come near... The mere sight of you is a testament to my own 

Nyx: Inadequacy? 

Odin: I... I learned more of your past. "In her youth, she used a forbidden 
spell... killing most of a village in one fell swoop. The spell stole the 
victims' life energy for her, and she hasn't physically aged since." 

Nyx: ... Right, that's what happened. You didn't think I was actually a 
teenager, did you? 

Odin: I admit defeat. You are victorious. 

Nyx: Huh? 

Odin: Your origin story, your attitude-you are the avatar of annihilation 
here. Compared to you, I'm a dark dilettante at best, a complete fraud at 
worst... If only I had a tragic past like yours... 

Nyx: Trust me, Odin, my past is nothing to envy. To tell the truth, I 
actually envy you. 

Odin: What? Why? 

Nyx: I don't understand everything you say, but I can see the passion behind 
it. And it looks to me like following that passion actually brings you 
happiness. Am I right? 

Odin: Well... yes. 

Nyx: I would give literally anything to feel that. Eternal youth is also 
eternal stagnation. I haven't been passionate about anything in so long... 

Odin: ... 

Nyx: What I'm saying is you're fine the way you are. Go on being Odin. 

Odin: Y-you are serious? 

Nyx: Yes. 

Odin: W-well... good. Thank you for that. 

Nyx: Anytime, Odin. Be yourself, and I'll try to do the same.
Nyx S

Nyx: All right, Odin. What's with the secrecy? Why did you call me out here? 

Odin: Well, Nyx, I've been thinking about a child. 

Nyx: A child? What child? 

Odin: The child that will be born to us. 

Nyx: What? Make sense! 

Odin: A child who might inherit your calamitous might, as well as my own 
sacred blood... We will continue to exist in our child, like a bridge 
connecting us to the future... That's what I was thinking of. Deep, right? 

Nyx: ... In other words... This is your roundabout way of proposing to me? 

Odin: W-well... you could take it like that... 

Nyx: I see... I'm disappointed in you, Odin. 

Odin: What? 

Nyx: A cowardly, indirect proposal is hardly behavior for a mysterious, 
shadowy figure. A proper practitioner of the fell arts would just ask 
directly, consequences be damned! 

Odin: Your words strike with the force of the most fearsome curses... 

Nyx: Odin, did you have something to say? 

Odin: N-no... nothing at all. I... could have proposed normally if... I 
wasn't so intimidated. But every time I look at you and your unholier-than-
thou aura, I feel unworthy... 

Nyx: Will you stop doing that? I told you once. I accept who you are, 
regardless of how malefic you might not be. 

Odin: I know you say that, but... 

Nyx: No! Say it right! This is your last chance. 

Odin: All right... ... Nyx... I love you. Please accept this ring and marry 

Nyx: ... That's better. Yes. Now, what shall we name this child you're 
A4. Selena C

Selena: *sigh* 

Odin: Selena! A spell of gloom has ensnared you! Hold and allow me to dispel 
it! Depart or be destroyed, evil magic! Release Selena from her torment! 
*gasp* It remains unaffected! I must prepare another chant... 

Selena: I'm fine, Odin. I was just feeling lonely. 

Odin: Lonely, you say? 

Selena: Yeah. 

Odin: What has brought on such feelings of desolation, my friend? 

Selena: I can't really say it aloud, but... I miss our homeland. You know the 
one. It's so very out of reach... I guess I'm just a little homesick. 

Odin: Ah, yes. Homesickness is a mortal affliction. Be careful lest it 
overtake you. 

Selena: Do you ever feel that way? 

Odin: No. That demon has yet to lay its infernal hands upon me. 

Selena: Oh. I wish I was the same. *sigh* If only there was something I could 
do to feel better... 

Odin: Hm. I have no choice, then. 

Selena: Huh? What was that? 

Odin: Oh nothing! See you later! 

Selena: He's so odd... same as always.
Selena B

Odin: Selena. You're looking a little happier today! Not quite so... severe. 
Heheh. Get it? 

Selena: Don't even joke like that, Odin! Do you want us to- Ugh! Never mind. 
Anyway, yes, I'm feeling much better today. I had a nice dream about all our 
old friends. 

Odin: Oh? And what exactly transpired in this dream reunion? 

Selena: We were in a hot spring. I think it was one we've been to before. My 
hair was dyed, and I was wearing a cute outfit... 

Odin: Oh? That sounds like fun. 

Selena: It was. You were there too, actually. 

Odin: I was? What was I doing? 

Selena: I think you were wearing a cute outfit too. You were trying to be 
cool, as usual. But... it's strange. People actually thought you were! Cool, 
I mean. Even I did. 

Odin: Mwahahaha! Naturally! Though maybe I should dial it back a little next 

Selena: Huh? Did you say something? 

Odin: No! Of course not! In any case, I'm glad you're no longer feeling 

Selena: I mean, it's not like it's completely gone. I still feel that way. 
Just a little less so... 

Odin: I see. Then I must act again tonight. Good day, Selena!
(Time passes)

Selena: Zzzzzz... Zzzzzz... 

Odin: Selena? Stir now, if you wish to live! ... Excellent. No reaction. She 
seems to be deep in slumber once more. Now then, to fashion a new dream for 
her, I must cast my greatest spell yet- Odin's Oneiric Onslaught! Yes, now I 
shall free your mind from all its worries... Let's see... this time I'll make 
her dream of the harvest festival. And the festival will culminate with the 
unveiling of my new spell. Which in turn will lead to my becoming the supreme 
leader of the entire world! Ooh, that's a good plot! Yes, that'll do. Let's 
get to it, then. I call to ye, dark beasts that roam the realm of 
unconsciousness! Lend me your strength-mold a new reality for the mind of 
this dreamer! Grant... me... thy... POWER!
Selena A

Selena: Hey, Odin! I have a question for you. Just answer honestly, and I 
PROMISE I won't get mad. 

Odin: Um... what's on your mind, Selena? 

Selena: Did you happen to sneak into my bedroom the other night? 

Odin: What?! How dare you! I would never- 

Selena: REALLY? Then how do you explain this scrap of paper I found by my 
pillow? It says "new spell ritual notes." I found a bunch of weird half-
burned herbs too. YOU are the only one in the world who carries stupid things 
like this around! 

Odin: I can explain! 

Selena: I KNEW IT! WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN MY BEDROOM?! By the gods, if you 
were doing anything gross, I will destroy- 

Odin: No! Of course not! What kind of monster do you think I am?! 

Selena: Then what were you doing?! Tell me or I'm going straight to Lord Leo. 
Maybe even Lord Xander!! 

Odin: No, don't! I'll tell you! Just calm down... The truth is... I was 
casting a spell to give you good dreams. 

Selena: What? 

Odin: When you woke up this morning, how did you feel? Were you happy? 

Selena: Well... yeah. I was. I had another dream about being with our old 
friends again. 

Odin: At the harvest festival, right? 

Selena: ... How did you know that? 

Odin: Because that's the dream I created for you. I knew you were feeling 
homesick... so I conjured a sweet dream for you. 

Selena: What? How did you do that? I've never heard of such a spell! 

Odin: Heh. For one such as I, a spell like that is mere child's play. My 
magic can alter the fabric of reality- so much easier the fabric of dreams. 
All I needed to do was hold those herbs while chanting the plot of the dream. 

Selena: I would normally never believe you actually have power like that, 
but... Hmm. In both dreams, everybody loved you and thought you were the 
coolest guy ever. And in the harvest-festival dream, you were voted ruler of 
the entire world. 

Odin: Ah, such sweet words. If only I could have seen these things myself. 

Selena: It was so ridiculous and impossible, I should have known. 

Odin: Hey! 

Selena: Anyway, I guess I'll forgive you for creeping in my room. You were 
only trying to help. But if you ever change my dreams without my permission 
again, I will END you. Understand? And if I do give you permission, you're 
not allowed to make yourself seem cooler. 

Odin: *sigh* But that was the fun part... 
Selena S

Odin: Hearken to me, goddess of mine heart! I bring glad tidings! 

Selena: Ugh, what now? 

Odin: I know this is sudden, but I must tell you before the darkness 
overcomes me. 

Selena: Oh, calm down. Out with it already! 

Odin: I... I want you to marry me, Selena. 

Selena: ... You what?! 

Odin: I awoke this morning possessed by a single thought: I love you. My 
heart was aflutter with admiration of your beauty and grace. I realized then 
and there that I had to marry you. 

Selena: Oh, wow. I can't believe it worked. Not how I intended it to, though. 
(I just whispered random stuff into his ear while he slept to get back at 
him... ) 

Odin: Selena? What's wrong? 

Selena: N-nothing. It's nothing! 

Odin: Perfect. Then allow me to present you with this Ring of Eternal Joy. 
With this, let us join our lives and our hearts for now and ever! 

Selena: Look, Odin, this is very sweet, but I can't accept it. See, uh, your 
feelings... they aren't real. 

Odin: What? Of course they are! They're more real than anything I've ever 
felt! I beseech you- 

Selena: Hey, whoa! None of that! No beseeching! I'm serious. Your feelings 
aren't real. Maybe you should just take a day or two and think about them 
some more. 

Odin: What do you- Ohhh. I see. You think it was that little dream spell you 
tried to use on me. 

Selena: H-how did you know about that? 

Odin: I was awake the whole time. It was quite amusing! You aren't entirely 
wrong, however. I AM proposing to you because of that spell. Before you left, 
you put your hand on my cheek so tenderly... It was only for a moment. But I 
knew what it meant. 

Selena: Y-you mean... Then you know... 

Odin: Yes. And it was at that moment that the amorous spirits sang to me. The 
heart of Odin Dark is scarred with the millionfold deaths left in his wake... 
Those of his enemies... his family... his friends... his entire world. And 
the only one in possession of the precious salve of love is you. Selena the 
Moonborn, will you have me? 

Selena: Nope. 

Odin: Whuh?! But I thought... I thought we were meant for each other. Is it 
possible the touching of my face was simply the tracing of an arcane rune? 
Oh, you are a clever one, she-witch, but I will NOT be ensnared by your 

Selena: Odin. Cut it out. I want you to be serious about this. 

Odin: Oh... 

Selena: Now, please. Ask me again. Ask me like you want me to truly be yours 

Odin: OK... Here I go! Selena... I love you more than anything else in this 
world. In any world. ... Will you marry me? 

Selena: ... Very well. I love you, Odin. 

Odin: And I love you, Selena. I promise I will remain by your side 
forevermore. Through time, through space, through different worlds. Nothing 
will separate us. 

Selena: Thank you. And I make the same vow to you, my love.
A4. Beruka C

Beruka: Odin. I need to talk to you. 

Odin: What is it? 

Beruka: I've heard that you don't just fight with spells-you can create them, 

Odin: You have heard truly! My skill in crafting spells has no peer among the 
living! Indeed, my fame (OR INFAMY) in the art is such that I have earned 
various sobriquets: High King of Hocus, Pontiff of Pocus, Mr. Somatic 
Component, to name a few... The world is vast, but I can safely say that I am 
the greatest mage it has ever known. 

Beruka: ... Good. I need you to make me a special spell. 

Odin: What? A special spell? 

Beruka: Yes. A spell to make me... feel things. Like happiness, anger, stuff 
like that. 

Odin: You want a spell to help you experience emotions? Why? 

Beruka: Don't want to talk about it. 

Odin: I-I see... No matter! Odin Dark can grant this wish! I shall begin 
preparing straightaway! 

Beruka: ... Thanks.
Beruka B

Odin: Beruka! I have completed the spell you requested! It is called Gefühle 

Beruka: Gefühle Hersteller...? 

Odin: It makes a most pleasant sensation in the mouth, does it not? Now, sit 
over there. 

Beruka: OK... 

Odin: It begins! Gefühle... 

Beruka: Hold on. So when you cast this spell, I'll have normal, human 

Odin: Yes! You'll experience the highs, the lows, and the precious in-
betweens of feeling! 

Beruka: Just like everyone else... 

Odin: Yes! Your normalization is at hand! Now... Gefühle Hersteller!
(Time passes)
Odin: That should do it! How do you feel? Or rather, do you feel? 

Beruka: ... I feel the same. Are you sure it worked? 

Odin: A spell by the Jinxinatrix? Of course it worked. However, the effect 
will be stronger the more you believe in it. So believe hard. 

Beruka: I see. Thank you... 

Odin: Before you go, I must know: Why did you ask me for this spell? If 
you'll tell me your story, we can call that payment enough for my services. 

Beruka: ... OK... I'll tell you... I was an unwanted child, and my parents 
threw me out early. My parents gave me nothing-not love, not education, not 
even a kind word. I think that's why I have trouble feeling things. I had to 
shut it off when I was little. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life 
like that, so I came to you for help. 

Odin: I see... You used to be an assassin, didn't you? How did you come to 
that line of work? 

Beruka: I lived in a slum. I started by killing people for their food-later I 
killed for clients. 

Odin: Now THAT'S a dark past! I wish I'd thought of it! But just because your 
story is my payment, you don't need to go embellishing it! 

Beruka: Nothing I have said is exaggerated. 

Odin: R-right, of c-course... I thank you for sharing your gripping tale, 
which has gripped me in all the right spots. I hope your new life with 
Gefühle Hersteller is more fulfilling. Um... farewell!
Beruka A

Beruka: Odin. We must talk. 

Odin: What is it, Beruka? I see a rage that would topple mountains rising in 
your eyes... 

Beruka: The spell I commissioned. It doesn't do anything. 

Odin: ... I-is that so? 

Beruka: Yes. You were paid for your services, but the spell is worthless. 
That is... unforgivable. 

Odin: Now, now, now, let's be calm! I, uh, see the source of your confusion! 
The spell is incomplete! I haven't finished casting it yet-that's why there's 
no effect! 

Beruka: It's not... done? 

Odin: Right! The other day was a preparation for the real casting. Like, if 
we were cooking, it'd be like setting the pot to boil! ... No, more like 
preparing the soup stock! Or perhaps growing the vegetables... 

Beruka: I get it. If there's more to do, then get on it. Now. 

Odin: O-of course. We'll start immediately! The next step is... praxis! 

Beruka: Praxis? 

Odin: Correct. I must drill you on expressing your feelings through your 
face! Emotions are mysterious things. If you can make a happy face, you'll 
become happier! This process is called "sympathetic magic." 

Beruka: Hmm... 

Odin: Just look at my face and do what I do. First... "Heart-Lightening 
Glee!" ... Beruka, look. This is what glee looks like. Try it. 

Beruka: ... 

Odin: The spell I've put on you will have relaxed your face's ability to make 
expressions. If you try as hard as you can, you should be able to smile... 

Beruka: Like this? 

Odin: ... Different from what I was doing, but it will suffice. It's your 
version of glee... Now, let's move on to the next expression: "Volcanic 

Beruka: ... Will this do? 

Odin: Yes! You're a natural at that one! Try a painful one: "Abysmal 

Beruka: Done. 

Odin: Yes! It worked even better than I imagined! I was able to read every 
nuance and mood! Mark this day well, Beruka, for it is the first of your new 
emotional life! Come back tomorrow, and I shall drill you on emotions both 
rare and powerful! 

Beruka: Thank you, Odin. I do feel like things are going to be different from 
now on... 
Beruka S

Odin: Beruka, I asked you here because I have one final test for your 
emotional reactions. 

Beruka: What kind of test? 

Odin: A test with just one question... Will you marry me? 

Beruka: ... This is not what I expected. 

Odin: Probably not, but would you consider doing me the honor? 

Beruka: Is this because you cast that spell on me? Isn't that... creepy? 

Odin: It certainly would be creepy if I proposed after using emotion magic on 
you, but... Good news! The spell was a complete fake! No magic to it at all! 
You did it yourself! 

Beruka: You're saying this whole thing has been a lie? 

Odin: Lie? Perish the thought! Take the thought from its home and murder it 
in the street! No lie, but a way to crack your shell against the bowl and 
find the feelings-yolk within! I admit I was trying to trick you at first, 
but I did genuinely want to help. 

Beruka: Why? Why would you care about me? 

Odin: It was your story about growing up without love. Stories are important 
to me, and that was the saddest one I've ever heard. It made me want to help. 
To undo some of the damage your parents did. But as we spent time together, I 
began to see the self you've hidden from everyone. You're a compelling, 
complex person, and I hope to spend my life getting to know you. I talk too 
much, but let me boil it down: I love you. Please marry me. 

Beruka: ... I've never felt so many feelings at once before. It's 
overwhelming... But, thanks to your lessons, I can tell that I'm feeling... 
Happy... And... a little embarrassed... There's a lot, and I can't name them 
all... But I guess the strongest one... is happiness after all... 

Odin: That's wonderful! I promise many more happy times in the future if 
you'll marry me. 

Beruka: Yes... I believe you. Thank you, Odin. I will marry you. 

Odin: Let the angels set out a celebratory ambrosia buffet! Even as an old 
hand at emotion-having, this is the happiest I've ever been!
A4. Peri C

Odin: Aahhh! 

Peri: Odin, what's the matter? 

Odin: Oh... nothing. 

Peri: You just screamed and gave a little shiver like you were scared of me! 

Odin: *gulp* Rumors swirl about you like a deadly cataclysm! 

Peri: Wha? 

Odin: Never mind. I must be on my way. Be well. 

Peri: Hold up, right there! WHAT rumors?! 

Odin: I shouldn't have said anything! 

Peri: Aww, come on! You can tell me. I promise not to get mad. 

Odin: Good! Because I heard when you're angered, your bloodlust knows no 
bounds! Your venomous sword is swift and absolute. Kittens and babies quake 
in fear! 

Peri: What?! Kittens and babies? How could you say something like that? Yeah, 
I get worked up sometimes, but I'm not THAT scary! 

Odin: Are you certain? The stars themselves cry out in terror- 

Peri: Odin, you're such a jerk! When have I ever done anything to you?! I 
can't believe you'd listen to a bunch of nasty rumors instead of me-your 
(Peri leaves) 

Odin: My words were too powerful for her!
Peri B

Odin: Peri, I would apologize to you for the other day. Speculation led me 
astray. I should not judge things Odin's eye did not see! 

Peri: That's OK. I understand. 

Odin: So, tell me, Peri, what unspeakable acts are you performing in Nohr's 

Peri: What?! Are you listening to more rumors? 

Odin: This is no rumor! My disbelieving eyes watched you travel to the slums! 

Peri: Huh? 

Odin: I saw where you went last night-straight into that den of hoodlums and 

Peri: You followed me?! 

Odin: Yes! You cannot fool Odin Dark! I followed you! I kept hoping you'd 
turn back. But you walked all the way from our camp to the most abysmal part 
of town! 

Peri: And what's wrong with that? 

Odin: I see you care little for your reputation, but have you considered 
Prince Xander? I doubt he'd enjoy having his name dragged through the sludge! 

Peri: *gasp* I never thought about that! 

Odin: Well, you should! 

Peri: Oh, no! I feel t-terrible! *sniffle* 

Odin: Wait! You're not crying, are you?! 

Peri: I'm not going to kill anyone if that's what you're so worried about! 
Leave me alone! 
(Peri leaves) 

Odin: Peri, wait!
Peri A

Odin: Peri, why have you summoned me to the Nohrian underground? Ruffians 

Peri: I want you to look around! Do you see all these people? They're not so 

Odin: You didn't drag Odin Dark here expecting him to befriend these people, 
did you?! 

Peri: No, but it wouldn't be a bad idea! They're really nice! 

Odin: And how would you know, O lurker of the shadows? 

Peri: Because I'm the leader of their anger- management support group! 

Odin: What?! You're teaching these people?! 

Peri: Yep! I don't know if you've heard, but sometimes I go a little bit 
crazy. Once I've tasted blood on the battlefield, it's pretty hard to snap 
out of it. 

Odin: So I've heard. 

Peri: Lord Xander wants me to be in control, so I learned some calming 
techniques. They helped me so much that I wanted to pass them on to someone 
else. Where better to find people with violence problems than in the 
underground? My group is made up of the worst thieves, murderers, and 
scoundrels in all of Nohr! 

Odin: So that's where you've been sneaking off to? 

Peri: Yep! If I can help these people clean up their act, then I can help 
clean up Nohr! 

Odin: What outlandish miscalculation! I'm sorry, Peri. I misjudged you. 

Peri: That's OK. Some of the rumors may be true, but they don't tell the 
whole story. That crazy, violent girl isn't who I am. Anyway, class is about 
to start. See ya! 

Odin: Oh. It's time for Odin Dark to disappear! 

Peri: You know, you could stay and watch if you want. We could always use the 
help. They don't bite or throw things once they get to know you. Come on and 
meet them! 

Odin: That's OK. I remembered some urgent magic I must uncork. Excuse me! 

Peri: All right! Later!
Peri S

Odin: Ah, my celestial being, fresh from class! Those ruffians hung on every 
utterance. "Take a deep breath when you get angry. Think of flowers when 
you're sad." What a brilliant light you are to those shrouded in darkness! 

Peri: Wow. You really listened, didn't you? I'm impressed! 

Odin: No, the glory is all yours! Bask in it! 

Peri: Thanks. It was hard at first. There were some bloody noses and one 
cracked rib. But now we get along so well! They all call me "Boss." Isn't 
that cute? 

Odin: Lord Xander would be impressed. There will be a new rumor about you, 
Boss of Nohr! 

Peri: I'd love that! 

Odin: I hope you'll love this too. ... I, Odin Dark, present to his celestial 
being this gift! 

Peri: What?! 

Odin: It's a promise in the shape of infinity. 

Peri: Huh?! 

Odin: It may be too soon for him to speak of love. He's still slightly 
terrified of you... But Peri-errr, Boss-will you honor humble Odin by going 
on a date with him? 

Peri: Yep! On one condition. 

Odin: Anything his celestial being requests! 

Peri: Humble Odin needs to stop talking about himself in the third person. 
It's confusing! 

Odin: But I've been practicing this speech all day! ... Wait! Don't get mad! 
What I mean is... Yes, I'm sure he-I mean ME! I can arrange that! 

Peri: Yay! Then I'm in! 

Odin: Whew! A bond like ours-forged in the Nohrian slums-can never die!
A4. Charlotte C

Odin: Ha. Your flimsy deceptions are as sheerest gossamer to me, charlatan... 

Charlotte: Eeeeek! Oh, Odin, it's just you. Are you bored or something? 

Odin: "Bored"? Why, the word lives not in the fecund orchard of my 
vocabulary! I do not get "bored." Boredom is for those of less heroic 
lineage. Rather, I am stymied by the yawning abyss of too many opportunities! 

Charlotte: O-oh, I didn't know... That sounds... amazing, actually. Tee hee! 

Odin: And know this: your villainous "tees" and nefarious "hees" have no 
effect on me! 

Charlotte: What? 

Odin: Your deceptive charms are wasted on one whose very blood is a truth 

Charlotte: Deceptive...? I'm afraid I don't really understand what you 

Odin: Don't understand? Of course-you must always play the fool in your 
silken motley. But I've been watching you. Your personality goes through more 
change than a moneylender over a day. You choose which of your painted masks 
to wear depending on who you're talking to. 

Charlotte: Wh-whaaaaat?! 

Odin: There is no use denying it. My truth shines out like a beacon in the 
fog of your lies! 

Charlotte: Well, I'm sure I don't know WHAT you mean. My personality doesn't 

Odin: You may have blinded the others, but I see everything... My third eye, 
Truth Strahl, the organ of my sacred sight, aches, stirs... and hungers! That 
is all I will tell you for today. If you wish to know more, ask me another 

Charlotte: ... 
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Odin! I'm heeeere. I'm ready to hear about your Tooth Crawl or 
whatever it was. ... "Tooth"? No, it was "Truth," right? I'm soooo silly 
sometimes! Do you think you could answer a few itty-bitty questions about 

Odin: We may speak, but you must do it as an adult. Your affected 
childishness has no effect on Odin, Parter of the Veil. 

Charlotte: ... Fine, if you say so. This all right? 

Odin: It will suffice. Before we begin, I must know one thing: What do you 

Charlotte: Seek? 

Odin: Yes. Every deception has a purpose, and every deceiver a goal. 
Maintaining your various guises costs you effort-what do you hope to gain 
from it? 

Charlotte: Oh, that's easy. I want everyone to like me. But specifically the 
men. I want them to find me irresistible. 

Odin: ... I see. You want to be the center of attention. I know something 
about that. You wish to dominate men's hearts and minds, but lack my own 
sorcerous wiles. I must reveal to you your folly in the most direct manner 
possible... You're doing it wrong. 

Charlotte: Huh? 

Odin: If you want to be loved by all, you cannot achieve it through mere 
fraud. Consider: As more fall under your sway, how will you know which face 
to wear? You cannot be everyone at once. 

Charlotte: I... hadn't thought about it that way... 

Odin: You must craft a persona so intriguing that none can help but love you, 
as I have done. Right now you divine what people want and act like that. It 
gives everyone else power over you, rather than the reverse. 

Charlotte: I-I get that... Hey, could you teach me how you do it? How you 
just decide to be amazing? 

Odin: I could, but such instruction is not without price: you must call me 
"Professor Odin." 

Charlotte: I will, with pleasure. 

Odin: Then I will teach you... the secret art of Confident-Persona 
Bewitchery! We will begin immediately. Which would you say is your most 
powerful hand?
Charlotte A

Charlotte: Professor Odin! What's happening to me? I tried to practice 
Confident-Persona Bewitchery, and it didn't work AT ALL! 

Odin: How can that be?! Tell me exactly what happened, and leave no detail 

Charlotte: I had practiced my confident aura, as you taught me... And I was 
going to try it out on that cute guard, as you suggested. 

Odin: Perfect! No common guard could withstand a concerted assault of your 

Charlotte: I went to where he was, extended my right hand just like you do, 
and said: "I am Charlotte of the Lace, an avatar of Love, chosen to fight in 
her holy name!" So everything was going well, and he was smiling, so I went 
on: "Nuuhh... No! Power of love-surging uncontrollably! My wards are 
useless!" Then I took off the bandage I had wrapped around my arm and yelled: 
"Can't hold it back! Behold my power and my curse, heretical love unbound!" 
Then the guard laughed and said, "You need a day off."  Professor Odin, I'm 
not sure Confident- Persona Bewitchery is working for me. 

Odin: ... 

Charlotte: Professor Odin! What is it?! Are you sick?! 

Odin: No... I'm just... trembling... at the sight of unfurled excellence... 
You have done it, Charlotte! You have mastered Confident-Persona Bewitchery! 

Charlotte: ... Huh? 

Odin: That guard is yours now! Your flawless technique has permanently 
ensorcelled him! 

Charlotte: R-really? 

Odin: Yes! Telling you that you need a day off is really just a way of asking 
you on a date! 

Charlotte: I... guess I see how you could interpret it to mean that... So... 
it went all right... 

Odin: "All right"? Bards shall sing of the moment you revealed your 
charismatic puissance! With just a bit more training, you'll have the entire 
army in your enchanting thrall! 

Charlotte: The entire army? That's amazing! 

Odin: Isn't it? We'll begin immediately! You must hone your mien to razor 

Charlotte: Leave it to me, Professor Odin!
Charlotte S

Charlotte: Professor Odin, what's wrong? 

Odin: Thank you for coming, Charlotte. I wanted to tell you that our 
relationship as teacher and student has ended. 

Charlotte: What? Why? 

Odin: From now on, I would like to begin a new relationship: as husband and 

Charlotte: Hang on... 

Odin: I'm afraid you have learned my lessons too well... Like the sculptor 
who fell in love with his own statue, I am victim to your bewitchery. For a 
while now, our lessons have just been a way to spend more time with you. 

Charlotte: Weren't you trying to teach me that deceit was nothing to base a 
relationship on? 

Odin: W-well, yes, but... 

Charlotte: And "Confident-Persona Bewitchery" ISN'T something you learned at 
a love monastery? 

Odin: St-strictly speaking... no. But this is a ring that I made specially 
for you! It's real! Please accept it! 

Charlotte: ... Hmpf! 
(Damage dealt)

Odin: OW! You hit me! Why did you hit me? 

Charlotte: For talking down to me about being a liar when you're just as much 
of a fake as I am! But I do feel a bit better after punching you. And I HAVE 
been a bit of a fraud, too. I only went along with the lessons because you've 
always seemed so sure of yourself. I wanted a bit of that in my life. Maybe 
the two of us deserve each other... Is the ring offer still good after I 
punched you? 

Odin: ... 

Charlotte: Odin? 

Odin: Ahhhh... my apologies. You hit me so hard I was briefly transported to 
another plane... Eventually I will need to go back to my own world... 

Charlotte: Stop speaking nonsense and give me an answer. Do you still want to 
marry me? 

Odin: Yes. Or I should say... I need you in my life. To be honest, I'm a bit 
strange, and I think you're strange in some of the same ways. I think we'll 
have a good, strange life together. 

Charlotte: I like it. Here's to our strange life together, Odin, and the new 
parts we'll play. May we never get too honest with one another!

A5. Azura C

Niles: Lady Azura, might I entice you over here for a little chat? 

Azura: Uh... 

Niles: What's the matter? You don't look busy right now. Surely you can spare 
a moment. 

Azura: It's not that. It's just... What in the world do you and I have to 

Niles: Why, we could talk about any number of things! 

Azura: Niles, I'm not trying to be rude, but you have a reputation for being 

Niles: That I do! But fear not, milady. I swear to keep my tongue under tight 
reign with you. I would never want to bring you disgrace by exposing those 
lovely ears to my filth. 

Azura: Are you being serious? 

Niles: You have my word. 

Azura: I have to confess. I'm a little shocked. I never knew you could be 
such a gentleman. 

Niles: Well, give me a chance sometime. There's more I'd like to explain, but 
not just yet. 

Azura: All right, Niles. I'll wait.
Azura B

Niles: Lady Azura, I'm sorry I left you hanging the other day. 

Azura: Our conversation ended on a mysterious note, didn't it? 

Niles: Let me explain. You see-I believe that you and I are cut from the same 

Azura: Do you? And HOW exactly is that? 

Niles: Well, you don't have to look so horrified. At least, allow me to 
finish! You and I have both experienced real suffering unlike most of the 
idiots we know. 

Azura: What do you mean? 

Niles: As a child, I was abandoned by my parents and had to fend for myself 
in the slums. Before Lord Leo accepted me as his retainer, I was literally 
living in the gutter... 

Azura: I had no idea! 

Niles: It's left me with a low tolerance for people who lack compassion. I 
cannot stand shallow people! I try to avoid them at all costs. 

Azura: I understand. 

Niles: I know you do. I can tell that you are different from the others, 
milady. In fact, I get the impression that your childhood was no picnic 
either. You keep your distance by being aloof, while I actively drive people 
away. The more people I offend, the fewer I have to put up with. See? We're 
quite the same. 

Azura: You have a point there. 

Niles: I thought we should be friends since we've got so much in common. 

Azura: I'm a little surprised by all this, but I'm glad to give you a chance. 

Niles: Good. We'll talk soon then. I look forward to it. 

Azura: Me too, Niles.
Azura A

Azura: Niles, so we meet again. 

Niles: Yes. 

Azura: So... 

Niles: Ah... 

Azura: ... Hmm. This is awkward. I have no idea what we should talk about! I 
usually try to avoid making idle chitchat. 

Niles: I know what you mean. I can think of a hundred ways to make someone 
cringe. But when it comes to small talk, I'm at a loss. *sigh* We're like 
porcupines-aren't we? 

Azura: Porcupines?! 

Niles: Yes. We've armed ourselves with barbs to drive other people away. Even 
if I wanted to get close to someone, I'd probably stab them on accident. 

Azura: I'd prefer to think of myself as a rose, not a porcupine-but I see 
what you mean. 

Niles: Making friends is hard, isn't it? 

Azura: It doesn't have to be. 

Niles: No? 

Azura: Honestly, Niles, I feel closer to you already. You've shown me another 
side to you. I think we're doing well for two porcupines! Any closer, and 
we'll only injure each other. 

Niles: Ah, that's fair. We should probably keep a safe distance then. 

Azura: Yes. Perhaps we should discuss the weather. Isn't that what others do? 

Niles: I believe you're right. Hmm... I rather enjoy sunny days like this. 
Don't you? 

Azura: Yes! But my favorite are snowy winter mornings. I get up early and 
make cocoa... 
Azura S

Azura: Niles, is something wrong? You have a very serious look on your face. 

Niles: I need to be honest with you. 

Azura: Hold on right there! Is that what I think it is?! 

Niles: This? It's a ring. 

Azura: That better not be a wedding ring! 

Niles: Would that be such a problem? Lady Azura, you're all I can think 

Azura: Let's slow down for a minute and discuss this like two reasonable 
adults. Niles, I do have feelings for you, but we've barely managed to 
discuss the weather! It's like you said... If we get too close, we'll only 
end up hurting each other. 

Niles: Who says we have to get any closer? 

Azura: But you said- 

Niles: I don't want to ruin what we have now, and neither do you. This ring 
is a sign of my commitment to you. I want to be with you forever... even if 
it must be from a safe distance. 

Azura: Do you really mean that? I am so grateful we found each other. I'll 
treasure this ring-and you-always. 

Niles: Thank you, milady. I never expected to find such happiness.
A5. Felicia C

Felicia: And... there. Plated the soup without a hitch. Now to serve it to 
everyone... *quiver*... *shake*... Ah... aaaah...! N-nooo!
(Dish breaks)

Niles: ... 

Felicia: Niles! Oh no! Oh gosh! Are you all right? I'm so sorry! Let me wipe 
that off right away! 

Niles: They told me about this, but I didn't believe them. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Niles: About your ineptitude below and short of the call of duty, I mean. But 
to experience it for myself, up close and personal, is something else. Did 
you want my clothes off so badly that you'd spill hot soup on them? 

Felicia: I-it was an accident, I assure you! 

Niles: ... *sigh* I guess you're too flustered for the implications to sink 
in. Well, no matter. I'd just better change my clothes now. 

Felicia: Again, I am so, so sorry! 

Niles: Right here in the middle of the room is as good a place as any. Don't 
you think? 

Felicia: Wh-whatever you think best! 

Niles: And you understand that before I can put the new clothes on... I'll 
have to strip down out of these soiled, filthy ones. 

Felicia: I'll take them straight to the laundry! 

Niles: ... You know, it's not as much fun when you don't take the bait. 
Forget it. I don't need to change-it's not even enough to leave a stain. 

Felicia: Oh! So you're not upset? Whew... 
Felicia B

Felicia: Niles, um... I brought dessert for you. I made it just for you, so 
don't tell anyone about it, OK? 

Niles: Why just for me? 

Felicia: It's my apology for spilling soup on you. 

Niles: Ahh. So you're giving me special treatment, then. Personalized 

Felicia: Yes. I-I mean, I know it doesn't make up for everything. I just 

Niles: No, go ahead. At least I don't have to worry about cake spilling on 

Felicia: It isn't cake. I prepared something much better than that! 

Niles: Oh? Do tell. 

Felicia: I'm positive you'll enjoy it. Most people who get a taste of this 
say it feels like heaven! 

Niles: Now you've got my attention. I didn't know you would go to such 
lengths... You had me fooled with that innocent facade, but you're a real 
piece of work. 

Felicia: Heehee... so you're coming around on me, hmmm? 

Niles: I'm seeing you in a new light, that's for certain. 

Felicia: All right, now close your eyes, please. 

Niles: Funny, that's exactly the light I wanted to see you in next. 

Felicia: Now stay still... just like that... Heehee! 

Niles: Hello, what's this I'm holding now? 

Felicia: Open your eyes and see! 

Niles: ... What in the world? It's just a cookie. 

Felicia: Oh, it's not JUST a cookie! This cookie is so yummy, you'll feel 
like you're in heaven! That's why I call it my Angel's Cookie! 

Niles: Ngh... If this is a deliberate tease, then my hat is off to you. 

Felicia: Wh...what? What do you mean?! 

Niles: Don't toy with me. I know you're not that innocent. 

Felicia: You don't like the way it tastes...? Don't worry. The name might 
make it sound bad, but you won't die if you eat it. E-everyone tells me it's 
really good! I use only the most special honey! 

Niles: (She has to be doing this on purpose... )
Felicia A

Felicia: I brought tea, Niles. Would you like some? 

Niles: No, I wouldn't. 

Felicia: Oh... well, maybe some other time! Whoa... Aaah! Whooooops! 
(Dish breaks)

Niles: ... 

Felicia: Oh gods! Niles, are you OK?! I didn't burn you, did I?! 

Niles: Well, I am smoldering a bit. But what else is new, eh? 

Felicia: I'll wipe it off right away! Ohhh, this is so mortifying... 
Niles: Don't bother. And don't bother apologizing, for that matter. I won't 
mince words. Just looking at you burns me worse than any spilled tea could. 

Felicia: Huh...? 

Niles: You royal servants... living without a care in the world or a thought 
in your head. It would be easier to take if my nasty jibes had any effect. At 
least then I could get some satisfaction out of the shocked look on your 
face. But you're too dull to understand the most basic double entendre. 
Utterly loathsome... 

Felicia: Y-you have me all wrong... I didn't always serve the royal family! I 
actually came from the Ice Tribe. 

Niles: The Ice Tribe? Really? Isn't that the one King Garon brought to heel 
under Nohrian control? 

Felicia: Yes. I'm the chieftain's daughter, in fact. 

Niles: Then you must have come to Nohr from your homeland as a hostage. 

Felicia: I-I don't think of myself that way... 

Niles: But it's the truth regardless. I'm sorry. I take back what I said 
about you. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Niles: Life wasn't easy for me growing up, either. So I take great 
satisfaction in messing with people who had life handed to them. But in your 
case, I made a mistake. You weren't raised in any warm, loving arms. 

Felicia: Ahaha. You're right, the Ice Tribe homeland isn't warm at all. 
Still... you weren't so wrong when you guessed I haven't known much hardship. 
I enjoy my life here very much. 

Niles: Oh? Well, I'll let it slide either way. My apology still stands, and 
I'm willing to overlook the tea you dumped on me. 

Felicia: Really...? 

Niles: So long as you wipe it up before you go. 

Felicia: Of course! I'll bring a towel to wipe you off right away. Oh, and 
more tea! 

Niles: The towel is enough. I've had my fill of tea. Maybe some warm milk, 
Felicia S

Felicia: You called, Niles? 

Niles: Yeah. Take a seat. 

Felicia: O-OK. I-is here all right? 

Niles: Anywhere is fine. Today, I decided I'd brew you some tea for a change. 
Wait right here and I'll fetch it. 

Felicia: ... 

Niles: Sorry to keep you waiting. Some tea for you, and a cookie to go with 

Felicia: Unbelievable... 

Niles: What is? 

Felicia: The way you manage to carry the pitcher AND tray without tripping. 

Niles: Heh. Don't assume everyone has the same difficulties as you. 

Felicia: Of course. My mistake... 

Niles: The cookie is an Angel's Cookie. The recipe wasn't that hard to figure 
out. As for the tea, it's a special blend I devised myself for the occasion. 

Felicia: Erm... a special blend of what exactly? 

Niles: Here you are. It should be obvious at a glance. 

Felicia: Er... Oh! Hahahaha! 

Niles: What's so funny? 

Felicia: I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. I was just surprised to see you make 
mistakes too. The cup you gave me is empty! And a little dirty... Someone 
left a ring in it. 

Niles: I didn't make any mistake. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Niles: The ring is a gift to you. Try it on. 

Felicia: What? N-no, that's too much! I mean... I can't accept such a 
valuable gift. 

Niles: Ah, but there's a reason I didn't cheap out on it. This is an 
engagement ring. I want your hand in marriage, Felicia. 

Felicia: ... What? 

Niles: I've never met a woman like you. You're one of a kind, on multiple 
levels. I found myself trying to figure out what makes you tick... And then I 
realized I'd never been so invested in anyone before. 

Felicia: That's... high praise. Thank you. If you can overlook my clumsiness, 
then... I accept. 

Niles: Good. Now seriously, try on the ring. 

Felicia: I'd be happy to! 

Niles: Nice. It looks perfect on you. To hell with heaven, Felicia. You're 
the only angel I need. 

Felicia: Oh, Niles... 
A5. Mozu C

Niles: Mozu? 

Mozu: Gah! Oh, it's just you. Phew! You scared the tar outta me. 

Niles: What are you doing in this dump? 

Mozu: Hey! Don't call my village a dump. It's not its fault it's all shabby 
and run down. I mean... yeah, it's seen better days, but... 

Niles: You still haven't answered my question. Why would you come here alone? 

Mozu: I came looking for something. In all the confusion of the Faceless 
attack, I left something important behind. 

Niles: Oh yeah? Is this "something" valuable? 

Mozu: It surely is. It was our sacred treasure. A round ball, about yea big. 
And not just any old ball, but one with the harvest god's power stored up 
inside. Thanks to that thing, we were blessed with a good harvest year in and 
year out. 

Niles: Interesting... sort of. It must have been very important to them. And 
yet, now they're all dead. Oh well. 

Mozu: ... Yeah. You're right. 

Niles: ... 

Mozu: Guess I'd best give up the search for today and head on back.
Mozu B

Niles: You're still at this? 

Mozu: Can't find the dadblamed thing anywhere. Could you lend me a hand? 

Niles: I have a better idea... Why don't you give up already? 

Mozu: Huh? 

Niles: There's nothing here but rubble anymore. I guarantee looters have made 
off with anything of worth by now. If that ball of yours had any market 
value, it's long gone. 

Mozu: You're... probably right. *sigh* It's kinda sad. I... How come I was 
the only one left alive...? 

Niles: Does it really make you that sad that everyone is dead? 

Mozu: Of course it does! That's my family you're talking about. 

Niles: ... 

Mozu: Haven't you ever been upset when someone passed? Don't you know that 
knot in your gut when you lose someone? 

Niles: ... That's neither here nor there. I prefer not to dwell on those 
things. Better to live for the pleasures of the now. I could give you a 
demonstration, if it would take your mind off things. 

Mozu: Th-this is hardly the time! 

Niles: If you want to wallow in pain and misery in the ruins of your home, 
suit yourself. But my offer still stands if you'd rather have some fun 

Mozu: You... you're horrible... 

Niles: And you're boring, which is worse. It wouldn't take much for me to 
make you feel better. Believe me, I know lots of ways. But I can see you'd 
rather be miserable, so carry on without me. 
(Niles leaves) 

Mozu: Wh-what a self-centered jerk... 
Mozu A

Niles: Still down in the mouth, I see. 

Mozu: Just go away, Niles... 

Niles: This wouldn't happen to be the orb you were searching for, would it? 

Mozu: What the-?! That's it! Holy heck! Where'd you find it?! 

Niles: Crossed paths with a certain bandit who had it on him. 

Mozu: A bandit, huh? So you were right-it did get stolen. But how'd you 
convince him to give it back? 

Niles: I was part of a gang of thieves once. I still have some connections I 
can tap. Lucky for you, it fell into the hands of a thief who owed me one. So 
I got it back for you without much fuss. 

Mozu: Wow... this means so much to me. 

Niles: Anything to make you less boring. 

Mozu: Haha, I'm too happy to care why you did it. Thank you, Niles! Seeing 
this ball again takes me back to those festival days... 

Niles: A festival? Now you've got my interest. 

Mozu: Yep. We'd put up a great big pedestal in the village square and place 
the ball on top. Then we'd all get in a big circle and dance around it. 

Niles: It sounds like quite a production. 

Mozu: Those were the good days. Hey, you wanna give it a try? 

Niles: Hm? Can you be more specific? 

Mozu: Let's you and me bop around the village square, for old times' sake. 

Niles: Oh, no. No no no no no. 

Mozu: Hey, don't knock it before you try it! You and me are pals now. I'm 
sure the harvest god wants to see you dance too!
Mozu S

Mozu: I wanted to thank you again for the other day, Niles. 

Niles: I told you, I don't need thanks. 

Mozu: Then I'll just say your dancing was mighty fine for a first-timer. 

Niles: You cut a fairly cute figure yourself. 

Mozu: Whuh... you mean that? 

Niles: It's what I was thinking about the whole time we were dancing. 

Mozu: Y'know... The harvest god handles fertility stuff, too. When a gal and 
a fella dance around his ball at the festival... 

Niles: Go on. 

Mozu: I can't say it. It's too embarrassing. 

Niles: Then let me guess: they're blessed with children? 

Mozu: Whoa there! You're getting ahead of yourself, buster. B-besides, the 
way I was raised, children don't come until after the wedding. 

Niles: Of course. How could I forget? Let me fix that by asking for your hand 
in marriage. 

Mozu: What?! Talk about out of the blue! 

Niles: It's not as sudden as you think. I came to see you today with that in 

Mozu: Huh?! You like me that much? 

Niles: If I didn't, why would I have gone to such lengths to get this orb 

Mozu: Wait a sec... you said before it was no big deal getting me my harvest 
ball. Niles, you sneaky so and so. 

Niles: Let me know once you're past the obvious and up to speed. 

Mozu: Haha, I'll marry you, you big grump. Someone needs to take the edge off 
you, after all. 

Niles: We'll be a family, won't we? That'll be a new experience for me. But 
I'm excited to explore the idea with you. Now, when you feel ready to cry, 
you can come do it on my shoulder. 

Mozu: Thanks, Niles. You've got a kind heart behind that smug grin after all.
A5. Elise C

Niles: Hm? Where do you think you're going? 

Elise: What do you mean? 

Niles: The war council is assembling in a few minutes. Aren't you to be 

Elise: Yeah, but I'm not going. 

Niles: Oh? Why is that? 

Elise: 'Cause everyone just treats me like a kid. Even if I go, they won't 
listen to me. 

Niles: The best way to get treated like an adult may be to think of yourself 
as one. Or perhaps to simply act like one by actually attending your 

Elise: But everything they talk about always goes right over my head. I can 
never follow what they're saying. 

Niles: That's no excuse. You could try studying more between these meetings. 
Lord Leo attended such meetings when he was much younger than you are now. 

Elise: He did? 

Niles: Sure, probably. 

Elise: Huh? 

Niles: I said "sure, milady." 

Elise: OK. Well, I guess you're right. I should probably get going, then... 

Niles: I'm happy you've come to see the light, milady. Attending these 
meetings can only help both you and Nohr. If nothing else, you will learn 
more simply by being present. 

Elise: OK. I'll do my best!
Elise B

Elise: *bawling*

Niles: What's the matter, my lady? 

Elise: I w-went to the war meeting like you said, but they told me I didn't 
need to be there! They said i-i-it was too complicated for me! J-j-jerks! 

Niles: They what? 

Elise: Yeah! Everyone else was there, and I'm th-the only one they said 
should leave! It's so dumb! Dumb dumb dumb! They're all just a bunch of 
dumbheads! Why won't they take me seriously?! I even showed up and 
everything! I'm an adult, right? They should treat me like ooonnee! *sob* 

Niles: My apologies. It seems my advice has caused you unnecessary pain. 

Elise: No, you were right. I need to study more. I'm no better than a child. 
My siblings are so mature... Why can't I be like them? 

Niles: If I might offer some additional advice, milady? 

Elise: OK... I guess. What is it? 

Niles: You might take this the wrong way, but I think it's important you hear 
it. I think the problem lies in your attitude. 

Elise: My attitude? 

Niles: You want others to see you both as an adult and as a little sister. So 
while you want them to take you seriously, you pout when they don't. Years 
may pass, milady, but this alone won't make you mature or responsible. That 
can only be earned by learning to master yourself and your reactions. 

Elise: ... You're right. Thank you, Niles... *sniff* *sniffle* No. No! I 
can't cry! I'm not a baby! 

Niles: No. You may cry as much as you like. You have just heard a hard truth. 
But when your crying is through, pick yourself up and try again. Study up. I 
know you can do it. 

Elise: Th-th-thank you, Niles! I'll do my best! *sob*
Elise A

Elise: Niles! 

Niles: Lady Elise? You seem more energetic of late. 

Elise: I did what you said and changed my attitude! 

Niles: Oh? I-I'm not sure that that's quite how it works... People don't 
change THAT quickly. 

Elise: Well I did! And everyone wants me to attend the war council meetings 

Niles: Huh. Well, good on you, then. So, tell me. What happened? 

Elise: I told them how I think we should approach our next battle. And they 
listened! They even praised my idea! It's all thanks to you, Niles! 

Niles: I'm proud of you, Elise. That's wonderful. Though... perhaps also 
something of a shame.  

Elise: Huh? Did you say something? 

Niles: Oh, no. Nothing, my dear princess. 

Elise: OK. Well, either way, I want you to know that I'm still gonna be 
relying on you! You're harsh, but you don't mince words. I need someone like 
that in my life. It's only because of your advice that I even made it this 
far, after all. 

Niles: Then I will do my best to serve you, my lady... much as it may hurt 

Elise: Thanks! I'm counting on you!
Elise S

Niles: You called for me? 

Elise: Thanks for coming, Niles! I had something to tell you. 

Niles: I see. 

Elise: When the time is right, I think I should marry someone like you. 

Niles: Oh? Any reason? 

Elise: Yeah. I need a husband who won't mince words. Someone who knows how 
things really are. Who doesn't sugarcoat anything. 

Niles: You seem to have a very high opinion of me. 

Elise: I do! I love you, Niles! I love you a whole bunch! You've made me 
think and helped me to grow in ways I didn't think I could. And that's not 
all I like about ya. 

Niles: Then, milady, there is only one thing left to do. We must marry each 

Elise: Perfect! So then you'll take this? 

Niles: A ring? My, you certainly don't waste any time, do you? 

Elise: Nope! Not when it comes to you, my love! 

Niles: Well, I suppose I must accept. 

Elise: Because you love me too? 

Niles: I... do. I never expected it. But I have grown to love you. You have 
an innocence about you that I have rarely seen in my life. I lost hope, once, 
because I bore witness to the worst evils the world has to offer. But you 
have rekindled that hope in my heart. I could not live without you. 

Elise: O-oh wow. Really?  

Niles: Really. And I vow I will do everything in my power to help you in all 
your endeavors. Though I suppose we'll start with making you a responsible, 
regal princess, eh? 

Elise: Heehee. Exactamundo! 

Niles: Now, let's go find Lord Leo and share the good news with him. 

Elise: Ooh! I can't wait to see his face!
A5. Camilla C

Niles: Lady Camilla, just the person I was looking for. 

Camilla: Oh? Did you want to ask me something? 

Niles: Yes. I'm curious... Why do you shower so much affection on Lord/Lady 

Camilla: What do you mean? I love Avatar! He's/She's a sweetie! Plus, he/she 
had a terrible childhood. I think he/she deserves a little kindness now! 

Niles: As I suspected! Your so-called love is nothing more than pity. You're 
probably one of those people who brings home lost puppy dogs too. 

Camilla: Of course I would! Who would leave a cute, little puppy out in the 

Niles: Heh heh... 

Camilla: *gasp* You would, wouldn't you?! Niles, you're terrible! 

Niles: There's a reason you fixate on helping poor, pathetic creatures! 

Camilla: Is that so? And what's that? 

Niles: You live a pathetic existence. You're trying to make yourself feel 
(Niles leaves) 

Camilla: Niles? Get back here! You can't say something like that and run 
away! Coward!
Camilla B

Camilla: Niles! I've been looking everywhere for you! It's time for you to 
explain yourself! 

Niles: Ah, I love it when you get all feisty. Your cheeks are turning red! 
Were you saying something? I can barely concentrate when you're like this! 

Camilla: Enough! You better explain what you meant the other day when you 
said I was pathetic! 

Niles: Fair enough. Lady Camilla, do you know why people love puppies? 

Camilla: Because they're cute...? 

Niles: No! It's because people want to be loved. 

Camilla: Huh? 

Niles: They want companionship-a person to come home to, and if they can't 
get it... They'll settle for a furry creature who'll greet them and slobber 
on their shoes. This is the same relationship you have with that lost, little 
puppy-Lord/Lady Avatar. You're miserable, so you shower him/her with 
affection, and that puppy slobbers back! 

Camilla: Are you calling Avatar a dog? That's disgusting! 

Niles: Oh, I like that hostile look on your face. It's giving me chills! Do 
you want to know where I came up with this theory? I'll tell you! 

Camilla: You better! 

Niles: My parents abandoned me in the slums of Nohr. I was raised by thieves 
and criminals. I learned fast. I did what had to be done to survive! So 
forgive me if I'm a little jealous. When I see someone who is oblivious to 
suffering, I like to give them an education. That moment when they discover 
their first taste of pain is pure bliss! 

Camilla: Niles, you're a sad person. 

Niles: Am I? For someone so sad, I'm having an outrageously good time!
Camilla A

Niles: Lady Camilla, I heard you were looking for me. You know I adore being 

Camilla: The other day, you said you like to prey on people who've never 
known suffering. 

Niles: Oh, yes. I like where this is going. 

Camilla: Well, you were wrong to pick me! 

Niles: Huh? 

Camilla: I know what you thought! She's royalty! She must be happy! Her life 
is perfect! You're wrong! I wasn't born in the slums, but my childhood wasn't 
all roses either. 

Niles: What? 

Camilla: Oh. Didn't you know? Xander is the only one of my siblings born to 
the queen. The rest of us-Leo, Elise, and I-we're all children of King 
Garon's mistresses. Different mistresses, I might add. He loved to pit our 
mothers against each other. 

Niles: I had no idea. 

Camilla: Our mothers were the lowest of the low, trying to claw their way to 
a better status. Naturally, they used us as bait in all of their conflicts. 

Niles: Lady Camilla, I'm- 

Camilla: You said I was pathetic, and you were right! My mother loved me, but 
only as a pawn. Do I dote on Avatar? Yes, I do! I remember what it feels like 
to be alone! 

Niles: I'm so sorry. I was wrong about you! You disguise your pain well. I 
didn't realize. 

Camilla: I didn't tell you all this so you could apologize. I want you to 
think twice before you judge someone else unfairly! 

Niles: I'm so ashamed. You must beat me! Here, I deserve to be punished. 

Camilla: I'm not going to beat you! 

Niles: Please, strike me across the face. I'll wait. 

Camilla: Seriously, Niles. I'll pass. If you want to be flogged, you'll have 
to do it yourself.
Camilla S

Niles: Lady Camilla, I found you! I wanted to tell you how sorry I am- 

Camilla: Niles, this is the fifth time you've apologized! I told you! We're 

Niles: I'm afraid I have another matter to beg your forgiveness for. 

Camilla: Huh? 

Niles: I lied. I never thought you were pathetic. I asked you all of those 
questions about Lord/Lady Avatar because I was jealous. 

Camilla: Jealous? 

Niles: Here you were showering all of that love and attention on Lord/Lady 
Avatar... I wanted it to be me. 

Camilla: Oh? Is that all? 

Niles: What? You're not mad? I said terrible things about you and Lord/Lady 

Camilla: Niles, there's plenty of love to go around! 

Niles: But I tormented you! 

Camilla: And your childhood was full of torment! It all makes sense. I feel 
very protective over Avatar, and I've started to feel that way about you. 
Funny, isn't it? I actually think you're kind of cute. 

Niles: Huhhhhh?! 

Camilla: What's the matter?! Cat got your tongue? 

Niles: Yes! I mean, no! I mean, wait! Oh! What's wrong with me?! 

Camilla: I think you're like an adorable little puppy I just caught chewing 
on my shoes! Now that I know your story, I don't mind your rough talk. ... 
It's kind of amusing. 

Niles: Well, Lady Camilla, there's plenty more where that came from! 

Camilla: I hope so. 

Niles: Come over here. I'll whisper more of these naughty, little words in 
your ear. 

Camilla: Niles! 

Niles: Was that too much?
A5. Effie C

Niles: Effie, what's with the cold stare?! It's giving me chills... I find it 
oddly thrilling. 


Niles: O-ho! Where is this fit of passion coming from? 

Effie: I hear you've been teaching filthy words to Lady Elise! 

Niles: ... Not true. Why would I waste time doing that? 

Effie: Don't you even think about lying to me! I can tell. I've heard Lady 
Elise say some things I will not repeat-things I have heard from you! 

Niles: Really?! How fascinating. Do you have any examples? 

Effie: Yesterday, she invited me to her "secret lair" and offered me some 
"saucy snacks." When I told her I must decline, she said, "Why are you always 
such a tease?" It's obvious where this is coming from... YOU! 

Niles: It's sort of adorable when you think about it... Wouldn't you say? 

Effie: It's absolutely appalling! You will not repeat dirty language in front 
of Lady Elise again! 

Niles: Oh, really?! 

Effie: ... OH, REALLY. You do that again, and this happens. 
(Metal breaks)

Niles: I'm sorry. Did you just crush an apple with your bare hand? It sort of 
looked like- 

Effie: Keep your filthy tongue away from Lady Elise, or next time, it will be 
your head!
Effie B

Effie: Niles, I can't believe you! After all that, you still can't keep your 
word! Why don't you tilt your head a little to the left? It will make for a 
cleaner blow. 

Niles: Wha? Effie... w-wait! There seems to be some confusion... 

Effie: There's no confusion! You've been saying filthy things in front of 
Lady Elise again. I'm about to make applesauce! 

Niles: Effie, STOP! Let's talk this over. Is it really so bad if Lady Elise 
sounds a bit like me? 

Effie: Lady Elise is a member of the royal family. She's a princess of Nohr! 
She can't go around talking like a hoodlum! As her retainer and friend, I 
won't allow it! 

Niles: Oh, I see. Now she's your friend...? 

Effie: Don't even try to change the subject! 

Niles: No, this is fascinating. Do you give her tasty, little presents on her 

Effie: Of course! I always give Lady Elise a gift. 

Niles: I see. ... And how do you know what to buy? 

Effie: I ask her for hints. 

Niles: Oh, so now it's a guessing game! ... And if she says, "Just get me 

Effie: Then I take it as my personal mission to do some research. I take 
stock of all of her possessions, noting favorite colors and such... I write 
down ideas every time we shop. What things did she linger over? 

Niles: Oh... lingering? I like this. 

Effie: We're getting really off track. What exactly are you up to? 

Niles: Nothing... Nothing at all! I'm just leaving now. I'll be on my best 
behavior. Promise!
Effie A

Effie: Niles! I can't believe the things you've been saying in front of Lady 
Elise! Did you forget everything we talked about? 

Niles: Now, wait a minute, Effie! There's no need to jump down my throat! I 
was just helping Lady Elise with her little problem... 

Effie: What problem? 

Niles: Lady Elise needed help picking out a gift for Lord Leo's birthday. She 
asked for my help. I AM his retainer after all. 

Effie: Oh. So you weren't teaching her naughty words then? 

Niles: No. I was merely giving her advice. She picked up some of my phrases 
on her own. I've never paid attention to Lord Leo's interests, so Lady Elise 
and I talked often. That is, until you gave me a few ideas. They were most 
helpful. I'm in your debt. 

Effie: Wow. I should apologize. I had no idea you had redeeming qualities. 
Niles, tilt your head this way. 

Niles: What? I thought we agreed! There's no need to give me the apple 

Effie: I'm going to give you a little peck. 

Niles: WHAT?! Wouldn't a handshake be more appropriate? 

Effie: Yes, it would. But the last time I shook a man's hand, I crushed it by 

Niles: How about we leave it at "Thanks." No crushed apples. No broken 

Effie: All right. Thank you, Niles. You're a more honorable man than I 
Effie S

Effie: Niles, what's wrong? Is it Lady Elise again? 

Niles: No. This isn't about her. This is about you and me. Effie, you have 
filled me with a burning desire- 

Effie: I'm sorry... wha?! I've got a burning desire to turn your head into 

Niles: Effie, wait! I'm not trying to offend you. Can't you see what I'm 

Effie: Niles, is that a... wedding ring? I thought you were teasing! 

Niles: No. I've been fantasizing about this day for a while now... Trying to 
imagine what you've got under all of that armor... 

Effie: A tunic! A very heavy tunic. 

Niles: You KNOW that's not what I meant! I'm talking about under your 

Effie: Niles, seriously?! You have the dirtiest mind! Can't you keep it clean 
long enough to propose? 

Niles: Wow. You're the one thinking naughty thoughts! I was talking about 
your heart. 

Effie: Oh... 

Niles: You've got that tricksy, little heart buried beneath a lot of armor. 
Even now, I have no idea how you feel about me! 

Effie: ... Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but Niles, give me that 
ring! I love you. ... But you better be on your best behavior! One misstep, 
and your brain is mush! 

Niles: Well, well, don't you have a way with words? I'll do my best not to be 
A5. Nyx C

Nyx: Niles... I'd like to speak with you. 

Niles: Why talk? Let's skip past that to the good parts, doll. 

Nyx: That's a sterling example of what I wanted to speak with you about. 
Can't you find some other way to express yourself? 

Niles: What's wrong with the way I talk? Give me an example. 

Nyx: I won't be baited into using such crude language. You know of what I 

Niles: So close... I was excited to hear a few choice morsels from those 
tightly pursed lips. 

Nyx: I'm asking you politely now to stop this childish harassment. 

Niles: "Childish"? That's rich, coming from you. 

Nyx: ... Bite your tongue. You understand nothing. 

Niles: Indeed, I understand nothing very well. Which is more than I can say 
for you. 

Nyx: What on earth are you saying? 

Niles: I have no time for fools casting judgment on what they don't 
understand. I relish getting a rise out of them and their hypocritical faces. 

Nyx: This is why you say such foul things? I'm beginning to pity you. 
Regardless, I caution you to cease this foolishness if you wish to avoid 
tragedy. That is my final warning. The next time, I will take drastic action. 

Niles: I'm so scared. Do your worst, little girl. And I do mean that.
Nyx B

Nyx: I've heard about you from several people, Niles. You should have heeded 
my warning. 

Niles: Mm. I never was one to back down from a threat. 

Nyx: You don't know me very well. So you might not have realized I don't make 
idle threats. 

Niles: And as I recall, I encouraged you to do your worst. I'm eager to see 
what sorts of punishment you have in store for bad little me. 

Nyx: And see you shall. 

Niles: If your plan was to bore me to death, it's wor- 

Nyx: Theag eln snouci! 

Niles: What? What did you do? 

Nyx: I cast a spell. You'll find your vocabulary more tolerably limited now. 

Niles: What?! ... Hah. Good bluff, little girl. But I don't feel any 
different than I did a few moments ago. Do you know what happens to naughty 
little children who lie? They get ------- ---- -----------. Huh?! What did 
you do to me?! 

Nyx: I told you already. I cleaned up that foul language of yours. 

Niles: This isn't happening... 

Nyx: Now do you see that I make no empty threats? 

Niles: Nyx! You change me back right now! Or so help me, I'll have you ------
- ---- -------! Argh...! 

Nyx: Alas, the punishment doesn't appear to be deterring you as it should. 
Perhaps further measures are needed. Geilet rensce sline! 

Niles: ?! ----! --- ----- -- -------! 

Nyx: You reap only what you sow. Now this army can have some peace. Farewell, 
(Nyx leaves) 

Niles: --! --- ---- ----! ---...?!
Nyx A

Nyx: So. How did it feel to be unable to voice a single lewd thought? It 
certainly seemed distressing, which is why I reversed the spell so soon 

Niles: Nyx, I'm sorry. If I'd known, I never would have said those things to 

Nyx: How unusually contrite of you. Are you that desperate to keep your 

Niles: It's not just that. What I said to you was against my policy. 

Nyx: Explain. 

Niles: I heard rumors about you long ago, when I was a kid. The girl who grew 
up as a prodigy in the dark arts... She wove wicked spells without a thought 
and brought suffering to all she met. But one day she went too far and paid a 
terrible price. 

Nyx: ... 

Niles: I didn't make the connection before-it didn't even occur to me that 
she was real. But it's you. You're the dark sorceress Nyx. 

Nyx: Yes. Also called Nyx the Nefarious, also called the Dread Child, and so 
forth. But what does this have to do with your policy? 

Niles: I came up rough. When I see people who are happy, who've lived charmed 
lives... I can't resist bringing them down, making them feel filthy, like me. 
But you've been through your own hell, and worse, it was your own doing. 

Nyx: I see. And is that all you wanted to apologize for? You'll relent with 
me, yes. But what of the others? 

Niles: What do you want from me? Just name it, and I'll at least try. I owe 
you that much. 

Nyx: Very well. Then try to rein yourself in at least a little when you 

Niles: All right. I think I can take it down a notch or two. 

Nyx: It would be cruel to demand that you stop entirely, so I'll draw the 
line there. But it speaks poorly of you that you enjoy terrorizing people 
with your vile tongue. You're no better than a child. 

Niles: Time was, I would have said "you're one to talk"... But unless I miss 
my guess, you're much older than me, aren't you? 

Nyx: Undoubtedly. 

Niles: An older woman, eh? What I wouldn't do to see your true form. The 
better to drown her in a torrent of the filthiest talk I can dream up. 

Nyx: How strange. I'm positive I asked you to rein in such thoughts, and 

Niles: Th-this is different. In your case, I'd do it to see if you'd... Never 
mind. You'll let it slide just this once, right?
Nyx S

Nyx: You asked to see me, Niles? Oh no. You're getting down on one knee. 
Please tell me you're not... 

Niles: That's right. This is a ring I'm holding. 

Nyx: *sigh*... 

Niles: You see, the reason I called you here was so that I could- 

Nyx: Enough! Lattep shalo phor! 

Niles: What? H-hey... did you just literally take the words out of my mouth?! 

Nyx: I'm a practiced soothsayer as well. Your proposal attempt was not 
entirely unexpected... 

Niles: Then why won't you let me finish it? 

Nyx: Because marrying me won't give you what you want. I am a damned soul, 
who has caused the deaths of hundreds... You will never find happiness at my 

Niles: Nyx... don't talk about yourself like that. I'm under no illusion that 
I'm any better. I might not be cursed, but there's nothing in my life to be 
proud of. 

Nyx: You don't understand. I- 

Niles: Don't worry about the curse. I've been calling in some favors. A 
contact of mine thinks he might have a line on something that could lift your 

Nyx: Is this true? Can it really be...? 

Niles: Once the war's over and done with, we'll go looking for it together. 
But even if you don't find it, you're already enough woman for me. So 
please... let me finish what I came here to ask. 

Nyx: ... Fine. The spell is broken. 

Niles: *deep breath* Mmm... Mmmaaa... OK, seems like it's working. Nyx, I 
want you to... marry... me. This ring is the proof of my love for you. 

Nyx: Ah, Niles... Thank you. I didn't realize I could ever be this happy 

Niles: It's a surprise to me too. 

Nyx: But... were you being truthful when you swore to curtail your vile 
tongue near me? 

Niles: Yeah. Like I said, it's against my policy. I'd never be that crude to 
someone I loved. 

Nyx: Were we to wed... perhaps you could relax that policy of yours? 

Niles: Huh? 

Nyx: When I think of you employing that gutter mouth of yours against 
others... My skin burns, as if with jealousy. I demand no less treatment from 
my soon-to-be husband. 

Niles: Oho... so that's how it's going to be. You're not leaving me much 
choice, huh? Fair enough. If it's dirty talk you want, my heart is your 
landfill, "little girl."
A5. Selena C

Selena: Oh, Niles! You surprised me. Were... were you waiting here for me or 
something? It seems like you were hiding. 

Niles: Hello, Selena. That's none of your business. What are you doing here? 

Selena: I was just about to go shopping. But... that's none of YOUR business! 

Niles: Hmph. 

Selena: Why are you looking at me like that? You're treating me like I'm your 
enemy or something. 

Niles: Who's to say you aren't? 

Selena: What's that supposed to mean? 

Niles: I've been doing a little research on you. There's no record of your 
hometown or your history in general. 

Selena: Th-that's... 

Niles: If you were born in this world, there should be some evidence of it! 
But you have none. It's as if... you just turned up one day suddenly out of 

Selena: Well, that's not possible... of course... 

Niles: Lord/Lady Avatar seems to trust you, so I will grant you some leeway. 
But know this-I am watching you. 

Selena: *gulp*
Selena B

Selena: Let's see... I'll take this one, and this one, and this one... 

Niles: You can't afford all of that. 

Selena: What?! First of all, yes I can! Second of all-what are you doing 

Niles: I told you... I'm watching you. 

Selena: Even while I'm shopping? Yeesh! I really don't need any more 
stalkers, OK? 

Niles: I'm well within my rights to follow you around like this. 

Selena: Oh, so we're just making up nonsense now? In that case, I'm well 
within my rights to knock your block off! 

Niles: I'm just making sure you're not up to anything nefarious. And I 
thought while I was at it, I might as well help you stick to a budget, too. 
Do you really need all of those trinkets? 

Selena: Ugh! Look, I might use them someday... Wait, why am I explaining 
myself to you? Get out of here! 

Niles: You have a real problem, don't you? 

Selena: No! I can stop anytime! 

Niles: Tell me. When you buy something, do you feel a sort of release? 

Selena: Stop analyzing me! 

Niles: It's tragic, really. That some in this world can buy anything, while 
others have nothing... 

Selena: Well, you're not wrong, but... DAMMIT. Look, I'm just going to return 
most of this anyway... 

Niles: Ah. The guilt surfaces. You've just earned one small unit of trust 
from me. 

Selena: I couldn't care less. Just get out of here! 

Niles: Very well. If I stayed any longer, I'm sure you'd ask me to hold one 
of your bags. 

Selena: Ugh! What a jerk!
Selena A

Niles: Well, I've done it. I've finally figured out your true identity. 

Selena: What? You couldn't possibly... 

Niles: Granted, your origin and hometown remain a mystery... But other than 
that, I have completely figured you out. 

Selena: Now I'm just confused. What do you mean? 

Niles: To begin with, you are selfish and impatient. 

Selena: ... 

Niles: On top of that, you're a poor loser. You must win at all costs. 

Selena: You really don't care about offending people at all, do you? 

Niles: At the same time, you are a hard worker. And you are loyal to your 

Selena: Wait... what? 

Niles: I'm sorry, I'm not as practiced in dishing out praise, so this may be 
a bit clunky. 

Selena: At least you've stopped insulting me for five seconds! 

Niles: I apologize. I think you'll find the overall tone of this speech to be 
positive. Now, to continue... 

Selena: Where is this coming from? 

Niles: To put it plainly, I have finished vetting you, and I am informing you 
of the results. You'll be glad to know that I now trust in you fully. 

Selena: Niles... 

Niles: In fact, based on these results, I'd even consider a friendship with 
you. Congratulations are in order! 

Selena: The arrogance! It's so... so... Ugh. I can't lie. It's somewhat 
appealing. Well, if you're going to treat me nicely, I suppose I can treat 
you similarly. So... you're welcome! 

Niles: Ha! Well played.
Selena S

Niles: Selena, I'm afraid I will need to continue watching you for some time. 

Selena: But I thought you said that I earned your trust! Plus, we're friends 
now, right? What's this all about? 

Niles: Yes, I trust you. But I want to be more than just friends. 

Selena: Uh... 

Niles: I've fallen for you. 

Selena: Now, wait just a minute... We've only JUST gotten on friendly terms. 
You were calling me selfish and impatient, like, five minutes ago! 

Niles: What can I say? I'm selfish and impatient, too. You're the one for me. 

Selena: But... but... 

Niles: Marry me. I will stay by your side and protect you for as long as you 

Selena: Look. I'm a sucker for confident guys. But if we're going to do this, 
it's going to be on my terms. 

Niles: Very well. What are your terms? 

Selena: Well... remember how you couldn't figure out where I'm actually from? 
That's because it's, uh, really far away. And one day, I intend to return 

Niles: Say no more. I'll go with you. 

Selena: Are you sure about that? 

Niles: Yes, of course. It's not like this part of the world has been 
particularly friendly to me. And with you by my side, I don't care how far 
I'd have to travel. Marry me, Selena! 

Selena: All right, Niles. This is going to be a trial marriage. I don't want 
to hear any criticism of my shopping habits or my competitiveness! If you can 
handle that, then maybe-just MAYBE-this marriage can work. You got that? 

Niles: Haha. Yes. I appreciate your honesty. 

Selena: Yeah? Well, get used to it! 

Niles: Oh, I will. I promise to get used to absolutely everything about you. 
From the tips of your fingers to the depths of your heart... 

Selena: Next on the list-never say anything like that ever again!
A5. Beruka C

Niles: Well, well, Beruka. 

Beruka: ... 

Niles: Still haven't given up the assassin trade, I see. 

Beruka: What do you want? 

Niles: Been visiting Nohr, have we? A slum wouldn't be my first choice of 
vacation destination, but different strokes. 

Beruka: You followed me? 

Niles: People forget, what with all the thieving and killing I do, that I'm a 
skilled tracker. I was behind you every step of the way. I must say, it was a 
very pleasant view. Now, you and I both know that slum is a prime source for 
contracts. If you're planning to kill someone, I advise you come clean to me 
about it right now. 

Beruka: Strange. If you're so skilled at tracking, then you should already 
know my business there. 

Niles: W-well, I... 

Beruka: Just admit it. You tried to follow me, but my trail went cold. That 
wasn't an accident. 

Niles: You-! 

Beruka: I'm not your average mark, Niles. I have a sixth sense for the 

Niles: Tch... 

Beruka: But rest easy. I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't have been. So you 
can stop toying with me.
Beruka B

Niles: I saw you in that slum again. 

Beruka: Still following me, hm? 

Niles: And still you gave me the slip. So I'm here to admit defeat. You're 
too slippery for me to catch in the act. Instead, I'll just ask you straight 
out: What were you doing there? 

Beruka: Why do you care? 

Niles: I serve Lord Leo, so his interests are my interests. If you're doing 
anything that could hinder the war effort, it has to stop. 

Beruka: I can't figure you out, Niles. 

Niles: And what do you mean by that? 

Beruka: You're like a different person now, next to your days as a bandit in 
the slums. 

Niles: Ngh... 

Beruka: I'm no less strange, of course. My parents abandoned me before I 
could learn their names or faces. I survived by working as a killer for hire. 
I think I changed, though, when I came here. 

Niles: If you've really changed, why won't you tell me what you were doing 
back there? I won't stop dogging you until I hear it for myself. 

Beruka: For you, the slums are a painful memory you want to put behind you. 
... For me, they're something else. 

Niles: What does THAT mean? 

Beruka: Wouldn't you like to know. 

Niles: Rrgh... 
Beruka A

Beruka: Come out, Niles. I know you're there. 

Niles: Hmph... And here I thought I finally got one over on you. 

Beruka: I let you follow me this time. I'm tired of getting the third degree. 

Niles: Is this what passes for a graveyard around here? 

Beruka: Yes. My mother was buried here. 

Niles: The same mother who ditched you when you were a baby? 

Beruka: Yes. An old associate of mine mentioned to me he knew where her 
gravesite was. I felt nothing at first. "What use do I have for the grave of 
the woman who abandoned me?" I thought. But when I took the time to visit, I 
felt overwhelmed by strange emotions. 

Niles: ... So that's why you keep coming back. 

Beruka: There's more, Niles. 

Niles: Hm? 

Beruka: Mine aren't the only parents buried here. Your mother rests here as 

Niles: My-?! 

Beruka: You never knew what became of her after she disappeared. Well, here 
she is. 

Niles: ... This is news to me. 

Beruka: I won't force you. But your mother isn't far, if you want to visit 

Niles: ... I'll keep it in mind. No promises beyond that. Either way, you're 
in the clear. 

Beruka: But... your mother's grave... 

Niles: I never met the woman. I have no interest in doing it now.
Beruka S

Niles: I did what you suggested, Beruka. I went to visit my mother's grave. 

Beruka: Why the change of heart? 

Niles: I had to ask her about something, even if I never knew her. She didn't 
say much, but I think she would have given me her blessing. So I'm in the 
clear to propose to you. Beruka, will you take this ring? 

Beruka: You... want to get engaged? 

Niles: I surprised myself with all I said to that gravestone. I told my 
mother what a good woman you are and how much you mean to me. At the end, I 
wondered out loud if I should try to spend my life together with you. 

Beruka: ... 

Niles: If you're not interested, you can say so. I'll just go back to living 
alone and keeping my distance from most people. Because I can't see myself 
settling down with anyone else. 

Beruka: ... I accept. 

Niles: Really? 

Beruka: I... don't want you to be alone. 

Niles: ... Thank you, Beruka. That means a lot to me. Now, shall we take a 
trip to the slums? We can finally properly introduce each other to our 

Beruka: That sounds nice. I'll lead the way, as usual.
A5. Peri C

Peri: Ooh, it's Niles! I heard you can make anyone feel bad using only words. 
I wanna hear it for myself. Do me! Do me! 

Niles: *sigh* How unfortunate that this is what my reputation has become. I'm 
sorry, Peri, but I don't take requests like that. 

Peri: Aww, why not? Why won't you insult me? 

Niles: Because I only insult people who deserve it. If you do something to 
deserve my scorn, you'll get an earful. Don't worry about that. 

Peri: Grr! Fine! Wait! There was something else I wanted to ask you!

Niles: Now I'm getting irritated. You're on the right track if you want some 
insults. What is it? 

Peri: Did you ever break into my house when I was a kid? 

Niles: How in the world would I know? I broke into a lot of houses. 

Peri: Well... I lived in a really big mansion. It was kind of hard to miss. 
And my parents told me that someone broke in once! So I was wondering if it 
might have been you. 

Niles: That's still pretty vague. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. If it was me, 
what are you going to do about it? 

Peri: Whoa! Nothing! I'm just curious. I just thought it would be kind of a 
cool coincidence, that's all. 

Niles: Hmph.
Peri B

Niles: Good day, Peri. I have some remarkable news for you. The mansion you 
grew up in-was it a nobleman's home? And was it on the corner of a main 
street, with a prominent blue tile roof? 

Peri: Yep! That's exactly it. 

Niles: Amazing. Then, in fact, I did rob your home when you were a child. 

Peri: Haha! That's so cool! So, what did you steal? I don't remember anything 
ever going missing. 

Niles: That's true. We came to steal a particular item, but we couldn't find 

Peri: Really? We had just about everything you could want in that house. 
Gold, rare works of art, jewels... You name it! 

Niles: Yes, but we were looking for something unique. Something money can't 

Peri: Ooh, I'm dying to know. What was it? 

Niles: Don't laugh. It was a doll. 

Peri: A doll?! 

Niles: Yes, but not just any doll. It was supposed to be an evil murder doll! 
Rumor was that your family kept a possessed doll under lock and key. 
Supposedly, this doll would come to life and eviscerate one's enemies. Me and 
my... associates... thought it would be a fun toy. 

Peri: That is CRAZY! We never had a doll like that in our house! Believe me, 
if we did... I would have played with it nonstop! 

Niles: You're right, of course. It was nothing more than a tall tale. We 
poked around the house, tipped over a few priceless vases, and left empty 

Peri: Aww. Sorry my mansion made for such a disappointing break-in. 

Niles: Heh. That's probably the first time anyone's ever said THAT.
Peri A

Niles: I think I've figured it out, Peri. 

Peri: Hmm? Figured out what? 

Niles: There was an evil murder doll in your mansion after all. 

Peri: No way! Is it still there? I'm going to go kill it right now! 

Niles: Relax. Hear me out. Tell me... what were your hobbies as a child? 

Peri: Dismemberment, murder, and torture. You know... normal kid stuff. 

Niles: Riiight. Anyway, there was another rumor about your house. At one 
point, it seemed your household was hiring a new servant every other day. The 
money was good, but soon people became reluctant to work there. Some of the 
butlers and maids you hired were never seen again... Does any of this ring a 

Peri: Oh, that? Heehee! I guess I probably killed a bunch of the butlers that 
my daddy hired. Whenever I was bored, I'd summon one of them, and then... 
THWACK! Heehee! Sometimes Daddy would even watch! 

Niles: Do you see what I'm getting at, Peri? 

Peri: Oh! Wait, no. What are you getting at? 

Niles: You! You were the evil murder doll! 

Peri: But I'm not a doll, silly! 

Niles: No, but you were doll sized as a child! And you fit the description 

Peri: Wow! So you broke into my house to steal ME! Hahahaha! That's so funny! 

Niles: I don't know if that's the right word, but it is one longtime mystery 
solved. To think-I walked away from your home empty handed so many years 
ago... Only to have you walk into my life of your own accord now. Even after 
all this time, life still finds ways of surprising me... 
Peri S

Niles: Ah, Peri. Good timing. 

Peri: What for? 

Niles: I want another chance. 

Peri: Another chance for what? 

Niles: Another chance to steal you away, of course! 

Peri: Hmm... I still don't get it... You want to steal me? 

Niles: That's right. I have an eye for the precious and valuable. And I want 
to make you, the legendary evil murder doll, mine! 

Peri: I don't know, Niles. Are you gonna put me in a glass case or something? 

Niles: Bwahaha! Of course not. But I will take care of you for the rest of 
your life. 

Peri: What does that even mean? 

Niles: Well, it can mean whatever you want it to mean. If you want it to mean 
exotic adventures, then we will have exotic adventures. If you want it to 
mean a simple life in the country, it can mean that, too. Please don't pick 
that one, though. 
Peri: Well, I don't really get it... but sure, why not? 

Niles: Excellent. Here, I want you to have this. 

Peri: A wedding ring?! 

Niles: That's right. We should have a proper ceremony, of course. And then 
the real fun can begin. I want you to summon me like one of your butlers... 

Peri: Sounds good! Can we invite some actual butlers for me to murder, too? 

Niles: No. Just the two of us. And, um, no murder will be involved, 

Peri: Well... OK. How about some cooking? I'm pretty good with a knife in the 
kitchen, too. 

Niles: Now THAT would be splendid. Marry me! 

Peri: Heehee! I will. Steal me away!
A5. Charlotte C

Niles: Hello there, Charlotte. You seem to be bathing in the attention of 
people, as usual. Has anything rewarding come of it?

Charlotte: Oh my, if it isn't Niles. What do you mean by that?

Niles: You know exactly what I mean. I can see the understanding in your 

Charlotte: I really don't know what you're trying to say.

Niles: Are you going to make me spell it out for you? I'm ready to do that, 
if I must... 

Charlotte: Oh please, Niles, this is such a silly game. Ah, it appears some 
gentlemen need me over there. I must take my leave! Ta-taaaaa!
(Charlotte leaves)

Niles: ... 
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Oh, Niiiles! Could I talk with you for a tiny moment?

Niles: Of course. What is it?

Charlotte: Oh, but not here, silly. Let's speak in private... Over there, I 
think. Just the two of us... 
(Time passes)

Niles: Well, now we're alone... What did you have in mind?

Charlotte: Listen, you little punk. Don't think that I care about you just 
because I'm nice. In fact, I'm telling you right now to never speak to me 
again. I won't have you disrupting my interactions with the other men here.

Niles: What the... What's wrong with you?

Charlotte: Absolutely nothing. This is how I really am. Do you understand 
what I'm telling you?

Niles: ... 

Charlotte: OK, I'll spell it out. Consider this a warning. I don't like you. 
I don't want anyone to think that I do. The only reason I've spoken to you at 
all so far is to not look rude around others. There is absolutely nothing to 
gain from interacting with you, so I'm done.
(Charlotte leaves)

Niles: My, my... That was quite unexpected. I knew she liked attention, but I 
didn't think she was hiding a different attitude. This is a real first for 
me... I could respect her wishes... But I don't particularly feel like 
obeying her, honestly. What to do... What to do... 
Charlotte A

Charlotte: Yes, that's totally right! So then I just... 

Niles: Ah-ha, there she is. No surprise, she's placed herself as the center 
of attention among those men. She really is quite clever with how she 
behaves, I must admit. Let's see how she handles this, though... 

Charlotte: Oh no, I'm not like that at all... There you go again, calling me 

Niles: Hello, Charlotte! I apologize for jumping into your conversation... 
But I just had to tell you-you look absolutely seductive.

Charlotte: Gah!! Um, I mean... Ah, hello, Niles! What could you possibly 

Niles: You've clearly intentionally thought of how to make yourself so 
appealing. I must commend you on the effort!

Charlotte: I... Niles, could I speak with you over there, where we can have 
some privacy?

Niles: The two of us, alone? Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not going to move 
from this spot. Anything you have to say can be said here.

Charlotte: Oh, come on. Here, I'll give you a lift.

Niles: Ahhh! What strength!!
(Time passes)

Charlotte: You little pip-squeak! You ignored my warning-now face the 
(Critical hit)

Niles: Ouch! By the gods, you're strong!

Charlotte: Of course I am. Did you think I'd defended this country with just 
my looks? You didn't respect my wishes. Understand? I'm going to beat you to 
a pulp now!

Niles: Charlotte, wait! Please listen to me! I've had you all wrong! And in 
any case, my actions have actually been good for you!

