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  1. I'm currently doing a Conquest Lunatic run and wanted to marry keaton, however i am unsure since this would cause kana and velouria to both be classed as beast and dragon type units no matter what classes they were placed into. Is this viable or is their weakness to both these weapon types too crippling?

    User Info: Mooman

    Mooman - 2 months ago


  1. By itself, it's barely even a hindrance. The only remotely important weakness is flier weakness, and that's made up for by flight. Beastkillers appear in about 3 chapters (and 18, Kana may be benched here if he can't play utility), and Wyrmslayer is similar.

    However, the pairing itself does pose issues for other reasons. Keaton joins late, after chapter 14, heavily delaying possible Kana recruitment and thus hampering reclass shenanigans that the footlocked Kana enjoys. Meanwhile, Velouria is entirely limited to footlocked classes through inheritance, which worsens her to some extent, especially because she can't use her new magic growth without reclassing and a footlocked E rank class just isn't worth it.

    That being said, go for it. Both will be respectable units in your army, although not the greatest, and it shouldn't pose any problems in completing the game, particularly due to Keaton's fantastic boosts on pair up.

    User Info: Crazyalien18

    Crazyalien18 - 2 months ago 0   1

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