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  1. It's been forever since I played Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, and I can't remember for sure what I was going to do exactly, and I have neither the time nor patience to redo all the research I did on the pairings for my Conquest playthrough. If I'm ever going to finish the game and finish recruiting the child units, this post needed to happen. I'm going to list everyone (barring Kana) that I haven't gotten yet and their parents and their parents' A+ supports if they have any. I'll even list their current skills and what I can give them through the Unit Logbook.


    Shigure's Father: Kaze (Lock Touch, Poison Strike, and Lethality; Can get Luna, Rend Heaven, Astra, and Miracle)
    Forrest's Mother: Nyx (Heartseeker, Malefic Aura, and Vengeance)
    Ignaitius' Mother: Charolette (HP +5, Gamble, and working toward getting Sol)
    Velouria's Mother: Beruka (Strength +2, Lunge, Savage Blow)
    Soleil's Mother: Selena (Strong Riposte, Good Fortune, Darting B low, and Camaraderie)
    Nina's Mother: Peri (Shelter, Elbow Room, Luna)

    Azura's A+: N/A
    Kaze's A+: N/A
    Leo's A+: N/A
    Nyx's A+: N/A
    Benny's A+: N/A
    Charlotte's A+: Was possibly thinking about Peri
    Keaton's A+: N/A
    Beruka's A+: N/A
    Laslow's A+: N/A
    Selena's A+: N/A
    Niles' A+: N/A
    Peri's A+: Felicia

    Azura's Skills: Foreign Princess, Voice of Peace, Luck +4, Locktouch, Poison Strike, and Inspiring Song
    Leo's Skills: Heartseeker, Malefic Aura, and Seal Magic
    Benny's Skills: Defense +2 and Indoor Fighter
    Keaton's Skills: Beast Bane and Odd-Shaped
    Laslow's Skills: Strong Riposte, Good Fortune, Locktouch, and Poison Strike
    Niles' Skills: Locktouch and Movement +1

    If you've got any suggestions, let me hear them. Also, I abused save slots and the Einherjar Shop a lot in my Birthright Playthrough if that helps, and I've still got 3 save slots free. Even a little help is appreciated.

    User Info: Nova_Ozuka

    Nova_Ozuka - 2 months ago

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  1. For Shigure my suggestion is to make his a swordmaster with Kaze's astra skill.
    For Forrest give him malefic aura and pair him up with a magic user
    For Ignatius Sol is the best skill to give him
    Velouria with a savage blow I shutter to think about
    Camaraderie is the best choice for Soleil just keep her near allies
    As for Nina she's one of the best bow users so give her Luna
    Now we come to friends for the team
    Azura can only A+ with the princesses of each kingdom minus Camilla so Elise has to be her choice
    Kaze can only A+ support with Xander in Conquest
    Leo has his siblings and retainers for A+ supports so my pick would be Niles
    Nyx for my interest go with Mozu for A+
    Benny and Keaton are the best together so go with them as an A+ pair
    If Peri's paired up with Felicia so she can't be with Charlotte so have the busty berserker go with Beruka for A+
    Through process of elimination have Laslow paired up with Odin for A+
    Hope this helps

    User Info: Emical_Fire

    Emical_Fire - 4 weeks ago 1   0


  1. @Eternal_Fire Actually, I have Peri at A+ with Felicia but not the other way around, so I can, in fact, still bring Charlotte up to A+ with Peri since it does not work the same as S Rank while having FIora reach A+ with Flora. Really, if I get her to A+ with Peri, it would only be for Paladin Class's Aegis Skill, which would be helpful for Ignatius. I can also reclass Benny to get Sol if I go that route since Keaton doesn't give any new classes anyway (Hayato does, but he is Revelation only for him).

    I also don't think Shigure can reclass to Sword Master with Kaze as his dad, only Kaze's Base Class. After all, Ophelia can't reclass to Elise's secondary class despite being her daughter in this playthrough. I can still pass down Astra though, since I can buy it for Kaze, and then I can get Lethality or Replicate for Azura, or I can get Live to Serve from her Friendship Set from Elise, which helps if I make Shigure a Falcon Knight.

    Leo already gets the Outlaw Class from Nyx, so Xander or Odin might be better for him, but only questionably so. Luna/Astra would be more of an investment for Forrest's promotions anyway. Might be best to go after Live to Serve from his Secondary class. Giving Nyx Mozu's Secondary class is also questionable as Amaterasu, being more beneficial to Forrest than her, would be the most useful among its Skills, but not as questionable as Effie or Charlotte. Berserker however does offer Wrath, but that helps her more than it does Forrest.

    Grinding for Luna for Keaton may be best to go with Savage Blow. Really don't know what to go for with Velouria besides either Savage Blow or Trample. Niles could stand to get Vengeance or Lifetaker to pass on to Nina. Peri can get Tome Breaker to pass down from Felicia's Class Set. Don't know if that's better or Luna, but she can also get Live to Serve, which benefits Nina's Adventurer promotion.

    All things considered, Camaraderie is probably the best possible skill for Selena to pass down other than Luna, if she A+s with Peri. I can just as easily get that for Laslow, and Soleil can promote to Hero, so Sol and Luna are easy enough if I really want Luna for her. Plus she can get Lethality AND Replicate on her own.

    User Info: Nova_Ozuka

    Nova_Ozuka - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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