Charlotte: What are you talking about?

Niles: Everyone is intrigued by what we could possibly be talking about. As a 
result, they're all even more interested in you than they were before. 
Basically, interacting with me is actually increasing your standing with 
others. It's pretty advantageous.

Charlotte: I-is that true? I... had no idea people were paying attention... 

Niles: I don't believe that, but... 

Charlotte: Ha, ahahaha... Niles, I'm sorry. It seems like I've been a bit 
hasty. Can I do something to make it up to you?

Niles: No need for an apology. Right now I'd just be happy to survive this 

Charlotte: Ah, of course. Please, forgive my attack a moment ago. We can 
speak in public places from now on, too.
(Charlotte leaves)

Niles: Phew... I haven't had a thrill like that in quite some time.
Charlotte S

Niles: Charlotte, thank you for coming.

Charlotte: This is a rare thing, to be sure. You haven't been barging into my 
conversations for a while. It was starting to hurt my feelings.

Niles: That's actually kind of why I haven't been. I like to toy with people 
to see their stressed, confused looks. Once you started enjoying my 
company... Well, it just didn't seem as fun anymore.

Charlotte: Oh really? And here I thought you supported me getting more 

Niles: That's also part of it. I thought I would be happier after I stopped 
bothering you... But I realized that what bothered me was the other men 
giving you attention.

Charlotte: Huh? What do you mean?

Niles: To put it another way... I want to tie myself to you.

Charlotte: I appreciate the offer, but that really isn't my thing, Niles.

Niles: What...? Oh, no. Heh. For once in my life, that isn't what I meant. 

Charlotte: This is... 

Niles: Yes, it's a wedding ring. This is how I want to be tied to you. 
Charlotte, will you marry me?

Charlotte: I... I don't know what... Hang on, are you making fun of marriage? 
You're not exactly a big catch, so... 

Niles: Heh, is that your only concern? You needn't worry about my financial 

Charlotte: What, are you secretly rich?

Niles: No, but I am the direct subordinate to a member of the royal family. 
Let's just say I make significantly more than the average soldier.

Charlotte: Ah... 

Niles: Of course, I would still lose when compared to the royalty... But I 
can promise you I'd work as hard as possible to give you what you want. I've 
come to like you so much, it's confusing even to me.

Charlotte: ... 

Niles: Is that a no?

Charlotte: I... That's not what I'm saying... I just still wasn't sure if 
this was a joke. But there's no way you'd take it this far. I would have 
thought my serious pursuit of other men would have scared you off... 

Niles: A lesser man, perhaps. But... I'm serious about this.

Charlotte: You are, aren't you? Yes, I can see that.

Niles: ... 

Charlotte: Very well... Yes. I'll marry you. You don't need to worry about 
money. I can figure that out on my own.

Niles: The least you can let me do is send something to your family.

Charlotte: How do you even know about them?

Niles: Never doubt my information network! I already know everything about 

Charlotte: Really...? Coming from someone else, that would be a little 
creepy... But from you? I can actually accept it. Niles, I'm happy... 

A6. Azura C

Laslow: Well, I think that's enough dance practice for one night! I better 
get some sleep. Now I just need to sneak back before anyone sees me... 

Azura: Oh! 

Laslow: OH! 

Azura: AHH! 

Laslow: ... AHHHHH! Lady Azura?! Is that you? ... I thought you were a spy 
sneaking into our camp! 

Azura: Laslow? My goodness! You startled me! 

Laslow: Forgive me, milady! But where is your escort? Surely you're not out 
here alone! 

Azura: Don't be silly. I see you're by yourself. It can't be THAT dangerous. 

Laslow: Yes, but you're a woman and a princess. I'm sure our enemies would 
love to kidnap a member of the royal family! 

Azura: I see. Well, I was having trouble sleeping. What's your excuse? You 
like to use these evening hours for your secret dance practice, don't you? 

Laslow: What?! How do you know? You haven't been watching me, have you? 

Azura: Would that be so bad? 

Laslow: Well, it's a little embarrassing! Next time, you should announce 

Azura: I'm sorry. I wasn't spying on you on purpose. I didn't expect you to 
be there! 

Laslow: All right. ... Well, now that you've seen me, I may as well ask. What 
did you think? 

Azura: Honestly, I could watch you for hours. 

Laslow: Really? I'm flattered! So would you care to join me for a cup of tea? 
We can continue getting acquainted. 

Azura: It's a little late for that. Don't you think? Everyone else is asleep! 

Laslow: Why, yes. I suppose you're right. Breakfast then? We can watch the 
sun rise together! 

Azura: I think we both know you're hoping for more than a cup of tea. Please, 
excuse me. 
(Azura leaves) 

Laslow: Wait! Lady Azura, at least let me escort you home! It could be 
Azura B

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ?

Laslow: Did I interrupt you? Forgive me, but from over here, it looked like 
you were dancing. 

Azura: My mother taught me a few steps. A good singer must understand dance 
as well. 

Laslow: I had no idea your mother danced. What a coincidence! My mother 
taught me too. 

Azura: Well, you certainly inherited her grace. You have such a lovely, fluid 
quality... But there's a hint of sadness too. I almost feel as though you are 
mourning for her. 

Laslow: You can tell all that just from my dancing? 

Azura: Music and dance never lie. I don't mean to offend you, but sometimes, 
I don't think you're entirely truthful. 

Laslow: What?! You're calling me a liar? 

Azura: Yes, but let me explain! I've seen you dance in front of the others 
before... You have great technique, but your dancing lacked the passion I saw 
the other night. Now that I've seen you dance in private, I know you've been 
holding back. 

Laslow: I thought you would understand. I get nervous dancing in front of 
other people. 

Azura: This may sound harsh, but dancing like that is unfair to your 
audience! Practice in secret all you want, but when you step on stage, you're 
there for them! You must dance with confidence so they can carry your 
strength into battle. 

Laslow: I never thought of it that way. 

Azura: Well, you should. Now if you'll excuse me... 
(Azura leaves) 

Laslow: Lady Azura, please... wait!
Azura A

Laslow: Lady Azura, I've looked everywhere for you! Did you see me dancing 

Azura: Yes! At first, I didn't even recognize you. You looked so strong and 

Laslow: I remembered what you said and tried to channel my inner Azura. 

Azura: Well, your passion was contagious. We could all feel it. 

Laslow: It's all thanks to your advice, milady. 

Azura: Actually, I wanted to apologize about that. I think I was a little 

Laslow: You were extremely harsh, but everything you said was true. 

Azura: I didn't tell you this, but I used to get stage fright. My mother was 
so talented... I knew I'd never measure up! I always worried people would 
make fun of me. 

Laslow: Really? I had no idea. 

Azura: One day, Queen Mikoto pulled me aside. She told me my voice was 
beautiful. I could either learn to sing with confidence, or I could waste my 
talent being afraid. That was a turning point for me. I decided to be brave 
every time I stepped on stage. 

Laslow: I hope I can perform with such power one day. 

Azura: Power? What do you mean? 

Laslow: Your voice has a special power. Out on the battlefield, you inspire 
the soldiers. When you sing, you give them strength and encourage them to 
keep fighting! My mother was the same way. When she danced, she gave everyone 

Azura: I'm afraid you're wrong. My power comes from this pendant. It's not 

Laslow: Hmm. I find that hard to believe. 

Azura: Well, if you keep dancing like you did today, everyone will be asking 
you to dance. 

Laslow: I promise to save a dance for you, milady. 

Azura: I wouldn't mind taking you up on that offer right now. What if I sing 
and you dance? 

Laslow: I would love that, milady. You shall be my inspiration. 

Azura: ... And you shall be my muse!
Azura S

Laslow: Lady Azura, is that you? Were you spying on my dance practice again?

Azura: I'm so sorry. I couldn't help myself. You were mesmerizing. 

Laslow: Thank you. That's kind of you to say. 

Azura: There's a glow about you. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were 
in love. 

Laslow: Uh... no! Where'd you get that idea? 

Azura: Oh. It's nothing. There's a sensitivity to your dancing now... It 
seemed as though you were thinking of someone special. You can tell me... 
Perhaps I could put in a good word for you with the lady in question. 

Laslow: For someone so in tune with everyone else's emotions, you sure can be 

Azura: What?! 

Laslow: Milady, it was you. You're the person I was thinking about just now. 
I guess I'm not as good at conveying my emotions as I thought. *sigh* If 
you'll excuse me... clearly, I need more practice! 

Azura: Wait. Don't go, Laslow!

Laslow: Hmm? 

Azura: What did you mean?! You were thinking of me? 

Laslow: Milady, I mean exactly that. I'm in love with you, but it's 
pointless. You're a princess, and I am nothing! That's why I can only love 
you from afar. 

Azura: Well, now you're the one being oblivious! 

Laslow: Huh? 

Azura: There aren't many people I can talk to about music or singing or 
dance... ... Let alone perform with! I thought we shared something special. 

Laslow: I didn't realize our duet had such an impact on you. 

Azura: Well, it did. I don't care if you're a prince or not, Laslow. I want 
to be with you. 

Laslow: Really? Then will you accompany me again? 

Azura: Nothing would make me happier. I'll sing with you in my thoughts... 

Laslow: ... And I'll dance with you in my heart. 

Azura: May our song never end!
A6. Felicia C

Laslow: *sigh* No luck today, either... 

Felicia: Oh, hi there, Laslow. How was your day? Did you get to chat with any 

Laslow: I did... but things didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped. 

Felicia: Oh! Well, that's too bad... 

Laslow: Felicia... I know you don't mean that. You're smiling from ear to 

Felicia: Heehee. So you saw straight through me then, huh? 

Laslow: Well, you didn't exactly make it difficult. 

Felicia: Haha! I guess not. I'm sorry, Laslow. I guess I'm just a little 
jealous of you. 

Laslow: Jealous of me? Why? 

Felicia: You're so unafraid to talk to strangers. I've always wished I was 
better at that. 

Laslow: Really? That's actually a bit surprising. You don't seem all that shy 
to me. 

Felicia: It's true. For the longest time, I served Lord/Lady Avatar in the 
Northern Fortress. So I never really had to talk to strangers much... 
especially not without Flora. 

Laslow: I see. Well, in that case, I've got an idea. 

Felicia: I'm not sure I like the sound of this... 

Laslow: Haha, don't worry! I'm just going to train you in the art of gab! If 
you do everything I say, you'll be the best talker around in no time! 

Felicia: Really? You think so? I'm a little bit nervous... but let's try! 

Laslow: Of course! Just leave it to Laslow!
Felicia B

Felicia: No no no! No way! I'm not going to go out and flirt with random men! 

Laslow: It'll be OK, Felicia. The hardest part is just saying hello! After 
that, you'll have them eating right out of your hand. 

Felicia: No way! Absolutely not! Are you crazy? If this is the only way I can 
learn to talk to strangers, then forget about it! I'd rather be a hermit for 
the rest of my days! 

Laslow: Felicia, listen. I used to be shy too. Shyer than you, even. But 
someone once told me that the best way to get over it was to flirt with 
girls. And thanks to that wise woman, I can now talk to anyone at all, no 

Felicia: But I wouldn't even know what to say... 

Laslow: I think it would be a good start to ask if they'd like to get a cup 
of tea with you. It'll be easy! No man could resist a face as cute as yours! 

Felicia: But if they don't, then I'll be in even more trouble! I didn't sign 
up to go on dates with a bunch of random men! 

Laslow: Oh, come now. You just need to drink one cup, and then you can rush 
on back. Don't worry. I'll be watching over you the whole time. 

Felicia: Ugh... Are you sure this is necessary? 

Laslow: It is if you want to be a world-class charmer, like yours truly! It 
really isn't so bad. You'll be able to look back on this and chuckle in no 

Felicia: Laslow... 

Laslow: Now, enough questions. All that's left is to actually give it a shot. 
Be brave! I believe in you! 

Felicia: *inhale* *exhale* OK! I'm going! 
(Felicia leaves) 

Laslow: Attagirl! You can do it! ... A perfect approach! Very graceful. Not 
too fast, not too slow... Aaaaand she just walked on by. Hm, maybe she'll 
like the next one? Nope! She passed him too. Hm. If she keeps going like 
this, then I'm going to lose sight of her. Felicia! Where are you going?! 
Hey! Wait up! FELICIA!
Felicia A

Felicia: Hey, Laslow. I'm sorry about the other day. I shouldn't have run off 
like that. 

Laslow: Ahahaha, think nothing of it! You're a very fast runner though, you 
know that? 

Felicia: Oh, yes. But... I'm still terrible at talking to new people. 

Laslow: Oh, well. Maybe it's just not for you? 

Felicia: I don't know. Maybe I should have tried harder. Or talked to at 
least one person. I mean, you took the time to take me to town, and coach me, 
and encourage me... 

Laslow: No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I should have thought up a 
lesson plan better suited to you. 

Felicia: I did learn something from all this, though. You're a very brave 
person, Laslow. It takes a lot of courage to talk to someone you've never met 

Laslow: Ahaha! Oh, no. That's just how I have fun! 

Felicia: You can't fool me. I know it can't always be easy. Especially when 
you were new to it. 

Laslow: Well, I must admit, I'm quite flattered by your praise. Perhaps you'd 
like to join me for tea? 

Felicia: Heehee, are you flirting with ME now? 

Laslow: Ha ha! I suppose you could say that, yes. So what do you say? At the 
very least, it would be good practice, right? And I'm sure you'd find it much 
easier to talk with me than with a total stranger. 

Felicia: I suppose you're right! We wouldn't even have to go out anywhere! 
I'm a maid, after all. I can brew us up a fine pot of tea. Just you wait! 

Laslow: That sounds divine. Thank you, Felicia! 

Felicia: You're welcome! Let me just grab some cups and saucers and a teapot 
and... KYAAAAAH!
(Dish breaks)

Laslow: Felicia, are you all right?! 

Felicia: I'm OK. How about you? Are you hurt? 

Laslow: No, I managed to dodge it. I must say, I'm a little impressed. Not 
many people could knock over a statue with a tea saucer, even on purpose. 
Here now, let's clean all this up. I'll give you a hand. 

Felicia: Thank you... 

Laslow: Oh! The cups are all shattered. I suppose tea will have to wait until 
another day. 

Felicia: Oh, Laslow. I'm so sorry. Maybe it really is impossible for me to 
have tea with someone. 

Laslow: Nonsense. I'm willing to give it another try anytime you wish. 

Felicia: Thanks, Laslow. I'll take you up on that offer!
Felicia S

Felicia: Um... Laslow? 

Laslow: Hey, Felicia! What can I do for you? 

Felicia: W-would you, um, I mean... Would you... maybe you'd like... 

Laslow: Pardon? 

Felicia: I said... would you like to get some tea with me? 

Laslow: Of course! But why are you getting so flust- Um, Felicia... Are 
you... are you trying to ask me out? 

Felicia: I don't know! Maybe! Yes! Probably! 

Laslow: Well, this is a surprise! I never dreamed you'd want to go out with 
little old me. 

Felicia: It's just, it seemed like such a shame that we couldn't have tea the 
other day. And ever since then, I couldn't stop thinking about how nice it 
would be. 

Laslow: I felt the same way! I kept thinking about how delightful it would 

Felicia: Really? It makes me so happy to hear you say so. I don't know what I 
would have done if you had said no! 

Laslow: I would never reject an invitation from you, my dear Felicia. 

Felicia: That's very nice of you to say, Laslow, but it does make me 
wonder... What if another girl invited you? 

Laslow: Huh? 

Felicia: I mean if another girl were here and invited you to tea right now... 
What would you do? 

Laslow: Ah... I guess I would probably- 

Felicia: You'd probably suggest that we all get tea together, right? But... 
that's not what I want. I want you to just have tea with me. Because I... I 
like you- 

Laslow: STOP RIGHT THERE! I must tell you something, Felicia. The truth is, 
I'm happy you feel that way. I don't want to have tea with anyone else. I 
love you, Felicia. 

Felicia: Do you really mean that? That's not just a line you use on all the 

Laslow: I mean it. I promise. I wouldn't say that to anyone else. Spending 
all this time with you, trying to coach you and help you talk to others... 
I've come to realize that you're the only one I want. I find your clumsiness 
adorable and your earnestness and honesty remarkable. But... I figured you 
would never want to be with a flirt like myself. 

Felicia: Of course I want to be with you! But I certainly expect you to stop 
going on dates with other women... 

Laslow: Of course. I promise, you will be the only woman in my life as long 
as we're together! 

Felicia: Well, then, that's all settled. Shall we go to tea, my love? 

Laslow: Of course, my darling! After you!
A6. Mozu C

Laslow: Hey! Hey, Mozu! 

Mozu: Laslow? What the heck? 

Laslow: Thank goodness someone showed up... I can finally go home! 

Mozu: H-how come you're tied to that tree? Is this some kinda game you city 
folks play? 

Laslow: If only... You see, I was having a pleasant cup of tea with a girl. 
Really hitting it off. But apparently, she'd drugged the tea, because I woke 
up as you see me now. *sigh* She stole my heart, and my coin pouch along with 

Mozu: What?! People really do that? Mother was right when she warned me about 
city folk... 

Laslow: On the bright side, I finally got to properly meet you, Mozu! 

Mozu: That's one way to look at it, I guess... But, Laslow, you've gotta be 
more careful. With your wallet and your heart! Here, let me get you down. 

Laslow: Thank you. So tell me, what brings you out here? 

Mozu: Oh, I came to plant some trees. There was a little thicket by my old 
village. It was a good place for birds, and they sang all day long. I loved 
it there. I thought maybe it'd be nice if we had something like that here 

Laslow: Huh! Mind if I take some of those saplings, in that case? I'll help 
you plant them as thanks for saving my hide. 

Mozu: You're a sweet guy, Laslow. The way you chase girls, I always thought 
you might be kinda creepy. 

Laslow: Haha, me? Creepy? Pshaw! I'm always sweet as can be to cute girls 
like you. I'd do anything to see you smile! 

Mozu: Even if it means getting hog-tied to a tree? 

Laslow: Apparently. 

Mozu: ... You're pretty cool, you know that? 

Laslow: Do you think so? That's amazing. ... This is going to sound weird, 
but could you say it again? 

Mozu: Huh? Why? 

Laslow: Girls never say anything nice about me... I want to make sure I 
remember what this feels like. It'll take some of the sting out of losing all 
my money, that's for sure! 

Mozu: O-OK. *ahem*... You're real cool, Laslow! 

Laslow: Yessssss!
Mozu B

Mozu: Awww... 

Laslow: Hey, Mozu. 

Mozu: Look, Laslow... The saplings we planted together are all wilting. 

Laslow: Hmm, so they are. Maybe I planted them wrong? I'm really sorry. 

Mozu: No, it's not your fault. Look, you can see how the ones I planted are 
withered too. *sigh* Where did we go wrong...? 

Laslow: Mozu... 

Mozu: Time was, when something like this happened, I'd ask the other farmers. 
But now they're all... I can't stand it... 

Laslow: ... *sniff* 

Mozu: Huh? What's wrong, Laslow? You look like you're about to cry... 

Laslow: I know how you feel. I know so well, it hurts. I didn't want anyone 
to know this about me... 

Mozu: Huh? 

Laslow: When someone you've always been close to dies, it's more than you can 
take. Especially when you've lost your home and don't have anyone to talk to 
about it. 

Mozu: Are you saying... that happened to you? 

Laslow: Yes... or something like it, anyway. I know how it feels. That 
familiar ache... You can talk to me about it, if you want. I'll make time for 
you. I'd hate to see you try to go through something like this alone. 

Mozu: Laslow... 

Laslow: Heh, I mean, I'll never say no to talking to a pretty girl. So get it 
all off your chest. Keep talking until you feel your smile coming back. 

Mozu: Thank you... 
Mozu A

Mozu: Hey, Laslow! Look! The trees that wilted are getting better! 

Laslow: Good... all your hard work is paying off. 

Mozu: My hard work? Don't you mean yours? 

Laslow: Who, me? I just lent an ear when you needed one. I didn't do all 

Mozu: I wasn't born yesterday, Laslow. Every time we were finished talking, 
you pretended to go home... But really, you came back here to lay fertilizer 
and water the trees. 

Laslow: Y-you knew?! 

Mozu: Yep. And I know that much fertilizer doesn't come cheap. I know money's 
tight for you right now, but you still spent every last dime... Thank you, 

Laslow: Well, this is awkward, isn't it? 

Mozu: I know you don't like folks to know much about you. But if you ever 
want to chew the rag, you can talk to me anytime. I'll listen to whatever you 
have to say. 

Laslow: Much appreciated. But I'm all right. 

Mozu: Do you not trust me to keep it quiet? 

Laslow: No, no. I trust you. But what kind of man would I be to complain 
about my problems? It's just not cool. 

Mozu: Where the heck did you get that idea? It's not uncool to air out your 
troubles. You worked hard to get to where you are. And you're real cool, 
Laslow. I guarantee you! Whatever anyone else says, I think you're the best 
warrior ever! 

Laslow: A real cool warrior, huh? ... You know... that actually does cheer me 
up, haha. When I hear it coming from you, I feel like maybe it's true! 

Mozu: Attaboy! And a real cool warrior like you can tell me anything. 

Laslow: Then I will. It'll be an honor to spill my problems to you. You're a 
true friend, Mozu. Thanks for all your help. 

Mozu: Same to you, Laslow.
Mozu S

Mozu: Hi, Laslow. What's up? 

Laslow: Well... I have something to confess. ... It's started sprouting. 

Mozu: What has? 

Laslow: Um... my feelings. 

Say what? ... Did someone spike your drink again? 

Laslow: ... What? 

Mozu: What? 

Laslow: Why does it always go like this for me...? Uh, sorry. I got 
embarrassed, and what I wanted to say came out weird. The truth is, I've been 
wanting to tell you this for a while... But I had to wait for these flowers 
to bloom first. So here you go. 

Mozu: Wow! What a pretty bouquet! Say... I know these flowers... They only 
grow in my village. And only at this time of year, too... 

Laslow: Yep. I mean, you knew that, of course. Just like you probably know 
this kind of flower represents a deep love. I heard your village had a 
tradition of giving them as a gift during a proposal. 

Mozu: You heard right, but... Wait... 

Laslow: The whole time I've been seeing you, I was secretly studying 
gardening. I waited for these flowers to bloom so I could make this bouquet 
to give you... 

Mozu: Wow... So... 

Laslow: That's right. Mozu, will you marry me? 

Mozu: Oh my gosh! This isn't a trick, right? 

Laslow: I love you, Mozu. I want to stand by your side and support you in 
everything you do. I know I'm no replacement for the family you lost... But 
maybe we can make a new one together. 

Mozu: This isn't how I thought today would go when I woke up... I'd be happy 
to marry you. I want you as part of my family, too. 

Laslow: I can't wait to join. Although... I might have to go back to my own 
world someday. So if that happens... 

Mozu: Go back? You mean like to Nohr? I don't see why that'd matter. If you 
care about me, it's just good sense that I'd care about you too. That's what 
marriage is. 

Laslow: Thank you, Mozu... Man! Now that that's decided, there's so much for 
us to do! Why don't we sit down over some tea and have a long talk about it? 

Mozu: That's what I like to hear!
A6. Elise C

Elise: No, that won't be any fun either. I wonder what I'm missing... 

Laslow: And one! And two! And pirouette! 

Elise: Laslow? What's he doing? 

Laslow: And three! And four! And plié! 

Elise: Hey, Laslow! Whatcha up to? 

Laslow: GAAAAH! L-Lady Elise?! 

Elise: What's with all this "one-two-fancyword" stuff? Are you trying to come 
up with a new game too? 

Laslow: A new game? No, I'm not playing around. 

Elise: Huh? Then why are you spinning around out here all by yourself? 

Laslow: I was practicing my dancing. It's... something I'd rather keep a 
secret. Would you do that for me? 

Elise: Yeah, sure! Dancing, you say... Oh! That's it! That's what it's 

Laslow: Lady Elise? 

Elise: Thanks, Laslow! You're a lifesaver! 

Laslow: I'm... not exactly sure what I did, but you're welcome all the same. 
Say, perhaps our meeting here today was destiny... How about, to celebrate, 
the two of us go get a cup of tea and- 

Elise: Sorry, Laslow, I'm too busy. Bye! 
(Elise leaves) 

Laslow: Huh. I wonder what that was all about... 
Elise B

Elise: Heya, Laslow! Thanks for coming! 

Laslow: Of course. What do you require of me, milady? 

Elise: So, I've been trying to come up with a new game everyone can play 
together. But it was missing something... Then I saw you dancing, and it hit 
me! What my game needed was some of that shimmy-shake stuff to spice it up! 
You see where I'm going with this, right? 

Laslow: Not really, no. 

Elise: Do I have to spell it out for you? I want to add your dance moves to 
my game! See, I'm coming up with a superspecial version of tag. But instead 
of running, you have to dance while you chase people! So! I need you to teach 
me how to dance. 

Laslow: ... I see. 

Elise: So what are you waiting for? Go on and get to teaching, Teach! 

Laslow: I'm afraid my style of dancing really isn't worth teaching you, 
milady. I'm mostly self-taught. My style lacks the formality suited to one of 
your station. 

Elise: I don't mind! In fact, that's exactly the sort of thing I want! I want 
it to be fun, not all stuffy and courtly. 

Laslow: Oh? Then I would be honored to show you my moves. Let's begin with 
some footwork. 
(Time passes)
Laslow: So that about covers the basic steps. Give it a try. 

Elise: Um... like this? 

Laslow: Hmm. Not quite. More like this. 

Elise: Ohhhhh... So like this? 

Laslow: No, still not quite... 

Elise: Aw. I give up! I was never any good at dancing anyway. 

Laslow: Huh? 

Elise: Besides, I don't need to actually dance myself. I can just be the 
referee. You can be in charge of all the dancing! You don't mind teaching 
everyone, right? 

Laslow: What?! You want me to be a part of the game now? 

Elise: Yep! 

Laslow: I don't know... I think I'd be too embarrassed... 

Elise: Aw, don't say that. You've got to do it! For everyone! Think of it as 
a privilege! 

Laslow: OK, I suppose. For you, I'll give it a shot... 
Elise A

Elise: Woohoo! Our test run went perfectly. "Love Tag" is ready for showtime! 

Laslow: "Love Tag"?! Pardon me, Lady Elise, but exactly what kind of game is 
this? I thought it was just like normal tag, but with dancing... 

Elise: Oh, silly you! You still have so much to learn. Dancing and chasing is 
just for kids! My game needed some more spice. The point of the game isn't 
really just to tag someone. It's to show off your skills! 

Laslow: But my dances are for art! They're not meant to be... enticing. Not 
like that! 

Elise: Oh? This coming from the guy who spends half his waking hours chasing 
girls? What's wrong with encouraging a little romance around here? This 
little game of mine will have couples popping up all over the army! It'll 
make everyone happier! Plus, we'll all fight harder if it's for someone we 

Laslow: I guess that's a good point. Sort of. 

Elise: It really is! 

Laslow: *sigh* You certainly have some odd ideas. Though I guess war is as 
good a time as any to find love. Isn't that right, milady? 

Elise: Yup! I'm just glad I finally figured out how to make the game work. I 
had a lot of trouble thinking of something romantic. I don't know many 
boys... But you hang out with girls all the time! And you dance! So that must 
be the key. Anyway, c'mon! We should go tell everyone about our new game! 

Laslow: Er, just a moment. This game is supposed to help people attract 
partners, correct? If so, I should warn you... I'm not very successful on 
that front. 

Elise: What?! 

Laslow: In fact, if anything, most women seem to dislike me... 

Elise: Haha! You kidder! I see you talking with beautiful women all the time. 

Laslow: Well, yes, but that's because I go up to them. They don't usually 
respond well... 

Elise: What?! But our game- 

Laslow: Yes. There's a teensy-weensy chance everyone will be repulsed by each 

Elise: Awww... And here I thought my idea was finally perfect. 

Laslow: Apologies, milady. I would have said something sooner had I known. 
Though I must admit, I'm relieved I don't need to teach everyone to dance 

Elise: What? You're not getting off that easy! We're sticking to the plan! 

Laslow: We are? But why? 

Elise: Well, we've come this far! No sense in giving up without trying, 
right? Besides, I don't think it's your dance moves that the girls hate. It's 
probably just your personality! 

Laslow: ... 
Elise S

Elise: Laslow! The game was a huge hit! And it's all thanks to you! 

Laslow: It went well, didn't it? 

Elise: You were perfect! Everyone told me they were having the best time! 

Laslow: I'm glad... but it was a little embarrassing for me. 

Elise: Why? You were the best dancer-tagger out there. 

Laslow: Well, everyone there already seemed to have eyes for someone else! I 
was one of the only ones dancing who left without a date. 

Elise: Yeah, true. I see how that would be embarrassing. But don't feel bad! 
I think it's just because you were helping me run the game. I mean, I was the 
referee, so I didn't get a date either. Though I guess I wasn't dancing like 

Laslow: Would you play Love Tag with me if you knew how to dance? 

Elise: Of course! 

Laslow: Truly? Cross your heart? 

Elise: Of course! Why are you making it sound like such a big- Wait. 
Laslow... you don't mean... 

Laslow: I do. I would be very much honored if you would accompany me on a 
date, milady. I am... quite fond of you. 

Elise: Since when? I had no idea! What do you like about me anyway?! I'm not 
all that mature... and I don't have a figure like Camilla's... 

Laslow: Please, you needn't compare yourself to your sister. You're your own 
woman. And you have a kind, generous heart. You work so hard just to make 
others happy. Just think of all the effort you put into making that game for 

Elise: You really think all those nice things about me? That's the sweetest 
thing anyone's ever said to me! 

Laslow: I'm glad to hear it. But I'm not saying it just to flatter you. It's 

Elise: I guess it's my turn, huh? I like you too, Laslow. In fact, every time 
I see you dance, I can't help but think you're amazing. You're so talented! 
And of all the people playing Love Tag, you were the best. 

Laslow: Milady... 

Elise: So I guess this means we both like each other! Whoa! 

Laslow: I suppose it does. It seems Love Tag was a resounding success. 

Elise: Totally! But don't think this means you don't have to teach me how to 
dance! I promise not to give up this time! 

Laslow: Whatever you want, my love.
A6. Camilla C

Laslow: Ah! Lady Camilla. Fancy meeting you here. 

Camilla: Why, Laslow. What serendipity! Out for a stroll, perchance? 

Laslow: Yes, a change of pace seemed in order. And it appears I chose just 
the place! Any day on which I run into you, Lady Camilla, is a fine day 

Camilla: Are you really so pleased to see me? 

Laslow: But of course! You're a welcome sight at all times, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: Hmhmhm. You don't fool me, Laslow. If what my brother says is true, 
you say the same to every girl you meet. 

Laslow: That makes me sound like a scoundrel! I wouldn't be so insincere as 
to say it to a woman who wasn't worthy. It's just that, to me, every woman 
meets that criteria... 

Camilla: How gentlemanly... and how convenient. 

Laslow: It's no mere excuse. Every woman is beautiful, if you look for it. 
Even so, your radiance outshines the pack, if I may be so bold. 

Camilla: Ahaha... why, thank you. 

Laslow: What do you say we go out for some tea, just the two of us? 

Camilla: Hmm... I'll do it on one condition. Promise me you won't flirt with 
or woo any other woman, ever again. Do that, and the tea will be my treat. 

Laslow: Wh-what you ask of me... it's impossible. There's simply no way. 

Camilla: Then enjoy your teatime alone.
Camilla B

Laslow: I can't figure you out, Lady Camilla. You have layers... 

Camilla: I don't think I'm so complicated, am I? 

Laslow: You're warm and kind... But at the drop of a hat, you can also turn 
steely and harsh. Yet you seem to wear both attitudes quite comfortably. 

Camilla: Could the same not be said for everyone? 

Laslow: Perhaps. But it seems especially true in your case. 

Camilla: I'm not the enigma you believe me to be. I'm kind to my allies and 
cruel to my enemies in equal measure. 

Laslow: You do take a certain relish in showing your enemies no mercy, I've 
noticed. Watching you in battle makes me relieved that I don't count myself 
among them. 

Camilla: Why should I show mercy to my enemies? They are obstacles to be 

Laslow: Is it always so black and white? I wonder. What if your enemy was 
someone you knew well? Surely you'd hesitate then. 

Camilla: What a soft heart you have, Laslow. 

Laslow: Why, thank you, Lady Camilla. I could say the same for you. 

Camilla: ... It wasn't precisely a compliment. But so long as you never 
betray me, you will always have my favor. 

Laslow: As long as you give me withering looks like that, I'd never dream of 

Camilla: Ahaha! Pardon me. 

Laslow: Please know that I would never betray you regardless, Lady Camilla. 
You may place your utmost trust in me. 

Camilla: Of course, dearest Laslow. I was just considering the corner cases 
where you might make the wrong choice. I thought up a fair few deliciously 
cruel punishments to inflict upon you... 

Laslow: D-did you now. 

Camilla: "Punishments" might be the wrong word. "Torments" is more apt for 
the levels of pain I had in mind. 

Laslow: I-I'll be sure to factor that in, should the decision ever arise... 

Camilla: Very wise of you. Better to be in my good graces than in my torture 
dungeons, hmm?
Camilla A

Laslow: La DA, la da DA, laaa da daaaa... ? 

Camilla: You sing as beautifully as you dance, Laslow. 

Laslow: Lady Camilla?! It's rude to watch without making your presence known. 
I like to know when I'm performing for an audience. 

Camilla: Hmhmhm! I was too spellbound by your performance to say anything. 
I've not seen that style of dance before, though. 

Laslow: I don't suppose you would have. It originates from a faraway kingdom. 

Camilla: Is that where you hail from? 

Laslow: For simplicity's sake, let's say yes. 

Camilla: You must have traveled a very long way to get here, then. 

Laslow: Ahahaha. More than you know. 

Camilla: Yet you fight alongside us, on our behalf. 

Laslow: Is that so wrong? 

Camilla: Not wrong. Merely... odd. Why remain here, among us? Surely your own 
kingdom has its problems as well. 

Laslow: Because I believe that what we are doing is right. 

Camilla: But you have no ties to this land. No special reason to be here. 

Laslow: That's a dreadful thing to say. I may not have been born and raised 
here, but I have many dear friends. Is it that odd that I would stake my life 
fighting for them? 

Camilla: Not when you put it that way, no. 

Laslow: If you have doubts as to my true allegiance, Lady Camilla, let me put 
them to rest. I stand firmly with you and yours, and always have, and always 
Camilla S

Laslow: Lady Camilla, I must have a word with you, if you have the time. 

Camilla: I do, Laslow, but please make it brief. I've other things to attend 

Laslow: Then I'll keep this short and to the point. Lady Camilla, will you 
marry me? 

Camilla: ... Be seated, Laslow. 

Laslow: Y-yes, milady. Erm... you're not... angry, are you? 

Camilla: I am beyond angry, Laslow. I am furious. One might even say livid. 

Laslow: But why?! What have I done to offend you? 

Camilla: I don't mind your little teases and minor flirtations. I've come to 
expect them. But this is taking such behavior to a level that is beyond the 
pale. A marriage proposal is not interchangeable with your other opening 
lines. It is a serious thing. Do you not see the gravity of your words? 

Laslow: My apologies, Lady Camilla, if you took it as another of my usual 
advances. The fault may be mine for delivering it without the appropriate 
solemnity. But make no mistake, I do indeed want your hand in marriage. 

Camilla: Laslow... 

Laslow: I have a reputation as a ladies' man, but my feelings for you are 
genuine. Once more, sincerely... Will you marry me? 

Camilla: If I said yes... IF... would you cease hitting on other women? 

Laslow: W-well... in all honesty, probably not. But I can swear none of them 
would mean anything when I have you, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: That's a bit unfair to me, no? 

Laslow: I can't deny that. Yet I also cannot help myself... It's who I am. 

Camilla: Then I suppose I am bound to overlook it. 

Laslow: Huh? 

Camilla: I'm very fond of you, Laslow. And if that's part of you, then I'm 
fond of that part too. But I must be your only true love. If I ever have 
cause to doubt that, you will know such suffering. You'll be left to rot in 
my dungeon as a test subject for cruel new tortures. 

Laslow: M-milady, I wouldn't-! 

Camilla: Ahahah, I shouldn't tease. But, like you, I can't help myself. Don't 
worry. As long as I am foremost in your thoughts, you'll remain safe. Safe 
from all except my crushing embrace, that is... 

Laslow: Lady Camilla... I vow to you that no matter what I might do or say to 
any other... my heart belongs to you, and you alone. 

Camilla: I'll hold you to that, my lovely man.
A6. Effie C

Effie: 1,203! 1,204! *huff*

Laslow: Oh, Effie. Sorry to bother you, but are you terribly deep into your 

Effie: 1,205! 1,206! *huff* *huff* 

Laslow: Er... Effie? Perhaps I'm not speaking quite loudly enough... 

Effie: Laslow? What is it? 

Laslow: Ah, hello there! I was just wondering if you needed help with 
anything. If so, I'm at your service! 

Effie: Help? No... I'm pretty sure that I actually have to do the workout 
myself... If I want to gain any strength from it. Now, if you'll excuse me... 

Laslow: Oh, please. Surely I can assist you in some way. Ah, perhaps I can 
count repetitions! 

Effie: As you wish. I'm doing 2,000 push-ups, and I believe I'm on number 

Laslow: Two THOUSAND? Gods, that sounds tremendously boring. On second 
thought... perhaps I could simply offer you a lesson in sparring. What say 
you? Up for a tussle? 

Effie: Now you're talking! I'm always looking for new sparring partners. 
Shall we use weapons or practice hand-to-hand combat? 

Laslow: I will leave it to the lady to decide, naturally. 

Effie: OK, let's work on grappling techniques. Let me demonstrate a move I've 
been working on... HRAH! 
(Metal breaks)

Laslow: You... you just annihilated that training dummy! Were you planning on 
using this technique on me? 

Effie: I never hold anything back in training. How else am I supposed to 
progress? Plus, I didn't finish my push-ups... so I have a bit of extra 
energy to burn off, I suppose. 

Laslow: Riiiiight. You know, I just remembered something Lord Xander asked of 
me. I'm afraid we'll have to reschedule. 
(Laslow leaves) 

Effie: Gah! Another potential sparring partner, scared away... Oh well. 
1,207! 1,208! 1,209! *huff* *huff*
Effie B

Laslow: Cheers, Effie! Hey, sorry for bothering you during your workout the 
other day. I made sure to wait until you finished today before bothering you. 
Ha! Anyway, I was wondering if you'd be interested in a spot of tea? 

Effie: Not right now, Laslow. I'm right in the middle of my regimen. 

Laslow: In the MIDDLE? I've been watching you do chin-ups for almost two 

Effie: It's never enough for me. If I'm to protect Lady Elise from the 
horrors of this world... Wait, you've been WHAT? 

Laslow: Oh, I've just been making the rounds, chatting up a few friends. 
Anyway, I've walked past this spot a few times, and you're always doing chin-
ups! In any case, I admire your dedication. But surely all this effort works 
up an appetite... 

Effie: Now that you mention it... I am a little hungry. 

Laslow: Right? That's what I thought. One mustn't neglect proper fueling for 
peak fitness! So, why don't you take a break and have some lunch with me? I 
know a number of secluded locations that would be perfect for an intimate 

Effie: Well... Are they far from here? I wouldn't want my heart rate to drop 
too much... 

Laslow: Oh, I think it's likely your heart will be aflutter the whole time... 

Effie: You know... on second thought... I really ought to finish my routine 
first. But I assure you, my appetite will be insatiable afterward! 

Laslow: Are we talking about food? Or something far more interesting? Aw, 
there you go doing chin-ups again. Well, I suppose I'll return in a few 

Effie: No, wait! 

Laslow: Yeah? 

Effie: If you'd like, I COULD swap some of my chin-ups for a quick sparring 
session. Then I could wrap up my workout early, and we could go eat! 

Laslow: Er... yes. That could be a thing that we do. Just some casual 
sparring, right? 

Effie: Oh, gods no. Full contact. It's the only way to train! You're free, 
right? I mean, you had time for tea or lunch... 

Laslow: Yes... yes, I suppose I am... 

Effie: Excellent! Oh, to battle with a retainer of Lord Xander... I have so 
much to learn. 

Laslow: Indeed. Let us just hope that you already know some resuscitation 
Effie A

Effie: Laslow... do you have a moment? 

Laslow: For you, Effie? Of course. To what do I owe the pleasure? 

Effie: Well... you really helped me out in that last battle. If it hadn't 
been for you, I... I'm not sure if I would have made it. 

Laslow: Oh, please. It's nothing. You were doing admirably on your own. I 
merely saw an opportunity to lend some assistance and took it. All these 
battles can take their toll, so we've got to help each other when we can. 

Effie: Well, I appreciate it. And I'm sorry for being somewhat... aloof... 

Laslow: Apology accepted. But what's come over you? 

Effie: Well, you know... You have a bit of a reputation. With women. 

Laslow: Er... 

Effie: But I realized that you really must care about me! You were so 
selfless in battle. If only there were some way I could repay you... 

Laslow: Aha! There is. Just have lunch with me. We can have a pleasant chat. 

Effie: That's it? Well, that sounds fun. 

Laslow: Splendid! Oh, there is one small condition. No push-ups during lunch! 

Effie: Push-ups during lunch? Please! Everyone knows that the optimal time to 
refuel is AFTER a workout. Preferably with a 4-to-1 carbohydrate-to- protein 
ratio, of course! 

Laslow: Er, of course. Wait, what's a carbohydrate? I mean, never mind. Boy, 
you sure do take your training seriously. 
Effie: Well, of course I do! I live to protect. My duty to Lady Elise comes 

Laslow: I see. You know, I find that admirable. I really do. 

Effie: I'm glad you can see it from my perspective. And speaking of working 

Laslow: You've got to get back to it. Understood. 

Effie: Thank you, Laslow. And we'll have that lunch soon, I promise.
Effie S

Laslow: Effie! How wonderful to bump into you. In fact, I was just thinking 
about you. 

Effie: Oh, hello, Laslow. I was just thinking about... burpees. 

Laslow: Yes... well, anyway. I had a great time the other day. Thank you for 
the company. 

Effie: Oh, sure. I'm glad you had a good time! 

Laslow: And... I wanted to give you something. A small thank-you. 

Effie: Oh, flowers! They're beautiful! 

Laslow: Indeed! But... look under that large petal there... 

Effie: There's a note... Should I read it right now? 

Laslow: Er, yes... that was my intention... 

Effie: "I will always love you." ... 

Laslow: Effie... Will you marry me? 

Effie: Laslow! Are you being serious right now? 

Laslow: I am. I've never met anyone like you, and believe me, I've met plenty 
of women. No, that didn't come out right! What I'm trying to say is... I've 
never met anyone as dedicated and selfless as you. You've inspired me! 

Effie: ... 

Laslow: None of us knows what's going to happen in the future. So why not 
seize the opportunity for a little happiness while we can? I'll ask again... 
Effie, will you marry me? 

Effie: Yes. Yes, I will. I have to admit, I had my reservations about you 
when we first met. But I've come to realize that you're a kindhearted, 
wonderful person. I... I love you, too. 

Laslow: Really? You mean it? 

Effie: There's just one thing you should know... 

Laslow: Uh-huh? 

Effie: I know you enjoy chatting up pretty girls. And that's OK. In fact, 
spending time on your own pursuits is a part of any healthy relationship. I 
too will spend a lot of time with Lady Elise. 

Laslow: Of course... 

Effie: Just see to it that chatting is as far as it goes, OK? Otherwise... 
who knows what could happen?
(Metal breaks)

Laslow: I think I have a pretty good idea what could happen. But you have 
nothing to worry about. From now on, I'm all yours, Effie.
A6. Nyx C

Laslow: Hi, Nyx. What are you doing sitting by yourself? 

Nyx: Hmm? Oh. Nothing much of anything, really. 

Laslow: Well then! If you're not busy, do you want to head into town? I found 
this wonderful café where we could get a cup of tea together. 

Nyx: I'm sorry... I don't enjoy crowds much. 

Laslow: Ah, that's a shame. How about I keep my eye out for a cozy little 
café instead? One of those places off the beaten path, with a small but 
devoted clientele. Would you come with me there? 

Nyx: Hmhm... are you that intent on having tea together? 

Laslow: Why wouldn't I be? There's nothing sweeter in life than sharing a cup 
of tea with a beautiful woman. And if you were to smile as we sipped our tea, 
why, that would be sweeter still. 

Nyx: Then ask some other girl. I'm not beautiful. I'm scarcely even a woman. 
I'm a monster. 

Laslow: Nyx...? 

Nyx: I've things to do elsewhere. 
(Nyx leaves) 

Laslow: Damn... 
Nyx B

Laslow: Nyx! 

Nyx: Yes...? 

Laslow: Good news. I found a new café since the last time we spoke. It's 
quiet, out of the way, and very relaxing. Doesn't that sound nice? 

Nyx: I'm not in the mood, Laslow. 

Laslow: Haha... have I done something to turn you against me? 

Nyx: No... it's nothing you've done. I just don't want... attachments. 

Laslow: What a shame. It's a tragic waste of a pretty face. 

Nyx: Stay. If you knew my crimes, you would call me monster, as others have 
before you. 

Laslow: Crimes, eh? I don't know just what it is you've done, Nyx... But if 
you ask me, no one in this world is truly innocent. And "monster" is an awful 
thing to call oneself... 

Nyx: It depends on the crime. Mine was a particularly grave one... 

Laslow: ... And if I'd done the same? 

Nyx: Such as? 

Laslow: Let's say I'd done something so cruel that I never wanted anyone to 
find out. If, say, I'd neglected a great many people... let them all die... 
Would you call me monster, too? 

Nyx: ... 

Laslow: Hahaha, my apologies. It was a strange question. 

Nyx: No, I... 

Laslow: I came here determined to make you happy, but I was ill equipped, it 
seems. I'm sorry, Nyx. I'll take my leave for today. 
(Laslow leaves) 

Nyx: Laslow... 
Nyx A

Nyx: Laslow... 

Laslow: Ah, Nyx. What can I do for you? 

Nyx: I apologize for the other day. I stirred up something in you I shouldn't 

Laslow: Oh, it's nothing. It's I who should apologize for doing so little to 
improve your mood. 

Nyx: ... I wouldn't call you a monster. 

Laslow: Oh? 

Nyx: Whatever you may have done... you are one of my allies. I could never 
think of you as a monster. 

And the same is true for me, Nyx. No matter your crimes, committed long 
ago... I wouldn't consider you a monster. You're a steadfast ally, and that's 

You're kinder than I deserve. 

Laslow: So... how about that cup of tea? 

Nyx: Hmhm... that was a deft change of subject. 

Laslow: Thank you. You really do look best when you're smiling, you know. No 
one who's called you a monster could possibly have seen the way you smile. 

Nyx: Laslow... 

Laslow: You're losing it! Come now, smile! Yours is a face built for it. 

Nyx: Hmhmhm. So persistent... I should revise my opinion of you. 

Laslow: Such high praise! You'll make me blush. 

Nyx: Oh? I didn't realize you were so shy. That face you're making could fool 
anyone into thinking you're not a monster. 

Laslow: ... 

Nyx: ... All right. I'll have tea with you. We can tell each other about 
ourselves. No judgments. 

Laslow: Sounds like a good time. Shall we?
Nyx S

Laslow: Nyx, I have a question for you. 

Nyx: Hello, Laslow. What is it? 

Laslow: With all the things that change in this world, are there any 

Nyx: Is this a remark about my condition? 

Laslow: I-oh gods, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it that way... 

Nyx: Hmhm, I know. I can't help but tease you. 

Laslow: Ugh... I've blown it. I should have waited... 

Nyx: Haha! Don't worry. It didn't bother me. Now what was it you were saying? 

Laslow: Right! Constants. I found one... Something in this world that never 

Nyx: And what might that be? 

Laslow: The feelings I carry for you. 

Nyx: Laslow... 

Laslow: I love you, Nyx. And I want to know... Would you marry me? 

Nyx: A constant love, hm? 

Laslow: I swear it's true. 

Nyx: How can you be sure that these feelings will never fade? 

Laslow: They're much too intense for that. 

Nyx: ... I have feelings for you as well. 

Laslow: Nyx... 

Nyx: I love you so much that... I think I could give you my whole heart. But 
even so, we cannot marry. 

Laslow: What...? 

Nyx: I don't want to burden you with my crime. 

Laslow: You mean all those people you say you've killed? 

Nyx: Yes... 

Laslow: Well, much as I might want to, I can't bear your burden. Nor could I 
expect you to bear mine. But with burdens so heavy... don't you think we 
could lean on each other a bit? My calling in life from now on is to put a 
smile on your face. And I don't think there's anybody in this world who could 
make me smile but you. 

Nyx: ...Haha. Look at me, lost for words before such a young man... 

Laslow: Nyx. Won't you please marry me? We make each other laugh. Isn't that 
a good enough foundation to start on? 

Nyx: I think so. Yes, Laslow. I will marry you.
A6. Selena C

Laslow: Selena! My heart! How are you today? You look ravishing as always.

Selena: ... 

Laslow: Hm? Cherub got your tongue, my sweet? That's all right-your radiance 
burns no less brightly for your silence!

Selena: Is there really nothing else rolling around in that big, stupid head 
of yours? Ravishing this, beauty that-does anyone actually fall for that 

Laslow: I haven't a clue what you mean! That seems like a perfectly normal 
way to address a lovely lady.

Selena: Ugh! Are you daft? Of course it isn't! This is exactly why nobody 
takes you seriously!

Laslow: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Selena: It is! You're a royal retainer! A soldier! Not some two-bit sideshow 
clown. You should start behaving instead of making eyes at everything with 
legs. I swear, you haven't grown a bit since the day I met you!

Laslow: Milady, you wound me. I'm a far more proficient flirt than the boy I 
once was!

Selena: That's not what I meant, and you know it! If anything, that's the 
opposite of growth. You're just a big, dumb baby. A GROSS, big, dumb baby.

Laslow: Haha! Ever with the razor tongue. Never change, Selena!

Selena: I think I'll pass on that advice. Some of us actually want to mature.

Laslow: Ahaha! You say that, but you're just as adorable today as the day we 
met! So, what would you say to going out to tea to continue this little 
repartee of ours? Or should I say... repar-tea?

Selena: *sigh* In one ear and out the other... 
Selena B

Laslow: Selena, my dove! My tired eyes are rejuvenated by the sight of you! 

Selena: Ugh. You never learn, do you? You know, someday people are going to 
get sick of all this empty flattery of yours.

Laslow: What are you talking about? I speak only my true feelings.

Selena: Really. Your true feelings, huh?

Laslow: Just so! For example, I truly feel that you are the very image of 

Selena: You know what? No. This time I'm not going to just get upset. Nope... 
I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine... Loverboy!

Laslow: Huh?

Selena: Hey there, baaaby.

Laslow: S-Selena? What are you doing?

Selena: Mmm-hmm. Momma thinks you'll do juuust fine. Let me feel those arms! 
Woo! Shivers! A big hunk like you is just what the healer ordered.

Laslow: Stop it, Selena... Please... No! Stop! Don't come any closer!

Selena: Aw, you're adorable when you're embarrassed, Lazzy. Me likey. Come on 
now, let's go get some tea, baby. I promise it'll be... hot.

Laslow: P-please... no... more... You're making me very uncomfortable, 

Selena: Oh, really? Never stops you, does it, you lunk? Gods, I can't believe 
I just did that. I wanted to throw chunks.

Laslow: Ah... is it really that bad when I flirt? I never meant to make 
anyone feel like that... 

Selena: Do you get it now? Throwing out all those empty compliments isn't 
nice. And even if they were welcome, you can't just play with people's hearts 
like that!

Laslow: But that was never my intention.

Selena: I don't care what your intentions are! It's not your intentions that 
matter. It's how the other person feels. Do you get it yet?

Laslow: OK! I'm sorry! I'll probably think about flirting in a slightly 
different way! That is, if you'll do me the honor of helping me learn how. 
Over tea, perhaps?

Selena: Really? Really?! Ugh, I give up! You're impossible!
(Selena leaves)

Laslow: Selena? Hey, I was just teasing! Come back!
Selena A

Laslow: Selena!

Selena: What do you want, Laslow?

Laslow: Oh, thank goodness! You're back to your old grumpy self. I was 
worried you were going to give me the flirty treatment again. I don't think 
I've ever been so mortified in my life.

Selena: Oh, yeah. Maybe I shouldn't have gone quite so far. You're not THAT 
bad... I just wanted you to know what it's like. I'm sorry.

Laslow: Eh? Did you just... apologize? Without sarcasm? Do you have a fever? 
Let me get you some water... 

Selena: What? No, I don't have a fever! I was just thinking about... old 

Laslow: Ah. I see. Feeling lonely, then? I get that way too. It's hard being 
so far from home.

Selena: I'm not lonely! But... yeah. I miss it. I miss them... Anyway, 
nothing can be done about it now. No point in whining.

Laslow: Selena... I won't tell you you're wrong. We both know we can't go 
back. Not yet. But... I think about it every day. What if everything went 
back to the way it was?

Selena: Laslow... 

Laslow: I guess... what I mean to say is, I know that loneliness you're 
feeling too well. I feel it too.

Selena: I already told you! I'm not feeling lonely!

Laslow: Haha. Sorry, sorry! My mistake.

Selena: Well, er, I mean... maybe there are times I feel a little lonely, now 
and then, but... 

Laslow: But?

Selena: Well, I have you, at least. And Odin. So it's not like I'm completely 

Laslow: That's right. We've still got each other. So cheer up!

Selena: True... though I'm not sure how cheery I should be if you're my only 
link to home... 

Laslow: Haha! Now that's the Selena we all know and love! Well, either way, I 
want you to know I'll be by your side anytime you need me.

Selena: Don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I had any choice in the 

Laslow: As is often the case with fate, but it has a way of surprising us 
mere mortals. Particularly when it comes to matters of the heart.

Selena: Are you really flirting with me at a time like this?! You immature 
jerk! Your smug face makes me SO ANGRY! Haha, but I guess that's my lot in 
life, eh? Thank you, Laslow. For being here for me.

Laslow: Anytime, Selena.
Selena S

Laslow: Selena, my darling! I have a gift for you.

Selena: Hm? For me?

Laslow: Ta-da! It's a bracelet!

Selena: Laslow! Is that...?

Laslow: Indeed it is. I've been keeping it somewhere safe, and I thought it 
was time I gave it to you. 

Selena: But... why are you giving this to me now?

Laslow: Why do you think I am?

Selena: I'm the one asking the questions here! Now spill. 

Laslow: Fine, fine. You're no fun! I decided to give it to you because... 
well... It's a symbol of our everlasting friendship!

Selena: ... 

Laslow: Because we've been through so much... I thought it would be nice for 
you to have a keepsake like this. It's to remind you that I'll always be here 
for you.

Selena: Yeah, yeah, I get it. You want to be by my side forever.

Laslow: Yes. That's right.

Selena: So... everlasting friendship, huh? Did you give something to Odin 
too, then? Or... is there something else you'd like to say?

Laslow: Something else? Like what?

Selena: Do you really have to be so thickheaded?

Laslow: I'm sorry! I was just kidding!

Selena: Kidding?!

Laslow: I do have something else to say to you. I love you. And this bracelet 
is a token of my love. And to answer your other question, no, I did not give 
anything to Odin.

Selena: Go on.

Laslow: Please, Selena... Will you marry me?

Selena: Finally! There it is! Took you long enough.

Laslow: So, um... Do you have an answer for me?

Selena: Oh. Right. I guess it's my turn. I mean, we've known each other so 
long... Do I really need to say it?

Laslow: Yes. You do.

Selena: Come on! Don't be cruel. You know how I feel.

Laslow: Haha, so then say it already!

Selena: ... OK. Um... look, Laslow. I really like you. A lot.

Laslow: Mhm... That's a start, though this might be a longer engagement than 
I anticipated.

Selena: Ugh, fine. Look, I love you! I love you, Laslow... 

Laslow: Splendid! And will you share your life with me?

Selena: Yes! But if you mess this up, I will end you. Understand?

Laslow: Understood. I am yours forever, my love.

Selena: So... you know this means you can't be with anyone else, right?

Laslow: ... 
(Laslow leaves)

Selena: Laslow? Oh.

Laslow: Just kidding! Of course I know that! I promise to devote myself to 
your happiness from here on out.

Selena: You better! Oh, and I'll do the same.
A6. Beruka C

Laslow: Hey there, Beruka! 

Beruka: Laslow... Why are you here? 

Laslow: I was just out for a nice walk around town. Why are you standing in 
the shadow of this building? Just killing time? If you've got nothing going 
on, there is a nice tea shop I've been meaning to try... 

Beruka: Shut up, Laslow. Get out of here. 

Laslow: Shut up? That's not nice at all... I just wanted to chat with you-I 
bet I can get you to crack a smile! 

Beruka: What part of "shut up" didn't make sense? 

Laslow: Jeez! Do you really dislike me that much? I'm sure you've got the 
wrong idea about me! Let's go have that tea, and I'll prove it! 

Beruka: Damn it-she noticed me... 

Laslow: Hrm? Who noticed you? Why are you staring intently over there... Oh 
hey, that woman looks familiar! Is that who you're looking at? 

Beruka: Gah, there she goes... This is your fault. 

Laslow: I didn't do anything! 

Beruka: She saw you looking, so she ran away. It is absolutely your fault. 
Quick, we have to get after her. 
(Beruka leaves) 

Laslow: We do? Hey, wait up!
Beruka B

Laslow: There you are, Beruka! 

Beruka: Hm? Oh, Laslow... 

What was going on the other day between you and that woman you were 
following? Why would she run away when she noticed you and me? 

Beruka: Because she is an assassin for hire. 

Laslow: An assassin?! 

Beruka: She's been hired to kill members of royalty. I've been tracking her 
for weeks and finally found her... But you scared her off. 

Laslow: I... I didn't realize what you were doing. I'm sorry! Hang on-you've 
been following her, but what will you do when you catch her? 

Beruka: I'll kill her, of course. My job is to protect Lady Camilla. And to 
kill her enemies. And I can't do that if you give me away. If that assassin 
succeeds, it will be your fault. 

Laslow: My fault?! I don't want to be the cause of that! 

Beruka: Then stop following me. You are interfering with my work. 
(Beruka leaves) 

Laslow: Wait, Beruka! Killing royals... This is really bad. Maybe I can help 
somehow... I'm sure I've seen Beruka's mystery woman somewhere before. But 
where...? No way-could she be...? Of course! Last week, she and I had tea in 
the park!
Beruka A

Beruka: Laslow. 

Laslow: Oh, hello, Beruka. What's with that look on your face? 

Beruka: I was wrong about you. I did not think you would be able to catch the 
assassin I was after. 

Laslow: Oh, that? It was nothing, really. 

Beruka: It wasn't nothing. She was able to lose me every time I tried to 
follow her. And yet, you were able to catch her so easily... What kind of 
techniques did you use? Are you secretly an assassin, too? 

Laslow: Me, an assassin?! Ha, no way! All I did was remember that I'd had tea 
with that woman a while back. 

Beruka: You spent an afternoon having tea with an assassin? 

Laslow: That's right. I didn't know she was an assassin the first time I 
asked her out. Once you told me who she was, I asked her out again. We had a 
great time just chatting and enjoying ourselves. Once she had her guard down, 
that's when I caught her! 

Beruka: I see. And she agreed to tea so easily? 

Laslow: Of course! Tea is a great way to get to know someone. All the women 
I've had tea with have seemed to enjoy it! 

Beruka: All the women? You get tea fairly often, then? 

Laslow: Not every day, but often enough! Wow, I wonder if I've had tea with 
any other assassins. It's possible... 

Beruka: Laslow... I've decided that we should have tea. 

Laslow: Excuse me?! Are you asking to go out on a date with me, Beruka? 

Beruka: No. I'm asking you to come with me and share information. We will 
raise no suspicion if we appear to just be having tea. 

Laslow: I... guess I accept? I know I asked you out before, but this isn't 
how I imagined it. 

Beruka: It will be fine. Let's go right now. 

Laslow: R-right now?! OK! Telling me to come instead of go... What a breath 
of fresh air from you!
Beruka S

Laslow: Hi there, Beruka. 

Beruka: Laslow. Do you need something? 

Laslow: I've enjoyed going on these tea dates with you, Beruka. I'm usually 
the one doing the inviting, but it's actually nice to change things up. 

Beruka: They are not tea dates, Laslow. We're just sharing information. 

Laslow: But... you are enjoying yourself, aren't you? I ask because... 
well... I was hoping we could officially make these into dates. 

Beruka: I... don't understand. 

Laslow: I think I'm in love with you, Beruka. I'd really like for us to be 
something more. 

Beruka: Why? 

Laslow: What do you mean, "why"? 

Beruka: There are so many women you could choose from. Why me? 

Laslow: You mean... so many women that I've had tea with? Hahah, that's 
something of a misunderstanding, really. It's true that I approach a lot of 
girls, but honestly... I get harshly rejected more often than not. 

Beruka: Hrm. Those women are surprisingly foolish. They must have poor taste 
in men. 

Laslow: Thank you, Beruka! You're one of few to sympathize with me. And that 
is why I think I love you. When I first met you, I thought that you were just 
a coldhearted person... But looking at you now, I can see warmth hiding 
behind your eyes. It really makes you incredibly appealing to me. 

Beruka: Laslow... 

Laslow: I know that if we were together, I would love you for the rest of my 
life. What do you say? 

Beruka: Yes. But on one condition... 

Laslow: Yay! You've made me so happy! But... what is the condition? 

Beruka: I realized that whenever I've gone out... everyone in the restaurant 
is smiling. They all look like they're having such a good time-I've never let 
myself have that. I'd like to have that with you. I'd like for us to do all 
the... coupley things. 

Laslow: Oh, Beruka, of course! We'll go on so many dates that we may run out 
of ideas!
A6. Peri C

Laslow: Ugh... no luck today either... 

Peri: Awww... Shot down again, Laslow? 

Laslow: Peri... 

Peri: You didn't say anything mean to that girl you were with, did you? 

Laslow: I don't think so. I was just chatting her up like normal. Honestly, 
until she stomped off, I thought I was being pretty smooth. I still haven't 
gotten anywhere with a single, solitary girl... 

Peri: Really? Maybe you could threaten to kill them if they don't talk to 
you! That'd get their attention! 

Laslow: P-probably, but... I don't want to be the kind of creep who coerces a 
girl into having tea. 

Peri: Hmm... I know! I'll have tea with you! 

Laslow: Really? 

Peri: Yep! You're a cool guy, after all. 

Laslow: I am?! 

Peri: Teehee, you're beet red! Have you struck out with EVERY girl you try to 
talk to? 

Laslow: Not so loud! It's embarrassing! 

Peri: OK, I'll shush! I don't wanna get on my buddy Laslow's bad side! 

Laslow: Peri... is there something I should know? You keep saying how cool I 
am and what good friends we are. 

Peri: Well, sure! We're partners. Just a couple of pals who work for Lord 

Laslow: Oh, OK. 

Peri: But I like you as a person too. 'Cause you kill loads of people! 

Laslow: Wh...what? 

Peri: I can tell when someone's killed before. They smell like blood. It's a 
nice, relaxing scent! That's why I get along so well with you! 

Laslow: Uhhh...? 

Peri: Come on-let's go get that tea! We need to hurry back to Lord Xander 

Laslow: Ow, my arm! Don't tug so hard!
Peri B

Peri: Oh, hi, Laslow! I had a blast at our tea party the other day! 

Laslow: Yeah, it was fun, wasn't it? 

Peri: Next time you wanna get tea, make sure to invite me! 

Laslow: Definitely. One thing, though. Over tea, you were talking about 
killing your servants. Did that really happen? 

Peri: Oh, that? Yep! Back home in the mansion, whenever I got mad, THWACK! 
There'd be so much blood! It was amazing! 

Laslow: P-Peri! That's horrible! 

Peri: It is? How come? 

Laslow: Those servants took care of you, right? It's wrong to kill people who 
haven't done anything to you. 

Peri: Huuuuh? What's wrong about it? You kill lots of people! 

Laslow: Yeah, but... I had to. If I hadn't killed them, then they'd have 
killed me! Your servants weren't trying to murder you, were they? 

Peri: You're making this too complicated. Do you always think about hard 
stuff like this when you fight? 

Laslow: Yeah, I try to. Even my enemies probably have families and friends 
who'd mourn their deaths. Have you never thought about the ones who care 
about the people you kill? About how sad they must be now that their loved 
one is dead? 

Peri: Hmm... I dunno... Feels like I wouldn't be too good at fighting if I 
thought about all that! 

Laslow: But that's... Nah, we can talk about it later. Sorry, but I'm gonna 
go for now. 
(Laslow leaves) 

Peri: Whaaaaat? Why?! Wait up! ... *sniffle* He ditched me! Stupid Laslow! 
Were they sad when their loved ones died? I... um... 
Peri A

Peri: Laslow... 

Laslow: What is it, Peri? 

Peri: That stuff you were saying before? About how it must feel to lose a 
family member? I realized I know what that's like. 

Laslow: Really? 

Peri: Yep. My mommy was killed when I was little. 

Laslow: What?! 

Peri: I remember finding her lying there, covered in blood, on the floor of 
our kitchen. At first I thought someone had spilled a lot of tomato juice. 
... It was one of the servants. He loved my mommy so much, he wanted to keep 
her forever for himself. 

Laslow: Th-that's awful...! 

Peri: They punished that servant, of course. But I was little, and all the 
butlers and maids looked the same to me. I felt like the one who killed my 
mommy was still there with us in the mansion. So whenever I got upset, I'd 
take it out on one of them. THWACK! My daddy knew-he'd watch me do it-but he 
never said it was wrong. 

Laslow: ... 

Peri: When almost all the servants were gone, I decided to leave home. People 
told me how good I was at killing in battle, and I started to really like it. 
I forgot all about my mommy. But after you mentioned it, I thought about it a 
little bit. All that probably happened because I was sad. There were never 
any good smells from the kitchen after she died. I never had my mommy's 
cooking again... 

Laslow: I'm so sorry! 

Peri: Eep! Laslow! Why are you hugging me? 

Laslow: I had no idea, Peri! I shouldn't have said you wouldn't understand 
what it's like to be left behind. It must have been so awful for you! I mean, 
it sounds like you tried to block it all. 

Peri: Laslow? Are you crying? 

Laslow: No, Peri. I think that's you. 

Peri: Wow... you're right... Real tears... This is a first...! 

Laslow: Cry all you want. It's OK. Your mother lives in you, even now. 

Peri: Really? That's great! Speaking of Mommy's cooking, I can make it now! 
Is that 'cause she's inside of me? 

Laslow: Yes. And the same goes for me. I can dance just the way my mother 
did. They passed on the things that were most important to them. 

Peri: Neat! We're two of a kind! That must be why we're partners. 

Laslow: So as your partner, I have a favor to ask. Can you take a moment 
before you kill someone? Remember how you felt when your mother died. Think 
about if they deserve that. 

Peri: OK... I might not remember all the time, but I'll try to think about 

Laslow: Thank you, Peri. 

Peri: Hehehe! I feel better after a good cry! You really are my best friend, 
Peri S

Peri: Laslow! Look what I did! 

Laslow: What's with the mountain of food? 

Peri: I made it all myself! It's a thank-you for listening to my story the 
other day. It's my mommy's recipe! 

Laslow: Wow, really? Thanks! Well then, pardon me while I dig in! 

Peri: Well? Whaddaya think? 

Laslow: It's really good! The flavor's not too overpowering... I could eat 
this for days. I'd heard you were a good cook, but you could turn pro with 

Peri: Teehee! I bet that's bumped up your opinion of me a couple notches! 

Laslow: Not really. I thought you were great before, and I still do. I'm not 
sure you realize how much I like you, Peri. 

Peri: Huh? You mean...? 

Laslow: Yeah. You're not just a capable partner; you're a wonderful woman. I 
love you, Peri. 

Peri: Oh my gosh, really?! That's so weird! I feel the same way about YOU! 

Laslow: What would you think about us getting married? 

Peri: M-married? To you? Whoa... If I was married, I could be a mommy someday 

Laslow: And... I'd be a dad... 

Peri: Heeheehee! Your face is all pink! I thought it's the bride who's 
supposed to blush! 

Laslow: Very funny. I just think we could be really happy together as husband 
and wife. 

Peri: Yep! Me too! I'd love to marry you! I'm going to feed our kids tons of 
yummy food! Just like my mommy used to make! Oh, hmm. Our kids might think 
I'm weird if I talk like this, huh? 

Laslow: What do you mean? 

Peri: I still talk like a little girl. I haven't changed since my mommy died! 

Laslow: Oh... You know, I'd love to hear the way you'd sound as an adult 

Peri: Really? 'Cause I've been practicing! Wanna see? OK, deep breath... 
You're important to me, Laslow. I wouldn't want to spend my life with anyone 

Laslow: Peri... 

Peri: Whoooaaa, that was weird, heehee! How about if I stick to my normal 

Laslow: Well, you can't force yourself to change. I thought you sounded good 
just now, but I like your regular voice too. 

Peri: Awww, you're too kind! Now you're making ME blush. 

Laslow: That makes us a matched set, huh? 

Peri: See! This is why we're partners! 

Laslow: In battle, and in life, right? 

Peri: Yep! We're going to be the best mommy and daddy ever!
A6. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Ah, if it isn't the handsome Laslow. 

Laslow: Lovely Charlotte. What can I do for you? 

Charlotte: Right at this moment? Well... I don't suppose you're a little 
hungry, are you? 

Laslow: I could do with something to eat. Training builds up an appetite, 
after all. 

Charlotte: How fortunate, then! I made a lunch just for you. Would you like 

Laslow: You made this for me? How can I say no to a gift from such a pretty 

Charlotte: Here, take it! I hope it fits your tastes. 

Laslow: *chomp* *munch* Yum! This is fantastic! Although I shouldn't be 
surprised you could make this. A beautiful lady like you must have many 

Charlotte: Beautiful... Oh, stop it, Laslow. 

Laslow: Thank you for the lunch. It was absolutely delicious. 

Charlotte: I can tell you liked it; you ate every last bit of it! 

Laslow: In thanks for that lunch, could I interest you in getting tea right 
now? My treat! 

Charlotte: Um... awww, I'm sorry, Laslow. I have another engagement right 

Laslow: Oh, that's too bad, though not surprising. Let me make it up to you 
next time! 

Charlotte: ... Yes, next time... 

Laslow: All right. Well, thanks for lunch! 
(Laslow leaves) 

Charlotte: ... That was... much easier than I thought it was going to be. I 
didn't even have to try! It actually kind of takes the fun out of it.
Charlotte B

Laslow: Ah, Charlotte! 

Charlotte: L-Laslow? 

Laslow: Do you have some time today? I wanted to repay you for lunch the 
other day. 

Charlotte: ... This is so odd. I should be happy that I'm getting his 
attention, but I'm not. Is it because he was convinced right away? He's 
almost matching me in compliments. I just can't get excited over this. 

Laslow: Um, Charlotte? I can't hear your lovely voice when you whisper like 

Charlotte: Oh! Sorry! It wasn't anything important. Don't worry about it! 

Laslow: OK! So, shall we go get tea? 

Charlotte: I... uh... I don't think now is a good time. 

Laslow: Really? Awww. Well, when would be a good time? 

Charlotte: How about... whenever you're free next? 

Laslow: Oh, I've got lots of free time! In fact, I could just wait now. When 
you finish what you've got going on, we can go get tea! 

Charlotte: It might be a while. Maybe if you gave me a little time to think 
about it... 

Laslow: Oh sure, no problem! I know how busy life can be! 

Charlotte: Y-yup... Really busy. With stuff. 

Laslow: I'm just excited because the shop I found has great tea, and I wanted 
to go with you. 

Charlotte: Laslow, could you be quiet a moment? I can't think with you 

Laslow: Of course, sorry! I'm just really excited to be talking with a girl 
as beautiful as you. It's so nice and- 

Charlotte: By the GODS! Shut your mouth! 

Laslow: Wha-?! Charlotte?! 

Charlotte: You're so damned insistent! It's like there's no challenge at all! 
I don't get the feeling of accomplishment from you that I normally get. This 
isn't fun at all! 

Laslow: I'm... sorry? I think? 

Charlotte: Ah! Er, I mean... P-please excuse me... 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Laslow: ... Heheh, well that was startling.
Charlotte A

Laslow: Charlotte! You startled me the last time we spoke. 

Charlotte: Oh. Hello, Laslow... 

Laslow: I had no idea you weren't actually as fragile as you seemed. It was 

Charlotte: *sigh* I was hoping you'd forgotten. Ah well, I can't take it back 

Laslow: I apologize if I ruined something for you... 

Charlotte: You know I'm not the only woman in the world who hides her true 
self, right? Anyway, you really threw me for a loop with how you reacted to 
my act. I'm used to jumping through several hoops to earn my popularity, 
but... Well, you fell for me right away. It was almost too easy. I couldn't 
find the motivation to keep trying with you. That's... never happened before. 

Laslow: Ahhh, I understand now. It's surprising that you've never had a man 
fall over himself for you right away, though. 

Charlotte: Listen, don't tell anyone else about my true nature. I don't need 
it spread around. If you do, well... It won't be pretty. 

Laslow: Hahah, understood! I'll take that as a request, and not a threat. So, 
are you free today? Would you like to go get tea, perhaps? 

Charlotte: Are you serious? You saw what I'm really like, and still... 

Laslow: What's important about that? You're still an attractive woman. That 
you were putting on an act before doesn't change my opinion at all. 

Charlotte: Heehee. Do you call every woman you meet an attractive woman? 

Laslow: Only because I haven't yet met one who isn't! 

Charlotte: You've got some confidence, I'll give you that. Fine, tea it is! 
You've got no concerns about me? After seeing past my act? 

Laslow: None at all. Both sides of you are great!
Charlotte S

Laslow: Charlotte, have you ever given any thought to marriage? 

Charlotte: Of course I have. Ideally, I'd like to marry someone who is really 
well off. I'm talking super rich! 

Laslow: Really? So someone without a lot of money would be no good? 

Charlotte: I wouldn't say it's absolutely no good, but it's definitely better 
to have money. If my partner is rich, then my whole family will have an 
easier life. 

Laslow: Ahhh, that makes sense. You really do care about your family, huh? 
That's an admirable trait. 

Charlotte: Flattery won't get you anywhere, Laslow. 

Laslow: I'm not just trying to flatter you. I like you, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Wha... 

Laslow: Charlotte, I want us to be together. You're a really attractive 
woman. And now that I've seen your true self, well... I'm even more sure of 
how I feel. What do you think of me? 

Charlotte: W-well... I think you're a smooth talker... 

Laslow: Hahaha, that is true. 

Charlotte: But I can tell that you genuinely mean what you say when you're 
acting charming. You aren't putting on an act; you're a very kind person. 
Honestly... I like you too, Laslow. 

Laslow: Even though I'm not super rich? You just said that'd be important... 

Charlotte: True, but that's not as important. I know now that we like each 

Laslow: Charlotte... 

Charlotte: You know though, even if we were together, I'd still want to flirt 
with other men. Will you be able to handle that? 

Laslow: So long as your heart is mine at the end of the day. 

Charlotte: Of course. You can count on that. 

Laslow: And you'd be OK if I continue to talk to other women, right? 

Charlotte: Under the same conditions? I'd be pretty hypocritical not to 

Laslow: Awesome! So long as we're number one to each other, everything is 

Charlotte: Perfect! I'm sure that we'll always be able to get along... 

Laslow: OK, well then... 

Charlotte: Shall we head out, then? There are some people I've been meaning 
to talk to. 

Laslow: Hah, of course. I don't think you'll find anyone cooler than me, 

Charlotte: Same to you. There's no woman better than me in this whole army. 

Laslow: I love you, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: I love you too, Laslow.
(Laslow leaves) 

Charlotte: ... 

Laslow: ... 
(Laslow leaves) 
(Charlotte leaves)

Charlotte: Hey there, handsome men! How are you all doing today? 

Laslow: What a collection of lovely ladies. Would any of you like to get some 

A7. Azura C

Azura: Hmm-hmm-hmmm... ?

Benny: Lady Azura? Your singing is so gentle and soothing, but it sounds a 
little sad. 

Azura: Oh. I didn't realize anyone was listening. 

Benny: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have interrupted you. 

Azura: Wait, Benny. You don't have to go. 

Benny: OK. 

Azura: I've been trying to remember a song my mother sang to me when I was 

Benny: Oh? 

Azura: It was so beautiful, but I can't remember any of the words. Goodness! 
I don't know why I'm bothering you with all of this. Please, excuse me. 

Benny: You don't have to apologize, milady. I hope you can remember your 
special song. 

Azura: Thank you, Benny. I hope so too.
Azura B

Azura: Hello, Benny. I see you over there. Did you want to ask me something?

Benny: Oh. Hi, Lady Azura. Did you remember the words to that song you were 

Azura: No. I'm afraid not. It's locked away in my memory somewhere. I can't 
remember a single verse. I just know that I used to love it. 

Benny: Aww. That's really sad. It's hard to lose something you enjoyed so 

Azura: Yes, truly. 

Benny: Do you have any other memories from back then? 

Azura: I can picture my mother's face smiling back at me. She always smiled 
when she sang. ... Oh, dear. It looks like my melancholy has rubbed off on 
you. Benny, you look so blue! 

Benny: I'm sorry. Your story made me sad. 

Azura: No, please don't apologize. I shouldn't have dumped my worries on you 
like this. 

Benny: Someone once told me, "Problems are easier when they're shared." 

Azura: Thanks. That's sweet of you to say, but I don't think we'll be able to 
solve this one. 

Benny: Maybe not, but I'd be happy to help you try. 

Azura: Thank you, Benny. You have such a kind heart.
Azura A

Azura: Hello, Benny.

Benny: Was that you singing just now? I heard the sweetest, most heartwarming 

Azura: Yes. I'm so glad you're here. I remembered the song my mother used to 
sing to me! 

Benny: Really?! You must be so happy. You really love that song, huh? 

Azura: I do. It makes me feel close to her. 

Benny: It sounded like the most beautiful lullaby. Did someone help you 
remember it? 

Azura: Yes, actually someone did help me. ... It was you, Benny. 

Benny: Huh? But how did I help? I never even heard it before. 

Azura: The song is called "Bonds," and the lyrics are about how we're bonded 
together. It's our caring hearts that connect us. You helped me remember 
that. Once I thought about your kindness to me, the words came back to me as 
if by magic. 

Benny: ... And I did that? 

Azura: Yes, Benny. I have you to thank! 

Benny: Oh, wow. Would you mind singing it again-just one more time? 

Azura: Certainly, Benny. I'll sing it as often as you like. Now close your 
Azura S

Benny: Lady Azura, there's, uh, something I want to say. 

Azura: Oh. Well, go on, Benny. What is it? 

Benny: Uh... I'm not very good with words. 

Azura: That's all right. Just take your time. I understand. I can be shy too. 

Benny: Thanks. Uh... 

Azura: It's OK, Benny. Whatever it is, you can tell me. 

Benny: Uh... I don't know how else to put this, so I'm just gonna spit it 

Azura: I am ready anytime. 

Benny: Will you... Will you marry me? 

Azura: Oh, my. 

Benny: I love you. I might not make the smartest husband, but I'll always 
take care of you. 

Azura: Well, Benny, you sure know how to put a fine point on things, don't 

Benny: I'm sorry. You deserve prettier words. 

Azura: Please. Don't apologize. Your honesty is one of your best qualities. 
It's right up there with your kind heart and your gentle spirit. Benny, you 
might be a man of few words, but I love all of them. 

Benny: You do? 

Azura: Yes! You've helped me to remember a part of myself I thought I'd lost. 
I'll never be able to repay you for that, but I'd like to spend my life 

Benny: Does that mean...? 

Azura: Yes! My answer is yes! 

Benny: Oh, wow. I never expected this. I love you, Azura! 

Azura: I love you too, Benny!
A7. Felicia C

Felicia: ARGH!! Oh, it's just you, Mr. Benny. 

Benny: Hi, Felicia. 

Felicia: Um... I need to go through there. 

Benny: Oh, yes. I see. 

Felicia: And I'm carrying tea... Do you think... I could get past you? 

Benny: You don't need my permission. Do as you please. 

Felicia: Oh! OK! Um, I guess I'll just duck around and be right out of your 
hair! Let's see... 

Benny: ... 

Felicia: Doo da-doo doo-dum. Just be eeeextra careful, Felicia. Slowly... 

Benny: Ah... ah... ACHOO! 

Felicia: KYAAAAAAH! 
(Dish breaks)

Benny: ... That burns. A lot. 

Felicia: AHHHH! No! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to spill that on you! Oh no! 
Oh no no no! 

Benny: ... 

Felicia: I'm so so sorry! 

Benny: ... 

Felicia: I-I know you're angry! Just a second! I'll find something to dry you 
off with! Just please don't kill me! I'm too young to die! 
(Felicia leaves) 

Benny: Huh. She seemed upset.
Felicia B

Felicia: ARGHHH!! Oh! It's you again, Mr. Benny! 

Benny: Hello, Felicia. 

Felicia: Well, now that I've got you here, I've been meaning to apologize to 
you... I'm so sorry about spilling all that hot tea on you the other day. I 
didn't mean to, I swear! It was an accident. 

Benny: It's OK. I'm fine. 

Felicia: No, I mean it! I'm so sorry... I wish I wasn't so clumsy. 

Benny: ... 

Felicia: Um... so, anyway, was there anything else you wanted to say? 

Benny: There's no need to be so afraid of me, you know. I don't bite. 

Felicia: What?! I'm not af-f-fraid of you at all! I think y-you're very p-

Benny: ... 

Felicia: ... OK. I guess I might be a little-bitty, teensy-tiny bit afraid of 

Benny: ... 

Felicia: Fine! I'm mortally terrified of you! 

Benny: Why? 

Felicia: Well... because... I'm not sure. There's not really a good reason. 
You just always look so grim. And you're huge! You could squish me like a 
bug. And... um... you just seem like you might gobble me up if I upset you! 
P-please don't eat me, Mr. Benny! I'm not tasty at all! 

Benny: You think... I eat people? 

Felicia: You... don't?! I mean... of course you don't! Thank goodness! But 
how can I trust you? What if you're just trying to lure me into your people 

Benny: I swear, I've never eaten anyone. 

Felicia: Really? You promise? 

Benny: Yes, I promise. Not even once. 

Felicia: Um... OK, then. I guess I can trust you. 

Benny: Well, there was that one time- 

(Felicia leaves) 

Benny: Wait! Come back! I was just joking... 
Felicia A

Felicia: Oh! Hello, Mr. Benny! 

Benny: Hi, Felicia. 

Felicia: Um, you know, I just wanted to say again how sorry I am for my past 
behavior. It occurred to me after I ran off the other day that you were 
obviously joking. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings... 

Benny: Nah. Don't think anything of it. 

Felicia: I should have at least talked to you before assuming you were scary 
and dangerous. I... I saw something the other day that made me realize how 
wrong I was. 

Benny: Oh? 

Felicia: Yeah! I saw you feeding a bunch of little baby ducks. 

Benny: You... saw that? 

Felicia: And there's no way someone that kind to animals could be an evil 
monster! You must be a very kind person, Mr. Benny. Even if you're scary to 
look at. 

Benny: Hmph. 

Felicia: I'm sorry. Have I been talking too much? 

Benny: No, it's OK. I'm not very good at talking, so I'm glad it comes so 
easily to you. 

Felicia: Then I guess it all works out perfectly! Heehee. 

Benny: ... 

Felicia: ... 

Benny: Felicia... Would you... like to feed the duckies with me? 

Felicia: Huh? 

Benny: I was thinking about going to feed them again. Would you like to come 
with me? 

Felicia: Yes, of course! That sounds wonderful! 

Benny: Good. Let's go.
Felicia S

Felicia: Hmm hmm hmm! ? 

Benny: Hello, Felicia. 

Felicia: Oh! Mr. Benny! 

Benny: You seem to be in a good mood. 

Felicia: I am! I was just thinking about how much fun we had feeding the 
ducklings together. 

Benny: Just thinking about it made you that happy? 

Felicia: Yes, it's been making me happy ever since! Could you really tell? 

Benny: Yes. You were humming. Joyously. 

Felicia: I was? Really? 

Benny: Heh. You didn't notice? 

