Its 2021 now. How do the Special Events rotate?

  1. Is there a set rotation for the Special Events?
    Do Escalation Battles, Pokemon Safari, Competitive Stage, Great Challenge, etc have a rotation order? Or do we find out week by week what they are?

    User Info: WildWesley

    WildWesley - 6 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There is a large file on another site that lists the 24-week long cycle, but I cannot share the link. If you were to search for "pokemon shuffle event schedule wiki", you could find what you are seeking within the first 5 entries.

    If you locate where the game is at any particular time, you can see what is coming in the near future.

    User Info: HugDaddy

    HugDaddy - 2 months ago 1   0
  2. If anyone reads this because they had the same question, here is the answer HugDaddy found for me:

    User Info: WildWesley

    WildWesley - 2 months ago

Other Answers

  1. the game is on auto pilot since i think 2017 that means you will not ever see Raise Max Level challenge or some EX stage pokemon in events such as Electrode, Butterfree, Dugtrio

    User Info: Cloricasecret

    Cloricasecret - 2 months ago 0   0

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