1. Use Any Pokemon In Battles (v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 only)

    Before going into a battle, tap the Pokeball icon in the lower-right corner of the Touch Screen. In the filtration menu for searching Pokemon, change the criterion to be "All Pokemon". When you opt to see the Pokemon in this listing, you can drag your current Pokemon for the battle into the empty slots represented by Pokemon you've yet to encounter (those in silhouettes): these Pokemon will then be in your party for the battle! This allows you to use any Pokemon, including those you've yet to obtain. By using powerful Pokemon, you can easily complete stages in fewer moves and obtain higher scores, making it easier to catch other Pokemon and to obtain the EX Stages.

    Note, however, that this glitch was fixed in v1.0.2 of the software onwards.

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  1. Expert (EX) Stages

    As you accumulate S-Ranks during your playthrough of thus game, you will start unlocking special EX stages at various points. You will obtain your first 3 EX stages after you S rank 12 normal stages. These stages contain rarer, stronger Pokemon to catch and follow different rules than the main stages. (Defeat the Pokemon in a certain time limit.) You can access these stages by tapping "Extra" on the lower left side of the touch screen. Tap "Main" to return to the normal stage select screen.<p />

    NOTE: Earning S-Ranks on the EX stages or SP stages will not count towards your overall total. Also note that version numbers are based on the 3DS version.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Stage EX-01: AbsolEarn 12 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-02: RotomEarn 12 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-03: LucarioEarn 12 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-04: ArticunoEarn 20 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-05: ZapdosEarn 25 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-06: MoltresEarn 30 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-07: VenusaurEarn 35 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-08: BlastoiseEarn 40 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-09: CharizardEarn 45 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-10: DragoniteEarn 50 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-11: SceptileEarn 55 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-12: BlazikenEarn 60 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-13: SwampertEarn 65 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-14: EnteiEarn 70 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-15: SuicuneEarn 75 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-16: RaikouEarn 85 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-17: HeatranEarn 95 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-18: XerneasEarn 100 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-19: YveltalEarn 110 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-20: MewtwoEarn 150 S-Ranks (all normal stages for v1.0.0 - v1.1.8)
    Stage EX-21: GenesectEarn 180 S-Ranks (all stages available as of v1.1.9)
    Stage EX-22: ChesnaughtEarn 191 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.2+)
    Stage EX-23: DelphoxEarn 195 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.2+)
    Stage EX-24: GreninjaEarn 200 S-Ranks (all stages available as of v1.2.2)
    Stage EX-25: TerrakionEarn 215 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.12+)
    Stage EX-26: VirizionEarn 215 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.12+)
    Stage EX-27: CobalionEarn 220 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.12+)
    Stage EX-28: BisharpEarn 221 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.21+)
    Stage EX-29: GalladeEarn 230 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.21+)
    Stage EX-30: GoodraEarn 240 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.21+)
    Stage EX-31: LuxrayEarn 250 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.27+)
    Stage EX-32: MalamarEarn 260 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.27+)
    Stage EX-33: MamoswineEarn 280 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.30+)
    Stage EX-34: GliscorEarn 290 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.30+)
    Stage EX-35: Porygon-ZEarn 300 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.30+)
    Stage EX-36: WalreinEarn 310 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.32+)
    Stage EX-37: HonchkrowEarn 330 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.32+)
    Stage EX-38: ArcanineEarn 350 S-Ranks (requires v1.2.32+)
    Stage EX-39: YanmegaEarn 360 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.8+)
    Stage EX-40: LudicoloEarn 380 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.8+)
    Stage EX-41: HydreigonEarn 400 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.8+)
    Stage EX-42: PoliwrathEarn 430 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.16+)
    Stage EX-43: ElectrodeEarn 450 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.16+)
    Stage EX-44: NinjaskEarn 470 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.21+)
    Stage EX-45: MantineEarn 500 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.26+)
    Stage EX-46: JumpluffEarn 530 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.26+)
    Stage EX-47: SamurottEarn 550 S-Ranks (requires v1.3.37+)
    Stage EX-48: RapidashEarn 580 S-Ranks (requires v1.4.9+)
    Stage EX-49: SerperiorEarn 600 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-50: DugtrioEarn 620 S-Ranks
    Stage EX-51: Genesect (Shiny)Earn 640 S-Ranks
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  2. StreetPass Rewards

    By accumulating certain numbers of StreetPasses, you can obtain additional rewards and items for your game.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1 HeartEarned on every 5th StreetPass total (#5, #10, #15, etc.)
    1 HeartEarned on every 10th StreetPass total (#10, #20, etc.)
    1 JewelEarned from your 100th StreetPass, and every 100 passes afterwards, until you get to 10,000 streetpass tags.
    1 JewelEarned from your first StreetPass
    1~2 HeartsOne is earned on your 3rd & 4th consecutive StreetPasses with the same person, and two for 5th or more consecutive StreetPasses
    2 HeartsReceive a StreetPass when you have not recieved one in the previous 120 hours (5 full days)
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  3. Survival Mode (v1.3.0+)

    To unlock Survival Mode, beat the first 150 stages of the game, the original 150 stages present in the game. Survival Mode is a stage-rush mode in which you consecutively play (mostly) random stages with the same set of Pokemon, with periodic rewards earned therein. It will cost 3 Hearts to play.<p /> Note that Survival Mode is only present on v1.3.0 of the software and above.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Exp. Booster LBeat Level 20 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Exp. Booster LBeat Level 50 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Exp. Booster MBeat Level 10 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Exp. Booster MBeat Level 35 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Exp. Booster M x2Beat Level 40 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Exp. Booster M x3Beat Level 45 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Exp. Booster SBeat Level 10 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Exp. Booster S x2Beat Level 20 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Exp. Booster S x3Beat Level 30 of Survival Mode (subsequent times)
    Level UpBeat Level 35 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Level UpBeat Level 45 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Raise Max LevelBeat Level 40 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Raise Max LevelBeat Level 30 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Raise Max Level x3Beat Level 50 of Survival Mode (first time)
    Survival ModeBeat Stage 150 (Mega Mewtwo Y)
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