Felicia: I guess not! 

Benny: Well, either way, I'm glad doing that made you so happy. 

Felicia: Me too. But... I don't think that's the only reason I'm in a good 
mood. I've been spending a lot of time with everyone in camp lately. And it's 
made me so happy. It's like we're all becoming one big family! 

Benny: Oh? I see. 

Felicia: Our family's grown a lot lately, huh? I like it. It's inspiring to 
see so many different people all working and living together. 

Benny: Family is very important to you, isn't it? 

Felicia: It is! I think it's the most important thing there is. And I think 
of everyone here as my family, even if we're not related by blood. 

Benny: Hm... I've been wondering. Felicia, would you let me be a part of your 
real family? 

Felicia: Huh?! You mean, like... adopt you? 

Benny: N-no. Not exactly. I mean... will you marry me? 

Felicia: Whaaat?! A-are you sure that's what you want? I don't know if I 
would make a very good wife. I'm so clumsy! 

Benny: That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how you feel. Not 
how you think you should be. I want to be with you, Felicia. I... I love you. 
And I think you would make a perfect wife, exactly as you are. 

Felicia: Benny... I... I love you too! But this is all happening so fast... 

Benny: It's OK. I know this is sudden. I just couldn't hide my feelings any 

Felicia: OK, Benny! I accept! 

Benny: You've made me so happy. I just know that we'll build a wonderful life 

Felicia: I do too! This is a dream come true.
A7. Mozu C

Benny: *yawn*

Mozu: Whoa! Look at the size of that bear! That thing's big enough to make a 
tasty meal for the whole crew! 

Benny: Um... I'm not a bear. Sorry. 

Mozu: It talks, too?! Wait, what? Oh, it's just you. Hi, Benny. 

Benny: Hi, Mozu. 

Mozu: You gotta be more careful, Benny! You can't sit quietly out in the 
forest, staring at nothing. Some fool's gonna mistake you for a bear, and 
it'll be lights out! 

Benny: People hunt bears a lot? 

Mozu: They surely do! I myself like a good plate of bear meat. Wild boar's 
good eating too, but bear stew is on a whole other level. 

Benny: Huh. 

Mozu: Mmm-mmm... Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I was getting hungry just looking at 
you. Well, see ya! 
(Mozu leaves) 

Benny: How close was I just now to being boiled into a stew?
Mozu B

Mozu: Afternoon, Benny! 

Benny: Hi, Mozu. 

Mozu: I was just heading up into the mountains to go bear hunting. 

Benny: Are you making bear stew? 

Mozu: Yup! Ever since we had that run-in the other day, I've been craving 
some. You wanna come with? 

Benny: I'd rather not... I, um. Don't eat bear. 

Mozu: Too stringy for you? You don't like the taste? 

Benny: No, it's fine. 

Mozu: So you DO like it? Then what's the problem? 

Benny: Well... don't laugh, but... bears are my friends. 

Mozu: Your- Your friends? 

Benny: Yeah... 

Mozu: Oh, Benny, no. Bears are wild animals. They're there for eating! 

Benny: Well... when I was a child... the wild animals were my only playmates. 

Mozu: No fooling? 

Benny: Honest. 

Mozu: You know what? I lost my appetite for bear stew. I don't have the heart 
to cook your bear buddies. 
Benny: Sorry. Thanks. But also, sorry... 
Mozu A

Mozu: Benny! Think you could do me a favor? 

Benny: What favor? 

Mozu: I want to take a trip up to the mountains with you. 

Benny: Um... to do what? 

Mozu: I want to meet a bear. 

Benny: You're still hungry for stew? 

Mozu: Gosh, no! Sure, before I would have been. Back when I just thought of 
wild critters as food. But I've been thinking about how you get along with 
the animals. 

Benny: They're really good to me. 

Mozu: Yeah! I never thought animals would take to human beings like that. So 
I got to wondering if I could make friends with them too. 

Benny: Hmm... 

Mozu: I wouldn't know where to start on my own. But if you showed me how... I 
bet those little critters and me would get along like a house on fire! 

Benny: Sure... I'll do what I can. 

Mozu: Really?! Thanks, Benny! I gotta admit, this probably doesn't mean I'll 
stop hunting. But I think that's another good reason to get to know the 
animals better. That way I'll appreciate them even more when I dig in. 

Benny: That's a good idea. I'm not a vegetarian either. But I always give 
thanks when I eat meat. I know the animals gave their lives to feed me. 

Mozu: Haha, I should've guessed you'd come up with it first. 

Benny: Anyway... I'm ready to go if you are. 

Mozu: Yeah! Thanks, Benny!
Mozu S

Mozu: *sigh* You know what, Benny? I miss the rice paddies... 

Benny: What are those? 

Mozu: They were these special fields back in my home village. We were rice 

Benny: You were? 

Mozu: Yep. So many memories of those paddies... The way the light sparkled on 
the water, the stalks stretching up toward the sky... The more care you put 
into it, the better the rice tasted after the harvest. 

Benny: You liked it, huh? 

Mozu: Yeah. It's hard work, taking care of the crops, but it was fun too. 
Nowadays, though... I don't take care of anything. I spend all day, every 
day, fighting our enemies. I wasn't cut out to destroy things. I miss the 
time when at the end of the day, I had something to show for my hard work. 

Benny: Then we should try to bring the war to an end soon. Once we're at 
peace, you'll be free to farm all the rice you want. 

Mozu: Yeah! When the war gets me down... thinking of setting up a farm 
afterward keeps me going. 

Benny: But... farming's hard though, isn't it? 

Mozu: Oh, believe it, buster. Even for a rice farmer. You gotta keep the 
fields wet, tend to rice, deal with pests... If you got any livestock or 
other types of crops, it's work from sunup to sundown. 

Benny: Sounds like it would be hard for one woman to do by herself. 

Mozu: That's the truth. Back home, everyone in the family would pitch in on 
the farm. 

Benny: Could I help you? 

Mozu: With farming? Sure! If you want to try your hand at it, you're more 
than welcome. 

Benny: Er... 

Mozu: Something wrong? 

Benny: I think I'm being too subtle. I'm not very good at this... 

Mozu: Good at what? What are you trying to say? 

Benny: You said the whole family would help each other farm... That's what I 
want with you, Mozu. Not just to help farm, but to be your family. 

Mozu: Benny... are you asking to be my husband? 

Benny: Y-yeah. That's what I meant. 

Mozu: B-but... why? I'm not cute or pretty like the other girls. 

Benny: Not to me. I think you're the cutest girl in the world. 

Mozu: G-golly! But yeah... you can be my husband, Benny. You're strong as an 
ox and gentle as a lamb! 

Benny: I'll be whatever you need me to be. I love you, Mozu. 

Mozu: Now I really can't wait for the war to be over... I'll have a new farm 
to look forward to, and a new family to boot.
A7. Elise C

Benny: ... 

Elise: ... 

Benny: ... Lady Elise. Can I help you? 

Elise: N-no! That's OK! 

Benny: ... OK. 

Elise: ... 

Benny: Is there some reason you're following me? 

Elise: Um, well, I don't know how to say this, buuuuut... People have been 
saying that when you get hungry, you'll eat anything around you! Like, even 
horses and trees and boulders and stuff! Anything! In just one big gulp! 

Benny: And you're following me because you want to know if it's true? 

Elise: Heehee. Well, y'know, just thought I'd check it out. 

Benny: *grumble* 

Elise: Oh! Your tummy just rumbled! The beast must be awakening! *poke* 

Benny: *GRUMBLE* 

Elise: Wow! B-but there's nothing around here. Except that mountain over 
there... *gasp* Are you gonna eat the mountain, Benny?! I'm so excited! This 
is gonna be great! 

Benny: I hate to disappoint, Lady Elise... but I don't eat mountains. At 
least not since... the accident. 

Elise: The ACCIDENT?! What accident?! You mean you DID eat mountains before? 
What happened? Benny! Benny, wait up! You gotta tell meeeeee!
Elise B

Elise: Hey, Benny! Eat anything neat today? 

Benny: I'm sorry, Lady Elise, but no. In fact, I rarely do. 

Elise: Are you sure? That's not what I heard. 

Benny: Yes. I'm sure. 

Elise: You mean... no rocks? Trees? Surgical implements? 

Benny: Not a one. I only eat people food. 


Benny: N-no, Elise. I only eat food that other people eat. 

Elise: Oh. That's weird. Nobody else seems to think you do. 

Benny: What other rumors have you heard? 

Elise: There were a lot. Let's see... They say you once defeated a hundred 
thousand men in a mud-wrestling contest! And that you were suckled by black 
bears, before your mama bear was tragically killed! OH! And that you once 
sneezed a hole into a Faceless's chest! 

Benny: ... None of those are true. 

Elise: Oh. Well that's a bummer. 

Benny: I'm sorry. 

Elise: No, no! It's not your fault! I wonder why everyone tells all these 
tall tales about you, though. 

Benny: I'm not very sociable. And I'm pretty big. So I think everyone's 
scared of me. 

Elise: Really? When I first saw you, I thought you were cute! Like a big ol' 
fuzzy bear! 

Benny: Thank you. But not everyone thinks so. I wish I was able to meet 
everyone in camp... but it's so hard to talk to people. 

Elise: Oh? Then leave it to me! I'll get everyone to stop being scared of 

Benny: You can do that? 

Elise: Teeheehee! You betcha!
Elise A

Benny: ... Something's different. Everyone is talking to me today. 

Elise: Ha-ha! Looks like my master plan's bearing fruit! 

Benny: Lady Elise? You did this? 

Elise: You said you wanted people to stop being scared of you, right? SOOOO, 
I started a new rumor about ya! 

Benny: A rumor? 

Elise: I told them that talking to you would give them good luck! 

Benny: Oh. I see. That's not so bad. 

Elise: I bet you're gonna be the most popular guy in camp now, huh? 

Benny: Probably only for a little while. But it's nice to get a chance to 
talk with my comrades, either way. 

Elise: Only for a little while? Why do you say that? 

Benny: Because... eventually people will realize that they aren't really 
having better luck. And once that happens, they'll want nothing to do with me 

Elise: What?! No way! Two words with you, and they'll realize you're not 
scary at all! And then they'll all wanna be your friends! I promise! 

Benny: Heh. If you say so. I cannot thank you enough, Lady Elise. 

Elise: Oh, stop. It was nothing! I just hope you make lots and lots of new 

Benny: Me too, Lady Elise.
Elise S

Benny: Lady Elise. 

Elise: Hey, Benny. What is it? 

Benny: Would you accept this lucky charm? I made it for you, to thank you for 
all your help. 

Elise: Oh, wow! Thank you, Benny! Of course I'll accept it! 

Benny: I'm glad you like it. 

Elise: Wait, this charm-it has something inside it! 

Benny: Oh, d-does it? Maybe you should just leave it alone... 

Elise: No way! I love mysteries! Now I just gotta pop this part open and- 

Benny: No, stop! 

Elise: Huh? Why? I thought you gave it to me... 

Benny: Opening the charm will... uh... weaken its effects? 

Elise: Hmm. I see. 

Benny: Yes. Yes, indeed. It will be rendered, uh, inert and stuff. 

Elise: Buuuut, I'm gonna open it anyways! 

Benny: What?! Why? 

Elise: Huh? A note? 

Benny: ... ... 

Elise: Why's there a note in here? 

Benny: ... I wanted to tell you what's in it in person, but I couldn't work 
up the courage. So I wrote a note. But then I couldn't give it to you... so I 
put it in a charm. But then I lost my nerve, so I didn't want you to open it 
once I gave it to you. 

Elise: So... can I read it? 

Benny: You don't have to. I'll tell you what it says. I... wish to court you, 
Lady Elise. 

Elise: Y-you do? 

Benny: I understand it's a foolish idea... I am not a prince. I am not 
handsome or rich. But all the same... would you do me the honor of sharing a 
cup of tea with me? 

Elise: So... if I hadn't opened the charm, you'd never have told me this? 

Benny: ... 

Elise: Wow! I sure am glad I opened it then! 

Benny: You mean- 

Elise: Ya-huh! I feel the same way about you! So! How 'bout that tea? 

Benny: Yes, of course. Shall we?
A7. Camilla C

Camilla: Oh, hello, Benny. How fortunate to have run into you like this. 

Benny: Good day, Lady Camilla. Is there something I can help you with? 

Camilla: Indeed. There have been reports of a bear wandering around the 
nearby forest. Would you be a doll and take care of it for me? 

Benny: Take care of it? I'm not sure what you mean. 

Camilla: Well, I'm sure it'll probably just keep to itself out in the woods, 
but... It's better to be safe than sorry. I don't want to know any of the 
details, of course. 

Benny: I see. 

Camilla: Benny, what's the problem? Surely you agree we can't have a wild 
bear traipsing about! And I'm certain a brave and decorated soldier like 
yourself has nothing to fear... 

Benny: Your wish is my command. Leave the bear to me... 

Camilla: Splendid. I knew you'd come through for us. 

Benny: Hmm... 
Camilla B

Camilla: Hello, Benny. How goes the bear hunt? 

Benny: The situation is resolved, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: I knew we could count on you. Tell me, was any of the meat fit for 
consumption? Some consider it a delicacy. 

Benny: Oh, about that. I didn't kill the bear. 

Camilla: Excuse me? Why the devil not? You agreed to take care of it! 

Benny: That's just it. I have taken care of it. 

Camilla: And how do you know that? What have you actually done? 

Benny: I... persuaded the bear to move on. 

Camilla: Bwahaha! And how does one persuade a bear, exactly? 

Benny: Easy. With food! The bear was starving and weak. I lured it to an 
adjacent valley with lots of berries and a stream packed with fish. He'll be 
quite happy there, I'm sure. 

Camilla: I'm not sure about your plan. How can you be sure the bear won't 

Benny: When I was young, the only friends I had were the creatures in the 
forest. I learned a great deal about their behaviors. This bear will not 
cause us any trouble. 

Camilla: Fair enough. I'll let everyone know that they have nothing to fear, 
thanks to you. 

Benny: Thank you. 

Camilla: Yes... a man so powerful he needn't kill a bear, but rather TAME it! 
This makes for a wonderfully heroic tale, Benny. Oh, yes... 

Benny: If you say so.
Camilla A

Benny: Lady Camilla, do you have a moment? 

Camilla: Hello, Benny. What's the matter? 

Benny: I'll have you know that I have never punched a bear in the face. 

Camilla: Excuse me? What are you talking about? 

Benny: I've heard people talking. They're saying that's how I took care of 
the bear. 

Camilla: Oh ho! So the story has taken on a life of its own. I think it's a 
fair bit more interesting than the truth. Don't you agree? 

Benny: But... a man who would punch a bear in the face... 

Camilla: ... is so fearsome that his mere appearance would drive enemies from 
the battlefield! 

Benny: Well, that would be useful. But unlikely, I fear. What seems to be 
happening instead is that my own allies are terrified of me. 

Camilla: Aw, you poor lonely thing. 

Benny: I've been trying to clear things up, but I'm not a great speaker... 
And people keep running away from me. 

Camilla: Just like the bear, right? Hah! 

Benny: I'd like to think that the bear thought of me as a friend. 

Camilla: All right, Benny. Sorry for joking around. I'll help clear things 

Benny: Really? 

Camilla: Of course. We can't have one of our strongest warriors fret over 
such frivolities. 

Benny: Thank you, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: Punching a bear in the face... You know, if anyone could pull that 
off, it'd be you. 

Benny: If it's all right with you, I'd rather not find out.
Camilla S

Benny: Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: Hello, Benny. Can I help you? 

Benny: I'm not good at talking with people... 

Camilla: You don't say? I hadn't noticed. 

Benny: Is that sarcasm? That wasn't rhetorical; I genuinely can't tell. 
Actually, it doesn't matter. I have something I need to tell you, Lady 

Camilla: And what's that? 

Benny: Perhaps I should just let my actions speak for me. Will you accept 

Camilla: A ring? 

Benny: Yes. This is how I feel about you. 

Camilla: I don't get it. 

Benny: Really? 

Camilla: No, not really! But you need to look me in the eyes and tell me how 
you feel, Benny! 

Benny: But, Lady Camilla... 

Camilla: But nothing! You don't need to be the most eloquent speaker in the 
world. But I would like to hear you express your feelings for me with real 
words. After all, I suspect this is a moment that I'd like to treasure for 
the rest of my life. 

Benny: Very well. I love you, Lady Camilla. Will... will you marry me? 

Camilla: Well, well, well. You were able to get the words out just fine. 

Benny: Yes. I wasn't sure that I could, but then... I imagined that you were 
a bear. 

Camilla: What?! 

Benny: Uh... a bear. I pictured you as a bear. To assist in my marriage 
proposal. The concept seems straightforward... 

Camilla: Oh, Benny. 

Benny: Sorry. 

Camilla: No, don't apologize. That's just who you are. And I've come to 
realize I love that person. 

Benny: Um... 

Camilla: So, I will happily accept your ring. 

Benny: Really?! 

Camilla: Yes. I've fallen for your gentle, awkward ways. Is that so strange? 

Benny: Um... 

Camilla: Let's build a future together, Benny! 

Benny: Well, that went better than I expected. Perhaps I should speak up more 

Camilla: Let's not go that far, dear.
A7. Effie C

Effie: Grrrr! Huuaaaagh!

Benny: Uh... what are you doing? 

Effie: Isn't it obvious? I'm lifting rocks. 

Benny: Right. I guess I was just wondering why. 

Effie: Um, it's called strength training. I'd think that you of all people 
would understand! 

Benny: Well, you sure are dedicated. But... you're already pretty strong. 
This seems like a lot of work, and I can't imagine you getting any 

Effie: Are you kidding me? I have SO much further to go! Hurrrrrrrrgh! 

Benny: Er, look. You're struggling. Let me just help you a little bit... 

Effie: No! I... well... OK. Whew. 

Benny: Looks like you maxed out. It's good to push yourself, but we need you 
healthy. So just make sure you don't overdo it, OK? 

Effie: How can you say that? Overdoing it is the secret to my success! Are 
you telling me that you never push yourself BEYOND your limits? 

Benny: Well, technically, no. 

Effie: Well, thanks anyway, I guess. I'll see you on the battlefield. 

Benny: Sure.
Effie B

Benny: Hmm... 

Effie: Benny? What's the matter? 

Benny: Effie... I've been thinking. You should sit out the next battle. 

Effie: What? Are you mad? I live for battle! I thought you knew me better 
than this. 

Benny: That's just it. I think the battles are consuming you. It's almost 
like you have no fear of death. 

Effie: And? 

Benny: "And?" That's all you have to say? You're making my point for me. You 
need to think about how your death would affect everyone else. 

Effie: I'm sorry, but my life will always come second to those I protect. 

Benny: You mean Elise. 

Effie: Yes, Elise, but everyone else too! Even you, Benny. I can only be at 
peace when I know my friends are safe. If someone were hurt, and I hadn't 
done everything in my power to stop it... I couldn't live with myself. 

Benny: I understand. It's just... 

Effie: What? I've seen you take way more than your fair share of risk on the 
battlefield too! What would happen if you died? Don't you think about that? 

Benny: I try not to. 

Effie: We're not that different, Benny. We put others before ourselves. But 
we're also both very good at what we do. We're not going down without a 

Benny: You're right. I apologize. 

Effie: It's OK. You were just trying to protect me. I get it! 

Benny: I... I suppose. Please, forget I said anything.
Effie A

Benny: Effie... do you have a moment? 

Effie: Of course, Benny. What's on your mind? 

Benny: I have something for you. A mere trinket, but perhaps it may aid you 
in battle. 

Effie: Oh... it's like a little charm! Did... did you make this, Benny? 

Benny: Yes... 

Effie: Well, it's lovely. And you say it may aid me in battle. How... 

Benny: Well... let me put it this way. It would reassure me if you would wear 
it. The charm itself possesses no power. It's more of a reminder to stay 

Effie: I see. Benny, don't you remember our last conversation? 

Benny: Yes, of course. We're both sworn to protect others. 

Effie: Right. And that means... 

Benny: That we are almost always in harm's way. Yes, of course, Effie. I 
understand. It's just that... I feel we've become close, and I couldn't bear 
to watch you die. 

Effie: I feel the same way, Benny. But... perhaps there's something we can do 
about it. 

Benny: What do you suggest? 

Effie: Exercise, of course! We can become sparring partners! We're probably 
the two strongest warriors around... Working together, we'd be practically 

Benny: Heh. I should have known. All right, Effie, we can train together. But 
you should be aware... I'm not known for pulling punches. 

Effie: Pfft. You'll be lucky to pull your own weight when I'm through with 
you. EN GARDE! 

Benny: Oof! Heh. That was a good one, Effie. Now, take off the kid gloves and 
let us dance! HYAAAAAH! 

Effie: Teehee! This is fun!
Effie S

Benny: Ah, Effie. There you are. 

Effie: Hey, Benny! Ready to run some laps? 

Benny: Er, no. Will you marry me? 

Effie: Sorry, what was that? It almost sounded like you asked me to marry 

Benny: Er... yes. That's exactly what I just did. I just noticed that you're 
holding an axe, and rather tightly, I might add. 

Effie: BENNY! 

Benny: So, er, is that a yes? 

Effie: You can't just blurt a marriage proposal out like that! 

Benny: Why not? 

Effie: Grr! 

Benny: You, uh, just cracked the handle of that axe. Might want to send it 
for repair- 

Effie: Benny. Are you being serious right now? Because if this is a joke... 

Benny: Oh, I'm quite serious! I even have a ring. 

Effie: That's... actually beautiful. Here, let me just try it on... Oh, it 
might be a size or two too small. Maybe if I twist it just a little bit... 

Benny: Effie! Stop! Fingers aren't supposed to bend like that! 

Effie: *sigh* Fine. That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me. 
Anyway... yes. 

Benny: Yes... you'll marry me? Oh, that's a relief. 

Effie: There's just one condition. And it's kind of weird, so get ready. 

Benny: I'm listening. 

Effie: I want you to hug me as hard as you can. And in return, I will hug you 

Benny: That's it? Whew, I thought it was going to be something horri- 

Effie: IF YOU SURVIVE, we can get married. We got a deal? 

Benny: Yes. I can take it. Just give me one moment to gird my loins... 

Effie: YAAAAAH! 

Benny: HRRRRGH! 

Effie: Oh, Benny! You're alive! I'm so happy! 

Benny: Am... am I alive? *huff* *huff* Yes, yes, I suppose the pain is a good 

Effie: I've always wanted someone to hug with all my might... I'm so happy! 

Benny: Me... too. *cough* *cough* Really, me too. I love you, Effie.
A7. Nyx C

Benny: ... 

Nyx: You've been staring at me for a while. Do I fascinate you that much? 

Benny: ... You're so young. 

Nyx: In a sense. In form, at least, I am a young girl. 

Benny: ... 

Nyx: Was that all you came for? To inform me that I'm young? 

Benny: Um. D-do you want some candy? 

Nyx: *sigh* Despite what I might look like, on the inside I'm as much an 
adult as you. 

Benny: Oh... 

Nyx: Yes. "Oh." 

Benny: S-so you'd rather have a pastry? 

Nyx: ... 

Benny: ... They're really good pastries. 

Nyx: Very well. Pass them here.
Nyx B

Benny: ... 

Nyx: What is it this time, Benny? 

Benny: I-I just wanted to offer my help. In case you needed any... you can 
ask me. 

Nyx: Thank you. But if I may ask, what brought this on? 

Benny: You're so little. There must be a lot of things that are hard for you. 
Like... what if you wanted to reach a high shelf or something? 

Nyx: In such cases, I prepare a stand or stool beforehand. 

Benny: ... Oh. Makes sense. 

Nyx: Benny, I understand that you're only trying to help. But I've lived like 
this for quite a number of years by now. I have my ways of handling what 
needs to be handled. Just like any adult. 

Benny: ... This curse... you can't reverse it? 

Nyx: I'm not sure. But I've searched for a cure to it for a very long time, 
with no success. 

Benny: Hmm... 

Nyx: There's just no helping me, I'm afraid. This curse is a punishment I 
must bear. 

Benny: If it's a punishment... then you did something wrong to deserve it. 
You committed a crime, didn't you? 

Nyx: Yes... I did. 

Benny: And for that, you're frozen at this age... for the rest of your life. 
You did something that bad...? 

Nyx: So it would seem. 

Benny: Hmm. 

Nyx: ... 

Benny: Y-you'll still tell me if I can help, right? 

Nyx: ... Yes. Thank you.
Nyx A

Benny: Nyx... do you need anything? 

Nyx: Hmhmhm. You're very generous, Benny. 

Benny: ... 

Nyx: But no, I'm fine. Even as I am, I can do most of the things adults can. 
So I'd prefer it if you treated me as you would any other adult. 

Benny: OK. But... there are some things even adults have trouble with. So... 
don't be shy. You can tell me if you need help. 

Nyx: True enough. Well, if you're offering, could you help me clean my 
quarters? On my own, I can't dust the top of the bookshelf. 

Benny: I'll do it. Was there anything else? 

Nyx: That's more than enough, thank you. 

Benny: OK. You can call me anytime you need. I don't mind. I want to make 
myself useful. Not because you're a kid, but... because we're allies, and 
that's what allies are there for. 

Nyx: An interesting perspective. 

Benny: Whether you're an adult or a kid, a criminal or a nice lady... You're 
my ally. And allies are supposed to help each other. 

Nyx: ... I appreciate that, Benny.
Nyx S

Nyx: ... 

Benny: Nyx...? What's that you're doing? 

Nyx: Mm...? Oh, hello, Benny. I was deep inside a divination trance. 

Benny: What were you trying to find out? 

Nyx: Anything I can about my frozen youth. 

Benny: ... 

Nyx: It's been a long time since I delved into the nature of this curse... 
And the result was nothing more than I've always found. It seems I'm truly 
stuck like this. 

Benny: Hmm... 

Nyx: ... 

Benny: If it never worked before... what made you decide to try again? 

Nyx: I met you, Benny. 

Benny: Huh? What do you mean? 

Nyx: It's not important. I just... held out some hope. 

Benny: Hope of what...? 

Nyx: For most of my life, I've been trapped in this body much too young for 
my soul. It vexed me at first, but in time, I accepted what I had become. 

Benny: ... 

Nyx: But... if this curse could just be lifted and I could have the body I 
ought to... everything would be different. I could be happy... I might even 
get married. Start a family. 

Benny: ... 

Nyx: I'm sorry. It's wishful thinking, I know. 

Benny: I-I think you can be happy just the way you are now... 

Nyx: Stop, please... I'm not in the mood for it. Pleasant-sounding lies won't 
make me feel better. 

Benny: It's not a lie. Nyx... Will you marry me? 

Nyx: ... 

Benny: I love you, you know... More than anyone. 

Nyx: You understand that I'm stuck like this for as long as I live, yes? 

Benny: I don't care. The punishment or curse or whatever you want to call 
it... I accept everything about you... 

Nyx: Everything...? 

Benny: So marry me... please... 

Nyx: ... I accept as well, Benny. You and I should be together forever.
A7. Selena C

Selena: Hey, Benny! Come see! 

Benny: What's wrong? Is there some emergency? 

Selena: I heard all about that stunt of yours! 

Benny: Stunt...? 

Selena: They say you stopped a wild bull in its tracks with just one hand. 
And you know what I say to that? Child's play. It's such an easy task that 
I'm almost falling asleep thinking about it. And I'll prove it to you! I 
brought a wild bull to demonstrate. He's just over there. So let's do this! 

Benny: A wild bull...? 

Selena: Yeah! He's an ornery one, too! But that won't keep me from stopping 
his charge with one hand. You'll see! 

Benny: This seems dangerous... Please don't do it. Besides, I don't remember 
doing anything like what you're talking about... 

Selena: I'll be fine! Don't worry about it! Just keep watching me so you can 
tell people how great I was! 

Benny: A-all right... 
Selena B

Selena: I don't believe it! What happened?! Where did I go wrong?! 

Benny: I told you it was a bad idea... 

Selena: If I couldn't stop that charging bull with one hand, no one could! 
You were obviously fibbing when you told people you did it! 

Benny: I didn't lie to anyone. 

Selena: So, what then? Everyone who told me about your stunt was lying? 

Benny: I wouldn't call it a lie. More like a big misunderstanding. I've never 
stopped a charging bull with one hand... or even with two... 

Selena: Whaaaaaat?! 

Benny: What I actually did was hold down a cow while a farmer helped deliver 
a calf. 

Selena: Wh...what?! That's not heroic at all! Not even a little bit 

Benny: The story got bigger in the telling, I guess. 

Selena: I don't believe this! You're saying I put my life on the line over a 
tall tale?! 

Benny: You could say that. Yeah. 

Selena: One wrong move and I could have been trampled! Or gored! Or who knows 

Benny: S-sorry... 

Selena: Why are you apologizing?! It's not YOUR fault! Besides... you saved 
me from the bull. 

Benny: It was pretty close. You, um, almost had it though? 

Selena: I wasn't even close. But nice try. 

Benny: Just trying to help... 
Selena A

Selena: Hey, Benny! You'd better thank me! 

Benny: OK... thanks. 

Selena: Not YET, numskull! I haven't told you what you should thank me for! 

Benny: That's true. Why should I thank you? 

Selena: I put a stop to that tall tale going around. 

Benny: The one about me and the wild bull? 

Selena: What other one is there?! So now everyone knows you never stopped any 
charging bull. With any number of hands. 

Benny: Oh. You're right... I should thank you for that. 

Selena: Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. For some stupid reason, everyone was 
absolutely convinced you'd done it. It wouldn't shock me if there are STILL 
people who believe the story and not me. 

Benny: I'm sorry you had to go to all that trouble just for me. 

Selena: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I never said I did it for you! 

Benny: Didn't you...? 

Selena: People talking up your fake legends makes it harder for my REAL 
legend to spread. So really, I didn't have a choice. I had to make it crystal 
clear to everyone that you never did anything cool. 

Benny: Um... 

Selena: Don't get the wrong idea... I wasn't thanking you for saving me from 
the bull. This just had to be cleared up. 

Benny: Heh... OK. 

Selena: What was that laugh about?! I demand answers! 

Benny: I was just thinking you were sweet. 

Selena: Of course I am! Nobody's sweeter than me! NOBODY! But make no 
mistake-I'm not sweet to just anyone! You're not going anywhere until you 
understand that, OK?! 

Benny: OK. I get it... 
Selena S

Benny: Hmm. Selena... you're pretty weird. 

Selena: Where do you get off calling me "weird" out of the blue?! Talk about 
rude! I challenge you to name one weird thing about me! Go on-try it! 

Benny: Well, um. You're selfish and brash. That's two. You're harsh to 
people. That's three... And you're arrogant-four... 

Selena: None of that is "weird." You're just being insulting! Why, I oughtta- 

Benny: But behind it all, you're really sweet. That's the weirdest thing. 

Selena: ... Am I? 

Benny: Yeah. You're sweet. 

Selena: Hmph. I get a good head of steam going, and then you spring that on 
me. What's a girl to say? 

Benny: It's that sweetness that, um... attracts me... 

Selena: Huh? Speak up, Benny! Gods, it's like pulling teeth, getting you to 
say anything. 

Benny: OK. *ahem* Selena... will you marry me? 

Selena: What?! That's what you were mumbling about? You want me to marry you? 
Not five minutes ago, you were telling me how rude and arrogant and brash I 

Benny: S-sorry... I guess that's a no. 

Selena: I never said that! Don't put words in my mouth! You caught me off 
guard, that's all. I need time to vent before I give you an answer! 

Benny: That's true. It's OK if you want to wait until some other day to 

Selena: I didn't say I needed THAT long! You and your assumptions! Geez! 

Benny: You're sure...? If you need more time, I don't- 

Selena: If I say I'm sure, then I'm sure! Why does no one listen to me?! I 
know how I feel without having to think about it! It's completely obvious! 

Benny: I'm confused now. 

Selena: UGGGH! Pay attention, Benny! I'm telling you I like you too! 

Benny: ... Were you? That's not what I was getting out of that... 

Selena: Now you're telling me I'm lying?! About MY OWN FEELINGS for you?! 

Benny: No! I-I just thought... you wouldn't feel that way about me... 

Selena: Boy, were YOU wrong! I love you! Probably WAY more than you love me! 
I can't BELIEVE I even have to say this! 

Benny: Heh... 

Selena: I hope you're up to the job of loving me. It's a big deal! Not 
everyone can do it! 

Benny: Leave it to me... I think I can make you happy. 

Selena: Good. I'm not asking a lot, you know! Just a little happiness with 
A7. Beruka C

Benny: ...Hi.

Beruka: ... 

Benny: Hi...?

Beruka: Do you need something?

Benny: No... not really. I noticed you're not very talkative.

Beruka: No. I speak when spoken to. Otherwise, I stay silent.

Benny: OK.

Beruka: Besides, I could say the same about you.

Benny: There's a difference, though. I want to talk. I'm just no good at it.

Beruka: I see. You have the desire, but lack the ability.

Benny: Right.

Beruka: That's never been my problem.

Benny: No.

Beruka: Stimulating as this is, I'm leaving now.

Benny: Next time... 

Beruka: What?

Benny: Next time, I'll think of something for us to talk about.

Beruka: ...If that's what you want.
Beruka B

Benny: You're so... blank, Beruka.

Beruka: ... This is it? This is the conversation topic you said you'd think 

Benny: A nonstarter, huh?

Beruka: *shrug* I don't care what we talk about.

Benny: You'd think that would make it easy to talk to you. And yet... 

Beruka: ...So I'm hard to read. What of it?

Benny: I didn't mean anything by it. Just a thing I realized.

Beruka: Noted. ...Was there anything else, or is that it?

Benny: Um... 

Beruka: Benny. You clearly don't have anything to talk about. So why do you 
want to talk to me?

Benny: No reason... 

Beruka: You want to talk to me for no reason?

Benny: Is that strange?

Beruka: You'd have to ask someone else. I'm not a good barometer of 

Benny: We're allies. Is that an OK reason?

Beruka: Is that what you're going with? You want to talk... because we're 

Benny: Yeah... yeah, let's go with that.

Beruka: Then you're a fool. I won't hesitate to kill anyone at all if that's 
the assignment given to me. Even my "allies." It's a waste of my time 
chatting with someone I might someday have to kill.

Benny: OK. So... I'll just be going now... 
Beruka A

Benny: Beruka, are you okay?

Beruka: Leave me. You're a distraction.

Benny: A distraction from what?

Beruka: You just... talk to me all the time. For no reason. You said it 

Benny: Uh... Are you feeling OK?

Beruka: Weren't you listening to me? I'm not good at the "feeling" thing. So 
leave me be.

Benny: Not good at it, huh? It sounds more like you're just not used to it.

Beruka: Huh?

Benny: You need practice. Don't worry, though. I'm strong.

Beruka: So?

Benny: I'm not trying to brag. What I mean is... even if you had an 
assignment to kill me, I wouldn't go down so easy.

Beruka: ... 

Benny: Are you OK? Say something... 

Beruka: ... I'm fine. Nothing wrong worth mentioning.

Benny: Good. That's good.

Beruka: Heh. I need to get used to it, huh? Maybe so... This isn't the life I 
used to live, after all.

Benny: So... do you want to keep talking about nothing with me? For no 

Beruka: Sure, Benny.
Beruka S

Beruka: ... 

Benny: ... 

Beruka: ... 

Benny: ... 

Beruka: ... 

Benny: Oh. There goes the bird.

Beruka: Yeah. So long, bird.

Benny: ... 

Beruka: ... 

Benny: Beruka, will you marry me?

Beruka: ... 

Benny: I love you, you know... 

Beruka: Hmm. I've never loved anyone.

Benny: Really?

Beruka: It's true. But when I'm with you, I'm not as tense as I always am. 
You make me feel safe to relax.

Benny: That's me with you too.

Beruka: We don't even have to talk. I'm happy just to sit quietly next to 

Benny: Yeah... that's me too. Again.

Beruka: When I'm not with you and I think about you, my pulse runs faster.

Benny: Same... 

Beruka: ...I guess all of that is what it's like to love someone.

Benny: Yeah... 

Beruka: I love you, Benny. And let me guess... "It's the same for me."

Benny: It's true, though.

Beruka: ... 

Benny: ... 

Beruka: The answer is yes. I'll marry you.

Benny: OK.

Beruka: Loving someone, having them love me back... It'll take some getting 
used to. But I'm happier right now that I can ever remember being.

Benny: Yep. It's the same for me.

Beruka: You're a good man, Benny.
A7. Peri C

Peri: *sniffle* *sob*

Benny: Peri? Why are you crying? 

Peri: *sob* 'Cause I'm sad... 

Benny: About what? 

Peri: I'm hungry... 

Benny: Oh. I have some rations if you- 

Peri: I want candy! But I ate all I had already. 

Benny: That's too bad. 

Peri: So you'll get me some more, right? 

Benny: M-me?! 

Peri: If I don't get more candy right now, someone's gonna die! Like that 
guy, over there! 

Benny: Y-you'd kill someone?! Over some candy? 

Peri: I've got a... what do you call 'em... sweet fang! 

Benny: I-I think the phrase is "sweet tooth"... Just calm down. I'll fetch 
some candy. 

Peri: Hooray! I'll just be right here, sharpening my blade, until I get some.
Peri B

Benny: Peri... I brought you the candy you wanted. 

Peri: Really? You did that just for me? Waaaaaaaaaah! *sob* *sniff* 

Benny: Wh-what is it now? 

Peri: You brought me candy because I asked... I'm moved to tears! 
Waaaaaaaaah! Th-*sniff*- thank you, Benny. 

Benny: Oh. I didn't realize it was that meaningful. 

Peri: Huh? Wait... is this chocolate? 

Benny: Yeah. I thought you'd like some. 

Peri: I wanted sour candies! 

Benny: But... but you said... Weren't you talking about a sweet tooth? 

Peri: That was then! NOW I want sour stuff! 

Benny: ... 

Peri: Eep! Are you angry, Benny? I'm sorry... 

Benny: I'm not mad. 

Peri: Yes you are! I can see it in your face! 

Benny: That's my normal face. I just look like this. 

Peri: Huh. Heehee! Really? That's so sad! Poor Benny... hahahaha! 

Benny: ... 

Peri: I guess I'll accept your candy. But only out of pity for your looks. 
Thanks for trying, Benny! 

Benny: Geez... 
Peri A

Peri: Benny! 

Benny: Peri... 

Peri: Here you go! 

Benny: What's this? Cookies...? 

Peri: Yeah! I baked them myself! 

Benny: They're handmade? 

Peri: Heehee! Yep! Are you impressed yet? Come on! Eat one! Eat one! 

Benny: ... 

Peri: What? Why won't you try one? 

Benny: It's just... um... they're safe to eat, right? 

Peri: What kind of question is that?! *sob* Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! I didn't poison 

Benny: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! 

Peri: They were a thank-you present! You don't stick poison in thank-you 
cookies! You meanie! 

Benny: I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have doubted you. 

Peri: *sniffle* So... you'll have one? 

Benny: Sure. It was nice of you to bake them. *munch* *crunch* Mmmm... 

Peri: Heehee! I knew you'd like them! I put my heart into making them for 

Benny: I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have assumed they'd be poisoned. 

Peri: I do love murder, but I'd never kill you, Benny! You're too nice to me! 
That's why I like you! 

Benny: Um, thanks. For liking me too much to murder. 

Peri: Now you have to promise me you won't go and do something silly like 
die, OK? The penalty for breaking the promise is death! 

Benny: Hmm... I'm not sure I follow. But I get what you mean. I'll try real 
hard not to die. 

Peri: Great! I'll hold you to that!
Peri S

Peri: Hey, Benny! Wait up! How come you're always so nice to me? 

Benny: I was raised to be nice to girls. 

Peri: That's a terrible reason! 

Benny: Wh-why's that? 

Peri: If that's all it is, then you'll be nice to anyone as long as they're a 

Benny: I guess that's true. 

Peri: I wanna be special! You should only be nice to meeeee! 

Benny: It's too late for that. I'm sorry... 

Peri: Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! You meanie! Fine! Whatever! I'll just cut down all the 
other girls you're nice to! 

Benny: Um... 

Peri: I'll do it, too! Not even kidding! Give a girl directions? STAB! Say 
her dress looks nice? THWACK! Bake another girl cookies, and I'll split her 
head wide open! 

Benny: You won't have to. Because you're a very special person to me. 

Peri: I am? 

Benny: Yeah. 

Peri: Like how? Talk more about how special I am! 

Benny: Do I have to? 

Peri: I-if you don't... I'll cry... 

Benny: OK, OK! Anything but that. Basically... I... I love you. 

Peri: Waaaaaaaaaaah! 

Benny: W-wait! I did what you wanted! Why are you crying? 

Peri: No, you don't understand. I'm happy. These are tears of joy. *sob* I 
love you too... 

Benny: Really? You feel the same way? In that case... Peri, will you marry 

Peri: *cry* *sob* Yes... I will, Benny! And you'll always love me, right? 
Pinky swear? 

Benny: Pinky swear. Always. 

Peri: Hooray!
A7. Charlotte C

Benny: Hey, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Did someone say my name? Who could it... Oh. 

Benny: Heh... It's me... 

Charlotte: You should announce yourself first, Benny. That was a cute act and 
sweet smile I'll never get back. 

Benny: Heheh... You can switch attitudes as fast as ever, I see. 

Charlotte: Of course. I've been doing it my whole life; it'd be pretty sad if 
I wasn't good at it. I have to be ready at any moment to put on the helpless-
lady act. So stupid. Men have this idiotic dream girl in their minds, but if 
I don't play the part... 

Benny: If everyone knew your real personality, they'd be really surprised. 

Charlotte: Don't even joke about that, Benny. In fact-just so we're clear-if 
you tell everyone that I'm acting most of the time... Well, they may never 
find all of you. 

Benny: Relax... I don't plan on it. 

Charlotte: Good. As long as they think I'm cute and need help, they'll offer 
me all kinds of things. Yikes, here come some folks. It's a pain, but I've 
got no choice! Teehee! Why hello there, everyone! How are you doing? 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Benny: Heh... She could teach them a thing or two about fighting, if she 
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Oh, Benny! Darling! 

Benny: Darling? 

Charlotte: Have you seen anyone else around? Anyone within earshot, perhaps? 

Benny: Oh. Of course. Nope. No one else but me. 

Charlotte: Are you absolutely certain? I'd hate for there to be someone 
hiding nearby... 

Benny: Relax... No one's here. 

Charlotte: ... Pheeeew! Gods, I'm exhausted! 

Benny: Heh... 

Charlotte: I can't believe how many men actually believe this frail act is 
legit. No one in this country is even remotely like this. Maybe that's why it 

Benny: If it's that tiring, why not drop the act and be yourself for a 

Charlotte: As if it's that easy! Don't you understand, Benny? They all expect 
me to act this way. If I don't, I'll never be able to get ahead. 

Benny: Hmpf... 

Charlotte: If the kind of woman I actually am was at all appealing, I 
wouldn't act! But that just isn't the case. 

Benny: I see... That's rough... 

Charlotte: It's a refreshing break to break loose in front of you, I will 

Benny: I actually wanted to ask... Why don't you put on your act around me? 

Charlotte: Well, we have known each other for quite some time now... And 
you've never seemed the type to judge anyone harshly. It's just easier to be 
myself around you. Almost comforting, really. You're like a big, soothing... 
rock. Or something. 

Benny: I suppose that's a good thing. 

Charlotte: OK, that's enough rest for me. Time to go play nice again! 

Benny: OK... Don't push yourself too hard. 

Charlotte: Of course! Now, off I go! 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Benny: Hah... 
Charlotte A

Charlotte: ... 

Benny: Charlotte... Is something wrong? 

Charlotte: I... think I'm jealous of you, Benny. 

Benny: What do you mean? 

Charlotte: You always get to act like yourself. It doesn't matter if people 
are around. You don't put on an act-you just... are. 

Benny: That is true... But a lot of people are afraid of me. More people 
might not be afraid of me if I acted like a totally harmless person. 

Charlotte: Ahaha. I suppose you have a point there. 

Benny: I think you were actually the first person who wasn't afraid to talk 
to me. 

Charlotte: That's because I could tell what kind of person you really were! 
Cowardly, but kind. A gentle giant. 

Benny: Heh... 

Charlotte: I think I'm a little tired of putting on this helpless-damsel act. 

Benny: Why not just be yourself, then? 

Charlotte: Easier said than done, Benny. Much, much easier. 

Benny: You're already an attractive woman. You don't need the act. 

Charlotte: Now you're just saying things to make me feel better... 

Benny: I'm not, but it doesn't matter. No matter how you behave, I'll always 
treat you the same way. 

Charlotte: ... Thank you. I feel a bit better hearing that. 

Benny: Well, good then. 

Charlotte: Changing how I live my life now would be a real pain, so I'll keep 
up the act. Men are kinder and more attentive to me that way, anyway! 

Benny: Hah, if you say so. 

Charlotte: But... make time for me if I get worn down again, all right? 

Benny: Of course. I'll always make time for you. 

Charlotte: Thank you, Benny. You're a real sweetheart. 

Benny: Don't worry about it. We're both helping each other... 
Charlotte S

Benny: Hello, Charlotte. You wanted to talk? 

Charlotte: I wonder if I'm dreaming unrealistically. I have this mental image 
of riches and fame and everything... And it makes regular men unsatisfying to 

Benny: Heh... That seems tough... 

Charlotte: And then I realized something, and it made me more than a little 

Benny: What was it? 

Charlotte: Even if I do find a good partner who meets all my standards... 
I'll constantly be stressed that he'll find out I've been acting all along! 
And if he does, things will fall apart for sure! 

Benny: If that's how you think things will go, what are you going to do? 

Charlotte: Well, I was thinking that maybe it would be better if I changed my 
goal... I could pursue a man who already knows how I am beneath the act. A 
man like that has already accepted me for how I truly am... 

Benny: I'm one of those men, aren't I... 

Charlotte: You are. Actually, you were exactly who I was just talking about, 

Benny: What? Really? But, if we were together, you'd have to give up on your 
desire for vast wealth, right? 

Charlotte: I would, but... I've realized that love and wealth don't have to 
come as a set. 

Benny: I don't have any sort of gold or riches, but I will definitely make 
you happy... I promise. 

Charlotte: Then... it's settled! 

Benny: Charlotte... 

Charlotte: Thinking about it now, it's always been so easy to talk to you, 
Benny. If I can feel like that... I'd want to be with you all the time... 

Benny: We can be together forever.

A8. Azura C

Keaton: Hey, Azura. You're looking kind of down. Did someone nab your 
favorite treasure? 

Azura: No. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm always like this. 

Keaton: Come to think of it, I guess that's true. You always seem a little 

Azura: I'm just not talented at showing my emotions-not like you anyway. 

Keaton: Haha! You make it sound like some sort of skill. I can't help it. How 
I feel is written all over my face! 

Azura: It may be easy for you, Keaton, but not everyone is the same. 

Keaton: Would you like a little help then? I could teach you. You know what, 
don't answer. I'm gonna do it. I'll teach you to express yourself! 

Azura: Oh, my. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
Azura B

Keaton: All right, Azura. Are you ready for your crash course in facial 

Azura: No, but it doesn't seem like you're giving me much choice in the 

Keaton: That's the spirit! Now, close your eyes and hold out your hands like 
so. What?! You don't trust me? Sheesh! Do ya wanna improve or not? ... I 
thought so! That's better. Now keep 'em closed. Here. Hold this. 

Azura: Oh. What is that? It feels... squishy. 

Keaton: OK! Open your eyes! Surprise! 

Azura: This is a frog. 

Keaton: Huh. Last time I did this to a girl, she screamed and threw the frog 
at me. You're not going to react at all?! Not even a little flinch? 

Azura: ... I'm holding a frog. 

Keaton: Oh, I get it. You like frogs, don't you? Awesome! I was sure they'd 
freak you out. 

Azura: Oh, no. They bother me. 

Keaton: Then why are you just standing there? Why don't you jump or cry or 

Azura: I don't know. 

Keaton: Hmm. You're a tougher case than I thought. But don't worry. I've got 
a plan B. I'm going to make you angry. ... Lady Azura, you are a terrible 

Azura: No one has ever told me that before. 

Keaton: Well? Does it make you mad? 

Azura: Yes, it does. I'm very angry with you right now. 

Keaton: Huh. You're telling me you're mad, but your face is telling me... 
nothing. You really are carved from stone, aren't you?! 

Azura: Keaton, I'm leaving. 
(Azura leaves) 

Keaton: Wait a minute! You can't leave in the middle of training! We're not 
Azura A

Azura: Oh... Keaton. It's you. 

Keaton: Hey, Azura. You're not still mad at me, are you? 

Azura: Yes. I'm absolutely livid. 

Keaton: Wow. I'm really sorry. I only said those things to try to get a rise 
out of you. 

Azura: You said that I'm a terrible singer. 

Keaton: But that's obviously not true! You're the best singer I've ever 

Azura: Really? 

Keaton: Yes. Really! 

Azura: So you lied? 

Keaton: Yes, I lied! What part of this are you not getting?! 

Azura: Hmm. You said those things to make me mad... on purpose? 
Keaton: Ding, ding, ding! YES! For crying out loud, I thought that was clear! 

Azura: Ba-hahahaha! 

Keaton: Lady Azura, are you laughing? 

Azura: Heeheehee! Yes, I am! I've been so mad at you this whole time, and you 
were joking! 

Keaton: Yes, it was a joke! Not a very good joke, but still... a joke. Oh, 
thank goodness you finally cracked a smile! My plan worked after all. 

Azura: My whole life I've been rejected by people. At some point, I stopped 
reacting to it. But, Keaton, you've helped me lighten up. Now I can laugh at 

Keaton: That's amazing! I'm so glad you're not mad anymore. You were so 
scary! From now on, I'm going to try to make you laugh instead! 

Azura: Heehee. Thanks, Keaton. I look forward to it.
Azura S

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ? 

Keaton: Oh. Hey, Azura. Were you singing? 

Azura: Heehee. Yes. Did I sound terrible? 

Keaton: No! Of course not! ... Actually, I thought you sounded beautiful. It 
seems like I catch you singing all the time now. 

Azura: Is that so? That must be thanks to you, Keaton. 

Keaton: Huh? 

Azura: I used to be so worried about disappointing someone that I'd freeze 
up. But with you, I can be myself. I know you'll accept me no matter how I'm 

Keaton: Of course! You can't keep all that stuff bottled up. It's not 

Azura: You never swallow your emotions, do you? You just tell it like it is. 

Keaton: W-well... most of the time I do. 

Azura: What do you mean by that? 

Keaton: Never mind. I shouldn't have said anything. It'll just make things 

Azura: Hmm. I've never seen you act so cagey. 

Keaton: Fine. You caught me. I guess I'll just say it. Azura, I'm head over 
heels for you. Will you marry me?! 

Azura: Keaton, is that a ring? An actual ring? 

Keaton: What?! You thought I was gonna weld together some trash for a 

Azura: My goodness. 

Keaton: See? You're doing that thing again where you don't react. I'm about 
to lose my mind! 

Azura: It's just... I don't know how to say this, but Keaton, I love you too. 

Keaton: Really? Woohoo! I'm gonna do my best to make you laugh every day... I 

Azura: I'm sure you will.
A8. Felicia C

Keaton: Feliciaaaaa! Oh, Feliciaaaaa! 

Felicia: K-Keaton?! Not one step closer, you hear me?! I don't want to see 
any more of your nasty bugs! 

Keaton: But this is the best one yet! 

Felicia: NO! NO NO NO! Keep it away! 

Keaton: But it's super special! You'll love it! 

Felicia: No, I won't! I don't want to see another one ever again! Period! 

Keaton: There you go again, you joker! Of course ya do! You're not crazy. 
Besides, you always squeal with glee when I show you one! 

Felicia: That's not glee! It's fear! How do you not get that? 

Keaton: Hahaha! Again with the jokes! As if these beauties could ever disgust 
anyone. Look! It's even got these neat little shooty hairs! I bet they could 
blind someone! 

Felicia: *sigh* You really don't understand, do you? Not everyone shares your 
tastes. Especially not most humans... 

Keaton: Really? Weird! Well, you should still take a gander! What if you like 
it this time? 

Felicia: No! I most definitely will not! Now leave me alone! 
(Felicia leaves) 

Keaton: Felicia! Wait up!
Felicia B

Keaton: Hey, Felicia. What's that you've got in your hand? 

Felicia: Oh! Keaton! It's just part of a plate I dropped a minute ago... 

Keaton: Awesome! It looks super sharp! Can I have it? 

Felicia: Huh? Why? What could you possibly use it for? 

Keaton: What are you talking about? You could do all kinds of things with it! 
You could stare at it, or sharpen it, or put it with your collection, or 
stare at it! 

Felicia: Um, yes, I see. I guess that never occurred to me. 

Keaton: So you said that you were the one who broke it, right? 

Felicia: Yes... Why? 

Keaton: Nice! I think you've got a talent for this sort of thing! 

Felicia: A talent for breaking plates? 

Keaton: Yeah! Normally, when people break plates, the shards aren't nearly as 
cool! But there's something special about the ones you make. No joke. This is 

Felicia: Um, thank you. I've never received a compliment like that before. 
That's very sweet of you to say. 

Keaton: So... you think I could keep it? 

Felicia: Of course. I was just going to throw it away. But be careful with 
it, OK? It's very sharp. I wouldn't want you to get hurt. 

Keaton: Yeah, yeah, sure! Thanks, Felicia! You just keep breakin' plates like 
this for me, OK? 
(Keaton leaves) 

Felicia: What? I can't do that! ... He must have been joking. Right?
Felicia A

Felicia: Aaaaah! Noooo! 
(Dish breaks)

Keaton: Hey, are you OK?! What's wrong? 

Felicia: I tripped and broke a bunch of dishes... again. *gulp* I'm gonna get 
yelled at for sure... 

Keaton: By my mother's tail! It's a mountain of treasures! 

Felicia: Keaton, wait! Those are dangerous! 

Keaton: Awesome, awesome, awesome! You're some kind of genius, Felicia! 

Felicia: Er, thank you, Keaton. But I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing to be 
good at this... *sigh* So many broken plates... I hope they don't take away 
my meal privileges again... 

Keaton: Well, if they do, I'll just share mine with you! 

Felicia: R-really?! That's so kind of you! 

Keaton: Er, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not doing it for you. I just want 
you to keep making these beautiful plate shards. If you starve to death, then 
I'm in sort of a pickle. 

Felicia: But I WANT to stop breaking plates. It's not just the punishment 
that bothers me. 

Keaton: Oh, I see. What a waste... You have so much talent. 

Felicia: Heehee. You're the only one who's ever called my clumsiness a 
talent, you know. Thank you, Keaton. It's nice change of pace. 

Keaton: Huh? I didn't do anything. I just really like your plate shards. 

Felicia: I know, but all the same, thank you. Anyways, happy as I am to have 
a talent... I've still got to stop breaking plates. But I'll tell you what. 
If I do break any by accident, I'll let you know right away. 

Keaton: Woohoo! Thanks! Ah! No! Tail, stop wagging! NOW!
Felicia S

Keaton: Hey, Felicia! 

Felicia: Oh, hello, Keaton. 

Keaton: Hey, would you mind coming with me for a bit? 

Felicia: Um, sure. I don't mind. Why? 

Keaton: Just come with me! It's a surprise. You'll see. 

Felicia: OK, but this better be a good surprise. If it's another bug, I 
(Time passes)
Felicia: Wow! Such a pretty lake! 

Keaton: I heard that humans like places like this, so I decided to find one 
for ya! 

Felicia: Thank you! Was this all you needed me for? 

Keaton: Yes. Well, no. But this is part of it. Sort of. What I mean is- Gah! 
OK! Felicia! 

Felicia: Yes? What is it? 

Keaton: Put out your hand. I have something I want to give to you! 

Felicia: No way! I'm not falling for that one again! You know how I feel 
about bugs, Keaton! 

Keaton: No! It's not a bug today! Just... put out your hand, OK? 

Felicia: Fine. But if this is a trick... 

Keaton: ... Here! 

Felicia: A ring?! 

Keaton: Felicia, will you marry me? 

Felicia: ... 

Keaton: What did you do that for?! You could have just said no! 

Felicia: I'm so sorry! I was just so surprised, I accidentally threw it! I 
didn't even know that could happen! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! What 
should we do? 

Keaton: So surprised, you chucked it 50 yards out?! Agh. Oh well. Nothing to 
be done about it. So, um, back to the matter at paw. Will you marry me? 

Felicia: ... 

Keaton: What are you doing?! You didn't even have anything to throw this 
time! Oh, never mind. It's not important. Look, I'm in love with you, 
Felicia. I want to be with you, and no one else. Is that... OK? 

Felicia: No one's ever said anything like that to me before... 

Keaton: It's all right if you don't want to. I'll understand. 

Felicia: I'm going diving! 

Keaton: Huh? 

Felicia: In the lake! I wish to accept your ring. 

Keaton: So you mean you'll marry me? 

Felicia: Yes. 

Keaton: YAHOO!! I'm the luckiest guy in the world! 

Felicia: Yes. Now, if you will excuse me... I have jewelry to collect. 

Keaton: Hang on there! Don't do anything reckless. The ring isn't important. 
We have our love, and that's all that matters! 

Felicia: No. I want that ring. 

Keaton: Uh... 

Felicia: ... 

Keaton: ... OK, then! Let's go diving! 

Felicia: Hooray! I'll be right behind you!
A8. Mozu C

Mozu: Oh, hey there, Keaton! 

Keaton: Well, if it isn't Mozu! How are you? 

Mozu: Wait a minute... 

Keaton: Uh... is something wrong? 

Mozu: You! You're country folk too, aren't you? 

Keaton: What? That's ridiculous! What makes you say that? 

Mozu: No use trying to hide it. I can tell from the way you smell! It's all 
over you. 

Keaton: Don't be ridiculous! I am not! 

Mozu: Haha, only a real bumpkin would get that upset over being called one! 
Trust me. It takes one to know one.  

Keaton: Well then you don't know one! 

Mozu: So, from one bumpkin to another, I say we should be pals! Whaddaya say? 

Keaton: I'm NOT a bumpkin!
Mozu B

Mozu: *sigh* 

Keaton: Hey, Mozu! 

Mozu: Hm? Oh. Hi, Keaton. 

Keaton: What are you doing staring off into space like that? 

Mozu: I was just thinking of my village. It was such a peaceful place 
before... you know. 

Keaton: Oh. Before the attack... Yeah, I bet it was. 

Mozu: People would sing while they worked all through the harvest season. We 
got so excited when the yield was good. We'd have dances every night. No one 
ever had much money, but we always had each other. ... 

Keaton: Are you OK? 

Mozu: I don't know. Not really. I'm sorry to be such a downer, Keaton. I seem 
to be getting like this a lot these days. 

Keaton: I don't mind. There's nothing wrong with missing your home and your 
family. Listening to you reminds me of my home, up in the mountains. It's 

Mozu: Oh? What kind of life did you live there? 

Keaton: I hunted, mostly. Spent a lot of time in the woods around us. Never 
was much for traps though. 

Mozu: Oh? I'm pretty good at hunting too.  

Keaton: Really now? How about we have ourselves a little hunting contest 
sometime, then? 

Mozu: Anytime, anywhere. But I knew it. I just knew it. 

Keaton: Huh? Knew what?  

Mozu: You lived in the mountains and spent all your days hunting, right?  
That means you're just like me: a bona fide country bumpkin! 

Keaton: Wait a minute! You take that back! I'm a sophisticated man about 
town! Really!  

Mozu: Haha, I've never heard of a sophisticated man that lived in the 

Keaton: Grrrr... 
Mozu A

Mozu: Now! 

Keaton: Grrrrr! Hey! It went that way!  

Mozu: Perfect! Right into the trap! 

Keaton: Yep. Bagged ourselves a juicy little rabbit!  

Mozu: Yeehaw! You weren't kidding when you said you were good at this. 

Keaton: You're no slouch yourself, Mozu. That trap was a neat piece of work. 

Mozu: Heehee. Thanks! You know, this was really fun. It's been a long time 
since I've gone hunting like this with someone.  

Keaton: Me too! This was great! 

Mozu: Thanks for suggesting we come out and do this. I was really depressed 
thinking about old times... But I think this was the perfect medicine. You 
knew that when you asked, didn't you? 

Keaton: What? No! It's not like that!  I just wanted to go hunting! I swear! 

Mozu: Haha! I don't believe that for a second.  

Keaton: Whatever. Believe what you want! 

Mozu: Seriously, though... thank you. You've given me the strength I needed 
to go on. 

Keaton: Um. Sure. You're welcome. If you want to go hunting again, just let 
me know. I'll be available anytime.  

Mozu: OK, I'll do that. Heh. We bumpkins gotta stick together, don't we? 

Keaton: I-I ain't no darn bumpkin! Ugh. Never mind. In any case, I agree... 
we should probably stick together. Friends? 

Mozu: You bet!
Mozu S

Mozu: It went that way! 

Keaton: Gotcha... HIYAAA!! Ha! A flawless victory! 

Mozu: Yeehaw! That deer is huge! Looks like we aren't gonna run short on food 
anytime soon. Now I just need to field dress him and clean up. After all, we 
can't go wasting a life that was sacrificed for our benefit. 

Keaton: Agreed! I'll help... 
(Time passes)

Mozu: That should about take care of it. 

Keaton: Just what I've come to expect from you, Mozu. Talk about a 

Mozu: Don't be silly. Any hunter worth their salt could do the same. Like 
you! You're like a dancer when you hunt. Not a single wasted movement. 

Keaton: Heh. All in a day's work. You know... I was thinking. We make a 
really great team. If we were partners, we'd probably never want for 

Mozu: Yeah! Maybe we could become hunting partners after all this fighting is 

Keaton: Yeah, that'd be great. Maybe we could even get married! Hahaha... 

Mozu: Huh? You shouldn't joke around like that. You could really hurt 
someone's feelings. 

Keaton: It's not a joke! Mozu, will you marry me? 

Mozu: Are you sure? I'm not as cute as most of the girls around these parts. 
And I'm just a simple country girl. Why would you want someone like me? 

Keaton: Don't be ridiculous! That's one of the reasons I love you, Mozu. 
Besides, I'm a country person too. 

Mozu: Ha! So you're finally admitting it, eh? But even if you are... 

Keaton: No buts about it! I don't want anyone else! I love you and only you. 

Mozu: Keaton... you're sure about this? 

Keaton: More than anything. Please... will you be with me? 

Mozu: ... Yes. I will! We're going to have an amazing life together, I just 
know it. 

Keaton: Me too!
A8. Elise C

Elise: KEATON! Let's playyyyyy! 

Keaton: Glahkfb- 

Elise: Yay yay yay! So FLUFFY! Who's a good fluffy? Huh? Who's a goob 

Keaton: H-hey, leggo of me! 

Elise: There, there, that's a good boy. Yes, you are! Yes, you are! 

Keaton: Nnnnghhg! Cut it ouuut. I'm not some dumb puppy! I'm a fierce and 
noble wolf. 

Elise: Aww, I'm sorry, Keaton! It's just that whenever I look at you, I think 
of Joseph. 

Keaton: Who the heck is Joseph? 

Elise: He's a really popular puppy in town! He's the cutest puppy that ever 
was. No offense! 

Keaton: Why would I take offense? Didn't I just tell you I'm a wolf?! 

Elise: Joseph loves playing with furballs! You love furballs, too, don't you, 
Keaton? Here, have this one! 

Keaton: Oh, no... not a furball... Can't... control... Grrrrrrr. 

Elise: So do ya like it? 

Keaton: I-I told you, I'm not a puppy! Why would I want something a puppy 
likes? Grrrawr! I'm outta here. 
(Keaton leaves) 

Elise: Ah! He left in a hurry... Heehee. I think he liked it!
Elise B

Keaton: Gah?! Oh, it's just you. What do you want? 

Elise: I just wanted to apologize for treating you like a puppy the other 
day. You're a full-grown wolf, and I should treat you like it. 

Keaton: Hmph! You're apologizing NOW? Well, too late, sister! 

Elise: Oh? Are you sure about that? 'Cause I brought some bone-in meat to 
show you how sorry I am. 

Keaton: Wh-what? You did?! 

Elise: Is thiiiiis enough to let you forgive me? 

Keaton: Never! You can't just buy my forgiveness! Not even with succulent red 
beef meat! 

Elise: Oh... I guess I'll just have to eat it myself, then. 

Keaton: W-wait! Wait! Waaaaaaait! I-if you insist... I'll eat that meat for 
you. But only if you insist! 

Elise: No, that's OK. I'll just bring you something else to show you how 
sorry I am. 

Keaton: Y-you don't have to bring something else... Just... just give it to 

Elise: Huh? 

Keaton: Oh, come on! PLEASE! Give it to me! Now! I can't stand it anymore! It 
smells so good... 

Elise: Oh thiiiis? So you DO want it, huh? Does that mean you forgive me? 

Keaton: Yes! I forgive you, I forgive you! A million times, I forgive you! 

Elise: Yayyy! So then when you're done eating, will you play with me? 

Keaton: Hey, I thought you brought that stuff to apologize to me, not to 
extort me! That wasn't part of the deal! 

Elise: Awww. Are you saying you don't want it anymore? 

Keaton: Uuuuurrrgggghh... Fine! I'll play whatever you want! Just... please. 
Please... give me the meat. 

Elise: OK! Here ya go! 

Keaton: Oh boy! COME TO PAPA! MUAHAHAHA! *chomp* *smack* *smack* *gobble* 
Elise A

Elise: Hey, you! 

Keaton: Hey. You didn't happen to bring any steaks with you today, did you? 

Elise: Sorry, I don't have any today... 

Keaton: Oh. Oh well. 

Elise: H-hey! Come back here! 

Keaton: What? 

Elise: You'll still play with me, right? Even if I didn't bring you a treat 
this time... 

Keaton: Sure, I GUESS I can do that. 

Elise: S-so you'll play some games with me today then? Like, right now? 

Keaton: Wellllll... it's a pain in the neck, but it's not like I have 
anything else to do. So if you INSIST, I can probably stand to play around 
for a bit. 

Elise: OK! Then I insist! 

Keaton: OK! Whaddaya wanna do first? How about tag? Or-or catch? Or, um, 
hide-and-seek? You should know though, this nose makes me a great finder! 

Elise: I'm so happy. 

Keaton: Hm? 'Bout what? 

Elise: I know it's because of the war, and it makes sense and all, but... 
Don't you think everyone looks scared a lot more often these days? 

Keaton: Hmm. Yeah, maybe. 

Elise: But you're always up to play with me! So thank you, Keaton. 

Keaton: Heh. No problem. Heck, if it makes you this happy, you can call on me 
anytime you want! 

Elise: Really? Anytime I want? You mean it?! Then how about we hang out all 

Keaton: Er, uh, all day isn't really what I... I mean, there's stuff I wanna 
do too... 

Elise: But you just said you'd play with me anytime I wanted! 

Keaton: Yeah, but I was just saying that to be enthusiastic and cheer you up 
and stuff... 

Elise: You mean it was a lie?! Keaton, did you lie to me?! You know I'm a 
princess, right? Do you know what the punishment is for lying to a princess 
in Nohr? 

Keaton: Ack! No! I wasn't lying! All day, you said? Okeydokey! All day it is, 

Elise: Yaaaaay! Thank you, Keaton! 

Keaton: *sigh* I knew this promise would come back to bite me, but I didn't 
think it'd be this soon. But... oh well! What game do you want to play, 

Elise: Ooh, good question! What game, what game...?
Elise S

Keaton: Elise! I've decided that today is the day I allow you to see my 

Elise: Really?! Yay! I'm so excited! You talk about them so much! I wonder 
what they're like. 

Keaton: First up iiiiis... THIS beauty! Don't find fruit bats like these 
everywhere, do ya? Look at how dry it is! I bet it baked for days before I 
found it! 

Elise: Ewwwwwwww! Get it away! 

Keaton: And next on the docket iiiiiis... Well, I'm not really sure what it 
is, but I think it's some kind of bug thing! Ta-da! 

Elise: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! It's still moving! 

Keaton: And finally, for my most treasured possession! Are you ready for 

Elise: No! That's enough! No more! 

Keaton: What?! B-but the next one's the most important one! 

Elise: NO!! I don't wanna see it! Your treasures are all disgusting! 

Keaton: Th-they are not! You just gotta take a closer look, is all. Here! 

Elise: NO! Don't you dare take another step closer! 

Keaton: F-fine! At least just have a quick look at this last one. I'll even 
back up. 

Elise: If you show me something yucky, I'm gonna hate you forever, you hear 
me? Forever! 

Keaton: OK, OK! It'll be fine. I think you'll like this one. I hope. My last 
treasure is... this. 

Elise: Huh? Is this... a ring? 

Keaton: Yeah. Do you like it? 

Elise: WOW! It's SO pretty! 

Keaton: Do, um... do you want it? 

Elise: Do I want it? Are you giving it to me? 

Keaton: Yeah, if you want it, I'll give it to you. But not for nothin'. 

Elise: Sure, OK! What did you want in return? 

Keaton: I-if you go out with me, you can have it! 

Elise: Huh? I woulda done that anyways! You mean I get a ring, too? 

Keaton: Wait. Really? 

Elise: Sure! I think you're super great! 

Keaton: Oh. Uh... OK. 

Elise: Did you not want me to say yes? 

Keaton: What?! No, I didn't say that! Of course I wanted you to say yes. I 
really, really like you. I just didn't expect you to feel the same way. 

Elise: Well I do! So let's go! 

Keaton: You mean right now? O-OK, sure! You know, I think this is gonna be 
the start of something amazing! 

Elise: Teehee! Me too, Keaton! Me too!
A8. Camilla C

Keaton: Wow, this is awesome.

Camilla: Hello, Keaton. I hadn't expected to meet you here, of all places.

Keaton: Oh! Camilla! You're just in time to see something awesome! Look! Look 
in this hole!

Camilla: That's not a "hole" so much a small cave. What did you say you'd 
found in here? 

Keaton: I can't tell you-it would spoil the surprise! Just hurry up and look!

Camilla: I was just about to. There's no need to rush me. Oh my. These bones 
are... human. And there are so many... 

Keaton: Isn't it great? They're so pretty when they've been picked clean like 

Camilla: Yes, they do seem to have been here for quite some time. Might this 
be an ancient burial ground?

Keaton: I'd take them all home with me, but I don't think I could carry them 

Camilla: Why would you bring a bunch of bones home with you?

Keaton: Are you kidding?! They'd be the centerpiece of my table!

Camilla: To each his own... 
Camilla B

Keaton: Camilla, there's an emergency!

Camilla: An emergency? What's happened?

Keaton: No time to explain! It's that bad!

Camilla: Calm yourself, Keaton. If you want my help with whatever it is, you 
must explain the situation first.

Keaton: Wh-who said I wanted your help?!

Camilla: Suit yourself. In that case, good day.

Keaton: Camilla, wait! I'm sorry! I'll explain! Don't gooooooo!

Camilla: What seems to be the problem?

Keaton: I can't get back there! You know, to the bone hole!

Camilla: "Bone hole"? I hope for your sake that you mean the burial ground 
you showed me.

Keaton: Yeah, that! I can't get there anymore!

Camilla: You haven't forgotten the way, have you?

Keaton: Psh! Me? I totally know the way! I just keep going around in circles 
when I try to follow it for some reason.

Camilla: Which is another way of saying you've forgotten.

Keaton: Believe what you want. Let's not get hung up on fiddly details. The 
point is, I want to see the bone hole again! You do too, right? Who wouldn't?

Camilla: I'll decline. I've never been a connoisseur of human remains.

Keaton: *sniff* So that's how it's gonna be... 

Camilla: Oh, very well. Come with me, then.

Keaton: Hooray! I knew you'd be dying to see it again!

Camilla: On the contrary; I'm guiding you there because you seemed on the 
verge of tears.

Keaton: I-I... I wasn't gonna cry!

Camilla: Then you won't mind if I don't take you there.

Keaton: *sniffle* Nooooo... 

Camilla: Hmhmhm. I thought as much. You're adorable when you're pitiful. 
Shall we be going, then? Follow me.

Keaton: Hmph. I feel... used, somehow.
Camilla A

Keaton: I can't get over how cool the bones in here are!

Camilla: How long are you planning on staring at those?

Keaton: Man, who knows. You'd think it would've gotten old by now, but it 
never does!

Camilla: Meanwhile, I was bored hours ago, so I'll be heading back now.

Keaton: W-wait... you're going back by yourself?

Camilla: Unless that's a problem, yes.

Keaton: No, it's just... You might run into trouble on the way home, yeah? 
Which would be dangerous if I wasn't there with you.

Camilla: I don't run afoul of bandits, dear. They run afoul of me.

Keaton: Hmm... yeah, you'll probably be fine.

Camilla: Keaton, if you don't think you can get home on your own, simply say 

Keaton: Wh-what a thing to say! Of course I can get home by myself!

Camilla: Excellent. Then I'll be on my way.

Keaton: Urgh... C-c'mon, I'll just be a little longer, and then we can go 
home together.

Camilla: ...If you insist.

Keaton: Heheh! Sorry, Camilla. But you don't find bones like these just 

Camilla: Thank goodness for that. Most people would be uneasy around them.

Keaton: Oh yeah? How come? Gosh, if THIS makes them nervous, they'd better 
never visit my hometown. The whole place is littered with the bones of people 
I've killed.

Camilla: Erm... is it now.

Keaton: Yep! You can hardly take three steps without tripping over 'em! It's 
'cause I killed every last jerk who came to take my pelt.

Camilla: So that's why I detected the stench of blood on you.

Keaton: What?! But that was months ago... and I bathed just last week... 

Camilla: A bath won't suffice. The scent of blood seeps deep beneath the 

Keaton: Huh, who knew?

Camilla: It's never bothered me, mind you. I'm only telling you for your 
information. Now come along, or I really shall leave you behind to find your 
own way.
(Camilla leaves)

Keaton: W-w-wait up!
Camilla S

Keaton: Hey, Camilla.

Camilla: What is it, Keaton?

Keaton: I think you need a strong man.

Camilla: You have 10 seconds from the end of this sentence to reconsider that 

Keaton: No, no, think about it! You're going to get married someday, right?

Camilla: Only a wolfskin could dig himself this deeply, this quickly.

Keaton: Come on, just hear me out! Whatever man you marry has gotta be 
strong. A real tough guy.

Camilla: That seems sensible.

Keaton: Right?! Saaaay... how many bandits did I take down by myself the 
other day? I forget.

Camilla: ... 

Keaton: Normally I'd remember, but they were such lightweights, I barely 
noticed 'em.

Camilla: This can't possibly be what you're driving at, but... 

Keaton: Wh-who, me?

Camilla: Are you slowly coming around to asking me to marry you?

Keaton: Whaaaaaat? Pfffffft! Pssssh! Haaaaah! ME? Marry YOU? What a crazy 
idea I've never thought about before!

Camilla: I see... My mistake.

Keaton: Uh, well, wait! Now that you bring it up... it gets me to wondering 
if maybe, you know... 

Camilla: What is it?

Keaton: Grrrrrrrgh! Fine! You're gonna make me come out and say it, huh?

Camilla: That's correct. I haven't the time for anyone who can't muster the 
courage to ask for himself.

Keaton: F-fine! You asked for it! ...P-please marry me, Camilla.

Camilla: ... 

Keaton: Look! I found a ring somewhere for you and everything! It's a beaut!

Camilla: ... 

Keaton: Camilla, you're killing me. Say something... 

Camilla: I accept your proposal... if not your ring.

Keaton: What?! Really?!

Camilla: You're a cheerful, friendly fool, and yet... you have that 
intriguing reek of blood beneath it all. I'm drawn to the parts of you that 
you're careful to keep hidden.

Keaton: I-I'm not sure what you mean by that, but you're serious? You'll 
marry me?

Camilla: Gladly.

Keaton: Wow! What a day! Thanks, Camilla! Yesssssssssssss!

Camilla: It's going to be like this all the time from now on, isn't it? Ah 
A8. Effie C

Effie: *huff* *huff* *huff*

Keaton: Effie! What are you doing? 

Effie: Oh, hello, Keaton. Just a little light exercise. 

Keaton: But that's a whole tree trunk you're lifting! How are you doing that? 

Effie: It's simple. I just train hard and make sure to eat right. You know... 
plenty of red meat and raw eggs. 

Keaton: That's weird. I eat TONS of red meat and as many eggs as I can 
find... But I could never lift anything like that. 

Effie: Oh, you're just being modest. Here, catch! 

Keaton: Gah! Hrrrrgh! Effie, help! 

Effie: Looking good, Keaton. Feel the burn! 

Keaton: You... you don't understand... hnnngh. This... is... literally... 
killing me... Please! Take it from me! 

Effie: Oh, all right. Is that better? 

Keaton: Phew! I thought I was done for. 

Effie: Please don't take this the wrong way, Keaton, but you need to build 
some muscle. Not to worry, though. I can design a custom workout plan for 

Keaton: Gee, Effie. That'd be... great.
Effie B

Keaton: Oh, hey, Effie! Whatcha doin'? Another crazy workout? 

Effie: Hi, Keaton. Just the usual. And where are you headed? 

Keaton: Aw, I was gonna head out and do some hunting. I've got a thirst for 
raw meat! Awhooooo! 

Effie: Hmm... would you mind if I came along? 

Keaton: Not at all! Hunting in a pack is way more fun anyway! 

Effie: Well, it sounds like vigorous exercise... and I'm a bit bored of my 
usual routine... Plus, if we catch something... that's just more protein for 

Keaton: Ha! That's the spirit! 

Effie: All right, Keaton. Show me how it's done. 
(Time passes)

Keaton: Whoa, Effie! Hold on! 

Effie: What? There's a rabbit under there! Quickly, before it escapes- 

Keaton: Yeah... you don't need to rip the whole tree out by its roots. 
There's an easier way, trust me. 

Effie: What... like digging for it? 

Keaton: Digging? What, you're gonna just dig and dig through some rabbit 

Effie: Well, I suppose I'd dig until exhaustion, or until I struck water... 
Whichever comes first, of course. 

Keaton: Yeah... I guess that's one way to do it. But here's what I do... I 
just crouch down nearby and wait for the bunny to come out. Then I pounce! 

Effie: Oh, that sounds terribly boring! Well, at least we're both here to 
keep each other company. 

Keaton: Yeah! Now... SHH!
Effie A

Effie: HRRRRGH... 341! HRRRRGH... 342! 

Keaton: Whoa, you're up to two trees at once? 

Effie: *huff* *huff* *huff* Keaton... *huff* Sorry, let me catch my breath... 

Keaton: You're unbelievable! Can you even get any stronger than you already 

Effie: Of course! There's always room for improvement. I'm sworn to 
protect... and I take my duties very seriously. Truth be told... I hardly 
feel strong at all. There are times when I feel so inadequate. 

Keaton: Aw, you're kidding, right? Not only are you the strongest person I 
know... you're probably the bravest, too. Anyone you're protecting is in good 

Effie: Do you really mean that? 

Keaton: I mean... yeah... of course. Why is it suddenly so hot out here? And 
why is my fur so itchy? 

Effie: Heh... 

Keaton: So, uh, anyway... are ya hungry or anything? 

Effie: It's like you read my mind! I'm starving. Do you have anything to eat? 

Keaton: You bet! I figured you'd be out here working up an appetite like 
usual. So I brought something special. Some of my own homemade jerky! Now, 
some humans have told me that it's a little gamey- 

Effie: *om* *nom* *nom* Got any more? 

Keaton: Yeah, sure... there's plenty more where that came from! 

Effie: Well, what are you waiting for? Keep it coming! I have to take my diet 
as seriously as my training. And that means eating plenty after a big 
workout. So, if you wouldn't mind sharing... I believe I could eat an entire 
cow, hooves and all. 

Keaton: Are you sure you're 100 percent human?
Effie S

Keaton: Hey, Effie... do you have a minute? 

Effie: Of course, Keaton. What is it? 

Keaton: I'm not really sure how to say this, so I'm just gonna blurt it out. 
You're really strong. Like, megastrong! I don't even know if I could beat you 
in a wrestling match if I transformed. 

Effie: Uh-huh... 

Keaton: But... uh... even though you're so strong, it's gotta be hard to go 
it alone. 

Effie: I'm not sure what you're talking about, Keaton. We team up all the 

Keaton: Yeah... but I guess I'm talking about going it alone in LIFE. Y'know? 
So... what I'm saying is... will you marry me? 

Effie: You and me... marry? 

Keaton: Yeah! I mean, if you wanna. Is that a weird idea? We totally don't 
have to! If... if you don't want to. But I guess I was kinda hoping you 

Effie: Oh, Keaton. Yes. YES! A thousand times, yes! Your companionship means 
so much to me... I thought you'd never ask. 

Keaton: Awhoooo! Yes, yes, yes! 

Effie: This is so wonderful! And I promise to protect you as long as I 

Keaton: Wait, what? You're gonna protect ME? 

Effie: Well, of course! Why wouldn't I? 

Keaton: Well, I thought it would be the other way around! I'd protect you! 
Don'tcha think that would be nice? To have someone protecting you for once? 

Effie: Yes, but, Keaton... let's not fool ourselves. I am the stronger of us. 
Or shall we have a competition to see for sure? Yes, I can see it now! Ten 
events, measuring strength, agility, reflexes- 

Keaton: OK, fine! You're right-we don't need to have a competition. But even 
though you're strong, you could still use someone watching your back. And 
that's gonna be me! If anyone messes with you, they're gonna get my fangs. 

Effie: Let's just agree to protect each other. 

Keaton: Yeah! That's exactly what I was thinkin'! 

Effie: Until the end of time. Right, Keaton? 

Keaton: You got it. Yeah!
A8. Nyx C

Keaton: Oh! Well, if it isn't Nyx! 

Nyx: Keaton... 

Keaton: You're still so tiny! Are you getting enough meat? You've gotta eat 
if you want to grow up nice and big! 

Nyx: ... 

Keaton: Oh-are you a vegetarian? Well, hmm. Maybe drink lots of milk? I'm 
sure there's something you can do. 

Nyx: Two things... 

Keaton: Wh- Huh? 

Nyx: First, you've no call to make judgments about a woman's body. Some are 
slender. Some aren't. Some are tall. Some aren't. So be careful, and consider 
her feelings before you speak. 

Keaton: O... oh... OK. I'm sorry, I guess... 

Nyx: Second. I will never grow, no matter how much I eat. This body is a 

Keaton: A curse? Huh? You're losing me. 

Nyx: ... I should have expected that this would be somewhat difficult for 

Keaton: Wait, no, I really don't get it! Are you making fun of me? Is that 
it? Help!
Nyx B

Keaton: Nyx! Hey, Nyx! 

Nyx: Keaton... 

Keaton: Look! I brought you some pork! It's all yours, so eat as much as you 

Nyx: ... 

Keaton: Aww, did I leave you speechless? That's OK, I don't need thanks. Dig 
in, and grow up big and strong! 

Nyx: Please don't rub my head. Keaton... I'm grateful for all of this. I 
truly am. 

Keaton: Grateful? For this? W-well, truth be told, I wasn't really doing it 
for you... It just so happened I had some left over, is all! 

Nyx: But didn't I make it plain? No matter how much I eat, I will remain this 
way. Forever. 

Keaton: Ohhh! Huh... 

Nyx: Do you understand now? 

Keaton: So all the stuff you eat... If it's not making you taller or 
stronger... where does it all go? 

Nyx: ... This is not an appropriate line of discussion to have with a lady. 

Keaton: S-sorry! 

Nyx: It's a curse... 

Keaton: A curse? 

Nyx: Yes... one that can never be lifted. I did terrible things. Long ago... 
when I was a child in mind as well as body. 

Keaton: So that's it... And there I was, running my fool mouth. I'm real 
sorry, Nyx. That sounds like a horrible curse! It must be hard on you. 

Nyx: I don't pay it much mind anymore. I'm used to it by now. 

Keaton: But with this curse of yours... What happens if you eat a lot right 
before a battle? How do you handle that?! 

Nyx: ... 

Keaton: I don't know what I'd do with myself! I eat so much that just 
imagining it gives me the willies pretty fierce. 

Nyx: I suspect you may need more time to grasp my situation... 
Nyx A

Nyx: From an early age, I showed promise in the use of the dark arts. I used 
the blackest, most forbidden spells as freely as I pleased. 

Keaton: OK... 

Nyx: I ended the lives of many innocents. Until one day, I cast a certain 
spell that took its toll on me... I found myself frozen in this state, never 
to age another day. Do you understand now? 

Keaton: So what you're saying is... you're gonna stay a kid? Forever? 

Nyx: Yes! At last, you understand me. 

Keaton: Yeah, I get it now. Whew, though... that's a doozy of a curse. It's 
way worse than when I thought the curse turned everything you ate into- 

Nyx: Yes, well. It's much too late now. This is the price I must pay for my 

Keaton: Oh, I dunno... now that I think about it, I'm kinda jealous. 

Nyx: Jealous? Of me? 

Keaton: You're stuck as a kid forever, right? That means you can act a fool 
and no one can ever get mad! No one will ever say "Act your age," because you 
ARE! Think of all the things you could get away with if you wanted! 

Nyx: ... I try not to make a fool of myself. 

Keaton: Really?! What a waste! Don't you realize how much candy you could be 

Nyx: What a revolting idea. Why would anyone deliberately overstuff 

Keaton: W-well, sure, but... You honestly can't think of anything only a 
kid's allowed to do?! 

Nyx: Nothing that interests me, no. I have the mind of a fully grown adult. 
The ability to act like a child is of no use to me whatsoever. 

Keaton: Oh... well, suit yourself... 

Nyx: Still, I've never heard anyone envy my condition. You're a strange 

Keaton: Hahaha! I could say the same about you! If you ever DO feel the urge 
to romp around, call me up and I'll join you! 

Nyx: Hmhmhm. Very kind of you.
Nyx S

Keaton: Hey, Nyx. 

Nyx: Ah, Keaton. 

Keaton: Out of curiosity, is there anything you want? 

Nyx: That's an odd question. Are you planning to give me a gift? 

Keaton: N-no! Don't be dumb! It was just a simple question! It didn't mean 
anything! Hmph! 

Nyx: Is that so? 

Keaton: So, nothing, huh? 

Nyx: An adult's body, of course. 

Keaton: Oh... 

Nyx: Not what you had in mind? 

Keaton: N-no... That's fine... 

Nyx: Hmhm. You seem stymied. 

Keaton: Rrrrgh... 

Nyx: Though when I wish for an adult's body... What I really wish for is a 
normal life, like the people around me. 

Keaton: What's a normal life? 

Nyx: Hmm... That's a surprisingly difficult question to answer. But what I 
want out of life, that I can't have as I am... is to love and be loved and 
have a proper family. I suppose that's what I mean when I say "normal." 

Keaton: Is that all? You can have that now! 

Nyx: ... You're quite wrong about that. 

Keaton: Well, what's stopping you? 

Nyx: With this body, it wouldn't matter who I loved... They could never love 
me back. 

Keaton: I-I... 

Nyx: Hm? 

Keaton: But I love you! 

Nyx: What?! 

Keaton: It doesn't matter to me what you look like! I love you! The actual 
you, standing there! S-so... Wanna get married? 

Nyx: Keaton... isn't this a bit rushed? 

Keaton: No, just listen! You want a family, right? I'll take care of it! I'll 
do whatever you want to make sure you're happy all the time. I'll make you so 
happy that you forget about being stuck as a kid! 

Nyx: Keaton... are you certain? This isn't a passing phase... You will grow 
old, but I will always look just the way I do now. 

Keaton: It's really not such a big deal for me. As long as I have you, I'm 

Nyx: ... ... Thank you, Keaton. 

Keaton: So what do you say? 

Nyx: I say yes. I will marry you.
A8. Selena C

Selena: Keaton! 

Keaton: Selena! What brings you here? 

Selena: Word around camp is that you're the best hunter we've got. 

Keaton: That's right! No one's bested me in a hunt since I was a kid! 

Selena: Well, I'm afraid your days as the uncontested champion are over. 

Keaton: Huh? What do you mean? 

Selena: I mean that my hunting skills are far superior to your own. 

Keaton: Oh! So you wanna compete? That sounds great! I was just thinking 
about how our meat supply was running a little low. 

Selena: Then what are we talking for? Let's do it! 

Keaton: OK! But the loser has to do something embarrassing in the town 

Selena: Huh? Something embarrassing? 

Keaton: Yeah! If there's not a penalty, we're not gonna be too motivated, are 

Selena: I guess so... but does it really have to be something in the middle 
of town? 

Keaton: Aw, I understand if you don't want to. I mean, if you're gonna lose 

Selena: Fine! I accept your terms! I'm gonna destroy you! 

Keaton: Haha! That's the spirit!
Selena B

Keaton: HA! I won! I knew it! Bow before the best hunter in the world! 

Selena: Hang on a minute! There's got to be some mistake! 

Keaton: Pshaw. I got you beat in both quality and quantity. Check 'em 

Selena: But I wasn't feeling at 100 percent today! Maybe we should have a 
rematch. On any other day, I'd have caught 20 times as much! So let's just 
forget this ever happened! Deal? Deal. 

Keaton: Making lame excuses isn't like you, Selena. Have some dignity. 

Selena: I'm not making excuses! I'm just explaining why this happened! 

Keaton: Ha, suuuure. You just don't wanna pay the price. 

Selena: This has nothing to do with that!  

Keaton: Oh? OK, then let's head over to the town square. 

Selena: Wait! Hang on a second! Ugh... 
(Time passes)
Selena: You've gotta be kidding me. There are too many people around! Do I 
really have to embarrass myself in front of all these people? 

Keaton: Well, if you beg, I might let you off the hook. 

Selena: Never! I don't need your pity! In fact, I'm great at this stuff! I'll 
make everyone here laugh their heads off! 

Keaton: All right, then prove it! 

Selena: I am! I'm gonna do it right now! This whole place is gonna be ringing 
with laughter any second now! Um... ... ... Cock-a-doodle-doooo! 

Keaton: Huh? 

Selena: ... 

Keaton: Is that all? 

(Selena leaves) 

Keaton: Aaaaand she's gone... Man, that was painful to watch... 
Selena A

Selena: ... 

Keaton: Hey, Selena! 

Selena: Keaton. 

Keaton: I, uh, I just wanted to tell you that your joke the other day was 

Selena: Huh? 

Keaton: You know, in the town square? You sounded so much like a rooster, I 
almost believed it! I mean it! For a second, I thought you belonged on a 

Selena: Is that supposed to be a compliment? 

Keaton: What? No! And I wasn't trying to cheer you up, either. 

Selena: Thanks, Keaton. 

Keaton: Eh? 

Selena: I mean, don't take it too seriously! I'm just being polite. But yeah, 
I said thanks. I appreciate your trying to cheer me up. 

Keaton: I didn't come here for your gratitude! I only came because it's 
boring to be around you when you're moping! So hurry up and get better, for 
my sake! I want to have fun again. 

Selena: HEY! I'll get better in my own time, regardless of what YOU want! 
Anyway, I'm completely fine now! So stop worrying about me so much! 

Keaton: Well, fine. Then I guess I don't need to give you this present 
anymore. Even though I came all this way just to give it to you! 

Selena: A present? 

Keaton: I mean, it's just an extra one I had lying around. It's not anything 
special. Here. 

Selena: ... 

Keaton: Maybe if you practice with this little guy, your crowing skills will 
get even better. 

Selena: YOU MORON! No girl in the world would be happy to get a baby chicken 
as a present! What were you even thinking? Although... I guess he IS pretty 
cute. And he'd make sure I always wake up on time... Hmm. I guess I'll just 
have to take good care of him! You better be grateful! 

Keaton: Are you sure you're capable of taking care of him? Maybe I should 
come by to check in on him every now and then. 

Selena: Sure, fine. I guess I can tolerate you coming by whenever you want. 
But don't go too long between visits, or our little friend might miss you... 

Keaton: Heh, you got it!
Selena S

Keaton: Selena! You got a sec? 

Selena: Not really. Some people have to work around here. But I guess I can 
hear you out if it's important. What's up? 

Keaton: If you're really that busy, it can wait, I guess. It's not like I had 
something really important to tell you... *sigh* 

Selena: OK... In that case, I'm gonna go. I'm really leaving now... I may not 
have any more spare time for a long while after this. Going once, going 
twice... Going thrice... 

Keaton: Well if this is our ONLY chance, maybe we should talk now. 

Selena: Right? Yeah, that makes sense. I think so too. So what did you want 
to talk about? 

Keaton: Um, see... How should I put this? 

Selena: Just spit it out already! 

Keaton: I just think we should be together! Like, as a couple! 

Selena: Wh-what?! 

Keaton: Is it really that much of a shock? 

Selena: Of course it is! I had no idea you felt that way. You never said 
anything! And aren't you supposed to court someone before asking to become a 
couple?! What's wrong with you? Asking me to be with you without a single 

Keaton: Er, yeah, I know. It's just, I was embarrassed and- 

Selena: Argh! I can't believe you, Keaton! Fine! I'll be yours or whatever! 

Keaton: Wait, what?! 

Selena: What? Is it really that shocking? 

Keaton: Hey! Didn't you just get angry about my asking the same thing? 

Selena: So? Why should that matter? Anyway, I guess now's as good a time as 
any to tell you that I love you, Keaton. 

Keaton: Selena... 

Selena: But if we're going to be together, there's something you need to know 
about me. 

Keaton: Huh? What is it? 

Selena: When this war is over, I have to go somewhere. Somewhere far away. 
And I'm not sure if I'm ever coming back. 

Keaton: OK, then I'll come with you! 

Selena: Are you sure? That's sort of a big decision. Maybe you should take 
some time to think on it a little more. 

Keaton: Nah, I'm sure. The important thing is just that we're together. 
Everything else is just details. 

Selena: Keaton... Well, I suppose that settles it. I promise to always be 
with you. 

Keaton: Perfect! And I promise that I'll always be with you too. No matter 
A8. Beruka C

Keaton: Hey! If it isn't Beruka! 

Beruka: Keaton. 

Keaton: You seem bored. I know something that'll put a grin on your face, 
though! Look! Over there! That snake just swallowed a mouse whole!  Pretty 
neat, huh? 

Beruka: ... 

Keaton: And over here's a crab shell that a rat died in! Just look at that 
corpse! I haven't smelled such a magnificent odor in ages! 

Beruka: ... 

Keaton: OK, I get it. You're difficult to impress. You've got finer tastes 
than most, yeah? 

Beruka: ... 

Keaton: Nothing? Not even a "yes" or a "no"? 

Beruka: No. 

Keaton: Grrr. What's your problem?! 

Beruka: You're being too friendly. 

Keaton: What? What's wrong with that?! Being friendly is good! Besides, it's 
not like I'm bothering anybody with it. 

Beruka: Wrong. You are bothering me. Now leave. 

Keaton: Haha, I get it. You're joking. Good one, Miss Assassin Lady! 

Beruka: ... 
(Beruka leaves) 

Keaton: Beruka? Hey! Wait up! I've got more treasures to show you!
Beruka B

Keaton: Beruka!  

Beruka: Bother. 

Keaton: Huh?! I haven't even said anything! 

Beruka: You don't need to. Your very face is aggravating. 

Keaton: Yeesh! Can't you at least try to be civil? 

Beruka: No. 

Keaton: Man, you're grumpy. Why is that? Was it something you ate? Something 
you eat every day, perhaps? 

Beruka: Yes. 

Keaton: Whoa, really?! 

Beruka: No. 

Keaton: Well then what is it? Why are you such a jerk? 

Beruka: We have lived different lives. That is all. 

Keaton: OK. So how have you lived, then? 

Beruka: I killed to earn money. I spent money to survive. I survived to kill 

Keaton: Well, that's not so different from me! 

Beruka: What? 

Keaton: I live off my prey too, after all. 

Beruka: I killed people. Not game. 

Keaton: Same here. Lots of 'em. Especially human hunters. Nobody poaches MY 

Beruka: Still. We are different. 

Keaton: How so? I don't see it. 

Beruka: I have lived my life alone. Without a single family member or friend. 
As I understand it, you did not. 

Keaton: Yeah, I guess you got me there. But on the other hand, you're not 
alone anymore, right? 

Beruka: ... 
(Beruka leaves) 

Keaton: Hey, Beruka! Where are you going? 
Beruka A

Keaton: Oh! A Beruka sighting! 

Beruka: Keaton. 

Keaton: Um... not going to say anything mean to me today? 

Beruka: Why do you want to talk to me all the time? 

Keaton: I dunno. Maybe I just keep running into you? 

Beruka: Heh. 

Keaton: Whoa! Your mouth CAN do that! Guess I owe Avatar some gold. 

Beruka: You've no business with me, and yet you still seek me out. To talk. 
This place is strange. I'd never met people like this before I came here. 

Keaton: Really? 

Beruka: Yes. And there are so many of you. All so... friendly. 

Keaton: Yeah, I guess this place attracts a lot of friendly types.  

Beruka: I don't understand it. How do people talk to each other? How do they 
know what expressions to make or what to talk about? 

Keaton: You're thinking too much! You just gotta go with the flow when you 
talk to someone! 

Beruka: Heh. You have a point. It's not as though you ever say anything 
interesting, and yet the others like you. 

Keaton: Hey! I have lots of deep thoughts! I could say interesting stuff all 
the time! I just choose not to. 

Beruka: I don't think I will ever get used to this sort of environment. 
But... it is nice. 

Keaton: Soooo does this mean I can keep talking to you whenever I want?  

Beruka: ... Yes. I think I would be all right with that, Keaton. But do try 
to talk about something of substance next time. 

Keaton: Haha, I will! I promise. 

Beruka: Good. I... look forward to it.
Beruka S

Keaton: Hey, Beruka! How are things? 

Beruka: Good. I have sustained no wounds of late. You seem happy as well, 

Keaton: You betcha! I just ate! 

Beruka: Haha. You have such a simple soul, wolfskin. 

Keaton: I sure hope that's a compliment... Um, anyway, there's something I'd 
like to give you. 

Beruka: Oh? What is it? 

Keaton: I know this is sort of sudden, but please, don't freak out. Here. 
Will you take it? 

Beruka: A... ring?  

Keaton: Yep! I think it matches your outfit perfectly! 

Beruka: It's pink. 

Keaton: Yeah... don't you like it? 

Beruka: No. And I am confused. What are your intentions in giving me this 

Keaton: Why else would a man give a woman a ring? I mean, if you want me to 
say it, I guess I can... I'd like to have your hand in marriage, Beruka! I 
want to spend forever and ever and ever with you! 

Beruka: ... 

Keaton: Do you not want to? 

Beruka: You want to marry me? 

Keaton: Yeah. How many times do I have to say it? 

Beruka: Even knowing what I am? Knowing that I would kill anyone, if ordered? 

Keaton: Yeah, I know. 

Beruka: Even if the target is someone I know. Even if it's someone I'm close 
to. Someone I love. 

Keaton: Gotcha. Loud and clear. I'm not too worried about it. 

Beruka: But- 

Keaton: Beruka, I love you. Whatever you're worried will happen doesn't 
matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is that we're together. 

Beruka: Keaton... 

Keaton: I want to spend my life with you. I don't care about anything else. 
We'll deal with the future as it comes. 

Beruka: ... 

Keaton: So... will you marry me? 

Beruka: ... Yes. I will. 

Keaton: Awoooooo! Thank you, Beruka. You've made me the happiest person 
alive! ... Oh. Wait. Were you saying you'd kill me if you were ordered to? 
Because that would be awkward! Uh... Beruka? Hey, Beruka! You didn't mean 
that, right? Right?!
A8. Peri C

Peri: Hey! Hey, Keaton! Where are you going? 

Keaton: Oh, hello, Peri. I was just on my way to go hunting. 

Peri: Ooh, me too! I wanna come! 

Keaton: Really? You? 

Peri: Well, you know me... I looooove killing! But I haven't been able to get 
much in lately. I'm itching for some bloodshed! 

Keaton: The thing is... 

Peri: What? Is there a problem? 

Keaton: I'm not going out to hunt for sport. This is for provisions. So I 
don't know if you're a good fit to come along. 

Peri: *sob* Why won't you let me do what I want?! I don't understand! 

Keaton: I'm sorry, but I can't take you hunting. 

Peri: Fine, you meanie! See if I care! 

Keaton: *sigh*
Peri B

Peri: Mrrrhmmhrrrmrm... 

Keaton: Are you still mad about what I said the other day? 

Peri: Why?! Why wouldn't you take me hunting? 

Keaton: Look... 

Peri: I want to kill lots and lots of animals! That's what hunting is, right? 

Keaton: Hunting isn't an indiscriminate forest murder spree. I only kill what 
I need. 

Peri: But you DO kill SOME things, right? I want to kill things tooooo! 

Keaton: Do you intend to eat what you kill? 

Peri: Eat it? Like, their meaty parts? I'm not really that hungry... 

Keaton: Then you don't need to be hunting. 

Peri: Whyyyyyyy nooooooot? I wanna go hunting nooooooow! 

Keaton: You have no business hunting if you're not going to eat your prey. 

Peri: *sob* Keaton's mad at me again! 

Keaton: OK, let me see if I can explain this better... You've heard me talk 
about "hunting" our enemies too, right? 

Peri: Yeah! You always wish people "happy hunting" before a battle! 

Keaton: Right. So that's one sense of the word. But going to the mountains 
for game is a different kind of "hunting" entirely. 

Peri: I don't get it... What's the difference? 

Keaton: Well, it's hard to explain. Hunting to survive is... sacred, you 
know? If your only reason for hunting is to see something bleed to death... 
that doesn't cut it. You can't go out and kill for the sake of killing. 

Peri: *sniffle* Fine... you don't want me to hunt... I give up. 

Keaton: So you understand? Good, good. 

Peri: Instead, I'll just slaughter everyone in the village! 

Keaton: B-bad idea! You don't want to do that! Peri, wait!
Peri A

Peri: Hey, Keaton. 

Keaton: Peri? Do you need something? 

Peri: You like hunting, riiiight? 

Keaton: I LOVE hunting! Every fiber of my being trembles with excitement when 
I pounce at my prey. 

Peri: But you won't kill more than you need to? 

Keaton: Well, not quite. To be precise, I won't kill any more of my fellow 
beasts than I need to. 

Peri: Just beasts? What about people? 

Keaton: ... There, you and I are not that different. 

Peri: Like how? 

Keaton: I like blood, too. I'm fascinated by the sight of blood spurting from 
my prey. For this, it doesn't matter if I'm hunting man or beast. Either way, 
I get a thrill to see the blood of prey I've downed with my own claws. 

Peri: That's just how I feel! 

Keaton: Still, I won't slay a beast for sport. Hmm... I guess I'm just more 
beast than man. 

Peri: And that's why you didn't want me to go hunting with you? 

Keaton: Yeah. I hate to see a fellow beast die without good reason. 

Peri: Well, OK then! Let's go hunt some people together! Right now! 

Keaton: That's a tempting thought. But if we're going hunting, let's hunt the 
enemy. We probably shouldn't revel in the blood of our allies... 

Peri: Whaaat? You want me to wait until our next fight...?! 

Keaton: Eh. We get in fights all the time. 

Peri: Good point! OK, I won't kill anybody until then. 

Keaton: Haha! We can sharpen our claws while we wait!
Peri S

Keaton: You really love killing, huh, Peri? 

Peri: Yep! More than anything! You like it too, right? 

Keaton: Yeah. I think what I like best is the color of blood. No one else 
really gets it. 

Peri: Absolutely! They don't understand! Murder is good, clean fun! 

Keaton: Yeah! Though I think you go a little overboard with it. 

Peri: I do? 

Keaton: I'm at least a little picky about who I kill. 

Peri: How do you choose? 

Keaton: Well, any enemies are fair game. Or anyone who comes to take my pelt. 

Peri: Reeeeally? Because I know your secret. 

Keaton: Wh-what secret? 

Peri: You scope out your allies' weak points! 

Keaton: That's, uh... it's just instinct! I wonder sometimes what their blood 
might look like. I've never thought about how to kill anyone I'm really close 

Peri: Ooh, just like me! 

Keaton: So... would you say we're pretty much alike? 

Peri: Yeah! I'd agree with that! 

Keaton: So, um... What do you say we get together? 

Peri: Get together? What does that mean? 

Keaton: I mean... will you be my mate? 

Peri: Like... get married? 

Keaton: I think we would be pretty good together. 

Peri: Hmm... 

Keaton: You don't have to if you don't want to! 

Peri: Oh, I do, though! I want to be your bride. 

Keaton: R-really?! 

Peri: You're the only one who really GETS me! Even after we're married, you 
won't tell me to cut it out with the killing! 

Keaton: Well... I won't tell you to stop entirely. I might ask you to be a 
bit choosier. 

Peri: It's a deal! I'll marry you! 

Keaton: Hooray! And I know just where to go on our honeymoon-hunting in the 
A8. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Keaton! Oh, Keeeeeaaaaaton! 

Keaton: Hm? Oh. Hi there, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Keaton, I... um... I made you lunch. 

Keaton: Really? Why would you do that? 

Charlotte: No reason at all! You haven't eaten yet, have you? 

Keaton: Actually, your timing is great. I was just thinking about getting 

Charlotte: Really? I'm glad to know I helped! 

Keaton: Lemme see... *chomp... chomp... chomp... * Oh, wow! This is good! 
Like, really good! 

Charlotte: You're enjoying it? Yay! 

Keaton: It's delicious! Thanks a bunch, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Oh, Keaton... I also wanted to ask you a question, if you don't 
mind... I've heard rumors that you've got quite a collection of nice 

Keaton: Yup, I sure do! A ton of treasure, actually! 

Charlotte: Oh, that sounds marvelous! I only wish that I could see some of 

Keaton: You wanna check it out? I don't mind if you do. Just come by 

Charlotte: You're too kind! I'll stop by later, then. 

Keaton: OK!
Charlotte B

Keaton: Well, here it is! What do you think? I'm really proud of the stuff 
over there. 

Charlotte: ... 

Keaton: Shocking, I know! I've worked hard to collect all these cool things! 

Charlotte: What... What is all this junk? 

Keaton: Junk? What? This is my treasure. You said you wanted to see it! 

Charlotte: Dead bugs, rotten leaves, smelly dried fish bones... 

Keaton: I know! Aren't they great?! 

Charlotte: Tell me, Keaton: I need a belt and a wallet. Which would you 
rather be? 

Keaton: What?! Charlotte, what are you saying? Oh... What is that look in 
your eyes... 

Charlotte: Who... in their RIGHT MIND... would ever, ever call any of this 
junk treasure?! This is just random things you'd pick up off the ground! 

Keaton: Charlotte... You're scaring me! 

Charlotte: I'd better be! What kind of a... Oh, shoot! Please forgive me... 
That was just a little outburst... 

Keaton: Outburst? I thought you were going to take my head off... 

Charlotte: Teehee, don't be silly! Just forget I said anything at all. 
Anyway, where are the real treasures? Things that are shiny and bright! 

Keaton: Oh! That's the kind of thing you wanted to see. I get it now! I've 
got those things hidden somewhere else; I'll have to bring them by sometime. 

Charlotte: That would be wonderful. I'd be ever so grateful to you if you 
did. Just... If something like today happens again... It's possible I'll have 
another outburst. A very violent one, if you get my drift.
Charlotte A

Keaton: Look at them sparkle! Isn't it just wonderful to see? 

Charlotte: ... 

Keaton: This is the kind of treasure you were hoping for, isn't it? 

Charlotte: ... 

Keaton: You're not saying anything, Charlotte. Are you captivated by the 
amazingness? Charlotte? Say something, Charlotte... 

Charlotte: Oh, they sparkle all right. A busted marble, a shard from a 
mirror, crumpled gold paper... 

Keaton: Hahaha! I knew you'd like them! 

Charlotte: LIKE HELL I DO! 

Keaton: Gah! 

Charlotte: The only thing about this that's impressive is that you found this 
much trash! I don't want to see things that reflect light! I want to see 
valuables! GOLD! SILVER! Things with real value! Oh no... Is it possible that 
you don't actually have anything like that? Was I that wrong about your 

Keaton: Why would I have those things? They aren't at all interesting. 
Whereas this mirror... Look how the light bounces off it and onto the wall 
over there! This is real treasure! 

Charlotte: *sigh* I am so done here. I thought you might have something of 
actual value, but... this is just a mountain of trash. 

Keaton: Well, that just means more for me, then! 

Charlotte: I don't even know what to say. 

Keaton: Oh, Charlotte... You know that lunch you made for me the other day? 
Do you think you could make me another great meal? It was really super 

Charlotte: Heehee... I appreciate the compliment, but I see no reason to make 
another one. I'd hoped your treasure would be amazing, but it's not worth the 

Keaton: What?! But... but the food was so good! Please tell me you're going 
to make that for me again! Please? 

Charlotte: *grumble* Even though your treasures are worthless, you did keep 
your promise to show me. All right, fine. I'll make you that lunch just this 
once. Consider it a special treat. 

Keaton: You mean it?! Yay!
Charlotte S

Keaton: Hey there, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Oh! Hi, Keaton. 

Keaton: I had a question for you... Hypothetically speaking... would it be 
absolutely a requirement that a man have gold in order to marry you? 

Charlotte: Hmmm. Well, I'd much rather he had it than didn't. 

Keaton: Oh... 

Charlotte: If you have money, you don't have to worry about much else, after 

Keaton: I see... 

Charlotte: Why do you ask? 

Keaton: Um... No reason. ... What if he were a good hunter? Would that make 
up for it? 

Charlotte: Excuse me? 

Keaton: If you were married to a good hunter, you'd never have to worry about 
going hungry! 

Charlotte: Heehee. I suppose that's true. 

Keaton: And animal pelts can be used to make really nice clothes! Food and 
clothing are really important; a good hunter would be perfect, really. 

Charlotte: Keaton, are you trying to say something? 

Keaton: I'm a really good hunter-better than everyone back home! So... you 
would be in good hands if we were together! 

Charlotte: Oh, Keaton... 

Keaton: I'd make sure you'd never want for anything! 

Charlotte: Hmm... What should I do... 

Keaton: Charlotte, if you don't like me, just tell me outright. I'd 
understand, really. I know I don't have gold and can't give you fancy 

Charlotte: Well, my dreams have always included a lot of money in my 

Keaton: Really? Ugh... Then I guess that means... 

Charlotte: But you know... I think that I could find happiness without a ton 
of money, too... 

Keaton: Does that mean... Are you saying yes?! 

Charlotte: Heehee, yes, Keaton. That is what I'm saying. 

Keaton: R-really?! WAOOOOOOO! 

Charlotte: Heeheehee. I think the two of us will be very happy together.
B. Neutral Party Lover Supports


B1. Azura C

B1. Azura C

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ?

Jakob: What a lovely melody, milady. 

Azura: Thank you, Jakob. My mother taught me that song. It always reminds me 
of her. 

Jakob: Ah. That explains why you looked so happy just now. They must be 
lovely memories. 

Azura: They are. That's all I have left of her now... memories and songs. 

Jakob: At least you have that. I cannot even recall what my mother looked 

Azura: Jakob, I'm so sorry. That's terrible. 

Jakob: I'm afraid it is, but don't worry yourself on my account. The world is 
full of orphans. Still, it would have been nice to have learned a few songs. 
Please, excuse me. 
(Jakob leaves) 

Azura: Goodness, I had no idea. If I'd known, I would've chosen my words more 
Azura B

Azura: Jakob, I know this is personal, but I'd like to hear more about your 

Jakob: Hmm. What I said the other day must have bothered you. 

Azura: I know I shouldn't pry. I just can't imagine not knowing my own 

Jakob: Well, I'm afraid I must begin by apologizing to you, milady. I lied. 
In truth, I remember both of my parents, although I often wish I could forget 

Azura: What? 

Jakob: You see, they chose to forget me. They left me on the doorstep of 
Castle Krakenburg. 

Azura: They abandoned you? 

Jakob: My parents were well off, but cold. They cared neither for each other 
nor for me. I cannot recall a single happy memory from that time. One day, 
they handed me over to be a servant at the castle. That was the end. 

Azura: How terrible. I am so sorry, Jakob. I didn't mean to bring up 
something so painful. 

Jakob: Ah, it is nothing. Don't worry about it, Lady Azura. It's all in the 

Azura: I don't think I'd be able to forget so easily. You're very brave, 

Jakob: Nonsense, milady. Now if you'll excuse me. Lord/Lady Avatar will be 
wanting tea... 
Azura A

Azura: Yet the waters ever change... ?

Jakob: I doubt I could ever tire of hearing you sing, milady. 

Azura: Jakob, you are just the person I wanted to see. I still feel terrible 
about the other day. I should have known better than to pry into someone's 

Jakob: There's no need to apologize. I can assure you... I wasn't bothered in 
the slightest. In fact, I should be thanking you. You made me realize how 
grateful I am to my parents. 

Azura: Grateful?! 

Jakob: Just imagine! If I had not been abandoned, I would not be serving 
Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Azura: I suppose that's a good point. 

Jakob: When I first arrived at the castle, I was a terrible servant. The 
others hated me for it! My noble upbringing had not prepared me for a life of 
chores and errands. I was unable to complete a single task to their 
standards. I only got in the way. 

Azura: Really? That's hard to believe. No one is more competent than you now. 

Jakob: That was not always so. Things got so bad, they were finally going to 
dismiss me. Just as I was about to be turned out into the streets, someone 
called for me. 

Azura: Let me guess... 

Jakob: Yes, it was Lord/Lady Avatar. He/She was looking for someone to chat 
with. I desperately wanted to stay and earn a place by his/her side... So I 
studied night and day to become a proper butler. And here we are. 

Azura: I was impressed with you before I ever heard your story, but now, I'm 
inspired! Avatar is so lucky. I can't think of anyone more loyal than you. 

Jakob: I am loyal to you as well, milady. 

Azura: Thank you. That means a lot.
Azura S

Azura: The path is yours to cliiimb... ? Oh! Jakob, is that you? I didn't 
realize anyone was there. 

Jakob: Pardon me, milady. I meant to announce myself, but I was entranced by 
the music. Your singing gives me such peace. 

Azura: Aww. Thank you. I'm so happy that you can relax around me. 

Jakob: Indeed, I can. With you, I feel at ease. I am not sure if you realize 
how rare that is. I've shared more of myself with you over the past few days 
than with anyone else. 

Azura: I'm touched that you've trusted me with your story. We've both been 
through a lot. 

Jakob: Yes. That's true. I am certain that is part of it. However, there is 
something else... 

Azura: What's that? 

Jakob: I've fallen in love with you, Lady Azura. 

Azura: Oh, my. 

Jakob: I know you are a princess and far above my station, but my feelings 
are so strong... I could not keep them to myself any longer. Excuse me. I 
will not trouble you further. 

Azura: Jakob! Wait! 

Jakob: Yes, milady? 

Azura: There are so many details of our stories that I wish had turned out 
differently... But I would go through that pain again and again as long as it 
brought me here to you. Let's finish our stories together. 

Jakob: Do you mean that? 

Azura: Yes! You helped me appreciate the happy memories I already have... And 
you've given me the desire to create more. I'd like them to be with you.
(Jakob falls)
Azura: ... Jakob?! Are you all right?! I think he fainted!
B1. Felicia C

Jakob: Too slow! Much too slow, Felicia! You can't afford to be so careful. 
The tea is going cold! 

Felicia: Ahhh... I'm sorry, Jakob. OK, I've set all the snacks on the table. 
All that's left is... Oh nooooo! 
(Dish breaks)

Jakob: I'm impressed, Felicia. Impressed with how you serving snacks resulted 
in an overturned table. 

Felicia: I'm sorry! 

Jakob: All you have to do is pour tea and present the snacks. Is it really 
that hard? 

Felicia: I just... I got flustered and tried to hurry... 

Jakob: *sigh* Never mind. I'll prepare everything. 

Felicia: Please, Jakob... Let me at least help. 

Jakob: Your help will only slow me down. Please just stand over there and 

Felicia: ... Understood.
Felicia B

Felicia: That looks like enough snacks... 

Jakob: Felicia? Why are you preparing a snack tray? 

Felicia: Jakob?! I didn't see you there. Um... I was just practicing. I want 
to be as good as you are at this... I thought that practicing whenever I 
could might help me improve. 

Jakob: That is unlikely. 

Felicia: What...? Why would you say something so horrible to me? 

Jakob: It's the truth. Practicing without feedback or instruction will not 
take you far. Gunter taught me everything I know. It was hellish, but I 
learned well. If not for him, I'd burn water and spill snacks left and right. 

Felicia: You and Gunter are both very strict in teaching me, though... Won't 
that help me learn the skills I need? 

Jakob: That's true, we are quite strict. You may finally learn... I'd say... 
maybe 50 years from now. 

Felicia: In 50 years?! That's so much time... 

Jakob: Felicia, this is really important: Can you tell the difference between 
good and bad tea? 

Felicia: W-well... 

Jakob: Come now; tea is a very subtle drink. To make it well, you have to be 
able to determine what good and bad tea is. 

Felicia: I'll be perfectly honest. I... can't. 

Jakob: I am not surprised. This is at the core of why you always make such 
incredibly unpleasant tea. 

Felicia: But... Jakob, please teach me! I want to learn how to make wonderful 

Jakob: I suppose I have no choice but to mentor you now. 

Felicia: R-really? 

Jakob: We'll begin right away. Pour me a cup of your best attempt at tea. 

Felicia: O-OK! I'll do my best!
Felicia A

Felicia: Jakob? Jaaaakoooob! 

Jakob: What's with all the noise, Felicia? 

Felicia: I... um... made you some tea to try. Here! 

Jakob: This is your doing? 

Felicia: Indeed. All by myself. Stop stalling and try a sip before it cools 

Jakob: If you insist. ... 

Felicia: Well? What do you think? 

Jakob: It's... surprisingly good. 

Felicia: Aha! I knew it! I knew I could do it! 

Jakob: I don't know what to say. I did not think you even remotely capable of 

Felicia: I'm just as surprised as you are! 

Jakob: Seconds, please. 

Felicia: What?! I'm sorry, Jakob, I don't think I quite heard you correctly 

Jakob: I would like a second cup, please. 

Felicia: Of course! Oh, but I only made that one cup... I'll have to make 
more. Please give me a little time.
(Time passes)

Felicia: Almost done! 

Jakob: You're taking so long... I could have done several things in this 
amount of time. 

Felicia: Heehee, my apologies. I just wanted to make sure I got it right. 
It's all thanks to you that I can do this. You never gave up and kept guiding 
me in the right direction. I really am grateful to you. 

Jakob: OK. You're welcome. Whatever. Pour the tea. 

Felicia: Oh! Of course. Here you go. Drink up! 

Jakob: Oh geez. Ew, that's awful. 

Felicia: What?! But how... 

Jakob: Apparently the tea you created before was merely a fluke. 

Felicia: Awww... 

Jakob: You clearly need training. Clearly I am going to have to be even 

Felicia: I suppose so... 
Felicia S

Felicia: Ohh no no no no no!
(Dish breaks)

Jakob: Really, Felicia? Again? 

Felicia: I-I'm sorry, Jakob! I lose my balance and... 

Jakob: I am beginning to think there is no cure for how clumsy you are. 

Felicia: Urgh... I'm really sorry... 

Jakob: I've never felt so powerless as a mentor. I wish I could do more to 
teach you. 

Felicia: It's not your fault! 

Jakob: No, it is. And it's about time I accept that and act accordingly. 

Felicia: You don't mean... Are you quitting as my mentor? You can't do that! 
Please don't abandon me! 

Jakob: I didn't say anything about quitting. I just said I had to act 

Felicia: I don't know what you mean... 

Jakob: Felicia, I think the only solution is for me to stay by your side for 
as long as I can. I will spend the rest of my life mentoring you. 

Felicia: Together... for life? I'll definitely have time to improve, then. 
I'm glad! 

Jakob: I suppose then we will need to get married, as well. If I am to remain 
with you forever. 

Felicia: What?! I don't want you to marry me out of obligation. It's only 
mentoring... Without real love, it's not a true marriage at all, really... 

Jakob: Again, you are putting words in my mouth. This isn't out of obligation 
at all. Do you understand? I want to do this. Felicia, I love you. 

Felicia: Jakob... Were you only pretending that my tea was awful all along? 
Was that actually an excuse to spend more time with me? 

Jakob: Gods, no. Your tea is truly a nightmare. But... I think that together 
we can wake from it.
B1. Mozu C

Mozu: *sob*

Jakob: Mozu? Are you all right? 

Mozu: Y-yes. I'm fine. I just had a dream about my hometown. Before the 
Faceless came. I saw them all. I talked to them. My family, my friends, all 
the townspeople. Then I woke up. And it's like they were taken from me a 
second time... WHY?! Why did it have to happen to them? What did any of them 

Jakob: Mozu... I'm so sorry. But crying won't bring them back. 

Mozu: I know that. I do, but- *sob* I... I can't help it... 

Jakob: Hm. In that case... I suppose you should cry as long as you need. One 
day, you will find you have been emptied of tears. And on that day, you'll 
have the strength to move on. But no sooner. 

Mozu: I-I hope so. *sob*
Mozu B

Mozu: *sob*

Jakob: Mozu? Thinking of your hometown again? 

Mozu: Y-yeah. I don't want you to get the wrong impression, though. I'm not 
always crying. I just keep remembering it by accident. Little things keep 
setting me off. Like just now I saw a soldier who reminded me of one of the 
boys back home. He was so sweet... He helped us out that time my ma got sick. 
I'll never forget it. 

Jakob: I see. I'm almost jealous of you. 

Mozu: Jealous? Of me? How can you say that?! 

Jakob: I do not suffer as you do, from having lost something precious. 
Because there is no part of my past that I can recall with fondness. 

Mozu: Huh? 

Jakob: I was given over to the palace at a young age. I never saw my parents 
again. "Given over" is perhaps a euphemism. I was thrown away at the first 
opportunity. I have no good memories of my parents. They were cruel beyond 
measure. Nor did they live in anything resembling a loving community. 

Mozu: Jakob... 

Jakob: If I hadn't met Lord/Lady Avatar, I believe my life would still be a 
perpetual torment. 

Mozu: I'm sorry... 

Jakob: Yes. So I think you are, in some ways, blessed. You have good memories 
of your village. And no one can take that from you. 

Mozu: You're right. I should be more grateful for the things I do have. Thank 
you, Jakob. I feel a little better now.
Mozu A

Mozu: Haaa! Yaaaaa!

Jakob: Mozu? Are you training? 

Mozu: Yep! That's right. I wanna be stronger, so I can help protect everyone 

Jakob: Oh? You seem a changed person. Are you through with your crying now? 

Mozu: No. I still cry sometimes. But I know I can't cry forever. I need to 
keep living my life. And to fight. For the sake of everyone I've lost. 

Jakob: Oh? Are you sure you're not going to start crying right now? 

Mozu: Hey! Don't be cruel! It's too late for that... I already know you're a 
good man. 

Jakob: Oh? You think you know me, then? 

Mozu: Yeah. I reckon I do. You're always talking to me when I'm crying. And I 
know you've been watching out for me this whole time. 

Jakob: I just happened to be around. Don't get the wrong idea. 

Mozu: Ahaha! You're not the honest type, are you? 

Jakob: Tsk. How frustrating you country folk can be sometimes. Barbarians, 

Mozu: Thank you. For caring about me. And helping me. I'll keep trying to be 
useful to everyone here. You just keep watching out for me, OK, Jakob? I 
could still use the help. 

Jakob: Hmph! Perhaps. If I feel like it.
Mozu S

Jakob: Mozu. Would you help me with something? 

Mozu: Help you? With what? 

Jakob: Do you remember what I told you before about my childhood? That I 
didn't have any memories worth cherishing? 

Mozu: Yes, I remember. 

Jakob: I was hoping that you would help me to make new memories. Good 

Mozu: Aw, I'd be glad to. Did you have any particular types of memories in 

Jakob: Yes, actually. What I mean is... I want you to share in my life with 

Mozu: Jakob, do you mean...? 

Jakob: So what do you say? Will you help me? 

Mozu: I would love to help you. But first, could you tell me-exactly-what you 

Jakob: I am offering myself to you, Mozu. I want to be yours. When I'm with 
you, I feel more at ease than at any other time. So, please, will you marry 

Mozu: Are you sure? Wouldn't you prefer a wife who was more... sophisticated? 

Jakob: Mozu, please, you mustn't think that way. You are the most exquisite 
lady I know. 

Mozu: Th-then yes! I'll be yours. I love you, Jakob. 

Jakob: Truly? Oh, Mozu! I love you too! May we be together to the end of our 

Mozu: Teehee. I hope we are too!
B1. Elise C

Elise: Jakob! Hi! 

Jakob: Milady. I'm glad to see you're in such high spirits today. 

Elise: Thanks! Say, do you have some time to play with me? 

Jakob: Play what? 

Elise: Hide-and-seek, of course! 

Jakob: ... I must admit, I'm a bit surprised to hear you suggest a game like 
that. I thought you had long outgrown such childish pastimes. 

Elise: Well, sometimes it's good to get in touch with your inner child! Like 
now! OK, I'm gonna hide, and you try to find me! Heeheehee. You don't stand a 

Jakob: ... 

Elise: Um... You're going to come look for me, aren't you? 

Jakob: I'm sorry, milady. I'm afraid I'm far too old for a game like hide-

Elise: Aw, c'mon! Then what WILL you play with me? 

Jakob: Hmm... How about a game of chess? Just set up the pieces, and I'll 
come join you. 

Elise: OK, will do! See ya soon! 
(Elise leaves) 

Jakob: ... Now that she's gone, perhaps I can finally get some work done.
Elise B

Elise: Jakob! Wanna play something with me? 

Jakob: I would be honored. You know where to find the chessboard, so- 

Elise: Oh no! I am NOT falling for that one again! Last time you wanted to 
play chess, I got it all set up and you never showed! I waited for you for 
hours before I got fed up and just played a game by myself. 

Jakob: Truly? Then I bet the practice has made you a better player already. 
Perhaps this time you will stand a chance of beating me! 

Elise: No! I don't wanna play chess! Let's do something else! 

Jakob: I apologize, milady, but I'm afraid I don't know any other games you 
might like. 

Elise: Then... let's go on a trip! There's a beautiful field of flowers not 
far from here. 

Jakob: Ah, but I am far too old to be going out to visit flowers. Curse my 
aching bones... 

Elise: Oh no. You're not getting out of this one! C'mon! Let's GO! 

Jakob: *sigh* Very well. 
(Time passes)

Elise: So, let's see... I put this one around this, and then I slide the next 
one in here? 

Jakob: Hm? Is that a wreath? 

Elise: Yep! It's been a while since I made one though, so it's not going as 
well as I'd hoped. 

Jakob: I see. Well, this was fun. I'll be off, then. Duty calls. 

Elise: What?! We just got here! 

Jakob: You've found a way to entertain yourself without me, so I see no 
reason to remain. 

Elise: You have to stay! 

Jakob: ... As you wish, milady. 

Elise: It will only be a sec. I've just got to finish your gift! 

Jakob: My gift? 

Elise: Yep! Call it a token of appreciation for spending time with me. 

Jakob: I see. Then I suppose I'll have to make a garland for you as well, 

Elise: Really? You will? 

Jakob: Yes. Though I should warn you, mine will be quite beautiful. It will 
likely put your little attempt over there to shame. 

Elise: Heehee, no way! I'm just getting started!
Elise A

Elise: Jakob! Do you have some time to play with me today? 

Jakob: I'm sorry, milady. My to-do list is rather full at the moment. 

Elise: Then... can I follow you around until you finish your work? 

Jakob: Lady Elise... A princess should try to show a bit more consideration 
for others' needs. 

Elise: Oh. OK. I'm sorry, Jakob. 

Jakob: Please don't apologize. It's part of my job to help mold you into a 
model princess. 

Elise: I guess so... And besides... 

Jakob: Something on your mind? 

Elise: Well, I know what we're facing. I know I shouldn't waste time playing 
around. And I especially shouldn't be wasting anyone else's time. Every day, 
people are hurt or killed. There isn't time for us to just relax and have 
fun. But I can't help but want to help everyone smile as much as they 
possibly can. And sometimes I think if we all played just a little bit more 
then maybe it would help. I don't know. It just doesn't seem right when 
nobody looks happy. 

Jakob: You are the kindest soul I've ever known, milady. ... Very well. We 
shall play together. 

Elise: Really?! But what about your to-do list? 

Jakob: It can wait for the time being. So... how about a game of hide-and-

Elise: Yaaay! I'll go hide!
Elise S

Elise: *sigh*

Jakob: Lady Elise, is something the matter? 

Elise: Do you think I'm too childish for my age? 

Jakob: Oh, unequivocally. 

Elise: Jakob! Geez! Would it kill you to pull your punches every now and 

Jakob: I merely answered your question honestly. Now, my question to you is: 
Why are you worrying about such things? 

Elise: I don't know. I want people to see me as more of an adult. I'm not a 
kid anymore... *sigh* 

Jakob: Temperament and outward appearances aside, you ARE an adult, milady. 
Truly, you shouldn't worry about it so. Even I see you as a grown lady now. 

Elise: You do? 

Jakob: I do. If I didn't, I would not... *ahem* Well... I would not adore you 
as I do. 

Elise: You? Adore ME? You mean like... you think I'm adorable? Thanks, but I 
don't really see what that has to do with being a mature woman. 

Jakob: Well, you ARE adorable, but that is not quite what I meant. Please, 
allow me to clarify. What I meant to say is that I love you. 

Elise: You WHAT?! 

Jakob: That said... Milady, would you do me the honor of being mine? 

Elise: I-I... 

Jakob: Please, Elise. It would make me happier than you could possibly 

Elise: Oh, Jakob... 

Jakob: Well? Do you have an answer for me? 

Elise: Of course! I love you too. I've loved you for so long! Let's be 
together forever! Jakob... Thanks for seeing me as the adult I am. I wish 
more people saw me like that. But if only one person does... I'm glad it's 
you. I love you, Jakob! 

Jakob: There is no need for thanks. Now, will you join me in the flower 
field, my darling? I would like to make a wreath for you to celebrate the 
joining of our fates. 

Elise: Ooh! Ooh! And then I can make one for you too! Teehee! This is going 
to be the best life ever!
B1. Camilla C

Jakob: Good day, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: Hello, Jakob. How fortunate to run into you like this. I've been 
meaning to thank you for all that you do for Avatar. 

Jakob: Well, thank you very much. It's nice to know that I'm appreci- 

Camilla: However! I would also like to inform you that your services are no 
longer needed. You can instead focus your efforts on other members of our 

Jakob: Excuse me? 

Camilla: Was I not clear enough? I will be providing for Avatar from this 
moment forward. 

Jakob: My dearest Lady Camilla, you needn't burden yourself with such things. 
I am more than capable of providing for Lord/Lady Avatar on my own. 

Camilla: Why? So you can keep him/her for yourself? I won't hear of it. 

Jakob: No, of course not. Pardon my tone, but what has gotten into you? Have 
I done something wrong? 

Camilla: Never mind that. Just steer clear of Avatar. Got it?
Camilla B

Camilla: Jakob, did you launder these clothes for Avatar? 

Jakob: Yes, of course. I carefully hand-washed and folded all of his/her 
garments. Is there a problem? 

Camilla: Yes. I told you that I would be handling this sort of thing for 

Jakob: You can't possibly be serious, Lady Camilla. A princess of Nohr, 
washing dirty laundry? Surely it would be beneath you. 

Camilla: I'm going to say it one more time. I will take care of everything 
Avatar needs. All by myself. Got it? 

Jakob: I'm sorry, but I've been entrusted with this duty. The decision is 
entirely out of my hands, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: Need I remind you? Avatar is my brother/sister! So I call the shots. 

Jakob: You may be his/her sister, but Lord/Lady Avatar is my liege. I'm 
afraid I can't budge on this. 

Camilla: Do you even care about Avatar? Because if you did, you'd realize 
that he/she needs his/her sister more than anyone. 

Jakob: I know Lord/Lady Avatar well enough to know he/she wouldn't want to 
burden you. 

Camilla: I command you to listen to me! I will take care of Avatar! 

Jakob: My sincerest apologies, but I only take orders from Lord/Lady Avatar. 
As such, I will continue to serve Lord/Lady Avatar as I always have. Good 

Camilla: This is unbelievable... 
Camilla A

Camilla: Jakob, do you have a moment? I feel I must apologize for the other 

Jakob: Apology accepted, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: You're really quite loyal to Avatar, aren't you? 

Jakob: Indeed, I am. Lord/Lady Avatar gave me a home when nobody else would. 
I will happily serve him/her until my dying day. 

Camilla: I thought I was the only one who felt that strongly about Avatar... 

Jakob: Certainly not. But I do envy the bond that the two of you share as 

Camilla: Well. I suppose there's no reason for us to be fighting like this. 

Jakob: I agree wholeheartedly. 

Camilla: And yet I've been so awful to you. Once again, I must apologize, 

Jakob: I should also apologize for my tone. Nobody likes an obsequious 

Camilla: Let's stop competing over Avatar and focus on protecting him/her. 

Jakob: Agreed. I will protect him/her even at the cost of my own life.
Camilla S

Jakob: Ugh... 

Camilla: Jakob? What's the matter? 

Jakob: Oh, hello, Lady Camilla. I'm so ashamed. 

Camilla: Of what? It can't possibly be that bad. 

Jakob: Oh, it's bad. For the first time in my life... I feel angry with 
Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Camilla: Hmm. That is bad. But why? 

Jakob: Perhaps angry isn't the right word. I am envious. Envious of his/her 
relationship with you. 

Camilla: I... I'm not sure I follow. 

Jakob: I know this is wrong. But I can't hide my true feelings any longer. 

Camilla: What are you even talking about? 

Jakob: Don't play coy with me, Lady Camilla. I've seen my passion reflected 
in your eyes. Marry me. 

Camilla: How... why... what?! 

Jakob: Do you deny that you have feelings for me as well? 

Camilla: I don't know how you did it, Jakob... But you have read my mind. I 
do feel the same way. However, I am a princess, and you are a butler. I'm not 
sure this will work. 

Jakob: We're two very capable people. We can make anything work, can't we? 

Camilla: Ha! Well, I suppose that's true. There's just one thing. A condition 
you must abide by if you wish to marry me. 

Jakob: Name it. 

Camilla: We are at war, Jakob. We face a harsh reality. If at any time you 
are forced to choose between me and Avatar... You must choose Avatar without 
a second thought. 

Jakob: But... You're right. As you wish. 

Camilla: There's a good butler... 

Jakob: Of course you realize that I must ask the same of you. If it ever 
comes down to Lord/Lady Avatar or me... 

Camilla: I would protect Avatar, even at the cost of your life. 

Jakob: I feel strangely... good... about this arrangement. 

Camilla: As do I. Jakob, I will gladly marry you. If there is happiness to be 
found in this cruel world, surely we can find it together. Let our mutual 
love of Avatar bind us together. 

Jakob: Thank you, Lady Camilla.
B1. Effie C

Jakob: Effie, I beg your pardon, but what are you eating?! 

Effie: *munch* *munch* ... Just some cake. 

Jakob: I knew it! You do realize I baked that cake especially for Lord/Lady 

Effie: You did?! Then you shouldn't leave it out like this! Someone could eat 
it by mistake! 

Jakob: Would you PLEASE put the rest of the cake down?! 

Effie: I don't think you realize how good this tastes after a long workout! 

Jakob: If you can't reign yourself in, I will have to stop you by force! 

Effie: *munch* *munch* 

Jakob: Very well, then! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 

Effie: *munch* *munch* 

Jakob: Huh?! My attack had no effect on you at all. 

Effie: You'll have to try harder than that. Even then, I doubt you can stop 

Jakob: Curse you, Effie! Now what am I going to serve at teatime? 

Effie: If I were you, I'd make some more of that cake. It was delicious!
Effie B

Effie: 137... 138... 139! 

Jakob: She's lifting enormous water barrels. How ridiculous! No wonder she's 

Effie: Hey, Jakob... Got any more of that cake on you? 

Jakob: Of course not! ... And even if I did, I wouldn't give you so much as a 

Effie: Wow... That's really mean. 
(Damage dealt)

Jakob: You idiot! Now you've destroyed a perfectly good water barrel! 

Effie: ... Oops. 

Jakob: If you would stop performing such absurd training exercises- 

Effie: Oh, no! I can't stop. People are counting on me! I have to be as 
strong as possible! I would do anything to protect my friends... even give up 
my own life! 

Jakob: That's terrible! How could you be so cruel to your friends? 

Effie: ... Cruel? 

Jakob: Think of the burden! I certainly wouldn't want you dying on my 
account. Then, I would have to spend the rest of my life remembering your 
noble sacrifice. Ugh! 

Effie: ... Um... OK?
Effie A

Effie: Hey, Jakob... 

Jakob: There is no cake, Effie, so don't even bother... 

Effie: Actually, I'm not looking for cake. I just wanted to speak with you. 

Jakob: Well, that's a refreshing change. 

Effie: You said you'd be angry if I died while trying to protect you... 

Jakob: I would. I don't need that kind of guilt in my life. 

Effie: But, Jakob, you're one of my friends. If you were in trouble, I 
couldn't just look away! 

Jakob: I see. Well, I suppose you would have to come to my aid then... and 
stay alive. 

Effie: Stay alive? 

Jakob: I couldn't care less if you protect me or not. I just can't have you 
dying on me. 

Effie: But how am I supposed to promise that?! 

Jakob: You haven't died yet, am I correct? Clearly, whatever you're doing is 

Effie: All right. I'll do my best to stay alive. 

Jakob: Well, isn't that a relief?! Since that's settled, please excuse me... 
Effie S

Effie: *munch* *munch* This is THE best cake I've ever had! 

Jakob: Would you expect anything less? I made it! I used three scoops of 
protein powder, just the way you like. 

Effie: I feel so special that you would bake a cake for me. 

Jakob: Hmph! You're easy. If that's all it takes, I'll bring you one every 

Effie: Seriously?! Please. Do that! 

Jakob: ... Fine, but I have one condition. You have to marry me. 

Effie: Uh, it sounded like you just said... 

Jakob: ... Marry me. If you do, I promise to keep you well supplied with 
protein-rich foods. 

Effie: I'm sorry... Do you really think I would marry you just because you 
can bake? 

Jakob: Of course not. I have other skills as well. I can iron, mend, polish, 
launder, and- 

Effie: Stop! All of that may be true, but those are terrible reasons to get 

Jakob: They are? 

Effie: Jakob, I am not going to marry you for your domestic prowess... I am 
going to marry you for your kind heart! 

Jakob: Wait... Did you just say you're going to marry me?! 

Effie: Yes! You come across a little rude at first, but you are fiercely 
loyal to your friends. 

Jakob: That is the same quality that drew me to you, Effie. I love you. 

Effie: Good. Now that we've settled that, let's talk cake. You'll bake one 
EVERY day...? 

Jakob: See? I knew you couldn't resist!
B1. Nyx C

Jakob: Hm. 

Nyx: Do you need something? 

Jakob: You're Nyx, correct? The woman feared by Hoshidans and Nohrians alike 
for her monstrous ways? 

Nyx: Hah. 

Jakob: I came to see what such evil looks like in person, but... You look 
like a harmless young woman. 

Nyx: Sorry to disappoint you. 

Jakob: Apparently it's true that rumor is more interesting than reality. 

Nyx: Perhaps. But then... we've only just met. It might be too soon for you 
to see it. Maybe there is a monster lurking beneath this disarming exterior. 

Jakob: That would make things more interesting, but I doubt it's true. All I 
see is someone who has made use of a-perhaps-undeserved reputation. I see no 
monster here. 

Nyx: What if I told you that I've looked this same way for decades? 

Jakob: You're said to be skilled with magic, so that wouldn't surprise me at 

Nyx: You're an interesting fellow.
Nyx B

Nyx: Jakob. 

Jakob: What? Oh, hello, Nyx. You shouldn't be wandering around by yourself, 
you know? The enemy could attack at any time. 

Nyx: Hahaha. Even after telling you of my power, you insist on treating me 
like I'm helpless. 

Jakob: It's difficult to see you any other way. Even though I know better. 

Nyx: I will forever look like this, though, so you'd best get used to it. 

Jakob: ... 

Nyx: I have. Just as I've gotten used to people calling me a monster to my 

Jakob: Tsk. Who cares what they say? 

Nyx: Muahaha. Don't misunderstand me. I could not care less what they say. 
It's actually convenient for me if they avoid me. 

Jakob: You... like being treated that way? That doesn't make any sense. 

Nyx: When I was younger, I did many evil, vile things. I earned the title of 
monster. As punishment for my horrible actions, I was cursed with this form 
for all my life. 

Jakob: ... 

Nyx: But after punishment comes atonement. I must atone for the evil things 
that I did. 

Jakob: Interesting. But what are these sins you are guilty of committing? 

Nyx: Hahaha, perhaps some other time. 

Jakob: That's fine, I suppose... What are you doing to atone for these 
unnamed sins? 

Nyx: I refuse to get involved with people, at least no more than in passing. 
I believe that cutting all ties with people will help me. If I don't, I risk 
waking the monster inside me once more. 

Jakob: So... really you're just punishing yourself on top of your magical 
punishment. Jeez, in some ways your young appearance is very appropriate for 

Nyx: You may be right about that... 

Jakob: You should only cast aside those who won't accept you for who you are. 
Avoiding everyone only punishes you further. 

Nyx: ... 
Nyx A

Jakob: Hey, Nyx. 

Nyx: Jakob. What is it? 

Jakob: I still find it difficult to see you as the monster you claim to be. 
Even if I ignore this magic spell or curse that keeps you from aging... 
Seeing you fighting on the battlefield, supporting your allies against our 
enemy... It's impossible to see the monster. So... it actually makes me angry 
to see people treat you badly. 

Nyx: Heh. 

Jakob: What's that? Are you laughing? 

Nyx: Of course. I always suspected you were a nice person under that harsh 
exterior. Thanks for confirming it. 

Jakob: Tsk. D-don't be stupid! I just can't stand to see young people get 
picked on. 

Nyx: Even if those young people are not so young on the inside? 

Jakob: Yes, even then. 

Nyx: Interesting... You suffered when you were growing up, didn't you? That's 
why you can't stand to see people treat me badly, isn't it? 

Jakob: ... 

Nyx: I appreciate your kind thoughts, Jakob. But you needn't worry about me. 
Until the time comes when I can truly forgive myself... I must continue 
atoning for what I did. 

Jakob: If you ever need any help, just say so.
Nyx S

Jakob: Nyx, what are your plans when this war has finally come to an end? 

Nyx: I'll most likely return to the solitary life I led before. It was 
comforting to be alone. 

Jakob: To atone for your sins, right? 

Nyx: Yes. That's it exactly. 

Jakob: How long will you continue to seek atonement? 

Nyx: As long as I have to. Maybe the rest of my life. Maybe forever. 

Jakob: ... No. No, I won't allow that. 

Nyx: Hahaha, what? What say do you have in what I do or don't do? 

Jakob: Only as much as it concerns me, but if you spend the rest of your life 
alone... I know that I'll never be happy. 

Nyx: What do you mean? 

Jakob: Jeez, I really have to spell it out for you? I love you! 

Nyx: ... 

Jakob: I want us to be together. 

Nyx: I was right, back when I first met you. You are definitely an 
interesting fellow. You are serious, though, right? 

Jakob: Of course I'm being serious! What kind of person would joke about 

Nyx: In that case... I need to tell you about my sins before we go any 
further... In the past-when I was much younger- I killed a lot of innocent 

Jakob: ... 

Nyx: Magic comes naturally to me, and people where I lived reacted with fear. 
No one was able to match my power, and I, filled with all that magic 
energy... killed, and killed, and killed again. One of the side effects of 
all the power I used was my body ceasing to age. Basically, I'm cursed to 
look like this forever. 

Jakob: I... see. This is where rumors of you being a monster must have 
started, then... 

Nyx: Yes. What I did was horrible; I don't think my quest for atonement will 
ever end... 

Jakob: ... 

Nyx: That's why I can't let you-or anyone-into my life. I can't burden you 
with that. And I can't risk your life if my power-mad self returns. 

Jakob: Nyx... I don't care about your past. I'm fine with you trying to set 
it right. And I don't want you giving up your own happiness while you do so. 

Nyx: ... 

Jakob: Knowing everything you've told me, I still love you. Let me be with 
you. Let me help you. 

Nyx: Perhaps... Perhaps it would be all right for us to be together. 

Jakob: Of course it would. And perhaps with us together, you can find peace 
with your past. 

Nyx: Thank you, Jakob... 
B1. Selena C

Selena: I'll take this and this and that. Ooh, and that! 

Jakob: Hello, Selena. Shopping like a maniac again? 

Selena: J-Jakob! What's that supposed to mean? 

Jakob: Let's see. How best to put this... What, exactly, are you planning on 
doing with all of those pots? Are you going to start a shop? Hm? 

Selena: What am I planning to do with them? How should I know?! Isn't that 
something you figure out after you've bought them?  

Jakob: *sigh* No, Selena. If you do that, you'll just waste all your money. 
Do you see the problem here? 

Selena: I-I can't help it! They just caught my eye... Besides, it's my money, 
so it's none of your business what I buy with it! 

Jakob: That's true. You are free to squander your earnings as you please. 
But, if I may-how do you plan to carry all of this refuse back with you? 

Selena: Oh. I hadn't thought of that. Oh, I see! You came over to offer to 
help me carry them! 

Jakob: Mm? 

Selena: Um... thanks. I guess I should apologize. I thought you were a jerk. 
Looks like I underestimated you. 

Jakob: No need to thank me. You estimated me perfectly! I'd no intention of 
helping you. Though I should have known a fool like you would not have 
planned ahead. In fact, I bet you're so incompetent, you'll never get them 
all back on your own. Ta-ta! 
(Jakob leaves) 

Selena: What?! H-hey! Get back here! Ohhhh, I'll show him!
Selena B

Selena: Jakob, you jerk! I had a terrible day yesterday, and it's all your 

Jakob: Oh? What did I do? 

Selena: I had to carry all of those pots home on my own because of you! 

Jakob: That isn't my fault. You were the one who chose to buy all those pots. 

Selena: S-so?! You didn't even try to help! What kind of monster abandons a 
helpless girl to fend for herself? 

Jakob: You should have planned better. I never said I would help. Besides, 
you're far from helpless. 

Selena: How rude-wait, was that a compliment? Didn't you call me incompetent 

Jakob: I did, but that was only to rile you up. Spite is the most efficient 
fuel in all the world. I wasn't sure if you'd make it without a little to 
help you on your way. 

Selena: Huh? 

Jakob: *sigh* You're a strong woman. Do you disagree? 

Selena: No! I am! I am a strong woman! I'm so strong I can't lose to anyone 
at anything! 

Jakob: Exactly! Your feats on the battlefield are a sight to behold. Your 
strength, your speed, your dexterity- all are legendary within the ranks. 

Selena: R-really? 

Jakob: Yes. That's why I believed you didn't need my help the other day. I 
knew you had the strength in you to carry them all on your own. 

Selena: I-I guess... Wait! No! That's crap! You just left because you're a 
lazy, inconsiderate dastard! 

Jakob: Heh. You saw right through me, didn't you? And I was so close... 

Selena: I was about to thank you, you farrow- gobbling figsnort! 

Jakob: Yes, yes, get it out of your system. I did mean it, however. About 
your being strong. 

Selena: Hmph! Like I believe that! Although that IS very nice of you to 
Selena A

Selena: Are you knitting? 

Jakob: I am. It is but one of many of a butler's duties. 

Selena: You're very good at it. I'm almost impressed. 

Jakob: Thank you very much! For your kind words, I invite you to admire me or 
my work whenever you like! 

Selena: I'm not admiring you! Besides, there's nothing to admire. I'm way 
better at knitting than you are! 

Jakob: Really, Selena? Must you insist on being the best at everything? 

Selena: Of course! There's no point in being anything but the best! 

Jakob: I don't agree at all. But I suppose such thinking is what motivates 
you to work so hard? 

Selena: You got it! You can't be the best without putting in the effort! 

Jakob: Haha. Nicely put. I don't know whether to call you honest or simple, 
but either way it's very Selena-like. 

Selena: Wh-what's that supposed to mean? Are you making fun of me again?! 

Jakob: Not at all. I'm just impressed. 

Selena: R-really? Then... that's fine, I guess. 

Jakob: Ah, there we are. I'm done with the knitting. Would you like to take a 

Selena: Amazing! You really are very good. 

Jakob: That's right-be honest. It's OK to admire me. I can take it. 

Selena: I told you, I'm not admiring YOU! It's just... I think those baby 
socks are adorable! And you'd better be damn grateful I'll even say that! 
(Selena leaves) 

Jakob: Heh. What an interesting young woman.
Selena S

Jakob: Selena! I have good news for you! You want to be the best at 
everything, right? 

Selena: That's right... What about it? 

Jakob: Rejoice. You've done it again. 

Selena: Huh? That's good, I guess, but I have no clue what you're talking 

Jakob: You don't? Then allow me to tell you. 

Selena: Sure. What have I suddenly become the best at? 

Jakob: At being loved by me. 

Selena: ... Oh my gods, I'm in love with an idiot. 

Jakob: I knew it! You feel the same way! Selena, my darling, marry me! 

Selena:N-now hold on just a minute there! I'm the best at being loved by you? 

Jakob: That is correct. Are you not happy? I thought you loved being the best 
at things. 

Selena: I do... but I sorta meant I like being the best at, y'know, DOING 
things. Not the best at having others feel a certain way about me. 

Jakob: I take your point. Then you are the best at being the woman you are. 
Which also happens to be the one I love the most! You have taken first place 
in my heart, Selena. So... will you marry me? 

Selena: Hang on a minute! 

Jakob: Y-yes, of course. I apologize. 

Selena: What did you mean by the "best"? Are there others you love? Do you 
have a second-place love? A third-place one? 

Jakob: No. You're the only one for me. 

Selena: So you were just forcing that joke, then? Well it was a bad joke. I 
want you to try again. To say what you came to say better. No jokes, no 

Jakob: Very well. Selena... I love you. 

Selena: Was that so hard? I love you too, Jakob. 

Jakob: So... you WILL marry me, then? 

Selena: Give it some time, dear. Now come here, and give me a kiss. 

Jakob: Y-yes, my love! First kiss, incomiiiing!
(Dish breaks)
B1. Beruka C

Jakob: Beruka. I hear you used to be a hired killer. 

Beruka: Yes. Do you have a problem with that? 

Jakob: No, no, quite the opposite. In fact, I have a job for you. 

Beruka: Is this a joke? I don't like jokers, Jakob. 

Jakob: It's not a joke. I have some killing I want you to do for me. Will you 
accept the job? 

Beruka: ... I'll hear what you have to say. 

Jakob: Lately some pesky insects have found their way into our food stores. I 
want you to kill them. Every last one of them. 

Beruka: ... 

Jakob: So? Will you take the job? 

Beruka: I already told you I don't care for jests. Do not push me further. 

Jakob: This is no joke! These pests must be eradicated! Why should it matter, 
anyway? Killing is killing, whether they're bugs or people. If anything, it 
should be even easier for you! 

Beruka: This discussion is over. Good day.
Beruka B

Beruka: ... 

Jakob: Beruka, well met. Have you changed your mind? 

Beruka: I have not. Even if I wanted to, I do not know how to kill insects. 

Jakob: What? 

Beruka: I only know how to kill people. It was all I ever needed to know. 

Jakob: Heh. You had a pretty unbalanced education then, didn't you? How'd you 
manage to grow up without learning how to deal with bugs? Were you raised 
under a rock? 

Beruka: No. I was raised in a slum. The people who raised me trained me for 
one thing, and that alone. 

Jakob: I see. Interesting. 

Beruka: If you say so. 

Jakob: Well, in any case, you can rest easy now. I won't ask you to kill any 
more bugs. I guess I've no choice but to do my own chores this week. So much 
for delegation. *sigh* 

Beruka: You mean this task had already been assigned to you? Then why did you 
ask me to do it? 

Jakob: Isn't that what all of your jobs were? Something that someone wanted 
done but didn't want to do themselves? 

Beruka: Heh. A fair point. But please: do not try to pawn your chores off on 
me again. 

Jakob: As long as you promise not to stick a knife in me for this, it's a 

Beruka: You need not worry on that account. I will only kill you if the money 
is good enough. Butlers, however, are rarely important enough to merit that 
kind of pay. Good day. 

Jakob: ... 
Beruka A

Beruka: ... 

Jakob: Would it be so terrible for you to look a bit less hostile now and 
then? That dour look of yours makes it difficult for me to maintain my 
cheerful demeanor! 

Beruka: Your what? 

Jakob: I'm not asking you to smile. Just, perhaps, ease up a little on the 

Beruka: I could say the same to you. 

Jakob: What are you talking about? I always wear a pleasant expression on my 

Beruka: Heh. You're the only one who thinks that. 

Jakob: Hmph. In any case, did you need something? 

Beruka: I was scared and thought you could help. 

Jakob: Oh? And what does someone as skilled as yourself have to be afraid of? 

Beruka: I feel as if I am changing. 

Jakob: What do you mean? 

Beruka: Until recently, my life followed one pattern, repeated endlessly. I 
would take a job and kill my target. Then I would return, eat, and sleep. I 
did nothing else. I saw no one else. But here, things are different. I do not 
know if I will be able to go back to that life. And if I cannot... I do not 
know who-or what-I will have to become. 

Jakob: I see. You went from living a solitary life to one very much spent 
surrounded by others. And you are concerned because it has changed you in 
ways you don't understand. 

Beruka: Precisely. 

Jakob: Well, that's only natural. I think there is only one question to ask 
then. How much value do you find in your old self? 

Beruka: What do you mean? 

Jakob: What I mean is that you must look back on your life and make a 
judgment. If you don't think your old way of life was valuable, you should 
rejoice and cast it off. That's all I'm saying. There is no need to fear 
change. It can be rejuvenating. 

Beruka: Heh. You are right. It might be best that I trust myself to the flow 
of things. Thank you, Jakob. 

Jakob: No need to thank me. I am always glad to be of service.
Beruka S

Jakob: Good day, Beruka! 

Beruka: Jakob? How are you? 

Jakob: Huh? You certainly seem more chipper than normal. 

Beruka: I do? I wonder why that would be. 

Jakob: Could it be that you're just happy to see me? 

Beruka: Hmph. 

Jakob: I'm right, aren't I? 

Beruka: Well... maybe a little. 

Jakob: Heh. I knew it! Well, I am delighted to let you know that I'm happy to 
see you too. 

Beruka: Oh? 

Jakob: Yes! And now I would like to put you in an even better mood. Beruka... 
I love you. 

Beruka: What? 

Jakob: That's odd. You seem angrier, not happier. Maybe I was wrong... 

Beruka: That is the worst joke I have ever heard. It is not funny at all. 

Jakob: It's not a joke. I'm serious. 

Beruka: ... 

Jakob: Remember how you told me that being here has changed you? 

Beruka: I do. 

Jakob: The same goes for me too. As I got to know you, I felt a new emotion 
grow in me. It was, as you know now, my love for you. 

Beruka: Jakob... 

Jakob: Once I realized this, I reflected on my life as it was before I met 
you. And I realized it had changed for the better. So I accepted this change, 
Beruka. And now, I am asking you... have you felt anything similar change in 
your heart? 

Beruka: ... 

Jakob: Please. Don't be cruel. If you don't love me, you need only say so. 

Beruka: Even if I did love you, you must know that I can't change who I am 
immediately. I will still have trouble being close with others. And I will 
still not be one to smile often. Even so, do you wish to be mine? 

Jakob: Of course. We have plenty of time. There's no need to rush change. 
Just let me stand next to you. I want to be by your side as you enter your 
new life. 

Beruka: Well. In that case... In the time we've known each other, you've 
helped me more than you could ever know. You have been a friend to me and 
accepted me for who I was when so few seem to. Jakob... I love you. I love 
you so, so much. 

Jakob: And I you, my darling.
B1. Peri C

Peri: Ah! It's Jakob! 

Jakob: Hello, Peri. I didn't think I'd run into you today. 

Peri: I'm glad you're here. I'm thiiiirsty! Make me some black tea! 

Jakob: Um, no? If you want tea, you'd best go about getting it yourself. 

Peri: What?! You can't refuse! You're a butler! All the butlers I've ever run 
into do exactly what I say. 

Jakob: Perhaps, but I am not your butler; I serve only Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Peri: Not fair! Not fair! I don't believe you! Pour me some tea right now! 

Jakob: Hrmph. There is no chance of that happening. 

Peri: *sob* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! If you don't pour me some tea, I'll... I'll... 
I'll kill everyone in the area! 

Jakob: I don't care in the slightest. If you try and go on a killing spree in 
camp, I'm certain you'll be punished. Banishment at the minimum, but probably 
execution just to be safe. 

Peri: Huh?! But I don't wanna be executed! Killing isn't fun when it's 
happening to me! 

Jakob: Then I suppose you'll have to abandon your plans for the day. The tea 
and the murder. 

Peri: Jakob, you meanie!
Peri B

Peri: Ah, it's Jakob... 

Jakob: Hello, Peri. 

Peri: Don't come near me. I hate you! 

Jakob: Oh my. Really? That's a shame. 

Peri: You're always picking on me. And saying mean things... Yeah, I 
definitely hate hate hate you! 

Jakob: I am getting the vague notion that you dislike me, Peri. 

Peri: You're never nice to me! You won't make me tea, and you tell me not to 
kill people! Killing people is my favorite pastime! 

Jakob: I don't dislike you, Peri. 

Peri: ... What? What'd you just say? 

Jakob: I actually consider you a very skilled soldier. You've clearly 
mastered the art of killing the enemy. 

Peri: You... you think so? You aren't just saying that. 

Jakob: Of course. I don't indulge in false flattery. When you're tearing a 
path of destruction across the battlefield... It's a sight to see. 

Peri: Wow... You really think I'm that amazing? 

Jakob: If nothing else, you're valuable to Lord/Lady Avatar in battle. 

Peri: I was wrong. I love you, Jakob! 

Jakob: What? You were just saying you hated me. 

Peri: But I love getting compliments! Especially on my killing. You should 
give me lots more! 

Jakob: Heh. What a peculiar one you are.
Peri A

Peri: Mhm mhm! This is really delicious! 

Jakob: Of course it is. It's my own special recipe, after all. 

Peri: Thank you, Jakob! 

Jakob: It's no trouble. I had a little extra time today is all. 

Peri: I'll cook something for you to show my appreciation! 

Jakob: You... Can you cook? 

Peri: Of course! I'm actually super amazing at it. People are always 
impressed with how well I can slice up the portions. That's because cutting 
food and cutting people are basically the same thing! 

Jakob: I'm not sure that's entirely true... 

Peri: Sure it is! Anyway, I'll make you something extra tasty. Be excited! 

Jakob: You're constantly full of surprises, you know that? 

Peri: What do you mean? 

Jakob: You look like any other ruling-class member, but you fight incredibly 
well. Then some people think your only skill is in killing, but you say you 
cook well, too... I simply don't know what to make of you. 

Peri: I don't think I'm all that strange. I like killing people, I like 
cooking... I cry, and I get scared. That's just who I am. None of those 
things are all that unique to only me. 

Jakob: That's true, I suppose. And all those things are what make you... 
well, you. I suppose I just need to accept that my first assumptions about 
you were wrong. 

Peri: Good idea! Just accept everything about me and don't complain! 

Jakob: Heh. I can try.
Peri S

Peri: Quick! Don't think about it, just tell me what you think! 

Jakob: ... It's delicious. 

Peri: Hah! Hooray! Jakob actually complimented my cooking! 

Jakob: I'm surprised. You weren't kidding about your cooking skills. 

Peri: Hehehe! I bet your opinion of me has changed again, now! 

Jakob: Indeed. I must recognize your skill both in cooking and in killing. 

Peri: Yay! Another compliment! I gotta go write all these down. 

Jakob: With cooking this good, you'll make someone quite happy. 

Peri: Mhm mhm. I think so too! How about you, Jakob? 

Jakob: Wh-what?! 

Peri: I think we get along great, and you like my cooking... And you stop me 
from killing when I shouldn't be killing! Also, I think I love you. So what 
do you think? I know you feel the same! 

Jakob: H-how did you... I didn't expect this. But you're right-I've fallen 
for you. 

Peri: Fallen for me as in you love me? Or that you'd fall over if I asked? 

Jakob: That I love you, is what I mean. Even though you kill with almost 
reckless abandon, there's a goodness to you. A dangerous goodness, of course. 
But... do you want time to think about this? 

Peri: Not at all! 'Cause if I end up marrying you... I just know you'll take 
good care of me. And you'll do all the cleaning, and all the laundry, and the 
sewing... And tea! You'll make tea for me whenever I ask for it. Mmm... Yep, 
I definitely don't need to think on this! 

Jakob: You know that, if we got married, I'd be your husband, not your 
butler, right? 

Peri: It's the same thing! And anyway, there are a lot of husbands in the 
world who do the housework! 

Jakob: You might be right. 

Peri: Don't take it the wrong way, though! I love you too, Jakob. I want to 
be with you because of that. The housework is just an extra perk! And I'll do 
the cooking, of course. You just need to help out with the rest. 

Jakob: I see. That's a relief.
B1. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Oh, Jakob! 

Jakob: Ah, hello, Charlotte. Did you need something from me? 

Charlotte: Um, I... Well, I was just thinking how I'd love to learn how to 
properly make tea... Would you be willing to teach me? 

Jakob: I can teach you-it wouldn't be too much trouble. 

Charlotte: Truly? It's not an inconvenience, is it? 

Jakob: It is what it is, but you learning to brew tea correctly is worth the 

Charlotte: Oh, thank you so much! Heehee... You really are kind, Jakob. Even 
if you act cold all the time. 

Jakob: Heh. 

Charlotte: Hmmm? Is something the matter? 

Jakob: No. Well, actually... I'm not certain how to phrase this... I sense 
deceit when I'm around you. 

Charlotte: Excuse me? I don't understand... 

Jakob: It doesn't matter. I honestly don't care who you are trying to 

Charlotte: D-deceive, what a terrible... How could you say such a thing?!
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Why hello there, Jakob. 

Jakob: Oh, it's you. 

Charlotte: Um, I wanted to talk about our conversation the other day... 

Jakob: Ah, yes. You wanted to learn how to properly brew tea, correct? 

Charlotte: Yes! Please, teach me all you know! Would it be all right if we 
got started right away? It's just the two of us here right now, and we've got 
plenty of time. 

Jakob: We may as well. 

Charlotte: Teehee. I really appreciate it, Jakob. 

Jakob: Hmmm? What's that? It looks like a bee flying around your head... 

Charlotte: What?! I hate bees! 

Jakob: It's right behind you. 

Charlotte: I don't see it! Ahhh! Please, Jakob-take care of it! 

Jakob: Why don't you deal with it yourself? 

Charlotte: I... I can't! I'm scared! Bees terrify me. 

Jakob: Like I care. 

Charlotte: Please... Oh, would you hurry up and do something, you good-for-
nothing butler! If I get stung, I'll make you suffer! 

Jakob: Hah, just as I thought. 

Charlotte: Ahhh, um... I mean... Teehee, I was just kidding! Wouldn't it be 
awful if I actually said that? 

Jakob: Why do you feel the need to act like someone you aren't? You can stop 
now-you can't fool me with your little act. 

Charlotte: Ugh, it seems that's the case... 
Charlotte A

Jakob: Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Jakob... I won't bother pretending around you since you already 
know it's an act. 

Jakob: It's better that way. 

Charlotte: I still can't believe you saw through it. I thought it was 

Jakob: It was not. Tell me though, why do you put on such an act? You expend 
a lot of energy flattering most of the men you encounter. 

Charlotte: Isn't it obvious? I want to be popular and well liked. 

Jakob: Heh. That's a pretty simple reason, I guess. 

Charlotte: Of course. It makes sense, doesn't it? It's certainly better to be 
popular than not. By acting a little alluring, a little helpless, all the men 
are suddenly very nice to me. 

Jakob: That would seem to work on most men. However, I am immune to it. 

Charlotte: I hate to break it to you, but you aren't the first person I've 
failed to deceive. It's actually nice to drop the act, though. It can be 
really tiring. Sometimes I wonder if it was better when I was just direct and 
didn't hide myself. I may look pretty and sweet, but I'm really strong. It 
tends to intimidate people, so I hide it. 

Jakob: I'm sure. And on top of that... I can appreciate the way you flatter 
the men around you, and why you do it. 

Charlotte: What? Are you making fun of me? 

Jakob: Not at all. You've adapted your skills to the world around you. That 
shows real wisdom. There's no need to stop or feel embarrassed. 

Charlotte: Heehee... That's a refreshing way of putting it. But it makes 
sense. It's another weapon I can use to stay alive in this world. 

Jakob: Exactly. 

Charlotte: I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone similar to me would 

Jakob: Similar? What do you mean? 

Charlotte: You're exceptionally cold to anyone except your liege, aren't you? 
Just like me, you adjust your mood to match the people around you. 

Jakob: ... You and I are nothing alike. I'd prefer you not make such 
Charlotte S

Jakob: Charlotte, I need to speak with you about something. 

Charlotte: What is it? 

Jakob: I would appreciate it if you stopped working to become more popular 
among men. 

Charlotte: Excuse me? What's this all of the sudden? You were telling me just 
the other day that I was smart to make my charm a tool. 

Jakob: I realized that I'd be bothered if you were... more than popular... 
with another man. 

Charlotte: Explain yourself, Jakob. 

Jakob: Charlotte, I've fallen in love with you. 

Charlotte: What?! 

Jakob: I think I could see us living a long, happy life together. 

Charlotte: Hang on just a minute! Don't get so carried away. This seems 
really sudden... 

Jakob: It isn't sudden at all, actually. I told you before that I approved of 
how you live. You were right before; we are alike. It makes sense that I 
would develop feelings for you. Do you understand? 

Charlotte: I... I don't know! You say it isn't sudden, but it seems so to me! 

Jakob: It's simple. I fell for you, and I've told you how I feel. That's all. 

Charlotte: I-I understand that, but... My head is still spinning... 

Jakob: There is nothing more I can tell you. You have to decide now. 

Charlotte: Really? You're so pushy... 

Jakob: I have to be. I don't believe that any other woman compares to you at 
all. If I don't act, another man may come along and earn your affection. 

Charlotte: You are actually nice beneath that cold attitude you put on... OK. 
But! I have one condition. I'm not going to stop trying to be popular. The 
more allies I have, the better. But I swear that you're the only person I 

Jakob: Tsk. ... If you must. I suppose I wouldn't be happy if you weren't 

B2. Azura C

Azura: Hello, Kaze.

Kaze: Milady, are you talking to me? To what do I owe this honor?

Azura: Goodness. You make it sound like I've never spoken to you before!

Kaze: Well, every time we've talked, I've been the one who initiated the 

Azura: Is that so?

Kaze: Yes. In fact, all of our conversations have been limited to me 
delivering messages. But I never took it personally. I know you prefer to 
avoid people if you can help it.

Azura: You know how to put it quite plainly, don't you?

Kaze: I am sorry! I didn't mean to be so blunt, milady. How rude of me!

Azura: That's all right. You spoke the truth. I need to ask you a favor.

Kaze: Consider it done. I will grant anything milady requests.

Azura: But I haven't even told you what it is!

Kaze: It is my duty to obey without hesitation. Please, tell me how I may be 
of service.

Azura: Why don't you follow me? I'll explain on the way... 
Azura B

Kaze: Milady! About your request from the other day... 

Azura: Ah, yes. Did everything go OK? 

Kaze: Yes. The carrier pigeon just returned with this message tied to its 
foot. Here. 

Azura: Oh, thank you! ... It says here that she got the medicine. I hope it 

Kaze: You're such a kind person, milady! To be thinking of your nana who is 
so far away... 

Azura: She looked after me all those years. She was practically like family. 
I've been so worried ever since I heard she'd fallen ill. 

Kaze: Hopefully the herbs you sent will restore her to full health. 

Azura: I hope so too, Kaze. Thank you again for your help. You always go 
above and beyond. 

Kaze: It was nothing! I am always happy to deliver messages as well as 

Azura: ... Oh. What's this? There's something else tucked inside the letter. 
I wonder- 

Kaze: That looks like a flower petal. Haven't I seen that flower before? 

Azura: Oh! Yes! *sniff* 

Kaze: Milady! Are you crying? Is everything all right?! 

Azura: *sob* We used to pick these flowers... *sniff* ... all the time! She 
taught me how to make them into flower crowns. *sob* 

Kaze: Milady, surely this should make you happy! 

Azura: It does. It's just... I'm sorry! I can't believe I sobbed all over 
your sleeve. Excuse me... 
(Azura leaves) 

Kaze: Lady Azura, wait!
Azura A

Azura: Kaze, I am so embarrassed about the other day. I can't believe I cried 
like that. 

Kaze: Don't apologize, milady. Your tears showed how deeply you must care for 
your nana. 

Azura: I have so many happy memories playing with my nana in Hoshido. Anyway, 
I am fine now. Please, swear to me you will forget that ever happened! 

Kaze: Milady, I am afraid I cannot swear to that. 

Azura: What? 

Kaze: The image of you crying, clutching at my sleeve, will be burned in my 
memory forever. I could not forget even if I tried. 

Azura: Kaze, that is not fair! Don't taunt me like that. At least promise not 
to tell anyone! 

Kaze: Haha! I guess you will have to be extra nice to me in order to keep my 
silence. Here. If it will make you feel better, I shall renew my vow of 
service to you. 

Azura: Fine then. If you insist. 

Kaze: Milady, I swear to always protect you and your nana even if it should 
cost me my life. 

Azura: Goodness, Kaze. That's very chivalrous of you. I've really come to 
rely on you. 

Kaze: Should you ever need anything, I will be at the ready, awaiting your 
Azura S

Azura: Kaze, do you have a minute? 

Kaze: Why yes, milady! I am delighted every time you wish to speak with me. I 
look forward to our conversations. They are becoming a regular thing now! 

Azura: Yes, they are, but I wish you would stop acting so surprised all the 

Kaze: I am not surprised! 

Azura: Well, you're blushing! Anyway, there is something I've been meaning to 
tell you... I have always felt uncomfortable around the Hoshidan royal 
family. I feel like I've been invited to a party, but I'm the only one not 
having any fun. 

Kaze: Well, they are a boisterous bunch. 

Azura: Haha! Yes. Now, when I feel out of place, I glance over to find you by 
my side. You give me a little smile, and suddenly, you and I are the only two 
people in the room. 

Kaze: Well, milady, you may have noticed that I can be shy too. I know how 
you feel. 

Azura: Kaze, having you near makes me feel at home no matter where I am. I 
often feel alone, but when I am with you, I know that I have at least one 
friend. I want you to know how much you mean to me. 

Kaze: Milady, you are stealing the words right out of my mouth! If it was up 
to me, I would never leave your side. I would marry you if I could... 

Azura: Kaze, I thought you would never ask. 

Kaze: You feel the same way? Really?! Please, will you marry me, Lady Azura? 
From this moment on, I promise to love and take care of you... and your nana! 

Azura: You are so sweet. My answer is yes, Kaze! Of course I'll marry you!
B2. Felicia C

Felicia: La la-la la-lee loo-lay ? It's so lovely out, I bet the laundry will 
dry in no time! Let's see... I just have to hang up these sheets and I'll be 
finished! Eeeek! Where did that wind come from? No! Please wait, Mr. 
Sheeeeeet! Aaaaaa- Oh! 

Kaze: Felicia. Are you the owner of this sheet? 

Felicia: Kaze! You caught it for me! Thank you so much! 

Kaze: No need for thanks. I'm just glad I could be of service. 

Felicia: Of course! You really helped me out there! Thanks to you, I might 
even finish all my chores today without a single mistake! 

Kaze: Is... that rare? 

Felicia: Er... maybe I shouldn't have said anything. But yes, it is. I'm not 
a very good maid. I try not to be a burden, but... I make a lot of mistakes. 

Kaze: I see. Well if that's the case, allow me to assist you now and then. 

Felicia: Oh, no, that's all right! I couldn't possibly impose on you like 

Kaze: Now, now. We're allies. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't lend 
a hand? 

Felicia: Well, when you put it that way-OK! I'd love to have your help. 

Kaze: Perfect. Let's hang up this laundry, then. 

Felicia: Er, I already finished that actually. 

Kaze: Have you indeed? Well, if you find anything else I can help with, 
please come get me. You know where I'll be. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Felicia: Wow! He just vanished! I wish I could do that! But... I DON'T know 
where he'll be... I guess I'll just work alone today... 
Felicia B

Kaze: And with that, it appears we've got all the items on our list. 

Felicia: Yeah... 

Kaze: Hm? Did we forget to buy something? 

Felicia: Huh? Oh, no. I'm just surprised at how smoothly our shopping trip 

Kaze: Isn't that a good thing? It means you did well, Felicia. 

Felicia: No... I'm pretty sure it's just because you were here with me. And 
if you hadn't shown up when you did, I wouldn't even have had my shopping 

Kaze: Yes, well, we all lose things now and then. In any event, don't feel 
like you owe me anything. I told you I would assist you. Which is why I've 
been checking in on you regularly to make sure everything is OK. 

Felicia: You have?! So... that explains how the oven turned off before it 
started a fire... And how the paint can got switched with the wood varnish... 
And how the clothes already seemed ironed when I took them down... Thank you, 
Kaze. I'm in your debt. 

Kaze: Not at all. I am helping you because I want to. Well, that and- Ehem, 
never mind. 

Felicia: Huh? That and what? 

Kaze: Nothing. A slip of the tongue. Forgive me. 

Felicia: Hey! You're hiding something from me, aren't you?! 

Kaze: Of course not. I'm just happy to be of service. Is that not enough? 

Felicia: You can't fool me! 

Kaze: I have no idea what you're talking about. Good day. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Felicia: Hey! You can't just run away like that! KAZE!
Felicia A

Felicia: Now, I just need to bring it to a simmer... Oh! But first, a pinch 
of salt! 

Kaze: ... That is the sugar. 

Felicia: Aaack! Kaze! 

Kaze: Good evening, Felicia. Always remember to double-check your seasonings. 

Felicia: Y-yes, of course. But while you're here, I was hoping you could tell 
me something. The other day, you were just about to tell me why you were 
helping me, but stopped. What were you going to say? 

Kaze: Ah. You remember that. 

Felicia: Of course I do! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! It's 
been causing me to mess up my chores even more than usual! 

Kaze: Even more? That is a problem... Very well. But I want you to promise me 
something. You must never tell Lord/Lady Avatar what I am about to disclose. 

Felicia: Lord/Lady Avatar? OK, then. I promise. 

Kaze: The truth is... Lord/Lady Avatar asked me to look after you. 

Felicia: Wh-what?! So then... he/she doesn't really trust me, does he/she? 

Kaze: Well, I wouldn't put it like that. Lord/Lady Avatar cherishes you. I 
think that's why he/she came to talk to me. He/She just wanted to make sure 
you were OK. 

Felicia: I guess you're right. It's just... I only wanted to be helpful, but 
it turns out I'm just a burden on the both of you... 

Kaze: No. You're a valuable part of the army, Felicia. You shouldn't feel 
like a burden. That's what friends are for. So, please, don't beat yourself 
up too much over it. 

Felicia: OK. Thank you, Kaze. You always know what to say! 

Kaze: It's no problem. 

Felicia: So... does this mean we're friends? You're not just helping because 
you have to? 

Kaze: Of course. I said so from the beginning. I enjoy helping you. 

Felicia: That's great! I'm so happy to have you as my friend!
Felicia S

Felicia: Hey... Kaze? 

Kaze: Yes, Felicia? 

Felicia: I'm always happy for your help, but you seem to be dropping by more 
often lately. Sometimes you show up when I'm not having any trouble at all! 

Kaze: Do I? 

Felicia: You do! Are you just trying to be prepared for when I inevitably do 
make a mistake? Because you don't have to! There are whole days I don't make 
any mistakes at all! 

Kaze: No, you've got the wrong idea. 

Felicia: Then what is it? 

Kaze: It's because... I like being around you. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Kaze: Before... I only wanted to help you, as an ally and a friend. But I've 
come to realize that now I just want to spend time with you. I want to hear 
you laugh, and talk with you, and learn about you... I love you, Felicia. 

Felicia: You what me?! 

Kaze: Felicia, you're an honest person. You act always with earnestness and 
sincerity. And you are kind. You don't resent having devoted your life to 
serving others. As I've grown close to you, and come to see who you really 
are... I've fallen in love. Will you be with me? 

Felicia: Uh... I'm sorry, it's just- This is so unexpected! I'm so happy you 
told me this, Kaze... 

Kaze: You mean...?! 

Felicia: Yes. I am yours. 

Kaze: I have not felt such joy in a long time. Thank you, my love. I will 
protect you always. 

Felicia: And I'll do the same!
B2. Mozu C

Kaze: Hm? Mozu, what are you doing sitting all alone by the river? 

Mozu: Oh, hey there, Kaze. I'm just peeling and washing these potatoes. 

Kaze: I see. In that case, would you mind if I helped you? 

Mozu: Oh, no, that's OK. Really! This is my job. 

Kaze: Nonsense. I've nothing better to do, and I'm really quite good at it. I 

Mozu: What? You are? 

Kaze: I am. Here, just give me one of those, and... One, two, three... 

Mozu: Gosh, you're fast. It looks like you might even be better than me... 

Kaze: I used to cook a lot. Strange as it sounds, it was part of my training 
regimen. Oddly enough, my master also had me paint fences and polish armor. 
Household chores have a prominent role in Hoshidan martial-arts training. 

Mozu: I see... And here I was thinking I must be the best potato peeler in 
camp. Tell you the truth, it's a little disheartening to get one-upped like 

Kaze: I see. Well... if you'd ever like my help, please don't hesitate to 
ask. I'll teach you everything I know about the preparation of root 

Mozu: You'd do that for me? Thanks, Kaze! I appreciate it. I'll hold you to 
that though, you hear? 

Kaze: Yes, of course.
Mozu B

Mozu: Hmm? 

Kaze: Mozu? Is something the matter? 

Mozu: Well, I'm peeling these potatoes the way you showed me, but it's not 

Kaze: That's all right. If you practice a little while longer, I'm sure 
you'll master it. It's not something that can be learned overnight. Just like 
combat training. 

Mozu: Like combat training? 

Kaze: Yes. You build a foundation by practicing every day. You work it into 
your muscles. Then, using that foundation, you move on to advanced 
techniques. It's the same with cooking. You've got to work on the basics 
until they're mastered. 

Mozu: Yeah, I guess that makes sense.  

Kaze: All it takes is practice. You'll be peeling potatoes like lightning in 
no time at all. 

Mozu: Yeah! I guess I wasn't so good at cooking when I first started. But I 
just kept at it, and now I'm a pretty decent chef. I just gotta treat peeling 
potatoes the same way! 

Kaze: That's the spirit. I'm glad you're feeling better. 

Mozu: I owe it all to you! Thanks, Kaze! 

Kaze: It was nothing, Mozu. I am happy to help.
Mozu A

Mozu: Got a second, Kaze? 

Kaze: Of course. What do you need? 

Mozu: I feel like I finally got the hang of peeling potatoes like you showed 
me. So... how about we have a potato-peeling contest? 

Kaze: You want a rematch, eh? 

Mozu: Yep! Only reason I wanted to learn in the first place was so I could 
beat ya! 

Kaze: Very well. I accept. 

Mozu: Thanks, Kaze! OK, let's get started, then. Let me just set things up... 

Kaze: Certainly. 

Mozu: OK... Ready... set... GO! 

Kaze: Such power! Such speed! Is this truly the same Mozu?! 

Mozu: I'm not gonna lose again! Grrrrrr! 

Kaze: Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!! 

Mozu: Gah! There! All done! 

Kaze: That... was incredible. You are truly a virtuoso potato peeler, Mozu. I 
admit defeat. 

Mozu: Really? Yahoo! I did it! 

Kaze: You're such a hard worker. I can't wait to see how you improve next. 
Before long, we'll have a world-renowned chef on our hands. 

Mozu: Aw, shucks! No need for flattery now. 

Kaze: And you'll no doubt improve in other areas as well. I know it. Anything 
you set your mind to, you can achieve. 

Mozu: Well... I just want to be stronger. 

Kaze: Stronger? 

Mozu: Yeah! Out there on the battlefield... I still don't feel like I fit. 
I'm barely able to keep up with all y'all. 

Kaze: Mozu... 

Mozu: But talking to you always cheers me right up! And thanks to you, I know 
what to do! I just need to practice the fundamentals, every day, until I'm an 
expert fighter! 

Kaze: I'll be rooting for you. What's more, I'll train with you. If you'll 
allow me. 

Mozu: Thanks, Kaze! I'll be counting on you!
Mozu S

Mozu: Oh! There you are, Kaze! 

Kaze: Hello, Mozu. What have you got in that pot? 

Mozu: Soup! I made it to thank you for helping me out so much. Would you be 
willing to try it right now? 

Kaze: Of course. It smells delicious. You came at the perfect time-I'm 

Mozu: Don't get too excited! It's just some potato stew. Not any of that 
fancy stuff the royals you're always with are used to eating. 

Kaze: An appropriate dish, given all that potato peeling you've been doing. 
Hmm... Mozu! This is delicious! 

Mozu: Heehee! You like it? I'm right tickled. 

Kaze: I love it. It's... relaxing. Something about it reminds me of you. Warm 
and comforting. Not too showy, but plenty of character. It's good, strong, 
homemade food. 

Mozu: Teehee. Thanks! 

Kaze: Yes. If I could eat such food every day, I would be the happiest man 

Mozu: If it would make you that happy... I could cook for you every day! 

Kaze: Oh, no, I couldn't ask that of you. It would be far too much work. 

Mozu: No! Not at all! Maybe if it were for anyone else... but not for you. 

Kaze: Mozu... 

Mozu: You've been helping me out so much lately! It would kill me to be 
unable to repay you! And besides... I... have feelings for you, Kaze. I want 
you to be mine. 

Kaze: What?! Truly? I don't know what to say. Thank you, Mozu. You've made me 
so happy. 

Mozu: H-happy? You mean... you feel something for me, too? 

Kaze: Yes. You are one of the most honest, hardworking people I have ever 
met. I would like nothing more than to remain by your side forevermore. I 
love you, Mozu. 

Mozu: Oh, Kaze! It's like a dream come true! 

Kaze: I feel the same way, my love.
B2. Elise C

Elise: Oh, hey! Kaze! 

Kaze: Greetings, princess. How may I be of service? 

Elise: Let's play! Pleeeaaaase?! I am SO BORED. 

Kaze: Well, ehem, I suppose I have nothing of great importance to do at the 

Elise: You don't sound very excited... Do you not like me? 

Kaze: I like you quite well. Rather, I'm concerned one such as I will make 
for a poor playmate. 

Elise: Why, because you're all serious and stuff? Phooey! I think we'll make 
great friends! One day I'd like to make friends with the whole army. The 
horses too! But you're at the top of my list. 

Kaze: I am honored, milady. 

Elise: Does that mean you'll play with me?! 

Kaze: It would be dishonorable to refuse such a sweet request from a 
princess. If you consider me worthy of spending your free time with, I will 
gladly join your game. 

Elise: Yaaaaaay! Thanks, Kaze! Alrighty, let's play... Hide-and-seek! 

Kaze: As you wish. 

Elise: Kee hee, sucker! You have NO IDEA how good I am at this game. OK, 
you're it! Count to 30 and then come find me... if you can. 

Kaze: Understood. 

Elise: Let's get started! Ready... set... GO! HEE HEE HEEEE! 
(Elise leaves) 

Kaze: 27... 28... 29... 30. Now where could... ... ... (Does she... really 
think she's hidden? Well, this is awkward. I imagine she'd be upset if I 
found her right away. Perhaps I should... hmmm... ) OH DEAR, WHERE IS THE 
PRINCESS?! I've looked everywhere. I may NEVER find her. How did she manage 
to disappear like that?

Elise: ... HEE HEE HEE! I was right here the whole time, Kaze! 

Kaze: Princess! I am shocked! I never would have guessed you were behind the 
bookcase. You weren't kidding when you said you were good at this game. 

Elise: Aren't I the best at hiding?! 

Kaze: Without question. 

Elise: Yaaay! If a cool ninja like you is impressed, I must be even better 
than I thought! 

Kaze: It must be so. 

Elise: Hee hee, that was so much fun! I gotta go, but let's play again soon! 

Kaze: As you wish. Next time I shall not lose! 

Elise: We'll see about that, hee hee! Bye, Kaze! 
(Elise leaves) 

Kaze: I hope I did the right thing... Well, she appears to be happy, so no 
harm done.
Elise B

Elise: Kaaaaazeeee! Let's plaaaay! 

Kaze: Hello, Princess Elise. What would you like to do? Shall we play hide-
and-seek again? 

Elise: Yeah! It's my favorite, and I like playing it with you more than 
anybody else! 

Kaze: You seem to really love that game. May I ask why that is? 

Elise: Hmm, well it's probably because I used to play it every day when I was 

Kaze: Every day, you say? You must have enjoyed that a great deal. 

Elise: I did! Well... kind of. Actually, to be honest, most of the time it 
wasn't fun at all. The person I played with would always fall or trip or 
something and ruin the game. And the other person I always played with would 
hide in the most obvious places! Sometimes his butt would be sticking out 
from behind a door. No one has any skill! 

Kaze: Well, at least the camaraderie must have been enjoyable. 

Elise: Oh, I suppose. But I always wanted to play with someone who was really 

Kaze: Is that so? 

Elise: And now I've finally found a worthy opponent! We're pretty much 
equally matched. I don't say that lightly! 

Kaze: Thank you, milady. A ninja could ask for no greater a compliment. 

Elise: All I ask, Kaze, is that you don't hold back even though I'm a 
princess. I hate that kind of nonsense, so don't be afraid to show me what 
you're made of. 

Kaze: I shall not disappoint, milady. 

Elise: That's a promise, then! 

Kaze: I am bound by duty to stay true to my word. I will indeed show you 
"what I'm made of."
Elise A

Elise: Kaaaaaazeeee! 

Kaze: I'm over here, Princess Elise. How are you today? 

Elise: I'm great, now that I finally found you. Wanna play? You KNOW you do! 

Kaze: Certainly. I'm taking a break from training at the moment, so your 
timing is perfect. I am grateful that you choose to spend so much of your 
time with me. 

Elise: Tee hee, it's because you're my only true hide-and-seek rival! You've 
really stepped up your game lately! And it's also that... Well... 

Kaze: What is it, Lady Elise? 

Elise: Well, I love having this rare opportunity to talk to someone from 
Hoshido. I never thought I'd get the chance to be close friends with a 
Hoshidan! That's part of why us playing together is so special. It makes me 
really happy! 

Kaze: Princess Elise... 

Elise: I hope you feel the same way about me, Kaze. I so enjoy your company! 

Kaze: I wish I could see the world through such pure eyes as yours, princess. 
You've truly impressed me by expressing such a sweet and noble sentiment. 

Elise: My hiding and seeking are... noble? 

Kaze: I'm referring to your desire for a friendly exchange between warring 
kingdoms. Never change, milady. Will you promise me that? 

Elise: I'm not sure I understand, but OK! 

Kaze: Now then, shall we begin? 

Elise: Yes, please!
Elise S

Elise: ... 

Kaze: Princess Elise? 

Elise: Hmm? Oh... hello, Kaze. Sorry, was it my turn to hide? 

Kaze: Pardon the intrusion, but you seem to be in poor spirits. Are you under 
the weather? I always enjoy your company, but if you're not well, we should 
play another time. May I call a doctor for you? Or perhaps you just need some 

Elise: Oh, no, it's nothing like that. I feel fine... *sigh* 

Kaze: Elise... Is something troubling you? 

Elise: Weeell... 

Kaze: I hope you know you can tell me anything. Please let me in. Maybe I can 

Elise: ... I was just wondering... Um... Do you... like me? 

Kaze: Of course I do. I consider you to be one of my dearest friends. 

Elise: Th-that's not what I meant. I don't like you as a friend, Kaze... I... 
I think I love you! 

Kaze: Princess Elise... 

Elise: At first I thought I just enjoyed playing with you. But it's more than 
that... Y-you're all I ever think about! I want to spend all my time with 
you, for all my days. Isn't that love, Kaze? 

Kaze: I believe so, milady. 

Elise: I... I want to be with you, Kaze. Can I... can I maybe... Would it be 
OK if... if I was your girl? 

Kaze: ... 

Elise: Oh. I... Sorry. J-just forget I said anything. You probably think of 
me as a dumb kid. 

Kaze: Elise, I... 

Elise: That's why you used to go easy on me, until I made you promise not to 
hold back. You pretended to look around even though you knew where I was 
right away. 

Kaze: You know about that? I'm truly sorry. I thought it would make you 

Elise: I was happy just to spend time with you. 

Kaze: You never allowed me to answer your question, Elise. About being my 

Elise: Oh, don't remind me! I don't even care. It's stupid, forget I said 

Kaze: I don't want you to be my girl, Elise. 

Elise: I knew it... *sniff* D-don't worry about it. I understand. 

Kaze: You didn't let me finish. I want you to be so much more. I want you to 
be my wife. 

Elise: Kaze... Do you mean it? 

Kaze: I do. The truth is, I've fallen in love with your sweet smile and your 
pure soul. I put my feelings aside because, from a social standpoint, I am 
not worthy of you. But if being together is what would make you most happy, 
that's what we'll do. There's nothing I would like more than to have you ever 
at my side. 

Elise: Oh, Kaze! I'm so happy! 

Kaze: As am I. I promise to do all I can to fill your life with joy. 

Elise: Hee hee, and maybe you can teach me some of your cool ninja hiding 

Kaze: Don't get ahead of yourself. We're still hide-and-seek rivals, after 

Elise: HEE HEE HEE, so true!
B2. Camilla C

Camilla: Kaze. There's something I wish to talk to you about. Can you spare a 

Kaze: Of course, Lady Camilla. What do you need? 

Camilla: I've noticed that you are often approached by women you don't know. 
It's made me... curious about what sort of man you are. Why are you so 

Kaze: Please, allow me to clear up any misconceptions you may have. I do not 
accept any romantic advances. Nor do I accept tokens of affection. Though I 
must admit I find it difficult to endure particularly persistent gift givers. 

Camilla: Hm. And yet, from what I can tell, it seems like you answer them all 
very kindly. Maybe that's one of the reasons they can't seem to leave you 

Kaze: Do you think so? To be honest, I do not fully understand it myself. 

Camilla: I see. I find myself more and more intrigued by you. I have a 
proposal for you, Kaze. You see, I'm planning a tea party with some of the 
ladies in camp soon. And I would very much like for you to attend. 

Kaze: Th-that's... I don't... 

Camilla: Hm? Do you not believe that strengthening camaraderie within the 
ranks is important? It's just a little tea and conversation. What could it 
possibly hurt? 

Kaze: Is this an order, milady? 

Camilla: Now, now. "Order" is such an ugly word. But yes. It is. 

Kaze: ... Understood. I humbly accept your most gracious invitation. 

Camilla: Hehe. Thank you, Kaze. I'm looking forward to it. Now, I must be 
off. Good-bye! 
(Camilla leaves) 

Kaze: ... 
Camilla B

Kaze: *sigh*

Camilla: What's wrong, Kaze? You're sighing like a spurned lover. 

Kaze: Oh, nothing. I'm merely a little... mentally fatigued. 

Camilla: Was our little tea party so taxing? 

Kaze: No, milady. I would not use that word to describe it. I suppose I was 
only expecting to see the women from camp at your gathering. Seeing the 
ladies from town there was... a surprise. 

Camilla: I suppose that makes sense. You were quite the sight, surrounded 
like that. I must admit, I almost felt jealous of all the attention you were 

Kaze: In that case, you might have come over and spoken with them. 

Camilla: Oh, no. I couldn't do that! You seemed to be having such a good time 
without me. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it. You were smiling the whole 

Kaze: That was because I did not wish to appear rude. Besides, it would not 
be fair to take out my frustrations on those kind women. 

Camilla: Hehe. Well said, for someone who claims to not enjoy such attention. 
I must say, though-I'm actually beginning to believe you. Unfortunately for 
you, I think it is that very sincerity that makes women swoon. You are so 
kind and earnest, yet you genuinely wish to appear aloof. Such qualities are 
rare, especially among fine young men like you. You know, I think I'm 
beginning to enjoy your company myself. 

Kaze: Do you mean you wish for me to attend more tea parties with you? 

Camilla: Would you come if I said yes? 

Kaze: I would decline. Unless it is an order, in which case I must oblige. 

Camilla: Hehehe. Always with the serious answers. But I will not command you 
anymore. You need only show up if you wish to. 

Kaze: Thank you, milady. If that's all, I'll be on my way. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Camilla: Hm... I wonder if he'll come?
Camilla A

Kaze: Lady Camilla, have I arrived too early for your tea party? I see only 
settings for two. Shall I help you finish your preparations? 

Camilla: Thank you, Kaze, but that won't be necessary. There is no party. 

Kaze: I see. I'm afraid I don't understand. 

Camilla: Well, I've only made tea for two. That's hardly a party, wouldn't 
you say? I summoned you here because I wished to talk to you. Alone. 

Kaze: Ah... I am honored to receive your favor, Lady Camilla. What are we to 
talk about? 

Camilla: Straight to business, eh? I like that. Well, the truth is, I owe you 
my gratitude for something. 

Kaze: Oh? What for? 

Camilla: Apparently you helped out a few of my subordinates. They'd somehow 
gotten into a scuffle with soldiers that were in the army before us. I'm told 
you came to their aid and were quite helpful in ending the fight. I don't yet 
know the details, but my people were rather appreciative of what you did. In 
truth, that is what really sparked my interest in you. A loyal Hoshidan, 
going out of his way to help out some Nohrians... He must be a man of 
integrity, I thought. I was not wrong. 

Kaze: I see. But I still have no memory of such an incident. 

Camilla: Heh. I'm sure it was an unremarkable occurrence to a man like you. 
But still, I am very thankful. And it has given me the chance to get to know 
you. For which I am even more thankful. 

Kaze: Yes. I am very thankful to have met you as well. 

Camilla: Thank you. Then may I look forward to having your company for tea in 
the future? 

Kaze: You mean with others? 

Camilla: Oh, yes. The more the merrier, as they say. 

Kaze: Well, if you insist, I suppose I can muster the inner fortitude 

Camilla: Heehee, perfect! I look forward to seeing you at my next tea party, 
Camilla S

Camilla: Here you are. As you may notice, today's tea is different from 

Kaze: Thank you, Lady Camilla. Mm. Indeed, it does seem to have a slightly 
different flavor. 

Camilla: Hehe. Do you like it? 

Kaze: Yes. It is splendid, as always. You know, I never imagined we would 
have tea as frequently as we do these days. 

Camilla: I am as surprised as you are. 

Kaze: To be honest, when we first met, I was not entirely sure what your game 
was. But now I see that you are just a genuinely kind and caring person. I 
suppose it's true. We really must never judge a book by its cover. I'm very 
happy to have had the opportunity to get to know you. You are very special to 

Camilla: Oh... th-thank you. 

Kaze: Milady? What is it? 

Camilla: I just never thought that you would look me in the eyes and say 
that. But I'm happy that you did. I've never felt this way before. 

Kaze: Huh? 

Camilla: I'm not sure how it came to be, but I've realized that you're very 
precious to me. I find myself wanting to drink tea with you like this every 
day for the rest of my life. 

Kaze: You mean... 

Camilla: Heehee. You're not going to make me say it, are you? I want YOU to 
take the lead here. 

Kaze: Understood, milady. Then please, allow me to tell you how I feel. 
Camilla. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? I have for some time 
admired you for your magnanimous character and loving spirit. I know that we 
do not occupy the same social rank. And I also know that we come from two 
very different parts of the world. But I could not forgive myself if I did 
not ask you for your hand. On my honor, I wish to protect and to serve you 
for the rest of our lives. Will you have me? 

Camilla: Yes. Yes, I will! Thank you, Kaze. You've made me so happy. 

Kaze: Truly? 

Camilla: Heehee, of course! You may be a bit too popular with the ladies for 
my liking, but that's OK. If anything, it also makes me proud to call you 
mine. And the qualities that inspire that admiration are those I care for 
most. Earnestness, loyalty, honor, kindness... You have everything I ever 
wished for. 

Kaze: I am not worthy of such high praise. Thank you... my love. 

Camilla: No, thank you. Now, enough of this. We must go tell Avatar the good 
news at once!
B2. Effie C

Kaze: Ahh, another night watch complete. And now for some well-earned rest. 
Hold on, what's this? The base of the watchtower has been damaged! Solid 
granite... shattered! Almost as if it were struck by a boulder... Well, I'd 
better reinforce the structure before... Wait, who's there? Show yourself!

Effie: Uh... hello there. 

Kaze: Effie? What are you doing out here so late? 

Effie: Oh, just sneaking in a little extra training. One can never be too 
fit! Oh, who am I kidding? This is all my fault! 

Kaze: What are you talking about? The damaged watchtower? 

Effie: Yes... but I can repair it! I just got so angry thinking about the 
last battle... Grr! The mistakes I made! I suppose I must have smacked this 
tower out of frustration. 

Kaze: With... with your bare hand? Gods... 

Effie: I'm so sorry. Here, let me just patch this part... 

Kaze: No need to apologize. I'm still technically on watch... so it's my duty 
to help you fix it. 

Effie: Why, thank you, Kaze! You're too kind. 

Kaze: Nonsense. I am merely performing my duty. 

Effie: No, really. This means a lot to me. I'm so tired of breaking 

Kaze: Hmm, perhaps I can help channel your strength into something more... 

Effie: Really? That's so thoughtful! I feel like giving you a great big bear 

Kaze: That's quite all right! Let's just finish this repair and try to 
salvage some rest. (And my ribs... )
Effie B

Kaze: Good day, Effie. 

Effie: Hello, Kaze! Thanks again for your help the other night... fixing that 

Kaze: Of course. Actually, that's why I'm here now. I have an idea for you. 

Effie: Oh? I'm all ears. I'm so tired of leaving a path of destruction in my 

Kaze: Yes, well, it's not the most sophisticated plan... but I believe it may 
help. Have you ever heard of whittling? 

Effie: Carving small pieces of wood? Yes, of course. But I hardly think... 

Kaze: Behold! I have obtained the trunk of a mighty redwood! I thought it 
might provide a worthy outlet for some of your energy. 

Effie: You want me to whittle it? But what should I make? A giant pointy 
stick? Does that really seem like something I should possess? 

Kaze: Er, no, of course not. I thought, perhaps, you could make something 
meaningful. A statue, perhaps. A project like that would require tremendous 
strength AND focus... Do you have any ideas? 

Effie: Actually, yes! I could make a statue of Elise! Or... would that be 
that weird? 

Kaze: Weird? Er... no. I think it would simply be a grand token of your 

Effie: Then it's settled. I'll carve with all my might for Elise's glory. 
Here I go! Hnnnng! (Damage dealt)

Kaze: (Gods, what have I done?) 

Effie: Hi-yah! 
(Damage dealt)

Kaze: Miss Effie! 

Effie: Whew! This is invigorating! 

Kaze: Please! Slow down. I believe you may need to use a... lighter touch... 
in some areas. 

Effie: You're right. And now I've gone and ruined this beautiful log, just 
like everything else... 

Kaze: No! It's not ruined. It's just... perhaps I could assist you with some 
of the details. 

Effie: You'd do that for me? 

Kaze: Yes, well, this whole thing WAS my idea. It's the least I can do. Of 
course, if you feel I'd be getting in the way... 

Effie: No, of course not. I'd love for you to help me, Kaze.
Effie A

Effie: Ugh... 

Kaze: Effie? What's wrong? 

Effie: Oh, Kaze. It's the statue of Princess Elise that I've been working 

Kaze: Yes, it was really shaping up the last time I saw it! Have you shown it 
to Elise yet? What did she say? 

Effie: Yes, I have. She was polite... but she asked me to stop working on it. 

Kaze: Oh. I'm terribly sorry. That must be disappointing. 

Effie: You know... it WAS starting to feel a little creepy. The face was so 
accurate. It was almost like the eyes were following me no matter where I 
went. Of course, I didn't tell Elise that you mostly carved that part... 

Kaze: Er... 

Effie: Anyway, I feel worse than ever. This was supposed to make her happy. 
And it was supposed to help me avoid breaking stuff. Well, now I feel like 
doing a million burpees and then sparring with real weapons. LET'S GO! 

Kaze: Effie, please! We must conserve our strength for battle. And I think 
perhaps we can salvage some good from this situation. 

Effie: Oh? How, exactly? 

Kaze: Does any of the leftover wood remain, er, unshattered? Perhaps you 
could craft a less ostentatious gift for Elise. Think... What might she 

Effie: Hmm. Well, she loves jewelry... but she already has so many beautiful 
pieces. And I'm not sure I could do much with this wood... 

Kaze: What about some sort of container for her jewelry? Oil-rubbed redwood 
polished smooth would make a fine jewelry box. 

Effie: That... actually sounds beautiful. Yes!  But will you help me with 
some of the more intricate work? I've accidentally crushed far sturdier stuff 
than hardwood with these hands... 

Kaze: It would be my pleasure, Effie. 
Effie S

Effie: Hello, Kaze! Nice to see you! 

Kaze: Effie! You seem in good spirits. To what do I owe the pleasure? 

Effie: Oh, Kaze, I can hardly believe it. Elise adores the jewelry box we 
made for her. And what's more... she's been showing it off, and now EVERYONE 
wants one! 

Kaze: That's tremendous, Effie! I'm so glad everything worked out. 

Effie: There's just one thing. I wanted to give you something as a thank-you. 

Kaze: That's too kind, Effie. Really, you needn't- 

Effie: Oh, but I already have! I made a statue of you! 

Kaze: You... you have? 

Effie: Yeah, see? It was easy, I just started with that old statue of 
Elise... Isn't it remarkable what one can do with a little glue and a pile of 
wood shavings? 

Kaze: It is... hauntingly accurate. And I see that the eyes are unchanged... 
But, as much as I appreciate the sentiment, you must remember that I am a 
ninja. It would be difficult to remain stealthy while carting a 14-foot 
statue of myself around. 

Effie: I suppose that's true... 

Kaze: But please, Miss Effie, don't mistake my pragmatism for rejection. In 
fact... I have an alternative proposal. What if we were to sculpt something 
together? Something more meaningful than any statue. 

Effie: You mean like a trebuchet? Because I've been thinking we could really 

Kaze: No! Damn, this is harder than I thought it would be. I... I want to 
craft a life together. A life with you at my side. As my loving partner. 

Effie: Your loving partner? 

Kaze: Yes. I may seem stoic, but my heart surges every time I see you. Will 
you do me the great honor of standing beside me in life... as you do in 

Effie: Oh, Kaze! I'm so happy, but I don't know what to say... 

Kaze: Gods, I hope I haven't misjudged... 

Effie: No! Kaze, I love you-it's just that I'm at a loss... 

Kaze: But don't you see? That's it! You just said you love me... and I love 
you. Nothing more need be spoken. 

Effie: Except maybe... I do.
B2. Nyx C

Kaze: Ah, Nyx. Reading beneath your favorite tree again, I see. That looks 

Nyx: Hello, Kaze. Don't feel like you have to greet me out of courtesy. 

Kaze: Hm? What do you mean? 

Nyx: I mean that if you don't need anything, do not speak to me. 

Kaze: Ah, I see. A pity. I thought it would be nice if we got to know each 
other better. 

Nyx: I see. I do not agree. Will that be all? 

Kaze: You must be so lonely, spending all your time out here, away from 
everyone. It pains me to think you have no one to talk to or share your life 

Nyx: What? 

Kaze: Is there truly nothing I can say to change your mind? Will you not open 
your heart to me? I promise, you will not regret it. 

Nyx: H-hey! Now hold it right there! 

Kaze: Hm? What's wrong? 

Nyx: What's with those romance-novel clichés? Have you no shame? Is this what 
all young people are like these days? 

Kaze: Romance novels? I have never read such material. What are they like? 

Nyx: Wh-why are you asking me? 

Kaze: You mentioned them. It stands to reason that you know something of 

Nyx: I-I do not read them either! 

Kaze: Surely you must, if you know enough to compare me to it. Please, tell 
me-what are these books like? They must be rich in wonders to have enticed 
one such as yourself. 

Nyx: N-no! I have no intentions of speaking to you about such nonsense. Good 
(Nyx leaves) 

Kaze: Hm. I suppose there will always be next time.
Nyx B

Kaze: Good afternoon, Nyx. Are you reading again today? 

Nyx: Yes. Go away. I cannot concentrate with other people around me. 

Kaze: I see. If it pleases you, I will depart. But before I leave, could you 
please tell me more about these romance novels of yours? 

Nyx: They are not "my" romance novels. And why are you so interested? 

Kaze: You seemed troubled by my words. I want to know why that is. 

Nyx: Then I suppose you will just have to continue wanting. Besides, I would 
be mortified if you saw the things I read... 

Kaze: Pardon? 

Nyx: N-nothing! In any case, I don't have anything further to say on this 

Kaze: Very well... 

Nyx: Don't look so dismayed. It's nothing to be concerned over. 

Kaze: My apologies. I do not mean to look so grim. I am just disappointed. 

Nyx: *sigh* Perhaps you would enjoy some other books. Ones better suited to 

Kaze: Better suited to me? 

Nyx: Yes. Like this one, for example. 

Kaze: Is this...? 

Nyx: Yes. It's a book on Nohrian military tactics. So it may be of special 
interest to a Hoshidan operative like yourself. 

Kaze: You picked this out just for me? 

Nyx: Yes. I figured you would be along to pester me again today. 

Kaze: Thank you. I will start reading it right away. 

Nyx: No need to thank- Wait! Why are you sitting? When did we start reading 
books together?! Can't you go back to your own tent and read it there? 

Kaze: No. This is your book, and I might lose it if I took it home with me. 

Nyx: Ugh. Why have the gods cursed this child upon me?
Nyx A

Kaze: Hello, Nyx. I wanted to thank you again for lending me that book the 
other day. It proved to be extremely informative. 

Nyx: Don't mention it. 

Kaze: Are you reading a different book today? You must have a mountain of 

Nyx: Yes. Spells and books are all I have. I'm always collecting more of 

Kaze: Hm. Perhaps you would be willing to begin lending your books to others 
in camp then? 

Nyx: Lend others my books? Why? 

Kaze: So everyone could benefit from your vast library. I, of course, 
volunteer to intermediate between you and them. That way, you can keep your 
distance and yet still interact with everyone. 

Nyx: And why would I want to do that? 

Kaze: Sometimes when I see you reading here, you look so lonely. I think you 
secretly do crave the friendship of others. 

Nyx: You really believe that, don't you? Fine, fine. I will consider it. 

Kaze: You will? Wonderful. I'm certain you won't regret it. 

Nyx: I said I would consider it. Nothing has been decided yet. 

Kaze: Very well. Please understand, this means you will have to share your 
romance novels. 

Nyx: Huh?! 

Kaze: I hear that they are quite popular among women. Everyone will want to 
read them. I think they will be a hit. I can't wait to tell everyone the good 

Nyx: Y-you still haven't forgotten about those?! No! You can't tell anyone 
about them! 

Kaze: But I wouldn't want to deprive the ladies in camp of such pleasure... 
Although if I were allowed to read them myself, my opinion might be 

Nyx: Are you blackmailing me, Kaze?! 

Kaze: No, of course not. Now, which would you recommend I read first... 
Nyx S

Kaze: Hello, Nyx. I've come to borrow another book. May I? 

Nyx: Are you trying to read every book I own? That's three this week... 

Kaze: I am. But I also relish the chance to share these few moments with you 
every day. 

Nyx: How can you say things like that? Have you no shame? Never mind. What 
book would you like to borrow today? 

Kaze: Today, I would like to borrow a romance novel. 

Nyx: I told you, those are off limits. I didn't let you have any after you 
blackmailed me; why would I now? 

Kaze: Please. I beseech you. I believe they will help me figure out how to 
articulate my feelings to you. 

Nyx: Huh? 

Kaze: I love you, Nyx. And I want to know how to tell you properly. Those 
novels may be the only way I can learn. 

Nyx: You fool. Isn't that what you're doing right now? 

Kaze: Ah. So I am. 

Nyx: You truly are a strange one, Kaze. 

Kaze: I may be strange, but my love for you is pure, Nyx. I swear it. I 
cannot bear to see you sitting here alone again for a single day more. Not 
when your eyes are filled with such grief and sadness. I want you to be 
happy, to smile and to laugh with abandon. And I want to be the one to help 
you achieve these things... 

Nyx: Hm... I suppose that is... acceptable. 

Kaze: Truly? 

Nyx: Yes. I hate to admit it, but I find you quite charming. You are like a 
puppy dog. 

Kaze: Thank you, Nyx. I swear I shall do all I can to be the perfect man for 

Nyx: Yes, yes. Now be a good puppy and fetch us our stories, love.
B2. Selena C

Selena: Hold it right there!

Kaze: Pardon? 

Selena: I am Selena, retainer of Lady Camilla, Princess of Nohr. And you're 
the one they've been talking about. Kaze, right? 

Kaze: I am Kaze, true. And what exactly have "they" been saying about me? 

Selena: That you're one of the most dangerous ninja in all of Hoshido. And 
that you are brother to the famous Saizo the Fifth. Meaning, of course, that 
you belong to the renowned Saizo clan. 

Kaze: I see. And you are trying to bait me to get a sense of my temperament? 

Selena: Um. Yeah, actually. Pretty much. 

Kaze: And this is because... you believe Nohr and Hoshido will forever be at 

Selena: ... I hadn't thought about that, no. I only wanted to see if you 
would be a useful ally. 

Kaze: That's not what your eyes say. They are shining with suspicion. 

Selena: Hmph! 

Kaze: However... I don't think there will be another war after this one. 
Something tells me this peace will last. 

Selena: Ha! That whole "serene and aloof" act just makes you even more 
suspicious! And having your arms crossed like that doesn't help. 

Kaze: Your arms are crossed as well. 

Selena: Uh... That's... 

Kaze: I suppose this means we're both suspicious people, yes? 

Selena: Shut up! That was just a coincidence! 
(Selena leaves) 

Kaze: What a charming young woman. She must be very strong to be a retainer 
to the royal family... I'll have to keep an eye on her.
Selena B

Kaze: Selena. May I speak with you for a moment? 

Selena: Kaze? What do you need? 

Kaze: In our last battle... I was watching the way you fought. 

Selena: Oh? Sizing me up, were you? And what did you think? 

Kaze: You were quite the sight. Your skills far exceeded my expectations. 

Selena: You've got a discerning eye, I'll give you that. So, has your opinion 
of me changed? 

Kaze: Yes. In fact, I was unsettled by what I saw. 

Selena: Unsettled? 

Kaze: To be so young, and yet so accustomed to battle. It appeared as though 
the chaos and the killing were routine to you. You must have seen a 
tremendous amount of bloodshed in your life. 

Selena: ... 

Kaze: Just what kind of violence have you been witness to? 

Selena: N-nothing unique. We live in violent times. You should know this, of 
all people. And maybe you should think twice before putting your nose where 
it doesn't belong. 

Kaze: I see. May I ask you one last thing? What is it you are fighting for? 

Selena: For Nohr! And Lady Camilla. I live only to serve my country and my 

Kaze: Are you quite certain that is your only reason? 

Selena: Of course it is! Now, I've got some urgent business to attend to. 
Good day! 
(Selena leaves) 

Kaze: Hmm... 
Selena A

Kaze: Selena? 

Selena: What do you want, Kaze? 

Kaze: If my intuition is correct... 

Selena: Yes? 

Kaze: You're hiding something from everyone, aren't you? 

Selena: What are you talking about?! 

Kaze: Perhaps not everyone. Two others know your secret, do they not? Like 
you, they also serve the Nohrian royal family. And also like you, their 
origins are shrouded in mystery and rumor. 

Selena: Are you going to waste my entire day with all this wild speculation? 

Kaze: It's true, I don't have any proof. If I am mistaken, I apologize. But 
I'm not mistaken. Am I, Selena? 

Selena: ... What would it matter if you weren't? Are you saying I'm 

Kaze: No. I understand that many people do not like to talk about their past. 
I myself am no exception. 

Selena: Kaze... 

Kaze: Besides, I have fought at your side enough to know you are not 
traitorous. You love your friends, and you would risk your life to accomplish 
your mission. 

Selena: I see. Thank you. 

Kaze: We all have secrets. I simply wanted to advise you to be more discreet. 
And to say that I am very glad to call myself your ally. 

Selena: Hmph. All right. Thank you, Kaze. B-but don't go thinking this makes 
us friends! 
(Selena leaves) 

Kaze: Heh. Charming as always.
Selena S

Kaze: The moon is so bright tonight. I can't imagine anyone would risk 
attacking... Hm? Is someone there? 

Selena: Kaze? What's wrong?

Kaze: Ah, Selena. I'm pleased to see you. I'm just finishing up my night 
patrol. I feared you were an enemy scout. What are you doing here at this 
hour? Your shift isn't for another few days. 

Selena: I was just watching the moon. It's so pretty tonight... *sigh* 

Kaze: I see... 

Selena: Is something wrong? 

Kaze: Ah, no. Forgive me. I just felt for a moment like I was intruding. It 
seemed like you were remembering something. Another place, perhaps. Was it 
your homeland? 

Selena: Wh-what?! 

Kaze: I am sorry. Forget I said anything. 

Selena: Forget? No... I won't forget. Not what you said... and not you, 

Kaze: Selena? 

Selena: So you'd better remember me, too. You hear? No matter what happens... 

Kaze: Selena... Does this have to do with your secret? Will you be leaving us 

Selena: I-I don't know what you mean. 

Kaze: Please... don't. 

Selena: Huh? 

Kaze: I beg of you. Don't go. I wish to have you here, by my side. As my 
friend, and... *sigh* Well, and as my love. 

Selena: What?! You mean...? 

Kaze: Yes. I have fallen for you, Selena. So, again, I beg of you. Please... 
don't ever disappear. 

Selena: Kaze... I can't promise that... 

Kaze: No matter what kind of secret you are keeping... I will protect you and 
support you with all my strength... if only you'll stay. 

Selena: ... OK. I will try. I will try my hardest to stay with you. But I 
make no promises. 

Kaze: Thank you. And please, do one more thing for me. Promise me that when 
this world again knows peace, you will tell me your secret. 

Selena: I will. I promise. But I need you to wait until then, OK? 

Kaze: Yes, of course. I will be waiting, Selena. But for now... let us enjoy 
this peaceful night side-by-side. 

Selena: I'd love nothing more, Kaze.
B2. Beruka C

Kaze: Hm, now that the war council is over, how shall I pass the time? I 
suppose I could head back to camp and organize my supplies... Hm?

Beruka: ... 

Kaze: Beruka? What is it? 

Beruka: Nothing. I currently have no orders, so I am merely standing by. 

Kaze: So you've some free time then? Why not use the opportunity to go train? 
You spend so much time doing it, you must enjoy it. 

Beruka: It is duty, nothing more. And I have spent enough time on training 
today. If I overexert myself, I will be fatigued tomorrow. This is 

Kaze: Your dedication is commendable. Perhaps some fun is in order. Do you 
have any hobbies? 

Beruka: Hobbies...? 

Kaze: You don't know what a hobby is? Allow me to explain. Hobbies are 
activities you devote time to for pleasure and interest. 

Beruka: Pleasure? Interest? Frivolities. I perform no such activities. 

Kaze: Perhaps you should go for a walk, then? It might be a nice change of 
pace for you. 

Beruka: Which part of the term "frivolities" confused you, ninja? 

Kaze: I do not believe it is a frivolity. Mental health is as critical as 
bodily health. Walking and other leisure activities relieve stress and purify 
the mind. It is, in a sense, your duty to spend some of your time off duty. 

Beruka: I... see. 

Kaze: If you push yourself to your limits at all times, it can weaken you. It 
is precisely the same reason you are not training right now. Overexertion is 
a vice. However, if you do not enjoy walking, you should not do it. 

Beruka: I suppose it is worth a try. ... What do I need to do, exactly? Do I 
just... walk? 

Kaze: How about I accompany you? 

Beruka: Very well. You have my gratitude. 

Kaze: You are most welcome.
Beruka B

Kaze: Hello, Beruka. Are you up for another walk today? 

Beruka: Yes. 

Kaze: How about we go through the forest this time? It will be refreshing to 
be among all that greenery. 

Beruka: Are the woods truly that pleasant to you? 

Kaze: I think so. The air is always full of sweet smells. Especially when it 
rains. Pine sap, flowers, fresh soil, and wet leaves... And it's calming to 
look at. 

Beruka: All I see in a forest are obstacles to be overcome. 

Kaze: How very Beruka of you. 

Beruka: Is it? Oh! Over there. A squirrel. 

Kaze: Hm? Oh, yes, it is. Say... do you like animals? 

Beruka: No... though I prefer them to people. They were always much kinder 
than the humans I knew. 

Kaze: I see. Why don't you try to get a little closer? 

Beruka: Hm? OK. I think I will. ... 

Kaze: ... And there he goes. I'm sorry, Beruka. 

Beruka: It's fine. 

Kaze: He was just being cautious. Wild animals are frequently scared of 
humans. Don't let it get you down. 

Beruka: I am not "down." 

Kaze: Oh? My mistake. 

Beruka: Yes. It was. 

Kaze: Well, let's keep going. Who knows? We might even run into another 

Beruka: If you say so.
Beruka A

Kaze: Beruka! I was about to go out on another walk. Would you like to join 

Beruka: Very well. 

Kaze: Perfect! I was hoping you'd say yes. I brought something special today. 

Beruka: Is that... an acorn? 

Kaze: Yes. With this, you might be able to get close to a squirrel. 

Beruka: You still haven't forgotten about last time? Why do you think I want 
to pet a squirrel so badly, anyway? I don't care in the least. 

Kaze: Haha. I know. I just brought this because I wanted to. Now, shall we be 
off? Ah, speak of the devil! It's a squirrel. 

Beruka: Maybe he wants your acorn. 

Kaze: Would you like to give it to him, Beruka? 

Beruka: That's all right. 

Kaze: OK, then... Here you are, little creature. Feast, and be glutted. Isn't 
that adorable? 

Beruka: ... 

Kaze: Heh. Were you having fun just now? 

Beruka: Yes. I believe I was. 

Kaze: I'm glad. I know we are fighting a war, but it is important to have 
moments like these. I hope you will continue to accompany me on these little 

Beruka: Yes, I believe I will. I think I am beginning to see what you mean 
about this "hobby" business. 

Kaze: I'm glad to hear it.
Beruka S

Kaze: Beruka, are you ready for our walk? 

Beruka: I am. 

Kaze: It's funny, isn't it? How often we seem to go on walks these days. It 
doesn't seem so long ago that the very idea of such things was alien to you. 
And we've been talking much more than we used to as well. A growing 
friendship is a beautiful thing. 

Beruka: Yes... I have never felt so close to another person before. 

Kaze: Hm? 

Beruka: When I'm with you, I feel... different. I do not know how to explain 
it. But it is nice. I very much enjoy spending time with you, Kaze. 

Kaze: I wonder... perhaps now is the time. 

Beruka: Huh? 

Kaze: Beruka. I have to tell you something. I have developed feelings for 

Beruka: You mean...? 

Kaze: Yes. I want to be with you, Beruka. Do you feel the same way about me? 

Beruka: I understand... and I wish to return your feelings. I... do not truly 
understand love, I know. But I feel happy when I am with you. Happier than I 
have ever been... and I think that is enough. Will you be mine, Kaze? 

Kaze: I will. Thank you, Beruka. You've made me the happiest man alive. 

Beruka: And you've made me the happiest woman. Thank you, Kaze.
B2. Peri C

Peri: La la-la laa laaaa ?

Kaze: Good day, Peri. You seem rather chipper. 

Peri: Hi, Kaze! Of course I'm happy. It's snack time! 

Kaze: I can see that. You've got enough candy here to feed the whole camp. 

Peri: Yep! They're the best! Wanna try some? 

Kaze: But they're for you, aren't they? I wouldn't want to deprive you. 

Peri: Don't worry, I've got plenty! I won't miss one or two pieces. 

Kaze: OK, then. Hm. This one looks tasty. *munch munch* This is utterly 
delectable. Such joy... I am not worthy. 

Peri: Wow! Really?! You like them that much? 

Kaze: Yes... it was delicious. 

Peri: Teehee. I guess I should tell you now. I made them all myself! 

Kaze: Truly? ... They aren't made of people or anything, are they? 

Peri: Ahaha! You're so silly. Of course they're not made of purple! Just look 
at the color! 

Kaze: No, I said- Never mind. You are an incredible confectioner. I never 
would have expected someone with your, ah, predilections would enjoy baking. 

Peri: Thanks! Sweets like this are a piece of cake. I'll have to make you 
some of my really special treats sometime. 

Kaze: Really? You would do that? 

Peri: Yep! There's no way I could refuse someone who loves my treats as much 
as you! Buuut if I'm gonna do all that baking, I'm gonna need more 

Kaze: Of course. I shall oblige you as well as I can. 

Peri: Perfect! Just you wait, I'll have your taste buds singing in no time!
Peri B

Peri: Hey, Kaze! I've got a bunch of sweets with your name on 'em! 

Kaze: Why, thank you, Peri. I am most grateful. 

Peri: I also made you some fluffy, flaky, bubble pastries! 

Kaze: Bubbly? 

Peri: Teehee! Yup! You'll see when you try one. 

Kaze: I see... *munch munch* Ah! The sugar is melting in my mouth. How 

Peri: That's the bubbly part! 

Kaze: That was quite amusing. Mm, and the doughy bits are delicious as well. 
Flaky outside, fluffy inside. You are a master craftswoman, Peri. The 
complexity of this treat is astonishing. I had no idea it was possible to 
fuse all of these different textures so well. 

Peri: Hehehe! I did my best! 

Kaze: With skills like these, you must have undergone rigorous training. Did 
you by chance study under the master chefs of Cyrkensia? 

Peri: Huh? No, I just sort of dabbled as a girl. Everyone liked my treats so 
much that I just never stopped making them. 

Kaze: So this is all natural talent? You never cease to impress. 

Peri: Heehee. You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait 'til I make you some savory 
dishes. I loooove cooking with meat! 

Kaze: Cooking with meat? 

Peri: Yep! It's fun cutting meat! If you cut it just right, the red stuff 
squirts everywhere! 

Kaze: Are you sure you're still talking about cooking? 

Peri: Yeah. What else would I be talking about? 

Kaze: Never mind. It's nothing. 

Peri: Okeydoke. Well, dig in! There's still a lot more where that came from. 

Kaze: Gladly.
Peri A

Kaze: Hello, Peri. Snack time again? 

Peri: Bingo! I think today's batch is even better than usual, too! It's 

Kaze: I must say, your culinary talents were quite the surprise. I'd never 
have expected you to be so good at something so... domestic. Would you say 
you prefer it even over fighting? 

Peri: Ha! Don't be silly. Killing is the tops! 

Kaze: Ah, yes, of course. I might have expected you to say that. 

Peri: Well, it's the truth! 

Kaze: Personally, I believe that cooking well is more difficult and more 

Peri: Huh? Why's that? 

Kaze: Besting another in combat is more about habit and conditioning. It's 
all reflex. But cooking is methodical. It requires precision, intelligence, 
and planning. And you must take into consideration the tastes of those you 
are serving. 

Peri: I don't know, I think both are easy. And fast! I can make a five-star 
salad in the time it takes to kill a man. 

Kaze: I see... Well, perhaps it is easier for you than for me. But from my 
perspective, it is still the more impressive skill. I have known many great 
fighters in my day, but very few talented chefs. And that aside... killing is 
a thuggish and brutal art. 

Peri: You're silly! But if you like it that much, I guess I could try to cook 
more often. 

Kaze: That would be wonderful. 

Peri: But only if you keep the compliments coming, got it? 

Kaze: Yes, I believe I can do that. It's a deal.
Peri S

Peri: Hey, Kaze! Lookee here! 

Kaze: Peri? What is it? 

Peri: I made a special cake, just for you! Here, see? Ta-DA! 

Kaze: It's pink. How charming. 

Peri: Mwahaha! That's right! Pink cakes are the cutest! And you know what 
else? It's got a special meaning in this case! I made pink because that's the 
color of love! 

Kaze: Love? 

Peri: Yep! 

Kaze: I see... 

Peri: Gee, don't sound so excited... 

Kaze: I apologize. You misunderstand me. I meant no offense. I am, in fact, 
very happy you told me this. 

Peri: Teehee! Really? I was so nervous, my heart was beating like crazy! 

Kaze: Oh? You're quite the adorable one, aren't you? 

Peri: Aw, shucks. I love it when you compliment me! 

Kaze: I'm glad, because I won't be stopping anytime soon. I cannot express 
enough how infatuated I am with you, Peri. I hope we never part. 

Peri: In-fat-chew-eighted? 

Kaze: It means "in love." I love you. 

Peri: Oh, I already knew that! I wouldn't have made you the cake otherwise. I 
was just nervous because I thought you might think it was silly. 

Kaze: Heh. So you knew how I felt all along? And you said nothing? You're a 
strange one, Peri. But that's what I love about you. So... will you be with 

Peri: Don't be a dummy. Course I will! Now, this cake isn't going to eat 
itself. Let's dig in!
B2. Charlotte C

Kaze: Phew... I think that's enough training for one day! 

Charlotte: Oh, Kaaazeeee... 

Kaze: Ah, hello there, Charlotte. You're breathing very hard. What were you 

Charlotte: *huff*... I wanted you to be able to use this, so I had to hurry 
to bring it to you! Here you go! It's a serviette of extremely high quality. 
Second to none! You can use it to wipe that sweat away! 

Kaze: Serviette? Isn't this just a hand towel...? Never mind. Thank you very 

Charlotte: It was no trouble at all. I'm glad whenever I can be of service! 

Kaze: I see. You're a pretty kind person, aren't you? 

Charlotte: Teehee, I suppose so! Oh! You just finished training-do you need 
some fresh water? 

Kaze: No need to trouble yourself. I'm fine. I'm sure there are other things 
you'd rather do than fetch water for me. 

Charlotte: Pardon? You already have no need for my help? 

Kaze: Um... yes? That's correct. 

Charlotte: Awww, but I wanted to talk with you for a while longer... 

Kaze: Y-you did? 

Charlotte: Of course! You're quite attractive, after all. This seemed like as 
good a time as any to get to know you. 

Kaze: Well, it is an honor for someone from Nohr to consider me worth their 

Charlotte: ... Really? That's all I get? 

Kaze: Is there something wrong? 

Charlotte: Oh! No, no. You must just be tired from all that training. I 
wasn't paying enough attention and didn't notice! How foolish of me. We'll 
speak another time, when you're well rested and more alert! 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Kaze: Charlotte? What was that all about... 
Charlotte B

Kaze: That's about all for now, I think... 

Charlotte: Oh, Kaaazeeeee!! I saw how hard you were training today! Good job! 
I've brought you your serviette again! 

Kaze: I see. Thank you, as always. 

Charlotte: Also, I read somewhere that it's good to have sweets when you're 
tired... So I brought you a bunch! And some water, of course. 

Kaze: Thank you for your efforts, Charlotte. It really wasn't necessary. 

Charlotte: What? What are you saying? 

Kaze: I'm not particularly hungry for sweets right at this moment, is what I 
mean. If you're worried they'll go to waste, please go ahead and eat them 

Charlotte: But... I prepared these especially for you. 

Kaze: I'm sure that you'll enjoy them just as much as I would. Please, help 
yourself. I'm happy knowing you were looking out for me. 

Charlotte: ... 

Kaze: Is something wrong, Charlotte? 

Charlotte: Why... Why aren't my wiles working on you?! Something is messed up 

Kaze: Wh-what? 

Charlotte: No matter what I bring you or what I say to you, you can just 
brush it off easily... You should have gotten a rush from having an 
attractive woman bring you a towel! What's wrong with you? Isn't your heart 
beating a bit faster just by my being here?! 

Kaze: Umm... Charlotte? 

Charlotte: *huff* ... What. 

Kaze: Have I done something to offend you? That didn't sound like you at 

Charlotte: Hm? Oh! No, no! It's nothing! Just... um... You must have misheard 
me just now. Boy, it sure is windy and hard to hear clearly today, you know? 

Kaze: Windy? There isn't even a breeze... 

Charlotte: It doesn't matter! You must not have heard me clearly then, 
either! I have to go. I left an excuse in the oven! 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Kaze: What in the world... Why did she suddenly sound so... harsh?
Charlotte A

Kaze: Ah, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: GAAAAAH!! K-Kaze?! 

Kaze: Ah, I'm sorry for startling you. My apologies. 

Charlotte: It's... It's fine. Um, did you need something from me? I thought 
you were probably disinterested in me after last time... 

Kaze: Disinterested? What are you talking about? 

Charlotte: I lost my composure and said some things I shouldn't have said, 
didn't I? Or... Wait, did you believe my lie about it being too windy to 

Kaze: Uh, no. I didn't believe that. 

Charlotte: Then... why are you treating me like nothing is different? 

Kaze: Nothing really has changed, has it? You just showed me another side of 
yourself. You don't have to hide yourself from me. 

Charlotte: What... Ugh, what a feeling of total defeat. Your open-
mindedness... Your tolerance... I can see why you're so popular! 

Kaze: I... really don't understand what is happening. 

Charlotte: Clearly this is where I've been failing in my efforts. It's not 
enough to look good... I need to be understanding of others, too! Oh, Kaze, 
you've shown me exactly what is needed to be liked by the opposite sex! 

Kaze: What? I'm not doing anything in particular to make myself likable... 

Charlotte: Don't tell me... You don't even realize that you're doing it? It 
comes naturally?! That's just not fair! But... That does explain why you're 
immune to my charms... 

Kaze: Charlotte? 

Charlotte: You're even more appealing now that I know I can drop my act 
around you. But I'll need to change up how I do things. I'll have to come at 
you from all angles! 

Kaze: I... What does that mean? 

Charlotte: It's settled. You'd better be ready for me next time we meet! 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Kaze: ... And there she goes again. She was smiling... so at least she's 
feeling better than earlier.
Charlotte S

Charlotte: Ooooh, Kaaaaaazeeeeeee! Nice job with your training! You're really 
good! Here, your serviette and water! 

Kaze: Thank you. Charlotte, I've noticed that you're talking to me even more 
than usual... 

Charlotte: Of course I have been! I told you before-I'm coming at you with 
everything I've got! I mean, you're fine with my... less vulnerable self, so 
how can I let you pass by? There's no way my charm isn't working on you now. 

Kaze: Wouldn't you be better off with someone other than me, though? Not to 
say I don't appreciate everything about you... 

Charlotte: Pfft, no! I'm plenty glad with you, Kaze! 

Kaze: O-OK... 

Charlotte: Now that we've got that settled, I think we should get married! 
Oops! I said that out loud! I don't suppose my excuse about it being windy 
would work twice, would it? 

Kaze: I- 

Charlotte: But I'm cute, and smart, and clever! I'd make a good partner, 
wouldn't I? 

Kaze: You... are correct. 

Charlotte: Of course I am! Then, you'll marry me? 

Kaze: I didn't mean it like that... 

Charlotte: ... Are you serious?! I'm pulling out all the stops here, and it's 
still no good. Would you just say yes already! 

Kaze: Ah! Yes! 

Charlotte: S-seriously?! All right!! 

Kaze: I only meant that, personally, I would have wanted to take things more 

Charlotte: What do you mean? 

Kaze: As soon as I realized what you intended, I wasn't planning on saying 
no. It surprised me, but spending time with you feels perfectly natural. I 
just was waiting for the right time to tell you this. It seems you found it 
for me. 

Charlotte: Ah, ahahaha... I understand now... 

Kaze: As do I. You have conveyed how you feel quite clearly. 

Charlotte: I'm just so happy... Kaze! I'm the type to go all out, so you 
better prepare yourself! 

Kaze: I think I've figured that out about you, with everything up until now.

B3. Azura C

Silas: May I have a word with you? 

Azura: Of course, Silas. How may I help you? 

Silas: Look. I don't know how to say this without sounding rude, so I'll be 
straight with you. 

Azura: That sounds ominous, but please, go ahead. There's no need for 

Silas: Funny you should say that! You're the biggest secret keeper in the 
whole army. 

Azura: I'm afraid I'm not following you. 

Silas: You hardly say two words to anyone. You're obviously hiding something! 
So... What exactly are you up to? 

Azura: Excuse me? 

Silas: Listen... Maybe others fall for this mystery thing you have going on, 
but not me. The war's at a critical point. We can't afford to drop our guard! 
I have some serious questions about your loyalties. You're a spy, aren't you? 

Azura:Silas, I apologize if I've given you that impression, but no. Honestly, 
I don't have any secrets, and I'm certainly not plotting against our friends. 

Silas: Our friends? Let me tell you something. My closest friend trusts you. 
If you ever betray Avatar, I will never forgive you. Do you understand? 

Azura: Perfectly.
Azura B

Silas: Wha?! Who's there?

Azura: Shh! It's just me. 

Silas: Lady Azura?! Now you're attacking me in my sleep? Seriously?! 

Azura: This is not what you're thinking. 

Silas: It's not?! And how do you know what I'm thinking? Now you can read 
minds too? Oh! What is THAT? A creature of some sort? 

Azura: You can stop shaking! The monster no longer poses a threat. He'll fade 

Silas: D-did you k-kill that thing?! 

Azura: Yes. I was taking my usual evening stroll when I saw it slip into your 
tent. The monster was about to attack you while you slept. I slayed it at 

Silas: Oh. I had no idea... I'm really sorry I jumped down your throat like 

Azura: There's no need to apologize. People misunderstand me all the time. 
I'm quite used to it by now. 
(Azura leaves) 

Silas: Lady Azura, wait!
Azura A

Silas: Lady Azura, I have something to ask you. 

Azura: Oh? And what would that be? 

Silas: You saved my life the other day, but I don't understand. Why did you 
do that? I've been horrible to you. You must hate me! 

Azura: Of course I don't hate you. Besides, we're allies, aren't we? You were 
just looking out for Avatar. I understand why you said those things. 

Silas: You do? Even after all I said, you still found it in your heart to 
forgive me... You are a mysterious woman, Azura, but I think I finally 
understand you. From now on, I'll never doubt you or your loyalty again. 

Azura: Thank you, Silas. I would enjoy it if we could be friends from now on. 

Silas: Yes, me too!
Azura S

Azura: Hello, Silas. What did you wish to speak with me about? 

Silas: Now that we're friends, I wanted to ask- will you tell me one of your 

Azura: I thought we were past this. I'm not hiding anything. I told you-I'm 
not a spy! 

Silas: No! That's not what I meant. I wanted to know... Do you have a secret 

Azura: You mean someone I admire? Why would you want to know that?! 

Silas: Because I have a secret crush myself. A crush... on you. 

Azura: Is this some sort of prank? 

Silas: No! I wouldn't joke about something like this. I'm serious! 

Azura: In that case, I'm not sure I'd call it a secret crush, but I've got my 
eye on someone. 

Silas: You do? I mean... Of course, you do. I should have known you'd be 

Azura: Heeheehee. 

Silas: Please, don't laugh! Ugh, this is so embarrassing. 

Azura: No need to pout, Silas. The person I like... is you. 

Silas: Huh?! 

Azura: I'll admit it. My feelings were hurt when you said all those things 
about me. When I realized you were only trying to protect Avatar, I 
understood. I admired you for your loyalty and hoped, one day, I might be as 
bold as you. 

Silas: That's so good to hear. Now perhaps we can share just one more secret. 

Azura: What's that? 

Silas: A secret midnight stroll. I wish to learn everything about you, Azura. 

Azura: I would enjoy that too, Silas. So very much.
B3. Felicia C

Felicia: Careful... steady now... N-noooooo!

Silas: Practicing your poise, Felicia? Those poor, innocent teacups... 

Felicia: Ah, Master Silas! My apologies... I didn't mean for you to see that 
shameful display. 

Silas: I shouldn't make fun. You try so hard every day, and I respect that. 

Felicia: You... came here just to say that? How very kind of you... 

Silas: Well, no. 

Felicia: Oh. 

Silas: It's the opposite, actually... There are some worrying rumors going 
around in the ranks. 

Felicia: Hmm? I haven't heard anything. 

Silas: But you've noticed, I assume, that Avatar has been feeling poorly. 

Felicia: Now that you mention it... he/she has seemed a bit distant. 

Silas: As rumor has it... and it pains me to say this... People are wondering 
if you might be responsible for his/her diminished state. 

Felicia: What? 

Silas: You've spilled tea on Avatar, burnt his/her food, torn his/her 
laundry... The prevailing opinion is that these gaffes are taking their toll 
on Avatar. 

Felicia: No, but I would never... 

Silas: I'm not saying that I agree with them. I just thought you should be 
apprised of what people are saying. 

Felicia: *sigh* That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know... 
Felicia B

Felicia: Almost... Deep breaths... Eeeeek! Awww... I keep trying and trying, 
but I never get any better... I hate that I can't do this! I wish I could be 
better for Avatar... 

Silas: Felicia... 

Felicia: Silas? 

Silas: My deepest apologies. Those rumors about Avatar's health seem to have 
been baseless. 

Felicia: So he/she's all right? 

Silas: Well, he/she's still under the weather. But not because of anything 
you did. Avatar claims he/she hasn't been feeling well because he/she isn't 
getting much sleep. He/She has a lot on his/her plate, after all, and not 
much time to get it all done. It stands to reason that he/she would have to 
sacrifice some sleep as a result. 

Felicia: Oh... so that's why. 

Silas: It was thoughtless of me to bring up those rumors to you. I should 
have gotten to the truth of the matter before making you so anxious. I'm very 

Felicia: It's fine. Regardless, my mistakes have still been making Lord/Lady 
Avatar's life harder... 

Silas: Not noticeably, I assure you. I wish I'd dismissed these silly rumors 
when the others brought them up to me... Then it might not have come to this. 
Is there any way I can earn your forgiveness? 

Felicia: Earn my... But I've already forgiven you! 

Silas: Maybe so, but I can't forgive myself until I feel I deserve it. 

Felicia: What? 

Silas: Surely there must be SOMETHING I can do to earn a pardon. 

Felicia: Oh, um... I'll have to think about that... 
Felicia A

Silas: Felicia... I've done a lot of thinking since the last time we spoke. I 
think I may have hit upon something I can do to earn your forgiveness. 

Felicia: You really don't have to, but if you insist... 

Silas: Why don't I give you some pointers on how to make fewer mistakes? How 
does that sound to you? 

Felicia: Fewer mistakes? You think that's possible? Oh, I'd do anything...! 
I've been a klutz since I was a child. I'd given up hope on ever getting 

Silas: Never give up hope, Felicia. It's only then that you really fail. 

Felicia: I see... Well, I'd like to hear your idea. 

Silas: Right! I'm sure this will help you improve. First, I want you to serve 
me some tea. But when you do, imagine that I'm on the brink of death. I've 
taken grave wounds in battle, and I'm about to breathe my last. 

Felicia: What...?! 

Silas: That's the picture you need to have in your head when you bring me my 
tea. If that's your mind-set, I guarantee that you won't spill a drop. Well? 
Would you like to try? 

Felicia: I... think I understand. I'll try it, at any rate.
(Time passes)

Silas: Ugh... I can see a light... If only I could have one last cup of 
tea... before the end... 

Felicia: I-I'll fetch it right away! O-oh dear... This is so nerve 
wracking... But I can't flub this! I have to do it for Silas before he 
dies...! Pour the tea... Check Silas' vital signs... Add sugar... Make sure 
he's comfortable... 

Silas: *cough* 

Felicia: Oh... oh my... I-I did it! 

Silas: Great work, Felicia! I knew you could do it if you tried! Focus on how 
you're feeling now... Keep that close at hand. 

Felicia: I-I've got it! Thank you! That puts an end to this silly talk about 
you forgiving yourself, I hope. 

Silas: ... Hm. Well, given that I did you a good turn, it should forgive my 
rudeness. Or so I think... What about you? 

Felicia: I told you that you were forgiven days ago! 

Silas: That's true, isn't it? So it all turned out well in the end.
Felicia S

Silas: It's good to see you again, Felicia. 

Felicia: How may I be of service? 

Silas: How's the job been since my advice? Are you holding your tray steady? 

Felicia: Yes, but the thing is... I need to keep reminding myself that my 
guest is on the verge of death. Otherwise it doesn't help at all... And I 
think some of the guests notice, because they're looking at me funny... 

Silas: Uh-oh! That's a hole in the theory I hadn't considered... 

Felicia: Mm-hmm. It doesn't work out so well in practice. 

Silas: I'm sorry. I didn't think it through... 

Felicia: O-oh, but it's not a problem. I don't want you to think this means 
you're not forgiven anymore... 

Silas: Thank you, that does cheer me up a bit. It was a heady experience, 
though, working together with you on a project. I'd like to rekindle that 

Felicia: Hmm...? 

Silas: In that spirit, I'd like to give you this. 

Felicia: Silas... is this... are you...? 

Silas: It's a wedding ring, yes. Consider this my marriage proposal. 

Felicia: Oh my! R-really? 

Silas: I've fallen hopelessly for you. I can't imagine spending my life apart 
from you. Your clumsiness... your hard-working nature... I wouldn't change a 

Felicia: No one's ever said that to me before... If I'm the woman you want, 
then I happily accept your ring. 

Silas: Indeed? 

Felicia: Yes... though if you cheat on me, all bets are off. 

Silas: Hah! If I ever cheat on you, I deserve whatever punishment you mete 
out. Feel free to pour scalding tea on me until I really am at death's 
B3. Mozu C

Mozu: Silas... Do you think I should ditch and go home?

Silas: I don't understand. Why would you? 

Mozu: Oh, you know... I'm not too strong, and I worry about holding everyone 
back. I practice 'til I'm blue in the face, but it's just not working. 
Everyone else is a natural. They get better by leaps and bounds. Not me, 
though... I'm not fit for anything but working the fields. I'm thinking I 
should find myself the nearest village and sign on as a farmhand. 

Silas: I didn't know you felt this way... 

Mozu: Sorry for talking your ear off, Silas. It was real good of you to 

Silas: No worries. In fact, I know just what we should do. 

Mozu: Huh? "We"? 

Silas: I'm going to coach you! And there's no time like the present to start. 

Mozu: Huh? But... I can't... 

Silas: You can't do anything you don't try to. Now then, let's head to the 
practice field. 

Mozu: I don't know about this... 
Mozu B

Silas: Time to get serious about practice, Mozu. Are you ready to become a 

Mozu: Oh, um, no, sir... 

Silas: Huh? 

Mozu: I just don't want to see you wasting your time on little old me... I'm 
not getting any stronger. It's just not happening. 

Silas: ... Your defeatist attitude is your whole problem, Mozu. 

Mozu: Say what...? 

Silas: "I don't have the knack." "I'm just a simple farm girl." "It's 
impossible." How are you ever going to succeed if this is what you tell 
yourself, over and over? 

Mozu: Huh? 

Silas: More than anything, it's thinking like this that's holding you back. 

Mozu: ... 

Silas: So we're going to keep practicing. And sorry, but I won't take no for 
an answer. Is that clear? 

Mozu: Umm... 

Silas: "Umm" isn't any better than "no." Listen to me, Mozu. You have 
potential. It's clear to me, if not to you. 

Mozu: ... 

Silas: And I think it's a sin to waste that potential. 

Mozu: A sin?! 

Silas: Yes. It's a sin against your parents, who blessed you with this 
potential. It's a sin against your friends, who've put their faith in you. 

Mozu: Aww, that's a low blow... All right. I'll try. 

Silas: That's the spirit!
Mozu A

Mozu: Silas! I did real good in that last fight, huh? 

Silas: You're definitely showing improvement, that's for sure! I was amazed. 

Mozu: Aww, heck, Silas. I'm not half so amazing as you! 

Silas: Me? What did I do? 

Mozu: You convinced me I have potential. After that tongue-lashing you gave 
me, I felt like taking another try. The whole reason I'm doing this good is 
so I can live up to your expectations. So thanks, Silas! 

Silas: Nothing is impossible if you try. I know that from experience... 

Mozu: What do you mean? 

Silas: I've never considered myself particularly talented. I come from a 
noble family, but that doesn't mean much when it comes to combat. 

Mozu: I dunno... for a farm girl like me, it's pretty dang impressive! 

Silas: It's not, trust me. I only made it as a knight because I never gave 

Mozu: Oh... You know, I bet I could get to be whatever I wanted with your 
help. I hope you'll keep on coaching me! 

Silas: Certainly. You think I'd abandon a pupil as promising as you? 

Mozu: Oh, that reminds me. I was meaning to fix you a home-cooked meal as 

Silas: A home-cooked meal, huh...? 

Mozu: Don't give me those shifty eyes. It might not be what a city boy is 
used to, but you'll like it. I guarantee! After all, nothing's impossible if 
I try!
Mozu S

Silas: Hey, Mozu... 

Mozu: What's up, Silas? 

Silas: I wanted to thank you again for the meal you made me. Every course was 
delicious. I mean that. 

Mozu: Oh, you don't have to thank me! The meal was supposed to be my thanks 
to YOU! Seeing your smile as you dug into your fifth slice of pie was plenty 
enough for me. 

Silas: Did I really eat five slices...? 

Mozu: Yep. 

Silas: I believe you. It was that good. In fact, it makes me wish I could 
have your cooking every day... 

Mozu: Aww, Silas, you kidder. Though I mean, if you're serious, I wouldn't 
mind! You could come by every day. 

Silas: Oh? I might take you up on that. Although... making the trip to your 
place might be tedious. It would be easier if we just lived together. 

Mozu: Huh? Are you asking me to be your maid or something? 

Silas: Hahaha, no, no. Not my maid. I want you to be... well, here. 

Mozu: What's this? 

Silas: A ring. 

Mozu: Y-you mean like... an engagement ring?! 

Silas: Yes. I want you to be my wife. 

Mozu: But... Golly! You must really see something in me! 

Silas: What do you mean? 

Mozu: I've got potential, right? And you're helping me bring it out? I can't 
wait to see how crazy strong I get once you're my husband! I'll be mowing 
down enemies left and right! 

Silas: Um... so you accept...? 

Mozu: Isn't it obvious? I might not be one of your fancy city girls, but I'm 

Silas: And I'll treasure you for the rest of my life, Mozu. 

Mozu: Aw, shucks, Silas...!
B3. Elise C

Silas: Hello, Lady Elise. I'm happy to report that I've successfully 
fulfilled your request. I located that starving family you mentioned and 
delivered a month's worth of food. 

Elise: Wow, what a relief! Thank you, Silas! I'm sorry I asked you for such a 
big favor. Really, thanks a million! 

Silas: Not to worry, milady. Helping others is a passion of mine. 

Elise: Hee hee, you're so great. How can I ever thank you? 

Silas: You have already thanked me. Twice. That is more than sufficient, 

Elise: Oh, don't be a goose. Surely there must be something you'd like as a 
reward? Come on, don't be shy! Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME! 

Silas: Ah, um, I mean... are you certain?! If so, I suppose... Well, to be 
honest, I do have something in mind. Maybe... you could be my little sister 
for a day. 

Elise: Huh?! 

Silas: Well, this is a little embarrassing, but... seeing you and Avatar 
together makes me long for a sibling of my own. 

Elise: That's really all you want? A sister for a day? 

Silas: It is. Doesn't it sound like fun? 

Elise: It sounds... like a blast! This is gonna be great! 

Silas: So you'll really do it? Wow! Th-thank you, Lady Elise! 

Elise: No problem! But, um... what exactly should we do on your sister day? 

Silas: Hmmm... I hadn't thought it through that far. Let me give it some 
thought, and I'll get back to you.
Elise B

Elise: Silas! Hi! Have you figured out what we're gonna do on Sister Day yet? 

Silas: Well, I was thinking about it, and I believe I've got it figured out. 

Elise: Oooh, yay! Go on, tell me all about it. Hurry! The wait is killing me! 

Silas: Ha ha, well... I was thinking... we could get into an argument! 

Elise: An argument? Really?! I don't understand... 

Silas: That's what siblings do, right? And they say the more you fight, the 
closer you become! 

Elise: I have never heard anyone say that, no. I'm gonna tell it to you 
straight, Silas. That is a really, REALLY dumb idea. Let's do something fun 

Silas: Oh... OK. You're probably right. 

Elise: Do you have anything else in mind? 

Silas: No... that's all I could come up with. 

Elise: Oh... 

Silas: What do you suggest, Lady Elise? Is there anything you and Avatar do 
that's especially sibling-like? 

Elise: Oh! OH! We train together sometimes! 

Silas: You train? Like, for battle? 

Elise: Yeah! What do ya think? 

Silas: I don't know... What if I hurt you? I could never forgive myself. 

Elise: Why? 

Silas: Why?! Because, um, hurting sweet little girls for fun is... you 
know... wrong. 

Elise: Pfft. That's what I say to that. Training is a great way for siblings 
to bond. Trust me! 

Silas: Oh dear... 
Elise A

Silas: Hello, Lady Elise. 

Elise: Hi, Silas! 

Silas: So I've been thinking about Sister Day, and I've made up my mind. If 
you wish to train together, then that's what we'll do. 

Elise: Huh? Really? 

Silas: Really. If some terrible accident happens, I'm prepared to pay the 
cost. People will throw stones, and I'll surely be hanged by my Nohrian 
friends... But if that is your wish, then so be it. 

Elise: Hmm... So, yeah, about that... 

Silas: Is something wrong? 

Elise: Weeell, now that I think about it, maybe that's not the best idea. 

Silas: Oh? What made you change your mind? 

Elise: Well, I realized that all siblings bond in different ways. I've never 
trained with Xander once! So if you're gonna be my brother, Silas, we should 
think of something special. You're not mad, are you? I know you finally made 
up your mind and all... 

Silas: No worries at all. We'll figure something out. This is harder than I 

Elise: Oh, I know! Why don't we ask around? Get some fresh ideas? OOH! We can 
even hold a tea party and all brainstorm and eat cookies! It will be so fun! 
People can share stories about how they bond with their siblings. We're bound 
to hear an idea that's perfect for us! 

Silas: That's a wonderful idea, Lady Elise. 

Elise: Isn't it? OK! Let's go invite everyone! 

Silas: Yes, let's!
Elise S

Silas: Lady Elise! I wanted to thank you for the other day. The tea party was 
delightful. I can't recall the last time I laughed so hard! I will always 
remember that day with great fondness. 

Elise: I'm glad YOU had a good time. I'm a little bummed, to be honest. I was 
really hoping we could figure out a fun sibling thing to do together. I guess 
it's hopeless... *SIGH* 

Silas: Actually... that's not a problem. I think I changed my mind about my 

Elise: Huh, really? After all that?! Well, what DO you want then? 

Silas: Well, instead of a sister, I was wondering... *GULP* Well, I was 
hoping that... Maybe you would consent to be my wife instead. 

Elise: ... ... ... Oh! I think I get it. You mean just for a day, like the 
sister thing. Right? That's no problem at all. 

Silas: Actually... I meant forever. Though I more than understand if you wish 
to decline. 

Elise: Silas... 

Silas: I've had feelings for you for a while now. Lately, you're all I can 
think about. I thought just being near you would be enough, thus the sister 
idea. I probably should keep these emotions to myself, but I can't stand it 
any longer. 

Elise: I had no idea... 

Silas: Lady Elise, I'll only ask this once. If you say no I shall leave you 
alone forever. You are everything to me. Will you do me the honor of being my 

Elise: Oh my... what a beautiful ring. But I wonder... 

Silas: May I inquire as to the cause of your hesitation? Am I not worthy of 

Elise: No, it's not that! You're kind and faithful, and... and I have 
feelings for you too. But if we can't even think of sibling things to do, 
what will we do when we're married? 

Silas: Oh, is that it? That's no concern at all! I was only lost for 
suggestions because I didn't want to tip my hand to you. When we're married, 
we can do whatever we please. Picnics, long walks, anything. My only concern 
in life will be to make sure you are as happy as possible. 

Elise: Oh, Silas... Do you mean it? 

Silas: With all my heart, milady. I know a lowly knight is unworthy of a fair 
princess, but please consider. 

Elise: Don't speak that way about my future husband! 

Silas: A-are you saying what I think you're saying?! 

Elise: I'd be honored to share my life with you, dear Silas. I'm so happy! 

Silas: Thank you, sweet Elise. This is the best reward anyone could ask 
B3. Camilla C

Camilla: Silas, do you have a moment? I have a favor to ask of you. 

Silas: Certainly. How can I help you, Lady Camilla? 

Camilla: It's quite simple. I just need you to relay a message to Avatar for 
me. Please tell him/her that I love him/her. 

Silas: Um... That seems like the kind of thing you might want to tell him/her 
in person. 

Camilla: Well, sure. I tell him/her every day. 

Silas: Yeeeah. So, I would think that would be sufficient... 

Camilla: And you would be wrong! Lately, Avatar has hardly seemed to react to 
my proclamations of love. I'm not sure what's going on, but I decided that I 
need to try a new approach. 

Silas: Have you considered scaling back? Perhaps Avatar feels overwhelmed. 

Camilla: ... 

Silas: Never mind-I would be happy to help. Now, what exactly would you like 
for me to say? 

Camilla: Let's see... How about, "I love you, schmoopie!" And "You're 
sooooooooooo sweet!" Please be sure to relay both messages. Accuracy is 

Silas: ... 

Camilla: Is something wrong, Silas? 

Silas: Not at all, Lady Camilla. I will carry out your request.
Camilla B

Silas: Lady Camilla, I've relayed your message to Avatar as requested. 

Camilla: Thank you. And how did he/she react? 

Silas: Like it was old news, I suppose. But, to be fair, Lady Camilla... What 
did you expect? 

Camilla: I see. 

Silas: Please don't look so down. This just means that Avatar already knows 
how you feel about him/her. 

Camilla: Let me tell you a story, Silas. Long ago, when Avatar was locked up 
in the castle... I baked some cookies and brought him/her a plate, along with 
some tea. 

Silas: Yes, I remember that day! Those were delicious. 

Camilla: I'm glad you thought so. But Avatar never got a chance to try them. 

Silas: What?! Why not? 

Camilla: Well, if I remember correctly, he/she was in the middle of a 
lesson... By the time you and everyone else had taken a cookie, there were 
none left. I ran into him/her later that day, and he/she was flushed and 
angry. "Thanks for nothing, my so-called sister!" he/she shouted. 

Silas: Yes, I remember... 

Camilla: So, I took Avatar into my arms and told him/her... "I love you so 
much." And I vowed to never let him/her forget it. 

Silas: That's a sweet story, Lady Camilla. And I understand your motivation. 
But, if I may be so bold... I don't think you need to worry so much. 

Camilla: And why is that? 

Silas: Well, Avatar was only a child. And he/she was reacting in a childish 
manner. You were certainly not at fault in any way. And he/she definitely 
knows you love him/her. 

Camilla: Be that as it may, I never want to see Avatar in such a state again. 
So... would you mind relaying just one more message of love for me? 

Silas: Again? 

Camilla: Yes. This time, try saying "You are so sweet." And "I love you so 
much." Really channel my emotions if you can! Let Avatar feel the depth of my 

Silas: Very well, Lady Camilla. One more time... 
Camilla A

Silas: Lady Camilla, I have fulfilled your request. To make the moment more 
poignant, I even secured musical accompaniment. 

Camilla: Wonderful! And how did Avatar react? 

Silas: Well... he/she seemed to enjoy the music... But other than that, 
he/she didn't really react. 

Camilla: Hmpf. 

Silas: Camilla, you must understand. I am also extremely close with Avatar. 
And I know how much he/she cares about you and appreciates your words of 
love. I do, however, know of another person desperate to hear those words 
from you... 

Camilla: Oh? I can't imagine who. 

Silas: This person truly desires your love and admiration. 

Camilla: Well, who could it be? Leo? Elise? You don't mean... Xander? 

Silas: No, none of them. Camilla... I speak of myself. 

Camilla: What?! 

Silas: When Avatar and I were children, I thought I was jealous... Jealous 
because he/she had a sister like you, and I was an only child. But in 
hindsight, it's clear to me now that I was in love with you. 

Camilla: Oh, Silas... 

Silas: I apologize for speaking like this. I should have kept my mouth 

Camilla: No, it's all right. I can't believe I never knew you felt this way. 

Silas: Please. Would it have made any difference? 

Camilla: Honestly... I don't know. 

Silas: Then forget I said anything. Pardon me. 

Camilla: Wait, Silas! 

Silas: Yes? 

Camilla: I had feelings for you too, once. Though the moment may have 

Silas: Camilla... 

Camilla: Perhaps we should leave it at that? 

Silas: Certainly.
Camilla S

Silas: Camilla, thank you for hearing me out the other day. 

Camilla: Of course, Silas. Your words made me happy. I'm not sure that Avatar 
would approve, but... 

Silas: Well, brace yourself. I have more to say. 

Camilla: Yes? 

Silas: Camilla... will you marry me? 

Camilla: Are you serious? 

Silas: I know this is all so sudden... But here, please accept this ring. 

Camilla: I... I can't, Silas! 

Silas: But you just said that my words made you happy! 

Camilla: And that is true. But... what about Avatar? 

Silas: You're worried he'll/she'll be jealous. Or think you don't love 

Camilla: Yes. No... I don't know! 

Silas: I anticipated that you might feel this way. Which is why I've already 
asked for his/her blessing. 

Camilla: And he/she granted it?! 

Silas: Yes. In fact, it was Avatar who gave me the courage to finally say 

Camilla: In that case... then I will gladly accept your proposal, Silas! 

Silas: Fantastic! This is the best day of my life! I can't wait to go tell 

Camilla: What?! Why do you get to tell him/her? I'm his/her sister! 

Silas: But he's/she's my best friend! 

Camilla: Well, then, forget it. Engagement off! 

Silas: Augh! 

Camilla: Oh, I'm just teasing. But I WILL be the one to break the news, got 

Silas: Very well. Be my guest. Either way, I'll still be the happiest guy in 
the world!
B3. Effie C

Effie: Silas... can I ask you a question?

Silas: Sure, Effie. What is it?

Effie: Why are you fighting in this army?

Silas: What do you mean?

Effie: Well, I mean, I'm here because I'm sworn to protect Lady Elise. I owe 
her everything-and she's my best friend-so it's a natural arrangement. But 
you're not anyone's retainer. What's in it for you?

Silas: I see. So, you think I'm some kind of mercenary?

Effie: No, that's not it. I guess I'd just struggle with motivation if it 
weren't for Lady Elise. And yet you're so dedicated... and one of our 
strongest fighters. So, if you're not just in it for yourself, why are you 

Silas: Well, Effie, I'm really no different than you. I'm here to protect 
Avatar. We have a long, complicated history, but I would do anything to 
protect him/her. That's all there is to it!

Effie: I don't think that's true at all.

Silas: What?! How can you say that?

Effie: The part about you being no different than me. That's just not true!

Silas: Well, I'm not going to stand here and argue with you. But it seems 
rather obvious to me... 

Effie: I'm sorry-I'm probably overreacting. I guess I'm just a bit sensitive. 
Just hold off on comparing the two of us until you get to know me better, OK?

Silas: Fair enough, Effie.
Effie B

Silas: Effie, do you have a moment?

Effie: Yes, what is it, Silas?

Silas: About the other day... I've been giving it some thought, and I really 
do think we're similar. But judging by your reaction... something about me 
bothers you. Why were you so adamant about the two of us being different?

Effie: I'm not sure. That's just how I feel.

Silas: Well, that's vague. I'm just as dedicated as you. Why can't you see 

Effie: Sure, if you say so.

Silas: All right. Pay close attention during our next battle. I'll show you 
what I mean.

Effie: Don't bother.

Silas: Yeesh, what's wrong with you?

Effie: Sorry, but I don't have time to watch your showboating on the 
battlefield. I'll be too busy protecting Lady Elise!

Silas: So you can't even be bothered to glance in my direction. I get it.

Effie: Fine. I'll try to take a look. IF AND ONLY IF LADY ELISE IS COMPLETELY 
SAFE! You got that?

Silas: Yes, yes, that's all I'm asking for.
Effie A

Effie: Silas. I watched you carefully in that last battle. And now I can 
demonstrate precisely how we are different.

Silas: All right. Let's hear it.

Effie: Take a look here, under my armor.

Silas: Gods!

Effie: Now look at this scar.

Silas: Oh, Effie. I had no idea you had suffered such grievous wounds.

Effie: To protect someone is to sacrifice your own flesh and blood. My 
dedication to Elise is total. So these don't even bother me. You don't appear 
to have suffered the same types of wounds. You're very skilled in battle-you 
have immense talent. But I have to train around the clock just to stay alive 
out there.

Silas: Your point is taken. And I do not wish to make this a competition. But 
please understand that I too have suffered in battle. Not everything comes 
quite so easily to me. I think the most important thing is that we both 
strive to protect above all else.

Effie: Yes... after seeing your defense of Lord/Lady Avatar, I believe you.

Silas: Thank you, Effie. It is gratifying to hear those words. Perhaps we can 
make better use of our individual strengths in the next battle? For example, 
I could take a forward position, ahead of you and Lady Elise. And Avatar, of 
course. That way, I can protect all of you.

Effie: I'm sorry, Silas, but that doesn't work for me. I need to be able to 
see up front.

Silas: Yes, I suppose your style is suited to an aggressive position... 

Effie: More importantly... I won't get any stronger if I just stand behind 
you. I need to be mixing it up if I want to improve my skills. Surely you 

Silas: Of course. Let's simply make a pact to cooperate whenever possible. In 
defense of the ones we care about, of course.

Effie: Of course. Thank you, Silas.
Effie S

Silas: Effie. Thanks for coming.

Effie: Hello, Silas. What's going on?

Silas: Well... I just wanted to say thank you. You've inspired me to work 
harder. The way you train... the way you lay your body on the line for 
Elise... I'm rededicating myself to the total protection of Avatar.

Effie: Aw, Silas. Don't thank me. All I did was act kind of cranky. Lord/Lady 
Avatar is lucky to have you on his/her side.

Silas: Well, I certainly hope so. Ahem. There's one other thing... 

Effie: Well, go on! I have a tough workout scheduled for this afternoon.

Silas: I wanted to tell you that Avatar is no longer the only person I'd die 
to protect.

Effie: Oh? That's a surprise. Who is it?

Silas: It's you, Effie. I'd stand alone in front of a great army to ensure 
your safety.

Effie: Uh... that sounds like a problem... 

Silas: What?! Why?

Effie: Like I said before. I can't have anyone standing in front of me during 

Silas: Oh. Whew. Of course. But, uh, that's not exactly what I meant. All 
right, I'm just going to put it out there. Ahem. Effie. Will you marry me?

Effie: Oh! I see what you meant. Let me think about this for a second... 
Sure, I'll marry you.

Silas: Um... that's great... But you seem awfully casual about all this... 

Effie: Well, I'm a little surprised, I suppose, but it makes a lot of sense. 
You're a good person. You're strong and loyal. I've enjoyed getting to know 
you. As long as it won't interfere with my duties to Lady Elise, I'll happily 
marry you, Silas!

Silas: I understand. I promise to protect you and, by proxy, Lady Elise. May 
we all have a long and happy future together!

Effie: Thank you, Silas! I'd give my life to protect you as well. Assuming 
I'm not already busy protecting Lady Elise, of course... 
B3. Nyx C

Silas: Nyx, do you mind if I ask about a possibly delicate subject? 

Nyx: I don't need second sight to see where this is going. 

Silas: Are you... well... is it true that you're older than me? 

Nyx: This subject again... 

Silas: Of course, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I'm not 
entirely comfortable asking a woman about her age... 

Nyx: I don't mind at all. It was obviously going to come up. The answer is 
yes. I'm older than you by quite a lot. 

Silas: That seems so strange... And is it true, too, that you were cursed to 
be this way? 

Nyx: You have good sources. Fell magic has prevented me from growing or 

Silas: Goodness. That sounds... serious. 

Nyx: Yes. You can see why it's not something that I advertise. 

Silas: Hmm... fair enough. I'm sorry. It must be hard for you, frozen in time 
like that. 

Nyx: In some ways. But brooding over my condition does nothing to solve it. I 
try not to think about it these days. 

Silas: Don't say that! You'll never figure out a cure if you give up. 

Nyx: Sorry? 

Silas: I'll find a way. I hate to see any of my allies in distress. I must do 

Nyx: But... 

Silas: I'll break that curse, you see if I don't! It won't be long now!
Nyx B

Silas: Oh, there you are, Nyx. 

Nyx: Silas. 

Silas: I've wandered pretty far afield in search of a way to break your 

Nyx: And your search was fruitless, I expect. 

Silas: On the contrary. 

Nyx: Don't feel bad. I'd already exhausted every avenue of- Wait. You found 

Silas: Voila. This is a little remedy I found in a seedy little apothecary's 
shop in the city. 

Nyx: You found this in some hole-in-the-wall shop, hm? 

Silas: Yeah. Advances in modern medicine, and all that. 

Nyx: Might I see it? 

Silas: Of course! Better yet, go ahead and try it out. I'm eager to see if it 

Nyx: Hmm. A powder... Silas, I have something to show you. 

Silas: What is it? 

Nyx: You can see here that it says "Guaranteed Curse Remedy" on the 
packaging. But look closer. The label has been affixed over the original 
packet. It used to say "Headache Remedy." This is common pain medicine. 

Silas: Let me see that... Well. This is a blow to the ego... I should have 
known better. 

Nyx: A packet of powder claiming to lift curses did seem strange to me. But I 
have to caution you, Silas. This curse won't be resolved so easily. 

Silas: I refuse to accept that! I won't give up, not when there's a friend in 
Nyx A

Silas: I've got it this time for sure, Nyx! Voila! 

Nyx: This looks... toxic... 

Silas: I'm not surprised. It's mixed from mandrake roots, frog tongues, and 
dragon dung. As well as a few other ingredients I'd rather not mention. All 
of it was ground together and turned into a potion. I'm told it can lift any 

Nyx: Did you say... dragon dung? And that's one of the ingredients you're 
willing to name? What are you asking me to drink?! 

Silas: Trust me, you don't want to know. You'd never agree to drink it 

Nyx: I'm not sure I want to drink it anyway... 

Silas: I followed the recipe in the book to the letter, so it should work. 

Nyx: I'm sorry, but there are lengths I won't go to. Even for this. 

Silas: ... No, I suppose not. It's a lot to ask. 

Nyx: Silas, really. You don't need to try so hard. I'm keenly aware that this 
is not the kind of curse that can be lifted with a potion. Besides, to some 
extent, I have only myself to blame. 

Silas: What? 

Nyx: Ah. I thought you knew. From a young age, I displayed a talent for black 
magic. I mastered some of the most heinous spells known to man as if they 
were child's play. They say power corrupts, and I can attest to that. My 
failure to control the magics I wielded resulted in many innocent deaths. 
This curse is the price for my hubris. 

Silas: I had no idea... 

Nyx: I'm honored that you're so determined to help me. But the situation is 
more complicated than you may have bargained for. 

Silas: I see. Still, I won't let that stop me. 

Nyx: Oh? 

Silas: There must be a way to wipe your record clean. Something we haven't 
considered. We'll tackle that once the curse is lifted. 

Nyx: ... Thank you, Silas. You've been kinder to me than most who know my 
Nyx S

Silas: Nyx... I've been waiting for you. 

Nyx: What's going on? And why do you have so many flowers? 

Silas: These bouquets are gifts for you. 

Nyx: Thank you. I don't know what I'll do with them all, but it's a nice 

Silas: These were what the florist suggested when I asked for ones signifying 

Nyx: Liberation... that's a comforting thought. 

Silas: I hope my other gift pleases you, too. It's an engagement ring. 

Nyx: Indeed? 

Silas: Nyx... I'd like us to be wed. 

Nyx: ... Hm. 

Silas: Let's get to the bottom of this curse as husband and wife. We'll find 
a way to set this right together. I'll support you to the end, body and soul. 

Nyx: Thank you, Silas. I accept, of course. 

Silas: ... 

Nyx: Are we leaving it at that, then...? 

Silas: Er, no. Sorry. I had much more to say, but all of it was moot when you 
simply agreed. 

Nyx: Oh, yes, I see. You should know that I'm also a talented soothsayer. And 
I had a particular vision not long ago of a kind and devoted man visiting me. 
Through his kindness and dauntless effort, a path to my redemption would 
open. And little by little, my curse would begin to lift... 

Silas: Is this true?! 

Nyx: Yes. It even indicated that my life could be effectively over if I let 
him slip away. It was only today, after you spoke to me, that I could be 
certain... That man is you. And so I saw every reason to accept your 

Silas: Fantastic... We ought to let the others know so we can be officially 
married at once. 

Nyx: Why the rush? 

Silas: I'm worried some other fellow will come along meeting the same 

Nyx: Hahah, that seems unlikely. The vision spoke specifically of the man's 
undaunted effort. Only you would go so far as to bring me headache powder or 
some ghastly potion. Only you, of all the people I know, have been dauntless 
in your effort to cure me. So you see, it is clear to me that you were the 
one all along.
B3. Selena C

Selena: Hey, Silas. I hear you've got the strongest work ethic around camp. 

Silas: Well, I don't know about that, but I do try to give my all whenever I 

Selena: Typical. People like you always act so sweet and humble, and it makes 
me sick. 

Silas: What...? I'm not being humble. I really do have to try harder than 
most people. 

MOST people, sure. But not ALL people. Lots of folks think that about you, 
but they're wrong. 

Silas: I-I wasn't arguing the point... I take it you're laying a claim on the 
strongest work ethic in the army? 

Selena: Not yet. But we're going to find out. 

Silas: We... we are? 

Selena: I'll be the judge of whether you really work hard or you're just 
faking it. If you're any lazier than me, it's not fair that everyone thinks 
you work the hardest. So we'll have a competition to see how hard you're 
REALLY prepared to work. 

Silas: This feels like the start of something extraordinarily tedious... 

Selena: Are you complaining already?! We haven't even started yet! 

Silas: No! I just don't understand what we're fighting about. 

Selena: What, you're backing out? 

Silas: C-certainly not now... 

Selena: So you're accepting my challenge, RIGHT? 

Silas: Why me...? All right, you're on. Agreeing to this is clearly going to 
be the fastest way to get it over with. 

Selena: That's right. I'll be back later to go over the challenge, once I 
figure out what it is. Here's a hint, though: I'm going to win. 

Silas: Right... 
Selena B

Selena: Hey, you came. I was sure you'd chicken out and stay home! 

Silas: Trust me, there are a lot of things I'd rather be doing right now. But 
I don't back down from a challenge once I've taken it. 

Selena: Well, you talk big, at least. OK, the first event starts right here, 
right now. 

Silas: "First event"? This isn't something we can settle now and get on with 
our lives? 

Selena: Of course not! A standard competition goes for three rounds. 

Silas: That's new to me... but if those are the terms of our duel, fair 

Selena: The first event: practice swings. The rules are simple. We keep 
taking swings, counting together, and the first one to tire out loses! 

Silas: ... Huh. I was bracing myself when I heard you say it's simple, but... 
it really is. 

Selena: Of course it is! Why wouldn't it be?! There's nothing complex about 
working hard! You put in effort, you get the reward! Don't you even know that 

Silas: Well... when you put it that way, I guess I agree. 

Selena: Good. Now hurry up and get ready. 
(Time passes)

Selena: And... GO! One! 

Silas: Two! 

Selena: Three! 
(Time passes)

Selena: 627! You're pretty good at this... 

Silas: 628! You haven't yet seen me at my best. 

Selena: 629! If it gets too tough, give up. I won't judge. 

Silas: 630! Stop joking. You'll make my sides ache. 

Selena: 631! It was worth a try!
Selena A

Selena: You put up a pretty good fight in round one. 

Silas: Don't remind me. I thought I was dreaming when I saw the sun begin to 
rise... Though it wasn't as dreamlike once our orders to deploy came in. 

Selena: Yeah, that was a shame. We'll have to count it as a draw. Now, for 
the second event... 

Silas: Wait. Before we plunge back into this, I have to know something first. 
Why are you so obsessed over which of us has the stricter work ethic? 

Selena: Um... 

Silas: Of course, if you don't want to tell me, that's quite all right... 

Selena: N-no... it's fine. If you really want to know... I just don't have 
any confidence in myself. 

Silas: No confidence? You? 

Selena: You'd be surprised. The truth is, there's a lot I'm no good at. My 
mother was incredible, but she's gone now, and I'm nowhere near as good. I 
always got compared to her-people went so far as to say I was her defective 
kid. I couldn't stand that... 

Silas: So you felt that you had to try harder? 

Selena: Don't tell anyone, OK? 

Silas: Your secret's safe with me. 

Selena: All right, enough of that. Let's get the second round started. 

Silas: You know, I don't think that's necessary. I hereby relinquish the 
title of hardest- working soldier to you. 

Selena: Huh? 

Silas: It was clear to me after hearing your story. You said you have to work 
hard because things don't come naturally to you. Whereas I'm from a noble 
house. I've had many things simply handed to me... So of the two of us, I 
think you've probably had to work harder for what you have. 

Selena: W-well, that all SOUNDS good. But I can't let it go at that... We 
have a duel to settle! I can't let the whole thing drop just because we 
talked it out! 

Silas: A-all right, if you insist... What's the next event in our 

Selena: Up next is... a cross-country race! 

Silas: ... OK, then. I guess we'll be running until dawn. 

Selena: You know it!
Selena S

Silas: That race was intense... 

Selena: I can't believe you didn't give up. We ran to places I'd never seen 

Silas: I heard Avatar was ready to move out, but he/she couldn't find us 

Selena: I never want another scolding like the one we got when we returned... 
Worst of all, the match was another draw! 

Silas: I have to hand it to you, you have a more intense work ethic than 
anyone I've met. That's why I feel comfortable giving this to a true hard 

Selena: Ooh, did you get me a medal? 

Silas: Not quite. Just open it. 

Selena: This is a ring. 

Silas: Yeah. An engagement ring. 

Selena: Whoa there... you're asking me to marry you?! 

Silas: That's exactly what I'm doing. I mean it, too. 

Selena: ... ... No way. 

Silas: What? Why...? 

Selena: It's hard to explain... but I need to go home someday, and that's a 
long way from here. 

Silas: I don't understand... Aren't you a Nohrian soldier? One of Camilla's 
retainers, as I recall. 

Selena: If I ever do get to go back... would you come with me? 

Silas: ... Well, I'd certainly be willing to try. I knew I'd have to put work 
into our relationship, after all. 

Selena: Silas... 

Silas: I'd go to considerable lengths for you, Selena. I'd run farther and 
fight harder to support you than I would to compete with you. 

Selena: You make a good case. I accept. 

Silas: ... Huh. That was unexpected. 

Selena: Did you not want me to say yes? 

Silas: No, I did, but... I thought it would take more effort than that. 

Selena: W-well... I thought you'd be sad if I turned you down. And you must 
have done a lot of research to buy a ring this fine... I hate to see a hard 
worker's efforts go to waste. 

Silas: Is that right? That's very considerate of you... 

Selena: One thing, though. Let me get this out of the way up front. If we 
ever have a child, I'd better still be first in your heart. 

Silas: ... What? 

Selena: Of course you should love your own child-that's fine. You just need 
to love me more. Promise me that, or you can take this ring back to where you 
bought it. 

Silas: ... In that case... I'll work harder at loving you than you could 
possibly imagine.
B3. Beruka C

Silas: Beruka... can we talk? 

Beruka: About what? 

Silas: I... no, never mind. I must have been imagining it. There's nothing 
bothering you, is there? 

Beruka: No. 

Silas: Right... just my imagination, then. Sorry to bother you. 

Beruka: Why did you ask? 

Silas: Oh... I don't know, you just looked a bit... gloomy. 

Beruka: I get that a lot. People ask me if I'm angry, or if something sad 
happened, and so forth. But I'm not. My emotions are just kind of... dead. 
That's why people think that. 

Silas: Wait, what do you mean, "dead"? 

Beruka: It's hard to explain. 

Silas: ... That's a problem. I'm even more worried about you than I was 

Beruka: Oh. 

Silas: Beruka, this is serious. That's no way to go through life. I can't let 
a friend stay like this. I'm going to help you do something about it!
Beruka B

Silas: Are you ready to get started? I'm going to tell you a story. Just 
relax and listen. 

Beruka: OK. 

Silas: Wait until you hear this... Hahaha... So the other day, Arthur walks 
in, and... 
(Time passes)
Silas: *sigh* This isn't working... 

Beruka: ... No good, huh. 

Silas: I just told you about a hundred classic Arthur stories in a row! I 
asked everyone-these are the funniest stories we all came up with. I could 
hardly breathe as I was telling some of them! Weren't they funny to you? 

Beruka: ... I don't know what "funny" feels like. I was just thinking about 
how rough Arthur's got it. That's all. 

Silas: You don't know about humor? What on earth happened to you? Were you 
born this way? 

Beruka: I don't know for sure. When I was growing up in the slums... I was 
told my parents were to blame for my emotions being dead. 

Silas: Your parents? Do you want to talk about that? 

Beruka: ... No. 

Silas: Yeah. I'm not surprised. It's fine, though. These things are hard to 
open up about. In the meantime, I'll keep thinking of our next step. Hmm... 
what might work? 

Beruka: ... 
Beruka A

Beruka: Silas. I'm ready to tell you about my parents. 

Silas: What? Just like that? 
Beruka: It seems like a good time. My parents... probably didn't love me. 

Silas: What makes you think that? 

Beruka: They abandoned me very early on. I have no memories of them. After 
that, I lived by myself in the slums. The first time I killed for money, I 
wasn't yet 10 years old. 

Silas: How can someone so young be a hardened killer? 

Beruka: I had a mentor in the slums. He taught me how to support myself. How 
to kill. 

Silas: Where is he now? 

Beruka: I killed him. 

Silas: You what?! 

Beruka: Someone wanted him dead. The contract went to me. 

Silas: But... how could you? 

Beruka: The money was good. 

Silas: *sniff* 

Beruka: Are you crying? Why? 

Silas: Because what I'm hearing is horrible... I had no idea what your 
upbringing was like. 

Beruka: I envy you, Silas. 

Silas: What? 

Beruka: It must be nice to laugh and cry. If I could feel sad about things, 
maybe I wouldn't have killed my mentor. 

Silas: Beruka... I'm going to help you! Even if it takes years and years! 

Beruka: ... Thanks, Silas.
Beruka S

Beruka: Silas?

Silas: Oh, hello, Beruka. I was waiting for you. I got you a present. Here, 
open it. 

Beruka: What is it? 

Silas: Why don't you open it and see? 

Beruka: No. Tell me. 

Silas: It's an engagement ring. 

Beruka: ... 

Silas: Marrying you is step one. That way, we'll have the rest of our lives 
for me to teach you about emotions. Someday, you'll learn how to cry and 
laugh for yourself. 

Beruka: ... 

Silas: Um... Beruka...? 

Beruka: ... 

Silas: Are you... crying? 

Beruka: I don't know. Is this what crying feels like? Am I sad? Is that it? 

Silas: Could be. But people also cry sometimes when they're happy. 

Beruka: Is that true? Hmm. Yes, Silas, I will marry you. 

Silas: Really? 

Beruka: Honestly, I still can't tell what these tears mean. But maybe with 
your help, someday I'll get it. 

Silas: That's my hope. 

Beruka: If I learn to laugh and cry like you... Could I cry for my mentor? 
Can I shed tears of regret? 

Silas: Someday. And when you do, I'll hold you until the tears run dry. 

Beruka: Thank you, Silas.
B3. Peri C

Silas: Hello, Peri. I've seen you around, but I don't think we've ever 
spoken, have we? I'm curious to know whether the rumors I've heard are 

Peri: Rumors? Heehee, you act like I have a bad reputation or something! 

Silas: You mean... you don't know...? 

Peri: Nope, but tell me! What do people say? 

Silas: I've heard, and this is just hearsay, that you used to treat your 
servants abominably. 

Peri: Huh. I didn't know people cared about that enough to talk about it... 

Silas: You really didn't? I'm surprised... 

Peri: Why, though?! I still don't get it! Start explaining! 

Silas: ... I might not be the right person to talk to you about this. 

Peri: Noooo! Why not?! I wanna know! I wanna know NOW! *sob* Waaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Silas: Oh dear... what have I done...?
Peri B

Peri: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I'm so mad, I could slice up a puppy!

Silas: Peri... 

Peri: Silas! You're the WORST! I'm mad at you until you tell me why people 
are gossiping about me! 

Silas: Yes, well... I talked to Lord Xander about you. He seems oddly partial 
to you. He didn't say it in so many words, but I think he values you more 
than I suspected. 

Peri: And?! So?! What does that mean?! 

Silas: It means I shouldn't antagonize you. I'm sorry I stirred up something 
that wasn't any of my business. Forget I said anything. 

Peri: I still don't understand... but if you say I should forget it, then OK. 

Silas: Thanks, Peri. And I'm sorry. 

Peri: Hmph! I said I'd forget-but I don't have to forgive! I hate you, Silas! 
(Peri leaves) 

Silas: *sigh*... Even if she is important to Lord Xander, he needs to rein in 
her vicious streak. Especially if she keeps lashing out at her defenseless 
servants. I'll have to tread lightly here... 
Peri A

Peri: Grrrrrr... I can't BELIEVE that Silas! I've never been so mad in all my 
life! I don't think even going out and painting the battleground red would 

Silas: Hello, Peri. I came to apologize again. 

Peri: Apologize all you want! I'm not listening! 

Silas: I thought you might say that. I'm prepared to accept the consequences. 
Draw your weapon. Do your worst. 

Peri: What? 

Silas: If bloodshed will lift your spirits, then I'll volunteer as your 

Peri: R-really? 

Silas: Yes. And I never go back on my word. 

Peri: OK... It's your funeral... Take this! And that! And some of these!

Silas: ... 

Peri: Hey, no fair defending! How am I supposed to bathe in your blood like 

Silas: Hahaha! If that's what you want, you'll need to fight harder to break 
through my defenses. Have at me! 

Peri: Fine! I WILL! I hope you're ready! 
(Time passes)
Peri: *pant* *wheeze* I'm tired... 

Silas: You're pretty fearsome. I can see why Lord Xander handpicked you. 

Peri: That's weird... All your blood's still in your body, but I feel better 

Silas: I'm not surprised. A good, hard workout can make you feel better, even 
if you don't kill anyone. 

Peri: Really? I never knew... 

Silas: So there's no need to hurt your servants anymore, is there? 

Peri: Yeah, I guess not. I'll just work them harder, too! We'll all feel good 

Silas: Close enough. 

Peri: But I want you to help! 

Silas: I can oblige that. Ask whenever you want, and I'll make sure you get a 
good workout. 

Peri: Thanks, Silas! You're the BEST!
Peri S

Peri: Silas! Do you need something? 

Silas: Good, you're here. I wanted to talk to you. I went to your house not 
long ago and had a chat with your father. 

Peri: A-about what? Were you tattling on me?! 

Silas: No. I went to him to ask for his blessing for your hand in marriage. 

Peri: Huh? Marriage? Are you feeling OK, Silas? 

Silas: I love you, Peri. And so I want to marry you. That's as plain as I can 
make it. 

Peri: Whaaaaaat? You mean... you don't hate me? 

Silas: Not in the least! 

Peri: Hooray! One more person who doesn't hate me! 

Silas: Y-yes... you've calmed down a lot lately, Peri. I think that's helped. 

Peri: Have I? I didn't notice. 

Silas: Seeing this softer side of you has swept me off my feet. And so I went 
to see your father. That doesn't upset you, I hope... 

Peri: No way! I love how nice you are to me. 

Silas: Oh, I'm not especially nice... 

Peri: You totally are! Don't be so modest! But... will I have to do housework 
and stuff if we get married? 

Silas: That won't be necessary. I come from a prosperous house with many 

Peri: No fooling...? 

Silas: Yes. But that doesn't give you license to torture them. 

Peri: Yeah, I know! I'll just work them real hard. But I'll be the one to 
make dinner for you every night! 

Silas: I won't say no to that. Shall we go tell Lord Xander, then? 

Peri: What do you think he'll say? 

Silas: I'm sure he'll be thrilled for us. 

Peri: Yeah? Then I can't wait! I love you, Silas! I love you more than anyone 

Silas: And I you, Peri.
B3. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Sir Silas! 

Silas: You're... Charlotte, right? 

Charlotte: Indeed I am! I'm positively thrilled you remembered! Delighted, 
even! For a man such as you to notice a woman such as me is an exquisite 

Silas: Is it...? 

Charlotte: Oh my goodness... how did I not see this before? Your eyes 
complement your hair so wonderfully. It's a marvelous effect! Tee hee! 

Silas: ... That's very kind of you. I'm sorry, what was it you wanted? 

Charlotte: Oh, I don't mean to take time out of your busy schedule. I had one 
small question. Is it true that you're Lord/Lady Avatar's closest friend? 

Silas: That's right. I'd lay down my life to save his/hers. It's a very 
close, very long-standing friendship we have. 

Charlotte: Oh my... 

Silas: Good heavens, are you all right? You nearly collapsed! 

Charlotte: F-forgive me... I had a sudden vision of the love between you two, 
and... Well, it was so lovely to consider that I felt faint. Oh! I'm suddenly 
struck with an idea! What if I fix a nice lunch for you sometime? 

Silas: How did we get from Avatar to lunch...? Well, whatever the reason, I'm 
not hungry. Though I appreciate the offer. 

Charlotte: Silas, Silas... must I spell this out for you? The food, excellent 
as it will be, isn't the point. I'm trying to get to know you better. 

Silas: Um... Oh.
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Sir Silas! I come bearing gifts! Behold, a hand-prepared lunch, 
just for you! 

Silas: Well, that's considerate of you. I was just feeling hungry, too. 

Charlotte: Now, before you dig in, do you mind answering one teensy question? 

Silas: I guess not. What do you want to know? 

Charlotte: According to what you said the other day, Lord/Lady Avatar is your 
closest friend. 

Silas: True enough. What about it? 

Charlotte: Well, a little birdie told me that Lord/Lady Avatar doesn't quite 
see it that way... 

Silas: What? 

Charlotte: As I recall, and I hope I have this right, when you reunited with 
Lord/Lady Avatar... didn't he/she have no memories of who you were? Tell me, 
what is your true relationship with the man/woman? 

Silas: Avatar and I were good friends at an early age. But I didn't have free 
access to the castle where he/she spent most of his/her time. So I can 
understand how he/she might not remember me. But you can't deny that today, 
he/she and I are the closest of friends. 

Charlotte: Hooooold it, buster! 

Silas: Wh-what's wrong? 

Charlotte: Why didn't you have access to the castle? Are you telling me 
you're... not royalty? 

Silas: Well, no. I never claimed to be. 

Charlotte: You... never... Ugh! Some waste of time fixing that lunch was! All 
that work, straight down the drain! 

Silas: Huh? 

Charlotte: You said you were best friends! So OBVIOUSLY, I thought you'd be 
royalty too. And now you spring this on me. How do I know you're friends at 
all? That might be another one of your tricks. You're dead to me, Silas. 

Silas: Ch-Charlotte...? 

Charlotte: Lunch is for royals. You can go eat sand. 

Silas: Er, I may not be royalty... But I am of noble blood. 

Charlotte: You're... Whaaaat?! Why didn't you SAY so? That changes 
everything! Pardon me, Sir Silas-won't you taste the food I made specially 
for you? 

Silas: Something's... off here... 
Charlotte A

Silas: Charlotte, can we talk? 

Charlotte: Wh-why, of course, dear Silas! I've always time to spare for 

Silas: No, this is serious. I don't mean to be indelicate, but... I suspect 
that you have some serious emotional issues. 

Charlotte: Issues? Me? 

Silas: Yes. I've noticed you have a tendency toward sudden mood swings. 
They're worryingly extreme, in some cases. I don't think it's healthy. But 
it's nothing to be ashamed of. I think that by really digging deep inside and 
identifying the problem, you can fix it. And I'll help you. I've never been 
one to give up on my friends. 

Charlotte: Hm... 

Silas: Why don't you have a seat? Let's talk a little about your childhood. 

Charlotte: Excuse me? 

Silas: I'd like to explore how you got to be this way. I think it could be 
enlightening. So just relax, and let's talk. 

Charlotte: Hrmph... Fine, if it'll get you off my back. 

Silas: So where are you from? Originally. 

Charlotte: I was born into an ordinary household. And when I say "ordinary," 
I mean "not rich." 

Silas: Does that bother you? 

Charlotte: I don't know if I'd go that far. But I always was entranced by the 
way the royals lived. I wanted to live like that... I wanted my family to be 
that well off. That's why I worked hard to train myself as a warrior-so I 
could join the castle guard. 

Silas: All right. I'm starting to see the shape of your story. You'd need to 
excel in battle in order to improve your social standing. But the better you 
performed as a warrior, the more you found yourself in a dilemma. The nobles 
you sought to impress saw war as men's work... They couldn't reconcile your 
achievements with their image of femininity. And after enough of this, 
neither could you. Hence the conflicting personas. Am I near the mark? 

Charlotte: Th-that's... actually pretty accurate. 

Silas: If that's all it is... then my opinion of you has improved 

Charlotte: Huh? 

Silas: I'm a man who also had to work hard to get my position as a castle 
knight. So in that sense, at least, I can relate. 

Charlotte: Oh... 

Silas: So back to your childhood... 

Charlotte: You haven't heard enough already? 

Silas: Not by a long shot! I want to hear all the fine details of what your 
life was like. You said yourself that you'd like to get to know me better, 
and I feel the same. And for that reason, we should be an open book to one 
Charlotte S

Charlotte: Silas? You called? What was it you wanted to talk about? Are we 
going to go over more of my past today? 

Silas: Not if you don't want to. Instead, I thought I'd talk to you about 
something else. 

Charlotte: So I don't have to do the talking today? Whew... 

Silas: That's right. Before I say my piece, though... I have a gift for you. 

Charlotte: What's this? A ring? It's pretty, but... 

Silas: Specifically, it's an engagement ring. Charlotte... will you marry me? 

Charlotte: ... Is this really happening? 

Silas: If I'm up to your standards, that is. 

Charlotte: Silas... Of course you are! I mean, no, you're not royalty... But 
I can't say no to a pretty face. 

Silas: I'll take that in the spirit it was intended. 

Charlotte: But are you sure you want to marry me? I can still be kinda two-

Silas: I've been thinking about that. And I don't believe it's a problem 
anymore. I love you, and it's just one of the many parts of you to love. If 
nothing else, being with you will certainly keep me on my toes. 

Charlotte: ... Was that a compliment? 

Silas: That's how I meant it, at least. A tree that grows straight and true 
is beautiful, but so is ivy on a wall. So too is humanity beautiful in all 
its incarnations. 

Charlotte: You're comparing me to tangled ivy? Are you SURE this is a 

Silas: It's the complicated ones that interest me. I'll be getting to know 
you for years. No matter how long we're together, I know that I'll never tire 
of you. 

Charlotte: OK. I'll give it a shot if you will. As long as you don't mind 
marrying two people in one... I'm yours, Silas. It'll never be a dull moment 
around me- I can promise you that much. 

Silas: And I can promise you that I'll always try to understand what drives 
you. I love you too much to assume the worst about you, Charlotte. I always 
have, and I hope I always will.
C. Nohr Buddy Supports


C1. Leo C

Xander: Leo. Do you have a moment? I wish to speak with you about the last 
war meeting. 

Leo: The war meeting? Whatever about? 

Xander: I saw you raise your hand as if you were about to give your opinion 
on something. But then you lowered it without a word... 

Leo: Ah. Well... That was... 

Xander: If you take issue with what I'm proposing, you should not hesitate to 
speak up. You are a prince of Nohr, Leo. It is your royal duty to do so. 

Leo: I suppose... though there would have been no point in speaking up. 

Xander: How so? 

Leo: *sigh* Because you're the crown prince, Xander. You alone decide what we 
do. And with the great Xander at the helm, my ideas are like those of a 
child. So what's the point of speaking up? 

Xander: What's the point of remaining silent? If I were in your shoes, I 

Leo: That's just it, Xander! I'm NOT you! 

Xander: !! 

Leo: ... I'm sorry, Brother. Please forgive my outburst. I beg of you to let 
this go. It's all my fault, as ever. I promise to make you proud next time. 

Xander: Leo... 
Leo B

Xander: Leo. May I speak with you? 

Leo: Certainly. What's on your mind? 

Xander: The other day, you said quite passionately that you and I are not the 

Leo: Oh, that. I'm sorry I said anything. I simply lost my head for a moment. 

Xander: Not at all. What you said is true. You and I are different people, 
Leo, and I am grateful for that. You have your own strengths and your way of 
doing things... just as I have mine. I do not expect you to follow in my 
footsteps, Brother. 

Leo: ... Hey, Xander. Do you remember when we all trained together when we 
were little? 

Xander: Of course. It was my duty as the eldest to prepare my siblings for 

Leo: Even back then, you excelled at everything you tried. Fighting, 
horsemanship, elocution, swimming... The list goes on. You were unstoppable. 
Not me, though. I had to work so hard at everything. I was so envious of you. 

Xander: ... 

Leo: At first we all practiced swordsmanship, magic, and hand-to-hand combat 
together. But eventually you took to the sword while I devoted myself to 
magic. A large part of the reason I chose magic... was because you didn't. I 
knew if I walked the same path as you, I would always be in your shadow. The 
joke's on me, though. Your shadow is too grand to escape, I'm afraid. 

Xander: Leo, I... 

Leo: I know, Xander. You and I are different. There's no point in comparing 
us. I know that. I do. And yet... I don't think I'll ever stop trying to 
reach your heights... or failing miserably to do so. 

Xander: ... 

Leo: Sorry. It must be hard having such a petty, competitive brother. Please 
forgive me... 
(Leo leaves) 

Xander: Leo!
Leo A

Xander: Leo! May I have a moment of your time? I want you to know I'm 
grateful you finally told me how you feel. I have something to tell you as 

Leo: ... 

Xander: When we were both young, only beginning to find our feet on the 
battlefield... I was relieved the day you chose to walk the path of magic 
instead of the blade. 

Leo: I don't understand. Why would you be relieved? 

Xander: Before then, I always felt you at my heels, pushing me. Pressuring 

Leo: Pressuring you? Me? 

Xander: You're so precocious, Leo. It was only a matter of time before you 
caught up to me. You say you were envious of me, but the truth is, I felt the 
same way about you. 

Leo: ... That's nice of you to say, Xander, but I don't need your empty 

Xander: Sullen Leo... You still don't get it. 

Leo: Get what? 

Xander: You were so concerned about being inferior to me in any way... But of 
course you were. You were younger and much less experienced. You said that 
when we were young, I excelled at everything. 

Leo: You did. You were unstoppable. 

Xander: That's only because I had already been training for years! It's only 
natural. Yet even with my advantage, you were closing the gap between us so 
quickly... If you had bested me, the eldest prince... I would have failed as 
your brother. That's part of why I tried so hard. As your brother, it's my 
job to stay one step ahead. 

Leo: I... I don't know what to believe. 

Xander: I have only spoken the truth, Leo. In your heart, you must know that. 
I value you more than you know. So there's no reason to be shy around me, is 
there? I implore you to speak your mind boldly in our war meetings, for the 
benefit of us all. 

Leo: ... As you wish, Xander. From now on, no more holding back my opinions. 
In fact, you better watch yourself, or I may be nipping at your heels again 

Xander: Ha! I dearly hope so. I'm proud of you, Leo. 

Leo: Thanks, Xander. But enough brotherly bonding... Let's talk strategy!
C1. Camilla C

Xander: Is this where you've been hiding, Camilla? 

Camilla: Hmm? Ah, hello, Xander. 

Xander: I've been looking for you. The war council is about to start. 

Camilla: Is it? Gracious. The time must have flown by during my little chat 
with Avatar. 

Xander: You were talking to Avatar? What about? 

Camilla: I suppose there's no harm in you knowing. Avatar had worries about a 
few things, that's all. 

Xander: Nothing too serious, I hope. 

Camilla: Never fear. Between the two of us, we've smoothed things over. 
*sigh* And that's only the latest crisis. Before Avatar, it was Leo, and 
before him it was Elise. One after another, they came to me for advice on 
solving their problems. 

Xander: I... I see. This is the first I'd heard about any such problems. 

Camilla: We play different roles, that's all. I am the doting older sister 
they can come to with their troubles. You, meanwhile, are the stoic pillar of 
the family, attentive to the war above all else. 

Xander: That's absurd. The war doesn't have a monopoly on my attention. 

Camilla: Oh? Do tell. 

Xander: Some other time, perhaps. For now, we do need to get to that war 

Camilla: You're not making a good case for yourself there... 
Camilla B

Xander: Camilla, a word, please. 

Camilla: What's on your mind? 

Xander: You claimed that I'm more devoted to the war effort than to my 
family. I wanted to make it clear that those are not my true priorities. 

Camilla: Oh dear. Does it irk you that our siblings come to me and not you 
for advice? 

Xander: Not overmuch. It's more than that. Our family weighs at least as 
heavy on my heart as our kingdom's war efforts. 

Camilla: Does it really? I wonder... Shall we put that claim to the test? 

Xander: You seek to test me? 

Camilla: Call it a quiz, if you prefer. A chance to prove the depth of your 

Xander: In that case, yes. I submit to your testing. 

Camilla: I'll give you an easy first question. What is my favorite food? 

Xander: I am aware that you like sweets. Bonbons in particular, if I recall 

Camilla: I'd expect nothing less from you, Xander. My next question concerns- 

Xander: Hold. I had not finished answering. You have a weakness for bonbons. 
But that is not your favorite food in all the world. What you crave, given 
your druthers, is steak. 

Camilla: Go on... 

Xander: You prefer it grilled only lightly and will send it back if there is 
too much charring. You are also particular about seasoning and will accept 
only certain sauces. 

Camilla: How do you remember that much? 

Xander: Now, as to your favorite vegetables... 
Camilla A

Xander: I enjoyed your little quiz, Camilla. 

Camilla: That much was evident. I was shocked at your memory for details. You 
knew everything about my favorite foods, Elise's hobbies, Leo's pet peeves... 
Even Avatar's favorite scents, which I was certain I alone knew. You had a 
ready answer for every question, no matter how insignificant. Some of those 
details even I didn't know. 

Xander: As indifferent to our family as I may appear, that is far from the 

Camilla: I understand that now. I'll try to dispel any misconceptions the 
others may still harbor. 

Xander: Thank you, but there's no need for that. 

Camilla: Are you certain? If they knew the truth, they might treat you more 
like family. 

Xander: Satisfying though that may be, it would not be prudent. My position 
as crown prince of Nohr is a precarious one. I must maintain a certain 
distance, even from my family. You seem to be ably handling our siblings' 
affairs, so I'll leave that to you. 

Camilla: But... do you mean to tell me you've been deliberately cultivating 
this image? 

Xander: Yes. Though I am glad to share the secret with at least one other. 
Don't worry about me. You said it yourself; we have different roles. Mine is 
to be the stern, unapproachable crown prince. 

Camilla: Well... if there's anything I can do to ease your burden, do tell 
me. I'll always help you in any way I can. 

Xander: Thank you. I'd expect no less from a princess of Nohr. And since you 
offered... Might we continue your quiz where we left off? It was surprisingly 

Camilla: Heehee, but of course. I'll stump you this time, just you wait!
C1. Elise C

Xander: Hello, Elise. What is that you're reading? 

Elise: Oh, this? It's a book about peace. 

Xander: Peace? Go on. 

Elise: It gives advice for how to make the world a more peaceful place! 

Xander: Oh? An ambitious endeavor, indeed. What sort of things does it 

Elise: It says it's important to never fight when it's possible to avoid it. 
And to always have compassion for others, even for your enemies. AND to hold 
hands often! For bonding and stuff! 

Xander: Hold hands? Are you sure you read that correctly? 

Elise: Hey, don't make fun of it! 

Xander: I'm not, I assure you. It just sounds... strange. 

Elise: I know, I know, it's not like your fancy military or history books or 
anything. But I agree with what it says. 

Xander: I see. Well, they are points worth keeping in mind, at least. Though 
I doubt we can use compassion to combat the recent spate of pirate attacks. 

Elise: I guess that's true... But I still think kindness and compassion are 
super important for achieving peace! 

Xander: Of course. We need more of both in the world.
Elise B

Elise: Xander... you called for me? 

Xander: Yes. I'm sure I don't have to tell you why. 

Elise: ... 

Xander: Not long ago, we received reports that pirates attacked a city on the 
coast. The town guards managed to fight them off, by some miracle. The 
pirates they managed to capture were jailed. Justice had been done. But I'm 
told they received a visitor no less esteemed than the young princess 

Elise: Y-yes. I was there. 

Xander: What were you thinking?! If you hadn't decided to heal the lot of 
them, they'd never have escaped! 

Elise: ... 

Xander: Well? What do you have to say for yourself? 

Elise: I... I'm sorry I was bad. Please don't be mad at me, Xander. 

Xander: Was this because of that damned book? 

Elise: Huh? 

Xander: The one you told me about. Preaching compassion and kindness for all. 

Elise: ... 

Xander: Elise. I will not forbid you from reading such things. But you must 
face reality. Force must be met with force. That is the immutable law of the 
world. In healing indiscriminately, you've done a terrible injustice to those 
townspeople. Think of those whose loved ones were murdered by those dastards. 
I expect you to be more mindful of the consequences of your actions. Now, I 
am going to visit the town. Perhaps I can give them some consolation. 

Elise: Yes, Brother. I'm sorry... 
Elise A

Xander: Elise. There is something I wish to discuss with you. It regards the 
escaped pirates you healed. Do you recall? It seems that since they 
escaped... the town has not been attacked. 

Elise: Huh? 

Xander: Prior to the healing incident, that particular town suffered from 
regular raids. Being a moderately wealthy port town, it was a prime target 
for plunder. 

Elise: But then... why have the attacks stopped? 

Xander: I wondered the very same thing. That's why I sent some scouts to the 
pirates' hideout. They reported back that the number of pirates there has 
dropped dramatically. It seems a great many of them had a sudden change of 
heart and left. This could very well be a result of the kindness you showed 

Elise: ... 

Xander: "Force must be met with force." Perhaps that is not so immutable a 
law after all. 

Elise: Brother... 

Xander: Elise, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you lend me that book you 
were reading? 

Elise: Really? You want to read it? 

Xander: I do. It appears that it may contain some valuable insight after all.  

Elise: ... Does this mean you'll show kindness to all of our enemies from now 

Xander: Let's not get carried away, Elise. 

Elise: Hmph! Then I'm not gonna lend you my book. 

Xander: Elise, please. Don't behave like that. 

Elise: ... 

Xander: *sigh* Very well. If it brings you solace, I promise to try. 

Elise: You mean it? YAY! Here, it's all yours. There are lots more where that 
came from too! Fighting Wars on Dance Floors is great! Oh! So is World Peace 
through Song. Or, actually, I've got a whole stack in my room, if you wanna 
look and pick a few! 

Xander: Ah. Thank you, Elise. I shall peruse them at once. For the sake of 

Elise: YAY! You're the best person in the whole world, Xander!
C1. Laslow C

Laslow: Hello, Prince Xander! How is milord doing today? 

Xander: Not well, I'm afraid. 

Laslow: I suspected as much, but I'm still sorry to hear it. What troubles 
you, milord? 

Xander: I've had complaints of a royal retainer hitting on the women in town. 
... Some of whom were even in the presence of their spouses at the time. 

Laslow: Oh? Do you... know the identity of this gorgeous fiend, milord? 

Xander: It was you, Laslow. 

Laslow: Ah, indeed. Once again, your powers of deduction astound me, milord. 

Xander: And that's not the worst of it. I received yet another report only 
this morning. "Royal retainer apprehended by town watch after engagement in 
tavern melee. Witnesses report he joined the fight in an attempt to impress a 
local barmaid." What possesses you to do such things? 

Laslow: Ah... the full moon, perhaps? 

Xander: This is no laughing matter, my friend. Laslow... Do you remember the 
day we met? 

Laslow: Of course! I'll never forget how shocked everyone in court was on 
that day. Selena and I might as well have appeared out of thin air, judging 
by their reactions. Nobles never expect mere commoners to make names for 
themselves in court. 

Xander: And they were only further surprised when my father appointed you as 
my retainer. But while my father chose you, I felt I had to test you myself. 
Do you recall our duel? Once we began, I found myself taken aback by your 
strength. Your technique was flawless. At one point, I knew you were merely 
playing with me. Though I eventually gained the upper hand, I truly feared I 
might lose the match. 

Laslow: You did? You never told me that. 

Xander: I'd never seen someone like you before. You came from nowhere and 
possessed such incredible power. I imagined you to be a person of great 
fortitude and discipline. It saddens me to know you are nothing more than a 
lowly womanizer... How you became so strong when you spend all your time 
chasing girls is beyond me. 

Laslow: Ahahaha... It's a gift, I suppose. 

Xander: Though you continue to disgrace yourself, I won't abandon a trusted 
retainer. Still, I am obliged to take responsibility for any trouble you 

Laslow: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate your support. Now, if you'll 
excuse me, I have some training to do... 

Xander: Hold! We aren't done here. I'm putting you under house arrest. 

Laslow: What?! For some harmless flirting and that friendly little scrap? 

Xander: For some time, you will be forbidden from leaving camp unescorted. In 
fact, whenever you are not performing your duties, you will remain in my 

Laslow: That's absurd! I'm a grown man! 

Xander: Do you mean to disobey me? 

Laslow: N-no, milord. I've no wish to part with my flesh. 

Xander: Good. Then it's settled. 

Laslow: Yes, milord... *grumble*
Laslow B

Laslow: Ugh... So bored... Is this really all you're going to allow me to do 
all day? Sit here cross-legged on your floor while you go about your 

Xander: It is. And you know whose fault that is. As long as you remain in my 
sight, I know you are not bothering the townspeople. 

Laslow: But I'll get rusty! At least let me go out and get some training 

Xander: Not a chance. I know you too well. The second you're out of sight, 
you'll make a beeline for the nearest town. Likely to harass yet another poor 
young woman. 

Laslow: Fine, fine. Hm? Hm... 

Xander: ... Staring at me like that will not give me cause to release you any 

Laslow: So! You don't have a birthmark on your eye or anywhere, do you? 

Xander: What? A birthmark? 

Laslow: Yes. Like a crest or something. Maybe one symbolizing Nohrian royal 
lineage. Just curious. 

Xander: What are you talking about? How would I even see with a mark on my 

Laslow: Haha! A fair point. I never figured that out myself. I ask because 
the royal family of my homeland had them. I wanted to know if it was the same 

Xander: Oh? Is something on your mind? It's rare I hear you speak of your 

Laslow: Is it? Well, if you'd like to know anything about it, I'd be happy to 
tell you. Although my boss is keeping me busy these days, so I'm a smidge 
pressed for time. 

Xander: Was that sarcasm? With me? I admire your bravery. 

Laslow: N-no, milord! I wouldn't dare! 

Xander: Remember this well, Laslow. If you ever disobey me and attempt to 
flee, you will not make it far. I will seek you out, I will find you, and I 
will punish you. By any means necessary. 

Laslow: Oh? And just how do you think you would find me? 

Xander: I would begin by looking into your past, of course. No one gets 
through life without leaving footprints. No matter how remote their homeland 

Laslow: Well, you may have a hard time of it then. There are very few 
footprints of mine in this world, and none of them are old. Besides, I don't 
know where you'd start with a false name and fake appearance. 

Xander: What? 

Laslow: ... 

Xander: Laslow... Are you... 

Laslow: ... Just kidding! I got you, didn't I? 

Xander: So, you think it's fun to play pranks, do you? Very well. It appears 
as though you require stricter disciplinary action. 

Laslow: What?! 

Xander: I had planned to end your confinement today, but I think a change is 
in order. You are to report to my chambers at dawn tomorrow morning. 

Laslow: What?! Please, no! 

Xander: The more you protest, the longer your confinement will be. 

Laslow: Yes, milord... 
Laslow A

Laslow: Agh... my legs are aching like crazy... I hope this ends soon... 

Xander: Laslow... Have I ever told you about my past retainers? 

Laslow: No, milord, I don't believe you have. 

Xander: Before you and Peri, I had another two retainers. They were both 
remarkable warriors- perhaps even stronger than you two. Both were serious 
and devoted. Their every action weighed and considered. 

Laslow: They don't seem very similar to me. Or Peri, for that matter. 

Xander: They weren't. If anything, they were your opposites. I always thought 
I would have them at my side even after ascending the throne. 

Laslow: I see. Then why did you replace them? 

Xander: I did not. They fell in battle at the hands of powerful Hoshidan 
soldiers. We were outnumbered. They both gave their lives to protect me. 

Laslow: Oh... 

Xander: It's easy to say they died fulfilling their duty. But... I believe 
that had I been stronger, they would still be alive. They died because I was 

Laslow: Lord Xander... 

Xander: Laslow... if you wish to fritter away your life on nonsense, I cannot 
stop you. But, please... Stay vigilant. Don't ever make me experience 
something like that again. 

Laslow: Understood. I will do my best. For you... and for your past 

Xander: I am relieved to hear you say that. Thank you. 

Laslow: Well, I have to admit, it didn't take much convincing. I'm quite 
attached to my flesh. However, there is a related matter I must speak to you 

Xander: Hm? 

Laslow: If, after the war, I were to go somewhere. Somewhere far away... If 
you never saw me again... Would you be angry? Would you be able to forgive me 
for abandoning you? 

Xander: ... Yes. I would. 

Laslow: Oh? Truly? 

Xander: It is not your company I require. Only that you continue to draw 
breath. I just want you to ensure you live. Whatever your true name or 

Laslow: Milord, I- 

Xander: Wherever life takes you, remember this: You are not simply my 
retainer... You are my cherished friend. I wish you only the best in what you 
choose to do with your life. And, come what may, I will never forget you. 

Laslow: Nor I you. 

Xander: Good. Well, then. That will about do it. You may take your leave of 
me now. 

Laslow: ... 

Xander: Is something wrong? 

Laslow: No. I just... didn't want the conversation to end just yet. We have 
only a limited amount of time in this world, after all. 

Xander: You may remain if you wish. I am happy to pass the time with you.
C1. Kaze C

Kaze: Hei! Ha! Hya!

Xander: Is that you, Kaze? 

Kaze: Yes, Prince Xander. I apologize for not seeing you sooner. I was 

Xander: You need never apologize for training, as doing so benefits us all. I 
admire your dedication. 

Kaze: Thank you, milord. Heh. It's a funny thing, fighting at your side. When 
we first met, I never would have dreamed it possible. 

Xander: I feel the same. Fate is a tempest that leads us down the most 
unexpected of paths. 

Kaze: Too true. Say, do you remember our first meeting? When I was captured 
and taken to Nohr... I was prepared to die, right in front of you, and 
expected it fully. And yet... I live on, somehow. I am very thankful for 

Xander: You do. And it is all thanks to Avatar and Leo. If you wish to 
express your gratitude, you ought to tell them. 

Kaze: Perhaps. But you cooperated with them as well. You did not have to do 
even that. It may have meant your life, after all. You deserve my gratitude 
as well. 

Xander: It was what Avatar desired. And even as your enemy, I knew it would 
have been a waste. 

Kaze: A waste? 

Xander: Yes. I watched you fight, remember? You moved gracefully, even when 
wounded. I felt that if you had joined our army, you would have been a 
tremendous asset. To murder you on the palace floor like a dog would have 
been... dishonorable. 

Kaze: It is a great honor to be held in such esteem by one of your position. 
I thank you very much for the compliment. 

Xander: There is still much we could learn from each other, I think. I 
believe it would be beneficial for us to fight side by side on the 
battlefield. Is this agreeable to you? 

Kaze: Of course. I look forward to it, Prince Xander. 

Xander: As do I.
Kaze B

Xander: Kaze. Would you be willing to fight me? 

Kaze: You... want me to fight you? 

Xander: Yes. I would like to cross blades with you, see how you handle 
yourself in a duel. What do you say? 

Kaze: I see... Understood. I would be happy to oblige you. 

Xander: I must warn you that I will not hold back. Come at me with everything 
you've got! 

Kaze: Very well. 

Xander: Hm?! 

Kaze: Prince Xander? Is something wrong? 

Xander: I apologize. I proposed the battle, yet I lost my focus as we 

Kaze: Thank nothing of it, milord. May I ask what caught your attention? 

Xander: Your eyes... Something in your expression is different than when we 
last fought. 

Kaze: Is that so? Perhaps it is a difference in my resolution. 

Xander: Oh? 

Kaze: Yes. Before, I fought only for my country. For duty. But that has 
changed since I met Lord/Lady Avatar. I now fight for my companions, 
regardless of what kingdom they call home. I have found it is easier to give 
my life for people than to give it for duty. 

Xander: I see. I imagine that resolve of yours will allow you to achieve 
incredible things. 

Kaze: Prince Xander... 

Xander: I am honored to have the opportunity to spar with someone like you. 
Now, let's give this fight another shot. 

Kaze: Very well. Here I come! 

Xander: Hya!
Kaze A

Xander: Hello, Kaze. Thank you for our sparring session the other day. 

Kaze: The pleasure was all mine. Your skill with a blade is unparalleled. 

Xander: I'm not so sure. It's rare that a sparring session ends in a draw for 

Kaze: I am sure I was just fortunate. I look forward to our next battle. 

Xander: As do I. I learned much from watching you fight. 

Kaze: Oh? 

Xander: Yes. I try to maintain proper determination whenever I enter the 
battlefield. But seeing the unwavering focus in your eyes caught me off 
guard. It made me realize that, somewhere in my own heart, I must still 
harbor doubt. 

Kaze: Doubt dwells in the hearts of all men, Prince Xander. But for what it's 
worth, I believe you have the strength to overcome it. 

Xander: Wise words, my friend. All I can do is continue striving to better 
myself. Doubt is no excuse not to trust the path I believe in and push 
forward. It is because of you I was able to reconfirm these thoughts. Thank 
you, Kaze. 

Kaze: I am humbled to hear you say that. 

Xander: I thank the gods we were given this chance to get to know one 
another. Even if we must part ways one day, I will always treasure our 

Kaze: As will I. It has been an honor to fight alongside you. May we continue 
to do so for a long time to come. 

Xander: Agreed. I'm counting on you, Kaze. 

Kaze: The feeling is reciprocal, milord.

C2. Camilla C

Leo: Camilla, you're looking radiant today. Have you changed your hair? 

Camilla: Aw, thanks, Leo. No, it's just the same old style. But thanks for 
the compliment. Speaking of compliments, I think your armor is really cute. 

Leo: Cute? Ugh, that's the last thing I want to hear about my armor. 

Camilla: Heehee! Sorry, my sweet brother, but it's true. The matching 
leggings really make that whole outfit sing. 

Leo: Gods... 

Camilla: Oh, Leo. I know you're one of our most skilled warriors... But to 
me, you'll always be a baby brother. 

Leo: I see. A baby. Splendid. 

Camilla: Well, what's wrong with that? Don't worry-it's not like I'm going to 
pinch your cheeks in the heat of battle. 

Leo: ... 

Camilla: The silent treatment, eh? Fine. I have errands to run anyway. See 
you later, Leo. 
(Camilla leaves) 

Leo: I should have kept my mouth shut... 
Camilla B

Leo: Camilla, do you have a moment? 

Camilla: Of course, Leo. How may I help you? 

Leo: Well, I've discovered an interesting tome in the archive... But I'm 
having a hard time decoding some of the inscriptions. I was wondering if you 
could take a look. 

Camilla: Leo, if you can't make sense of them, what makes you think I'll have 
a chance? You were always the brighter student, remember? 

Leo: I wouldn't say that. I mean- 

Camilla: Please, spare me. You've always been the talented little brother. 
Even when you were a child, I was learning from you, and not the other way 

Leo: ... 

Camilla: What's the matter? Is it something I said? 

Leo: No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. 

Camilla: Please, don't feel bad. I'm proud to have a brother as smart as you. 

Leo: Sometimes I wish I weren't so "talented." Then maybe you'd pay more 
attention to me... 

Camilla: Sorry, you're mumbling a bit, dear. I didn't quite catch that. 

Leo: It's nothing. Forget it. No, wait. Camilla, I do have something to say. 
Listen well. I'm going to use this war as an opportunity to prove myself to 
you and everyone else. I just ask that you pay attention. 

Camilla: Of course. But you have nothing to prove! I believe in you one 
hundred percent. 

Leo: Then I shall reach for one hundred and fifty.
Camilla A

Leo: Camilla, I need to speak with you about something important. 

Camilla: What's the matter? 

Leo: I need you to know-I'm not as talented as you think I am. I haven't done 
anything worthy of your pride. So you can stop faking it. 

Camilla: What are you talking about? 

Leo: I don't have the overwhelming power that Xander does. I'm not good with 
people like Elise. And how could I POSSIBLY compare to your beloved Avatar? 

Camilla: Leo... 

Leo: No, it's true. Everyone but me is actually deserving of your love. 

Camilla: I'm sorry you feel that way, Leo. But I really am proud of you. 
Please believe me. It's true that I love Elise, Xander, and Avatar too... But 
I have plenty of love to give. More than enough for you. 

Leo: It's OK. I'm not a little kid anymore. You don't have to say that. 

Camilla: Look, to be honest, I've been a little more hands off with you than 
the others. But that's because I didn't want to get in your way! You're going 
to do great things in this world, Leo. And I'm going to sit back and watch. 

Leo: ... 

Camilla: Don't believe me? Well, I saw what you did in that battle the other 

Leo: You... did? 

Camilla: One of our allies was in trouble, and you rushed in to protect him. 
Even though it put you in a vulnerable position. You took quite a hit! 

Leo: Indeed, I did... 

Camilla: And it's not just that. I notice you studying late into the night. I 
see how many hours you dedicate to your training... and how you encourage 
others. I've kept a careful eye on you, Brother, so I know my pride in you is 

Leo: I... I had no idea. 

Camilla: You work so hard, Leo. And you worry too much. But part of that is 
my fault. I should have been more vocal with my support. Please forgive me. I 
will be a better sister from now on. 

Leo: No, no. I'm the one who should work on becoming a better sibling... I 
can't believe how self-absorbed I've been. Forgive me, and I will work even 
harder to be worthy of your pride. 

Camilla: All right, if it will make you feel better... I forgive you. Now, 
can we just go back to our normal roles? I'll be the doting older sister, and 
you be the genius who's smarter than everyone. Deal? 

Leo: Haha, deal.
C2. Elise C

Elise: Leo! Hey, Leo! 

Leo: Hello, Elise. What's going on? 

Elise: Oh my gosh, it was so weird! 

Leo: What was weird? 

Elise: The weather! It was raining cats and dogs, but the sun was still super 

Leo: Oh, I see. You saw a sun-shower. 

Elise: A sun-shower? 

Leo: Yes. There are a few possible explanations. The most likely is that 
heavy rain was carried from elsewhere by a strong wind. 

Elise: Wow! That's incredible... You're a genius, Leo! 

Leo: Hm? No, not really. That sort of thing is common knowledge, I assure 

Elise: Can I come to you whenever I have a question about something? 

Leo: Of course, Elise. 

Elise: Hooray! Thank you so much!
Elise B

Elise: Hey, Leo! I have another question for you! 

Leo: Oh? What is it? 

Elise: What did Father used to be like? 

Leo: Hm? What do you mean? 

Elise: Xander once told me that Father used to be really different, but he 
didn't say more. So I was hoping you could tell me what kind of person Father 
was back then. 

Leo: Hmm. Well, before Queen Arete passed away, I'd say he was a gentle 

Elise: Gentle?! No way! I can't even imagine him like that. 

Leo: I know. If I were you, I wouldn't believe it either. But I used to be 
very fond of Father. He doted on us. He even gave me piggyback rides whenever 
I asked! 

Elise: What?! I'm so jealous! He never treated me like that! What else? What 

Leo: He was a courageous person. He'd even ride out to battle on the front 
lines. Obviously, I never saw him do so myself, but that's what I've been 
told. But I did see him spar. He was so strong... I couldn't help but believe 
the stories. 

Elise: Wow, really? I wanna meet back-then- Father! He sounds amazing! 

Leo: He was. To tell you the truth, I wish I could see him again as well. 
Let's see... What else did they say about him? Ah, yes. When he was young, 
they say he never ran out of love stories to tell. All the girls in the 
kingdom wanted to be at his side. And they weren't just interested in the 
throne, either. He was quite the charmer. 

Elise: Heehee! OUR Father? A ladies' man?! It's not possible! 

Leo: I know it's hard to believe now, but he was known as an extremely 
charismatic leader. Unfortunately, this charisma inspired much chaos among 
his suitors. There were so many vying for his favor that they frequently 
turned to violence. Some even turned on members of their own family. 

Elise: What?! How could someone do that to their own family? 

Leo: I suppose they lost all sense of self-control in their effort to rise in 
position. I agree, it certainly does not speak well of their character. 

Elise: I see... 

Leo: Elise? Are you OK? 

Elise: Huh? Oh, it's nothing! It's almost time to eat. We should hurry before 
all the best food is gone! Thanks for telling me about Father, Leo. 

Leo: No problem at all.
Elise A

Elise: Hey, Leo. 

Leo: Hello, Elise. Do you have more questions for me? 

Elise: Yeah... *sigh* 

Leo: What's wrong? 
Elise: Well, I was just wondering... Do you think that we'll always get 
along? Not just you and me, but Xander and Camilla and Avatar too! 

Leo: Hm? Where's this coming from? 

Elise: I was just thinking about your story the other day. You said Father's 
suitors fought with their own family members... Couldn't the same thing 
happen to us? We have different mothers, after all... 

Leo: That we do. And yes, our mothers were not exactly... well, they weren't 
the friendliest. Before you were born, the situation was awful, even within 
the royal family. My own mother used me as a tool to win favor in the court. 

Elise: Leo... 

Leo: It's fine. I never loved her. In all fairness, she never loved me 
either. I was merely an instrument to her-a lever to pull to adjust the 
scales of power. 

Elise: I see... I... I think I know how you feel. All my mother cared about 
was Father. Even when she was dying, she only called out for Father. Not me. 

Leo: Elise... 

Elise: I'm just so worried, Leo. I love you all so much! But how can I make 
sure we don't ever turn on each other? What if we can't be close like this in 
the future? That would be awful! 

Leo: Calm yourself, Elise. You're getting carried away again. We'll never be 
like that. I promise. Whatever our blood ties may be, in our hearts we are 
truly a family. Nothing could ever change that. 

Elise: Really? You think so? 

Leo: I do. 

Elise: Yay! I think so too! 

Leo: You do? Then why were you worrying yourself about it? 
Elise: Well, I had to make sure! But if YOU agree, then it must be true! 

Leo: You really put a lot of faith in me, don't you? 

Elise: Well, duh! You're super smart! And I know you'd never lie to me 'cause 
I love you! 

Leo: Is that the reason you trust in me? I'm afraid that's a little naive... 

Elise: Well, I'd rather be naive than not trust my own brother! If I didn't 
have my siblings... I'm not sure if life would even be worth living! 

Leo: Elise, please... Don't say such things. In any case, so long as at least 
one of us never stops trusting, we'll be fine. 

Elise: We will? 

Leo: Yes. If any of us siblings began to feel lost, they could always be 
reminded. Nothing is more important than our family. So long as we hold to 
this truth in our hearts, our bonds will never break. 

Elise: Wow. That's just what I wanted to hear! Ya know, you're more 
optimistic than you let on, heehee. 

Leo: ... Don't push your luck, Elise. Also, do me a favor and don't tell 
Xander we had this conversation. He would probably just get all embarrassed 
and huffy. 

Elise: You mean YOU would get embarrassed and huffy! But sure thing. It's our 
little secret! Thanks for talking with me, Leo! 

Leo: Of course. I'm always here for you, Elise.
C2. Odin C

Leo: Odin. 

Odin: Yes, milord? Have you a new task for me? Perhaps a forbidden object to 
recover, or the destruction of an ancient foe? 

Leo: Not exactly, no. 

Odin: Oh. Then what do you require of me? 

Leo: It is about your guarding of the supply lines. I heard there was an 

Odin: Ah, yes! I remember it well. An enemy raiding party came upon us at 
dawn. They swept over the hill like a crimson tide, but at the last moment I 
struck. Blinded by the radiance of my magic's light, they broke off their 
charge. And as they regrouped, I put them down, one by one. Kapow! One down! 
Boom! Another! Until all were returned to the unforgiving soil. Well... I 
might be embellishing. There was a small attack, but it was no big deal. 

Leo: That isn't what I heard. I hear the enemy cornered you, but you 
triumphed. Perhaps not quite alone, and not in such a heroic fashion, but 
still, you prevailed. Our people credit you with the fact they still draw 
breath at all. You did well, Odin. You have my gratitude. 

Odin: Your words do me far more honor than I deserve. 

Leo: No, they do you far too little. There is no one I count on more than 
you. I very much look forward to your continued service. But we will talk 
more of this later. There are, unfortunately, urgent matters I must attend 
to. You are dismissed. 

Odin: Milord!

Leo: Yes, Odin? 

Odin: Was, um... was that all? 

Leo: Hm? Yes, I believe that will do. 

Odin: I-I see. I guess I'll be off, then... 
(Odin leaves) 

Leo: Hm. That was odd. He looked so dissatisfied. I wonder what that was 
about. He's not the sort to crave rewards... 
Odin B

Leo: Odin, may we speak for a moment? 

Odin: Of course, milord. Is something wrong? 

Leo: I was about to ask you the same question. You seem despondent of late. 

Odin: Huh? No, I'm fine. 

Leo: See? Right there. That's not how you would usually answer that question. 
Normally you'd say "My soul surges with power!" or "The blood... it rages!" 
There must be something wrong. Are you dissatisfied with your missions? 

Odin: Dissatisfied? I don't know. These missions have been very reasonable. 
It's just... 

Leo: Just what? 

Odin: They aren't exciting. But I know they're important, and I'll not 
neglect my duties. 

Leo: Exciting? Have I given you orders that were exciting in the past? 

Odin: You have. When I first became your retainer, for example. Those 
missions were the stuff of legends! 

Leo: Wait, you enjoyed those? We're thinking about the same missions, right? 
Where I sent you to find a lodestone "imbued with the essence of darkness." 
Or to defeat the spirits that slept in the Woods of the Forlorn. 

Odin: Yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about! 

Leo: ... Really? 

Odin: Yes, legendary feats! Missions worthy of a true hero of darkness! Those 
are the types of missions that make my blood boil with exhilaration! 

Leo: I see. 

Odin: I won't ask you to give me those sorts of missions all the time, but... 
please. Give me more like them! I haven't had a good adventure in ages! A 
hero needs more than fetch quests and escort missions. 

Leo: All right, Odin. I'll think it over. 

Odin: Thank you, milord! I go now into the world with renewed purpose! FELL 
(Odin leaves) 

Leo: Huh. That certainly put the spring back into his step.
Odin A

Odin: You called, milord? What is it? Is it time for one of your special 
missions yet? Just give me the order! What heroic deed do you require of me? 

Leo: I'm sorry, Odin. I thought long and hard, but there's nothing I can give 
you. I simply can't send you out on missions like that anymore. 

Odin: You... can't? But why not? Have I displeased you, milord? 

Leo: No. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Odin: I'm afraid I don't understand. 

Leo: When I used to give you those dangerous missions, I did so to prove a 
point. It was nothing personal. You must think about it from my perspective 
at the time. Here was a complete stranger my father was forcing me to accept 
as my retainer. So I assigned you impossible tasks, hoping you'd hate me and 
run away. 

Odin: I... see. 

Leo: I didn't think I could trust you, Odin, and it seemed like the only way 
to be rid of you. But you were so competent, you completed even the most 
impossible quests. At least a few of them were things I made up on the spot. 
I'd never even heard of a lodestone imbued with the essence of darkness. It 
doesn't even make sense! But you found one all the same. 

Odin: Well, I DO know a thing or two about darkness, milord. 

Leo: And the legends of the spirits haunting the Woods of the Forlorn are 

Odin: Eh, they're not so bad. Better than the Risen. 

Leo: Risen? 

Odin: ... Wild animals from my homeland. 

Leo: I see. Well, the point is, I never expected success on your part. These 
were futile errands, things I'd never send even our best soldiers to do. 
That's a large part of why I came to trust and value you as a retainer. Which 
is why I can't send you on those sorts of missions now. 

Odin: Ah, so that's why you warmed up to me seemingly out of the blue. 

Leo: Yes. I was impressed by your skill and drive. Before long, it was clear 
I had found in you an invaluable ally. And because of this, I cannot send you 
on such dangerous and pointless missions. Now do you understand? 

Odin: Yes, milord, but- 

Leo: No arguments, Odin. I don't know what I would do if I lost you. I need 
you and Niles by my side. Even after we've restored peace to this world. That 
is, after all, when the real work will actually begin. 

Odin: Even after we've restored peace? 

Leo: Of course. Is there a problem? 

Odin: No, milord. But... suppose I were to vanish after the fighting was 
over. You would take on a new retainer, would you not? 

Leo: ... Yes, I suppose I would. I would have no choice. 

Odin: Good. I'm glad to hear it. 

Leo: But there aren't many like you. I think it would be much harder to go 
on. Any successes might even feel a little... hollow, without you there. 

Odin: Milord... 

Leo: So I'd much prefer you remain my retainer forever. Let's say you do 
disappear. Fall through a void and into another world. I would still like you 
to carry your title with you. That way, I'll know there will always be some 
connection between us. And then, when we begin our peacetime work, I'll know 
I have your blessing. 

Odin: Another world, eh? Hm. Thank you, Lord Leo. It would be an honor to 
remain your retainer for life. I would follow you into the jaws of oblivion 
and back, were it not for... Well, anyway. Thank you. 

Leo: No, Odin. Thank you. You have ever been a loyal retainer to me. But, 
more importantly, you have always been a good friend. I will always remember 
you as such. 

Odin: And I you, milord.
C2. Niles C

Leo: Good day, Niles. 

Niles: Lord Leo. What is your command? 

Leo: At ease. I was just making conversation. You looked like you were deep 
in thought. Thinking about anything in particular? 

Niles: Not really. Just reminiscing about the past, I suppose. 

Leo: Oh? I thought your past was rather unpleasant. 

Niles: Oh yes, it certainly was. But it doesn't make me sad to think about 
it. I mostly wish I could string together more memories... 

Leo: How do you mean? 

Niles: I only have fleeting visions of my youth. I can picture an old brick. 
A field mouse. Torrential rain. Some kind of... horribly disfigured man. A 
pile of money. The taste of blood. 

Leo: Gods... 

Niles: Those fragments rattle around in my head from time to time. 

Leo: I see. 

Niles: It's not exactly... painful. But it isn't pleasant, either. 

Leo: Well, I'll... leave you to it.
Niles B

Niles: Lord Leo... I must apologize. The last time we spoke, I burdened you 
with some of my past... 

Leo: Nonsense, Niles. I don't mind. 

Niles: Well, I appreciate you saying that. It puts me at ease. 

Leo: I do have a question for you, though. You don't have to answer if you 
don't feel like it... Do you have any fond memories whatsoever? 

Niles: I have one. Even now, I can remember it in vivid detail. 

Leo: Please, tell me about it. 

Niles: It was the moment I met you, Lord Leo. 

Leo: Is that so? 

Niles: Yes. You must remember. I had broken into the palace with my supposed 
friends. They betrayed me at the first sign of danger. 

Leo: That's right. They left you as a decoy, didn't they? 

Niles: Yes. 

Leo: And I... was about to execute you. 

Niles: Heh. Yes. Now the memories are flooding back. 

Leo: It was so curious, how you didn't beg for your life at all. Rather, you 
begged for death. That piqued my interest. And had the opposite effect of 
saving your life. 

Niles: Which leads us to now. 

Leo: Most people wouldn't consider nearly being executed to be a pleasant 

Niles: Fair point. But I am decidedly not "most people." I owe you a debt 
that can never be fully repaid, milord. But that's not to say that I won't 
Niles A

Niles: Hmm... 

Leo: Still reminiscing, Niles? 

Niles: Not exactly, Lord Leo. I was thinking about the future. 

Leo: Ah. I often find myself worrying about the future as well. We're living 
in uncertain times, that's for sure. 

Niles: On the contrary, milord. I've never been more confident. 

Leo: Really? How so? 

Niles: Because at long last I have a purpose in this world. And that is to 
serve you. 

Leo: Niles, I appreciate your dedication, and you are most capable as a 
retainer, but... You needn't put things in such dramatic terms. 

Niles: Again, I must contradict you, milord! You're the only one in this 
world who has placed trust in me. You've given my life a purpose. If 
anything, I am downplaying the debt I owe you. 

Leo: Well, thank you again. I do consider myself lucky to have such a loyal 
and trustworthy retainer. 

Niles: Please, I'm not worthy of such praise! Do you remember the broken 
memories I described to you recently? I retain almost nothing from my 
youth... But I can recall every moment since the day you rescued me in vivid 
detail! These new memories are what give me the strength to continue living. 

Leo: Niles, I... 

Niles: Make no mistake, milord. I will protect you until the very end. I 
would gladly sacrifice my own life for yours, should it ever become 

Leo: I don't know what to say... So I suppose "thank you" will have to 
suffice. I will try to be worthy of your continued dedication and support. 

Niles: Thank you... Leo.

C3. Azura C

Elise: OH! Big Sis! Where have you been hiding? I've been looking for you 

Azura: Hello, Elise. What can I do for you? 

Elise: Hee hee, it's playtime, silly! I'm just so happy to have a new big 
sister! We have to spend all our time together so I can get to know 
everything about you! 

Azura: Ah, so that's it. Well, I'm very sorry, but I can't play with you 
right this moment. I have something important on my mind, so I'd like to be 
alone with my thoughts. 

Elise: What are you talking about? You can be alone and worry about stuff 
later, right? 

Azura: I suppose so, but I would much rather... 

Elise: Yay, it's settled then! I'm so excited! Come on, let's go play! 

Azura: I'm sorry, Elise, but I'm going to have to put my foot down. 

Elise: Don't be so uptight, sheesh! Well, you leave me no choice but to put 
MY foot down... One, two, three, PUSH! 

Azura: Whoa, wait! Elise! Please don't push me like that! Goodness, I'm 
really not sure what to do in a situation like this. Sakura was never this 
forceful when she wanted my attention, so I just... 

Elise: What?! Did you just say Sakura? Oh, so you think your stinky sister 
from Hoshido is better than me. Hmph!  I suppose I'd have to be perfect like 
her to get you to think of me as your sister! 

Azura: N-no, that's not it at all! Please, I meant no such thing... 

Elise: It's too late to take it back now! You're so mean to compare me to 
your other sister! 

Azura: I-I'm so sorry, Elise. I promise it was not my intention to compare 
you two. 

Elise: I... I just wanted to get to know my new big sister... *sniffle* Now 
I'm angry... *sniffle* And... I don't want to play with you anymore! Ever! 
Why don't you just go to a forest and... and make friends with a mean ol' 
bear! Waaaaah! 
(Elise leaves) 

Azura: Elise... My, that got out of hand quickly. I really should not have 
mentioned Sakura to her... I must fix this somehow. I've longed to be close 
with Elise since she was a baby... 
Azura B

Azura: Elise... 

Elise: Yay, it's my big sis! Oh, I mean... it's YOU. I'm not talking to you. 
I know you don't like me as much as your other sister anyway... 

Azura: Elise, I'm really sorry about the other day. I know it sounded like I 
was being cruel, but I swear it was all a misunderstanding. I truly regret 
saying something I should have known would hurt your feelings... 

Elise: Ha! Nice try, but there's nothing you could say that would make me 
forgive you. 

Azura: I see. Well, this probably won't change your mind, but I brought you 

Elise: For me? WOW! Oh my gosh! I LOVE the pattern on this! What is it? 

Azura: This is called a kimono. It's something the locals in Hoshido wear. 

Elise: That's amazing! Are you sure I can have it? ... Ah! Wait! This is a 
trick! You're trying to bribe me so I won't be mad. It won't work! I'm not 
some silly little kid you can bribe with pretty things. Pretty, pretty 

Azura: You're right, Elise. I know it won't be that easy to earn your 
forgiveness and trust. Still, I'd like for you to hear me out. 

Elise: ... 

Azura: That kimono is something special. Queen Mikoto gave it to me before 
she passed. After I was taken from Nohr, I heard a rumor about a newly born 
princess there... I told Queen Mikoto how I felt about this. She listened 
kindly, as she always did. When I was finished talking, she presented me with 
this beautiful kimono. 

Elise: I see... So, um... What did you tell her? How did you feel when I was 

Azura: I told her... that the newly born princess of Nohr was my baby sister. 
I said I was heartbroken because I would never have the chance to get to know 
her. I cried and told her how sad I was to lose my sister before ever laying 
eyes on her... 

Elise: Big Sis... 

Azura: After giving me the kimono, she dried my tears and told me to have 
faith. She said one day our kingdoms would know peace, and you and I would be 
together. This kimono is a token of her belief in that. She told me to hold 
on to it... and one day, when we crossed paths, to give it to you as a gift. 
That's why I wanted to see you. I couldn't wait a moment longer. 

Elise: ... Was Queen Mikoto... a kind lady? 

Azura: She was the kindest woman I've ever known. I always looked up to her. 

Elise: Well... I suppose it would be rude to Queen Mikoto if I didn't accept 
this, right? I guess I have no choice! I don't want to offend her memory, so 
I'll take the gift! 

Azura: Thank you, Elise. I know this would have made her as happy as it makes 

Elise: Hee hee, happy to help! Thank you, Big Sis! I love it. And... I'm 
sorry for the things I said. I may have overreacted a tiny bit... I wish 
Queen Mikoto was here so she could see that we're finally together. 

Azura: Elise... 

Elise: Wow, this is pretty! It has kind of a funny shape though, doesn't it? 
I have no idea how to put this on... Maybe if I tug here a little... Nope... 

Azura: Haha, it's easier than it looks. Come, I'll show you how it's done. 

Elise: YAY! You're the best! I love you, Big Sis!
Azura A

Azura: Hello, Elise. You looked so cute in your kimono the other day. All our 
friends agree. 

Elise: ... 

Azura: What's wrong, Elise? You seem distracted... 

Elise: Oh, um... Sorry, Big Sis. I was thinking about something important, 
and... Sorry, what did you say? 

Azura: I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you looked in your kimono the 
other day. 

Elise: Oh, thank you! Hee hee! 

Azura: Elise, is something bothering you? I hope you know you can tell me 

Elise: Well... When I wore that kimono, I kept thinking about Queen Mikoto's 
words... When the world is at peace, I want to wear that kimono proudly in 
the streets of Nohr. 

Azura: That's a sweet thought, Elise. But you know what that means... 

Elise: I do. A fight between warring nations won't be easy to break up... I 
also know some people won't understand my decision to strive for peace. But 
in my heart I know that bringing Nohr and Hoshido together is the right 

Azura: Elise... 

Elise: If I can show our people all the wonderful things Hoshido's culture 
has to offer... Maybe they'd be more understanding, more open to change. 
That's my wish. Hee hee, what do you think, Azura? Think it will work? 

Azura: I think that's a lovely idea. If anyone can achieve such a thing, it's 
you. Queen Mikoto would have loved to hear such words from Nohr's littlest 

Elise: Then it's settled! When the time comes, I'm going to try my hardest! 

Azura: Elise... You're so cheerful and kind. You truly inspire me. 

Elise: Hee hee, don't praise me TOO much, Sis! You're making me blush! That's 
some kimono, eh? It made me want to change the whole world! 

Azura: Your enthusiasm brings me so much joy. I'm proud of you, Elise.
C3. Camilla C

Elise: Camilla! 

Camilla: Hello, Elise. What do you need, my darling? 

Elise: Jumping hug-a-snug attaaaack! 

Camilla: Ack! Heehee, that tickles! Cut it out, you. 

Elise: OK, fiiiiiine. ... Hey, Camilla? You ever notice how different we are? 
You're so strong, and you're all curvy! But I'm just a little string bean... 

Camilla: Hm? Where's this coming from? 

Elise: I dunno. I just wanna be more like you! 

Camilla: Like me? 

Elise: Yeah! I wanna be more mature and ladylike and stuff, just like you! 

Camilla: Aww. I wouldn't worry about it too much. You're perfect just the way 
you are. 

Elise: I don't wanna be perfect! I wanna be a mature woman! 

Camilla: Haha, then you'll have to learn the first lesson mature people all 
know. We must gratefully accept what the world decides to give us and make 
the most of it. Fussing over what things you can't change won't help 

Elise: But... Camilla... 

Camilla: However, if you're that set on it, maybe I could give you some 

Elise: Really?! Thanks, Camilla! You're the best!
Camilla B

Elise: Hey, Camilla! I'm ready for those pointers on how to be super mature! 

Camilla: All right. What would you like to know? 

Elise: What sort of things should a mature woman have? 

Camilla: Hm... I think the most important thing to have is an open mind. 

Elise: An open mind? 

Camilla: Yes. An open mind and a tolerant heart that's full of kindness. A 
mature lady must also learn to be merciful and forgiving. 

Elise: I see. But, um, Camilla... You're not like that at all to our 

Camilla: Oh, gods no! You never need to show such decency to them. 

Elise: R-really? Are you sure? 

Camilla: Of course! In any case, I think you already have most of those 
qualities. You've always been such a sweet and kindhearted girl. 

Elise: Aw, thanks! OK, next question! How can I get a body like yours? 

Camilla: Eat properly, exercise, and get plenty of sleep! 

Elise: That's... it? 

Camilla: I didn't do anything special, so if there's any other way, I 
couldn't tell you. 

Elise: Hmm. OK. So... you're saying that if I just don't do anything 
different, I'll be more like you? 

Camilla: Well, no. You'll always be a much more charming lady than me, Elise. 

Elise: Aw, shucks, you're embarrassing me! Nice save! I guess I'll believe 
you... for now.
Camilla A

Elise: Camilla! CAMILLA! Can you teach me more about how to be a mature lady? 

Camilla: Sure, but can I ask you something first? Why do you want to change 
so badly? 

Elise: Because I'm nothing like you... but I really want to be. 

Camilla: Oh, Elise. You don't need to be like me! 

Elise: But you're so strong and grown up and beautiful! You're the whole 
package! I want to be more like a real lady. More like you. Even if only a 
little. Look! I even dyed some of my hair to be the same color as yours! 

Camilla: Heehee. So that's why it's that color. I knew something was 
different. But I look up to you too, you know. 

Elise: What?! You do? 

Camilla: Yes. If it weren't for you, I might have lost hope a long time ago. 
Nohr is a dark place, and your innocence is one of the few lights in it. 
Whenever I see you, I remember why we fight. To protect that light. 

Elise: Really? 

Camilla: Yes. And I'm not the only one. We all feel that way about you, 
Elise. You inspire all of us to fight harder, and to hold fast to our hope. 
And one day, if we're lucky, the sun will show itself to us again. 

Elise: You're talking about me? Are you sure? 

Camilla: Yes. So have a bit more confidence. You are exactly who you need to 
be. If you must change, let it happen naturally. But never force it. You're 
too precious for us to lose... 

Elise: Camilla... Thank you! For you, I promise I won't change too much.
C3. Effie C

Elise: Effie! Let's go for a walk! 

Effie: *munch munch* 

Elise: Effiiiie! Are you eating again? 

Effie: I'm sorry. I can't help it. I just never feel full... 

Elise: It's because you train too much! You've gotta take it easy sometimes. 

Effie: But I can't get stronger if I don't train. 

Elise: I wouldn't worry about that. I think you're plenty strong already. 

Effie: One mustn't neglect one's responsibilities, Lady Elise. I need to be 
strong enough to protect you from anything. 

Elise: Aww, that's sweet! But I still think you might be overdoing it. 
Besides, doesn't eating all that food make it harder for you to move in an 

Effie: Oh, yes. In fact, I'm having trouble moving right now. 

Elise: What?! Does that mean we can't go for a walk now? 

Effie: Don't worry. You can just roll me on my side instead. 

Elise: *sigh* No, it's OK. We'll walk together some other day... 
Effie B


Elise: Effie! Will you put me down now? Pleeease? I don't wanna be your 
dumbbell anymore! 

Effie: Awww, but you're the perfect weight... OK. I'll set you down. Watch 
your feet, milady. 

Elise: No need to be so formal, Effie! It's just the two of us. 

Effie: Yes, milad-er, OK, Elise. 

Elise: Heehee. Say, do you remember how we met? 

Effie: Of course I do. You snuck out of the castle and came to play in the 
underground city. 

Elise: Yep! I was sick of being in that stuffy old castle. I wanted to make a 
new friend! A real one. 

Effie: I'd never have guessed that muddy little girl was our princess. 

Elise: If we hadn't gone back up to the capital, you probably never woulda 
found out, huh? It's weird to think about what might have happened... 

Effie: Yes. It would have changed the entire course of my life. But we did go 
up, and those guards found us. I tried so hard to protect you, but they were 
too much for me. I was only a child... I might have been locked away forever 
if you hadn't told them who you were. 

Elise: Heehee. Yeah, we sure showed them! They got sooooooo scared! 

Effie: That was the day I swore I'd protect you for the rest of my life. No 
matter what. 

Elise: Yup! I remember it like it was yesterday. Thank you for always being 
there for me, Effie!
Effie A

Elise: The world's a strange place, isn't it? 

Effie: Hm? Why do you say that? 

Elise: Well, if it wasn't, we wouldn't be together like this! If things had 
turned out just a li'l different, I'd never have seen you again after we met. 
I knew the guards wouldn't let me sneak out again after they found out who I 

Effie: Yes. It's not often that the lives of commoners and princesses 

Elise: I was so shocked when I saw you at the castle in full uniform! To 
think you were the same girl I'd met in town... I knew then and there that 
we'd be friends forever! 

Effie: I kept remembering your face on the day we met. To have snuck out of 
the castle and gone all that way on your own... I knew I had to spend my life 
protecting that brave, sweet girl. I knew to do that I'd have to join the 
castle guard. So I trained as hard as I could. I lifted boulders beneath 
waterfalls, and I swam upstream through the rapids. I even went hunting with 
nothing but my bare hands. 

Elise: Really?! Yikes, I didn't know that part... 

Effie: But it was because of those hardships that I earned the honor of being 
your retainer. I feel only gratitude for the pain I suffered. It made me 

Elise: It really did! You're the strongest person I've ever known, Effie! 
Thank you so much. For everything! 

Effie: Heehee. No need to thank me. 

Elise: I promise, I'll never let us get separated again! No matter what! 

Effie: Thank you, milady. And I promise to protect you until the end of time. 
I am so glad we met. 

Elise: Me too!

C4. Selena C

Selena: I'm done with my patrol, Lady Camilla. Nothing to report. 

Camilla: Thank you, Selena. You did make sure to investigate the basements, 

Selena: Don't worry about a thing! I checked high and low. 

Camilla: Very good, very good. Well done, Selena. 

Selena: Just doing my job! Hey, um... I'm your favorite retainer, right? 

Camilla: You're very dependable. 

Selena: OK, but that's not what I asked. I won't rest until I know I'm the 

Camilla: Ahahah! You're a strong, cute girl. Isn't that enough? 

Selena: You're just dodging the question... But it's clear enough that you 
care about me. That's all I want! 

Camilla: Each and every one of my retainers is precious to me. You are no 
exception, darling Selena. You are so dear to me that I would slay you myself 
rather than let you leave my service. 

Selena: Lady Camilla... that's not the reassurance I was looking for... 
Selena B

Selena: Lady Camilla? Why did you decide to take me on as your retainer? 

Camilla: I confess, I had my doubts at first. Even though my father 
introduced us, I was hesitant, as I knew nothing about you. 

Selena: Yeah, makes sense... 

Camilla: But I have a weakness for lovely girls, so I warmed to the idea 
quickly enough. 

Selena: I don't know how "lovely" I am next to you, though. 

Camilla: That was not your only qualification. I saw you fight the academy's 
finest and win. But above all else, I appreciated your devotion to me. 

Selena: I would never dream of questioning you, Lady Camilla. 

Camilla: I consider myself blessed to have such a darling, powerful, and 
obedient retainer. I hope to keep you among my retinue for a long time to 

Selena: Well, about that. Hypothetically speaking, if I really needed to get 
back to my homeland someday... Would you be sad to see me go? 

Camilla: You know I would. I would cry until I had no tears left to mourn 
with. But in the unlikely event such a thing would come to pass... I would 
also consider cutting off your legs so that you could not leave me. 

Selena: ... You're joking, right? 

Camilla: Ahahaha. Would I ever do something so dreadful to you, my adorable 

Selena: Ahahaha... Why are we laughing?
Selena A

Selena: I'm back from patrol again, Lady Camilla! All clear as far as the eye 
can see! 

Camilla: ... 

Selena: Um... Lady Camilla? 

Camilla: Selena. My precious retainer. My strong, lovely warrior... you are 
mine and mine alone. 

Selena: Lady Camilla, you're kind of creeping me out here. 

Camilla: Hmph. I was in a melancholy mood. I've been dwelling on how you came 
to me like a bolt from the blue. And how you might disappear just as 

Selena: Oh... I don't know what to say. 

Camilla: Pay it no mind, dear. I'm sure these fears are utterly baseless. 

Selena: ... 

Camilla: But never forget. I am the only home you have. 

Selena: Of course, Lady Camilla. I would never leave you without fair 

Camilla: And I can hold you to that, yes? 

Selena: What a question! Do you think I'd lie to you about this? About 

Camilla: Ohohoho... no, never. 

Selena: If the day comes for me to leave, you will be the first to know. I 
can promise you that. So please, don't worry so much. 

Camilla: If you say so, darling Selena... 
C4. Beruka C

Camilla: Hello, Beruka. 

Beruka: Lady Camilla. Do you have an assignment for me? 

Camilla: Not at the moment. I simply wanted a chat with my darling retainer. 

Beruka: Is that an order? 

Camilla: Ahahah! So cold, Beruka. 

Beruka: I always obey your orders, of course. I know my place. But if there 
is no assignment, I would rather not waste time talking. 

Camilla: Oh? In that case: I formally order you to bide a while and talk. 

Beruka: ... I'm not... a good conversationalist. 

Camilla: Ahaha, I know that full well, dear Beruka. Would you rather I had 
you do something to amuse me? 

Beruka: I am an assassin, not a court jester. 

Camilla: Oh dear. Have I upset you? I only tease because I love, dear. Surely 
you understand. 

Beruka: I wouldn't know... 

Camilla: Hoho... what would I do without you?
Beruka B

Camilla: Beruka... do you recall the circumstances of our first meeting? 

Beruka: ... Please don't remind me. 

Camilla: You kept repeating something, over and over... "I can't return until 
you're dead." You reminded me of a doll whose windup mechanism had broken. 

Beruka: My orders at the time were to kill you. 

Camilla: Oh, I remember full well. I warned you not to attempt it, but you 
were miles away, mentally. 

Beruka: For an assassin, the mission is everything. To abandon it is 

Camilla: Yet you didn't kill me. 

Beruka: No. But only because you hired me on the spot. 

Camilla: Becoming your new employer was the only way I could see to save you 
from yourself. 

Beruka: I wasn't saved. I only took a better offer. 

Camilla: Is that still how you feel about me? I'm a generous paymaster and 
nothing more? 

Beruka: It's hard to say. But our professional relationship is what keeps me 
at your side. 

Camilla: In that case, if another patron were to offer you an even greater 
sum... would you accept a contract on me, if you were so ordered? 

Beruka: ... I might. 

Camilla: Oh dear. 

Beruka: But I would need more than money from any new master. I would also 
have to trust her more than I trust you. 

Camilla: Ah! Well. That is something of a relief.
Beruka A

Beruka: Lady Camilla... 

Camilla: Hello, Beruka. What can I do for my favorite retainer? 

Beruka: I will never betray you as long as I remain in your service. 

Camilla: Beruka, I didn't doubt- 

Beruka: I will carry out every mission to the letter of your command. I was 
afraid you might have misunderstood me last time. But I have only ever 
betrayed one employer. 

Camilla: The man who ordered me dead? 

Beruka: Yes. He double-dealt and went back on his word. I took his contract 
only because I was desperate. But I couldn't trust him. That's why I took 
your offer immediately. 

Camilla: And what if the day comes when you meet an employer more trustworthy 
than I? 

Beruka: I would sign on with her without hesitation. 

Camilla: Ask a silly question, I suppose... 

Beruka: But I don't expect to meet an employer more trustworthy than you, 
Lady Camilla. You've always been kind to me, though I have nothing I can give 
you in return. 

Camilla: Beruka... you discredit yourself. 

Beruka: All I can do is to carry out every mission you give me to the letter. 

Camilla: That is all I ask, dear. But don't throw yourself away in the 
process. I don't want to lose you. You're too important to me to watch you 
die on my behalf. 

Beruka: ... Is that an order? 

Camilla: Yes. Yes, it is. 

Beruka: Understood. My employer's orders are absolute. 

Camilla: See that you follow them to the letter.

C5. Mozu C

Effie: *sigh* Night watch is so boring... I wish I had something to eat... 

Mozu: Hello, Miss Effie. What are you doing out here so late? 

Effie: Mozu? I'm on watch. And what are you doing with all that fruit? 

Mozu: Oh, I'm just getting ready to hang it out to dry. 

Effie: Why? Won't it spoil? 

Mozu: Oh, no, not at all! It's actually a great way to preserve the fruit. 
After it dries for a few days, I'll take it into town to sell it. People love 

Effie: Wow, that's a really good idea. Did you come up with it yourself? 

Mozu: I guess so... I mean, It's just something I used to do back in the 
village. It's a good way to make a little money on the side, too. Hee! 

Effie: Well, I'm impressed. And, to be honest... a little bit hungry. *GROWL* 
OK, a lot hungry... 

Mozu: Was that your stomach? 

Effie: Yeah. Sorry. My watch is almost over, but I haven't eaten in hours... 

Mozu: Then why don't you eat one of these? 

Effie: Your fruit? But I don't want to cut into your profits. 

Mozu: Oh, it's fine. I've got a ton! Please, help yourself. 

Effie: Well, if you insist! *nom* *nom* *nom* 

Mozu: Uh, just save me a couple... 
Mozu B

Effie: Hello, Mozu. Got another batch of fruit to dry out? 

Mozu: Hello, Effie! No, today I'm going to be squeezing the fruit. 

Effie: Oh? I'm not a big fan of juice. Too much pulp. 

Mozu: Ah, but I've perfected a technique for pulp-free juice! You just need 
some fine material, like this. Wrap it around the fruit and... squeeze! 
Voila-no pulp! 

Effie: That's brilliant! But... you have a lot of fruit here. How long will 
this take you? 

Mozu: Oh, I don't mind doing it. It's fun to squish a big old fruit in your 
hands. I suppose my hands do get tired after a little while... it takes some 

Effie: Well, maybe I can help. Hyah! 

Mozu: Whoa, you made that look easy! 

Effie: Heh, thanks. I can help you out with the others if you want. I've been 
looking for a new way to work out my hands anyway. 

Mozu: Yeah? Well, sure! That'd be great. 

Effie: You got it. It's the least I can do after you gave me all that fruit 
the other day. 

Mozu: All right, let's get to it. We can also drink some of the juice as we 

Effie: I was hoping you'd say that. It's important to stay hydrated!
Mozu A

Mozu: Hey, Effie! I've been meaning to thank you again for all your help the 
other day. 

Effie: With the juice? Oh, it was nothing. If anything, I should be thanking 
you. My hands have never been stronger. 

Mozu: Well, I'm glad to hear it. Because everyone is RAVING about the juice. 
Seriously, they want more. 

Effie: Great! More business for you. 

Mozu: Yes. Well, I'm a little bit worried that I won't be able to keep up 
with demand. Unless the two of us can come up with some kind of 

Effie: You're talking a muscles-for-fruit arrangement? Sounds great to me! 

Mozu: Excellent! With the two of us working together, we'll make a ton of 

Effie: Money? No, I really just want the fruit. 

Mozu: I can't just pay you in fruit, Effie. I'd feel I was taking advantage 
of you. 

Effie: Hmm. How about you just donate my portion to the army or something? As 
long as I'm getting my share of fruit, I promise I'll be happy. 

Mozu: I suppose that works for me. You're sure? 

Effie: Oh yes. This is win-win for me. I get all the fruit I can eat, and my 
hands are gonna be RIPPED. Heehee! 

Mozu: Ha! All right, then. Let's get to work. Can you squish an apple with 
just one hand? 

Effie: Mozu, I can crush a tree trunk with one hand. Now, let me at those 
C5. Nyx C

Nyx: Ugh! That's a problem.

Effie: Hey, Nyx. What's wrong? 

Nyx: The cap is stuck on this bottle! I need it for my curses. 

Effie: Ha! Is that all?! Hand it over. Let me try! ... Urrrrrrrrgh! 
(Metal breaks)
Effie: There-it's open! 

Nyx: Effie! You ripped off the top half of the bottle! 

Effie: You're going to want to get a new one. That broken glass could be 

Nyx: No kidding. 

Effie: That's all right. I'll fix it. I'll just press the top and bottom 
together with all my might. 

Nyx: I am pretty sure that won't work on glass. 

Effie: With enough pressure, it might! ... I feel really good about this. 

Nyx: I feel you're delusional. 

Effie: Hold on... Urrrrrrrrgh! ... I wasn't strong enough. I'm sorry. I 
really let you down. 

Nyx: That's OK, Effie. You've done enough already... really.
Nyx B

Effie: Nyx, I'd like to try my hand at fortune- telling. Do you mind if I 
practice on you? 

Nyx: By all means! (This should be interesting... ) 

Effie: I was in town and saw a fortune-teller crack open a shell to read the 

Nyx: Yes... Reading cracks is a popular method. 

Effie: Good. I can manage that. You see that big rock? I'm going to smash it 
with my fist. 

Nyx: If anyone can do that, it's you, Effie... 

Effie: Hiyaaaah! 
(Damage dealt)

Nyx: That was amazing! The rock is absolutely covered in cracks. 

Effie: Perfect! Now, let me study these cracks for a moment and come up with 
your fortune... ... Hmm. That's strange. Nothing is coming to me. 

Nyx: Effie, I hate to break it to you, but you really need to practice first. 

Effie: I think I see a few more rocks I could try... 

Nyx: Why don't we put the rocks on hold for now and try reading a book 
Nyx A

Effie: *sigh* Whew! That workout was intense!

Nyx: Effie, all of that training is making the rest of us look bad. 

Effie: We've gotta stay on top of our fitness, so we can protect our friends 
in battle! 

Nyx: Even if I worked as hard as you, I'd never be in such good shape. 

Effie: Nonsense. Here. Let me help... If you were a little bit bigger, you 
would be much more powerful! Let me just grab you by the ankles. Lay down. 

Nyx: Whoa! Effie! Let me up! Why is your other hand around my neck?! 

Effie: I'm going to stretch you out! Uuuuurrrrrrrgh! 

Nyx: Ow! Ow! Ow! Wh-what are you doing?! 

Effie: If I pull with all my might, we can stretch you by a few inches. Makes 
total sense! Hrnnnnnnggggh! 

Nyx: Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop, Effie! It's not working! 

Effie: ... Hmm. It doesn't seem to be working. I'll help you up. 

Nyx: People's bodies aren't that simple... 

Effie: I'm sorry, Nyx. I let you down. I guess I wasn't strong enough. 

Nyx: Effie, you're plenty strong. 

Effie: So you'll still be my friend? 

Nyx: Of course, Effie. I know you were trying to help. Just don't ever do 
that again, OK?

C6. Niles C

Arthur: Hello, Niles! I don't believe we've had the pleasure of conversing 

Niles: That's correct. Which I've always found strange, since we were both 
stationed in the palace. 

Arthur: Yes, well... your reputation precedes you. I suppose I never went out 
of my way to make your acquaintance... 

Niles: Because of my past? How shallow of you. I suspected as much, however, 
which is why I never bothered to meet you, either. Nothing irritates me more 
than a smug little goody-goody. I'm talking about you, in case you didn't 
catch my drift. 

Arthur: Oh dear. There's that sharp tongue you're known for. Look, I didn't 
mean to get off on the wrong foot like this... 

Niles: Just another failure to add to your list, I suppose. 

Arthur: Um... 

Niles: Heh. You're already speechless? How cute. How about I say something 
REALLY offensive? Blow those cute ears right off your head? 

Arthur: This is... unpleasant. I would like to end the conversation now. 

Niles: Very well. I'll let you off the hook once. But be prepared to fend for 
yourself if you wish to speak with me again!
Niles B

Arthur: I'm probably going to regret this, but... I have to ask you 
something, Niles. 

Niles: Ooh. How brave of you to walk into the lion's den alone. What's up? 

Arthur: I've heard that a large number of thieves in the area are 
coordinating a heist. Tell me straight-are you in on the plan? 

Niles: Bwahaha! Wait, you're serious. Even if I were in on this plan, why the 
devil would I tell you? 

Arthur: Because... justice? Look, I know that you were associated with some 
of these thieves in the past. 

Niles: So what? That doesn't make me guilty. 

Arthur: Well, not necessarily, I suppose... 

Niles: You've given me an idea. Perhaps I will join up with this band of 
merry thieves... 

Arthur: Oh, come on! You can't be serious! 

Niles: Maybe I am! What are you going to do about it? 

Arthur: This is suspicious... 

Niles: Wait. You're actually ACTUALLY serious. 

Arthur: Well, joking about a crime is a well-known defense technique. 
Because, if you joke about it, surely you wouldn't actually DO it, right? Oh 
ho! Thought you could outthink Arthur, did you, evildoer? 

Niles: Your logic is breathtakingly stupid. 

Arthur: Is it? Darn. I did just kind of make that up. 

Niles: Yep. It was obvious. 

Arthur: Well, you can make fun of me all you want. But if you're hiding 
something, you better tell me now. 

Niles: See you later, Arthur. 
(Niles leaves) 

Arthur: Blast!
Niles A

Arthur: Niles. I've come to apologize. 

Niles: Oh? 

Arthur: Yes. Despite a few unlucky coincidences, I was able to catch the 
thieves. After I dropped them off at the jail, I saw you sneaking in the back 
entrance. I thought you must have been coming to break them out... So, I 
stuck around to see what would happen. And I heard every word that you said 
to them. You were trying to help them turn their lives around. 

Niles: Yes, well. Would this be an appropriate time to say "I told you so"? 

Arthur: Yes, I believe it would. Anyway, I apologize for being prejudiced 
against you based on your past. 

Niles: Let me tell you a story. I've never met my own parents. My father left 
before I was born, and my mother abandoned me as an infant. A gang of street 
thieves took me in as a child and became my family. One day, we boldly 
decided to rob the Nohrian royal palace. Of course we were caught, and in 
that moment, my supposed family betrayed me. The other thieves left me as a 
decoy and saved themselves. 

Arthur: That's terrible! 

Niles: That's when Lord Leo showed up. I knew that I didn't stand a chance 
against him, so I surrendered. I actually begged him to kill me. But, for 
some reason, he spared me. And ever since then, I've been by his side. My 
criminal life ended the day those thieves abandoned me. And when Lord Leo 
spared my life, I was reborn. 

Arthur: Thank you for sharing that, Niles. I should have relied on Lord Leo's 
judgment and trusted you from the start. Now then! I'm off to tell everyone 
about what a great guy you are! 

Niles: Um, that's really not necessary. 

Arthur: Of course it is! It's not fair that you have a bad reputation. People 
need to know the truth about you! Justice must prevail! I will shout it from 
the rooftops. "Niles is A-OK in my book"! Ha ha! This is going to be great! 

Niles: Can we go back to being enemies?
C6. Benny C

Arthur: Greetings, Benny! What's troubling you, my friend? Surely it's not 
your intention to sulk over here away from the group, correct? 

Benny: I'm fine... 

Arthur: Nonsense! Come, let's go join our comrades-in-arms. 

Benny: No, that's quite all right... I'll just frighten them if I go over 

Arthur: Frighten our friends? However so? 

Benny: It's this face of mine... It's no big deal. I'm used to it. It's been 
this way for a long time... 

Arthur: To think you've been feeling isolated all this time... But that's all 
in the past now! I, Arthur, do hereby resolve to fix this little problem for 

Benny: Do you... really think that's possible? 

Arthur: Of course! There's nothing that can't be accomplished if one tries 
hard enough. Now, let's see here... Hmm, yes. I have devised a plan. Let us 
both put on our biggest smile and go join the group together. Then we shall 
say, "How is everybody doing on this fine day?" To which they will inquire 
about your newfound peppiness. That's when you'll tell them, "This is the 
real me." Understood? 

Benny: It is a simple request in theory... However, I'm not sure... 

Arthur: Fret not! I'm not saying this one gesture will solve everything all 
at once. However, it's important to take these things one step at a time. Are 
you ready? 

Benny: I s-suppose... I have a bad feeling about this... 
Benny B

Benny: Ugh. That went horribly... Now they're even more frightened of me than 
they were before... 

Arthur: I'm so sorry, my friend. I had no idea that would happen. Everything 
was going so well at first, with the walking in and the smiling... But then 
you got to the "This is the real me" part... 

Benny: Ugh... 

Arthur: It's no one's fault, really. 

Benny: Indeed. I would have not spoken so casually had I known... 

Arthur: Ehem, yes. I don't think either of us anticipated that horde of 
Faceless. I've never even heard of them following someone into a room... Damn 
my awful luck! But yes, not the best time to say, "This is the real me." 

Benny: It's no use. Being feared is my destiny... 

Arthur: Not on my watch! Pessimism is never the right answer. You must 
persevere! I'm certain our friends don't truly believe you to be King of the 
Faceless. They... just said that because they were startled. They DID 
apologize afterward! Still, we'd better steady our course as soon as 
possible. Hmmm, let's see... Ah, yes! I have another brilliant idea. This 
one's sure to work! 

Benny: I don't know... I'm not sure I can handle another failure. 

Arthur: Hahaha, worry not! Nothing could possibly go wrong this time. Now, 
here's what I have in mind... 
Benny A

Arthur: Color me sorry once more, Benny, for yet another unexpected turn of 
events. I truly thought my latest plan was foolproof... 

Benny: No need to apologize. 

Arthur: No, no, the fault is all mine. I was certain the lure of fine food 
was the answer. After all, cooking requires no words or social skills. And if 
it tastes good, everyone's happy with the chef! 

Benny: It was a good idea, Arthur. I actually made some decent steaks for the 
occasion, too... 

Arthur: Yes, no doubt that's what attracted the wild bears. 

Benny: Bears do love my cooking. 

Arthur: I tried to save the meal by charging at the largest bear... Next 
thing I knew, I was waking up with a massive headache. I failed you, my 
friend. I'm so very sorry. 

Benny: You really don't need to apologize. It wasn't as bad as it seemed. 

Arthur: Hm? How so? 

Benny: After you were knocked out, everyone was rather terrified of the 
bears. A few people even screamed, though they denied this later. That's when 
I told them that those bears meant them no harm. I'm actually friends with 
those bears. They're quite gentle and friendly... 

Arthur: You're... friends with them? 

Benny: I grew up in a farming village. I've been befriending wild beasts 
since I was a child. That particular family of bears and I go way back... 

Arthur: But... I engaged the big one in melee! He knocked me out... 

Benny: Yes, he said he felt awful about it. He did point out that you 
attacked him first... 

Arthur: He said that? The bear? The bear said that...? 

Benny: Don't worry. I calmed everyone down and explained the situation to the 
bears. They were very understanding. They even joined us for our steak 
dinner. When it was all over, Lord/Lady Avatar said something I'll never 
forget... "Your ability to befriend such intimidating beasts is proof of a 
kind heart." Everyone nodded in agreement... I was nearly moved to tears. 
Never before have I felt so accepted. It's all thanks to you, my friend. 

Arthur: Wow. To think, this all happened while I was knocked out cold! 

Benny: Ah, before I forget, I have a thank-you present for you... The bears 
and I made this together. 

Arthur: A charm? 

Benny: Yes. Inside there's a honey-colored stone. It's supposed to ward off 
bad luck... You said recently that you have awful luck. Hopefully this helps. 

Arthur: Thank you, Benny. I want you to know that you're an inspiring 
individual. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to let me know. 

Benny: You as well, Arthur. If you're ever attacked by bears again, give me a 
C6. Keaton C

Keaton: Oh, this one's good too! Ah, and this one's INCREDIBLE! Ooh! This 
hair ball is the best I've seen in ages! The way its shiny bits catch the 
light and shine like a rainbow... Wow! I've hit the jackpot here. This whole 
area is filled with treasure! 

Arthur: Well done, young wolf man. Color me impressed. 

Keaton: Excuse me? 

Arthur: You are a noble youth, indeed, to take it upon yourself to pick up 
trash like that. I can no longer watch you do your good deeds from afar! 
Here, let me help. 

Keaton: What did you just say?! 

Arthur: Um... excuse me? Oh! I'm ever so sorry. Is "wolf man" offensive to 
your people? 

Keaton: Huh? I don't care about something dumb like that. But did you just 
call my findings TRASH?! Are you blind or something? This hair ball is top 

Arthur: Oh... I, um... apologize? I didn't mean to infer that your trash was 
low quality. 

Keaton: ... Go. JUST GO!! 

Arthur: ... I'll just leave you to it, then. 
(Arthur leaves) 

Keaton: The NERVE of some people! Now, where was I...?
Keaton B

Keaton: Arthur! I've been meaning to talk to you about your dumb comments the 
other day. 

Arthur: Ah, about that... Please accept my sincerest apologies. I'll be 
honest-I'm still a little confused about the whole thing... But I AM truly 
sorry to have caused you such distress. 

Keaton: Yeah, whatever. I've decided to be the bigger person, as usual, and 
forgive you. It all comes down to ignorance. It's not your fault; most humans 
are that way. So I'm gonna do you a favor and show you how amazing my 
treasures really are! First up is... this! 

Arthur: Wh-what is it? It looks like a mangled piece of fried shrimp... 

Keaton: TRY to contain your own ignorance, Arthur! I'm doing you a favor 
here! Sheesh. This isn't a shrimp! It's a pinecone. This is what one looks 
like after a squirrel's torn it apart for the pine nuts. Isn't it amazing? 
This one's a particularly fine specimen. Impressive, right?! 

Arthur: Hmm. Ah. Ehem. I suppose you could say it's impressive in a... 
roundabout way. 

Keaton: Man, you're tough. That's fine. Whatever. This next one will do the 
trick... Here, take a look at this! 

Arthur: It appears to be a simple rock... 

Keaton: A simple rock? Are you insane?! Look at it-it's shaped like a star! 
That's really rare, you know! 

Arthur: I could see how that's rare. Sorry, but I still don't quite- 

Keaton: What is WITH you?! Have you no soul? OK. I'm pulling out all the 
stops. Take a look at... THIS! See! It's a sun-dried bat! 

Arthur: A sun-dried... bat? I don't even... In the name of justice... I'm 
sorry, Keaton, but this is going way beyond trash now... 

Keaton: It's an art, really. First you have to split the bat in half... Then 
you have to salt it and then hang it in a cool, dry place for a few days... 

Arthur: Argh! Please stop, my friend! I... I really don't wish to know any 
more about this. 

Keaton: Oh? Are bats too small to impress you? Here, I have something 

Arthur: N-no, please! That's really enough. I think I finally understand. I 
realize now that you have a unique way of looking at the world. To each their 
own, I say! Even so, I can't say that I personally get what you see in these 

Keaton: But... how can I make you understand? Tell me! 

Arthur: ... I can see this means a lot to you. Tell you what-how about I 
bring YOU a treasure that's sure to impress? That will show you that I 
sufficiently appreciate your taste in collectibles. If I succeed, you'll also 
have a new treasure to add to your collection. Do we have a deal? 

Keaton: Interesting. Color me intrigued, Hero Man. It's a deal! But don't 
take this lightly. Remember, I'm a treasure expert! 

Arthur: Understood! I shall not fail you!
Keaton A

Arthur: ... Hello, Keaton. 

Keaton: Arthur! I've been looking all over for you. How'd your treasure 
hunting go?! 

Arthur: I'm ashamed to say that I failed my mission. I don't know what to 

Keaton: Huh? Really? Lame. 

Arthur: It was harder than I thought. All I managed to find was this. 

Keaton: Wait. Is that...? 

Arthur: I know, it's trash. I went deep into the forest looking for something 
impressive. As I searched, I was suddenly attacked by a Faceless. It caught 
me off guard and pinned me. We rolled about a fair bit as I struggled to 
break free, and we ended up on a cliffside. With the force of justice on my 
side, I was able to maneuver out of its iron grip... Well, for a moment, at 
least. Soon enough it overtook me and threw me down the cliff. 

Keaton: You were thrown off a cliff?! Are you... OK? 

Arthur: Oh, I'm fine. It wasn't very steep, and I fell into some water. Only 
my pride was injured. But as I fell, I reached out my hand and grabbed at the 
beast's head. 

Keaton: And?! 

Arthur: Well, this is what I got. I know it's not much. 

Keaton: Are you saying this is...? 

Arthur: Indeed. The hair of a Faceless. Pathetic, I know. 

Keaton: ?! 

Arthur: I'll do better next time, my friend. That's a promise. 

Keaton: WHOA! I don't believe it!! 

Arthur: Hm?! 

Keaton: It's so rare... so HAIRY! It's really beautiful! Wow, this is an 
amazing find. To think that Faceless have treasure just growing on their 

Arthur: K-Keaton? Your eyes are gleaming, and your tail is wagging furiously! 

Keaton: Hm?! What? No! My tail is definitely NOT wagging! It's not like this 
is amazing or anything! I mean... I know I said it was amazing... But, what I 
meant was... 

Arthur: Wow. I don't know what to say. Well, as promised, if you like it so 
much, it's all yours. Though I really don't see why you would want a clump of 

Keaton: WHOA! Are you sure? Can I really have this?! 

Arthur: Well, of course. My word is my honor. 

Keaton: W-well I'm not incredibly happy or anything, but... I mean... Well... 
Thanks. I guess. You did a pretty good job in the end. You're OK, Arthur. 
Kind of. Given your accomplishment, I suppose... I could help you pick up 
trash sometime. Not that I owe you one or anything. 

Arthur: That would be marvelous! I'd be happy to have you join me. 

Keaton: Heh, no problem. Just make sure you show me everything you pick up. 
You have the strangest idea of what passes for trash, buddy.

C7. Niles C

Niles: We have a job to do, Odin. 

Odin: Do tell, my umbral friend! 

Niles: Our army is thinking of developing some new weapons. They need these 
weapons named. 

Odin: Weapons?! Named?! Those that you hold?! What a perfect task for me-to 
anoint those with my mystic tongue! 

Niles: Before you start drooling all over them, you need to know one more 
thing. They're calling for name possibilities from everyone in camp. Not just 
us. As Lord Leo's retainers, you and I must contribute our ideas. 

Odin: Hmpf. I'm not used to auditioning with amateurs. But I'll do my best. 
Feel free to bow out of this scene now. I've got this. 

Niles: Fine by me. 

Odin: Now, where to start? Ooh, that sword looks like it's begging for the 
Odin treatment. It should be a strong name. Hmm. Maelstrom, perhaps? No, that 
doesn't sound half as fierce as this blade demands. I'll put it aside for 
now. What's next? Ah, a powerful staff, white and streaked with red. The 
Scarlet... something. No, that's crummy too. How about...? 

Niles: How about you wrap this up, Odin? We don't have forever.
Niles B

Odin: NILES! How DARE you?! 

Niles: Sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Maybe shout it... directly into my 

Odin: Oh, you heard me, traitor. You didn't wait for me to name those 
weapons. You submitted your own-and your names are just plain bad. Why, every 
one of them is charmless, rigid, and stiff! Was this some sort of joke? 

Niles: One of us had to do something, or we'd look like fools. 

Odin: What?! 

Niles: You were at risk of missing the deadline. We represent Lord Leo here. 
That would have made him look bad. So I turned in some names. Crisis averted. 

Odin: You know nothing of naming. It's FINE to be late... if the names are 
perfect. It's you who've made Lord Leo look like a chump. 

Niles: You were going to blast past that deadline as if it was years away. 
And, just like always, you'd come up with names that were nonsense. 

Odin: Excuse me? But your names are the very stuff of which senses are made 
non! Lord Leo will be sorely displeased. 

Niles: What a big talker you are, Odin. Pretty suspicious, given that you're 
a man with no past. 

Odin: Oh? Tried to dig up a little dirt on your friend Odin, eh? 

Niles: When a man like you shows up to serve Lord Leo-of course I do. I look 
into the past of anyone and everyone who comes into his life. And I found... 

Odin: And our conversation is... over.
Niles A

Odin: I have to apologize for how rude I was to you the other day, Niles. 

Niles: But, Odin- 

Odin: Please, no. Not a word of apology from you. I won't have it. Besides, 
you don't know how right you were, submitting your weapon names. They're 
being seriously considered for the final choices. 

Niles: Oh, really? 

What's more, everyone is saying how un-Odinish our names are. Hard to believe 
it, but they mean that as a compliment. Everything you said was true-I would 
have been late, and with names they'd hate. So, we haven't brought shame on 
Lord Leo's name at all. 

Look, I really just wrote down the first words that came to mind. But I do 
need to apologize. Not for that. I shouldn't have looked into your past. 

Odin: You were just doing your duty by Lord Leo. That you didn't find any 
past at all must have alarmed you. But I swear, there's nothing in my... 
past... that would harm Lord Leo. 

Niles: Say no more. If Lord Leo put his trust in you, so should I. Even if 
you had a dark past, it couldn't be more troubling than mine. 

Odin: What matters is that you care deeply for Lord Leo. 

Niles: That I do. As do you. 

Odin: In which case, we must band together better than we have been. You and 
I often squabble. We shouldn't. 

Niles: I agree. Let us put away any troubles and embrace each other as 

Odin: Done deal. Just one more thing. 

Niles: Yes? 

Odin: I've heard the camp is going to be naming some new armor next. Help me 
with my names. People love the ol' Niles touch! 

Niles: Nope. You're on your own.
C7. Laslow C

Odin: Now I, Odin Dark, shall unlock the eighth scroll, calling forth the 
fivefold fires! Eternal embers of the soulrealms, rise up from your slumber 
and consume my foes! KABOOM! KAPOW! "Aiiieeee! Not that, Odin! Anything but 
thaaa- FWOOM!" Heh. Pathetic. Did nobody ever teach you to be afraid of... 
the Dark?

Laslow: Odin? Are you still not through yet? You've been at it for hours! 

Odin: Ha! Do not feign surprise. I know you were spying on me. As my 
archrival, you hunger for my secrets and watch in hopes of learning them. 
You... Laslow of the Azure Skies! 

Laslow: I think I prefer "Indigo." Can we make it "Indigo Skies"? In any 
case, why are you still engaged in such foolishness? It's as childish as 
ever, and you're not getting any younger, my friend. 

Odin: Fie and vexations upon you! I am no child! I am a conjurer of... 
conjurings! Er, wait. No. That isn't right. Let me try again. *ahem* You'd 
best watch your tone. I prey upon fools' blood, and you've an overabundance. 

Laslow: Ugh, it's no use. You're even worse than before. I suppose I'll just 
have to tell Lord Leo you skipped training today. Again. Such a shame. You 
look terrible in irons. 

Odin: H-hey! Wait up! Come on, Laslow! Think this through! 

Laslow: What is there to think through? You are failing in your duties as 
retainer. I'm afraid I've no choice but to report you. 

Odin: I see. How dutiful and virtuous you are. Yes, a man of your integrity 
would never object to my telling Lord Xander anything. Particularly not about 
his irreproachable retainer skipping training to flirt with girls? I'd say 
it's been one... two... three-oh no! It's been every day this week, in fact! 

Laslow: Wha- You wouldn't dare! 

Odin: Then swear upon your sword you won't report me to Lord Leo! 

Laslow: ... Fine. Maybe we should both just get some training done today. 
Say, how about we have a quick round? It's been a while. 

Odin: Very well, but you will regret those words. Prepare yourself for the 
void! ... Heh. It really has been a while. Feels just like old times, doesn't 
it? It's as though we've gone back in time. 

Laslow: Yeah, it really does feel that way... Hm, I wonder where everyone is? 
All our old friends, I mean... 

Odin: Probably having a bunch of feasts and fun and forgetting all about us. 

Laslow: ... 

Odin: I'm joking! It's a joke! You've gotta learn to relax more, buddy. Now, 
come on! Today is a special day. For today you learn what "wrath" means! I 
unveil to you the forbidden tome: Genealogy of the Infinite Pain! It'll hurt 
so bad, your grandchildren will be wincing years after your death! 

Laslow: I see. Then I suppose it is time to stop kidding around. I will 
unveil a secret dueling form, derived from the ancient scrolls of the 
masters. I give you the Sacred Dance of the Mystic Blade! 

Odin: No... Can it be?! 

Laslow: Yes! Bow before the Sacred Dance of the Mystic Blade! 

Odin: So... I see you've come to understand the importance of secret 

Laslow: Verily! I learned it from the teachings of the sage Hyoo-Moring Yor 

Odin: Very good! I expect no less from Laslow of the Azure Skies! Now, taste 
my vengeance! 

Laslow: Let us begin, Odin Dark!
Laslow B

Odin: Hail, friend! Our last sparring match was quite something. Your Sacred 
Dance of the Mystic Blade was quite impressive. Perhaps we should begin 
charging others to watch the spectacle. We could even get costumes! What do 
you think, Laslow of the Azure Skies? 

Laslow: Laslow of the Azure Skies... 

Odin: Hm? Are you displeased with your epithet? I shall ponder another, then. 
But first I must away to my chamber of nominal contemplations... 

Laslow: No, that's not it. Something just struck me, all of a sudden. The 
name "Laslow." It's so familiar now... 

Odin: It makes sense. It's been a long time since you've answered to another 
name. The same goes for Selena and myself. It's hard to fathom, isn't it? 

Laslow: Heh. You were hopeless at first. Always saying our old names. Yet you 
seem to keep track of all those weapon and attack names, no problem. Any 
reason these ones tripped you up? 

Odin: Hey! It was the first time I'd ever had to change my name. I eventually 
learned. After all, if someone had heard me slip up, it would have aroused 
suspicion. I couldn't risk us losing our positions as retainers. Our mission 
was at stake. We must remain close to these people. And so, yes, I eventually 
learned. It pains me to this day to know we flay our identities so 

Laslow: I assure you, whatever name we go by, our identities are as true as 
ever. It does feel strange, however... hiding these things from the others. 
Lord Xander and Lord Leo are good people. It's sad knowing we will have to 
part ways. 

Odin: Yes. 'Tis almost enough to tempt one into staying, is it not? 

Laslow: Yes... Almost... Odin... what are we doing? We should not be making 
friends with these people. It will only make leaving harder. And it will be 
hard enough as it is... 

Odin: What's this? Sadness? What happened to that iron resolve of yours? 

Laslow: It's fine! I'm not sad! It's just... it's been on my mind lately. 
Anyway, it's your fault for getting so serious all of a sudden. 

Odin: Do not blame me for your own failing of courage, Laslow of the Azure 

Laslow: I'm not blaming you, Odin. Perish the thought! I'm just saying you 
were being all mopey, and I felt I had to commiserate. 

Odin: Mopey? Do you wish to start something?! I'll have you know this tome 
here contains a forbidden technique! It will turn your insides squishy and 
set your body aflame! 

Laslow: Oho! I bet it doubles your lame factor too! Shall we test it out? 

Odin: ... 

Laslow: Wait, what's that say? "Book of Dark Spell Names"? 

Odin: No! Stop! Give it back! 

Laslow: That's supposed to set me aflame? Curious. Very curious. 

Odin: Do you have to look so smug all the time? Come on! Although I guess 
it's better than all the grimacing you were doing earlier... ... Heh. Just 
like old times again, eh? Seems to be happening a lot lately. 

Laslow: Haha. I suppose it is. Except... 

Odin: Except? 

Laslow: Never mind. It's nothing. Oh! Look at the time! We should get going 
before we miss the war council. 

Odin: Oh, you're right! Let's hurry!
Laslow A

Laslow: Hello, Odin. 

Odin: What's wrong, Laslow? Has the darkness taken hold of you on this day? 

Laslow: Odin... Do you think we're still the same people we were back in our 
time? I mean, how do we know our old memories are truly real? 

Odin: What do you mean? 

Laslow: I've just been thinking about it. We've been here for a long while 
now. We've been absorbed in our duties as Lord Xander and Lord Leo's 
retainers. We've made friends and had all kinds of experiences. It's been a 
whole new life. Sometimes our past just seems so... unreal. 

Odin: Ah, I get it. You feel disconnected from your old life. 

Laslow: I suppose so. I just can't shake this feeling lately. We've nothing 
left of our old lives except each other and our fading memories. I can't help 
but wonder if my memories of our old world are just a dream of sorts. 

Odin: Don't be silly. We're the same people. We existed. That world existed. 
And when we're done here, we're going back. You're just overthinking things. 
I know we're in over our heads, but that's no reason to start doubting your 
reality. Besides, if anything is part of a dream, it's this world. 

Laslow: *sigh* Now I'm starting to wonder if anything is real. 

Odin: ... 

Laslow: Do you ever think of our original world anymore? The one we were born 

Odin: I do. Mostly at night. I... have trouble sleeping sometimes because of 

Laslow: Ah. So you too, then. 

Odin: I also think of the other world. Of seeing my mother for the first time 
since... Gods, it was wonderful seeing her alive and well after what happened 
in our time. Oh, and helping our parents and the others defeat the dragon! 

Laslow: That was a wonderful world. It was such a happy place, too. I mean, 
after Grima fell. Ah, remember looking for that tiara and then getting chased 
by a bear? Ha! We made some good memories there, didn't we? 

Odin: Aye. And none of them were dreams. So cheer up! 

Laslow: Yeah. You know, when we talk like this, it's hard to deny it was all 
real. I'm glad we didn't get separated this time. If you guys weren't here, I 
don't think... I don't think I could bear it. 

Odin: Laslow... 

Laslow: Thank you for being here for me. You've made good on your promise. 

Odin: No problem! But, erm... what promise was that? 

Laslow: Well, it was a long time ago. Remember that harvest festival we went 
to? When I was troubled about how we were fighting real people instead of 
Risen. You said you'd always be a shoulder for me to lean on. And you have 

Odin: Ah, I remember that! Well, I meant every word. In any case, we'll be 
moving out any minute now. Let's get going, Inigo. 

Laslow: Wh-what did you just call me? 

Odin: What's wrong, Inigo of the Indigo Skies? Did you miss hearing your real 
name? Haha, calm down. It's fine, just this once. No one else is here. Severa 
can't get mad about something she doesn't know, right? Er. Probably. 

Laslow: Haha! I guess not. Thank you... Owain. I feel much better now. 

Odin: Ah, he smiles! Perfect! I love seeing my archrival happy. 

Laslow: Haha, I feel the same, old friend. That, at least, will never change.

C8. Mozu C

Mozu: ... 

Nyx: ... Mozu. Did you come here purely to stare at me? 

Mozu: Eep! You noticed... I didn't want to bother you while you were into 
your book there. 

Nyx: I could feel your gaze boring holes into me. If you need something, ask. 

Mozu: U-um... Well, I... I really admire you! 

Nyx: What? 

Mozu: I mean, you're always reading those thick, heavy books. They look 
serious. I wouldn't have thought someone so young as you would read those old 

Nyx: ... 

Mozu: Point is, I think it's amazing the way you can manage it. 

Nyx: I've become a bibliophile over the years. It's nothing special, really. 

Mozu: Oh, but it is! Especially for a girl from the sticks like me. Hey, 
could you teach me how to read those kinds of books? Really dig deep into 

Nyx: Why are you asking me? It's your interest. 

Mozu: Oh... you don't wanna be around me, huh. Ouch... 

Nyx: *sigh* Very well, then. I'll grant you access to my library. I can't 
have you mooning around camp. 

Mozu: Really?! 

Nyx: Yes. There's no particular trick to studying or reading, but... Like all 
things, if you do it regularly, it will come easier to you. 

Mozu: Yaaay! I can't believe it! I get to read Nyx's books! 

Nyx: Do so quietly, or the offer is rescinded. 

Mozu: Oh, um, sorry! 

Nyx: You may choose any book from the shelves to study as you wish. 

Mozu: Got it! Thanks a heap, Nyx!
Mozu B

Mozu: All right, Histories of... Nohr... Today I'm reading you cover to 
cover! Let's see, table of contents... Preface? Sounds skippable... Here it 
is! Chapter 1! 

Mozu: ... Augh. 

Nyx: ... Ahem. 

Mozu: Eep! Did I doze off?! Aw, shucks! I gotta focus better! 

Nyx: Mozu. Are you sure you want this? Falling asleep when you came to my 
tent to read suggests otherwise. 

Mozu: Aww... I'm sorry, Nyx. You even went and loaned me your book. But this 
highfalutin writing style is just too tough for me. 

Nyx: So it would seem. 

Mozu: But I'm gonna keep at it until I'm smart like you! Here goes nothing! 

Mozu: In... the year... Zzzz... 

Nyx: Mozu. May I? 

Mozu: Huh?! I-I wasn't sleeping! Who said I was sleeping! 

Nyx: I could tell when I saw you pick up the book that it's impossible for 

Mozu: Awww... Then you're kicking me out? 

Nyx: No. But you shouldn't have tried to start at my level. Better to begin 
with a book more suited to you. 

Mozu: How do you mean? I don't read too many books, so I dunno what I'd like. 

Nyx: Hmm... What about this? 

Mozu: Ooh! Is this a cookbook? 

Nyx: Yes. Ingredient lists, preparation instructions-that sort of thing. If 
you like to cook, then I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it. 

Mozu: Aw, Nyx, you shouldn't have! 

Nyx: This is like a treasure trove for you, isn't it? Whereas to me, it's 
next to useless. You'll take to reading faster by building on the interests 
you already have. 

Mozu: You're right... This book looks about my speed! Thanks. 

Nyx: It would be selfish of me to deny you this one book when I have so many 
others. Now do try to read quietly, if you can. 

Mozu: Whoa! This dish looks powerfully good! I've never heard of any of these 
spices! Huh, that's a funny-looking root. I wonder if it's from Nohr... 

Nyx: Does she not know how to be silent...? I suppose I should be happy she's 
found something to read... 
Mozu A

Mozu: Nyx, I really gotta thank you. 

Nyx: For what? 

Mozu: For the cookbook you loaned me! Plowing through that made me feel 
confident enough to tackle tougher stuff. 

Nyx: But you did the actual reading, yes? You have nothing to thank me for. 

Mozu: Nah, I know what you did... You must have spent a while finding a book 
that'd be just right for me. 

Nyx: I don't know what you're talking about. 

Mozu: Hey, I've seen your shelf. You've got a lot of books, and not many are 
about food. Though I see some new ones here... Did you get these just for me? 

Nyx: I... It sometimes happens that I take on new interests. That's all. 

Mozu: Hey, no judgment here! I'm happy for you. 

Nyx: Mm. 

Mozu: You think about other people's feelings, you read really tough books... 
You're really something, Nyx! Oh, almost forgot! I wanted to know if there's 
anything I can do to thank you. 

Nyx: I've done nothing worth thanking me for, so no. 

Mozu: Aw, but I won't rest until I do! C'mon! Are there any sweets you like? 
I can try whipping some up! 

Nyx: If you really must... then I'd like to try Hoshidan pastries. 

Mozu: You got it! I'll fix you something that'll make you break out smiling! 

Nyx: Thank you, Mozu. ... You said I was "really something," but I could say 
the same of you. You're so young, and yet you're a good cook who cares for 

Mozu: Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch that. 

Nyx: It wasn't important. I'm eager to taste your sweets, Mozu. 

Mozu: You got it! I know just the recipe to use!
C8. Charlotte C

Charlotte: I feel bad for you, Nyx. It must be hard to get what you want, 
looking like that. 

Nyx: Pfft, it's no different than anyone else. I've been like this long 
enough to have gotten used to it. 

Charlotte: But the way you act doesn't match how you look. I can't even 
imagine what men must think of you... 

Nyx: Men, really? That's the first thing that jumps into your mind? 

Charlotte: What of it? Do you have a problem with that? 

Nyx: Oh, no. I think it's perfectly reasonable for a young woman your age to 
act that way. 

Charlotte: There is something very strange about such a young-looking person 
saying that. 

Nyx: I know exactly what you mean, but it can't be helped. 

Charlotte: There's nothing you can do? You're sure? 

Nyx: Yes. Physically, I will always be this way. 

Charlotte: If that's true, why don't you change how you act, instead of how 
you look? 

Nyx: ... What good would that accomplish? 

Charlotte: Then people wouldn't be surprised with your behavior! You'd sound 
exactly like the person you appear to be. 

Nyx: I suppose there might be some merit to that... 
Charlotte B

Charlotte: Come on, Nyx! Give it a shot! 

Nyx: I don't think this will work... I can't just start acting like a child 
on command. 

Charlotte: Don't be so negative! I'm sure you can do it! You were a child 
once, weren't you? 

Nyx: Of course, but- 

Charlotte: AND! I'll be giving you acting lessons. Who better to do it than 

Nyx: Hehehe... I suppose that's true. 

Charlotte: OK, think back on when you were younger. Remember how you acted 
when you were hungry. 

Nyx: OK... I really want... to eat... sweets... 

Charlotte: No good, no good! You need to let it out. Don't hold yourself 
back! Try thinking about what you'd do with your free time. 

Nyx: Um... Er... I want to... go play outside? 

Charlotte: Getting better! Good job, Nyx. 

Nyx: I'm really happy when we play together... I want to do it all the time. 
I'm sad when we have to stop... 

Charlotte: Awwww! That's really cute, Nyx! 

Nyx: ... I want to stop. It's pointless to act this way. 

Charlotte: Whaaaaat? You were doing well! 

Nyx: How I look on the outside doesn't matter. I can't force myself to be 
someone I'm not. I can't forget all the things that have happened to make me 
who I am. 

Charlotte: Ah... I see... 

Nyx: It was interesting though, I'll admit. For a moment, I thought it was 

Charlotte: Really? That's good then.
Charlotte A

Nyx: Oh, Charlotte. Isn't it exhausting for you to always put on an act in 
front of men? 

Charlotte: Of course, but I have to do it. It's the kind of attention that 
men seem to like. Gentle and proper, helpful and attentive... Hah, there's no 
way a woman exactly like that even exists. 

Nyx: Hahah, you're definitely correct there. 

Charlotte: But there's no changing that. All I can do is do what I must to be 

Nyx: You know... The way you are normally-like right now-is quite attractive 

Charlotte: Oh, I know. I've heard a few people say that, too. But men tend to 
like my act more than my normal behavior. I'm happy to keep it up if it means 
being popular. But what about you, Nyx? Do you ever pretend to be someone 

Nyx: No. Well, that's not true. I did behave like a... monster, once. I did 
it so I could try and live my life alone. 

Charlotte: Nyx... 

Nyx: You know, though, I wasn't really acting. I did horrible things more 
times than I can count. Maybe I'm just pretending not to be a monster. 

Charlotte: You aren't any kind of monster, Nyx. You're a bit of an odd 
girl... but you're an important friend to me. 

Nyx: Charlotte... 

Charlotte: Tsk, and now you've got me being embarrassingly honest. OK, forget 
what I said before, Nyx. Just be yourself. You're a good person without 
putting on any kind of act. 

Nyx: Thank you... Charlotte... 

C9. Beruka C

Selena: Hello, Beruka. 

Beruka: Selena? What do you need? 

Selena: I don't need anything, Beruka, but... We are both retainers to Lady 
Camilla. I want to know which of us is stronger. We should duel sometime to 
find out. 

Beruka: I do not especially want to fight for no reason. If Lady Camilla 
commanded it... But no, I do not want to fight just to satisfy your 

Selena: Ooooor... could it be that you're afraid of losing to me? Hmmmm? 

Beruka: There is no need to put up a false front of confidence. 

Selena: Wh-what? What do you mean by that? 

Beruka: I know that you are a skilled fighter... But I believe that you are-
emotionally- quite fragile. You're too concerned with how you rate compared 
to others. You're constantly trying to prove you're the best. 

Selena: Th-that's not true. 

Beruka: If you were suddenly proven wrong, I don't think you could handle the 

Selena: Hrm. As long as we're analyzing, how about you? Aren't you just like 

Beruka: We aren't alike at all. I've never sought out the approval of my 
peers the way you do. 

Selena: I meant that you appear strong but are actually quite fragile. You 
won't ever do anything unless there's some outside motivation, right? Either 
there's enough money, or duty requires that you act. If you never do anything 
for yourself, what is it that makes you... you? 

Beruka: You may be correct. Maybe I am a fragile person, as well... 
Beruka B

Selena: Beruka... I'm... I'm sorry about the other day. I hope that my words 
didn't get to you. I think I got a little carried away and spoke more harshly 
than I should have. 

Beruka: I'd like to apologize too... I'm sorry for calling you a fragile 
person. Although, you were correct when you said we are similar in that way. 

Selena: There's no need to apologize-I think you were also right. But I'm 
going to embrace it. I'm going to continue to challenge people. I'll keep 
proving to myself, over and over, that I am number one, until I accept it! 

Beruka: That's a good idea. Keep challenging yourself. 

Selena: You should do it too! Dive into your duties with conviction! 

Beruka: I don't know... If I dive in too hard, won't my work consume me? 

Selena: But if you like what you do, that'd be OK! If your work is also your 
passion, you'll enjoy every minute of it! Plus, it's fun to get completely 
engrossed in something you love. 

Beruka: Heh. I can try... 

Selena: That's all I can suggest! I'll help you however I am able. You're my 
friend, after all! 

Beruka: Yeah... Thank you.
Beruka A

Selena: Ahhh! Beruka! You're late! 

Beruka: Your message was very vague-I had to be sure it actually came from 

Selena: Well, you got here eventually, at least. Anyway, I had a question for 
you! What do you normally do when you come into town? 

Beruka: Purchase new weapons... or poisons. Sometimes a new anatomy book to 
help me find new ways to kill people. 

Selena: You what? No, never mind. Your brain must be a scary place. Anyway, I 
wanted to take you shopping with me today! 

Beruka: All right. What are we going to buy? 

Selena: Some matching accessories! One for me, one for you, and one for Lady 

Beruka: Accessories? Are you serious? 

Selena: Think about it. We realized how similar we are, and we both value 
Lady Camilla. It's a sign from the gods that we need accessories as a symbol 
of the connection. 

Beruka: The gods must not be very busy... 

Selena: Oh, shhh! You know what I mean. Don't ruin this moment! I just 
meant... we're friends. 

Beruka: I get it. OK, let's go find something. 

Selena: Are you sure?  

Beruka: Of course. After thinking about it... There are functional uses for 
accessories. Necklaces for strangling, or earrings that double as small 

Selena: Seriously, you've got a twisted way of thinking. 

Beruka: I'm sorry. I'll use them as they are intended. 

Selena: That's all I ask. Anyway! I think we should buy a matching set of 
accessories. That way, if we're ever separated, we'll have them to remember 
each other with! 

Beruka: If we're ever separated... Are you already planning for our deaths? 

Selena: No! Not at all! I just mean... there are so many reasons that we 
could become separated. The world is a strange place, sometimes... 

Beruka: I suppose you're right. I doubt I would wear a matching item if you 
were gone, though. I'd keep it somewhere safe and then break it out when we 
next met. I suspect you'd be mad if I lost it. There'd be something lonely 
about wearing it while the matching one is absent. 

Selena: *sniff* *sniff* 

Beruka: Selena, are those tears? Why are you crying? 

Selena: Because of what you just said! I didn't think you could express that 
feeling so well. 

Beruka: Thank you. I think. Regardless, what sort of accessories should we 
get? We should really decide soon, too-it isn't great that we've left Lady 
Camilla alone. 

Selena: Oh hell, you're right! Let's choose quickly... How about a necklace? 
Then we would just need to settle on a design... Oh! Rings could be great. 
And instead of one style, how about different colors? A purple one would be 
absolutely perfect for Lady Camilla. We should check several places before we 
make a decision, though... 

Beruka: Um, all right... This could take some time. But maybe it's OK to 
enjoy myself once in a while... 
C9. Peri C

Peri: Selena! Hey, Selena! You hate it when you're not the best at 
everything, right? 

Selena: Ugh, definitely! I never settle for second place-ever! 

Peri: Wellllll... I happen to know I'm better than anyone at murder! 

Selena: A-at what?! Murder's not a sport, Peri! 

Peri: It isn't YET! We could be the first! 

Selena: L-look... Most people don't go around killing each other because they 
feel like it! 

Peri: Then I'm automatically the best at it! Hooray for me! 

Selena: Grrr... Why does this bother me so much?! 

Peri: Yikes! Ease off! I-I didn't mean it! Waaaaaaaaah! Selena is bullying 

Selena: What's with you? Those crocodile tears aren't fooling anybody! If you 
really want to see someone turn on the waterworks, watch and learn! 

Peri: What the heck?! Teeheeheehee! You look so silly when you cry! 

Selena: Ugh... Beaten again!
Peri B

Peri: Hey, Selena, know what? I'm a pretty good cook, too! 

Selena: Is that a challenge? You don't know what food tastes like till you've 
had my cooking! I'm not letting any selfish crybaby killer beat me in a cook-

Peri: A cook-off! That's a great idea! You know I'll win, right? Can you 
handle that? 

Selena: Fat chance. I'm taking you down! 

Peri: Let's get started!
(Time passes)

Selena: How... How did this happen?! 

Peri: Hi-hi! What did you think? My cooking's pretty yummy, huh? 

Selena: Ugh... Ughhhh!! 

Peri: Don't just groan about it! I want to hear what you think! Is it yummy? 
Gross? Tell me! 

Selena: Will you stop pestering me for five seconds so I can get a word in 
edgewise?! I was just about to tell you what I thought. 

Peri: Yay! This is so exciting! 

Selena: Your cooking... it was... 

Peri: Yes? It was what? 

Selena: It was better than mine. But only by a hair! 

Peri: Yesss! I win again! 

Selena: (How does this psycho keep beating me?) 

Peri: Aww, aren't you going to make your funny crying face this time? 

Selena: Mind your own business! I'm not faking it! These are real tears! 
Ugh... I hate everything about this... 
Peri A

Selena: I hate to admit it-I really, REALLY hate it-but you're a better cook 
than me. 

Peri: Hey, we agree on something! 

Selena: But I'll practice nonstop until I'm better than you! Just you wait! 
And don't go anywhere! You stay put until I'm ready to wipe the floor with 

Peri: So you're saying... rematch? Teeheehee! You're so much fun, Selena! 

Selena: Wh-what? 

Peri: Seriously! I love hanging out with you! You're cute and strong, and you 
wear your hair in twintails, like me! I could go on and on! I hope we can 
keep having fun contests! 

Selena: I'll admit, I got a kick out of the cook-off we had. I didn't realize 
you were into that stuff, and I feel like I know you better now. 

Peri: Yep! Best friends forever! 

Selena: Sure, I'll be your friend. But don't think for one second that I'm 
happy about it! 

Peri: You're... not happy to be friends...? *sniff* *sob* Waaaaaaaaah! Why 
are you such a meanie?! 

Selena: D-don't cry! I didn't mean it! I... I'm happy too! I'm... glad we're 

Peri: *sniffle* R... really? 

Selena: "R-really?" Listen to this girl! Don't you trust what your best 
friend says? So stop crying already! It's smearing your makeup. 

Peri: OK... I'll believe you. 

Selena: Then again, you'll be crying your eyes out after our cook-off 
rematch! Get ready to lose hard! 

Peri: OK! I can't wait! 

Selena: But for that to happen, I can't waste all my time here. I'm off to 
practice cooking! 

Peri: And I'll go practice killing! We'll have a kill-off someday too! 

Selena: Don't get your hopes up... 

C10. Charlotte C

Charlotte: Why, if it isn't Beruka. 

Beruka: ... 

Charlotte: Hey now, it's rude to ignore people. You'll never become popular 
acting like that. Men don't like the cold, standoffish act. Women don't like 
it either, for that matter. 

Beruka: It's not an act. I'm not concerned with being popular. 

Charlotte: Putting up a tough front, huh? That's fine. 

Beruka: I'm not acting strong. I am strong. And I don't particularly care 
about what other people think. 

Charlotte: Really? You're setting yourself back in life, if that's true. 

Beruka: I don't care if someone likes me or not, or if they're a man or a 
woman... Can I kill them? Can they kill me? That's all I judge anyone by. 

Charlotte: You really are a dangerous one, aren't you. But listen, you can 
kill a man in ways other than a brutal stabbing... 

Beruka: Obviously. I know many ways... 

Charlotte: I bet you don't know some of the ways I know, though... 

Beruka: I... would hear more about this... 
Charlotte B

Charlotte: OK, Beruka. Are you ready to learn how to kill a man without using 
a blade? 

Beruka: Yes. Please go on... 

Charlotte: You need to wear clothes with an open chest. Men will fall to that 

Beruka: ... That's all? 

Charlotte: Yes. That's more than enough to kill most men. 

Beruka: ... I don't believe it. 

Charlotte: Heehee. If you're so skeptical, why don't you give it a try 
yourself and see? I'm sure that once they get a look at you, they'll go weak 
in the knees. 

Beruka: I've never heard of this assassination technique before... In any 
case, an open chest seems like it defeats the purpose of armor. I don't own 
any like that. In fact, my only set of armor is what I'm wearing now. It was 
given to me by Lady Camilla. She wore it before gifting it to me. 

Charlotte: Wait, Lady Camilla used to wear that armor? Are you sure? It 
really doesn't seem her... style... Regardless, if the armor won't work, 
there are other options, too. You could always make someone an exceptional 
lunch or snack, for example. 

Beruka: Ah... and add an undetectable poison... 

Charlotte: What? No, not at all. The secret ingredient is a dash of sincerity 
and devotion. It'll drive them to notice you. 

Beruka: I don't want to be noticed. Then I can't surprise them. None of this 
sounds deadly. Can it really kill a man? 

Charlotte: Oh, most definitely. Trust me. I've used this to seize the hearts 
of countless men. Then it's just a matter of deciding what I want to do with 
them, heehee. 

Beruka: Seize their hearts?! How violent... I would never have suspected a 
simple lunch could give me such power. 

Charlotte: So? Have you learned something? 

Beruka: Indeed. I will remember everything you've said.
Charlotte A

Beruka: Charlotte... 

Charlotte: Hello there, Beruka. 

Beruka: Everything you told me before... None of that was true, was it? 

Charlotte: What do you mean? 

Beruka: An exposed chest alone cannot kill a man... Lunch will not let you 
grab on to someone's beating heart... 

Charlotte: Hrm. I'm assuming you asked someone else what they thought of 
these methods? 

Beruka: I spoke with Lady Camilla. 

Charlotte: Oh really? How did she react? 

Beruka: That was the loudest I have heard her laugh in some time. 

Charlotte: Heehee. Poor Beruka. You took what I said so literally. You need 
to think bigger than that! My methods capture a man and drive him to do 
things to serve you. Without free will, the man may as well be dead, wouldn't 
you say? 

Beruka: Lady Camilla said something like that... 

Charlotte: You see? You can kill a man without spilling a drop of blood. 

Beruka: Possibly. But that method does not work for me. Hidden in the 
shadows, striking with a blade at the vital areas of the body... This way is 
less complicated. And I've mastered it already. 

Charlotte: I can't disagree there... 

Beruka: I have changed my opinion of you, though. We may use different 
methods, but... I respect you as a fellow assassin. 

Charlotte: Heehee. Well, keep my dangerous skills a secret, OK? It's more 
intriguing if I've got a secret or two, you know... 

C12. Keaton C

Keaton: Oh! Hey, Laslow! 

Laslow: Stop right there, Keaton! 

Keaton: Huh? Why? 

Laslow: You know why. You're gonna try to show me one of your "treasures," 
aren't you?  

Keaton: Ha! Classic Laslow! Yep, you nailed it! 


Keaton: What? Then how am I gonna show you my treasure?  

Laslow: I don't want to see your "treasure." Last time you showed me one, it 
was a giant bug! A giant POISONOUS bug! Those boils didn't heal for a week! 

Keaton: Oh yeah! Your face was so disgusting! That was the best! 

Laslow: No, it most certainly was not. 

Keaton: Hahaha-huh? Where'd my treasure go? Oh, it must have escaped. 

Laslow: I knew it-it was another bug, wasn't it?! WAIT! ACK! It's flying 
right at me!  NOOO! Please, stay away, bug! Gods, not again! GYAAAAAAAAH! 
(Laslow leaves) 

Keaton: Ha ha ha! Oh, Laslow, you're such a kidder! 
Keaton B

Keaton: Laslow! Where are you going? 

Laslow: Huh? I was just about to go into town. Did you need anything? 

Keaton: Going to chat up some ladies, huh? 

Laslow: Ah... what makes you say that? 

Keaton: I knew it! Well guess what? I wanna try too! 

Laslow: You want to try chatting up ladies? 

Keaton: Yep! C'mon! Take me with you!  

Laslow: I have a bad feeling about this... 

Keaton: I'm begging you! It'll be fun, right? I just wanna try it once! I 
promise I'll give it my best shot!  

Laslow: All right, all right, fine. I'll take you into town with me. 

Keaton: Woohoo! Thanks, Laslow.
(Time passes)
Keaton: This is sooooo booooring... Nobody's listened to even one of my 

Laslow: Of course they haven't. Any sane person wouldn't go within 10 feet of 
someone waving around a giant bug. Maybe if you stop brandishing the thing at 
random bystanders, you'll have better luck. 

Keaton: But I just want to tell them how cool it is. Does no one understand? 
Ugh. This isn't fun at all. I think I'd rather chase deer than girls. 

Laslow: It's probably for the best, anyway. I think hunting suits you better. 

Keaton: Alrighty! That settles it. Let's head back. I'll split whatever I 
catch with you. I know you could use some cheering up! 

Laslow: What? Now you're the one consoling ME? 

Keaton: Hey, the ladies didn't give you the time of day either. The only 
difference is that you don't have a supercool bug to blame for it! 

Laslow: Oh gods, you noticed too? How embarrassing... 
Keaton A

Keaton: Laaaaslooow! 

Laslow: Keaton? Wait, what's that you're carrying? It's a bug again, isn't 
it?! Don't you dare take another step, fiend!  

Keaton: Relax! It's not a bug this time!  

Laslow: Oh? Then what is it? 

Keaton: This! 

Laslow: Oh. Is that...? 

Keaton: Yep! A pot lid. With a hole in it! Isn't it neat? 

Laslow: Oh, is this another one of your treasures? Hmmm... You know, I can't 
say for sure... but I get the feeling that it's very valuable.  

Keaton: How'd you know?! You must have a better eye for this sort of thing 
than I thought! See the way the hole is shaped, like it was punched through 
at different angles? That's super rare! Which is why I wanted to give it to 

Laslow: To me? Why would you give something so valuable to me? 

Keaton: Oh, no reason. It's just that... you always let me hang around and 
stuff. Not everyone does... Er, not that it's a "thank you" or anything like 
that! It's just common sense to reward kindness with kindness. 

Laslow: Aw, you don't have to worry about me, Keaton. I know you care. 

Keaton: I'm not worried about you! This is about karma! It's purely self-
interest! But... you ARE my friend, Laslow. I want you to know that. 
Anyway... that's all. Here ya go!  

Laslow: I see, I see. Well, I'm honored to receive such a rare gift from so 
good a friend. 

Keaton: Perfect! Just make sure to be careful with it, OK? 

Laslow: But it's already broken, isn't it? Why does it matter if it gets a 
little more broken? 

Keaton: Huh. I guess you don't understand after all. I told you, it's broken 
in a unique way. You don't want to turn it into a normal broken pot lid. Then 
it'd be useless! 

Laslow: Haha. I see your point. Very well, then. I'll handle it with care. 
Thanks, Keaton. 

Keaton: Good! Now... how about we test it out?  

Laslow: Test it out? How? I thought it was just for looking at. 

Keaton: What? No way! You gotta make it fly! 

Laslow: Make it fly? ... You mean like this?
(Sword miss)

Keaton: Yahooooo! 

Laslow: Wow. Talk about speed!

Keaton: I did it! I caught it! Awooooo! 

Laslow: Uh, nice! Good for you, Keaton!

Keaton: This is so much fun! Let's do it again! Again! 

Laslow: Huh? Um... OK. Sure. 
(Sword miss)

Keaton: HYAAAA! 

Laslow: There he goes again. What a strange little game this is. Well, if he 
enjoys it, I guess it's all right with me.

Keaton: I got it! I got it! Thanks, Laslow! You're the best! 

Laslow: Haha, Keaton really is something else. OK, go wider this time, buddy! 
I'm gonna throw it as far as I can!

C12. Charlotte C

Peri: Gaaaaah! Grrrrr. I wanna kill somebody! 

Charlotte: *sigh* 

Peri: Yikes! Charlotte?! I didn't see you there. What are you sighing for? 

Charlotte: You're trying much too hard. You need to be more subtle. 

Peri: What are you talking about? 

Charlotte: I understand what you're trying to do. You're trying to catch a 
man's attention with the "I'm a crazy killer girl" act. 

Peri: Crazy killer... what are you talking about? 

Charlotte: No need to play dumb with me; it's just the two of us here right 
now. I'm only trying to help you out. That act isn't the best one to go with, 
trust me. Sure, it'll get the men to pay attention, but they'll just as 
quickly go running. 

Peri: I don't understand a word you're saying. I just want to stab someone is 

Charlotte: Have you thought about taking a different approach at all? For me, 
the damsel in distress really seems to work. Just something to think about! 
(Charlotte leaves) 

Peri: ... Charlotte is weird.
Charlotte B

Peri: Grrrrrrrrrrr! I just wanna kill! Murder! Maim! 

Charlotte: Peri... 

Peri: Not just one person, either. Lots! As many as I can! I don't even care 
who! Just let me at them. 

Charlotte: Are you still acting the part of the crazy killer woman? Didn't I 
suggest a change? 

Peri: I'm not acting! What are you talking about? 

Charlotte: Hrm. You don't seem to be lying... 

Peri: Of course not! I'm as direct as they come! 

Charlotte: I... Are you sure? You aren't pretending even just a little bit? 
I-I can't believe it... It has to be a way to get men's attention. But how... 

Peri: Are you finally starting to understand me? 

Charlotte: I suppose so. You're something else entirely, it seems... 

Peri: Charlotte, why do you want to get attention from the men all the time? 

Charlotte: Isn't it obvious? I'm better off with as many people as possible 
helping me. Especially with how dangerous the world is. 

Peri: But you're so strong on your own! I've seen you take out tons of 
enemies with just a swing of your axe. It was so cool to see! If being your 
ally means seeing you do that more, I'm in! You're not limiting your allies 
to just men, right? 

Charlotte: Hah, of course not. You're right, though. I could certainly match 
most of the men in this army. I've climbed through the ranks using my 
strength. But, I always want to be in the spotlight. I don't want a life of 
just swinging my axe. 

Peri: You want to be popular... I don't get it. I'm happy with just getting 
to kill people. 

Charlotte: Th-that's lovely... I don't think I'll ever understand you... 
Charlotte A

Peri: I hate this! Where's someone I can kill? I don't want to hold back any 
longer! It has been too long since I've seen real mayhem, death, and 

Charlotte: Hello, Peri. I see some things about you never, ever change. 

Peri: Ah! Hi, Charlotte! 

Charlotte: I hope you stay that way, Peri. I have to say, I'm just a little 
jealous of you. You always show your true self to people, no matter what. 

Peri: What do you mean? 

Charlotte: You don't hide how much you enjoy killing people. I think most 
people would pretend to be something else; I would. 

Peri: Why pretend? I'm me and only me. 

Charlotte: Yes, I know... I wonder if it'd be easier to be the real me more 

Peri: I don't understand... Aren't you already you? 

Charlotte: ... 

Peri: The Charlotte talking to me now and the Charlotte who wants 
attention... They're the same person, aren't they? They're both you. 

Charlotte: They're not alike! The normal me is refined and cute and 
endearing! ... But I understand what you mean. No matter what, it's still me 
behind the act. Thank you, Peri. You've helped me quite a bit. 

Peri: I... did? How... Actually never mind. You're welcome! You're a real 
weirdo, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Heehee, I suppose that's true. Just another part of me!
C12. Felicia C

Felicia: Here's your tea, Peri! Sorry it took so long! 

Peri: Thanks, Felicia! 

Felicia: Ah! Whoooa! 

Peri: Careful, Felicia! The tray! 

Felicia: I got it- Hang on- Whoops, almost- Aaaaaaaaah! 
(Sword break)

Peri: ... 

Felicia: Oh my gosh, Peri! I'm so sorry! 

Peri: Ugh... I'm soaked... 

Felicia: I'll fix it! Let's see-where'd I put that towel...? Here! Found it! 

Peri: Aaaah! Get that washcloth out of my face! 

Felicia: I'm so, so sorry... 

Peri: You're the worst maid I've seen in my life! Next time this happens, 
THWACK! I'll cut you deep and wide! 

Felicia: I-isn't that a bit excessive? 

Peri: Nope! I did the same thing when my own servants messed up! THWACK! 
Oooh, I miss taking blood baths in the spray! 

Felicia: Are you out of your mind...?! 

Peri: I'll let you off this time... but it had better not happen again!
Felicia B

Felicia: Um... Peri? 

Peri: Oh hi, Felicia! Do you need something? 

Felicia: Were you joking the other day? 

Peri: About what? 

Felicia: About cutting up your servants when they made mistakes. That was an 
exaggeration to scare me into doing a better job, right? 

Peri: Nope! That really happened! I sliced them up and danced around in the 
fountain of blood! Wheeee! 

Felicia: Urp! 

Peri: But who cares about that? I want tea! Could you do me a favor and bring 
me a cup? 

Felicia: Er... Might I substitute a plate of cookies? 

Peri: I don't want cookies! I want tea! 

Felicia: My apologies. We're out of tea for today. 

Peri: Huh? But there's a tea set on the table over there. 

Felicia: Oh, that? That's... Um... It's broken. 

Peri: Really? OK! I'll take some cookies, then! 

Felicia: Again, I'm very sorry. I'll just leave these cookies here for you.
Felicia A

Peri: Felicia! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! Is there 
any tea today? I want some! 

Felicia: P-Peri! Um... I'm terribly sorry, but we're out. Again. 

Peri: That's a lie! I saw you hide it behind your back just now! You know 
what I do to liars? THWACK! 

Felicia: I-I'm sorry! Please don't thwack me! I'll do as you ask. 

Peri: Yaaaaay! 

Felicia: If you'll hand me your cup, I'll gladly pour for you. (Gently, 
Felicia... Be very careful... If I spill the tea, there's a good chance 
she'll spill my blood! Ugh, I've got to put these thoughts out of my mind-
they're just making me nervous!) Ah! Aaaaah! Oh nooooo! 
(Dish breaks)

Peri: ... Waaaaaaaaaah! I'm soaked again! That's it-I've had it! Get ready to 

Felicia: P-Peri! Let's talk this out! 

Peri: I'll cut you deep and wide! Stabbo! 

Felicia: Aaaah! 
(Sword hit)

Peri: Take that! And that! Andthatandthatand- 

Felicia: Goodness, that was close!
(Sword hit)

Peri: *pant* *gasp* What the... You're like a different person than the klutz 
who spilled my tea! 

Felicia: Er, yes... I've been told I'm much more coordinated when wielding a 
weapon. Gunter tells me I'm as excellent a soldier as I am unfit to be a 

Peri: Huh... Cool! 

Felicia: But where are my manners? Let me dry you off! I really can't 
apologize enough...! 

Peri: ... Incredible. 

Felicia: Huh? 

Peri: I've never, ever seen a maid like you! You're the best, Felicia! You 
HAVE to come by my house! 

Felicia: What? Why?! 

Peri: So you can teach my servants how to handle themselves in a fight! 
There's no fun in thwacking them if they fall apart after one hit. It's 
boring! It would be way better if they knew how to fight back, like you! 

Felicia: That's a strange request... But I'll grant it. I'll come offer them 
some lessons as a way of apologizing for my mistakes. 

Peri: Yay! This'll be so much fun!

C13. Keaton C

Keaton: Hey there, Benny! How's your day so far? 

Benny: Um... 

Keaton: Well, hold on to your socks, because it's about to become amazing! I 
found something so neat that I had to show somebody! Ta-da! It's a dead bat! 

Benny: UGH! Why would you bring that here? 

Keaton: It's my treasure! It's a beaut, huh? That unique blue fur, those 
long, thin legs... You don't find bats like this in just any cave, you know. 
This one's special. That's why I wanted to show you! Here, see for yourself! 

Benny: It's a nice thought, but... I'll pass. 

Keaton: Yeah, makes sense. It's a lot to take in at once. Not everyone can 
handle it. If I find anything more your speed, though, I'll bring it by right 

Benny: Um. Why?  

Keaton: Why? What do you mean, why? 

Benny: Why are you nice to me? You're not afraid? 

Keaton: Of you? Haha, what? 

Benny: Most people are. If you're not, though, I don't know if I can explain 

Keaton: Wow, you're serious? That's so weird. You're about the most gentle 
person I know. You wouldn't hurt a fly! 

Benny: Gentle? Me...?! 

Keaton: Sure. I know I'm never safer than when I'm with you. I can really 
lower my guard, you know? 

Benny: N-no. I didn't know. 

Keaton: Argh, I just remembered I'm supposed to be out on patrol. Gotta run, 
but I'll be back later! You'll flip when you see my next treasure! 
(Keaton leaves) 

Benny: Gentle? Me? What was he talking about...?
Keaton B

Keaton: Anyway, I didn't just come to say hi. I brought my latest treasure 
with me. Prepare to feast your eyes, Benny!

Benny: Keaton, wait. I have to know something. 

Keaton: OK, I'm listening. What do you want to know? 

Benny: Are you having me on? 

Keaton: Huh? 

Benny: Most people won't come within a hundred feet of me. They're too 
scared. But you're saying I'm gentle. Are you trying to wrong-foot me for 
fun? Is that it? 

Keaton: Ohhh, I get it now. So that's why you look like you're about to burst 
into tears. 

Benny: Tears?! I worried I was overdoing it... that I might frighten you 
away. But you felt sorry for me? 

Keaton: I don't see what's so scary about it. You're not half so scary as 
people who hunt my kind for our pelts! Or... *shudder*... A perfectly clean, 
dust-free room! 

Benny: If you say so... 

Keaton: But hey, if you don't want me bugging you, I'll lay off. You seem 
pretty sensitive, and I'd hate to step on your toes! Just so you know, 
though, I wasn't trying to fool you or nothing. My kind doesn't go in for 
practical jokes. A wolfskin never lies! 
(Keaton leaves) 

Benny: K-Keaton, wait!  Huh... Sometimes I forget he's a wolf at all.
Keaton A

Benny: Keaton... 

Keaton: Benny! Good thing we bumped into each other, because- Argh! No! I 
swore I was gonna stop bugging you! Benny! It's awful that we bumped into 
each other! I'm super sorry! 

Benny: Then why's your tail wagging so wildly...? 

Keaton: I, um, just ate. These are my postmeal calisthenics. 

Benny: ... Oh. The point is... I owe you an apology. 

Keaton: You do? For what? 

Benny: When you said I seemed gentle, I wrongly assumed you were mocking me. 
But now I see that you meant it sincerely. My fault, I guess, for imputing 
human sensibilities to a wolf. You're a simpler soul... You would never tell 
a lie. 

Keaton: Yep! I'm honest to a fault! 

Benny: That's true... in a lot of ways. Animals always have taken to me, come 
to think of it. They used to follow me home. Maybe it took a wolf to see the 
good in me that humans were blind to. Thank you, Keaton... 

Keaton: Who, me? There you go, misreading my tail wagging again. Typical 
human! I had a big lunch, that's all. I'm not all wagged out yet. 

Benny: Sorry. I wasn't sure how to handle it. But I should have been more 
grateful for the way you were treating me before. 

Keaton: Huh! So I can come by and visit you again? 

Benny: Yeah. I mean... if you want. 

Keaton: Great! Because I have a huge backlog of treasures to show you. 
Starting with the hidden web of a giant, hairy spider! 

Benny: Haha... ha... (Just nod and smile, Benny. Nod and smile... ) 

Keaton: Whoa! Did you just laugh?! That's a new one on me! Now I see why 
people are scared of you. 

Benny: Huh? 

Keaton: Your laugh's kinda bone chilling, man! It'd be better for everyone if 
you went back to your normal happy face. 

Benny: Like this...? 

Keaton: Yes! That's it exactly! So gentle... so peaceful... so perfect! Keep 
that expression forever, Benny! 

Benny: I'll... I'll think about it.

C14. Flora C

Felicia: I'm sorry! 

Flora: What do you mean, you're sorry? What are you sorry for? 

Felicia: Y-you're mad at me, aren't you? 

Flora: What? No. 

Felicia: I knew it. That's your angry face... 

Flora: Felicia, what are you talking about? I'm not mad at all. I'm just 

Felicia: Don't lie to me, Flora. It's written all over your face. Is it 
because of what happened after the last battle? It was an accident, I swear! 
I didn't mean to tap your head like that. It was just slippery, and I fell, 
and... Oh, I'm so sorry, Flora! 

Flora: *grumble* You didn't tap my head so much as bash it in... 

Felicia: So that IS what you're angry about, then? 

Flora: Well, it DID really hurt. But no, I'm not angry about it. I promise. 
If I got mad every time you were clumsy, I'd have gone crazy a long time ago. 
It's just how you are. And you apologized right away! So it's OK, really. 

Felicia: Well, if you insist, I won't press you. But, remember, I'm your twin 
sister. You can trust me with anything, OK? So if you're ever mad at me about 
something, please, just tell me. 

Flora: I will. I promise.
Flora B

Felicia: Flora... I know you're mad at me for something. I can tell. 

Flora: You never give up, do you? How many times do I have to tell you? I'm 
not mad. I swear. 

Felicia: No! I know you're lying. I'm your sister! You can't hide it from me! 
Please, tell me. What did I do? 

Flora: There's really nothing to tell, Felicia... 

Felicia: Fine. If you're not going to be open with me, then I'll be open with 
you! You're my role model, Flora. I look up to you more than anyone else. 
You've always been there to comfort and to guide me, even in the worst of 
times. And you've always done the things I can't with such ease. You're 
incredible. And I'm glad to have you as my sister. But there is one thing 
about you that I've never been able to figure out. After a battle, or a 
sparring session... you always seem so upset with me. I have no idea why. I 
just wish you would tell me. Why must you try to hide it? 

Flora: After every sparring session? Really? 

Felicia: Yes. I first noticed it when we still lived in our old village. You 
wouldn't talk to me for hours after we sheathed our weapons. Since then, 
you've gotten better at hiding it, but today it was just like back then. I 
was a little afraid, to be honest... 

Flora: ... I see. Please, give me some time to think about what you've said. 
I don't know myself what is wrong, to be honest. 

Felicia: All right. Take as much time as you need.
Flora A

Flora: Hey, Felicia. I think I've figured out why I seem to get so upset at 

Felicia: Oh! Really? 

Flora: Yes. But it's not that I'm angry at you. I want to make that perfectly 

Felicia: So... then what is it? 

Flora: Well... usually you're very clumsy, and so I've always been a bit 
protective of you. And... I guess I liked feeling that someone had to rely on 
me. But whenever you have a weapon in your hand, you're a totally different 
person. You're extremely impressive on the battlefield. You don't need me. 
And while I have some talents, I'm not a gifted fighter. Not like you. In 
battle, it's like you're the big sister, not me. I guess that confuses me. 

Felicia: That's bothered you all this time? 

Flora: Yes. Even when we were children. Especially when we were children. 
When we trained, the only one our father ever praised was you. That's why I 
hated training so much. 

Felicia: Oh, Flora. I never knew. I'm so sorry. It must have been so 
painful... I shouldn't have kept pushing you to tell me what was wrong. 

Flora: No, it's OK. I'm thankful. If you hadn't kept asking me, I might never 
have admitted it to myself. And I was hurting you all this time without even 
realizing it. I'm sorry. I will try to be as honest as I can from now on-both 
with you and myself. I don't want to be jealous of you any longer. I want to 
simply admire your gifts, without envy, and to learn from them. 

Felicia: You admire me?! But I always looked up to YOU! 

Flora: Haha, I don't see the problem. We're twins, aren't we? We should see 
each other as equals! How about it, Felicia? Will you continue to protect me 
on the battlefield? 

Felicia: Yes! Of course I will! But only so long as you continue to look 
after me off of it! 

Flora: You've got yourself a deal!

C15. Silas C

Silas: Oh, hi, Jakob. How are things? 

Jakob: Silas. Caught up on some new fool's errand of mercy, I trust? 

Silas: H-how did you know? 

Jakob: It's clear on your face. You have the look of a man acting selflessly. 
I'm surprised that philosophy hasn't worn you down into a husk of a man by 

Silas: Say what you want. I'm no hero... 

Jakob: Yet you've never met a sob story you won't hear in full. 

Silas: Well, you have me there... 

Jakob: The more you listen, the more spellbound you become... Until you're 
more weighted down by the problem than its actual sufferer. Am I wrong? 

Silas: Not... exactly... 

Jakob: Well! This sounds to me like the very definition of a hero. My 

Silas: Ughhh. He's got me dead to rights...!
Silas B

Silas: ... 

Jakob: Oh dear, a do-gooder in the dumps. I'd best keep my distance. 

Silas: Jakob... 

Jakob: Ugh. Kindly keep those puppy-dog eyes to yourself. 

Silas: No, just listen for a second. 

Jakob: Absolutely not. Whatever is troubling you, keep it to yourself. 

Silas: Don't say that! You can at least give me a little of your time. 

Jakob: A little is all you want, eh? You have 10 seconds. Talk. 

Silas: What do you say to someone who adamantly refuses to battle? 

Jakob: So then, some fresh-faced young soldier has cold feet? You care far 
too much... The idea of getting so involved in someone else's issues is 
utterly foreign to me. 

Silas: He said he doesn't want to die, because he left someone behind when he 
went to war. 

Jakob: Then he should return home. 

Silas: That's what I said, but he protested that he can't abandon his unit 

Jakob: Then he should stay. 

Silas: Come on, be serious! 

Jakob: I'm being as serious as I need to be. If anyone isn't approaching the 
problem with sufficient gravity, it's your soldier. If he had time to share 
his sob story with you... he has time to think seriously about his dilemma 
and find a solution. 

Silas: ... You're right. There's nothing I can tell him he doesn't already 
know. He needs to decide himself. Thanks, Jakob. I'll go and have a chat with 
the poor guy. 
(Silas leaves) 

Jakob: What a waste of my time... 
Silas A

Silas: Jakob! Wait up! 

Jakob: Ah, if it isn't Silas the do-gooder. 

Silas: Thanks for your advice the other day. The soldier I was talking to 
ended up going back home. 

Jakob: I don't need a debriefing on this. It's none of my concern. 

Silas: Hahah, you're such a sourpuss. 

Jakob: Don't laugh at me. 

Silas: Sorry. It's just that you keep calling me a do-gooder... And it turns 
out you're not such a bad guy yourself. 

Jakob: ... Excuse me? 

Silas: Just take the other day, for instance. I asked you to listen to a 
problem of mine, and you gave me some advice on it. 

Jakob: ... 

Silas: I have to say, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I really owe 

Jakob: Then repay me at once. 

Silas: Sorry, what? 

Jakob: I demand you repay the time I wasted listening to your drivel. Me, a 
do-gooder... it's absurd. It's slander. I won't stand for it. You will 
restore that time to me at once. 

Silas: J-just how do you suggest I give you back your time?! 

Jakob: There you go again, expecting me to solve your problems. 
Reprehensible. I'll be collecting each and every second from you before long. 

Silas: All right already! I take back what I said about you being a do-
gooder. You're as cold as the wind off the Northern Fortress tower... 

Jakob: So long as we understand each other. That way, I won't get caught up 
in dealing with other people's tedious problems. 

Silas: This is ridiculous. How far are you willing to go to hide your 

Jakob: Are you still here? 

Silas: Not for long!
C15. Gunter C

Gunter: Hrmph. Still not good enough. This tea barely quenches my thirst. It 
doesn't even remotely bring me the calm it should. 

Jakob: Tsk. You'll never fail to find something wrong with what I do, old 
man. I went out of my way to make this for you because you said you were 

Gunter: I'm only offering you constructive criticism. 

Jakob: Don't treat me like a child. I don't need your help all the time. 

Gunter: The state of your tea says otherwise. You should learn to accept the 
help of others in areas that you can improve upon. 

Jakob: Why are you always starting these arguments, old man? It's like you 
want to fight with me. 

Gunter: You could do with losing that defiant attitude as well. I suppose 
that is where we'll begin today. 

Jakob: Wha-?! Are you serious?! 

Gunter: It is the only way you'll learn to respect your elders. 

Jakob: Leave me alone, old man! Go make your own tea!
Gunter B

Gunter: Hrm. 

Jakob: Why are you staring at me like that? Looking to criticize my posture? 

Gunter: No, I was just remembering the day you first came to the Northern 

Jakob: Pfft, why focus on the past like that? There are much more important 
things you could be doing with your time. 

Gunter: Reflecting on the past helps you realize how far you've come. You 
were a little urchin not even capable of polishing a floor when you first 

Jakob: Hey, old man-I was just a little kid, and those floors were huge. 

Gunter: Despite that, you devoted all your energy to getting better. 

Jakob: It didn't change anything though, remember? 

Gunter: ... 

Jakob: No matter how hard you try, you can't just force someone to learn a 

Gunter: Indeed. And because of the trouble you had, it was clear you felt 
very alone. 

Jakob: Indeed. But then I met Lord/Lady Avatar. He/She decided to take care 
of me, even though I couldn't do anything properly. 

Gunter: He/She probably saw a bit of himself/herself in you, since he/she was 
also largely alone. 

Jakob: His/Her acceptance of me made me very happy. I finally felt a sense of 
belonging... Your training, on the other hand, was a different story 
entirely, old man. Just thinking about it now makes me angry. 

Gunter: That's because it required an incredible amount of hard work. Turning 
you into a first-rate butler was no easy task. 

Jakob: Ah ha! 

Gunter: What? What is it? 

Jakob: You just called me a first-rate butler. You can't take that back. 

Gunter: Hrm. I will admit that you are as loyal as they come. And you're 
capable of working hard. I still believe you have a great deal of work to do, 

Jakob: You never give any ground, do you?
Gunter A

Gunter: Hello, Jakob. 

Jakob: Old man. Are you here to lecture me some more? Was the last pot of tea 
too strong? Are there minor wrinkles in my clothes? 

Gunter: No, nothing like that. Just... keep protecting Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Jakob: Obviously. You will never need to remind me of my responsibility. What 
is this about? 

Gunter: There's no deeper meaning. Just promise me-no matter what comes- that 
you will protect Lord/Lady Avatar. 

Jakob: Of course... What's gotten into you, old man? Don't tell me death is 
knocking at your door. 

Gunter: Heh... You know, there are some who can pull off being ill mannered 
to seem cool... You've never been one of those people. 

Jakob: Tsk. I'm polite and proper when I need to be. I've never been rude to 
Lord/Lady Avatar! 

Gunter: Heh, I suppose that is true... Forget I said anything. 

Jakob: Hrmph... Are you really all right, though? Speak up if you're not 
feeling right. It'd be inconvenient for me if you died and left me on my own. 

Gunter: Don't worry about that. I can't die until you're a proper adult. I 
wouldn't be able to bear that shame, even in the grave. At your current pace, 
though, that probably means I'll live forever. 

Jakob: Hahah. You're clearly well enough to throw jabs my way-I'm not worried 

Gunter: I am. I was looking forward to a break from training you. As it 
stands, I have a lot of painstaking work in my future. 

Jakob: You'll never go easy on me, will you, old man?

C16. Silas C

Silas: Is that... Kaze, look out! It's a Faceless! Get down! 

Kaze: Wha-?!
(Damage dealt)

Faceless: GRRRrr...! 
(Faceless falls)

Silas: Phew... Keep your eyes open, Kaze. You were wide open for an ambush. 

Kaze: I'm sorry, Silas. I was inexcusably careless. 

Silas: Hey, it happens to the best of us. Just be on guard next time. 

Kaze: Yes. Thank you... 

Silas: I'm glad you're OK. Take care, Kaze. 
(Silas leaves) 

Kaze: Um... Silas... Please wait! 
(Time passes) 

Silas: Weird... I thought I heard him tell me to wait. But I guess he left. 

Kaze: Silas... 

Silas: Wh-whoa! Where the devil did you come from? 

Kaze: Sorry if I scared you. That wasn't my intention. I am a fairly lowly 
ninja and not yet mindful of the noise I do or do not make. 

Silas: R-right... So what did you need? 

Kaze: Something occurred to me. You saved my life, and I thought I should do 
something to repay you. 

Silas: Don't worry about it. I did what anyone would have done in those 

Kaze: I can't settle for that. I'll do anything you like; simply name it. 

Silas: Anything I like? Hmm... you're kind of putting me on the spot here... 
Listen, I'm fine the way things are. Your thanks are all I need. 

Kaze: Silas... 
Silas B

Silas: Ahhh... now that's a tasty apple. Ripened to perfection. Brimming with 
juice. Just the way I like it. Huh? That's weird. I'm positive I only packed 
one apple today. So why am I seeing double?! 

Kaze: ... My apologies. I thought this was what you wanted. 

Silas: Kaze?! When the blazes did you get here?! 

Kaze: Though I am but a lowly ninja, I'm trained to move swiftly and 
silently. You appeared to enjoy apples, so I brought you another one. 

Silas: So that's it... Thanks? I guess? Wait... are you still trying to pay 
me back for that Faceless thing? 

Kaze: Yes. And I'm afraid however juicy an apple I find for you... when 
weighed against a life, it will always be lacking. My debt has yet to be 

Silas: No, except it has. I'm telling you that you're free. I release you. 
We're fine. 

Kaze: If only it were that simple. Take care, Silas. 
(Kaze leaves) 

Silas: Suit yourself... 
(Time passes)
Silas: This is some mighty fine soup. And surprisingly filling! I've barely 
made a dent in the bowl, and I already feel like I've eaten a full meal. I 
gotta get the recipe for this stuff... ... Oh, no. No soup is THIS filling. 

Kaze: *gasp* How did you detect me? 

Silas: Are you kidding me?! You've been secretly filling my bowl this whole 
time? HOW?! 

Kaze: My sincere apologies. I meant well... 

Silas: I can't believe this. Please believe me when I say I don't need 
anything more from you! It's OK! Really! You're starting to creep me out... 
Silas A

Silas: *sigh* You can come out, Kaze. I know you're there. 

Kaze: Well spotted. 

Silas: I knew it. Why can't you let the matter drop? We're even. People are 
starting to notice what's going on, you know. They think I'm haunted. 

Kaze: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to become a problem... 

Silas: I'm not mad. I know what you're trying to do, and I appreciate it. I 
hate feeling like I owe people too. I'd give anything to square a debt-even 
my life. So I kind of know where you're coming from on this. 

Kaze: I had no idea... Silas! Get down! 

Silas: Huh?! 

Kaze: Hah!
(Damage dealt)

Faceless: Gyaaaah...! 
(Faceless falls)

Kaze: Were you hurt? 

Silas: A Faceless? Here? That was close... Thanks, Kaze. Heh, you saved me 
this time. 

Kaze: Don't mention it. I'm only glad that it didn't get to you. 

Silas: You've certainly repaid the favor now. Actually, I might owe YOU... 

Kaze: I'm glad to hear that. Although I feel a bit empty, knowing I have 
nothing left to repay you for... 

Silas: Well, if that's your only problem... Why don't we get together without 
all this favor business dragging us down? Something tells me it'll be freeing 
for both of us. 

Kaze: Do you mean that? 

Silas: One thing, though... wear heavier boots when you do. It gives me the 
willies when you creep up behind me like a ghost. 

Kaze: I understand. I'll try and give you more warning from now on. 

Silas: Good. Do that, and you're all right in my book.
D. Nohr Second Generation Lover Supports


D1. Ophelia C

Siegbert: Greetings, Ophelia. Out for a stroll? 

Ophelia: Well, well, well... If it isn't the royal tadpole, Siegbert. 

Pardon? A tadpole, you say? Did I do something to offend you? 

I've worked long and hard to become one of the chosen ones. 

Chosen one? What's that? 

Ophelia: Augh! You don't know even that? Precisely my point. A chosen one is 
a rare hero, chosen by fate, whom all admire. I've trained every day of my 
life in preparation for being a chosen one. 

Siegbert: Yes! That's so admirable! But what have I done to offend you? 

Ophelia: You're a chosen one by birth. You'll be a king someday without even 

Siegbert: I might become a king, but- 

Ophelia: It's not fair. 

Siegbert: I... I can't choose the circumstances of my birth, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: Oh, just forget I said anything. 

Siegbert: Please, what can I say to- 

Ophelia: Excuse me. I've got somewhere I need to be, Siegbert. 
(Ophelia leaves) 

Siegbert: Ophelia, I beg of you, stay! I didn't mean to insult you!
Ophelia B

Siegbert: Pardon, Ophelia? 

Ophelia: What do you want, Siegbert? Can it wait? I'm training hard to be the 
chosen one. 

Siegbert: I need just a moment. 

Ophelia: Hurry up then. 

Siegbert: Recall the other day when you said I'm a chosen one because I'm a 
future king? 

Ophelia: Yes, so? 

Siegbert: Being born to royalty doesn't make me a chosen one. 

Ophelia: Of course it does. 

Siegbert: I was lucky enough to be born royal. It wasn't a matter of choice. 

Ophelia: Yes, so? 

Siegbert: When I am king, it won't be because my people chose me. 

Ophelia: Get to the point. 

Siegbert: Isn't it obvious? You're a chosen one. Not me. I never could be. 
I'm just not incredible enough for fate to choose me. But you, Ophelia? 
You've worked hard for this and it shows. You are a chosen one through and 
through. How could fate not choose you? That's... all I had to say. 
(Siegbert leaves) 

Ophelia: Oh, Siegbert... I think I hurt that poor boy's feelings.
Ophelia A

Ophelia: Hey, Siegbert! 

Siegbert: What's wrong, Ophelia? 

Ophelia: I want to say I'm sorry about the other day. 

Siegbert: I can't imagine what you have to apologize for. 

Ophelia: All that awful stuff I said about you being chosen by birth while I 
have to work for it. 

Siegbert: Oh, that? Put it right out of your mind. I worried that I'd 
offended you. 

Ophelia: No-I insulted your future role as a king, which has got to be hard 
on you. I always see you preparing for your future. I was a jerk, frankly. 

Siegbert: It's all right. I'm not upset. 

Ophelia: That's because you have the grace of a true king, Siegbert. Among 
many other excellent qualities. I'd choose you to be a king, even if you 
weren't born to it. 

Siegbert: Very kind of you, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: You never abuse your high standing. You constantly fret about your 
future. If the people of your country saw that, they'd all choose you too! I 
know you're going to be the most incredible king ever, Siegbert. 

Siegbert: I... I can only hope. Thank you, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: No need to thank me. 

Siegbert: For those generous words? Yes, I do. Furthermore, I see how hard 
you train. You inspire me every day. 

Ophelia: Oh, that's nice of you to notice. 

Siegbert: How about we train together from now on? Our aspirations joined 
together-you, the chosen one. I, a king. 

Ophelia: That sounds perfect, Siegbert. We were fated to be such great 
Ophelia S

Siegbert: Greetings, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: My favorite training companion! You look like you need something, 

Siegbert: You're familiar with charms, chants, and so forth. May I ask you 

Ophelia: For you, my vast mind is an open book. What would you like to know? 

Siegbert: Is there any way to accurately predict the future? 

Ophelia: Hmm. Fortune-telling of any sort is a hint wrapped in a clue. That's 

Siegbert: There's no method that's better than that? 

Ophelia: Fate is a cart with a missing wheel. It'll go in the right 
direction. But it wobbles, and no amount of fortune-telling will help. The 
only thing I can think of is if someone from the future came back in time. 
That person would know the details. But time-travel is impossible, of course. 

Siegbert: It is? How sad. 

Ophelia: What is it that you're trying to pin down about the future? 

Siegbert: Who my wife will be. 

Ophelia: Your wife? 

Siegbert: You see, I know of a fantastic woman I hope would marry me. But I 
doubt that she would consider hitching her fate to mine. 

Ophelia: Oh, I see. It's probably best that you can't see the future of all 

Siegbert: Why not? It would be very reassuring. 

Ophelia: That's exactly why not. What kind of proposal involves knowing the 
outcome? A woman needs to consent to marriage. But if you know she will...? 
I'd say you just go for broke. Ask! Propose! Leap into the chasm! 

Siegbert: That sounds dangerous... 

Ophelia: Not really. Not for you. There isn't a woman alive who'd turn down a 
proposal from you. 

Siegbert: Then, Ophelia, would you please grant me your hand in marriage? 

Ophelia: Now, see? There you go? When the time comes, say it JUST like that. 
Wait. Did- Me? Did you? Just? Propose to?! 

Siegbert: If I may unscramble that, Ophelia? Yes, I just proposed to you. 

Ophelia: You want to marry ME?! 

Siegbert: If you'll only accept this ring... 

Ophelia: Th-this seems so sudden! 

Siegbert: Ah, so it's no. 

Ophelia: No, it's not no. It's yes, but only if you understand that my fate 
as the chosen one comes first. I love everything you are, but I cannot give 
up everything that I am. 

Siegbert: I would ask for nothing more. 

Ophelia: How lovely to be chosen twice in life! Once by fate, and now by you! 
I suppose I should have seen all this coming-us training so well together. I 
do choose you, Siegbert. I choose you to be with me, forever.
D1. Nina C

Nina: Heehee! Oh, look at those two, plotting strategy or tactics over that 
map... Yes, that's it... reach across and point to something... let your 
fingers graze his arm... Oh, my. The one with the mustache is getting angry. 
That's it-let your emotions boil over. This could be quite a delicious 

Siegbert: I agree, neither man seems ready to yield. Of course, sound 
strategy is often born from heated debate among tacticians. We may be up 
against a pair of formidable opponents.

Nina: Siegbert? When did you get here?

Siegbert: Hello, Nina. I noticed that you were following those soldiers... So 
I began following you-to see if I could be of assistance in any way.

Nina: Oh. Well, that's quite all right. I'll, er, manage just fine by myself

Siegbert: Nina, it's OK. We're on the same team. You don't need to hide 
anything from me. You've uncovered something nefarious, have you not? These 
men are plotting something!

Nina: Um... You've been after them for a while now, haven't you?

Siegbert: I didn't realize you were such a cunning strategist. But then 
again, I suppose one at your level would WANT to be seen as airheaded... 

Nina: Now, wait a second... 

Siegbert: Of course, talented though you may be, you can't expect to take on 
this mission alone. So, what do you say? May I be of assistance after all?

Nina: No! I was doing just fine all by myself. You, uh, wouldn't understand 
the sort of high-level reconnaissance I'm doing. So just leave me alone 

Siegbert: I see. You're pushing me away to protect me. So noble, and 
selfless... But unnecessary! I can take care of myself, you know. The two of 
us must unite to stop this evil plot before it threatens us all.

Nina: OK. I give up. You're in, Siegbert.
Nina B

Nina: Well, what have we here? My two young conspirators are on the move... 
Their relationship must be growing deeper. Could clandestine love be in the 

Siegbert: Ho, Nina. It appears we must adjust our position if we wish to 
continue observing.

Nina: Gah! Siegbert! You followed me again?

Siegbert: Well, of course. We're a team, aren't we

Nina: I was just humoring you. I really don't need any help.

Siegbert: Never mind that. Look, they're going into the ruins up ahead.

Nina: Hmm, you're right. What a tantalizing development... 

Siegbert: Well, that's it. I can't allow them to use historic ruins to 
further their evil plot. Leave this to me.

Nina: What are you going to do?

Siegbert: Isn't it obvious? I'm going to go into those ruins and stop them. 
Wait here. If I require assistance, I'll shout a key word at the top of my 
lungs. Something short and memorable. Let's see... Justice! Or maybe... 
valor! Which do you prefer?

Nina: How about something more lighthearted, like... Trousers! Wait, what am 
I saying? Don't go in there, Siegbert! This is all a mistake-

Siegbert: I'll be fine, Nina. But I cannot stand idly while evil men plot 
their next move. Ho, evildoers! Prepare yourselves to face Siegbert the 
Lionhearted of Nohr!

Nina: This ought to be good... 
Nina A

Siegbert: Nina. I have something to confess.

Nina: Siegbert? What is it?

Siegbert: Those two gentlemen you have been following... They're construction 
workers. They were actually intent on restoring those ruins the other day.

Nina: Well, I could have told you that.

Siegbert: Is that so? Well then why, in the name of my father, DID YOU NOT?

Nina: Ugh. I tried, Siegbert! You hardly let me get a word in edgewise. And 
then you tromped off in pursuit of glory and ruined everything.

Siegbert: I... You're right. Forgive me, Nina. I admit that, at times, I am a 
bit anxious to perform heroic deeds. Please understand that I feel a great 
deal of pressure as heir to the kingdom.

Nina: Oh, forget it already. I did. It's really not a big deal. I probably 
could have stopped you, but I was annoyed. So, sorry about that.

Siegbert: No, please don't apologize, Nina. I should have acted with more 

Nina: It's really nothing. I mean, you're going to be king someday! I think 
having an overactive instinct to protect is probably a good thing.

Siegbert: Nina... Thank you.

Nina: Aw, I haven't done anything worth your gratitude.

Siegbert: There's just one thing I don't understand. Since we have 
established that those men were merely construction workers... Why in the 
world were you spending so much time following them?

Nina: FORGIVENESS RESCINDED. You do NOT get to ask me about that. 
Nina S

Nina: Nina, today is your lucky day. How do you keep finding the CUTEST guys 
to spy on?

Siegbert: Nina? Is this another stakeout?

Nina: You again? I thought I told you not to interfere with my... hobby.

Siegbert: I know, I know. I'll leave you be, fascinated though I might be by 
your activities... 

Nina: What am I, some kind of freak show? I'm not the only one around here 
with secrets!

Siegbert: No, of course not! Nina, if anything, I find your mysterious ways 

Nina: Oh, come on. Really?

Siegbert: It's true. And I have my own secret to confess: I'm in love with 

Nina: I... I don't believe you. You barely know anything about me!

Siegbert: It may be true that I don't know everything about you, Nina. But I 
do know that you're kind to everyone. You're calm on the battlefield. And you 
have that mysterious SOMETHING that has gotten under my skin.

Nina: Well, thank you. But I think if you knew exactly what the SOMETHING 
was... You'd run the other direction.

Siegbert: I disagree.

Nina: All right, then. Let's say-hypothetically, of course-that I love spying 
on men. And not just any men. Men in close relationships. Men who are best 
friends. Weirded out yet?

Siegbert: No, that doesn't concern me. I, too, am fascinated by espionage and 

Nina: I'm not sure you quite understand, but thank you for saying that.

Siegbert: Truly, I don't care what secrets you hold. I want to get to know 
the real you.

Nina: Siegbert... 

Siegbert: Nina, will you accept this ring?

Nina: I... I will. I hope you know what you're getting into, Siegbert.

Siegbert: I don't! But that's precisely what makes it so appealing. 
Regardless, I promise to protect you for the rest of our lives.

Nina: Heehee! Thank you, Siegbert.
D1. Soleil C

Soleil: Doot de doo... 

Siegbert: Soleil?! Wh- What the- Why would- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! 

Soleil: What's it look like? I tripped and fell in the mud, so I'm changing 

Siegbert: I-I can see that all too well. I mean- Not that I was staring! I 
just happened to catch a glimpse of- What I mean to say is, we're out of 
doors, Soleil! 

Soleil: Wow, Siegbert! You seem really flustered today for some reason. 

Siegbert: "Some reason"? Are you saying you don't know?! 

Soleil: What, is it because I'm changing? I don't really care if people see 

Siegbert: You seem almost... proud of that fact. Well, regardless of whether 
you care, I very much do! 

Soleil: It shouldn't be that big a deal, though. Not for my future lord, 

Siegbert: What makes you think you're going to be my retainer? 

Soleil: Well, my dad serves Lord Xander. So it stands to reason that as his 
kid, I'd serve Lord Xander's son, right? 

Siegbert: I'm... not sure I follow, but I appreciate the thought. 

Soleil: And as my future lord, you need to be ready for whatever I might do! 
All right, where was I? 

Siegbert: No! Stop! I just told you not to change your clothes here! It's 
embarrassing even if I avert my eyes. Try to have at least SOME modesty! 

Soleil: Siegbert... I'm hurt. Are you ashamed of me because I got scuffed up 
a little? 

Siegbert: What? No, that wasn't my meaning. I apologize if I said something 
to offend. It's just... I... Arrrrrgh! I give up! 
(Siegbert leaves) 

Soleil: Whoa! Future Lord Siegbert! Dang... He's gone already.
Soleil B

Soleil: Ahaha! No, wait! Come back!

Siegbert: Soleil! 

Soleil: Siegbert?! 

Siegbert: Are you chasing girls again? 

Soleil: Yep! I can't help myself. Why, should I not? 

Siegbert: I won't order you not to. But if I recall correctly, you strive to 
carry yourself nobly, don't you? 

Soleil: Yeah! I want to be strong enough that everyone can tell just by 
looking at me. 

Siegbert: And is that the impression you think you convey when you chase 
girls around? 

Soleil: ... No. It probably isn't. 

Siegbert: A wise assessment. Nor would such a woman change clothes out of 
doors, I daresay. 

Soleil: ... On a scale of 1 to 10, how sure are you about that? 

Siegbert: Soleil! There wasn't supposed to be any room for disagreement in 
that! All I am saying is that it would behoove you to act with more modesty. 

Soleil: Urgh... if you say so, I guess. But I think a really strong woman 
would be herself, and not be ashamed of her ways. If she feels something, she 
acts on it, without worrying about anyone else! 

Siegbert: That hadn't crossed my mind. 

Soleil: Sorry, I didn't mean to talk out of turn! I'll keep it zipped from 
now on. My lord's orders are absolute, after all. I gotta go now, but I'll 
see you later, Future Lord Siegbert! 
(Soleil leaves) 

Siegbert: Hmm... There may have been some truth in what she said. Be true to 
oneself, eh? And never mind what others think of you... I wonder if I would 
be capable of that.
Soleil A

Soleil: *sigh*... Where do all these cuties COME from? She makes me want to 
hug her from behind and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

Siegbert: Hello, Soleil. 

Soleil: Aaah! Oh, it's just you. Listen, I wasn't chasing any girls around! I 

Siegbert: Haha, I'm not here to chastise you. 

Soleil: You're not? But weren't you upset about that the other day? 

Siegbert: If I was, it was only over the sheer audacity of your 
flirtatiousness. But your words have swayed me. I've had a change of heart. 

Soleil: My words? I don't even remember what I said now. 

Siegbert: You said true strength comes in not fearing what others think of 
you. And on reflection, I suspect you might be right. 

Soleil: Oh yeah. I did say that, didn't I? Ahaha, my memory is terrible. The 
only thing I never forget is a girl's face... 

Siegbert: You're quite strong in your way, Soleil. 

Soleil: Really?! 

Siegbert: I can't follow my heart as you do. It will always be too important 
to me to consider what those around me think. But I'd like to be truer to 
myself, at least in part. 

Soleil: Uh, Siegbert... I'm happy to hear you think I'm strong, don't get me 
wrong, but... all I did was chase girls around and change clothes in public. 
I'm not sure I'm the best role model to look to, is what I'm saying. 

Siegbert: Hahaha. Perhaps not. But then, why should I care what you think on 
the matter, right? 

Soleil: Uhhhh... Sure! I won't worry about it, in that case. 

Siegbert: I do hope you'll listen in the event that you ever go too far, 
though. It's good to take pride in yourself and to go your own way... But not 
to the point that your actions become a problem for others. 

Soleil: Oh, totally! It would help a lot if you'd be there to put the brakes 
on for me. How sad would it be if I turned a girl away because I was coming 
on too strong? I need you to put a lid on me before that happens, Future Lord 

Siegbert: Yes, erm... you may rely on me.
Soleil S

Siegbert: What a lovely day out today.

Soleil: Sieeeeeeegbeeeeert! How are you, pal! 
Siegbert: OOF! S-Soleil! You slapped my back so hard that I thought I was 
being ambushed! 

Soleil: Oops, sorry! I'll be more careful next time. 

Siegbert: *sigh* 

Soleil: Is something eating you? You look a little broody. 

Siegbert: Erm, yes... 

Soleil: Whatever it is, you can tell me! You're my future lord, after all. 
It's my job to be useful to you in whatever way I can! 

Siegbert: Mm... 

Soleil: Really, it's OK! You don't have to be so reluctant. 

Siegbert: Your future lord... I suppose that's all I am to you. I wouldn't 
know how to begin broaching the subject... 

Soleil: You've gotta speak up if you want me to hear what you're saying! It's 
not like you to mumble, though. This must really be serious. Better to get it 
over with, though: just go ahead and say what's on your mind. 

Siegbert: Very well... The truth is... I don't want you for my retainer. 

Soleil: Y-you don't? Was it something I said? Did I make you ashamed to have 
me? Just say the word, and I'll shape up! I promise! 

Siegbert: I'm sorry. That turn of phrase was ill considered. That's what I 
get for voicing my feelings without careful consideration. 

Soleil: OK, what DID you mean? 

Siegbert: When I become king, which I hope will be a day far in the future... 
I'll not want for vassals, advisors, retainers, and the like. All of Nohr 
will pledge fealty to me and obey my commands. In far shorter supply will be 
those I can count as friends. 

Soleil: Huh. So when you say you don't want me to be your retainer... 

Siegbert: Yes. It's not that I wouldn't value your service-not at all. But 
your friendship and trust would be far more precious to me. 

Soleil: Haha, you should have said that to start with! Maybe we can split the 
difference, though? There's nothing that says I can't be your friend and your 
retainer at the same time. My dad gets along great with Lord Xander, after 

Siegbert: In theory, yes... But there would always be that tension, you see. 
What if I had a dangerous task that I could only entrust to my personal 
attendant? Would I send you and risk losing a stalwart friend? Or would I 
hold you back, demonstrating a lack of confidence in your abilities? 

Soleil: Wow. Yeah, I see what you mean. I never thought being king would be 
this tough. And you're still just a prince! 

Siegbert: It would be a comfort to me if I knew I had you as a close friend 
instead. And king or no king, I would always be the same for you. 

Soleil: You've got a deal, Future L- I mean, buddy. 

Siegbert: I-I'm not certain I'm comfortable with "buddy," but yes. Here's to 
our deep and abiding friendship.
D1. Velouria C

Siegbert: Hello, Velouria. What's that you've got there? 

Velouria: This? It's molted snakeskin! Isn't it beautiful? 

Siegbert: Oh? What exactly are you planning to do with something like that? 

Velouria: What do you mean "something like that"? This is one of my 
treasures. Don't you dare talk about it with such disgust! 

Siegbert: Oh, I apologize! I did not mean to offend. I was surprised, that's 
all. And also curious about its uses. 

Velouria: I thought it might make for a good scarf, but I still haven't 
decided. Would you like to try it on? I think you would look dashing in it. 

Siegbert: No thank you. I, um, have a skin condition. I'm very allergic! Yes. 
That. *ahem* 

Velouria: Your words are polite, but your face is so very rude. Have it your 
way. You'll never be forced to see my treasures again! I'm sure you'll think 
it a great relief. 

Siegbert: I'm sorry! Please, give me another chance. 

Velouria: It's fine. We wolfskin simply have different tastes. You humans 
will never understand. Not that you need try to understand ones so low as we. 
You're a future king. You have more pressing concerns, I trust. 

Siegbert: That's not true! I want to understand all of my citizens as well as 
I can! No matter who they are-rich or poor, human or wolfskin! 

Velouria: A lofty goal. But more cheaply spoken than done. 

Siegbert: Fine! I shall prove it with my actions. 

Velouria: And how will you do that? 

Siegbert: Well, I'll... I'll start by proving to you that I understand your 
tastes! By... bringing you some treasure! 

Velouria: Ooh, I like this idea. Please do. 

Siegbert: Truly? Very good! Then I shall see you again quite soon. 
(Siegbert leaves) 

Velouria: What a funny human. I think I like him!
Velouria B

Siegbert: Velouria! I've been looking for you! I think I found some treasure 
you'll like. 

Velouria: Ooh! Very good. Let me see! 

Siegbert: Of course. Take a look at this bracelet. Is it not a beauty? It was 
fashioned by one of Nohr's most renowned goldsmiths. And these jewels-each 
comes from a different corner of the world. It is, I admit, perhaps a bit too 
grand for daily wear. But you must see, it is truly a masterpiece of Nohrian 

Velouria: Hmph. Shiny garbage. Is this the best you can show me? 

Siegbert: Oh? But... I was certain... 

Velouria: Is there anything else, or are you prepared to accept my verdict? 

Siegbert: No! Hold! The bracelet was just an icebreaker. 

Velouria: Oh, good. That's a relief. 

Siegbert: Now... behold! 

A child's doll? 

Siegbert: Oh, no. This is no mere doll. It's a highly articulated action 
figure! You can swap out its accessories and dress it up in different 

Velouria: ... 

Siegbert: It comes with daily clothes, battle clothes, ball gowns, and 
evening wear. So you can change how she looks based on how you're feeling 
when you play with her. 

Velouria: ... It is a child's dress-up doll. And an ordinary one at that. 

Siegbert: Well, yes, technically. But its versatility is so impressive... All 
right, then how about this makeup box? It plays music when you open it! Do 
dee do dodododo! ? Well?! 

Velouria: Yes. It does play music. 

Siegbert: OK, none of these are good. But I think I better understand what 
you like now. Please, just give me some more time! 

Velouria: I don't mind giving you more time, but, really, it would just be a 

Siegbert: I'll get it right next time, I swear! 
(Siegbert leaves) 

Velouria: Siegbert...? Are all princes this silly?
Velouria A

Siegbert: Hello, Velouria. I found something I thought you might appreciate. 
Would you care to take a look? 

Velouria: If I must. 

Siegbert: You like to wear snakeskin as scarves, right? Then perhaps you'll 
enjoy... this! 

Velouria: A book? 

Siegbert: Precisely. It's an encyclopedia of reptiles! Look! It has pictures 
of snakes! What do you say? Impressed? 

Velouria: How boring. This is refuse, not treasure. I do not care for books 
and pictures. 

Siegbert: So I've failed yet again... 

Velouria: It seems so. I prefer things like, say, broken sword hilts or 
furballs. Oh! Or lizard tails! A nice, aromatic block of rotting wood works 

Siegbert: I see. I'm way off the mark then. I'm sorry, Velouria. I tried my 
hardest, but it wasn't enough. Maybe I was just talking big when I said I 
wanted to understand all of my subjects. If I have this much trouble even 
guessing what kinds of gifts one person would like... a man like me could 
never become king. 

Velouria: That's not true. I think you will make a truly great king. 

Siegbert: Huh? You do? 

Velouria: You tried earnestly-even desperately- to understand me. I think 
that is the chief mark of a good king. He listens to his subjects. It isn't 
always possible to understand them, but the desire is what's important. 

Siegbert: Velouria... 

Velouria: Thank you so much for trying to understand my tastes, Siegbert. 
Maybe conversation is a better way to learn about each other than gift 
giving. Would you like to go on a walk with me, Siegbert? 

Siegbert: I would love to, Velouria. 

Velouria: Hooray! Let's go look for furballs.
Velouria S

Siegbert: No, but she'll never... 

Velouria: Siegbert? Is something troubling you? 

Siegbert: Hm?! No, of course not! 

Velouria: Really? Oh. I must have been mistaken. It appears I do not know you 
as well as I'd thought. 

Siegbert: No, I'm sorry. I wasn't being honest. You are right. Something is 
weighing on me. 

Velouria: What is it? 

Siegbert: It's... embarrassing. I'm not sure I should tell you. 

Velouria: Perhaps talking about it will make it easier to bear? 

Siegbert: I suppose, in a way, you may be right... OK. I'll tell you. I... 
have feelings for you, Velouria. 

Velouria: Y-you mean- 

Siegbert: Yes. I want to be with you. And, if the gods allow, I want you to 
be my queen one day. 

Velouria: Queen of Nohr?! A wolfskin like me? But why? 

Siegbert: You said yourself that a good ruler must understand their people. 
How better to understand others than by marrying someone so unlike yourself? 
For the people of Nohr to unite, they must understand that we are all 
interconnected. They must learn to understand each other. And we will show 
them how. But, in truth, all that is secondary. I want you to be my queen 
because... I love you. And, someday, I hope to marry you, Velouria. 

Velouria: I would like that very much, Siegbert. I have long held feelings 
for you as well. 

Siegbert: So... will you be mine, then? 

Velouria: I will. Until the end of time. 

Siegbert: Thank you so much, Velouria. You've made me unspeakably happy. 

Velouria: Then we should speak no more. Now, give me a kiss, my prince! 

Siegbert: V-Velouria! Stop licking my cheek! That's not how humans kiss!
D1. Midori C

Midori: Hi, Siegbert! 

Siegbert: Good afternoon, Midori. 

Midori: Are you reading a book? Mind if I read with you? 

Siegbert: Ah, well, it's a book on military tactics. I'm not sure you would 
enjoy it much. 

Midori: Huh? What's that? 

Siegbert: Tactics? It's how you move and use troops in battle so as to be 
most effective. 

Midori: So you're studying how to beat our enemies? 

Siegbert: Precisely. 

Midori: Hm. About that... Why do we always have to fight them? Why can't we 
just talk? 

Siegbert: I suppose it's because we both have things we're not willing to 
surrender. Be it family, wealth, power, or something else. The motivations 
for going to war can be complex beyond belief. 

Midori: Can't we just trade stuff? It seems like it would be better than 
trading lives... 

Siegbert: Well, that only works so long as both parties are opposed to the 
trading of lives. If one is perfectly happy with violence, they can all but 
force the other into slavery. Some things are more valuable than even life. 
And there is no guarantee one's life will be spared simply because they 

Midori: I see. 

Siegbert: But... I admit that a world in which no one resorts to violence 
would be ideal. 

Midori: Do you think our world could ever be like that? 

Siegbert: ... Yes. Of course, Midori.
Midori B

Siegbert: *sigh*

Midori: Siegbert, what's wrong? Are you feeling OK? Are you sick? 

Siegbert: Hm? Oh, no. I'm not sick. 

Midori: Are you sure? You just had your head in your hands. Do you have a 
headache? I have some medicine for that, you know! 

Siegbert: Thank you for worrying about me. But my head isn't hurting. I was 
just thinking. 

Midori: Oh. What were you thinking about? 

Siegbert: About my companions and myself. About our future and the war. I 
cannot seem to find any answers, no matter how much I think about it. Not the 
best trait for a leader, eh? 

Midori: You must be under a lot of stress. Are you sure you can handle it, 

Siegbert: Yes, I'll be fine. 

Midori: You're a bad liar-you know that? 

Siegbert: Haha, I can't get anything past you, can I? 

Midori: I'm sorry. I wish I could make some medicine to remove your worries. 

Siegbert: I'm pretty blessed, aren't I? 

Midori: Huh? How so? 

Siegbert: Because. I have kind companions like you by my side. 

Midori: But I didn't do anything... 

Siegbert: You cared about me enough to ask what was wrong, and you cheered me 
up. That's more than enough. 

Midori: Really? I cheered you up just by talking to you? Hooray! 

Siegbert: Yes, you did. Thank you, Midori. You're a good friend.
Midori A

Midori: OK, now sit down right here. 

Siegbert: All right. Will you tell me what's going on now? 

Midori: Teehee! Nope! It's a secret. 

Siegbert: Fine, fine. Can I at least take this blindfold off? 

Midori: Nope! Just relax and start taking deep breaths. 

Siegbert: OK... Breathe in... Breathe out... Like that? 

Midori: Yep! That's perfect! Now, just wait one second while I... 

Siegbert: Hm? What's that smell? It's so... sweet. It reminds me of summers 
past. Ah, I see. You're burning some special incense for me. 

Midori: Bingo! Do you like it? 

Siegbert: I do. It's very nice. I haven't felt this relaxed in months. 

Midori: Hooray! I knew it would do the trick! You've been under so much 
pressure lately, I wanted to do something special for you. Help you relax, 
you know? So I did some reading and found out about this stuff. It took me a 
lot of digging to find the recipe, but I managed! 

Siegbert: Midori... 

Midori: I would have liked to find a medicine to cure you of your worries, 
but I couldn't. Too good to be true, right? But I figured this stuff would 
work in a pinch! 

Siegbert: You went through all this trouble just to make me feel better? 

Midori: You seemed like you needed it. Please, don't worry. It wasn't too 
much work. 

Siegbert: Thank you, Midori. Your kindness is astounding. 

Midori: Heehee! You're welcome! 

Siegbert: Mmmm. It really does smell divine. What is it made of, I wonder? 

Midori: Sunbaked droppings from a special type of cow that only eats one type 
of herb! They're only raised in a few places. 

Siegbert: Mmm, wonderf- Wait, it's made of cow droppings?! I've been inhaling 
cow feces?! This entire time?! *cough cough* *hack* *ptooie* 

Midori: I've still got lots more, so if you ever get a hankering, just call 
on me! Teehee. 

Siegbert: Agh... th-thank you. That's very... generous.
Midori S

Midori: Siegbert... there's actually something I've been meaning to talk with 
you about. 

Siegbert: Oh? What's that? 

Midori: You always seem so worried about the war and your future place as 
king. I don't think it's healthy. You have to learn to relax! 

Siegbert: Midori... I understand. But I cannot simply set such things aside 
and rest. I have a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. Every 
decision I make must be measured and weighed. A mistake on my part could cost 
thousands of lives and untold amounts of suffering. 

Midori: Which is why it's important you rest! You're more likely to make 
mistakes if you don't. 

Siegbert: I suppose there's sense in what you say. But how can I rest? I 
don't really know what people do to relax. 

Midori: You can just leave that to me! 

Siegbert: Huh? 

Midori: I want to help you, Siegbert... You're always trying so hard for 
everyone else. You never think of yourself. You need someone to take care of 
you. Someone... like me. 

Siegbert: Midori, you don't have to- 

Midori: No, let me finish! I WANT to take care of you because...  b-
because... I love you, Siegbert! 

Siegbert: ... 

Midori: I'm sorry! I shouldn't have said anything. I'll just go away now... 

Siegbert: Midori... I love you too. 

Midori: Really?! 

Siegbert: Yes. Will you be the one who looks out for me when I cannot? 

Midori: Of course! And will you protect me when I can't protect myself? 

Siegbert: Of course. Here's to a bright future, my love. 

Midori: Teehee! I can't wait!
D1. Sophie C

Sophie: Hiiiya! Hya! Ha! Take this! And that! And that! Hm? Oh! Siegbert! 
Good morning! 

Siegbert: Good morning, Sophie. Why are you up so early? Training? 

Sophie: Training? I guess you could say that... Really, though, I was just 
trying to distract myself from something. Swinging the old lance around 
really takes my mind off things. HIIIYA! 

Siegbert: Oh? Did something bad happen? 

Sophie: Yeah. I got into a bit of a spat with Avel. 

Siegbert: Ah, yes. Your famous mount. I've heard he can be quite the handful. 

Sophie: You don't know the half of it! He's always wandering off into the 
wilderness! Even when I'm riding him! And if he's not doing that, he's trying 
to take a bite out of someone! Just last week, he almost took off a piece of 
Avatar's shoulder! And today he's been especially terrible. He even tried to 
kick me in the face! So I screamed at him and took away his snack. 

Siegbert: I see. Well, sometimes a master must lead with a firm hand. 

Sophie: I guess. I don't know. Maybe I was too hard on the big dummy. He's 
probably starving by now... 

Siegbert: You care a lot about Avel, don't you? He must be very happy to have 
a friend like you. 

Sophie: Thanks, Siegbert. That's kind of you to say. But I think Avel would 
beg to differ. 

Siegbert: Don't say that. I bet Avel knows how you feel about him. Our 
animals tend to pick up on more than you'd think. 

Sophie: Hm. Maybe you're right. Oh! Look at the time! I'd better go feed him 
his lunch now! Poor thing... Thanks, Siegbert! See you later! 
(Sophie leaves) 

Siegbert: I could go for some lunch myself. I wonder if there's any bear meat 
Sophie B

Sophie: Give it back! Come on, you stupid horse! Give it back! 

Siegbert: Huh? Is that... Sophie and Avel? 

Sophie: Avel! Listen to me! I can't sleep at night without that!

Siegbert: What's the matter, Sophie? Did you lose something? 

Sophie: Siegbert?! I-it's nothing! Don't worry about it! 

Siegbert: I can't just not worry about it when you look so distressed. 
Please, allow me to assist you. I am quite good at finding things. 

Sophie: No! That's OK! People can't know I lost this. 

Siegbert: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. I promise. What did you lose? 

Sophie: Well... I didn't lose it, really. Avel just sort of took it from me. 

Siegbert: OK, but what IS it? 

Sophie: That doesn't matter! Please, just leave me alone! I'll take care of 
it myself. 

Siegbert: Ah, it's Avel! What's that he's got in his mouth? 

Sophie: NO! Bad Avel! Go away! We don't want you here! 

Siegbert: Is that a doll? No, it's not really human shaped. It's more like 
a... Ah. It's... a teddy bear. 

Sophie: NO! NO! NO! Why did this have to happen to me?! You weren't ever 
supposed to know! No one was supposed to know! 

Siegbert: I-I'm sorry! I didn't see anything! See? My eyes are closed! I 
can't see a thing! La-lala-lala! 

Sophie: Oh, cut it out! It's too late now. I know you saw it. Ugh. You guys 
are the worst. 

Siegbert: I'm really, really sorry! Please, allow me to make it up to you! 

Sophie: Leave me alone. I'm just gonna sit over here and mope until I feel 
better. Blast it, Sophie, you big dum-dum! 
(Sophie leaves) 

Siegbert: OK then. Bye! Wow, I've really blown it this time... 
Sophie A

Siegbert: Hello, Sophie. I wanted to apologize for the other day. I should 
have listened to your wishes and left the search to you. 

Sophie: Oh, you mean the teddy-bear incident? 

Siegbert: Yes. I am truly sorry. 

Sophie: It's OK! I'm not mad about it anymore. You were just trying to help. 

Siegbert: Oh. Well, then. I'm glad. You have a good heart, Sophie. I 
appreciate your pardoning me. However... I cannot just let things stand as 
they are. I wounded you too deeply. So I have brought you a present. I know I 
cannot make up for the pain I've caused. But I hope it is worth something. 

Sophie: You don't have to do anything so grand, Siegbert. It's OK, really. 

Siegbert: No, I do. Please. Will you accept this gift? 

Sophie: Gee, I don't- Oh my gods! It's an adorable little bunny doll! 

Siegbert: Yes. It was embarrassing to purchase, to say the least. But I did 
it. I have little experience with stuffed animals and didn't know which to 
pick... But I hope you like it. This one was... the most... snuggle-able, I 
felt. *ahem* 

Sophie: Hold your horses! I can't accept this! This is even more embarrassing 
than you seeing my teddy bear! 

Siegbert: Huh? But I thought you liked it! You were smiling just a moment 

Sophie: That may be so, but stuffed bunnies like these are for little babies! 

Siegbert: What?! Really? I'm so sorry! I didn't- I just meant- 

Sophie: Ugh! Siegbert, you blockhead! *sigh* I appreciate the thought, but I 
think it's best if you just let things be. OK? Although I GUESS I could keep 
this wittle bunny-wunnie you bought me. You know, as a favor. To you. Teehee! 
Look at that wittle face... 

Siegbert: You'll keep it? Perfect! I pray he becomes best friends with your 
little teddy pal. 

Sophie: Heehee! Me too.
Sophie S

Sophie: Siegbert! Have you seen Avel anywhere? 

Siegbert: I have. Just saw him in the stables, in fact. 

Sophie: Thank goodness! Then he came back on his own. Ugh, the big lug. He 
had me worried sick. 

Siegbert: You really are quite amazing. I've no idea how you manage to take 
care of Avel. He seems so impossible sometimes. 

Sophie: Oh, I don't think I'm all that special. He's my responsibility. 
Anyone would do the same for their own animal. 

Siegbert: I'm not so sure. Taking responsibility is easier said than done. 
For what it's worth, I think you're a first-rate caretaker. 

Sophie: Aw, shucks. Thanks, Siegbert! 

Siegbert: If you'll pardon my saying it, it's one of the things I really love 
about you. 

Sophie: Love? That's some awfully strong language, there. Just what are you 
getting at? 

Siegbert: I'm trying to say that... I like you, Sophie. And I want to be with 

Sophie: Oh! 

Siegbert: Sophie. Will you spend the rest of your life with me? 

Sophie: Whoa! Gods! Just hang on a minute! Baby steps, Siegbert! 

Siegbert: I'm sorry. Perhaps I was too forward. I don't know quite how to go 
about this. Growing up, I learned about affairs of the heart from books and 
the like... I hope I haven't offended you. It just seemed like a romantic 
thing to say. 

Sophie: No, it's OK! I understand. I don't think any of us are very good at 
this stuff... And from what I hear, our parents weren't much better at taking 
things slowly. But maybe we should try courting first... I AM very fond of 
you. We want to be sure though. You're the future king of Nohr, after all. 
And I don't know how good of a queen I would make... 

Siegbert: Don't say that! You would be the perfect queen of Nohr. A ruler 
must put their people first, even when it is most difficult. I know you would 
do this, because I see you do it every day for Avel. You have a compassionate 
soul, and a strong sense of responsibility. In other words, you have the 
heart of a queen. 

Sophie: Siegbert... 

Siegbert: But maybe you're right. We should not marry right away. However... 
I would still like to give you this ring. As a promise for the future. 

Sophie: Are you sure? 

Siegbert: Yes. I can think of no one else who would wear it better. 

Sophie: Thank you, Siegbert. I'm honored! 

Siegbert: Thank you, Sophie. I swear I will protect you with my life. 

Sophie: I swear the same to you, my prince!

D2. Ophelia C

Ophelia: Make my liege cry, will you?! You will pay for your impertinence in 
the fiery afterlife! Did you think I wouldn't have my trusty Missiletainn 
tome at hand?! Now, I will begin and end this battle with my finishing move! 
Luminary Upper- 

Forrest: No, Ophelia! Don't attack him! 

Ophelia: This man made you cry! I turned my back for one instant. And he 
struck like a viper! No punishment is too great for him! He should be burned 
to cinders! His cinders should be flung into an ocean! Then the ocean boiled 

Forrest: You've got this poor fellow all wrong, Ophelia. He's just a spice 
merchant! I was sampling his saffron when I got a speck in my eye. It's all 
MY fault! Please, put away your powerful tome before someone gets hurt. 

Ophelia: You say he's just a merchant? Then consider yourself lucky, merchant 
of tears! Until next we meet! 

Forrest: Everyone in the market is staring, Ophelia. Let's be on our way-now! 
(Time passes)
Forrest: I'm honored that you'd come to my defense, Ophelia. But don't you 
think that was a little overboard? 

Ophelia: Overboard is the least I can do for you, the son of Prince Leo! My 
father has pledged his loyalty to your father-and I pledge mine to you. 
Generations of your family, watched over by generations of ours... Can you 
not hear the ringing of justice throughout all eternity?! Well, even if you 
can't, I can! So let the bells toll the death of your enemies! 

Forrest: I appreciate that, Ophelia. But you really need to calm yourself. 

Ophelia: Calm is for sheep! The fox is in the henhouse! A wolf is on the 
prowl! I put down the shepherd's crook and pick up a flaming sword! Yaaah! 

Forrest: Ugh. How can I ever go to the market again with her around? She's 
liable to make the shops run with blood before she's through... 
Ophelia B

Ophelia: I warned you, merchant of tears! You wouldn't get a second chance! 
Now you're the one who's going to be crying... in your grave! 

Forrest: No, Ophelia! Not again! You can't attack the shopkeepers! 

Ophelia: But, Forrest, this time he sprayed you with that vile fluid! This 
time, he will PAY. 

Forrest: This isn't even the same shopkeeper as last time, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: Really? 

Forrest: And this one didn't do anything wrong either. It's perfume. I tested 
it on myself. Everyone's upset, Ophelia. We had better leave before you start 
a riot! 
(Time passes)
Forrest: I'm begging you, Ophelia. Please stop attacking the shopkeepers. Or 
anyone else that's not obviously an enemy. 

Ophelia: My eyes are well trained to detect assassins out for your blood. I 
am a chosen one, after all. 

Forrest: I can protect myself. 

Ophelia: You're strong, Forrest, but my eyes are highly tuned to glimmers of 
evil. Are you sure that was perfume? That he wasn't an assassin? Any one of 
those shopkeepers could have evil in their heart. Or all of them! 

Forrest: Perhaps. But I doubt it. 

Ophelia: I need to protect my liege. I will stay at your side when I can. I 
will watch from afar when I can't! Thus is the life of a chosen one. 

Forrest: You have to stop this, Ophelia. 

Ophelia: Stop?! I have hardly started! Next time you go to the market, those 
merchants won't be selling. They'll be paying... WITH THEIR LIVES. 

Forrest: This most certainly is not going to end well.
Ophelia A

Ophelia: Wait up, Forrest! Are you heading to the market again? 

Forrest: Ah, Ophelia. You found me. 

Ophelia: I've followed you for a while. So many zigs and zags. I thought you 
might have gotten lost, but now I see you've found your bearings! 

Forrest: If a shopkeeper shows me something, are you going to attack again? 

Ophelia: With every fiber of my eternal being! I am a chosen one! 

Forrest: Then I demand that you stay here. 

Ophelia: Why?! 

Forrest: You're making me miserable by seeing enemies everywhere they're not! 
I know you just want to keep me safe, but I can't let innocents get hurt. 

Ophelia: You can't go by yourself. 

Forrest: Let's say there was an assassin out to get me-aren't there easier 
ways to do it? Setting up a stall, arranging merchandise, selling there day 
after day... All in the hopes that I might show up one day? 

Ophelia: When you put it that way... Yes. 

Forrest: Ugh, Ophelia. If I was out for my blood, I'd follow me until I was 
somewhere private. A market is the last place I'd ever try to off myself. 

Ophelia: You're too noble of blood to realize how low some will go. 

Forrest: Thank you for your service, Ophelia. But if you truly do serve my 
royal family, then obey me now. Stay here. I don't want anyone to get hurt. 
Not them or you. 

Ophelia: Only if you make me a promise, Forrest. Watch your back. And your 
sides. Your front, above, and below! Danger abounds in a market. But I never 
meant to make you sad. So do go without me. Be careful. 

Forrest: Really? You'll stay here? 

Ophelia: I'll do better than that. I give you my solemn vow never to attack 

Forrest: In that case, care to come with me to the market? I've got my eye on 
a nice scarf. If you promise not to destroy anyone, I'd love to get your 
opinion on it. 

Ophelia: I'd love to! As I said, my eyes are well trained to detect- Er, 

Forrest: Now there you can watch my back. I can be such a spendthrift!
Ophelia S

Forrest: Hello, Ophelia. I wonder if you'd walk with me a bit? 

Ophelia: Anything for you. Where are we going? 

Forrest: Wait and see! 

Ophelia: What? I can't wait. Tell me! 

Forrest: Trust me. I know you'll like it. 

Ophelia: All right, Forrest. 
(Time passes)
Ophelia: We're deep in the forest... Forrest. 

Forrest: We'll be there any moment. Ah! There. 

Ophelia: What a beautiful lake! 

Forrest: I wasn't sure I could find it again. But here we are. 

Ophelia: Clearly, a sacred place. The energy here laps at the shores of my 
heart-I may swoon! 

Forrest: Well, don't swoon yet. I want to tell you about the legend of this 

Ophelia: Oooh! A legend, you say? Tell me more. Tell me everything! 

Forrest: It's said that if two people pledge themselves to each other here... 
they live happily ever after. 

Ophelia: Really? 

Forrest: W-well then, Ophelia? 

Ophelia: Y-yes, Forrest? 

Forrest: I pledge myself to you. 

Ophelia: You do? To me? But I thought... that you thought... that I was 

Forrest: Too what? Too protective of me? Yes, a tad overzealous. But your 
devotion to me could fill this lake to overflowing. Or too vivid? Too 
colorful? Why, that's everything I love! You're unlike anyone I've ever met. 
How lucky I'd be to spend my life with you. 

Ophelia: This whole time, I didn't think you really understood the depth of 
Ophelia Dusk... 

Forrest: So, since we are here at this lake of legend, where love lasts 
forever... What do you say? 

Ophelia: I say we ensure our happy ending by enacting the rose-petal ritual 
of legend! 

Forrest: What ritual? 

Ophelia: We will scatter rose petals across the surface of this lake. And 
when-and ONLY when-we have this lake pink with petals, we'll dive in! 

Forrest: That's a lot of roses. It will be a romantic adventure finding so 

Ophelia: We will leave no stone unturned in our search. No volcano 

Forrest: Then we'd better start. We'll be searching for the rest of our lives 

Ophelia: There would be no better way to spend an eternity with you, Forrest.
D2. Nina C

Nina: Forrest... 

Forrest: Hello, Nina. How are you?

Nina: Fooooorrest... Foooooorrest... Hee hee!

Forrest: Uh. I can hear you, you know.

Nina: What? Oh! That's strange. For some reason I'm totally comfortable 
chatting with you... unlike most other boys. There's something special about 
you, Forrest. Foooooorrest... Fooooorrest... Hee hee!

Forrest: Nina? What is going on?

Nina: Oh, I'm sorry. Sometimes I drift off into a special little world of my 
own. Hee!

Forrest: Uh... I see. Well, would you mind not, er, chanting my name so 

Nina: Oh, Forrest. I think the two of us should be friends. I mean, my father 
works for your father, so that could be a little weird, but... I just find 
you FASCINATING. I want us to be besties, OK?

Forrest: Well... sure. We can be friends, I guess.

Nina: Oh yesssss. I'm very glad to hear that. What an adorable new friend 
I've made!

Forrest: Honestly, though? You're kinda creeping me out right now, Nina.
Nina B

Forrest: OK, Nina... are you ready to head into town?

Nina: *stare*

Forrest: Nina? We're going shopping, right?

Nina: "Forrest, Forrest, what a guy... Pretty hair and lovely eyes... "

Forrest: Huh? Did you say something?

Nina: "The boys in town all called his name... Forrest! Won't you play a 

Forrest: Hello? Is Nina in there? We'd like to have a conversation with her!

Nina: "But Forrest didn't want to play... He'd turn his back and waltz away."

Forrest: ... 

Nina: "Oh, Forrest, Forrest, can't you see? The only one for you is ME!"

Forrest: Nina!

Nina: Huh? Oh, Forrest, when did you get here?

Forrest: I've been here the whole time. The WHOLE time.

Nina: Oh. Er, what did I say? Nothing strange, I hope. My daydreams can be... 

Forrest: I'll say. So what, exactly, were you daydreaming about?

Nina: Oh. Well, this one wasn't THAT intense, I guess. I was just daydreaming 
about, uh, world peace. Yeah, that's it. Really.

Forrest: Really?

Nina: Aw, why does it matter? C'mon, let's go shopping. Hee hee!

Forrest: Argh... 
Nina A

Nina: Hey, Forrest... can I ask you a personal question? Do you have any 
interest in other men? You know... like, if you see a cool-looking guy, does 
your heart skip a beat?

Forrest: Well, if you put it that way... I suppose so.

Nina: Really?!

Forrest: Well, sure. There are so many talented and beautiful people out 
there. I definitely find myself starstruck from time to time.

Nina: Um, that's not exactly what I meant.

Forrest: Well, what DID you mean?

Nina: Ugh, why is it so hard to talk about this kind of stuff? I guess it's 
just... I sort of think of you like a girl friend. But you're a guy. y'know, 
I'm just wondering if you are also INTO guys, if you get my drift.

Forrest: Well, that's pretty forward of you to ask. But for your 
information... no. I'm not "into" guys. I know I have a pretty feminine 
style. But that's just what I like! I guess I'm sorry I'm not quite 
the\nperson you want me to be, Nina.

Nina: Oh, please don't apologize! If anything, I'm the one who needs to say 
I'm sorry. The thing is... you ARE the person I want you to be. But I'm the 
worst. I can't believe how rude I've been. You're so important to me, and 
look at how I'm treating you. *sob* *sob*

Forrest: Nina, I-

Nina: Forrest, I'm going to make this up to you somehow. Just give me the 

Forrest: Nina... it's OK. There's nothing to make up. Please don't be so hard 
on yourself!

Nina: Really? Do you mean that?

Forrest: I do. You've become a good friend, and I like you just the way you 

Nina: Oh, Forrest. You're too wonderful. And so dreamy... No! That's not what 
I meant to say! Grr! Am I too crazy for you, Forrest?

Forrest: No. And please don't call yourself crazy.

Nina: Aw, why must you be so admirable? All right. Let's just continue on as 
friends, shall we?

Forrest: Yes, that's what I want, Nina.

Nina: Sounds good to me!
Nina S

Forrest: Nina, can we talk?

Nina: What's the matter, Forrest?

Forrest: I love you, Nina.

Nina: HUH?! You love... me?

Forrest: Why should that surprise you?

Nina: Sorry, I've thought about it quite a bit. I assumed I wasn't your type.

Forrest: I thought we'd been over this... 

Nina: Oh, not that. I mean me-that I'm not the kind of girl you'd like.

Forrest: And that is?

Nina: Fancier than I am. Frillier? Flouncier?

Forrest: I like you-indeed, love you-as you are.

Nina: Are you sure?

Forrest: Do I seem like someone who doesn't very exactly know his tastes? You 
mentioned that you'd given this some thought, Nina. I assume... you have the 
same feelings for me

Nina: Yes. And no. But also yes! It's complicated. You see, I think all sorts 
of men are beautiful. To pick just one? He'd have to make all the others pale 
in comparison.

Forrest: I see. Well, do I?

Nina: Oh! You expect an answer? Right here, right now?

Forrest: We can postpone this discussion for as long as you like. But it 
seems we have both agonized over this in secret for a while. It might be best 
to simplify this down to a basic question.

Nina: Do we love each other?

Forrest: For me, I pledge with all my heart this simple answer. Yes, yes. A 
thousand times yes.

Nina: Ooooh! My heart is suddenly a-flutter! How exciting! Maybe you are the 
perfect fit for me!

Forrest: So I can take that as a...?

Nina: YES!

Forrest: A... thousand times yes?

Nina: Just once is enough, Forrest. I'm a no-frills kind of girl. And you 
swear you love me, despite me not being as beautifully frilly as you?

Forrest: I do, Nina. I honestly and truly do.
D2. Soleil C

Forrest: Oh no! My glove-it's blowing away!

Soleil: I've got it! Here you go, cutie. 

Forrest: Thank you! I stopped for tea, but I can't believe how windy it is! 
... Uh, Soleil? Why are you staring like that? It's my hair, isn't it? Ugh! I 
knew it. The wind's ruined me! 

Soleil: Your hair's fine! Actually, it's more than fine. I've been meaning to 
ask you... How DO you get those adorable curls? They're too cute! 

Forrest: Oh, well, thank you. It's easy! While my hair is wet, I pin each 
section into place. Once my hair dries-instant ringlets! 

Soleil: No! 

Forrest: Yes! 

Soleil: Haha, nice try! You use some kind of magic on your hair. That's cool. 

Forrest: I do not! 

Soleil: Don't freak out! I won't tell anyone! I knew it! No one has hair THAT 
cute. You've got a special stave just for hairdos. Will you show me sometime? 

Forrest: *sigh* Soleil, I told you! I am not using magic! 

Soleil: Cool. I'll stop by later. *wink* It will be our little secret!
Soleil B

Soleil: Oh, look! It's Forrest's bag. Hmm... Let me dig through here... 

Forrest: Soleil! What are you doing?! 

Soleil: Oh, uh... hi, Forrest! I was just searching for the secret to your 
super-cute hair. ... And I think I just found it! Aha! It wasn't a stave. It 
was a potion! 

Forrest: That's not a potion. That's a bottle of shampoo! Perhaps you've 
heard of it? 

Soleil: No way! This stuff smells a-mazing-like it's made of roses and 
pegasus tears! 

Forrest: You're right about the roses. It's very expensive, so please-put 
that back! 

Soleil: Huh. It's regular shampoo? You're not washing your hair with magic? 
Then how do you get it like that?! *gasp* Oh! I just figured it out. Your 
hair's fake! 

Forrest: It is not fake! 

Soleil: Can I touch your wig? Please?! 

Forrest: You may touch my hair, but I told you-it's NOT a wig! 

Soleil: Wow. It's so silky. That's amazing! It feels real... if real hair 
could feel THAT soft! 

Forrest: Thank you, I think. Soleil?! What are you doing?! Ow! Ow, ow, ow! 

Soleil: Whoa. Your wig is so firmly attached! How do you do that? 

Forrest: They're called roots! 

Soleil: What?! This is your real hair?! I could've sworn it was a wig! Oh, 
Forrest. I'm so sorry. I tugged really hard just now. I bet that hurt! 

Forrest: It did! But that's OK, Soleil. I forgive you. 

Soleil: You do? 

Forrest: Yes. I know you meant it as a compliment. 

Soleil: That's true. I did! I've never met anyone with such pretty hair 
before. I didn't think it was possible. ... Sometimes I wish I could have 
cute hair too. 

Forrest: Are you serious? But you have such thick, gorgeous tresses! 

Soleil: Thanks, but I never do anything special to it. I wear this same 
headband every day. 

Forrest: Is that what this is all about? I'd be happy to teach you how to 
curl your hair. 

Soleil: Really?! Awww! I'd love that! 

Forrest: Great! It will only take a few hours, so I'll see you tomorrow 
morning around five. 

Soleil: WHAT?! You get up at five just to do your hair?! 

Forrest: Yep! Beauty like this takes time! I'll see you bright and early!
Soleil A

Soleil: *yawn* Thanks again for fixing my hair, Forrest! I still can't 
believe you get up this early every morning! That's crazy! 

Forrest: It's nothing. While my curls set, I mend and press my outfit. All 
this travel is hard on clothing! If you don't take care of things, they won't 

Soleil: I never thought about that before. 

Forrest: I can tell. ... Now, let's see. I'm almost done with the back. You 
have a LOT of hair. So many girls would be jealous of your thick, shiny 
locks! Did you know that? 

Soleil: Really? 

Forrest: Yes! I'm going to unpin this back section and see how your curls are 
turning out. ... Oh dear. 

Soleil: What's wrong? 

Forrest: Nothing. 

Soleil: Forrest! You just said, "Oh dear." That doesn't sound like nothing! 

Forrest: Well, it's just... um... I didn't expect it to turn out quite so... 

Soleil: Huh? Let me see that mirror! If you hold the other one like so, I can 
see the back- ACK! Forrest! What did you do to me?! I look like a... a... 

Forrest: You look like a poodle! I'm SO sorry, Soleil. I don't know what 

Soleil: Well, I know what happened! You made me get up at dawn to look like 

Forrest: I apologize. If I find you the right hat, it will be OK. Accessories 
make the look! 

Soleil: It's my fault. I'm the one who dragged you into this. I should've 
left you and your super-cute hair alone. 

Forrest: Don't say that! 

Soleil: But I've done nothing but annoy you! And now, look at me! I better go 

Forrest: Here. Take this. 

Soleil: Forrest, I can't use this! It's your expensive shampoo! 

Forrest: I want you to use it. If you can't have curls, at least your hair 
will smell like roses. Besides, your hair's already lovely. I should've left 
it alone. 

Soleil: Aww... Thanks, Forrest. 

Forrest: For what?! I made you look terrible! 

Soleil: It was really kind of you to help me, and we had some good bonding 
time. Now that I think about it... it's sort of funny. Heeheehee! 

Forrest: You're right. *snort* Bahaha! Quick! You better run before someone 
sees you! 

Soleil: Haha! Good idea! 

Forrest: Wait up! Maybe you should borrow my hat!
Soleil S

Forrest: Hello, Soleil. I'm sorry again about the hair debacle! You've looked 
so down ever since! Maybe I can make it up to you. I'd be happy to sew you 
something. Perhaps you'd like a capelet like mine? Would that cheer you up? 

Soleil: That's really sweet of you, Forrest, but I don't think a cape will 
help. I always say, "Turn that frown upside down," but sometimes that's hard 
to do. 

Forrest: I see. You're disappointed about your hair. I don't know why. It's 
beautiful straight! 

Soleil: Oh, that's not it! I'm bummed because you won't want to hang out with 
me anymore. My curls and I are hopeless! 

Forrest: Why would you say that? There are other things we could do besides 

Soleil: Really? I thought someone super-cute like you would have tons of 
friends already. 

Forrest: I have friends, but I've always got room for one more. 

Soleil: And what if I don't want to be your friend? 

Forrest: Oh! Well, in that case, I'll just be on my way... 

Soleil: No! Wait! I didn't mean it like that. What if I want to be MORE than 
your friend? 

Forrest: Huh? 

Soleil: You know that I have a thing for super cute girls, right? 

Forrest: Right... but you know that I'm... a... 

Soleil: A super-cute man dressed like a girl? Yep! I know. Totally adorable! 

Forrest: Well, Soleil, I think you're pretty adorable too. 

Soleil: Really? 

Forrest: Yes! You have so much energy. When you show up, you light up the 
whole room. I don't even mind all of the hair pulling and the shampoo 

Soleil: Wait a minute! You said I could borrow it! 

Forrest: I'm teasing! In fact, I have a gift for you. I got you your very own 

Soleil: What?! For me? You mean, I can smell like roses all the time? 

Forrest: Yes! I have a thing for super-cute girls too, you know. 

Soleil: Aww... Thanks, Forrest! You really know how to make a girl feel 

Forrest: Anytime!
D2. Velouria C

Forrest: If I start here, it should fit the fabric exactly... Yes, this will 
work nicely. 

Velouria: *stare* 

Forrest: Velouria? Might I help you with something? 

Velouria: Nope, I'm good. Just watching you sew. 

Forrest: I see... 

Velouria: *stare* 

Forrest: Do you want to join in? Is that it? Because if so, just say the word 
and I'll fetch the necessary materials. 

Velouria: No, keep sewing. Pretend I'm not here. 

Forrest: A-all right... 

Velouria: *stare* 

Forrest: Um... I'm almost done... 

Velouria: Really? I guess you'll be going back to your tent, then. 

Forrest: I had planned to, yes. And you? 

Velouria: Never mind that. 

Forrest: S-sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Well... I guess I'll be on my way. 
(Forrest leaves) 

Velouria: ... Hehe... heeheeheehee. Look at all these cloth scraps and wasted 
thread lying around... So much treasure! And it's all mine! Heeheehee! I 
don't have to share with ANYONE!
Velouria B

Velouria: Hey, Forrest. Aren't you sewing today? 

Forrest: In fact, I was just thinking of starting a new project now. 

Velouria: Whew! More treasure for me... 

Forrest: I'm sorry, what? 

Velouria: Nothing. Ignore me. 

Forrest: Um... are you going to be watching me from over there again? 

Velouria: Yeah. Why, do you not want me to? 

Forrest: Heehee, no, no, feel free. I take it you're interested in sewing? If 
so, I have good news, because I brought a second kit for you to use. Would 
you like to sew with me? 

Velouria: No. I don't care about sewing. 

Forrest: What?! Y-you don't? B-but I don't understand... Why else would you 
be watching me so raptly? 

Velouria: So I can keep an eye on the amazing treasure you create. 

Forrest: Er... I'm glad you like it, but I don't think I quite understand. 

Velouria: It's fine. Do your sewy thing. Cut your cloth and wiggle your 
needle and all that. I'll watch from over here. 

Forrest: You enjoy merely... watching me? 

Velouria: No, that's actually really boring. But when you're finished... Ooh, 
that's what I can't wait for. Heheheh! An unbelievable bounty of thread and 
fabric is mine for the taking... 

Forrest: At this point, I'm not sure I even want to understand... 
Velouria A

Velouria: Hey, Forrest. You're going to do a bunch more sewing today, right? 

Forrest: Indeed I will. I take it you'll watch again? 

Velouria: You know it. 

Forrest: And when I'm done, you'll gather up all the scraps and fibers, yes? 

Velouria: Yeah... those are my treasure. 

Forrest: Heehee. You're so funny, Velouria. 

Velouria: Pffft. You're one to talk. 

Forrest: Haha, true enough. But I meant it as a compliment. 

Velouria: How? What is it you like about me? 

Forrest: The depth of your commitment, for one. You firmly believe things 
that most people don't value are, in fact, treasures. You live by your own 
set of values, and I think that's wonderful. 

Velouria: Hmm, I don't know if it's as cool as you made it sound. Then again, 
you make it sound not weird, and I like that. Thanks, Forrest. But aren't you 
just like me? 

Forrest: In what way? 

Velouria: You wear whatever you want, no shame, no matter what anyone says. 
That's "living by your own set of values" too, right? 

Forrest: Haha, in a way, yes. 

Velouria: So we're a lot alike, huh. 

Forrest: In that we are both kooks? 

Velouria: Yeah. We're alike in our kookiness. 

Forrest: Heehee. I can think of worse bases for friendship, hmm? 

Velouria: So are you going to finish your sewing project, or...?
Velouria S

Velouria: Whoooa, this hair ball... *sniff* *sniff* Smells like a horse's 
rear... What a find!

Forrest: Hello, Velouria. Hunting for treasure again? 

Velouria: Sure am. I've found so much great stuff! What about you? What 
brings you to the forest today? 

Forrest: I came seeking treasure as well. 

Velouria: Really? What kinda treasures do you find in the forest? 

Forrest: Very rare ones. I've found a particularly beautiful treasure just 

Velouria: Now you've got me curious. If it's all right, can I see your 

Forrest: Absolutely. Here, have a look. 

Velouria: Whoa... this is a nice mirror. It's all shiny and cute. Yep, this 
is just the kind of mirror you would have. 

Forrest: It's a beautiful mirror, I agree. But the mirror is not my forest 

Velouria: What gives, then?! You said you'd show me the treasure you found 
here. *sniff* *sniff* There's nothing else in your pockets... Are you playing 
a prank on me? 

Forrest: Oh dear... No, Velouria. The treasure isn't the mirror; it's what 
the mirror shows. 

Velouria: You're your own treasure?! 

Forrest: No, no! It's you, Velouria! Of all the things in this forest, I 
treasure you most. And not just in the forest, but in the wider world as 

Velouria: Wow! How did you say that with a straight face? 
Forrest: Heehee. It's easy. When something needs doing, I get it done. 

Velouria: Whoa. That was a pretty cool line... I think my heart skipped a 

Forrest: But now you know how I feel. What do you think of that? 

Velouria: Hmm. If I'm your treasure, that means you'll take good care of me, 

Forrest: Naturally. One must never be careless with what one values most. 

Velouria: Heehee. OK, then. And I'll take care of you too, just like one of 
my treasures. 

Forrest: H-hopefully that doesn't mean hoarding me away out of sight for all 
D2. Midori C

Midori: There you are, Forrest! I have a present for youuuu. Ta-daaah! 

Forrest: What... What is it? 

Midori: It's a new cream I developed! 

Forrest: A cream, eh? But I don't feel any stiffness, and I don't have any 

Midori: Oh, it's not that kind of cream. THIS stuff makes you prettier! 

Forrest: A cream for beauty? I never knew there was such a thing. 

Midori: There wasn't-not until I made some! It can't do anything about your 
face, but it'll help your hair and pores. 

Forrest: Interesting... It has been a problem maintaining my looks when on 
the march. This should help with that considerably. Thank you. 

Midori: Sounds perfect for you, if it works as well as it should. Try it! I 
really want to see the results! 

Forrest: Yes, I think I'll start using it today. Maybe even right now! 

Midori: Yesss! You'll be prettier than ever! Ooooh, I can't wait to see. 

Forrest: Hahah! Oh, Midori... 
Midori B

Forrest: Hello, Midori. 

Midori: Forrest... Your skin looks SO GOOD! You're using that cream I gave 
you, huh! 

Forrest: My hair and skin have never felt better, and it's all thanks to you. 

Midori: Yay! It worked! 

Forrest: And to show my gratitude, I have this for you. 

Midori: Wow! What a cute, frilly apron! Did you make this for me? 

Forrest: Yes. The idea was to give you something to wear when brewing 
medicine. I sewed in plenty of pockets for storage and picked a color that 
will hide stains. I'm fairly pleased with the results. 

Midori: Thank you! It's wonderful! But, um... the color... 

Forrest: You don't like the color? My apologies... 

Midori: No, no! The color is great! I like what you were going for. The thing 
is, when you brew medicine, you actually WANT the stains to show. Some of the 
stronger reagents I use are dangerous if they get on you. So it's important 
to be able to tell right away if that happens... 

Forrest: Hmm. I'll take that into account next time. Let me take this one 
back, and I'll sew you up a new- 

Midori: N-no! 

Forrest: No? 

Midori: This apron is